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PE Tariff act of 1883, vote

Paper and specie cir. Foreign Legations in on, and on previous colation of principal


67 acts... 15-35 countries of world... 62 Postage, rates of

68 Abstract of lawg.. 36-41 Votes Democratic Rep Election tables, 1883.

69-96 Party platforms. 41-43 resentatives' caucus. 62 Electoral College of Elect'n U.S. Senators 44-51 Lists of appropria


82 Executive and Depart


63 State Elections 1883, mental offices U.S.... 51,52 Revenues and expendi

1882, compared with Diplomatic offices U.S. 52,53 tures U. 8.

63 1880. Judicial offices U.S.... 53,54 | Internal revenue re Principal Committees XLVIIIth Congress.. 55-57 ceipts

XLVIITth Cong.... 98,99 Foreign trade U.S.. 58,59 Foreign Immigration.. 65 Political Miscellany..99,100 Railroad construction

Bank and Currency N. Y. State Governm't. 101 since 1830.. 60,61 Tables

66,67' List of Governors, &c.. 102






PAGE. Aots of Congregg.. 36 Iowa Dem. platform... 41 platform..

43 Am Vessels, shipm't in. 38 Iowa Rep. platform.. 41 Pennsylvania Rep. Appropriations, lists of 03 Judicial Decisions. 100 platform. Arkansas Sen. Elec.... 46 Judicial officers U.S.. 53,54 Pension expenses.. 63 Army, Acts on. 36 Kansas Sen. election. 48 Pension legislation.

39 Army Expenses. 63 Kentucky 'on. Con

Postage table.

68 Bank Check Stamps.

63 vention, Vote on. 71 Post-office Jegislation 40 Bank Statistics. 66-67 Kentucky Dem, plat Public lands legislaBankers' Tax 64-65 form


40 B'klyn, Vote for Mayor.

51 Kenlucky Rep. plat Public land receipts.., 63 Cabinet, Members of.. 51 form

41 Presidential vote 1880 97 Civil List, cost of. 63 Maine Constitutional

Railroad construction
Civil Service Act. 36-38 Amend.


60.61 Claims, Act on

38 Maine Sen. election. 44 Representatives, list of 56,57 Colorado Sen. election 48 Massachusetts Consti

Representatives (U.S.) Congress, XLVIII th 55-57 tutional Amend. 100 Committees

99,99 Congress, XLVIIIth, Massachusetts Dem.

Revenues of U.S.

63 Principal Committees 98,99 platform.

41 Savings Banks, NumConstitution Amend. Massachusetts Rep.

ber of, &c.

67 m'ts..71,73,80,81,82,99,100 platform

41 Senate (U.S.) ComuiltCustoms Legislation.. 38 Massachusetts Sen.


98 Customs, Receipts from 63 election....

44 Senatorial elections. 44-51 Debt of United States. 64 Match stamps.

65 South Carolina Const. Delaware ConstituMichigan Sen.election. 46-48


100 tional Amend. 99 Minesota Con. Andt. 73

Specie, circulation of Delaware Sen. election. 50 Minnosota Dem. plat

in world

62 Democratic Platformg 41-43 torn

41 Dem. Representatives'

Specie, exports and im.
Minnesota Rep. plat-

porta of...

58-60 Cancus. 62 form......

41 Spirits, receipts from.. 64,65 Deposits in Banks..... 67 Minnesota Sen. elec

State Banks, Aumber
Diplomatic Expenses.. 63 tion.

of. &c.

67 DiplomaticOfficers, U.S 53,53 National Bank Notes.. 66 state Election of 1981 Diplomatic Officers, Navy, Legislation on.. 36

and 1882

97 Foreign. 67 Navy expenses.

63 Tariff Act of 1883.. 15-34 Electoral College, 1884

82 Nebraska Sen. election 50,51 Tariff Acts, from 1812, Exetnpv@officets.


Votes on. 08.39 91.95 New Hampshire sen. Expenditures of

44,45 Tennessee Sen, elec'n.. 50 Exports, value of 39,99 New Jersey Dem. plat Texas Constitutional Fermedted Liquors, R&



100 ceipts from

64,65 New Jersey Rep. plat Texas Sen'l election... * Foreign. Inmighton 66 Lorm


Tobacco, receipts from. 64,65 Foreign Tfade U.S.: 38,59 New.Jefsey Sen. elec U. S. Notes. Amt. of.... 00 • Kofein Ve spess-Ship


44 Vote on Tariff of 1883. 34 nienta in

88 New York Con. Amdt.84,100 Wost Virginia Sen. Governors of States,&o 102 New York Dem. plat

election... Illinois Constitutional

form Amend 99 New-York Rep. plat

Election Returns Illinois Sen, election.. 46 form

42 From the State which voted Immigration statistics 65 New-York State Govt. 101 in 1883, alphabetically ar. Imports, values of..... 58,59 North Carolina Sen.

ranged, with comparative Indian expenses. 63 election..

48 table of the general result of Indian legislation.

39 Ohio Con. Amdts 80,81 1883, 1392 and 1880, includ. Indiapa Const. Amend. 99 Ohio Dem. platform.... '43 ing the political complexion Indians, payments for. 63 Ohio Rep. platform

43 of each legislature chosen, Interest on U.S. Debt 63 Oregon Sen. election... 48,49 and in New Jersey and New. Internal Revenue leg. Paper circulation of York the detailed vote by islation 38 tho world..

62 Towng and Counties on Goy. Internal Rev. Table.... 64,65 Patent Med, stamps... 65 ernor and Secretary of State, Iowa Const. Anend.. 100 | Pennsylvania Dem.


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ECLIPSES. In the year 1884, which is a leap year, there will be five eclipses, three of the Sun and two of the Moon.

I. A partial eclipse of the Sun, March 27th, invisible in America. The eclipse, which will be a small one, will be almost exclusively confined to Northern Europe.

II. A total eclipse of the Moon, April 10th, partly visible in various parts of the United Statos before the Moon sets in the morning. The eclipso will be total on the Pacific Coast, in the Pacific Ocean and in Asia. The times of the various phases are as follows:

Eastern Central Mountain Pacific
Time. Time. Time, Time.

A, M,
A. M.
A. M.

A. M.
Moon enters shadow


1:52 Total eclipse begins.


3:00 Middle of totality.


9:47 Total eclipse ends.


4:33 Moon leaves shadow..


III. A partial eclipse of the Sun, April 25th, invisible in America. The oclipse will be
visible at the extremo points of South Africa and South America, and in the Southern
Atlantic Ocean.

IV. A total eclipse of the Moon, October 4th, partly visible in the Atlantic States when the Moon rises. The total phase of the eclipse ends at 5h. 49m. p. m., and the Moon leaves the shadow at 6h. 49m. p. m., standard Eastern time. The eclipse will be seen as a total eclipse in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Atlantic Ocean.

V. A partial eclipse of the Sun, October 13th, visible only in Alaska and adjoining parts of North America, Northeastern Asia, and the extreme Northern Pacific Ocean.

The Four Seasons.
Spring begins March 20, 12:12 a. m. Autumn begins Sept. 22, 10:8 a. m.
Summer begins June 20, 7:55 p. m. Winter begins Dec. 21, 5:4 a. m.
Morning Stars.

Evening Stars.
Venus, after July 11.

Venus, until July 11.
Mars, after Feb. 1.

Mars, until Feb. 1.
Jupiter, after Aug. 7.

Jupiter, until Aug. 7.
Saturn, after June 3.

Saturn, until June 3.

Planets Brightest.
Mercury, February 14, June 12, October 4, rising just before the Sun; also January 4,
April 25, August 23, and December 17, setting just after the Sun. Venus, June 3 and
August 17. Mars, February 1. Jupiter, January 19. Saturn, December 12.

Planetary Conjunctions.
Venus will be in conjunction with Neptune March 27, with Saturn April 12, with the
Sun (inferior) July 11, with Mercury July 12, with Jupiter October 6, with Regulus
October 7, with Uranus November 4.

Mars will be in conjunction with the Star Regulus May 31, with Neptune July 19, with
Mercury December 4 and December 29.

Jupiter will be in conjunction with Mercury July 23, with the Sun August 7, and with Venus October 6.

Saturn will be in conjunction with Venns April 12, with the Sun June 3, with Mercury
June 25.

Uranus will be in conjunction with the Star Beta Virginis July 30.
The Earth is in perihelion January 2, and aphelion June 30.
No important occultations will be visible at Washington during the year.


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