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1946 the Congress amended the Trading AMENDMENT OF CERTAIN STAT, ments be printed at this point in the body With the Enemy Act to provide for the UTES PROVIDING EXPEDITIOUS of the RECORD. restoration of this class of enemy nationals

JUDICIAL PROCEEDINGS FOR of their property seized under the act. The

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The amendment did not, however, make any pro CONDEMNATION OF LANDS FOR amendments will be received, approprivision for property owned by persons who PUBLIC PURPOSES AMENDMENT

ately referred, and printed; and, withhave been victimized by the enemy and who

out objection, will be printed in the

Mr. MCCARRAN submitted an amendhad died leaving no heirs.

RECORD. ment in the nature of a substitute, inAs a result of this situation, the United

The amendments submitted by Mr. States is today the ultimate beneficiary of

tended to be proposed by him to the bill ANDERSON were received, referred to the the property owned by persecutees, in those (S. 1857) to amend certain statutes pro- Committee on Agriculture and Forestry, cases where the enemy succeeded in destroy- viding expeditious judicial proceedings ordered to be printed, and to be printed ing every vestige of the former owners' for the condemnation of lands for pub- in the RECORD, as follows: family. The bill which my distinguished lic purposes, which was ordered to lie on cosponsors and I have submitted deals with the table and to be printed.

On page 1, strike lines 3 through 11 and this problem. It provides for the disposi

on page 2 strike lines 1 through 5, and intion of property for which there are no claim

sert the following: ants because the owners and their prospec

“That section 342 of the Agricultural Adtive heirs have died in concentration camps CONSTRUCTION AT MILITARY AND justment Act of 1938, as amended, is or elsewhere.

NAVAL INSTALLATIONS-AMEND- amended as follows: In the 80th, 81st, and 82d Congresses, bills MENT

"1. The proviso at the end of the third were introduced regarding the disposition of Mr. HAYDEN submitted an amend- vided, That the national marketing quota

sentence is changed to read as follows: ‘Prosuch property, with particular respect to its

ment intended to be proposed by him to for 1954 shall not be less than the number utilization in the United States for relief and rehabilitation purposes. In the 80th and the bill (S. 2361) to authorize certain

of bales required to provide a national acreconstruction at military and naval in- age allotment of 21.5 million acres.'" 81st Congresses the bills passed the Senate stallations, and for other purposes,

Amendment No. II. Section 343 of the on the Consent Calendar and the 81st Conwhich was referred to the Committee on

Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938, as gress the bill which reached the floor of the House (S. 603) was approved with certain

amended, is amended as follows: Armed Services and ordered to be

"SEC. 343. Not later than December 15 folamendments by the House Interstate and printed.

lowing the issuance of the marketing quota Foreign Commerce Committee. It was ob

proclamation provided for in section 342, the jected to on the Consent Calendar and was

DEVELOPMENT AND CONSTRUC- Secretary shall conduct a referendum, by never given a rule by the House Rules Com


secret ballot, of farmers engaged in the promittee and therefore died with the 81st Con

duction of cotton in the calendar year in

FACILITIES BY STATES AND MUgress. In the 82d Congress, it was sponsored

which the referendum is held, to determine by Senators Herbert R. O'Conor and ROBERT


whether such farmers are in favor of or opA. TAFT. It was objected to on the Con Mr. BUTLER of Nebraska submitted posed to the quota so proclaimed. If more sent Calendar.

than one-third of the farmers voting in the an amendment intended to be proposed In essence, the bill is predicated on the

referendum oppose the national marketing. by him to the bill (S. 2094) to facilitate

quota, such quota shall become ineffective principle that the property of those who had the development and construction of wa

upon proclamation of the results of the been persecuted should not be used for war ter conservation facilities by States and referendum. In lieu of the question claims against the governments that per municipalities, and for other purposes, whether such farmers favor the national secuted the owners of such properties. which was ordered to lie on the table and marketing quota so proclaimed, the SecreAs indicated earlier for more than 4 years to be printed.

tary may submit in the referendum the an individual who was so persecuted has

questions whether they (1) favor such quota been able to obtain his property by estab

for the one crop and also favor quotas for lishing a proper claim. There is a large AMENDMENT OF COTTON MARKET the three crops of cotton beginning with amount of property, however, for which there

the crop for which such quota is proclaimed,

ING QUOTA PROVISIONS OF AGRIare no claimees and it is this so-called heir

(2) oppose quotas for such three crops of

CULTURAL ADJUSTMENT ACT OF less property which under the bill we are

cotton but favor quotas for the crop for submitting would be turned over to a suc 1938, AS AMENDED-AMENDMENT which such quota is proclaimed, or (3) op

pose quotas for both the one crop and such cessor organization, to be designated by the

Mr. ANDERSON. Mr. President, I

three crops. If two-thirds or more of the President and its proceeds to be used for submit for appropriate reference,

farmers voting favor quotas for the three relief and rehabilitation.

amendments intended to be proposed by crops, no referendum shall be held for the For different types of property different

me to the bill (S. 2183) to amend the cot second and third crops and a national marsuccessor organizations could be designated ton marketing quota provisions of the

ton marketing quota provisions of the keting quota shall be in effect for each of under the bill, as for instance, a Catholic Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938, as

such three crops for which a national marsuccessor organization for Catholic persecuamended, which was introduced by me

keting quota is proclaimed under section tees; a Jewish successor organization for

342. If more than one-third of the farmers on June 23, 1953. Jewish persecutees; and a Protestant organ

voting in the referendum oppose quotas, ization for Protestant persecutees. The pro

It is a bill which would alter to some

such result shall not affect or limit the proccedures outlined in the bill are quite simple

degree the cotton-acreage law. The lamation and submission to a referendum and provide merely for a presumption of

amendments are designed to see if the during any calendar year, as otherwise proheirlessness where no claim has been filed cotton-producing States can reach some vided in this section, of a national marketing for a period of 2 years after vested of the agreement. The previous law was passed

quota or any subsequent crop. The Secre

tary shall proclaim the results of any referproperty. The bill provides a top limit of after many discussions, which were par

endum held hereunder within thirty days $3 million in the amount that may be made ticipated in by the entire Cotton Belt,

after the date of such referendum." payable to successor organizations. Accord and represented a final agreement.

Amendment No. III. Section 344 of the ing to all the information available at this Thus far it has not been possible to Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938, as time, the actual amount which could be reach an agreement. The new amend amended, is amended as follows: claimed under the bill would be less than ments will eliminate part of the contro "1. Subsection (b) is amended by changing this amount of money.

versy by removing from the 1 percent the period at the end thereof to a colon and Similar bills to this one have also been national reserve those new farmers who

adding the following: “Provided, That the introduced in the House of Representatives have been established as farmers be

Secretary may reserve not to exceed 1 perby Representatives WOLVERTON and CROSSER.

cent of the national acreage allotment which tween 1947 and 1952. Another new secThe principle incorporated in these bills

shall be used by the State committee (1) tion will provide that a popular referhave been endorsed by the Departments of

for adjusting county acreage allotments for State, Justice, and Treasury, by the United

endum may be had either every 3 years counties having farms for which allotments States War Claims Commission and by for

were established under subsection (h) of or every year; in other words, that a mer Senator O’Conor and Senator TAFT as

choice may be made between 1 year or 3 this section, during the base period used in well as my cosponsors. This is an equitable

apportioning the State, allotment to counyears. and constructive piece of legislation which,

ties, and (2) for increasing the acreage reIn order that the Members of the Sen

served by the State committee for new and insofar as I know, has no opposition and ate may have as much opportunity as

small farms pursuant to subsection (e) of I trust it will be readily enacted by the possible to consider this matter, I now this section: And provided further, That Congress at this session.

ask unanimous consent that the amend- notwithstanding the foregoing provisions,

no State acreage allotment for the 1954 crop port and Export Act so as to provide that By Mr. LEHMAN: shall be reduced below the acreage planted certain drugs which are or may be chemically Article entitled “Treasury-Post Office Apto cotton in the State in 1952 (1) by more synthesized shall be included within the propriation Bill," published in the July issue than 27.5 percent for any State which other classification of narcotic drugs.

of the Customs Service News, dealing with wise would be reduced below 30 percent of

the appropriation for the customs service. such 1952 acreage, or (2) by more than 22.5 percent for any other State, and the addi- HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION tional acreage so required shall be in addi

URGENCY OF PASSAGE OF EMERtion to the national acreage allotment and


GENCY IMMIGRATION LEGISLAthe production from such acreage shall be in The concurrent resolution (H. Con. addition to the national marketing quota. Res. 60) to provide chapel facilities for

TION AT THIS SESSION All or any part of such additional acreage Members of Congress was referred to the

Mr. WILEY. Mr. President, last may be added by the State committee to the acreage reserved pursuant to subsection (e) Committee on Rules and Administration, night I joined with my colleagues on the

Senate Judiciary Committee in approvand used as provided therein." as follows:

ing a compromise version of the PresiAmendment No. IV. On page 2, line 8, Resolved by the House of Representatives after the word “years”, insert: "and condi

dent's emergency immigration bill. (the Senate concurring), That the Architect tions (excluding conditions relating only to of the Capitol is hereby authorized and di

I have spoken on a number of occa1954)." rected to make available a room, with facili

sions on the Senate floor on this issue, Amendment No. V. On page 2, line 14, ties for prayer and meditation, for the use most recently on July 10, as recorded, after the word "which”, insert: ", together of Members of the Senate and the House of beginning on page 8423 of the CONGRESwith any acreage added pursuant to subsec Representatives. The Architect shall main

SIONAL RECORD. tion (b).

tain the prayer room for individual use I shall not take time at present to Amendment No. VI. On page 2, line 22, rather than assemblies and he shall provide comment in further detail on this issue, change “10” to “5.”

appropriate symbols of religious unity and Amendment No. VII. On page 3, line 10, freedom of worship.

but I make this appeal: that when the before the word "a'creage" insert "average.”

bill is scheduled for debate in the Senate Amendment No. VIII. On page 3, line 11,

we act upon it expeditiously and favorafter the word "adjusted”, insert “as may ADDRESSES, EDITORIALS, ARTICLES,

ably. be necessary.”

I ask unanimous consent that a brief Amendment No. IX. On page 3, line 12, ETC., PRINTED IN THE APPENDIX

memorandum I have prepared on this change the period to a comma, and add the

On request, and by unanimous consent, following: “and land, labor, and equipment addresses, editorials, articles, etc., were

issue may be printed at this point in

the body of the RECORD. available for the production of cotton and crop-rotation practices."

ordered to be printed in the Appendix, as There being no objection, the memoAmendment No. x. On page 3, line 24, follows:

randum was ordered to be printed in the after the word "and", insert "completely".


RECORD, as follows: Amendment No. XI. On page 4, line 13, Statement prepared by him and an article MEMORANDUM BY SENATOR WILEY ON PRESIchange “15” to “ David Lawrence relating to the recent

DENT'S IMMIGRATION BILL Amendment No. XII. On page 4, line 18, action of the Democratic members of the

We will soon have before us a somewhat after the word "to", insert: "other farms in Subcommittee on Investigations.

revised version of the President's immigrathe community which are comparable with


tion bill. Let there be full and fair debate respect to.”

Address entitled “The First Year of the Amendment No. XIII. On page 5, line 16, McGuire Act,” delivered by Maurice Mermey,

on it, but let not the debate go to such strike the period and add the following:

lengths as to endanger either the bill as a director of the Bureau of Education on Fair

whole, or the substance of the bill. "where 1950 is within the base period for Trade, at the 54th annual congress of the such allotments."

As we approach the end of the Senate sesNational Retail Hardware Association, July

sion and a great many important bills come 14, 1953.

before us, it is quite clear that a particular Editorial entitled "Food for the Needy,"

responsibility falls on all of the Members RELIEF OF WIDOW AND CHILDREN published July 3, 1953, in the Minneapolis


A small minority of Senators, by consumArticle entitled "Vanderpoel Tells Why He

ing excessive time, can kill entire bills or Is Critical of Stock Options," written by

force complete and devastating changes in Mr. AIKEN. Mr. President, yesterday, Robert P. Vanderpoel and published in the

bills simply because time is running out. on behalf of my colleague, the junior Chicago Sun, April 3, 1953.

If changes must be made, let them be Senator from Vermont [Mr. FLANDERS]


made on the basis of the merits involved, and myself, I introduced the bill (S. 2416)

Article entitled “The New Guard: Sena

but not on the basis of using the shorttor KNOWLAND, of California, Represents & for the relief of the widow and children Different GOP,” written by John Chamber

age of time to force through unmerited of Irvin Scranton Ross. It is in the na

changes. lain and published in Barron's magazine of ture of a claim bill, although it might not July 6, 1953.

THREEFOLD ACCOMPLISHMENT OF THIS have been completely clear from the By Mr. SCHOEPPEL:

LEGISLATION wording of the bill. The bill was re Editorial entitled "Some Words About As chairman of the Senate Foreign Relaferred to the Committee on Labor and TAFT,” published in the Pittsburg (Kans.) tions Committee, and as ranking Republic Public Welfare. Obviously it should Headlight.

can on the Senate Judiciary Committee, I have been referred to the Committee on


feel a particular responsibility for this legis


Article regarding the recent trip of Adlai the Judiciary. I ask unanimous con

E. Stevenson through Asia, written by Barry Its passage will simultaneously achieve sent that the Committee on Labor and

Bingham and published in the Louisville many purposes. Public Welfare be discharged from the Courier-Journal of May 3, 1953.

It will constitutefurther consideration of the bill and that

By Mr. THYE:

1. A sound, humanitarian step which conit be referred to the Committee on the Editorial entitled “A Good Batting Aver forms to America's noble tradition of proJudiciary.

age," published in the Christian Science viding a haven for worthy emigrants from The PRESIDING OFFICER. Is there Monitor of July 8, 1953.

tyranny. By Mr. LANGER:

2. A sound step in international relations objection? The Chair hears none, and

Resolution adopted by the Junior Order which will be fully understood and appreit is so ordered.

United American Mechanics, and accompa ciated by the many nations and peoples afnying letter.

fected, both in front of and behind the Iron By Mr. YOUNG:


Editorial entitled "A Lesson for Us," deal 3. A sound answer to the domestic expoThe following bills were each read ing with the economic situation of France. nents of fear; the exponents of an America twice by their titles and referred to the


allegedly doomed to depression. Committee on Finance:

Editorial entitled “It Is Time To Stop It is an answer to those of little faith

MCCARTHY,” published in the Southeast Ok. who are so fearful as to our future as to try H. R. 5257. An act to extend to the Trust lahoman, of Hugo, Okla.; editorial entitled to slam the door against this relatively tiny Territory of the Pacific Islands certain provi- “MCCARTHY Exposed,” published in the Still number of individuals, tiny as compared to sions of the Internal Revenue Code relating water Daily News-Press, of Stillwater, Okla.; the million immigrants whom we welcomed to narcotics; and

and an editorial entitled “Congress as year after year at the start of this century, H. R. 5561. An act to amend the Internal Investigator,” published in the New York tiny as compared to our 160 millions of Revenue Code and the Narcotic Drugs Im


RESPONSIBILITY ON THE OPPONENTS issues in a manner worthy of the Senate's take up for consideration the confirmaI can appreciate the deep feeling held by finest traditions.

tion of the nomination of Glenn L. Emthose who oppose this legislation. They

They TRIBUTE TO SENATORS WATKINS AND DIRKSEN mons to be Commissioner of Indian Afnumber several of my dear and most es

I feel I would be somewhat remiss in fairs? teemed colleagues.

completing this brief statement if I did not Mr. KNOWLAND. I hope we can conBut they have had their fair chance to

pay particular tribute to two of my col sider that nomination on Monday or hold hearings, to debate, to revise.. They leagues who, I feel, rendered special service Tuesday of next week. will have further opportunity on the Sen

of leadership in the course of the prolonged ate floor and still further opportunity when

Mr. JOHNSON of Texas. Mr. Presicommittee debate. this bill goes to conference.

I refer to the senior Senator from Utah,

dent, will the Senator yield? Theirs is a heavy responsibility. I hope Mr. WATKINS, and the junior Senator from

Mr. KNOWLAND. I yield to the mithat they will exercise it wisely-in a manIllinois, Mr. DIRKSEN.

nority leader. ner worthy of their own fine record of sery

With understanding, with patience, with Mr. JOHNSON of Texas. Is it the inice here in the Senate.

skill, they so ht to be and were worthy of The President of the United States has

tention of the distinguished acting matheir heavy responsibility. And, without in requested this bill. There is every reason

jority leader to take up the time-lag bill any way detracting from the contributions of why we should honor that request. I wish

before the small defense plants bill and others, I do want to convey this commendaindeed that his request substantially in its tion of them.

the bill disposing of the Government original form, might have been fully hon

And I want to express a word of com

rubber plants, or following those bills? ored.

mendation to the White House as well, in Mr. KNOWLAND. I think it will be I need hardly point out that this issue has

its helpful, factual, respectful efforts in cobeen discussed in the public print a good operation with the Hill in working out a

following those bills. It may be that the deal.

time-lag bill will go over until Tuesday, mutually acceptable version. A considerable amount of literature has

depending upon the general legislative come through the mail on both sides of this

situation. Several Senators have asked question. Mail to me from my own State


whether we proposed to follow through has overwhelmingly favored the bill. But

with the unfinished business today. I obviously, many good and patriotic Ameri Mr. KNOWLAND. Mr. President, for

gave assurances to the Senate and to the cans do not see eye to eye on it. America's the information of the Senate, the un

Senator from Texas that we would not three great religious faiths support the leg- finished business is Senate bill 1152, reislation wholeheartedly, as do many other lating to loans to fur farmers, which we

take up the time-lag bill today, but that fine organizations.

it would go over until next week. were considering when the Senate reOn the other hand, there are some groups,

Mr. JOHNSON of Texas. As I underworthy, patriotic, which oppose the legisla- cessed last night. When that bill is dis

stand, it is the plan of the acting mation. posed of, we shall proceed with the cal

jority leader to put the small defense POISON AND HATE FROM A BIGOTED OUTSIDE endar call, pursuant to the unanimous

plants bill and the so-called rubber bill MINORITY consent agreement heretofore entered

ahead of the time-lag bill. But included in the opposition is a rela- into.

Mr. KNOWLAND. Yes. It is my intively small minority of outside individuals On Monday it is proposed to take up

tention to take up the other two bills and groups who have poured forth an un- the small defense plants bill, S. 1523,

ahead of it. ending stream of vicious, hateful, slander which has been ordered reported from ous abuse-principally against the 18 Re- the Committee on Banking and Cur

Mr. MCCARRAN. Mr. President, will publican Senators including myself who

the Senator yield? joined in cosponsoring s. 1917 and against rency; then Calendar No. 579, Senate

Mr. KNOWLAND. I yield. the President for suggesting it in the first bill 2047, providing for the sale of Gov

Mr. MCCARRAN. ernment-owned rubber-producing facilplace.

I am reliably inThat abuse, as I have once before indi ities. We may also consider Calendar

formed that an agreement has been cated, is based on a poisoned well of anti No. 320, Senate bill 1461, the so-called

reached with respect to Calendar No. Catholicism and anti-Semitism. time-lag bill. It is not certain that we

293, Senate bill 1857, which is the soThe anti-Semitism is particularly vile in shall reach that bill at that time, but I

called O'Mahoney bill for condemnation connection with this bill, because so tiny a wish Senators to be advised that it may

of water rights. I do not believe that percentage of individuals of the Jewish faith is involved in any way at all among the come up.

consideration of the bill would require potential immigrants.

It is planned that there shall be a

more than a few minutes. I wonder if it night session on Monday, and I assume

could not be wedged in somewhere, REBUKE THE BIGOTS

either on Monday or Tuesday. At any rate, by final favorable action on it will be a fairly late session.

I wish to call the attention of the mi Mr. KNOWLAND. I will say to the this bill, we of the Congress will be giving

distinguished Senator from Nevada that the only sort of answer which that tiny, nority leader to the possibility of taking

I will be very glad to discuss it with the poisonous outside minority deserves—à up on Tuesday Calendar No. 595, Senthundering rebuke-a thundering denunciaate bill 498, and Calendar No. 582, Sen

Policy Committee, which will meet on tion of their vicious efforts. ate bill 2399, the atomic energy bill,

Monday morning, and also with the miThose efforts are unworthy of the re which we previously had under consid nority leader, to see if we can provide spected, substantial individuals and groups eration and laid aside. I think the Sen

for it on Monday or Tuesday. inside and outside the Congress who, for fair, valid reasons, in their own judgment, will probably be prepared to take it up ator from Iowa (Mr. HICKENLOOPER]

Mr. MCCARRAN. Could we have the

bill called up on the call of the calendar oppose the bill. I know that these worthy members of the at that time.

today? It might go through by unaniopposition would disassociate themselves On Wednesday it is expected that we mous consent. completely from the slanderous' attacks by shall take up Calendar No. 600, House Mr. KNOWLAND. May I ask the Senthe bigoted, hate-filled, discrimination- bill 5969, which is the Department of

ator from Nevada a question? He said screaming outside minority. Defense appropriation bill.

an agreement has been reached. Are END INDULGENCE IN PERSONALITIES

On Wednesday morning the Senate there additional amendments? Now, it is being only frank to point out will meet at 10 o'clock, so that we can get Mr. MCCARRAN. No; there are no that, during the course of the Senate Judi- off to an early start on the Defense De additional amendments, excepting the ciary Committee discussions, some rather partment appropriation bill.

amendment which comes is to be offered harsh words were uttered.

I hope to be able to announce late pursuant to the agreement and which I I personally have not participated in such harsh comment, so I have nothing personally Monday afternoon the further legisla have in my hand. to regret.

tive program, after consultation with the Mr. KNOWLAND. If the Senator will But I am sure that all the members of the policy committee and with the minority permit me to take it up with the macommittee do feel that it would have been leader. I thought Senators might like jority and minority calendar committees better all the way around had we been able to be advised as to what we have in mind I will try to find out if we can dispose to proceed on this issue without the occa for next week.

of it on the call of the calendar. sional indulgence in personalities which, unfortunately, occurred, because of the deep Senator yield?

Mr. LANGER. Mr. President, will the Mr. SMATHERS. Does the Senator feelings.

from Nevada know whether the senior However, what is past is past.

Mr. KNOWLAND. I yield to the Sen Senator from Oklahoma (Mr. KERR) has Let not the bitterness of that committee ator from North Dakota.

withdrawn his objection to Calendar No. discussion pour over onto the Senate floor. Mr. LANGER. Could we not have 293, Senate bill 1857, to amend certain Let us have a fair, prompt discussion on the some indication as to when we might statutes providing expeditious judicial

proceedings for the condemnation of It was a good meeting. It developed ways Treaty Organization, commonly known as lands for public purposes?

for us to work together for peace and justice NATO. It has a military force to which the Mr. McCARRAN. I have no informa

in many parts of the world. President Eisen- members contribute and which safeguards tion on that point.

hower's great speech of April 16, which he the vital interests of them all.

called The Chance for Peace, was heard Mr. SMATHERS. We have a standing

Our Congress is at the point of appropriaround the world. Leaders in other free ating funds which will represent our next request to interpose an objection to that

countries joined in the same refrain. Now year's contributions to this NATO force. from the senior Senator from Oklahoma. we have gone ahead to put these ideals into Some talk as though this were a giveaway Until he withdraws the objection we feel practice.

program. It is no more of a giveaway of constrained to object.


United States money than it is a giveaway Mr. KNOWLAND. If an agreement Of our many agreements, perhaps the most when you and I pay to provide for a municiregarding the bill can be brought about, significant was our invitation to the Soviet pal police

force or fire department to proand if the Senator will advise me, I will

Union to talk with us about unity and free tect us. We pay for collective security, besee if we can include it in the program

dom for Germany and Austria. That invita cause by joining together we get the most for the early part of next week.

tion was delivered the day before yesterday. protection at the least cost. The NATO force

If the Soviet accepts, we shall have a Four is a police force for the Atlantic Community. Mr. McCARRAN subsequently said:

Power meeting. So far, we have no clue as The other members, together, contribute to Mr. President, referring again to Calen to what the response will be.

it much more than we do. The resultant dar No. 293, Senate bill 1857, it was re Germany remains divided because the military force, which General Eisenhower ported by the Judiciary Committee May Soviet Union has continuously blocked our

first commanded, and which General Gruen18, 1953, and placed on the calendar. efforts to end the occupation and to unite

ther nɔw commands, gives protection which Since that time there have been amend Germany. The German people in the Rus

is vital to the United States. To illustrate, sian zone are suffering cruelly. Their suffer

let us suppose that the coal and iron and ments offered by me in order to clarify ings are not only material but moral. They

the tremendous industrial capacity of Westthe intent of this legislation. Those

are desperately short of food, and the Soviet ern Europe were to fall into hostile hands. amendments also were suggested by the Union will not let them take it from us. I That worild be a disaster which would cost us minority Policy Committee.

wonder why. Ever since the end of the war, far more than our contribution to NATO. This bill is based upon the provisions these East Germans have been living under à So, to get insurance against such risks, we of what is commonly known as the Milli reign of terror. But even 8 years of this has affirmed that NATO must go on. kin-O'Mahoney amendment to the act not crushed their spirit, and their mood is

EUROPEAN COMMUNITY of December 26, 1944. The staff of the becoming more and more rebellious. Since

At the heart of this NATO organization Judiciary Committee, together with the

last month there have been serious out-
breaks. The Russians had to call in their

there lie six continental countries of Westoffice of the Senator from Colorado [Mr. tanks and impose martial law. The situa

ern Europe. They are developing organic MILLIKIN), have worked out further tion is explosive. The Soviets admit that

unity. Already they have created a coal and amendments which I understand meet

steel community. They have signed a Detheir regime there has been a failure. with the approval of the distinguished

fense Community Treaty to create a com

Chancellor Adenauer, the head of the FedSenator from Colorado. eral Republic of West Germany, thinks that

mon defen u force. A treaty for political

unity is being worked on. The three MinIn view of the amendments which have now, at last, it might be possible to unite

isters agreed that these developments were been offered, I have drafted an amend- Germany. So, in consultation with him, we

of the utmost importance and that the crement in the nature of a substitute to the are trying again to achieve that goal.

ation of the European Defense Community bill which incorporates all the amend

Soviet rulers keep talking about peace. If

was a necessary step. ments heretofore suggested. I submit they really want peace they ought to allow the Germans to unite and, by free elections, .tary delays in taking this step. Some seem

There have been disappointing parliamenthis amendment in the nature of a sub

to establish their own all-German Governstitute to S. 1857 to the Senate for itsment. That is our proposal.

to think that this European Defense Comconsideration in lieu of S. 1857. I ask

munity has no purpose except to meet the AUSTRIA

threat from the Soviet Union, so that if that that the amendment be printed and lie

At the foreign ministers' meeting we de

treat were to diminish then the community on the table, so that Senators may have cided to try again to bring to Austria an end

would be unnecessary. That is not the true access to it. of the military occupation. As long ago as

case at all. The basic reason for European The PRESIDING OFFICER (Mr. HEN- 1947 a treaty giving independence had been

unity is that disunity has, for 150 years, DRICKSON in the chair). The amendment almost totally agreed upon between the Soviet

been a source of wars which have disaswill be received, printed, and lie on the Union and the three Western Powers. How

trously weakened the western European table. ever, the Soviet Union always refused to com

countries themselves, and have involved

The United plete the treaty. It has gone on occupying others in grievous trouble. eastern Austria and gone on exploiting its

States is among the sufferers. REPORT TO THE NATION BY THE economy. Here again the occupied people are

President Eisenhower, on the basis of his SECRETARY OF STATE AND AS- reaching a stage of exasperation. It is an

experience in Europe, both as supreme comSISTANT SECRETARY OF STATE other situation where the Soviet rulers, if they mander during the Second World War and really want the peace of which they talk so

also as head of the NATO forces, is convinced Mr. SMITH of New Jersey. Mr. Presi- much, will now at long last agree to a treaty of the necessity of unity between the nations dent, last night a joint report to the which will give freedom and independence to

of continental Europe. If that unity does Nation was made by the Honorable John Austria.

not come about, if the old structure of naFoster Dulles, Secretary of State, and


tional rivalry is rebuilt as the world's greatthe Honorable Walter S. Robertson, As We did not forget the other peoples of East

est fire hazard, that will mark the bankern Europe who at one time formed free and sistant Secretary of State, which was

ruptcy of statesmanship. carried on

This point of view was shared by all at our national radio networks independent nations but who are now in

Foreign Ministers meeting. We particularly throughout the country. In my opinion bondage to Soviet Russia. Such countries as the address is of such importance, in the

Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, emphasized that the unity of Europe was
Rumania, and the Baltic States ought to re-

necessary in itself and that its consummation light of the present world situation, that cover the real independence of which their

should in no way be dependent upon the I ask unanimous consent to have it people were so justly proud. They are en

existence of tension with the Soviet Union, printed in full in the body of the RECORD. titled to institutions which reflect their be

If there were no Soviet tension at all, the There being no objection, the report lief in God, their love of country, and their

uniting of Europe would still be essential for

lasting peace. was ordered to be printed in the RECORD, desire for human dignity. The foreign ministers of Britain and France agreed with us

That unification is not directed against as follows: to express our desire to see true liberty re

Eastern Europe or Russia, as the three MinThis has been an important week for us in stored in the countries of Eastern Europe.

isters pointed out. The European Commuthe State Department. Last Tuesday night we finished a 5-day meeting of the Foreign peoples is a danger to Russia and a danger

The mounting resentment of the oppressed nity is open to others, provided only that

they are free. If, for example, true liberty Ministers of Britain, France, and the United to peace. Here again is an area within which

were restored to Czechoslovakia, it could beStates. On Wednesday, Mr. Walter Robertthe Soviet Union can, if it wishes, act to

come a member of the European Community son, Assistant Secretary of State, returned assure the peace of which it talks so much.

and enjoy the vast economic and security from Korea. He had gone there at the Presi

benefits which are available to the commudent's and at my request to work out with


nity members. President Rhee the conditions which would We thought much about the Atlantic Com It is really amazing that the Soviet rulers make an armistice possible, if the Commu munity. The North Atlantic Treaty binds 14 are trying so hard to prevent this unificanists want one. A little later I am going nations to work together to safeguard the tion of Europe. Russia was one of the printo ask Mr. Robertson some questions about freedom, the common heritage, and the civi cipal victims of the two world wars which his mission, but first I shall speak about the lization of their peoples. Under that treaty began in Western Europe. If the Soviet Foreign Ministers' meeting.

there has been created the North Atlantic rulers really want the peace about which

they talk so much, they will stop the fanati will all three vigorously react to restore peace gression, & spirit unexcelled in any other cal and senseless Communist opposition to and security.

country of the world. The Korean Army, European unity and instead endorse it.

We agreed that, at least until further con equipped by us, holding two-thirds of the

ference, we will maintain our common poli- battlefront, is the largest, best-trained antiINDOCHINA

cies in relation to Communist China. This Communist army in Asia. . Such an indomWe turned to the Far East and exchanged

means that a Korean armistice would not itable spirit and such an army are powerful views about Indochina. In the past there

automatically lift our embargo on strategic assets to be preserved not destroyed. has been some criticism of the French Re

goods to Red China or lead to the acceptance "Secretary DULLES. What was the final attipublic for failing to promise liberty and in

of Communist China in the United Nations. tude of President Rhee toward an armistice dependence to the three associated states of

We also agreed that an armistice in Korea when you said good-bye to him in Seoul last Indochina-Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

must not result in jeopardizing the restora Sunday? It was felt that the peoples of these coun

tion of peace in other parts of Asia. In this "Assistant Secretary ROBERTSON. We were tries needed something of their own for which

connection we thought particularly of both very pleased that we had been able to to fight. The basis for that criticism should Indochina.

reach a wide area of agreement. The agreenow be removed. The French Government

As President Eisenhower said in his April ment was such that the United Nations comhas given assurance that it stands ready to

16 address, an armistice in Korea that merely mand was satisfied that it could in good faith grant complete sovereignty and independ

released aggressive armies to attack else- proceed with an armistice confident, as you ence to the three associated states. Negotia

where would be a fraud. We are on our guard said earlier, Mr. Secretary, that President tions on this matter will start in the near against that.

Rhee would offer no obstruction to its imfuture.

Now let me ask a few questions of Mr. plementation.
Last Monday Mr. Bidault, the French For-

“Secretary DULLES. I know that you had eign Minister, and I invited the representa

"Secretary DULLES. Won't you tell us why a great deal of discussion with President tives of these three states to meet with us. you went to Korea?

Rhee about the political conference which We found that they looked forward eagerly

Assistant Secretary ROBERTSON. I went, might follow an armistice. This was one of to working out arrangements with the French

Mr. Secretary, because you and President the things about which he has been worried. Government to complete their sovereignty

Eisenhower sent me. My mission, as you what was his final attitude on this matter? and independence. It seemed that they do

know, was to clear up misunderstandings “Assistant Secretary ROBERTSON. You are not want to be wholly divorced from France.

which were threatening to wreck allied unity quite right, Mr. Secretary, that was one of They have, with France, strong bonds of a

at a time when we needed most to be unified. the great worries of President Rhee. He was cultural, economic, and military nature.

I carried messages from President Eisen afraid that the political conference might be These can be preserved, consistent with full hower and fron. you to President Rhee as

carried on indefinitely as a device to perpetindependence, within the French Union, suring him of America's good will and

uate uncertainty and as a cover behind which which, like the British Commonwealth, offers friendship for the people of Korea, of Amer

his country might be infiltrated and his a possibility of free association of wholly ica's admiration for the magnificent and

people subjected to hostile propaganda. We independent and sovereign nations.

enduring fortitude shown by the South agreed that if it should turn out that way-if This action of the French Government Korean people in defense of their liberties

it were obvious that the Communists were makes clear the distinction between those and of your personal sympathetic under

not negotiating in good faith, we would try who would grant independence and those standing of President Rhee's concern for the

to end the conference as a sham and a hoswho would destroy it. It should make it

tile trick. fujure of his country. easier to stop Communist aggression in that

"Secretary DULLES. What did you find the

Secretary DULLES. Many here ask if we part of the world. Korean attitude toward an armistice to be?

can trust President Rhee to carry out his We discussed plans for military operations “Assistant Secretary ROBERTSON. The Ko

assurances. What is your impression? : in Indochina. These are being developed by rean people were not opposed to the armis

“Assistant Secretary ROBERTSON. It is natthe French General Navarre who has re

tice because they like to suffer and to die. ural that there should be doubts. I might cently gone there. Our Government sent. They were opposed to it because of a deep

say that there are many in Korea who ask General O’Daniel to confer with him. We fear that the armistice is but a Communist

whether the Republic of Korea can trust the believe that the new French plans are vig trick and device to win by negotiation what

United States to carry out its assurances. orous and deserve to be implemented in that they have failed to achieve on the battle

I have no doubt on either score. I feel conspirit. The United States has a large interfield-a deep fear that the United Nations

fident of President Ree's sincerity and of his est in the matters because our position in were weary of the struggle and might sacri

intention to carry out in good faith his the western Pacific could be put in jeopardy fice Korea as Koreans feel they have been

assurances to me. This is no time for us to if Communists were allowed to overrun the sacrificed in the past to great power inter

doubt each other. We need to work together southeast Asian peninsula of which Indoests. My task was to convince President

in confidence as friends and allies. I hope china forms a major part. We are already Rhee that the United Nations objective, the

that my mission helped to put our relationhelping there with material aid. This inUnited States objective and the Republic of

ship on that basis. volves the second largest cost item of our Korea's objective, namely, a free, independ

"Secretary DULLES. Thank you very much, mutual security program, participation in ent and united Korea, were one and the same,

Mr. Robertson. You have done a fine job of the NATO army being first. I believe we that our differences lay rot in objectives but

diplomacy in accordance with our best Amershould help effective resistance to Commuin methods to be used for the achievement

ican tradition. nist aggressors everywhere, and in Indochina of a common objective. The bitterness ere

“Assistant Secretary ROBERTSON. Thank it may save us from having to spend much

and arong some of our United Naticns allies you very much, Mr. Secretary. I should have more money to protect our vital interests in

caused by President Rhee's unilateral action been completely helpless without the wise the Pacific. in releasing some 27,000 anti-Communist

counsel and support of President Eisenhower, KOREA

prisoners is duplicated in Korea by a bitter of yourself, and of the congressional leaders Of course, our Foreign Ministers meeting ness distilled of their fears. Whatever the

with whom I know you were in frequent gave much consideration to Korea. We en cause of the bitterness on both sides, it

consultation.” dorsed the efforts of the United Nations needed to be removed.

CONCLUSION Command to conclude an early armistice on "Secretary DULLES. Why is it so important Now, I conclude with two points: the honorable terms which the command for us to stand shoulder to shoulder with 1. The policies we are now pursuing are has proposed. But we are not suppliants. the Republic of Korea?

showing their worth. . Today it is the despots We are ready for honorable peace. But if "Assistant Secretary ROBERTSON. Because who are worried and seeking new leaders and the Communists want war, we must be ready the enemy we face in Korea is the same ruth- new plans. The satellite countries are in a for that, too.

less evil force which threatens free people state of unrest, and within the Soviet ComThe Communists have been pretending along the perimeter of the globe. It seeks to munist Party convulsions are occurring. The that there cannot be an armistice because destroy not only Korea but the entire free No. 2 man of the triumvirate which was supthe U. N. Command does not guarantee the world as well. By no possible circumstance posedly to govern Russia, who was head of future conduct of the Republic of Korea. consistent with honor should we permit a the secret police, is today a victim of his That is absurd. The proposed armistice does situation to develop where we find ourselves own system of terror. It is impossible to not guarantee the future conduct of any fighting against our ally, the brave people of predict what may happen in Russia. What government. I wish that someone would Korea, who are bearing the human brunt of can be said with confidence is that, under guarantee the future good conduct of the the battle and who have suffered incredibly such policies as President Eisenhower has Communist regime of China. But President for their cause and ours.

proclaimed, the free world is getting stronger, Rhee has given explicit assurance that he “The devastation and suffering which has while strain and stress rocks the Soviet and will not obstruct in any manner the imple struck this little country adds up to a ghastly satellite world. mentation of the proposed armistice.

total. Approximately 1 million human lives 2. Our program for Europe and Asia is a At the Foreign Ministers' meeting, France have been lost. There are an estimated 212 program for peace and for the liberty and and Great Britain joined with us in some million refugees, 5 million are destitute, ap justice which are necessary if peace is to be important commitments about Korea. We proximately 600,000 houses have been de durable. Repression can give the illusion agreed that if there is an armistice and stroyed, with war damages of approximately of peace, but it is only illusion. For sooner political conference, we shall try our best to $1 billion. Despite this frightful toll, the or later the repression becomes unbearable bring about Korean unity by peaceful means. crusading spirit of President Rhee has in and human emotions, explode with violence.

Furthermore, we agreed that if the Com spired the people with an amazing courage, That is why we seek liberty for the satellite munists should violate the armistice, we fortitude, and will to fight Communist ag countries. That is why we seek unity and

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