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cerning the Examination of Blood." The subject was discussed by Drs. J. H. Jackson, J. N. Jenne, O. W. Sherwin and G. B. Bullard.

Adjourned at 9.35 p. m.

The Anunal Banquet was held at the Van Ness House after the close of the evening session, with Dr. A. B. Bis bee of Montpelier, as Anniversary Chairman.



Met at 9.20 a. mi.

The Nominating Committee presented their report which was unanimously adopted, as follows:

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(F. S. Gray, Troy. Univ. of Vt., Med. Dept. J. M. Allen, St. Johnsbury. Dartmouth Medical College,

I C. S. Caverly, Rutland.

Joel Allen, Burlington.
N. H. Med. Soc. C. E. Chandler, C. F. Camp.
Me. Med. Asso. Lyman Rogers, H. O. Worthen.
Mass. Med. Soc. J. H. Jackson, D. W. Hazelton,
R. I. Med. Soc. W. L. Havens, C. C. Smith.
Conn. Med. Soc. R. T. Johnson, E. R. Campbell.
N. Y. Med. Asso. W. H. Vincent, 0. C. Baker.
N. Y. Med. Soc. D. C. Hawley, C. W. Peck.
Northern N. Y. Med. Asso. S. W. Paige, H. R. Wilder.
White Mountain Med. Asso. R. B. Skinner, L. W. Hub-

bard, W. D. Huntington.
Conn. River Valley Med. Asso. M. R. Crain, J. S. Rich-



C. F. Branch,
A. L. Bingham,
H. Janes,
D. G. Kemp,
H. C. Tinkham,

0. W. Sherwin,
E. W. Shipman,
E. H. Martin,
F. R. Stoddard,
C. W. Peck,
D. C. Hawley.

M. R. Crain,
J. M. Hamilton,
R. M. Canfield,

F. W. Sears,
; J. H. Linsley,

On motion of Dr. G. B. Bullard it was voted to hold. the next meeting in St. Johnsbury.

Dr. C. S. Caverly presented the address in State Medicine. Discussion was postponed.

Dr. S. C. Gordon of Portland, Me., presented a paper on “The Medical and Surgical Treatment of Appendicitis," which was discussed by Drs. L. M. Bingham, A. T. Woodward, R. M. Canfield and W. H. Vincent.

A vote of thanks was extended to Dr. Gordon for his paper and he was elected an honorary member of the Society.



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Met at 2:20 o'clock.
Dr. M. R. Crain presented the following:

Resolved, “That a committee of three be appointed to endeavor to secure better legislation in regard to the granting of licenses to practice medicine."

The resolution was adopted and Drs. M. R. Crain, E. S. Allbee and H. R. Wilder were elected as such committee.

“The relation of the Medical Profession to certain social conditions" was the subject of a paper by Dr. Chas. H. Cook of Natick, Mass. A paper entitled, “The Border Lands of Insanity," was read for Dr. S. E. Lawton of Brattleboro, by Dr. W. N. Thompson of that place. Discussed by Dr. J. M. Clarke.

Dr. L. Bolton Bangs of New York read a paper entitled, “The prostate, some of its acute and chronic

conditions, and their treatment.” The paper was discussed by Drs. H. C. Tinkham and S. C. Gordon.

Dr. J. B. Wheeler of Burlington presented the address in surgery entitled “The radical cure of inguinal hernia," and Dr. Edw. R. Campbell of Bellows Falls read a paper on "Antitoxin treatment of Diphtheria."

It was voted to make the Vermont Medical Monthly the official organ of the Society.

The following physicians were elected to membership during the meeting.

C. M. Scribner, Barre.
0. H. Allard, Winooski.
M. C. Twitchell, Burlington.
M. F. McGuire, Burlington.
D. H. Calder, Burlington.
E. R. Cooke, Burlington.
H. A. Barker, Burlington.
W. J. Aldrich, St. Johr.sbury.
J. Sutcliffe Hill, Bellows Falls.
J. M. Hamilton, Proctor.
F. E. Clark, Burlington.
F. C. Liddle, Dorset.
P. H. McMahon, Burlington.
L. C. Holcombe, Milton.
L. S. Tesson, Fort Ethau Allen.
W. N. Thompson, Brattleboro.
A. T. Arkley, Essex Junction.
H. R. Townsend, Bridport.
W. W. Townsend, Rutland.
S. E. Maynard, Burlington.
W. N. Bryant, Ludlow, Reinstated.
A. W. Rice, Montpelier, Reinstated.

The Executive Committee reported the following program for the next meeting :

Address in Medicine, Lyman Rogers.
Address in State Medicine, J. H. Jackson.
Address in Surgery, D. C. Hawley.

The management of acute peritonitis, from a medical standpoint, W. H. Vincent.

Papers (titles unannounced) by J. S. Hill, W. S. Nay, F. R. Stoddard, J. M. Allen, L. W. Hubbard, E. H. Bushnell, I. N. Fowler, W.R. Prime, R. M. Canfield, H.C. Tinkham, J. M. Hamilton, M. D. Warren and H. A. Barker.

Dr. E. S. Albee, Chairman, presented the following report of License Censors.



LICENSES GRANTED. 1894. Oct. 23 W. A. Lyman, Burlington, U. V. M. '94.

1895 Jan. 29 David G. Underwood, Westminster, Balt.M.C.'94. Feb. F. C. Russell, Newbury, Vt., Dart. M. C., '94.

C. E. Merriam, Hinesburg.
15 F. C. Fletcher, Roxbury, U. V. M., '93.

L. A. Russlow, East Randolph.
16 R. E. Prentiss, Johnson, U. V. M., '94.
Mar. 23 S. W. Eastman, Groton, Dart., '84.

J. C. Morgan, Stowe, '94.
23 S. Gould Start, Bakersfield, Bellevue M. C., '95.
May 20 B. A. Chapman, Ludlow, Balt. M. C., '95.
June 14 P. P. White, Williamsville, U. V. M., '83.

25 F. P. Van Denbergh, Burlington, Albany M.C.'94.
25 E. A. Cordin, Swanton, U. V. M., '95.
25 W. H. Bertram, E. Boston, Mass., P. and S.

Boston, Tufts, '91-95.


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