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this would nullify countervailing duties re- to be proven before countervailing duty can The candy industry in New England is cently imposed on imported wool top. Please be imposed.

worried about Congressman EBERHARTER'S do your utmost to defeat amendment.

NORTH BILLERICA Co., proposed amendment to impose an injury RUFUS F. HALE,


test so that countervailing duty would not Assistant Treasurer, Pacific Mills,

be imposed to compensate for any bounty 140 Federal Street, Boston, Mass.

being paid by foreign governments to their BOSTON, Mass., July 10, 1953.

manufacturers to export unless our own doHon. EDITH NOURSE ROGERS,

mestic industry could prove injury. The BOSTON, MASS., July 10, 1953. House of Representatives,

duty on candy might be increased in several Hon. EDITH NOURSE ROGERS,

Washington, D. C.:

instances because we have definite proof House Office Building: We believe amendment to customs sim

that the bounties are being paid. We understand Ways and Means Commit- plification bill, H. R. 5877, relating to require

This particular amendment would prevent tee will propose on House floor to amend ment injury test before countervailing duties

our getting any relief. Incidentally, there customs simplification bill to weaken pres- can be imposed would have adverse effect on

has been a tremendous increase in imported ent countervailing duty statute by adding our industry. Hope you will do all possible

candy. an injury test to it. This amendment is to persuade House Ways and Means Com

The candy manufacturers in New England highly controversial. It was not a part of mittee to eliminate this amendment.

will appreciate your good efforts in seeing the bill as introduced and was considered

DRAPER TOP Co. by the committee only in executive session,

that this particular proposed amendment to

H. R. 5877 is defeated. It might require rescinding of present coun

BOSTON, MASS., July 10, 1953.

Sincerely yours, tervailing duty against subsidized wool top Hon. EDITH NOURSE ROGERS,

WALTER R. GUILD, imports from Uruguay and would be grossly

House Office Building, detrimental to United States wool industry.

Managing Director.

Washington, D. C.:
Please attempt to persuade Ways and Means
Committee not to offer amendment at this

We strongly oppose the injury test amendtime but to embody it in separate bill and

ment to H. R. 5877, customs simplification FILING OF MINORITY REPORT

bill. This amendment could mean the re-
hold hearings on that bill.
scinding of the recently imposed counter-

Mr. CROSSER. Mr. Speaker, I ask
vailing duty on wool top imports from unanimous consent to have until mid-
President, Boston Wool Trade

Uruguay, which are openly subsidized. night tonight to file a minority report
These subsidized wool top imports have been, on the bill H. R. 356.

and certainly would be again, greatly detri- The SPEAKER. Is there objection to WEST CHELMSFORD, MASS., July 10, 1953. mental to the entire wool and topmaking in- the request of the gentleman from Ohio? Hon. EDITH NOURSE ROGERS, dustry. Injury test proceedings are always

There was no objection.
House Office Building:

time consuming and great damage can reWe are advised that an amendment will be sult during the time necessary to fulfill an proposed to H. R. 5877, customs simplifica- injury test requirement. We strongly question bill, on Monday when it comes to the tion the motive behind such an amendment

DEPARTMENTS OF LABOR, AND floor of the House under a rule to permit and strongly urge you to do all in your power

HEALTH, EDUCATION, AND WELhonoring this amendment. It will seriously to separate this amendment from this bill FARE, AND RELATED INDEPENDaffect our business in your district. Please and, if necessary, have its proponents em

ENT AGENCIES APPROPRIATION vote against this amendment and the whole body it in a separate bill on which all interbill as there are other features of the bill ested parties could be heard.

BILL, 1954 that will materially curtail our operations in

WALKER TOP ASSOCIATES. Mr. BUSBEY. Mr. Speaker, I ask the plants in your districts.

unanimous consent to take from the H. E. FLETCHER Co.

BOSTON, MASS., July 10, 1953.

Speaker's table the bill (H. R. 5246) Hon. EDITH NOURSE ROGERS,

making appropriations for the DepartNORTH CHELMSFORD, MASS., July 10, 1953.

House Office Building,

ments of Labor, and Health, Education, Hon. EDITH NOURSE ROGERS,

Washington, D. C.:

and Welfare, and related agencies, for New House Office Building:

It is vital to us as part of the wool industry the fiscal year ending June 30, 1954, and Reference H. R. 5877, in regard to customs that amendment to customs simplification for other purposes, with Senate amendsimplification bill, we are unalterably op- bill, H. R. 5877, requiring injury test before posed to any amendment requiring injury

ments thereto, disagree to the Senate countervailing duties can be imposed, be deto be proven before countervailing duty can feated, and we respectfully urge you to use

amendments, and agree to the conferbe imposed. all of your influence against this amendment.

ence requested by the Senate. SOUTHWELL COMBING CO.

THURMOND & Co. The Clerk read the title of the bill.

The SPEAKER. Is there objection to LOWELL, MASS., July 13, 1953.

ANDOVER, MASS., July 13, 1953.

the request of the gentleman from IlliHon. EDITH NOURSE ROGERS, Hon. EDITH NOURSE ROGERS,

nois? [After a pause.) The Chair hears House Office Building:

House Office Building: none and appoints the following conWe are advised that an amendment will

We understand customs simplification bill, ferees: Messrs. BUSBEY, JENSEN, BUDGE, be proposed to H. R. 5877, customs simplifi

H. R. 5877, is being reported to floor of House TABER, FERNANDEZ, ROONEY, and CANNON. cation bill, today when it comes to the floor today. My associates and I strongly oppose of the House under a rule permitting only its passage. Our company is one of the this amendment. It will seriously affect our smaller rubber manufacturers employing WHEAT MARKETING QUOTAS business in your district. Please vote against about 900 people. In the depressed labor the amendment and the whole bill as there area of Lawrence, Mass. Our principal prod

Mr. HOPE. Mr. Speaker, I ask unaniare other features of the bill that will ma- ucts are rubber and canvas rubber-soled foot- mous consent to take from the Speaker's terially curtail our operations in the textile wear which are particularly vulnerable to table the bill (H. R. 5451) to amend the mills in your district.

foreign competition. We are convinced that wheat marketing quota provisions of the MERRIMACK MANUFACTURING Co. passage of proposed bill would help increase

Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938, as such competition at a time when our industry, which is essential to our country's de

amended, and for other purposes, with LOWELL, MASS., July 10, 1953. fense, is particularly vulnerable. We urge

Senate amendments thereto, disagree to Hon. EDITH NOURSE ROGERS, New House Office Building, that proposed legislation be at least post

the Senate amendments, and ask for a poned until general tariff study scheduled Washington, D. C.:

conference with the Senate. for ensuing year can be completed. Referring to H. R. 5877, in regard to cus

The Clerk read the title of the bill.

TYER RUBBER, toms simplification bill, we are unalterably

The SPEAKER. Is there objection to opposed to any amendment requiring injury

W. E. BRIMER, Presidente the request of the gentleman from Kanto be proven before countervailing duty can

[After a pause.) The Chair hears be imposed.


none, and appoints the following conGILET CARBONIZING CO. CONFECTIONERS ASSOCIATION,

ferees: Messrs. HOPE, AUGUST H. ANDRE

Boston, Mass., July 10, 1953. SEN, HILL, POAGE, and GRANT.
BILLERICA, MASS., July 10, 1953.


House of Representatives, New House Office Building,

Washington, D. C.

Washington, D. C.:
MY DEAR MRS. ROGERS: I understand that

BILL, 1954 Referring to H. R. 5877, in regard to cus- the customs simplification bill, H. R. 5877, toms simplification bill, we are unalterably probably will be voted on in the House next Mr. ALLEN of Illinois, from the Comopposed to any amendment requiring injury week, possibly on Monday.

mittee on Rules, reported the following privileged resolution (H. Res. 330, Rept. ner in which the original appointment was predecessor from the Fourth District of No. 771), which was referred to the made.

Indiana, Dr. George W. Gillie, of Fort House Calendar and ordered to be

The committee is authorized and directed

Wayne. printed:

to conduct a full and complete investiga-
tion and study of educational and philan-

On July 20, Dr. Gillie, who served in Resolved, That upon the adoption of this thropic foundationsand other comparable

the House of Representatives from 1938 resolution it shall be in order to move that organizations which are exempt from Fed- through 1948, will receive the highest the House resolve itself into the Committee eral income taxation to determine if any award which can be presented by the of the Whole House on the State of the foundations and organizations are using American Veterinary Medical AssociaUnion for the consideration of the bill (H. R. their resources for purposes other than the tion at its 90th annual convention at 6200) making supplemental appropriations

purposes for which they were established, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1954, and

Toronto, Canada. and especially to determine which such for other purposes, and all points of order foundations and organizations are using

Each year, the AVMA recognizes a vetagainst said bill or any provisions contained their resources for un-American and sub

erinarian for meritorious service to the in said bill are hereby waived. After general versive activities; for political purposes;

versive activities; for political purposes; membership of the organization. This debate, which shall be confined to the bill

propaganda, or attempts to influence leg- year Dr. Gillie will receive the award. and continue not to exceed 3 hours, to be islation.

He will be presented with both a certifiequally divided and controlled by the chair

The committee shall report to the House man and ranking minority member of the

cate and the AVMA medal. (or to the Clerk of the House if the House Committee on Appropriations, the bill shall

While serving in the House, Dr. Gillie is not in session) on or before January 3, be read for amendment under the 5-minute 1955, the results of its investigation and

was a member of the House Agriculture rule. At the conclusion of the consideration study, together with such recommendations

Committee. He was a leader in the fight of the bill for amendment, the Committee as it deems advisable.

to eradicate foot-and-mouth disease shall rise and report the bill to the House

For the purpose of carrying out this reso- during the terrible epidemic in Mexico, with such amendments as may have been

lution the committee, or any duly author- which also threatened the cattle indusadopted and the previous question shall be

ized subcommittee thereof, if authorized to considered as ordered on the bill and amend

sit and act

during the present Congress at try of the United States. He also sought ments thereto to final passage without inter

to establish a Government-sponsored such times and places and within the United vening motion except one motion to re

States, its Territories, and possessions, laboratory to study ways and means of commit. whether the House is in session, has re

preventing the recurrence of this dread cessed, or has adjourned, to hold hearings, disease. TAX ON ADMISSIONS TO MOVING

administer oaths, and to require, by sub- At the present time, the Government

pena or otherwise, the attendance and tesPICTURE THEATERS

is utilizing Dr. Gillie's wide experience timony of such witnesses and the producMr. ALLEN of Illinois, from the Comtion of such books, records, correspondence,

and knowledge in the field of veterinary memoranda, papers, and documents, as it mittee on Rules, reported the following

medicine. He is now serving as an addeems necessary. privileged resolution (H. Res. 331, Rept.

Subpenas may be issued

viser to the Department of Agriculture, under the signature of the chairman of the No. 772), which was referred to the

working closely with the Bureau of Anicommittee or any member of the committee mal Industry. House Calendar and ordered to be

designated by him, and may be served by Dr. Gillie was active in obtaining adprinted: any person designated by such chairman or

vancement of high professional standResolved, That upon the adoption of this member.

ards for Government meat inspection. resolution it shall be in order to move that

Upon the passage of this resolution, the the House resolve itself into the Committee Sergeant at Arms of the House is author

He also espoused equal professional conof the Whole House on the State of the ized and directed to ascertain the location

sideration of the background and eduUnion for the consideration of the bill (H. R. of all books, papers, files, correspondence,

cation of veterinarians who served in the 157) to provide that the tax on admissions and documents assembled by the former military during World War II. With a shall not apply to admissions to a moving- select committee under House Resolution scarcity of veterinarians during and picture theater, and all points of order 501, 82d Congress, and take same into his

after that war, he was out in front urgagainst said bill are hereby waived. After custody, depositing such records with the

ing the establishment of more veterinary general debate, which shall be confined to Clerk under rule XXXVII. The Clerk of the the bill, and shall continue not to exceed House is hereby authorized to loan such

medicine departments in universities 1 hour, to be equally divided and controlled records and files to the special committee

throughout the Nation. by the chairman and ranking minority mem- established by this resolution for the official I know that his many friends here ber of the Committee on Ways and Means, use of the special committee during the 83d and throughout the Nation are proud of the bill shall be considered as having, been Congress or until January 3, 1955, when they this signal honor which he is to receive. read for amendment. No amendment shall will be returned in accordance with said

Dr. Gillie has a brilliant record as a legbe in order to said bill except the substitute rule.

islator, as a fine American citizen, and amendment recommended by the Committee on Ways and Means now in the bill, but such

a leader in his professional field. We

SECOND RECIPROCAL TRADE amendment shall not be subject to amend

all wish him continued good health and ment. At the conclusion of such considera


happiness in the years ahead. tion, the Committee shall rise and report the

Mr. REED of New York. Mr. Speaker,

Mr. HARVEY. Mr. Speaker, will the bill to the House, with such amendment if

gentleman yield? adopted, and the previous question shall be

I ask unanimous consent that I may considered as ordered on the bill, and the have until midnight tonight to file a

Mr. ADAIR. I yield. amendment thereto if adopted, to final pas- report on the bill H. R. 5894, the Sec- Mr. HARVEY. Mr. Speaker, I am sage without intervening motion, except one ond Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act. very happy to join with my colleague, motion to recommit.

The SPEAKER. Is there objection to the gentleman from Indiana (Mr. ADAIR) the request of the gentleman from New in paying tribute to our former colleague, York?

Dr. George W. Gillie. Dr. Gillie earned INVESTIGATION OF EDUCATIONAL

There was no objection,

the gratitude of the entire country, and AND PHILANTHROPIC FOUNDA

particularly of the livestock industry beTIONS

cause of his very fine technical training DR. GEORGE W. GILLIE

and background. He made a great conMr. ALLEN of Illinois, from the Com

Mr. ADAIR. Mr. Speaker, I ask tribution to the welfare of our counmittee on Rules, reported the following unanimous consent to address the House try and especially in the field of comprivileged resolution (H. Res. 217, Rept. for 1 minute and to revise and extend bating the terriffic threat of hoof-andNo. 773), which was referred to the my remarks.

mouth disease during the time he was a House Calendar and ordered to be The SPEAKER. Is three objection to Member of the House of Representatives. printed:

the request of the gentleman from In- The recognition Dr. Gillie is to receive Resolved, That there is hereby created a diana?

from the American Veterinary Associaspecial committee to be composed of five

There was no objection.

tion is well deserved. I am happy to Members of the House of Representatives

Mr. ADAIR. Mr. Speaker, it is a join with his many friends in extending to be appointed by the Speaker, one of whom pleasure for me to call to the attention our congratulations. he shall designate as chairman. Any va- of the Members of the House a high Mr. HOPE. Mr. Speaker, will the gencancy occurring in the membership of the honor which will soon be bestowed upon tleman yield? committee shall be filled in the same man- a former colleague and my Republican Mr. ADAIR. I yield.

XCIX -544


Mr. HOPE. Mr. Speaker, I am glad resentative of the association at the In- recognition which is being extended to a to associate myself with what the gentle- ternational Veterinary Congress, which fellow Hoosier, Dr. George W. Gillie, for man from Indiana has said concerning will be held from August 9 to 15.

distinguished service to the profession Dr. Gillie. I am delighted to learn of The presentation of this award to Dr. of veterinary medicine. the high honor which will be paid him Gillie is a fitting tribute to his states- Dr. Gillie is richly deserving of this by the American Veterinary Medical As- manship in the field of veterinary honor. He is widely respected and adsociation. Those of us who served with science. It is a well-deserved honor and mired throughout Indiana both for his Dr. Gillie here in the Congress, of course, an appreciative gesture on the part of outstanding record of public service and are not surprised that he has been given his professional colleagues for the ex- for his notable achievements in the field this mark of distinction. We know that cellent contribution and achievements of veterinary science. it is richly deserved. During his service he has added to the advancement of Dr. Gillie's friends are legionin in Congress Dr. Gillie was a most valu- veterinary medicine.

Washington, in Indiana, and throughable and hard-working member of the Mr. H. CARL ANDERSEN. Mr. out the Nation.

out the Nation. Numbered among them House Committee on Agriculture. He Speaker, will the gentleman yield? are many of his former colleagues inwas respected and loved by every mem- Mr. ADAIR. I yield.

cluding my predecessor from the Third ber of the committee. I have never Mr. H. CARL ANDERSEN. - Mr. Indiana District, Robert A, Grant, who known a more sincere man, a fairer man, Speaker, I simply want to say that this served in the House with Dr. Gillie from or a more modest man that Dr. Gillie. honor could not come to a better and 1938 through 1948 and who, I know, joins I want to join with his friends every- finer gentleman.

most warmly in this testimonial. where in extending my heartiest con- Mr. HALLECK. Mr. Speaker, will the gratulations on the distinguished honor gentleman yield?

EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE TO FARMwhich has been accorded him by mem- Mr. ADAIR. I yield.

ERS AND STOCKMEN bers of his profession.

Mr. HALLECK. Mr. Speaker, all of Mr. HILL. Mr. Speaker, will the gen- us who know and love Dr. Gillie, and Mr. HOPE. Mr. Speaker, I call up tleman yield?

were acquainted with him during his the conference report on the bill (H. R. 0: Mr. ADAIR. I yield.

service here as well as since that time, 6054) to amend the act of April 6, 1949, Mr. HILL. Mr. Speaker, I was ex- are very happy to hear of the award to provide for additional emergency astremely gratified to learn that my good that is going to be granted to him. Mr. sistance to farmers and stockmen, and friend, and former colleague, Dr. George Speaker, at this time I also want to take for other purposes, and ask unanimous W. Gillie, of Fort Wayne, Ind., had been the opportunity of commending the gen

consent that the statement of the manselected to receive the American Veteri- tleman from Indiana (Mr. ADAIR), who agers on the part of the House be read nary Medical Association award of the succeeded Dr. Gillie, for bringing this

in lieu of the report. year for his contribution to veterinary matter to our attention.

The Clerk read the title of the bill. medicine.

Mr. SCOTT. Mr. Speaker, will the

The SPEAKER. Is there objection to It was my good fortune to know Dr. gentleman yield?

the request of the gentleman from Kan

sas? Gillie intimately during his 10 years of Mr. ADAIR. I yield. service in the House of Representatives. Mr. SCOTT. Mr. Speaker, it occurs

There was no objection. We were close personal friends. Be

The Clerk read the statement. to me that our very good and beloved sides we served together on the House friend, Dr. Gillie, is going to have the

The conference report and statement Agriculture Committee.

are as follows: unusual experience of reading in the During our long friendship, which has CONGRESSIONAL RECORD remarks made

CONFERENCE REPORT (H. REPT. 769) continued over the years since he left about him by his former colleagues the Congress, I found Dr. Gillie to be a

The committee of conference on the diswhich are ordinarily reserved, so far as

agreeing votes of the two Houses on the loyal, conscientious American devoted to the rest of us are concerned, until that

amendment of the Senate to the bill (H. R. the highest type of service for his coun- time when we are not able to enjoy them. 6054) to amend the act of April 6, 1949, to try. He always gave unstintingly of his Therefore, he is particularly fortunate provide for additional emergency assistance time and energy and his legislative rec- that the gentleman from Indiana has to farmers and stockmen, and for other ord is one which he can look back on called the attention of the House to the purposes, having met, after full and free with pride and conviction. fine honor about to be awarded to Dr.

conference, have agreed to recommend and Indicative of the high regard and af. Gillie. We all join with the gentleman

do recommend to their respective Houses as

follows: fection with which he was held by the from Indiana in extending our felicita

That the House recede from its disagreepeople he served, was his long tenure of tions and we are giving him his flowers ment to the amendment of the Senate and public office both in Congress and his now.

agree to the same with an amendment as home area of Allen County. Dr. Gillie Mrs. ROGERS of Massachusetts. Mr. follows: is a man of the finest principles and is Speaker, will the gentleman yield?

In lieu of the matter proposed to be inrichly deserving of this award which will

serted by the Senate amendment insert the

Mr. ADAIR. I yield. be presented to him by his professional


Mrs. ROGERS of Massachusetts. Mr. associates.

“That section 2 of the Act of April 6, 1949 Speaker, I want to express my great ad- (63 Stat. 43), as amended, is hereby further While serving in the House, he

miration for Dr. Gillie and his good amended as follows: achieved a distinctive record in the field and charming wife when they were in

(A) After the second sentence of subsecof agriculture. His broad knowledge Washington. I am so glad this fine tion (a) add the following new subsections: and understanding of animal husbandry honor has come to Dr. Gillie. I would

'ECONOMIC DISASTER LOANS and his first-hand experience in veteri

like to add that Dr. Gillie has been very “'(b) The Secretary is authorized in connary medicine were most helpful to the

ably succeeded by the gentleman from nection with any major disaster determined Agriculture Committee and to the De

Indiana [Mr. ADAIR). There could not by the President to warrant assistance by partment of Agriculture. In 1947, this In 1947, this be a better one.

the Federal Government under Public Law was particularly true. Dr. Gillie was

875, Eighty-first Congress (42 U. S. C. 1855),

Mr. ADAIR. Mr. Speaker, I ask appointed to lead a contingent from the

as amended, to make loans to established unanimous consent that all Members Department of Agriculture to assist in

farmers and stockmen for any agricultural may have 5 legislative days to extend stamping out the foot-and-mouth dis

purpose in the area covered by the determitheir remarks with reference to our for- nation of the President, if the Secretary finds ease epidemic which was sweeping

mer colleague, Dr. George W. Gillie, and that an economic disaster has also caused a through Mexico and threatening to inthat Members desiring to do so may ex

need for agricultural credit that cannot be fect the cattle herds of Texas and the tend their remarks at this point in the

met for a temporary period from commerwestern States. Fortunately, the efforts RECORD.

cial banks, cooperative lending agencies, the of this group were successful and halted

Farmers' Home Administration under its reg

The SPEAKER. Is there objection the disease before it could cross our

ular loan programs, or other responsible to the request of the gentleman from sources. The loans shall be made at such borders. Indiana ?

rates of interest and on such general terms After Dr. Gillie receives his award There was no objection.

as the Secretary shall prescribe for such area. from the AVMA, he and his wife are Mr. CRUMPACKER. Mr. Speaker, I

“ 'SPECIAL LIVESTOCK LOANS leaving Toronto, Canada, for Stockholm, wish to join with my colleagues in ex- "'(c) For a period of two years from the Sweden, where he will be an official rep- pressing pride and gratification over the effective date of this subsection loans for

$2,500 or more may be made to established stock or other interest in the corporation or
producers and feeders of cattle, sheep, and organization."
goats (not including operators of commer- And the Senate agree to the same.
cial feed lots) who have a good record of

CLIFFORD R. HOPE, operations, but are unable temporarily to get

AUG. H. ANDRESEN, the credit they need from recognized lenders

WILLIAM S. HILL, and have a reasonable chance of working out

HAROLD D. COOLEY, of their difficulties with supplementary

W. R. POAGE, financing. The loans may be made on such

Managers on the Part of the House. security as the borrower has available and

GEORGE D. AIKEN, for the time reasonably required by the

EDWARD J. THYE, needs of the borrower but not exceeding, in

BOURKE B. HICKENLOOPER, the first instance, a period of three years.

SPESSARD L. HOLLAND, The creditors of the applicant will not be

CLINTON P. ANDERSON, asked to subordinate their indebtedness but must be willing to work with the borrower

Managers on the Part of the Senate. to the extent of executing standby agreements for such periods of time as is reason

STATEMENT ably necessary to give the borrower a chance The managers on the part of the House at to substantially improve his situation. The the conference on the disagreeing votes of loans shall bear interest at the rate of 5 per

the two Houses on the amendment of the centum per annum and shall be made on

Senate to the bill H. R. 6054 to amend the such other terms and conditions as the Sec- act of April 6, 1949, to provide for additional retary shall prescribe. The loans shall be emergency assistance to farmers and stocksubject to approval by a special committee men, and for other purposes, submit the folappointed by the Secretary to serve for the lowing statement in explanation of the effect particular area as determined by the Secre- of the action agreed upon by the conferees tary. Loans exceeding $50,000 shall also be and recommended in the accompanying conapproved by the Secretary. The committee

ference report: shall consist of at least three members ap

The Senate amendment struck out all after pointed by the Secretary from local persons

the enacting clause of the House bill and having recognized knowledge of the livestock inserted a substitute amendment. The comindustry. The committee shall perform mittee of conference has agreed to recomsuch additional functions under this Act,

mend that the House recede from its disincluding general direction of the servicing agreement to the amendment of the Senate of the loans, as the Secretary may prescribe.

with an amendment which is a substitute The members shall serve at such compen

for both the House bill and the Senate sation as the Secretary shall determine not

amendment. , exceeding $25 for each day spent on the The conference substitute follows in genwork of the committee and shall be entitled eral the provisions of the House bill. Except to receive transportation costs and per diem

for minor and clarifying changes, the differin accordance with standard Government

ences between the conference substitute and travel regulations.

the bill as passed by the House are explained


ECONOMIC DISASTER LOANS-SUBSECTION (B) "'(d) The Secretary is authorized in con

The conference substitute is identical with nection with any major disaster determined

the provisions of the House bill except that

the word “established” has been inserted by the President to warrant assistance by

ahead of the words "farmers and stockmen” the Federal Government under Public Law

to make it clear that these loans are to be 875, 81st Congress (42 U. S. C. 1855), as

available only to established farmers and amended, to furnish to established farmers,

stockmen. ranchers, or stockmen feed for livestock or

SPECIAL LIVESTOCK LOANS-SUBSECTION (C) seeds for planting for such period or periods of time and under such terms and conditions

The conference substitute for this section as the Secretary may determine to be re

differs in four respects from the House bill: quired by the nature and effect of the dis

1. The House bill provided that these loans

could be made to "ranchers or stockmen". aster. The Secretary may utilize the per

The conference substitute strikes out the sonnel, facilities, property, and funds of

words, "ranchers or stockmen” and inserts in any agency of the United States Department lieu thereof, “producers and feeders of cattle, of Agriculture, including Commodity Credit

sheep, and goats (not including operators of Corporation, for carrying out these func

commercial feed lots)." tions and shall reimburse the agencies so 2. The House bill provides that the loans utilized for the value of any commodities may be made for a period of three years “but furnished which are not paid for by the may be renewed”. The substitute strikes out farmers or ranchmen, and for costs and ad- the words “but may be renewed” as surplusministrative expenses necessary in perform- age. The Senate amendment did not con

tain these words and the committee of coning such functions.'

ference agreed with the interpretation con“AMENDMENTS TO EXISTING PROVISIONS

tained in the Senate report that even with“(B) The last sentence of subsection (a) out this provision the loans might be reis designated as subsection (e) and a comma

newed as necessary. and the word 'reimbursement', shall be in- 3. The word "also" has been inserted in serted after the word 'loans' where it first the sentence providing that loans exceeding appears in said subsection.

$50,000 "shall be approved by the Secretary.” "(C) The letter '(a)' in the last clause

The purpose of this is to make it clear that

such loans are to receive the same considof subsection (b) is deleted, the subsection

eration by local and State loan committees is redesignated as subsection (f), and there

as will be given loans under $50,000 but that shall be added at the end thereof the fol

they must, in addition, be approved by the lowing new sentence: "There is hereby au

Secretary. thorized to be appropriated to the revolving 4. The conference substitute strikes out fund such additional sums as the Congress the limitation that local loan committees shall from time to time determine.'

must be appointed from local financing in“SEC. 2. Loans under this act shall be se- stitutions and livestock operators, which was cured by the personal obligation and avail- contained in the House bill. As recommendable security of the producer or producers, ed by the committee of conference, this proand in the case of loans to corporations or vision will now permit the Secretary to other business organizations, by the personal appoint the local loan committee from any obligation and available security of each per- local persons "having recognized knowledge son holding as much as 10 percent of the of the livestock industry.”


AND SEEDSUBSECTION (D) The Senate amendment did not contain this subsection. The substitute agreed to by the committee of conference has reinstated the subsection as adopted by the House, with two major changes:

1. The House bill authorized the Secretary to provide feed and seed in major disaster areas and to "waive payment in whole or in part if in his judgment circumstances so require.” The committee of conference understands that the only circumstances under which the Secretary of Agriculture would presently consider furnishing feed or seed entirely without payment would be in those cases where the identity of the responsible recipients could not be determined, as for example where livestock might be driven from their home pastures by flood or other conditions and might have to be fed as a commingled group until they could be separated and their ownership reestablished. Since the Secretary has the authority to take such action without the specific provision that he may waive payment, the inclusion of this provision in this bill appeared to be unnecessary As the revised sentence reads in. the conference substitute, the Secretary of Agriculture is authorized to provide feed or seeds “for such period or periods of time and under such terms and conditions as the Secretary may determine to be required by the nature and effect of the disaster."

2. As passed by the House, this subsection authorized the Secretary to utilize the personnel, facilities, property, and funds of the Commodity Credit Corporation, the Farmers' Home Administration, and the Production and Marketing Administration in carrying out the feed and seed distribution activities. It was pointed out in the committee of conference that the Secretary might very well need to utilize also the assistance of the Soil Conservation Service, the Extension Service, the Forest Service, or some other agency of the Department than the three named in the House bill. The substitute amendment recommended by the committee of conference, therefore, authorizes the Secretary to use any agency of the Department in carrying out the provisions of this section of the act. The Secretary is required to reimburse the agencies and is authorized to use the disaster loan revolving fund for that purpose.

The committee of conference has included
in the conference substitute a provision
(section 2) of the Senate amendment which
did not appear in the House bill. The com-
mittee recognizes that adequate security will
not ordinarily be available for the type of
emergency loan authorized by this bill. It
believes, however, that producers obtaining
such loans should be required to pledge
whatever available security they might have
and that, in the case of corporations, part-
nerships, or other business organizations, the
personal obligations of the principal stock-
holders or interested parties should be ob-
tained. It is recognized that even this pro-
vision cannot cover every situation in which
some security might be available to the Gov-
ernment and it is contemplated that the
Secretary of Agriculture will exercise due dil-
igence to obtain such additional security as
the circumstances warrant.


Managers on the part of the House.

Mr. ALBERT. Mr. Speaker, would the gentleman from Kansas [Mr. HOPE] please explain briefly the difference between the conference report and the House version of the bill?

Mr. HOPE. Yes, I shall be very happy people starting out, and I am afraid the And before the gentleman answers I to make an explanation. In all its es- language of this bill is going either to want to reiterate my objection to this sential features the bill, as agreed on in jeopardize their right to get loans or to particular language in this bill. I think conference, is similar to the House bill. create an obstacle that may be used by it establishes a policy that is not sound There is nothing in the House bill of any some committee to keep them from get- when they say here that the Secretary great importance that is not contained ting a loan, and I do not want to see may utilize the personnel, the facilities, in the bill as agreed on in conference. that happen.

the property, and the funds of any agenThe bill, as finally agreed upon, I be- Mr. HOPE. I do not believe it will cy in the Department of Agriculture. lieve is a better bill than the bill passed happen, and I am sure that under the That is awfully broad language; and, as by the House, in that it is a little more regular Farm Home Loan Administra-' I said before, I feel that that would give definite and precise in several of its tion loan program they can get relief them the authority to use the funds of provisions.

providing they qualify otherwise. Cases REA in order to take care of this situaI shall be glad just briefly to go of the kind the gentleman has in mind tion. I know that the chairman of our through the changes that were made can be taken care of.

committee would not have any such with reference to the economic disaster Mr. ROGERS of Texas. I appreciate

I appreciate thing in his mind at all, and I am not loans; that is, subsection (b). There that, and I know they can be taken care afraid of him if he were to administer the conference report is identical with of, I think they can be taken care of by these funds, I would be willing to turn the House bill, except that the word “es- wide discretionary powers, but my won- any amount of money over to the chairtablished" has been inserted ahead of der is whether they will be or not. man, the gentleman from Kansas. But the words "farmers and stockmen" in Mr. HOPE. I think they will be; I I am a little afraid of this administration order to make certain that they are es- think this bill will be administered in the with respect to the REA and to public tablished farmers and stockmen.

spirit in which Congress enacted it to power, and I do not want to put into a Mr. ROGERS of Texas. If the gentle- take care of cases of distress in disaster bill like this the authority for this adman will yield to me, may I ask him, in areas as proclaimed by the President. ministraiton to go in there and use these reference to the use of the word "estab- Mr. IKARD. Mr. Speaker, will the funds. I am sure the gentleman will lished,” am I to understand that that gentleman yield?

agree that under this section they could has been inserted in front of "farmers Mr. HOPE. I yield.

do that if they so desired. and stockmen” in the bill that was Mr. IKARD. The word “established" They will have to pay them back, but adopted in conference?

then, as the gentleman interprets it, does they do not have the funds to pay them Mr. HOPE. In subsection (b), yes. not pertain to the length of time a man back because I understand in this re

Mr. ROGERS of Texas. What is that has been engaged in agricultural pursuit volving fund there is not sufficient funds going to do to those boys who started but as to whether or not he is in the to pay it and that it would require anout in the last few years, who became business exclusively for his living. Am other appropriation. I want to ask the involved in the drought situation, and I correct?

chairman of the Committee on Agriculwho have been unable to make any kind Mr. HOPE. I think that is a correct ture if he thinks it is sound legislation of record upon which they can get credit interpretation; yes. It is intended to to include the language that was inbecause they owe the banks and have apply to bona fide farmers in disaster cluded in section (d) ? owed the banks for 3 years? These are areas.

Mr. HOPE. I may say to the gentleyoung boys who have gone into busi- Mr. AUGUST H. ANDRESEN Mr. man from Missouri that that language, ness, some of them veterans who have Speaker, will the gentleman yield? of course, is recognition of the fact that come back here from service and are Mr. HOPE.

I yield.

this is an emergency and that we want trying to get started.

Mr. AUGUST H. ANDRESEN. Is it to put behind this program all of the Mr. HOPE. This applies only to

only to not a fact that the only group that is resources of the Department of Agriculthose who are getting loans under sub- excluded from the provisions of this bill ture. I realize the fears that the gentlesection (b), which are the loans made are the commercial feed lot operators? man from Missouri has and I can sympaby the Farmers Home Administration. Mr. HOPE. Yes. That comes under thize with his viewpoint on that. I do I think the word “established” as used another section of the bill, under section not believe, however, that he has any. there means that the borrower must be 2 (c) the bill as now drafted excludes thing at all to fear as far as his immediin the business of farming. It would commercial feed-lot operators; and I am ate concern goes because it specifically certainly apply to those who had gone sure there was never any intention of states in the bill that reimbursement into the business during the past few permitting that group to come under the will be made to these agencies from the years, irrespective whether they had loan provisions of the bill.

revolving fund. It is true that there will been able to establish credit or not. Mr. FISHER. Mr. Speaker, will the have to be an appropriation made for Their failure to be able to secure credit gentleman yield?

the revolving fund and I am informed elsewhere would contribute to their Mr. HOPE. I yield.

that the Bureau of the Budget will send eligibility for a loan of this kind.

Mr. FISHER. I should like to com- up an estimate very shortly for that purMr. ROGERS of Texas. Suppose a mend the gentleman and his committee, pose. That undoubtedly will be included man wants to go into the business, to and the committee on conference, for

and the committee on conference, for in one of the deficiency bills which will start anew. Can he get any kind of prompt action on this very vital subject come up before adjournment. There loan to do that? Suppose he has just which is so important to many people will have to be an appropriation, I think come back from Korea, his father hav- in the disaster area.

everyone recognizes that, for carrying ing been a farmer or a rancher? Sup- Mr. JONES of Missouri. Mr. Speaker, out this program. I do not believe the pose he was taken into service before will the gentleman yield?

gentleman needs to be apprehensive he had a chance to start. Now he wants Mr. HOPE. I yield.

about the possibility that funds may be to start at home where he was raised. Mr. JONES of Missouri. I notice that used from other agencies which will not

Is he going to be precluded from get- the conferees did not want to accept the be paid back out of the revolving fund. ting a loan?

amendment which I offered to this bill, If the conferees had not felt sure that Mr. HOPE. He would probably be and I was prompted to offer the amend- repayment would be made they would eligible under the regular Farmers' Home ment limiting the authority of the Sec

not have agreed to the language which is Administration program to secure a retary to use the funds, the personnel, now contained in the bill. loan. He has an eligibility irrespective facilities of three agencies of the Depart- Mr. JONES of Missouri. I would like of anything we do here.

ment of Agriculture, namely, Commodity to say that if it is contemplated they The purpose of this legislation as far Credit, Farmers' Home, and the Produc- might use funds of the Extension Service as this section is concerned is to provide tion and Marketing Administration. I I and so forth that that could have been that economic disaster as well as drought note that the report states that the Sec- put in the bill along with the 3 instances should be the criterion to be used in retary might also be required to use the I have set out; and, furthermore, I feel, determining eligibility and in making services of the Soil Conservaiton Serv- and this feeling is emphasized in view of loans under this section,

ice, the Extension Service, the Forest the report that is brought in here beMr. ROGERS of Texas. My fears go Service, and so forth. I am wondering cause I am satisfied that the Department to this: The FHA regular loan is limited why you did not set out those agencies has reasons for insisting that it can use to $7,000. You have a bunch of young rather than leave it as it was in the bill? the funds of any agency, they must have

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