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bad been induced by the representations of the company to abstain from enforcing those rights. Under the circum

MR. JOHN GUEST. stances he considered the motion failed, and he therefore re

Mr. John Guest, solicitor, many years registrar of the fused the same with costs. He also allowed the trustees an inquiry as to any damages sustained by them by reason of Birmingham County Court, died at The Warren, Moseley,

on the 3rd inst. Mr. Guest was born in 1810. He was ad. the ex parte injunction.-SOLICITORS, Rogerson & Ford ; mitted a solicitor in 1833, and practised for nearly forty Field, Roscoe, & Co.

years at Birmingham, where he had a good business. He was for several years clerk of the Old Court of Requests, and received the appointment of clerk of the Birmingham

County Court (Circuit No. 21) upon the passing of the Obituary.

County Courts Act, 1847. Mr. William Harvard Arnold

was at first associated with him in the office. Mr. Guest LORD JUSTICE TIESIGER.

afterwards became sole registrar of the court, but about The Right Hon. Alfred Henry Thesiger, one of the judges

fifteen years ago the late Mr. Thomas Chauntler was apof the Court of Appeal, died at 5, South Eaton-place on

pointed as junior registrar. Mr. Guest discharged the Wednesday last, the 20th inst., at the age of forty-two. Lord duties of registrar (in the busiest county court district in Justice Tbesiger was the third surviving son of the first Lord

England) with great ability, and enjoyed the confidence of Chelmsford, and was born in 1838. He was educated at several successive judges of the court, and of the whole Eton and at Christ Church, Oxford. He did not become a

legal profession in Birmingham. About five years ago ho candidate for honours

, but he graduated with an honorary resigned the registraship and retired from practice. fourth class in the final classical school in 1859. He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Trinity Term, 1862, and joined the Home Circuit and Surrey Sessions. About a

MR. ROBERT LUXTON. year after his call he was engaged as junior counsel for the Mr. Robert Luxton, solicitor (of the firm of Luxton & plaintiff in the case of Roupell v. Haws, which arose out of Johnston), died at Tavistock on the 21st ult. Mr. Luxthe notorious Roupell forgeries, and the trial of which ton was born in 1809. He was for many years a clerk in occupied many days at Chelmsford, the town in which the office of the late Mr. Surrey Edward Samuel Carpenter, his father bad obtained his first introduction to assize business. | with whom he served his articles. He was admitted a This case was the means of bringing his name prominently be solicitor in 1859, and practised at Tavistock until his death. fore the profession, and he was soon fully occupied with He was for some time in partnership with Mr. Carpenter, junior business of a high class, both in London and on circuit. next with his son, Mr. Henry Luxton, and finally with Mr. In 1873, although only of eleven years' standing, he re John Douglas Johnston. He was a commissioner for ceived a silk gowa from Lord Selborne. In the first affidavits in the Stannaries Courts, and he had an extensive instance his leading business was mainly confined to par- private practice. Mr. Luxton also held several important liamentary committees and to compersation cases, but he public appointments. He was superintendent registrar and soon acquired a leading business at Nisi Prius, and was

clerk to the Tavistock Board of Guardians, Assessment extensively employed in the House of Lords, not only in

Committee, Rural Sanitary Authority, and School English cases, but also in appeals from Scotland and Ire.

Attendance Committee, to the county magistrates and land. Without much pretension to eloquence, he com

Commissioners of Income Tax, and also to the Tavistock mended himself by bis common sense and clearness of ap- Highway Board and the Whitchurch School Board. prehension, and his arguments of questions of law always displayed great legal knowledge and powers of reasoning. He served upon the Extradition Commission, and the

MR. WILLIAM TYM MIDDLETON. Fagitive Slave Law Commission. In September, 1877, he Mr. William Tym Middleton, solicitor, died at Stone on was appointed Attorney-General to the Prince of Wales, the 12th inst. Mr. Middleton was the son of Mr. John and two months afterwards, upon the resignation of Sir Tym Middleton, solicitor, and was born in 1823. He was Richard Amphlett, he was appointed a Lord Jastice of admitted a solicitor in 1848, and had practised for over Appeal, and was sworn a member of the Privy Council. thirty years at Stone, having been originally associated As he was then only thirty-nine years old the appointment in partnership with his father. He was a perpetual comwas severely criticised, bat he soon justified Lord Cairns' missioner for Staffordshire, and held several important selection. His judgments were carefully prepared and appointments. He was appointed clerk to the county well reasoned, and his courteous manner rendered him a magistrates at Stone in 1852, and olerk to the Stone Board general favourite with the bar. It will be remembered of Guardians in 1855, and he retainod both offices until his that, during the Zulu War Lord Justice Thesiger addressed death. He was also registrar of the Stone County Court several letters to the Times, complaining of the criti- (Circuit No. 26), clerk to the Stone Assessment Committee cism to which his elder brother, Lord Chelmsford, had been and Rural Sanitary Authority, and superintendent registrar subjected, and vindicating the military reputation of the for the district. He had a large and important private latter. The Lord Justice was spending the long vacation at his practice, and was solicitor to the Stone Gas Light and seat in Hampshire. Being attacked with inflammation of the Coke Company, and to the Stone Freehold Benefit Building ear, he came to town for medical advice, but symptoms of Society. Mr. Middleton was buried at Christ Churob, blood poisoning developed themselves, and he died after three Stone, on the 16th inst. weeks' illness. Lord Justice Thesiger was a bencher of the Inner Temple. He was married to a daughter of the late Hon. George Handcock, but leaves no children. He will

MR. THOMAS WATSON PARKER. be buried on Monday next at the Brompton Cemetery. At the Mr. Thomas Watson Parker, solicitor, of Lewisham, died vacation sitting on Wednesday last, Mr. Justice Field said at his residence at Blackheath on the 14th inst. Mr. Parker that he had a most painful announcement to make to the was the eldest surviving son of the late Mr. Thomas Parker, bar, namely, that Lord Justice Thesiger had just died, after solicitor, and he was born in 1834. He was admitted a a very short but painful illness. He was sure that everyone solicitor in 1858, and had ever since practised at Lewisham, who knew the deceased gentleman would deeply regret to having been for several years in partnership with his father hear the announcement he had just made, not only on account (to whom he had been articled), and with Mr. George of the deceased's personal character, but also on account of Parker. He succeeded his father in the office of clerk to his high professional ability. He was also a man possessing the Commissioners of Income and Property Tax for the large administrative capabilities. If he (Mr. Justice Field) Blackheath Division, and he had been for many years consulted his own personal inclination, he would feel inclined clerk to the Lewisham Board of Guardians. He was also a to adjourn the business of the court, bat such he knew superintendent registrar, and clerk to the Lewisham would not be the wish-if he were alive-of the late Lord Assessment Committee and Rural Sanitary Authority: Jastice. Mr. Marten, Q.C., in replying on behalf of the bar, Mr. Parker had a good private practice in the district, and expressed sorrow not only for himself but for all those con his death has caused general regret. nected with the bar, at the unexpected death of the Lord Justice, and bore testimony to the able manner in which the deceased had carried out the extremely difficult duties attaching to his high office.

He is an LL.D. of Trinity College, Dublin. He was called Law Students' Journal. to the frish bar in 1848, aod is a member of the Munster

Circuit. He was for several years professor of jurisprudence

at Queen's College, Galway. He became a Queen's Counsel in UNITED LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY.

1868, and was law advicer to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland A meeting of this society was held on Monday evening, from April till July, 1866. He was M.P. for the county of the 11th inst., at the Law Institution, Mr. R. B. Acland in Tipperary in the Liberal interest from 1870 till 1874. the chair, when the following moot was discussed :-“ Was |

Mr. JUSTINIAN VERNON MUSGRAVE, solicitor, of Albert. the case of the Saffron Walden Building Society v. Rayner I buildings. Queen Victoria-street. has been appointed a Com. (28 W. R. 681) rightly decided; if so, can the law as

missioner for taking Affidavits in the Suprema Courts of therein laid down be deemed satisfactory?" Mr. MacLaren

the Colonies of Victoria, South Australia, New Zealand, and opened the discussion in the affirmative. Mr. Acland

the Cape of Good Hope, and also a Commissioner for taking argued in favour of, and Messrs. Foy and Samuel against,

Affidavits and the Acknowledgments of Deeds bs Married the opinion of the opener. The opener replied, and upon a | Women for the Supreme Court of the Colony of Western division the moot was decided in the affirmative by a s Australia majority of two votes.

I'he usual weekly meeting of this society was held on Mr. John BUCKLEY NORRIS, solicitor, of Eccleshall, has Wednesday, the 13th inst., at Clements-inn, Mr. A. D. been appointed Clerk to the County Magistrates at Stone, in MacLaren in the chair. The motion on the paper was succession to Mr. William Tym Middleton, deceased. Mr. “ That the Land League agitation in Ireland ought to be

Norris is the son of Mr. John Stacey Norris, of Horsley, Ecsuppressed as treasonable.” Mr. Pickersgill opened the

cleshall. He is an M.A.. of Jesus College, Cambridge, and debate in the negative; Messrs. Maxwell, Spence, War

was admitted a solicitor in 1876. burton, Godden, and Phillips, supported, and Messrs. Donner, Edlin, Foy, Acland, and Collyer opposed the opener. The opener replied, and upon a division the motion DISSOLUTIONS OF PARTNERSHIPS. was rejected by a majority of four votes.

JOHN MUSKETT and HENRY EDWIN GARROD, solicitors, A meeting of this society was held on Wednesday, the 20th inst., at Clement's-inn, Mr. B. T. Bartram in the

Diss, Norfolk (Muskett & Garrod). The business will be

carried on in future by the said Henry Edwin Garrod. Oct. chair. The motion on the paper: “Tbat having regard to the recent action of the Honse of Lords & change in the

ABBOTT THURMAN and HENRY TACRMAN, solicitors, constitution of this country is necessary," was brought

Ilkeston and Alfreton, Derby (A. & H. Thurman). Oct. 9. forward by Mr. MacLaren, who was supported by Messrs.

[Gazette, Oct. 15, 1880.) Jones, Maxwell, Spokes, and Pickersgill; and opposed by

HENRY GRAIN and PERCY WILLIAM NAZER, solicitors, 36, Messrs. M'Kay, Collyer, Spence, Donder, Jioks, and Clark

Castle-street, Holborn, London (Grain and Nozer). Sept. son. Mr. MacLaren replied, and, upon a division, the

20. motion was lost by a majority of five votes. The next debate at Clement's-ion will take place on Wednesday, the


ARTHUR, solicitors, 11, Poultry, London (Macarthor & Son). 2780 ingt., when the subject will be " That the present standard of compulsory education is needlessly high." A

Robert John Macarthur will continue to carry on the basi.
Dess. Sept. 30.

[Gazette, Oct. 19, 1880.] meeting at the Law Institution will also be held on Monday, the 25th inst., for the discussion of a legal moot.



Appointments, etc.


JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. been appointed to officiate as Recorder of Rangoon. Mr.

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. Allen was educated at St. John's College, Cambridge, where DIRECT Fisn SUPPLY AssociATION, LIMITED.-Lord Coleridge has, he graduated as a senior optime in 1870. He was called to by an order dated Oct 6, appointed Joseph Andrews, Ironmonger the bar at the Inner Temple in Trinity Term, 1871, and he lane, to be official liquidator

JAMES DODGE AND COMPANY. LIMITED.-Croditors are required, on has for some time held the office of Government Advocate at

or before Dec 18, to send their names and addresses, and the Rangoon.

particulars of their debts or claims, to John Mather, King st,

Manchester Mr. EDWARD CHILCOTT, solicitor, of Tavistock, has been

LONDON AND SOUTIWARK INSURANCE CORPORATION, LIMITED. appointed Clerk to the County Magistrates at that place, in 'etition for winding up. presented Oct 12, directed to be heard succession to Mr. Robert Luxton, deceased. Mr. Chilcott before the M.R. on Nov 6. Tilleard, Godden, and Holme, Old

Jewry, solicitors for the petitioners was admitted a solicitor in 1847, and is clerk to the Tavis.

SEAFORD ESTATE, LIMITED.--Creditors are required, on or before tock Tornpike Trust.

Nov 8, to send their names and addresses, with particulars of their Sir Richard HARINGTON, baronet, judge of county

debts or claims to Clarke Tomalin, the liquidator. Wynne-Barter

and Rance, Lawrence Pountney hill, Cannon st, solicitors for the courts, has been elected Chairman of Quarter Sessions for said liquidator Herefordshire, in succession to the late Mr. George Clive.

(Gazette, Oct. 15.) Sir R. Harington is the eldest son of the Rev. Richard Harington, D.D., principal of Brasenose College, Oxford. |


the Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas on Oct. 6, it was He was born in 1830, and succeeded to a baronetcy in 1877,

ordered that the Bristol Steam Ferry Company be wound up. upon the death of his cousin, Sir John Edward Harington. Scott, Aldermanbury, agent for Waterhouse, Bristol, solicitor fer He was educated at Christ Church, Oxford, where he gradu-l the petitioner. ated first class in law and modern history in 1857, and he


winding up, presented June 22, directed to be heard before the obtained the Vinerian Law Scholarship in the following

Master of the Rolls on Nov. 6. Blagden, Fenchurch avenue, year. He was called to the bar at Lincoln's-ion in Michael. solicitor for the petitioner. mas Term, 1858, and formerly practised on the Oxford Cir

Evan, LEIGI, Sox, AND COMPANY, LIMITED.Creditors are re

quired, on or before Nov. 1, to send their names and addresses cuit. He was formerly junior counsel to the Admiralty. |

and the particulars of their debts or claims, to the secretary i He was appointed a stipendiary magistrate at the Hammer the Junction Iron Works Company, Limited, Newton Heath, Mas smith and Wandsworth Police-courts in 1871, and in the fol. chester. lowing year he became judge of county courts for Circuit No.

(Gazette, Oct. 19.) 22. Sir R. Harington is a deputy-lieutenant for Hereford. shire, and a magistrate for Herefordshire, Worcestershire, and



Station-road, Tunbridge Wells. Oct 14. Mr. DENIS CAULFIELD HEROX, LL.D., Q.C., has been

[Gasette, Oct. 10. created a Serjeant-at-Law in Ireland, in succession to the late Mr. Richard Armstrong. Mr. Serjeant Heron is the eldest son of Mr. William Heron, and was born in 1826

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or a chemist and druggist. The hearing of the case took Creditors' Claims.

place on the 3rd of June last, but the defendant did not

appear. The necessary proof was given, and the judge gave CREDITORS UNDER 22 d 23 VICT. CAP. 25.

a verdict for the amount of the penalty sued for-£5, and

costs. The interpleader was issued by the bailiff in order to LAST DAY OF CLAIM.

determine the question under the bill of sale between the ANDREW, THOMAS, Eltham, Kent, Gent. Nov 20. Street and Co, Lincoln's inn fields

execution creditor, the plaintiffs in the action, and the AVERY, EDWIN DOLPHIN, Solihull, Warwick, Farmer. Nov 1.

claimants, who claimed defendant's goods under the bill of Mitchell and Son, Biriningham

sale mentioned above.
BARRY, JOHN BOYLE, Cannon st, Merchant. Nov 30. Harcourt, Gatty appeared for the Pharmaceutical Society.

Moorgate st
BATTLE, ROBERT, Martlesham, Suffolk, Farmer. Nov 5. Welton,

Wilson appeared for the claimants.

His Honour said :- This case was heard a long time ago, BOWDLER, CHARLES, Runcton, nr Chichester, Esq. Nov 10. and the only question was whether a man who was not re

Denby, Frederick's pl, Old Jewry
Brown, Thomas, Old Bond st, Piccadilly, Licensed Victualler. Nov

gistered as a druggist and chemist under the Pharmacy 16. Taylor, Old Jewry Chambers

Act was properly described in a bill of sale as a druggist. Burns, Joun, Longsight, nr Manchester, Cabinet Maker. Dec 21. It is quite true the Act of Parliament says that no Storer, Manchester

person shall be allowed to be registered-in fact shall incur Cookx, MARGARET, Kingston-upon-Hull, Licensed Victualler. Dec 9. Roberts and Leak, Hull

a penalty-if he sells poisons mentioned in the schedule CROFTS, EDMUND WILLIAM, East Leigh, nr Southampton, a Captain

to the Act, not being a pharmaceutical chemist, in H.M.'s 23rd Regiment. Nov 9. Ingram and Co, Lincoln's inn not being a chemist and druggist, and not being fields DowDALL, GRANVILLE HOCKRIDGE, Southampton, House Decorator.

either a chemist or druggist. The question is whether Dec 7. Newman, Southampton

this man, not being a pharmaceutical chemist, is EDDY, Henry, Kingsbridge, Devon, Upholsterer. Dec 2. Square, properly described according to the requirements of the

FOOKES, WILLIAM, Wool, Dorset, Gent. Dec 1. Andrews and Co,

Bills of Sale Act when he describes himself as a druggist. Dorchester

In point of fact, how otherwise could he describe himself ? FULLAM, GEORGE TOWNLEY, Cottingham, York, Master Mariner.

What was he if he was not a druggist ? He sold drugsDec 1. Rollit and Song, Hull

in point of fact, the Pharmaceutical Society say he sold GARBING, RICHARD, Faringdon, Berks, Farmer. Nov 20. Crowdy and Sons, Faringdon

poison, and they prosecuted him for so doing. Now, the GURNER, HENRY PAKEMAN, St. Paul's rd, Canonbury. Nov 25.

Bills of Sale Act has no object whatever in carrying out Palmer and Co, Trafalgar sa

any law with regard to the repression of improper acts by Hall, Walter, Old Broad st, Esq. Nov 1. Phelps and Co, Gresham those who sell poisons, and are not entitled to do so. The HARMER, Thomas Francis, Carey st, Westminster, Ironmonger.

sole object of the Bills of Sale Act is to give a knowledge Oct 31. Draper, Vincent sq, Westminster

to the grantor and all persons who execute a bill of sale of HARRISON, WILLIAM MICHAEL, Northallerton, York, Gent. Nov 6. the occupation and residence of the person who gives the

Jones, Crosby sq
HAWTON, CHARLES THOMAS, Acton st, Gray's inn rd, Draper. Nov

bill of sale. In this case the grantor truly describes 1. Wells, Paternoster row

his residence and also his occupation, and if a druggist MACKENZIE, GEORGE, Minehead, Somerset, Esq. Nov 13. Munns is not a true description of his occupation, I ask how and Longden, Old Jewry

could he describe himself ? I know no other way. MACKENZIE, JOHN CAMPBELL, Rue St. Anne, Paris. Dec 6. Maugham, Paris

It appears to me it does not come within the Bills MEAD, THOMAS, Overton, Southampton, Farmer. Nov 15. Pain

of Sale Act at all. It is, in point of fact, a proper and Clarke, Winchester

description of the man and of his occupation, and it appears PETERSON, SAMUEL, Kennington rd, Gent. Dec 1. Jones and Grove, Queen st, Cheapside

to me to be the only true description of his occupation that Ringer, Thomas, Rougham, Norfolk, Farmer. Nov 27. Bailey and could be given. Whether a person not registered under the Co, Norwich

Pharmaceutical Act is entitled or not to sell poisons is en. ROBERTS, John, Shrewsbury, Gent. Nov 15. Clarke and Sons, Shrewsbury

tirely beside the question. The only question is as to his ROBERTS, WILLIAM, Acton, Denbigh, Farmer. Oct 30. Cartwright, occupation and residence. The residence was given correctly, Chester

and I have little doubt that his occupation was correct as SMITH, MARTIA BOWDEN, Southampton. Nov 1. Green and Moberly, well. It was stigmatized by the law as an improper one,

SPEAKMAN, ANNIE Dawson, St. Helen's, Lancaster. Nov 12. Ans.

still it is a proper description according to the Bills of Salé dell and Sons, St. Helen's

Act. Therefore my judgment is in favour of the bill of sale THORP, BENJAMIN Walter, Tisbury, Wilts, Farmer. Nov 8. Cobb holder.

and Smith, Salisbury TOMLINSON, Rev. EDWARD, Hanwood Villa, nr Shrowsbury. Nov

5. Mason and Edwards, Lincoln's inn fields TRAVERS, EMILIA, Pucklechurch, nr Bristol. Nov 6. Stogdon, Clement's inn

Court Papers.
Wilton, JOIN FARNELL, Wincanton, Somerset, Esq. Nov 12.

Guscotte and Co, Essex st, Strand
WELLS, MATILDA, Woodcoates, Nottingham. Nov 18. Marshall, SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE.

East Retford
WHITEAR, RICHARD BAILEY, Shroner, Southampton, Gent. Nov 13.

Adems and Co, Alresford



Date. WOOKŁY, MARTIA, Clevedon, Somerset. Nov 6. Bakers and Co,



V.C. Maling. Weston-super-Mare WINNE, GEORGE FREDERICK, Chester, Boot Manufacturer. Oct 30. Monday, Oct. 25Mr. Ward Mr. Clowes Mr. King Cartwright, Chester

Tuesday 26 Pemberton Koe

Merivale (Gazette, Oct. 8.] Wednesday.. 27 Ward

Clowes King Thursday 28 Pemberton Кое

Merivale Friday........ 29 Ward

Clowes King Saturday 30 Pemberton Koe


Mr. Justics
County Courts.

Monday, Oct. 25Mr. Jackson Mr. Farrer Mr. Latham

Tuesday 26

Cobby Teesdale Leach

Wednesday.... 27 Jackson Farrer Larham (Before T. ELLISON, Esq., Judge.)

Thursday 28


Teesdale Leach

Friday...... Oct. 7.-Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain v. Wm.

29 Jackson Farrer

Robert Hartley.

30 Cobby Teesdale Leach This was an interpleader summons arising out of an execution issued by the plaintiffs against defendant's goods,

MICHAELMAS SITTINGS, 1880. which goods were claimed under a bill of sale. The facts

COURT OF APPEAL. were these : The action brought by the plaintiffs was for the

At Westminster.

Thursday. Tecovery from defendant of a penalty under the 15th section of

Bkcy, apps, & or App. mots. expte,



apps. the Pharmacy Act of 1868 for selling poison, it being by that

apps, from orders Friday, section rendered “unlawful for any person to sell or keep an Tuesday, Nov2.made on interloc- Saturday ...

Appeals. open shop for the retailing, dispensing, or compounding

utory motns, & Monday
other apps.

Fresday.... 9
poisons, unless such person shall be registered under this At Lincoln's-inn and Westminster
Act," that is, registered either as a pharmaceutical chemist | Wednesday.. 3...Appeals.


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other apps.

App. mots. ex pte,

App, mots, ex pte apps. from orders

apps. from orders Wednesday 10 {made on interlo Wednday Dec 1{mada on intercutory motns., &

locutory mots., * other apps.

other apps. Thursday ..11 Bkcy, apps. & or.


Bkcy apps and or

2 apps. Friday 12

Friday 3 Saturday ..13

Saturday 4 Monday ....15 Appeals.



6 Tuesday....16

Tuesday (App. motns.ex pta

App. mots.ex pte. apps. from orders

apps. from orders Wednesday, 17 made on interloc Wednesday.. 8{ made on interloutory motions &

cutory mots, & or

apps. Thurs, 18 Bkcy, apps, &othr

Thursday 9

Bkcy. apps. & or apps.

apps. Friday


Saturday ..11

Monday....13 Appeals.

App.motns,ex pte,

App.motos.ex pte apps. from orders

apps. from orders Wednesday..24 made on interlo Wednesday 15 made on interloccutory morns, &

utory motns. & Thursday ..25 Bkcy apps and or


..16 ( Bkcy. apps. & or.

apps. Friday .... 26

Friday .17 Saturday ..27

Saturday ..18 Monday, ..29 > Appeals.



Tuesday 21
Lunacy petitions will be taken every Saturday during the sittin;s.

.... 19

..20 ....22 ....23

Priday ....108 Shtacauses, pets Saturday ..11 {adje sumns., & gen.

6 sht.

.... 8

other apps.

other apps.

& gen. pa.



Thars, ...

Thursd.... 25. Mots. & gen. pa. Any cause intended to be Sht. causes, pets.

heard as a short caase mast be Friday ....26 & gen. pa.

so marked in the cause book at (Adj. sums. & gen Saturday ..27

least one clear day before the pa.

same can be put in the paper to Monday ....29)

be so heard, and the Deca Tuesday....30 General paper. sary papers must be left an Wednsday becl

court with the judge's officer Thursday

2..Motns & gen. på, the day before the cause is to

Short causes, pets. Friday

be put into the paper. 3

& gen. pa. Saturday.. 4 S Adj, sums & gen.


At Westminster.
Monday, Aug 6
Tuesday.... 7
General paper.

Tuesday, Nov 2..Motions,
Wednesday.. 8

At Lincola's-inn. Thursd 6.. Mots. & gen. på.

Wednesday.. 3.. General paper. & gep,

Thursday .. 4..Motns. &

5..Pets. & gen. pl. Saturday

caus., d.

sums., & ges. p Monday.....131 Tuesday....14 General paper

Monday. Wednesday..15)


9 General papa. Thursday ..16.. Motns & gen pa.


Thursday ..ll.. Nots. & gen. pi. Pets, short caus, Friday ....17

Friday ....12..Pets, & gea, pa.

Sht. causes, adj s Adj. sums, & gen. Saturday

13 Saturday

sums & gen. pa. pa. Monday....20

Monday ....15)
General paper.
Tuesday...,21 )

Tuesday....16 General paper.

Wednesday. 17 Any cause intended to be

18..Motr. & ga. pa. heard as a short cause must be so Friday ....19..Petas. & gea, pt marked in the cause book at

Sht. caus., adj. least one clear day before the

Saturday ..20

sams., & gen. pa same can be put in the paper Monday .. 22) to be so heard, and the neces Tuesday.. 23 General paper. sary papers must be left in

Wednes, .. 24 court with the judge's officer Thursday ..25.. Mons. & gen. ps. the day before the cause is to Friday ....26..Pets, & Gen. ps. be put into the paper.


caas., ad) Saturday

sams. & god. pa. V.C. SIR JAMES BACON.

At Westminster.
Tuesday, Nov 2. . Motiona,

Tuesdy ....30 General paper.

Wednsdy Decis
At Lincoln's-inn.

Thurs. 2,. Motas, & gen. pe.
Wednesday 31
General paper.

Friday .... 3..Pens, & gen. ps. Thursd Friday,.... 5

Saturday (Motns., adj. sums.

sams., & gen. ps. 1 & gen. pa.

Monday ....6

Petns.,sht. caus.&

Tuesday General paper.
cen. pa.


$s Monday.... 8..In Bankruptey.

Thrady.... 9.. Motns, & gen pa Tuesday.... 9

Friday ....10...Perns, & gea. paj Wednesday 10 General paper.

Short eaus, 34. Thurs......11

Saturday ..11

suns, & gen. pa... Friday ....12 (Notns, adj. sums.

Monday ....13)

Tuesday....14 General paper.
Pets, sht. causes.
Sat., 13
{ & gen. pa.

Wednesday. 15
Monday....15..In Bankruptcy.

Thursday ..16..Mots. & gen. pa.

Friday ....17.. Pets. & gen. ps. Tuesday 162 Wedsdy ...17 General paper.

Saturday ..13 satis, & gea. pa.

Sht. Caus, au. Thursday.. 18)

Monday ....20

General paper. Friday ....19 Motns., adj. sms.

Tuesday....213 & gen. pa.

Further Consideratioas will be Petns, sht. causes, Saturday ..20

taken as part of the General & gen. pa.

Paper in priority to Ongisal Monday....22..In Bankruptcy. Causes which have not already Tuesday.... 23

appeared in the Papa. Wednesday.24 General paper. Any cause intended to be heard as Thursday...25

a Short Cause Friday

s Motos, adj. sums marked in the Caase Book at & gen. Da.

least one clear day before the 5 Petns., sht. caus. Saturday.. 27

same can be put in the paper D & gen pa.

be so heard, and the necessary Monday..., 29..In Bankruptcy.

papers must be left in court with Tuesday....30

the judge's officer the day before Wednsdy, Decl General paper. the cause is to be pat into the Thurs., .... 2

paper. motns. ail. sum'. Friday { & gen da.

Ms. JUSTICE FRI. Saturday s Pets., sht causes,

At Westminster. & gen. pa.

Tuesday, Nov 2..General paper. Monday.... 6. In Bankruptcy.

At Lincoln's-100. Tuesday.... 7


General paper.
Wednesday.. 8


General paper,

Friday .... Friday

Saturday & gen. pa.


Tuesday.... 9 9-n. pi.

Weinesday.10 General pspsr. Monday ....13..In Bankruptcy.

Thursday ..11 Tuesday....19

Friday.... 12 Wedne day..15 General paper.

Saturday ..13
Thursday. ,16

Monday ....15
Moins, adj. eums

Tuesday ....16
& General paper Wednesday.. 17 General pıpx.
Saturday ..18 < Pets., sht. causes

Thursday ..18 & gen. pa.

Friday ....19 Monday ....20..IR Bankruptoy.

Saturday ..20 Tuesday....21..General paper.

Monday ...., 22 Further Considerations will be Tuesday....13 taken as part of the General

Wednesday 24

General paper,
Paper in priority to Original Thursday ..25
Causes which have not already Friday .... 26
appeared in the Papor,

Saturday ..27.

& gen. pa.


CHANCERY DIVISION. MASTER OF THE ROLLS. N.B.-The days, if any, on which At Westminster.

the Master of the Rolls shall be Tuesday, Nov 2..Motions.

engaged in the Court of Appeal At the Rolls House.

are excepted. Wednesday. 3

Causes and actions in which wit. caus without wits Thursday

nesses are to be examined beFriday

Motns, adj. sums. fore the court will be taken on 5 and gen. pa.

luesdays, Wednesdays, and Pets., sht. causes, Thursdays, and causes and acSaturday....6 {adj. sumns., and tions without witnesses will be gen. pa.

taken on Mondays; but when Monday 8

the list of causes and actions Tuesday.... 9 General paper.

without witnesses is exhausted, Wednesday..10

causes and actions with witThursday ..11.

nesses will be taken on Mondays

also. ( Mons., adj. sums. Friday.......12 &

Further Considerations will be Pets., sht. caus. taken as part of the General Saturday ..13 adj. sums. & gen. Paper in priority to Original på.

Causes which have not already Mon., 15

appeared in the paper.

General paper.

petitions must bo Wedsdy.....17

presented, and copies left with the Thursday ..18

secretary, on or before tho Friday


Motns., adj. bums. Thursday preceding the Saturday & gen. pa.

on which it is intended they Pets.,sht. causes, should be heard ; and any cause Saturday .. 20 adj. sums., and intended to be heard as a short gen. pa.

cause must be so marked in Monday.....22

the cause-book at least one clear Tuesday.... 23 General paper.

day before the same can Wednesy.... 24

put in the paper to be so heard, Thursday ..25

and the necessary papers must Motos. adj. sum. be left in


with the Friday & gen. pa.

judge's officer the day before Pets, sht. causes, the cause is to be put in the Saturday ..27 {adj. sumns, and paper.

gen. pa. Monday

V.C. SIR RICHARD MALINS. Tuesday ....30 General paper.

At Westminster, Wednsday Decl

Tuesday,Nov 2..Motions. Thursday 2

At Lincoln's-inn. Friday...... 3

Mots., adj. sums., Wednesday.. 3..General paper. & gen. pa.

Thursday ... 4..Motns. & gen. pa. Petns, sht causes,

5 Sht. causes, petos' Satorday

Friday... 4 {adj. sumos., and

& gen. pa. gen. pa.

Acj. sutons, and

6 6 Monday


gen. pa. Tuesday. 7

Monday.. &
General paper.
Wedsdy..... S

Tuesday.... 9 General paper. Thrsdy 9

Wednesday, 103 Friday

Thursday ..ll.. Motns. & gen. pa. & gen. pa.

( Sht, causes, pets., Pets., sht. causes,


1 & gen pap.
..ll adj. sumns, and
gen. pa.

Saturday ..13 | Adj.sums. & gen. Monday

Monday.... 15 Tuesday....14

Tuesday ....16 General paper. General Wednesday 15


Wednesday..17) Tnursday.. 16

Thursday ..18.. Mots. & gen. pa. Friday

Sht, caus., pets.


& gen pa.
Petns., sht, caus.


i. sums. & gen Saturday .,18 adj. sumos. and



.... 26


[blocks in formation]


Saturday 20

pa. gen. pa.


General paper.

Wednesday 24


23 General paper.



Monday ....29
Monday ....13

Williams v Lewis aot wits 1879 W. 344
Tuesday .80
Tuesday ...14

Ibbotson v. Firth act, wits 1880 I. 7

General paper.

General paper.

Thursday ..16 2

In re Bridges, Mason • Bridges act, wits 1880 B. 0,305
Friday ....17

Glover v Giles act, wits 1879 G. 282
Saturday 4
Saturday ..18

Stephenson v Scholefield act, wits 1880 S. 61

Monday....20 Tuesday.... 7


General paper. Tregan v Wells act, wits 1880 T. 59

General paper.

Wyburn v Haden act, wits 1880 W. 0,431

Nicholls v Nicholl i88ce of faot 1880 N. 23
Friday ....10
Saturday ..11.

Aspinall v Cox act, wits 1880 A. 0,224
Leaming v Reed act, wits 1880 L. 61

Marshall v Vallianny act, wits 1880 M. 58

Heald v the Midland Ry. Co. aot, wits 1880 H. 149

Collinge v Rhodes act, wits 1880 C. 0,490

Bergmann v Macmillan act & moto for judgt, wits 1879 Friday, the 6th day of August, 1880. B. 691 Whereas, from the present state of the business before Ridsdale v Great Western Ry. Co. act, wita 1879 R. 105 the Master of the Rolls, the Vice-Chancellors Sir James | Norse v Ellston act, wits 1880 N. 0,260 Bacon and Sir Charles Hall, and Mr. Justice Fry respec Phillips v Phillips act, wits 1879 P. 138 tively, it is expedient that a portion of the causes assigned In re Jones, Jones Thomas act, wits 1879 J. 155 to the Master of the Rolls, and the Vice-Chancellor Sir Fraser v Green act, wits 1880 F. 46 Charles Hall, and now standing for trial or hearing before Power v Tugall act, wits 1879 P. 302 their lordships, should be transferred to the Vice-Chancellor Champitto Paine act & motn for judgt, wits 1879 C. 447 Sir James Bacon; and that the causes so to be transferred Langdale's Chemical Manure Co. limd. v Sponco act, wits should for the purpose only of trial or hearing be transferred 1879 L. 3 from the Vice-Chancellor Sir James Bacoa to Mr. Justice

FROM THE VICE-CHANCELLOR SIR CHARLES HALL's Fry: Now I, the Right Honourable Roundell Baron Selborne,

CAUSE Book. Lord High Chapcellor of Great Britain, do hereby order Kempe v The Anglesea, &c., Quarries Co. act, wits 1880 that the several causes set forth in the schedule hereto be

K. 17 accordingly transferred from the Master of the Rolls and

Jausson v Berner act, wits 1880 J. 12 the ViceChancellor Sir Charles Hall to the Vice-Chan

Snow v Bolton act, wits 1879 S. 562 cellor Sir James Bacon, and taken as causes assigned to

Smith v Day act, wits 1879 S. 482 the Vice-Chancellor Sir James Bacon, and be marked in

Kettlewell v Watson act, wits 1879 K. 65 the canse books accordingly. And I do farther order that Vivian v Moat act, wits 1878 V. 52 Vivian v Walker the same causes, when so transferred, be for the purpose

act, wits 1878 V, 54 only of trial or of hearing transferred from the Vice

Simmonds v Bowden act, wits 1879 8. 303 Chancellor Sir James Bacon to Mr. Justice Fry. And this Cockburn v Edwards act, wits 1880 C. 127 order is to be drawn up by the registrar and set up in the Lane v Evans act, wits 1880 L. 0,450 several offices of the Chancery Division of the High Court Blenkhorn v Penrose act, wits 1879 B. 203 of Justice.

Beddall v Maitland act, wits. 1879 B, 661

Reeve v Freeman act and mto for judgt, wits 1879 R. 249
FROM THE MASTER OF THE ROLLS' CAUSE Book. Oriel College, Oxford v Lock act, wits 1880 0. 21
Sharp v Pickett act, wits 1879 S. 390.

Pepper v Wiggins act, wits 1880 P. 84 Maroh v Woodall act & motn for judgt, wite 1879 M. 343

Mitchell-Henry v Tidy act, wits 1880 H. 116 Samuel v Druiff act, wits 1880 8. 98

Clark v Evans act, wits 1879 C. 420 Maltby v Corbidge act, wits 1879 M. 1,583

White v Hunt act, wits 1880 W. 0,534 Robson v Robson act, wits 1880 R. 48

Joy v Earnshaw act and moin for judgt, wits 1879 J. 46 Eley v Lord act, wits 1880 E. 47

James v The Capital and Counties Bank act, wits 1880 J. I Riviere v Pickmere act & moto for judgt, wits 1879 R.

Blackwood v Charsley act, wits 1880 B. 0,569


R. H. LEACH, Registrar.
Barfield v Waterman act, wits 1878 B. 624
Williams v Chilcott act, wits 1880 W. 32
Hale v Earl de la Warr act, wits 1878 H. 513
Slaok v Midland Ry. Co. act, wits 1879 W. 197
Smith v Lea act, wits 1880 S. 21

Legal News.
Post v Marsh act, wits 1880 P. 0,154
Holt v Collyer act, wits 1880 H, 133

Lord Ormidale, who for some weeks has been suffering Porter v West act, wits 1879 P. 148

from illness, has resigned his position as one of the judges Lawson v Braine act, wits 1880 L. 0,322

of the Second Division of the Court of Session in Scotland. White v Spargo aot, wits 1880 W. 14 Parrot v Ellis act, wits 1879 P. 371

Tuesday's Gazette announces the issue of a Royal ComBailey v Prout act, wits 1880 B. 64

mission to inquire into the operation of the law for the Radford v Black act, wits 1879 R. 280

measurement of toppage, and to report "whether, having Kent v Royal Lon. Panorama act, wits 1880 K, 0,122

regard to just principles of taxation, to the convenience Eames v Hacon act, wits 1880 E. 21

and furtherance of trade, to international arrangements, Sykes v Haigh act, wits 1879 S. 440

and above all to safety, it is desirable to make any and

what alteration in such law." Ambroise v Heynemann aot, wits 1879 A. 170 Smith v Pettit act, wits 1880 S. 01, 382

The following dates have been fixed for the Winter Assizes : Laird v Briggs act, wits 1879 L. 148

-North-Eastern Circuit (Field, J.)-Newcastle, Monday, Laird v Pettman act, wits 1879 L. 126

October 25; Durham, Wednesday, October 27; Leeds, Laird v Pettman act, wits 1879 L. 125

Tuesday, November 2. Oxford Circuit. -For the combined Rudow v Great Britaio Mutual Life Assce. Society act,

counties of Berks and Oxford, at Oxford, on Monday, wits 1879 R. 200

October 25 ; for the counties of Worcester, Hereford, and Dapglish v Henderson act, wits 1880 D. 63

Monmouth, at Gloucester, Friday, October 29; and at StafIn re Fowler, Fowler v Odell act, wits 1879 F. 117

ford on Thursday, November 4. Western Circuit (Denman, Barber v Frend act, wits 1879 B. 368

J.)-Bristol, Saturday, October 30; Exeter, Saturday, Cleaver y Jones act, wits 1879 C. 196

November 6 ; Winchester, Saturday, November 13. Brettell v Davies act wits 1879 B. 682

In the case of The People v. Helen Schuchardt, the Bennett v Hay act, wits 1879 B. 1,013

Circuit Court of Union County, Illinois, recently solemnly Pierog v Young act, wits 1879 P. 217

held that a woman could not be appointed master in chanThe Sheffield Permanent Building Societz v Johnson act, cery. It appears that on the 16th of June, 1879, the Circuit wits 1879 S. 1,307

Court of Union County, Judge John Dougherty preTarnour y Tarnopraot, wits 1878 T. 209

siding, appointed to the office of master in chancery, for

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