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Crawcour v Salter app of deft VCM-Oct 13

Bailey & ors v Midland Ry Co (CP) app of dofts from judgt Beddall v Wallis app of deft from order on fur. conson. MR of L J Thesiger after trial-Dec 11 -Oct 25

The West India and Panama Telegraph Co, limd v The Home Backhouse v The Queen Permanent Building Society app of and Colonial Marine Insurance Co, Iimd (CP) app of defts defts Bowey and apr Den, J-Oct 26

from judgt of L J Baggallay after trial-Dec 29 (part heard Krehl v Burrell app of deft Fry, J_Oct 26

May 14-present Lorda Justices Brett, Cotton, and Thesiger) From Orders made on Interlocutory Motions in the

1880. Chancery Division.

Gooch and Wife v The Lambeth Waterworks Co (The Vestry 1880.

of St. Mary's, Lambeth, 3rd parties) (Exch) app of plt from In re Gothenberg Commercial Co, limd app of liquidator

judgt of Baron Huddleston at trial - Jan 10 (80 for security) VCM-Apr 7 (part beard)

South-Eastern Ry Co v Railway Commors & the Mayor of Yeatman v Snow app of plts VCM-Aug 4 (part heard)

Hastings (Q B) app of Ry Commars from judgt of L C J of In re the Corporation of Foreign Bondholders and in re Dudley

England & Justices Lusb & Manisty on demr-Feb 11 app of J E Dudley VCH-July 10 (S O for security)

Rivaz, on behalf, &c v Geruesi, Bros & Co & anr, trading, &c Lamplough v Beedzler app of plt MR-July 14

(Q B) app of defts from judgt of Mr Justice Field after trialDe Mora v Concha app of deft Juan Concba 'V CB-July 16

Feb 21 Rivaz, on behalf, &c v Gerusesi, Bros & Co (Q B) In re Contract for Saló between Clay & Tetley app of E Clay

app of defts from now trial rule discharged by L CJ of EngVCH-July 17

land and Justices Manisty & Field (by order) In re The Albion Life Assurance Society app of Alexr Dow

Wright v Marwood (Q B) argument of rule nisi for new trial VCM-July 21

granted by Lord Coleridge and Lords Justices Bramwell & Whetstone v Crystal Palace Co app of plt VCM-July 23

Baggallay Gordon v Marwood (Q B) argument of rule nisi Kirkham v Peel & Co app of plts M Ř-July 26

for new trial granted by Lord Coleridge and Lords Justices In re Duke, decd Hannab v Duke app of Scottish Equitable,

Bramwell & Baggallay-Mar 3 &c Society MR-Aug 3

Drury, Trustee, &c v The Staffordshire Fire Insurance Co Jansson v Bernie app of plt V CH-Aug 3

(Excb) app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Stephen at trial Konser v Davies app of deft MR-Aug 5

Nar 6' (s for security) Benbow & Son v Low & Co app of dofts VC B-Aug 5

Dixon v The North fleet Chalk Quarries Co, limd (Exch.) app

of plt from judgt of Baron Pollock at trial - Mar 20 (8 0 for In re Creighton, deod Tidswell v Cotter app of deft VCM -Ang il

security) Gething v Keighley app of J N Keighloy MR-Aug 12

Holland (by next friend) v Mead & anr (Q B) app of plt from Beddall v Wallis app of deft MR-Aug 14

judgt of Mr Justice Bowen at trial-Mar 22 In re Athill, deod Athill v Athill app of deft V CH

Grainger v The Mayor, &c, of Dudley (Q B) app of plt from

indgt of Mr Justice Manísty after trial - Már 22 Aug 16 Republic of Costa Rica v Stronsberg app of plts V CM

Cawcutt v The Great Eastern Ry Co (C P) app of defts from Aug 17

new trial rule discharged by Justices Grove & Denman

Mar 22 Schofield" v Barlow app of defts from V C of County Palatine Mason,

executrix v Nicholson, Bart (Excb) app of plt from new of Lancaster-Aug 21

trial rule discharged by L C Baron & Sir Henry HawkingWarner v Moses app of Defts VC B-Aug 24

Mar 24 Sadler v Whalley app of deft Jackson Pollock, B-Aug 24

Alice A Warburton, v Eli Heyworth (QB Crown side) London and Brighton Cheap Coal Supply Association v Čashin

app. of Alice A. Warburton from judgt of LC J of Eogapp of deft Cashin VCB-Aug 24 In ro JF Rowland's Estate, Meakin v Rowlands app of deft

land and Justices Lush and Manisty on app from magistrate

-Mar 25
VCM-Aug 19
Emmerson v Woolwich Equitable Building Society app of plt

Sadler v Kimpton (CP) app of plt from judgt of Justices

Grove and Denman on special case-Mar 25
MR-Aug 25
In re Von Hagen's Estate, Sperling v Rochfort app of plt

Lucas, Trustee, &c v Dicker (CP) app of deft from judgt of

Justices Lindley & Lopes on special case-Mar 25 VCM-Aug 30

Banner v Culshaw & anr (Exch) asp of deft Morrison Paddison v Lowis app of plts Pollock, B-Sept 2

from judgment of Lord Justice Brett at trial—Mar 31 Io re WS Hensley & ors' Infants app of Stone's Trustees

Goddard v Robson (Excb) app of plt from new trial rule disVCM-Sept 2

charged by L C Baron & Mr Justice Stephen-Apr 1 Symonds v Vaughan, Vaughan v Symonds app of plt The Mayor, &c, of Saltash v Goodman & anr (C P) app. of deft Symonds VC B-Sept 2

from judgt of Justices Grove and Denman on special case In re Birchall, decd, Wilson v Birchall app of defts Birchalls

-April 6 VCM-Sept 15

Ellwood v Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly Society (Exch) Augustinis v Nerinckx app of plt Pollock, B-Sept 30

app of plt from judgt of L C Baron and Mr. Justice Stephen Max v Harris app of plt Pollock, B-Oct '12

setting aside verdict

- Apr 6 Moir v Paddon app of plt Ld Coleridge-Oct 26

Akerblom v Price (Exch) apt of plt from judgt of L C Baron FROM THE QUEEN'S

BENCH, COMMON PLEAS, AND and Mr Justice Stephen-Apr 6 (8 O until rule argued in

Divisional Court)
For Judgment.

The Nærsness Block Ice Shipping v The Royal Mail Steam (Heard in Trinity Sitting .)

Packet Co (CP) app of plt from new trial rule discharged Glyn, Mills, & Co v The East & West India Dook Co (Q B) by Justices Grove and Lindley- Apr 9 (S O for security)

app of delts from judgt of Mr Justice Field after trial without Herbert & Co v Joonings (Exch) ' app of plts from judgt of & jury (c a v June 18–present Lords Justices Bramwell, Mr Justice Stephen at trial-- Apr 9 Baggallay and Brett)

Ludgater v Love (CP) app of defts from new trial rule nisi For Hearing.

discharged by Justices Grove and Lindley-April 12 1879.

Information and Answer pursuant to Crown Suits Act, 1865 Dioscrop v Newbold & ors (Exch) app of defts Grime & anr from Attorney-General v London & NW Ry Co (Exch revenue

judgt of L J Thesiger at trial-Feb 25 Moscrop v Newbold side) app of defts from decree of LC Baron and Sir H & ors (Exch) app of deft Newbold from judgt of LJ Thesiger Hawkins-Apr 14 at trial-Feb 25 (S O till after decision in Exch)

Gathercole v Smith app of plt from judgt of Lord Coleridge at Smith v White (CoP) app of plt from judgt of Mr. Justice trial- Apr 23 (S O to abide result of Cba acery Appeal). Lopes after trial without a jury-Jaly Il (S O for security)

Whaley Bridge Printing Co v Green and anr Green and aor v Tbomas & anr v Proprietors of the Birmingham Canal Naviga Whaley B Printing Co (Q B) by claim and counter-claim

tion (Q B) app of plt from L CJ of England and Justices app of deft Green from judgt of Mr Justice Bowen at trialLush and Manisty-Joly 12 (pt hd March 16, by Lords Justices Bramwell, Baggallay and Thesigor, referred back to Porter & ors, trading, &o v Leonard & anr (Exch) app. of official referee)

plts from L C Baron and Mr Justice Stephen reversing The Queen v John Mews and Josiah Oastler, Esqrs, Justices for judgt of county court judge at Sheffield-Apr 24

County of Surrey (Q B Crown Side) app of defts from Mr In re Charles M Roche, gentn. one &c (CP) app of Mr Roche
Justice Denman and Baron Pollock-Aug 12 (part heard from Lord Coleridge and Mr. Justice Grove-Apr 27
April 24-present Lords Justices Brett, Cotton, and Thesiger Wake and anr v Hall and anr (CP) app of plts from judgt of
-on application of counsel stood over by order)

Lord Coleridge at trial-Apr 28
Brain & anr v Thomas & anr (Exch) app of defts Thomas Winspear v The Accident Insurance Co, limd (Exch) app of

and Lysaght from jodgt of L'c 'Baron and baron deft Co from judgt of LC Baron and Baron Huddleston Pollock on sp c- Dec 3

on special case-Apr 29 Bailey & anr v Ford & ors, trading, &c (CP) app of Mid Jardine v Scarf (C P) app of plt from judgt of Mr. Justice

land Ry Co from judgt of LJ Thesiger after trial-Dec 11 Denman at trial - May 1 Bailey and aar v Ford & ors, trading, &o (CP) app of Heath and anr v Pugh and anr (CP) app of plts from Lord defts Ford & Co from judgt of L J Thesiger after trial-Dec Coleridge and Mr Justice Lindley, sttung aside verdict11

| May 1

Apr 24

In re Walter William Brown, Gent, one, &c Hall v Painter Metropolitan Ry Co and Met District Ry Co (Exob) spp

(Exch) app of plt from order of LC Baron directing pay- of defts from judgt of Baron Huddleston et trial-July 6 ment of taxed costs to defts solicitor-May 5

Edward Gilberteon on behalf of himself and the other Baglisb Bambridge v The Great Eastern Ry Co (Exch) app of deft Co members of the Ottoman Bank v John Ferguson, surveyor of from judgt of Lord Justice Bramwell after trial--May 8

taxes (Excb, revenue side) app of Gilbertson, pursuant to Lewis v Rees (Excb) app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice seot. 15 of 41 Vict. 0. 15, from order of Barons Pollock and Lindley at trial-Máy 8

Huddleston-L. C. Baron dissentiente-on appeal case stated The Met Ry Co v Schleman, Schleman' v Metropolitan Ry. by four Commissioners of Income Tax, pursuant to part 3 of Co, by original action and counter-claim (Q B) app of deft 37 & 38 Vict. c. 16-Jaly 3 from judgt of Mr Justice Manisty at trial of counter-claim, The Capital and Counties Bank v Hollings (Exch) app of deft without a jury-May 12

from refusal of Barons Pollock and Haddleston to set aside Roberts, tdg, &c v Edgar, Breffett & Co (Q B) app of defts judgt in default of appearance and defence July 6.

from rulo nisi, discbarged by Justices Lush & Field-May 14 Chambers v Gaches (CP) app of deft Gaches from judgt of Mende v Goodspeed (CP) Dp of plt from indot of Mr Justice Mr Justice Denman at trial --July 6 Lopes after trial- May 14

Gathercole v Smith (CP) app of pit from judgt of Lord ColeKingsman Kingsman (C P) app of plt from judgt of Mr ridge at trial-July 10% (so to abide result of chancery app) Justice Lopes at trial-Nay 14

Bradford v Symondson (Q B) appl of deft from judgt of Richards v Baker (Q B) app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice Lord Coleridge at trial- July 17 Manisty at trial- May 19

Evans and Wife v Liverpool United Tramways and Omnības Mullins í The Treasurer of the County of Surrey (Q B) app Co limd (Q B) appl of defts from rule nisi discharged by

of deft from judgt of Justices Lush and Manisiy on special LCJ of England and Mr. Justice Bowen-July 20 Case May 19

Burnand v. Rodocanachi (CP) appl of defts from judgt of The Queen v PH Hutchins (Q B Crown aide) app of prosecu Lord Coleridge at trial - July 30 tor from Justices Lush and Field quashing order of Sessions The Marine Mutual Insurance Ansch kimd v Young (Exch) -May 20

appl of defts from judgt of Baron Pollock at trial-July 26 Mayor, &c, of Wisbech v Commrs of Sewers, of Wisbech (Q B) Danford v McAnulty (Exch) appl of deft from judgt of Mr

app of defts from judgt of Justices Lush and Field on special Justice Stephen at trial-Júly 31 case-May 20

Elphick v Barnes (C P) appl of pltff from judgt of Mr Justice New Appeals.

Denman at trial-July $1 Nelson, Donkin & Co v Lawrence & Co (Q B) app of plts from

Hayes » Etches (Q B) app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice judmt of Mr Justice Lush at trial-May 22

Fry on interpleader issue-Aug 7 The Church wardens and Overseers of St John's, Hampstead,

Alderson v Maddison (Exch) app of plts from judgt of Mr Middlesex v The London and North Western Ry Co (CP)

Justice Stephen at trial-Aug 20 app of plt from judmt of Justices Denman and Lindley

Lechmere & ors v Key and abr (Exch) app of plts from judgt May 22

of Mr Justice Fry at trial-Aug 21 Information and Answer pursuant to Crown Saits Act, 1865 |

Benyon v Sheridas & ors (CP) app of deft Alexander from Att. Gen. v Dowling (Exch, Revenue Side) app of Attorney

judgt of Mr Justice Lopes at trial--Aug 28 Gen. from decree of L C Báron and Sir Henry Hawkins

Berliner v Royle & anr, sued, &c (CP) app of defts from May 25

judgt of Mr Justice Lopes at trial-Aug 30 In re Anthony Pulbrook, Gent. ( CP) apn of Melhado and

Chapleo & Wife » Brunswick Permanent Bailding Society & Lloyd from order of Lord Coleridge and Justices Grove and

ors (CP) app of defts Robert Smith and ors from jadgt of Lindley-May 28

Lord Coleridge at trial-Sept 25 Redmayne v Eccles, Shorlock Bros & Co (Q B) app of plts

Cohen v Veitch & ors (Q B) app of plt from judgt of Mr from judgt of Mr Justice Bowen at trial-May 31

Justice Bowen at trial-Oct 13 Estcourt v Williams (Q B) app of defts from ju2gt of LJC of

The Pontypool Iron and Tin Plate Co v The Ynismeudwy Tia England at trial without a jury-June 2

Plate Co, limd (Exch) app of plts from judgt of Joseph Royle v Bushby & Son (Q B) app of plts from judgt of Mr

Brown, Esq, commissioner at trial-Oct 22 Justice Bowen at trial-Júne 3

From Orders made on Interlocutory Motions in the Commia. Inman Steam Ship Co v Bischoff & ors (Q B) app of defts from

Law Divisions. judgment of Lord Justice Brett at trial-June 4

. 1879. The Queen on the prosecution of Rev Jobin Wright, Clerk v Da Oleage & Co y West Camberland Iron & Steel Co, find

Thomas Webber & ors Mayor & Aldermen of the Town of
Falmouth (Q B-Crown Side) app of defts from Justices

(Q B) app of plts from LCJ of England and Justices Lash Lush and Manisty giving judgt for Crown on mandamus

and Manisty-July 12 (8 O for security) June 5

1880. Marsden & apr v Lancashire and Yorkshire Ry Co (Exch) app Caslon & Co v Gray & Co (Proeser Clt-Exch) app of plt from

of defts from order of LC Baron and Sir H Hawkins as to LC Baron and Baron Huddleston, dismissing app from order costs of trial before Lord Justice Brett-June 8

of Mr Justice Field-May 8 (referred to Master to report to The Queen v Thomas Savin (Q B-Crown Side) app of deft court, by order of June 23)

from Justices Lush & Manisty affirming Order of Session Morrall v Morrall (Q B) app of deft from Justices Losh and June 9

Manisty on motion to vary Associates certificate (S O Jane The Credit Co v Pott (Exch) app of deft from judgt of Baron 16 to make application to Mr Justice Manisty) Pollock after special jury trial - June 11

Kemp v Sewell (Exch) argument of rule nisi for new trial McCollin v Gilpin & ors (0 B) app of defts from judgt of Mr granted by Court of Appeal-June 16 Justice Lush at trial - June 14"

Jones v Baxter (Exch) app of plt from rule nisi discharged by Cbapleo & Wife v Bradswick Permanent Building Society & Baron Pollock and Sir Henry Hawkins-Jaly 2 ors (CP) app of deft society from judgt of Lord Coleridge

| Lewis v Ward (CP) app of plt from Lord Coleridge and Mr at trial-June 15

Justice Grove for new trial-July 6 Crowther & Ors v Ladenburg & ors (Esch) app of defts from Bowen v Hall & ors (Q B) app of defts Hall & anr from LCJ judgt of Baron Pollock at trial-June 15

of England and Justices Manisty and Bowen setting aside Garrard & anr v White & ors (Excb) app of plts from judgt of verdiet - July 10 Mr Justice Stephen directing non suit-June 16

Williamson v Cotterell (CP) app of pit from order of LCJ of Kino v Pilbrow (Exch) app of deft from judgt of Mr Jastice Eogland and Mr Justice Lopes for writ of prohibition-Jaly Stephen at trial-June 16

16 Sutton, carrying on business, &c v The Great Northern Ry Co Pannell v Noon (Exob) app of plt from frow judgt of Mr

(Q B) app of plt from order of Jastices Lush, Field, and Justice Stephen as wrong in law or for new trial-July 22 Manisty directing entry of judgt for defin-June 17

Hamlyn v. Betteley (CP) appl of deft from L C Baron on inClarke (by next friend) The Midland Ry Co (Exch) app of terpleader issue--Aug 6 Hamlyn v Betteley (CP) argument defts from judgt of Mr Justice Stephen at trial-June 18

of rule nisi granted by Court of Appeal at Lincoln's Inn Wright & apr, trustee, &c v Cotton & anr (Willat 3rd party) | Pilbrow v Barnett (

CP) app of pluffs from order of LC Jai (Q B) app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Lush at trial with England and Mr Justice Lopes dismissing appeal from out a jury-June 22

chamberg-Aug 2 Hall v Jupe (CP) argument of rule nisi for now trial before Ryall v Collins and Smith (Exch) appl of deft from LCJ af

Lord Coleridge and Mr. Justice Grove-Court divided-app England and Sir Henry Hawkins setting aside judgt-Aug 13. of plt (set down with final appeals by order)

Adams & apr v The Serern and Canal Carrying, Shipping and Hanson v The Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England (Exch) Steam Towing Co limd (CP) appl of defts from jadgt of

app of defts from judgt of Baron Huddleston at trial-June Lord Coleridge as wrong upon findings of Jury-Aug 23 24 (proceedings for assessment of damages stayed until after Bennison v Meek (Bxcb) appl of defts from Mr Jastice Lånd. appeal heard by Order, June 30)

ley to set aside verdiet and reference-Aug 27 Titley v Stockdale (Exch) app of plt from order of Baron | In re Isaac Sheffield & ora gent, &c (Q B) appl of Messrs Pollock on demr-jnne 26

Sheffield from LCJ of England and Mr Justice Lopes The Metropolitan Inner Circle Completion Ry Co v The Aug 31



Miller límd, and Trade DIVISION.

Kemp v Milward act

Marks No 1014m and RegisFor Hearing.

Barker v Hosford act

tration Acts, 1875-7---appli1880.

Rogers v Ditton act

cation to register-adja from Palmer v Neal act

Chambers (entered with Probate. In re Jane Stratford Boyse, decd Crofton v Gautier (J S Kirwan

Greenough v Smith act

witns actions by order).

In intervening) app of deft Gautier from judgt of Sir James

Taoner, deceased, In re Bridges' Estate, Hill v. Mortimer v Drewe, act

Bridges, claim of Upton, Hannen (8 o for security)-Feb 6

la re Mitchell, deceased, exor of Clements-adjd from Admiralty.

Mitchell v Mitchell aon & Chambers--witos to be cross Ship Norseman Owners of Ship Quintero and ors v Owners of mfj

exd on affidavit (enter) Ship Norseman app from judgt of Sir R J Phillim ore (with Black v Miller act

with witns actions by order nautical assensors)--May 7

Simmons v Hitchman act In re Pagh, decd, Pugh v Divorce.

Hopkins v Victoria Mansions Beddoos act and mta for Harvey (otherwise Farnie) Farnie app of plt from dismissal Bailey v Porter act (Man- Johnstone . Cox act and

limd a & mij

judgt of petition by Sir James Hannen-May 13

chester D R)

mtn for judgt New Appeals.

Lewtas v Barwell act

Saldanha v Andrews act and Admiralty.

Morgin v Jones act (Swansea mtn for judgt Ship Batavia-Owners, Master, Officers & Crew of the Gleniffer


British Mutual Investment v Owners of Batavia, her Cargo and Freight app of defts

Towers v Kirkman act

Co limd v Cobbold act from judgt of Sir R J Phillimore (with Nautical Assessore) –

In re d'Angibau, deceased, Chaplin v Emery act June 4

Andrew v Andrews act Standard v St Giles, CamberShip Mabel (consolidated actions)--Butchard & Ors v Owners

The Plating Co limd v Far well, actn of the Mabel, her Cargo and Freight app of deft from judgt

quharson act

Clayton v Solomons act of Sir R J Phillimore (with Nautical A Bessors)—June 24

In re The Scarsdale Brewery Jones v Stohwasser aot Ship Margaret-Humphrey & Ors v Owners of Margaret and Colimd, expte claim of Millett v Victoria Fire Office Freight app of plts from Sir R J Phillimore (with Nautical

Caesterfield & North Derby. limd act Assessors) —June 24

shire Bank (entered with Keate v Phillips act Divorce.

witns actas by order) Hazlewood v Desborough act

and motn for judgt Baker (by bic Committee) Baker, Wheeler, & Owen app of In re Messrs Horrocks & resp from order of the President overruling demurrer-July

Further Considerations. 24

In re Eames, decd, Carter v In ro Mortimer, deod Ley. Admiralty.

Read fc

cester v Leycester fo Ship City of Mecca-Cotesworth &ors v The Owners of the City

Sprunt v Pagh 2nd fc Ruby Consolidated Mining Co of Mecca and Freight app of defts from judgt of Sir RJ Mason v Waller fe

v Heyneman fo Phillimore-- Aug 11

In re Jones, deod, Eyre v Cox Wood v Barnicott fo Ship Alhambra-W Everitt & Son v The Owners of the


Banks v Banks fc
Alhambra app of defts from Sir R J Phillimore-Sept 3
Ship Rosalie-Sirowger fors v The Owners of the Rosalie and

In re Vignoles, deed, Vignoles Blyth v Atkinson fc
v Vignoles fo

In re Olver, decd Olver v Freight app of defts from judgt of Sir R J Phillimore (with Revell v Revell fc

Olver fo Nautical Assessors)-Sept 20

In re Varley, decd, Varley v lo re Murtos, deod Murton FROM THE LONDON BANKRUPTCY COURT.

Olivant to

v Murton fc

Beesly v Lawrence fo
In re Taylor

Ex parte Brooks
In re Pouley
Ex parte Sheard

In re Farker

Ex parte Charing Cross Advance Hardingbam v Rowan demr Loefe v Chatterton demr to
and Deposit Bank
to statement of clm

statement of olm In re Kitchin

Ex parte Punnett
In re Phillips

In re Bourne, decd Foster v In re Cope, decd Cope v Cope
Ex parte National Mercantile Damfree demr to statement demr of Reversionary lot.
of dlm

Sooy. to statement of olm
In re Watson
Ex parte Raphael

In re Ticehurst, deod Tice-
In re Pooley
Ex parte Sheard

horst v Dallimore demr to
In re Walker
Ex parte Young

statement of clo In re Walker

Ex parte Young
In re Nicoll & Coles
Ex parte Patience

Causes for trial (without witnesses).
la re Threllfall
Ex parte Blakey

Mason v Jennings act Imperial Union Acoident In re Raggatt Ex parte Williams

Carpenter v Dickens act Insce Co v Ramskill mij In re Rogers Ex parte Challmoor

In re Watson, decd, Watson v In re Rodd, deod Rodd y Road
In re Barnett
Ex parte Burton

Watson act & mfj
In re Lacy
Ex parte Laoy
In re Dickin, decd Wilkinson In ra Allen, decd

Allen v
In re Trodd
Ex parte Batten and ors

v Dickin act

Allen mij
In re Musgrave
Ex parte Hoare & Co

Beetham v Hedge act

In re Grant, decd

Scott v
In re Masters
Ex parte Lovett
Jameson v Maskell act

Grant spc
In re Kirk
Ex parte Greener

Thoma, v Miles mfj In re Whitley, decd Whitley In re Leedham

Ex parte Radford and ors Sheffield Water Works Co v v Clarke spc (Liverpool D In re Maltby Ex parte Browne

Biogham mfj

In re Garrud
Ex parte Newitt and anr Smith v Hunt sp

la re Godfrey, deed Mardock In re Alven Ex parte Hall and apr

In re Walmsley, decd, Walms v Latimermfj (Liverpool In re Sauer Ex parte Sauer

ley v Walmsley mfj DR) In re Leyman Ex parte The Trustee

Dent v Lond Tramways Com In re Wheeler, decd WhitIn re Packman Ex parte London and County

bourn v Brumridge mfj Banking Compaoy Lobb v Ricardo act

In re Hole, decd Yeo v Hole
In re Ward
Ex parte Bennett

Adams v Vyner motn to set mfj
In re Nicholson
Ex parte Eley

aside referee's report Couldrey v Bartrum act and In re Bousted Ex parte Rogers and Co

(entered with non-witness mfj In re Bousted Ex parte Rogers & Co

aetions by order)

Bettyes v Maynard m fj in re J. G. H. MacCalla Ex parte Mc Laren and Walker Crawford v Perry 8p C Great Eastern Ry Co v East

In re Band. decd Baad v Cob London Ry Comfj
ham spc

Glasier v London, Brighton &
HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE-CHANCERY DIVISION. Isaacson v Webster question South Coast Ry Co act

of law

In re Loftus, decd Onslow v Before the MASTER OF THE ROLLS,

Miller v Laver spc

Loftus act

Allen v Taylor mij set down In re Wright, deod Wright Causes for Trial (with Witnesses).

by order

v Wright m fj Appleton v Mayor, &oof Bolton Wright v Godwin-Austin act Bolion v Neuchatel Asphalte Turner v Hancock act & mfj act

Henderson v Coldwells act Co limd mfj set down by Bishop v Selby act
Burrard v Calisher act
Deacon v Dolby Dolby v order

In re Dixon, decd Griffiths
Day v Coward act
Deacon act

In re Taylor, deod Taylor v v Smith m f j (short)
Woodin v Evans act
In re Carter, deed Carter y Wright sp.c

Whitworth v Whitworb mf šampson v Somerset & Dorset Faller act &mfj

Waller v Shipley Local Board In re Brown, decd Brown Ry Co act Jennings v Mills act


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In re

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Brown act (Newcastle on In re Dorling, decd, White v In re Combes Hoyland v Lord Middleton • Willougtby
Tyne DR
Dorling mfj

Waite mij
Collinson v Firth mij In_re Barker, decd, Turner v Sanders v Sanders act, wit In re Hand Hand Smith
Bezer v Wright mfj

Barker mij
Kerby v Neal act, wit

act, wijs Garnett v Garnett act &mfj Read v Leaming mfj

Shroeder v Grant act, witas In ro Jones Jones y Davise Ruston v Loader mfj Brown v Thoma, mf j (short) In re Oliver, Hawkins V

fc Noel v Noel act & mij la re Hill, decd, Pharoah v Oliver fur conson

Westbrook v Brain act In re Birch, decd, Birch v Apps act

Winton v Davies a & m for Ricci v Satberland fc Ingram act In re Arrowsmith, decd, Ar judgt, witns

Evans v Scancott fe Ayres v Ayres act

rowsmith Arrowsmith Rutterford v Jeffrey actn & Brooke v Brooke act Morgan v King act actn & mfj

motn for judgt

Lloyd v Brady fc Bowen v Hutchings, Hutch. In Goddard, decd, Goddard v Martin v Fitz Gibbon action English Channel, &c Co Rot ingo v Bowen act Jennings motn for judgt


act, wits Long v Ovenden act &mfj (short)

Hodgson v Fox fur conson & Chaplin v Horne act. wits Braginton v Yates act In re Bower, decd, Bower v adid sum.8

Killik v Turtle act, wits In re Rose, decd, Evans V Bower act

Hoof, Pickens In re Muskett Muskettv Williamson mfj

Matthews, fur conson

Muskett fo
Adjourned Summonses.

Gregson v Jackson act witos Baillie v Traberne opc
Union Bank v Iogram
In re The Same Society (set-

lo re Johnson, Melland v In re Balgooly Distillery Co Fletcher, act, wiins

act & mfj In re Alma Spinning Co

tlement of contributoriesIn re Nixon's Estate, Roberts withdrawal of members)

In re Benoy, Benoy v Gard, In re Meizgar, Metzgar Wade In re The Same Society (Em- In re' Simpson, Simpson

actn, witos


Reed v Reed act In re Drop field Silkstone Coal ington's claim)

Bowes fur conson

Russell • Deare act Co (Ex parte Rbodes) Ia re The Same Society (Dow. In re Dean, Pembleton v Dean In re Bickford, Hargood Fray v Drew fur hearing ling's claim)

act witns

Harwood mij
Lodge v Austin
Hey v Parker

Inre Lovibond, Lovibond v In re Whitwell, Taylor v In re St Laurence, Victoria & In re Ry Accident, &c, Co

Lovibond, act, wiins

Whitwe!! fc
Valentine Amalgamated (dietrihution of assets)
Mining Co lmd (ex Toyne) In re Western District Bank

New Sharlston Colliery Co Elers v Harvey act wits
lim, v Emmens actn witos

la ra

Morcom, Morcom Powell v Kiddon la re Smith's Estates

In re Gladstone, decd Glad Francis fc
Formby v Smith
In re Dainty's Estate (Wy-

stone v Gladstone fc Clubgall v Paul & Sons act, In re Ry Accident Assurance man's claim) Co (Ex parte Whiteley)

Shakespere v Batchellor fc wits
Burrard v Calisher

Clarke v The London & South In re Jobs on's Estate (Jobson's
Western Bapk

Before the Vice-Chancellor Sir JAMES Bacon. In re The Northern Counties In re John Simpson 8 Appli

Causes for trial. of England Fire Insurance cation (Trade Marks Act)

Rolls v Isaacs act

Io re Griffiths Griffiths F Co limd (Macpharlane's la re Wrexbam Brewery Co Brown v Jackson act wits Paillips act, wits claim) (Daw's claim)

In re Evered, decd Snelling v Wood v Skann act, wits In re The Mutual Society

Evered act, wits

In re Burn Willicomber (amalgamation of funds)

Hammersley v Staffordshire Crowe act, vits
Before the Vice-Chancellor MALINS.

Potteries, &c Co_act, wits Green v White act & mij

In re Petn of Right of J witz
Causes for Trial.

Young and J Gurdell act Eyre, Coote, & Co , Lovodes In re Jepsene Willis v Howe In re Beedbam Bellamy v wits

fc demr of deft Howe Beedham act, wits

Ormathwaite v Kington, &c., lore Bowden Backland In re Jeppens Willis v Howe Gould v Pritz mij

Ry Co act, wits

Bowden acts, wits dmr of defts Apton and De Bergue v De Bergue act,

Tebb v Prince act witng Harris v Harris act & gos AF Coe wits Fothergill v Farley act witas

to vary In re Jennens Willis v Howe Viret v Viret act

Hester v Hester act & mj Harmond v Syrett act demr of Earl Beauchamp Routledge v Routledgo act,

Warner v Mosses act

Dicka v Yates aot Wilson v De Coulon act


Jenner v Turner act Kent v Stuckey's Banking Co Attorney General v Muyor, Causes transferred from Master of the Rolls, by Order dated act &mfj, wits &c of Birmingham act wits

12th June, 1880. Coney v_Teonant fo (aot Iu re Guage, Slater v Guage Edwards v Edward: act, witns Dickinsod v Corros act, witne before Dec 1)


Stuckey's Bankiog Cо v Wat- Pease v Robinsoa set & m for London & N-W Ry Co v Thompson v Wilding quest kins act, witas

j, witas Fleetwood Local Board act of law

In re Ritson, decd, Stobbs v Tafft v Whinney act, witns wits

In re Ashton, Potter v Mac Davidson act, witos Page v Nottingham and NotGovernors of Dulwich College, kenzie Act, wits

Bisbop v Holland act, witns tinghamshire Banking Co v London B & S Coast Ry Baker v Wood act wits Barbe v Cowderoy act & m witos act, wita Sanderson v Brown mfj for j, witng

In ra Greenough, decd, JamsSheehan v Great Eastern Ry Budd v Davison act, wits Wooland v Worman act, witas son v Greenough act, withs Co act, wits

Riddell v McDonnell act & m Lamb v Jackson act, witus Furneaux v Ede act vitas Life Association, Scotland v Hoare act, witne Dickins v Clutterbuck act, Kearsey v Roche acto

End of Transfer. Harpbam v Shacklock act & wits

lo re Nightingale, Pika mfj

Hobbs fo & sumns
Oliver v Lowther act & mif, Haydos y The New Prince of
In re Charman Charman v

Wales' Slate Co mj

In re Norman, Kneal v Pratt Charman act & mfj, wits In re Calder, Howson v Lam

Jones v Jones actn, witas mta for jagt
Jones y Jones actn

Hüll v Withall fc
In_re Thorley Thorley v
Thorley act & m j wits

Marchant v Clarke actn witns Nash v Nashfo
In re Evans, Owen v Evans
Richardson v Fox act wits art, wits

Deards v Pede acin & mtn for la re Leach, Barratt » Laach
Yarrow v Yarrow act
jagt, witos

Fryo v Frye act
In re Wolstenbolme Marshall
Robinson v Pickles actn, witns

Moir acto

Oppenbeimer v Child & Co v Thorley

witas act v Aizlewood special case

Tingle v Ashton fo wits Brown v Bridlington Burial

Murtano v Mann acto, witne Jones v Deacon fo Arnold v Davis act

Board 8C", wit

Voo Joel v Martyn actn, witos In re Thomas, Higgon Thomson v Martin act & Miles v Rowland Act

Milner v Yetts actn, witns Thomas fc
In re Morewood Errington v

Ross v Fenwick asto, witns mfj wits

In re Wilkinson, deco, Maplas Marquis Camden v Murray Morewood fc& 8

v Wilkinson acta c & sumos to vary Chaplia v Horde mij

Before the Vice-Chancellor Sir CHARLES HALL. In re Londesborough Bridg- Merrill v Morton fc

Causes for trial (with witnesses). man v Fitzgerald spc Bland v Dawes special case Reus v Lever act (not before Brand v Hancock act Price v Torrens act, wits In re Goodall Kench v Bond

Nov. 15)

Roberts v Kichards act In re Thompson Thompson v

Cavaliero v Cavaliero act Humphreys v Brown act Gover act, wits Knight v Cacar fo James v Giles act

May i Verity act
Ford v Owen act &mfj In re Hill Hill v Brown Edwards v Lovering Lovering Inre Lulham Brinton
Hewett v London, Tilbury & Farmer Parnell act, wit v Edwards act

Lulbam act
Southend Ry Co act
Scanes v Adams act, wit
Hawkes v Sayer act

Reade v Reade act
West of England, &c Bank v In re Pegson Lees v Stanley Peters v East Grinstead Ry Robertson v Hicks act
Nicbolls act

Co act

Cripps y Toleman act

pray act

pt bd



Powell v Tbomas act

Copbam v Twining act Ambroise v Heynemaon act Trezan v Wells act, wits Nobels Co v Krebs & Co act Molloy v Kilby act


Wyburn v Haden act, wits - Jackson v Copp act

Lane v Charsley act

Beddall v Maitland act, wits Nicholls v Nicholl issue of Bevan v White act Harris v Fleming act Smith v Pettit act, wils

fact Weston v Joyner act

In re Weston, Joyner v Bartho Laird v Brigg4 act, wits Aspinall v Cux art, wits Williams v Williams act


Laird v Pettman act, wits Leaming v Reed act wits Andrews v Digby Down v Jones v Standard act

Laird v Petiman act, wits Marsball v Vulliandy act wits Digby Saunders v Digby Martin v Tollemacho act Danglish v Henderson act, Mitchell-Henry v Tidy act act In re Todd's Estate, Todd v WIIN

wits Air Gas Light Co v Murray Todd adjd sums set down | In re Fowler Fowler v Odell Clark v Evans art wits act with wits, causes by order

act, wits

Heald v Midland Ry Co act Hicks v Doubleday act Howells v Armstrong act Reeve v Freem in act & mij Collinge v Rhodes act wits Vinall v Vinall act Carteis v Arliss act

Bergmann v Macmillan act & Rowland v Bates act

Stamford, &c, Baok v Lind. Oriel College, Oxford v Lock mn for judg wits Farrer v Sidebottom act ridge Colliery Co act & in act, with

White v Hunt act wits Aitken v Lee act

Barber v Friend act, wits Joy v Earnshaw act & mn for Briggs v Eccles act

Dainty v Middleton act Cleaver v Jones act, wits judg wits Bragenose Colliery Oxford v Hall v Swaine act

Brettall v Davies act, wits James v Capital & Counties Holden act Jones v Williams act

Bennett v Hay act, wits Bank act wits Maguth v Elkins act

Piercy v Young act, witg Nurse v Ellston act wits Causes for Trial (without witnesses).

Sbeffield Permanent Building Phillips y Philips act wits Republic of Peru v Ruzo mf In re Midland, Giles v Gloyn Society v Jobnson act, wits In re Jones, Jones v Thomas decree (not before Nov 16) mfj

Turnour v Turbour act, wits act wits In re The Mammoth Copper. Barra v Robinson, act

William, v Lewis act, wit Fraser v Green act, wits oppolis of Utah, limd adjd In re Langford, Bassett v

Ibbotson v Firth act, wits Power v Tugall act, wits sumns set down as non witas Langford m fj

Pepper v Wigging act, wits Champitt v Paine act &mfj, cause Skeel v Ball act

la re Bridges, Mason v Bridges wits James v Capital & Counties Crocker v Green m fj (short)

act, wits

Langdale's Chemical Manura Bk issue trial Wood v Anglo American

Glover v Giles act, wite Co limd v Spence act, wits Marchester, &c., Banking Co Cattle Co act

Stephenson v Scholefield act, Blackwood v Charsley act, v Wrigley act la re Williams, Williams v wits

Markwick v Dennett act Williams, act
Golden v Shaw act
Attorney-Gon v Guardians of

Heywood Local Board Poor of Dorking act
Chadwick act
Smith v Farndale act

In re Carroll Damen v Carroll Dixon v McDonnell act

NEW TRIAL PAPER. act Sunderland v Knight mfj

For Judgment. Dent & Co, v Poole act

Manchester, Turner v Galloway

Lush, J
Worrall v Kemp act

For Argument.
Nickson v Newton act
Price v Dickson act

Hilary Sittings, 1880.
The Tea Co v Carter act Wade v Lane act

Middlesex, Keith v Natnl India

Mr A. William Kane v Kane, mfj Henry Lurell act

rubber Co

Field, J
In re Taylor, Tomlia v Under. In_rë Kenwright, Smith v

Easter Sittings, 1880.
hay special case
Kenwright act
Mason v Aird LC Justice

Sol Gen Sir H. Giffard

Trinity Sittings, 1880.
Barber v Barber act

Leeds, Stevenson v McLean London, Burrell v Woolf
Further Consideratione.

Lush, J Mr Cave

Field, JMr T. Salter

London, Harris v Truman, Han. London, Bunnett, &c, v Potter & Kevan v Tarleton fc Io re Page, Hampton v Har

bury, Buxton & Co Field, J. Sons Field, J Sir J. Holker In re Bartlett, Bartlett v Bart fild fc

Sol Gen London, Honck v Muller lett fc la re Hutson, Feaks v Hutson Middlesex, Garner v Williams &

Field, J Mr McIntyre Jackson v Bothway fo

Bowen J Mr Reid London, Whiting v Martin Owen v Baker 2nd fo In re Mand, James v Heath

Micdlesex, Abrahams v Hall

Bowen, J Def in person Percival v Barney fo

Mr Harris
field fo

Bowen, J
Fryer v Fryer fo
Fenwick v Hollings fo

Official Referees' Report.
Ward v Knox

Mr Flegg
In re Morrell, Perks v Pever- Mackereth v Mackereth fo

Motion for Judgment.
elle fo
Glencross v West fo
London, Dickenson v Norris

Field J Mr W. Williams in re Clarke, Clarke v Clarke Lovering v Wreford fo

Special Referees' Report.
Brooks y Watson fo
Britain v Dootson

Mr J. Scot

Motion for Judgment.
Before Mr. Justice Fry.

Surrey, Shilton v White
Causes for trial.

Mather v Mather act
Wallis y Smith act wits

Michaelmas Sittings, 1880.
Banque Franco-Egyptienne & Hall v William, act

F Argument. ors v Lutscber act, wits' Landowners' West of England Gt Western Ry Co v Sirhowy Ry The Union Bank of Manchester Willats v Met Board of Works &c, Socy v Ashford act wits Co

dem act wits In re Brook, decd, Sykes v special case before two judges Vickers v Allen

dem Heathcote v Stainer act

Brook act wits
Schulte v Hopkins, Gilks & Co


Harford v Cheney Smith v Meux act wits

spec case special case before two judges Stallard v Toms & Co Windle v Stephens act wits Richardson v Mold special case The Meti opolitan

Board of Works Gilbert v Comedy Opera Co

Robinson y Curry

dem v The London Gas Light Co act wits

Morris & ors v Budden & anr special case before two judges dem Banks v Barstow

dem Causes transferred from Vice-Chancellor Bacon, by Order

The Rhodes Bank Coffee Palace Jones v Worlford

dem dated 6th August, 1880.

Permanent Building Society v Kempe v Anglesea, &c, Quar- Smith v Lee act, wits

CROWN PAPER. ries Co act wits Post v Marsh act, wits

Monmouthshire, The Queen v Abergavenny Union Sbarp v Pickett act wits Vivian v Moat, Vivian

ENLARGED RULES. March v Woodall act &mn for Walker act, wits

The Queen Pagham Harbour The Queen y The Justices of judg wits Holt v Collyer" act, wits

Reclamation Co, pt hd

Surrey Ja neson v Berner act wits Simmonds v Bowden act, wits Bidder

Littler Kingsford

Howard Samuel v Druiff act wits Porter v West act, wits The Queen v J. O. Parker, Esq. The Queen v G. Duncan Bullen Maltby v Corbidge act wits Lawion v Braine act, wits


Willis Robson • Robson act wits White v Spargo act, wits

APPEALS FROM INFERIOR COURTS. Snow v Bolton act wits Parrott v Ellis, act wits

For Judgment.

Nil. Eley v Lord act wits

Bailey v Prout act, wits Riviere v Pickmere act & mn Cockburn v Edwards act, wits

For Argument.
for judg wits
Radford v Black act, wits

Somersetshire, Mogg v Yatton Middlesex, Rouch v Hall
Churchwardens, &c

Yorkshire, Fletcher v Bottomley
Barfield v Waterman act wits Kent v Royal Lon Panorama Devonshire, Torquay Market Co Dorsetshire, Robins v Barnes
Williams v Chilcott sct, wits
act, wits

v Small

Flintshire, Eyton v Churchwar. Smith v Jay act, wits Lane v Evans act, wits

Middlesex, Morris v Beal

dens of Mold and ors Kettlewell v Watson act, wits Blenkhorn y Penrose act,

Dudley, Dudley Gas Co v War. Middlesex, New River Co v Hale v Earl de la Warr act, wits


Vestry of St Pancras
Eames v Hacon act wits

Gloucester, West of England Sack Flintshire, Williams v Davies
Co v Chant & anr

Middlesex, Payne v Ibotson & Slack v Midland Ry Co act, Sykes v Haigh act, wits Staffordshire, Parker v North Sons wits

Stafford Railway Co



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