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We thank Thee for all those who in any way are striving to hasten the coming of Thy kingdom into the lives of the world,--for the spirit of self-forgetfulness and brotherly love and service of all those who strive to pattern after the life and ministry of Him who went about doing good.

We thank Thee for the measure of devotion, of worship, of faithfulness which has been revealed in Thy life, and entered into the homes and lives of those round about us.

And now, we pray that Thou wilt grant a blessing in the future, as in the past, and much inore abundantly, not only upon each of us who are present here to-day, but also upon those lives that are associated with them, working and striving to find the revealing of Thy will.

We pray, Father, that in all these things Thou wilt be with us and grant: Thy benediction upon us ; that words may here be spoken and deliberation be held that will strengthen those who go out, and make them more useful and better fitted for the blessed and divine calling which is theirs. May all the laws of nature and the laws of life strengthen their faith and their confidence in Thee. We pray

that into all our hearts niay come the spirit of Him whose mission it was to finish Thy work.

That we may count no task too great or too small to undertake, if called by the spirit of Jesus Christ.

Hear us and bless us, granting indeed Thy benediction upon the sacred and divine work of this body as they go to their various dwelling places, showing that they are working with Thee. Amen.

The records of the last annual meeting were read and approved.

The President announced the following committees : First, Committee on Nominations, Drs. H. C. Tinkham, E. H. Martin, M. R. Crain, C. F. Branch and F. R. Stoddard ; second, Committee on Membership, Drs. 0. W. Sherwin, F. C. Morgan and H. R. Watkins.

Dr. D. C. Hawley, secretary, presented his annual report, as follows: Mr. President and Gentlemen of the Vt. State Med. Society :

The close of this, the 81st year of the existence of this Society, finds us with a membership of 191, which is I believe the largest in our history.

Many changes in our constitution and By-Laws, and in the general working of the Society have taken place within the last few years. For three years past the transactions have appeared in book form, which I consider a great improvement. A stenographer is now employed to take all discussions, and these appear in the Transactions with their respec

This adds to the value of our Transactions. Since 1889 the Annual Banquet has been a feature of our meetings and it has proven to be one of our pleasantest and most profitable sessions. However, as you have just learned from our Treasurer's report, these improvements have depleted the treasury. My object in referring to this matter in my report is to call your attention to the necessity of raising our annual dues from two to at least three dollars per year.

In most State Societies the dues are higher than in ours, and in many, are five dollars per year.

Respectfully submitted,

tive papers.

D. C. HAWLEY, Secretary.

Dr. C. W. Peck of Brandon reported as delegate to the Medical Department of the University of Vermont.

To the Vermont State Medical Society :

Your delegate, according to appointment, attended the examination of the graduating class of the Medical Department of the University of Vermont, at Burlington, July 2d and 3d, 1895

The examinations were both oral and written. There were 54 candidates in the graduating class, 47 of whom passed to the great fields of practice as Doctors in Medicine.

The examinations as a whole, as witnessed by your delegate, were a fair and impartial test of the candidates' knowledge of the subject, with all due consideration for the pupil, and at the same time requiring the necessary knowledge on the part of the candidate, to maintain that high standard of medical education to which we all so justly aspire.

With no disposition to criticise or eulogise either department it is the opinion of your delegate that special mention should be made of some of the examinations ; as, for example, those in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Practice, Obstetrics and Surgery, as being particularly broad and comprehensive, showing not only a technical knowledge of the subject, but a comprehensive understanding of the principals involved.

The examination in Chemistry impressed your delegate as being unnecessarily severe for any one but an expert in Chemistry, although the teaching may have been such as to warrant it, and this it undoubtedly was since the class received a high mark in this department.

The examination in "Materia Medica

was both written and oral, and as your delegate's opportunity for witnessing the oral examination was limited, and not having received a list of the questions, he is unable to judge so well of its merits.

Your delegate feels that the Medical Department of the University of Vermont is indeed a great credit to our state; an institution of which we should all be justly proud, connected as it is with that great Charity, the “ Mary Fletcher Hospital,” whose endless chain of noble work reaches every hamlet in the state, giving medical aid and surgical assistance gratuitously to thousands.

And this is not all; the same old principle underlies all good deeds, that in as much as we help others we help ourselves; so the medical men of Burlington are enjoying a rich harvest in medical experience by being in touch with the living, progressive medical sentiments of the day. Respectfully your delegate,


Dr. W. D. Huntington of Rochester, read a paper entitled “Our Profession," which was discussed by Dr. A. P. Grinnell.

Dr. George Davenport, after discussing the subject matter of the secretary's report, offered the following:

Resolved, That section I, of article II of the By Laws be amended to read as follows :

“Every member of this Society (honorary excepted) shall pay to the treasurer an annual fee of three dollars.

The resolution was unanimously adopted, and will under the By Laws, lie over until next year for action.

On motion adjourned.


Called to order at 2.15 o'clock.

The Address in Medicine, being the Vice President's address, was presented by F. F. Chaffee of Hartford. Subject, "Chronic Gastritis."

Discussion followed by Drs. H. R. Wilder, W. N. Bryant and F. C. Morgan.

“Cholelithiasis, was the subject of a paper by Dr. E. H. Martin of Middlebury, which was discussed by Dr. L. W. Hubbard.

Dr. Wm. H. Porter of New York, presented an exhaustive paper upon Intestinal Indigestion, Its Dietetic and Rational Treatment. Discussion of the subject was participated in by Drs. J. Henry Jackson, M. R. Crain, O. W. Sherwin and L. M. Greene.

A vote of thanks was extended Dr. Porter and he was unanimously elected an honorary member of the Society.

Dr. L. M. Greene of Bethel, read a paper entitled “Cases of Tuberculosis treated with Tuberculin and Antiphthisin. Discussed by Dr. C. W. Peck.

Dr. F. C. Morgan of Felchville, read a paper on “Diabetes Mellitus” which was discussed by Dr. W. H. Vincent.



Met at 8 o'clock, Vice President F. F. Chaffee in the chair.

Dr. J. H. Linsley of Burlington, presented the President's Annual Address. Subject, “Some suggestions con

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