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under existing property laws. Such disposal present administrations. Of course Mr. sales agreement, or the senior Senator action presumably would have to be taken Dulles was a member of the previous from Indiana will be the first to rise on if the Rubber Act should expire in March administration and is a member of the

the floor of the Senate and ask that the 1954 without enactment by the Congress of

present administration. Does the Sec- plan be rejected. specific disposal legislation. Sincerely yours,

retary of State give any assurances that Mr. President, I believe I am safe in J. M. DODGE,

we will not be cut off from a supply of making the statement-and I do not be. Director. rubber, as we were in 1942?. Are any lieve anyone can successfully contradict guaranties given?

it-that no one, at least, so far as I am Mr. CAPEHART. Mr. Dodge also en

Mr. CAPEHART. I do not think he is aware, is opposed to the Government's .

disposal of the plants to private industry. Mr. President, I likewise have a letter is trying to make the point that Mr. President, I likewise have a letter trying to make that point. I believe he

However, there are many sincere and from the Secretary of State, Mr. Dulles,

Mr. MAYBANK. That we should buy

That we should buy honest Senators and Representatives, as recommending the disposal of the plants. rubber from the countries mentioned in well as other persons, who are very much This letter I should like to read to the his letter. However, what would hap- concerned about 4 or 5 points, although Senate. It reads:

pen if war should come? That is my

That is my I may say they are no more concerned DEPARTMENT OF STATE, question.

than I am. Washington, July 20, 1953. Mr. CAPEHART. There is no ques- The first point is that the disposal The Honorable HOMER E. CAPEHART,

tion at all that we will maintain our syn- board be given sufficient time to sell the Chairman, Committee on Banking and Currency, United States Senate. thetic rubber production in this country. plants.

plants. In other words, there should DEAR SENATOR CAPEHART: On June 26 As- Let us make no mistake about that. not be any forced sales or fire sales, as sistant Secretary of State Morton wrote to

Mr. MAYBANK. What assurances do the term has been used, and ample time you in support of S. 2017, a bill to authorize we have of that?

within which to dispose of the plants disposal of the Government-owned synthetic Mr. CAPEHART. I do not under- should be allowed. We do not want to rubber plants. I am personally writing to stand the Senator's question.

hurry the disposition of the plants. An you at this time in order to reemphasize the

Mr. MAYBANK. What assurance do amendment has been submitted by the importance to our foreign relations of pas

we have that the plants are going to be able Senator from South Carolina (Mr. sage of this legislation. maintained ?

MAYBANK) and the able Senator from Natural rubber is the life blood of several friendly countries in South and Southeast

Mr. CAPEHART. I believe we have Illinois [Mr. DOUGLAS), who, together ern Asia. It is vital to Malaya, where a bitter the best assurance in the world con- with other Senators, have been very and bloody struggle is being fought against tained in the bill before the Senate, be- much concerned about that particular Communist-inspired bandits. It is vital to cause it specifically and unequivocally phase of the matter. There is now in Indonesia, a newly independent country states that whoever buys the plants must the Chamber, behind the desk of the Senwhose economic progress and political orien- in not to exceed 90 days' time, be in ator from Illinois, a chart relating to that tation are of great concern to the United

a position to make synthetic rubber for phase of the problem. States. It is important to Thailand, whose troops have fought valiantly in the cause of

the Government. Such a clause must Mr. MAYBANK. Mr. President, will the United Nations in Korea, and to Vietnam, be inserted under the security risk pro- the Senator from Indiana yield to me? a country at grips with armed communism. vision. That is a part of the law. In Mr. CAPEHART. I yield.

What we do in rubber is to a large extent other words, they must maintain the Mr. MAYBANK. First, let me say the standard by which these countries meas- plants and they must produce synthetic that the Senator from Indiana has been ure the professions and the actions of the rubber within 90 days' time, under the extremely kind and cooperative with United States. So long as the United States security clause.

respect to determining the time to be Government owns and operates synthetic

Mr. MAYBANK. Mr. President, will allowed. rubber plants there will remain a source of friction between these countries and ourthe Senator yield further?

The amendment to which the distinselves. They are convinced that Government

Mr. CAPEHART. I yield.

guished Senator from Indiana has reoperation of these plants means subsidiza- Mr. MAYBANK. I do not want the ferred was submitted by the Senator tion and, therefore, unfair competition with chairman to misunderstand me, because from Illinois [Mr. DOUGLAS] and myself. natural rubber. On any other assumption I believe the plants ought to be sold, but It would allow 7 months more, based on

, they find it difficult to understand why the

I am anxious that every security be an average of 30 days for each month. United States, the champion of free enter

placed around their sale. I cannot help We believe such an amendment would prise, should maintain a Government monopoly of synthetic rubber. They say they

wondering what would happen during improve the bill, to avoid any possibility are prepared to meet the competition of syn

the 90 days. Of course, I understand of having a "fire sale," as suggested by thetic rubber privately produced, but are

an amendment with reference to it will the Senator from Indiana, and at the reluctant to proceed with investment in re- bc voted on later. Ninety days is a long same time protect the interest of the planting and normal expansion so long as time in case of war.

American people in this tremendous inthey are faced with the risk of arbitrary pro- Mr. CAPEHART. Until Congress ap- vestment. duction and pricing policies on the part of

proves the sale of the plants and has de- Mr. CAPEHART. Mr. President, as I a Government-owned industry.

veloped legislation the plan must come have said, all of us agree that these plants At recent international meetings, repreback for approval.

should be sold. The disagreement arises sentatives of both the previous and present administrations have assured these coun

Mr. MAYBANK. Mr. President, I will in regard to the method of disposing of tries that a plan for disposal of the syn

not ask any more questions of the dis- them. thetic rubber plants was being prepared and

tinguished chairman, until he has de- We are concerned about several things, that this Congress would be urged to act on veloped the plan, because last evening we First, the time allowed in the bill for the the disposal legislation at this session. In agreed it should be extended at least for Disposal Commission to dispose of or sell the light of these statements, the many ex- 7 months.

the plants. The able Senator from Illipressions of dissatisfaction with our rubber

Mr. CAPEHART. I shall develop that nois submitted an amendment to extend policy have been largely stilled. That dissaticaction will be revived and multiplied if

point as I go along. Let me make one that time. His amendment was rejected Congress fails to approve disposal legislation.

point entirely clear. The senior Senator in the committee. I am frank to say I hope very much that the legislation re

from Indiana will be opposed to any that I think a mistake was made in reported by your committee will be acted upon plan brought back to Congress for ap- jecting the amendment. I believe that favorably by the Senate. Failure of the proval which will not fully, first, make in reporting the bill to the Senate, we legislation at this time would reintroduce a certain that those who buy the rubber should have provided for more time. source of friction and suspicion into our re- plants will continue to operate them and The Senator from Illinois now has belations with an area that is of great political produce synthetic rubber, and, second, hind his desk, in the Chamber, a chart and strategic importance to us and the rest that they will maintain the plants in showing the time schedule. of the free world. Sincerely yours,

such shape that if our Nation should be- As the bill has been reported, the DisJOHN FOSTER DULLES.

come involved in war the plants will be posal Commission will have until July 1,

available to the Government within 90 1954, to report a plan to the Senate. AfMr. MAYBANK. Mr. President, will days.

ter having considered the entire matter the Senator yield?

Let us make no mistake about that. from every angle, I have reached the Mr. CAPEHART. I yield.

That is part and parcel of our intention conclusion that that will not provide sufMr. MAYBANK. Mr. Dulles refers to in connection with the pending legis- ficient time. I agree with the able Senrepresentatives of both the previous and lation. That will have to be part of the ator from South Carolina (Mr. MAYBANK)

and the able Senator from Illinois (Mr. that the plan does not involve a violation day filibuster, which would prevent us DOUGLAS] that it is very likely that more of the antitrust laws, I shall vote for the from acting on the plan in the 30-day time should be allowed.

bill. That is all I have to say about it. period. So we propose to submit an As author of the bill, Mr. President, at Mr. CAPEHART. Mr. President, the amendment to provide that the plan, the proper time, when the able Senator bill as reported provided that the date when submitted, shall be a privileged from South Carolina and the able Sen- should be July 1, 1954. One of the rea- matter which must be acted upon within ator from Illinois submit their amend- sons for providing for that date was that that period. ment to extend the time, I wish to say the proposed legislation must be reported Therefore, Mr. President, with the we shall accept the amendment, because to Congress for approval before the plan amendments I have referred to, the plan I think the time should be extended 7 or can go into effect. Of course, next year will come back to Congress not later than 8 months.

is an election year, and no doubt Con- February 1, 1955, and Congress then will Mr. MAYBANK. Mr. President, will gress will not be in session_if it follows have 30 days in which either House by the Senator from Indiana yield to me? the pattern of other years—from about negative vote can reject the plan. Once Mr. CAPEHART. I yield.

July 1, until January 3, 1955. Our the plan is rejected, that legislative matMr. MAYBANK. As the distinguished thought was that we might be able to ter will be ended. The plants cannot Senator from Indiana and the distin- have the matter settled next year. How- then be disposed of under that legislaguished Senator from Illinois know, I ever, after reconsidering the question tive proposal. If they are to be disposed have an amendment to increase the time. and after studying the entire problem, I of, it will then be necessary to begin all Mr. CAPEHART. Yes.

have reached the conclusion that the over again to have a new bill introMr. MAYBANK. I wish the record to able Senator from Illinois was correct duced, and so forth. be kept straight in connection with this about this matter, and that more time Mr. GORE. 'Mr. President, will the matter, because, together with other should be allowed.

Senator from Indiana yield further minority members, I joined in the minor- Therefore, Mr. President, at the proper to me? ity views. Our principal complaint was time, as I have said, we shall accept an Mr. CAPEHART. I yield. as to the time to be allowed. We think amendment, which I think is in perfect Mr. GORE. The Senator from Indithe date should be March 2, 1955.

order to provide more time, because no ana has just covered the second question Mr. CAPEHART. Yes. As the author doubt July 1, 1954, would not allow suffi- I wished to propound. I congratulate of the bill, I shall be happy to accept an cient time for this job to be done.

the able and distinguished Senator from amendment moving the date up to Feb- Mr. GORE. Mr. President, will the Indiana for recognizing that deficiency ruary 1, 1955, for instance; and I shall Senator from Indiana yield to me?

of the bill and for moving to correct it. not argue about changing that date 30 Mr. CAPEHART. I yield to the dis- I should like to ask a further question: or 60 days either way.

tinguished Senator from Tennessee. If Congress desires to disapprove the Mr. MAYBANK. Mr. President, I in

Mr. GORE. I appreciate the courtesy plan, must it be disapproved in toto? tend to offer that amendment. The

of the chairman of the committee in Mr. CAPEHART. Yes. chairman of the committee has stated yielding to me.

Mr. GORE. If Congress disliked a he will accept it. My amendment will Mr. President, I should like to ask part of the disposal plan, but liked anextend the date to March 2, 1955, for the three short questions regarding the pro- other part, would there be any way by reason that February has 28 days, and posed procedure for approval or dis- which Congress could register its posiwe wish to allow a total of 30 days for approval by Congress.

tion on the two parts? each additional month. By providing Under the amendment which the dis- Mr. CAPEHART. No, the plan could that the date shall be March 2, 1955, we tinguished chairman of the committee not be amended. Congress must either shall arrange that the matter will come has said he will accept, would the time approve or disapprove the plans as a up in the new Congress.

within which Congress would be re- whole. There will not be an opportunity I wish to point out that the most im- quired to disapprove the plan, unless it to disapprove only a part of the plan. portant vote in connection with this sub- were to go into effect, be extended be- Mr. JOHNSTON of South Carolina. ject will come at that time in Febru- yond 30 days? —

Mr. President, will the Senator from Inary or March 1955. At the present time Mr. CAPEHART. I am now suggest- diana yield to me? we are only providing protection in con- ing that the date be changed, so that Mr. CAPEHART. I yield. nection with the process.

the plan will have to be submitted to Mr. JOHNSTON of South Carolina. I believe the chairman of the commit- Congress not later than February 1, 1955. Is it true that in extending the time tee will agree with me when I say that, Thereafter Congress will have 30 days in

Thereafter Congress will have 30 days in within which the sales may be made, the in addition to the Secretary of State and which either House by negative vote can

which either House by negative vote can purpose is to protect the Government the Secretary of Commerce, the Presi- reject the proposal or plan.

and also to protect those who will purdent of the United States himself has At this time I wish to state—and I chase the products of the plants? recommended the sale of the plants. think I am to blame for the situation,

Mr. CAPEHART. Yes. We propose Mr. CAPEHART. That is correct; but the matter was inadvertently over

to extend the time, as compared with the sale of the plants is recommended by looked—that we should amend the bill

time allowed in the bill as reported. the entire administration.

so as to provide that during the 30-day That extension of time would be made Mr. MAYBANK. Mr. President, as

period in which the proposal is before so as to give the Government more time ranking minority member of the comthe Congress, it will become a privileged

and so as to give small business more mittee, I have tried to provide for the

matter and will have to be acted upon. time to plan on buying the plants, and placing of as many safeguards as pos

So if the able Senator from Tennessee so as to give more time for the producsible around the sale of the properties. did not like the plan or if I did not like tion of rubber, and so as to allow more I myself would never have recommended it, we or any other Members who took time for the job to be done, so that in that the properties be sold. Neverthe- such a position could submit a resolu- that connection pressure will be avoided, less, the President of the United States tion disapproving the plan-in short, and a better job can be done. knows far more about this matter than providing that the Senate did not ap- Mr. JOHNSTON of South Carolina. I do. prove the plan.

At the hearings, did the committee hear The Senator from Ohio [Mr. BRICKER] Therefore, Mr. President, we shall ask from anyone who might wish to purchase also knows far more about this matter that the bill be amended so as to pro

the plants? than I do. Our purpose is to protect vide that the plan, when submitted, will Mr. CAPEHART. Oh, yes; we had the American people, including those become a privileged matter and will have much testimony from witnesses reprewho will purchase the products of the to be considered and disposed of within senting both large industry and small inplants, and also those who will purchase 30 days. All the members of our com- dustry and groups of small industries or use the properties.

mittee seemed to have overlooked the who were interested in purchasing the Therefore, Mr. President, with the date necessity for making that arrangement. plants. changed to March 2, 1955, and with a I say that in all fairness to all 15 of the Mr. JOHNSTON of South Carolina. further amendment to the effect that the members of the committee.

I am simply afraid that the plants will Attorney General shall certify to Con- As a practical matter. I am certain fall into the hands of big business-for gress—as was done in the case of the the plan would be acted upon within 30 instance, one of the large rubber comaluminum plants and in other cases- days; but of course there might be a 30. panies. If such a company obtained control of the plants, then, as I think Mr. FERGUSON. Yes; the House con- "Censuses of business and manufactures the chairman of the committee realizes, ferees objected, but the House has not and agriculture: For expenses for “spot that would eventually mean that the yet passed on the question.

checking" business, manufactures, and agri

culture in such manner as the Secretary of purchasers of the products of the plants Mr. MAYBANK. What I meant to

Commerce shall decide to be most helpful would have to pay dearly for them.

ask was whether that was the first reason and informative to said undertakings includMr. KNOWLAND. Mr. President, will for the House having objected.

ing personal services by contract or otherwise the Senator yield?

Mr. FERGUSON. That is correct. at rates to be fixed by said Secretary withMr. CAPEHART. I will yield in a


out regard to the Classification Act of 1949, moment. I may say that as I proceed I objection to the request of the Senator

as amended; and additional compensation of

Federal employees temporarily detailed for shall develop the point as to how we have from Michigan?

field work under this appropriation; protected small industries, as to how we

There being no objection, the report $1,500,000.” make certain that a fair price is received, was considered and agreed to.

That the House insist on its disagreement and how we make certain that there is

The PRESIDING OFFICER laid be- to the amendment of the Senate numbered to be competition. If anyone can suggest fore the Senate a message from the

34. better or stronger language than that

House of Representatives announcing Mr. FERGUSON. I move that the used in the report, or than the language its action on certain amendments of the

Senate agree to the amendments of the that was written into the bill, we cer

Senate to House bill 4974, which was tainly would be willing to accept it.

House numbered 4, 23, 24, 26, and 28, read as follows:

and further insist on its amendment Mr. JOHNSTON of South Carolina. Mr. President, I commend the committee

IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, U. S., numbered 34, the Federal-aid airport for having included in the bill certain

July 21, 1953. program amendment.

Resolved, that the House recede from its The PRESIDING safeguards intended to protect the pub

OFFICER. The disagreement to the amendments of the lic. But the truth is that I am unable

question is on agreeing to the motion of Senate Nos. 1, 10, 11, and 17 to the bill the Senator from Michigan. to see why we should be selling the rub(H. R. 4974) entitled “An act making ap

Mr. MAYBANK. I ask for a division. ber plants, since they have done wonder- propriations for the Departments of State, ful work, and particularly since they Justice, and Commerce, for the fiscal year

Mr. SMATHERS. Mr. President, a have made money for the Government. ending June 30, 1954, and for other pur- parliamentary inquiry. poses,” and concur therein;

The Mr. CAPEHART. I can well under

PRESIDING OFFICER. The stand the position of the able Senator.

That the House recede from its disagree. Senator will state the inquiry.

ment to the amendment of the Senate No. 4, I commend him for looking after the

Mr. SMATHERS. Am I correct that and concur therein with an amendment, as small-business men, and in making cer

an affirmative vote is a vote for the Fed. follows: In lieu of the matter proposed by tain that no monopoly will be possible, said amendment insert: "and in addition

eral-aid airport program? since I know of nothing worse than $15,600,000 of the unobligated balances of Mr. MAYBANK. That is correct. monopoly. I now yield to the Senator all appropriations available to the Depart- The PRESIDING OFFICER. The from California.

ment of State during fiscal year 1953.” Senator is correct. The question is on Mr. KNOWLAND. Mr. President, I

That the House recede from its disagree- agreeing to the motion of the Senator

ment to the amendment of the Senate No. would like to ask the Senator to yield for

from Michigan that the Senate agree to the purpose of permitting the Senate to 23, and concur therein with an amendment,

certain amendments of the House. as follows: In lieu of the matter stricken consider a privileged matter, namely, a a out and inserted by said amendment, insert

Mr. MAYBANK. And that the Senate conference report on House bill 4974, the the following:

disagree to others. Is that correct? State, Justice, and Commerce appro- “SEC. 202. Not to exceed $1 million in the The PRESIDING OFFICER. There priation bill.

aggregate from the appropriations made in is but one amendment in disagreement. Mr. CAPEHART. I yield for that this title for general administration, gen

Mr. FERGUSON. That is correct; purpose. eral legal activities, and United States at

and that is the Federal-aid airport protorneys and marshals shall be available for increases in the compensation of United

gram amendment, No. 34. APPROPRIATIONS FOR DEPART- States attorneys, assistant United States The PRESIDING OFFICER. The

MENTS OF STATE, JUSTICE, AND attorneys, special attorneys, and special as- particular amendment No. 34 is not emCOMMERCE-CONFERENCE


sistants to the Attorney General, and to braced in the motion of the Senator

United States attorneys without regard to from Michigan. PORT

the Classification Act of 1949 as amended: Mr. FERGUSON. Mr. President, I Provided, That in no event shall the annual

Mr. MAYBANK. I understand it was.

I heard what the Senator said. submit a report of the committee of con

salary of any United States attorney be less

than $10,000 or more than $15,000, and in Mr. FERGUSON. I moved that the ference on the disagreeing votes of the

no event shall the annual salary of any as- Senate vote on those amendments that two Houses on the amendments of the

sistant United States attorney or any were not in disagreement. That would Senate to the bill (H. R. 4974) making special attorney or special assistant be less

be all but No. 34. appropriations for the Departments of than $6,000, if the official has been admitted

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The State, Justice, and Commerce, for the to the practice of law for 3 years, or more

than $12,000: Provided further, That the fiscal year ending June 30, 1954, and for

question is on agreeing to the motion maximum of $12,000 shall only apply to the other purposes. I ask unanimous con

of the Senator from Michigan, sent for the present consideration of the

chief assistant United States attorney in The motion was agreed to.

each office: Provided further, That reports report.

The PRESIDING OFFICER. Does be submitted to the Congress on the 1st of The PRESIDING OFFICER. The re

the Senator wish to make a motion that July and January showing the names of port will be read for the information of the persons employed under the foregoing the Senate further insist on its amendthe Senate.

limitation, the annual rate of compensation ment No. 34, relative to the Federal-aid The report was read.

or amount of any fee paid to each, together airport program? (For conference report, see House prowith a description of their duties."

Mr. FERGUSON. I move that the ceedings of July 21, 1953, pp. 9403-9404.)

That the House recede from its disagree- Senate insist upon its amendment No. The PRESIDING OFFICER. Is there ment to the amendment of the Senate num

34, known as the Federal-aid airbered 24, and concur therein with an amendobjection to the present consideration of

port program amendment, request a furment, as follows: Wherever the figure "10" the report?

ther conference with the House of Repappears in said amendment insert in lieu Mr. MAYBANK. Reserving the right thereof the figure "5."

resentatives thereon; and that the Chair to object, Mr. President, will the Sen- That the House recede from its disagree

appoint the conferees on the part of the ator from Michigan yield? ment to the amendment of the Senate num

Senate. Mr. FERGUSON. I am glad to yield. bered 26, and concur therein with an amend- The PRESIDING OFFICER. WithMr. MAYBANK. I may say my un

ment, as follows: In lieu of the figure out objection, the motion is agreed to. derstanding is that the House raised ob

"$450,000" named in said amendment in- Mr. JOHNSON of Texas. Mr. Presi

sert "$400,000.” jection principally because of the pro

dent, if the Chair will wait a moment,

That the House recede from its disagreevision regarding the Federal-aid airport ment to the amendment of the Senate num

I object. program. Am I correct in my under- bered 28, and concur therein with an amend

The PRESIDING OFFICER. And standing that the House objected for ment, as follows: In lieu of the matter pro

the Chair appoints the following conthat reason? posed by said amendment insert:


Mr. JOHNSON of Texas. Mr. Presi- grateful to him that he has done so, in A million people voted for me who did dent, do not railroad this matter so fast. order that I may make a brief reply to not vote for the rest of the ticket, because May I have recognition?

certain statements made on the floor of they had confidence in what I had done The PRESIDING OFFICER. The the Senate by the junior Senator from and in the things for which I stood. Senator from Texas is recognized.

Wisconsin [Mr. MCCARTHY). I was not May I say again, Mr. President, that Mr. JOHNSON of Texas. Then, Mr. present at the time the Senator made his much later than 1948, when I wrote the President, I object. We want a standing statement, but I have been told some of letter to which the junior Senator from vote on that question.

the things he said. I have notified the Wisconsin has referred, Associate Justice The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Senator from Wisconsin that I intended Stanley Reed, of the Supreme Court, apquestion is on agreeing to the motion of making a reply.

peared as a character witness for Alger the Senator from Michigan.

Mr. President, the tactics of fear and Hiss. And just before that, Alger Hiss On a division, the motion was agreed smear demonstrated here today, as they was strongly recommended for a high to, and the Presiding Officer appointed have been on other occasions, are a re- position, that of president of the CarMr. BRIDGES, Mr. SALTONSTALL, Mr. FER- buke, not to me, although my name was

negie Endowment for International GUSON, Mr. SMITH of New Jersey, Mr. Mc- mentioned, but to all those of us who Peace, by the now Secretary of State, CARRAN, Mr. ELLENDER, and Mr. HILL con- tolerate such tactics.

John Foster Dụlles. ferees on the part of the Senate at the The Senator read a letter which I Mr. President, this kind of smear is further conference.

wrote in 1948 to Alger Hiss, months- despicable. The junior Senator from months, I repeat, Mr. President-before Wisconsin claims to be a great enemy of

there was any real evidence against him. communism. Why does he not explain, ANNOUNCEMENT AS TO EVENING

That letter was trotted out in the politi- as he has been so frequently asked to SESSION

cal campaign of 1950, when I was run- explain, why he accepted the support of

ning a second time for the Senate of the the Communist Party when he was a Mr. KNOWLAND. Mr. President, for

United States. The people of New York candidate for the Republican nomination the information of the Senate, because a number of Senators have inquired

showed what they thought of me in that for the Senate in 1946?

O Mr. President, he has many quesabout the plan of having a night session tonight, it is our intention to complete

I should like to quote from a statement tions to answer-questions raised in an action on the bill for the disposal of

which I issued in response to inquiries official report of a Senate committee Government-owned rubber-producing

from the World-Telegram in 1950, after which he has refused to answer, thereby facilities, also to take up the farm-credit

my letter of 1948 to Alger Hiss was print- showing his complete contempt for the

ed. The statement reads as follows: Senate and for the public. He does not bill, and complete action on that, and also to take up the telecommunications

The World-Telegram has today printed a want to answer those questions; he does bill before we adjourn this evening.

letter which I wrote to Alger Hiss. I draw not dare to do so. So he makes charges attention to the date of my letter, August 6, and pretends to expose Communists and 1948. This was long before his indictment, charges his fellow Senators with religious

trial, and subsequent conviction, and I have MESSAGE FROM THE HOUSE

bias and high crimes. no apology to make for it.

I want to say that I think it is about A message from the House of Repre- Alger Hiss was made president of the Car

time, as my distinguished colleague from sentatives, by Mr. Maurer, its reading negie Endowment for International Peace on the recommendation of the committee com

Oklahoma [Mr. MONRONEY] has stated, clerk, announced that the House had agreed to the report of the committee of posed of John W.Davis, John Foster Dulles, that the Senate as a whole assume some and Arthur Ballantine.

responsibility in this matter. How long conference on the disagreeing votes of the two Houses on the amendments of Mr. President, may I say parentheti

are we going to be vilified and misrepre

sented and blackened? How long are we the Senate to the bill (H. R. 4663) mak- cally that those three men are all cering appropriations for the Executive Of- tainly loyal citizens of the United States. going

Mr. MCCARTHY. Mr. President, will fice and sundry independent executive Just as he had gained the confidence of bureaus, boards, commissions, corporathese gentlemen and so many others, Mr.

the Senator from New York yield? tions, agencies, and offices, for the fiscal Hiss had gained my confidence when I saw Mr. LEHMAN. I shall be very glad

to yield as soon as I finish my sentence. year ending June 30, 1954, and for other something of him as a fellow member of the

Citizens Committee for the Marshall Plan. purposes; that the House receded from

How long, Mr. President, are we going its disagreement to the amendment of The enactment of the Marshall plan to continue to be assaulted by a man who the Senate numbered 33 to the bill, and was one of the things that benefited this has himself been charged with misdeconcurred therein; that the House re- country and our allies abroad more than meanors, but who has not even had the ceded from its disagreement to the anything which I recall.

guts to answer to the Senate and to the amendments of the Senate numbered 9, I continue to read the statement:

American people? 42, 43, 46, and 53 to the bill, and con- On this account, when Mr. Hiss categori

I am glad to yield to the Senator from curred therein severally with an amend- cally denied the charges made against him in

Wisconsin if the Senator from Indiana ment, in which it requested the concur- the course of his appearance before the House will permit me to do so. rence of the Senate. Committee on Un-American Activities in Mr. CAPEHART.

Mr. CAPEHART. I gave the Senator August 1948, I assumed that he was telling 6 minutes. I shall be glad to yield 2 the truth. Accordingly I did what I felt was

more minutes. ATTACK ON ROY COHN

the human thing to do. As I still attach
great importance to that basic rule of con-

Mr. MCCARTHY. Mr. President, I did Mr. LEHMAN. Mr. President, will the duct which has so long governed the Anglo- not hear all the Senator's statement. I Senator from Indiana yield to me for 5

Saxon world—to consider a man innocent came over to the Senate not because he minutes ?

until he has been found guilty-I sent him a was making an attack upon me; that The PRESIDING OFFICER. Does position in which he found himself.

line to express my sympathy in the difficult does not concern me at all; I would not the Senator from Indiana yield to the

dignify it by returning to the Senate. I Senator from New York for 5 minutes ? I concluded my statement by saying: understood he had been attacking my Mr. CAPEHART. Mr. President, I And that is all there is to the story.

staff again. yield 5 or 6 minutes to the Senator from

Did I correctly quote the Senator's

I have no apologies to make for it. New York (Mr. LEHMAN], being the same

letter to Alger Hiss? amount of time I yielded to two other during the campaign. I want to report ter read by the Senator.

Mr. President, all that was brought out

Mr. LEHMAN. I did not hear the letSenators, and I ask unanimous consent that I shall not lose the floor by so yield to the Senate that I was reelected to the

Mr. MCCARTHY. I shall read it ing. United States Senate at that time, in

again. The PRESIDING OFFICER (Mr. spite of this and other attacks made on

Mr. LEHMAN. But I have read the BENNETT in the chair). Is there objec- me, by a plurality of nearly 300,000 votes, Senator's statement about the letter. tion? The Chair hears none, and the and also in spite of the fact that the Re

Mr. MCCARTHY. May I read it and Senator from New York may proceed.

publican candidate for Governor, who see if I correctly quoted the Senator? I Mr. LEHMAN. Mr. President, I have was running for office at the same time, do not want to misquote him. asked the distinguished Senator from was reelected Governor of the State of The letter is dated August 6, 1948, and Indiana to yield to me, and I am very New York by 700,000 votes.

was written to Hiss after he had been accused of being a Communist. The Mr. LEHMAN. Will the junior Sena- I say to the junior Senator from Wisletter is as follows:

tor from Wisconsin ask me one question consin that if he thinks for a second Just a line to tell you how much I sympa. at a time? I am perhaps not as mentally that I will apologize for anything I did thize with you in the difficult position you alert as he is, and I should like to un- in UNRRA, he has a second, a third, a unfortunately have been placed. I want you derstand the question he is addressing fourth, and a tenth guess coming to him. to know that I have complete confidence in to me.

I shall not apologize, because my assoyour loyalty, and that, in common with your Mr. MCCARTHY. I thank the Sena- ciation with UNRRA is one thing, beyond many other friends, I know that

tor. I am not sure that is a compliment. anything else I have ever done in my conceivable circumstances could you fail to

My question is: When the Senator was life, that brings me satisfaction. safeguard the interest of your country. Your statement yesterday before the com

Director of UNRRA did he put into a When the junior Senator from Wismittee was forthright and complete, and I position of power David Weintraub, who consin can show, as I can show, that unhope that your denial will catch up with the has been named as a Communist, who der my leadership the lives of probably unfair accusations that have been made, finally has been gotten rid of, after Mr. 100 million people were saved if the You have been very badly treated.

Cohn presented the case to the grand Senator from Wisconsin can show that With kindest personal regards and best jury?

he saved the lives of 1,000 people, then wishes, I remain,

Did the Senator put into a position I think he would have a right to exult. Very sincerely yours, HERBERT H. LEHMAN. of power Irving Kaplan, who has refused

The PRESIDING OFFICER. All time to testify whether he was a Communist has expired. The Senator from Indiana I merely ask whether or not I have at that time?

[Mr. CAPEHART] has the floor. correctly quoted the Senator's letter? Did he put into UNRRA Joel Gordon,

Mr. MCCARTHY. Mr. President, will Mr. LEHMAN. I assume the Senator who has refused to testify before a grand the Senator from Indiana yield to me has correctly quoted my letter, but may jury whether or not he was a Commu- for a minute and a half? I say that my letter was written months nist?

Mr. CAPEHART. I suppose that in before Hiss had been indicted or tried or If the junior Senator from New York all fairness I should yield another minute convicted, at a time when the present did put those three men in UNRRA, as, and a half. Secretary of State and others had rec

of course, we all know he did, I should ommended and had supported his elec- like to know if he made any investigation peat that I would not be taking the time

Mr. MCCARTHY. I simply wish to retion as president of the Carnegie Endow- to determine whether they were Commu

of the Senate on this subject today if ment. nists. Did the Senator examine the FBI

there had been an attack on me. But Mr. President, may I say further that reports which showed they were Commuway back in 1938, when I ran for the nists at the time he gave them places sel, and that is why I am taking the

an attack was made on my chief counfourth time for the office of Governor of under him in UNRRA.

time of the Senate. New York, the Communist Party came Does the Senator care to answer?

I asked the junior Senator from New out with a statement that they were go- Mr. LEHMAN. I would not say that York whether he had put the three Coming to support me. I repudiated that was one question, but I am perfectly munists I named into UNRRA, and the statement within 15 minutes after it had willing to answer.

Senator has indicated that they were been made. I repudiated it then, and I I do not know what the junior Sena- there, together with 18,000 others, or repudiated it many times during the tor from Wisconsin means by "putting

some such figure. campaign. into power.” As head of the UNRRA

In view of the fact that the junior I wish to ask the Senator

organization, I had 20,000 people scatMr. MCCARTHY. Mr. President, will

Senator from New York is making vigortered all over the world, doing God's the Senator yield? work in bringing food, clothing, shelter, munists, I wish to ask the Senator

ous attacks on anyone who exposes ComMr. LEHMAN. No. I shall yield in I shall yield in sustenance, and hope to starving people

whether Weintraub-may I have the a minute. I ask the Senator from Wis- abroad. Of course, there were Commuconsin whether he at any time, in 1946 nists in UNRRA. It was an international

Senator's attention?-was not one of his

top aids, one of his personal friends; or prior to that time, ever repudiated the organization, whose membership in

and whether the Senator did not know support of the Communist Party. I am cluded many Communist countries. told he did not.

Weintraub was a member of the ComI had no reason to suppose at any time

munist Party. Mr. MCCARTHY. I may say that I that Americans serving in UNRRA were did not have to, because the Commu

The junior Senator from New York Communists or Communist sympanists did not support me.

has stated there is no evidence that these thizers. I do not think there is any The PRESIDING OFFICER (Mr. conclusive proof that any of the per- Party. That is untrue. I hold in my

men were members of the Communist BENNETT in the chair), The Senator's

sons whom the junior Senator from Wis5 minutes have expired.

hand a. volume of hearings in which the consin has mentioned has been shown to Mr. MCCARTHY. Mr. President, may be a Communist or a Communist sympa- Maryland, Mr. O'Conor, was questioning

very able former senior Senator from I impose on the Senator from Indiana thizer. in order to request additional time?

one of them:

Mr. MCCARTHY. May I reply? Mr. CAPEHART. Mr. President, I

Question. Were you in UNRRA?

Mr. LEHMAN. Wait a minute. The shall yield 3 more minutes, to be di- Senator from Wisconsin has asked me

Were you active in UNRRA? vided equally between the junior Sena

Answer. Yes. questions. I shall finish my statement. ator from Wisconsin and the junior Sen. I have the floor.

Question. Were you a member of the ator from New York.

Communist Party?
I was elected Director General of

Answer. I refuse to answer that, because,
UNRRA by the vote of 50 nations. Noth-

if I answered, it might incriminate me. objection? The Chair hears none, and

ing in my whole life, including, if I may it is so ordered.

say so, my membership in the United Mr. President, I am not accusing the Mr. MCCARTHY. I will answer the

States Senate, of which I am greatly junior Senator from New York of being Senator's question. I did not have to proud, has ever given me the satisfaction

a Communist, or of being a Communist repudiate the Communist Party, because of soul and heart that my service in

sympathizer. they were not supporting me, as the UNRRA did, because UNRRA saved the

Mr. LEHMAN. I thank the junior Senator from New York says they were

[Laughter.] lives of hundreds of millions of people. Senator from Wisconsin. supporting him.

Everything we did in UNRRA, everything That is a very generous concession. I quoted the Hiss letter to show that I did in UNRRA, as head of that great

Mr. MCCARTHY. I cite his record of at that time the junior Senator from organization, as Director General of that hiring Communists and of writing letters New York was making a statement that organization, was done under the direc

organization, was done under the direc- of condolence to men accused of being Hiss had been smeared and had been tion of the Central Committee, composed espionage agents, so that the country unfairly accused. Today the Senator is of the representatives of nine nations, in- may better evaluate his statements when making the same statement about other cluding the United States, Great Britain, he makes these bitter attacks upon men Communists. I wish to ask the Senator France, Canada, Italy-no; I will take like Roy Cohn, who, during his short a question.

out Italy, because Italy was not in span, has been convicting the CommuIs it true—and this is all part of sworn UNRRA at that time.

UNRRA at that time. But there were nists the junior Senator from New York testimony other countries.

has been trying to defend.

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