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The CHAIRMAN. The Chair recog Yesterday I said:

But we cannot defeat ideas with arms. nizes the gentleman from New Jersey The Government certainly has a right to We can defeat ideas only with better [Mr. SIEMINSKI).

purchase for the libraries whatever books ideas, more skillfully and successfully Mr. SIEMINSKI. Mr. Chairman, I it wants. Also to decline to purchase books presented. rise in support of the amendment. My that it does not want. This does not in. Now, we have the better ideas, but purpose in supporting it is in the hope volve the abridgment of the press. To ban

they have to be presented. The greatest that we do not compound blood shed or condemn a book may come close to the

teacher in the world did not say just in World War I and World War II in abridgement of the press.

“The truth shall make you free." He Europe and the Pacific, with world war The motto on the face of the United said, “Ye shall know the truth and the III. That justifies anything you might States Supreme Court Building, here in truth shall make you free.” How are say, it seems to me, for this bill. If it Washington, reads, “Equal justice under

Washington, reads, “Equal justice under people to know the truth if we do not tell can save bloodshed in the future for the law,” as I recall it. To further im it-over and over and in every possible America, and preserve its interests, it is plement my colloquy of yesterday with place and manner? worth while.

the gentleman from Wisconsin [Mr. Nobody has been more critical of Now, three points. I want to reaffirm KERSTEN] I would say books by the two parts of this program than I have been. the remarks I made yesterday in the people referred to or by any other peo I was on the subcommittee of the ComRECORD on the Voice of America. We ple, I believe, can be removed, whether mittee on Foreign Affairs which worked are interested not only in gaining new purchased by the Government or not. out in 1947 the original legislation escustomers, new friends, and regaining The manner in which books were re tablishing the information program. At lost ones, but keeping those we now have. cently removed, singling out learned and that time Mr. William Benton, later I spoke to this Polish MIG pilot, Lieuten- non-Communist authors, their books and Senator from the State of Connecticut, ant Jarecki, as soon as he came to New ideas, with Communist authors, their was in charge of it in the Department of Jersey. I asked him about our offer of books and ideas, resembled to me a mass State. We had many doubts about some cash, $100,000, and freedom, for any lynching or slaughter of names and rep- practices and people in it, and we wrote Iron Curtain pilot who would fly the utations, and I so stated in the House conditions in the bill designed to improve coop. He said, “That is all right, but reading room several weeks ago to an of them. We studied the program in 22 the Communists can turn it against you.' ficial of the State Department. The countries of Europe and wrote a long As soon as you start offering bribes or

manner in which the situation could constructive report, yet somehow the procash they will say behind the Iron Cur- have been handled, I also discussed with gram has never clicked as it should have. tain that the only way America can win him. We have laws on the books ban But the concept is sound. The basic your heart is with bribery."

ning obscenity. Can a book, like a per- mechanism is sound. The problem is to There is no bribery in the Voice of son, be condemned at law and banned make it more effective, not to cut it America. Its job is to hold out the truth from society for advocating conspiracy down. The Kremlin is spending hunand the hope that people are going to be to overthrow by force our Government? dreds of millions of dollars on its infree. It has the job of kindling a glow One would think so. I am inquiring as formation or propaganda program. in the hearts of people abroad not only to the law on this, and on banning books The greatest heroes and the highest paid on what America stands for but what otherwise not classed as obscene, pub persons in the Soviet Union are not intheir own heritage stands for. I hope licly.

dustrial giants or generals. They are that the Voice of America is talking a The CHAIRMAN., The Chair recog

the skillful users of words; those who little bit about the background of the nizes the gentleman from California know how to take an idea and, no matter Russian people, and all the people in the [Mr. WILSON).

whether true or false, present it in atsatellites, about their courage under fire

(Mr. WILSON of California asked and tractive, convincing form. They know against the greatest odds in World War was given permisson to yield the time

how a man named Hitler turned Europe II, and how the brigands in the Kremlin allotted to him to Mr. JUDD.)

upside down with some words and the snatched the fruit of victory from them

The CHAIRMAN. The Chair recog

ideas they conveyed. They know what and turned it into ashes in their mouth. nizes the gentleman from Minnesota

some ideas put down in words by a man We must not just talk about America, we [Mr. JUDD).

named Karl Marx are doing to our civimust talk about the people in those coun

Mr. JUDD. Mr. Chairman, nobody

lization, our world. They know that tries and the courage they have shown, likes to come down to the well of the

some ideas proclaimed by men named and are showing, in hoping to realize a House to speak in opposition to the po

Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln better and a freer tomorrow.

set fires in the world, this time moving In closing, let us remember, as Gen- sition of many of his best friends in

in the right direction, as the ideas of eral Motors once said about Cadillac cluding leaders in his own party. But

Marx and Hitler took society almost to cars, in one of the most classic ads ever just as I respect their views, I know they

destruction. will respect my strong conviction that written, it is not what General Motors the cut in this appropriation for the in

Our enemies understand the potensays about Cadillac cars, it is what is formation program and the restrictions

tial power in this kind of program, and being said about Cadillac cars, what peo- contained in the rider requiring a one

we ought to understand it, too. ple think about them, what they say third cut in personnel of each unit, would

Yes, the project is sound, the trouble is about them, what they know and do about them. constitute, if retained, a grave mistake

that it has not been operated as effecwhich I do not want the Congress or my

tively, many times, as it should and The test now of the Voice of America

could have been. Some things that were is not what anyone in America says at a time when victory in the cold war party to make. That is especially true

done just made one sick at heart. Noabout it but what the people abroad say may be nearer than any of us have dared

body has criticized the incredible failabout it on the ground, not the Gov

ures more than I have. For a long time ernment people, not the people in NATO,

to hope could be possible.
The only way to give real relief to our

they insisted on concentrating their efnot anyone else except the people

fort on telling how rich and comfortable

whom thirsting for the information that is

long-suffering taxpayers,


and powerful we are, which either made ours to give and theirs to disseminate. friend, the gentleman from Pennsylvania

other people think what we said was a God grant that truth shall yet make all [Mr. GAVIN), has just mentioned, is to

lie or it made them resentful of our end this war. men free.

How can we end it? The

wealth. That is not the way to create And now, under a slight extension of only way to end it is to win it. There

good will and confidence anywhere in my remarks, adding to those made yesnever was any way to end a war of this

the world. terday, as referred to above-on our insort with the kind of enemy we face ex

When we first studied the program 6 formation program, two points: cept to win it.

years ago, they told us that our radio First. I am delighted my views of yes

How can we win it? Well, it is a war

signal was bad, especially behind the terday find confirmation or support in of arms and a war of ideas. We must

Iron Curtain. They explained plans to the following news release of today made win both. We appropriate tens of bil

set up better broadcasting stations in by others, which I have just taken off lions of dollars to be able to win a war Germany and north Africa from which the ticker tape, in part:

of arms. For we cannot defeat arms people in east Europe and Russia could The intention is from now on to control with ideas. We can defeat arms only get a strong, clear signal. I remember the purchase of books from Washington, with stronger and better arms.

discussing this here years ago. They

were given money, but the job has not After these long years of spending and are not going to engage in this field, I been well done. Only recently one of our taxing and working to get some results, would respect them more. men in Egypt, when asked, said, “We and when results begin to appear, and Only this morning in the Committee on can always hear Big Ben from London victory may be almost in our grasp, or

victory may be almost in our grasp, or Government Operations, of which I am a and hear plainly almost every other nearer than we dared to dream, it seems member, the approval of the Reorganizavoice—that of Russia, Czechoslovakia, to me almost incredible that we will tion Plan which President Eisenhower Poland, and the rest of them; but we can choose this time to do something that sent up, to reorganize the Voice of Amerhardly hear the Voice of America." may jeopardize the favorably developing ica, came up for consideration, I favor After 6 years and with as good radio situation. Even if it cost a billion dol- the plan. engineers in America as there are in the lars more, I would not favor doing any Today, in this appropriation bill we world, we still do not have stations or thing that would weaken our chances to have recommended an appropriation equipment that give good reception, win.

win. To win the cold war, the war of which for all practical purposes defeats There is no excuse for such failures. ideas is the only way, in the long run, the very purposes of President Eisen

But the answer is not to destroy or to make real savings for the American hower's Reorganization Plan. In addicut down the program; the answer is to taxpayer.

tion to making a reduction in the approclean house and get men in charge who Four things are necessary for a suc- priation, a very crippling limitation on can and will do the job. The last ad cessful program: a sound concept, a this agency is represented in the lanministration did not clean house as I sound mechanism; good personnel; and guage appearing in lines 11, 12, and 13 think it should have, but now we have a adequate funds. The concept of this on page 7, which says: “from this ap. new administration elected because of program is sound. The mechanism is propriation and the average number in demand for a change. I am not willing sound. We have not had good enough each unit shall not exceed 6623 percent to deny this new administration the op- personnel in the past. Now we are get

personnel in the past. Now we are get- of the number employed both as to portunity to do the job it was elected ting new personnel who say that they United States and local personnel reto do.

will clean up. More money is essential spectively.” We spend in America $5 billion a year only if we have the other three. I think That is a further restriction upon the for commercial, domestic advertising. we are going to have the other three; and reduced appropriation. If you are going When General Motors and General Mills so I urge, with as much earnestness as to continue the appropriation, if you and General Foods and General Electric I am capable of, or has ever motivated want to get the maximum benefit out of decide it is not worthwhile to spend such me in any talk to this House, that we

the $60 million appropriated, you ought enormous amounts for advertising their adopt this amendment and give our

adopt this amendment and give our- to eliminate that language. However, products, then will be the time for us selves every possible chance for victory the Rooney amendment should preto talk about cutting this program for in these critical years of our Lord 1953 vail. telling the story of freedom by another and 1954 when we have perhaps the op

The CHAIRMAN. The Chair recog$20 million, in addition to the $35 million portunity to win this battle, and thereby nizes the gentleman from Georgia [Mr. already cut. In the long run this is our to end it, and to get back to living again PRESTON]. greatest weapon, Military victories will like normal American citizens.

Mr. PRESTON. Mr. Chairman, on not be enough if we fail to win people to The CHAIRMAN. The gentleman yesterday I assigned all of the reasons our faith.

from Massachusetts is recognized for 5 why I thought we should support the Particularly just now, in view of the minutes.

amendment to restore this money; I situation we see developing in Eastern

Mr. MCCORMACK. Mr. Chairman, shall not repeat those reasons today: i Europe, when at long last some cracks yesterday afternoon, in the remarks that

yesterday afternoon, in the remarks that simply want to say that in my opinion are appearing in the Iron Curtain re- I made, which will be found on page two things have happened recently that vealing serious troubles on the other side, 8831 of the RECORD, I gave evidence

have tended to lull us to sleep in this is not the time to cut this program. How and I can assure the House that it came country with respect to our responsibililong we have looked and hoped and from authentic sources—that in Italy

from authentic sources—that in Italy ties in opposing communism. First of

alone the Communists are spending $24 all, when Stalin died and another man nesses would develop. They are develop- million every year for propaganda; that

was chosen as his successor he apparing. Look at just two: when 76 percent they have over 100,000 full-time workers

they have over 100,000 full-time workers ently changed the program of Russia of the Chinese Communist prisoners de most of whom are not being paid in their somewhat and gave the impression clared they would die rather than go fanaticism to destroy our way of life; throughout the world that they were back to their homes under the Commu that in France, as we know, the Com- going to become soft, that they were nist regime, that exploded for all in Asia munists control the largest labor union; going to free political prisoners, that to see, if we will play it up adequately, that there are thousands of Commu- they were going to change their attithe Red propaganda that theirs was a nists in the French civil service. There

tude toward diplomatic representatives democratic government supported by the are 3 Communist daily newspapers in in Russia, and various other things people.

Paris, and 14 dailies and 61 weeklies in which tended to fool many people in the Again, when workers by the thousands the provinces; that the party spends be- world and many in America. Many rose in East Berlin against the "workers' tween $35 million and $38 million for people became convinced that here was

a new era which would lessen the tenrevolution,” fighting with bare hands propaganda each year, and uses thou

sion that had existed between our counagainst Red tanks, the Communist myth sands of workers.

That presents a problem to us. We in Korea which in my opinion today may was exploded by the very people who are

tries. Then came the prospects of truce under it. But the story has to be told, are practical men and women. It pre- be as fleeting as a rainbow. They are it has to be explained, it has to be shown sents a very, very serious situation to us

as part of the overall picture in meeting and meeting day after day, but the largon films, it has to be hammered in 24

sitting at a table with our negotiators hours a day, if we are to get the benefit the challenge that confronts us.

est offensive in 2 years has just been of these dividends that are at long last I think the committee has acted un

launched by the Communists. Many beginning to come as a result of the pro wisely. I think this reduction for all think this is a good omen; that truce is gram into which we have put literally practical purposes interferes so serious- right around the corner, that we can tens of billions of dollars. Is it not plain ly with the operation of this program as back up, we can slow down, we can rely folly to throw away much of what it has to make it practically negative in its re

on some of these signs as evidence of the cost so much to win, in order to cut sults.

lessening of antagonism between these another $20 million ?

I would admire those Members much two great powers in the world. For if the amendment is adopted, it more if they completely eliminated the

I think one thing that prompts some still does not restore the amount asked program, although I would vote against of the sponsors of this cut in the inforby the Eisenhower administration, and such action. But if those who oppose mation program is the fact that these its request was $27 million below that of the program would do so directly, in evidences have come forward at this the previous administration. Even with stead of trying to kill it indirectly, and time. I think a year ago a Republican this amendment, the appropriation will eliminate the funds completely for the Congress would not have cut this probe more than $7 million below what the program and say that we are not going gram this much, but it is the result of new administration feels is necessary to have any Voice of America or that we the feeling of more security, the lack of


need for furthering the cold war be budget has been cut 48.4 percent by the use and effective in our foreign picture. cause of the signs on the horizon. It is committee action.

Those who are in favor of giving them to be deplored that such a feeling exists It seems very strange that of all those all this money and letting them keep all in this country. We have been guilty of on the majority side of the aisle it was these people on the payroll are against this before and we paid high in terms of only the gentleman from Minnesota (Mr. an effective broadcasting setup for the dollars and blood every time we made the JUDD] who had the recklessness to get up United States of America. I want to mistake. I hope that the wisdom of the here and defend President Eisenhower, see an efficient, effective setup, and that House of Representatives—and rarely his budget and his program. That is why I am opposed to dumping $20 does it err on issues vital to the welfare seems very strange indeed, Mr. Chair- million in this appropriation that there of our country; it might err in the politi man. This is the program of President is absolutely no excuse for and which is cal field but when it comes to security Eisenhower. I keep repeating that in the a menace to the information program. rarely does the House of Representa- hope that some of the folks on the other

hope that some of the folks on the other By keeping this down, that is the only tives err-I hope it will not permit grave side of the aisle will succumb to rightful way that you can do anything. Now, if error here today and render this agency thinking and do the correct thing with there had been anything in this action absolutely incompetent to perform the regard to this amendment. If it is de- of the committee that the State Departmission for which it was created.

feated here this afternoon the funds will ment objected to, whom would they have The CHAIRMAN. The Chair recog be reinstated in the bill by the other come to first? They would have come nizes the gentleman from Ohio [Mr. body, and you know that very well as to me or they would have come to the CLEVENGER) for 3 minutes.

you sit here today. The same thing will gentleman from Ohio [Mr. CLEVENGER), Mr. CLEVENGER. Mr. Chairman, I happen with this bill that happened with

happen with this bill that happened with the chairman of this subcommittee. hope we can get some of this super- regard to the State, Justice, and com

regard to the State, Justice, and Com- They came to neither of us, and if they emotionalism out of the atmosphere be merce regular bill under the chairman- got out a lot of propaganda, that was fore we vote on this amendment. You ship of the gentleman from Ohio when just some of the cheap stuff that some might think we had had no hearings on he drastically cut out completely funds of those on the payroll who should be the result. There are 300 pages. If for the census of business and manu- gotten rid of must have put out. there is evidence of a reorganization or factures and agriculture. Of course, Mr. Chairman, I do hope that the a betterment of this program the hear funds for these censuses have been put Members of this Committee will vote ings do not reveal it. It would be back in the bill by the other body. with their thinking apparatus and not strange, as chairman of the Subcommit Mr. CLEVENGER. Mr. Chairman, will with the idea of perpetuating those in tee on State, Justice, and Commerce, if the gentleman yield?

positions who must be gotten rid of if the State Department or Information Mr. ROONEY. I yield to the distin this Voice is to be made effective for the Service thought this cut was too deep guished gentleman from Ohio.

United States of America. that someone down there would not con Mr. CLEVENGER. Is the gentleman's Mr. Chairman, I hope you will vote tact the chairman of the subcommittee statement a personal attack on me or is down the amendment. and tell him so. I want to tell you that it a statement of fact that all of those

Mr. KERSTEN of Wisconsin. Mr. if I thought a program like you have censuses have been put back in the bill? Chairman, I ask unanimous consent to had would not be bettered I would blush Mr. ROONEY. Most of the censuses extend my remarks at this point in the if I stood up here and asked you to vote

have been put back in the bill, the gen- RECORD. $60 million for a program like you have

tleman knows that. We are going to The CHAIRMAN. Is there objection had. As I said, there are 300 pages in

conference with the Senate at 4 o'clock to the request of the gentleman from the complete hearing on this. One of tomorrow afternoon. Now, let us not get Wisconsin? the worst indictments of this program off on another subject, time is very lim

There was no objection. came from the gentleman from Minne- ited, and I want to point out once again sota [Mr. JUDD] who was one of the leg

DON'T THROTTLE THE VOICE, NOW THAT ITS that President Eisenhower's budget has

THROAT IS CLEARING islative creators of this agency. Did

been cut 48.4 percent by this commit

tee. they follow through to see what their

Mr. KERSTEN of Wisconsin. Mr. creature was doing? I have seen no evi Are you going to sustain the Presi- Chairman, the remarks I am setting

dent? dence of it.

I assure you that I shall make a forth herein are by way of extension. I Last year we were hopelessly outnum fair effort to put everyone on record with had expected to be on the floor earlier bered on this committee, we were 2 to 5. regard to his vote on this amendment.

regard to his vote on this amendment. today to participate in the actual debate, yet the House of Representatives cut

I trust my amendment will be adopted as I did yesterday, but, unfortunately, I

and that you will give the President a another $53 million off it and they wound

missed my plane from New York this up the year with a surplus. Dollars are

fair chance to improve the Voice of morning and arrived here this afterAmerica.

noon just in time to vote in favor of the getting too precious.

The CHAIRMAN. The Chair recog

increase to the information program I want to get all of the emotionalism

nizes the gentleman from New York (Mr. made necessary, in my opinion, by the out of this vote. Let us get our minds TABER).

substantial committee cut. down to hard facts. The sum of $80

Mr. TABER. Mr. Chairman, I do million is just too much money to put hope that the Committee, when it comes

I can understand the sentiments of

my good friend, the distinguished geninto this program. Not one person from

to a vote on this, will vote thinkingly. tleman from New York (Mr. TABER) and the State Department or Information

Here is the picture. For 4 long months of the distinguished gentleman of Ohio Office has contacted me asking for more

we had a man in there who did not [Mr. CLEVENGER), whom I also regard as money or indicating that this program

grasp what the situation was. He only my good friend, for both of whom this will be hurt.

got rid of 70 or 80 of those people that House has the highest esteem. I can The CHAIRMAN. The Chair recog we needed to be gotten rid of, and he left understand their disposition to cut down nizes the gentleman from New York (Mr.

thousands and thousands of incompe- this program to the bone and render it a ROONEY).

tents on the payroll. The only possible virtual standby operation on the basis Mr. ROONEY. Mr. Chairman, the way to get rid of them is to cut this ap of the record of the past 6 years and of previous speaker, the chairman of the propriation to size and see that those the program under the old policy of consubcommittee, my very good friend from people who are such a handicap to this tainment of communism. Ohio [Mr. CLEVENGER), stated that the organization and to the information

CONTAINMENT AND THE VOICE OF AMERICA State Department has not been in touch program that our Government is trying

INCONSISTENT with him in regard to this drastic action to put across, are removed; see that the

That was a discouraging policy, parof the majority members of the subcom thing is cleaned up; support the Eisenmittee. I am amazed at that statement.

ticularly when the top directive from hower administration and give them a The State Department and the so-called chance in these critical days in the world

Secretary of State Acheson was to do Voice of America have gotten out a 7 to put across something, and do not keep nothing that would interfere in the inpage mimeographed explanation of the them tied up with that everlasting gang ternal affairs of the Communist-slave viciousness of this proposed cut-I have of personnel that needs to be gotten rid

world. That world is one in which lies it here in my hand, 7 full pages-in of. That is the only way to make this and falsehoods are dominant and conwhich they describe how the Eisenhower an efficient organization and make it of trol the lives of 800 million victims.

How can you broadcast truth into that graph shall be effective only upon the enact

graph shall be effective only upon the enact- Humphrey, or someone else can show kind of a world without interfering con ment into law, during the 1st session of us where we are going to get the money. siderably in its affairs? the 83d Congress, of S. 1514 or H. R. 4406.

They are either going to have to raise There was, therefore, a fundamental Mr. TABER. Mr. Chairman, I offer an taxes to get it or we are going to have inconsistency between the containment amendment.

to reduce the expenditures of this Govpolicy of Acheson and any attempt to The Clerk read as follows:

ernment, or we are going to have to broadcast the facts of life behind the

Amendment offered by Mr. TABER: On page

exempt defense bonds and begin to sell Iron Curtain.

15, lines 17–20, strike out Provided, That enough bonds to get the money, if we This inconsistency produced many this paragraph shall be effective only upon hope to have an honest policy in this stultifying effects. Many foolish prac the enactment into law, during the 1st country. tices were developed to try to harmonize session of the 83d Congress, of S. 1514 or There is such a thing as, Can you Acheson's no interference with truth H. R. 4406."

afford a given program? telling in a world of lies. As a result Mr. TABER. Mr. Chairman, this I agree that some of the program has some individuals got into the operation amendment is offered because that lan been helpful, but how can we continue who tried to sit on the fence between

guage is no longer needed. The pur

The pur- to spend money that we do not have and truth and falsehood who never should pose is to strike out a proviso that makes that we can no longer get except by the have had anything to do with the pro

the appropriation effective only on the most dangerous and dishonest policy any gram. adoption of a certain bill. That bill has

government can adopt, and that is the Some think that the evidence, which already become law, so we do not need policy of outright inflation? So I subduring the past 6 months has shown cer the proviso any longer.

mit, Mr. Chairman, that the time has tain things that were harmful in our The CHAIRMAN. The question is on come when we must begin to devise some information program, is a reason why it the amendment offered by the gentleman way of recruiting sincere advocates of should be cut. from New York (Mr. TABER).

democracy. You cannot bribe the world I think this is a reason why it should The amendment was agreed to.

to stay free. The ridiculous idea of of be strengthened rather than weakened.

Mr. DIES. Mr. Chairman, I move to

fering a bonus of $100,000 to men to turn For the first time now we are beginning strike out the last word.

traitors to their country; that we can to clean out the Augean stables.

Mr. Chairman, in the course of the

pay everybody to resist communism. We are getting the program in shape debate this afternoon some of the speak The Communists in this country and so it can be much more effective than ers tried to justify an increase in this

throughout the world have not required ever before. I think the action taken appropriation in order to meet the Com pay. I have seen literally scores of them today was largely because of a failure munist threat. We seem to have some before my committee. They are sincere; fully to appreciate this point. sort of an idea in this country that when

they believe in something; they are will. This should never have become a par- any problem arises, the way to answer ing to work for it; they are not around tisan issue in any respect. it is to appropriate money and hire a

asking the Kremlin to give them a handI think the democratic side of the aisle lot of people to travel throughout the has sought to make this a political issue. world.


out in order to support communism. I know that when properly understood

a matter of fact, the Kremlin did not We have overlooked the fact, the im

are our side of the aisle will support an effec- portant fact, that Communists

finance the Communist program in the tive information program even to a even to a working tirelessly and ceaselessly, with

United States; they did not spend money greater extent than the other side of the out pay, because they believe in some

to finance it. Our forefathers did not aisle seems to have given this afternoon. thing. However much I despise com

conduct the Revolutionary War by offerOne of the most serious aspects of the munism, there is one thing I can say

ing people bribes to do their duty to this committee's action was the limitation of in tribute to the Communists: They be country. The time has come when we two-thirds placed upon the number of lieve in something and they are willing are out of money with no prospect of getemployees. This would make it very to fight for it and work for it and to ting sufficient money to finance our fardifficult to put new blood into the organ- devote themselves unselfishly in order to flung programs, and we must by sheer ization. achieve it.

necessity begin to give sober thought to The CHAIRMAN. All time has ex I think the Rosenbergs got what they pired.

the idea of living within our means and deserved. But this may be said in trib

confining our program throughout the Mr. DIES. Mr. Chairman, I ask unan- ute to them, that they were willing to imous consent that, notwithstanding die because they believed in communism.

world to the ability of the American peothe limitation, I may proceed for 5 Our great weakness in America and

ple to pay for that program. minutes. in the free world is that we have too

The Clerk read as follows: The CHAIRMAN. Is there objec- few people who believe in democracy For expenses necessary for the Commistion to the request of the gentleman with anything that approaches the zeal, sion on Organization of the Executive Branch from Texas?

the sincerity, and the fanaticism that of the Government, including expenses of Mr. ROONEY. I must object, Mr. the Communists demonstrate.

attendance at meetings concerned with the Chairman.

You cannot change the world with

purposes of this appropriation, and not to

exceed $14,700 for expenses of travel, $250,The CHAIRMAN. The question is on paid officials traveling throughout the

000: Provided, That this paragraph shall be the amendment offered by the gentle world. We have got to develop in Italy, effective only upon the enactment into law, man from New York [Mr. ROONEY). in France, and in all the countries of during the ist session of the 83d Congress,

The question was taken; and on a di- the free world enough sincere advocates of S. 106. vision (demanded by Mr. ROONEY) there of democracy and the principles of free

Mr. TABER. Mr. Chairman, I offer were-ayes 91, noes 109. dom if we hope to combat communism.

an amendment. Mr. ROONEY. Mr. Chairman, I deBut we have been spending money

The Clerk read as follows: mand tellers. so long that our answer for every prob

Committee amendment offered by Mr. Tellers were ordered, and the Chair lem today is to write hot checks on the

TABER: On page 16, lines 3 to 6, strike out man appointed as tellers Mr. ROONEY Treasury. As individuals we would not

the proviso: "Provided, That this paragraph and Mr. CLEVENGER. write hot checks, because we would be

shall be effective only upon the enactment The Committee again divided; and the put in jail. But we sit in this body as

into law, during the 1st session of the 83d tellers reported that there were—ayes legislators and day in and day out ap- Congress, of s. 106.” 102, noes 155. propriate money that is not in existence.

Mr. TABER. Mr. Chairman, this So the amendment was rejected.

We cannot get the money; we cannot The Clerk read as follows:

get it by taxation, and we cannot get amendment is just like the others; the

it by selling defense bonds to those who law which would be necessary for the For expenses necessary for the Commission

authority for this appropriation has been have the money. The only other way on Intergovernmental Relations, including expenses of attendance at meetings conwe can get it is through the dishonest passed and signed by the President.

The committee amendment

was cerned with the purposes of this appropria- process of having the Federal Reserve tion, and not to exceed $16,700 for expenses System print greenback credit money. agreed to. of travel, $500,000, to remain available until I am tired of appropriating money

The Clerk read as follows: September 1, 1954; Provided, That this para until President Eisenhower, or Secretary "Fuel, Navy," fiscal year 1949, $25,543.

Mr. SIMPSON of Illinois. Mr. Chair- cation exhibits, and dissemination of infor- Ryukyus regardless of methods of shipment man, I offer an amendment.

mation, including preview and review ex and higher rates charged by particular agenThe Clerk read as follows:

penses incident thereto; hire of passenger cies of transportation, but this proviso shall

motor vehicles and aircraft; repair and not apply to shipments made by individuals Amendment offered by Mr. SIMPSON of

maintenance of buildings, utilities, facili to individuals: Provided further, That the Illinois: On page 19, after line 13, add a new

ties, and appurtenances; such minimum sup President may transfer to any other departparagraph:

plies for the civilian populations of such ment or agency any function or functions "DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY

areas as may be essential to prevent starva provided for under this appropriation, and "CIVIL FUNCTIONS

tion, disease, or unrest, prejudicial to the there shall be transferred to any such de

objectives sought to be accomplished; and Rivers and harbors and flood control

partment or agency without reimbursement such supplies, commodities, and equipment and without regard to the appropriation construction, general as may be essential to carry out the purposes

from which procured, such property as the "Not to exceed $48,933 of the amount

of this appropriation; $3,100,000, of which Director of the Bureau of the Budget shall available under this head shall be available

not to exceed $1 million shall be avaliable determine to relate primarily to any function for payments to the Nutwood drainage and for administrative expenses: Provided, That

or functions so transferred. levee district, Illinois, as authorized in H. R.

the general provisions of the appropriation 4779: Provided, That this paragraph shall act for the current fiscal year for the mili

Mr. LONG. Mr. Chairman, I move to be effective only upon the enactment into

tary functions of the Department of the strike out the last word. law, during the first session of the 83d Con

Army shall apply to expenditures made by Mr. Chairman, I had not intended to gress of H. R. 4779.

that Department from this appropriation: say anything on this amendment, but Mr. SIMPSON of Illinois. Mr. Chair- Provided further, That expenditures from after listening to my colleague, the disman, the purpose of this amendment is this appropriation may be made outside con

tinguished gentleman from Texas [Mr. tinental United States, when necessary to to provide funds, $48,933, that have

DIES], for whom I have the greatest adcarry out its purposes, without regard to been due the Nutwood Drainage and sections 355, 1136, 3648, and 3734, Revised

miration and respect, however, I am not Levee District, Illinois, since 1945. Seven Statutes, as amended, civil service or classi

in accord with his views on this matter other districts at that time received fication laws, or provisions of law prohibiting in any respect. To me, it is ridiculous their capitalized damage; this district payment of any person not a citizen of the to come into a program like this and did not. The Congress about a month United States: Provided further, That ex

start pennypinching. Today, we are atago made this authorization, and it is penditures from this appropriation may be

tempting to tear down that which has contained in House Document No. 144 made, when necessary to carry out its pur

already been built up. I think the propposes, without regard to section 3709, Reof the 82d Congress. vised Statutes, as amended, and the Armed

aganda program used by the Voice of Mr. RILEY. Mr. Chairman, will the

Services Procurement Act of 1947 (41 U. S.C. America is one of the best ways we have gentleman yield?

151–161): Provided further, That expendi- in which to fight communism. Mr. SIMPSON of Illinois. I yield. tures may be made hereunder for the pur I hear a great deal of reference to Mr. RILEY. Then I understand this poses of economic rehabilitation in such

Russia. The opponents of this amendmoney has been due this drainage dis- occupied areas in such manner as to be con

ment are not the only ones who know trict for some years. sistent with the general objectives of the

a few things about Russia and commuMr. SIMPSON of Illinois. Since 1945.

Economic Cooperation Act of 1948, as amend-
ed, and in the manner authorized by section

nism. I have given some study to this Mr. RILEY. Will the gentleman ex

111 (b) (1) thereof: Provided further, That myself. I can say on good authority plain why it was not incorporated in funds appropriated hereunder and unex

that Russia spends from 3 to 15 times previous appropriation bills?

pended at the time of the termination of as much money on propaganda as the Mr. SIMPSON of Illinois. Fifty-eight occupation by the United States, of any area United States does. thousand seven hundred and fifty dol- for which such funds are made available, The Voice of America has had its eflars of it was incorporated in 1944. The may be expended by the President for the

fect. Today we can see through the $48,933 now is due to a resurvey and

procurement of such commodities and tech-
nical services, and commodities procured

Iron Curtain. Why quit when we have study by the United States Army En

from funds herein or heretofore appropriated just begun to win the propaganda fight; gineers.

for government and relief in occupied areas and the cold war? Why quibble about Mr. RILEY. If I understand this cor

and not delivered to such an area prior to a mere $20 million for such a great prorectly, this has been authorized in a bill

the time of the termination of occupation, gram. I dare say that the $20 million that has been passed by both Houses of may be utilized by the President, as may be we spend here will do more good in the Congress; is that correct? necessary to assist in the maintenance of the

bolstering the morale of other countries Mr. SIMPSON of Illinois. The gentle- political and economic stability of such

areas: Provided further, That before any man is correct.

and fighting communism than any other

$20 million that we will spend, and I am Mr. RILEY. Mr. Chairman, I do not such assistance is made available, an agree

for this amendment. think this is good legislation, but in view ment shall be entered into between the

United States and the recognized government While we have just defeated the of the fact the Congress is moving to

or authority with respect to such area con amendment to put the $20 million back ward adjournment and that this money taining such undertakings by such govern in the bill, I expect to vote for it on the has been due for some time, and has been ment or authority as the President my de

motion that will be made to recommit. authorized by both Houses of the Con termine to be necessary in order to assure

the efficient use of such assistance in furgress, we will not interpose any objection

Mr. SIEMINSKI. Mr. Chairman, I on this side. therance of such purposes: Provided further,

move to strike out the last two words. That such agreement shall, when applicable, Mr. SIMPSON of Illinois. I thank the

Mr. Chairman, I am sorry to take the include requirements and undertakings cor time of the committee. The spirit of the gentleman.

responding to the requirements and underThe CHAIRMAN. The question is on

speech made by the gentleman from takings specified in sections 5, 6, and 7 of the amendment offered by the gentleman

Texas [Mr. DIES] is absolutely right. the Foreign Aid Act of 1947 (Public Law 389,

approved December 17, 1947): Provided furfrom Illinois [Mr. SIMPSON).

People who are devoted to communism ther, That funds appropriated hereunder

this side of the Iron Curtain are generThe amendment was agreed to.

may be used, insofar as practicable, and unThe Clerk read as follows:

ally those who have not had to live under such rules and regulations as may be der it, individuals who have had held For expenses, not otherwise provided for, prescribed by the head of the department or before them ideals and promises to be necessary to meet the responsibilities and ob agency concerned to pay ocean transporta fulfilled in the event that a Red messiah ligations of the United States in connection tion charges from United States ports, in should take over. They do not know the with the government or occupation of the cluding territorial ports, to ports in the Ryukyu Islands, including, subject to such

bitter fruit of Red fraud, theft, and Ryukyus for the movement of supplies doauthorizations and limtations as may be pre nated to, or purchased by, United States vol

torture, of Red rule in action. scribed by the head of the department or untary nonprofit relief agencies registered

I should just like to say one or two agency concerned, tuition, travel expenses with and recommended by the Advisory things for the benefit of the other body, and fees incident to instruction in the United Committee on Voluntary Foreign Aid or of if I may, in modesty, because they will States or elsewhere of such persons as may relief packages consigned to individuals re do no good now on this floor. The be required to carry out the provisions of siding in such areas: Provided further, That this appropriation; travel expenses

amendment for the Voice of America inand under the rules and regulations to be pretransportation; services as authorized by sec scribed, the head of the department or

crease has been defeated. tion 15 of the act of August 2, 1946 (5 U. S. C. agency concerned shall fix and pay a uniform

First. You have to realize that no 55a), at rates not in excess of $50 per diem rate per pound for the ocean transportation

matter what you do, you cannot tame for individuals not to exceed ten in number; of all relief packages of food or other general the tiger. That is what Red rule is totranslation rights, photographic work, edu classification of commodities shipped to the day. Peaceful attempts to tame the men

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