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THE BARRISTER stated that, having regard to the number managing clerk. Mr. Cooper's care and assiduity as to deof aliens residing in London, be thought evidence should tails, coupled with great quickness and a sound judgment, be produced, and adjourned the cage for this purpose, add added to an unswerving straightforwardness and an abhor. ing that he should discountenance any similar objection rence of anything approaching to trickery or sharp practice, raised without reasonable ground.

gained him the esteem and regard of his partners and of the CHESTER.—(Mr. Dunx).— Sept 29.

clients of the firm, by whom he will be much missed and

regretted. His death at the comparatively early age of Soldiers.

forty-three must partly be attributed to his love for A point was raised with respect to the votes of soldiers, mountaineering, which induced him to pay insufficient aton the claim of Henry Robert Hoghes, of 52, Devonshire- tention to the caution prescribed to him by his medical ad. place, who is in the Royal Engineers. The claimant ap. visers, who had detected a weak action of the heart wbich peared in the witness-box in uniform.

ultimately proved fatal. Mr. Cooper was for many years an Mr. Brassey (Liberal) thought the admission that the active member of the Volunteer Corps of which Lord claimant was in the army was sufficient, without notice of Ranelagh is colonel, and in which the deceased gentleman objection, to disqualify him, as soldiers were always kept held the rank of captain. in barracks during an election.

THE BARRISTER said that, in the absence of any cases being cited to the contrary, he should hold that a soldier who paid rates and taxes was entitled to vote. Mr. Brassey

Law Students' Journal. then withdrew the objection, and the claim was allowed. Continuous occupation.

BIRMINGHAM LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY. An objection was raised to a man named Yond, that, as At a meeting of this society held in the Law Library, on his house and shop had been burnt down, and he had been Tuesday, the 21st ult., Mr. J. Moore Bayley in the chair, obliged to go to live elsewhere, there had been a break in a debate took place upon the following woot point :-"A the occupancy.

prisoner uttered two coins which were or had been real THE BARRISTER ruled that as the man had paid rent the sovereigns coined at the Mint, but they had been subseoccupation was continuous, potwithstanding that the house quently and fraudulently filed at the edges to such an extent no longer existed.

as to reduce the weight by one twenty-fourth part. The effect of the filing was to substantially remove the milling, and in order to restore the appearance of the coins a new milling had been added thereto with tools. Were such coins

false and counterfeit within the meaning of 24 & 25 Vict. Obituary.

C. 99, s. 9 ?" The speakers in the affirmative were Messrs.

Barrow, Gover, and Cochrane, and in the negative Messrs. MR. WILLIAM BURT WHITMARSII. Phillips, King, and Rogers. The question was decided in

the affirmative. A vote of thanks to the chairman concluded Mr. William Burt Whitmarsh, solicitor, coroner for the meeting. North Wiltshire, died at the Hawthorns, Chippenham, on the 20th ult. at the age of seventy-nine, from apoplexy. Mr. Whitinarsh was the son of Mr. William Dyke Whitmarsh, of Salisbury. He was born in 1801, and was admitted a

Appointments, Etc. solicitor in 1824. He originally practised at Wilton, but subsequently removed to Chippenham, where he spent the remainder of his professional life. Fifty-three years ago he DIr. JAMES PERRONET Aspirali, barrister, who has been succeeded his father in the office of coroner for Wiltshire, appointed Secretary to the Gloucester Election Commission, and since the division of the districts he had acted for the was called to the bar at the Middle Temple in Trinity Term, Northern Division of the county. Mr. Whitmarsh retired 1867, and is a member of the North-Eastern Circuit. from practice two or three years ago, but he retained the Mr. JAMES VALENTINE Austin, barrister, has been apcoronersbip until his death. It is stated that he was the pointed Secretary to the Canterbury Eleotion Commisoldest coroner in England, and that the office of coroner forsion. Mr. Aastin is a graduate of Trinity College, Oxford, Wiltshire has been held by a member of his family for 300 and he was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in years. His son, Dr. Francis Whitmarsb, has for several Janoary, 1876. Be practises on the Western Circuit, and years acted as deputy-coroner. Mr. Whitmarsh was the he is one of the staff of the WEEKLY REPORTER. author of a collection of “Family Prayers” and other

Mr. John James, solicitor, of Wrexham, has been apdevotional works.

pointed a Magistrate for that borough. Mr. James was

admitted a solicitor in 1828, and was for many years town MR. DAVID WILLIAM HEATH.

clerk of Wrexham. Mr. David William Heath, solicitor, died at Nottingham Milford, has been elected Clerk to the Tenby Charity

Mr. JOHN LOCK, solicitor, of Tenby, Pembroke, and on the 24th ult., after a long illness. Mr. Heath was articled to Mr. Michael Browne, of Nottingham, and was

Trustees, in succession to Mr. John Gwynne, deceased admitted a solicitor in 1861. He had practised at Notting

Mr. Lock was admitted a solicitor in 1874, and is also clerk ham for nearly twenty years, having for some time past to the borough magistrates at Tenby. been associated in partnership with his son, Mr. Samuel Mr. JOHN FREDERICK May, solicitor (of the firm of Edward Heath. He had a good business, and for about Parrott, May, & Sons), of Macclesfield, has been apeleven years he had filled the office of coroner for the pointed Clerk to the Macclesfield Board of Guardians, Nottingham Division of the county. He was also clerk to Assessment Committee, and Rural Sanitary Authority, on the Sutton-in-Ashfield Local Board. Mr. Heath's opinions the resignation of his father, Mr. John May. Mr. J. F. were those of the advanced Liberal party, and he took a May was admitted a solicitor in 1866, and is clerk to the very active part in local politics. In 1874 he was a candidate Prestbury Highway Board. for the representation of Nottingham, but was unsuccess

Mr. PayNTON Pigott, barrister, has been elected Chief ful.

Constable for the County of Norfolk. Mr. Pigott is the son

of the Rev. Richard Paynton Pigott, and nephew of the late MR. J. A. COOPER.

Mr. Baron Pigott. He was called to the bar at the Middle Mr. James Artis Cooper, a member of the firnı of Paines, Temple in Trinity Term, 1866, and was formerly a member Layton, Cooper, & Pollock, of Gresham House, Old Broad of the Oxford Circuit. He was appointed deputy chief street, died at Putney on the 28th ult. Mr. Cooper, who conetable for Norfolk about five years ago. was a native of London, owed his introduction to pro Mr. LEWIS REES THOMAS, solicitor, of Carnarvonshire, fessional life to Messrs. White & Baas of Halesworth, bas been elected Clerk to the Carnarvonshire Tarnpike Trust, Suffolk. From thence he removed to London about 1855, in succession to the late Mr. Evan Wynne Jones, of Chester. entering the office in which he ultimately became a partner, Mr. Thomas was admitted a solicitor in 1873, and is in at first in a subordinate capacity, and afterwards becoming a partnersbip with Mr. Hugh Jones.

Creditors' Claims,


leen Victor that the Arder made by

Mr. HORACE Smith, barrister, who has been appointed Secretary to the Oxford Election Commission, is a graduate of Trinity Hall, Cambridge. He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Easter Term, 1862, and is a member of the Midland Circuit.


MORTLOCK, THOMAS SAYUEL, High st, Wapping. Oct 1. Alison v.

Lacey, V.C. Bacon. Anning, Cheapside
SMITH, EMILY, Eccleshall, Stafford, Schoolmistress. Oct 1.
Bemion v. Brindley, V.C. Bacon. Great Rex, Stafford

[Gazette, Ang

STROMBOM, EMILY HELEX, Iverson rd, Kilburn. Oct 1. Shrimpton WINDING-UP NOTICES.

v. Goodman, V.C. Bacon. Chatterton, Ludgate hill

[Gazette, Sept. 3.] JOINT STOCK COMPANIES.

WITTON, MARY Ann, Offord rd, Islington, Jan 11. Witton v LIMITED IN CHANCERY.

Tarrant, M.R.

[Gazette, Sept 10.1 DIRECT FISH SUPPLY ASSOCIATION, LIMITED.-By an order made by OLIVER, JAMES, Pembroke Dock, Pembroke, Publican. “Oct 1. Lindley, J., dated Sept 16, it was ordered that the Association be

Llewellyn y Long, V.C. Bacon. Brown, Pembroke Dock wound up. Raven and Co, Queen Victoria st, solicitors for the

[Gazette, Sept 17.) petitioner JOHN WILKINSON, Son, AND COMPANY, LIMITED.-The M.R. has.

by an order dated June 24, appointed' John Hartley Blackburn, CREDITORS UNDER 22 de 23 VICT. CAP. 25 Leeds, to be liquidator

LAST DAY OF CLAIM. JOINT STOCK INVESTMENT ASSOCIATION, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented Sept 23, directed to be heard before

CARTER, WILLIAM, Billericay, Essex, Esq. Oct 29. Woodard, Jessel, M.R. on Nov 6. Robinson and Co, Lincoln's inn fields,

Chelmsford agents for Rowlands and Co, Birmingham, solicitors for the

CATT, ROBERT, Orleston, Kent, Farmer. Nov 1. Hallett and Co, petitioner


CHAPLIN, JOIN, Cheshunt, Hertford, Bootmaker. Nov 1. Morris, for for winding up, presented Sept 21, directed to be heard at the

Paternoster row court of Malins, V.C. on Oct 6. Pritchard and Co, Painters' Hall,

CHAPLIN, JAMES, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk, Maltster. Dec 31. Little Trinity lane, agents for Boote and Edgar, Manchester,

Stanley, Norwich solicitors for the petitioners

CHEETHAM, JOHN THOMAS, Rochdale, Lancaster, Architect. Nor l. [Gazette, Sept. 24.]

Standring and Taylor, Rochdale

CRUMPTON, CHARLES, Aston-juxta-Birmingham, Gent, Oct 31. Ed. BRITANNIA GLASS BOTTLE COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for wind. wards, Birmingham

ing up, presented Sept 24, directed to be heard before Little. V.O. DAVENPORT, Joux, Rodborough, Gloucester, Accountant. Oct 15. on Oct 21, at the Assizes Courts, Strangeways, Manchester'. Boote Heelas and Davis, Stroud and Edgar, Manchester, solicitors for the petitioner

Davis, ISAIAH, Harborne, Stafford, Gent. Oct 15. Parr, Birminghan BIRMINGHAM BREWING, MALTING, AND DISTILLING COMPANY, ECK, JUSTUS ALEXANDER, Clapham rd, Stockwell, Merchant. Oct

LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented Sept 27, directed to 14. Crump and Son, Philpot lane be heard before the M.R. on Nov 6. Robinson and Co, Lin. EDWARDS, GEORGIANA, Brighton, Oct 29. Woodard, Chelmsford coln's inn fields, agents for Ansell, Birmingham, solicitor for the FLETCHER, GEORGE PHILIP, Morgan st, Tredegar sg, Tailor. Oct petitioner

20. Turner and Son, Leadenhall st Co-OPERATIVE FOUNDRY AND BUILDERS' SCPPLY AND ADVANCE GREEN, JOnx, Preston, Lancaster, Shuttle Manufacturer. Oct 30. ASSOCIATION, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented Sept Thompson and Craven, Preston 22, directed to be heard before Hall, V.C. on Nov 5. Vernon and HAWORTI, JAMES, Bury, Lancaster, Retired Warehouseman. Oct 31. Co. Moorgate st, solicitors for the petitioner

Grundy and Co, Bury FLAGSTAFF SILVER MINING COMPANY or UTAH, LIMITED.-Petition HEALEY, JOSEPH, Nottingham, Gent. Sept 30. Belk, Nottingham

for winding up, presented Sept 25, directed to be heard before the LEW, ALBERT, Retired Paymaster in the Royal Navy. Oct 31. M.R. on Nov 6. Snell and Greenip, George st, Mansion House, Woodhead, Charing Cross, Westminster solicitors for the petitioner

LIFSEY, Norman, Barnoldswick, York, Shopkeeper. Oct 4. Bobin. [Gazette, Sept. 28.] son, Skipton

MACKEY, EMILY Sophia, Thornsett rd, South Penge Park. Oct 3.

Phillips, Old Jewry chambers
Petition for winding up, presented Sept 28, directed to be heard

MARGARET, Her Grace, Duchess of SOMERSET. Nov 18. Collyer.

Bristow and Co, Bedford row before the Vacation Judge on Oct 13. Torr and Co, Bedford row,

Mills, MARY EWSTERS, Shanklin, Isle of Wight. Oct 30. Tippetts agents for Atchley, Bristol, solicitor for the petitioner

and Co, Great St. Thomas Apostle, Queen st [Gazette, Sept. 28. ]


cock and Son, Haslingdon FRIEND-IN-NEED MUTUAL BENEFIT SOCIETY, White Hart Inn, Cin.

RAYNER, MARY ELIZABETH, Bury, Lancaster. Oet 31. Grundy and derford, Gloucester, Sept 20

Co, Bury LEIGHTON BUZZARD FEMALE UNION SOCIETY, Eliza Pearce's, Canal SCARLETT, WILLIAM SMITIT, Cheetham, Manchester. Oct 30. Gannt st, Leighton Buzzard, Bedford. Sept 20


SECCOMDE, ROGER, Germansweek, Devon, Gent. Nov 16. Daw and SOCIETY, Three Cups Coffee-house, Lowestoft. Sept 20

Son, Exeter
[Gazette, Sept. 24.] SMITH, GEORGE, Nottingham, Lace Salesman. Oct 31, Towle and

Co, Nottingham
SURMAN, JOHN SURMAN, Swindon Hall, nr Cheltenham, Esq. Nov

1. Moores and Romney, Tewkesbury

TALBOT, MARY ANN, Stafford pl, Buckingham Gate. Nov 10. Tacker New Orders, Etc.

and Co, King st, Cheapside TREFFRY, GEORGE, Mount Radford, Exeter, Gent. Nov 16. Daw

and Son, Exeter TRADE-MARKS IN SWITZERLAND. TURNER, FREDERICK JOHN, Nantwich, Chester, Gent. Nov. 1.

Llewellyn and Ackrill, Tunstall Her Majesty's Minister at Berne has reported that British

Wilcocks, JAMES BLACKMORE, Holmedale, Exeter, Esq. Nov 16. subjects have the right to oppose the registration at the Swiss Daw and Son, Exeter. Federal Bureau of imitations of their trade-marks, a recipro

(Gaselte, Sept. 21.) cal right being given to Swiss citizens in this country. The Federal Council have, however, no power to extend the Earl Spencer, Lord President of the Council, has addressed period for lodging objections, which would expire on the 30th a letter to the clerk of the peace for the county of Nortbult. ; but protests posted from the United Kingdom on that ampton, resigning the position of chairman of quarter day will be accepted, and the requisite proofs in sup. |

sessions. At an adjourned Court of Quarter Sessions it u port of them need not be produced at the same time. resolved to place the notice of resignation on the agenda in These proofs are :-(1.) That reciprocal protection is given order that, if accepted, a successor to Lord Spencer may be to the Swiss trade-marks in this country, which fact can be

appointed. Lord Spencer was elected chairman of the established by a declaration to that effect, signed by Mr.

sessions on the death of Mr. Ward Hant, M.P. Vivian. (2.) That the complainant's trade-mark is legally The clerk of the Liverpool magistrates has been in conregistered and protected in this country; his declaration to

munication wich the Home Seoretary as to three cases in that effect will suffice in tbe first place, proof can follow.

which juvenile offenders, in default of paying finer, had (3.) The complainant must send three copies of his trade

been sent to gaol. The facts were explained to tbe Home mark, duly signed and attested, for comparison with the

Secretary, who wrote that he thought the young persons native mark, and for communication to its depositor. (4.)

ought not to bave been sent to prison. At a meeting of the Proof of the period during which the British complain

magistrates a conversation took place on the subject. No ant has lawfully made use of this trade-mark.

resolution was passed, the responsibility of dealing with cases being left to individual magistrates, it being under stood that the magistrates world, as far as possible, avoid sending young persons to gaol.


Bowring, George, Bristol, Baker. Oct 8 at 12.30 at offices of Tricks

and Co, City chambers, Nicholas st, Bristol. Clifton and Carter,


Brown, William, Earsdon, Northumberland, Grocer. Oct 12 at 12 at LAMAISON.-Sept. 23, at Southwold, Kenley, Surrey, the wife

at offices of Kewney, North st, Norfolk Shields of William E. Lamaison, barrister-at-law, of a daughter.

Bunn, William, Oldswinford, Worcester, Licensed Victualler. Oct MORGAN.-Sept. 21, at 12, London-road, Calcutta, the wife of

8 at 11 at offices of Addison, High st, Brierley hill

Burry, George Cook, Wallington, Surrey, Musician. Oct 9 at 11 at W. C. Morgan, solicitor, of a son.

at the Old White Hart Inn, High st, Borough MARRIAGES.

Burton, John, 'Wakefield, York, Hotel Proprietor. Oct 11 at 3 at the CHATER-MCLAREN.-Sept. 25, at St. Mary's, Bryanston Stratford Arms Hotel, Wakefield. Lodge, Wakefield

square, William Henley Chater, of Lincoln's-inn, barrister - Campbell, Michael, Blackburn, Lancaster, Licensed Victualler. Oct at-law, to Henrietta Georgina Jones, daughter of Daniel

12 at 11 at offices of Radcliffe, Clayton st, Blackburn McLaren, of Newfoundland.

Champeny, Francis, Blackford, Wedmore, Somerset, Farmer. Oct Scott-Páley.--Sept. 21, at Scarborough, Henry Venn Scott,

12 at 11 at the George Hotel,

Wedmore. Bennett, Bruton

Clarke, Edward, Sandbach, Chestor, Butcher. Oct 11 at 11 at the of York, solicitor, to Jane Dorothy Paley, of York.

Wheat Sheaf Hotel, Sandbach

Clowes, Edward Stephen,

Walworth rd, Photographer. Oct 18 at 3 BROWNE.—Sept. 19, at Calverley Park, Tunbridge Wells, at offices of Keene and Co, Mark lane

George Browne, Q.C., Recorder of Ludlow, M.A. Cambridge, Cole, Ebenezer Howard, Raleigh road, Enfield New Town, Milkman. aged 55.

Oct 18 at 10.30 at offices of Rumnoy, Baker st, Enfield SARGOOD.-Sept. 14, at Frankfort, Augustine Sargood, of 3,

Cooper, Thomas, Kinver, Stafford, Accountant. Oct 11 at 10 at Norfolk-terrace, Brighton, serjeant-at-law, aged 65.

offices of Prescott, Kidderminster, Stourbridge Cousins, John, Gray's inn passage, Holborn, Engraver. Oct 7 at 11

at 34, Martin st, Leicester sq

Cripps, Henry, Phipps st, Shoreditch, Pocket Book Manufacturer.
Oct 15 at 2 at the Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Montagu,


Crossingham, Charles Arthur, Caledonian rd, Tobacconist. Oct 6 at

11 at offices of Philp, Walbrook
FRIDAY, Sept. 24, 1880.
Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Davies, William, Tamar place, Peckham Rye, Grocer. Oct 13 at 3

at the Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Piesse and Son, Old Jowry Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. chambers To Surrender in London.

Drake, James, Wellow, Isle of Wight, Carrier. Oct 12 at 3 at officos Capstick, Arthur Coleman, Camden rd. Pet Sept 21. Brougham. of Mew and Hooper, Castlehold, Newport Oct 12 at 11

Everest, Henry Gooding, Hoo, Kent, Farmer. Oct 12 at 4 at the Bull Dunbar, Charles Gordon Cumming, Princes sq, Bayswater, Clerk Hotel, High st, Rochester. Prall and Son, Rochester in Holy Orders. Pet Sept 22. Brougham. Oct 13 at 11

Fairbeard, William Henry, and Julian Colbert, Covent Garden Gerli, Angelo Ferdinando, Regent st, Hotel Proprietor. Pet Sept 22. Market, Fruit and Potato Salesmen. Oct 19 at 2 at the New Brougham. Oct 6 at 11.30

Exchange buildings, George yard, Lombard st. Sweetland, Holliday, William, Mark lane, General Merchant. Pet Sept 21. Union court Brougham, Oct 6 at 11

Francis, William, Rock Washington, Sussex, Builder. Oct 15 at 12 To Surrender in the Country.

at offices of Mant, Storrington Evans, Richard, Southsea, Hants, Baker. Pet Sept 17. Burbidge. Gibson, George, and William Stephens, Great Pulteney st, Golden Portsmouth, Oct 7 at 12

sg, Silversmiths. Oct 21 at 2 at the Inns of Court Hotel, High Fogg, James Hyde, Chester, Beerhouse Keeper. Pet Sept 22. Holborn. May, Russell sa Hall. Ashton-under-Lyne, Oct 14 at 11

Gillard, Robert, Clarendon ru, Notting Hill, Tailor. Oct 13 at 10 at Ford, Martha, Low Moor, nr Bradford, York, Furniture Dealer. Eagle Hotel, Ladbroke grove rd, North Kensington. Harrison, Pet Sept 22. Lee. Bradford, Oct 8 at 12

Pancras lane, Queen st Heron, John, Halifax, Boatman. Pet Sept 21. Rankin. Halifax, Godsill, Thomas Barnes, Printer, Manchester. Oct 14 at 11 at Oct 18 at 11

offices of Simpson and Hockin, Mount st, Albert sq, Manchester Owston, John Bielby, Kingston-upon-Hull, Seed Merchant. Pet Goldberg, Joseph, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Wholesale Boot Manufac. Sept 18. Rollit. Kingston-upon-Hull, Oct 7 at 3

turer. Oct 6 at 2 at offices of Moody, Clayton st West, NewcastleRaynor, George, Salford, Lancaster, Clerk. Pet Sept 20. Hulton. upon Tyne Salford, Oct 13 at 11

Goodchild, William, Roxeth Harrow, Butcher. Oct 11 at 3 at offices Walker, Ann, Worminghall, Buckingham, Grocer. Pet Sept 22,

of Woodbridge and Sons, Uxbridge Watson. Aylesbury, Oct 15 at 11

Griffiths, John, William Griffiths, Henry Tate, James Griffiths, and TUESDAY, Sept. 28, 1880.

David Griffiths, Sedgeley, Stafford, Royalty Mastors. Oct 8 at 3 at Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

offices of Stokes and Harper, Priory st, Dudley Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. Grout, John, Hereford, Ironmonger. Oct 14 at 12,30 at the Green To Surrender in London.

Dragon Hotel, Hereford. James and Bodenham, Hereford Butcher, George, Regent st, Coal Merchant. Pet Sept 23. Broug Hacksley, John, Wellingborough, Wholesale Boot Manufacturer. ham. Oct 12 at 11.30

Oct 18 at 11 at the Hind Hotel, Wellingborough, Sharman and Mellison, John Buteux, and George Augustus Samuel Mellison, Jackson, Wellingborough

Gresham st, Licensed Victuallers. Pet Sept 25. Brougham. Hall, William, Coventry, Dairyman. Oct 13 at 2 at the County Oct 13 at 12.30

Court Office, Little Park st, Coventry. Homer, Coventry Richardson, Thomas, Windsor ter, Peckham, Grocer. Pet Sept 23. Hamilton, John, and Thomas Hamilton, Botchorby, nr Carlisle. Brougham. Oct 13 at 12

Market Gardeners. Oct 14 at 11 at offices of Dobinson and Watson To Surrender in the Country.

Bank st, Carlisle Boothroyd, Edwin, Halifax, Grocer, Pet Sept 25. Bankin. Halifax, Hardy, James, Oldham gdns, Farringdon rd, Coach Painter. Oct 8 Oct 20 at 11

at 2 at offices of Payne, John st, Bedford row Finney, Rupert Goodwin, Luston, Bury, out of business, Pet Sept Harries, John Lewis, Neath, Glamorgan, Butcher. Oct 9 at 11 at 24. Robinson. Leominster, Oct 12 at 11

offices of Thomas, Queen st, Neath Noise, Thomas, Newport, Isle of Wight, Grocer. Pet Sept 22. Harris. Julius, and Montagu Harris, Liverpool, Dealers in Fancy Blake. Newport, Oct 8 at 11

Goods. Oct 15 at 3 at offices of Cotton, South John st, LiverRuddock, Thomas, Ipswich, Builder. Pet Sept 24. Grimsey. Ips pool wich, Oct 12 at 3

Hedley, James, Maidstone, Engineer. Oct 14 at 12 at offices of Vanlohe, John Charles, Manchester, Commission Agent. Pet Sept Goodwin, Mill st, Maidstone 23, Lister. Manchester, Oct 11 at 2.30

Holland, Charles, Walsall, Stafford. Spur Manufacturer. Oct 8 at 12 BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED,

at offices of Bill, Bridge st, Walsall FRIDAY, Sept. 24, 1880.

Hubback, Charles Robert Kerr, Leinster sq, Bayswater, Club ProHancock, Francis, Exeter, Gent. Sept 16

prietor. Oct 7 at 3 at 26, Golden sq. Regent st. Chappell and Co Liquidations by Arrangement.

Johnson, William, jun., Northampton, Tailor. Oct 11 at 3 at offices FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS.

of Andrew, Market sq, Northampton FRIDAY, Sept. 24, 1880.

Jones, Daniel Charles, Sparkbrook, nr Birmingham, out of business. Allsop, James, jun, Stourbridge, Worcester, Architect. Oct 8 at 3 at Oct 8 at 3 at offices of Jaques, Temple row, Birmingham offices of Harwards and Co, High st, Stourbridge

Jones, John, Aberdare, Engine Driver. Oct 11 at 12 at offices of Banwell, Edwin, Pontywain, Monmouth, Grocer. Oct 12 at 3 at Linion and Kenshole, Canon st, Aberdare offices of David and Bailhache, Cambria chmbrs, Newport

Jones, William, Carmarthen, Boot and Shoo Maker. Oct 11 at 2 at Barraclough, George, and Benjamin Steele Lawton, Batley Carr, nr offices of Walters, St. Mary st, Carmarthen Dewsbury, Rag Dealers. Oct 6 at 3 Royal Hotel, Market pl,

Kay, Charles, Wakefield, York, Grocer, Oct 11 at 11 at offices of Dewsbury. Lodge, Wakefield

Mander and Son, Crown ct, Wakefield Barradell, Albert, Market pl, Battersea, Baker. Oct 11 at 3 at office King, William, Birkenhead, Chester, Boot and Shoe Dealer. Oct 12 of Wild and Co, Ironmonger lane, Cheapside

at 3 at offices of Brierly, Church st, Liverpool Beeston, Charles William, Stockwell rd, Brixton, Baker. Oct 14 at Korner, John, Bradford, York, Pork Butcher. Oct 6 at 10 at offices

1 at Inns of Court Hotel, Lincoln's inn fields. Dovaston, Angel of Wright, Darley st, Bradford ct, Throgmorton st

Lander, Richard Ridley, Hem, nr Shifnal, Salop, Farmer. Oct 14 at Bell, John, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Grocer. Oct 13 at 12 at offices of 12 at Jerningham Arms Hotel, Shifnal. Phillips and Co, Shifnal Keenlyside and Co, St John's chmbrs, Grainger st, Newcastle

Mettam, Thomas William, Curtain rd, Shoreditch, Upholsterer. upon Tyne

Oct 20 at 2 at 38 Bread st, Cheapside, Steinberg. Bird, John, Bewdley, Worcester, Butcher. Oct 7 at 11 at offices of Mokes, Henry, Nottingham, Beer Seller, Oct il at 3 at offices of Whitcombe, Load st, Bewdley

Clifton, St. Peter's chambers, Nottingham Bishop, Thomas, Wollaston, Worcester, Painter. Oct 12 at 11 at Morris, Thomas, St. Florence, Pembroke, Farmer. Oct 11 at 11 a offices of Addison, High st, Brierley hill

offices of Lascelles, Narberth, Pembrokeshire Boak, Robert, Stockton, Baker. Oct 6 at 3 at offices of Tweedy, Morris, William, Brynmawr, Brecon, Grocer. Oct 16 at 1 at the High st, Stockton-on-Tees


Head Hotel, Newport. Hodgens, Abergavenny Bowbeer, Henry James, College st, Camden Town, Butcher. Oct 11 Mulley, Robert, Little Berkhampstead, Hertford, out of business. at 3 at offices of Dod and Longstaffe, Berners st, Oxford st

Oct 16 at 10,30 at offices of Rumney, Baker st, Enfield

Nichols, John, Leek, Staffordshire, Grocer. Oct 12 at 2 at offices of

Challinor and Co, Derby st, Leek Norman, Robert, Northampton, Coal Merchant. Oct 11 at 11 at offices

of Andrew, Market sq, Northampton North,

Frederick James, Mill hill ter, Acton, Builder. Oct 12 at 2 at offices of Woodbridge and Sons, Clifford's inn, Fleet st Penzer, Eazer, Kingswinford, Stafford, out of business. Oct 8 at 3

at offices of Tinsley, Priory st, Dudley Place, James, Eccles, near Manchester, Wheelwright. Oct 12 at 3

at offices of Hankinson, Manchester Prosser, William, Hereford, Newspaper Proprietor. Oct 11 at 12 at

offices of James and Bodenham, St Peter st, Hereford Ramsden, John, Leeds, Tailor. Oct 13 at 11 at offices of Tennant

and Barret, Albion st, Leeds Richards, Thomas, Maesteg, Glamorgan, Grocer. Oct 14 at 1 at the

Royal Talbot Hotel, Victoria st, Bristol. Jenkins, Aberavon Robinson, Thomas, King st West, Hammersmith, Confectioner,

Oct 5 at 4 at offices of Marshall, Chancery lane Rodgers, Thomas, Halifax, Shop Manager. Oct 12 at 11 at 39,

Crown st, Halifax, Backhouse, Burnley Rogers, George, Newark, Nottingham, Manufacturing Confectioner.

Oct 12 at 2 at the Swan and Salmon Inn, Castle gate, Newark.

Durance, Lincoln Russell, Edward, Brighton, Waggonette Proprietor. Oct 21 at 2 at

Ship st, Brighton. Buckwell Salisbury, Frederick, and Thomas Taylor, Portugal st, Lincoln's.

inn-fields, Printers' Brokers. Oct 18 at 3 at offices of Dubois,

Serjeants' inn, Chancery lane. Lovy, Surrey st, Strand Sampson, Elisha John, Lyndhurst rd, Peckham, Corn Chandler.

Oct 18 at 2 at offices of Philp, Walbrook Simpson, William Hutton, Sheffield, Heraldic Engraver. Oct 8 at 3

at offices of Macben, Bank st, Sheffield Smith, Alfred Orme, Sunderland, Ironmonger. Oct 12 at 12 at

offices of Bowey and Brewis, Fawcett st, Sunderland Smith, Edmund, West Ham, Essex, Undertaker. Oct 2 at 2 at the

Inns of Court Hotel, High Holborn. Baldwin, Southampton buildings, Chancery lane Steel, Andrew, Rothbury, Northumberland, Slater. Oct 13 at 11 at

offices of Keenlyside and Co, St. John's chmbrs, Grainger st West,

Newcastle-on-Tyne Stott, Thomas, Brighton, Ironmonger. Oct 7 at 2 at 145, Cheapside.

Goodman, Brighton Swale, Sydney, Kingston-upon-Hull, Auctioneer. Oct 6 at 12 at the

White Hart Hotel, Silver st, Kingston upon-Hull Tasker, Frederick, Hereford, Butcher. Oct 14 at 10.30 at offices of

Hutchinson, St. Owen st, Hereford Taylor, Thomas, Monkwearmouth, Durham, Boot and Shoe Dealer.

Oct 13 at 11 at offices of Kidson and Co, John st, Sunderland Thomas, John, Derby, Wholesale Confectioner. Oct 11 at 3 at offices

of Wardwick, Derby. Hexstall, Derby Thorpe, David, Manchester, Manufacturer of Smoke Consurrers.

Oct 13 at 11 at offices of Duckworth, Marsden-st, Manchester Tinker, Richard, Sheffield, Boot Dealer. Oct 12 at 3 at offices of

Webster and Styring, Hartshead, Sheffield Tompkins, George, Britlington, Somerset, Butcher. Oct 8 at 2 at

offices of Clifton and Carter, Broad st, Bristol Varley, George Frederick, Great Driffield, York, Grocer. Oct 12 at

2 at offices of White, Exchange st, Great Driffield Walker, James, Gateshead, Durham, Builder. Oct 19 at 2 at offices

of Bird, Grey st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Whitton, Walter George, Birmingham, Commercial Clerk. Oct 8 at

at 11 at offices of Burton, Union passage, Birmingham Wiggins, John Henry, Warwick gardens, Kensington, Gentleman.

Oct 16 at 12 at offices of Hogan and Hughes, Martin's lane Willett, Charles William, Anstey, Leicester, Boot Manufacturer.

Oct 6 at 3 at offices of Wright, Bolvoir st, Leicester Williams, William Edward, Tiverton, Devon, Builder. Oct 11 at 10

at offices of Webster, Gold st. Partridge and Cochrane Wood, James, Darton, York, Grocer. Oct 15 at 3 at offices of Mars.

den and Co, Westgate, Wakefield Woodburne, Alfred, and Thomas Baker, Manchester, Drapers. Oct

14 at 2 at the Hen and Chicken Hotel, Oldham st, Manchester. Robinson, Longton Wright, Frank, Paddington st, Marylebone, Gas Engineer. Oct 13

at 3 at offices of Prockter and Andrews, Princes st, Spitalfields Youngman, Robert, Birmingham, Publican. Oct 5 at il at offices of Peet, Colmore row, Birmingham

TUESDAY, Sept. 28, 1880. Adams, Harry Taunton, Everington st, Fulham, Builder. Oct 4 at 3

at offices of Reader, Holborn Viaduct Austen, Joseph Francis, Birkenhead, Chester, Licensed Victualler.

Oct 7 at 3 at offices of Thompson, Hamilton st, Birkenhead Avery, Robert Busby, Manchester, Commission Agent. Oct 11 at 4

at offices of Bullock and Worthington, Kennedy st, Manchester Baker, George, Birmingham, Cab Proprietor. Oct 7 at 3 at offices

of Fallows, Cherry st, Birmingham Bateman, Albion, Bristol, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer. Oct 2 at 12

at offices of Andrews, Nicholas st, Bristol. Ayre, Bristol Batty, Jonathan William, Bradford, York, Painter. Oct 7 at 4 at

offices of Last and Best, Bond st, Bradford Beveridge, James, Fulwood's rents, Holborn, Printer. Oct 19 at 3

at Law Institution, Chancery lane. Vanderpump, Gray's inn sq, Blackshaw, William Jackson, Tunstall, Stafford, Plumber. Oct 11

at 2.30 at offices of Salt, Keele st, Tunstall Bolland, John, Birmingham, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer. Oct 6 at

3 at offices of Buller and Bickley, Bennett's hill, Birmingham Booth, Sarah Ann, Worcester, Licensed Victualler. Oct 7 at 11 at

offices of Tree and Son, High st, Worcester Brown, John, Manchester, Commission Agent. Oct 11 at 3 at offices

of Bullock and Worthington, Kennedy st, Manchester Bruce, Stewart, Workington, Cumberland, Boiler Maker. Oct 7 at

11.30 at Station Hotel, Workington. Thompson, Workington Camp, Walter, Packington st, Islington, Corn Dealer. Oct 12 at 2 at

offices of West and Co, Cannon st Clark, Joseph, Weymouth, Builder. Oct 11 at 10.30 at offices of

Howard, East st, Melcombe Regis Cole, Charles Thomas, Hove, Sussex, Ironmonger, Oct 2 at 11.30

at 12, Serjeant's inn, Floet st. Nye, Brighton,

Cox, Henry, Birkenhead, Chester, Commission Agent. Oct 15 at 3

at offices of Best, North John st, Liverpool Crossley, Alfred, Manchester, Licensed Victualler. Oct 18 at 3 st

Star Hotel, Deansgate, Manchester. Best, Liverpool Curtis, John, Bedford, Coal Merchant. Oct 8 at 11 at George Hotel,

Bedford. Conquest and Clare, Bedford Daniel, John Coates, Hanley, Stafford, Builders' Merchant. Oct 8

at 10.30 at Queen's Hotel, Albion st, Hanley, Sword, Hanley Death, Samuel King, Alpheton, Suffolk, Farmer. Oct 5 at 11 a

Four Swans Hotel, Sudbury, Andrewes and Co, Sudbury Evans, Sylvanus Parry, Rhyl, Flint, Estate Agent. Oct 8 at 3 &

Queen's Hotel, Chester, Williams, Rhyl
Firth, Jonas, Masborough Dyke, Barnsley, York, Grocer. Oct 13 at

4 at offices of Rideal, Chronicle chmbrs, Barnsley Ford, Samuel, Cam, Gloucester, Corn Merchant. Oct 8 at 31

the Spread Eagle Hotel, Gloucester. Francillon. Dursley Fowler, William, Gun Tavern, Shoreditch, Licensed victualler. Oets

at 12 at the Unicorn Tavern, Vivian rd, Old Ford. Hicks, Grove

rd, Victoria rd Fray, William George, Birkenhead, Chester, Tea Dealer. Oct 7 at 3

at offices of Moore, Duncan st, Birkenhead Froley, John, Sale, Chester, Grocer. Oct 11 at 3 at offices of Ches

and Son, Swan st, Manchoster Gomm, William, Upper st, Islington, Cigar Dealer. Oct 1 at 3 at 982

High Holborn. Best, Essex st, Strand Goreham, William, and William Frederick Goreham, Northflect,

Kent, Cement Manufacturers. Oct 11 at 3 at offices of Russell and

Co, Old Jewry chmbrs Gough, William, Penrhyndeudraeth, Merioneth, Contractor. Oct8 at

1 at offices of Jones, High st, Portinadoc Gowers, Philip John, Diss, Norfolk, Farmer. Oct 15 at 2 at the Kings

Head Hotel, Diss. Pollard, Ipswich Gratwick, William Sales, Commercial rd, Limehouse, Furniture

Dealer. Oct 11 at 2 at ofllces of Birchall, Mark lane Gray, William Warden, Market pl, Upper Holloway, Upholsterer.

Oct 8 at 12 at offices of Matthews and Wells, John st, Bedford row Hall, Charles Lenny, Wakes Colne, Essex, Farmer. Oct 9 st 13 at

at offices of Turner and Co, East hill, Colchester Hazelhurst, William Henry, South st, Ponders End, Grocer. Od

at 3 at offices of Morphett and Littlejohn, King st, Cheapside. Terry, King st, Cheapside Heald, James, Stockton-on-Tees, Fruit and Potato Merchant. Och

11 at 12 at offices of Hunton and Bolsover, High st, Stockton-09

Tees Hirst, Emer, New Wombwell, York, Provision Merchant, Oct 6 a

3 at ofhces of Gray, Eastgate, Barnsley Holden, William Henry, Hastings, Sussex, Fruiterer. Oet 4 at 13

at offices of Savery and Chambers, Trinity st, Hastings Horsley, George, Hartlepool, Durham, Innkeeper. Oct 6 at 3 34

offices of Simpson, Church st, West Hartlepool Ives, Alfred George, Commercial rd East, Boot and Shoe Maker. Oct 6 at 3 at offices of Palmer, Railway Approach,

London bridge. Taylor, New Broad st Jobborn, Edwin, Willenhall, Stafford, Lock Manufacturer. Oct 6

at 11 at offices of Vaughan, Walsall 'st, Willenhall Jones, Edward, New Brighton, Chester, Greengrocer, Oct 11 3:3

at offices of Fowler, Cable st, Liverpool Jones, Stephen Thomas, Hopest, Hackney, Carpenter. Oct 4 at ?

at Independent Saw Mills, Hope st, Hackney, Knowles, Mark, Cleckheaton, York, Bootmaker. Oct 7 st 10 st

Creditors' Association, Parkinson's chambers, Market st, Brad.

ford Lloyd, Edward, and Robert Roberts, Llandudno, Carnarvon, Groders.

Oct 6 at 1 at Queen's Hotel, Chester. Chamberlain, Llandudno Lunham, Robert Dowe, Great St Helen's, Ship Broker. Oct 6 at

at the Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Bryant, Philpot lane Maguire, John Thompson, Tunnel rd, Liverpool, out of business.

Oct 9 at 2 at offices of Seaman, Seymour st. Liverpool Marfell, Richard, Great Western Railway, Paddington, Coal Met.

chant. Oct 5 at 3 at offices of Bristow and Shepherd, Cannon st,

London Maude, John, Kirbymoorside, York, Corn Factor. Oct 7 at 2 at the

White Horse, Kirbymoorside Pearson, Helmsley Merry, James Samuel, Llandaff, Glamorgan, Baker. Oct 7 at 3 a

the Merchants' Protection Association, Duke st, Cardiff. Gibbs and Llewellyn, Newport, Mon Merryfield, Walter, Bow rd, Grocer. Oct 11 at 3 at offices of Noon

and Clarke, Blomfield st Milne, George, sen, Grove place, Brompton, out of business. Oct 5

at 3 at 101, Chancery lane. Dennes, Falcon court, Fleet st Neal, Anthony Bradley, Maidstone, 'Brushmaker, Oct 7 at 13 at

offices of Monckton and Co, King st, Maidstone Nicholson, James, Liverpool, Draper. Oct 11 at 12 at offices of

Carruthers, Lord st, Liverpool Owen, John, Cilie, Cardigan, Farmer. Oct 2 at 11 at offices of

Evans and Son, Newcastle-Emlyn Pagett, William, Wolverhampton, Engineer. Oct 8 at 11 at offices of

Willcock, Queen st, Wolverhampton Patten, Philip Henry, Canonbury grove, Islington, Steam Joiners, Manufacturer. Oct 4 at 3 at the Masons' Hall Tavern, Masons'

avenue, Basinghall st. King, Rotherfield st, Islington Peers, Joseph, Anderton, nr Bolton, Farmer. Oct 5 at 3 at the Mitre

Hotel, Cathedral gates, Manchester. Farrington, Manchester Pope, William, Kew Bridge rd, Brentford,

Barge Builder. Og 6 at 3 at offices of Aird, Eastcheap Puddle, George, Egham, Surrey, Commission Agent. Oct 18 at 2 st

offices of Emmott, Budge row, Cannon st Read, William, Holford pl, Clerkenwell, Contractor. Oet 4 di 38

262, High Holborn. Staniland, North rd, Highgate Renshaw, Samuel

, Stockport, Chester, Retail Hatter. Sept 30 at 3 at offices of Coppock and Co, Vernon st, Stockport Reynard, William Simpson, Brearton, York, Farmer. Oct 5 at 12

at offices of Kirby and Son, Knaresborough Richardson, George, Middleton Cheney, Northampton, Farmer. Det 5 at 11 at offices

of Whitehorn, High st, Banbury Samuel, Barnett, Cardiff, Clothier. Oct 11 at 3 at offices of Tribe

and Co, Crockherbtown, Cardiff. Evans and Davies, Swansea


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Sandford, Edwin Theodore, Stockport, Chester, out of business. AW PARTNERSHIP

or SUCCESSION. Oct 11 at 11 at offices of Hodgson, Tib lane, Manchester Scarlett, Martha Agnes, St Margaret, Norfolk, Butcher. Oct 9 at

Wanted a Partnership, with or without a Preliminary Clerk. 11 at at offices of Worship and Riding, South quay, Great Yar.

ship, in an Established Conveyancing and General Practice. mouth

Good references as to position, ability, and means ; or would Setterfield, James Miles, Minster, Kent, Market Gardener. Oct 15

negotiate for a Succession. --Address, BETA, 17, Smedley-lane, Man.

chester. at 4 at offices of Parry, High st, Ramsgate Showell, William, Wolverhampton, Beilows Manufacturer. Oct 15 AW PARTNERSHIP.-Wanted, by a Solicitor,

at 11 at office of Shelton, Queen st, Wolverhampton Skaife, John Smith, Summerbridge, York, Cattle Dealer. Oct 7 at

established Conveyancing or General Practice. Will give £1,500.3, at the North Eastern Hotel, Harrogate. Lolge and Rhodes, Leels Smith, John Titus, Portsea, Hants, Tailor. Oct 9 at 11 at offices of

Address, F., 129, Gower-street, W.C.
Casey, 90, St. George's sy, Portsea. Mills, South sq, Gray's inn
Smith, James, Wilson, Camberwell New rd, Dramatic Agent. Oct 4

AW.-Sborthand Writer Wanted by a Firm of at 11 at 46, Southampton bldgs, Chancery lane. Allen

London Solicitors. Must write a good hand.-Address, statStamper, James, Liverpool, General Dealer. Oct 12 at 2 at offices of ing age, reference, and salary expected, A. B. C., care of Mr.'Hale, Davies, the Temple, Dale st, Liverpool

Law Stationer, 6, Tavistock-row, Covent Garden. Sunderland, Charles, Liverpool, Woollen Draper. October 7 at 11 R. ALBERT GIBSON, Solicitor (Honours),

at offices of Etty, Lord st, Liverpool Sykes, Samuel, Lockwood rd, nr Huddersfield, Builder. Oet 7 at 11 at offices of North and Bolton, Devonshire chambers, Hudders.

the Final," &c., &c., will commence work with a Class for the field. Whitley and Whitley, Huddersfield

January Intermediate and Final Examinations on Monday, October Thackery, William, Middlesborcugh, York, out of business. Oct 1 at

Fee 12 guineas. Two Residential Pupils received.--For full 10 at offices of Catchpole, Argyle bldgs, Wilson st, Middles.

particulars apply to St. Mary Cray, Chislehurst, or 35, Sonthampborough

ton-buildings, Chancery-lane. Thomas, John, Eskerwen, Carmarthen, Farmer. Oct 5 at 11.30 at

N.B.--At Six out of the last Eight Examinations Mr. Gibson's offices of Williams, King st, Llandilo

Pupils have taken Honours, his successes including the Clement'sVenner, George, Taunton Somerset, Butter Factor. Oct 6 atio. 30 at

inn, Clifford's-inn, and New-inn Prizes, in addition to prizes of the offices of Trenchard and Co, Hammet st, Taunton

Incorporated Law Society, Certificates of Merit, Second and Third. Watson, John Leith, Milton-next-Gravesend, Florist. Oct 12 at 11 at

class Certificates. offices of Mitchell, Windmill st, Gravesend Wolstenholme, Joseph, Heywood, Lancaster, Tailor. Oct 6 at 10 at at offices of Banks, Market pl, Heywood

entire charge of several heavy cases in litigation, and who Woodburne, Alfred, and Thomus Baker, Manchester, Drapers. Oct

has just returned from a tour round the world, which he has made 8 at 2 at Hen and Chicken Hotel, Oldham st. Robinson, Longton

on behalf of an eminent firm of 'Solicitors in Lincoln's-inn, having

brought to a successful issue the object of his mission, is prepared Woolnough, Charles, Kingston-upon-Thames, Agricultural Implement Maker. Oct 20 at 2 at offices of Bolton and Co, Temple gar

to undertake the getting up of evidence and the obtaining of

reliable information in any litigious matter of importance. He has dens, Temple Woolnongb, William, Kingston upon Thames, Agricultural Imple.

very exceptionable facilities for obtaining information in London ; ment Maker. Oct 20 at 2 at offices of Bolton and Co, Femple gar

is personally acquainted with every town of importance in Great dens, Temple

Britain and Ireland ; and has trustworthy Agents in all parts of America, India, Australia, and New Zealand." He does not solicit work which would fall within the province of, or could be under.

taken by, an ordinary clerk, and may be treated in any matter in. SCHWEITZER'S COCOATINA, trusted to him, so far as confidence and secrecy are concerned, as Anti-Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder.

he is prepared, as hitherto, to devote his whole and undivided at. Guarantesd Pure Soluble Cocoa of the Finest Quality, with the

tention to it. The Advertiser wishes it understood that he accepts excess of fat extracted.

instructions exclusively through the medium of the Legal Profes. The Faculty pronounce it “the most nutritious, perfoctly digestible sion, and any firm of Solicitors may avail themselves of his services beverage for Breakfast, Luncheon, or Supper, and invaluable for

without its ever being known, should such be deemed advisable, in Invalids and Children."

what actual capacity he is acting in the matter. Highly commended by the entire Medical Press.

For obvious reasons the Advertiser does not here give his name Being without sugar, spice, or other admixture, it suits all palates,

and address, but will be happy to furnish (to Solicitors only) all keeps better in all climates, and is four times the strength of cocoas

particulars and references to firms of the highest standing on TRICKENED yet WEAKENED with starch, &c., and IN REALITY CHEAPER

receipt of communication, of he will be happy to wait personally cban such Mixtures.

upon any Solicitor in the United Kingdom at his (the Advertiser's) Made instantaneously with boiling water, a teaspoonful to a Break.

own expense upon receipt of a request so to do.-Solicitors will fast Cup, coating less than a halfpenny.

please address, LEGAL, 117, Chancery-lane, W.C. COCOATINA A LA VANILLE is the most delicate, digestible, cheapest

Now ready, in demy 8vo, 18s. Vanilla Chocolate, and may be taken when richer chocolate is prchibited.

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ISTORY of PROCEDURE in ENGLAND In tin packets at 18, 60., 38., 59. 60., &c., by Chemists and Grocere,

from the NORMAN CONQUEST.-The Norman Period, Charities on Special Terms by the Sole Proprietors,

1066—1201. By MELVILLE MADISON BIGELOW, Ph.D. Harvard

H. SCHWEITZER & CO., 10, Adam-street, London, W.C.

London: MACMILLAX & Co.

Now ready, Second Edition, cloth, 1s.

TICE. With Useful Precedents of Affidavits, Particulars,

Costs, &c.; and Notes on the City of London Court in Admiralty. 67, GREAT RUSSELL STREET, LONDON

Crosby LOCKWOOD & Co., 7, Stationers' Hall-court, London, E.C. (Opposite the British Museum),

Fourth Edition (further revised and enlarged), price 58., net. Will be glad to orward his Pamphlet on Painless Dentistry, free

on ADVOCACY. By RICHARD enclosed by post, which explains the most unique systein of the adjust

HARRIS, Barrister-at-Law, of the Middle Temple and

Midland Circuit. ment of ARTIFICIAL TEETH without pain.

WATERLOW Bros. & LAYTON, 24, Birchin-lane, London. CONSULTATION FREE FROM 10 TO 5. PARTRIDGE AND COOPER, undertakes the charge man offices. Active, clean, and thoroughly LAW AND GENERAL STATIONERS,

trustworthy.--Address, SOLICITOR, 27, Lincoln's-inn-fields, W.C. 1 & 2, CHANCERY LANE, LONDON, E.C.

LASGOW and the HIGHLANDS.-Royal Route, Law Copying and Engrossing. COLUMBA or the IONA, from Bridge Wharf, Glasgow, daily at

7 a.m., and from Greenock at 9 a.m., conveying Passengers for Deeds and Writings engrossed and copied on the Premises, with Oban, North and West Highlands. Official Guide Book 2d., Illuspunctuality and dispatch, at the lowest scale of charges. trated Copy 6d.-Bill, with map and tourist fares free, at Messrs. A good Discount allowed on agreed accounts.

CHATTO & WINDUS, Publishers, 214, Piccadilly, London, or by post


EDE AND SON other PLEADING, Printed at ls. per folio. DEEDS, CONVEYANCES, MORTGAGES, &c., Printed in form for Registration.


Discount allowed for cash on agreed accounts.


To Her Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the Whole of the Judicial Bench ABSTRACTS, BRIEFS, PETITIONS, DRAFTS, MINUTES OF

Corporation of London, &c.
EVIDENCE, Lithographed at reduced prices.


BARRISTERS' AND QUEEN'S COUNSEL'S DITTO, SOCIETIES' DEEDS, LEASES, &c., Lithographed with accuracy and dispatch.


Samples and Catalogues sent post-free.




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