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misdemeanor or any of the misdemeanors or activities within the port of New York dis cluded in the longshoremen's register, and offenses described in subdivision (b) of sec trict;

no person shall employ another to work as a tion 3 of article V. Any applicant ineligi “(d) Failure to keep said books and records longshoreman within the port of New York ble for a license by reason of any such con available during business hours for inspec district unless at the time such other person viction may submit satisfactory evidence to tion by the commission and its duly desig is included in the longshoremen’s register. the commission that the person whose con nated representatives until the expiration of “2. Any person applying for inclusion in viction was the basis of ineligiblity has for a the fifth calendar year following the calendar the longshoremen's register shall file at such period of not less than 5 years, measured as year during which occurred the transactions place and in such manner as the commission hereinafter provided and up to the time of recorded therein;

shall designate a written statement, signed application, so conducted himself as to war “(e) Any other offense described in sub and verified by such person, setting forth his rant the grant of such license, in which event divisions (c) to (i), inclusive, of section 7 full name, residence address, social-security the commission may, in its discretion issue of article V.

number, and such further facts and evidence an order removing such ineligiblity. The


as the commission may prescribe to establish aforesaid period of 5 years shall be measured

Prohibition of public loading

the identity of such person and his criminal either from the date of payment of any fine

record, if any. imposed upon such person or the suspension

“1. The States of New Jersey and New

"3. The commission may in its discretion of sentence or from the date of his unreYork hereby find and declare that the trans

deny application for inclusion in the longvoked release from custody by parole, comfer of cargo to and from trucks at piers and

shoremen's register by a personother waterfront terminals in the port of mutation, or termination of his sentence;

“(a). Who has been convicted by a court New York district has resulted in vicious and "(f) If, on or after July 1, 1953, the appli

of the United States or any State or Territory notorious abuses by persons commonly cant has paid, given, caused to have been

thereof, without subsequent pardon, of treaknown as 'public loaders.' There is compaid or given or offered to pay or give to

son, murder, manslaughter or of any felony pelling evidence that such persons have exany officer or employee of any carrier of

or high misdemeanor or of any of the misdeacted the payment of exorbitant charges for

meanors or offenses described in subdivision freight by water any valuable consideration

their services, real and alleged, and otherfor an improper or unlawful purpose or to

(b) of section 3 of artivle V or of attempt wise extorted large sums through force, induce such person to procure the employ

or conspiracy to commit any of such crimes; threats of violence, unauthorized labor disment of the applicant by such carrier for the

“(b) Who knowingly or willingly advocates turbances and other coercive activities, and

the desirability of overthrowing or destroying performance of stevedoring services; that they have been responsible for and

the Government of the United States by force “(g) If, on or after July 1, 1953, the appliabetted criminal activities on the waterfront.

or violence or who shall be a member of a cant has paid, given, caused to be paid or These practices which have developed in the

group which advocates such desirability given or offered to pay or give to any officer or port of New York district impose unjustified knowing the purposes of such group includes representative of a labor organization any costs on the handling of goods in and

such advocacy; valuable consideration for an improper or unthrough the port of New York district, and

"(c) Whose presence at the piers or other lawful purpose or to induce such officer or increase the prices paid by consumers for

waterfront terminals in the port of New York representative to subordinate the interests food, fuel, and other necessaries, and impair

district is found by the commission on the of such labor organization or its members in the economic stability of the port of New

basis of the facts and evidence before it, to the management of the affairs of such labor York district. It is the sense of the Legis

constitute a danger to the public peace or organization to the interests of the applicant. latures of the States of New York and New

safety; “4. When the application shall have been Jersey that these practices and conditions

4. Unless the commission shall determine examined and such further inquiry and in must be eliminated to prevent grave injury

to exclude the applicant from the longshorevestigation made as the commission shall to the welfare of the people.

men's register on a ground set forth in secdeem proper and when the commission shall

"2. It is hereby declared to be against the

tion 3 of this article it shall include such be satisfied therefrom that the applicant public policy of the States of New Jersey and

person in the longshoremen's register. The possesses the qualifications and requirements New York and to be unlawful for any person

commission may permit temporary registraprescribed in this article, the commission to load or unload waterborne freight onto or

tion of any applicant under the provisions of shall issue and deliver a license to such applifrom vehicles other than railroad cars at

this article pending final action on an applicant. The commission may issue a tempo- piers or at other waterfront terminals within

cation made for such registration. Any such rary permit to any applicant for a license the port of New York district, for a fee or

temporary registration shall be valid for a under the provisions of this article pending other compensation, other than the follow

period not in excess of 30 days. final action on an application made for such ing persons and their employees:

“5. The commission shall have power to a license. Any such permit shall be valid for “(a) Carriers of freight by water, but only

reprimand any longshoremen registered una period not in excess of 30 days. at piers at which their vessels are berthed;

der this article or to remove him from the “5. A license granted pursuant to this ar "(b) Other carriers of freight (including

longshoremen's register for such period of ticle shall be for a term of 2 years or fraction but not limited to railroads and truckers),

time as it deems in the public interest for of such 2-year period, and shall expire on the but only in connection with freight trans

any of the following offenses: first day of December of each odd-numbered ported or to be transported by such carriers;

“(a) Conviction of a crime or other cause year. In the event of the death of the li "(c) Operators of piers or other water

which would permit disqualification of such censee, if a natural person, or its termination front terminals (including railroads, truck

person from inclusion in the longshoremen's or dissolution by reason of the death of a terminal operators, warehousemen and other

register upon original application; partner, if a partnership, or if the licensee persons), but only at piers or other water

"(b) Fraud, deceit or misrepresentation shall cease to be a party to any contract of front terminals operated by them;

in securing inclusion in the longshoremen's the type required by subdivision (d) of sec "(d) Shippers or consignees of freight, but

register; tion 3 of this article, the license shall termi only in connection with freight shipped by "(c) Transfer or surrender of possession nate 90 days after such event or upon its ex such shipper or consigned to such consignee; to any person either temporarily or permapiration date, whichever shall be sooner. A

(e) Stevedores licensed under article VI, nently of any card or other means of idenlicense may be renewed by the commission whether or not such waterborne freight has tification issued by the commission as evifor successive 2-year periods upon fulfilling been or is to be transported by a carrier of dence of inclusion in the longshoremen's the same requirements as are set forth in this

freight by water with which such stevedore register, without satisfactory explanation; article for an original application.

shall have a contract of the type prescribed “(d) False impersonation of another long“6. Any license issued pursuant to this ar by subdivision (d) of section 3 of article VI. shoreman registered under this article or of ticle may be revoked or suspended for such

"Nothing herein contained shall be deemed another person licensed under this compact; period as the commission deems in the pub

to permit any such loading or unloading of (e) Willful commission of or willful atlic interest or the licensee thereunder may be any waterborne freight at any place by any tempt to commit at or on a waterfront terreprimanded for any of the following offenses

such person by means of any independent minal or adjacent highway any act of physion the part of the licensee or of any person contractor, or any other agent other than an cal injury to any other person or of wilful required by section 2 of this article to sign or

employee, unless such independent contrac damage to or misappropriation of any other be identified in an original application for a tor is a person permitted by this article to person's property, unless justified or excused license:

load or unload such freight at such place in by law; and “(a) Conviction of a crime or other cause his own right.

“(f) Any other offense described in subwhich would permit or require disqualifica


divisions (c) to (f) inclusive of section 7 tion to the licensee from receiving a license

of article V.

"Longshoremen upon original application;

“6. The commission shall have the right “1. The commission shall establish a long“(b) Fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation in

to recover possession of any card or other shoremen's register in which shall be included means of identification issued as evidence securing the license or in the conduct of the

all qualified longshoremen eligible, as here of inclusion in the longshoremen's register licensed activity;

inafter provided, for employment as such in in the event that the holder thereof has been "(c) Failure by the licensee to maintain a

the port of New York district. On or after removed from the longshoremen's register. complete set of books and records containing the 1st day of December 1953, no person shall “7. Nothing contained in this article shall a true and accurate account of the licensee's act as a longshoreman within the port of New be construed to limit in any way any rights receipts and disbursements arising out of his York district unless at the time he is in of labor reserved by article XV.

XCIX -548


States, the court and date of his naturaliza censee reasonable prior notice and oppor"Regularization of longshoremen's tion; and

tunity to be heard. employment

"(d) Such further facts and evidence as "2. Any application for a license or for

may be required by the commission to ascer inclusion in the longshoremen's register, and 1. On or after the 1st day of December

tain the character, integrity and identity of any license issued or registration made, may 1954, the commission shall, at regular inthe applicant.

be denied, revoked, canceled, suspended as tervals, remove from the longshoremen's

“3. No such license shall be granted

the case may be, only in the manner preregister any person who shall have been

(a) Unless the commission shall be satis scribed in this article. registered for at least 9 months and who

fied that the applicant possesses good charshall have failed during the preceding 6

"3. The commission may on its own ini. acter and integrity; calendar months either to have worked as

tiative or on complaint of any person, in

“(b) If the applicant has, without suba longshoreman in the port of New York

cluding any public official or agency, indistrict or to have applied for employment sequent pardon, been convicted by a court of

stitute proceedings to revoke, cancel or susthe United States or of any State or territory as a longshoreman at an employment in

pend any license or registration after & thereof of the commission of, or the attempt formation center established under article

hearing at which the licensee or registrant XII for such minimum number of days as or conspiracy to commit, treason, murder,

and any person making such complaint shall shall have been established by the commis

manslaughter, or any felony or high mis be given an opportunity to be heard, prosion pursuant to section 2 of this article. demeanor or any of the misdemeanors or

vided that any order of the commission offenses described in subdivision (b) of sec“2. On or before the 1st day of June 1954,

revoking, canceling or suspending any lition 3 of article V; and on or before each succeeding 1st day

cense or registration shall not become effecof June or December, the commission shall,

"(c) Unless the applicant shall meet such tive until 15 days subsequent to the seryfor the purposes of section one of this ar

reasonable standards of physical and mental ing of notice thereof upon the licensee or ticle, establish for the 6-month period be

fitness for the discharge of his duties as may registrant unless in the opinion of the ginning on each such date a minimum num

from time to time be established by the com commission the continuance of the license ber of days and the distribution of such mission;

or registration for such period would be days during such period.

"(d) If the applicant shall be a member of

inimicable to the public peace or safety. "3. In establishing any such minimum

any labor organization which represents Such hearing shall be held in such manner number of days or period, the commission

longshoremen or pier superintendents or hir and upon such notice as may be prescribed shall observe the following standards:

ing agents; but nothing in this article shall by the rules of the commission, but such “(a) To encourage as far as practicable

be deemed to prohibit port watchmen from notice shall be of not less than 10 days and

being represented by a labor organization or the regularization of the employment of

shall state the nature of the complaint. longshoremen;

organizations which do not also represent 4. Pending the determination of such

longshoremen or pier superintendents or hir“(b) To bring the number of eligible long

hearing pursuant to section 3 the commising agents. The American Federation of shoremen more closely into balance with the

sion may temporarily suspend a license or Labor, the Congress of Industrial Organiza registration if in the opinion of the comdemand for longshoremen's services within the port of New York district without re

tions and any other similar federation, con mission the continuance of the license or ducing the number of eligible longshoremen gress or other organization of national or

registration for such period is inimicable to below that necessary to meet the require

international occupational or industrial labor the public peace or safety. ments of longshoremen in the port of New

organizations shall not be considered an or “5. The commission, or such member, offiYork district; ganization which represents longshoremen or

ces, employee or agent of the commission pier superintendents or hiring agents within "(c) To eliminate oppressive and evil hir

as may be designated by the commission ing practices affecting longshoremen and the meaning of this section although one of

for such purpose, shall have the power to waterborne commerce in the port of New

the federated or constituent labor organiza issue subpenas throughout both States to

tions thereof may represent longshoremen or York district;

compel the attendance of witnesses and the pier superintendents or hiring agents. "(d) To eliminate unlawful practices in

giving of testimony or production of other

“(e) If the applicant knowingly or wilfully Jurious to waterfront labor; and

evidence and to administer oaths in conadvocates the desirability of overthrowing or nection with any such hearing. It shall “(e) To establish hiring practices and destroying the Government of the United

be the duty of the commission or of any conditions which will permit the termina

States by force or violence or shall be a memtion of governmental regulation and inter

such member, officer, employee, or agent of ber of a group which advocates such desirvention at the earliest opportunity.

the commission designated by the commisability, knowing the purpose of such group sion for such purpose to issue subpenas "4. A longshoreman who has been removed include such advocacy.

at the request of and upon behalf of the from the longshoremen's register pursuant

"4. When the application shall have been licensee, registrant, or applicant. The com. to this article may seek reinstatement upon

examined and such further inquiry and infulfilling the same requirements as for initial

mission or such person conducting the hearinclusion in the longshoremen's register, but

vestigation made as the commission shall ing shall not be bound by common law or

deem proper and when the commission shall not before the expiration of 1 year from the

statutory rules of evidence or by technical be satisfied therefrom that the applicant date of removal, except that immediate re

or formal rules of procedure in the conduct possesses the qualifications and require of such hearing. instatement shall be made upon proper show

ments prescribed by this article and regula “6. Upon the conclusion of the hearing, ing that the registrant's failure to work or

tions issued pursuant thereto, the commisapply for work the minimum number of days

the commission shall take such action upon sion shall issue and deliver a license to the above described was caused by the fact that

such findings and determination as it deems the registrant was engaged in the military applicant. The commission may issue a tem

proper and shall execute and order carrying service of the United States or was incapaciporary permit to any applicant for a license

such findings into effect. The action in the under the provisions of this article pending tated by ill health, physical injury, or other

case of an application for a license or regisgood cause.

final action on an application made for such tration shall be the granting or denial

a license. Any such permit shall be valid for “5. Notwithstanding any other provision

thereof. The action in the case of a licensee a period not in excess of 30 days.

shall be revocation of the license or suspenof this article, the commission shall at any

“5. A license granted pursuant to this artitime have the power to register longshoremen

sion thereof for a fixed period or reprimand cle shall continue for a term of 3 years. A or a dismissal of the charges. The action on a temporary basis to meet special or

license may be renewed by the commission in the case of a registered longshoreman emergency needs.

for successive 3-year periods upon fulfilling shall be dismissal of the charges, reprimand "ARTICLE X

the same requirements as are set forth in or removal from the longshoremen's register

this article for an original application. Port watchman

for a fixed period or permanently. “6. Any license issued pursuant to this

7. The action of the commission in deny“1. On or after the 1st day of December, article may be revoked or suspended for

ing any application for a license or in re1953, no person shall act as a port watchman such period as the commission deems in

fusing to include any person in the longwithin the port of New York district without the public interest or the licensee thereunder

shoremen's register under this compact or first having obtained a license from the com

may be reprimanded for any of the folmission, and no person shall employ a port

in suspending or revoking such license or lowing offenses: watchman who is not so licensed.

removing any person from the longshore

“'(a) Conviction of a crime or other “2. A license to act as a port watchman

men's register or in reprimanding a licensee cause which would permit or require his

or registrant shall be subject to judicial shall be issued only upon written applica disqualification from receiving a license upon tion, duly verified, which shall state the fol

review by a proceeding instituted in either original application;

State at the instance of the applicant, lilowing:

“'(b) Fraud, deceit or misrepresentation “(a) The full name, residence, business ad

censee or registrant in the manner proin securing license; and

vided by the law of such State for review dress (if any), place and date of birth and " '(c) Any other offense described in sub

of the final decision or action of administrasocial security number of the applicant; divisions (c) to (i), inclusive, of section 7

tive agencies of such State: Provided, how“(b) The present and previous occupations of article V.

ever, That notwithstanding any other proof the applicant, including the places where


vision of law the court shall have power to he was employed and the names of his em "Hearings, determinations, and review

stay for not more than 30 days an order ployers;

"1. The commission shall not deny any of the commission suspending or revoking "(c) The citizenship of the applicant and, application for a license or registration with a license or removing a longshoreman from if he is a naturalized citizen of the United out giving the applicant or prospective li the longshoremen's register.


eral grants, or otherwise, the balance of the ishable as may be provided by the two States "Employment information centers commission's budgeted expenses shall be as by action of the legislature of either State "1. The States of New Jersey and New

sessed upon employers of persons registered concurred in by the legislature of the other.

or licensed under this compact. Each such “5. Any person who directly or indirectly York hereby find and declare that the method of employment of longshoremen and

employer shall pay to the commission an as inflicts or threatens to inflict any injury, port watchmen in the port of New York

sessment computed upon the gross payroll damage, harm or loss or in any other manner

payments made by such employer to long- practices intimidation upon or against any district, commonly known as the 'shape-up,'

shoremen, has resulted in vicious and notorious

superintendents, hiring person in order to induce or compel such

pier abuses, of which such employees have been

agents, and port watchmen for work or labor person or any other person to refrain from the principal victims. There is compelling

performed within the port of New York dis registering pursuant to this compact shall evidence that the 'shape-up' has permitted

trict, at a rate, not in excess of 2 percent, be punishable as may be provided by the two and encouraged extortion from employees as

computed by the commissioner in the follow States by action of the legislature of either the price of securing or retaining employ

ing manner: the commission shall annually State concurred in by the legislature of the

estimate the gross payroll payments to be other. ment and has subjected such employees to

made by employers subject to assessment and threats of violence, unwilling joinder in un

“6. In any prosecution under this comauthorized labor disturbances and criminal

shall compute a rate thereon which will yield pact, it shall be sufficient to prove only a

revenue sufficient to finance the commis single act (or a single holding out or atactivities on the waterfront. The 'shape

sion's budget for each year. Such budget

Such budget tempt) prohibited by law, without having to up' has thus resulted in a loss of funda

may include a reasonable amount for a remental rights and liberties of labor, has im

prove a general course of conduct, in order serve, but such amount shall not exceed 10 paired the economic stability of the port percent of the total of all other items of

to prove a violation. of New York district and weakened law en

ARTICLE XV expenditure contained therein. Such reserve forcement therein. It is the sense of the

shall be used for the stabilization of annual "Collective bargaining safeguarded Legislatures of the States of New Jersey and

assessments, the payment of operating defi "1. This compact is not designed and shall New York that these practices and conditions must be eliminated to prevent grave

cits, and for the repayment of advances made not be construed to limit in any way any

by the two States. injury to the welfare of waterfront laborers

rights granted or derived from any other

“4. The amount required to balance the statute or any rule of law for employees to and to the people at large and that the elim

commission's budget, in excess of the estiination of the 'shape-up' and the establish

organize in labor organizations, to bargain mated yield of the maximum assessment, ment of a system of employment informa

collectively and to act in any other way indishall be certified by the commission, with the tion centers are necessary to a solution of

vidually, collectively, and through labor orthese public problems. approval of the respective governors, to the

ganizations or other representatives of their legislatures of the two States, in proportion “2. The commission shall establish and

own choosing. Without limiting the gento the gross annual wage payments made to erality of the foregoing, nothing contained maintain one or more employment information centers in each State within the port longshoremen for work in each State within

in this compact shall be construed to limit the port of New York district. The legislaof New York district at such locations as

in any way the right of employees to strike. tures shall annually appropriate to the comit may determine. No person shall, directly

“2. This compact is not designed and shall mission the amount so certified.

not be construed to limit in any way any or indirectly, hire any person for work as

“5. The commission may provide by regula- rights of longshoremen, hiring agents, pier a longshoreman or port watchman within

tion for the collection and auditing of asthe port of New York district, except through

superintendents or port watchmen or their sessments. Such assessments hereunder such particular employment information

employers to bargain collectively and agree shall be payable pursuant to such provisions center or centers as may be prescribed by

upon any method for the selection of such the commission.

for administration, collection, and enforceNo person shall accept

employees by way of seniority, experience, ment as the States may provide by concurany employment as a longshoreman or port

regular gangs or otherwise, Provided, That watchman within the port of New York rent legislation. In addition to any other

such employees shall be licensed or regisdistrict, except through such an employ

sanction provided by law, the commission tered hereunder and such longshoremen ment information center. At each such emmay revoke or suspend any license held by

and port watchmen shall be hired only ployment information center the commisany person under this compact, or his priv

through the employment information cension shall keep and exhibit the longeshore

ilege of employing persons registered or li ters established hereunder and that all other men's register and any other records it shall

censed hereunder, for nonpayment of any as provisions of this compact be observed. determine to the end that longshoremen and sessment when due.

“ARTICLE XVI 6. The assessment hereunder shall be in port watchmen shall have the maximum in

lieu of any other charge for the issuance of "Amendments, construction; short title formation as to available employment as

licenses to stevedores, pier superintendents, such at any time within the port of New

"1. Amendments and supplements to this York district and to the end that employers hiring agents, and port watchmen or for the

compact to implement the purpose thereof shall have an adequate opportunity to fill registration of longshoremen or use of an

may be adopted by the action of the legistheir requirements of registered longshore

employment information center. The com lature of either State concurred in by the

mission shall establish reasonable procedures men and port watchmen at all times.

legislature of the other. "3. Every employer of longshoremen or

for the consideration of protests by affected "2. If any part or provision of this comport watchmen within the port of New York employees concerning the estimates and com

pact or the application thereof to any perdistrict shall furnish such information as putation of the rate of assessment.

son or circumstances be adjudged invalid may be required by the rules and regula


by any court of competent jurisdiction, such tions prescribed by the commission with re "General violations; prosecutions; penalties

judgment shall be confined in its operation gard to the name of each person hired as

to the part, provision or application directly

“1. The failure of any witness, when duly a longshoreman or port watchman, the time

involved in the controversy in which such subpenaed to attend, give testimony or proand place of hiring, the time, place, and hours

judgment shall have been rendered and shall of work, and the compensation therefor. duce other evidence, whether or not at a

not affect or impair the validity of the re4. All wage payments to longshoremen hearing, shall be punishable by the superior

mainder of this compact or the applicaton or port watchmen for work as such shall court in New Jersey and the supreme court

thereof to other persons or crcumstances in New York in the same manner as said be made by check or cash evidenced by a

and the two States hereby declare that they written voucher receipted by the person to

failure is punishable by such court in a case would have entered into this compact or the whom such cash is paid. The commission therein pending.

remainder thereof had the invalidity of such may arrange for the provision of facilities

“2. Any person who, having been sworn or

provision or application thereof been apparfor cashing such checks.

affirmed as a witness in any such hearing, ent.

shall willfully give false testimony or who 3. In accordance with the ordinary rules "ARTICLE XIII

shall willfully make or file any false or for construction of interstate compacts this Expenses of administration fraudlent report or statement required by

compact shall be liberally construed to elim"1. By concurrent legislation enacted by this compact to be made or filed under oath,

inate the evils described therein and to eftheir respective legislatures, the two States shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, punish fectuate the purposes thereof. may provide from time to time for meeting able by a fine of not more than $1,000 or 4. This compact shall be known and may the commission's expenses. Until other pro imprisonment for not more than 1 year or be cited as the 'Waterfront Commission Comvision shall be made, such expense shall be both.

pact.' met as authorized in this article,

“3. Any person who violates or attempts or "SEC. 2. The Secretary of Labor, from time "2. The commission shall annually adopt conspires to violate any other provision of to time upon application made as authorized a budget of its expenses for each year. Each this compact shall be punishable as may be by the compact hereby consented to, or by budget shall be submitted to the Governors provided by the two States by action of the

concurrent legislation of the two States of the two States and shall take effect as legislature of either State concurred in by thereunder, shall certify to the Secretary of submitted: Provided, That either Governor the legislature of the other.

the Treasury for payment to the commission may within 30 days disapprove or reduce any 4. Any person who interferes with or established by that compact, such amounts item or items, and the budget shall be ad impedes the orderly registration of long as the Secretary of Labor determines to be justed accordingly.

shoremen pursuant to this compact or who necessary for the proper and efficient ad"3. After taking into account such funds conspires to or attempts to interfere with ministration of employment information as may be available to it from reserves, Fed or impede such registration shall be pun centers established pursuant to the compact.

The amounts so certified shall be paid by the certain labor unions, notably the Inter tion with the remarks of the Senator Secretary of the Treasury to the said com national Longshoremen's Union, are rid from New Jersey (Mr. HENDRICKSON), I mission out of such funds as are appropriated

ing for a fall. They have been riding too spoke at some length on the New Yorkto carry out the purposes of the act of June

high, wide, and handsome. We are deal New Jersey dock scandal at the water6, 1933 (48 Stat. 113), as amended, and sub

ing with crooks and criminals. The end front. ject to the same requirements as are imposed

is coming into sight now. for other payments under that act, to the ex

I also referred particularly to the tent that such requirements are not incon Recently I returned from New Orleans, hearing at New Orleans last week. I sistent herewith.

where the longshoremen's organization is have in my hand excerpts from the New "SEC. 3. The right to alter, amend, or repeal a part of the same longshoremen's union Orleans Times-Picayune, giving an acthis act is hereby expressly reserved."

of which Joe Ryan is the head. Chris count of the New Orleans dock labor Mr. MAGNUSON. Mr. President, will

tian charity requires me to withhold any conditions. I ask unanimous consent to the Senator from New Jersey yield? comments I might make about him.

have these excerpts printed in the RECMr. HENDRICKSON. I yield to the

Members of a great colored union, and ORD at the conclusion of the remarks Senator from Washington.

their leader, and a great white union of which I made earlier in the day. Mr. MAGNUSON. I do not wish to dock workers met with our subcommit

There being no objection, the excerpts appear to be putting a damper upon what

tee in a courtroom in New Orleans last were ordered to be printed in the RECthe distinguished chairman of my comweek. I began the examination by ask

ORD, as follows: mittee has said about immediate action. ing, "What initiation fee is paid to be

DEMAND OUSTING OF DENNIS As a member of the subcommittee, I long to the colored labor union?” The

Angry Negro longshoremen packed an upjoin with all Senators in paying tribute answer was, “A $202 initiation fee.”

town hall last night to demand the imto the Senator from New Hampshire

Then I asked, "What initiation fee

peachment of union president Dave Dennis [Mr. TOBEY). I have had some experidoes a member of the white union pay?”

and an end to 5-percent salary assessments. ence in waterfront matters. However, I The answer was, “$100."

Petitions to this effect were signed by wonder if the Senator's suggestion

The poor colored dock worker is

many members. would mean approval of the compact as

"soaked" $200, and the white worker Dennis, president of Local 1419, Internawritten, word for word by the two pays $100.

tional Longshoremen's Association, AFL, was States, or whether it would give to the

Then I asked, “How much is peeled off put through 2 days of tough questioning by

the Tobey committee at recent hearings two States authority to make a new the salary envelope every week?” The

here. compact or an additional compact. answer was, "Five percent."

Last night's meeting grew out of the comMr. HENDRICKSON. The compact

I asked, "Is 5 percent taken from a worker's pay on every job?” The reply counted for in the union's 5-percent fund.

mittee's assertion that $287,000 is unacis so drawn that it can be implemented by State legislatures subsequently. was, “Yes."

The session opened in prayer meeting Mr. MAGNUSON. With due respect,

Then I asked, "What do you, as a labor fashion with a hymn and the reciting of I am certain the Senate wants to approve

leader, pay?” He answered, “I pay the 23d Psalm, “The Lord is My Shepnothing."

herd * what the States have done, but in the compact as written there may be some

I said to the audience, "How many be It wound up like a slam-bang union hall long to the union?”

rebellion and political rally. Three candiprovisions pertaining to the administra

dates for Dennis' job blasted his administion of the waterfront that might ap

Three hundred hands were raised in answer.

tration for bad leadership, misuse of union pear, in the minds of persons who have

funds, a callous attitude to sick, old mem

I said to the workers, "You are suckers. the same objective, as not accomplishing

bers, and with making threats against the Kick this fellow out. He is a dictator. the purpose. I feel certain there will be

men who called the meeting. discussion of the advisability of the Kick him out."

SEES COURT ACTIONS public license feature, which has nothing

Mr. President, I believe they are going

to do it. Some of those who are leading to do with the desire of all of us to clean

A white attorney, John F. Connolly, for

mer assistant city attorney, said a barrage up what has been happening along the the poor working people of the United

of civil and criminal court actions will be States are false leaders. waterfront.

thrown at Dennis to force him out of office.

Man's inhumanity to man is being exIf the compact comes before our com

A Negro leader, Leo Tankerson, said he emplified in certain labor circles. Such himself already has tried to file an affidavit mittee, I should like to see included authority to make it sufficiently flexible to

labor unions had better take cover. in the office of District Attorney Darden

They are riding for a fall. The time charging Dennis with stealing union funds. enable the two states themselves to

cannot come too soon. Let us clean Tankerson said the office has not yet acmake such changes or amendments as may be deemed necessary in the future,

them out. Who is running this country cepted the affidavit pending completion of in order to accomplish the goal. anyway, I ask-honest, God-fearing peo

its own investigation. Mr. HENDRICKSON. I feel quite ple, or crooked labor union leaders? We Ernest James, Alvin Bocage, and Cornelius

can give names and addresses. confident, as I believe the distinguished

Smith. All are running for the office. James Senator from Washington will when he

Cry out, America, “Unclean, unclean."

made the race in 1951. He told the Tobey has had an opportunity to study the

Kick them out, from Joe Ryan down. men that Dennis slugged him, knocking out

They are no good; they are un-American. two front teeth. language of the compact and its tech

I indict them before the bar of the Sen (Dennis, asked about this under the spotnical phases, that the compact embodies ate today.

light, said James provoked the incident and provisions which will allow the legisla

the teeth were dental bridge, you could push tures of both States to meet almost any

In New York and New Jersey it has become almost a prerequisite to get

a bridge out with your finger. contingency. ting a job on the docks to be a criminal


or to have a criminal record. Think to see the committee approve any com

Bocage charged at the meeting last night that over, God-fearing America. Crooks that one of Dennis' leaders had tried to bribe pact that would not allow the two States

get the first call for jobs on the docks. him to call off the protest meeting. to have flexibility of action, as conditions Decent men must wait until the shape-up

Bocage hammered at the Dennis group might arise in different situations. takes place.

with bitter sarcasm. He said the union men Mr. HENDRICKSON. I believe the

The mayor of Jersey City communed in

were kicking in 5 percent so Dennis could Senator will find a section in the legis- private in a New York City hotel with the

buy houses with down payments from union lation of both States that allows for

funds. (Dennis testified he made one such leader of a crooked union in New York. implementation.

down payment, borrowing from the union.) The gangster covered his face when he Bocage told of old, needy members, the Mr. MAGNUSON. I shall be glad to

went into the hotel where the meeting old fathers, being kicked off the union benemeet tomorrow morning with the chairwas held.

fit list, man of the subcommittee.

I say to Senators that conditions on Then he reached a shouting pitch and deMr. TOBEY. Mr. President, will the the waterfront are a sordid mess. It is

manded that the union membership fire the Senator from New Jersey yield? about time the Senate, and the country for us, not us for them.”

entire Dennis administration. “They work Mr. HENDRICKSON. I am glad to

as a whole, took notice of what is hapyield. pening. I congratulate New York and

The meeting was held at Robinhood Hall,

2059 Jackson. Mr. TOBEY. In response to the re New Jersey for moving in on this picture. marks of my good friend, the distin

The floor space was packed by a stand

Mr. TOBEY subsequently said: Mr. ing crowd, and a loft also was filled. Estiguished Senator from New Jersey, I say President, earlier in the day, in connec mates ran from 500 to more than 1,000. One


policeman, Patrolman Nicholas Nelson, was day, constitute a serious threat to our dores, and port watchmen must obtain a on duty. There was no trouble. social and economic life.

license. No person who is a convicted crimRebel leaders said a Dennis delegation

Mr. MAGNUSON. Mr. President, will

inal may be so licensed. Regional employshowed up, looked at the crowd and left.

ment exchanges are to be established. These He said they were Horace Thigpen, Elmo the Senator yield further?

provisions aim at destroying the unfair and Hunter, Willie Banks, R. L. Johnson, and


dangerous shape-up system. Furthermore, Paul Gerry.

Mr. MAGNUSON. Probably the basis

longshoremen must be licensed. Public SPREAD PETITIONS

for all the occurrences the Senator from loading which provides the opportunity for Two petitions were circulated. One de New Hampshire [Mr. TOBEY) and other pilferage is to be abolished. Finally, a wamanded the end of 5 percent payment. The Senators, including myself, discovered, terfront commission is established to adother drafted by Attorney Connolly, threw a particularly in the New Jersey and New

minister the compact and to make investriple punch at Dennis. York area, arose from the vicious shape

tigations into harbor practices. It demanded that:

This compact is the most effective means up system. Dennis be impeached and booted out of

for combating gangster rule of our great

Mr. HENDRICKSON. I referred to the union.

est harbor. I urge that the Senate give That the South Atlantic and Gulf District

the shape-up system in my statement. its authorization to the compact as quickly of ILA supervise a new election.

Mr. MAGNUSON. I think the public possible, in order that New Jersey That criminal and civil action be taken and the Senate ought to know that ap

and New York may join together to fight against Dennis to enforce the legal and prop proval of the compact would forever pro

racketeering in the New York harbor area. erty rights of the members. hibit a revival of the vicious shape-up

The legislatures of the two States have alBocage said the rebel group would have to system should the public ever again be

ready passed the compact, and the effective get 2,200 of the 3,400 local members to sign

implementation of the plan only awaits conto make the petitions effective under the come apathetic.

gressional approval. union's two-thirds rule. Many signed last

Mr. TOBEY. The Senator is correct. night.

Mr. MAGNUSON. The shape-up has

The PRESIDING OFFICER. If there The petitions will be circulated today at laid the foundation for all these hap

be no further routine matters to be preshapeup hiring gangs. Another meeting penings.

sented, the morning business is con. will be called in the next 5 days, Bocage said. Mr. HENDRICKSON. I thank the

cluded. Last night's meeting had been announced Senator from Washington for emphain a handbill circulated at the riverfront by

sizing this point because it is one of the CITING TIMOTHY J. O'MARA FOR the anti-Dennis leaders. important features of the compact.


Mr. SMITH of New Jersey subse Mr. KNOWLAND. Mr. President, a Dennis himself was in Houston attending quently said: Mr. President, I ask unan parliamentary inquiry. a gulf district meeting of ILA. He is a sal

imous consent to have printed in the aried district official as well as local president.


The RECORD as a part of my remarks some Some of the speakers referred to him in

Senator will state the inquiry. observations which I had prepared to respectful tones as “Pres."; "Pres. said so

Mr. KNOWLAND. Is the Senate now and so"; but the arguments always ended make earlier in the day, when my dis

in legislative session? with whiplash charges that "Pres." had let tinguished colleague (Mr. HENDRICKSON]

The PRESIDING OFFICER. It is. them down.

introduced a compact between New Jer Mr. KNOWLAND. Mr. President, I Clarence “Chink” Henry, one of Dennis' sey and New York, which was referred move that the Senate proceed to the braintrusters, took over in the absence of to the Committee on Interstate and consideration of Senate Resolution 139, the leader. He and Robert B. Lewis, record

Foreign Commerce for prompt action, ing secretary, attacked the Bocage-James

which is No. 518 on the calendar. I may group in a handbill stating: I had prepared some remarks on the

say for the inforination of Senators that subject. To save time, I ask unanimous FEW DISGRUNTLED

the purpose is merely to make the resoconsent that those remarks appear in lution the unfinished business, and that "A few disgruntled longshoremen who ran the RECORD at the end of the presentafor office and were defeated are spreading

I shall then move that the Senate go tion by my colleague [Mr. HENDRICKfalse propaganda about cutting the 5 per

into executive session. cent out and getting you some money SON] at the time of the introduction of

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The back. his bill earlier in the day.

clerk will state the resolution by title. "Do you want to work under the same con There being no objection, the state The LEGISLATIVE CLERK. A resolution ditions that existed before Dave Dennis was ment was ordered to be printed in the (S. Res. 139) citing Timothy J. O'Mara elected president? RECORD, as follows:

for contempt of the Senate. "If anyone has any suggestions how we STATEMENT OF SENATOR SMITH OF NEW JERSEY

The can maintain our organization on its present

The PRESIDING OFFICER. level without the 5 percent, they should

I am happy to be a cosponsor of this question is on agreeing to the motion bring it to the union headquarters in a regubill.

of the Senator from Carolina. lar or special meeting, where all members of I urge prompt action on this joint com The motion was agreed to; and the local 1419 can be present. pact.

Senate proceeded to consider the reso"Men, do not be fooled. Do not prejudge Recent investigations into certain illegal lution. anyone. When the investigation is com activities practiced in the harbor area of pleted you will be proud of the officers of the city of New York have uncovered alarmlocal 1419.” ing instances of racketeering and gangster

MESSAGE FROM THE HOUSE About 1941 Harvey Netter blasted the then ism. Gangs of criminals have engaged in A message from the House of Reprelocal president, Paul Hartman, on similar bribery, pilferage, and coercion of workers

sentatives, by Mr. Bartlett, one of its charges like those voiced against Dennis. in order to enrich themselves at the ex

clerks, announced that the House inNetter was elected.

pense of the employer, the worker, and the

public. In 1948 came Dennis' turn. He pointed out

Similar occurrences of such exten

sisted upon its amendment to the bill President Netter was driving a Cadillac. sive mob rule of waterfronts are rare.

(S. 252) to permit all civil actions against Dennis was elected.

To meet this threat to law and order, the

the United States for recovery of taxes In 1951 James and five others made a trial States of New Jersey and New York pro erroneously or illegally assessed or colrun against Dennis (a similar Cadillac issue pose a joint compact by which an unre. lected to be brought in the district courts was raised), but were overwhelmingly de mitting drive against racketeering may be with the right of trial by jury, disagreed feated. Now, with Tobey committee asser made. Uniting in quick and effective ac

to by the Senate; agreed to the contions for ammunition the campaign has tion, these States now ask that their com

ference asked by the Senate on the disstarted again.

pact be authorized by the Congress of the
United States.

agreeing votes of the two Houses thereMr. HENDRICKSOIT. Mr. President,

The compact aims at driving gangsterism

on, and that Mr. KEATING, Mr. CRUMI think that if the Senate will ratify the from the harbor of New York. It proposes

PACKER, and Mr. WILLIS were appointed compact at an early date, the people of to free longshoremen from mob rule and managers on the part of the House at New York and New Jersey, as well as the to eliminate bribery and pilferage from the the conference. people throughout the United States, will shipping industry. The result will be not

The message also announced that the be given new confidence because it seems only that the worker and employer will

House had disagreed to the amendments to me that at this grave hour in the be freed from gang coercion, but also that

of the Senate to the bill (H. R. 4663) the cost of consumer goods will be reduced Nation's history it is the duty of the

by eliminating the illegal levy of criminals. . making appropriations for the ExecuUnited States Senate to furnish leader

These aims are to be accomplished by tive Office and sundry independent exship in combating crime, juvenile delin

certain measures included in the compact. ecutive bureaus, boards, commissions, quency, and other conditions which to Pier superintendents, hiring agents, steve- corporations, agencies, and offices, for

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