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and now or hereafter in foroe, shall respectively be of and other stocks of municipul corporations.] (1.) Where full force and effect with respect to the duties and draw. any debenture stock, corporation stock, municipal stock, backs charged and allowed by Parts I, and II. of this Act or funded debt, by whatever name known, has been and the licences therein mentioned, and the penalties and or shall be created and issued by the council of any city or forfeitures of this Act and the licences therein mentioned, municipal borough under the provisions of the Local Loans and the penalties and forfeitures imposed by this Act, Act, 1875, or of any other Act, the Council may, with the 80 far as the same are applicable and are consistent with sanetion of the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury, the provisions of this Act, as fully and effectually as if the agree with the Commissioners for the payment to them, by same had been herein specially enacted with reference to way of composition for the stamp duty on transfers of such the last-mentioned duties, drawbacks, licences, penalties, stock, of a sum calculated (1) at the rate of one shilling and and forfeitures respectively.

threeperce for every full sum of ten pounds, and the like 47. Construction of term exciseable liquors

» in billiard

for every fraction of teu poands of the nominal amount of licence.] The grant of a duty on beer by this Act shall not holder at the date of the composition ; with the addition (2),

such stock inscribed in the name of each and every stock. be deemed to bring beer within the expression "exciseable liquors ” as contained in the third schedule to the Act of the paid off, or during which annual or other payments in re

when the period within which the stock is to be redeemed er eighth and ninth years of Her Majesty's reign, chapter one hundred and nine.

spect of the redemption or payment off of the same are

required to be made, exceeds sixty years, but does not 48. Saring rights under certain charters.) Nothing in exceed one hundred years from that date, of threepence for this Act contained shall in anywise alter or affect the rights every such ten pounds or fraction of ten pounds; and (3), ir and privileges now existing under the charters of

the said period exceeds one hundred years, or no period is (1.) Any university in the United Kingdom, or

fixed for such redemption or payment off, or no such anngal (2.) The master, wardens, freemen, and commonalty of or other payments are required to be made, with the addi. the Vintners of the city of London, or

tion of the said sum of threepence, and a furtber sum of (3.) The mayor or burgesses of the borough of Saint tbreepence for every such ten pounds or fraction of ten Albans in the county of Hertford.

pounds; and in consideration of such payment transfers of 49. Repeal of enactments in Second Schedule.] On the first the stock in respect of which such composition has been paid day of October one thousand eight hundred and eighty the shall be exempt from stamp duty. enactments described in the Second Schedule to this Act shall

(2.) The provisions for composition contained ia this secbe and are hereby repealed, to the extent in the said schedule tion shall be substituted for any other enactments for a com. mentioned : Provided that this repeal shall not affect the position for the same dutę, but shall not be applicable past operation of any enactment hereby repealed, or the

where any composition has been actually paid previously to liability for, or recovery of, any duties charged before the the passing of this Act in respect of any stock ther created said first day of October, or interfere with the institution or

and issued. prosecution of any proceeding in respect of any offence como

(3.) Where any such stock as in this section mentioned is mitted, or any penalty or forfeiture incurred against or

issued in lieu of mortgages or debentures on the issue of under any enactment hereby repealed.

which stamp duty has been paid, it shall be lawful

for the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury to rePart IV.

duce the amount of composition payable under this section Income Tax.

by the amount of the stamp duty so paid or any part 50. Grant of additional duties of income tax.]

thereof. 51. Provisions for securing additional duties on dividends, 54. Amendment of existing Acts as to composition for stamp &c., and as to right of deduction.] (1.) Provided that, in the duty — 33 & 34 Vict. c. 24 - 37 & 38 Vict. c. 26 – 40 case of dividends, interest, or other annual profits or gains,

& 41 Vict, c. 59.] The sum to be paid by way of compodne or payable half-yearly or quarterly in the course of the sition for stamp duty in the following cases, that isto sas, said year which commenced on the sixth day of April one (1.) Under sections three and four of the Metropolitan Board thousand eight hundred and eighty, wbere a half-yearly pay

of Works (Loans) Act, 1870, on transfers of metroment or quarterly payment shall have become due or payable politan consolidated stock and metropolitan annuities prior to the passing of this Act, and duty at the rate of five from time to time issued or granted after the passing pence only shall have been paid thereon, such half-yearly

of this Act; or payment or the two first quarterly payments shall be deemed (2.) Under section four of the Canadian Stock Stamp Act, to have been, or be, chargeable only with the duty of five

1874, on transfers of stock of the Government of pence granted by the Customs and Inland Revenue Act, Canada from time to time inscribed after the passing 1880, and the other half-yearly payment or the two other of this Act in books kept in the United Kingdom; or quarterly payments shall be chargeable and assessed and (3.) Under section three of the Colonial Stock Act, 1877, charged with the duty of sevenpence ;

on transfers of colonial stock to which from time to (2.) Provided also, that for determining the amount wbich time that Act is made to apply after the passing of may be deducted by any person liable to pay any rent,

this Act, interest, annuity, or other annual payment in the course of shall be calculated as if the rates enacted by this Act for the the said year, on making the payment, where any such pay composition of the duty on transfers of stock created and ment sball have been made prior to the passing of this Act, issued by the council of any municipal borough were substi. and duty at the rate of fivepence only shall have been tuted for the rate or sum of seven shillings and sixpence in deducted therefrom, the duty shall be deemed to be payable the said section respectively: Provided that where the at the rate of fivepence for the first half of the said year, and holders of the debentures of the Government of a colong at the rate of sevenpence for the other half of the said year. have, before the first day of July one thousand eight hun

(3.) Provided also that the charge or deduction of duty dred and eighty, had an option given to them to exchange at the rate of sixpence in the case of any payment made in such debentures within twelve months for colonial stock, to the course of the said year prior to the passing of this Act which the Colonial Stock Act, 1877, applies, the composition shall be deemed to have been a legal charge or deduction. for the stamp duty on transfers of colonial stock issued in 52. Relief to owner-occupiers of land. The relief given months shall be the same as if this section had not been

accordance with any option declared within the said twelve by section three of the Act of the fourteenth and fifteenth

enacted. years of Her Majesty's reign, chapter twelve, and referred to in section forty-six of the said Act of the sixteenth and 55. Application of money received for composition to the seventeenth years of Her Majesty's reign, chapter thirty- | reduction of the National Dobt.] All sums certified by the four, shall be extended and granted to every person occupy- Commissioners to bave been received by way of composition ing lands for the purposes of husbandry only, being the for stamp duty on transfers of stock or annuities under this owner thereof, although he may not obtain his livelihood

Act or any Act amended by this Act shall be paid over to principally from husbandry.

the Commissioners for the Reduction of the National PART V.

Debt, and shall be applied by them towards the reduce

tion of the National Debt in such manner as the ComStamps.

missioners of Her Majesty's Treasury from time to time 53. Conposition for stamp duty on fransfers of debenture direct.

56. Stamp on letter of renunciation may be adhesive.] The pay his contribution, and tbat such non-service at sea did stamp duty of one penny on a letter of renunciation inay be not arise from bis having left the sea service when still of denoted by an adhesiva stamp, which is to be cancelled age and strength to continue in it and with the intention of by the person by wbom the letter of renunciation is exe not returpiog to tbe same. cuted.

14 & 15 Vict. 6. 102.] Section forty-tbree of the Stea57. The returns of certain banking companies need not be

men's Fund Winding-up Act, 1851, as amended by this advertised.] It shall not after the passing of this Act be

section, shall apply to masters as if they were mentioned obligatory on the Cominissioners to publish in any news.

therein in addition to seamen. paper any return made to them by any banking company 4. Provision as to fees on examination of engineers-25 & which is duly registered under the provisions of the several 26 Vict. c. 63, s. 7–39 & 40 Vit. C. 80–25 & 26 Viot. c. Acts specified in the Tbird Schedule to this Act, or any of 63.] Wbereas by section seven of the Merchant Shipping them.

Act Amendment Act, 1862, it is provided that the fees SCHEDULES.

payable by applicants for examination for certificates of FIRST SCHEDULE.

competency as engineers shall be carried to the account of

the Mercantile Marine Fund, and at the time of the passing (Containing a Table to be use1 in determining the original of that Act the salaries of the surveyors, hy whom the specific Gravity of Worts of Bzer.]

examinations are conducted, were paid out of the Mercantile:

Maripe Fund.

And whereas under section thirty-nine of the Mercbant [ENACTMENTS REPEALED.]

Shipping Act, 1876, the salaries of the said surveyors are paid THIRD SCHEDULE.

out of moneys provided by Parliament; and it is expedient 6th Geo. 4, cap. 42.

that the fees should be paid into the Excbequer; be it there

sore enacted as follows: 7th Geo. 4, cap. 46. 7th Geo. 4, cap. 67.

The fees paid in pursuance of sectior seven of the Mercbant

Shipping Act Amendmeut Act, 1862, shall cease to be carried The Companies Acts, 1862 to 1880.

to the account of the Mercantile Marine Fund and shall be CAP. XXI.

paid into the Exchequer.

5. Provision as to expenses incurred in removing wrecks-40 An Act to raise the sum of One million five hundred

1 & 41 Vict. c. 16.] All experses incorred by general ligbthouse thousand pounds by Exchequer Bonds, Exchequer authorities in pursuance of the Removal of Wrecks Act, 1877. Bills, or Treasury Bills, for the service of the year shall be subject to the provisions contained in sections four ending on the thirty-first day of March one thousand hundred and twenty-two, four hundred and twenty-three, eight hundred and eighty-one. [12th August 1880. | and four hundred and twenty-seven of the Merchant

Shipping Act, 1854.

6. Costs of advertising notices of foreign sea marks-17 & An Act to amend the Merchant Shipping Act, 1854, so 18 Vict. c. 104.] Such reasonable costs as the Board ofi' far as regards certain Fees and Expenses and Sums

Trade from time to time allow of advertising or otherreceivable and payable by the Board of Trade.

wise making known the establishment of or alterations in [12th August 1880.

foreign lighthouses, buoys, and beacons to owners and Re it enacted, &c. :

masters of and otber persons interested in British ships sball 1. Short title and construction of Act-17 & 18 Vict. e.

be paid out of the Mercantile Marine Fuad. 104.] This Act may be cired as the Merchant Shipping

7. Application of Act to past payments.] Any payment (Fees and Expenses) Act, 1880.

made or forfeiture remited or thing done before the passing This Act shall be construed as one with the Mercbant

of this Act which, if this Act had passed, would be legal, Shipping Act, 1854, and the Acts amending the same, and

sball be deemed to have been legally made, remitted, or done together with those Acts may be cited as the Merchant Shipping Acte, 1854 to 1880.

CAP. XXIII. 2. Application of proceeds of unclaimed wreck towards An Act to make further provision as to Byelaws repayment of expenses connected with wreck-17 & 18 Vict. c. specting the attendance of Children at School under 104.) Whereas under section four hundred and seventy-five of the Elementary Education Acts. the Mercbant Shipping Act, 1854, a receiver of wreck

[26th August 1880. appointed under that Act is required to pay into the Ex

Whereas a school attendance committee within the mean. chequer the net proceeds of the sale of unclaimed wreck :

ing of the Elementary Education Act, 1876, are authorized And whereas in pursuance of section four hundred and fifty-seven of the Merchant Sbipping Act, 1854, the fees

to make byelaws respecting the attendance of children at

school under section seventy-four of the Elementary Elucareceived by such receiver of wreck are carried to the

tion Act, 1870, as if such school attendance committee were a Mercantile Marine Fund, and applied in desraying any

school board, but a school attendance committee for a union expenses duly incurred in carrying into effect the purposes of the eighth part of that Act, in such manner as the Board

cannot make byelaws respectiog any parish in their uniou, ex

cept on the requisition of the parish ; and it is expedient to of Trade direct:

make further provision for the making of byelaws respecting and whereas the fees have been insufficient to defray sach

the attendance of children at school. expenses, and the deficiency has been paid out of the said

And whereas it is expedient otherwise to amend the proceeds of unclaimed wreck, aod the balance alone of such proceeds has been paid into the Exchequer, and it is ex

Elementary Education Act, 1976, in respect of byelaws: pedient to sanction the payment of the said deficiency ; be it

Be it therefore enactsd, &c. : therefore epacted as follow8:

1. Short title and construction-39 & 40 Vict, c. 79.] This Any deficiency so paid as aforesaid, before the thirty-first

Act may be cited as the Elementary Education Act, 1880, day of March one thousand eight bundred and eighty, out of and shall be construed as one with the Elementary Education the proceeds of unclaimed wreck, shall be deemed to have

Act, 1876, and that Act and this Act may be ciied together been properly paid.

as the Elementary Education Acts, 1876 and 1880. 3. Explanation of 14 & 15 Vict, c. 102, 8. 43.] Whereas by section forty-three of the Seamen's Fund Winding-up Act,

2. Obligation to make byelaws as to the attendance of chil1851, it is provided that a seaman who ceases altogether

dren at school.] It shall be the duty of the local authority for a continuous period of three years to pay his contribution

(within the meaning of the Elementary Education Act, to the fund shall forfeit all claim to any relief for himself,

1876) of every school district in which byelaws respecting his widow, and cbildren ; and it is expedient to amend the

the attendance of children at school under section seventysaid enactment; be it therefore enacted as follows:

four of the Elementary Education Act, 1870, are not at the The Board of Trade may remit the said forfeiture in the

passing of this Act in force, forth with to make byelaws case of any seaman if he satisfies them that during the said

under that section for such district. continuous period of three years he had not served at sea If at any time after the thirty-first day of December one or any time or for such time as to render it just for him to thousand eight hundred and eighty it appears to the Educa

' Journal

, 1880.

Short Title.

tion Department that in any school district there are no bye

Session and laws under that section in force, the Education Department

Extent of Repeal.

Chapter. may either proceed under section twenty-seven of the Ele. mentary Education Act, 1876 (which relates to a local authority who fail to fulfil their duty under that Act), or

Section twenty-two, as from may make byelaws respecting the attendance of children at

the passing of this Act. school in that district, and the byelaws so made shall have

Sections fifty-one and fifty-two, effect and be enforced and be subject to revocation and al

as from the passing of this teration as if they had been made by the local authority

Act. for that district and sanctioned by tbe Education Department

First Schedole, as from the in pursuance of section seventy-four of the Elementary Edu.

first of January one thous. cation Act, 1870: Provided that where in a school district in

and eight hundred and which byeluws are not in force a byelaw is made in pursuance

eighty-one, from “Daring of this section, that byelaw shall not prevent a child who, at

the four years next after the date of the byelaw taking effect, is employed in accord

down to “higher standard ance with the Elementary Education Act, 1876, from coutiou

required for that year," both ing to be so employed.

inclusive (being paragraph (3)), and from

« Provided 3. Power of school attendance committee to make byelaws.]

that in each of the four years The school attendance committee for a union comprising a

next after" down to the end parish may, in pursuance of section twenty-one of the Ele

of the table, both inclusive mentary Education Act, 1876, without the requisition of


(being paragraph 6). parish, make byelaws under section seventy-four of the Ele. mentary Education Act, 1870, respecting the attendance of children at school.

CAP. XXIV. 4. Enforcing of byelaws.] Every person who takes into his

An Act to consolidate and amend the Law relating to employment a child of the age of ten and under the age of

the Manufacture and Sale of Spirits. thirteen years resident in a school district, before that child has obtained a certificate of having reached the standard of

[26th August 1880. education fixed by a byelaw in force in the district for the

CAP. XXV. total or partial exemption of children of the like age from the obligation to attend school, shall be deemed to take such An Act for further amending the Acts relating to the child into his employment in contravention of the Elementary raising of Money by the Metropolitan Board of Works; Education Act, 1876, and sball be liable to a penalty accord and for other purposes relating thereto. ingly.

[26th August 1880. Proceedings may, in the discretion of the local authority or person instituting the same, be taken for punishing the

CAP. XXVI. contravention of a byelaw, notwithstanding that the act or

An Act to extend to Scotland the Facilities for effecting neglect or default alleged as such contravention constitutes habitual neglect to provide efficient elementary education

Policies of Assurance for the Benefit of Married Wofor a child within the meaning of section eleven of the

men and Children now in force in England and Ireland. Elementary Education Act, 1876: Provided that nothing

[26th August 1880. in this section sball prevent an employer from employing

CAP. XXVII. any child who is employed by him or by any other person at the time of the passing of this Act, and who attends school An Act to amend the Law relating to the powers of in accordance with the provisions of the Factory and Work Drainage Boards in Ireland to construct Works shop Act, 1878.

outside the limits of their Districts. 5. Amendment of 39 & 40 Dict. c. 79, s. 40, as to education

[26th August 1880. being condition of relief to parents of children] Notwithstanding anything contained in section forty of the Elementary

CAP. XXVIII. Education Act, 1876, a child sball not, as a condition of the An Act for taking the Census in Ireland. continuance of relief out of the work bonse being continued to

[26th August 1880. him or his parent, be required to attend school further or otherwise than he is required to attend by a byelaw in force

CAP. XXIX. under section seventy-four of the Elementary Education Act, An Act to amend the Courts of Justice Building Act, 1870, as amended by the Elementary Education Act, 1876,


(26th August 1880. and this Act, in the scbool district in which he is resident: Provided that this section shall not apply where there is no Whereas by the Courts of Justice Building Act, 1865, it sach byelaw ip force in the school district.

was, among other things, provided that certain buildings 6. Repeal—39 & 40 Vict. c. 79.] The Elementary Educa.

erected on land formerly part of the gardens of the Honourtion Act, 1876, shall be repealed to the extent and from the statates (local and personal) passed in the fifteenth year of

able Society of Lincola's Ion, under the authority of two times in the third column of tbe schedule to this Act men

the reign of King George the Third, chapters twenty-two tioned, without prejudice to anything previously done or

and fifty-six, might, after they should have ceased to be used suffered, or any order previously made, or any right or title or

for the parposes authorised by the said Acts, be repurcbased liability acquired, accrued, or incurred in pursuance of any by the Society of Lincoln's Inn upon the terms therein enactment hereby repealed; and any such thing, order

, mentioned, and that a certain court erected in Lincolo's Inn right, and title and liability may be enforced, and any pro

for the sittings of the Vice-Chancellor of England, under ceeding then pending for such enforcement may be carried on, as if such enactment had not been repealed.

the authority of another Act (local and personal) passed is the fifty-sixth year of tbe reign of King George the Third,

chapter eighty-four, should be discharged of the trusts deSCHEDULE.

clared by the said last-mentioned Act, and become the ENACTA ESTS REPEALED.

exclusive property of the said Society without any payment,

and that the said Society should be repaid certain principal Session and Short Title. Extent of Repeal.

sums from time to time since the year one boosand eight Chapter.

bundred and forty expended out of their funds in the

erection and fitting up of courts for the use of the jodges 39 & 40 Vict. The


In section twenty-one, the of the Court of Chancery, and otherwise for the benefit of mentary words “may if they think the said court; and that it should be lawful for the Lord Educa fit" and the words “on the Chancellor to settle an account with the said Society, and tion Act,

requisition of the parish, but to order the balance of such account to be paid in the 1876. pot otherwise," 98 from the manger therein mentioned, and thereapon to make so passing of this Act.

order that the said land and buildings do rest in the

c. 79.

' Jourral

, 1880

trustees for tbe time being of the real estates of the paid issue such new or altered forms of proceedings in matters, "Society ; bat that this enactment should not take effect of bastardy as they should deem necessary or expedient for until after the Lord Chancellor sbould certify under his giving effect to the provisions of that Act and the Basband to the Treasury that the business conducted in the tardy Laws Amendment Act, 1872; and the said Board said buildings and courts, or any part thereof, had been issued oertain forms accordingly : transferred to the buildings authorised to be ereoted under And whereas many orders in bastardy have been made the Courts of Justice Concentration (Site) Act, 1865, which are not in accordance with the forms so issued, or and such certificate should have been filed in the Report to the like tepor or effect, and in particular the words " for Office of the Conrt of Chancery ; and that the option of the maintenance and education of the said child" bave repurchasing the said sites, and purchasing the said erections | been omitted from the said orders, and questions have in and buildings respectively, might be exercised by the said consequence arisen as to the validity of the same : Society at any time within two years after notice to the treasurer of the said Society of the filing of such certificate:

Be it therefore enacted, &c. : And whereas the buildings erected under the said Acts of

1. Confirmation of orders.] An order so made as afore. the fifteenth year of the reign of King George the Third have

said before the passing of this Act shall not be, or be ceased to be required or used for any of the purposes au

deemed to be, invalid by reason of the omission from such thorised by the said Acts, but the courts mentioned in the order of the words " for the maintenance and education said Courts of Justice Building. Act, 1865, are still required of the said obild,” or words to the like tepor or effect. and used for the purposes therein mentioned:

And whereas it may be doubtful whether, under the said 2. Short title.] This Act may be cited as the Bastardy Courts of Justice Building Act, 1865, the certificate thereby Orders Act, 1880. Tequired can be given by the Lord Chancellor until the whole of the business transacted in the buildings and courts therein

CAP. XXXIII. mentioned has been transferred to the buildings authorised to be erected under the Courts of Justice Concentration | An Act relating to Post Office Money Orders. (Site) Act, 1865, and it is expedient that such doubts should

[7th September 1880. .be removed:

Whereas by the Post Office Daties Act, 1840, and the Be it enacted, &c. :

Post Office Money Order Act, 1848, provision is made for 1. As to certificate by Lord Chancellor for payment of Office by means of money orders onder regalations made by

tbe transmission of small sums of money through the Post balance, 8c., on transference of business-28 & 29 Vict. c. 48, 28 & 29 l'ict. c. 49–28 & 29 Vict, c. 48.-It sball be lawful

Her Majesty's Postmaster General for the time being (ia for the Lord Chancellor to give a separate certificate, pur

this Act referred to as the Postmaster General) with the suant to the Courts of Justice Building Aot, 1865, as to

concorrence of the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treaeach and every part of the buildings and courts therein sury (in this Aot referred to as the Treasury), and it is mentioned from which the business condacted therein expedient to make farther provision with respect to such

transmission : before the passing of that Act has been now or shall be from time to time transferred to tbe buildings anthorised Be it therefore enacted, &c. : to be ereoted under the Courts of Justice Concentration (Site) Act, 1865; and the settlement of the account and i he

1. Power to the Postmaster General to issue money orders payment of the balance provided for by the said Courts

in form in schedule for the purpose of the transmission of of Justice Building Aot, 1865, and the order to be made small sums.] Subject to the Post Office regulations as defined by the Lord Chancellor after such payment, shall be de- by this Acr, the Postmaster General, with the consent ferred antil such certificates or certificate shall have been of the Treasury, may, for the purpose of the transmi-sion of given as to the whole of such buildings and courte, anlegg small sums through the Post Office, authorise his officers the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury and or any of them to issue, in addition to the money orders the Honourable Society of Lincoln's Ioo sball otherwise already authorised by law, orders in the form set forth in the agree as to any part of the said buildings and courts, or

schedule to this Act, and such orders shall be paid in the of the accounts relating thereto, which they shall bave regulations, and shall be deemed to be money orders within

manner and subject to the conditions prescribed by the said power and are hereby authorised to do.

the meaning of the said regulations, and shall, like other 2. Vesting order.] If the Lorda Commissioners of Her

money orders, be exempt from stump duty. „Majesty's Treasury and the said Society of Lincoln's Inn Provided thalshall so agree, the Lord Chancellor may from time to time (1.) Any such order shall be for one of the amounts followmake a separate vesting order as to any parts or part of ing; and in respect thereof the following poundage the said buildings and courts wbich shall no longer be re shall be taken for the use of Her Majesty ; that is to quired for any of the purposes aforesaid; and every such

say, vesting order sball, as to such parts or part of the said buildings and courts, have the same operation and effeot as the vesting order provided for by the said Act would


Poundage. have bad as to all the said buildings and coarts. 3. Short title.) This Act may be cited for all purposes

One shilling

One halfpenny. as the Coorts of Justice Building Amendment Act, 1880.

One shilling and sixpence Ooe balfpenny.



Five shilliogs An Act to apply the sum of Ten million eight hundred

Seven shillings and sixpence and eighteen thousand two hundred and seventy-four Ten sbillings

Twopence. pounds out of the Consolidated Fund to the service of Twelve sbillings and sixpence Twopence. the year ending on the thirty-first day of March one Fifteen shillings.

Twopepoe. thousand eight hundred and eighty-one.

Seventeen sbillings and sixpence. Twopenoe. [26th August 1880. Twenty sbillings.

Twopenoe. CAP. XXXI. An Act to amend the Railways Construction Facilities (2.) Any such order shall not be isaned notil the amount Act, 1864.

[26th August 1880. of the order and the poundage have been paid to

the officer issuing the same : CAP. XXXII.

(3.) After the expiration of three months from the last An Act to render valid certain Orders in Bastardy.

day of the month in wbich any such order is issued

by the Post Office, the order shall be payable only [26th August 1880.

on payment in the prescribed manner of a commisWhereas by the Bastardy Lans Amendment Act, 1873, Bion equal to the amount of the original poundage, vit was enacted that the Local Government Board might

with the addition (if more than three months have

One penny.
One penny.
One penny.

elapsed since the said expiration) of the amount of The Post Offire (Money Orders) Acts, 1848 and 1880, sban
the original poondage for every further period of extend to the Channel Islands and the I-le of Man, and the
three months which has 80 elapsed, and for every | Royal Courts of the Channel Islands sball reg
portion of any such period of three months over and accordingly.
above every complete period :

7. Short title and construction. This Act may be cited as (4.) No interest shall be payable in respect of an order

the Post Office (Money Orders) Act, 1880. issued under this Act.

The Act of the session of the eleventh and twelfth years 2. Application of 11 & 12 Vict. c. 88, and laying of re. of the reign of Her present Majesty, chapter eighty-eight. gulations before Parliament.] Subject to any Post Office re. | intituled " An Act for further regulating the Money Order gulations, the Post Office Money Order Act, 1848, shall Department of the Post Office," is in this Act referred to and apply as well to orders issued under this Act as to all other may be cited as the Post Office (Money Orders) Act, money orders issued in pursuance of the said Act of 1848, 1848. with this addition, that all Post Office regulations in relation This Act shall be construed as one with the Post Office to orders issued under this Act shall be published in the (Money Orders) Act, 1848, and the two Acts may be cited London Gazette, and shall be laid before both Houses of together as the Post Office (Money Orders) Acts, 1848 and Parliament within fourteen days after they are made if | 1880. Parliament be then in session, and if not, within fourteen

SCHEDULE days after the commencement of the then next session of

FORM OF ORDBR. Parliament.

Postal Order for *[Five Shillings]. 3. Forgery of crossing of order.] Any person who, with in

* Alter according tent to defraud, obliterates, adds to, or alters any such lives

I to amount. or words on an order issued under this Act, as would, in the case of a cheque, be a crossing of that cheque, or know.

(Nama of Issuing Office.] ingly offers, ntters, or disposes of any order, with such

[Number of Order.] fraudulent obliteration, addition, or alteration, sball be guilty of felony, and be liahle to the like punishment as if sach order were a cheque: Provided always, that any hanker

To the Postmaster or corporation or company acting as bankers in the United

in charge of the Issuring Office Kingdom whr, in collecting in such capacity for any

loney Order Office with date. principal, shall have received payment or been allowed by

att the Postmaster General in account in respect of any money


Pay tot order issued under this Act, or of any document purporting Revenue Stamp.

any time within three to be such a money order, shall aot incur liability to any.

calendar months from one except such principal by reason of having received

Postal Order such payment or allowance, or having held or presented


the last day of the Penny.]

month of issue the such order or document for payment; but ibis section shall

som of *[five phil. cot relieve any principal for whom such order or document

linge] on account of shall bave been so held or presented of any liability in re

Her Majesty's Postspect of his possession of the same or of the proceeds thereof.

master General. 4. Fraud or forgery.] (1.) The enactments providing for

Postmaster. the punishment of offences relating to stamp duties shall apply in like manner as if the poundage under this Act were a stamp duty.

+ The person to whom this Order is ierued must, before (2.) Sections nineteen, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty

parting with it, fill in the name of tbe person to wbom ibe

amount is to be paid, and may fill in the name of the Money six, twenty-nine, and tbirty of the Post Office Duties Act,

Order Office at which the amount is to be paid. 1840 (which relate to dies and paper, and to plates and

The person 80 Damed must sign the receipt at the foot thereof, instruments, and to moulds, frames, instruments, and ond must also fill in the name of the Money Order Othoe, if machinery for the making of paper, and to the punishing that bat not been already done. of fraud), sball apply as if herein re-enacted, with the substitution of poupdage under this Act for the duties therein mentioned, and of orders under this Act for the envelopes

1. If this order be crogerd "

& Co.” pay. therein mentioned.

ment will only be made through a banker, and if the

name of a badker is added payment will only be made (3.) An officer of the Post Office who re-issues an order previously paid sball be deemed to have issued the order 2. After tbis order has opce been paid, to whomsoever it is with a fraudulent intent within the meaning of section foar

paid, tbe Postmaster General will not be liable for any of the Post Office (Money Orders) Act, 1848, and shall be

further claim, punished accordiogly, and that section as amended by this 3. If any erasure or alteration be made, or if this order is cut, Act shall extend to an offence when committed in the

defaced, or mutilated, payment may be refused. Channel Islands or the Isle of Man in like manner as if

4. The regulations under which this order is ironed allow the they were mentioned in that section after Ireland, and

portmaster to refuse or delay the payment of this order,

but be must at once report bis reasons for so doing to penal servitude were substituted for transportation.

the Postmaster General. (4.) An order under this Act shall be deemed to be an 5. After the expiration of three months from the last day of order for the payment of money and a valuable security

the month of issue this Order will be payable only on within the meaniog of the Post Office Acts and of the

payment of a commission equal to the amount of the Forgery Act, 1861 (that is to say, the Act of the twenty

original poundage, with the addition (if more than three

months have elapsed since the said expiration) of the fourth and twenty-fifth years of the reign of Her present Majesty, chapter ninety.eight), and of section one of the

amount of the original poundage for every further

period of three months which has so elapsed, and for Larceny Act, 1861, and of any other law relating to

every portion of any such period of three months crer forgery or stealing, which is for the time being in force in

and above every complete period. any part of the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands, or Isle of Man.

Paying Office 5. Definitions.] For the purposes of this Act, unless the

Stamp, context otherwise requires

with date. The expression “Post Office regulations” means regula

Received the above-named sun. tions or restrictions from time to time made in pursuance of the Post Office (Money Orders) Act, 1848, as amended by this Act:

Cancelling this

Order. The expression “prescribed ” means prescribed by the

Post Office regulations for the time being in force. 6. Extension of Acts to Channel Islands and Isle of Man.]


through that bankeronco been paid, to

liable for any

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