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USE OF INSCRIPTION "IN GOD WE gerously low, as shown by the now rapidly

rising farm mortgage debt.

"We deplore attempts to use the so-called RESOLUTION OF WALSH AERIE

modernized parity formula of the 1949 2803, FRATERNAL ORDER OF Farm Act. The application of this formula EAGLES, GRAFTON, N. DAK.

can only serve to further depress farm prices

and income. Mr. LANGER. Mr. President, I pre

“We wish to reaffirm our long-standing opsent for appropriate reference, and ask

position to the universal military training. unanimous consent to have printed in "We urge that continued appropriations be the RECORD, a resolution adopted by the made for REA and RTA program.” Walsh Aerie, No. 2803, Fraternal Order

Sincerely, of Eagles, Grafton, N. Dak., favoring the


Secretary. enactment of legislation providing for the use of the inscription "In God We Trust" on postage stamps.

REPORTS OF COMMITTEES There being no objection, the resolu

The following reports of committees tion was referred to the Committee on

were submitted: Post Office and Civil Service, and ordered

By Mr. WELKER, from the Committee on to be printed in the RECORD, as follows:

the Judiciary: Whereas our postage stamps do not bear S. 2137. A bill to prohibit the blending of the inscription "In God We Trust” while our wheat imported as unfit for human concoinage does; and

sumption with wheat suitable for human Whereas our postage stamps reach into consumption; with amendments (Rept. No. millions of foreign homes and offices in 523). which our coinage is never seen; and

By Mr. BUTLER of Nebraska, from the Whereas postage stamps, on which the in- Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, scription "In God We Trust” will be printed, without amendment: can be an effective means of describing the H. R. 233. A bill to release all the right, fundamentally spiritual nature of this coun- title, and interest of the United States in and try to all nations of the world; and

to all fissionable materials in certain land in Whereas in our current struggle against Marion County, Ind. (Rept. No. 524); the irreligious philisophy of communism, it

H. R. 1991. A bill relating to certain conis important that we pray to God for help; struction-cost adjustments in connection and

with the Greenfields division of the Sun RiyWhereas many foreign nations do not con- er irrigation project, Montana (Rept. No. sider Americans basically religious; and

525); and Whereas such postage stamps would serve H.R. 2779. A bill to provide for perfecting to remind our own people of their debt to the title of C. A. Lundy to certain lands in God; and

the State of California heretofore patented Whereas Hon. MIKE MANSFIELD, United

by the United States (Rept. No. 526). States Senator from Montana, who is a mem

By Mr. BUTLER of Nebraska, from the ber of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, has

Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, introduced a bill into the Senate instruct

with an amendment: ing the Post Office Department to place the S. 1197. A bill granting the consent of Coninscription "In God We Trust" on all of

gress to the negotiation by the States of our postage stamps: Now, therefore, be it

Nebraska, Wyoming, and South Dakota of Resolved, That the officers and members of

certain compacts with respect to the use of Walsh Aerie, No. 2803, of the Fraternal Order

waters common to two or more of said States of Eagles in Grafton, N. Dak., hereby express (Rept. No. 527); their endorsement of this legislation with S. 1433. A bill to extend the benefits of the recommendation that it be given speedy

certain provisions of the Reclamation Projattention and prompt passage.

ect Act of 1939 to the Arch Hurley ConCHARLES JOHNSTON,

servancy District, Tucumcari reclamation Worthy President,

project, New Mexico (Rept, No. 528);

S. 2220. A bill to amend section 28 of the
Secretary. act of February 25, 1920, as amended, so as

to provide certain exemptions from the re

quirement that pipelines having rights-ofSUPPORT PRICES FOR FARM PROD

way over public lands must be operated as UCTS-RESOLUTION OF DIVIDE common carriers (Rept. No. 578); and

H. R. 1802. A bill to amend the act of ConCOUNTY (N. DAK.) ) FARMERS

gress approved March 4, 1915 (38 Stat. 1214), UNION

as amended (Rept. No. 529). Mr. LANGER. Mr. President, I pre

By Mr. BUTLER of Nebraska, from the

Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, sent for appropriate reference, and ask with amendments: unanimous consent to have printed in S. 727. A bill to provide that certain costs the RECORD, a resolution adopted by the and expenses incurred in connection with Divide County Farmers Union, Alamo,

repayment contracts with the Deaver, WillN. Dak., relating to support prices for

wood, and Belle Fourche irrigation districts farm products.

shall be nonreimbursable (Rept. No. 530);

and There being no objection, the resolu

S. 887. A bill to permit the exchange and tion was referred to the Committee on amendment of farm units on Federal irriAgriculture and Forestry, and ordered to gation projects, and for other purposes (Rept. be printed in the RECORD, as follows:

No. 531). ALAMO, N. DAK., February 16, 1953.

By Mr. LANGER, from the Committee on Hon. WILLIAM LANGER,

the Judiciary, without amendment: Washington, D. C.:

S. 61. A bill for the relief of Hedwig Marek

and Emma Elizabeth Marek (Rept. No. 533); Harmony Local of the Divide County

S. 323. A bill for the relief of Rose Cohen Farmers Union unanimously adopted the fol- (Rept. No. 534); lowing resolution:

S. 541. A bill to extend detention benefits "We believe that the farmer-elected com- under the War Claims Act of 1948 to emmittee must always constitute the basis of

ployees of contractors with the United the administration of all our farm progranis. States (Rept. No. 580);

“We believe that our farm price support S. 550. A bill for the relief of Thomas 0. loan program should be based on 100 percent Robitscher (Rept. No. 535); of a true parity. Our present support price S. 563. A bill for the relief of Ronald Lee of 90 percent of old parity is already dan- Shields (Rept. No. 536);

S. 569. A bill for the relief of Lina Anna Adelheid (Adam) Hoyer (Rept. No. 537);

S. 596. A bill for the relief of Alfonso Albano (Rept. No. 538);

S. 672. A bill for the relief of Agostino Giusto (Rept. No. 539);

S. 825. A bill for the relief of Karin Rita Grubb (Rept. No. 540);

S. 1009. A bill for the relief of Zoltan Weingarten (Rept. No. 541);

S. 1281. A bill for the relief of Emmanuel Aristides Nicoloudis (Rept. No. 542);

S. 1955. A bill for the relief of Giorgio Salvini Thompson (Rept. No. 543);

H. R. 665. A bill for the relief of N. A. G. L. Moerings, Mrs. Bertha Johanna Krayenbrink Moerings, and Lambertus Karel Aloysius Josef Moerings (Rept. No. 544);

H. R. 674. A bill for the relief of Irene F. M. Boyle (Rept. No. 545);

H. R. 765. A bill for the relief of Tien Koo Chen (Rept. No. 546);

H. R. 779. A bill for the relief of Ida Baghdassarian (Rept. No. 547);

H. R. 781. A bill for the relief of Johanna C. Willemsen (Rept. No. 548);

H. R. 819. A bill for the relief of Monika Klein (Rept. No. 549);

H. R. 820. A bill for the relief of Mrs. Pia Biondi (Rept. No. 550);

H. R. 847. A bill for the relief of Robert J. Rickards, Conception Sotelo Rickards, and Walter John Rickards (Rept. No. 551);

H. R. 892. A bill for the relief of Betty Robertson and Irene Robertson (Rept. No. 552);

H. R. 978. A bill for the relief of Harue Fukuhushi (Rept. No. 553);

H. R. 1106. A bill for the relief of Hanne. lore Mayerl Fulbright (Rept. No. 554);

H. R. 1143. A bill for the relief of Mary Francina Marconi, Fernanda Guzzi, Anna Ferraro, Mary Laudano, and Julia Pisano (Rept. No. 555);

H. R. 1211. A bill for the relief of Isak Benmuvhar (Rept. No. 556);

H. R. 1330. A bill for the relief of Mrs. Liane Lieu and her son, Peter Lieu (Rept. No. 557);

H. R. 1886. A bill for the relief of Paul Myung Ha Chung (Rept. No. 558);

H. R. 2160. A bill for the relief of Clemintina Ferrara, Maria Garofalo, Rosetta Savino, Maria Serra, Albina Zamunner, and Fedora Gazzarrini (Rept. No. 559);

H. R. 2351. A bill for the relief of Sam Rosenblat (Rept. No. 560);

H. R. 2392. A bill for the relief of Lee Kwang Nong (George Clifford Roeder) (Rept. No. 561);

H. R. 2506. A bill for the relief of certain members of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart (Rept. No. 562);

H. R. 2652. A bill for the relief of Constance Brouwer Scheffer (Rept. No. 563);

H. R. 2787. A bill for the relief of Hosefine Hoorn (Dmytruk) (Rept. No. 564);

H. R. 3670. A bill for the relief of Mrs. Julia Gamroth (Rept. No. 565); and

H. R. 4110. A bill for the relief of Mrs. Marie Weir (Rept. No. 566).

By Mr. LANGER, from the Committee on the Judiciary, with an amendment:

S. 205. A bill for the relief of Evdoxia J. Kitsos (Rept. No. 567);

S. 850. A bill for the relief of Alice Power and Ruby Power (Rept. No. 568);

S. 1704. A bill for the relief of Christina Pantelis Triantafilu (Rept. No. 569);

H. R. 1459. A bill for the relief of Mrs. Mildred G. Kates and Ronald Kates (Rept. No. 570); and

H. R. 1963. A bill for the relief of Anneliese Schillings (Rept. No. 571).

By Mr. TOBEY, from the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce:

S. 539. A bill to authorize the Interstate Commerce Commission to make mandatory the installation of certain railroad communication systems; with an amendment (Rept. No. 572).



By Mr. KUCHEL, from the Committee on 99307/719, Alvarez-Rodriguez, Delfin or A-6811621, Edquiban-Mendigoren, Ernesto.
Public Works:
Delfin Alvarez.

T-2672505, Espinoza, Florencia Guzman de. S. 2342. A bill authorizing the State of Cal- A-1636552, Alves, Joao or John.

A-4611217, Fantini, John Raffaele or Gioifornia to collect tolls for the use of certain A-4625616, Amico, Anthony D' or Antonio vanni Rafeolo Fantini. highway crossings across the bay of San D'Amico or Antonio D'Amico.

A-5777219, Farrell, William. Francisco; without amendment (Rept. No. A-5960217, Angioi, Battista.

A-6694196, Fastag, Johanna or Phastag nee 573).

A-9634235, Antipuna, Fortunato Mahilum Johanna Edith Henoch. By Mr. PURTELL, from the Committee on or Fortunato Majilum Antipona.

A-2919060, Fernandes, Apresentacao. Labor and Public Welfare, without amend- A-9663816, Antonio, Manuel.

A-7469942, Fernandez, Lucia Villalobos de. ment:

A-9666231, Apfel, George Johann or John A-7039917, Fernandez, Manuela. S. 1456. A bill to amend the act entitled or George Apfel.

A-8091091, Fernandez-Rios, Manuel "An act to authorize a permanent annual A-6425673, Aslanidis, Emil Christopher. Manuel Fernandez. appropriation for the maintenance and op- A-2354317, Austrian, Ludwig Autzinger. A-7039697, Fitzgerald, James Louis eration of the Gorgas Memorial Laboratory," A-2708231, Balsis, Harry.

James Louis Clarkson or Leroy Spence approved May 7, 1928, as amended (Rept. A-6064008, Banuelos-Rivera, Carlos.

Clarkson. No. 574); and

0900-59275, Barland, Felipe Mercedes or A-7117528, Fokianos, Angelo or Fokianis. S. 1866. A bill to amend sections 502 (1) Felipe De Las Mercedes Diaz-Valdez.

V-938987, Fornaciari, Luigi. and 507 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cos- A-43700797, Barreiro-Lopez, Francisco.

A-1322964, Fountos, Nick or Nicholaos metic Act in order to identify the drug 1500/41615, Barrera-Pena, Santiago.

Fountos. known as aureomycin by its chemical name, A-3109138, Bebber, Erich Oskar or Eric A-4861728, Fox, Ethel nee Lyovitch. chlortetracycline (Rept. No, 575). Oscar Beber.

0400/34248, Frank, Anna Marie. By Mr. MILLIKIN, from the Committee on A-1556538, Bello, Enrique Delgado or En- A-5966259, Fredericks, Eunice Eglantine Finance: rique Delgado Acosta.

nee Thomas. H. R. 5898. A bill to extend until Decem- A-4632413, Belmontes-Mora, Miguel or Ri- T-1497438, Fuchiwaki, Sam Harushi. ber 31, 1953, the period with respect to which cardo Belmontes or Rafael Belmontes.

A-4883322, Garcia, Frances Delgado de or the excess-profits tax shall be effective; with- A-4192899, Benderly, Maurice 0. or Mar- Francisca Apodaca or Frances Garcia. out amendment (Rept. No. 576).

garit Benderly or Margit Odisha Benderly. A-7398209, Garcia-Bustos, Antonio. By Mr. PAYNE, from the Committee on the A-7886442, Bertoni, Giovanni or Giovanni

A-7398187, Garcia, Juana Hernandez de. District of Columbia: Benedeto Bertoni.

0300-412212, Garen, Miriam nee Miriam H. R. 2236. A bill for the establishment of A-9737492, Bingue, Eugene Laurent Justin. Hearsch. a Commission on Area Problems of the T-1892184, Boldt, Harry Heinrich.

0707-7996, Gecsei, Brigitta Eva or Brigitta Greater Washington Metropolitan Area; with T-2072702, Booher, Winnifred Gwendolyn Eva Szabo. additional amendments (Rept. No. 581). nee Brown or Gwen Booher or Gwen Brown.

T-1892800, Georgiou, Charles Costas or T-2760176, Browne, Remedios Reyes.

Charles Cerefero or Charles Pollis or Charles. T-2760949, Browne, Nellie Reyes.

1535/705, Gonzalez, Refugio Galindo De. DISPOSAL OF RUBBER PLANTS- T-2760950, Browne, Anthony Reyes.

A-3618063, Granick, Mollie or Mollie Granik REPORT OF A COMMITTEE T-2760951, Browne, Emily Reyes.

or Mollie Diamond or Mollie Rudolph or A-2687148, Buratti, Lorenzo Anthony.

Mollie Rudolf. Mr. CAPEHART. Mr. President, from 1500/42467, Caballero-Samudio, Miguel. T-2334275, Green, Adelaida Razal. the Committee on Banking and Cur- 1500/42466, Murillo, Maria Dolores.

A-7995667, Green, Frank Frederick. rency, I report favorably, with amend- A-1290634, Calvin, Rita May nee Cooper A-9074996, Hansen, Svend Valdemar. ments, the bill (S. 2047) to amend the formerly Williams or Johnson.

1600-102271, Harris, Carmela. Rubber Act of 1948, as amended, to pro

A-7137150, Camarillo, Encarnacion.

A-8002487, Heikkila, John Wilhelm or Jovide for the sale of Government-owned

A-7137119, Camarillo, Romelia.

han or Jukka Wilhelm Heikkila. rubber-producing facilities, to repeal

A-7137120, Camarillo, Hector Francisco.

A-4708586, Henrikson, Isador.
A-7137121, Camarillo, Luz Elena.

A-7420846, Hernandez, Alberto. and modify certain of its provisions af

A-7137122, Rico, Guadalupe.

1501/5798, Hernandez, Froilan. fected thereby, and for other purposes, A-6973996, Carlson, John.

T-303612, Hernandez, George Roa. and I submit a report (No. 579) thereon. A-6619108, Carrillo, Josefina.

A-7445396, Hernandez-Marquez, Krasmo. On behalf of the Committee on Bank- A-3625562, Cassenaar, William John.

T-2643803, Herrera, Jesus Gonzalez. ing and Currency, I ask unanimous con- A-6873339, Castillo, Victoria Vivane Bron- A-8217668, Hervas, Victor Augusto. sent that the minority may have until stein De.

A-4517199, Hetsch, Konstantin or Konstan12 o'clock tonight to submit their views,

T-819819, Castro, Marta or Marta Fernan- tin Charles Hatch or Charles K. Hatch.

dez y Lopez. and that when they are submitted they

T-1892798, Hip, Moy You or You Hip Moy

A-7398918, Castro-Nambo, Jose Apolinar or may be printed with the majority report.

or Frank Moy or Moy Chuch Nom. Jose A. Castro.

A-8313509, Hoey, Annie Maria nee Finnerty. The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The A-8233992, Cerda-Martinez, Guadalupe. A-6822961, Ippolito, Nicola D'. report will be received, and the bill will T-84503, Chan, Sung Hi.

V-1250071, Issis, Odeh Hanna. be placed on the calendar; and, without A-7755532, Chao, Ju Chi.

0300_354044, Ivanes, Hidalberto Gonzales. objection, the request to submit the A-7863135, Chen, Edith Ihua or Edith Ihua 0300–402512, Jack, Wong. minority views by 12 o'clock tonight and Chao.

A-5964238, Jacobi, Arthur. have them printed with the majority

A-6257603, Cheung, Lam or Cheung Lam. A-5964237, Jacobi, Erna.

A-3950874, Chong, Yong. report is granted.

A-5964239, Jacobi, Ursula.
A-7060494, Chu, Yaohan or Yao-Han Chu. T-1892799, Jasbitz, Marcello.

A-6224485, Chu, Elizabeth Wann or Chien A-9782685, Jobo, Elelue Abiodu or Gabrada
Wen Chu nee Wann.


A-8227996T, Chung, Kwong or Stanley A-5070317, Jurma, Trandafir Traian or CERTAIN ALIENS-REPORT OF A Kwong Chung.

Trandafir Jurma. COMMITTEE

1600-99815, Cifuentes-Arriola, Juan Jose or A-8193540, Kaczmarek, Jan Michal Zdzibor.

Juan Jose Carrion-Arreola. Mr. LANGER. Mr. President, from

A-0947345, Kaczmarek, Paciencia Ildefonsa

A-9166407, Clamor, Peter Orga. the Committee on the Judiciary, I re

(nee Fernandez Ruiz).

A-2415435, Correia, Gabriel Mendes or Ga- A-2086745, Kakiuchi, Tsuneshichi. port an original concurrent resolution, briel Mendes.

A-2823955, Kayayan, Bedros. favoring the suspension of deportation A-5762780, Dalesecky, Florian John or Fred A-6920531, Kelly, Gordon Scott. of certain aliens, and I submit a report J. Delke.

0200–102806, Ken, Lim or Lin Ar Hing. (No. 532) thereon.

A-6948131, Danhaus, Elizabeth Robles.

A-6753062, Kennedy, Beverley Lillian The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The

A-5854657, Davis, Tillie or Tillie Richmond Trenhaile.

nee Taube Alexandrovicaite or Tillie Alex- A-7691223, Kostka, Hildegard. report will be received, and the concur

sender. rent resolution will be placed on the

A-9025173, Kounoupiotis, Theodoro Dimi0300–227416, Decsaby, Laszlo.

trious or Ted Counnis. calendar.

T-2314903, Demopoulos, Marika.

A-3167117, Koy, Louie. The concurrent resolution (S. Con. A-6794955, Deutch, Rachel Barouch.

A-3193648, Kui, Chong. Res. 41) was placed on the calendar, as A-1577126, Dimitri, Iyan or John Dimi- T-2659485, Kwong, Ma or Kong or Gong. follows: troff.

A-1323629, Lameia, Manuel or Manuel JoResolved by the Senate (the House of

A-7966242, Dionicio-Avila, Jose or Jose seph Lamela.
Representatives concurring), That the Con-

A-6708843, Lapides, Louis Bernard or Leiser gress favors the suspension of deportation

A-8259461, Dolgan, Francesco or Frank Beer Lapides. in the case of each alien hereinafter named, Dolgan.

V–753959, Lau, You Tin or Bartholomew in which case the Attorney General has sus- A-5945622, Dong, Cheng King or Ching Lau.

, , pended deportation for more than 6 months: King Dong.

A-6817531, Lawrence, Oswald. A-5062228, Afendakis, Leonardo Andrew. A-7092745, Drezler, Vojech or Bela.

0800-91500, Lawson, Dudley George. A-3664160, Ali, Mohazid or Mozahia Ali. A-2959533, Duhr, Theodor Erich.

A-7367922, Leal, Efren.

A-6639325, Leal, Enedina Acosta de.
A-7367923, Leal, Ruben.
A-7367924, Leal, Raquel.
V-860926, Lee, Bao Yung or Lee Bao Yung.

T-2760206, Lee, Roslaie Jo-Li Shia or Sha Tsai Lee.

A-5433990, Lilly, Joseph Alexander.
A-5456782, Lim, Eng.

A-6882168, Look, Richard Gregory or Mang Shiu Look.

A-6848056, Look, Rose Tan (nee Tan Kung Bik).

A-9539023, Lopes, Antonio.
A-5257815, Lopes, Domingos Da Silva.
1500/48044, Lopez, Enrique.
1500/48045, Lopez, Marcela Duenas De.

A-9681388, Loy, Au or Loi Au or Au Loi or O Loi.

T-1735013, Lueiro, Aleida Estrella Marrero y Azcuy De.

A-7450200, Lujan, Atilano.
A-7450201, Lujan, Juana.

A-4469140, Lyons, Maude Eveyin or Ivey Evelyn Lyons.

A-3335189, Maccari, Italo.

A-6426980, Maldonado, Dulcina Aragones nee Liranzo.

A-3049310, Marczek, Frank or Franciszek Emanuel Marczek.

A-5471139, Marquez, Zobeida Valenciz de or Sophy Marquez.

A-7122052, Marquez-Gonzalez, Alfredo.
A-1391233, Marx, Herbert Edgar.
A-7290914, Matthews, Helen nee Lembessis.
A-7495029, McNeil, Jesse Lane.
A-2980615, Medina, Eduarda Vargas De.
A-3595472, Melonas, Peter Demetri.
A-6808043, Miller, Noel Alexander.
A-7445308, Mireles-Gallegos, Eustacio.
A-7445511, Mireles, Hortencia Blanco De.
1409–14682, Mireles-Blanco, Francisca.
1409–14682, Mireles-Blanco, Hortencia.

A-7423112, Molina-Vasquez, Guillermina or Guillermina Molina or Guillermina Molina de Gonzalez.

0301-201114, Moon, Lee.
A-4411264, Morales-Rojas, Delfino.
A-4546265T, Mori, Ishiko Shibuya.
A-7031089, Mori, Yosuke.

A-2549676, Moriyama, Sakujiro or Koshiro Kohama.

T-2695176, Morquecho-Ramirez, Enrique or Henry Morquecho,

A-8259888T, Moschouris, Vassilios or Mos. houris or Bill Moschouris.

A-5497490, MunozGuadalupe Orozco Vda de

1500/46873, Munoz, Soledad Diaz De. A-6039777, Munoz-Ochoa, Rafael.

V-1522317, Munson, Adelina Kalingo or Adelina Kalingo.

T-2760809, Nagai, Tsuru.

0300_416343, Naidoo, Alfred Thang or Thang Naidoo or T. A. Naidoo.

A-4337279, Nestler, Arthur Paul.
1500/35397, Nevarez, Angel.
A-6925907, Nielsen, Henry.

A-5439705, Nikas, Gost or Constantin Sapanas or Gost Sapanas.

0707–9237, Nodal-Reyes, Salvador or Phillip Salvador Reyes.

A-4664689, Norman, Mary Pauline.

A-3357975, Nowakowska, Genevieve or Virginia Nowak.

A-9799920, Olivares, Jesus Aldequer. 1600-102277, Olivarez-Garcia, Luis. 0400-46329, Olsson, Shigeko Kumoi. T-2760808, Omori, Shigeko.

A-9519134, Opdebeck, Benoit or Benedict Opdebeck.

A-6566090, Oropeza, Mary nee Richardson. A-5436586, Orzco, Manuel.

A-2985563, Palma, Nunzio de or Rocco Iacovelli.

A-5980949, Paredes, Francisca Nogales de nee Francisa Nogales-Flores or Francisca Nogales de Muniz.

A-7243882, Parsons, Konstanse Alsine Marie nee Konstanse Adolfsen.

A-6951387, Patrinos, Theodoros Demettrios.

A-1081375, Pekich, Jack or Jakov Pekich (Pekic).

A-6048913, Perez-Bueno, Roberto Rodrigo or Roberto Perry or Robert Perry.

0612-21886, Perez-Cornejo, Juan,
A-6881990, Petrovitsis, Demitrios.
A-4644576, Philp, Joseph Irving.
A-9706626, Pioche, Agnan Prosper.
A-2946254, Poulakis, George Filippos.
A-5919765, Powell, Edward Victor.
1600-101348, Poyuti, Pirkko Aiuinki.
1500/40294, Provencio, Bertha.
A-3569852, Racicot, Joseph.
A-7140482, Raimondi, Rosario.
V-338265, Rathbun, Harriet Louise.
A-9541936, Rebelo, Armando.
A-2558247, Rega, Vincenzo.
A-1118189, Rheaume, Delphis Fernand.
V-938981, Rinaldi, Aldo.
V-1484321, Rios, Marie Isidore nee Isidore.
T-2672512, Rivas-Dominguez, Alfonso.
A-7367094, Rivera-Avila, Gustavo.
A-7366933, Rivera, Felipa Loera de.
1304–1836, Robles-Lugo, Martin.
T-2809520, Rodriguez, Flora Castineria.
A-3247561, Rosso, Pantaleo Del.
T-2672510, Rubio-Castro, Jesus.

A-4391852, Ruggeri, Salvatore or Sam Ruggeri.

A-6448958, Saar, Hugo Robert.

T-2760833, Saito, Henry Juichi or Hajime Hirayama.

1600–99820, Salas-Enriquez, Eduardo or Eduardo Enriquez-Salas.

V-1430038, Salviejo, Petra Viloria.
A-7417251, Sanchez, Alberto Miguel,
A-5371352, Sanchez, Manuel.
1500/47956, Sapien, Gregoria Esquivel De.
A-3529667, Savala-Rivas, Jose Estanislao.

A-9944469, Shestakoff, Fedor Slexeevich or Fedor Aleexiovich Shestakoff or Freddy Shestakoff. A-5267088, Sierra, Maria. T-1495417, Singh, Harnam. A-4996580, Sizer, Henry James Ole. 0800-92215, Sorbutts, Claude Michael.

0700–14944, Soures, John Nicholas or Ioannis Soures.

A-5911269, Sousa, Artur Da Costa De.

A-6943635, Spanoudakis, Constantinos or Gust or Costas Spanoudakis.

A-2775229, Speede, St. Clair Emmerson or Arthur Baptiste or Robert St. Clair.

A-1471128, Spyropoulos, Athanasios P.
A-6022325, Stanic, Kristo or Krsto Stanic.

A-5972835, Steele, Altagracia (nee Woodley).

A-6455877, Suarez, Elsa Alvarez (nee Elsa Mercedes Alvarez Pichardo).

A-6052157, Suarez, Juan Antonio or Juan Antonio Suarez Fagundo.

A-9706484, Tai, Chow or Tai Chow.
1600–100275, Talavera, Celia Lechuga de.
A-7297173, Tarango, Magdalena.
A-7297176, Estrada, Rosa Maria,
A-7297174, Estrada, Filiberto,
A-7297175, Estrada, Rogelio.
A-7036041, Tarin-Sigala, Luz.

A-4599989, Tokoth, Andrew or Harry Tokath or Andrew Takash or Andrew Tokoch.

A-7362653, Toman, Kurt Kari.
A-6555985, Toman, Nathalie nee Borman.
A-6658203, Treviso, Juan.

A-4533718, Trottier, Marie Claire Emilienne or Claire Trottier.

T-2760834, Turner, Frieda Josephine.
A-6859255, Uribe-Quintana, Humberto.
1512/139, Vargas-Riojas, Rosendo.

A-7445553, Villanueva, Emilia Camacho De.

A-6744188T, Vitello, Jacqueline Juliette Marianna nee Coron.

A-4271612, Viveros-Patino, Gloria Herminia.

A-4477469, Vizzini, Angelo or Agostino Catliardi.

A-7532729, Vogel, Frieda Marie Jeanne Auralie or Frieda Vogel.

A-7532731, Vogel, Leonilda or Leonie.
A-8282457, Voie, Tora Tomine nee Homme,
0800-96068, Wa, Li.
A-5920956, Wagner, Lawrence Elias.

A-7983006, Wahlroos, Margaret Mary nee Phillips.

A-7155815, Wang, Shang Chin or Peter Wang.

A-5983689, Watkinds, Nieves Adella nee Tenaja.

A-5411787, Wegner, Bruno.
A-3327440, Wei, Lum or George Lum.

T-2659466, Weinberg, Fannie or Revelyn or Rivlin or Rosa Klinger.

T-1892691, Weir, Alonza Godfrey.

T-1892722, Williams, Enos Augustus or Robert Wolfe, Jr.

A-7789574, Williams, Thyra Joyce nee Kabler, formerly Henry.

A-1414360, Wold, Ivan Richard.
0707-7441, Wolman, Aron.
0707–7840, Wolman, Lee nee Weiss.
A-5332102, Wong, Joseph Hong.

A-9541789, Woo, Chih Ming or Wang Sung Ying.

0501-18295, Woo, Lucrecia Rozo nee Rozo Gaitan.

A-5957597, Wright, Lillian.

A-1745371, Yajima, Kiichi or Kiichi Matsumoto.

A-1745370, Yajima, Mitsu nee Otagawa.

A-7836482, Yee, Josephine Anna L. nee Anna Laing.

A-7073876, You, Pan.

A-6921111, Young, Pauline Eve or Mrs. John C. Naylor.

T-907655, Zajac, Alfred.
A-7419751, Zitkus, Werner Edmund.

A-2930134, Benavides, Maria Ortega de nee Maria Ortega-Lujano.

A-7903402, Castro-Mireles, Jorge.

A-1216229, Abdullah, Dawood Bin Hadji or Dawood Hadji Abdullah or Dawood Hadji Abdoellah or Dawood H. Abdoehhal or Daud Bin Haji Dollah or Dawood Abduellah or Dawood Abdullah.

A-6990558, Abordonado, Alberto or Albert Abordonado.

T-1956120, Aguilar-Echartea, Candelario.
T-1956092, Aguirre, Catarina Villa de.

A-4473312, Aldana, Gaudencia Gonzalez Vda. De.

A-6411698, Ames, Sara or Sara Urick nee Cacherio y Cespedes.

V-904809, Ancheta, Nieves Maria nee Maria Nieves Galiegos.

V-1250130, Anqar, Sami Yusuf El.

T-2760181, Apostolakis, Apostolos Christ or Paul Apostolakis.

A-4617452, Aratani, Masuko or Masuko Matsui.

A-5094767, Arias-Ortega, Jose Maria.
V-906071, Asuncion, Junior, Salvador.
V-906070, Asuncion, Carmelita.
V-629910, Bahde, Pilar Altorfer.
A-5523579T, Barardi, Antonio.

0300_419221, Barnett, Mac Donald or Mac Donald Callender.

A-7439293, Bernstein, Rose David.
A-6105821, Bhaskar, Surindar Nath.
A-6206420, Boivin, Herminia.
A-4842819, Bone, Myfanwy (nee Griffith).

0300-81460, Braithwaite, Charles Wallisford.

A-6830246, Brandwein, Despina.
A-7134282, Braun, Israel.
A-6420439, Bristol, Charles Henry.

V-535227, Brown, Bernadette Marie (nee De Salle).

A-7124496, Brunini, Orietta.

0300_399181, Burgos, Temistocles or Thomas Burgos.

0300-142492, Buria, Manuel Joaquin.

A-6436292, Buvat, Joseph Louis Marie De Virginy or Joseph Buvat De Virginy.

A-8313518T, Cadiz, Cadiz Monica or Anselma Cafirma Acedera.

A-6092412, Camargo-Mascote, Agustin, A-8025129, Campbell, Verda. A-7948466, Cantoni, Bruno. 10300-344340, Cardenas-Guevana, Santos or Santos Cardenas Gueivana or Santos Cardenas Y Guevara.

T-1495405, Carrera-Diaz, Piedad.
A-7427344, Casia, Esperanza Vargas Sacris.
T-2760825, Casteret, Ruperta Sophie.

A-3917003, Castruita, Rosalina FioresOlmos de.

1409-9829, Cerda-Palomo, Arnulfo De La. 1409-9830, Cerda, Estefana Trevino De La. A-6447413, Chan, Helen Wai Ying Chan. A-6980351, Chan, Kwok-Keung. A-7742772, Chang, Ting Tsung.

174/373, Chau, Chan Yee Duck nee Chan Chue Yau.

174/373, Chau, Philip.
A-9541886, Cheong, Sue.
0300–331405, Chiang, Robert Ho Chi.
0300-331406, Chiang, Ying Wang.
A-7177438, Chiara, Guiseppe.
A-7283019, Chiara, Domenica Balma.

T-1897328, Chin, George or Chin Yit or Chin Hing Yat.

A-9609282, Ching, Joe Ah.
0501-19500, Chipman, Carmen Sophie.

A-2713045, Chong, Ah or Chong Ah Lee or See Ah Chong or See Ding Chong or Ah Lee Chong.

A-2586952, Choon, Fong Lai or Fong Shee Chiu.

A-7010326, Cim, Chiu Sik.
A-6758725, Christensen, Verner George.
A-3249884, Christoperis, Michil Angelo de.
A-4031261, Chuen, Lee or Chin Lee.
A-4753125, Cicera, Gioacchino Lo.

A-3440260, Clarizia, John L. or John Louis Clarizia.

A-7445388, Clarke, Levi or Abraham Clarke or Abraham E. Clarke or Abraham Ezikiel Clarke.

A-5541703, Cohen, Ethel Susie nee Gitlin.
A-7264164, Collazo-Almanza, Manuel.
A-5875747, Corriere, Donato.
A-5970949, Cuenca-Gonzalez, Juan Manuel.
0300-330171, Dade, Allah.
A-6052414, Dastur, Minu Nariman.
A-7131175, Delcampe, Jeannine.
A-7131177, Delcampe, Monique.

A-8258649, Dominguez, Beatrice Rodriguez de.

A-3433176, Domokos, Geza.
A-3431168, Donn, Helena Bruski.

A-3738776, Douglass, Hazel Petrine Elaine Scott.

1614–2446, Duran-Tapia, Jose Jorge.

0300–367582, Eduarte, Eugenio or Eugenio Eduarte Torres.

A-1236866, Eickhoff, Frederick William Arnold or Arne Eickhoff.

0300—340983, Eng, Henry or Gon Kwong Eng.

A-4921355, Enzer, Emmanuel.
A-5774073, Enzer, Mildred nee Wilder.

A-6772291, Evangelides, Nicholas Demetrios.

A-4908948, Farganis, Christos.

A-7203458, Farley, Maria Romilda Giordana nee Silicani.

A-9821800, Ferdinand, Joseph Louis.
A-7450225, Ferguson, Hubert.
A-1584037, Fernandes, Arlindo.
A-3881996, Fierro, Rose Ahumada De.
A-5162327, Fleming, Edward.

1600–102014, Flores-Aguilar, Pasqual or Guillermo Flores-Aguilar.

T-1956129, Flores-Duque, Andres.
A-3327382, Flores-Olmos, Luis.
V-1430278, Foranda, Silveria A.
T-609615, Francisco, Maria Nilda.
A-6754445, Gabbay, Mier Jan Ibrahim Sion.

A-6720078, Gallegos-Dominguez, Apolonio or Apalonio Gallegos-Dominguez or Jose Ramirez Arciniega.

A-5958805, Garcia-Lopes, Nicholas or Arnold Drummond Lloyd.

A-4946851, Garcia-Rivera, Jose or Jose Garcia or Jose Garcia Ribera.

0300-399712, Gavito, Gabriel or Gabriel Gavito Gavito, Jr.

A-2640142, Germanetti, Lucia Maria.
A-2457210, Gianaris, Ioannis Leonidas.

A-7445656, Gladstone, Martin or Martin Glad.

T-2672506, Gomez-Flores, Juan.

A-1912054, Gomez-Sanchez, Manuel or Jose Garcia Santana.

0502-6327, Gonzalez, Jose Maria Pozo.

A-7189158, Gonzalez, Juan.
A-7189200, Gonzalez, Aurora Delgado.
T-2753513, Gonzalez, Paula Lara De.
A-8221602, Gonzalez-Lara, Susana.
A-8221603, Gonzalez-Lara, Isaias.

A-6382120, Gonzalez, Refugio Anaya vda de or Refugio Camarillo.

A-4555917, Gonzalez-Sotelo, Alejo.
A-8217665, Grega, Andrew.
T-1496893, Guerrero, Juan Lopez.

1600-101746, Guerrero-Espinosa, Guadalupe.

T-2626410, Gutierrez-Bedoy, Roberto.

A-4327124, Hagopian, Victoria (nee Sarajiam) or Victoris Diaz E. Peres.

A-5820573, Halir, Frank or Frank Haler.
V-6256, Hammer, Patria Eslabon.
A-2083026, Hansen, Hazel Mary.
T-2072760, Harris, Frederick Owen.

T-1506093, Harrison, Donald Herbert or Donald Harrison.

A-6966573, Helen, Eleonora or Eleonor Helen Olchowska.

A-6602877, Henis, Dov Ber.
A-6747042, Henis, Meira.

A-5875165, Herman, Betty nee Ginsberg or Betty Gilbert.

T-1956128, Hernandez-Lopez, Hipolito.

A-8117196, Herrera, Inez Arvallo de nee Arvallo-Valenzuela.

1607–21124, Herskowitch, Bannett or Ben Harris.

0300–401467, Hing, Low or Yong Hing or Young Hing.

A-7138430, Hjelt, Inga Castalia.
A-9707480, Ho, Harry or Ho Ah Foo.

A-1653712, Hogg, Ethel May nee Ethel May Johnson.

0500-42189, Holt, Doris.

A-7186713, Hong, Jim Jelly or Hong Hoy Quing.

A-6771341, Honigsfeld, Jerzy.
T-1165326, Horta, Adalberto Jurado Y.
A-6808242, Houseright, Richard Steven.

A-7022382, Hsu, Joyce or Joyce Kwei Fong Hsu or Kwei Fong Hsu.

T-1897317, Hunter, James William.
A-7135283, Il-Begi, Mohammad.

0300—375202, Irabar, Jose Antonio Bajineta.

A-7497118, Iwanow, Antonina or Antonia Andrei Ivanov.

0300–375202, Irabar, Jose Antonio Bajineta. A-4163011, Jonas, Ferdinand Alfred.

A-8014975, Kakeligian, Takouhie Victoria or Queenie Kakeligian.

A-5461766, Kaleef, Boris Ivanoff or Bone Racine or Joseph Huic or Rudolph Schmidt.

T-1897321, Kan, Chan Fee or Joseph Kan Chan.

A-9778105, Karvonen, Leuto Tuovi Kullervo.

A-5561780, Kashiwa, Masakichi.
A-4788695, Kashiwa, Sue or Suye.

A-5353869, Alps, Amy or Emi (nee Kashiwa).

A-6929872, Kassos, Michael.
A-7115039, Kasten, Adelheid Emelie.

A-3901233, Kawacinski, Jan or John Ka. wacinski or John Boleslaw Kawacinski or Clarence Johnson or Clarence Johnston or John Bruno.

A-6839777, Kempton, Diana (nee Mayo).
A-5961756, Kitagawa, Koichi.
0400/42359, Kittay, Howard.
0400/42360, Kittay, Lida.
A-7964006, Klingenberg, Robert Charles.
V-344560, Koinoglou, George.
A-6350845, Koinoglou, Afrodity.
A-7128977, Koltucki, Roman Stefan.

V-993447, Korhonen, Esteri Kaarina nee
A-7476854, Koukoulas, Anthony George or

, Antonios Kokoulas.

A-3273987, Kow, Yip or Kow Yip or Eddie Yip.

0300–407664, Krimsky, Harry or Herszel Kurianski. A-2084603, Kung, Limin or Li Min Kung.

. A-2771697, Lai, Chan Yu. A-6846181, Landeros-Gomez, Jose.

T-141993, Lavaro, Josefa F. nee Josefa Tomines Fajatin.

A-7427955, Leavitt, Ellen or Ellen Miseroy.

A-8015426T, Lee, Mark Shee or Pui Jen Mar or Shee Mark or Pui Jun Mark.

0300-419559, Lee, Yick Gow or Chee Sing Lee.

0300-309150, Leigh, Edward Paul or Shau Chung Lee.

A-4450611, Leparis, Peteros Michael or Michael Leparis Peteros.

V-332723, Lincoln, Hans Rainer formerly Weiss.

0400/1 37, Ling, Lam.

0300–5896, Lorensen, Soren Andreas or Lorenson.

A-6884883T, Loui, Shen Ying Lowe nee Lowe, Shen Ying.

T-2182609, Luebbers, Isabella nee Long.
A-6781251, Luna-Galan, Luis.
A-4971706, Mahoney, John Henry.

A-7083171, Mahrt, Erni Arneson or Erni Arneson nee Buchtrup.

A-8259052, Makedon, Procopios Georgios.
T-1499168, Maloata, Inosia F.
A-7358950, Mancini, Gabriele.
A-5688547, Manning, Raymond Frederick.
1500/47209, Marquez-Loera, Daniel.

A-7295015, Marsh, Antonina Donato or Antonina Donato Sattoriva or Antonina Donato Ivanoff.

A-6626099, Martin, Maya Maria nee Archangelsky.

A-7264083, Martinez-Martinez, Leopoldo.
A-6144014, Matsuda, Domingo Sakuro.
A-6144013, Nakashima, Carmen Matsuda.
A-6144012, Matsuda, Crisanta Kyoko.
A-6144011, Matsuda, Natividad Ayako.
A-6144017, Matsuda, Kunikichi.
A-6144016, Matsuda, Hisako.
A-5533671, Matsuo, Kihei.

A-4234889, Mavrogeorgis, Demetrios or James Michel Mavris.

A-3865631, Mazelow, David Ronald.
A-5312005, Mazelow, Sema nee Gulkevitch.
A-7024425, Mazelow, Frances.
A-2305753, McCarville, Mary

nee Hogan.

A-4402194, McCunney, Gladys May.

A-8282808, McDonald, Oscar or Oscar Rudolph McDonald.

A-7980278, McKenzie, Arnold Wesley.

A-7828145, McKinley, Trudy or Kim Yong Wah.

A-7980254, Medrano, Ana Moreno de or Ana Moreno-Pareda.

A-4578601, Menck, Anton or Tony Menck or Anton Menk.

A-6760900, Mend, Olaf.
T-1497305, Mentis, George Speros.
A-7366403, Meter, Jerry Wang Van.
A-6636748, Metoxen, Dorothy Olive.
A-4490183T, Mikebrcich, Sam.
A-7030792, Milson, Diana.
A-9553480T, Moe, Ragnar.

A-6857825, Monroe, Georgette Marianne nee Gambin or Joe Verney.

A-7039269, Morales, Ramona Sandoval de.
T-1495364, Moriguchi, Hideichi.
A-5125969, Morin, Luca or Luke Morin.
A-1452630, Murphy, Florence Helen.

T-2753946, Najera, Jose Victoriano or Raul Dorantes.

T-2760979, Nakano, George G.
T-2760977, Nakano, Yukiko.
A-7360979, Narbaez-Rodriguez, Higinio.
A-7362095, Narbaez, Emilia Loredo de.

A-3810734, Nardiello, Gennaro or Gennaro Carmine Nardiello.

1614-2545, Nunez-Cabrera, Jose Maria. A-4090286, Okuda, Isa or Isa Macchin.

1600-97487, Pama, Florencia LanderosLopez De.

A-7124115, Panagiotopoulos, Demetrios or James Pappas.

A-6590590, Papademetriou, Spiridon c.

0300-418769, Papadogianis, Archilles or Achilles Johnson. A-7210496, Parashakis, Demetre George.

A-2732925, Parker, Maria Perla Lapoint Drummond de Mendoca.

A-2088136, Parreira, Antonio or Antonio Galante.

T-1864504, Pascua, Mary Javier or Filomena Javier Collo.

A-5630551, Pataca, Francisco Antonio.
A-1882618, Paz, Joseph J. De La.
A-6506688, Perez, Carmela Brea.
A-4722698, Perez, Teresa Pablo nee Velez.
T-2626342, Perez, Zenaida Gonzales de.
T-2626342, Ruiz-Gonzales, Elena.
T-2626342, Ruiz-Gonzalez, Salvador.
T-2626340, Lemos-Gonzalez, Fidel.
T-2626341, Lemos-Gonzelez, Lorenzo.
T-2626343, Lemos-Gonzalez, Juana.
T-2626344, Lemos-Gonzalez, Maria Luisa.

A-7858390, Perez-Lopez, Aristeo or Eliseo Perez.

A-1233964, Perkins, George or Charles Fitzgeorge Perkins.

T--2672504, Pinal-Zamora, Daniel.
T-2672503, Pinal, Eva Cuevas de.
A-6581244, Pinon-Gallegos, Alejandro.
A-3117025, Pipolo, Giuseppe.
0900/59416, Pollini, Giuseppe.

A-4526224, Popis, Grigorios Theodorou or Grigor Mito Doreff.

A-3213309, Pugh, Julia Fernandez.
A-7040208, Putiak, Stella Mary nee Lewicki.

A-6596195, Rabut, Diana or Diana Ganzo Decker.

A-5619370, Radunich, Josef or Jozo Radunic or Joso Radunich.

A-4927536, Ravensburg, Oscar Manfreid or Hans Bergendorf.

T-3182614, Renda, Muammer Faik.
T-2094463, Renteria-Valverde, Ramon.

T-1897311, Reuben, Vincent Webster or Lloyd Brown.

T-1864506, Riehl, Leon or “Leo.”

A-1293727, Robertis, Antonio or Anthony De.

1500/34303, Robles, Antonio.

V-1424396, Roebuck, Helen Bernice (nee Jones).

V-347101, Rossi, Narciso Dario.
T-1339031, Roth, Meileph.
V-252572, Roth, Sarah (nee Grunfeld).
A-1845574, Ruiz, Victoria Marinero.

T-1864593, Sagadraca, Mary Cadiz or Carmen Cadelinia Visitacion.

T-1497439, Sakaguchi, Shigejiro.
A-3457233, Samonas, Konstantinos.
T-1922177, Samra, Emile Abou.
T-2072746, Sanchez-Cuevas, Roberto.
A-7436684, Sander, Salomon.

T-1497347, Sandoval, Doroteo Medina or Nazario Hernandez.

A-3901031, Sandoval-Gonzalez, Jesus. A-4789381, Sandoval, Julia Rivas de. A-4839542, Sasaki, Tadao. A-6816827, Savitsky, William Kazimir or William John Smith.

0900/61364, Schau, Guenter or Guenter Hoffmann or Gunter Walter Hoffmann.

A-4825485, Schmidt, John or Janos or Johan Schmidt.

0900/57318, Schullo, Elisa Marino or Elisa Marino.

A-4182205, Schwallbach, Hans Gerhard.
V-54784, Scialanga, Sabatino.
T-1497299, Seib, William.
T-1497300, Seib, Lillian Nancy.
A-2574923, Singh, Mangal.
0700–12800, Sirolli, Carmine Nunzio.

A-7350804, Siurua, Ester Maria (nee Laakso).

A-5543974, Slupianek, Johannes or John Hansen.

0300-343475, Smith, John Augustus.

T-1897303, Smith, Torrance or Lindsay Evelyn.

A-7145684, Smyrnioudis, Nikolaos or Nicholas or Nicolaos or Nickolas Themistocles or Nick Smyrnioudis or Nikolaos Smirniudis or Nikolaos Themistoklis Smyrniouds.

A-3508195, Solomon, Sam.
A-7095895, Sonnenschein, Fritz.
A-4801193, Soriano, Francisco Llorca.

A-1794289T, Soto, Luis Octavio or Louis Soto or Louis O. Soto.

A-7879336, Stephan, Jack.

A-8116375, Stow, Lois Idelle or Lois Elaine Stow or Lois Thompson Stow.

E-25245, Sumaya, Erminia Castor-de.
A-3845868T, Sung, Ho Mock.
A-2661136, Sutherland, Edwin Arnold.
0700–18071, Svokos, George Peter,
A-5717872, Swartz, Manuel Junice.
A-5598502, Szolinger, Ferdinand.

A-2877584, Tahir, Zenel or Louis James or Muhamit Tahir.

A-6266047, Tai, Lo or Lum Tow.
E-7183, Tamm, Roland.
A-9708069, Tang, On.

A-5882956, Tavares, Jose De Jesus or Jose De Jesus Mojica or Jose Mojica or Jose De Jesus Ramirez Mojica.

A-7978939, Theodossiou, Nicholas Georgis or Nicholas George Theodossiou.

A-3456410, Thomas, Bella or Peliger T. Kostas.

A-7136132, Tigges, Karin Roslinde.

A-8057115T, Tim, Chang or Chong Tim or Chong Hen.

0300—385513, Tong, Yung Chae or Thomas. A-8313515, Torres, Jose Cruz.

0300–422125, Trimarco, Frank or Francesco Trimarco.

A-4925529, Trombino, Gaetano Mario.
A-7141151, Tseng, Anthony Tai.
V-754085, Tseng, Sophia Tia nee Liang.

A-7809422, Turkkan, Reha Oguz or Kadioglu.

A-7809423, Turkkan, Fatma Emire. 0300–416561, Tyson, Cyril MacKenzie. A-5298350, Vasquez, Jose.

A-5473712, Vasquez, Maria Del Rosario Torres de or Maria Del Rosaria or Rosa or Rose Torres de Acevedo or Rose Torres de Montana or Rosario, Rosa or Rose Torres, Reina, Salazar, Saleso, Vasquez, Acevedo or Montano.

T-1956117, Vasquez-Diaz, Juan.
T-1956118, Vasquez, Darita Angeles De.
A-7859589, Walker, Frank Norman.
A-4490177, Weel, Theodore or Feodor.
A-4111030, Weiner, Estelle Tratenberg.
A-7362912, Weiss, Igor.
0300-402945, Williams, Myrtle May.

A-3312181, Windows, Henry Patrick James Aloysius or Henry James Windows or M. Z. Windows and Harry Windows.

0300–391608, Wing, Chan Yu or Chan Hue Foo or William Chan or Hue Fook.

A-1393776, Winkelmann, Paul Gustav.
T-1892138, Wong, Sammy.
T-1892473, Wong, Wai Jack or Jack Wong.
T-1892149, Wong, Yee Pik.
T-2760242, Wun, Lum Poy or Lum Shee.
T-2760240, Chung, Choy Jack.
T-2760239, Chung, Wing Jack.
T-2760954, Chung, Wah Jack.

A-5895043, Yang, Ruby nee Ruby Nan or Ruby Ying Heng Nan or Nan Ying Heng.

A-6847818, Young, Jameson.

A-5983272, Yuen, Johnny or Juen or Yue Zen Un or Yeung or Weung Shung Hing.

A-3814713, Zarikos, Ioannis Diakoumis or John Zarikos.

A-7358510, Zwack, John or Jean.
A-4961241, Abad, Ceferino Catubig.

V-993448, Abell, Eliisa Katja formerly Katja Eliisa Lyly.

A-7135613, Alefandakis, Yami.
A-4066404, Altamirano-Villegas, Alfredo.
A-8078927, Alvarez-Gomez, Pablo.

A-7802501, Andrews, James Alexander or James A. Andrews or Cecil Sanchez.

A-7222348, Arechiga-Heredia, Pablo.

A-7445974, Arias, Cruz Mercedes or Cruz Mercedes Arias-Victor Cabrera.

T-1497432, Arshakuni, Andronik Mikirtich.
T-2760275, Ascencio, Francisco.
A-9948051, Astras, Nicholas.
A-5898861, Atkinson, William Earl.

T-2670507, Balmilero, Lourdes Torio or Lourdes Bongelan Torio.

A-5167698, Barkley, Sarah Mae or Sarah Mae Creech.

T-2760953, Barone, Domenico.
A-3761430, Bastardo, Manuel Soto.
A-6473922, Bates, Thersea Louisa.
A-6752702, Beckles, Ishmael Theophilus.
A-4573571, Berchtold, August Leo.
V-248125, Bermudez, Constancia D. E.

A-4238489, Bettencourt, John Perreira or John Perreira Machado.

A-4050471, Biagioni, Terzo.

A-5230165, Bogdanic, Ivan or Ivan or John Bogdan.

A-5741510, Bois, Henry Elzea or Henry Elzea Woods.

A-6775576, Braun, Pierre.
T-2760266, Brennan, Elizabeth Joy.

V–166006, Broeckerhoff, Ursula or Ursula Benedetto.

A-1415095, Brundage, Margaret nee Evans.
0900/62150, Brunetti, Domenico.
A-8282019, Bunch, Florence Marguerite.
A-7885315, Buono, Catello or Carlo Buono.
A-4635397, Cabral-Rosendez, Samuel.
A-4931229, Cadorette, Lucienne Virginia.
A-2160607, Caiazzo, Nicola.
A-2590312, Camarillo, Jose.
1614–804, Castellanos-Correa, Rigoberto.

A-6040680, Chao, Edward Ching-Te, or Ching-Te Chao.

A-6877762, Lin, Wen-Yu, or Chao WenYu Lin, or Wen You Lin Chao, or Vera WenYu Lin Chao, or Vera Chao.

A-7945036, Chen, Shi Gee Quan, or Chen Kun, or Chen Quan, or Hubert Chen.

T-1892119, Cheong, Wong, or Wong Chang.
0300_354028, Chin, Moo Kong.
A-2828825, Cho, Sen.
A-8065059, Christino, Sebastiano.
A-9694526, Cittee, Valery.

A-3340911, Colantonio, Giacomo, or Antonio Colantonio.

0400-43865, Conde, Argimiro.
A-8258798, Corbin, May Frances.
A-5897153, Corona-Galvan, Carlos.

A-8057864, Cortazar, Jose Luis Gorrochategui, or Jose Louis Gorrachategui.

A-7910363, Cosenza, Anna Maria (nee Nicastro).

A-1991614, Crepeau, Alice Marie (nee Poirier).

A-9730133, Crescent, Pochot, or Crescent Pochot.

A-6897763, Dadiotis, Constantinos Nicholas, or Dino Daddis.

A-6934726, Dado-Ochoa, Fernando.

A-4491382, Dahl, Katherine C. (nee Gabriel).

A-9567887, Daud, Amid B. 0300–413953, Debelli, Arrigo.

A-3400250, Degwan, Hans Raj, or Harbant Singh.

A-1403322, Detjen, Hans Heinrich Diedrich, or John Henry Detjen.

A-2642279, Diamond, Kiamond, or Kadieman Diamonds.

1614–2489, Diaz-Rodriguez, Salvador. A-2479166, Docyk, William.

T-1497343, Downton, Joyce Mary, or Joyce Mary Hicks.

A-1182166, Eden, William Henry,
A-6609655, Eleftherious, Panos Emmanuel.
A-1981457, Ellman, Sheva.

A-7605224, Enriquez-Padilla, Jose Edmundo.

A-7991849, Eory, Gerhard Franz.
1614–2626, Escudero-Flores, Manuel.
A-7137770, Espinoza-Moreno, Roberto.
A-7491873, Evangelista, Maria Camacho de.

0300_385257, Evertsz, Lorenzo, or Tommy Evertsz.

A-8082611, Fa’Aesea, Sarah Florrie.
A-7140278, Fat, Chin Leung.
E-47200, Felix, Millan, Jesus.
T-1495341, Fetter, Klara.
T-2760845, Filipas, Joseph A.

A-2179523, Finkelstein, Isidor or Itzhock David Finkelstein.

A-6069935, Fogleman, Dorothy Helen nee Bouck.

A-5913974, Fond, William La.. 0300_419441, Fong, Lee or George Fong Lee.

A-7983356, Forbes, Albert or Clyde Wellington Forbes.

A-9765437, Fonde, Reynold Herbert.

A-7394397, Fornos, Werner Horst formerly Werner Fahrenhold or Werner Lammer or Werner Copeland.

A-7249034, Fotinos, Constantinos or Kostos or Kostas Fotinos or Gus Fotinos.

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