Proceedings of the ... Annual Convocation, Issue 51

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Vols. for 1867- include a "necrology".

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Page 170 - Corps shall be to prepare plans for the national defense and for the mobilization of the military forces in time of war ; to investigate and report upon all questions affecting the efficiency of the Army and its state of preparation for military operations...
Page 152 - Strike, till the last armed foe expires, Strike, for your altars and your fires, Strike, for the green graves of your sires, God, and your native land.
Page 172 - We wish for no victories but those of peace; for no territory except our own; for no sovereignty except the sovereignty over ourselves. We deem the independence and equal rights of the smallest and weakest member of the family of nations entitled to as much respect as those of the greatest empire, and we deem the observance of that respect the chief guaranty of the weak against the oppression of the strong. We neither claim nor desire any rights, or privileges, or powers that we do not freely concede...
Page 170 - Army and its state of preparation for military operations; to render professional aid and assistance to the Secretary of War and to general officers and other superior commanders and to act as their agents in informing and coordinating the action of all the different officers who are subject...
Page 32 - I would be friend of all — the foe, the friendless; I would be giving, and forget the gift; I would be humble, for I know my weakness; I would look up — and laugh, and love, and lift.
Page 29 - His life's endeavors, and the honors conferred on him before he entered our circle, made manifest his learning and untarnished humanities. He was a doctor of laws by decree of his Alma Mater, Georgetown University. He was president of the Mohansic State Hospital, an associate manager of the Sevilla Home for Children, a member of the National Geographic Society, of the American Society of International Law, of the American Bar Association, of the New York State Bar Association, of the Municipal Art...
Page 163 - The great recent progress made in city life is not a full measure of our civilization; for our civilization rests at bottom on the wholesomeness, the attractiveness, and the completeness, as well as the prosperity, of life in the country.
Page 57 - Every effort ought, therefore, to be made to fortify our free institutions ; and the great bulwark of security is to be found in education ; the culture of the heart and the head ; the diffusion of knowledge, piety and morality. A virtuous and enlightened man can never submit to degradation ; and a virtuous and enlightened people will never breathe in an atmosphere of slavery.
Page 174 - Convention between the United Kingdom and the United States of America respecting the Protection, Preservation, and Propagation of Food Fishes in the waters contiguous to the United States and the Dominion of Canada. Signed at Washington, April n, 1908.
Page 113 - He knew the high school needs and was naturally in a position to indicate the best line of preparation. In the Institute class, on the other hand, were the experienced grade teachers with their knowledge of the capacity and limitations of upper grade pupils.

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