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Sept. 11, 1880.

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CAP. VII. An Act to appoint Public Works Loan Commissioners ; | An Act to extend the Union Assessment Coromittee Acts

to grant Money for the purpose of Lonns by the to single parishes under separate Boards of Guardians. Public Works Loan Commissioners and the Com

[19th July 1880. wissioners of Public Works in Ireland ; and for other

Whereas under section forty-five of the Union Assesspurposes relating to Loans by those Commissioners.

ment Committee Act, 1862, as amended by subsequent [14th June 1880.

Acts, it is provided that on the application of the body CAP II.

baviog the management of the relief of the poor in any

ninion or incorporation ander & Local Act, the Local n Act to amend the Glebe Loan Acts (Ireland).

Government Board may order sach union or incorporation [29th June 1880. to be included in the Union Assessment Committee Act, CAP. III.

1862, and it is expedient to make the like provision with

respect to single parishes which are not included in any An Act to apply the sum of Four million nine hundred union of parishes either poder a Local Act or under the

and twenty-five thousand three hundred and twenty Poor Law Amendment Act, 1834 : pounds out of the Consolidated Fund to the service

Be it therefore enacted, &c. : of the year ending on the thirty-first day of March

1. Short title.] This Act may be cited as the Union As. one thousand eight hundred and

[29th June 1880.

Beggment Aot, 1880, and together with the Union A88888•

ment Committee Act, 1862, and the Union Assessment CAP. IV.

Committee Amendment Act, 1864, may be cited as the

Union Assessment Acte, 1862 to 1880. An Act to provide for the appointment of Judicial

2. Application of 25 & 26 Vict. c. 103, s. 45, to single parFactors in Sheriff Courts in Scotland.

ishes under separate boards of guardians-4 & 5 Will. 4, c. [9th July 1880.

76-25 & 26 Vict. c. 183.] Section forty-five of tbe Union CAP. V.

Assessment Committee Act, 1862, shall apply to a parish

wbich is not included in a union of parisbes, and in wbich An Act to make provision for borrowing in respect of

the relief of the poor is administered by a board of guarcertain County Bridges.

[19th July 1880.

dians elected under the Poor Law Amendment Act, 1834, Be it enacted, &c. :

or under any Local Aot, in like manner as near as may be 1. Short title. 7 This Act may be cited as the County

as it applies to any union or incorporation for the relief of Bridges Loans Extension Act, 1880.

the poor formed under a Local Act, and the Union Assess

ment Committee Aot, 1862, and the Aots amending the 2. Extension of power to borrow under 4 & 5 Vict, c. 49–

Bame, sball be construed accordingly ; and in relativo to 41 & 42 Vict. c. 77.] Where, under section twenty-two of

any such single parish the expression “common fund" the Highways and Locomotives (Amendment) Act, 1878, in the said Acts shall be construed 10 mean the money the county authority, as defined by that Act, see fit to make

applicable for the relief of tbe poor. a contribution towards the cost of a tridge erected as therein mentioned, they may borrow on mortgage of the county

3. Extent of Act-32 & 33 Vict, c. 67.7 Tbis Act shall rate all or any part of the amount of such contribution in not extend to the Metropolis as defined by the Valuation the same manner in every respect as if the amount to be | (Metropolis) Act, 1869. borrowed had been the amount of an estimate made

CAP. VIII. and approved in the manner mentioned in the Act of the fourth and fifth years of the reign of Her Majesty, chap. An Act to provide for the raising of Loans of behalf of ter forty-nine, hereinafter termed the principal Act; and all Isle of Man.

(19th July 1880. the powers, directions, and provisions of the principal Act shall extend and apply to the moneys borrowed under this

CAP. IX. Act; provided that the sum required for or towards any An Act to remove doubts as to the meaning of Expressuch contribution as aloresaid may be borrowed in sions relative to Time occurring in Acts of Parliament, exercise of the power hereby conferred, although the

deeds, and other legal instruments. same shall not exceed one-fourth of the amount of the ordinary annual assessment in the principal Act re

[2nd August 1880. ferred to.

Whereas it is expedient to remove certain doubts as to

whether expressions of time occurring in Acts of Parliament, 3. Interpretation.] This Act and the Highways and

deeds, and other legal instruments relate in England and Locomotives (Amendment) Act, 1878, shall be construed as Scotland to Greenwich time, and in Ireland to Dubln time, one Act,

or to the mean astronomical time in each locality : CAP. VI.

Be it therefore enacted, &c. : An Act to amend the Representation of the People (Scot 1 1. Meuning of expressions relating to time.] Whenever land) Act, 1880.

[19th July 1880. any expression of time occurs in any Act of Parliament,

' Journal

, 1880.

deed, or other legal instrument, the time referred [to] shall,

CAP. XIV. unless it is otherwise specifically stated, be held in the case of Great Britain to be Greenwich mean time, and in the case of

An Act to amend the Relief of Distress (Ireland) Act, Ireland, Dublin mean time,

1860; and for other purposes relating thereto.

[2nd August 1880. 2. Short title.] This Act may be cited as the Statutes (Definition of Time) Act, 1880.


An Act further to amend the Industrial Schools Act,

1866, and the Industrial Schools Act (Ireland), 1868. An Act to amend the Law respecting the Manner of

[2nd August 1880. passing Grants under the Great Seal, and respecting

Whereas it is expedient that children who are growing up Officers connected therewith. [2nd August 1880.

in the society of depraved and disorderly persons should be Be it enacted, &c. :

withdrawn from contaminating influences, aud that the 1. Short title.] This Act may be cited as the Great Seal benefits of industrial school training should be exteuded to Act, 1880.

them : 2. Commencement of 'Act.] This Act shall come into

Be it enacted, &c.: operaciou on the first day of November one thousand eight 1. Extension of 29 & 30 Vict. c. 118, s. 14, and 31 & 32 hondred and eighty, which day is in this Act referred to Vict. c. 25, 8. 11, to other descriptions of children.] Section as the commencement of this Act.

fourteen of the Industrial Schools Act, 1866, and section 3. Preparation of warrants by Clerk of the Crown in

eleven of the Industrial Schools Act (Ireland), 1868, shall Chancery in lieu of Attorney and Solicitor-General.] Aster

be respectively read and construed as if, aiter tue foar the commencement of this Act every warrant ior tho

several descriptions therein respectively contained, there pansing of Letters Patent uoder the Great Seal of the

were added the following descriptions, namely; – United Kingdom which is required by the Great Seal Act,

Tbat is lodging, living, or residing with common or re1851, to be prepared by Her Majesty's Attorney and puted prostitutes, or in a house resided in or freqaented by Solicitor-General for the time being, or one of thein, sball prostitutes for the purpose of prostitution: be prepared by the Clerk of the Crown in Chancery and

That frequents the company of prostitutes. mot hy the Attorney or Solicitor-General.

2. Short title.] This Act may be cited for all parposes as All records, documents, and papers which are in posses- the Industrial Schools Acts Amendment Act, 1830. sion or under the control of Her Majesty's Attorney and Solicitor-General or either of them, or any of their officers,

CAP. XVI, and relate to the preparation of warrants for the passing of Letters Patent under the Great Seal, sball upon the com

An Act to amend the Law relating to the Payment of mencement of this Act be transferred to the Clerk of the

Wages and Rating of Merchant Seamen, Crown in Chancery.

[2nd August 1880.

Be it enacted, &c.: 4. Mode of passing Letters Patent for appointment of judges of Court of Appeal.] Whereas by the Supreme Court of Jadi

1. Short title and construction.] This Act may be cited cature Act, 1875, and the Appellate Jurisdiction Act, 1876,

as the Merchant Seamen (Payment of Wages and Rating ordinary judges of Her Majesty's Court of Appeal are to

Act, 1880. be ap inted by Her Majesty by Letters Patent, but no

This Act shall be construed as one with the Merchant provision is made respecting the mode of passing sach Shipping Acts, 1854 to 1876, and those Acts and this Act Letters Patent: Be it therefore epacted as follows: may be cited collectively as the Merchant Shipping Acte,

The Letters Patent for appointing an ordinary judge of 1854 to 1880. Her Majesty's Court of Appeal sball be passed in the same 2. Conditional advance notes illegal.] (1.) After the first manner in which Letters Patent for appointing the judges day of August one thousand eight bundred and eighty-one, o: Her Majesty's High Court of Justice are passed onder avy document authorizing or promising, or parporting to the Great Seal.

authorize or promise, tbe fotore payment of money og 865. Filing of instruments relating to Patents for inventions.]

count of a seaman's wages conditionally on bis going to In the case of Letters Patent for inventions granted before

sea from any port in the United Kiogdom, and made before or after the passing of this Aot, all instruments required those wages have been earned, shall be void. to be filed in the office of the Great Seal Patent Office eball

(2.) No money paid in satisfaction or in respect of sny be deemed so filed if filed in the office of the Commissioners

such document sball be deducted from a seaman's wages, of Patents for Inventions.

and no person shall have any right of action, suit, or set.

off agaicst the seaman or his assignee in respect of any. 6. Act 14 & 15 Vict. c. 82 may be cited as the Great Seal money so paid or purporting to bave been 80 paid. Act, 1851.] I be Act of the session of the fourteenih and fitteenth years of the reign of Her present Majesty, obapter note made upder the Merobant Shipping Act, 1854.

(3.) Nothing in this section shall affect any allotment eighty-two, intituled “An Act to simplify the forms of 3. Amendment of 17 & 18 Vict, c. 104, s. 169, as to allotappointment to certain offices, and the manner of passing ment notes.? (1.) Every agreement with a seaman which is grants under the Great Seal,” is in this Act referred to and required by the Mercbant Shipping Act, 1854, to be made may be cited as the Great Seal Act, 1851.

in the form sanctioned by the Board of Trade shall, if the

seaman so require, stipulate for the allotment of any part CAP. XI.

not exceeding one balf of the wages of the seaman in favour An Act to authorize the Extension and further Limita of one or more of the persons mentioned in section one tion of the Tenures of certain University and College

bundred and sixty.dide of the Merchant Shipping Act, Emoluments limited or to be limited by Orders of

1854, as amended by this section,

(2.) The allotment may also be made in favour of a savings the Oxford and Cambridge Commissioners.

[2nd August 1880. bank, and in that case shall be in favour of such persons and

carried into effect in such manner as may be for the time CAP. XII.

being directed by regulations of the Board of Trade, and

section one hundred and sixty-nine of the Merchant Shipping An Act to continue certain Turnpike Acts, and to Act, 1854, shall be construed as if the said persons were

repeal certain other Turnpike Acts; and for other named therein. purposes connected therewith.

(3.) The sum received in pursuance of such allotment by [2nd August 1880. a savings bank shall be paid out only on an application made,

through a superintendent of a mercantile marine office or CAP. XIII.

the Board of Trade, by the seaman bimself, or, in case of An Act to amend the Law in Ireland relating to the death, by some person to whom the same might be paid under

section one hundred and ninety-nine of the Merchant ShipRegistration of Births and Deaths.

ping Act, 1854. [2nd August 1880.

(4.) A payment under an allotment note shall begin at the

' Journal


expiration of one month, or, if the allotment is in favour of (2.) That the Government of such foreign country is & sarings bank, of three months, from the date of the agree. desirous that tha provisions of the said section shall ment, or at such later date as may be fixed by the agreenient, apply to unauthorised persons going on board of and shall be paid at the expiration of every subsequent month, ships belonging to such foreign country within the or of such other periods as may be fixed by the agreement, and limits of British territorial jurisdiction ; sball be paid only in respect of wages earned before the date Her Majesty may, by Order in Council, declare that the of payment.

provisions of the said last preceding section shall apply to (5.) For the purposes of this section "savings bank” means the ships of such country; and thereupon so long as the a savings bank established under one of the Acts mentioned Order remains in force those provisions shall apply and have in the First Schedule to this Act.

effect as if the ships of such country were British ships 4. Rules as to payment of wages.] In the case of foreign- arriving, about to arrive, or which had arrived at the end of going ships

voyage, (1.) The owner or master of the ship shall pay to each 7. Rating of' seainen.] A seaman shall not be entitled to seaman on account, at the time when he lawfully leaves the rating of A.B., that is to say, of an able-bodied seaman, the ship at the end of his engagement, two pounds, or one unless he has served at sea for four years before the mast, fourth of the balance due to him, whichever is least; and but the employment of fishermen in registered decked fishing shall pay him the (remainder of his wages within two vessels shall only count as sea service up to the period of clear days (exclusive of any Sunday, Fast day in Scotland, three years of such employment; and the rating of A.B. or Bank Holiday) after he so leaves the ship.

shall only be granted after at least one year's service in a (2.) The master of the ship may deliver the account of trading vessel in addition to three or more years' sea service wages mentioned in section one hundred and seventy-one on board of registered decked fishing vessels. of the Merchant Shipping Act, 1854, to the seaman himself Such service may be proved by certificates of discharge, by at or before the time when he leaves the ship instead a certificate of service from the Registrar-General of Shipping of delivering it to a superintendent of a mercantile marine and Seamen (which certificate the Registrar shall grant on office.

payment of a fee not exceeding sixpence), and in which (3.) If the seaman consents, the final settlement of his shall be specified whether the service was rendered in whole wages may be left to the superintendent of a mercantile or in part in steam ship, or in sailing ship, or by other marine office ander regulations to be made by the Board of satisfactory proof. Trade, and the receipt of the superintendent shall in that Nothing in this section shall affect a seaman who has case operate as a release by the seaman under section one

been rated and has served as A.B. before the passing of hundred and seventy-five of the Merchant Shipping Act, this Act. 1854.

8. Power of court to rescind contract between owner or (4.) In the event of the seaman's wages or any part master and seaman or apprentice.] Where a proceeding is ir. thereof not being paid or settled as in this section men stitated in or before any court in relation to any dispute tioned, then, unless the delay is due to the act or default between an owner or master of a ship and a seaman or apof the seaman, or to any reasonable dispute as to liability, prentice to the sea service, arising out of or incidental or to any other cause not being the act or default of the to their relation as such, or is instituted for the purpose owner or master, the seaman's wages shall continue to of this section, the court, if, having regard to all the cirran and be payable until the time of the final settlement oumstances of the case, they think it just so to do, may thereof.

rescind any contract between the owner or master and the (5.) Wbere a question as to wages is raised before the seaman or apprentice, or any contract of apprenticeship, superintendent of a mercantile marine office between the upon sach terms as the court may think just, and this master or owner of a ship, and a seaman or apprentice, if power shall be in addition to any other jurisdiction which the amount in question does not exceed five pounds, the

the court can exercise independently of this section. superintendent may adjudicate, and the decision of the

For the purposes of this section the term “court” in. superinteudent in the matter shall be final; but if the

cludes any magistrate or justice having jurisdiction in the superintendent is of opinion that the question is one which

matter to wbich the proceediog relates. ought to be decided by a court of law he may refuse to decide

9. Licensing of seamen's lodging-houses.] It shall be lawful

for the sanitary authority of any seaport town to pass 5. Penalty for being on board ship without permission be-byelaws for the licensing of seamen's lodging-bocses, for fore seamen leare.] Where a ship is about to arrive, is arriv

the periodical inspection of the same, for the granting to ing, or has arrived at the end of her voyage, every person, the persons to whom such licences are given the authority not being in Her Majesty's service, or not being duly authorized by law for the parpose, who

to designate their houses as seamen's licensed lodging.

houses, and for prescribing the penalties for the breach of (a.) goes on board the ship, without the permission of the

the provisions of the byelaws: Provided always, that no master, before the seamen lawfully leave the ship at the end of their engagement, or are discharged (which sach bylaws shall take effect till they have received the ever last happens); or,

approval of the Board of Trade. (6.) being on board the ship, remains there after being 10. Desertion and absence without leave.] The following

warned to leave by the master, or by a police officer, provisions shall from the commencement of this Act have
or by any officer of the Board of Trade or of the operation within the United Kingdom:

A seaman or apprentice to the sea service shall not be shall for every such offence be liable on summary convic- liable to imprisonment for deserting or for neglecting or retion to a fine not exceeding twenty pounds, or, at the refusing without reasonable cause to join his ship or to proceed disoretion of the court, to imprisonment for ang term not to sea in his ship, or for absence without leave at any timo exceeding six months; and the master of the ship or any within twenty-four hours of his ship's sailing from any port, officer of the Board of Trade may take him into custody, or for absence at any time without leave and without sufand deliver him up forth with to a constable to be taken ficient reason from his ship or from his duty. before a court or magistrate capable of taking cognizance

Whenever either at the commencement or during the proof the offence, and dealt with according to law.

gress of any voyage any seaman or apprentice neglects or re

fuses to join or deserts from or refuses to proceed to sea in any 6. Provisions contained in section five to apply to ships be

ship in which he is duly engaged to serve, or is found otherlonging to foreign countries in certain cases.) Whenever it is wise absenting himself therefrom without leave, the master made to appear to Her Majesty

or any mate, or the owner, ship's husband, or consignee may, (1.) That the Government of any foreign country bas with or without the assistance of the local police

provided that unauthorised persons going on board officers constables, who hereby directed to of British ships which are about to arrive or have give the same, if required, convey him on board : Provided arrived within its territorial jurisdiction shall be that if the seaman or apprentice so requires he shall first be subject to provisions similar to the provisions con- taken before some court capable of taking cognizance of the tained in the last preceding section as applicable to matters to be dealt with according to law; and that if it appersons going on board British ships at the end of pears to the court before which the case is brought that the their voyages; and

seaman or apprentice has been conveyed on board or taken



before the court on improper or insufficient grounds, the master, mate, owner, ship's husband, or consignee, as the

CAP. XVII. case may be, shall incur a penalty not exceeding twenty An Act to make provision for Holidays in the Castoms pounds, but such penalty, if inflicted, sball be a bar to any

and Inland Revenue Offices in Scotland. action for false imprisonment. If a seaman or apprentice to the sea service intends to

[2nd August 1880. absent himself from his ship or his duty, he may give notice

CAP. XVIII. of his intention, either to the owner or to the master of the ship, not less than forty-eight hours before the time at which An Act to amend the Merchant Shipping Act, 1854. he ought to be on board bis ship; and in the event of such

[2nd August 1880. notice being given, the court shall not exercise any of the Whereas it is expedient to amend the Merchant Shipping powers conferred on it by section iwo hundred and forty-seven Act, 1854 : of the Merchant Shipping Act, 1854. Subject to the foregoing provision of this section, the

Be it enacted, &c. : powers conferred by section two hundred and forty-seven of 1. Short title.] This Act may be cited as the Merchant The Merchant Shipping Act, 1854, may be exercised, pot Shipping Acs (1854) Amendment Act, 1880. withstanding the abolition of imprisonment for desertion and similar offences, and of apprehension without war

2. Amendment of s. 37 of 17 & 18 Vict. c. 104, as to num.

bers of joint owners of ships.] Sub-section two of section rant,

thirty-sevea of the recited Act is hereby repealed, and in Nothing in this section shall affect section two hundred and

place thereof it is enacted that the following words shall thirty-nine of the Merchant Shipping Act, 1854.

be deemed and be taken to be the second sub-section of the 11. Extension to seamen of 38 & 39 Pict. c. 90 ] The thirty-seventh section of the recited Act, and the recited thirteenth section of the Employers and Workmen Act, 1875,

Act shall be read and construed as if the second subshall be repealed in so far as it operates to exclude seamen

section of the thirty-seventh section thereof had been and apprentices to the sen service from the said Act, and the originally expressed in the following words; videlicet, said Act shall apply to seamen and apprentices to the sea

Subject to the provisions with respect to joint owners or service accordiogly ; but such repeal shall not, in the absence

owners by transmission hereinafter contained, not more of any enactment to the contrary, extend to or affect any

than sixty-four individuals shall be entitled to be registered provision contained in any other Act of Parliament passed, or

at the same time as owners of any one ship; but this rule to be passed, whereby workman is defined by reference to the sball not affect the beneficial title of any oumber of persons persons to whom the Employers and Workmen Act, 1875, of any company represented by or claiming under or applies.

through any registered owner or joint owner. 12. Repeal of enactments in Second Schedule.] The enact

CAP. XIX. ments described in the Second Schedule to this Ait shall be repealed as from the commencement of this Act within the An Act to consolidate Enactments relating to certain United Kingdom.

Taxes and Duties under the management of the Board Provided that this repeal shall pot affect

of Inland Revenue.

[6th August 1880. (1.) Anything duly done or suffered before the commencement of this Avt under any enactment hereby

CAP. XX. repealed; or

An Act to repeal the duties on Malt, to grant and alter (2.) Any right or privilege acquired or any liability in. curred before the commencement of this Act, under

certain duties of Inland Revenue, and to amend the

Laws in relation to certain other duties. any enactment hereby repealed; or (3.) Any imprisonment, fine, or forfeiture, or other

[12th August 1880. punishment incurred or to be incurred, in respect

Part I.
of any offence committed before the commence-
ment of this Act, under any enactment hereby re-

Malt. pealed; or

Repeal of Duties on Halt, and Provisions as to Malt in (4.) The institution or prosecution to its termination of

any investigation or legal proceeding, or soy other

[Sections 3 to 9.]
remedy for prosecuting any such offence, or ascertain-
ing, ensorcing, or recovering any such liability, im-

prisonment, fine, forfeiture, or punishment as afore-

Breuers und Excise Duty on Beer.
said, and any such investigation, legal proceeding, and
remedy may be carried on as if this repeal had not

[Sections 10 to 39.]
been enacted.

Part III.

Licenses for the Sale of Liquors by Retail.

40. Meaning of terms.] For the purposes of this part of Chapter

Savings Banks.

this Act each of the following terms shall have the meaning

assigoed to it in this section : 24 & 25 Vict, c. 14

Post Office Savings Banks. " Cider" includes perry : 26 & 27 Vict, 0. 87 17 & 18 Vict. c. 104, s. 180 Trustee Savings Banks.

“Sweets" includes made wines, mead, and nietleglin : 19 & 20 Vict. 0. 41

Seamen's Savings Banks.

“ Beer" includes cider :

“Wine" includes sweets. SECOND SCHEDULE.

41. Alteration of the duties on certain excise licences.) On

and after the first day of July one thousand eight handred (17 & 18 Vict. c. 104 in part.)

and eighty, in lieu of the duties of excise now payable on The Merchant Shipping Act, 1854,

the licences mentioned in this section (except in the case of a in part: Damely,

licence to sell wine by retail to be taken out by a grocer in Io section two hundred and forty-three, sub-section (1), Scotland), there shall be charged and paid the duties follow

the words "to imprisonment for any period not exceed ing; (that is to say,) ing twelve weeks with or without hard labour ; and

Duty. also." In section two hundred and forty-three, sub-section (2),

£ s. d. the words “ to imprisonment for any period not exceed On a licence to be taken out by a person for the ing ten weeks with or without hard labour, and also at selling of cider by retail in England

1 5 0 the discretion of the court."

On a licence to be taken out by a retailer of Section two hundred and forty-six.

sweets in the United Kingdom

I 50 In section two hundred and forty-seven the words " instead On a licence to be taken out by & person for of committing the offender to prison ;'

the selling by retail in the United Kingdom And section two hundred and forty-eight.

of beer to be consumed on the premises . 3 100

' Journal




Daty. so used, the amount of duty to be paid on a licence to re

tail spirits shall not exceed twenty pounds. Provided that

£ 8. d. the relief under this sub-section shall not be given in case any On a licence to be taken out by a person for

portion of the premises is set apart and used as an ordinary the selling by retail in England of beer not

public-house for the sale and consumption therein of liquors, to be consumed on the premises .

1 5 0 and the annual value of such portion, in the opinion of the On a licence (additional) to be taken ont by a

Commissioners, exceeds twenty-five pounds. licensed dealer in beer in England or Ire.

(5.) The amount of duty to be paid for a licence to retail land authorising him to sell by retail beer

spirits in any theatre granted under the provisions contained not to be consumed on the premises

1 5 0 in the seventh section of the Act of the fifth and sixth years On a licence to be taken out to sell wine by

of the reign of King William the Fourth, chapter thirty-nine, retail to be consumed on the premises.

. 3 10 0 shall not exceed twenty pounds. Op a licence to be taken out by any person in

(6.) The expression retailers of spirits," as used in England or Ireland for the sale by retail in

this section, does not include a spirit grocer in Ireland, as any shop of wine not to be consumed on the

defined by section eighty-one of the Licensing Act, 1872, or premises

. 2 10 0 a dealer in spirits selling spirits in bottle under an addi42. Duties on licences for the retailing of beer and wine.]

tional licence authorising him in that behalf, or a grocar in

Scotland as defined by section two of the Public Houses (1.) On and after the first day of July one thousand eight hundred and eighty, there shall be charged and paid (Scotland) Act, 1853.

(7.) In the case of premises in Ireland, the annual value, upon licences for the sale by retail of beer and wine to be taken ont by any persons in the United Kingdom who may premises is to be charged, shall not exceed the amount of

opon which the duty on the licence in respect of the be authorised to obtain the same, the duties of excise following ; (that is to say,)

the value assigned thereto in the valuation in force under Duty.

the Act of the fifteenth and sixteenth years of Her Majesty's

reigo, chapter sixty-three, with the addition of twenty per

£a. centum of such amount ; and the licensed person may apOn a licence for the sale by retail of beer and

peal against the amount of annual valge upon which the wine to be consumed on the premises

duty has been charged and paid to the chairman of the On a licence for the sale by retail of beer and

sessions of the peace for the county, or the recorder of the wine not to be congumed on the premises

300 city or borough, in which the premises are situate, and (2.) Every such licence shall be in such form as the Com- suoh chairman or recorder shall have fall power to hear missioners stall direct, and shall expire in England or Ire- and determine such appeal, and his determination shall land on the tenth day of October, and in Scoiland on the be final. If, in accordance with soch determination, there fifteenth day of May, in each year

shall have been any over-payment of duty, the amount

shall be repaid. 43. Alteration of duties on licences to retailers of spirits.] (1.) On and after the first day of July one thousand eight 44. Extension of six-day and early closing licences to the bundred and eighty, in lieu of the duties of excise now pay United Kingdom.] The provisions regarding licences able on licences to be taken out by retailers of spirits in the and early closing licences contained in section forty-nine of United Kingdom, there shall be charged and paid the duties the Licensing Act, 1872, and sections seven and eight of the following ; (that is to say,)

Licensing Act, 1874, skall be deemed to apply throughout Duty, the United Kingdom. £ 5. d.

45. Duties on licences for the sale of liquors and tobacco in If the annual value of the dwelling-house in

boats.] (1.) The duty now charged upon a licence to supply, which the retailer shall reside or retail spirits,

retail," and sell foreign wine, strong beer, cider, perry, together with the offices, courts, yards, and

spirituous liquors, and tobacco to passengers on board any gardens therewith oocupied, is under £10 4 10

packet-boat or other vessel employed for the carriage and Is £10 and under £15

60 o conveyance of passengers, to be consumed in or on board 15 20

8 0 0

such boat or vessel, shall cease to be payable, and there shall 20 25

11 0 0

be granted and paid the following duties of excise ; (that is 25 30

14 0 0

to say,) 30 40

Upon a licence to be taken out for the sale of spirits, wine, 17 00

beer, and tobacco to be consumed on board a boat or 40 50

20 00

vessel of any description employed for the carriage and 50 100

. 25 0 0 100 200

30 0 0

conveyance of persons going as passengers from any

place in the United Kingdom to any other place in the 300

United Kingdom, or going from and returning to the 400

40 0 0 500

same place on the same day,45

Duty. 600 . 50 0 0

£ s. d. 600 700

. 55 00

If the licence is to be in force from the day „ 700 or above

· 60 00

of the date thereof until the thirty-first (2.) The holder of a licence to retail spirits chargeable

day of March next ensuing

5 0 with daty under this Act shall not be required to take out If the licence is to be in force for one day any further or other excise licence to enable him to sell

1 0 0 beer or wine by retail. The bolder of such licence shall (2.) Sach licences shall be granted under and be subnot be liable for any per-centage, discount, or other chargeject to the enactments contained in the Act of the ninth more than the amount stated in the Act.

year of the reign of King Georgə the Fourth, chapter forty(3.) Any person applying for a six days' and early seven, as amended by section ten of the Act of the fourth closing licence for the sale of spirits as an auxiliary only and fifth years of the reign of King William the Fourth, to his business as a restaurateur or eating-house keeper, chapter seventy-five, so far as such enactments are con and not keeping an open drinking bar, shall be entitled to sistent with this Act and the terms of the licences rehis licence at a som not exceeding thirty pounds, no such spectively. redaction to be made unless the licensing justices shall

Supplementary. have certified by indorsement on their certificate that the nature of the business carried on by the applicant justifies drawbacks, and licences under this Act.] The daties and

46. Powers and provisions to be applied to Excise duties, the reduced scale of charge.

drawbacks of excise, charged and allowed by Parts II. and (4.) Where in the case of premises of the value of fifty III. of this Aot, and the licences therein mentioned, shall pounds or upwards it shall be proved to the satisfaction of be under the management of the Commissioners ; and all the Commissioners that the premises are structurally the powers, provisions, regulations, and directions conadapted for use as an inn or hotel for the reception of guests tained in any Act relating to excise duties, drawbaoks, or and travellers desirous of dwelling therein, and are mainly licences, or to penalties or forfeitures under excise Acto,


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