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121 revised Beans Peas and Other Legumes as Food Pp
Experiment Station WorkXXI Pp 32 figs 3
The Use of Paris Green in Controlling the Cotton Boll Weevil
Protection of Food Products from Iujurious Temperatures
Experiment Station WorkIX Pp 30
and kinds of dairy bacteriaThe souring of milkSupposed effect of thunder
ture Harvesting Yield Chemical composition Digestibility Value
Experiment Station WorkVII Pp 32 figs 8
The Farmers Interest in Good Seed Pp 24 figs 7
odsFresh meatsDairy products and eggsFish and oystersFruits and vege
Grinding caneClassification of juiceClayingLimingFilteringSkim
may be mistaken for scabTreatmentDipping and kinds of dipsDipping
A Primer of Forestry Pp 48 figs 33
soilsTomatoes under glassProtection of peach budsDandelions in lawns
Improvement in soil conditionsSoil washing and its preventionAbsorption
tureTreatment of small areas with careful examinationsTreatment of large
Its Culture and Uses Pp 16 figs 8
purposesFeeding lambs for market
The Black Rot of the Cabbage Pp 22 fig 1
32 revised Silos and Silage Pp 32 figs 6
nodules on composition of cropsFumigation of nursery stockCooking qual
Sewage Disposal on the Farm and the Protection of Drinking
Home Manufacture and Use of Unfermented Grape Juice
Experiment Station WorkXXXIV Pp 32 fig 1
giving their respective points of superiority and general utility
HistoryBotany and varietiesProduction of plants from
Experiment Station WorkX Pp 32 figs 5

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Page 2 - Agriculture, the general designs and duties of which shall be to acquire and diffuse among the people of the United States useful information on subjects connected with Agriculture, in the most general and comprehensive sense of that word, and to procure, propagate and distribute among the people, new and valuable seeds and plants.
Page 2 - Agriculture to acquire and preserve in his Department all information concerning agriculture which he can obtain by means of books and correspondence, and by practical and scientific experiments (accurate records of which experiments shall be kept in his office,) by the collection of statistics, and by any other appropriate means within his power; to collect, as he may be able, new and valuable seeds and plants...
Page 5 - ... the taking of such meteorological observations as may be necessary to establish and record the climatic conditions of the United States or as are essential for the proper execution of the foregoing duties.
Page 31 - The Division of Accounts and Disbursements audits, adjusts, and pays all accounts and claims against the Department; decides questions involving the expenditure of public funds; prepares advertisements...
Page 10 - This branch of the Bureau collects and distributes information in regard to the fruit interests of the United States : investigates the habits and peculiar qualities of fruits; their adaptability to various soils and climates, and conditions of culture. It...
Page 2 - The Chief Clerk has the general supervision of the clerks and employees; of the order of business, records, and correspondence of the Secretary's office; of all expenditures from appropriations for contingent expenses, stationery, etc.
Page 10 - BUREAU OF ANIMAL INDUSTRY. The Bureau of Animal Industry has charge of the work of the department relating to the live-stock industry. In general it deals with the investigation, control, and eradication of diseases of animals, the inspection and quarantine of live stock, the inspection of meat and meat food products, and with animal husbandry and dairying.
Page 48 - College instruction in agriculture is given in the colleges and universities receiving the benefits of the acts of Congress of July 2, 1862, and August 30, 1890, which are now in operation in all the States and Territories, except Alaska, Hawaii, and Porto Rico.
Page 2 - He shall annually make a general report in writing, of his acts to the President and to Congress, in which he may recommend the publication of papers forming parts of, or accompanying his report, which report shall also contain an account of all moneys received and expended by him.
Page 6 - BUREAU OF PLANT INDUSTRY. The Bureau of Plant Industry studies plant life in all its relations to agriculture. It includes vegetable pathological and physiological investigations, botanical investigations and experiments, pomological investigations, grass and forage plant investigations, experimental gardens and grounds, the Arlington experimental farm, Congressional seed distribution, seed and plant introduction, and tea-culture experiments.

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