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PROVO, UTAH, July 9, 1953.


House of Representatives,

House of Representatives,
Washington, D. C.:

Washington, D. C.: Strongly urge adoption of revised Nixon Ernestly hope you may be able to give amendment as proposed by Tolly committee favorable consideration to the revised Nixon of educators.


FRANCIS P. GAINES, President, Brigham Young University. President, Washington and Lee University.

tuition schools by providing higher subsistence levels than those attending schools with higher tuitions.

A. A. LEMIEUX, S. J., President, Seattle University.


House of Representatives: We endorse the revised Nixon amendment and urge adoption.

THORNTON W. MERRIAM, Dean and Vice President, Spring

field College.

COLUMBIA, S. C., July 8, 1953. Hon. WILLIAM L. SPRINGER,

House of Representatives: We earnestly support the amendment now being proposed to Public Law 550 which will provide for direct Veterans' Administration payments to educational institutions. We believe this new amendment provides for a more equitable division of veteran students.

DONALD RUSSELL, President, University of South Carolina.

LAKELAND, FLA., July 7, 1953.
House Office Building,

Washington, D. C.:
Florida Southern College heartily endorses
your amendment granting monthly payment
on educational costs under Public Law 550.
The bill as it now stands has forced almost
all under its provisions out of private insti-

LUDD M. SPIVEY, President, Florida Southern College.

WINTER PARK, FLA., July 7, 1953.

STOCKTON, CALIF., July 6, 1953.

House of Representatives:

Washington, D. C.:
Rollins College strongly supports revised College of the Pacific supports Public Law
Nixon amendment.

550 amendment as important step in right

direction. Present educational provision for
Dean, Rollins College.

veterans is highly discriminatory to private

NEW YORK, N. Y., July 7, 1953.

President, College of the Pacific.
House of Representatives:

ELKINS, W. VA., July 6, 1953.
Proposed revised Nixon amendment to

Congressman WILLIAM L. SPRINGER, Public Law 550 would benefit veterans and

House Office Building, all institutions of higher learning. Strongly

Washington, D. C.: urge its enactment.

Urge support of Public Law 550 amendment
President, Hunter College.

as presently supported by Tolley committee.
Recommending division of funds now going

to veterans so that single veterans enrolling NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y., July 7, 1953. after September 1, 1953, will receive $80 Hon. WILLIAM L. SPRINGER,

monthly subsistence while VA will grant House of Representatives: $30 monthly as part payment on Niagara University heartily approves re

cational costs to nonprofit institutions of vised Nixon amendment to Public Law 550 higher learning for each veteran enrolled and earnestly urges immediate action.

with no distinction being made becveen taxFRANCIS L. MEADE,

supported and private institutions. President, Niagara University.


President, Davis and Elkins College.
DELAND, FLA., July 7, 1953.

CHAMPLAIN, ILL., July 8, 1953.
House of Representatives,

Washington, D.C.:

President, American Council on Educa-
The revised Nixon amendment is a highly

tion, Washington, D. C. desirable step to reduce the strikingly un

For your information regarding July 10

joint conference on Public Law 550. In equal provisions relating to lower costs and higher costs institutions in their dealings

view of difficulties with law as now operat

ing, University of Illinois joins other instiwith Korean veterans. It will minimize the double taxation feature. We urge this action

tutions in support of Congressman SPRING

ER's proposal to (a) separate payments of as a matter of practical justice and simple

tuition from subsistence; (b) pay fixed sum procedure. STETSON UNIVERSITY,

such as $30 per month to the institution for J. OLLIE EDMUNDS, President.

each registrant on full enrollment status;

(c) make uniform payments to all instituC. H. FRANKLIN, Business Manager.

tions public and private, (d) require no neH. W. HURT, Director Admissions.

gotiation or contract, but only certification

of each registrant and without regard to TACOMA, WASH., July 7, 1953. existing tuition schedules. We believe this Hon. WILLIAM L. SPRINGER,

is best way to eliminate present tendency House of Representatives:

of veterans to be influenced by the law in Pacific Lutheran College supports the re

selecting institutions and to establish equity vised Nixon amendment to the Korea GI bill.

as between public and private institutions.

We favor united action by all educational
S. C. EASTVOLD, President.

organizations on this basis. It will be all

right to quote us accordingly. HOLLAND, Mich., July 7, 1953.


President, University of Illinois.
House of Representatives:
Hope College vigorously urges enactment

SEATTLE, WASH., July 9, 1953.
of revised Nixon amendment, Public Law 550. Hon. WILLIAM L. SPRINGER,
IRWIN J. LUBBES, President.

House of Representatives,

Washington, D. C.:
GRINNELL, IOWA, July 7, 1953.

Please use your influence in favor of the

revised Nixon amendment to Public Law 550. House of Representatives:

It will remove serious inequities in present Grinnell College urgently requests passage College with its total student body of above

law. I speak in behalf of Seattle Pacific of revised Nixon amendment to Public Law

1,000—and a large constituency. I also speak 550. SAMUEL M. STEVENS,

as past president of the Association of Non

Tax-Supported Colleges of Washington.


President, Seattle Pacific College.
NORTHFIELD, MINN., July 7, 1953.

SEATTLE, WASH., July 9, 1953.
House of Representatives: Congressman WILLIAM L. SPRINGER,
Carleton College strongly urges passage of Chairman, Subcommittee, House Com-
the revised Nixon amendment to Public Law

mittee on Veterans Affairs, 500 as recommended by Association of Amer

Washington, D. C.: ican Colleges.

After reading Tolley's report, urge passage

of compromise measure. Present legislation
President. discriminates between GI's attending cheap-

SALEM, OREG., July 7, 1953.
House Office Building,

Washington, D. C.:
The continued efforts to provide a more
equitable administration of veterans' edu-
cational benefits are greatly appreciated. I
understand that consideration is now being
given to the amending of Public Law 550. I
hope you will continue to use your influence
in favor of the revised Nixon amendment.

G. HERBERT SMITH, President, Willamette University.

MIDDLETOWN, CONN., July 7, 1953.
House of Representatives,

Washington, D. C.:
Have just learned of the proposal that
Public Law 550 be amended to grant $30
monthly as part payment of educational
costs to nonprofit institutions of higher
learning for each veteran enrolled with no
distinction being made between tax-sup-
ported and private institutions. I am im-
pressed with proposal as being a fairer ar-
rangement among institutions and partic-
ularly giving veterans a wider educational
choice. Wish you to know I thoroughly ap-

Dr. VICTOR L. BUTTERFIELD, President, Wesleyan University.

ALMA, MICH., July 7, 1953.
House of Representatives,

Washington, D. C.:
We at Alma College heartily endorse the
proposed modification of Public Law 550 as
submitted by the subcommittee on the as-
sociation of American colleges.


OMAHA, NEBR., July 7, 1953.
House of Representatives,

Washington, D. C.:
Am in total sympathy with revised Nixon
amendment. Public Law 550 is unsound and

CARL M. REINERT, S. J., President, Creighton University.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF., July 7, 1953. $80 monthly subsistence of single veterans (The letter is as follows:) Hon. WILLIAM L. SPRINGER, enrolling after September 1, 1953, in non

THE AMERICAN LEGION, House of Representatives,

profit institutions of higher education with Washington, D. C.:

NATIONAL LEGISLATIVE COMMISSION, no distinctions being made between tax-sup

Washington, D. C., July 17, 1953. Vigorously endorse revised Nixon amend- ported and private institutions. I urge your ment. support of this amendment.


Chairman, House


Veterans Affairs Committee, House of Representa

tives, House Office Building, WashPASADENA, CALIF., July 7, 1953,

CHICAGO, ILL.; July 8, 1953.


DEAR CONGRESSWOMAN ROGERS: Attached House of Representatives,

House of Representatives,

hereto is a copy of a communication adWashington, D. C.:

Washington, D. C.: dressed to Senator SALTONSTALL in connecStrongly urge support of revised Nixon The faculty of Mundelein College gives its tion with conference on H. R. 5690. An amendment to Public Law 550 as being in the support to the proposal of the Association of identical letter was sent to each House and interest of veterans and of education.

American Colleges regarding the revised Senate conferee. We would be most happy if
Nixon amendment to Public Law 550.

you would arrange with your subcommittee President, California Institute of Sister MARY JOHN MICHAEL, President. chairman, General KEARNEY, to have this Technology.

inserted in the record of the current hearWOOSTER, OHIO, July 14, 1953.

ings. DAYTON, OHIO, July 7, 1953. Hon. WILLIAM L. SPRINGER,

The national legislative commission also Hon. WILLIAM L. SPRINGER,

House of Representatives,

wishes to commend the committee for its House of Representatives,

House Office Building,

deep interest in the problems confronting Washington, D.C.:

Washington, 'D. C.:

veterans and particularly for its action yesUniversity of Dayton supports revised The College of Wooster hopes you will sup

terday in composing and proposing an Nixon amendment. port revised Nixon amendment to Public

amendment to H. R. 5690, page 14, which Rey. HENRY J. KOBES, Dean. Law 550.

would reasonably effect changes in the curHOWARD LOWRY, President.

rent language of the bill so as to offer pro

tection to the Spanish-American War vetCHICAGO, ILL., July 8, 1953.

erans, those benefited under Public Law 16 Hon. WILLIAM L. SPRINGER,

LOS ANGELES, CALIF., July 9, 1953. and further, prevent necessity for review of
House of Representatives:

cases prior to July 1, 1953, which have alThis is to urge you to look favorably upon

House of Representatives: ready been rated. This last item alone would the revised Nixon amendment as a more Pepperdine College supports revised Nixon represent a considerable saving in money, equitable arrangement for Public Law 550. amendment to Public Law 550.

possibly as much as the dental work inRev. J. J. T. CALLAHAN,

HUGH M. TINER, President. volved.
Academic Vice President, Loyola

Thanking you and members of your com-

ST. LOUIS, Mo., July 9, 1953.

mittee for your many kindnesses in behalf Hon. WILLIAM L. SPRINGER,

of veterans legislation, I am FLUSHING, N. Y., July 8, 1953.

House of Representatives:

Sincerely yours,
On behalf of Washington University, I en-

House of Representatives:
dorse revised Nixon amendment to Public

Director, Heartily support the revised Nixon amend- Law 550. ment, Public Law 550.


JULY 16, 1953.

Re Conference on H. R. 5690
President, Queens College of the

City of New York,

PEORIA, ILL., July 9, 1953.

United States Senate, Senate Office BuildHon. WILLIAM L. SPRINGER,

ing, Washington, D. C. House of Representatives:


Bradley University supports the revised Hon. WILLIAM L. SPRINGER,

Legion is very much concerned over the effect Nixon amendment and strongly urges its

of two items in the second independent ofHouse of Representatives,

adoption. Washington, D.C.:

fices appropriation bill for 1954, H. R. 5690,

A. G. HAUSSLER, St. Benedict's College wholeheartedly sup

as passed by the Senate, as follows:

Acting President, Bradley University. ports the revised Nixon amendment.

I. Elimination of the amount, with the exRt. Rev. CUTHBERT MCDONALD, O. S. B.

ception of the $2,500,000 earmarked for planPresident, St. Benedict's College,

CLEVELAND, OHIO, July 9, 1953. ning, approved by the House for the conHon. WILLIAM L. SPRINGER,

struction of new neuropsychiatric hospitals

House of Representatives: at San Francisco and Topeka, and addition NEW YORK, N. Y., July 8, 1953.

The administrators of Fenn College are in to the VA hospital at Houston for NP and TB Hon. WILLIAM L. SPRINGER,

unanimous agreement that the revised beds, $48,867,000. House of Representatives:

Nixon amendment to Public Law 550 should II. The interpretation placed by the VA Your support of the revised Nixon amendbe vigorously supported.

on the section pertaining to outpatient feement is earnestly requested.


basis dental care (lines 4 to 17, p. 14, H. R. Rev. Brother B. THOMAS, F. S. C.,

President, Fenn College. 5690, dated July 10, 1953).
President, Manhattan College.

(Mr. SPRINGER asked and was given

permission to revise and extend his re As set forth in our previous communicaNEW YORK, N. Y., July 8, 1953. marks and to include extraneous matter

tion to Senators BRIDGES and SALTONSTALL, Hon. WILLIAM L. SPRINGER, and a number of telegrams.)

there are compelling facts in support of the House of Representatives:

construction of these installations: Fordham University favors the revised

1. There is a glaring shortage of beds for Nixon amendment and urges its adoption. LAURENCE J. MCGINLEY, President. MEDICAL AND HOSPITAL PROGRAM the mentally ill and tuberculous veterans.

The construction of these beds will relieve OF THE VETERANS' ADMINISTRA

the shortage somewhat. Moreover, a collaterTION CANTON, N. Y., July 8, 1953.

al effect, especially in the San Francisco area, Hon. WILLIAM L. SPRINGER,

The SPEAKER. Under special order

will be the release of a certain number of House of Representatives: of the House heretofore entered, the beds occupied by veterans in county or State Revised Nixon amendment would help in gentlewoman from Massachusetts (Mrs.

institutions. making Korean GI bill equitable to all col ROGERS] is recognized for 10 minutes.

2. The San Francisco project was approved leges. St. Lawrence University wholeheart

Mrs. ROGERS of Massachusetts. Mr.

in 1946 and the Topeka project in 1948. The edly supports your efforts for enactment of Speaker, I want to include as part of my

former is a new hospital sorely needed in a this amendment.

critical area. E. G. BEWKES,

The latter will replace, a temremarks a letter from the American Le

porary Army hospital which the VA took over President, St. Lawrence University. gion regarding the conference on H. R.

and which has a high maintenance cost. 5690, which is the independent offices

The Chief Medical Director testified July 15 appropriation bill, the Veterans' AdminROCKFORD, ILL., July 8, 1953.

before the House Veterans Subcommittee on Congressman WILLIAM L. SPRINGER,

istration section of it. It is a letter from Hospitals that this temporary structure is Washington, D. C.:

Miles D. Kennedy, the Director, and is obsolete and most undesirable. I am highly in favor of the amendment to a very important letter containing valu 3. There is no question about ability to Public Law 550 concerning the granting of able information, I believe.

staff these institutions, a fact which is always

a most important consideration in the build likely require additional man-hours in the cal Association under date of May 27. It will ing and activation of hospitals in this cate adjudication service, increase the current ad be noted that there is a lapse of almost 2: gory. In fact, the Topeka hospital is the big judicatory load, and cause further delays in

judicatory load, and cause further delays in weeks from the date of submission of my training center of the VA for psychiatrists. the initial dental care of war veterans whose article until it was returned to me, not hav

4. The authorization for the San Francisco conditions were incurred in or aggravated by ing been accepted for publication. installation and the acquisition of grounds service, We respectfully submit that the You will note from my letter of May 11 for the Topeka hospital survived the Presi dental records at separation from service of that my article was written solely at the dential cutback of 16,100 beds on January the Spanish-American War veterans are nil, behest of the special medical advisory group, 10, 1949.

and those for the World War I and World which, as I explained yesterday, is the statuThe VA appropriations for the fiscal year War II veterans very inadequate. Removing tory body of consultants provided for in 1953 did not carry over previous contract au the presumptive period without hearings as Public Law 293, and the article was not one thorizations, with the result that the pre to the consequences and how procedures that I personally instigated. It would well liminary work that had been started on the might be reasonably altered to reflect the real seem that it would not have been as imSan Francisco project had to be suspended. wishes of Congress may very well inflict portant for it to fail to publish an article Preliminary planning thereon has been only greater damage contemplated.

which had been written on a personal basis, partially completed. Although provision is Moreover, there is a limitation as to the as to fail to publish an article which was made to appropriate $2,500,000 for comple amount expended in the appropriation itself. prepared as a result of a resolution emanattion of these plans, and although the press If the amendment should prevail, not very ing from a statutory policy advisory body as quotes the chairman of the subcommittee to much of the $23 million can be used to cut the special medical advisory group. In the the effect that it would be impossible for the down the pending load and alleviate the discussions bringing forth this resolution at Veterans' Administration to get started with dental troubles of thousands of deserving a meeting last fall, it was brought out by the construction of these three projects dur veterans whose dental conditions are in fact the special medical advisory group that it ing the current fiscal year, we most earnestly due to service.

was their feeling that there was so much request reconsideration and the restoration The final consideration on this point is misinformation and lack of information of the full amount for the construction and that the change is made effective only for abroad that if the facts were presented to completion of these hospitals approved by the fiscal year 1954. What is to be done at the medical public, they would dispel and the House.

the expiration of this fiscal year? Does the allay much of the criticism. The members If this is done, it would not necessarily VA then revert to the system in vogue up to of the group are well informed on our mean the expenditure of more cash than the June 30, 1953, in the adjudication and es medical program and have very materially VA could actually use in planning, prepara tablishment of service connection in dental helped to formulate it. tion of specifications, advertising for bids, claims?

There is another reason why I am suband otherwise going ahead with the construc In conclusion, we support the Senate Com- mitting the attached correspondence for the tion as promptly as conditions permit. But it mittee on Appropriations in its recommen information of your committee and your would afford positive assurance that Congress dation “that the entire program of dental subcommittee, and that is because there is is back of these projects and that funds are service to veterans be reviewed by the legis a reference in the correspondence, placed in really earmarked for these purposes. The lative committees of the Congress.” If it is the RECORD yesterday, with a very definite delays already occasioned, especially as to the desire of Congress that the manner of es relationship between what was then prethe San Francisco hospital, and the ever tablishing service connection for dental con sented and what I am now presenting. The growing need for these additional beds, make ditions be amended and the extent of treat fact that I did not ask to have the latter it imperative, we feel, that these funds, ment be restricted, we sincerely submit that inserted yesterday, was an oversight on my $48,867,000, be restored.

the reasonable and sound method of accom part, in the attempt to cover-as you and DENTAL SERVICES plishing this is through hearings before the the members of your committee so well

know-many subjects in the hearing period. The second item is the restriction imposed appropriate legislative committees of the upon out-patient fee-basis dental care. AcCongress.

It must certainly be obvious to you and cording to va interpretation, this program

Sincerely yours,

the members of the committee that for me is virtually at a standstill. The Director of


to have to voice an opinion not in conthe National Rehabilitation Commission re

Director. sonance with the board of trustees of the ports receipt of airmail complaints over the

American Medical Association and many

Mrs. ROGERS of Massachusetts. I other colleagues and intimate professional meaning, interpretation, intent, and applica- also wish to make a part of my remarks and personal friends, is most unpleasant. I tion of the dental provision referred to above. For example, one message from a State sery

a letter from Admiral Boone, of the Vet- love my profession dearly and I am enriched ice director is to the effect "we are in a comerans' Administration, regarding the ar

by a host of friends in my profession. I plete tailspin as to the meaning and correct ticle From A to Z on this medical ques

have given to it freely with an intense deinterpretation * *” of VA instructions on tion.

votion for 40 years. I would be just as the restriction in dental and out-patient

negligent to fail to point out what I consider

(The letter follows:) dental care. Another is to the effect "we are

to be the error of its ways as I would as a quite confused and concerned over some


parent in facing the issues of the day with recent TWX's from central ofñce with ref

Washington, D. C., July 17, 1953. my child or with any of my associates. The erence to treatment for service-connected Hon. EDITH NOURSE ROGERS,

Chief Medical Director of the Veterans' Addental conditions."

House of Representatives,

ministration must provide a leadership for The above, in our opinion, is but a fore

Washington, D. C.

the largest single segment of physicians and runner of what can prevail if the provisions DEAR MRS. ROGERS: In view of the fact that

ancillary personnel in America. It would of H. R. 5690 pertaining to out-patient fee- in my testimony yesterday before your sub

not only be unbecoming for me to fail to basis dental care obtain as passed by the committee I made reference, as you know, to

defend the medical mission of the Veterans' Senate. the article I prepared entitled “From A to

Administration but it would be cowardly. Briefly, the effect of the new amendment 2–An Examination of Certain Popular Mis

I cannot pursue the easiest course in meetis to require that original applications for conceptions Concerning the Medical and

ing the issues of the day. President Harding dental care pending rating determination as Hospital Program of the Veterans' Adminis

so well said in my presence: of July 1, 1953; applications rated but treat- tration,” and the chairman of the subcom

"It is wise to pound out the great issues ment not authorized as of July 1, 1953; ap mittee kindly permitted me to introduce

of the day on the anvil of public opinion." plications pending as of the same date; and into the record certain correspondence be

Your committee, as representative of the applications received within 1 year from July tween Dr. Karl Menninger and the Ameri

body politic, are most admirably doing that 1, 1953, will have to be referred to the ad can Medical Association, which letters I read

very thing and I have nothing but the judication division or service for determina- prior to their submission, I feel that if the highest respect and admiration for the magtion 'or redetermination of whether or not subcommittee is willing, that the original nificent and vital role that you have taken service connection on a direct basis is in correspondence which emanated from me in these recent months in bringing before order, that is, the disability or condition with the American Medical Association in the American public facts and truth. My shown to have existed at time of discharge. regard to the article, should be included

faith is such that I know the cause of the It is estimated that there are about 240,000 in the record in the proper place. I am

present medical program for the veterans of applications of World War II and Korean therefore attaching certain correspondence this Nation is a just and wise one; thereveterans which will have to be rerated and which will provide informative background fore, I have no apprehension about the outeligibility redetermined. and make for more completion of the

come. Your committee has given me treMoreover, the elderly group of veterans subject.

mendous assistance in making it possible covered by Public Law 791, 81st Congress, One of the letters, as I said, is my original for me to try to accomplish my single amand disabled veterans being treated under one to Maj. Gen. George F. Lull, secretary

bition and that is to so do the job and to Public Law 16, 78th Congress, may not now and general manager of the American Medi found it on such firm foundations that my have dental care unless they meet the new cal Association, under date of May 11.

successor will be able to do an infinitely requirements.

The second is a telegram from me to Gen

better one. The present Congress is intent upon econ- eral Lull, under date of May 27, with a tele With my gratitude to you and each memomy and reduction in expenditures. With graphic reply from him of the same date. ber of your committee for the service it is that the American Legion takes no issue. Next is a letter from Dr. Austin Smith, rendering us here in the Veterans' AdminHowever, we here have a proposal which will editor of the Journal of the American Medi istration, to the veterans of this country


who presently medicalwise are my charges treatment of tuberculosis. Because tuber. It would seem reasonable, insofar as possible, and to me in this very difficult position, I am culosis is a communicable disease, and be. that such of these facilities which are so Very sincerely,

cause the cost of the prolonged hospitaliza- located and so staffed as to give care of high J. T. BOONE,

tion necessary in the treatment of tubercu- quality by current medical standards be utiVice Admiral (Medical Corps), United losis is such that essentially no patients can lized on a contract basis by the Veterans'

States Navy, Retired, Chief Medical afford such hospitalization through their Administration to care for either serviceDirector.

own financial resources, it has become gen connected or non-service-connected cases of Mrs. ROGERS of Massachusetts. I must be provided through governmental

erally accepted that such hospitalization tuberculosis in veterans. should like to say to the House that the agencies and paid for through tax funds.

"4. What standards do you think should be chairman of the Subcommittee on Hos

set for determining eligibility for hospitali"From the standpoint of segregation of

zation for the non-service-connected case? pitals (Mr. KEARNEY] held very fine hear- the infectious patient until he is no longer

“In my opinion, so far as tuberculosis is ings last week, and the acting chairman, a menace to others, it does not matter whether such hospitalization is in an in

concerned, the only requirement should be the gentleman from Pennsylvania [Mr. stitution financed by the Federal Govern

the diagnosis by competent medical authorSAYLOR1 has held very important hear- ment, State government, or local govern- ity of active tuberculosis requiring hospitaliings this week. There was a statement ment. The quality of care provided by the

zation. by the head of the Tuberculosis Associa Veterans' Administration for tuberculosis "5. Should the possession of a private-hostion of the United States today, which patients is equal to, and frequentaly better pital-insurance contract entitling the vetwas a very fine contribution, which I will than, that provided by State and local tu eran to treatment in a private hospital be include as part of my remarks regarding berculosis hospitals.

a bar to hospitalization in a VA hospital? hospitalization of tuberculosis cases.

"Since tuberculosis is the most serious

"I believe practically no private-hospitalHis organization went on record favorcommunicable disease problem in the United

insurance contract includes tuberculosis as States, since it is still the leading disease as ing hospitalization of all tuberculosis

one of the illnesses for which the contract is a cause of death between the ages of 15 and cases, whether they can afford to pay or 34, which are such important years from the

valid, so that I believe this does not enter not. It believes the cure of tuberculosis standpoint of family life and productive

the picture so far as tuberculosis is con

cerned.” is vital, not only to the patient but to manpower, and since the TB death rate is

SUMMARY the Nation, so that it is imperative to twice as high among men as among women, it would seem to be desirable to make avail

I believe that Congress should establish an give them free hospitalization. The able hospitalization to veterans for non

unqualified policy that veterans suffering State of New York does not ask whether service-connected cases, as well as service

from non-service-connected tuberculosis a man can afford to pay or not for tuberconnected cases, as part of the all-out cam

should be eligible for hospitalization through culosis care. As the House knows there paign throughout the country to rid our

the Veterans' Administration as well as vetis a shortage of beds all over the country. selves as soon as possible of this completely

erans with service-connected tuberculosis, Also, Mr. Speaker, I wish to include as unnecessary drain on our finances and man

although priority should be given the service

connected case if inadequate funds or facilipart of my remarks a statement by Dr. power. Priority, however, should be given to service-connected cases if funds and fa

ties make necessary differentiations between Perkins, which is as follows: cilities are not adequate to cover both the

the service-connected and non-service-conSTATEMENT ON POLICY OF TUBERCULOSIS Hosservice-connected and non-service-connect


ed cases. (Presented by James E. Perkins, M. D., man "Establishment of an unqualified policy

aging director of the National Tuberculosis by Congress to the effect that non-service THE NEW ADMINISTRATOR OF VETAssociation, before the House Veterans' connected cases are eligible for such hos ERANS' AFFAIRS, MR. HARVEY V. Affairs Subcommittee on Hospitals, Wash- pitalization would greatly facilitate adequate

HIGLEY ington, D. C., July 17, 1953)

planning on the part of the tuberculosis AUTHORITY OF STATEMENT

division of the Veterans' Administration. Mrs. ROGERS of Massachusetts. Mr.

Under the present indefinite policy it is diffiSince there is no opportunity for the clear

Speaker, I would like to tell the House cult to estimate future needs for facilities. ance of this statement by the executive com

how glad I am and how much interested mittee or board of directors of the National "2. Is payment for all or a part of the hos I am in the announcement of the PresiTuberculosis Association prior to this pres pitalization for the non-service-connected dent, in sending the name to the Senate entation, this statement must be considered case feasible or desirable?

of Mr. Harvey V. Higley, of Marinette, the personal opinion of the managing direc "Because of the communicable nature of Wis., to be Administrator of Veterans' tor. He believes, however, that it probably tuberculosis, it is my opinion that no pay Affairs. I believe the membership of represents the opinion of the majority of the ment should be required for hospitalization

the House and the country and the vetboard of directors and of those involved in of either the non-service-connected case or the voluntary tuberculosis control movement the service-connected case of tuberculosis in

erans will receive that news with a very throughout the United States. a veteran. Very few patients can afford to


pay for such care anyway and it is to the Mr. KERSTEN of Wisconsin. Mr. ASSOCIATION

advantage of the general public that there Speaker, will the gentlewoman yield? The National Tuberculosis Association, tobe no barriers to prompt segregation of the

Mrs. ROGERS of Massachusetts. I infectious patient, with sufficiently prolonged gether with its State and local affiliated asso

yield to the gentleman from Wisconsin. and adequate treatment to render him so ciations, is one of the oldest voluntary health

Mr. KERSTEN of Wisconsin. I should well cured that it is unlikely he will again organizations in the country, having been break down into an infectious case.

like to say that I know Mr. Higley. He established in 1904, and is one of the most

"It is difficult enough as it is to persuade comes from my State, from Marinette, completely organized. There is a tubercu

a patient to remain in the hospital long Wis. I know him to be a great, good, losis association in every State, as well as in

enough to thoroughly stabilize the healed Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Es

intelligent man, and know he will do a area in the lung and reduce the likelihood sentially, every community has a local

wonderful job for the veterans of this of a relapse. When payment for care is retuberculosis association, operating under the quired the patient is more likely to leave

country. I commend the administravarious State associations; a total of some the hospital too early and against the advice

tion for this appointment. I know the 3,000 tuberculosis associations involving

of his physician. Instead of becoming a hundreds of thousands of people as members,

gentlewoman will agree with me as she board directors, and staff. Its medical secpermanent taxpayer instead of a tax con

comes to know him, if she does not tion, the American Trudeau Society, has a

sumer, such a patient usually breaks down
again shortly and second attempts at cure

already know him.
membership of over 5,000 physicians. This
are always more prolonged, more likely to

Mrs. ROGERS of Massachusetts. I movement is supported, almost in its en

end in tragedy, and more costly than an know him a little, and I know of his good tirety, through the sale of Christmas seals

adequate period of continuous treatment to bearing the registered trade-mark of the

works. I know of his ability as a busibegin with. double-barred cross.

ness executive and I know of his great "3. Would it be desirable that contract hosCOMMENTS ON SPECIFIC QUESTIONS CONTAINED

activities for the American Legion lo

pitalization be provided for certain nonIN THE LETTER DATED JUNE 19, 1953, FROM

was comservice-connected cases over and above cally, and nationally. He THE HONORABLE B. W. KEARNEY, CHAIRMAN

that authorized today?

mander of the State American Legion OF THE SUBCOMMITTEE ON HOSPITALS, AP

and a member of the executive commitPEARING ON PAGE A3858 OF THE APPENDIX OF

“Although taking the United States as a THE CONGRESSIONAL RECORD FOR JUNE 22, whole there is a shortage of beds for the hos

tee of the national organization. I hear pitalization of tuberculous patients, there wonderful things about his kindness to 1953

are some areas which have more beds avail"1. Policy re hospitalization for tuberculosis

disabled veterans, veterans who have had able than they can now fill because of exof non-service-connected veterans tensive local hospital construction programs

no way of being hospitalized or of get“For the country as a whole, there is a in the past, intensive case-finding programs ting care. He has taken great personal marked shortage of hospital beds for the over a prolonged period, and other factors. interest in all veterans problems.

Mr. KERSTEN of Wisconsin. I think · Delegate for TAFT, 1952 convention, Chi Mr. LAIRD and to include an editorial. the disabled veteran will be his first

Mr. McDONOUGH in two instances and consideration.

Senior warden, St. Paul's Episcopal Church,

to include extraneous matter in each. Mrs. ROGERS of Massachusetts. I am Marinette, Wis.

Mr. JUDD in two instances, in each to

Thirty-second degree Mason; Shrine. very sure of that from what I heard, and

Member: Advisory Council, Queen City

include extraneous matter. I think they are to be congratulated. Chapter, DeMolay (past chairman); honor

Mr. SIEMINSKI in four separate inThey deserve the greatest consideration. ary legion of honor of DeMolay.

stances. The gentleman from Illinois [Mr. Member Kiwanis since 1921; club president Mr. BYRD and to include extraneous SPRINGER), who is at present on the floor, 1928; lieutenant governor 1951.

matter. is a very important member of the Com Member Marinette Elks Club.

Mr. KERSTEN of Wisconsin in three inmittee on Veterans' Affairs and I am sure

Organized and officer of Marinette Youth,

stances and to include extraneous maInc., since 1944. he will bear me out when I say that Mr.


Member Marinette Library Board. Higley will find that the Committee on

President, Marinette Parks and Recreation

Mr. WOLVERTON in three instances and Veterans' Affairs will be very cooperative Commission.

to include extraneous material. and helpful. We have an unusually fine Member Marinette Planning Commission. Mr. BOYKIN (at the request of Mr. Mccommittee membership this year. AS Chairman, board of trustees, Marinette CORMACK) and to include extraneous Administrator of Veterans' Affairs Mr. General Hospital,

matter. Higley will have six great businesses to Organized and first president, Marinette

Chamber of Commerce. conduct. It is the most difficult position,

LEAVE OF ABSENCE Eagles citizenship award (1948). in the Government today after the Presi.

Was member and president Marinette Vodent's, and he needs all the help and en

By unanimous consent, leave of abcational School Board 8 years.

sence was granted to: couragement he can get. I talked with

Was president Marinette School Board 8

Mr. HARRISON, Mr. BERRY, Mr. ENGLE, him briefly this afternoon and he said we years.

and Mr. ASPINALL (at the request of Mr. all had much in common. I can com Conducted first Community Chest drive

1950. mend him to our committee and to the

MILLER of Nebraska), through Monday

Chairman Marinette County Selective ServHouse, and I know I can commend our

next, on account of official business. ice Board from start to finish World War II. committee to him. They will be very

Hobbies: Bowling; Golf, Riverside Counhelpful to him and very good to him try Club; stamp collecting, member Ameri SENATE BILLS AND JOINT RESOand they will expect a great deal of him. can Philatelic Society.

LUTION REFERRED I ask unanimous consent to insert as

Mrs. ROGERS of Massachusetts. I Bills and a joint resolution of the Senpart of my remarks a brief résumé of the life and history of Mr. Higley.

think the gentleman from Wisconsin ate of the following titles were taken The SPEAKER. Is there objection to will want to add to that perhaps at a from the Speaker's table and, under the

rule, referred as follows: the request of the gentlewoman from later date.

Mr. KERSTEN of Wisconsin. I would Massachusetts ?

S. 153. An act for the relief of Wilhelm There was no objection. like to do that, if the gentlewoman Engelbert; to the Committee on the Judi

ciary. Harvey V. Higley, 2907 Parkridge Avenue, please, at

a later date.
Mrs. ROGERS of Massachusetts.

S. 1402. An act to amend the Air ComMarinette, Wis., phone 2-3256; business:

merce Act of 1926, as amended, to authorize Ansul Chemical Co., Marinette, Wis., phone When we consider that, including the 2-4411. casualties from Korea, we have over 20

navigation of foreign, nontransport, civil

aircraft in the United States through reciBorn October 26, 1892, Cheshire, Ohio. million casualties—with every news

procity and under regulations of the Civil (Gallia County).

mounting casualties from Korea—we see Aeronautics Board; to the Committee on InFather: Dr. Edward S. Higley (Rutland, what a tremendous and heavy burden terstate and Foreign Commerce. Ohio), Glen Ellyn, Ill.

this in itself is, the matter of hospitali S. 2104. An act to authorize the payment Mother: Cora Van Zandt Higley (Langes- zation, insurance, education, and train- of compensation to Clarence A. Beutei, forville, Ohio). Grade school, Glen Ellyn, Ill.

ing loans and housing. And pension and merly Deputy Administrator of the ReconHigh school, Wheaton, Ill. compensation benefits means that the

struction Finance Corporation, for the period

from September 10, 1952, through June 1, Wife: Alice Clifford Higley (Wheaton, Ill.). head of the Veterans' Administration

1953; to the Committee on Banking and Five children: Hugh Č. Higley, secretary, must carry a staggering load.

Currency. Ansul Chemical Co., Navy; Kenneth E. Hig I wish the new Administrator of Vet

S. 2111. An act to permit the flying of the ley, killed in World War II, Navy; Dr. Richard erans' Affairs all success.

flag of the United States for 24 hours of A. Higley, M. S., Menominee, Mich., Navy;

each day in Flag House Square, Baltimore, Mrs. Merritt R. Bauman, Marinette, Wis.;

Md.; to the Committee on the Judiciary. Mrs. Franklin Wedge, Marinette, Wis.


S. 2383. An act granting the consent of Ten grandchildren. Graduate of University of Wisconsin, By unanimous consent, permission to Congress to a compact between the State

of New Jersey and the State of New York School of Chemical Engineering, 1915. extend remarks in the Appendix of the

known as the Waterfront Commission ComCited by University of Wisconsin (1949) RECORD, or to revise and extend remarks

pact, and for other purposes; to the Comfor achievement in industry and civics. was granted to:

mittee on the Judiciary. Member Delta Tau Delta Fraternity.

Mr. MULTER (at the request of Mr. S. J. Res. 49. Joint resolution proposing an With Certainteed Products, East St. Louis ROONEY) and to include extraneous mat

amendment to the Constitution of the (1915–16). ter.

United States relative to equal rights for Chief chemist, Isko, Inc., Detroit (1916–17).

men and women; to the Committee on the (Manufacturing first domestic electric re

Mr. ROOSEVELT (at the request of Mr.

Judiciary. frigerating machine.)

McCORMACK) and to include extraneous With Ansul Chemical Co., Marinette, Wis., matter. since 1919; president (1938–48); chairman Mr. IKARD in two instances, in each

ENROLLED BILLS SIGNED of the board of directors (1948-); director to include an editorial.

Mr. LECOMPTE, from the Committee First National Bank, Marinette, Wis.

Mr. BONIN in three instances and to First lieutenant, Chemical Warfare Branch, include a newspaper article.

on House Administration, reported that

that committee had examined and found United States Army, World War I.

Mr. CARLYLE and to include extraneMember and past commander American

truly enrolled bills of the House of the Legion Post No. 39, Marinette, Wis. ous matter.

following titles, which were thereupon Wisconsin department commander, Amer

Mr. GAVIN and to include extraneous signed by the Speaker: ican Legion 1941–42. matter.

H. R. 163. An act to provide for the conNational executive committeeman, Amer Mr. FARRINGTON in two instances, in veyance of certain land in Monroe County, ican Legion 1943–44. each to include a newspaper article.

Ark., to the State of Arkansas; Republican county chairman.

Mr. POFF and to include an editorial. H. R. 3087. An act to authorize the Board Republican 8th District chairman.


of Commissioners of the District of Columbia Republican State chairman (1947–50). State chairman for TAFT (1952 primary). bama, and Mr. BROOKS of Louisiana.

to permit certain improvements to two busiAlternate delegate for Dewey, 1944 con

ness properties situated in the District of Mr. CEDERBERG and to include an edi

Columbia; vention, Chicago. torial.

H. R. 3380. An act to authorize the exAttended as State chairman, 1948 conven

Mr. JOHNSON and to include extrane change of lands acquired by the United tion, Philadelphia. ous matter.

States for Prince William Forest Park, Prince

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