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Mr. KNOWLAND. Mr. President, I ment of Defense, it would be in order Air Reserve wings. Under the Truman would give my personal assurance to the for it to be shown him by the Armed budget no modernization was contemSenator from Oregon, if he is to be ab- Services Committee.

plated for civilian components. sent for only a few minutes, that I would Mr. SALTONSTALL. I may say that By June 1955 the new budget will mainnot make such a request, and would not the distinguished Senator from Missouri tain 120 wings. Under the Truman object to the request he has made.

made that suggestion to me yesterday, budget, 137 modern wings were schedI would object to a request for blanket and I said that, of course, whatever any uled for that time. However, this incoverage in the case of objection to the Senator wanted to see, he would be wel cluded 17 troop-carrier wings, whereas holding of any committee meetings in come to see, and that if he desired to the new budget includes only 14. Morethe future; but if the Senator from Ore use it for any proper purpose he might over, the Air National Guard and Air gon is required to go to his office for a feel free to do so.

Reserve in the new budget are expected few minutes this afternoon, he has my I desire to confine my remarks for a to have about 23 wings equipped with personal assurance that no request of few moments to the Air Force budget. modern, first-line aircraft. No modernthat sort will be made by me; and I will I do not intend at this time to discuss ization for civilian components was concommunicate with him before agreeing the budget in general, nor do I intend templated under the Truman budget. to such a request. to discuss the language of the amend

Air Force combat aircraft scheduled Mr. MORSE. I thank the Senator ments, to one of which I object very for delivery in the period July 1, 1953, to from California. strenuously.

December 31, 1955, are increased by at Mr. President, there has been much least 75 aircraft in the budget submitted

public discussion concerning the differ- by President Eisenhower in May, as comDEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE APPRO ences between the Air Force budget pro- pared with the January budget of the PRIATIONS, 1954

posed by President Truman and that previous administration. This is almost

now proposed by President Eisenhower enough aircraft to equip a modern fighter The Senate resumed the consideration and included in this bill. Let me first wing. Adjustments have been made in of the bill (H. R. 5969) making appro- state just as emphatically as I can state support-type aircraft, which include priations for the Department of Defense it that I am first and foremost for a

trainers, transports, helicopters, and and related independent agencies for the strong Air Force, an Air Force both liaison aircraft, resulting in a net reducfiscal year ending June 30, 1954, and for offensively and defensively that can pro

tion of about 1,150. This has resulted other purposes.

tect and maintain our national security. from changes in requirements, eliminaMr. SALTONSTALL. Mr. Presi On this point I am sure there is no differ

tion of duplication, and elimination of dent ence between the proponents and the

procurement of special mission aircraft. Mr. SYMINGTON. Mr. President, opponents of the Eisenhower budget.

To summarize, not a combat plane for will the Senator from Massachusetts Every one of us wants to protect the

combat units that we want will be taken yield to me? security of our country. The basic dif

out of production in fiscal 1954 or fiscal Mr. SALTONSTALL. Mr. President, ference is how much money should be

1955 due to lack of money. In fact, the this is the fifth time that I have tried included in the appropriations bill we

number of combat planes scheduled for to commence my remarks; but I am glad now_have under consideration for the delivery to the Air Force in the 30-month to yield. Air Force.

period ending December 1955 will be Mr. SYMINGTON. I thank the Sen How much money can be practically higher than in the Truman budget. ator from Massachusetts. spent and obligated during fiscal 1954?

Such production cuts as occur will be Mr. President, I was most impressed If we cannot profitably obligate it, then

If we cannot profitably obligate it, then primarily in support types—transports, with the remarks made by the senior it seems to me obvious there is no rea

trainers, helicopters, and so forth-as a Senator from Virginia [Mr. BYRD], for son to appropriate it at this time. The

result of changes in requirements, elimiwhom I have as much respect as I have appropriation bill now before you, as nation of duplication, and elimination for any Member of the Senate or, for recommended by the Appropriations of procurement of special mission airthat matter, for anyone anywhere else. Committee of the Senate, provides $11,- craft. He pointed out the tremendous amount 247,862,500 of new funds for the Air

At this point I wish to refute an arguof money that was being put into the Air Force during fiscal 1954. This amount

ment which has been made that the Force and into the other services. I after long and careful consideration by Eisenhower budget will have fighter agree with him that it is a critical prob the committee, and only after hearings planes and B-47's coming off the prolem with which we have to live.

conducted over a period of almost duction line which will have to go into He also mentioned a paper which he 2 months, is only $40,137,500 less than

storage. That is simply not so. It is had, showing a great deal about aircraft the amount requested in the revised esti

the plan of the Department of Defense production. With his approval, I may mates submitted by the new adminis

to utilize the aircraft being financed by suggest there is another paper which, tration. It is true, however, that the

this appropriation, first, to equip the with the approval of the chairman of amount being recommended by the com

regular forces of the Department of the the Armed Services Committee. I shall mittee is $4,830,137,500 less than the

Air Force; second, to modernize the airbe glad to arrange to have the Senator amount in the Truman printed budget. craft assigned to the National Guard see.

of this amount, I particularly desire and the Air Reserve; and, third, to utiI was so shocked by the testimony of to speak on $3.095 billion, the reduction

to speak on $3.095 billion, the reduction lize any additional aircraft of types not the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in aircraft funding and initial shares. suitable for assignment to the Reserve with respect to the relative strength of These amounts exclude consideration of components by assigning these aircraft the Soviet Air Force, as estimated by any funds for military public works to the operating squadrons. By this ourselves and our allies, as against the which are not included in the bill now

method it will be possible to keep all the strength of our own Air Force, which before the Senate, but which represent

new aircraft with operating units where showed that in many categories of com an additional $700 million in the Truman they are needed. bat airplanes the Russians have excelled budget as compared with $400 million in

Mr. LONG. Mr. President, will the us, that I had a confirming document the revised budget request.

Senator from Massachusetts yield? forwarded to the chairman of the Armed Let us consider for a moment what Services Committee, which he has in the

Mr. SALTONSTALL. I yield to the the Eisenhower budget will allow in re

Senator from Louisiana. offices of that committee. The long and gard to airpower. For June 1954, the

Mr. LONG. Will the Senator repeat the short of it is that it shows, in my new budget will produce 114 Air Force

wings. Under the Truman budget, while the Reserve and the Air National Guard opinion, that the Soviet has an air force

for our benefit the number of wings of superior to that of our own. For that 133 were scheduled, the best estimate is reason, I had hoped that, even though that only 117 wings would probably have units contemplated in the budget? a large amount is involved in the pro been attained. This included 17 troop

Mr. SALTONSTALL. I may anwer gram, the program itself would not be carrier wings, whereas the new budget

that question by saying that, to the best retarded. With the approval of the dis only includes 12, thus giving it a higher of my knowledge, it will give the Air Natinguished chairman of the Armed Serv- percentage of combat types.

tional Guard and the Air Reserve seven ices Committee, I am sure that if any However, under the new budget we are new modern fighter wings. That was Senator would like to see the confirming scheduled to have in 1954 modern air not contemplated under the Truman document I requested from the Depart craft for seven Air National Guard and budget.

Mr. LONG. Having had occasion to power and defense. Many thousands of

power and defense. Many thousands of that the Air Force has failed to obligate study the Reserve bill, as chairman of actions must be taken by the Air Force, $4.9 billion available to it during that the subcommittee conducting hearings by the whole Department of Defense, year. on the Reserve bill last year, it was im and by the country itself, before the dol Mr. LONG. Mr. President, will the pressed upon the junior Senator from lars are translated into the sinews of de

lars are translated into the sinews of de- Senator from Massachusetts yield? Louisiana that we would get more de fense-into airplanes, guided missiles, Mr. SALTONSTALL. I yield. fense for our money through the resery trained pilots and mechanics, runways, Mr. LONG. Can the Senator tell us ists than through any other group. Of airfields, and all the rest of the hundreds in what categories those unobligated course, they would not be prepared to of thousands of things that we must have funds happen to be? I was under the go out the first day war breaks out, but for effective air supremacy. Perhaps it impression that at least $2 billion of that usually in any long war about 90 per- would be clearer to everyone if we simply money was in airbase construction alone. cent of those who are doing the fighting, said that even if the Congress voted to Mr. SALTONSTALL. As of June 30, of the frontline fighters, who wind up appropriate a trillion, instead of $11 bil. 1953, funds continuing available in fiscal there, after having been civilians when lion to the Air Force, such an action 1954 amount to $2,500,000,000 for airthe war broke out, are reservists or mem would not be the same thing as manufac- craft and related programs; $7,548,000,bers of the National Guard. Only about turing the airplanes, training the pilots

turing the airplanes, training the pilots 000 in programs other than aircraft; and 10 percent are in the Regular Establish to fly them, or building the bases on $1,712,000,000 in the acquisition of land ment of fighting men. It will be found which they can land and take off. These and construction. There is, roughly, that in order to maintain reserves, it latter things take time, a much longer $4,700,000,000 unobligated. costs only about $1 to maintain a high period of time than it takes for the Con Mr. LONG. The Senator is familiar ly trained and ready reservist for every gress to pass any appropriation bill. But with the fact that the rate at which the $6 it costs to maintain a regular in even more important, if a war should Air Force has been able to obligate funds uniform.

come, as it did to us in 1941, it is not the for the construction of airbases has been Mr. SALTONSTALL. I would say in dollars that win a war; it is the men and running around a billion and a half full answer to the question that the materials which a nation can throw into dollars a year. So they have in that Air National Guard and the Air Resery the fray that win a war. This is a fun category almost enough money to last ists are expected to have approximately damental principle of national defense them a year and a half. 23 wings equipped with modern first- and national economics.

Mr. SALTONSTALL. I may say to my line aircraft. No modernization for Talking about the things our dollars distinguished friend that tomorrow afcivilian types was contemplated under are buying or have bought we confront ternoon the subject will be discussed bethe Truman budget.

the first serious doubt as to whether we fore the Appropriations Committee Mr. LONG. It has always seemed to have been doing as good a job as we because of the request for additional me that we had no modern aircraft avail- should in building the air power of this

should in building the air power of this funds for the construction of bases this able for the many reservists and other country. Let me summarize in this con year. patriotic Americans who are not in uni nection what the record shows: Since the The Army and Navy tell us they have form day in and day out, but who are start of the Korean war in June 1950, the sufficient money. The House believes the anxious to come to the colors in case Congress has appropriated to the Air

Air Force has sufficient money, But we are attacked. I am pleased to hear Force for the 3 fiscal years through that question will arise. that it is contemplated that we have 1953 a total of $58,749,081,000. Of this Mr. LONG. The Senator is familiar modern aircraft for those patriotic total, new funds made available through

total, nèw funds made available through with the fact that the statement of Mr. persons.

fiscal 1953, plus the $3,822,984,805 of Creedon earlier this year was to the Mr. SALTQNSTALL. I am glad the funds carried over from years prior to effect that when the Department of DeSenator feels that way, because it is the fiscal 1951, the Air Force spent an esti fense made a study of the funds which same way I feel.

mated $34.1 billion. This leaves an un the Air Force already had available for Mr. President, it is the plan of the De- expended balance on June 30, 1953, of

expended balance on June 30, 1953, of base construction, the conclusion of the partment of Defense to utilize the air- about $28.5 billion. This large unex

Department at that time was in line with craft being financed by this appropria- pended balance clearly indicates how, House recommendations. tion, first, to equip the Regular forces of when a rapid buildup of forces is under Mr. SALTONSTALL. That is correct. the Department of the Air Force; sec taken, appropriations have exceeded by Mr. MAYBANK. Mr. President, will ond, to modernize the aircraft assigned many months the receipt of and payment the Senator from Massachusetts yield? to the National Guard and the Air Re for the planes, ammunition, airfields,

Mr. SALTONSTALL. I yield. serve; and, third, if the type of aircraft and other military items which the

Mr. MAYBANK. Do I correctly unis not suitable for assignment to the Re dollars buy.

derstand that the bill referred to by the serve components, to utilize these by as

It is argued, however, that appropria- Senator from Massachusetts is approved signing extra aircraft to the operating tions must be made by the Congress long by the Budget Bureau and is going to squadrons. By this method it will be

enough in advance of actual spending to the Armed Services Committee? possible to keep all the new aircraft with enable the Government to enter into

Mr. SALTONSTALL. The bill which operating units and avoid placing them

contracts which will lead to the ultimate has been submitted for $530 million has in storage.

procurement of the things the dollars been approved by the Bureau of the We hear the statement that the Eisen

will pay for.. This is true, of course, and Budget, I am informed. Testimony hower budget will weaken a continental the Congress has so authorized new obli- brings out the fact that there is $730 defense of the United States. As to that, gating authority, but we have also au

million worth of cancellations and rethere is no change expected in the num- thorized more new obligating authority scissions. There are sufficient funds in ber of interceptor wings in the new than has been efficiently and econom the Navy construction account and in budget. There is no reduction either in ically used by the Air Force. I believe

ically used by the Air Force. I believe the Army construction account so that the budgeting for radar net in either the record will show that we have liter no new money is asked. The President year. Under both the new budget and ally "overfunded” the Air Force, in the submitted a request for $400 million adthe Truman budget, the same number of sense that the Congress, in its sincere ditional, which the House rejected, sayantiaircraft battalions are scheduled for desire to provide the funds with which ing that the Air Force could use $242 both years, with modernization pro to build a powerful air arm, has provided million out of the money now available gressing as guided missiles and new more funds than the Air Force has been to build bases, and could then come back equipment becomes available.

able to obligate effectively. The record next year and ask for more money, if What I have just stated is a brief sum shows that the Air Force has failed to necessary. mary of what the Eisenhower budget will obligate all of its funds in every single

Mr. MAYBANK. I have great respect do.

year since Korea. At the end of fiscal for the President as Commander in Chief I should like to turn to another ques 1951, the Air Force failed to obligate as of the Army, Navy, and Air Force, but tion. Let us call it "dollars versus air much as $1.1 billion of the total available I do not understand why he is asking for power." One of the most obvious yet to it for obligation that year; at the end any more funds for that purpose . apparently overlooked facts is that the of fiscal 1952, the unobligated funds of Mr. SALTONSTALL. I would say to mere appropriation by the Congress of the Air Force amounted to $3.5 billion; my friend that the answer is that under dollars does not in itself achieve air and again for fiscal 1953, it is estimated new plans, with new types of airplanes,


new planes for the Navy, jets, and so money is needed, that is all I wish to curement lead time. Let me point out forth, there are changes in presently know. I myself do not believe that any that delivery schedules for selected authorized bases. There is only one new new money is needed.

planes have had or still have slippages. base involved in the whole request for Mr. SALTONSTALL. I do not wish I shall explain the word "slippage.” $530 million.

to say at this moment that no new A time or a goal is set to have a cerMr. MAYBANK. Mr. President, will money is needed, because I desire to be tain number of planes by January 1, the Senator yield? certain about the matter.

1953, or January 1, 1954. A slippage Mr. SALTONSTALL. I yield.

Mr. MAYBANK. This subject poses occurs when that number of planes canMr. MAYBANK. In my appreciation for us a grave question. The Senator not be finished by the date set. After a and respect for the distinguished Sena- from Oregon [Mr. MORSE] and other slippage has occurred, a date further in tor from Massachusetts, I only hope he Senators have raised the question on the future is set to complete building the will look into the matter carefully, as several occasions. Many bases were same number of planes. he always considers such matters. I re suggested or recommened that the Air Mr. DOUGLAS. Mr. President, will spectfully say that I do not believe any Force itself did not approve or did not the Senator yield for a question? additional money is needed. initiate.

Mr. SALTONSTALL. I yield. Mr. SALTONSTALL. I am not at all Mr. SALTONSTALL. I thank the Mr. DOUGLAS. Governmental termcertain that any more new money is Senator from South Carolina for his inology is a strange and wonderful thing. needed. I think changes are needed. helpful remarks.

We are constantly inventing new terms, The Committee on Appropriations will Mr. President, at this point I should what I believe a Representative from examine into the question carefully and like to have printed in the RECORD a Texas once called “governmental gobbledecide whether any new money is table entitled "Estimated Exp ditures dygook." Would the Senator from needed.

and Amounts Available for Expendi- Massachusetts say that slippage is a failMr. MAYBANK. The distinguished ture, Summary by Service," for the fiscal ure to deliver? chairman of the subcommittee is a years 1953 and 1954, in billions of dollars. Mr. SALTONSTALL. Mr. President, I member of both the Committee on There being no objection, the table yield to the distinguished Senator from Armed Services and the Committee on was ordered to be printed in the RECORD, Illinois in the matter of clarity of exAppropriations. When he says no new as follows:

pression. I would simply add that failEstimated expenditures and amounts available for expenditure, summary by service, fiscal deliver a complete plane. It means a

ure to deliver may not mean failure to years 1953–54

failure to produce a certain number of [Billions of dollars)

planes at a certain time.

The slippages are as follows: B-52,

4 months; B-57, 6 months; F-84F, 4
Available for expenditure

Air Force
partmental months; and T-36, 8 months. In other

words, if these slippages hold, then the Unexpended balance June 30, 1953...

62. 6

0.2 production of these particular planes is of which unobligated funds are (8.7) (2.2) (1.6) (4.9)

overfinanced to the amount of the slipNew obligational authority, as recommended by Senate Committee on Appropriations, H, R. 5969. 34.4


age, and we do not need the money until

later. Total available for expenditure...


1.0 Less estimated expenditures, fiscal year 1954.

43. 2
15. 1

.6 In addition to slippages, lead time (the Less estimated lapsed funds June 30, 1954...


time it takes to build a plane) can be cut Estimated unexpended balance June 30, 1954... 51.2


.4 down, we are reliably informed by the

Secretary of Defense and his Deputy, in Mr. SALTONSTALL. Mr. President, Differences in funding for Air Force aircraft many cases as much as 8 months. Cutthis table shows an overall total avail

and initial spares between the Jan. 9, ting this lead time simply means we do

1953, budget and the revised budget now able for expenditure in the Department

not have to finance so far ahead; that before Congress-Continued

we have more time in which to turn of Defense, as recommended in this budget, including unexpended balances,

[In millions]

around and restudy our whole aircraft of $97 billion. Of this amount, $39, 3. Elimination of a trainer model

procurement schedule in relation to our

which was marginal to the 700,000,000 is for the Air Force, with an

offensive and our defensive air power. estimated unexpended balance for the

Air Force requirements and

The total amount of eliminations or was in any case being elim

reductions shown in the table which I Air Force on June 30 next of $24,400,

inated by the Air Force ----- $250 000,000. I mention these figures to show

have just placed in the RECORD equal

4. Reduction in B-47 aircraft for the enormity of the totals involved.

$4.098 billion: $1 billion for elimination training units.--

372 Let us first look specifically at the 5. Reduction in financing of exces

of funds for aircraft not ready for proplaces from which the cuts in the Eisen

sive lead times---

1, 602

duction; $476 million for a reduction in

6. Elimination of increment A in hower budget for aircraft procurement

the number of support-type aircraft;


January budget----and initial spares have come. At this

$250 million for the elimination of a 7. Reductions by Air Force in jet

trainer model which was marginal to the point, I should like to introduce a table

spare engines...

165 which shows a breakdown of the entire

Air Force requirements; $372 million for

the reduction in B-47's for training $3,095,000,000 cut which I now want to

Subtotal of eliminations discuss further.

or reductions....

units; $1.602 billion reduction in financ4,098

ing of excessive lead times. But instead There being no objection, the table was ordered to be printed in the RECORD, Items added:

of cutting out $4.098 billion, the Presias follows:

1. Excess lead time left in revised

dent's budget has only cut out $3.095 budget

847 billion, leaving a billion dollars of what Differences in funding for Air Force aircraft 2. Additional preproduction costs

the Secretary of Defense believes is exand initial spares between the Jan. 9,

put in revised budget---

100 cessive lead time still in the revised 1953, budget and the revised budget now 3. Contingency for procurement of

budget. before Congress

long-lead-time items put in
[In millions )
revised budget----

Mr. DOUGLAS, Mr. President, will 56

the Senator yield? Items eliminated or reduced: 1. Elimination of funds for air

Subtotal of items added.--- 1,003

Mr. SALTONSTALL. I yield. craft not ready for production

Mr. DOUGLAS. If the reduction in

Net reduction from January in the period to be covered

"slippage" is not so great as the Secrewith 1954 financing---------- $1,000

budget for "Aircraft and

tary of Defense has figured, this alleged

related procurement” 3, 095 2. Reductions in the numbers of

economy will be purely a paper economy, support-type aircraft such as

Mr. SALTONSTALL. Mr. President, is not that true? transports, trainers, and heli

the greatest part of the reduction is Mr. SALTONSTALL. Oh, no. I would copters....

476 made by cutting out overfinanced pro- say to my colleague that it is just the

other way. It has been figured that the toward what the new Joint Chiefs of training rate in conformance with the higher slippage and the things that have been Staff decide is an adequate goal. Even

end strength. given up amount to a reduction of the advocates of the Truman budget

Senator SALTONSTALL. But the pilot-train$4,095,000,000, but to play safe the budget have admitted in essence that their

ing rate could be increased in 1955 and 1957 has been dropped only $3,098,000,000. original budget figure was too high and

and still have enough pilots in 1957 to take

the 143 wings. Mr. DOUGLAS. Do I correctly under- now believe that $353 million additional

General PICHER. That is possible. stand that the Secretary of Defense has for aircraft procurement and initial

Senator SALTONSTALL. So that by keeping found more slippages than he did a while spares is the proper figure to be added to it at 7,200 this year, we are not endangering ago?

the appropriations bill now before us. the 143-wing goal by the time the airplanes Mr. SALTONSTALL. He believes that I respect their judgment. I know that are on the ground. he has $1 billion in aircraft procurement, they desire what I desire—the protec

This conversation assured me in my for safety purposes. In other words, the tion and security of our country through

own mind that there is sufficient money slippages may be less than he has air power integrated with our other sery

in here to train the necessary pilots. figured.

ices. But I most respectfully point out Mr. DOUGLAS. But he has figured a that I am confident the figures and facts

Speaking of personnel, I would like liberal slippage. which I have stated do not bear out their

to point out that the important thing in Mr. SALTONSTALL. He has figured contention that this additional appro

any of the military services is to see that the slippage on the basis of experience priation is needed at the present time.

the manpower which is provided in this and what he knows up to the present The question has also been raised by

or any other appropriation is efficiently, time.

effectively, and economically used for opponents of the Eisenhower revised Mr. DOUGLAS. In other words, he is budget as to whether the appropriation

purposes which are strictly military in counting on the inefficiency of American for personnel in the Air Force has been

nature and necessary. Today, for inproducers to reduce the saving which cut too far. The revised budget called

stance, the Air Force has 54.6 air police otherwise would occur. for $3.3 billion. The House cut this by

per thousand personnel based on a Mr. SALTONSTALL. I would add $30 million, and this $30 million was re

budget base of 1,061,000 personnel, which this remark: Of course, a certain part stored by the Senate committee.

was the target as of approximately a You

year ago. This compares with 28 per of these figures is based upon actual ex- thus have before you in this bill the full perience, and à certain part on calcu revised estimate.

thousand for the Army. In the Air Force

This amount would lations based upon experience. pay, clothe, and feed an average of 970,

it takes 150 people for each 100 men in

training. In the Navy, the comparable Mr. SYMINGTON. Mr. President, 000 people, starting with a strength of will the Senator yield?

figure is 67 for each 100 men in train980,000 and ending with a strength of Mr. SALTONSTALL. I yield. 960,000. It calls for a pilot training pro

ing, including flight training. In the Mr. SYMINGTON. Does my distin- gram of 7,200 pilots. One of the questions Army, 42 for each 100 in training. I guished friend from Massachusetts know which has been very much upon my

do not for a minute say that the Air what kind of operation has suddenly mind is whether this personnel appro

Force should not properly have more

men serving in a training capacity than transformed the inefficient plants under priation would be sufficient to train

the other services, but I certainly believe the recent administration to efficient enough pilots to adequately handle the

the ratio is too high in both these cases. plants under the new administration? 120-wing interim Air Force, which is As a former manufacturer I would be provided in this overall budget. There I believe there are too many bands in the

Air Force and I understand these are very much interested to know about that fore, I took the opportunity in the hearMr. SALTONSTALL. I would be very ings to ask Major General Picher, as being drastically reduced. Of course

bands are fine to have, but they take happy if I felt I could tell my colleaguesistant for programing office of the the answer to his question, which I Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, manpower and money and we have got

to cut out wherever we can without imwould term a somewhat prejudiced whether in his opinion a 7,200 pilotquestion. training rate as provided in this appro

pairing our national defense. This is

one place where I believe this can be Mr. SYMINGTON. Would it be in priation was sufficient. Before quoting

done. Some of the other categories that order to ask whether the distinguished the conversation which I had with

can be reduced are chauffeurs and mainSenator from Massachusetts is as igno- General Picher, I might point out that

tenance personnel at bases, such as rant of this problem as I am, as to how it requires 62,600 personnel in direct supthis difficulty is to be corrected?

port of a 7,200 pilot-training rate.

I groundskeepers and grasscutters. I do Mr.

not mean maintenance men on planes. SALTONSTALL.

certain would now like to quote my conversa

A amount of these figures is based upon tion with General Picher-page 1342, If we do this, and do it with a real will,

there will certainly be enough personnel experience from last October through hearings before Subcommittee on Ap

propriations of the Committee on ApJanuary of this year.

to run the Air Force.

Having just mentioned the question Mr. SYMINGTON. Mr. President, propriations, 83d Congress:

General PICHER. The 7,200 pilot rate which will the Senator yield for a further

of pilot training, I would like to touch on question? we are now running at is adequate to fur

proficiency flying, as the House cut this Mr. SALTONSTALL. I yield.

nish the pilot resources and crews that we program down to a point where it be

need tied to the 120-wing interim program came very questionable as to whether its Mr. SYMINGTON. While the Sen

that we now have before us in this budget. usefulness was not really destroyed. The ator was absent the Senator from Oregon The 143-wing force would require a pilot Senate has restored this program, so [Mr. MORSE] pointed out that one of the training rate of 12,000 a year and that would that instead of the 48 hours a year chief slippages was in the former com level off at 8,000 a year about 2 years after pany of the new Secretary of Defense. we had reached the built-up position.

allowed by the House, there will be a

Senator SALTONSTALL. Then carrying out Is it not fair to feel that if he could

hundred hours a year. Certainly a hunimprove the other companies he could your thought, if you reach the 143 wings by dred hours is the very minimum which also improve his own?

1957, you will have built up to 12,000 pilots enables a pilot to keep his hand in to fly

training a year to get that up there, some any such complicated mechanism as a Mr. SALTONSTALL. I think I know

where between 1955 and 1957, would you not? modern plane. Certainly we should not what the Senator is coming to. I should

General PICHER. Yes.

ask pilots to endanger their own lives say that I hope, now that the Secretary

Senator SALTONSTALL. If we cut this way, and their crews' by not giving them suffiof Defense is out of all companies, that we could build up the training program so

cient proficiency flying, and by profihe will put the same pressure on every that we would have the necessary number of company.

pilots for the 143-wing Air Force by the ciency flying I do not refer to pilots who time you reach it; would we not?

are charged to operations, or students, Mr. SYMINGTON. I thank the Sen

General PICHER. Yes.

or any others in training. The eligible ator. Mr. SALTONSTALL. I cannot spe

Senator SALTONSTALL. And still cut dowa pilots are merely officers with flying to the 7,200 this year?

status who in order to get flight pay cifically detail just what is happening

General PICHER. We are holding that. It must do at least 100 hours a year under on each production line for aircraft pro

is not a cutback. That is where we are. curement, but I am convinced that Mr.

the Senate bill. I believe that it is ex

Senator SALTONSTALL. That we can do. Wilson and his associates will see that

tremely important to retain this provi

General PICHER. We can hold the 7,200 modern aircraft are produced within

If it

sion. which is adequate for the 120 wings.

The Secretary of the Air Force this budget efficiently and on time to is decided that we are going to a higher rate

has stated that he would carefully anabuild the greatest Air Force in the world then we would have to increase the pilot- lyze the present regulations in order to

cut down on people who never would fly In 1953, the last fiscal year, the Air Mr. KNOWLAND. Mr. President, I
and therefore should not be entitled to Force requested to the Secretary of De suggest the absence of a quorum.
flight pay. He has stated that he be- fense $5.8 billion for maintenance and The PRESIDING OFFICER. The
lieved perhaps $15 million could be saved operation. The budget request submit clerk will call the roll.
by these regulations. However, the Sen. ted was $4.4 billion. The House cut this The Chief Clerk called the roll, and
ate committee has seen fit to restore to by $627 million. The Air Force appealed the following Senators answered to their
the Air Force all of the $70 million which to the Senate for the restoration of the names:
the House cut out for proficiency flying. entire $627 million. The Senate became


Maybank It has also restored to the Navy $18 even more convinced than the House Anderson Griswold McCarran


Hayden million, which is all the Navy is asking that this money was not needed and cut

McCarthy Beall

Hendrickson McClellan for proficiency flying. I believe that an additional $222 million, thus provid Bennett Hennings Millikin these sums are important and necessary, ing the Air Force with $3.6 billion, rather Bricker Hickenlooper Monroney


Morse and I certainly hope that they will be than the $4.4 billion requested in the

Butler, Md.



Neely In that connection, Mr. President, I The actual outcome was that the Air Capehart Humphrey Pastore Force only used $3.2 billion of this Carlson

Hunt may say that the so-called Strauss re


Potter port, on flying pay and the number of amount, and approximately $400 million


Purtell flying hours, is available for any Mem became available for transfer to meet Clements Jenner

Robertson ber of the Senate who would like to see additional military personnel costs. I Cooper

Johnson, Colo. Russell

Cordon think this very recent experience is

Johnson, Tex. it. It was submitted to the Committee

Saltonstall Daniel

Johnston, s. C. Schoeppel on Armed Services.

enough to convince me that the Eisen- Dirksen Kefauver Smathers Before I close I would like to discuss hower revised budget is sufficient to cover Douglas Kennedy Smith, Maine

Duff this item.

Kerr the appropriation for maintenance and

Smith, N. J.

Dworshak Knowland Sparkman

I have not attempted to discuss the apoperation of the Air Force. The Eisen

Eastland Kuchel

Stennis hower budget called for $3.2 billion, propriations for the Army and the Navy, Ellender Langer

Symington as there was very little opposition to the Ferguson Lehman just over a billion dollars under the Tru

Flanders Lennon

recommendations of the House.
man budget. The House cut the Eis-


Watkins enhower budget by $ 150 million, The I know the Senator from Michigan Fulbright Magnuson Welker Senate has in effect restored all of this [Mr. FERGUSON] has discussed the point. George



What the Senate Appropriations Com-

Mansfield Williams in the following manner: $120 million in


cash for a total of $3.170 billion, and mittee did was to put back some of the
elimination of a bookkeeping item for funds requested in each instance, enough

Mr. SALTONSTALL. I anounce that Germany for $30 million. The propo in the opinion of the committee to take the Senator from New Hampshire [Mr. nents of the Truman budget have sug care of their needs, even though the BRIDGES] is absent because of illness. gested that $600 million should be re amounts are less than their full justifi- The Senator from Nebraska [Mr. BUTstored to the House cut. The Senate has cation.

LER] and the Senator from Ohio (Mr. already restored, as I stated, $120 mil I should like briefly to discuss a para, TAFT) are necessarily absent. lion, which I believe is sufficient at the graph which I believe is very important

Mr. CLEMENTS. I announce that present time. If the President feels that and which, it seems to me, has been gen- the Senator from Iowa (Mr. GILLETTE] it is not, he can come back in January, erally overlooked.

is necessarily absent. and in the meantime have the appro Before concluding, and in relation to

The Senator from West Virginia (Mr. priation spent at a greater rate thn the item I have just discussed, and other KILGORE] and the Senator from Mon$3.170 billion.

items, I would like to point out that the tana (Mr. MURRAY] are absent by leave In considering this appropriation, I President is, first, the Commander in of the Senate. would like to point out this: We have acChief of the Armed Forces of the United

The PRESIDING OFFICER (Mr. cumulated during the last several years States; second, has the power under this PAYNE in the chair). A quorum is large stocks of supplies and spare parts. appropriations bill to order expenditures present. Many of these have been financed

financed at such rate as he deems is consistent through the budget item so labeled, oth- with the national security; third, has the MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT ers through the appropriation headed power to submit to the Congress supple"aircraft and related procurement.” mental budget requests on any item

A message in writing from the PresiEven after the Korean consumption, when the Congress is in session; and dent of the United States submitting a there would still be $9.5 billion of air- fourth, can call Congress into special Senate by Mr. Hawks, one of his secre

nomination was communicated to the craft spares and spare parts on hand or session whenever he feels the security

taries. on order without taking into account of our country requires it. In other spares which were on hand for World words, while we debate a budget which War II aircraft at the beginning of is on an annual basis, the President, as EXECUTIVE MESSAGE REFERRED fiscal 1951.

Commander in Chief, can spend money As in executive session, Mr. President, let us think about at a faster rate if he deems it is neces

The PRESIDING OFFICER laid bethat-$9.5 billion of aircraft spares. Isary to do so.

fore the Senate a message from the want to see how many of these spares

Mr. President, I advocate strong air. President of the United States submitcan be used before new ones are ordered.

power. I advocate an Armed Force for ting the nomination of H. Struve Hensel, By keeping this appropriation down at this country that can meet the enemy of New York, to be General Counsel of what might be called the very minimum, offensively and defensively. I am con

the Department of Defense, which was I hope we will see the Air Force more vinced that the budget now presented

referred to the Committee on Armed carefully than heretofore try to find out to the Senate is consistent with these

Services. just what spares they have and use those

aims. Should the new Joint Chiefs of which become necessary rather than

Staff develop different objectives that simply continue to order more, which a require further action by the Congress,

MESSAGE FROM THE HOUSE careful survey would show were not

then let us without hesitation carefully A message from the House of Repreneeded. I believe particularly that bet

consider that action at that time. I sentatives, by Mr. Maurer, its reading ter supply distribution can be extremely hope, Mr. President, that the budget as clerk, announced that the House had

presented by the Appropriations Comhelpful in cutting this item. The whole

disagreed to the amendment of the Senmittee will be passed in the form prequestion of spares is one which must be

ate to the bill (H. R. 5728) to authorize sented, with one exception; and I move the disposal of the Government-owned very carefully studied and looked into

that the amendment on page 58 of the rubber-producing during the recess by the proper commit- bill, lines 15 through 20, offered in the

facilities, and for

other purposes; agreed to the conference tees of the Congress, and I intend to the committee by the distinguished Senator asked by the Senate on the disagreeing best of my ability to see that such an ex- from South Carolina [Mr. MAYBANK), be votes of the two Houses thereon, and amination is made. stricken from the bill.

that Mr. SHORT, Mr. ARENDS, Mr.

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