Black Diamonds: Or, Humor, Satire, and Sentiment, Treated Scientifically

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A. Ranney, 1857 - 364 pages

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Page 6 - These sayings are true at all times, and equally true that " a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.
Page 25 - mong de fishes what de elemfint am 'mong beastesses ; de biggest lofer ob dem all. A fisherman, named Jona, swaller'd one once; but it oberloded he stummuck to dat degree dat in tree days he leff 'em up agin. It war too much ob a muchness for him. When you fuss see one ob dese fellers at see, you see sumfin' wurth seein', as he am spurtin' de water up true he nose, like de Park fount'n.
Page 349 - I went fur lodgins, de ole lady at fust sed to de policer dat she hadent a spar room in de house, but as soon as she see me she changed her mind. " Are you one ob thim poor hoppressed people Mrs. Butcher Store has so beantifully wrote on, from that barberous savage country, North America...
Page 13 - I hab come, as you all know, from 'way down in Ole Warginna, whar I studded edicashun and siance all for myself, to gib a corse of lectures on siance gineraly, an events promiscuously, as dey from time to time occur.
Page 201 - bout sacrificin he konshunce to he bizness, and offerin to stake his existence on de rezult ob your case in de ward cort, and at de same time wants a V or an X for his 'pinion, and boasts ob he nolege ob Blackstone and Bluestone, ef you aint got a nose dat am too flat to smell, you can plainly smell quackery and bad gin, while he am talkin to you.
Page 141 - Amativeness." Dis am de bump dat plays de debil wid de fair sex, bekase dat am whar Kupid springs from; dis bump lays in de back ob de neck, near de coat collar; it am call'd de bump ob Inb!
Page 141 - I wood say a word to dem fellers as hab got an ober quantity ob it. Look out how you fool you time 'round de opposite sex, kase wen you fall in lub dis bump swells to such an 'xtent dat it...
Page 27 - Sumtimes he hits de leetle bote, when all de men am in it, an' stabes it all to tunder, an' 'way flys de men up in de air, like man kites, an' kum down agin kerswat in de water.
Page 6 - Lectures, however, the anthor has attempted hits at the prevailing follies of the time, and to draw a moral therefrom ; and if some of the itinerant lecturers of the day should find themselves satirized, none will stop to weep.
Page 27 - De whale am de big fish — de codfish aristocracy ob de sees, de same as de big bugs an...

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