Capitalization: A Book on Corporation Finance, Volume 1

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Page 244 - ... the original cost of construction, the amount expended in permanent improvements, the amount and market value of its bonds and stock, the present as compared with the original cost of construction, the probable earning capacity of the property under particular rates prescribed by statute, and the sum required to meet operating expenses, are all matters for consideration and are to be given such weight as may be just and right in each case.
Page 178 - Company), for value received hereby promises to pay to the bearer, or if registered, to the registered holder of this bond, the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000) in gold coin of the United States of America. of or equal to the present standard of weight and fineness...
Page 178 - Company will pay to bearer at its office or agency in the City of New York, USA, on surrender of this coupon dollars US Gold; or in London, England, ; or in Frankfort o.
Page 170 - For value received hereby sell, assign and transfer unto ^ shares of the capital stock represented by the within certificate and do hereby irrevocably constitute and appoint attorney to transfer the said stock on the books of the within named company with full power of substitution in the premises.
Page 175 - May, 1927, at its office or agency in the City, of New York; or, at the option of the holder, in London, England, 205 pounds 15 sh.
Page 171 - In witness whereof, the said Company has caused this certificate to be signed by its president and treasurer, this 19th day of December, 1868.
Page 175 - York, to bearer, or, if this bond be registered, then to the registered owner hereof, one thousand dollars in gold coin of the United States of America of or equal to the present standard of weight and fineness...
Page 284 - In fact, active and continuous competition between public utility corporations furnishing the same service to the same locality seems to be out of the question. This has been shown by experience. Such competition is also contrary to the very nature of things. Two distinct and separate corporations are not likely to remain separate very long after it becomes clear that the services rendered by both can be more cheaply and more effectively furnished by only one of them.
Page 177 - After such registry, no transfer shall be valid unless made on said books by the registered holder in person, or by his attorney duly authorized, and similarly noted on the bond, but the same may be discharged from registry by...
Page 169 - This is to Certify, that is the owner of Shares of the Capital Stock of GENERAL LAUNDRY COMPANY. Fully paid and non-assessable. transferable only on the Books of the Company, in person or by Attorney, on the surrender of this Certificate properly endorsed.

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