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The Senator from Vermont (Mr. service for my late distinguished col- he was fearful the Senate was about to FLANDERS] is absent on cfficial business. league, CHARLES W. TOBEY, so the many take a course of action which might en

The Senator from Minnesota [Mr. Senators who will wish to pay him trib- danger human lives. I told him I would THYE] is absent by leave of the Senate. ute may have an opportunity to do so. either read the speech or insert it in

Mr. CLEMENTS. I announce that the Mr. KNOWLAND. In reply to the dis- the RECORD. Senator from Virginia [Mr. BYRD], the tinguished Senator from New Hampshire It is interesting to note the reason he Senator from Mississippi (Mr. EASTLAND), I may say that, pursuant to earlier dis asked me to announce on the floor of the Senator from Delaware [Mr. FREAR), cussions, the Senate will set aside a time, the Senate for his not delivering the the Senator from Tennessee [Mr. GORE), beginning at 2 o'clock on next Thursday speech. All he said was, “Wayne, just the Senator from South Carolina [Mr. afternoon, for addresses on the life and announce that I will be necessarily abJOHNSTON], the Senator from West Vir- character and public services of the late sent.” One can read whatever impliginia [Mr. KILGORE), and the Senator Senator from New Hampshire. In the cations he may wish into that statement from Montana [Mr. MURRAY] are absent event that time is in anyway not satis of CHARLES TOBEY, but one would have on official business.

factory to the family or to the friends, to have had the conversation with him The Senators from Rhode Island (Mr.

who might prefer a different date, we will to be as deeply moved as I am now when GREEN and Mr. PASTORE] are absent by be glad to make arrangements accord- I reflect on what I am sure his subconleave of the Senate, attending the fu ingly.

scious was saying to him at the time. neral of the late former Senator from Mr. MORSE. Of course, with the un I had talked to CHARLES TOBEY on variRhode Island, Edward L. Leahy.

derstanding that any of us who may not ous occasions in regard to religious prinThe Senator from North Carolina (Mr. be able to be present next Thursday, or ciples and faiths. We talked on one LENNON] and the Senator from South who are moved at the present time to occasion about two matters, one a hymn Carolina (Mr. MAYBANK] are absent by pay their homage and respect to the and one a Psalm, which apparently were leave of the Senate.

memory of Senator TOBEY, may do so at very dear to him. I shall read a part of The VICE PRESIDENT. A quorum is this time.

the Psalm, as an appropriate tribute to present.



Mr. President, I send to the desk a As Senators know, he was a great lover AUTHORIZATION FOR SUBMISSION resolution and ask for its immediate con of the old hymns. Apparently, if I may OF COMMITTEE REPORTS sideration.

judge from my conversations with him,

The VICE PRESIDENT. The clerk one of his favorite hymns was Rock of Mr. KNOWLAND. Mr. President, the

will read the resolution. Senate will not transact any business

Ages, particularly the phrase in its,

The resolution (S. Res. 151) was read today. I ask unanimous consent that

Let me hide myself in Thee.” I am the various committees of the Senate as follows:

satisfied that that is where CHARLES

Resolved, That the Senate has heard with may have permission to submit reports

TOBEY is at this moment. up to midnight tonight.

profound sorrow and deep regret the an The Psalm he loved so well was the The VICE PRESIDENT. Without ob

nouncement of the death of Hon. CHARLES 119th Psalm, particularly the first half

W. TOBEY, late a Senator from the State of of it, a part of which is a commandment jection, it is so ordered. New Hampshire.

of faith, and the last part of which is a Resolved, That the President of the Senate

code of righteous living. shall appoint a committee, of which he shall DEATH OF SENATOR CHARLES W. be a member, to attend the funeral of the

As my tribute to him I read the words TOBEY, OF NEW HAMPSHIRE deceased Senator.

he loved so much, and by which he lived.

Resolved, That the Secretary communicate Mr. BRIDGES. Mr. President, I am

Blessed are the undefiled in the way, 'who these resolutions to the House of Repre walk in the law of the Lord. shocked, as I know every other Member sentatives and transmit a copy thereof to Blessed are they that keep His testimonies, of the Senate is, to hear of the passing of the family of the deceased.

and that seek Him with the whole heart. my distinguished colleague, CHARLES W.

The VICE PRESIDENT. The question

They also do no iniquity: they walk in His TOBEY. He came to the Senate following

ways. the election of 1938. In January 1939 he by the Senator from New Hampshire.

is on agreeing to the resolution submitted Thou hast commanded us to keep Thy joined a very small band of Republican

precepts diligently.

The resolution Senators who held the fort through the

was unanimously lean years of my party in Washington. agreed to.

Mr. President, I say those great words

are a commandment of faith. And now The only two of his class who are now


for the code of living: Members of the Senate are the distinwill later appoint the committee author

o that my ways were directed to keep Thy guished senior Senator from Ohio [Mr. ized under the second resolving clause of

statutes! TAFT] and the distinguished senior Senthe resolution.

Then shall I not be ashamed, when I have ator from Wisconsin [Mr. WILEY].

Mr. MORSE. Mr. President, I wish to

respect unto all Thy commandments. CHARLES TOBEY has had a long and make only a very few remarks in ex I will praise Thee with uprightness of continuous public service as a State leg pressing my profound respect for the life heart, when I shall have learned Thy rightislator, Governor of New Hampshire, a of a great Christian. I believe the most eous judgments.

I will keep Thy statutes: O forsake me not Member of Congress, and United States fitting tribute I could pay to my friend

utterly. Senator. He was a colorful figure, a cru

CHARLES TOBEY would be to say that he sader for what he believed, and a hard was a Christian who believed in living Mr. President, I am satisfied that fighter. He was a very human person,

the principles of Christianity to the best CHARLES TOBEY is not forsaken at this whom his colleagues grew to know and to

of his ability, in accordance with his hour. understand as the result of their close

realization that we all possess human On behalf of Mrs. Morse and myself, associations with him. New Hampshire frailties.

I extend to his widow and to his family has suffered the loss of an outstanding It was only yesterday that I had my our very deep sympathy. public servant and the Senate has suf last conversation with him, when he Mr. KNOWLAND. Mr. President, I fered the loss of one of its most distin asked me to either read for him or insert speak for all Senators on this side of the guished and outstanding Members. I in the RECORD, depending upon the par- aisle, and, I am sure, for all on the other extend to Mrs. Tobey and members of liamentary situation in the Senate at the side as well, when I say we shall miss our his family my deepest sympathy in their time, a speech which he had prepared colleague, CHARLES TOBEY, who has sudgreat loss.

for delivery yesterday in connection with denly passed away. Although he was a Before I offer a resolution calling for the traffic problem I had previously dis- native of Massachusetts, Senator TOBEY the adjournment of the Senate as a cussed on the floor of the Senate. served his adopted State of New Hampmark of respect to the memory of my I shall always be deeply moved by that shire ably and well as a member of the late colleague I ask the distinguished conversation, my

conversation, my last with CHARLES legislature, as governor, as a Member of majority leader if it is his plan to set TOBEY, because in it he again expressed the United States House of Representaaside a period of time on Thursday next his dedication to human values. His tives, and as a Senator of the United when the Senate may hold a memorial reason for preparing the speech was that States.

His colleague, the distinguished senior our committee, he had been cited prelim Mr. CLANCY. In fact, I know I can win Senator from New Hampshire [Mr. inarily by the committee for contempt.

without them. I believe that I have done BRIDGES), has pointed out that CHARLES He came to Washington to answer cer

enough for Jefferson Parish in getting the TOBEY devoted his life and his public tain interrogatories in order to clear

laws through, you know, that would make

the place a better place for you people. service to carrying out the principles in himself.

Senator TOBEY. And if you come through which he deeply believed.

Typical of the colloquy which occurred

clean on this thing and do an honest-to-God Those of us who had the opportunity between Senator TOBEY and many wit- job and put them out of business to know him, know that he was a con nesses was the one between him and Mr. CLANCY. I will do that. scientious public servant, seeking always Sheriff Clancy. After being questioned

Senator TOBEY. There will come into your to advance what he felt were the best by Senator TOBEY, Sheriff Clancy said he

soul, will there not, something of satisfaction interests and the welfare of the people had had a change of heart, and he noti

that you have done your duty; is that right?

Mr. CLANCY. I think so. of the United States. fied us that he was going to "lower the

Senator TOBEY. You have made a compact Mr. President, I wish to announce that boom" in Jefferson Parish that very with this committee, have you not? on Thursday next we shall have a session afternoon. That particular hearing was Mr. CLANCY. Sir? which will be devoted to eulogies of our held here in Washington. Immediately Senator TOBEY. You have made a compact late colleague. after the hearing, Sheriff Clancy tele

with this committee?

Mr. CLANCY. Yes, sir. Mr. KEFAUVER. Mr. President, I phoned his deputies and “lowered the should like to take this opportunity to

The CHAIRMAN. If there is nothing else, boom," and Jefferson Parish was cleaned

Sheriff, insofar as the committee is consay a few words in tribute to the life, up; and to his great credit, it has re

cerned, you have given answers to our quescareer, and work of a very great Ameri mained that way ever since. The sheriff

tions, you have given us considerable inforcan and a very distinguished Member of has been reelected and is making a fine mation, and I have talked with Senator the Senate. record.

TOBEY and we are going to recommend to I feel that Senator TOBEY was most

I should like to read a part of the col

the other members of the committee that unique in American public life. He was loquy between Senator TOBEY and Sher

contempt proceedings be dropped. I do not

want you or anybody else to consider that always on the side of the right, and iff Clancy on the occasion of the com

as being proof of what you had down in against sin and corruption wherever they mittee hearing, which I think is a typi

Jefferson Parish. What you have done by might be found. cal illustration of the good work Senator

way of conduct of your office, we certainly I came to know Senator TOBEY quite TOBEY did throughout the Nation.

think has been very lax and that there has well during the year and a half we served

Earlier in the colloquy there was dis been very little law enforcement, particularly together on the Senate Crime Investicussion as to whether Sheriff Clancy insofar as gambling and bookmaking and slot

machines are concerned, the latter two being gating Committee. Senator TOBEY'S would be reelected if he did clean up the

matters that we are especially interested in contribution in inspiring the people to parish, and the sheriff replied that there

because of their interstate character. clean up corruption and racketeering in were so many good people in the parish

That has been a very bad and terrible sitthe Nation was outstanding, and will that he had no fear about not being

uation down there. You have sanctioned it have a long-lasting effect. reelected.

over a period of many, many years. It is en

I now read from the colloquy: All of us remember Senator TOBEY'S

couraging to see your apparent determinaSenator TOBEY. You have testified, sir, that

tion to really close the place up. I mean lectures and very pointed questions,

these operations. which often brought tears to the eyes you have had a change of heart and that you

I join Senator TOBEY in having the feeling of his listeners, and I am sure had a now propose to close up these places down


that probably it will be some matter in your jurisdiction; is that right? very definite effect for good throughout

Mr. CLANCY. That is correct, Senator.

isfaction to you, and also in the long run if the Nation.

Senator TOBEY. What is going to be the

you stick by that determination the people Senator TOBEY deserved a great deal

are going to be very happy that it has been modus operandi; how are you going to close

done because these things create nothing and of credit, also, for his service as chair them up, are you going to serve notice on

take money away from the people who, many man of the subcommittee of the Com- . them by a sheriff's writ, are you going to

times, can least afford to pay. mittee on Interstate and Foreign Comwalk in and padlock the places, are you

As to the matter of what will happen to merce which turned the spotlight of pub- under the law and enforce the law? going to bring them in and arrest them

you as the result of the improper way you lic opinion upon conditions existing

have allowed these things to go on over the

Mr. CLANCY. That is right. along the waterfront in the New York

period of years, with now your expressed deSenator TOBEY. What are you going to do?

termination to do something about it, is a City and northern New Jersey area. Un Mr. CLANCY, I am going to notify them,

matter with the people and the officials of questionably, his outstanding service in just as we did when we closed up the parish,

Louisiana and Jefferson Parish. conducting that investigation has had give them until 6 o'clock to get closed up,

Insofar as the contempt proceedings before much to do with bringing about the otherwise go to jail. As soon as I get back

this committee and the Senate, our recomaction on the part of the States of New

home they will be notified to close up in mendation, on the basis of the answers you

the towns or else go to jail. York and New Jersey in proceeding to

have given, is that the citation not be preSenator TOBEY. If they move into Gretna?

sented to the Senate. clean out the cancerous condition which Mr. CLANCY. They will go to jail.

I want to say again that the picture that for so many years has plagued the com Senator TOBEY. In either case?

you have allowed to go on would have been merce of this Nation.

Mr. CLANCY. They go to jail if they are a very sordid one and it will take very strong He always kept the interest of the operating in Jefferson.

determination really to do something average man uppermost in his mind,

Senator TOBEY. You are going to put them about it. His committee, I have noted during this

out of business, no subterfuge or anything Mr. CLANCY. It can be done, Senator.

else? session of Congress, has been a place to

The CHAIRMAN. Are there any other comMr. CLANCY. What else?

ments? which the small-business man has

Senator TOBEY. Come hell or high water

Mr. CLANCY. I want to thank Senator TOBEY turned for help on matters involved in you will put them out of business?

for his remarks, because I think it will help interstate commerce. And he has found

Mr. CLANCY. Definitely. You have my word

me to make Jefferson a better place. there a friendly and helpful attitude. for that.

Senator TOBEY. Yes; you and I are getting In my opinion, one thing from which Senator TOBEY. Barren as the Sahara ?

older. Life is a very uncertain thing when

that time comes when the bell rings and we Senator TOBEY got greater satisfaction Mr. CLANCY. Yes.

have to move on. than anything else I know of was that Senator TOBEY. Will you send us a post

Mr. CLANCY. That is right. he had something to do with causing card when you have got it done?

Senator TOBEY. It will be kind of a satisSheriff Frank Clancy, of Jefferson Par

Mr. CLANCY. Senator, you will see from the

faction in your life if you come through clean ish, La., to have a change of heart with papers that it has been done.

on this and cut these Gordian knots and say reference to law enforcement. Sheriff

Senator TOBEY. We will be looking for it.. that “I did my duty under the law.” We

Mr. CLANCY. You can rest assured, Senator, Clancy, who has many good qualities,

commend you for it. that it will be done. and is a kindly man, had been to put it

Mr. CLANCY. Thank you.

Senator TOBEY. What will happen to you mildly-rather lax in respect to the en

Mr. President, about 2 weeks ago, in at the next election? forcement of law in his parish, which is Mr. CLANCY. I believe I can win without

connection with the waterfront investinear New Orleans. Because of his fail them.

gation, Senator TOBEY went to New Orure to answer certain questions before Senator TOBEY. I think you can, too.

leans. When he returned he telephoned XCIX-619

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