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thereby to remove or soften asperities engendered in the BACON, JOHN WILLIAM, Albany rd, Old Kent rd, Gent. Dec 31. course of a business which has a large element of conten

Hewitt v, Parklow, V.C. Malinn. Fraser, Furnival's inn

GOULD, GEORGE, Lansdowne ter, Brompton. Dec 8. Aston v. Gould, tion in it; and to obtain the consideration and criticism of

V.C. Hall. Crowder and Co, Lincoln'. ion fieds the profession of proposed legislation affecting subjects with HUGHES, SUSAN, Strand. Dec 18. Roth v. Hughes, V.C. Hall. Stuart, which we are principally concerned. These objects may be

Adam st, Adelphi

WILKINSON, HENRY, High Bustoo, Northom herland, Farmer. Dec 10. summed up as “the interests of the profession;" they are

Wilkinson v. Baird, V.C. Malins. Mirams, New inn, Strand not mere selfish interests, however, but such as may be pr

[Gazette, Nov. 21.] moted to the advantage of the public as well as the profession. There are gentlemen, members of this society, and I believe many of them, who wish to make it a power for good,

CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25. who wish to bring their talents and energy to bear on those great questions of legal reform which are in the air. I

LAST DAY OF CLAIM. sympathize with their wishes, and I trust the Hull Incor

ADDEY, EDWARD, Kingston-upon-Hull, Relieving Officer. Deo 31. porated Law Society, which we now inaugurate, will afford Reed, Kingston-upon-Hula them the opportunity they covet, and have a long career of D'ALMEIDA DONNA MARIA VESTURA DE SOUZA TORRES, Braga, Portugal usefulness. I thank Mr. Bedwell and our other guests for

Dec 12. Crump and Son, Philpot lane
BAINTON, JOAN, Southsea, Southampton, Saw

Mill Proprietor. their good wishes. Other toasts followed, and during the Dec 20. Hella d and son, Portsmouth evening several selections of music were given by a band of BOUCHER, JUAN, Camberwell New rd. Dec 6. Phillips and Son, Ab

church lane instrumentalists, interspersed with songs by the members

COLPAS, HENRY, Forest Creek, nr Melbourne, Aostralia, Contractor. present.

Dec 12. Simms, Ferndale rd, Clapham
COLPAS, WILLIAM HENRY, King's rd, Chelsea, Commercial Clerk,

Dec 12. Simms, Ferndale rd, Clapham
COOPER, THOMAS THORNVILLE, Craven st, Strand, Pioneer of Commerce.

Feb 28. Wood, St. Paul's Churchyard
Creditors' Claims.

Co8TA, AUGUSTo EEUARDO DA, Belem, Para, Brazil Merchant, Dec 12,

Crumb and Son, Philpot lans
DAY, WILLIAM, Southampton row, Confectioner.

Dec 5. May,

Russell sq


EDWARDS, HENRY CHARLES, Penrith, Esq. Dec 18. Lonsdale, Car

lisle BEMBOSE, ELIZABETH, Spalding. Lincoln. Jan 1. Brant v. Judd, V.C. Hall. Calthorp, Spalaing

FOREMAN, WILLIAM, Canterbury, Gent. Dec 15. Sankey and co, DENDY, FREDERICK PETER, Horsham, Draper. Dec 14. Dendy v,

Canterbury Bostock, M.R, Bo tock, Horsham

GRAT, JOHN WILLIAM Bacon, Bengeworth rd, Cold Harbour lane, DUBLIN AND ANTRIM JUNCTION RAILWAY COMPANY. Dec 11. Elliot

Barrister-at-Law. Jan l. Stanton and Atkinson, Newcastle-upon.v. Dublin and Anirim Junction Railway Company, M.R.

Tyne JONES, ROBERT JAMES, Liverpool, Solicitor. Dec 3. Jones V. Jones, HATCHER, WILLIAM HENNY, York rd, Battersea, Gent. Dec 1. Withall, V.C. Bacon. Venn, Finch lane, Cornhill

Threadneedle st LOSEBY, EDWARD. Leicester, Silversmith. Dec 1. Loseby v. Sarson, HAYLES, Eunice, Hornton st, Kensington. Dec 8. Tatton, LowV.C. Bacon. Place, Leicester

Phillimore pl McGill, MARY, Dunham Massey, Cheshire. Dec 10. Gibson v. Bruce,

HEMINGWAY, JAMES, Foden Bank, Macclesfield, Contractor. Dec 31. V.C. Hall. Duncan, Liverpool

Swioburne and Parker, Bedford-row ORME, MARY ANNIE, Guernsey, Channel Islands. Dec 31. Evans y.

HETA ERINGTON, JOSEPH HORATIO NELSON, Swan lane, Licensed VicMaxwell, V.C. Hall. Keily, Molyneux chambers, Goswell rd

tualler. Dec 29, Peacock and Goddard, South g, Giay's inn PITTAR, CHARLES JOHN, Rusben, Isle of Man, E&q. Dec 10. Porteous HOWLETT, SAMUEL, Woodbridge, Suffolk, Gent. Dec 19. Welton, v. Pitter, V.C. Malins. Hopgood, Whit-hall p!

Woodbridge TALBOT, WILLIAM, Gt Titchfield st, St Marylebone, Wholesale Iron

HUNT, HENRY, Preston, Lancaster, Wine and Spirit Merchant. Dec 8. Brazier. Dec 15. Talbot v. Bendelow, V.C. Hall. Ordell, New 89, Dodd, Preston Lincoli's inn

JAMES, CATAERINE, Tennersfield, Hereford. Dec 20. Corner, HereWATKINS, JAMES, Goodrich, Hereford, Butcher, Dec 10. Rosser y. ford Rosser, V.C. Hall. Chid, Old Jewry chambers

JOHANNING, GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS EDWIN, New Brighton, Chester, WREN, John HANSELL, Stockton-on-Tres, Milier. Dec 31. Begbio v. Bookkeeper. Dec 1. Mason and Grierson, Liverpool Wren, V.C. Hall. Payne, Joho st, Bedford row

LEVI, EDWARD, Stourbridge, Worcester, Bookseller. Dec 12. Bernard

ard King, Stourbridge [Gazette, Nov. 11.)

MATTHEWS, JAMES, Croydon, Surrey, Gent. Jan 10. Lindsay and Co,

Basinghall st BARNER, JOSEPH, Waliington, Oxford, Baker. Dec 15. Rogers v. MORGAN, JOHN, Shrewsbury, Corn Merchant. Dec 31. Nuisey, Holmes, M.R. Hughes, St. Benet's pl. Gracechurch st

Shrewsbury BLACKHURST, Jonx, Burslem, Stafford, Builder. Jan 1. Blackhurst v. PILGRIM, John, Hinckley, Leicester, Boatman. Dec 16. Wright and Harding, V.C. Hall. Ellis, Borslem

Hincks, Leicester GREENWALD, EMILY, Parker's pl, Somers Town. Dec 17. Greenwald ROSE, JAMES, Charlton, Kent, Market Gardener. Dec 23. Sampson, v. Hennessey, V.C. Hall. Mandale, Mitre ct, Temple

King si, Cheapside HARRISON, THOMAS, Lupus st, Pimlic, Licensed Victoaller.

Dec 8.

SILVA, JOSE PEREIRA DA, Lisbon, Portugal, Merchaat. Dec 12. Crump Harrison v. Harrison, V.C. Hall. Kinsey and Ade, Bloomsbury pl and Son, Philpot lane Hill, WILLIAM, Nottingham, Lace Manulacturer, Dec 10.

Hill v.

SUTCLIOFE, JOSEPH, Fenay Bridge, York, Common Brewer. Jag 9. Hil, V.C. Malios. Hind, Nottingham

Fenton and Co, Hudder-field LANGLEY, John, Oaken, Statford, Hardware Merchant. Jan 23. SUTHERLAND, JANE, Bath. Dec 13. Phillips and Son, Abchurch Blevens v. Morson, V.C. Hall. Dent, Wolverhampton

lane ROLLINGS, JAMES, Titley, Hereford, Shoemaker. Dec 15. Davies Y. WARREN, GEORGE, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Glass Manufacturer. Dec 24. Rollings, V.C. Hall. Tidd and Co, Kington

Watson and Mendy, Newcus:le-upo -Tyne SANDERS, Anx, Drayton terrace, Peckham. Dec 8. Sanders v. Savage, WELCHMAN, ANNA MARGARETTA, Kingston-upon-Thames. Dec 13. M.R. Wilkinson, Bermondsey st, Southwark

Phillips and Son, Abchurch lane SILVA, EMANUEL, Richmond, Gent. Dec 1. Beckford v. Silva, V.C. WILLOU GABY, WILLIAM, Plymouth, Gent. Dec 31. Whiteford and Bacon. Arkcoll. Tooley st, South wark

Bennett, Plymouth SPILLER, I LIZABETH, Wonford, Devon, Dec 10. Spiller v. Madge, WOODWARD, Sarah, Oldham pl, Farringdon rd. Jan 1. Patten, V.C. Malins. Stamp, Honiton

Gray's-inn-sg TAYLOR, JAMES, Wear ley Meltram, York, Farmer. Dec 15. Shaw v. WRIGHT, WILLIAM Waight WORTHINGTON, Flixton, Lancaster, Esq. Pogson, V.C. Hall. Sykor, Huddersfield

Dec 27. Stevenson and Co, Manchester THORP, JOHN, Swallowfield, Berks, Farmer. Dec 5. Thorp v. Thorp,

Gazette, Nov. 11.) V.O. Bacon. White, Budge row, Canpon et WHELAN, JOHN, Gt Wild st, Drory lane, Coal Merchant. Dec 2. Rice v. Whelan, V.0. Bacon. Keily, Molyneux chambers, Goswell rd

ASHCROFT, ELEANOR, Litherland Park, nr Liverpool. Nov 24. Dixon Wilks, EDWARD, Potter Newton, Leeds. Dec 21. Obild v. Bulmer,

and Syers, Liverpool V.C. Hall. Bulmer, Leeds

ASAWORTH, JOHN, Turton, Lancaster, Land Agent. Dec 31. Fulla

gar and Co, Bolton-le-Moor (Gazette, Nov. 14.]

BACON, MATTHEW, Chatham, Miller. Dec 18. Etherington and Mann,

Chatham FL ** TCHER, HANNAH, Hile Farm, .nr Bacup, Lancashire. Dec 20. BEDELL, JOHN MA‘on, Bishopsgate st Within. Dec 29. Digby and Tatier sall v. Fletcher, V.C. Bacon. Wrighi, Bacup

Tabor, Bloomfield st FREEBOUT, Locis FRANCIS, Deptford, Gent. Dec 23. Freeborne y. BELL, GEORGE FREDERICK JAMES, Grove rd, Mile End. Dec 12. Lockyer, V.C. Bacon. Lockyer, Gresham bldgs, Basinghall st

Glynes and Co, Mark lane GRMWOOD, CHARLES, Hildeston, Suffolk, Gent. Dec 8. Grimwood v. BOGLE, JOHN, Torquay, Devon, Esq. Feb 14. Bennett and Co, New Wells, V.C. Hall, Sandom and Co, Gracechurch at

eq, Lincoln's-ion OSBORNE, ROBERT GRANT, Manchester, Gent. Dec 10. Davison y.

BRAYNE, MARY ANN, Abbeforegate, Shrewsbury. Dec 31. Howe, Vansittant, V.C. Malins. Brown, Westerham

Shrewsbury REDRUTH AND CHASEWATER RAILWAY COMPANY. Dec 15. Barlow v. BUCKLEY, GEORGE, Saddleworth, York, Grocer. Dec 12. Ponsonby

Redrath and Chasewater Railway Co., M.R. Woollcombe, I beobald's and Carlile, Oldham rd, Gray's ion

COOKE, THOMAS, Nottingham, Gent. Dec 20. Hunt add Williams, RICHARDSON, JOHN KI1 Lam, Selby, York, Batcher. Dec 16. Elston Nottingham v. Connell, M.R. Weddall, Seibs

DEELEY, ELIZABETH, Balsall Heath, King's Norton. Dec 24. Wood [Gazette, Nov. 18.) and son, Birmingbam

DIION, Joux, Brampton, Derby, Gent. Dec 17. Clark, Chester

DOBINSON, MARTHA, Little Europa pl, Battersea. Dec 31. Young,

County Courts.
Newgate st
DUYFIELD, MARY Anx, Birmingham. Feb 2. Riley, Wolver-

FISHER, ANx, Westbourne terrace, Hyde Park. Dec 6. Fisher and
Carter, Old Jewry chambers

(Before H. J. STONOR, Esq., Judge.)
FISHER, THOMAS, Backland, Filleigh, Devon, Esq. Dec 6. Fisher and
Carter, Old Jewry Chambers

Nov. 11.-Salter v. Brooks; Montague, claimant. GREENWOOD, JOHN OATES, Quarry House, nr Halifax. Dec 10. Taylor and Co, Bradford

His Honour gave judgment in this case, which has been HYDE, ELIZABETR, Elm Tree rd, St. John's Wood. Dec 20. Freeman before the court several times. and Bothamley, Queen st, Cheapside

W. Attenborough was for the plaintiff and execution JONES, THOMAS, Edgbaston, Birmingham, Gent. Dec 15. Foster, creditor.

KAIGHIN, WILLIAM, Birkenhead, White Cooper. Dec 20. Moore,

Bartlett, for the claimant.

H. R. Jones watched the case for the high bailiff.
KOCE, JOLES FREDERIC, Lausanne, Switzerland, Avocat. Dec 10.
Bailey and Argles, Gracechurch st

His Honour said :—The points involved in this case are Pais, WILLIAM, Fareham, Southampton, Yeoman. Dec 21. Pain and of great importance, not only to high bailiffs and officers of Clarke, Winchester

county courts, but also to sheriffs and officers executing PETO, WILLIAM, Cookham, Berks, Farmer. Dec 31. Hurförd and Taylor, Furnival's inn

the process of other courts, and to purchasers of goods under POOLE. Parl FALCONER, Greenhill, Hampstead, Artist. Dec 31, Cup

snch executions. The plaintiff early in August last obtained ping, Godliman st, Diclors'-commons

execution against the defendant's goods for debt and costs ROUGIER, HENRT, Inverness gardens, Kensington, Esq. Jan 10. Allen

amounting to £83 1s. 8d., and the bailiff took possession of and Son, Carlisle st, Suho sq STEVENSON, MONTAGUE, Sheffield, Managing Director of Messrs. Je ssop

all the goods in the plaintiff's house, No. 227 in Batterseaand Sons. Jan 15. Braml-y, Sheffi-Id

park-road, and on the 15th of August they were appraised SWITT, GEORGE, Od Bond st, Military Tailor. Des 31. Hurford and and valued at the sum of £18 185. 8d., and on the same day Taylor, Furnival's-inn, Holborn W188Y, MARY REBECCA. Cumberland Market, Regent's Park. Dec 13.

they were sold for that sum to tbe claimant. The sale took Gough, Turle rd North, Hornsey Rise

place on the premises, the claimant paid the money to the [Gazette, Nov. 14.]

bailiff, the latter delivered to the claimant and quitted

possession. The claimant took the bailiff's receipt (which AnkowsMITA, GEORGE, Avenue Wagram, Paris. Feb 14. Denton and was dated the following day, viz., 16th of August), for “the Co, Gray's

inn sq ATKINSON, EDWARD, Potternewtop, Leeds, Gent. Jan 1. Middleton

sum of £18 18s. 8d., as per appraisement and inventory aud Sons, Leeds

annexed,” but no appraisement or inventory was then ATKINSON, Mark, Potternewton, Leeds. Jan 1. Middleton and Sons, annexed to the receipt or delivered to claimant, and there is BILLING HAN, Edwin, Hockley, Warwick, Die Sinker. Dec 15. Foster, days afterwards, however, an inventory was sent to the

no actual mention of the goods in the receipt. Two or three Birmingham BIRD, RICHARD, Victoria st, Paddington. Fab 1. Freeman, Poet's claimant by the bailiff. The claimant, immediately on pur-Cerner, Westminster BOYD, Mars, Alexandra Hotel, Hyde Park, Esq. Dec 25. Johneons debtor permission to use them until he (che claimant) other.

chasing and getting possession of the goods, gave the execution and Co, Austin Friars Barys, JAMES, Babergham Eares, Lancaster, Surgeon. Dec 31.

wise disposed of them, and left the execution debtor in. Holmes and Holmes, Burnley

possession of them. Neither the receipt ror inventory was. BURTON, HENRY MAY, Ipswich, Wholesale Grocer. Dec 20. Birkett registered under the Bills of Sale Act, 1878. Early in

and Bantoft, Ipswich CLUXE, Thomas, Fowey, Cornwall, Esq. San I. Allen and Beauchamp

September, the plaintiff, the execution creditor, took out Worcester

another execution against the goods of the defendant, and COOPER, HARRIET, Harwich, Essex. Dec 31. Barnes, Harwich called upon the bailiff to seize again the same goods which DANIELS, John, Eccles, Lancaster, Boot and Shoe Dealer. Dec 13. Simpson and Hockin, Manchester

had been purcbased and paid for by the claimant, and the DAVIES, Jons, Bryn Ivor Hall, Monmouth, Gent. Jan I. Lloyd, New- purchase-money for which the plaintiff had received through port

the court, the plaintiff alleging that under the 4th and 8th DYKE, JOSEPH, Eastgate, Rochester, Gent. Dec 20. Offerton-Steven- sections of the above Act, the receipt and inventory, or one

son, Rochester FOLLÁRTON, JOHN ALEXANDER, Elvaston pl, South Kensington, Gent.

of them ought to bave been registered within seven days, and Dec 12. Kearsey and Co, Old Jewry

that at the expiration of the seven days, the goods being in the GIBBS, John, Borpit, Wilts, Farmer. Dec 15. Kindelr and Tombs, apparent possession of the defendant, the bailiff was bound

GOEPEL, JANE SELTH, Offord rd, Barnsbury. Dec 31. Nutt and Co,

to seize them again as the property of the defendant. Brabant crt, Pbilpot lane

The bailiff accordingly seized the goods again, and ESTHERILL, JOAN ALFRED, Birmingham, Pocket Book Maker. Dec 24. appraised them at the sum of £17 25. 6d., and the claimant

Joboson and Co, Birmingham
HAWKES, ELIZABETH, Shardeloes rd, New Cross. Dec 16. Howard,

again claimed the goods and paid into court that sum Greenwich

which is the subject of the present interpleader. Shortly HAWORTH, CALEB, Nelson-in-Marsden, Lancaster, Conveyancer. after regaining possession of the goods, claimant sold

Feb 1. Hartley, Colne
HUTCEINSON, Joux, Forton Bank, Lancaster, Farmer. Dec 24. Picard, fendant's interest in his house and the good-will of his

them to one William Gillett, who also purchased the deKirkby Lonsdale JAMES, CATHEBINE, Tendersfield, Hereford. Dec 20. Corner, Here- | business, and went into possession of the same, and also ford

of the goods, and retained the defendant as foreman of the MALTET, GEORGE, Maitland Park rd, Haverstock Hill, Gent. Jan 1. Ford and Co, Bloomsbury sq

business at a salary of 368. a week, and allowed him still McCaEzzy, SABAH, Lowndes sq. Dec 20. Paterson and Co, Chancery to live in the house, but the plaintiff, the execution credi.

tor, actually took out another execution, and required the MILLARD, HENRY CANDISH, Southampton, Gent. Dec 31. Newton, bailiff to seize the goods a third time on the same grounds

Leighton Buzzard
MILLS, JOHN, Shoreliffe, Kent, Veterinary Surgeon. Dec 20. Steele, as on the second time, which he accordingly did. Gillett

then put in a claim to the goods, which became the sabject MOBEIS, EDWARD, Chester, Woollen Merchant. Dec 20. Walker and Sunith, Chester

of a second interpleader summons, on which be rePARKEE, MARTHA, Hanhopes, Mordiford, Hereford. Dec 10. Scott, covered, as there was clearly po apparent possession in the King William st

execution debtor. The first question on the present claim PAULI, CHARLOTTE, Landau, Rhenish Bavaria. Jan 13. Fielder and

is whether the bailiff's receipt of the 10th of August and Sumner, Godiiman st, Doctors'-commons SAUNDERS, CHARLES AUSTIN, Great Saint Helen's, Esq. Dec 24.

inventory are required to be registered under the Bills of Honghtons and Byfield, Graceehurch st

Sale Act, 1878. The terms employed in the Act are very SCHNITZBERGER, WENZESLAUS, Munich, Germany, Glass Engraver. wide, and include “receipts for the purchase of goods,"

Jan 13. Fielder and Sumner, Godliman st, Doctors'-commons
Smith, ROBERT Howe, Richmond terrace, Cladbam rd, Newspaper

bat only such “inventories” as are "attached to receipts." Proprietor. Dec 31. Claye and Son, Manchester

Therefore, in the present case, the receipt is prima facie WARD, General Sir FRANCIS, K.C.B., Woodside, nr Amersham, Bucks. within the Act, but the inventory is not. There are, how.

Dec 15. Jennings, St. Swithio's lane
ZIMKERMANN, FRIEDRICH, Northampton rd, Clerkenwell, Catgut

ever, in the 4th section of the Act, savings of “transfers Maker. Jan 13. Fielder and Sumner, Godliman st, Doctors-com. of goods in the ordinary course of business of any trade or mons

calling," and also of documents used in the ordinary course (Gazette, Nov. 18.]

of bosiness as proof of the possession or control of goods ; and I am inclined to think that the document now in ques. tion, viz., the receipt, would come under one, acd perhaps both, of these savings, for though a bailiff bas no "trade,


be certainly has a "calling.” Assuming, however, that the receipt is a bill of sale and a transfer for the purposes of the Act, it clearly does not become a transfer further or otherwise, and therefore neither the property nor possession passed by it. The plaintiff contracted for the parchase of the wholo of the goods, paid the money, and the goods were delivered to him and left in his possession, and I think the property and possession thereby passed to bim, and the contract for sale was not controlled by the receipt given immediately afterwards, or the inventory wbich followed. I rely also, very strongly, on the absence of any description or mention of the goods in the receipt, and therefore it cannot be regarded as a bill of sale even for the parposes of the Act, as it does not contain the terms of the contract. It must also be remembered that, according to the case of Hernaman v. Bovoker (4 W. R. 261), a sheriff · or bailiff is not restricted in the manner of sale, and no bill of sale, writing, or receipt is necessary; sale and delivery are sufficient title. Verdict for the claimant, with costs,

bat with liberty to the execution creditor to appeal by case · within one month.

Court Papers.




ROLLS. Monday, Dec. Mr. Ward Mr. Clowes Mr. King "Tuesday 2 Pemberton


Merivale Wednesday.. 3 Ward

Clowes King Thursday 4 Pemberton Koe

Merivale Friday..... 5 Ward

Clowes King Saturday... 6 Pemberton кое

Merivale Y. O. Bacon. V. C. HALL.

Mr. Justice

FRY. Monday, Dec. 1Mr. Jackson Mr. Farrer Mr. Latbam Tuesday 2 Cobby

Teesdale Leach Wednesday.. Jackeon Farrer

Latham Thursday 4 Cobby

Teesdale Leach Friday


Jackson Farrer Latham Saturday. 6 Cobby Teesdale Leach

СР 93 Lawson (Tucker, B and Co) v Yeomans (Collette and C) СР 94 Walker (S H Behrend) v Hough (Bloxam and E), without

jury, stayed CP 95 Jasmins (Lowless and Co) v Hyde (Hollams, Son and C),

commission SJ QB 96 Vanderzee and Co (Simpson and C) v Campbell, Robertson

and Co (J R Childley) SJ QB 97 Weigel (W Beck) v Anderson and ors (Hollams, Son and

C), postponed Ex 98 Young (

Wilkins, B and F) The Senora Co and ors (Elmslie

and Co; Mozley and S), SJ CP 99 A Tesdorpf and Co (Waltons, B and W) v Gates (T Cooper

and Co), stayed SJ Ex 100 Bilbrough (Hacon and T) v Henderson (Dawes and Sons),

commission SJ CP 101 Reynolds (J P Garrod) v Cooper (Fisher and Co), postponed CP 102 Bevingtons, Foster and Co (Waltons, B and W) v Rawlins

(Hollams, Son and C), commission SJ CP 103 Strauss and Co (F W Mount) v Continential Daily Parcels

Express (Dalton and J), commission Q B 104 Morgan (J R Greening) v Finlay (Hollams, Son and C), SJ Q B 105 New South Wales Marine Assurance Co (Hollams, Sons

and C) v Reade (Waltons, B and W), commission SJ Q B 106 Alexander (J C Campbell) v McMaster (Venning, R and J),

stayed CP 107 Silva and anr (W A Crump and Son) v Larking and anr

(Lowless and Co), commission Ex 108 Brown (T H E Foord) v Groom (Pownall, Son C and K);

Groom (T H E Foord) v Brown (Pownall, Son C and K),

consolidated, postponed CP 109 Leary and Co (Markby, S and Co) v Wiarda (G J Jennings),

commission Q B 110 The Central African Trading Co, limd (Flux and Co) v

Walsh Bros (Milne, R and M), commission Q B 111 Falkenburg and Hesse (Hollams, Sons and C) v Kumpers

and Co (W A Crump and Son), commission SJ Q B 112 Standard Lubricating Oils Co, limd (H Kimber and Co) v

Smith (Champion and Co), commission CP 113 Beeson (Farnfields) v Culliford and ors (Hollams, Son and

C), commission Q B 114 Dale and Spring (Hollams, Son and C) v Wakefield (Wal

tons, B and w), commission SJ Q B 115 Dickinson (Haywood, K and S) v S Stanbridge (Clapham

and F), stayed CP 116 Finch (Ú Montagu) v Dixon (Argles and R), com SJ Ex 117 Hough and Co (Lyne and H) v Manzanos and Co (Ingle

dew, I and G), SJ Ex 118 Hackett (Scard and Son v Gisby (Robert Wood), stayed Q B 119 Schulte and Schemann (Hollams, Son and C) v Hopkins,

Gilkes and Co (Van Sandau and C), stayed SJ CP 120 Berla, Cotrim and Co (Norton, R and Co) v E Pellass and

Co (Lowless and Co), commission SJ Q B 121 Eklof (Stokes, 8 and's) v Greenhow and Co (Billinghurst

and W), stayed SJ CP 122 Bordes (Johnson, U B and A) v Peruvian Guano Co, limd

(J B Batten) commission SJ Ex 123 Vickers and anr (W Tanner) v Bird and anr (Wild, B M

and W), stayed Ex 124 Gardner (Randall and A) v Withernsea Pier, &c, Co

(Milne, R and M), commission Q B 125 Prieto (J Andrews) v Chadwick and Son (S Mayhew),

postponed Q B 126 Bramwell (Hollams, Son and C) v Levi and Co (Ingledew,

I and G), commission SJ CP 127 Preston (Parker and Co) v The Cleveland Extension

Mineral Ry Co (Chappell, Sons and Co) SJ Q B 128 C Tennant and Co (M Shephard) v Ellis, Kislingbury and

Co (F W and H Hilbery), commission Ex 129 Jacobs and anr (A E Sydney) v Craig and anr (G H Finch),

commission SJ Q B 130 Angestad and ors (Plews, I and Co) v Knights (Parsons

and L) Q B 131 Johannesen (Same) v Same (Same) QB 132 Berlin, &c., Co., limd (Rooks & Co) v Combe and Wain

wright (In Person) SJ Ex 133 Bolton (Munns and L) v The Marine and General Life

Assurance Society (Freshfield and W) SJ Q B 131 Hutton (T Allingham) v Bevan and ors (Janson, Cobb, and

Co) SS QB 135 Rogerson and Son (Courtenay and C) v Uzielli (Waltons,

B and W), commn SJ Q B 136 Rumcker and Rymer (Hollams, Son and C) v Susman (H

Montagu) Q B 137 Thomson and ors (Ingledew, I and G) v Grant and ors

(Hughes, Hooker and Co), commission SJ Ex 138 Bunnett and Co, limd (Renshaw and R) v Potter and Sons

(Prior, B C and A), SJ Q B 139 Arnold and Co (Robinson and H) v Grautoff and Co (Nicol,

Sons and J), stayed SJ CP 140 Argles and anr (Argles and A) v Thomas (In Person), SJ Ex 141 Wright (L Barnett) v Wright (Scott, Jarmain and Co) CP 142 Steel Bros and Co (Waltons, B and W) v Briggs and ors

(Pritchard and Son), commission SJ CP 143 Mackey (T W Goldring) v Lovegrove (E H Parnell) Q B 144 Mapleson (J and R Gole) v Austin (W F Stokes) com Q B 145 Kearsey, exors, &c (Kearsey, Son and H) v Roche and

Gover (In Person) C P 146 Parker (Digby and Jones) v Barrell (S T Cooper) Ex 147 Hall (Munns and L) v Tarbox (Pike and Son) SJ Q B 148 Pilles (G and W Webb) v Watts, Milburn and Co (Ingle.

dew and Co), commission SJ Ex 149 Porter and Co (Champion, R and P) v Duncanson (Walton,

B and W), commission

HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE. LONDON.-MICHAELMAS SITTING, 1879. This list contains all actions entered in Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer Divisions, in which notice of trial has been given ; and also all actions in the Chancery Division, in which notice has been given of trial before a judge and

jury, up to and including the 1st of December, 1879.

LIST OF ACTIONS FOR TRIAL. CP 1 The Chartered Mercantile Bank of India, London, and

China (Waltons, B and W) v The Netherlands India Steam

Navigation Co, limd (Lovell and Co), commission SJ СР 2 Frowein and ors (Stephen Scott) v Sonnenthal (Ashurst, M

and Co), stayed SJ CP 3 Allan (Roberts and B) v Wakefield (Waltons, B and w), SJ СР

4 Breffit (A Jones, T and G) v Williams (Norris, A and c),

stayed Ex 5 Hanbury (Mercer and Mercer) v Grant and Clark and

Punchard, and 77 other actions against the same defendants (Ashurst, M and Co; Blunt, T and L), post

poned SJ Ex 83 James Watt and Co (G Webb) v Mersey Steel and Iron Co,

limd (Norris, A and C), SJ Ex 81 Ostrom and Fischer (HJ Coburn) v Heintz (Nash and F),

stayed CP 85 Rathbone and ors (Freshfields and W) v Caldwell (J B

Towse), commission SJ QB 86 Leese (Ino Frost) v Household (Field, R and Co), stayed SJ Ex 87 Masaru and ors (Murray, Hutchins and Co) v Hobley (Hol

lams, Son and C), commission SJ OP 88 Keay and anr (Pritchard and Sons) v Young and ors

(Clarkes, R and C; J Scott ; Burion, Y and Co; Belfrage

and M), SJ CP 89 Amazon Tug and Lighterage Co, limd (Ashurst, M and Co)

v Earle's Ship Building and Engineering Co, limd (Ches

ter, U and Co), commission SJ Q B 90 Pedersen (Johnsons, U B and A) v Dobell and Co (Field, R

and Co), SJ QB 91 Dreyfus, Freres and Cie (Stibbard, G and Co) v Watts

Milburn and Co (Torr and Co), commission SJ CP 92 Gardiner (Waltons, B and W) v Warns (F Bradley), stayed


CP 150 Perry (Crook and S) v Oughton and Son (Withal and c). Q B 522 Flensburger Dampfschifffahrt Geselschaft von 1869 and OP 151 Gleiper (Angell, Terry and P) v Great Eastern Ry Co (Ć A

anr (J Crowdy and son 11 Dodds, trading, &c (Sharp Curwood) SJ

and U) SJ CP 152 Belmonte and ors (Ashurst, M and Co) v Gutschow and Q B 523 Oakeshott, extrix (F and T Smith and Sons) v Taylor Ford, Trustees, &c (W A Crump and Son; Saunders,

(Pittman and S) H and Co), without jury, commission

Q B 524 Beale (A G Ditton) v Clarke (HW M Wetherfield)

Èx 525 Vandy (H S Harris and G) v N Metropolitan Tram Co (To be continued.)

(HC Godfray). Q B 526 Harcourt (W T Manning) v Clark (C Thorp) CP 627 Wildash, by next Friend and anr (Same) v Sonth-Eastern

Ry Co (W R Stevens) MIDDLESEX.-MICHAELMAS SITTING, 1879. Q B 528 Monkhouse (Van Sandau and C) v Laing (Jackson and J).

CP 629 Harrison and anr (Harrisons) v Harris (Lewis and I) LIST OF ACTIONS FOR TRIAL.

without jury (Continued from page 76.)

Ex 530 Hunting and anr (Shaen, R, M and S) v Owen (Mickle.

thwait and Co) Es 459 Amoss (W W Brown) v London and Provincial Horse and CP 531 Rattenbury (G H Finch) v Brinton and Co (Day and H) Carriage Insurance Co (J Crowdy and Son)

CP:532 English, trustee, &c (R Davies) y Allen (G and W Webb) Ex 460 Falk and anr (H W Christmas) v Hatton (J Hutchinson) QB 533 Culwick (N Gedge) v Palmer and anr (FW Denny) Ex 461 Marshall (T R Apps) v Williams (Kennedy and H). Ex 534 Wright (Norris, A and C) v Bingham (Yorke and B), Q B 462 Willis (H E Rawson) v Markham (T R Richardson)

Q B 535 Taylor and Sons (Layton, Son and L) y Blunt (W Bohm) OB 463 Jenner and anr (T M Attwen) v Puxley and Wife (G F and B 696 Pontifex (J and M Pontifex) v Greenfield (E W and R Y Rooper) SJ

Es 464 Slade (Ingle, C and H) v The Great Eastern Ry Co (C A Ex 537 Bass and Co (R H Wilkin) v Horne (Hurford and T)
Curwood) SJ

CP 538 Nunn (Wild, B and W) v Sage (Patterson, S and B)
QB 465 Blizard (Palmer, E and N) v Poynter and ors (Brac dons). CP 539 Mackay. Liquidator, &c (Munns and L) v Walter and Co,
Ex 466 Philpott (Deane, C and Col v Gill (A S Edmunds and Son)

limd (Woodbridge and Son) Ex 467 Wingrove (Hilleary and T) v Tubbs and anr (Chappell, Ex 540 Goodfellow (A G Ditton) v Durant (T Durant) W and C)

QB 541 Rice (Lewis and L) v East and West India Dock Co. QB 468 Andrews (F Cotton) + Vicar and Churchwardens of West

(Freshfields and W) Teignmouth (G E Philbrick)

Q B 542 Field, John (H J Jennings) v Great Western Ry Co (R R Ex 469 Taylor (G J Jennings) v Metropolitan Tram Co (HC God.

Nelson) fray)

Q B 543 Field, Henry (Same) v Same (Same) Es 470 Yates (Hilleary and T) v Same (Same)

0 B 544 Field, sen, and Wife (Same) v Same (Same) CP 471 Sheward (Allen and Son) v Earl Lonsdale (Ellis and Ellis) Q B 545 Field, jun, and Wife (Same) v Same (Same) SJ

QB 516 Field by next Friend and T Field (Same) v Same (Same) QB 472 McMillan (W H Holland) v Hider (W Sharman)

Q B 547 Smythe (FC Mathews) v Walker (Duffleld and B) SJ Ěs 73 Crowe (Hardwicke and I) v Thornton and ors (Mullens CP 548 Wirth, Freres et Cie (Bailey, S and G) v Berriman (Reess, and B)

Lane and Co) Ex 474 Ward (W M Flegg) v Knox (Tidy and T)

Q B 549 Press and Wife (J T Hazeldine) v N Metropolitan Tram Co CP 175 Yullis (Woodbridge and Sons) v D'Avigdor (Futvoye, F

(HC Godfray) and B)

Ex 650 Spaul (W H Sturt) v Phipps and ors (Elwes and S) CP 476 Burrell (Todd and Dennes) v Ireland and anr (R Voss) Q B 551 Strutt (Hazeldine and Co) v London Tram Co, limd (HC Es 477 Poolman (W Hicks) v Gaffin, extrix (Willoughby and Cox)

Godfray) QB 478 Bromley and ors (Layton, Son and L) v Gilling (Lanfear | CP 552 James (J Evans) v James (Lewis and Sons) and s)

Ex 553 Scrine (G R Harrison) v McKay (J Cotton) without jury QB 479 Williams (T D Dutton) v Monico and anr (G F and M

Q B 554 The Nitro-Phosphate and Odams Chemical Manure Co, id Rooper) Ex 480 Putt (w 'Vant) v Lees (J P Poncione)

(Kingsford and Co) v Roberts (Williamson, H and Co) Ex 481 Grant (T W Lenby) v Pilkington (J Cotton)

CP 555 Roche (Bailey, S and G) v Sykes (Lambert, P and S) OP 482 Stockwell (C A Cosedge) v Stockwell (T M'Attwell)

Q B 556 Brown (G Whale) v West (E Hughes)
Q B 557 Gordon (Ley and

M) v Philp (Crouch and F)
Ex 483 Eyre (Tadman and B) v Norris and Norris (J J Winser) SJ
Q B 484 Brown (W Maynard) v Doo (W Royle)

DP 558 Gauz (Chappell. Son and G) y Evans (Lewis and L). 0 B 485 Venables (H N Pike) v Rowley and anr (C Thorp; Taylor

CP 559 Ball (J R Tindale) v Cowles (Woodbridge and Sons)

CP560 Besant (Philbrick and Co) v Bevan, trading, &c (Farn. and T) Q B 486 Huni Bros (F Clift) v Brandt (D Aston); Same (Same) v

fields) Same (Same) consolidated

CP 561 Thorley Cattle Food Co ld (W Eley) v Watson (Argles and CP 487 Breffit (J R Tindale) v Weir (Bell, B and Co).

A) Q B 488 Gaisford (G Thompson) v Miller and anr (In Person) Q B 562 Ruding (J and M Pontifex) v Real Property Trust, limd, CP 489 Bull and anr (Tyrrell, Lewis and Co) v Perry and Co and

and anr (Ashurst and Co) anr (Munns and L; R Mote) SJ

Q B 563 Pepperell (J R Tindale) v The Marquis of Townshend (WA Ex 490 Holland, by rext friend (F R Coote) v Mead and anr (Bick.

Day) SJ nell and H; Tilley and S)

Ex 564 Davis (Wa ter, Jarvis and T) v Nottage and anr (T Mick. CP 491 Sargeant (Speechley, M and Co) v Winney and anr (G

lem) SJ Brown and Sons)

Q B 565 Richardson (Bird, M and R) v Oldham and Canning Ex 492 Milson (T Bordman) v London and North-Western Ry Co

(Mathews and S) SJ (RF Roberts)

CP 566 Chambers (F Norton) v Gaches and anr (Pitman and Ex 493 Ponsford (Bartley and James) v Wyld (CO Newman)

Smart) without jury CP 194 Bass (W C Hall) v Paice (Lewis and L)

Ex 567 Smith (T W Goldring) v Clark (G Reader) Ex 495 Llewellyn (T White and Sons) v Strangward (Saunders, H Ex 568 Parris J N Mason) v Blowes (Beaumont and W) and B) SJ

Q B 569 Wise (C E R Preston) v Martin and anr (F Carter)
CP 496 Rainbow and Wife (Prior, Bigg and Co) v Juggins (C

Ex 497 Newman, trading, &c (W H Hudson) v Harris and Co

(Joel Emanuel and Co)
Es 488 Same (Same) v Gregg (Fallows and B)
Ex 499 Lumley (Same) v Buklish and anr (Lewis and Lewis),

Legal News.
Ex 500 Aldersey (Brownlow and H) v Kilner (Lovell, Son and P)
QB 501 D'Alberte (JH Waring) v Myer (Webster and G)
Ex 502 Hewitt (H Sowton) v Robinson (Johnson and Son)

It is announced that the courts will sit at the Gaildball
Ex 603 Pearson (W Eley) v Vincent (JV Musgrave)
CP 504 Griffin (J S Kisch) v Robinson (Gregory, Rand 8).

for the trial of special and common jary causes on the 1st CP 505 Milner (E S Caveli) v Labouchere (Lewis and Lewis) SJ of December, and thence until December 21. The courts Ex 506 Pontifex (Plunkett and L) v Knott (T Durant jun);

will continue to sit at Westminster during the same period Ex 607 Smith (Hughes, H and Co) v 0 Kelly and Wife and ors (W R Philp)

for the trial of common jary actions. Ex 508 Blane and anr (G Castle) v Mitchener and anr (Stocken Charles Blake, of Newport, Monmouthshire, described as:

and J) QB 509 Wilson (Hewitt and A) v Visct Bary and ors (White, Bore

a solicitor, was charged on a warrant before Mr. Vaughan rett and Co; Linklater and Co)

at Bow.street, on Tuesday, with obtaining £100 by false Q B 510 Capital and Counties Bk (Nash and F) v Henty and Sons pretences and with intent to defraud. Mr. Romer Williams, . CP 511 The London Necropolis and National Mausoleum Co (Har of the firm of Williams, James, & Wason, solicitors, risons) v Ewing (Johnson, U, B and A)

Lincoln's-ion-fields, appeared to prosecute, and said the QB 512 Spagnoletti (Van Sandau and C) v Aldin and anr (Bolton warrant was granted for the prisoner's arrest in September · and Co) SJ

last. Mr. Eugene Wason, of the firm of Williams, James, Q B 513 Schofield (F Fearon) v Giles

(A H Miller) Ex 514 Blackett (J T Luscombe) v Field (C V Field)

& Wason, solicitors, Lincoln's-inn-fields, deposed that, on. Q B 515 Stevens Benham and 'T) v Bradbury, Agnew and Co the 15th of September last, the prisoner called at his office (Chester and Co) SJ

and asked for a loan of £500. He was asked what security Ex 516 Burrows (Wright and P) v Biss (W H Elcum) Ex 517 Gwynne (Parkers) v Wintle (Smith, Davies and Co)

he could give, and he replied that he was entitled under the C P 518 Finlay (F L Soames) v Williamson and Hagen (Wontner will of his grandfather, Thomas George Orton, to pine and Sons)

houses in Lambeth realizing a rent of £260 per annum. He Ex 519 Bayley (Gamlen and Son) v Kelday (E Moss)

could not produce the copy of the will then, but gave a. CP 620 Wright and Wife (TC Russel) v Truman, Hanbury and Co (T Beard and Sons)

reference. He was told that in addition to that, certificates CP 531 Brown (W Maynard) v Hancox (F T Dubois)

of his birth and his parents' marriage would be required, and




129 135


that as it appeared that he was only contingently his defence, and asked for a remand to enable him to obtain entitled, he would bave to insure his life.

He pressed legal advice. The prosecation also asked for a remand, very hard for an advance the same day, but it being which was granted for a week. impossible until the will had been

seen, witness promised to go to Somerset House early the next morning and bespeak a copy. Being aware that he was a solicitor at Newport, Monmouthshire, witness asked why he did not

PUBLIC COMPAVIES. go to his own agents, but he replied that he preferred the loan being made independently. He was asked several

Nov. 27, 1879. tives whether he had borrowed money, or in any way dealt

GOVERNMENT FUNDS. with his reversion under the will, and reminded that, as

3 por cont, Consols, 984

Annuitias, April, '85, 0; a solicitor, he must know the risk of lending money on Ditto for Aoccant, 98%

Do. (Red Sea T.) Aug. 1908 such a security. He was told that bad it not been for the

Do. 3 per cent. Reduced, 97 Ex Bille, £1000, 2) per Ct.7 pm
Now 3 per Copb., 96)

Ditto, £500, Do, 7 pm. jotroduction with which he came, witness would have no

Do. 34 per Cont., Jan. '94 Ditto, £100 & £200, 7 pm. dealings with him. To dispense with the services of a Do. 24 per Cant., Jan.'94 Bank of England Stock, 269) valuer, witness requested to see the property, and left with Annaities, Jan.'80

Ditto for Account. the prisoner in a cab, and drove to Royal-street, Lambeth, where they went in a house, and witness inquired of a woman to whom she paid her rent. She replied to Mr. Blake.

The next day witness went to Somerset House and bespoke
a copy of the will, after reading it. The prisoner called at

Ind. Stk., 5 per C., July,'80, 103Enf.Pr.34 per cent., May, 81
Ditto for Account,-

Ditto Debentures, 4 per cent the office later on, and he was informed by witness that the Ditto 4 per Ceat., Oct. '88, 103 April, '64 will had been perused, and copies of his parents' marriage

Ditto, ditto, Certificates

Do.Do, 5 per cent., Aug. '73 certificates had been obtained, and that if he was, as

Ditto Enfaced Ppr., per Cont. Do. Bonds, 4 per cent. £1000

2nd Enf.Pr., 5 per C., Jar.'78 Ditto, ditto, under £1000 he described, their only son, there would be no objection to the allowance at six per cent. He agreed to those terms, and was told that a declaration would be

RAILWAY STOOK. required to prove that he was the only son and the property was unincumbered. The prisoner pressed very hard for


Pald. Closing Price £100 in advance, and witness let him bave that sum until he

Stock Bristol and Exeter .................................

100 could obtain a client to take up the loan. A cheque was

Stock Caledonian ........................................

1051 handed to him and his I O U accepted for ile amount. Stock Glasgow and South-Western Business being very pressing at the time the declaration was Stock Great Eastern Ordinary Stock


Stock Great Northern not filled up. It was arranged that he should call again on

Stock Do., A Stock

1211 the 20th to complete the loan. He came on that day, and

Stock Great Southern and Western of Ireland

115 stated that he had been to the insurance office. Witness had Stock Great Western-Original

112! that morning received an anonymous letter warning him Stock Lancashire and Yorkshire not to lend any money to the prisoner, as he had no security

Stock London, Brighton, and South Coast.
Stock London, Chatham, and Dover

281 to offer. He cautioned him as to the statements he had Stock London and North-Western ....................

1477 already made, and read over the declaration that had been Stock London and South Western


1345 prepared for him to sign. He declared everything to be

Stock Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincoln
Stock Metropolitan ........................................

123 correct, and signed it in the presence of witness as Stock

Do., District magistrate of the county of Ayr. Witness then handed Stock Midland................................................... bim the anonymous letter, and asked him if he could Stock North British ........................................"

100 Stock North Eastern.......................................... He said he could not at give any clue to the writer.

Stock North London .......................................**** first, but subsequently said he thought it must be his uncle. Stock North Staffordshire He asked if there would be any objection to his taking the

Stock South Devon

100 letter. There being none raised, he was allowed to take it.

Stock South-Eastern

100 He was, however, told that the negotiations for the loan would be suspended until the letter had been explained. He A receives no dividend uatil 6 per cent. has been paid to B. went away, and on the 22nd of September witness received the following letter : London, 22nd of September, 1879. -My dear Sir,-With the greatest amount of shame and

RICHARD HORNSBY & Sons (Limited).-It is proposed to regret that it is possible for a man to feel, I write to acknow

convert the old established firm of Richard Hornsby & Sons, ledge to you that what I declared to you about the Lambeth

manufacturers of steam engines, agricultural machinery and property being unincumbered was untrue. The fact is that

implements, into a limited liability company, with a capital losses at betting, and not being paid what is owed to me,

of £300,000 in 30,000 shares of £10 each. An agreement have nearly driven me out of my mind, and I have for the

bas been entered into with Messrs. Hornsby for the purchase last three months been perfectly reckless. I, however, really believed, and still do, that I should have been able to

of the freehold premises, together with the plant and have paid you the £500 out of money really due to me, and

machinery, patents, contracts, and stock-in-trade, for the

sum of £234,772 178. 6d., and the vendors take, in part the £100 I can and will pay you with interest within two months from now. I know all this is no excuse for it, in a

payment of the purchase-money, £50,000 in five per cent. case like mine especially, for a solicitor there can be no

mortgage debentures (part of an intended issue of £100,000),

and also subscribe for 10,000 shares on the terms of the possible excuse. Still, I ask you not to proceed to extremi.

prospectus. The death of the late Mr. Richard Hornsby, ties, as that would prevent my being able ever to pay you. I know I deserve that you should do so more than usually, capital, has induced the vendors to convert the business

and the consequent withdrawal of a considerable amount of but I only ask you if you decide not to prosecute me to put an advertisement in the front page of the Standard on Wednesday there is no payment for good-will. It may be mentioned

into a company. No promotion money will be paid, and addressed to C. B., and saying that no proceedings will be taken. If so, I will return to town and do my utmost to

that no application for shares will be received after Decem

ber 3 from London, and the following day from the country. return your money at once. I have given up, of course, my companion. I have no home, and not £5 in my pocket, Subscriptions are invited for the remaining £400,000 of 80 I can't be much lower down. I perhaps need hardly tell debenture capital of the Eastern and South African Teleyou that I shall be far enough off when this is delivered, graph Company (Limited). The share capital of this anderbut I want, if possible, to try to repair the injury I have taking—£400,000—was fully sabscribed some time ago, done you. I can hardly write.-CAARLES BLAKE." Witness and a large part of the line, the secions from Natal to stated that he had advanced the money on the faith of the Zanzibar, has been completed and opened for traffic, while prisoner's representations. Serjeant Partridge, detective E the remaining section to Aden is to be laid by December Division, arrested the prisoner at Bernard-street, Russell. 31. The debentures represent a total of £500,000, of square. When taken into custody he asked witness his which £200,000 bag already been subscribed. The interest name, and on being told it said he was aware that he had is at the rate of five per cent., and they are redeemable at been after him, but expressed a hope that his (prisoner's) par within twenty years. The annual charge under both friends would repay the prosecutor. The prisoner reserves heads is £48,200, as security for which the company

100 100 100 100

83 1351

100 100 100

149 162 53


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