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permitting unauthorized services in the churchyard ? The words “ nothing shall authorize” are very different

societies. from "nothing shall entitle the relatives to require," or the like.

BRISTOL INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY. The subject has recently been brought under my notice by the death of a friend of mine, an old lady be

The following is the report of the council of this

society :longing to a county family, who had desired to be

In presenting tbeir tenth annual report, the council take buried in the family vault with other services than those

the opportunity of congratulating the society cp the inof the Church of England. She was not, however, at her creased number of the members, who are now 123. The death resident in the parish where the vault was situate, finances of the society are also in a satisfactory position, and the vicar positively refused to consent to her inter the treasurer's account showing an investment of £200 in ment'unless with the rites of the Church of England, | Exchequer bills, and a balance in hand of £92 133. 4d. simply referring the relatives to the 9th section of the In the short session preceding the dissolution of Parlia. Act. For the reasons mentioned above, I advised them ment, tbree Bills of great interest and importance to the that he was within his rights in so refusing ; but as you

profession were introduced by Lord Cairns, the late Lord suggest that the point is a difficult one, it would seem

Chancellor-viz., the Settled Land Bill, the Conveyancing important that it should be carefully considered. H.

and Law of Property Bill, and the Solicitors' Remuneration

Bill. Alter the dissolution the Bills passed the House of [We think, for the reasons we stated, that our corres Lords and were sent down to the Lower House, but owing pondent was right. The difficulty to which we referred to the pressure of other business they were uot read a second is whether, supposing the church-wardens authorize the time. It is presumed, however, that the same or similar Bills burial of a non-parishioner, the incumbent can prevent will be brought in by the present Government next year. the burial from taking place under the new Act.

It may be remembered that in their last report the council En. S. J.]

alluded to a new scale of remuneration by commission, which had been settled by a joint committee of the Incorporated Law Society of the United Kingdom and of the Associated

Provincial Law Societies. The scale was adopted by the council TAE REWARD OF HONESTY.

of the Incorporated Law Society in January last, and for. [To the Editor of the Solicitors' Journal.]

warded by them to the then Lord Chancellor, the council

being of opinion that the change of the system of remuperaSir, — A lady of very moderate means, who recently

tion should be effected by Act of Parliament. One of the left her purse in a railway carriage on the South-Western clauses of the Solicitors' Remuneration Bill authorizes a Railway, gave the porter who found it ten shillings as a general order being made by the Lord Chancellor, the Master reward for his honesty. How are we to reconcile this of the Rolls, and tbe chiefs of the three common law diviact with that related by you of a wealthy firm of solicitors sions, for regulating the remuneration of solicitors, and prorewarding a porter at the Royal Courts with twenty vides that such order may prescribe that the remuneration shillings for returning papers valued at thousands of shall be according to a scale of percentage. The scale pounds? Perhaps when you publish this letter the firm adopted by the council of the Incorporated Law Society is may be induced to do something worthy of note.

set out in their report submitted to ihe general meeting of A SUBSCRIBER.

their members, held in July last.

The attention of the courcil baving been called to the practice of the sanitary authority in selling their salvages,

excluding purchasers from requiring any abstract of or coreObituary.

Dants for title, the subjoiced resolutions were passed by the

council on the 5th of July last, and forwarded to the clerk MR. CHRISTOPHER FILL GATES.

to the sanitary authority :-"That, in the opinion of this

council, the practice which is now adopted by the Bristol Mr. Christopher Hill Gates, solicitor, registrar of the Sanitary Authority of providing on sales of their sal. Lutterworth County Court, died at his residence at that vages that the title of the authority is to be accepted place on the 20th inst. Mr. Gales was born in 1824, and without question or investigation, and that the purchaser was admitted a solicitor in 1846. He originally practised at is not to bave any covenant for title or production of Leamington, but about twenty eight years ago he removed deeds, is objectionable, as being contrary to the established from that place to Lutterworth, when he was appointed practice of conveyancing, and as throwing the whole risk of a assistant clerk of the Lutterworth County Court Circuit | defective title on the purchaser without giving him an opNo. 20). After the passing of the County Courts Act, 1856, portunity of ascertaining the nature of such risk.” “That, he became registrar of that court, and he retained the as the authority purchase for street improvements, and office until his death. Mr. Gates bad a good private prac sell their salvages on the terms above referred to, tice and he was universally esteemed. He was one of the thereby at once freeing themselves from all risk and regovernors of the Lutterworth Grammar School. He was sponsibility, there is not the same inducement to exercise bonorary secretary to the committee for the restoration of i care in investigating titles as is the case with a parthe parish church, and be contributed liberally to that chaser buying either to hold or to sell again ander object.

usual conditions ; and it is desirable that persons pur. chasing of the anthority should understand the effect of the

present practice, which does not give them the means of MR. CHARLES SMITH THOMAS.

supporting their title if questioned, or of showing it Mr. Charles Smith Thomas, solicitor, proctor, and notary, | in case of sale or mortgage, thus materially decreasing the died at Uplands, Godalming, on the 16th iust. Mr. Thomas value of the property." "That a copy of the two preceding was born in 1809. He was admitted a solicitor about the resolutions be sent to the clerk to the sanitary authority, year 1832, and he practised for a long time as a proctor in with a request that he will lay the same before his comDoctors'-commons, having offices at 11, Great Carter-lane. j mittee.” The council received on the 20th of July last a He was first in partnership with Mr. Richard Stone, and letter from Mr. Heaven, the clerk to the aötbority, afterwards with Mr. Frederick Capes. He had a large prac that the resolutions were under the consideration of tice in the old courts at Doctors'-commons, including the Streets Improvement Committee, and on the 14th of very extensive agency business in connection with the September last. Mr. Heaven forwarded to the hon. secreWestern counties, and he was also a notary public. He re. taries copy of a resolution passed that day by his comtired from business more than twenty years ago, and his mittee, “That no alteration be made in the conditions of health had long been failing. His only son, Mr. Charles sale." Shea Thomas, was admitted a solicitor in 1875, and is now The opinion of the council having been asked as to the a member of the firm of Palin, Wade, & Thomas, of right of the solicitor of a grantor to prepare the conveyanca Shrewsbury. Mr. Thomas was buried at Godalming on the to the grantee, when the sale was made in consideration 22nd inst.

partly of a gross sum and partly of a rent, they passed a resolution to the following effect :-"That in the opinion of this council, when the consideration for a grant is wholly or

partially the reservation of a fee farm rent other than nomival, the practice in this city end neighbourhood is for

Appointments, Etc. the solicitor of the grantor to prepare the grant." The council have the pleasure to report that, at the recent

Mr. John JAMES Coulton, solicitor, of Lyon and Pent. election of members of tbe council of the Incorporated Law

ney, has been appointed a Magistrate for the Borough of Society, Mr. Lewis Fry, M.P., a member of the council of

King's Lynn. Mr. Coulton is in partnership with his son, this society, was elected an ordinary member of the council

Mr. Richard Caltbror Coulton. He was admitted a soliciof the chief law society.

tor in 1839, and is clerk to the Lynn Board of Guardians and Assessment Committee, and euperintendent registrar.

Mr. WILLIAM COXWELL, solicitor and notary, of SouthLaw Students' Jouriral.

ampton, bas been elected Clerk to the Southampton Board of Guardians, Assessment Committee, and Rural Sanitary

Authority, on the resignation of his father, Mr. Edward LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING SOCIETY. Coxwell, who is coroner of the borough. Mr. W. Coxwell The weekly meeting of this society was held at the Law |

was admitted a solicitor in 1870, and is deputy-coroner for

| Southampton. Institution, Chancery-lane, on Tuesday evening last, Mr. G. H. Bower in the chair. The subject appointed for the

Mr. CHARLES JOHN HERRIES, barrister, C.B., has been evening's debate was “Has the policy of the Government in

created a Civil Knight Commander of the Order of the regard to the affairs of Turkey deserved approval ?" and was

Bath. Sir C. Herries is the eldest son of the Right Hon. opened by Mr. Van Sommer in the affirmative. Messrs. E. R.

John Charles Herries, and was born in 1815. He was Carr, LL.B., Corrie, Grant, Napier, Bartlett, and Green, educated at Eton and at Trinity College, Cambridge, and he then addressed the society in the affirmative, and Messrs. was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Michaelmas Farlow, Hemsley, Lloyd, Jones, Raymond, Barker, and

Term, 1840. He has been chairman of the Board of Inland Barry, in the negative. Mr. Van Sommer having replied,

Revenue since 1877. the question being put to the meeting was decided in the Mr. W. S. HOLDEN, solicitor, of 26, North John-street, affirmative by twelve votes to nine in the negative. There Liverpool, has been appointed a Commisioner to take and was a large attendance of members.

receive Affidavits in England to be used in the Sapreme

Court of Judicature of the Colony of Victoria. UNITED LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY.

Mr. ARCHIE KIRKMAN LLOYD, who has been appointed

Secretary to the Macclesfield Election Commission, was A meeting of this society was, on Monday, the 25th inst.,

called to the bar at the Middle Temple in Michaelmas Term, beld at the Law Institution, Mr. H. E. Barren in the chair.

1868, and practises on the Midland Circuit, and at the The question for discussion was: “ The Criminal Code Bill, Northamptonshire and Leicestershire Sessions. He was 1880, 8. 24, enacts that . No presumption shall be made that

formerly one of the staff of the WEEKLY REPORTER. a married woman committing an offence does so under compulsion because she commits it in the presence of her husband.'

SIR MASSEY LOPES, baronet, M.P., has been elected one of Is this alteration desirable?” Mr. Pickersgill opened in the the Chairmen of Quarter Sessions for Devonshire, on the affirmative, and was supported by Messrs. R. Maxwell and resignation of the Earl of Morley. Donner, and opposed by Messrs. Samuel, MacLaren, and Mr. HERBERT NOEL LUCAS, solicitor, of Sheffield and DronRundle Levey. Mr. Pickersgill replied and, upon a division, field, has been elected Clerk to the Dropfield School Board, the question was decided in the negatire by one vote.

in succession to Mr. Frederick Thomas Hawkins, deceased. The usual weekly meeting of this society took place at Clement's-ind, on Wednesday, the 27th inst., Mr. W. C.

Mr. ARUNDEL ROGERS, judge of county courts for Circuit Owen in the chair. The motion on the paper was: “ That the No. 27, has been appointed a Magistrate for Herefordshire. present standard of compulsory education is needlessly high.” |

Mr. Rogers was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Mr. Maxwell moved the rejection of the motion and was sup

Hilary Term, 1862. He formerly practised on the Western ported by Messrs. MacLaren, Bull, Napier, Pickersgill, and Circuit, and was appointed a judge of county courts in Donner, and opposed by Messrs. Aclaod, Collyer, McKay, 1878. Kains-Jackson, and Spence. Mr. Maxwell replied and, upon Mr. HENRY MINSHULL STOCKDALE has been elected Chair. a division, the motion was lost by a majority of two votes. man of Quarter Sessions for Northamptonshire, in succes

sion to the Earl Spencer. Mr. Stockdale is the third son of

the Rev. William Stockdale, vicar of Mears Ashby, and MANCHESTER LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY. was born in 1822. He was educated at Jesus College,

The general meeting of the society was held on Tuesday Cambridge, where he graduated as a junior optime in 1845, evening, the 26th inst., at the Law Library, Cross-street, E.

and he was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in Trinity Atkins, Esq., solicitor, in the chair. The hopoiary secre

Term, 1848. tary, Mr. T. W. Miller, having read the report of the com. Mr. DAVID WHITTINGHAM, solicitor, of Nottingham, has mittee for the past year, and the honorary treasurer, Mr. C. been elected (after a poll) Coroner for the Nottingham District Marshall, having presented his financial statement for the like of Nottinghamsbire, in succession to Mr. David William period, both showing a very satisfactory state of affairs to Heatb, deceased. Mr. Whittingham was admitted a solici. exist, the same were unanimously adopted. The following tor in 1876, and had previously acted as deputy.coroner. gentlemen were elected as officers for the ensuing year : secretary, Mr. L. F. Butcher; treasurer, Mr. C. Marshall; committee, Messrs. Hislop, Norton, Rayner, Law, and Innes. DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. It was announced that the opening lecture of the session by

THOMAS CHARLES ALLIN and WILLIAM CHARLES GRBENOP, R. M. Pankhurst, Esq., LL.D., on “ The Law of Bankruptcy

solicitors, 7, St. Peter's-alley, Corobill, London (Allin & with Suggestions for its Amendment,” was necessarily post. poned from Tuesday, the 2nd, to Wednesday, the 3rd proximo.

Greenop). September 29.

[Gazette, October 1.] A vote of thanks to the chairman concluded the proceedings


The new regulations for the transmission of small sums through the Post Office by "postal orders" are to come into operation on January 1, 1881. Every postal order is to be for one of the following amounts, and in respect thereof the following poundage shall be paid :-19., d.; ls. 6d., jd. 28. 6d., 1d. ; 58., 1d ; 78. 6d., 1d.; 108., 20. ; 128. 6d., 2d. ; 15s., 2d. ; 178. 6d., 2d. ; 20s., 2d. A postal order may be crossed generally like a cheque, by the words "and Co.," or specially by inserting the name of a banker.


winding up, presented Oct 20, directed to be heard before V.C.
Hall, on Nov 5. Gedge and Co, Old Palace yard, Westminster;
solicitors for the petitioner

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PALATINE HOTEL AND RESTAURANT COMPANY, LIMITBL.-By an | Davis, EDWARD, Middlesborough, Furnace Keoper. Nov 13. Meek,

order made by Lord Coleridge, dated Oct 6, it was ordered that the Middlesborough above company be wound up. Pritchard and Co, Painters' Hall, | FOOKES, ROBERT, Bramshaw, Hants, Retired Farmer. Dec 1. Bird agents for Boote and Edgar, Manchester, solicitors for the peti. and Moore, Gray's inn sq tioners

FORESTER, JOHN WARD, Alfredton, Ballarat, Victoria, Commercial [Gazette, Oct. 22.] Traveller. Nov 12. Flax and Leadbitter, Leadenhall st

GREENSMITI, JOIN, Nottingham, Gent. Dec 1. Wells and Hind, BRITISH EMPIRE NEWSPAPER COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for Nottingham winding up, presented Oct 21, directed to be heard before V.C. HODGSON, MARIA, Wellington sq, Chelsea. Nov 22. Aldridge, Malins, on Nov 5. Blagden, Fenchurch avenue, solicitors for the Montague pl, Russell sq petitioners

JAMES, MARY Anx, Hampton Wick. Nov 30. Wilkinson and HUDDERSFIELD QUARRYING COMPANY, LIMITED. - Petition for Howlett, Kingston-on-Thames

winding up, presented Oct 22, directed to be heard before th KEEL, MARY, King Henry's rd, Primrose hill. Dec 4. Stone and M.R., on Nov. 6. Peace and Co, Grocers' Hall ct, agents for Co, Bath Learoyd and Co, Huddersfield, solicitors for the petitioner

Morgan, JAMES STEEL, Carmarthen, Merchant. Nov 10. Barker NAVIGATING TELEGRAPHS COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for wind. and Morris, Carmarthen

ing up, presented July 27, directed to be heard before the M.R NIGHTINGALE, THOMAS, Wakefield, Gent. Nov 15. Woodall and on Nov 6. Fox, Gray's inn sq, solicitor for the petitioners

Woodall, Scarborough VRON SLATE COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, pre PATERSON, ELIZABETI, Leesons, Kent. Nov 15. Gregory, Bedford

sented July 26, directed to be heard before V.C. Malins, on Nov 5. row Miller and Miller, Sherborne lane, solicitors for the petitioner REYNOLDS, DANIEL, Kingston-upon-Hull, Dec 1. Rollit and Sons,

[Gazette, Oct 26.7 Kingston upon Hull

RUTTER, HARRIETT, Kew groen, Surrey. Nov 22. Berkeley.Caleott, UNLIMITED IN CHANCERY.


SHAW, JAMES ALFRED, Butterworth, Lancaster, Newspaper Pro.

prietor. Nov 13. Roberts, Rochdale By an order made by Field, J., dated Oct 13, it was ordered that

SHEARER, Ann, Leeds. Dec l. Middleton and Sons, Leeds the above society be wound up. Torr and Co, Bedford row, | agents for Atchley, Bristol, solicitor for the petitioner

SMITH, MARY WHISTON, Vicarage gate, Kensington. Nov 24. *[Gazette, Oct. 22.]

Simpson and Co, Furnival's inn
STAPLRY, JOHN, Aston, Birmingham, Butcher. Nov 12. Foster,

WATSON, JOHN THOMAS, Margate, Gent. Nov 22. Start, Iron-

monger lane

WEBB, HENRY JOnx, Bexley Heath, Kent, Wood Dealer. Dee 1.
Creditors' Claims.

Dollman and Pritchard. Cornhill
WHITMORE, JOHN, Wimpole st, M.D. Dec 31. Thomas, Chancery

lane CREDITORS UNDER 22 d 23 VICT. CAP. 25, WILKS, GEORGE, Bootham, York, Blacksmith. Dec 1. Paley and

Buckle, York

WITT, JOSEPH, Salisbury, Wilts, Blacksmith. Nov 30. Whatman, ALLEX. MARTIA, Rochester, Kent. Nov 1. Basset. Rochester

Salisbury AstroRD, HENRY HEARNE, St. Paul's rd, Camden Town. Nov 15.

WITT, MARTIA, Salisbury. Nov 30. Whatman, Salisbury Moon, Lincoln's inn fields

(Gazette, Oct. 15.) BASTARD, Mary, Portsea, Southampton. Nov 30. Edgcombe and BANKS, MARTIA CAROLINE, Southsea, Hants. Dec 1. Long and Co, Co, Portsea

Windsor BEBBINGTON, JOAN, Calveley, Chester, Wheelwright. Nov 20.

BLAGG, GEORGE, Newport, Salop, Innkeeper. Nov 22. Fisher and Green and Dixon, Winsford

Hodges, Newport Boxall, ALFRED, Farnham, Surrey, Plumber. Nov 1. Potter,

EVERITT, JAMES, Newcastle-uçon-Tyne, Tobacconist. Nov 16. Clark, Farnham

Newcastle-upon-Tyne BREACH, ROBERT, Steyning, Sussex, Woolstapler. Nov 23. Woods

GLASS, ELIZABETH JANE, Penge, Kent. Nov 13. Hubbard and Co, and Dempster, Brighton

CARTER, FREDERICK, Woodford, Essex, Gent. Nov 8. Jennings,
St. Swithin's lane

GUILFORD, Thomas, Tonbridge Wells, Kent. Dec 1. Alleyne and

Walker, Tonbridge Wells CASELEY, JOHN, Winterhay, Ilminster, Retired Farmer. Nov 10.

HALL, JOHN, Leytonstone, Essex, Gent. Nov 30. Henderson and Paull, Ilminster

Buckle, Fenchurch st Davies, HANNAH, Morriston, Llangyfelach, Glamorgan. Nov 10.

HALL, JOSEPH, Millom, Cumberland, Coal Dealer. Nov 5. DickinHartland and Co, Swansea

son, Broughton-in-Furness ELKINGTON, JAMES, Stretton-on-Dunsmore, Warwick, Grazier. Nov

HARPER, ELIZABETH CHRISTIANA MARTHA, Park villas, Weston-super5. Harris, Rugby

Mare. Nov 28. Crowdy and Son, Faringdon GOODALL, EDWIN, Brereton, Stafford, Yeoman, Nov 15. Palmer,

Hobson, ELIZABETH, Worthing, Sussex. Dec 1, Holden and Co, Rngeley

Kingston-upon-Hull HAY, GEORGE, Abbey st, Bethnal Green, Silkman. Nov 30. Thom.

HOLDEN, THOMAS, Lytham, Lancaster. Gent. Dec 1. Threlfall, son and Edwards, Moorgatest

Southport HELM, WILLIAM, Helm st, King Cross, Halifax, Nov 1. Emmet

Hood, Hox. ALFRED, Barton Seagrave, Northampton. Nov 26. and Walker, Halifax

Wynne and Son, Lincoln's inn fields HENDERSON, Joun, Cornhill, Northumberland, Esq. Dec 7. San. derson and Weatherall, Berwick-upon-Tweed

Jacobs, John, Leman st, Whitechapel, Builder. Dec 4. Henderson

and Buckle, Fenchurch st HILL, ELIZABETH, Hanover st, Pimlico. Nov 8. Footner and Son,

JOHNSTONE, NAPIER, Water lane, Tower st, Wine Merchant. Des 1. Romsey

Wooliacott, Old Broad st JACKSON, WILLIAM KAYE, Barbott Hall, nr Rotherham, Gent. Jan

LAWRENCE, "John Travers, Launceston, Cornwall, M.R.C.S. Dec 1. Nicholson and Co, Rotherham

1. Cowlard and Cowlard, Launceston JACKSON, STEPHEN, Ulverston, Lancaster, Gent. Nov 1. Jackson,

LOVEGROVE, ALFRED, Slough, Buckingham. Nov 18. Barrett and Ulverston

Dean, Slough LAWRELL, WALTER GLYN, & Captain in H.M'.s 4th Regiment of

ORAM, ÉDMUND, Devonport, Devon, Mercer. Jan 15. Gard, DevonHussars. Nov 23. Pawle and Fearon, New inn, Strand MILLER, JANE, Upwey, Dorset. Dec 1. Andrews and Co, Dor.

REED, WILLIAM BATEMAN, Clifton, Bristol, Gent. Nov 26. Pearson, chester

PHIPPS, SARAL Ann, Hardingstone, Northampton. Dec 10. Rands, SMITH, FREDERICK, Brighton, Leather Cutter. Nov 30. Freeman

RACKLEY, JANE, Sunderland, Durham. Dec 1. Alcock and Ront-

and Gell, Brighton ledge, Sunderland

SMITH, John, l'ankersley, York, Innkeeper. Dec 1. Harrop and

Harrop, Swinton ROBERTS, JOHN, Munslow, Salop, Farmer. Dec 1, Sanders and Co,

SOWDEN, BENJAMIN HOLROYD, Hulme, Provision Dealer. Nov 20. Dudley

Heywood and Son, Manchester SPARLING, EMMA ANNE, Stratford pl, Cavendish sq. Dec 1. Longueville and Co, Oswestry

STAKE, ANN, Heywood, Lancaster, Beerseller. Nor 16. Grundy SPURGIN, EDWARD, Maldon, Essex, Carpenter. Nov 19. Digby and

and Co, Bury

Thomas,' Rev. FRANCIS, Haroldston Glen, Pembroke, Clerk. Nov Evans, Maldon

15. Phillips, Haverfordwest TURNBULL, MICHAEL, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Engineer. Nov 15.

Tort, Peter, Widnes, Lancaster, Druggist. Nov 24. Davies and Hoyle and Co, Newcastle-upon Tyne

Co, Warrington WHITMAN, ELIZABETH GILL, Cornwall rd, Westbourne park. Nov 24. Fielder and Sumner, Godliman st, Doctor's Commons

WILKINSON, ANN, Aspatria, Cumberland. Nov 11. Saul, Carlisle WOOD HOUSE, JOH®, New Place Villa, Acton, Gent. Oct 31. Camp

[Gazette, Oct. 19.) bell, Blenheim rd, Gunnersbury

BARLOW, Rev. JOIN JAMES, Kempsford Vicarage, Gloncester, Clerk. [Gazette, Oct. 12]

Dec 4. Burne and Hunt, Lincoln's inn fields

BELWORTHY, MARY, Barnsbury rd, Barnsbury. Dec 1. Boulton ARGYLE, CHARLES, Darlington, Durham, Cowkeeper. Nov 4. and Co, Northampton sq, Clerkenwelt Stevenson, Darlington

BOND, ALFRED, Balasore, East Indies. Dec 31. Cross and Co, Asu, EDWARD, Bristol, M.D. Nov. 30. Daniell and Co, Bristol Lancaster pl BELL, Adam, Kendal, Westmoreland, Plumber, Nov 29. Thomson | BOSANQUET, REV. GEORGE HENRY, Llanwarne, Hereford, Clerk. and Wilson, Kendal

Nov 30. Mullens and Bosanquet, Queen Victoria st COCKILL, JAMES, Stanley lane End, nr Wakefield, Yeoman. Jan 1. Brown, WILLIAM, Headon-oum.Upton, Nottingham, Farmer. Deo Harrison and Beaumont, Wakefield

3. Marshall, East Retford CONSTABLE, CAROLINE MARIA, Southampton. Nov 24. Lomer and BULL, FRANCES, Elsdale st, Hackney. Nov 20. Hudson and Co, Son, Southampton

Bucklersbury COOPBR, Joan, Leeds, Yeoman. Dec 8. Eddison and Eddison, BURNS, SUSANNAH, Upper Gomal, Stafford. Dec le Whitehouse, Leeds

Wolverhampton COWLEY, CHARLES, Rottingdean, Sussex, Farmer. Dec. 14. Woods COWLEY, CHARLES, Hove Sussex, Farmer. Dec 14, Woods and and Dempster, Brighton

Dempster, Rrighton




DAUKES, SAMUEL WHITFIELD, Beckenham, Kont, Architect. Dec 1.

Minet and Co, New Broad st
FENDICK, HENBY, Mylne st, Clerkenwell, Linen Draper. Dec 14.

Burkitt, London wall
FEWTRELL, WILLIAM TOPLADY, Gower pl, Russell sq, Editor. Dec
10. Howard and Co, New Bridge st

FILMEB, ALFRED, Gaildford, Surrey, Ironmonger, Dec 31. Craig,

(Before W. T. 8. DANIEL, Esq., Q.C., Judge.) HANWORTH, GEORGE BAYFIELD, Heigham, Norwich, Commercial Traveller. Nov 30. Bavin and Daynes, Norwich

Oot. 22.-Leathley v Hodgson.
JONES, SAMUEL THOMAS, Upper Norwood, Kent, Esq. Nov 22. This action was brought by Benjamin Leathley, account.

Hillearys and Taylor, Fenchurch bldgs
KENNEDY, MARTIN, Lowfell, Durham, Gent. Dec 6. Chartres and

ant, South-parade, Leeds, to recover from Jabez Hodgson, Co, Newcastle upon Tyne

painter, of Blackpool, formerly of Padsey, the sum of KING, CHARLOTTE, Whaddon, Bucks. Jan 1. Willis and Willis, £25 8s. 10d., for professional services rendered.

Lyons, LEONARD THOMAS, Clifton hill, St. John's Wood, Actor. Derser, appeared for the plaintiff.
Dec 10. Cronin and Rivolta, Southampton st, Bloomsbury

Tunnicliffe, for the defendant, said the case was one in MASTERS, JOHN SBARLE, Foulden rd. Stoke Newington, Gent. Dec

which the accountant had been doing the work of a solici. 1. Simpson and Palmer, Three Crowns sq, Southwark MEAD, WILLIAM WELLS, Dunton, Bucks, Farmer. Jan 1. Willis tor in an estate in liquidation.

and Willis, Winslow MORTIMOR, ISAAC, Wibsey, York, Woolsorter. Dec 1. Hutchinson,

Derser stated that only part of the work was that of a Bradford

Bolicitor, the remaicder being acoountant's work. NICHOLS, JONATHAN, Cumberland st West, Regent's Park, Gent. Tunnicliffe said the defendant had found himself in

Nov 22. Pope, Gray's inn sq. *PHELPS, ANx, Montagu pl, Russell sq. Dec 1. Leman and Co,

difficulties, and the plaintiff, being at his house and being Lincoln's inn fields

friendly with bim, suggested that he should make a comPHILLIPS, WILLIAM, Breakspear rd, Lewisham High rd, Master position, and said he would undertake to do the work in Mariner, Jan 1. Billinghurst and Wood, Bucklorsbury

connection with the composition. That composition was SOUTHCOTT, JAMES VEYSEX, New Cross Gate, Surrey, Licens Victualler. Nov 22. Pritchard and Sons, Gracechurch st

not carried out, and in November or December, 1878, the TAYLOR, JAMES, Golcar, Huddersfield, Cashier. Nov 15. Ainley defendant filed a petition for liquidation, and the plaintiff

and Hall, Huddersfield THOMSON, JOAN ROBERT, Sussex 'sq, Hyde Park, Esq. Jan 14.

was appointed receiver. Simpson and Co, Moorgate st

Derser said the plaintiff would tell the court that he TOMKINS, ARTHUR, Worcester, Grocer. Nov 27. Hogg, Worcester | advised the defendant to have a solicitor, but the defendant WALL, JAMES, Marksbury, Somerset, Mason. Dec 7. Gibbs, Bath said he would not go to the expense which would be inWillis, ROBERT, Hetton-le-Hole, Durham. Nov 11. Chambers, carred in having a solicitor.

WILSON, JOSEPH BIBJECK, Liverpool, Solicitor. Nov 10. Barrell

His Honour said the plaintiff might have told the defend. and Co, Liverpool

ant that he was not a solicitor, and could not do solioitor's WITHERS, HENRY HULCUPP, Longparish, Southampton, Farmer. work. Having examined the statement of claim, his

Dec 24. Pain and Clark, Whitchurch
WOOD, JOHN, Dover, Builder. Nov 6. Knocker, Dover

Honoar said that as receiver the plaintiff had no authority WOOD, MARIA SOPHIA, Bruges, in the Kingdom of Belgium. Dec 1. whatever to do certain of the work in respeot of which he Leadbitter and Co, Newcastle upon Tyne

bad made a claim. Wbere a receiver was appointed, his WRIGHT, ISAAC, Bradford, York, Gent. Dec 21. Killick and Co,

duty was to take care of the property of the debtor until Bradford

[Gazette, Oct. 22.] the first meeting of creditors, and then his business 88

receiver was at an end. What charges he might be ABBOTT, JOHN, Church path, Gamberwell, Builder. Dec 31. Gush

entitled to as receiver would be allowed when the bill bad and Phillips, Finsbury circus

been passed by the registrar. An accountant could not AGARS, GEORGE, Kilham on the Wolds, Gent. Dec 21. Foster and practise in a Court of Bankruptoy ; bat whether that was

Co, Great Driffield
BAKER, CHARLES, Tunstall, Suffolk, Builder. Dec 18. Welton,

& matter for any penalties under existing Aots of ParliaWoodbridge

mont he did not know. The only persons who were qualiBARROW, JOHN BARNES, St. Helens, Lancaster, Solicitor. Dec 1. fied to practise in the Bankruptoy Court were counsel and

Barrow and Cook, St. Helens
BENWELL, WILLIAM, Poplar walk, Loughborough Junction, Vic-

solioitors. An accountant had no right to practise in & tualler. Dec 4. Pownall and Co, Staple inn

Court of Bankruptoy, or to do work wbioh was properly the BRISTOW, MARGARET, Buckingham pl, Brigthon. Dec 21. Bertram, work of a solicitor, who was responsible to the court in Norfolk st, Strand

whioh he practised for any misconduot or negligence of CLEWS, WILLIAM, Sutton Coldfield, ar Birmingham, Gent. Jan 1. Canning and Canning, Birmingham

which he was guilty, while an acoountant for such a purDAVIS, JOHANA, Russell rd, Kensington. Nov 30. Mackeson and poge was merely a man taken out of the streets. Co, Lincoln's inn fields

Derser stated that the plaintiff had advised Hodgson to EGGÁR, MARY, Bristol. Dec 24. Fry and Co, Bristol GRIMSBY, JAMES EDDINGTON, Bognor, Sussex, Merchant. Feb 1.

have a solioitor, Harvie, Bognor

His HONOUR observed that that was the strongest HOWELL, CAROLINE ANX, Gloucester. Nov 30. Howell, Stockwell evidence against the plaintiff, who know that a solicitor

road HUGHES, Mary, St. Asaphs, Flint. Dec 1. Sisson and George, St.

was required. Asaphs

Derser said the defendant made a contract to pay the JACKSON, GEORGE, Lancaster, Gent. Dec 16. Remington, Ulverston plaintiff, Joynson, SAMUEL, Seven Oaks, Chester, Farmer. Dec 1. Cheshire

His HONOUR : I reserve to myself the rigbt of believing and Son, Northwich KNOWLES, JOB, Matlock, Derby, Farmer. Dec 25. Potter, Matlock | it. This is a case of an ignorant person who is in diffioulBridge

ties, and has put himself into the hands of an unqualified MALTBY, SARAH ELIZABETH, Nottingham. Nov 27. Burton and Oo,

person, for the purpose which he required, to administer Nottingham MCKAY, HUGH, Granville sq, Pentonville, Esq. Nov 30. Emanuel

his affairs through the Court of Bankraptoy. and Simmonds, Finsbury circus

Derser remurked that a composition had been paid. MORGANS, MARGARET, Brechfa, Carmarthen. Nov 30. Hartland

His HONOCR said there was a composition of 2s. 6d. in and Co, Swansea QUICK, HENRY, Exeter, Wine Merchant. Dec 1. Sanders, Exeter the pound, whioh it appeared from the 80oountant's own RAMSBOTTOM, HENRY ROBERT, Finchley, Gent. Nov 5. Mossman | bill had been procured by his act of intervention in applying

and Haley, Bradford ROBINSON, JAMBS, Honley, York, Manufacturer and Dyer. Dec 23.

to the creditors for the purpose of oontrolling and influenoLearoyd and Co, Huddersfield

ing their proceedings in order to carry a composition. RODWELL, JOIN, Marfleet, York, Farmer, Dec 1. Watson and Son, This was one of the abases to which the Comptroller in his Hull

report bad called speoial attention the mode in whioh ROWELL, NOAH, Little Paxton, Huntingdon, Gent. Dec 1. Wilkin. son and Co, St. Neots

creditors' meetings were got up by unprofessional persons. SPARKE, JONATHAN TANNER, Liverpool, Cigar Merchant. Nov 30. When it was seen that at the first meeting there was a Blease and Sons, Liverpool

sufficient majority to carry a composition, then the resoluSYMES, JOSIAH, Wells, Somerset, Pattern Maker. Dec 4. Foster, Wells

tions were brought forward. The second meeting would be THORNTON, LOUISA GEORGINA, Hillingdon, nr Uxbridge. Nov 23. held as a certainty, because a simple majority carried & Hanbury and Co, New Broad st

composition. The resolations of composition were not pat WHEELER, THOMAS, Lower Atchley, Salop, Gent. Nov 30. Phillips and Co, Shifnal

| forward at the first meeting until oare had been taken to WINTERBOTTOM, JAMES, Clifton, Bristol, Gent. Jan 1. Plummer manipulate the attendance Bo that tbere was a sufficient and Barry, Bristol

majority of friends of the debtor to carry the resolutions WINTLE, GBORGE, Bristol, Carriage Proprietor. Dec 10. Fry and Co, Bristol

This case was an illustration of the mode in which tha [Gazette, Oct. 26.) was done. The administration of insolvent estates 'wag




virtually placed in tho bands of the oreditors, who were 80 In re Looming, deod Saffenrenter v Leemiag app of Chal negligent of their own interests that they epoodraged-and Leoming and anr from V C of County Palatine of Lancasto a certain extent were responsible for those illegitimate Naylor » Farrer app of doft Y CB-Apr 23 proceedings of which there was now the loudest complaint. Raston Tobin app of plts VCM-Apr 27

The best mode of administration was through the creditors, Robinson Greaves app of plt MR-May 5 wben they would do their duty ; but when they would not

In re Dronfield Silkstone Coal Co, limd app of Frederick Ward do their duty, and when, bearing of a petition, they con MR-May 8 sidered it a bad debt, and trusted to anything they got as The Chesterfield and Boythorpe Colliery Co v Black app of something they could carry to profit and loss account, it defts Fry, J-May 11 became a consideration with him, after ten years' experience, Mackie v The Cotton Powder Co The Cotton Powder Co whether some farther official control should not be intro Mackie_app of plt MR-May 12 daced. He would adjourn the case to give the plaintiff an

Jowett v Foster app of plt MR_May 19 opportunity of laying his bill before the registrar, who Rayner » Preston app of plt MR-May 20

Biskop v Harden app of plts VC B-May 21 would certify whether anything, and what, was due in Dawkins v Antrobus app of plt MR-May 21 sospeot of services for which he was entitled to oharge as

New Appeals. ad accountant.

The London and Surburban Land and Building Co limd v Field The case was adjourned until the 26th of November, the

app of deft MR-May 22 question of costs being reserved.

Mash v Eads app of plts Fry, J-May 24
In re Roberts, deod, Pierce v Stell app of plt Denman J-

May 25
In re D. Gilson, decd and Trustee Acts app of petar D. C.

Gilson VC'H-May 27
Court Papers.

Wood v Monk app of plt Fry J-May 27 (8 O for security)

Chandler v Pocock app of plt_MR-May 28 SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE.

Kenton v Owen app of deft Fry, J-May 29

Rooke v Pym app of deft MR-May 31

Earl de la Warr v Miles app of deft V CB-June 1


Henderson v Tonnant app of plts from Vice Warden of the

Staaneries—June 3

Gibson v Key app of plt MR—June 6 (SO for security)
Monday, Nov. IMr. Clowes Mr. Cobby Mr. Teesdale

In re Reade, decd, Salthouse v Rsade app of defts MR-
Jackson Farrer

June 14
Wednesday. 3
Clowes Cobby Teesdale

In re Land Building Government and Guaranteed Securities Thursday


Jackson Farrer
5 Clowes Cobby Teesdale

Society app of lqdts VC B-June 15

James v Brooksbank app of plt Fry J-June 21
6 Кое
Jackson Farrer

Fletcher v McAdam app of plts from V C of County Palatina

Mr. Justice
V. O. Bacon. V.O. HALL.

of Lancaster-June 21 Monday, Nov. lMr. Leach Mr. Ward

Mr. King

In re Whateley, Milward & Co app of Whately & Co VCH

June 22 Tuesday

2 Latham Pemberton Merivale Wednesday.

Anderson v Barford app of defts Hughes & ors Fry, J-
3 Leach
Ward King

June 26
Thursday 4 Lalham Pemberton Merivale
Friday...... 5 Leach


Attorney-Gen v Hill app of defts VC B-Jone 28

Latham Pemberton

Arkwright v Nowbold app of defts Fry, J-June 29

In re Strafford, deod, Strafford v Warren app of G F Ward

MR-June 30

Whiting to Loomes app of Whiting MR-July 3
LIST OF APPEALS FOR MICHABLMAS SITTINGS, 1880. Fox v Atkinson app of defto from v C of County Palatise of

Lancaster- July 3

Explosive Co, limd v Jones, Scott & Co app of defts
For Judgment.

V CB-July 9 (s O for security).
Atlantic Mutual Insurance Co v Huth app of defts from M R Gathercolo v Smith app of deft MR-July 12

(o a v June 22–present Lords Justices James Cotton and Turner v Turner app of deft VCM-July 13

lo re Turner, deod, Hall v Torner app of deft VCM-July 13 For Hearing.

Partington v Taylor app of deft Taylor in person from VC of Samuel v Samuel app of plt M R—June 7, 1878 (S O till Couoty Palatino of Lancaster-July 14

Jones v Jones app of deft VCH-July 14
Robotham v Dunnett app of plt from V CM-June 28 (heard Ballard v Marsden app of defts Marsden and anr Fry, J-

Feb 17, 1879-restored on result of enquiries directed by Ct of July 19

The Metropolitan Board of Works v The London and North1879.

Western Ry Co app of defts VCA-July 20 The Singer Manufacturing Co v Loog app of deft VCB In re Goodman and Trustee Relief Act app of Pieret MR-July 26

July 21 Jewitt v McHenry app of deft MR-Aug 4,

Pike v Fitzgibbon app of deft Lady Fitzgibbon VCMIn re Young, decd, Young v Dollman app of deft A W Doll

July 22 man V CH-Nov 8

Preston v Neele app of of Plaintiff V.C B-July 22 1880.

In re Parkend Coal Co, limd app of Bristol and S w Waggon Union of French Wine Growers, limd v Brown app of deft

Co MR-Aug 6 Fry J-Mar 6

Leddell v McDougall app of plts VC B-Aug 7 Laughton v Rylands app of defts V C B-Mar 10

In re Metropolitan Bank, limd app of G Heiron V CB-Aug In re Bullivant, deod, Woolrych v Williams app of deft 7 VCH-Mar 10

Bagot v Easton app of plt V CB-Aug 7 Woodgate v Watson app of deft Fry, J-Mar 16

Keen v Lawr & Co app of defts VC B-Aug 9 Elliott v Deursley app of deft C F Webb, from part of order Fowlers v Walker app of pits and notice of variation by dafts on fc Fry, J–Mar 16

VCB-Aug 9 Vernon v Vestry of St. James, Westminster app of deft V CM In re Bardo, deod, Bardo v Bardo app of plt Den, J-Ang 10 -Mar 19

Halliday v Roberts app of plts Den, J-Aug 14 Lloyds v Harper app of defts Fry, J_Mar 24

Hyam v Terry app of afts Fry J-Aug 16 Wynne v Bulmer app of plt Fry, I–Mar 25

In re Finob, decd, Abbis v Barney app of Thos Bruce and Oceanic Steam Navn Co, limd v Sutherbury app of plts from

ors VCM-Aug 17 V C of County Palatine of Lancaster-Apr 4

Owen's Patent Wheel Tyre & Axle Co limd v Kleinwort app Gardner v Archer app of plts from order on f o V CM of plte V CB-Aug 18 -Apr 6

Emnia Silver Mining Co limd v Grant app of deft MRIn re Williams, decd, Williams v Lloyd app of plt in person

Aug 21 from order No. 1, dated Mar 17 MR-April 6 In re Williams, In re Basque Consolidated Silver Mining Co limd app of Mark decd, Williams v Lloyd app of plt in person from order No Dyett and anr V CH-Aug 23 2, dated Mar 17 MR-Apr 6

Ranson v Pation Patton v Ranson app of John Patton VCB Goodey v Everett app of plt Fry, J-Apr 8

-Sept 1 Hamilton Snowden app of defts VCM-Apr 14

In re Eastman's Trade Marks, No 364, and T M Acts app In re Timbrell, decd, Duignan v Croome app of deft Croome of Registrar from V C B-Oct 4 from ord on fc V CB-Apr 19

Witham v Vane app of plts Fry, J-Oct 8

Dec 2)

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