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Genevieve D. Kessel, Gormania, W. Va., in eral Government to the Board of Public In- you a warm and hearty welcome, and place of A. H. Elrick, retired. struction, Okaloosa County, Fla.

may you and your wife and daughter enWISCONSIN

The message also announced that the joy your association with us for many William Ihrig, Jr., Centuria, Wis., in place Senate had passed, with amendments in years in happiness, health, and the comof C. J. McKenzie, transferred. Julia M. Binning, Kansasville, Wis., in place requested, a bill of the House of the fol

which the concurrence of the House is fortable knowledge that you have re

, of C. V. David, retired. requested, a bill of the House of the fol- turned to live among the finest people in

all the world. Robert F. Hartsworm, King, Wis., in place lowing title: of E. F. Smith, retired.

H.R. 4170, An act to provide for adjust

Mr. ALBERT. Mr. Speaker, will the Kenneth K. Kanneberg, Loyal, Wis., in ments in annuities under the Foreign Sery- gentleman yield? place of L. M. Meyer, deceased. ice retirement and disability system.

Mr. GETTYS. I yield to the distinCarl S. Nordin, Siren, Wis., in place of

guished majority leader. W. L. Nelson, transferred.

The message also announced that the

Mr. ALBERT. Mr. Speaker, I join my John P. Seckar, Vandyne, Wis., G. A. Ja- Senate had passed a bill and a joint resocobs, retired. lution of the following titles, in which sion of appreciation for the fine service

distinguished colleagues in this expresWYOMING

the concurrence of the House is re- of Mr. Sid Williston and join in this Wesley G. Somers, Kemmerer, Wyo., in quested: place of A, M. Gilchrist, retired.

tribute to a great servant of this House. S. 2092. An act to amend the Agricul

Mr. Williston came to work for the tural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937 to House of Representatives in 1939 as an

permit marketing orders applicable to celery, CONFIRMATIONS

sweet corn, limes, or avocados to provide expert transcriber for the reporting staff. Executive nominations confirmed by for paid advertising; and

He has advanced during this period of the Senate August 31 (legislative day of S.J. Res. 69. Joint resolution to authorize time to the position from which he is now August 30), 1965: the Administrator of General Services to retiring.

retiring. He is at the desk today carryconstruct the third Library of Congress ing out his duties on this last day with DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE building in square 732 in the District of Co

us, as he has done so faithfully and well Edward M. McEntee, of Rhode Island, to lumbia, to be named the “Library of Con; throughout the years. I am sure that be U.S. circuit judge, first circuit, vice Peter gress James Madison Memorial Building” and all Members, on both sides of the aisle, Woodbury, retired.

to contain a Madison Memorial Hall, and for William O. Mehrtens, of Florida, to be U.S. other purposes.

have been the recipients of his patient district judge for the southern district of

attention to our many requests and the Florida, vice Emett C. Choate, retired.

efficiency with which he has handled TRIBUTES TO SIDNEY W.


Mr. Speaker, presiding over the clerical HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES

formulation of the House portion of the Mr. GETTYS. Mr. Speaker, I ask

unanimous consent to address the House CONGRESSIONAL RECORD is no small task, TUESDAY, AUGUST 31, 1965 for 1 minute and to revise

and extend as all of us are aware. Sid has done this

with quiet calm and expedition. He has my remarks. The House met at 12 o'clock noon.

been on the job and always willing to give The SPEAKER. Is there objection to that extra time and effort which is so imThe Chaplain, Rev. Bernard Braskamp, the request of the gentleman from South

the request of the gentleman from South portant to the work of the House. He D.D., offered the following prayer, using Carolina? this verse of Scripture: Ephesians 5: 1:

has been loyal to the rules and precepts

There was no objection. Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear

of this body and has always conducted

Mr. GETTYS. Mr. Speaker, the loss of himself in a gentlemanly fashion. children. the House of Representatives in the re

We are proud to have had him with us, Almighty God, in whose presence we

tirement of Sid Williston will be the gain and it is with reluctance that we see him are all one in our littleness and our need, of the Fifth Congressional District of

of the Fifth Congressional District of go. However, I am sure I express the we beseech Thee to make us one in purity South Carolina which it is my great hon

South Carolina which it is my great hon- sentiments of every Member of this body and humility of heart.

or to represent. Sid has built a home at when I say we wish for him and his Bless us with the spirit of generosity Chesterfield and his family is now there family every happiness in his retirement and the grace of understanding when we awaiting the completion of today's busi

years. think of the vast multitude for whom the ness of the House so he can join them. struggle of life is so difficult.

Mr. Speaker, I have known Sid almost Grant that our minds and hearts may since “old Blue” was a pup. I first met SUBCOMMITTEE ON IRRIGATION be filled with aspirations to follow Thee him when I served as secretary to the AND RECLAMATION OF THE COMand skilled in the ministry of doing good former distinguished chairman of the MITTEE ON INTERIOR AND INand ever determined to bring mankind House Committee on Foreign Affairs, SULAR AFFAIRS within reach and range of Thy benefi- Gov. James Richards, of South Carolina, cence. years ago. I have always found Sid to be I ask unanimous consent that the Sub

Mr. ROGERS of Texas. Mr. Speaker, May we do all within our power to a gentleman in every sense of the word committee on Irrigation and Reclamadraw men together in fellowship and pro- and a loyal, devoted employee of the

tion of the Committee on Interior and mote justice and good will among them. House of Representatives. He has maniHelp us to clarify and confirm by our fested his worth to this body in the effi

fested his worth to this body in the effi- Insular Affairs may be permitted to sit daily life, that we believe that in its sim- cient and expeditious manner in which

cient and expeditious manner in which during general debate this afternoon. plest motive and manifestation our life he has discharged his duties as Chief

The SPEAKER. Is there objection

. must strive to be one of service and sanc- Clerk to the Official Reporters of Debates. to the request of the gentleman from tity.


Hear us in Christ's name. Amen.

There was no objection.
ORD is one of the many great endeavors
around here which never fail. It is at

our desk every morning of the session and

SUBCOMMITTEE ON RIVERS AND is what I consider to be one of the best

HARBORS OF THE COMMITTEE ON The Journal of the proceedings of yes- prepared documents of our day. A large terday was read and approved. measure of its success is due to the cleri

PUBLIC WORKS cal staff of the Official Reporters. Sid Mr. WRIGHT. Mr. Speaker, I ask

has always been on the job with a ready unanimous consent that the SubcommitMESSAGE FROM THE SENATE

smile, an attitude of cooperativeness, and tee on Rivers and Harbors of the House A message from the Senate by Mr. Ar- a willingness to get on with the job. Committee on Public Works may be perrington, one of its clerks, announced that Painstaking attention to detail, loyalty to mitted to sit during general debate this the Senate had passed without amend- this great legislative body, and devotion afternoon. ment a bill of the House of the follow- to friends has been his credo. We shall The SPEAKER. Is there objection ing title: miss him.

to the request of the gentleman from H.R. 4905. An act to provide for the con

Sid, on behalf of the wonderful people Texas? veyance of certain real property of the Fed- of Chesterfield County, S.C., I extend to There was no objection.

SUBCOMMITTEE ON LIBRARY AND Mr. BROOKS. For the reason that we Operations passed this resolution unani

MEMORIALS OF HOUSE ADMINIS- hope Congress will have adjourned be- mously.

fore the running of the 60-day period. Mr. GROSS. Do I understand cor

There is also the difficulty of acquiring rectly that the Federal Government is Mr. ALBERT. Mr. Speaker, I ask the land, employing an architect and de- not being called upon to construct a unanimous consent that the Subcommit

. tee on Library and Memorials of the signing the building. Also, construction library building?


Mr. BROOKS. That is absolutely Committee House Administration

the University of Texas, as trustees, correct. have permission to sit during general would be better protected by having this Mr. GROSS. And all land and builddebate today.

agreement before they expended several ings will be made available, but that the The SPEAKER. Is there objection

million dollars in building a library to cost will be in the neighborhood of to the request of the gentleman from house these documents.

$190,000 a year from now on in perOklahoma?

Mr. REID of New York. Mr. Speaker, petuity; is that correct?

, There was no objection.

may I ask the gentleman whether the Mr. BROOKS. I would say that that

President requested a waiving of this 60- is correct. This will be in accordance LYNDON BAINES JOHNSON day review period?

with the 1955 act on Presidential liMr. BROOKS. That is my underARCHIVAL DEPOSITORY

braries and archives. This is in the same standing. He is aware of the resolution range of the cost, somewhat less than

, Mr. BROOKS. Mr. Speaker, I ask and favored it when our subcommittee

some, of the Roosevelt Library, the Truunanimous consent for the immediate passed it out last week.

man Library, and of the Eisenhower Liconsideration of the joint resolution

Mr. REID of New York. And he has brary, and I think is in keeping with the (H.J. Res. 632) to authorize the Ad- requested that this be brought to the ministrator of General Services to enter floor without the normal review period?

requested that this be brought to the policy of this Nation to provide the pub

floor without the normal review period? lic access to our Presidential papers. into an agreement with the University

Mr. GROSS. Is it not true that we

Mr. BROOKS. That is my impresof Texas for the Lyndon Baines Johnson

have never gotten into this sort of thing sion. Presidential Archival Depository, and for other purposes.

Mr. REID of New York. Mr. Speaker, until other Presidents had left office? I withdraw my reservation and I urge

Mr. BROOKS. No; that is not exactly The Clerk read the title of the joint

correct. The request for President Eisenthe passage of House Joint Resolution resolution.

hower's library was made to the same 632. The SPEAKER. Is there objection

committee and to the same subcommitThe SPEAKER. Is there objection to tee in 1960,

before he went out of office, to the request of the gentleman from Texas?

the request of the
request of the gentleman from

and it was approved unanimously by the Mr. REID of New York. Mr. Speaker, Texas?

subcommittee of which I was the chairreserving the right to object, and I do

Mr. GROSS. Mr. Speaker, further re- man, in view of the urgency of the renot intend to object-I should like to serving the right to object, where are the

quest. ask the distinguished gentleman from reports on this resolution?

Mr. GROSS. The gentleman will adTexas a few questions about House Joint

Mr. BROOKS. The reports are now mit that President Eisenhower was on his Resolution 632.

available. They were just printed re- way out when this legislation was First, it is my understanding, that the cently. I have one here for the gentle

adopted? President has written Mr. Heath, chair

It will reflect all of the detail of

Mr. BROOKS. Yes; of course that is man of the University Board of Regents, the hearings that we held. The resolu

true. on August 9, 1965, stating that this is his tion was passed unanimously by the sub

Mr. GROSS. Are we now moving topleasure, that he wishes the main arcommittee and by the full committee.

ward a situation where we will provide chives of the Johnson Presidency to be at Mr. GROSS. Well, now, Mr. Speaker, library maintenance for a presidential the University of Texas; is that correct? I do not understand this procedure. This candidate in which the candidate can Mr. BROOKS. That is correct.

is not in the nature of an emergency. I dispose of his papers? Are we going to be Mr. REID of New York. May I also do not understand why the House had no confronted with a situation of that kind? ask the gentleman whether this joint notification that this resolution was to Mr. BROOKS. I do not believe so. I

. resolution deals at all with funds for the be brought up. There are no reports do not believe any university or organicollection or whether the University of available at the desk, as is usual, but zation is going to build a $2 or $3 milTexas is going to deal with that mat- more importantly, I do not understand lion building for any candidate. This ter?

why there was no previous notification one will be built at no cost to the GovMr. BROOKS. The University of Tex- that this resolution was to be brought be- ernment whatsoever. as has agreed to build a building to house fore the House today.

Mr. GROSS. I want to say to the the presidential documents and papers,

Mr. BROOKS. Well, I want to tell my gentleman from Texas that I do not unabout 100,000 square feet on 14 acres of distinguished friend from Iowa, who is derstand for the life of me the necessity land. a historian of some note himself

for the speed that brings this resolution Mr. REID of New York. And this will Mr. GROSS. I question that, but go to the floor without prior notification of be without expense to the Federal Gov- ahead.

the Members of the House. I do not know ernment?

Mr. BROOKS. The importance of why we have to be confronted with legisMr. BROOKS. The construction will getting this material together is of course lation on this basis. be without expense to the Federal Gov- critical. It is important to get these Mr. BROOKS. It would delay it until ernment, but the maintenance and oper- documents in a proper place where they next year. That is the difficulty. I will ation of the Presidential library, as is can be available for historians and to re- say to my distinguished colleague from the case with other Presidential libraries, porters and to the public. The 60-day Iowa that if we wait until next January will be maintained by the GSA. This period may well ensue and run while and have to resubmit this and have anwill run in the neighborhood of $190,- Congress has adjourned. So the problem other 60-day-period run, it may well be 000 to start with, which is comparable is that we would like to get this on the March or April before we can employ an to the amount expended on the Eisen- road now and not delay it any further. architect and begin to acquire the land hower, Truman, and the Roosevelt Mr. GROSS. Where were there hear- and move out on this. It would delay Libraries. ings held on this proposition?

this library not just 60 days, but in effect Mr. REID of New York. May I ask the Mr. BROOKS. Hearings were held in 6 months or a year. gentleman whether this sum for main- the Subcommittee on Government Activ- Mr. GROSS. Why did we not have at tenance will be a matter to be considered ities August 25. We heard in detail from least 1 day's notification that this was by the appropriate subcommittee of the the head of the General Services Admin- coming before the House? What if this Committee on Appropriations?

istration who submitted a report to the went over until tomorrow? Would the Mr. BROOKS. It will.

Speaker and to the President of the U.S. world come to an end? Mr. REID of New York. May I further Senate. These hearings have been Mr. BROOKS. Of course it would not. ask why the joint resolution has been printed. They are available. The report Mr. GROSS. The gentleman from brought to the floor without the normal has been drafted and it is now available Texas does not like to be confronted 60-day congressional review period? today. The Committee on Government with legislation on the floor of the House which has never been heard of before, affirmative congressional review of the posal, unanimously concluded that the or seen, or anything else. I am sure of Administrator's report as a more reason- report submitted by the Administrator that. I am sure he would not want to able substitute for the 60-day period of of General Services should be affirmaimpose on other Members of the House. negative congressional action. It is my tively endorsed by the Congress. This

Mr. BROOKS. I may say to the gen- conclusion, which I believe will be shared alone is sufficient reason for approval tleman, and he has been a friend since by all of those who review the univer- of this resolution waiving the remainder I came to Congress, that we have worked sity's proposal, that congressional ap- of the 60-day review period as provided on this with all of the Republican mem- proval of this project should not be de- in the proviso to section 507(f) (1) of the bers of the subcommittee and of the full layed. It would be more appropriate act. But, in this instance, there are adcommittee. They understand it, and feel and fully in keeping with our legislative ditional reasons justifying expeditious it is proper and fitting that this Con- responsibilities to give active considera- congressional consideration of this progress act on it without further delay. tion to this matter at this time, rather posal and which dictate waiver of the

Mr. GROSS. This Congress can act than simply provide a manifestation of review period. on it. We have not left Washington yet, congressional acceptance through the First, the sooner this library project and are not likely to for at least another mere passage of time.

is begun, the sooner the papers of the month.

Upon referral of the Administrator's President will become available to stuMr. BROOKS. I am hoping we will. report to the Government Activities Sub- dents and scholars. As the board of re

Mr. GROSS. From the way things committee, we held a hearing at which gents of the university operate in a trust are going we will be here until the snow time both the substance of the report capacity, it would not be appropriate to flies. I do not see any emergency con- and the joint resolution waiving the 60- ask them to go ahead on this project nected with this project, however, I think day period were considered in detail. without the agreement of the Governthe subject has been fairly well explored The subcommittee and later the full ment to designate the structure as a Presand I hope there will be no repetition. Government Operations Committee idential archival depository. The PresiI here and now serve notice that if any unanimously endorsed and passed this dent will also have to participate in many other bill or resolution is brought up on resolution-House Joint Resolution 632. aspects of the project. The sooner the this basis, and I do not care whether it Under the proposal submitted to the project gets started, therefore, the more affects the President of the United States, President by the university's board of time he can devote to it personally. I will object to it. regents, the university, at its own ex

Lastly, the University of Texas must Mr. BROOKS. Mr. Speaker, I ask pense, will provide an appropriate 14- be considered. The university's generous unanimous consent to extend my re- acre site on the campus at Austin for proposal is based upon cost analyses and marks at this point in the RECORD. construction of a building in which not other criteria available at this time. De

The SPEAKER. Is there objection less than 100,000 square feet of space lays in construction often mean increases to the request of the gentleman from would be dedicated as the Lyndon Baines in construction costs. They are also Texas?

Johnson Library to display the Presi- wasteful in the time and efforts of those There was no objection.

dent's papers and other

historical mate- responsible for and involved in the imMr. BROOKS. Mr. Speaker, the Pres- rials relating to and contemporary with plementation of the project.

For these reasons, I believe that the ident on August 9, 1965, graciously ac- the President's life and works. cepted a proposal from the board of The proposal provides that upon com- House of Representatives is fully justiregents of the University of Texas to pletion of the building, the university fied in endorsing the report of the Adconstruct and equip the Lyndon Baines will “turn over, dedicate, and make avail- ministrator and approving Joint ResoJohnson Library on the university cam- able the same, including the furnishings lution 632 waiving the “60 days of negapus at Austin as a depository of the Pres- and equipment therein, to the United tive action by the Congress," as Speaker

McCORMACK SO aptly characterized this ident's papers and other historic mate- States for its use in perpetuity as the

provision at the time it was enacted. rials of his public offices. Previously, on Lyndon Baines Johnson Library." August 6, 1965, the board of regents of As manifested in the correspondence

The SPEAKER. Is there objection to the university had advised the President between the President and the univer- the request of the gentleman from

Texas? of the university's desire to provide a li- sity, in addition to the space and facilibrary for his papers. ties dedicated for us as the Presidential

There being no objection, the Clerk The President, on August 13, 1965, archival depository, the building to be

building to be read the House joint resolution, as folwrote the Administrator of General Sery- constructed will also include space and


H.J. RES. 632 ices of his wishes regarding the designa- facilities for University of Texas purtion of the proposed Lyndon Baines poses to be used in furtherance of studies

Resolved by the Senate and House of Rep

resentatives of the United States of America Johnson Library as a depository for his and research in history, government,

in Congress assembled, That the Administrapapers. At that time the President economics, public administration, and

tor of General Services is hereby authorized offered "as a gift to the United States for related disciplines. The cost of admin

to enter into an agreement upon such terms the purpose of ultimate deposit in the istering, maintaining, operating, and pro- and conditions as he determines proper with said Presidential library my Presidential tecting the site of the Presidential li- the University of Texas to utilize as the Lynand other papers, documents, historic brary and such portion of the building don Baines Johnson Archival Depository, materials, mementos, objects of art, and as is used for university purposes will land, buildings, and equipment of such uniother memorabilia, including books, mobe borne by the university. The esti

versity to be made available by it without

transfer of title to the United States, and to tion pictures, still pictures, and sound mated cost to the United States of main

maintain, operate, and protect such deposirecordings belonging to me or in my pos- taining, operating, and protecting that

tory as a part of the National Archives syssession which relate to my life and work.” portion of the building dedicated to na- tem. Such agreement may be entered into

As provided by law, the Administrator tional archival depository use is esti- without regard to the provisions of section of General Services has submitted a remated to range from approximately 507(f) (1) of the Federal Property and Ad

ministrative Services Act of 1949, as amended port to the Speaker of the House and the $190,000 during the early years to $225,President of the Senate outlining the 000 after the library is in full operation.

(44 U.S.C. 397(f) (1)), that the Administrator

shall not enter into any such agreement until proposal of the University of Texas. He This estimate as to the cost of operation

the expiration of the first period of sixty also has officially advised the Congress to be accepted by the Government is in calendar days of continuous session of the of the President's offer of his papers and line with the operational costs of the

line with the operational costs of the Congress following the date on which a rethe other materials of his public offices other Presidential libraries. One unique

port in writing of any such proposed Presi

dential archival depository is transmitted by to the people of the United States. The advantage the Government will have re

the Administrator to the President of the Administrator's report is now required to garding the Johnson Library is that the Senate and the Speaker of the House of lie before Congress for 60 days of con- university has agreed to provide all park- Representatives. tinuous session before the university's ing facilities and also to maintain the

The House joint resolution was ordered offer can be accepted. grounds surrounding the library build

to be engrossed and read a third time, Upon review of the Administrator's ing. These can be significant items of was read the third time, and passed, and report, I introduced House Joint Resolu- expense in themselves. The subcommit- a motion to reconsider was laid on the tion 632 as a means of obtaining prompt, tee, considering all facets of the pro- table.

COMMUNICATION FROM THE CLERK principal programs of the Federal Govern- with the advice and consent of the Senate, OF THE HOUSE

ment which provide assistance for housing who shall receive compensation at the rate

and for the development of the Nation's now or hereafter provided by law for under The SPEAKER laid before the House communities; to assist the President in secretaries, assistant secretaries, and genthe following communication from the achieving maximum coordination of the eral counsels, respectively, of executive deClerk of the House which was read, re

various Federal activities which have a partments, and who shall perform such ferred to the Committee on House Ad

major effect upon urban community, sub- functions, powers, and duties as the Secministration and ordered to be printed:

retary shall prescribe from time to time. urban, or metropolitan development; to en

courage the solution of problems of housing, There shall be in the Department a Federal OFFICE OF THE CLERK,

urban development, and mass transportation Housing Commissioner, who shall be one HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES,

through State, county, town, village, or other of the Assistant Secretaries, who shall head Washington, D.C., August 30, 1965. local and private action, including promo- a Federal Housing Administration within The Honorable THE SPEAKER,

tion of interstate, regional, and metropolitan the Department, who shall have such duties House of Representatives.

cooperation; to encourage the maximum con- and powers as may be prescribed by the SIR: From the Honorable THOMAS G. ABER- tributions that may be made by vigorous Secretary, and who shall administer, under NETHY, Member of Congress from the First private homebuilding and mortgage lending the supervision and direction of the SecDistrict of Mississippi, the Honorable JAMIE industries to housing, urban development, retary, departmental programs relating to L. WHITTEN, Member of Congress from the and the national economy; and to provide the private mortgage market. Second District of Mississippi, the Honorable for full and appropriate consideration, at the "(b) There shall be in the Department PRENTISS WALKER, Member of Congress from national level, of the needs and interests of an Assistant Secretary for Administration, the Fourth District of Mississippi, and WIL- the Nation's communities and of the people who shall be appointed, with the approval LIAM M. COLMER, Member of Congress from who live and work in them.

of the President, by the Secretary under the Fifth District of Mississippi, the Clerk

the classified civil service, who shall per

"ESTABLISHMENT OF DEPARTMENT has received a motion that the attempted

form such functions, powers, and duties as contest against each individually, be dis

"SEC. 3. (a) There is hereby established at the Secretary shall prescribe from time to missed, or that each be otherwise relieved

the seat of government an executive depart- time, and whose annual rate of compensafrom taking further notice of such matter.

ment to be known as the Department of tion shall be the same as that now or hereThe communication in this matter is be- Housing and Urban Development (herein- after provided by or pursuant to law for ing transmitted for referral to the appropri

after referred to as the 'Department'). There assistant secretaries for administration of ate committee of the House of Representa

shall be at the head of the Department a executive departments. tives.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Develop- "(c) There shall be in the Department a Respectfully yours, ment (hereinafter referred to as the 'Sec

Director of Urban Program Coordination, RALPH R. ROBERTS,

retary'), who shall be appointed by the who shall be designated by the Secretary. Clerk, U.S. House of Representatives.

President by and with the advice and con- He shall assist the Secretary in carrying sent of the Senate. The Department shall out his responsibilities to the President with

be administered under the supervision and respect to achieving maximum coordination DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND

direction of the Secretary. The Secretary of the programs of the various departments

shall receive compensation at the rate now URBAN DEVELOPMENT

and agencies of the Government which have or hereafter prescribed by law for the heads

a major impact on community development. Mr. HOLIFIELD. Mr. Speaker, I call of executive departments.

In providing such assistance, the Director up the conference report on the bill (H.R. "(b) The Secretary shall, among his re- shall make such studies of urban and com6927) to establish a Department of Hous- sponsibilities, advise the President with munity problems as the Secretary shall reing and Urban Development, and for respect to Federal programs and activities quest, and shall develop recommendations other purposes, and ask unanimous con

relating to housing and urgan development; relating to the administration of Federal

develop and recommend to the President sent that the statement of the managers policies for fostering the orderly growth and

programs affecting such problems, particu

larly with respect to achieving effective on the part of the House be read in lieu development of the Nation's urban areas; cooperation among the Federal, State, and of the report.

exercise leadership at the direction of the local agencies concerned. Subject to the The Clerk read the title of the bill. President in coordinating Federal activities direction of the Secretary, the Director shall, The SPEAKER. Is there objection to affecting housing and urban development; in carrying out his responsibilities, (1) es

tablish and maintain close liaison with the the request of the gentleman from Cali- provide technical assistance and information, fornia?

including a clearinghouse service to aid Federal departments and agencies concerned,

State, county, town, village, or other local and (2) consult with State, local, and reThere was no objection.

governments in developing solutions to com- gional officials, and consider their recomThe Clerk read the statement.

munity and metropolitan development prob- mendations with respect to such programs. The conference report and statement lems; consult and cooperate with State Gov


ernors and State agencies, including, when
appropriate, holding informal public hear-

"SEC. 5. (a) Except as otherwise provided CONFERENCE REPORT (H. REPT. No, 884) ings, with respect to Federal and State pro

in subsection (b) of this section, there are The committee of conference on the disgrams for assisting communities in develop

hereby transferred to and vested in the Secagreeing votes of the two Houses on the ing solutions to community and metropolitan retary all of the functions, powers, and duties

of the Housing and Home Finance Agency, amendment of the Senate to the bill (H.R. development problems and for encouraging

of the Federal Housing Administration and 6927) to establish a Department of Housing effective regional cooperation in the planning

the Public Housing Administration in that and Urban Development, and for other pur

and conduct of community and metropolitan poses, having met, after full and free condevelopment programs and projects; en

Agency, and of the heads and other officers

and offices of said agencies. ference, have agreed to recommend and do

courage comprehensive planning by the

State and local governments with a view to recommend to their respective Houses as

"(b) The Federal National Mortgage Ascoordinating Federal, State, and local urban

sociation, together with its functions, follows: That the House recede from its disagreeand community development activities; en

powers, and duties, is hereby transferred to

the Department. The next to the last senment to the amendment of the Senate and courage private enterprise to serve as large agree to the same with an amendment as

tence of section 308 of the Federal National a part of the Nation's total housing and follows: In lieu of the matter proposed to be urban development needs as it can and de

Mortgage Association Charter Act and the

item numbered (94) of section 303(e) of the inserted by the Senate amendment insert the velop the fullest cooperation with private

Federal Executive Salary Act of 1964 are following:

enterprise in achieving the objectives of the
Department; and conduct continuing com-

hereby repealed, and the position of the “That this Act may be cited as the 'De

prehensive studies, and make available partment of Housing and Urban Development findings, with respect to the problems of

President of said Association is hereby al

located among the positions referred to in Act'. housing and urban development.

section 7(c) hereof.
"(c) Nothing in this Act shall be con-

"(c) The President shall undertake studies "SEC. 2. The Congress hereby declares that strued to deny or limit the benefits of any

of the organization of housing and urban the general welfare and security of the Naprogram, function, or activity assigned to

development functions and programs within tion and the health and living standards of the Department by this or any other Act to

the Federal Government, and he shall provide our people require, as a matter of national

any community on the basis of its popula- the Congress with the findings and conclupurpose, sound development of the Nation's tion or corporate status, except as may be

sions of such studies, together with his reccommunities and metropolitan areas in which expressly provided by law.

ommendations regarding the transfer of such the vast majority of its people live and work.

functions and programs to or from the De"UNDER SECRETARY AND OTHER OFFICERS AND "To carry out such purpose, and in rec

partment. Notwithstanding any other provi

OFFICES ognition of the increasing importance of

sion of this Act, none of the functions of the housing and urban development in our na

"SEC. 4. (a) There shall be in the Depart- Secretary of the Interior authorized under tional life, the Congress finds that establish- ment an Under Secretary, four Assistant

the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act ment of an executive department is desirable Secretaries, and a General Counsel, who of 1965 (78 Stat. 897) or other functions to achieve the best administration of the shall be appointed by the President by and carried out by the Bureau of Outdoor Rec

reation shall be transferred from the De- visual aids; and a central library service. In troversy in which such judgment shall have partment of the Interior or in any way be addition to amounts appropriated to provide been rendered. limited geographically unless specifically capital for said fund, which appropriations "EFFECTIVE DATE AND INTERIM APPOINTMENTS provided for by reorganization plan pursuant are hereby authorized, the fund shall be to provisions of the Reorganization Act of capitalized by transfer to it of such stocks of

"SEC. 11. (a) The provisions of this Act 1949 (63 Stat. 203), as amended, or by supplies and equipment on hand or on order

shall take effect upon the expiration of the statute. as the Secretary shall direct. Such fund

first period of sixty calendar days following “CONFORMING AMENDMENTS shall be reimbursed from available funds of

the date on which this Act is approved by

the President, or on such earlier date as the "SEC. 6. (a) Section 19(d) (1) of title 3 of agencies and offices in the Department for the United States Code is hereby amended which services are performed at rates which

President shall specify by Executive order by striking out the period at the end thereof will return in full all expenses of operation, published in the Federal Register, except that and inserting a comma and the following: including reserves for accrued annual leave any of the officers provided for in sections

3(a), 4(a), and 4(b) of this Act may be ‘Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, and for depreciation of equipment. Secretary of Housing and Urban Develop

"(g) The Secretary shall cause a seal of nominated and appointed, as provided in such ment.'

office to be made for the Department of such sections, at any time after the date this Act “(b) Section 158 of the Revised Statutes device as he shall approve, and judicial no- is approved by the President.

"(b) In the event that one or more officers (5 U.S.C. 1) is amended by adding at the tice shall be taken of such seal.

required by this Act to be appointed, by and end thereof:

"ANNUAL REPORT " 'Eleventh. The Department of Housing

with the advice and consent of the Senate,

"SEC. 8. The Secretary shall, as soon as shall not have entered upon office on the and Urban Development.'

practicable after the end of each calendar effective date of this Act, the President may "(c) The amendment made by subsection year, make a report to the President for designate any person who was an officer of (b) of this section shall not be construed to

submission to the Congress of the activities the Housing and Home Finance Agency immake applicable to the Department any of the Department during the preceding cal- mediately prior to said effective date to act provision of law inconsistent with this Act. endar year.

in such office until the office is filled as pro“ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS


vided in this Act or until the expiration of "Sec. 7. (a) The personnel employed in "SEC. 9. (a) No cause of action by or against the first period of sixty days following said connection with, and the assets, liabilities, any agency whose functions are transferred effective date, whichever shall first occur. contracts, property, records, and unexpended by this Act, or by or against any officer of While so acting such persons shall receive balances of appropriations, authorizations,

any agency in his official capacity, shall abate compensation at the rates provided by this allocations, or other funds held, used, arising by reason of this enactment. Such causes of Act for the respective offices in which they from, or available or to be made available in action may be asserted by or against the

act." connection with, the functions, powers, and United States or such official of the Depart

And the Senate agree to the same. duties transferred by section 5 of this Act are ment as may be appropriate.

WILLIAM L. DAWSON, hereby transferred with such functions, "(b) No suit, action, or other proceeding

CHET HOLIFIELD, powers, and duties, respectively. commenced by or against any agency whose

DANTE B. FASCELL, "(b) No transfer of functions, powers, and functions are transferred by this Act, or by

HENRY S. REUSS, duties shall at any time be made within the or against any officer of any such agency

BENJAMIN S. ROSENTHAL, Department in connection with the secondin his official capacity, shall abate by reason

JOHN N. ERLENBORN, ary market operations of the Federal Naof the enactment of this Act. A court may

JOHN W. WYDLER, tional Mortgage Association unless the Sec- at any time during the pendency of the liti

Managers on the Part of the House. retary finds that the rights and interests of gation, on its own motion or that of any

ABRAHAM RIBICOFF, owners of outstanding common stock issued party, order that the same may be main

HENRY M. JACKSON, under the Federal National Mortgage As- tained by or against the United States or

ROBERT F. KENNEDY, sociation Charter Act will not be adversely such official of the Department as may be

JACOB K. JAVITS, affected thereby. appropriate.

MILWARD L. SIMPSON, "(c) The Secretary is authorized, subject

"(c) Except as may be otherwise expressly Managers on the Part of the Senate. to the civil service and classification laws, to

provided in this Act, all powers and authoriselect, appoint, employ, and fix the compenties conferred by this Act shall be cumula

STATEMENT sation of such officers and employees, in

tive and additional to and not in derogation The managers on the part of the House cluding attorneys, as shall be necessary to

of any powers and authorities otherwise ex- at the conference on the disagreeing votes carry out the provisions of this Act and to isting. All rules, regulations, orders, au- of the two Houses on the amendment of the prescribe their authority and duties: Pro

thorizations, delegations, or other actions Senate to the bill (H.R. 6927) to establish vided, That any other provision of law to the

duly issued, made, or taken by or pursuant a Department of Housing and Urban Develcontrary notwithstanding, the Secretary may

to applicable law, prior to the effective date opment, and for other purposes, submit the fix the compensation for not more than six of this Act, by any agency, officer, or office following statement in explanation of the positions in the Department at the annual pertaining to any functions, powers and effect of the action agreed upon by the conrate applicable to positions in level V of the Federal Executive Salary Schedule provided in full force and effect after the effective ing conference report:

duties transferred by this Act shall continue ferees and recommended in the accompanyby the Federal Executive Salary Act of 1964.

date of this Act until modified or rescinded The Senate struck out all of the House “(d) The Secretary may delegate any of by the Secretary or such other officer or bill after the enacting clause and inserted his functions, powers, and duties to such of- office of the Department as, in accordance a substitute amendment. The committee ficers and employees of the Department as he

with applicable law, may be appropriate. of conference has agreed to a substitute for may designate, may authorize such succes

With respect to any function, power, or duty both the House bill and the Senate amendsive redelegations of such functions, pow- transferred by or under this Act and exer- ment. Except for technical, clarifying, and ers, and duties as he may deem desirable,

cised hereafter, reference in another Federal conforming changes, the following statement and may make such rules and regulations as

law to the Housing and Home Finance explains the differences between the House may be necessary to carry out his functions,

Agency or to any officer, office, or agency bill and the substitute agreed to in conferpowers, and duties. The second proviso of

therein, except the Federal National Mort- ence. section 101(c) of the Housing Act of 1949 is

gage Association and its officers, shall be hereby repealed.

The Senate amendment deleted nothing deemed to mean the Secretary. The posi- substantive from the House bill but made a “(e) The Secretary may obtain services

tions and agencies heretofore established by number of additions. as authorized by section 15 of the Act of Au- law in connection with the functions, powers, gust 2, 1946, at rates not to exceed $100 per and duties transferred under section 5(a) of or substituted it for "urban” at various

The Senate inserted the word "community” diem for individuals.

this Act shall lapse. "(f) The Secretary is authorized to estab

points in the bill so that the areas affected lish a working capital fund, to be available


by the legislation would be broadened to inwithout fiscal year limitation, for expenses

clude "community” as well as urban, sub"SEC. 10. Notwithstanding any other evi

urban or metropolitan as were contained in necessary for the maintenance and operation dence of the intent of Congress, it is hereby of such common administrative services as

the House bill. The managers on the part declared to be the intent of Congress that if

of the House accepted this amendment. he shall find to be desirable in the interest

any provision of this Act, or the application of economy and efficiency in the Depart

The declaration of purpose in the House thereof to any persons or circumstances, shall ment, including such services as a central be adjudged by any court of competent juris

bill was amended by the Senate to encourage supply service for stationery and other sup- diction to be invalid, such judgment shall

the solution of problems of mass transporplies and equipment for which adequate

tation and also to encourage the maximum stocks may be maintained to meet in whole not affect, impair, or invalidate the remainder

contributions that may be made by the vigoror in part the requirements of the Depart- of this Act or its application to other per- ous private homebuilding and mortgage ment and its agencies; central messenger,

sons and circumstances, but shall be confined lending industries to housing, urban develmail, telephone, and other communications in its operation to the provision of this Act, opment and the national economy. These services; office space; central services for doc- or the application thereof to the persons and additions were accepted by the managers on ument reproduction and for graphics and circumstances, directly involved in the con- the part of the House.

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