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two years then following, Helen A. Schuchardt, a female a rule, not order the defendant to pay any costs to the infora resident of the county. On the same day Mrs. Schuchardt mant, and should remit all fees payable by the informant. gave bond with security approved by the court, and took and In order that this rule should not be departed from, except subscribed the required oath of office. Since that date she in special circumstapoes, the section made its observance has been the acting master in chancery of the court, taking obligatory, except so far as the court might think fit to es. proofs, making judicial sales, and performing the o:her pressly order otherwise. Mr. Wybergh said that he should various duties incident to such office. On an information individually act upon the role laid down by the Home Secrein the nature of a quo warranto, the court said that “an tary, and in futurs would not consent to impose costs upon inquiry into tbe origin and history of this important any person where the penalty imposed did not exceed five office led to the fixed conclusion that it was never shillings. contemplated by the common law that & woman could be a master in chancery," por did the court find in the statutes any authority for the appointment of a woman to that office. But the court added, "It is my sincere hope that

SALES OF ENSUING WEER. at its next session the Legislature will make this office acces

Oot. 25.—Messrs. Baxter, Payne, & LEPPER, at the Mart, at Bible to females."

2 p.m., leasehold property (see advertisement, Oct. 16, p. 4).

Oct. 25.-Messrs. FULLER E FULLER, at the Mart, at 2 p.n., Messrg. Saxelby & Faulkner, soliciturs, of 7 and 8, reversion (see advertisement, Oct. 16, p. 4.) Ironmonger-lane, E.C., write to the Times ander date

Oct. 29.-Messrs. EDWIN Fox & BOUSFIELD, at the Mart, at 2 October 14:-“This morning a neatly-dressed young lady,

p.m., freehold estate (see advertisement, Oct. 2, p. 4). who represented that she was the niece of a medical gen. tleman residing iu Sarbiton, called on us. Sbe stated that

BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS. she bad been sent by her upole,whose solicitor had recently died, with some valuable papers, among them a will which he desired us to prove at once, and that he had been re

BIRTHS. commended to as by some friends of ours at Croydon, whose

LAYTON.-Oct. 10, at 9, Bolsize-road, N.W., the wife of

Tbomas Layton, Gresham House, London, of a daughter. pames she mentioned. She stated that, unfortunately,

MAXWELL.-Oct. 14, at 12, India-street, Edinburgh, the wife she had left her satchel containing the papers in a first of W. J. Maxwell, advocate, of a son.' olags carriage at Waterloo, and that she bad made inqairies SMITH.-Oct. 15 at 12, Fellowe-road, South Hampstead, the there and at Sootland-yard, but without encoede, adding wife of Vernon R. Smith, of 8, Old-square, Lincoln's-inn, that the satchel contained her parge and railway ticket, __barrister-at-law, of a son. and that she did not know how she was to return home.

WILSON.-Sept. 29, at 21, Marlborough-hill, N.W., the wife Having some suspicions we intimated that we would tele

of J. J. Wilson, barrister-at-law, of a daughter. graph to her uncle,' and desired her to call again. Her

Young.--Oct. 8, at 53, Eonismore-gardens, the wife of Francis 'ancle,' in reply to our telegram, stated that he knew

Youog, barrister-at-law, of a daughter.

MARRIAGES. nothing of the lady or the papers, and we need scarcely add CRUICKSHANK - TYLOR.-Sept. 29, at Weston-super-Mare, that she did not return to our office to keep her appoint G. E. Cruicksbank, barrig-ter-at-law, to Sarah Maris, ment. We send you these facts for the information of other daughter of the late Joseph Savory Tylor, M.D. solicitors, upon whom, perbaps, this young lady may also

BURNEY — CAVE-BROWNE.-Sept. 9, at Maidstone, Arthur call." [It appears that she has in faot called on a good

George Burney, barrister-at-law, to Annette Forbes, daughter many other solicitors, and that she is “wanted” by the

of the Rev. J. Cave-Browne, M.A., Vicar of Detling.

CORRIE-COOKE.-Oct. 9, at the parish church, St. Marylebone, police.]

Edward Knowles Corrie, M.A., of the Inner Temple, bar. Quarter sessions have been a good deal exercised with the rister-at-law, to Mildred 'Alice, daughter of William Major question of juvenile offenders. At the Oxford Sessions on

Cooke, of 31,' Wimpole-street, W. Monday, the question of the punisbment of juvenile offenders

MAGILL-Russ.-Oct. 5, at Holy Trinity Church, Clapham, was brought before the court, and after a long discussion it

Charles Malcolm Magill, solicitor, to Eliza Courtney, daughter was resolved, on the motion of the Earl of Jersey, seconded

of William Rass, M. Inst. C.E., 39, Cedars-road, Clapham

common, S.W. by Major Fane, to apply to the Home Secretary for instruc ROBINSON-ASHLEY.-Oct. 14, at Wooburn, Buckinghamshire, tions as to the course they should adopt in cases where chil James Wills Robinson, barrister-at-law, to Frances Kate, dren of tender years were charged with the commission of daughter of the Rev. F. B. Ashley, vicar of Wooburn. serious offences. The Somerset Quarter Sessions, upon the Swan-BROWNE.—Sept. 14, at St. Anne's, Tollington-park, suggestion of the chairman, appointed a committee, to consist Charles Malcolm Henry Swan, solicitor, to Josephine, of one justice from each petty sessional division, who is to

daughter of J. Browne, of Holloway. obtain the opinion of his colleagues as to the amendments

WILKINSON – WINZAR.-Oct. 12, at Castleton, Sherborde, in the law that are desirable, these suggestions to be

Dorset, Benjamin Gay Wilkinson, solicitor, Bermondsey, sent to the clerk of the peace and by him arranged and

to Isabel Mary, daughter of the late John Win zar, surgeon, printed, and then supplied to the committee, who will


DEATHS. found iheir report thereon and prepare it for consider CROSBY.-Aug. 30, at Georgetown, Demerara, the Hon. James ation at the January sessions. At the Chester Quarter Crosby, of the Middle Temple, barrister-at-law, aged 74. Sessions the recorder, Mr. Horatio Lloyd, said that he had SELFE.Oct. 17, at Trentham, Staffordshire, Edward Henry always had a strong objection to contaminate a child by Selfe, barrister, of the Middle Temple, aged 37. sending him to prison, and during the fifteen or sixteen

TENNANT.-Oct. 10, at King's Bench-walk, Temple, Sanderson years that he had taken part in the administration of crimi.

Tennant, barrister-at-law, son of the late Rev. Sanderson nal justice he bad never sent one to prison except as a pre

Tennant, aged 38.

WRIGHT.-Sept. 30, at Laburnam Villa, Russell-terrace, Leam. liminary to sending him to a reformatory.

ington, Thomas S. Wright, solicitor, aged 86. At the Cockermouth Police-court, on Tuesday, the chairman, Mr.J. Wybergh, drew attention to a letter he hai received from the Home Secretary, in reference to the imposition of small fines.

LONDON GAZETTES. Mr. Wybergh said that ever since he had sat on the bench te bad felt it to be an anomaly in the administration of justice

Bankruptu. that they should fine a person, say, one shilling, and then

FRIDAY, Oct. 16, 1890. proceed to costs. He had written to the Home Office

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. suggesting that the Home Secretary should issue some

To Surrender in London. authoritative opinion upon the subject. In reply he had Moore, David George, Edgware ril, Marylebone, Boot and Shæ received a letter stating it was no part of the Home Secre

Maker. Pet Oct 12. Pepys. Oct 27 at 12.30 tary's duty to interpret Acts of Parliament, and that his

Page, Robert Everitt, Colebrook row, Islington, out of business. Po

Oct 12. Brougham. Oct 27 at 1 opinion thereon had no binding effect; but he pointed out Read, William, Euston sq, Contractor. Pet Oct 11. Brougham. Ons that since the passing of the Summary Jurisdiction Act,

27 at 12 1879, justices had power 10 remit fees in any case whatever,

Sinanides, Paris, OldBroad st, Broker. Pet Oct 8. Brougham. Ori

27 at 12.30 and that the object of the Legislature in passing the 8th

To Surrender in the Country. section of the Act undoubtedly was tbat in cases to which Berry, J Huddersfield. Draper. Pet Oct 8. Jones. Hadders that section referred-namely, where a fine adjudged on

field, Oct 28 at 12 onviction did not exceed five shillings-the court should, as

Lennard, Harrie't Adelaide, Eastbourne, Refreshment House

Keeper. Pet Oct 13. Blaker. Lewes, Oct 27 at 12

Lennon, James, Stockport, Chester, Grocer. Pet Oct 12. lyde. Dickinson, John, Tranmere, Birkenhead, Glass Dealer. Nor 1 at 3 Stockport, Oct 26 at 11

at offices of Bleakley and Downham, Hamilton 8, Birkenhead Ongley, William, Wateringbury, Kent, Farmer. Pet Oct 12. Scuda Diggle, John, St Anne's-on-the-Sea, Lancaster, Slater. Oct 27 at 3 more. Maidstone, Oct 28 at 12

at offices of Anderton and Donnelly, Garden st, Bury Stott, Henry, Tunbridge Wells, Builder. Pet Oct 11. Cripps. Tun. Durrant, Edward, Brighton, Manager to a Corn Merchant. Oct 25 bridge Wells, Oct 27 at 2

at 3 at othces of Goodman, North st, Brighton Tuesday, Oct. 19, 1890.

Earl, Robert, Redcar, York, Boot Maker. Oct 25 at 3 at offices of Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Bainbridge and Barnley, Albert rd, Middlesborough Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

East, William, jun, Great Gransden, Huntingdon, Farmer, Nov 5 To Surrender in London.

at 3 at offices of Symonds, Benet 'st, Cambridge Ashley, Walter, South pl, Finsbury, Livery Stable Keeper. Pet Edmondson, Joseph, Shipley, York, Builder. Oct 29 at 11 at offices Oct 18. Pepys. Nov 5 at 11.30

of Berry and Robinson, Charles st, Bradford Cadogan, Honourable Arthur Charles Lewin, Chelsea House, Cado. Elwell, John, Birmingham, Iron Hurdle Manufacturer. Oct 29 at 12 gan place. Pet Oct 15. Brougham. Nov 6 at 11

at the Great Western Hotel, Colmore row, Birmingham. Allon, Lane, Thomas, New North rd, Islington, Plasterer. Pet Oct 14.

Birmingham Pepys. Nov 3 at 12

Emerson, Sugden, Walworth rd, Boot Maker. Oct 23 at 2 To Surrender in the Country.

at offices of Emerson, Leadenhall st Barron, Benjamin, Sheffield, Carriage Builder. Pet Oct 14. 'Rogers.

Essery, William Howell, Swansea, Coal Shipper, Oct 25 at 11 at Sheffield, Nov 3 at 1

11, Temple st, Swansea. Thomas, Swansea Docker, Edward, Welland, Worcester, Farmer. Pet Oct 14. Beale. Evans, William, Mount st, Grosvenor sq, Grocer. Oct 25 at 2 at Worcester, Nov 1 at 12

offices of Mitchell and Co, Theobald's rd, Gray's inn Frayn, Philip Henry, Launceston, Cornwall, Blacksmith. Pet Oct Fazakerley, William, Wigan, Lancashire, Innkeeper. Oct 28 at 11 16. Edmonds. East Stonehouse, Nov 3 at 12

at offices of France. Churchgate, Wigan Hinchcliffe, John, Rotherham, York, Pork Butcher. Pet Oct 14. Ferriman, David, Colsterworth, Lincoln, Licensed Victnaller. Oct Rogers. Sheffield, Nov 3 at 1.30

25 at 12 at the Red Lion Hotel, Grantham. Hart, Peterborongh Theobald, H. 8. T., Oxford, Gentleman. Pet Aug 17. Bishop. Fidler, John, Stokesley, York, Licensed Victualler. Oct 20 at 2 at Oxford, Nov 16 at 12

offices of Teale, Albert rd, Middlesborough Watterson, John, Halifax, Wool and Waste Dealer. Pet Oct 16. Fleming, John Charles, Kingsland rd, Licensed Victualler. Oct 29 Rankin. Halifax, Nov 4 at 11

at 2 at offices of Christmas, Walbrook BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED.

Fletcher, Mary Jane, Leeds, Ladies' Outfitter. Oct 29 at 3 at offices Friday, Oct. 15, 1880.

of Cooper and Co, Cheapside Foster, Samuel, Lowesmoor, Worcester, Confectioner. Oct 13

Forster, Henry, Atherton, Lancashire, Grocer. Nov 5 at 10.30 at Kosminski, Martin, Loraino rd, Holloway, Wholesale Furrier. Oct

offices of Whittingham, Church st, Leigh 13

Freeman, Delamark, Marylebone rd, Surgeon. Oct 25 at 3 at offices Murray, Andrew John, Macaulay rd, Clapham, Gent. Oct 12

of Barnett, Palmerston buildings, Old Broad st

Furbey, Henry, Bath, Provision Dealer. Oct 23 at 3 at offices of TOESDAY, Oct. 19, 1880.

Titley, Orange grove, Bath Bassett, William, Aston-juxta-Birmingham, Builder. Oct 15

Gale, George, Beaminster, Dorset, Builder. Nov 3 at 12 at offices of Taylor, Helen, Windlesham, Bagshot, Surrey. Oct 12

Gundry, Bridport. Lock, Dorchester

Gittings, John, Bilston, Stafford, Iron Manufacturer. Oct 29 at 11 Liquidations by Arrangement.

at offices of Slater and Marshall, Butcroft, Darlaston FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS.

Golby, Thomas, Woodford, nr Salisbury, Farmer. Nov 1 at 3.30 at FRIDAY, Oct. 15, 1880.

Queen's Hotel, Aldersgate st. Sparks and Blake, Crewkerne

Goldman, Simon, Ockenden rd, Islington, Jeweller. Oct 25 at 3 at Adams, Joseph, Great Gransden, Huntingdon, Farmer. Oct 29 at offices of Barnett, Palmerston bldgs, Old Broad st 3.30 at the Cross Keys Hotel, St. Neots, Stimson, Bodford

Graham, John, Felling, Durbam, Boot Dealer. Oct 27 at 11 at offices Alldridge, Arthur Henry. Birmingham, Stamper and Piercer. Oct 28 of Keenlyside and Co, St John's chmbrs, Grainger st West, New

at ll at the Midland Hotel, New st, Birmingham. Robinson and castle-upon-Tyne Son, Birmingham

Greenwell, John Robert, Gateshead, Grocer. Nov 2 at 1 at offices Aucock, George, Hunslet, Leeds, out of business. Oct 27 at 3 at office

of Hoyle and Co, Collingwood st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne of Granger and Raper, Bank st, Leeds Bailey, Levi, Manchester, Baker. Oct 29 at 3 at offices of Marlow

Hacker, George Cyprian, Princes st, Cavendish sq, Commercial and Dixon, Cross st, Manchester

Traveller. Oct 29 at 3 at offices of Young, Newgate st Barton, Edward William, Hollen st, Wardour st, Music Printer.

Haigh, John, and Wright Whitwam, Golcar, Huddersfield, Con.

tractors. Oct 28 at 12 at offices of Plunkett and Leader, St Paul's Church

Oct 29 at 3 at offices of Ainley and Hall, New st,

Huddersfield yard Best, Alfred, Gateshead, Durham, out of business. Oct 22 at 3 at

Hall, James Jarvis, Oakley rd, Shepherd's Bush, Builder. Nov 4 at offices of Sewell, Grey st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

2 at offices of Mann, Essex st, Strand Bezley, James Cadbury, Ives st, Chelsea, Carman Contractor. Oct23

Harber, Goorge, Grove lane, Camberwell, Florist. Oct 22 at 3 at at 2 at offices of Williams, Bucklersbury

262, High Holborn. Staníland, North rd, Highgate Blain, Frederick, Chapel ter, Hornsey, Bootmaker. Oct 28 at 2 at 41,

Hazell, Joseph, Carter lane, Boot Maker. Oct 27 at 2 at offices of

Christmas, Walbrook
Southampton bldngs, Chancery lane. Holroyd
Bodell, Edward John, Little Tower st, Wine Merchant, Nov. 1 at 2

Hinde, Robert, Thornhur, York, Farmer. Oct 28 at 2 at Royal Oak at offices of Layton and Co, Budge row

Hotel, Bentham. Thompson, Bentham Boswell, George, Evesham, Worcester, Market Gardener.

Hollowood, George, Walsall, Stafford, Metal Polisher. Oct 27 at 2

Oct 27 at 11 at the Cross Keys Inn, Evesham. Tree and Son, Wor.

at offices of Ratcliffe, Bennett's hill, Birmingham

Hutton, John, Benwell Hill Cross, Northumberland, Farmer. Oct cester Bosworthick, Martin, Devonport, Boot Maker. Nov 2 at 12 at offices

27 at 2 at offices of Moody, Clayton, West, Newcastle-upon-Tyne of Gard, St Aubyn st, Devonport

James, Henry William, North Cross rd, East Dulwich, Builder. Nov Bowker, James, Morecambe, Lancaster, Music Dealer. Oct 29 at

11 at 2 at offices of Richardson, Bucklersbury 3 at the Shelley's Arms Hotel, Fishergate, Preston. Sims, Barrow

Jones, Richard, Aberhafesp, Montgomery, Farmer. Nov 2 at 11.30 in-Furness

at offices of Powell, Broad st, Newtown Britain, Henry, jun, Birmingham, General Merchant. Oct 28 at King, William, Huntingdon, Wheelwright. Nov 2 at 2 at George

2 at the Queen's Hotel, Birmingham. Shakespeare, Oldbury Hotel, High st, Bedford Broadhurst, Joshua, Denmark rd, Camberwell, Public House Kittell, Ernest Theodore, and Max Julius Haase, Sheffield, Cutlery

Broker. Oct 30 at 12 at offices of Innes and Son, Billiter House, Manufacturers. Oct 27 at 3 at Law Society, Aldine ct, High st, Billiter st

Sheffield. Simpson, Hartshead, Sheffield Brown, Ambrose. and Henry Ansell, High st, Camden Town, Tailors Knight, Joseph, King'st, Cheapside, Hotel Proprietor. Nov 1 at 2 Oct 23 at 10 at offlces of Micklethwait and Co, Long acre

at Guildhal Savern. Russell and Co Brunkley, Richard, Blaenavon, Monmouth, Beerhouse Keeper. Latter, William Richard, Fishponds, Gloucester, out of business.

Nov 1 at 12.30 at offices of Wainwright, Club chmbrs, Pontypool. Oct 26 at 2 at offices of Clifton and Carter, Broad st. Bristol
Shepard, Tredegar

Lockwood, James, Beccles, Suffolk, Builder. Oct 28 at 12 at Hall, Bury, John, jun, Over Darwen, Lancaster, Coal Merchant, Oct 28 at Quay chambers, Great Yarmouth 11 at offices of Hindle, Bolton rd, Over Darwen

Lumb, George, Newland Cottage, near Normanton, York, Miner. Chittenden, John, Ruckinge, Kent, Farmer. Oct 29 at 12 at offices Oct 28 at 3 at offices of Lodge, Townhall chambers, King st, Wakeof Hallett and Co, Bank st. Ashford

field Clark, John Richard, Holy Trinity, Kingston-upon-Hull, Grocer. Main, John, jun, Syston, Leicester, Grocer. Oct 27 at 3.30 at Trado

Oct 23 at 11 at offices of Torry, Cogan's chambers, Bowlalley lane Protection Society, New st, Leicester. Goode, Loughborough Kingston-upon-Hull

Mann, John Thomas, Adelaide rd, Haverstock hill, Commission Clarke, Robert John, Oxford et, Shirt Maker. Oct 28 at 3 at Agent. Oct 26 at 3 at offices of Crump, Budge row, Cannon st

offices of Pratt and Norton, Old Jewry chambers. Davis, Moor Manning, Charles, Desert st, Poplar, Dock Labourer. Nov 4 at 3 at gate st

Talbot Hotel, Towcester. Whitton, Towcester Collard, Elinor Anne, Ramsgate, Kent, Widow. Nov 1 at 2 McLachlan, Malcolm, Rose Villa, Wood Green, Trainer of Horses.

at the Bull and George Hotel, Ramsgate. Collard, Canterbury Oct 28 at 3 at offices of Mortimore, Carthusian st Copeland, Edward Alfred, Warwick, Builder. Oct 29 at 3 at offices Meehan, Thomas, Bradford, York, Travelling Draper. Oct 25 at 3 of Rowlands and Co, Colmore row, Birmingham

at offices of Neill and Barlow, Kirkgate, Bradford Cornwell, John, Grosvenor rd, Highbury New Park, Greengrocer. Melhuish, James, Bristol, Butcher. Oct 19 at 11 at offices of Nicholas, Oct 27 at 12 at offices of Child and Son, South sq, Gray's inn

Corn st, Bristol Corrie, Robert, Parsonby, Cumberland, Innkeeper. Oct 28 at 11 at Mitchell, George, Low Moor, near Bradford, Shoemaker. Oct 27 at offices of Hayton and Simpson, Challoner st, Cockermouth

11 at offices of Richardson, Cheapside, Bradford Cowburn, Thomas Wid, Manchester, Ironmonger. Oct 29 at 3 at Monk, William, Steventon, Berks, Farmer. Oct 29 at 12 at Junction offices of Addleshaw and Warburton, Norfolk st, Manchester

Hotel, Didcot. Jotcham, Wantago Docwra, William, Hastings, Hosier. Oct 26 at 12 at 41, Havelock rd, Morten, William, Watford, Farmer. Oct 25 at 2 at Masonic Hall, Hastings. Davenport and Co, Hastings

Watford. Sedgwick and Turner, Watford Dale, Edmund, Congleton, Cheshire, Tailor. Nov 3 at 3 at offices of Moseley, George, Westhide. Hereford, Farmer. Oct 29 at 12 at May, Churchside, Macclesfield

offices of Bodenham, St Peter st, Hereford Delaforce, Emma, Margate, Kent, Lodging house keeper. Nov 3 at Mosley, Abraham, Litchurch, Derby, of no occupation. Nov 8 at 3 12 at offices of Burrows, Cecil sq, Margate

at offices of Norton, St James' chambers, St James's st, Derby

Noble, James, Twerton-on-Avon, Somerset, Blacksmith. Oct 26 at

3 at offices of Titley, Orange grove, Bath Norman, Christopher, Hodgson Kirkoswald, Cumberland, Farmer.

Oct 28 at 2.30 at offices of Arnison, St. Andrew's pl, Penrith Nuttall, Nicholas, Southport, Lancaster, Auctioneer. Oct 27 at 2

at offices of Jackson, 15, Sweeting st, Liverpool Palmer, John, sen, Allesley, Warwick, Farmer. Oct 27 at 2 at 15,

Little Park st, Coventry. Brooks and Co, Godliman st, Doctors'

Commons Perks, Daniel, Cannock, Stafford, Licensed Victualler. Oct 29 at 11

at offices of Stanley, Bridge st. Walsall Piggott, Frederick William, Holloway rd, Baker, Oct 26 at 3 at

Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Keeble, Basinghall st Pursey, William, Wokingham, Berks, Licensed Victuallor, Oct 27

at 2 at Lower Ship, Reading. Rashleigh, Borough High st Raymond, Thomas Edward, Hanbury st, Whitechapel, and William

Harry Eade, Kirby, Essex, Builders. Oct 30 at 4 at Garrick

Tavern Leman st Whitechapel Richardson, William Toyn, Branston, Lincoln, Farmer. Oct 28 at 1

at Saracen's Head Hotel, High st, Lincoln. Hyde and Brown,

Louth Ridley, Alfred, Birmingham, Fishmonger. Oct 22 at 1 at offices of

Jagger, Cherry st, Birmingham Rosser, James, Skenfrith, Monmouth, Innkeeper. Oct 28 at 11 at

offices of Sayce, Iion st, Abergavenny Russell, Edward, Brighton, Waggonette Proprietor. Nor 1 at 2 at

offices of Buckwell, Ship st, Brighton Ryde, Harry, Nottingham, Tailor." Oct 28 at 12 at offices of Belk,

Middle pavement, Nottingham Samuels, Henry, Manchester, Velvet Manufacturer. Nov 4 at 3 at

offices of Grundy and Co, Booth st, Manchester Sanders, Thomas, Huddersfield, Stafford, Licensed Victualler.

Oct 28 at 11 at offices of Stanley, Bridge st, Walsall Sargent, William, Birmingham, ont of business. Oct 22 at 11 at

offices of Jagger, Cherry st, Birmingham Shufflebottom, John, Warrington, Lancaster, Hatter. Oct 29 at 11

at offices of Ridgway and Worsley, Cairo st chamber, Cairo st,

Warrington Simcox, Eli, West Bromwich, Stafford, Brick Manufacturer. Oct 27

at 11 at offices of Hughes, High st, West Bromwich Simpson, William, Keighley, York, Grocer. Oct 27 at 2.30 at offices

of Robinson and Robinson, Keighley Skillen, William, Hayles terrace, Southwark, General Dealer.

Oct 20 at 3 at Southampton buildings. Cooper, Chancery lane Smedley, Thomas, Newhall, Derby, Publican. Oct 27 at 11 at offices

of Wilson, Station st, Burton-on-Trent Smith, Edmund, West Ham, Essex, Undertaker. Oct 25 at 2 at Inns

of Court Hotel, High Holborn. Chapman, Southampton build.

ings, Chancery lane Smith, Richard. Caledonian rd, King's cross, Corn Merchant. Oct 19

at 2 at offices of Adams and Co, Budge row, Cannon st. Tilleard

and Co Snazell, William Lawrence, and Emily Clara Snazell, Licensed Vic

tuallers, Kidderminster. Oct 25 at 3 at offices of Maher, Upper

Temple st, Birmingham Snook, James, Devizes, Wilts, Boot Manufacturer. Oct 22 at 11 at

the Crown Hotel, Devizes. Marshall, Devizes Snowden, William, Kingston-upon-Hull, Boot Maker. . Oct 25 at 3

at offices of Laverack, Land of Green Ginger, Kingston-upon.

Hull Soper, William, Reading, Gunsmith. Nov 2 at 1.30 at the Queen's

Hotel, Reading Spencer, John, Birmingham, Grocer. Oct 29 at 12 at offices of

Beale and Co, Waterloo st, Birmingham Strawley, Samuel Coleman, and Howard Fenney, Birmingham,

Screw Manufacturers. Oct 28 at 3 at the White Horse Hotel, Con.

greve st, Birmingham. Edwards, Birmingham Stone, Edward, Leamington Priors, Warwick, Clothier. Oct 28 at 11

at the Bowling Green Hotel, Warwick. Boddington, Warwick Turner, Francis, Balcombe, Sussex, Miller. Nov 2 at 11.30 at the

Station Hotel, Hayward's Heath. Wangh, Cuckfield
Wayland, Edward, Lambeth walk, Butcher.' Oct 27 at 3 at offices of

Cattlin, Wormwood st, Old Broad st
Waldron, Susannah, Birmingham, Wine Retailer. Oct 26 at 11 at

offices of Parr, Colmore row, Birmingham Wallace, Wilkinson, Barrow-in-Furness, Contractor. Oct 23 at 11 at

the Trevelyan Temperance Hotel, Church st, Barrow-in-Furness Walsh, Joseph, Heaton, Lancashire, Gardener. Oct 27 at 3 at offices

of Rutter and Finney, Mawdsley st, Bolton Warner, Richard. Nottingham, Drapers' Assistant. Nov 2 at 11 at

offices of Martin, Low pavement, Nottingham Watson, John Percival, Scott's chambers, Pudding lane, Wine Merchant. Nov 1 at 3 at offices of Wood and Wootton, Fish street

hill Webb, Edward, Heber rd, East Dulwich, Builder. Nov 3 at 3 at

offices of Edridge, Philpot lane White, George Morewood, Buxton, Derby, Butcher. Oct 30 at 12 at

offices of Brown and Ainsworth, Hardwicke Mount, Buxton White, John, Kirkgate, Wakefield, Licensed Victualler. Oct 28 at

3 at offices of Horner, Wood st, Wakefield Widdowson, Jane, Chester, Lodging house keeper. Oct 29 at 11 at

offices yf Mason, Bridge st row, East Chester Williams, Joseph, Aston nr Birmingham, Grocer. Oct 22 at 12 at

offices of Jagger, Cherry st, Birmingham Williams, Thomas, Treleach ar Bettws, Carmarthen, Farmer. Oct 26 at 1 at offices of Lloyd, King st, Carmarthen

TUESDAY, Oct. 19, 1880. Allbutt, Alfred Henry, Birmingham, Solicitor. Nov 3 at 12 at

offices of Hawkes and Weeks, Temple st, Birmingham Allcorn, Edward, Macclesfield st, Sobo, Grocer. Oct 26 at 2 at offices

of Willis, St Martin's ct, Leicester sq Arrigoni, Clemente, Hatton garden, Looking Glass Manufacturer.

Nov 10 at 3 at offices of Munns and Longden, Old Jewry Aubrey, William, Southwark Bridge-roari, Printers' Broker. Nov 1

at 11 at Cannon st, Hotel. Ward, Wallbrook Bailey, Mary Ann, Chester, China and Earthenware Dealer. Nov 2

at llat Royal Hotel, Crewe. Mason, East Chester

Barber, Erastus Pullan, Harrogate, York, Confectioner. Oct 23 87

11 at North Eastern Hotel, Harrogate. Bateson and Hutchinson,

Harrogate Baker, Robert, Middlesborough, Beorseller. Oct 28 at 11 at offices

of Robson, Linthorpe rd, Middlesborough Baskeyfield, James, Oldcott, nr Goldenhill, Stafford, Farmer. Novi

at 11 at offices of Cooper, John st, Tunstall Bird, John, Buxhall, Suffolk, Farmer and Dealer. Nov 11 at 11 st

Fox Hotel, Stowmarket. Gudgeon Bigley, Daniel,

Leicester, Trimmer of Fancy Hosiery. Nov 1 at 3 st offices of Kirby and Woodcock, Market st, Leicester Bliss, Charles Lee, Staverton, nr Davetry, Northampton, of no con

pation. Oct 27 at 10 at Inns of Court Hotel, Best and Co, Essex

st, Strand Bowdler, William, jun,

Kidderminster, Fruit Dealer. Oct 25 st 3 offices of Roden and Dawes, Bank bldgs, Kidderminster Bramald, John, Woolley, York, Farmer. Nov 2 at 11 at offices

Wainwright and Mason, Townhall chmbrs, King st, Wakefield Brewer, George, Plumstead, Grocer. Nov 1 at 12 at ill, Cheapside.

Peake Brown, Edwin, Flitwick, Bedford, Coal Merchant. Nov 3 at 11 st

offices of Mitchell and Webb, St. Paul's sq, Bedford Brown, William, Whipton,

Heavitree, Devon, Innkeeper. Oct 2 at 11 at offices of Andrew, Bedford circus, Exeter Bunker, Caleb, Matlock Bath, Derby, Boot Maker. Nov 2 at 1 st

offices of Potter, Irongate, Derby Burdun, Arthur, Edgware rd, Furnishing Ironmonger. Nor 8 at 12

at Law Institution, Chancery lane. Owles, Chancery lane Busby, Samuel, Curbridge, Oxford, Farmer. Nov 2 ai 4 at Liberal

Hall, New Inn, Hall st, Oxford. Bickerton, Oxford
Carr, William, Scarborough, Game Dealer. Oct 27 at 3 at offices of

Richardson, Queen st, Scarborough
Chattaway, Ellen, Cheltenham, Watchmaker: Oct 27 at 19 at offices

of Potter, Northfield House, North pl, Cheltenham Chew, Jane, Lancaster,

Hatter. Nov 2 at 2 at offices of Johnson ani Tilly, Sun st, Lancaster Cooper, John, Warrington. Fustian Cutter. Nov 2 at 11 at offices of Ridgway and Worsley,

Cairo st chmurs, Cairo st, Warrington Cordey, John, Bardney, Lincoln, Tailor. "Oct 28 at 11 at offices of

Burton and Scorer, Lincoln Corns, Joseph, Fenton, Licensed Victualler. Oct 29 at 11 as offices

of Welch, Caroline st, Longton Cox, George, James st, Goswell rd, Boot Manufacturer. Nor 1 st 3

at offices of Hilberry, Billiter st Davies, David Richard, jun, Birkenhead, Joiner. Nov 5 at 19 at

offices of Sherratt and Son, Hamilton sq, Birkenhead Dennis, Isaac, Barnsley, York, Grocer. Nov 3 at 4 at offices of

Rideal, Chronicle chmbrs, Bornsley Dennis, Samuel George, Taunton, Somerset, Manager of Collar

Works. Oct 27 at 11 at offices of Foster and Easton, Cheapaitie,

Taunton Dowd, David James, Coldharbour lane, Brixton, Beerhouse keeper.

Nov 11 at 3 at the Guildhall Coffee house, Gresham st. Young,

North rd, Croydon Duncan, Robert, Edith st, South Shields, Mariner. Oot 29 at 8 st

offices of Newlands, Kirg st, South Shields Earnshaw, Benjamin, Denholme, York, Bread Baker. Nov 5 at 11

at the Shoulder of Mutton Inn, Kirkgato, Bradford Eastham, John, Preston, Lancashire, Flagger. Nov 5 at 3 at offices

of Spencer, Winckley st, Preston Evans, Elizabeth Mary, Newport, Monmouth, Brewer. Nor 3 at 1

at offices of Tribe and Co, High st, Newport. Gastard, Newport Fallows, William Willis, Fortnum rd, Upper Holloway, out of busi.

ness. ' Nov 4 at 3 at offices of Steer and Knight, Basinghall st.

Mason, North buildings, Finsbury Farrow, Thomas, Oldham, Lancaster, Coach Proprietor. Nor 5 st

3 at Mitre Hotel, Cathedral gates, Manchester. Murray and Wrigley,

Oldham Field, John, Langley, Worcester, Joiner. Nov 1 at 11 as offices of

Shakespeare, Church st, Oldbury Foster, John, Sidcup, Kent, Butcher. Nov 2 at 3 at offices of Finch,

Borough High st, Southwark Frankland, John, Blackburn, General Dealer. Nov 4 at 3 at Borough

Arms Hotel, Tackett's st, Blackburn Franklin, Arthur Alieff, Kidderminster, China Dealer. Oct 99 at 3.30

at offices of Corbett and Co, Church st, Kidderminster Garside, Thomas, West Gorton, Manchester, Tailor. Oot 33 st 3 st

offices of Eltoft, King st, Manchester Gibling, Alfred, Ipswich, Baker. Nov 11 at 12 at offices of Pollard,

St Lawrence st, Ipswich Gillbanks, Benjamin, Ulverston, Lancaster, Saddler. Nov 1 at 11 st

Temperance Hall, Ulverston. Pearson, Ulverston Goodwin, Alfred Boycott, and Robert Piper Hazleman, Anerley,

Drapery. Nov 2 at 2 at offices of Naunton, Cheapside Gough, Tom Hopkins, Tavistock rd, Westbourne Park, Cigar Ver.

chant. Oct 28 at 3 at offices of Fox, St Mary's sq, Paddington Gregory, William Marsden, Smalley, Derby, Licensed Vietaaller.

Nov 4 at 11 at Bell Hotel, Derby. Thurman and Slack, Ilkeston Grindrod, Timothy, Everton, Lancaster, Builder. Nov 2 & 3 at

offices of Jones and Kitchingman, Harrington st, Liverpool Harrison, Charles Alfred, Carshalton, Surrey, Bootmaker. Nos?

at 3 at 325, Fulham rd. Crammond Harrison, William, Selly Oak, Worcester, Grocer. Oct 27 at 3 at

offices of Duke, Temple row, Birmingham Hayes, Nicholas. Liverpool, Cigar Manufacturer. Nov 3 at 2 st

offices of Steinforth, York bldgs, Dale st, Liverpool Hemsley, George William, Stoke-upon-Trent, Hairdresser. Oct 99

at 11 at Lad lane, Newcastle-under-Lyme. Griffith Hews, Joseph, Ilfracombe, Devon, Hardwareman. Nov 5 at 12 s

offices of Thorne, Castle st, Barnstaple Hill, Benjamin, Barnsley, York, Collier. Nov 8 at 3 at offices of

Rideal, Chronicle chambers, Barnsley Hirst, Mary, Crompton, Lancaster, Beerseller. Nov 2 at 3 at offices

of Davies, Clegg st, Oldham Hodgson, Charles, Bowness, Westmoreland, Boatman. Nov 43: 3

at offices of Dobson, Bowness Hudson, George, Hereford, Builder. Nov 4 at 10.30, at oties of Hutchinson, St. Owen st, Hereford

Hughes, William. Manchester, Tailor. Nov 8 at 3 at offices of Simkin,'Joseph, jun, Walsall, Stafford, Grocer. Oct 29 at 3 at Stork Woodall and Marriott, Norfolk st, Manchester

Hotel, Walsall, East, Birmingham Jenkins, John, Hornsey rd, Stone Mason. Nov 10 at 3 at Guildhall Smith, Frederick, Croydon, Surrey, Family Draper. Nov 2 at 12 at

Tavern, Gresham st. Lumley and Lumley, Old Jewry chambers Greyhound Hotel, Croydon. White, Queen st, Cheapside Jenkins, William, sen., Wolverhampton, Packing Case Maker. Oct Smith, Thomas Taylor, Kingston-upon-Hall, Shipping Agent. Nov 30 at 11 at offices of Rudland, Queen st, Wolverhampton

1 at 11 at offices of Stead and Sibree, Bishops lane, Kingston upon. Jones, Daniel, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Commission Agent. O

Hull at 1 at offices of Jones, Nelson sq, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Southorn, George. Leicester, Provision Dealer. Nov 3 at 3 at offices Jones, Joshua, Brick lane, Spitalfields, Provision Merchant. Oct 29 of Wright, Belvoir st, Leicester at 3 at offices of Ricketts, King's Cross rd

Spragg, Benjamin William, and George Hawkins, Birmingham, Jones, Wiltiam, Stratford, Essex, Plumber. Nov 4 at 3 at 40, South Builders. Nov 2 at 11 at offices of Taylor, Colmore row, Birmingampton bldgs, Holborn. Cooper, Chancery lane

ham Kaufmann, Well st, South Hackney, Baker. Oct 29 at 11 at offices of Steedman, Frederick, Albion rd, Holloway, Egg and Butter Mer. Cooper, Fore st. Ede, Fore st

chant. Nov 1 at 12 at offices of Learoyd and Co, Albion chambis, Kelly, Michael James, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Proprietor of Board. | Moorgate st Station

ing School. Oct 29 at 2 at offices of Elsdon, Royal arcade, New. Stibbon, John, Watlington, Norfolk, Butcher, Nov 1 at 12 at offices castle-upon-Tyne

County Court house, Downham Market. Reed and Wayman, Kirby, Thomas, Woodville, Stafford, Builder. Oct 30 at 12 at offices Downham Market of East, Temple st Birmingham

Summers, Walter, Sittingbourne, Kent, Blacksmith. Nov 9 at 11 at Laurence, Henry, Hatton garden, Holborn, Vendor of Patent Medi. offices of Gibson, High st, Sittingbourne

Lcing. Nov 1 at 3 at the Auction Mart, Tokenhouse yd, Lothbury. I Thomas, Elias, Llanidloes, Montgomery, Boot and Shoe Maker. Nov Myers, Gresham bldgs, Guildhall

3 at 1 at Town Clerk's office, Llanidloes. Davies, Llanidloes Megg, John Downe, Netherbury, Dorset, Butcher. Nov 2 at 11 at Timmis, John, Chesterton, Stafford, Greengrocer. Nov 1 at ll at offices of Leigh, Beaminster. Lock

offices of Cope, Waterloo rd, Burslem Mailes, John, Trelleck, Monmouth, Innkeeper. Nov 5 12 at offices of Timpson, Alfred Newton, Wolverhampton, Commission Agent. Nov Gibbs and Llewellyn, Bridge st, Newport. Deakin, Monmouth

3 at 11 at offices of Langman, Bilston st, Wolverhampton Mansford, William, Kentish Town rd, Coal Merchant's Foreman. Timpson, Henry Shrewsbury, Drayton, Oxford, Farmer. Nov 1 at

Nov 2 at 2 at offices of Harrison, Bank st, Lincoln, Andrew and 3 at White Lion Hotel, Banbury. Pain and Hawtin, Banbury Co, Gt James st, Bedford row

Todd. Joshua, Wigton, Cumberland. Farmer. Nov 4 at 11 at offices Marshall, Luke Coupland, Harrogate, York, Upholsterer. Nov 1 of Bendle, Hodgson's court, Carlisle

at 12 at offices of Richardson and Byron, Post Office buildings, Turner, John, Buxton, Derby, Watchmaker. Nov 2 at 12 at offices Harrogate

of Brown and Ainsworth, St Petersgate, Stockport Matthews, John, Lamblethian, Glamorgan, Farmer. Nov 2 at 11 at ! Urmston, Richard, Leigh, Lancaster, Mineral Water Manufacturer. offices of Jones, Philharmonic chambers, Cardiff

Nov 5 at 2 30 at offices of Whittingham, Church st, Leigh McEwing, Thomas, West Derby, Lancaster, Game and Fish Dealer. Urmston, Richard, and Edward Wilkinson, Warrington, Mineral Nov 3 at 3 at offices of Christian and Greenway, Harrington st, Water Manufacturers. Nov 3 at 11.30 at the Patten Arms Hotel, Liverpool

Parker st, Warrington. Whittingham, Leigh Mears, Albert, Dunloe st, Hackney rd, Timber Merchant. Oct 28 at Vaux, Richard, Kidderminster, Builder.' Oct 28 at 3 at offices of 3 at offices of Widdecombe, Union ct, Old Broad st

Roden and Dawes, Bank buildings, Kidderminster Michell, John Thomas, Walham green, Draper. Nov 1 at 2 at offices | Walden. Thomas, King's Ripton, Hantingdon, Farmer. Nov 5 at 2 of Chatterton, Ludgate hill

at the George Hotel, Huntingdon, Percival and Son, Peterborough Mills, Inkerman, Hastings, Greengrocer. Nov 8 at 4 at Montague's Wentworth, Teale, and John Andrew Ellis, Kirkstall nr Leeds, Boot Provincial Hotel, Hastings. Hare, Broad st

Manufacturers. Nov 1 at 1 at offices of Rooke and Midgley, Millward, Henry, Warley, Salop, Innkeeper. Nov 2 at 11 at offices White Horse st, Boar lane of Jackson and Sharp, High st, West Bromwich

| White, George, Albert, and Henry Kirke White, Mile End rd. Music Minns, Kate Elizabeth, Church rd, Upper Norwood, Milliner. Oct Sellers. Nov 3 at 12 at offices of Langton, Queen Victoria st 30 at 12 at offices of Forbes, Paternoster row

Wilkinson, Joshua, Kendal, Westmoreland, Leather Mannfacturer. Montgomery, Thomas, Merthyr Tydfil, Draper. Oct 30 at 1 at offices Nov 5 at 12 at the Board Room, Market place, Kendal. Thomson of James and Co, High st, Merthyr Tydfil

and Wilson Morris, John, Worcester, Fruiterer. Oct 29 at 11 at offices of Tree Williams, Robert David, Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Licensed Victual. and Son, High st, Worcester

ler. Oct 28 at 12 at offices of Hollier and Williams, St Mary st, Morris, Joseph Kirton, North Shields, Butcher. Nov 2 at 2 at offices Cardiff

of Strachan and Co, Grainger st West, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Lietch Williams, Thomas, Kerry, Montgomery, Farmer. Nov 4 at 11.30 at and Co, North Shields

offices of Fowell, Broad st, Newton Neale, Arthur Holmes, Colnbrook, Buckingham, Ironfounder. Oct Williamson, Charles, Wettenhall, Chester, Miller. Oct 30 at 2 at 30 at 11 at offices of Barrett and Dean, High st, Slough

offices of Warburton, Nantwich rd, Crewo Newey. Thomas, Wolverhampton, Grocer. Nov 2 at 3 at offices of Williamson, John, Loeds, Tailor. Oct 30 at 12 at ofcos of Lodge Dallow, Queen sg, Wolverhampton

and Rhodes, Park row, Leeds Oxborrow, Robert, Framsden, Suffolk, Shoemaker. Nov 1 at 11 at Wilstrop, John, Acomb, York, Farmer. Nov 1 at 11 at offices of offices of Mills, Elm st, Ipswich

Wilkinson, St Helen's sq, York Paddon, Thomas Henry, Southsea, Hants, Wino Merchant. Nov 2 Withers, Joseph, Benenden, Kent, Grocer. Nov 1 at 3 at Guildhall

at 2.30 at offices of Cousins and Burbidge, St Thomas st, Ports Tavern, Gresham st. Piesse and Son, Old Jewry chmbrs mouth

Wohlmann, John, Commercial rd East, Tobacconist. Nov 8 at 12 at Palin, Robert, Chesterton, Stafford, Butcher. Oct 27 at 11 at the

offices of Raw, Furnival's inn Copeland Arms Hotel, Stoke-upon-Trent. Cooper, Congleton Woolley, Sarah, Edgbaston, Birmingham, Milliner. Nov 3 at 3 at Palowkar, Rickman Monnery Moore, and John Henry Saul, Great

offices of Duke, Temple row, Birmingham Winchester st, buildings, Gas and Hot Water Engineers. Nov 10 Wright, Hugh, Southport, Lancaster, Fishmonger. Nov 6 at 11 at

at 2 at offices of Goldberg and Langdon, West st, Finsbury circus offices of Best, Wright st. Southport Pannett, Joseph, Ramsgate, Stockton-on-Tees, Confectioner. Oct Zoobeli, John Conrad, Little Britain, Cigar Importer. Oct 28 at 3 at 27 at 11 at offices of Draper, Finckle st, Stockton-on-Tees

offices of Pannell and Co, Basinghall st. Cattlin, Wormwood st, Parry, John William, Maesycmmer, Monmouth, Grocer. Oct 30 at Old Broad st

11 at offices of David and Bailhache, Cambria chambers, Newport Pearcy, George, Stawley, Somerset, Farmer. Nov 2 at 3 at the

Castle Hotel, Castle st, Exeter Pearmine, Henry, East Greenwich, Kent, Barge Builder. Nov 1 at 3 at offices of Farnfield, Lower Thames st

Anti-Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder. Pedder, William, Satisbury st, Lisson grove, Pork Butcher. Oct 28

Guaranteed Pare Soluble Cocos of the Finest Quality, with the at 10 at 37. Well st, Hackney. Biggenden

excess of fat extracted. Pickard, John, Stoke-upon-Trent, Carter. Oct 28 at 3 at offices of

The Faculty pronounce it “the most nutritious, perfectly digestible Glebe bldgs, Stoke-upon-Trent. Ashwell

beverage for Breakfast, Luncheon, or Supper, and invaluable for Pitchford, Samuel, Witcham, Cambridge, Farmer. Nov 3 at 3 at

Invalids and Children." offices of Hall, Market pl, Ely

Highly commended by the entire Medical Press. Potter, Charles, Huntington, near Halesowen, Worcester, Out of

Boing without sugar, spice, or other admixture, it suits all palates, Business. Oct 28 at 11 at 87, High st, Brierley Hill. Homer

keeps better in all climates, and is four times the strength of cocoas Priestley, Dixon Thorpe, Lincoln, Painter. Oct 30 at 11 at offices of

THICKENED yet WEAKENED with starch, &c., and IN REALITY CHEAPER Toynbee and Co, Bank st, Lincoln

than such Mixtures. Read, William, Willenhall, Stafford, Beerhouse Keeper, Nov 3 at

Made instantaneously with boiling water, & teaspoonful to a Break11 at offices of Baker, Walsall st, Willenhall

fast Cup, oo3ting less than a halfpenny. Richards, David, Harlech, Merioneth, Grocer. Nov 1 at 1 at Queen's

COCOATINA A LA VANILLE is the most delicate, digestible, cheapest Hotel, Fourcrosses, Festining. Ellis, Fourcrosses

Vavile Chocolate, and may be taken when richer chocolate is proRichards, Phillip, Bath st, Newgate st, Warehouseman, Oct 30 at

hibited. 11 at offices of Lindus and Bicknell, Cheapside

In tin packets at 18, 6d., 33., 5s, 6d., &c., by Chemists and Grocers, Richmond, John, and Joshua Richmond, and Thomas Richmond. Stafford, North Bow, Mechanical Engineers. Nov 2 at 2 at offices

Charities on Special Terms by the Sole Proprietors, of Buchanan and Rogers, Basinghall st

H. SCHWEITZER & CO., 19, Adam-street, London, W.C. Ridgway, Frederick Thomas, Banbury, Oxford, Coal Merchant.

Nov 1 at 2 at White Lion Hotel, Banbury. Kilby and Mace, Ban

bury Rogers, Emma Louise, Herne Bay, Kent, Confectioner. Nov 4 at 12 at Castle street, Canterbury

SURGEON DENTIST, Russell, Thomas, Jamaica rd, Bermondsey, Cheesemonger. Nov 5

57, GREAT RUSSELL STREET, LONDON at 3 at offices of Aird, Eastcheap Sarginson, Edward, Kentmere, Westmoreland, Innkeeper. Nov 2 at

(Opposite the British Museum), il at offices of Bolton, Kent st, Kendal

Will be glad to orward his Pampblet on Painless Dentistry, free, Seaton. William Rhode, and Robert Heywood, Manchester, Furnish

ing Warehousemen. Nov 3 at 2 at Mosely Hotel, Piccadilly. Chew erclosed by post, which explains the most unique system of the adjustand Sons, Manchester

ment of ARTIFICIAL TEETH without pain. Silson, Jonathan, Heaton, York, Farmer. Oct 29 at 11 at offices of Greaves and Taylor, Cheapside, Bradford


es of Best, Wrightitie Britain, Cigar Impulin, Wormwood st,



[blocks in formation]


(LIMITED). This Company is prepared to PURCHASE or GRANT LOANS in respect of INTERESTS under WILLS, LEASES, LIFE POLICIES. ANNUITIES, &c., whether vested or contingent.

Proposal forms, terms, &c., may be had on application at the Company's Offices, 19, NORTH JOHN-STREET, Liverpool.



OVER £4,000,000.
Agents wanted on liberal terms of commission.
Apply to J. HAMER OWENS, Manager, Law Courts Branch

33, Chancery-lane.

EVIDENCE. A GENTLEMAN, who has had the entire charge

A of several heavy cases in litigation, and who has just returned from a tour round the world, which he has made on behalf of an eminent firm of Solicitors in Lincoln's-inn, having brought to a successful issue the object of his mission, is prepared to undertake the getting up of evidence and the obtaining of reliable information in any litigious matter of importance. He has very exceptionable facilities for obtaining information in London ; is personally acquainted with every town of importance in Great Britain and Ireland; and has trustworthy Agents in all parts of America, India, Australia, and New Zealand. He does not solicit work which would fall within the province of, or could be undertaken by, an ordinary clerk, and may be treated in any matter in. trusted to him, so far as confidence and secrecy are concerned, as one of the firm; and as he undertakes but one matter at the time, he is prepared, as hitherto, to devote his whole and undivided attention to it. The Advertiser wishes it understood that he accepts instructions exclusively through the medium of the Legal Profes. sion, and any firm of Solicitors may avail themselves of his services without its ever being known, should such be deemed advisable, in what actual capacity he is acting in the matter,

For obvious reasons the Advertiser does not here give his name and address, but will be happy to furnish (to Solicitors only) all particulars and references to firms of the highest standing on receipt of communication, or he will be happy to wait personally upon any Solicitor in the United Kingdom at his (the Advertiser's) own expense upon receipt of a request so to do.--Solicitors will please address, LEGAL, 117, Chancery-lane, W.C.


PANY.-Established 1825,

TENTH DIVISION OF PROFITS, 1887. THE PROFITS WHICH HAVE ARISIN SINCE 1875 will be a. vided amons Policies in force at the close of the current year, and Assurarces now effected will participate.

THREE MILLIONS sterling have already been added to the Company's Policies in Bonus Additions.

REVENUE, upwards of THREE-QUARTERS OF A MILLION sterling per annum.


J. JONES WILLIAMS, General Secretary for Begland. Edinburgh-3 and 5, George-street (Head Oflice). London-82, King William-street, E.O., and 3, Pall Mall East. Dublin-66, Upper Sackville-stroot.

3, CARLTON HOUSE TERRACE, Facing St. James'-park, over which it has an uninterrupted view

a first-class long Leasehold Town Mansion (being one of the best on the west terrace), having southern aspect, in the choicest and most central position at the West-end, close to the Houses of Par. liament, Clubs, Parks, and other attractions. Excellent stabling.

Early possession, MR. ROBT. W. MANN (for Messrs. TROLLOPE)

IV is favoured with instructions to SELL by AUCTION, at the MART, Tokenhouse-yard, E.C., on THURSDAY, the 4th day of NOVEMBER, 1880, at TWO o'clock precisely (unless previously disposed of by Private Contract), the above substantially-built NOBLE TOWN MANSION, most advantageously situate, having most charming views over St. James'-park, Horse Guards, Houses of Parliament, &c. It contains commodious bedroom accommodation, suitable for a large family; noble suite of reception rooms, comprising two spacious and handsomely-decorated saloons, com municating with folding doors, 46ft. Sin. by 20ft. 9in, and 35ft. 3in. by 23ft. Bin. respectively; boudoir; large balconies, overlooking Park, on first and second floors ; banqueting room, decorated and fitted with scagliola columns 36ft. 9in, by 21ft. 3in.; library of large dimensions, 34ft. bin, by 21ft. 3in.: study ; spacious entrance and inner halls; principal and secondary staircases; double basement, with every convenience. The stabling, which is close to the house, consists of eight stalls and loose box, coach house room for about nine carriages, and numerous rooms over. The mansion is held direct on a Crown lease for an unexpired term of forty-six years from July 5th, 1880, and the stables for fifty-one years from April 5th, 1880, the ground rents together amounting to £87 8s. per annum. Possession on completion of the purchase. The mansion is fitted in every way for the reception of a nobleman's family; suitable for entortainments of a large scale.

Particulars and conditions of sale of the Solicitors, Messrs. Wing & Du Cane, 1, Gray's-inn-square, W.C.; Mr. Caldecott, 53 and 54, Great Russell-street, W.C.; and with cards to view of the Auctioneer, Halkin-street West, Belgrave-square, and 7, Hobart-place, Eaton-square, s.w.


Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane. Current Accounts opened according to the usual practice of otbet Bonkers, and Interest allowed on'the minimum monthly balaoces when not drawn below £25. No commission charged for keeping Accounts The Bank also receivesmoney on Deposit at Three per cent. Interest, repayable on demand. The Bank undertakes for its Customers, free of charge, the custody of Deeds, writings, and other Securities and Valables; the collection of Bills of Exchange, Dividends, and Coupons; and the purchase and sale of Stocks and Shares. Letters of Credit 3 Circular Notes issued. A Pamphlet, with full particulars, on application.

FRANCIS RAVENSCROFT, Manager, 31st March, 1880.


To Her Majesty e Lord Chancellor, the Whole of the Judicial Beach

Corporation of London, &c.



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