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a large number of clients in the town and neighbourhood of MR. JAMES CROSBY.

Aylsham. He was for many years in partnership with the Mr. James Crosby, barrister, died at Georgetown,

late Mr. Robert Copeman, whom he succeeded in 1841 ia Demerara, on the 30th of August. Mr. Crosby had been

the office of clerk of the peace for the county of Norfolk. for nearly forty years in the colonial service of the Crown.

He held that office till about ten years ago, and a year or He was born in 1806, and was educated at a private

two later he relinquished his practice on account of failore school at Greenwich, where he is said to have been a

of healtb. schoolfellow of Lord Beaconsfield. He then proceeded to Trinity College, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A. in 1826. He was called to the bar at the Middle Temple

MR. JOAN WATSON. in June, 1830, and was formerly a member of the Western

Mr. John Watson, solicitor, of Dyers' Hall, Dowgate-hill Circuit. In 1844 he was appointed police magistrate in

and of 22, Highbury New-park, died suddenly in Kendal the Island of St. Vincent for the Kingston District, and

| Church, on the 26th ult., from disease of the heart. Mr. he also practised at the bar in the colony. In 1853 he

Watson was born at Kendal in 1829. He served bis became Speaker of the House of Assembly of St. Vincent,

articles with Mr. Christopher Thornton Clark, of Lancaster, and afterwards acted as Colonial Treasurer. In 1857 he

and with Messrs. Johnson & Weatherall, of 7, King's was appointed a stipendiary magistrate in British Guiana,

Bench-walk, Temple, and he was admitted a solicitor in and in 1862 he became Immigration Agent-General for

1862. He formerly practised at 30, Coleman-street, bat in that colony, which office he held until his death. He

1876 he was elected clerk to the Dyers' Company, and he was a member of the Court of Policy, and bad acted as a

had since had his offices at Dyers' Hall, Mr. Watson was puisne judge of the Supreme Court of British Guiana.

spending the vacation at Kerdal. On Sunday, September During Mr. Crosby's residence in St. Vincent he was Lieut.-Colonel of the Southern Regiment of the St. Vincent

26, he was apparently in good health, and he took a long Militia. In his capacity of Immigration Agent-General

walk in the afternoon. He went to the evening service at

Kendal Church, and during the voluntary on the organ Mr. Crosby had done much to improve the condition of

before the service he was taken ill, and died in a few the Coolies in British Guiana.

minutes. He was buried at the Kendal Cemetery on the 29th ult. The sad event has caused great sorrow both at

Kendal and in the neighbourhood of Highbury, where the MR. JAMES FLOWER FUSSELL.

deceased resided. Ho leaves a widow and six children. Mr. James Flower Fussell, solicitor (of the firm of Fussell, Prichard, Swann, & Henderson), of Bristol, died at Abbot's Leigh on the 25th ult., after a long illness.

MR. WILLIAM GRAY. Mr. Fussell was born in 1819, was admitted a solicitor in

Mr. William Gray, solicitor, of York, died at Eller Close, 1840, and had practised for forty years at Bristol. He first joined Mr. Charles Savery and Mr. Edward Clerk,

Grasmere, on the 25th ult. Mr. Gray was the son of Mr.

Jonatban Gray, solicitor, of York. He was admitted s and the firm afterwards included also Mr. Fosket Savery.

solicitor in 1828, and had practised at York for over fifty Mr. Fussell had been for many years at the head of the

years. He was formerly in partnership with his father, and firm, and in partnership with Mr. Charles John Collins

at a more recent date with his son. Mr. Edwin Gray was Prichard, and with his two sons-in-law, Messrs. Edward

associated with him. Mr. Gray had a large private practice James Swann and James Henderson. He had an

which had been carried on by members of his family for nearly extensive private practice, and had for many years con

a century, and he was the legal adviser of the leading county ducted the legal business of the Bristol and Exeter

families in Yorkshire. He was a perpetual commissioner for Railway Company. He was also solicitor to the Bristol the city of York and for the North and East Ridings of Cemetery Company, the Bristol General Steam Navigation

Yorkshire, and he for many years discharged the daties Company, the Bristol Waterworks Company, and other

of under-sheriff for the county. Mr. Gray was a liberal sapimportant local bodies. He was one of the original

porter of the Church Missionary Society, and other religious members of the Bristol Incorporated Law Society, and had

bodies. He took an active part in municipal business, and filled the post of president of that body. Mr. Fussell was

he was Lord Mayor of the city of York in 1845. His death buried at Abbot's Leigh on the 29th ult. He leaves a has caused a feeling of regret among all classes. He was widow, two sons, and four daughters.

buried at St. Maurice's Church, York, on the 29th ult.

MR. WILLIAM SALTER. Mr. William Salter, solicitor, died at Chard on the 18th ult. after a short illness, at the age of eighty-nine. Mr. Salter was

Appointments, Ete. born in 1791. He was admitted a solicitor in 1845, baving been for many years a clerk in the office of the late Mr. Thomas Edward Clarke, to whom he was articled, and to

Mr. DANIEL TRAFERS BURGES, solicitor, of Bristol, has whose practice he succeeded. At a later date he was joined

been appointed Town Clerk of that city, in succession to Mr. by Mr. Edward Clarke, and Mr. John Thomas Bent Lukin,

William Brice, resigned. Mr. Barges is the son of Mr. the present mayor of Chard, but he relinquished practice

Daniel Burges, many years town clerk of Bristol. He was about ten years ago, being then nearly eighty years old.

admitted a solicitor in 1862, and he has been first clerk is He was a perpetual commissioner for Somersetshire, and

the town clerk's office since 1875. had a large private practice. He was steward of the Manor Mr. THOMAS HENRY FARRER, barrister, has been appointed of Chard, and was for several years clerk (jointly with the a Magistrate for the County of Surrey. Mr. Farrer is the late Mr. Charles Benjamin Tucker) to the county magistrates eldest son of Mr. Thomas Farrer, and was born in 1819. He at that place. He was for several years a member of the was educated at Balliol College, Oxford, where he graduated Chard Town Council. In 1847 he was elected an alderman, second class in classics in 1840. He was called to the bar which position he filled till his deatb, and he had been six at Lincoln's-inn in Michaelmas Term, 1844. He formerly times mayor of the borough. Mr. Salter had been twice practised in the Court of Chancery, and has been for several married, and he leaves two daughters. He was buried at the

years principal secretary to the Board of Trade. Chard Cemetery on the 23rd ult.

Mr. WILLIAM FRANCIS FINLAŞon has been appointed . Revising Barrister. Mr. Finlason is a graduate of Trinity

College, Dublin. He practised for several years as a special MR. ROBERT WILLIAM PARMETER. pleader, and he was called to the bar at the Middle Temple Mr. Robert William Parmeter, solicitor, many years

in Michaelmas Term, 1851. He is a member of the Soutbe clerk of the peace for Norfolk, died at Aylsham, on the 26th

Eastern Circuit. ult., at the age of eight-five. Mr. Parmeter was born in Mr. RICHARD William FORD, solicitor and notary, of 1795, and was admitted a solicitor in 1818. He was a ! Portsmouth, Gosport, and Havant, bas been elected Clerk af perpetual commissioner for the county of Norfolk, and had the Peace for the Borough of Portsmouth, in succession to his brother, the late Mr. Henry Ford. Mr. R. W. Ford is pany be continued. Layton and Jacques, Ely place, Holborn, solicitor to the Portsmouth and Ryde Steam Packet Com agents for Lancaster and Wright, Bradford, solicitors for the

petitioner pany, the Portsmouth Waterworks Company, and the OSSEIN TANNING COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made by the Portsmooth Streets Tramway Company, and he was till Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, dated Sept 22, it was Tecently alderman for the borough. He was admitted a ordered that the company be wound up. Michael Abrahams and solicitor in 1843, and is in partnership with his son, Mr.

Co., Old Jewry, solicitors for the said petitioner

[Gazette, Oct. 1.] Douglas Morey Ford.

BANK AND MERCANTILE SUPPLY ASSOCIATION, LIMITED.-Creditors · MR. WILLIAM THOMAS GREENHOW, barrister, has been are required, on or before Nov 5, to send their names and ad. appointed Judge of County Courts for Circuit No. 14, in suc dresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Charles cession to Serjeant Henry Tindal Atkinson, who has been

J. Angus, Finsbury circus

EAST CANNOCK COLLIERY COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for wind. transferred to Circuit No. 55. Mr. Greenhow was educated

ing up, presented Sept 30, directed to be heard before the M.R. at University College, London, and he graduated LL.B. of on Nov 6. Duignan and Smiles, Bedford row, agents for Duignan, the University of London in 1852. He was called to the Lewis, Williams, and Elliat, Walsall, solicitors for the petitioner

MONYDD GORDDU LEAD MINE COMPANY, LIMITED,-Creditors are þar at the Middle Temple in Easter Term, 1854. He is a

required, on or before Nov 6, to send their names and addresses, member of the North-Eastern Circuit, and he has been and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Mr. A. W. Snel. recorder of the borough of Berwick -upon-Tweed since ling. 1870,


are required, on or before Oct 15, to send their names and ad• Mr. EYRE LLOYD, barrister, who has been appointed

dresses, and the particulars of their debts and claims, to Stacpoole

and Son, Pinner's Hall, Old Broad st Secretary to the Knares borough Election Commission, was

PATENT LIONITE MANUFACTURING COMPANY, LIMITED, -- V.O. called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Hilary Term, Malins has fixed Oct 13, at 11, at his chambers, Staple inn, for 1859. He practises on the South-Eastern Circuit,

the appointment of an official liquidator

[Gazette, Oct. 5.7 Mr. John THOMAS BENT LUKIN, solicitor (of the firm of Clarke & Lukin), of Chard, has been elected an Alderman


GREAT BRITAIN FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. ---Petition for winding for that borough. Mr. Lukin is mayor of Chard for the

up, presented Sept. 7, directed to be heard before the M, R. on present year. He was admitted a solicitor in 1850, and is

Nov. 0. Harvey, Old Jewry, solicitor for the petitioner, clerk to the county magistrates.

[Gazette, Oct. 5.] Mr. KENNETH AUGUSTUS MUIR MACKENZIE, barrister, has

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. been appointed Principal Secretary to the Lord Chancellor,

Ross FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Boys' National Schoolroom, Ross, in succession to Mr. Ralph Charlton Palmer, who has been

Sept. 28. appointed clerk of the Crown in Chancery. Mr. Mackenzie WIDOW AND ORPHANS' FUND OF THE SWINDON DISTRICT, MANis the third son of the late Sir Jobn Muir Mackenzie, CHESTER UNITY OF OLD FELLOWS, King's Arms Inn, Old Swinbaronet, and was born in 1845. He was educated at the

don, Sept. 28. Charterkouse and at

[Gazette, Oct. 1.] Balliol College, Oxford, where he graduated second class in classios in 1868. He was called to


TION, AND FUNERAL SOCIETY, Register No. 6861, Pitt and Nelson the bar at Lincoln's-inn in Easter Term, 1873.

Hotel, Ashton-under-Lyne, Sept. 30, Mr. GEORGE BEVERLEY SMITH, solicitor, of Salisbury, has

[Gazette, Oct. 5.] been elected Secretary to the Salisbury Infirmary, in succes. sion to Mr. Philip Watson Ottaway, resigned. Mr. Smith is the son of Mr. George Smith, solicitor, coroner, and treasurer for the city of Salisbury, and he was admitted a

Law Students' Journal. solicitor in 1878.



A meeting of this society was held on Wednesday, the HENRY JOHN Davis and FREDERICK JOHN JUSTICE, solici

| 6th inst., at Clement's-inn, Mr. Dowson in the chair. The tors, Newport, Monmouth (Davis & Justice). The business

business of the evening commenced with the reading of the will in future be carried on by the said Henry John Davis

half-yearly report by the secretary, whereby it appeared alone. Oot. 1.

that the number of members had increased, and the atMORRIS CHARLES JONES, ROBERT PATERSON, MORRIS PAT' tendance at, and the character of, the debates had much ERSON JONES, and ROBERT PATERSON, jun., solicitors, | improved. The motion on the paper was, “That Queen's-buildings, Dale-street, Liverpool (Jones, Paterson, Afghanistan should be completely evacuated.” Mr. Spence & Co.). So far as regards the said Morris Charles opened the debate in the negative, and was opposed by Jones only. Robert Paterson, Morris Patersou Jones, and Messrs. Napier, Owen, Maxwell, Pickersgill, and Shirley. Robert Paterson, jun., will continue to carry on the said

Mr. Spence replied, and after a division the motion was business. Oct. 1.

carried by a majority of five votes. The next debate at

Clement's-inn wiil take place on Wednesday, the 13th inst., George Rae and HENRY THOMPSON, solicitors and con

when the subject will be " That the Land League agitation veyancers, Liverpool (Rae & Thompson). Henry Thomp in Ireland ought to be suppressed as treasonable." eon will continue the said business in his own name. Sept. 30. [Gazette, Oct. 5, 1880.]

County Courts.


(Before H. J. STONOR, Esq., Judge.)

Sept. 25.-West v. Phønix Gas Light and Coke Company. WINDING-UP NOTICES.

The plaintiff songht to recover the sum of £9 3s. 8d., which JOINT STOCK COMPANIES.

he had paid to the company under the following circum. LIMITED IN CHANCERY.

stances :-On the 30th of June last the plaintiff moved into

the Beehive public-house, Warner-street, New Kent-road, Bast CANNOCK COLLIERY COMPANY, LIMITED.--Petition for winding up, presented Sept 30, directed to be heard before the M.R. on

and upon the following day an official of the gas company Nov 6. Duignan and Smiles, Bedford row, agents for Duignan, called upon him, and demanded the above sum of money, Lewis, Williams, and Elliot, Walsall, solicitors for the petitioner

which he said had been left unpaid by the previous tenant. HULL CEMENT AND LIME WORKS, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up.

Mr. West told him that he was not liable for other peoples' presented Sept. 13, directed to be heard before the M.R. on Nov. 6. Weed and White, Poultry, agents for Thorp and Firth, Kingston debts, whereupon the official saià if the money was not paid upon-Hull, solicitors for the petitioning company

into the office by noon the gas would be cut off. The money NORTH BUCKLEY COLLIERY AND FIRE BRICK COMPANY, LIMITED.

was not paid, and the gas was cut off at two o'clock, putting By an order made by Pollock, B., sitting as vacation judge, dated Sept 8, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the com- | the plaintiff to great inconvenience. Finally, to save further

trouble, Mr. West paid the money, and the gas was again BBRACH, ROBERT, Steyning, Sussex, Woolstapler. Nov 23. Woods supplied. The present action was brought to recover the sum

and Dempster, Brighton

BRBTON, FREDERICK, Belvedere rd, Upper Norwood, Esq. Dec 1. of money, which, it was argued, was obtained by undue

Clarke and Calkin, Great James st, Bedford row pressure.

BRIERLY, JAMES, Stackstead, Lancaster, Colliery Proprietor. Oot Lyon, who appeared for the plaintiff, quoted the Act of 30. Ashworth, Waterfoot Parliament relating to gas companies, &c.--viz., 34 & 35 BROOK, SAMUEL, Huddersfield, Farmer. Dec 1, Craven and San.

derland, Huddersfield Viot. 0. 41, 39, by which it is enacted that " in the

CHAPMAN, JAMES, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk, Maltster. Dec 31. case of any consumer of gas supplied by the undertakers Stanley, Norwich leaving the premises where such gas has been supplied to CRESWELL, Rev. SAMUEL, Radford, Nottingham, Clerk. Oct 9.

Brittle, Nottingham him, without paying the gas rent or meter rent dae from

FREETH, MARY Ann, Birmingham. Oct 25. Wragge and Co, Bir. him, the undertakers sball not be entitled to recover from mingham the next tenant of such premises tbe payment of tbe arrears GARDINER, ELIZABETI, Devonport. Nov 2. Hatchings, Devonleft oppaid by the former tenant, unlegg soob incoming


GBARING, WILLIAM, Brighton, Farmer. Nov 30. King and Son, topant bas undertaken with the former tenant to pay, and Brighton to release him from the payment of such arrears." No suoh GRAY, THOMAS, Sheffield, Gent. Oct 30. Rodgers and Co, Shetbelt agreement bad been made by his client, and therefore the

HALL, Walter, Old Broad st, Esq. Nov 1. Phelps and Co, Gresham

st money bad been obtained unlawfully and under undne HARRISON, WILLIAM, Rotherham, York, Railway Wagon Bailder. pressure.

Dec 6. Broomhead and Co, Sheffield

HARVEY, JAMES, Yeovil, Somerset. Oct 21. Bollen, Yeovil Metcalfe, for the defendants, said that the reason of the

HAWTHORN, THOMAS, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Engineer, Nov 1. action taken was that the company had a suspicion that Laws and Co, Newcastle-on-Tyne there was collasion between the incoming tenant and

HOLT, THOMAS, Elton-within-Bury, Lancaster, Clogger. Oct 31.

Grundy and Co, Bury the late tenant.

JOHNSON, ROBERT, Nowcastle-upon-Tyne, out of business. Nov & The plaintiff, however, opon being par into the box, Chartres and Co, Newcastle upon Tyne swore that be bad not known until after he had got into

| LACROIX, JEAN PIERRE, Brighton, Provision Merchant. Nor 25.

Stevens and Son, Brighton the house that there was any gas money owing, and he

LEATHERDALE, JAMES, Wakes Colne, Essex, Farmer. Dec 1. Beauhad most certainly not promised to pay the money.

mont and Son, Coggleshall His Honour gave a verdiot for the plaintiff, with costs.

LYSTER, SEPTIMUS, Essex, a Retired Lieutenant-Colonel. Nov 30.

Trinders and Curtis-Hayward, Bishopsgate st. Within
MOGUFFIE, CATHERINE MARIA, Earl's Court rd, Kensington, Nov

9. Pierce, Liverpool
Nash, JAMES, Bedford row, Rent Collector. Oct 9. Talbot and

Tasker, Bedford row.

NEWBERT, John, Kingston-upon-Hall, Corn Factor. Feb 1. Middle Creditors' Claims.

miss and Pearce, Hull NORMAN, SERGEANT JOIN COOPER, Nice, France, M.D. Nov 10.

Mustard, Furnival's inn CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25

PICKUP, PICKUP, Tottington Lower End, Lancaster, Farmer. Sor

1. Gruudy and Co, Bury LAST DAY OF CLAIM.

ROBERTSON, ARCHIBALD, Hertford, Lieut-Col. Nov 20. Swarder

and Longmore, Hertford ASHLEY, ASHER EDWARD, Oswestry, Salop, Brewer. Oct 25. Thomas, SaundeRS, ISABELLA, Grosvenor place, Margate. Nov 1. Bors, Cross st, Oswestry

Margate ATKINSON, JOSEPI, Shipley, York, Gent. Novl. Morgan and Mor. SHEPPARD, JOSEPH, Dalham, Suffolk, Yeoman. Nov 1. Salma gan, Shipley

and Son, Bury St Edmunds BAGNALL, BENJAMIN, Birmingham, Publican. Oct 29. Ansell Simonds, EDMUND, Willingdon, Sussex, Gent. Oct 30. Bowder Birmingham

and Son, Winchester BARRINGTON, WILLIAM, White Lion st, Norton Folgate, Pickle Mer. STOKES, CHARLES Scott, Hollywood rd, Brompton, Esq. Dec 1. chant. Oct 25, Clapham and Fitch, Bishopsgate Without

Pollard, King's Arms yd, Moorgate st BLADON, THOMAS WILLIAM, Birmingham, Bedding Manufacturer. WALKER, MARY WATERSOX, Newbiggen-by-the-Sea, Northumber. Nov 1. Wright and Marsball, Birmingham

land. Nov 8. Chartres and Co, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Bowes, JOIN, Helmsley, York, Spirit Merchant. Nov 1. Pearson, WATWOOD, THOMAS, Stafford, Gent. Nov 1. Spilsbury, Stafford Helmsley

WEST, WILLIAM, Preston, Sussex, Gent. Nov 6. Hewitt and BROTHERS, FRANCIS WILLIAM, Chorley, Lancaster, Gas Engineer. Alexander, Ely pl, Holborn Oct 16. Malam Brothers, Blackburn

WILLIS, Axx Mary, Wellington st, South Shields. Oct 8. Vabana CAMPBELL, JAMES, Chichester, Sussex, Esq. Oct 30. Wordsworth and Graham, South Shields and Co, Threadneedle st

(Gazette, Sept. s.) CLEMENT, MARY ANNE, Westbury-upon-Trym, Bristol. Nov 25. Brittans and Co, Bristol

AGNEW. JAMES. Cheltenham. Esa. Oct 30. Withall, Bedford ms CROSBY, SARAH,. Holbeach, Lincoln, Nov 17. Caparn and Co, Hol.

AITKEN, MARGARET, Strathkinniss, Fife. Nov 12." Ewbank and beach

Partington, South sq, Gray's inn DOYBRAIN, WILLIAM, Canterbury, Gent. Nov 10. Hallet and Co,

BARBOW, GEORGE MARTIN, Writtle, Esser, Clerk in Holy Orders. Ashford

Oct 21. Scarlett and Sutthery, Chelmsford FRANKCOX, Francis, Little Badminton, Farmer, Nov 8. Cosham,


Taylor and Co, Great James st, Bedford row HUDSON, Joun, Cleveland, U.S.A., Tailor. Nov 20. Nicholson,

BROOKS Jorn, Beaconsfield, Buckingham, Retired Farmer. Not Morpeth

12. Cheese, Amersham HUDSON, THOMAS THOMPSON, Heaton, York, Farmer. Nov 1. Mor.

Cox, Joux, Bristol, Gent, Nov 1. Pitt, Bristol gan and Morgan, Shipley

DENBY, MARTHA HARGREA YES, Burley, Otley, York. Nor 1. TenJacobs, MATTHEW HENRY, Budge row, Cannon st, Solicitor. Dec 31.

nant and Barrett, Leeds North and Sons, Leeds

Ears, THOMAS, Horsington, Somerset, Gent. Oct 30. Johns and Kay, ABRAHAM, Halliwell, nr Bolton, Gardener. Oct 25. Gerrard,

Traill, Blandford Bolton

FILMER, ALFRED, Sheerness, Butcher. Nov 27. Greathead, Rochester LITTLE, WILLIAM HENRY, Southsea, Southampton, Captain in HOBBES, ROBERT HORNE, Stratford-upon-Avon, Gent, Oct 23. H.M.'s Navy. Oct 31. Freshfield and Williams, Bank bldgs

Hobbes and Co, Stratford-upon-Avon MAYES, JOIN, Loughborough, Leicester, Hosier. Nov 1. Deane HODGE, GEORGE WILLIAM, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Solicitor. Xor and Hands, Loughborough

30. Hodge and Westmacott, Newcastle upon Tyne NICHOLAS, TREW, Downham, Cambridge, Farmer. Nov 5. Archer

Hodgson, ELLEN PARKER, Moorcambe, Lancaster. Oct 29. Sharp and Son, Ely

and Son, Lancaster PATUORE, JOSEPI, Stafford pl South, Pimlico. Nov 1. Lefroy and

JUDSON, WILLIAM, St. Phillip's terrace, Kensington, Oct 11. T Sheppard, Robert st, Adelphi

ton, Kensington PERRIDGE, CAROLINE, Leather lane, Holborn. Oct 31. Smith,

KAY, JAMES, Elton, Bury, Lancaster, Gent. Nov 8. Grundy od Aldersgate st

Co, Bury RYLEY, BENJAMIN, Louth, Lincoln, Maltster. Nov 23. Bell,

LONGSTAFF, MARY, Sunderland, Durham, Nov 23. Hines and Son, Louth

Sunderland SEAGROVE, WILLIAM JAMES, Portsea, Southampton. Nov 1. Edg.

Priest, Maria, Heigham, Norwich. Nov 8. Winter and Franes, combe and Co, Portsea

Norwich SMITI, JOIN, Laughton, Sussex, Farmer. Nov 30. King and Son,

RAVENSCROFT, Joun, Wharton, Chester, Labourer. Nov 1. Fletchez, Brighton

Northwich WATKINSON, JOHN Daxill, Doncaster, Gent. Nov 24. Taylor,

SCHOFIELD, HENRY, Wilmslow, Chester, Gent. Nov 6. Legh Wellington

Manchester WELCH, THOMAS SMITH, Fleet, Lincoln, Farmer. Nov 17. Caparn

SISSISON, MARY Frances, Kingston-upon-Hull. Feb 1. Midis and Co, Holbeach

miss and Pearce, Hull Gazette, Sept. 21.]

SMITH, MARTHA BOWDON, Southampton Nov 1. Green and

Moberly, Southampton ALDOUS, ELIZA, Bath. Nov 23. Andrews and Co, Weymouth

SMITH, TILDEN, Knelle, Sussex, Gent. Nov 30. Butler, Rye BALDY, 'Joux HAWKER. Sandal Magna, nr Wakefield, Commission SPEEDY, GEORGE RICHARD, Lauderdale rd, Maida vale, Gent. Xav Agent. Dec 1. Wainwright and Mason, Wakefield

14. Layton and Co. Budge row. Cannon st BRST, ELEANOR, Kelston, Millbrook, nr Southampton. Dec 17. Ed. Toxr, JOHN CARR, Sunderland, Durbam, Contractor. Xar munds and Holmes, Worthing

Kidson and Co, Sunderland

WADSWORTH, WILLIAM, Offord Darcy, Huntingdon, Gent. Nov 1. produce their licences when called upon to do so by

Hunnybun and Sons, Huntingdon
WAGSTAFF, FRANCIS, Pershore, Worcester, Gent. Oct 30. Wagstaff,

a police officer. So long as these requirements of the Pershore

law are fulfilled, those subject to them will in no WILSON, THOMAS, Fosdyke, Lincoln, Cordwainer. Oct. Dyer, way be interfered with by the police, and all possible Boston

[Gazette, Oct. 1.]

assistance, in conjunction with the several philanthropic

societies, will be given to obtain honest employment. If Bacox, CHARLES FredeRICK, Ipswich, Plumber. Nov 6. Jacka. they are in regular work, and state at the Convict Office,

Great Scotland.yard, where evidence can be quietly found BENSON, SAMUEL, Biggleswade, Bedford, Bricklayer. Nov 20. Chapman, Biggleswade

in support of their statements, no one will be informed by BREACH, ROBERT, Steyning, Sussex, Woolstapler. Nov 23. Woods police of their position or antecedents ; and similarly, if and Dempster, Ship st, Brighton

they are living in another name to that in which they have BULMER, ELIZABETH, Be lle Vue, nr Wakefield. Dec 1. Dixons and

been convicted, the same should be notified to the above Horne, Wakefield CALCRAFT, JOHN HALES, Rempstone Hall, Dorset. Nov 20. Walker,

office. But if it is ascertained upon the strict inquiry New sq, Lincoln's inn

which will be made periodically in every case, that there is CLOUGH, WILLIAM, South Shields, Durham, Gent. Nov 26. Purvis the slightest infringement of any one of the conditions on

and Son, Shields FIELD, JOHN, Warnford Court, Stock Broker. Dec 1. Wootton and

which a convict on licence or person under police super Son, Finsbury circus

vision is allowed his or her liberty, no effort will be spared GREEN, ROBERT BALLINGTOX, Chestnut st, Worcester, Gent. Nov to arrest him or her, and enforce the law, all constabulary

6. Lechmere-Pugh, Worcester HALL, GEORGE Davison, South Shields, Durham, Builder. Nov 19.

forces co-operating to this end. The conditions of liberty Purvis and Son, South Shields

entail no hardship on persons really wishing to lead an HALL, WILLIAM, Horley, Oxford, Farmer. Dec 1. Fortescue and honest life. That convicts on licence and persons under

Sons, Banbury
HAMMOND, George, Stoke-next-Guildford, Gent. Dec 15. Roker, special circumstances will always be carefully considered

supervision should do so is the aim of the police, and Godalming HANKIN, HENRY JOHN, Leighton rd, Kentish Town, Gent. Nov 5. by the Director of Criminal Investigations."

Smith and Son, Furnival's inn
HABGRAVE, JAMES, Chapel Allerton, Leeds, Builder. Dec 1. Middle.

ton and Sons, Leeds
HAYARD, MILLICENT GRACE, Nottingham. Oet 30. Burton and

Co, Nottingham
HERBERT, JONAS TRAVERS, Studham, Beds. Nov 1. Day, Hemel


October 8, 1880.
HOLLOWAY, JOIX, Brixton rd, Gent. Nov 6. Scott, Coleman st
Howkins, John, Sandy, Bedford, Retired Farmer. Nov 30. Smith,


3 per Cont. Consols, 97} xd Annuitias, April, '85, 88 HOGUENIN, AUGUSTE GASPARD, Guilford st, Russell sq, Gent. Nov

Ditto for Account, 97, xd Do. (Red Sea T.) Ang. 1908 30. Brandon, Essex st, Strand

Lo. 3 per Cont. Rednced, 95} Ex Bills, £1000, 2) por Ct. 2 pm JACKSON, Thomas BROOKE, Mortimer st, Cavendish sq, Gent. Nov

New 3 per Copb., 96

Ditto, £500, Do, 2 pm 20. Baddeley and Sons, Leman st

Do. 3. per Cont., Jan.'94 Ditto, £100 & €200, 2 pm JAMES, Pullip Haughton, Esq., Southwick pl, Hyde Park. Nov

Do. 24 per Cant..Jan.'94 Bank of England Stock, 277} 20. "Walker, New sq, Lincoln's inn

Anualtics Jan '80

Ditto for A0OONDI. MALIN, ALICE, Southport, Lancaster. Nov 20. Sharp and Kirk.

connel, Warrington
MCINTOSH, THOMAS, Salisbury, Wilts, Corn Merchant. Nov 13.

Lee and Co, Salisbury
METCALFE, WILLIAM, Manningham, York, Draper, Nov 1. Clough,

MONEY, FANNY ELIZABETH, Woodstock, Oxford. Nov 9. Eldridge Ind. Stk., 5 per C., July, '80, 104 Enf.Pr. 50 per Cont., May, 81
and Stephenson, Hull

Ditto for Account

Ditto Debentures, 4 per cent PICKERING, THOXAS, Great Driffield, York, Ironmonger. Dec 1. Ditto 4 per cent., Oct. '88, 102} A pril, '64 Foster and Co, Great Driffield

Ditto, ditto, Certificates - Do.Do, 5 per cent., Aug. '78 REEKS, JAMES, Camberwell rd, Gent. Nov 1. Ward, Lincoln's inn Ditto Enfaced Ppr., per cent. Do, Bonds, 4 per cent. £1000 fields

2nd Enf.Pr., s per C., Jan.'78 Ditto, ditto, under £1009 RUSSEL, CATHARINE, Bromley, Kent. Oct 20. Roy and Cartwright,

Scott, DALTON, Crystal Palace Park, Sydenham, Gent. Oct 30.

Bridger, Botolph lane, Eastcheap
SIMPSON, PETER THOMAS, Kippax, York, Grocer. Dec 1. Middle-
ton and Sons, Leeds


Pald. Closing Price SMITI, ROBERT, Cropwell Bishop, Nottingham, Farmer. Nov 13. Burton and Co, Nottingham

Stock Caledonian

100 110 THORNTON, EMILY, Ipswich. Nov 20. Daniel and Son, Ipswich Stock Glasgow and South-Western

100 106 WARDMAN, George, North Rigton, York, Farmer. Dec 24. Siddall, Stock Great Eastern Ordinary Stock

100 642 Ottey

Stock Great Northern .........................................

100 122 Watson, EDWARD, Sen., Herstmonceux, Sussex, Farmer. Nov 9. Stock Do., A Stock


126 Blaker and Son, Lewes, Sussex

Stock Great Southern and Western of Ireland [Gazette, Oct. 5.] Stock Great Western-Original

100 1241 Stock Lancashire and Yorkshire

100 Stock London, Brighton, and South Coast ............


1624 Stock London, Chatham, and Dover


1034 Stock London and North-Western .......................


1574 Stock London and South Western

100 1381 Legal News.

Stock Manchester, Sheffield, and, Lincolo

100 63 Stock Metropolitan


1203 Stock Do., District

100 Stock Midland.......................................................


1354 The following notice has been issued by the Director of

Stock North British ............................................


814 Criminal Investigations to convicts at large on licence

Stock North Eastern.................................................


1658 and persons under sentence of police supervision :--"The

Stock North London

100 180 conditions of liberty imposed by the law on convicts re

Stock North Staffordshiro

100 87%

Stock South Devon leased on licence and persons under police supervision are

Stock South-Eastern


136 first, that they report themselves where directed within forty-eight hours after liberation; secondly, that they (women excepted) report themselves every month at the

A receives no dividend uatil 6 per cent. has been paid to B. nearest police station to their place of abode, between the hours of nine in the morning and nine in the evening, on the day of the month named on the other side ; thirdly, that they reside—that is, sleep-at the address notified to the police, in order that they may be at once found if re

BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS. quired for any legal purpose; fourthly, that they get their living by honest means and regular employment; FREEMAN.-Oct 3, at Eugénie Villa, Ravenscourt-park, Ham.

BIRTHS. fifthly, that if they change their address, or leave any

mersmith, the wife G. D. Freeman, of 44, Bedford-row, police district at all, they give notice of their removal at

solicitor, of a son. the police station at which they are reporting, and also at MORRIS.-Oot. 3, at 34, Alexandra-road, Southport, the wife the nearest police-station within forty-eight hours of

of Christoper Morris, of Liverpool, solicitor, of a daughter. arriving in any other police district in any part of the Nerson.

Oct. 3, at 93, Adelaide-road, South Hampstead, the United Kingdom; sixthly, that convicts at liberty wife of Francis G. P. Neison, barrister-at-law, of a daughter.







Botwright, Richard, Leyton, Essex, Cheesemonger. Oct 25 at 3 at

Guildhall tavern, Gresham st. Hopkins, Finsbury pavement HOPKINS-BUTLER.-Sept. 25, at St. George's, Hanover

Bowley, Amos, Beeston, Nottingham, Ironmonger. Oct 19 at 3 at square, Arthur Antwis Hopkins, M.A., of the Inner Temple,

Assembly Rooms, Low pavement. Cranch and Strond, Nottingbarrister-at-law, to Ada Blanche, danghter of the late Rev. ham James Butler, D.D, of Burnley, Lancashire.

Boxall, Alfred, Ewhurst, Surrey, Farm Bailiff. Oct 20 at 3.15 st MARTIN-MILLWARD, May 12, at St. Peter's, Wellington, Bedford Hotel, Horsham New Zealand, Thomas Frederic Martin, of Christchurch Brayford, James, Hanley, Stafford, out of business. Oct 11 at 11 at

offices of Stevenson, Cheapside, Hanley (late of Gray’s-inn, London), solicitor, to Jenay, daughter Bumberry, Joseph, Pond sq, Highgate, Builder. Oct 14 at 3 at offices of William Henry Millward, recently of Liverpool.

of Boulton and Co, Northampton sq. Clerkenwell MUGLISTON-DALY.- Sept. 29, at Croydon, Henry Boyes Burrey, James Jones, Shrewsbury, Salop, Cabinet Maker. Oct 14

Mugliston, of the Middle Temple, barrister-at-law, to Faony, at 12 at George Hotel, Shrewsbury. Craig, Shrewsbury daughter of the late Thomas Daly, Fairhill, Cork.

Burtwell, John, Kingsland rd, Plumber, Oct 18 at 3 at offices of TODD-DOBBYN.-Sept. 30, at St. Andrew's, Thornhill-square,

Funston, Finsbury pavement Robert Todd, solicitor, of London to Agnes Eugenie, daughter Carmona, Bernard, Crystal Palace, Sydenham, Dealer in Oriental

Goods.' Oct 22 at 2 at offices of Brighten and Co, Bishopsgate of William Dobbyn, of London.


Charles, Noah, Derby, Greengrocer, Oct 14 at 3 at offices of Hextall, GUEST.-Oct. 3, at the Warren, Moseley, John Guest, late

Full st, Derby

Child, James Joseph, and William John Hinde, Deptford Lower nd, registrar of the Birmingham County Court, aged 70.

Bedroom Furniture Manufacturers. Oct 21 at 2 at offices of

Hudson and Co, Bucklersbury,
Clough, John Lister, North Bierley, Bradford, Clerk. Oct 15 at 11

at offices of Mumford, Yorkshire Bank chambers, Bank st, Brad.


Clough, Thomas Woodhead Lister, Oakenshaw, York, Worsted

Spinner. Oct 15 at 12 at offices of Mumford, Yorkshire Bank

chambers, Bank st, Bradfordi Bankrupt.

Cooper, James, Huddersfield, out of business. Oct 18 at 12 at Cherry
FRIDAY, Oct. 1, 1880.

Tree Hotel, Westgate, Huddersfield. Berry
Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Cox, Elijah, Mountsorrel, Leicester, Licensed Victaller. Oct 19 at Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

3 at offices of Buckby, Millstone lane, Leicester To Surrender in London.

Darley, Edmund, Nelson, nr Burnley, Wine Merchant. Oct 21 at 3 Hemming John Lamond, Woburn pl, Russell sg, M.D. Pet Sept at Exchange Hotel, Nicholas st, Burnley. Hartley, Burnley 29. Brougham. Oct 12 at 12

Davies, David Franos, Llanddewi Brefi, Cardigan, Boot Maker. To Surrender in the Country.

Oct 15 at 12 at offices of Edwardes, Lampeter Beecroft, Mary Emma phia, Gt Yarmouth, Lodging house keeper. Dewar, Robert, Gosforth, Northumberland, Chemist. Oct 13 at at Pet Sept 28. Worlledge. Gt Yarmouth; Oct 13 at 11

offices of Rhagg, Grainger st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Davies, Henry Myrddin, Ffynonygog, Carmarthen, Auctioneer. Duffy, Bernard,

Old Kent rd, Confectioner. Oet 15 at 10 at offices Pet Sept 27. Lloyd. Carmarthen, Oct 18 at 2

of Cooke, Gray's inn sq Haward, Walter Robertson, Ashleigh, Whitchurch, Devon, Mangan. Dukes, William, jun, Hereford, Licensed Victnaller. Oct 14 at 11st ese Merchant. Pet Sept 28. Edmonds. East Stonehouse, Oct 14 offices of Scobie, Offa st, Hereford at 12

Easton, Joseph, Rotherham, York, Plumber. Oct 13 at 3 at offices Lochhead, William, Lightcliffe, York, Designer. Pet Sept 28. of Webster and Styring, Hartshead, Sheffield Rankin. Halifax, Oct 25 at 11

Ede, George Steer, Worthing, Sussex, Dairyman, Oct 23 at 2 at 5, Preston, David, Nottingham, Builder. Pet Sept 28. Speed. Not Brunswick ter, Chapel rd, Worthing tingham, Oct 12 at 11

Ellis, Thomas, Upper Thames st, Eating-house keeper. Oct 21 at 3 Turner, Thomas, Stockport, Chester, Waggon Builder. Pet Sept 27.

at offices of Crook, Fenchurch st Hyde. Stockport, Oct 14 at 11

Evans, William John, Powis st, Woolwich, Bookseller. Oct 23 at 3

at offices of Richardson, Powis st, Woolwich
TUESDAY, Oct. 5, 1880.
Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Fleming, George, Hulme, Manchester, Painter. Oct 11 at 3 at offices Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

of Hill, St Ann's sq, Manchester To Surrender in London.

Fletcher, Richard, and John Wright, Wakefield, Linen Drapers, Planque, Emile, Jewry st, General Merchant. Pet Oct 2. Broug.

Oct 12 at 3 at offices of Barratt and Senior, Wood st, Wakefield ham, Oct 20 at 12.30

Foster, Richard John, Haughton, Lancaster, Painter. Oet ls at 3 st Vowler, John Henry Walcot, Gracechurch st, Iron Manufacturer.

Clarence Hotel, Piccadilly, Manchester, Harris, Manchester Pet Oct 4. Brougham. Oct 19 at 11

Fowke, Peter, Rye lane, Peckham, out of business. Oct 8 at 6 st Williams, John Worthy, Cheapside, Public Accountant. Pet Oct 2.

Gardon Arms Tavern, High Holborn. Staniland, North rd, HighBrougham. Oct 20 at 12

gate To Surrender in the Country.

Fox, Henry, Attercliffe,

Sheffield, Warehouseman. Oct 14 at 11 at Milson, James, New Denham, Bucks, Baker. Pet Sept 30. Darvill.

offices of Tasker and Shuttleworth, Wharncliffe chmla, Bank ste

Windsor, Oct 23 at 11
Swayne, Sophia, Marlborough rd, Gunnersbury. Pet Sept 28.

French, Thomas, Lansdowne rd, Hackney, Boot Manufacturer. Ocs Ruston. Brentford, Oct 26 at 3

9 at 12 at Unicorn Tavern, Vivian rd, Old Ford. Hicks, Groverd, Tyas, Thomas, Manchester, Wholesale Fruiterer.

Victoria rd

Pet Sept 25. Lister. Manchester, Oct 21 at 12

Furness, John, Ogden, nr Rochdale, Innkeeper. Oct 14 at 3 at offices

of Whitehead, Toad lane, Rochdale BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED.

Garside, Henry, Congleton, Chester, Hat Trimming Manufacturer. Friday, Oct. 1, 1880.

Oct 14 at 11 at the old Cheshire Cheese inn, High st, Congleton Esher, William, Attercliffe, nr Sheffield, Butcher. Sept 22

Gibbings, George, Exeter, Tobacconist, Oct 18 at 12 20 offices of Livingstone, William, Morecambe, Lancaster, Toy Dealer, Sept 28 Joseph, Finsbury pavement TUESDAY, Oct. 5, 1880.

Gray, Thomas May, Great Grimsby, Fish Merchant. Oct 13 at 11 Espir, Camile, Cambridge gdns, Notting hill, Gent, Oct 4

at St Mary chambers, West St Mary's gate, Great Grimsby.

Grange and Wintringham
Liquidations by Arrangemont.

Green, Herbert, Kingswinford, Stafford, Painter. Oct 15 at 12 at

offices of Higgs, Bennett's hill, Birmingham FRIDAY, Oct. 1, 1880.

Harrop, Thomas, Mexbrough, York, Timber Mercbant. Oct 14 at 2 Adams, John, Winton, Bournemouth, Carpenter. Oct 13 at 2 at at the Cutler's Hall, Sheffield, Burdekin and Co offices of Aldridge, Westover villas, Bournemouth

Hendrick, James, Elsecar, York, Stone Mason. Oct 18 at 3 at offices Allson, Elijah, Powis st, Woolwich. Shoemaker. Oct 8 at 10 at of Gray, Eastgate, Barnsley offices of Evans and Peacock, John st, Bedford row

Heslop, William, Lisson grove, Watchmaker. Oct 18 at 3 at offices Bailey, William, Manchester, Plumber. Oct 15 at 3 at offices of of Davie, New inn, Strand Hardings and Co, Princess st, Manchester

Higgs, William, Bedminster, Bristol, out of business. Oct 9 at 13 Baker, Charles Montague, Hermitage villas, Highgate, Commercial at offices of Andrews, Nicholas st, Bristol. Fayre, Bristol Traveller. Oct 20 at 11 at offices of Harris, Wormwood st

Humphrey, William, Dudley, Worcester, Plamber. Oct 14 at 2 at Bell, Robert, Wolverhampton, Drysalter. Oct 14 at 3 at offices of offices of Burn and Co, Wolverhampton st, Dudley Willcock, Queen's chambers, North st, Wolverhampton

Huttall, John, Bury, Lancaster, Draper. Oct 13 at 3 at cffices of Berry, Frank Edward, Ashley, Northampton, Grazier. Oct 19 at 11 Grundy and Co, Union st, Bury at offices of Wartnaby and Gilbert, Market Harborough. Haxby, Ibbs, Robert Giles, Littlehampton, Sussex, Schoolmaster. Oct 20 Leicester

at 3 at offices of Pattison and Co, Queen Victoria st Bilton, Frederick, and Francis Bilton, Kingston-upon-Hull, Joiners. Jaques, William Henry, Snowsfields, Bermondsey, Grocer. Oct 14

Oct 19 at 3 at offices of Martinson, Exchange buildings, Bowlalley at 3 at offices of Scott and Barham, King st, Cheapside lane, Kingston-upon-Hull

Jarvis, William Giles, Pratt st, Camden Town, out of business. Os Birch, William, Liverpool, Horse Dealer. Oct 16 at 11 at offices of 11 at 12 at Unicorn Tavern, Vivian rd, Old Ford, Hicks, Grove rd, Lowe, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool

Victoria Park Bishop, William Alfred, and Charles Frederic Bishop, Bradford, Jones, Benjamin, Abergavenny, Tailor. Oct 16 at 3 at offioes of

Grocers. Oct 15 at 3 at offices of Atkinson and Wilson, Tyrrell Browne, Lion st, Abergavenny st, Bradford

Jones, Henry Schreb, Hockley, Warwick, Boot and Shoe Maker. Blakey, Henry, and Thomas Edward Blakey, Wakefield, Soda Water Oct '13 at 3 at offices of Johnson and Co, Waterloo st, Birming.

Manufacturers. Oct 13 at 3 at offices of Lodge, Townhall cham. ham bers, King st, Wakefield

Kedwards, Charles, Broadway, Worcester, Grocer. Oct 20 at 11 st Bonney, Edward Dixon, owness, Westmoreland, Plumbers. Crown Hotel, Evesham. Eades and Son, the Abbey, Evesham Oct 15 at 2.30 at the Queen's Hotel, Windermere. Gatey, Amble. Lane, Thomas

Jelf, Gloucester, Mercer. Oct 13 at 12 at at offices of side

Potter, Northfield house, Cheltenham Botten, Charles, Colchester, Watchmaker. Oct 15 at 12 at offices of Lee, Thomas Henry, Leeds, Tailor. Oct 13 at 3 at offices of Jenkis. Prior, Head st, Colchester

son, Albion st, Leeds

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