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throughout the world, and deserves the ever- dergo another winter in their present situa- DURATION OF CERTAIN LEASES FOR lasting thanks of the people of this State and tions without the hope of resettlement

USE OF EQUIPMENT BY MOTOR of every State; and

which the President's proposal offers to "Whereas as proclaimed by a bronze me refugees.

CARRIERS-LETTER FROM MINmorial plaque in each national park, Stephen "We reaffirm our strong testimony that this NESOTA FARM BUREAU FEDERATyng Mather 'laid the foundation of the emergency program is above partisan poli

TION, ST. PAUL, MINN, National Park Service under which its areas tics, that it is in line with our national shall be developed and conserved unim traditions and policies as a leader in the

Mr. HUMPHREY, Mr. President, I paired for future generations. There will free world, that as an emergency humani- present for appropriate reference, and never come an end to the good that he has tarian effort it is completely disassociated ask unanimous consent to have printed done.' from the question of revisions in Public

in the RECORD, a letter from J. L. Morton, Resolved by the house of representatives Law 414; rather it is the type of supple

president of the Minnesota Farm Bureau (the senate concurring), That the members mentary emergency action envisioned by the

Federation, St. Paul, Minn., in support of the Michigan Legislature respectfully re authors and advocates of Public Law 414. quest the Postmaster General and the Mem

of the bill (H. R. 3203) to amend the Our own overwhelming responsibilities as bers of the Congress of the United States to agencies working among refugees, returnees,

Interstate Commerce Act in order to progive immediate affirmative consideration to and escapees and our intimate knowledge hibit the Interstate Commerce Commisthe issuance of a special postage stamp com of their character, their value to our country, sion from regulating the duration of memorating the life and services of Stephen and their present tragic circumstances lead certain leases for the use of equipment Tyng Mather as first Director of the National

us to unite in this urgent appeal of imme- by motor carriers, and the amount of Park Service of the United States, and that

diate legislation to make available to them a suitable copy of this resolution be for

compensation to be paid for such use. a real measure of relief and encouragement warded to the Honorable Arthur Summer

There being no objection, the letter as our allies in the struggle for freedom. field, Postmaster General of the United

"We do not at this time support provi- was referred to the Committee on InterStates, and to each of the Members from Michigan in the House and Senate of the in countries of surplus population; it is our sions in emergency legislation for nationals state and Foreign Commerce, and or

dered to be printed in the RECORD, as United States."

strong conviction, however, that favorable follows: A letter in the nature of a petition from action should be promptly taken authorizing

MINNESOTA FARM BUREAU FEDERATION, the Democratic Army Veterans of the Philip- our fair share of admissions of refugees and

St. Paul, Minn., July 7, 1953. pines, signed by Servando L. Miclat, national escapees.”

Hon. HUBERT HUMPHREY, commander, Manila, P. I., relating to mini


United States Senate, mum compensation for survivors of certain


Washington, D. C. prisoners of war; to the Committee on the


you in regard to H. R. 3203 asking you to

support this legislation. EMERGENCY IMMIGRATION LEGIS ASSOCIATION, ST. PAUL, MINN. The American Farm Bureau resolution,

LATION-LETTER FROM EVAN Mr. HUMPHREY. Mr. President, I which the Minnesota Farm Bureau supports GELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH, present for appropriate reference, and heartily, is quoted below: ask unanimous consent to have printed tural exemption provisions of the Motor Car

"We are opposed to weakening the agriculMINNEAPOLIS, MINN.

in the RECORD, two resolutions adopted rier Act. These provisions permit flexibility Mr. HUMPHREY. Mr. President, I by the Group Health Association at St. of movement and rates for agricultural compresent for appropriate reference, and Paul, Minn., relating to health legisla- modities which are beneficial both to farmask unanimous consent to have printed tion.

ers and the consuming public. Common in the RECORD, a letter from the Evangelical Lutheran Church, of Minneapo- tions were received, appropriately re

There being no objection, the resolu

carriers cannot provide a comparable service

in many circumstances. lis, Minn., signed by O. H. Hove, en, ferred, and ordered to be printed in the leasing of exempt trucks by regulated car

"We will oppose efforts to eliminate trip dorsing a joint statement of the National RECORD, as follows: Lutheran Council and the National

riers. The effect of such elimination would

To the Committee on Agriculture and ForCouncil of the Churches of Christ in the

be substantially to increase rates for haulestry:

ing farm products to put out of business United States of America, relating to


many truckers who provide an economic emergency immigration legislation.

"Whereas the rural areas of our country

and essential service, and thus to increase There being no objection, the letter

distribution costs." are the areas of greatest shortage of medical was referred to the Committee on the service; and

Farmers in Minnesota are interested in Judiciary, and ordered to be printed in

"Whereas a key to improving the amount

the passage of this legislation as it will keep the RECORD, as follows: and quality of service in rural areas is long

in effect of the long-established practice of THE EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH, term financing of the facilities needed by

our farmer truckers leasing their trucks for Minneapolis, Minn., July 9, 1953. doctors to practice modern medicine; and

a legitimate back haul. “Whereas Senator HUMPHREY has offered a

Without this law many farm truckers DEAR SIR: In the hope that it may be of help to you in forming or supporting your bill in the United States Senate to provide

would be forced out of business and many own views in the matter, I am hereby sending long-term credit at low interest rates to

agricultural products, including grain, would an endorsement of the joint position of the rural consumer groups to finance such med

be hauled at a much higher cost. Many National Lutheran Council and the National ical centers: Be it

farm commodities, which are perishable or Council of the Churches of Christ in the Resolved, That we endorse the Humphrey seasonable must be hauled by farmers them

selves. United States of America on the subject of

bill, S. 1052; be it further emergency immigration legislation, adopted

Resolved, That a copy of this resolution We are against any law or regulations that June 17, 1953: be sent to our Senators and Representatives

would curtail or hurt agricultural exemption in Congress.”

on farm trucks. “Our agencies, which carry on a worldwide service to refugees and other victims

To the Committee on Labor and Public We are asking that you support this legisWelfare:

lation. of war and persecution, unite in strongly commending the President for his message "REGIONAL HEALTH CONFERENCE-PRESIDENT'S

Very truly yours, of April 22 calling for emergency immigraCOMMISSION REPORT

J. L. MORTON, tion legislation.

President. “Whereas the President's Commission on "We believe that 240,000 persons can be the Health Needs of the Nation has issued readily absorbed by the United States of a report favoring the type of comprehensive PMA COMMITTEES AND CONSTRUCAmerica; that such an act on our part will prepayment health plan to which the Group strengthen our foreign policy and will en Health organization is committed; and

TION OF HELLS CANYON DAMcourage the cooperation of other countries “Whereas a committee made up of repre LETTER AND RESOLUTION in dealing with this pressing problem. sentatives of membership organizations has

"We further unite in stressing to you the planned to call a regional health conference Mr. HUMPHREY. Mr. President, I urgency of passing enabling special legisla to explore these and other recommendations ask unanimous consent that a letter tion in this session of Congress since in the on May 19 and 20: Be it

which I have received from Warren Watcase of refugees, escapees, and returnees “Resolved, That the members of Group son, secretary of the Crooks Farmers their plight calls for immediate action. In Health endorse this conference and that several instances, e. g., among Europeans in

Union local, Renville, Minn., in favor Group Health be represented by delegates; China, Trieste, and the Middle East and be it further

of keeping the election of PMA comamong the escapees and displaced persons in Resolved, That we invite the members of mittees within the county units, and a Germany, Austria, and Italy, untold hard the State legislature to attend the confer- resolution favoring the construction of ship will ensue if they are required to un ence with us."

Hells Canyon Dam by the Federal Gov

ernment, be appropriately referred and à definite program of price supports has Whereas there has been advanced by some printed in the RECORD.

affected the stability of farm prices; and governmental officials the suggestion that There being no objection, the letter

"Whereas farmers are directly affected by the United States withdraw from the United and resolution were received, appro

the squeeze of declining prices and increased Nations; and

interest as a result of the action of the Treaspriately referred, and ordered to be

Whereas the United Nations represents the ury Department setting the pace for interest only official means of attaining international printed in the RECORD, as follows: rates on private loans; Now, therefore, be it harmony and good will: Therefore be it

To the Committee on Agriculture and For "Resolved, that the representatives of this Resolved, That this convention reaffirm its estry:

State in the United States Congress be urged belief in the basic worth of the United NaRENVILLE, MINN., July 7, 1953. to support legislation which will assure ade

tions and pledge its continued support of Senator HUBERT H. HUMPHREY: quate income to farmers and put into effect

the high purposes of the U. N. to the end At the local farmers union the night of the golden promise of parity made by Presi

that legal and technical difficulties shall not June 29, I was instructed to inform you the dent Eisenhower at Kasson, Minn., and to

be permitted to weaken one of the best inmembers are very much in favor of keeping oppose any further increase in interest rates

struments for building world peace; furtherthe election of PMA committees within the by the Federal Government.”

more, be it county units, and hope you can give your


Resolved, That we recommend to our peoassistance in this matter.


ple and churches that they urge their conW. WATSON, Secretary.


gressional representatives to support our full To the Committee on Interior and Insular


financial obligations to the United Nations Affairs:

and its specialized agencies; furthermore, “Whereas the farmer-owned cooperatives RESOLUTIONS FROM COUNCIL ON be it of our State own important fertilizer de


Resolved, That we vigorously protest any posits in Idaho; and Whereas cheap and abundant electric

attempt under any conditions leading to AMERICAN BAPTIST CONVENTION

our withdrawal from the United Nations; power is necessary in order to develop these Mr. WILEY. Mr. President, I have re furthermore, be it deposits for the benefit of the farmers of ceived from Donald B. Cloward, the Resolved, That we view with concern the this State; and "Whereas this power can be provided only Christian Social Progress of the Ameri

tendency of rearmament among the nations executive secretary of the Council on

of the world, and urge upon the United by construction of the Hells Canyon Dam by the Federal Government; and can Baptist

Nations continued and even greater zeal in Baptist Convention, resolutions

seeking out a more constructive road to “Whereas private interests seek to block which had been adopted at the last an

world peace than that of attempting to conthis Federal construction, and to build pri- nual session of that convention in Denver.

trol aggression by increasing military power; vate dams of lower generating capacity, with I send to the desk now the text of these furthermore, be it higher costs that would prohibit the de

resolutions, keenly evidencing the con Resolved, That we urge our churches to velopment of the farmer-cooperative-owned vention's awareness of our vast respon

make a careful study of the Charter of the fertilizer deposits: Therefore be it sibilities in this atomic age.

United Nations with special reference to the Resolved, That we petition our Representatives in Congress to support the Hells Can

I ask unanimous consent that the

possibility of strengthening it through Char

ter revision in 1955. yon project of the Bureau of Reclamation, resolutions be printed in the body of the and oppose the plans for the private, high- RECORD at this point. rate construction by the Idaho Power Co. There being no objection, the resolu 8. UNITED STATES LEADERSHIP FOR PEACE

"CROOKS FARMERS UNION LOCAL, tions were ordered to be printed in the Whereas we believe the American people
"WARREN WATSON, Secretary.
RECORD, as follows:

to be a peace-loving people, whose supreme "RENVILLE, MINN."


desire in international affairs is to estab

lish a truly peaceful world; and NATIONAL FINANCIAL SUPPORT OF UNICEF

Whereas we believe as followers of Jesus PARITY INCOME-RESOLUTIONS OF

Whereas the children of the world are the Christ, the Prince of Peace, we must pray FARMERS COOPERATIVE ELEVA- innocent and helpless victims of man's in for and work persistently for peace;' and TOR COMPANIES, MINNESOTA

humanity and are the concern of all nations; Whereas we believe the circumstances that and

make our country a world power place upon Mr. HUMPHREY, Mr. President, I Whereas we view with alarm the present our Government an unprecedented responsipresent for appropriate reference resolu- tendency to reduce the moneys allocated to bility to give aggressive leadership in the tions adopted by the Farmers Coopera the specific alleviation of the sufferings of establishment of world peace; and tive Elevator Co., of Bijou, the Dudley the children of the world: Therefore be it Whereas the President has publicly deFarmers Cooperative Co., of Dudley Hall, Resolved, That we urge the maintenance clared that our Government stands ready the Farmers Cooperative Trading Co., of

of at least the present level of expenditures to join with other nations at the moment

earmarked for the United Nations Interna the tension eases, to press vigorously for genLake Bronson, the Lancaster Farmers tional Children's Emergency Fund.

eral disarmament, and to use a substantial Cooperation Elevator Co., of Lancaster,


percentage of the savings achieved by disthe Mills Farmers Elevator, of New York

Whereas the UNICEF is promoting an an

armament for world aid and reconstruction: Mills, and the Twin Valley Cooperative

Therefore be it nual Halloween project known as trick or Association, of Twin Valley, all of the treat to encourage children to observe Hal

Resolved, That we call upon the President State of Minnesota, concerning parity loween for the purpose of collecting pennies

and the Congress of the United States to income. I ask unanimous consent that for the world's children; and

implement our national desires for peace and one of the resolutions be printed in the

our eagerness to support and give leaderWhereas the Department of Christian

ship toward its establishment; furthermore, RECORD. Friendliness and the Committee on Christian

be it The VICE PRESIDENT. The reso Social Progress are promoting this project

Resolved, That we urge our people through lutions will be received and appropri- through the Department of Christian Social ately referred; and, without objection, ican Baptist Women: Therefore be it

prayer, study, discussion, and action to Relations of the National Council of Amer

search continuously for ways to establish one of the resolutions will be printed in

peace and to share their finding with their

Resolved, That the convention endorse this the RECORD. practical effort and encourage wide participa

representatives in government. The resolutions were received and retion by our churches.

Resolved, That local churches, associations, ferred to the Committee on Agriculture

and State conventions be encouraged to pro

vide additional scholarships whenever posand Forestry; and one of the resolutions


sible. Furthermore, be it was ordered to be printed in the RECORD,

Whereas powerful voices both within Con Resolved, That all pastors and leaders of as follows:

gress and among our citizenry seek to dis- youth be encouraged to continue to challenge PARITY INCOME RESOLUTION credit the United Nations, either as power

their youth to consider the giving of their At a meeting of the stockholders of Twin less to effect enduring peace, or as a subtle

lives to the urgent task of carrying the mesValley Cooperative Elevator Association, held tool of totalitarianism forces; and

sage of Christ to the ends of the world. June 23, 1953, in the city of Twin Valley, at Whereas there have been introduced into which 25 stockholders were present, the fol Congress several bills which seek through

INTERDENOMINATIONAL RELATIONS lowing resolution was duly adopted:

constitutional amendment curtailment of “Whereas the decline in price of agricul the treatymaking power of the President, to

EXPRESSED THROUGH COOPERATIVE EFFORTS tural products has reduced the ratio of net render it impossible for the United States Whereas the situation in our world is one farm income to national income to the low- to work effectively through the United Na of excessive divisions within the church est point in 20 years; and

tions on many crucial issues such as dis which impair the effectiveness of our evan"Whereas the lack of a positive statement armament or international control of atomic gelical Christian witness both at home and from the Secretary of Agriculture regarding weapons; and

abroad; and

Whereas our youth are confused by these REPORTS OF COMMITTEES

BILLS INTRODUCED divisions and fail to secure essential insight into the principles both of the Christian

The following reports of committees Bills were introduced, read the first faith and of our Baptist witness; and were submitted:

time, and, by unanimous consent, the Whereas anti-Christian forces in many By Mr. TOBEY, from the Committee on second time, and referred as follows: cases are united; and Interstate and Foreign Commerce:

By Mr. EARRETT (for himself and Mr. Whereas the solution to the divisive spirit S. 2383. A bill granting the consent of

MURRAY): must begin at the grass roots of our de Congress to a compact between the State of S. 2395. A bill to remove a cloud on the nomination: Therefore be it

New Jersey and the State of New York known title of certain railroad companies, and their Resolved, That we urge our churches to as the Waterfront Commission Compact, successors by reason of a provision in certain cooperate on city, county, and State levels and for other purposes; without amendment patents excluding and excepting mineral with interdenominational evangelical or (Rept. No. 583).

lands; to the Committee on Interior and ganizations.

By Mr. BUTLER of Nebraska, from the Insular Affairs.
Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs,

By Mr. MANSFIELD (by request): with an amendment:

S. 2396. A bill to amend the act entitled Whereas in the growing cooperative at

s. 711. A bill to authorize the Secretary of titude among Protestants we take encourage

"An act to conserve and develop Indian the Interior to grant easements for rights lands and resources; to extend to Indians the ment, and

of-way through, over, and under the park right to form business and other organizaWhereas the National Council of Churches

way land along the line of the Chesapeake tions: to establish a credit system for Inhas fostered the important work of inter

and Ohio Canal, and to authorize an ex dians; to grant certain rights of home rule denominational cooperation on the national

change of lands with other Federal depart to Indians; to provide for vocational educalevel; therefore, be it

ments and agencies, and for other purposes tion for Indians; and for other purposes”; Resolved, that the American Baptist Con(Rept. No. 584).

to the Committee on Interior and Insular vention continue its cooperative relation By Mr. BUTLER of Nebraska, from the

Affairs. ship with other Protestant bodies in the naCommittee on Interior and Insular Affairs,

By Mr. BUTLER of Nebraska (for himtional council. without amendment:

self and Mr. FULBRIGHT): EXPRESSED THROUGH THE WORLD COUNCIL OF S. 2320. A bill to change the date for the S. 2397. A bill for the relief of Paul Ami CHURCHES

beginning of annual assessment work on Gaeng; to the Committee on the Judiciary. Whereas the World Council of Churches mining claims held by location in the

By Mr. SMATHERS: will meet in Evanston, Ill., in 1954, and

United States, including the Territory of S. 2398. A bill to suspend for 1 year cerWhereas the work of this council is vital

Alaska, from the 1st day of July to the 1st tain duties upon the importation of alumily related to the world outreach of the

day of October and to extend the time dur num and aluminum alloys; to the Commit

ing which annual assessment work on such tee on Finance, American Baptist Convention; and

claims may be made for the year beginning Whereas Baptists have much to receive

By Mr. HICKENLOOPER: from, as well as to contribute to the ecumen

July 1, 1952, to the 1st day of October 1953 S. 2399. A bill to amend the Atomic

(Rept. No. 585); ical Christian movement: Therefore be it

Energy Act of 1946, as amended; placed on

H. R. 127. A bill to quitclaim interest of the calendar. Resolved, That we urge the people of our

the United States to certain land in Placer churches to study the issues that will be

(See the remarks of Mr. HICKENLOOPER County, Calif. (Rept. No. 586); considered at the sessions of the World Coun

when he reported the above bill from the

H. R. 947. A bill authorizing the Secretary cil and to lend their support to all matters

Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, which of the Interior to issue to Tom Gwin a that will further the Christian faith in our

appear under a separate heading.) patent in fee to certain lands in the State world.

of Mississippi (Rept. No. 587);

H. R. 1308. A bill to amend the Color of PRINCIPLES OF CHRISTIAN COMITY Title Act (Rept. No. 588);

HOUSE BILL AND JOINT RESOLUWhereas the American Baptist Convention H. R. 1571. A bill to amend the Alaska

TION REFERRED plans to raise a large fund for church ex game law (Rept. No. 589); and tension purposes; and

H. R. 3581. A bill to further the policy

The following bill and joint resolution Whereas other Protestant denominations enunciated in the act of October 26, 1949 were each read twice by their titles, and are engaged in similar projects: Therefore

(63 Stat. 927), to facilitate public participa- referred, as indicated: be it

tion in the preservation of sites, buildings, Resolved, That in the establishing of new and objects of national significance or in

H. R. 6078. An act to amend Public Law churches we practice the principles of Christerest by providing for a National Trust for

874 of the 81st Congress so as to make imHistoric Preservation in the United States

provements in its provisions and extend tian economy, rather than those of extreme denominationalism, following at all times (Rept. No. 591).

its duration for a 2-year period, and for carefully defined principles of Christian

By Mr. BUTLER of Nebraska, from the

other purposes; to the Committee on LaCommittee on Interior and Insular Affairs,

bor and Public Welfare. comity. with amendments:

H. J. Res. 293. Joint resolution to permit H. R. 2828. A bill to amend the act of Con

articles imported from foreign countries for SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE gress of September 3, 1935 (49 Stat. 1085),

the purpose of exhibition at the Washington RELATIONS WITH THE VATICAN as amended (Rept. No. 590).

State Third International Trade Fair, SeatWhereas our National Government has fol

By Mr. MILLIKIN, from the Committee on tle, Wash., to be admitted without payFinance:

ment of tariff, and for other purposes; to lowed the policy of having no diplomatic relationships with the Vatican or other ec

H. R. 5705. A bill to amend the existing law

the Committee on Finance. clesiastical body, and

to provide for the automatic renewal of exWhereas this policy follows the historic piring 5-year-level-premium-term policies of

United States Government and national principle of the separation of church and

2308, state: Therefore be it

service life insurance; without amendment NOTICE OF HEARING ON S. Resolved, That we commend the President (Rept. No. 592).


of the United States and the Department of
State for their adherence to this policy and

Mr. LANGER. Mr. President, on bewholeheartedly urge continuance of this his

half of a subcommittee of the Committoric American practice.


tee on the Judiciary, I desire to give noSUPPORT OF PAROCHIAL SCHOOLS PORT OF A COMMITTEE

tice that a public hearing has been Whereas complete independence of the

Mr. HICKENLOOPER. Mr. President, scheduled for Thursday, July 23, 1953, church from Government control has always from the Joint Committee on Atomic at 10 a. m., in room 424, Senate Office been a prominent feature of Baptist policy; Energy, I report an original bill to amend Building, on S. 2308, a bill to authorize and

the Atomic Energy Act of 1946, as and direct the investigation by the AtWhereas we believe that Government fi amended.

torney General of certain offenses, and nancial support inevitably involves some The VICE PRESIDENT. The bill will

The bill will for other purposes. At the indicated measure of control: Therefore be it

be received, and placed on the calendar. time and place all persons interested in Resolved, That we voice our opposition to all Government financial support of paro

The bill (S. 2399) to amend the Atomic the proposed legislation may make such chial schools: Furthermore, be it

Energy Act of 1946, as amended, reported representations as may be pertinent. Resolved, That we look with disfavor upon

by Mr. HICKENLOOPER, from the Joint The subcommittee consists of myself, the practice of allowing parochial school ad Committee on Atomic Energy, was re- chairman; the Senator from Illinois ministrators to hold policy or administrative ceived, read twice by its title, and placed [Mr. DIRKSEN]; and the Senator from positions in public school systems. on the calendar.

Arkansas [Mr. MCCLELLAN).

ADDRESSES, EDITORIALS, ARTI ture is good so far as it goes. But, Mr. Mr. WILLIAMS. Mr. President, will CLES, ETC., PRINTED IN THE

THE President, in the opinion of the senior the Senator yield? APPENDIX

Senator from Texas it does not go nearly Mr. MILLIKIN. I yield to the Senator

far enough. The basic question, not from Delaware. On request, and by unanimous con

only in the drought States, but in the Mr. WILLIAMS. I call up my amend. sent, addresses, editorials, articles, etc.,

other cattle-producing States, is the ment designated "7–14–53–A,” and ask were ordered to be printed in the Ap

price of beef cattle. As the senior Sena, that it be stated. pendix, as follows:

tor from Texas sees it, the situation is The PRESIDING OFFICER. The By Mr. WILEY:

similar to that of a man who has a ter- clerk will state the amendment. Memorandum prepared by him in refuta

rible headache as the result of a tumor. tion of comments by Senator BRICKER on

The LEGISLATIVE CLERK. At the end of minority report of Senate Judiciary Com

To hand him a bottle of aspirin will for the bill, it is proposed to add a new secmittee on Senate Joint Resolution 1.

the moment give him some temporary tion as follows: By Mr. CLEMENTS: relief; but real relief will not come to

SEC. 2. (a) Section 431 of the Internal First of a series of articles written by him until he has the tumor removed by

Revenue Code (definition of adjusted exBarry Bingham while traveling with Adlai a drastic operation.

cess-profits net income) is hereby amended E. Stevenson through Asia, and published in

Mr. President, the basic trouble in the (1) by inserting' “(a)" before "The” the the Louisville Courier-Journal. cattle country is caused by the falling

first place it appears; By Mr. GOLDWATER: Article entitled “McCarthyism: The Recprices of cattle. It is the opinion of the

(2) by striking out the last sentence and

inserting in lieu thereof the following: “If ord to Date," published in the Building and senior Senator from Texas that no

such sum is less than the amount deterConstruction Trades Bulletin of July 1953, formula has been found by which we can

mined under subsection (b), it shall be inBy Mr. GORE: have a 90-percent support price without

creased to such amount."; and Editorial entitled "Acheson's Vindication,” some control. If we do not have control

(3) by adding at the end of such section published in the Montgomery (Ala.) Adver

of production, then that kind of pro- the following new subsection: tiser of recent date.

gram would bankrupt the Government. “(b) For the purposes of subsection (a) By Mr. BRICKER: Editorial entitled "A Liberal Backslider,". However, Mr. President, I wish again of this section and of subsection (c) of secpublished in the Toledo (Ohio) Times of

to call to the attention of the Senate tion 141, the amount determined under this Tuesday, July 7, 1953. and the Secretary of Agriculture the

subsection shall beBy Mr. JENNER: fact that Congress in its wisdom several

(1) in the case of a taxable year ending Editorial entitled "Boost for New Busi.

before July 1, 1953, $25,000; years ago, in legislation passed in 1935, ness,” published in the Indianapolis (Ind.)

“(2) in the case of a taxable year beginI believe, as an amendment to section 32 Star, of Monday, July 13, 1953.

ning after June 30, 1953, $100,000; and of the Agricultural Adjustment Act, set

“(3) in the case of a taxable year beginaside 30 percent of the customs import ning before July 1, 1953, and ending after RELIEF TO FARMERS AND CATTLE- funds, to be used for just such a situa June 30, 1953, $25,000 plus an amount equal MEN IN DROUGHT AREAS

tion as that in which the cattlemen to that portion of $75,000 which the number find themselves today.

of days in the taxable year after June 30, Mr. JOHNSON of Texas. Mr. Presi

The senior Senator from Texas has

1953, bears to the total number of days in dent, I do not desire to detain the Senate

such taxable year.” previously urged the Secretary of Agrifor any length of time. However, I do

(b) (1) The first sentence of section 15 culture to act under the authority he wish to read into the RECORD a news item

(c) of the Internal Revenue Code (relating now possesses and use the funds which

to disallowance of surtax exemption and which has just appeared on the ticker.

are available and have been set aside for minimum excess-profits, credit) is hereby It is of great concern to all Senators just such a situation. I have suggested

just such a situation. I have suggested amended by striking out “the $25,000 minifrom drought-stricken areas:

that he go into the stockyards of the mum excess-profits credit provided in the President Eisenhower asked Congress to country and buy up some of the cull

last sentence of section 431” and inserting day to appropriate $150 million for a dis

in lieu thereof "the minimum excess-profits cattle, and in that way give the cattleaster-loan fund to help farmers and cattle

credit provided in the last sentence of secmen some relief in the price situation. men in drought areas.

tion 431 (a)." In a letter to Speaker MARTIN, Mr. EisenI hope that the Secretary of Agricul

(2) The last sentence of section 141 (c) hower said his firsthand inspection of the

ture will have success with the program of the Internal Revenue Code (relating to drought area last week deeply impressed him he has inaugurated, but I do not believe computation and payment of tax in con, with the desperate need for help for farm for a moment that it will solve the prob- solidated returns) is hereby amended to read ers and cattlemen. lem confronting us. The Secretary of

as follows: "For the purposes of the tax The President yesterday signed into law

Agriculture assured the farmers and cat- imposed by section 430, the sum of the exlegislation authorizing the revolving loan

cess-profits credit and the unused excesstlemen in Amarillo, Tex., that in the fund.

profits credit adjustment of the affiliated Mr. Eisenhower assured Congress that the event the program did not relieve the

group shall not be increased under the last administration will use fully the resources

situation, he expected to consider a pur sentence of section 431 (a) to an amount for available in assisting in the drought emerchase program.

the entire group in excess of the amount gency, but he added:

I believe in time he will do so. How determined under section 431 (b)." "The States, local governments, and indi- ever, the clock is ticking away, and I

Mr. WILLIAMS. viduals involved, however, should strive to wish again to urge the Secretary of Ag

I suggest the abdo everything possible within their power

sence of a quorum. riculture to use the authority he now to overcome the situation and minimize

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The has and the money he now has available clerk will call the roll. the necessity for Federal aid.” An official said today the Agriculture Deand do something about the cattle price

The legislative clerk proceeded to call partment hopes to begin making drought situation.

the roll. loans inside of a week or 10 days.


Mr. WILLIAMS. Mr. President, I ask R. L. Farrington, Acting Chief of the Ag- GOLDWATER in the chair). Is there any ricultural Credit Services, said the Depart- further morning business? If not, morn

unanimous consent that the order for ment will ask Congress this week for $100 ing business is closed.

the quorum call be rescinded, and that million or $150 million to handle new live

further proceedings under the call be stock and disaster loans. He said he be

dispensed with. lieves Congress will act promptly.

Mr. MILLIKIN. Mr. President, the EXTENSION OF EXCESS-PROFITS In matters of this kind it is necessary

bill before the Senate is H. R. 5898. In

TAX for the House to act first. Because of the

brief, it extends for 6 months the excessfact that it is the intention of the lead. The Senate resumed the consideration profits tax, which expired on June 30, ers of Congress to adjourn at the end of the bill (H. R. 5898) to extend until 1953. of the month, I am very hopeful that December 31, 1953, the period with re The President, in his message of May the House will give immediate consider- spect to which the excess-profits tax 20, 1953, requested legislation to termiation to the President's request and take shall be effective.

nate the excess-profits tax on December favorable action.

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The bill 31, 1953, instead of on June 30, 1953. The program already announced by is open to amendment.

It is estimated that the bill will inthe distinguished Secretary of Agricul Mr. MILLIKIN obtained the floor. crease Federal revenues for the fiscal

XCIX -556

Full year



year ending June 31, 1954, by about $800 prepared by the staff of the Joint Com

Effect of expiration on budget:
mittee on Internal Revenue Taxation.

(In millions of dollars)
In his message of May 20, 1953, the The PRESIDING OFFICER (Mr.
President stated:
FLANDERS in the chair). Is there ob-

Fiscal year 1954
The excess-profits tax should be extended jection?
as now drawn for 6 months beyond its pres There being no objection, the data


Treasent expiration date of June 30. This action

Staff were ordered to be printed in the RECORD,


ury seems necessary in spite of the fact that this

as follows: is an undesirable way of taxing corporate


Excess-profits tax.. PART I. ANALYSIS OF THE FISCAL SITUATION profits.

700 2,000


Incom tax, reducing Though the name suggests that only ex

Revenue picture

corporate normal cessive profits are taxed, the tax actually

rate by 5 percent penalizes thrift and efficiency and hampers

[In millions of dollars]




Individual business expansion. Its impact is especially

income tax...

1, 100 1, 100 3,000 hard on successful small businesses which

Fiscal year-
Excise taxes..

200 200

1,000 1, 150 must depend on retained earnings for growth. These disadvantages of the tax are

2, 100 2,000

8, 150 1953

1952 now widely recognized. I would not advocate its extension for more than a matter of

Mr. WILLIAMS. Mr. President, the months.


74, 607

66, 145

Receipts... The President goes on to say:

65, 218

62, 129 pending amendment, which was offered

on behalf of the Senator from New However, under existing circumstances the



4, 017

Jersey [Mr. HENDRICKSON] and myself, extension of the present law is preferable to

would provide an exemption from the the increased deficit caused by its immediate

The deficit of $9,389 million was financed excess-profits tax to smaller corporaexpiration or to any short-term substitute as follows:

tions for the first $100,000. tax.

The scheduled expiration of the tax in
Increase in public debt-----

I agree fully with what the Senator

$6, 966 June would be misleading in its conseReduction in general fund balance - 2, 299

from Colorado has stated with referquences. It would simply mean that the tax Excess of receipts in trust-fund ac

ence to the necessity of extending the would be applied at half the full rate, 15


125 excess-profits tax at this time. percent, to all of this year's business income,

I wish to make it clear that my Therefore its bad effects in penalizing effi

Total budget deficit.. -- 9, 389 ciency and encouraging waste will continue

amendment is not in any way intended through this year in any event. The exten

[In millions of dollars]

to prevent passage of the bill. I shall sion of the tax through December 1953

vote for the bill, with or without the would maintain the full 30-percent rate for

Actual as of June 30 amendment, because I believe that in the entire year and would produce a gain in

view of the present condition of our revenue of $800 million in the fiscal year


1952 budget, we have no alternative except 1954.

to pass the extension. It was the opinion of most of the mem

Gross public debt...

266, 071 259, 105 Question has been raised as to whethbers of the Committee on Finance that

er the offering of an amendment at this the excess-profits tax is inequitable, but

The estimated public debt for the end of that the size of the present deficit makes

time is timely. Question is also raised fiscal year 1953 in the January budget was

as to whether the offering of an amendit necessary to continue the tax for an $263,900 million. There is therefore an in

ment at this time might serve to defeat other 6 months. The deficit for the fiscal

crease in the debt over the January budget the entire bill. year ending June 30, 1954, is estimated to estimate of $2,171 million. The estimated I refuse to go along with that kind of be $6,600,000,000. It is estimated that public debt at the end of the fiscal year

reasoning, because to accept that princithe deficit will be reduced to $5,800,000,- ending June 30, 1954 in the January budget

ple would be for the Members of the Sen000 if the excess-profits tax is continued is $273,800 million. The maximum debt limit

ate and the House of Representatives for 6 months. The deficit for the fiscal

is $275 billion. The Treasury is antici-
pating issuing from $512 to $6 billion tax-

to recognize the right of one Member year just closed was $9,300,000,000. anticipation notes to take care of the quarter

to veto proposed legislation. The pending bill will help the admin- through March 15 of next year. Purchasers I think it is a sad state of affairs if istration to arrive at a balanced budget.

of these tax-anticipation notes will offset we have reached the point where the Moreover, it will remove the complaint them against tax payments in March.

only way to get bills through Congress that the excess-profits tax should not

Budget outlook for the fiscal year 1954

is to have both Houses adopt a closed terminate 6 months ahead of any indi

rule to the effect that the bills shall be vidual income-tax reduction.

[In billions of dollars)

passed as they come from committee, Both the President and the Secretary

and shall not be amended under any of the Treasury have assured Congress


circumstances. that they will not request any continua


Staff budget

As to the timing of the amendment, tion of the excess-profits tax beyond


I point out that when the excess-profitsDecember 31, 1953.

tax bill was passed in 1950, I offered the When we consider the magnitude of


78.6 74. 1

73.5 same amendment because I felt that the figures, the past and potential Receipts.--

68.7 67.5

67. 6

the proper time to give consideration to deficits, when we consider that it is nec



this question was when we were acting essary to balance the budget, and stop the downward slide of the purchasing

on the bill in its original form. At that ADJUSTMENT FOR EISENHOWER RECOMMENDA time my amendment was rejected by value of the dollar, it seems very clear

TIONS FOR EXTENSION OF EXCESS PROFITS those who here today speak for it but that we have no alternative, painful


still vote against it. though it may be, but to hang on to all

If H. R. 5898 is adopted, the deficit of $6.6 Since that time there have been no our sources of revenue for a period of billion will be reduced to $5.8 billion under extensions of that law until the one now time until we can bring our expenditures the Treasury estimate. Under the staff esti before us. If this is not the proper time under such control that we can do with mate, the $5.9 billion deficit will be reduced

to offer the amendment, then I wonder out some of the present sources of reve

to $5.2 billion.

The temporary taxes, which expire or are nue, and come to the blessed day we all

when the proper time will be. Certainly look forward to when we may have both reduced under the Revenue Act of 1951:

there is no use in giving consideration

to tax relief for small corporations if a balanced budget and a reduction of

Expiration or reduction date

the bill has expired. taxes. Excess profits tax---

The amendment provides that small Mr. MILLIKIN subsequently said: Mr.

July 1, 1953

Income tax: President, I ask unanimous consent to

corporations can deduct up to $100,000

Corporation. have printed in the RECORD at the con

Apr. 1, 1954 from their earnings before paying their Individual.

Jan. 1, 1954 excess-profits tax. This provision will clusion of my prior remarks certain data Excise taxes.

--. Apr. 1, 1954 not amount to a $100,000 increase in ex

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