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laws of a State have effect in the territory of another State, if they are in opposition to the public right or the public order of that State.” As to this, & discussion arose as to what were questions de l'ordre public.

M. CLUNET gave as an illustration the disposition of landed property.

Sir TRAVERS Twiss maintained that this was not so in England, but that, nevertheless, English courts would not consent to allow foreign law to intervene in the administra. tion of succession in landed estates. This term was, therefore, opposed by him, as also by Professor Holland.

M. NEUMANN suggested the substitution of droit intérieur for droit public, but this was rejected almost unanimously, as also the proposal to suppress the term droit public.

In the afternoon the meeting discussed topics connected with the conflict of penal laws.

corrupt practices in the City of Chester, was educated at Orie College, Oxford, where he graduated third class in law and modern history in 1868. He was called to the bar at Lincoln'-inn in Easter Term, 1870.

Mr. EDWARD RIDLEY, barrister, who has been appointed a Commissioner to inquire into the existence of corrupt practices in the City of Oxford, is the second son of the late Sir Matthew White Ridley, baronet, and was born in 1843. He was eduoated at Harrow, and was formerly scholar of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, where he graduated first class in Literæ Humaniores in 1866. He is a fellow of All Saints' College, and was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Trinity Term, 1868, Mr. Ridley practises on the North. Eastern Circuit, and was M.P. for South Northumberland in the Conservative interest from April, 1878, till April, 1880.

Mr. John VERNON, solicitor, of 2, Moorgate-street, E.C., has been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature.

appointments, Etc.

Mr. ChristOPHER WILLIAM ALDERSON, solicitor, of Eckington, has been appointed Clerk to the Magistrates for

Companies. the Eckington, Dropsfield, and Hemsworth Divisions. Mr. Alderson was admitted a solicitor in 1872, and is in partner

WINDING-UP NOTICES. ship with Mr. William Dust, the clerk to the Eckington Burial Board.


LIMITED IN CHANCERY. pointed & Commissioner to inquire into the existence of CLARKE AND COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, pre

sented Sept 1, directed to be heard before the Vacation Judge, on corrupt practices in the City of Gloucester, was called to the

Sept 22. Rogers and Chave, Queen Victoria st, solicitors for the bar at the Middle Teinple in Michaelmes Term, 1841, and petitioner is a member of the Northern Circuit. He became a Queen's | DIRECT FIST SUPPLY ASSOCIATION, LIMITED.--Petition for winding Counsel in 1864, and is a bencher of the Middle Temple,

up, presented Sept 2, directed to be heard before the Vacation

Judge, on Sept 15. Christmas, Walbrook, solicitor for the petirecorder of Liverpool, and Attorney-General for the County

tioner Palatine of Durbam.


fixed Sept 15 at 12, at Staple inn, Holborn, for the appointment of Mr. GEORGE BOYDELL, solicitor and proctor of the firm an official liquidator of Boydell, Taylor, & Fluitt), of Chester and Flint, has been ROCHDALE PAPER MANUFACTURING COMPANY, LIMITED.--Petition appointed Registrar of the Mold and Flint County Courts

for winding up, presented Aug 30, directed to be heard before

Baron Pollock, on Sept 15. Johnson and Weatheralls, King's (Circuit No. 29), Mr. Boydell was admitted a solicitor in

Bench walk, Temple, agents for Needham and Co, Manchester, 1845, and is clerk to the magistrates and the Commissioners solicitors for the petitioner . of Taxes for the Eastern Division of the Hundred of Broxton.

(Gazette, Sept. 7.] He is in partnership with Mr. Taylor, town clerk and clerk to

COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER. the magistrates for the borough of Flint, and with Mr. Arthur


winding up, presented Aug 31, directed to be heard before V.C.

Little, at the Assize Courts, Strangeways, Manchester, Oct 21. Mr. LEWIS WILLIAM CAVE, Q.C., who has been appointed

Ascroft, Preston, solicitors for the petitioner a Commissioner to inquire into the existence of corrupt

[Gazette, Sept. 3. practices in the City of Oxford, was formerly scholar of Lincoln College, Oxford, where he graduated second class in Litere Humaniores in 1856. He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Trinity Term, 1859, and he is a member of

Legislation of the Week. the South-Eastern Circuit. Mr. Cave became a Queen's Counsel in 1875, and is recorder of the city of Lincoln, and a bencher of the Inner Temple.


SEPT. 2.-BILL IN COMMITTEE. been appointed a Commissioner to inquire into the existence Assaults on Young Persong. of corrupt practices in the City of Chester, was called to the

BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. bar at Gray's-inn in Trinity Term, 1860, and is a member

Savings Banks (No. 1), Merchant Shipping (Carriage of the Western Circuit. He became a Queen's Counsel in of Grain), Ground Game. 1877, and he is a bencher of Gray's-inn.

BILL READ A FIRST TIME. Mr. ALFRED TRISTRAM LAWRENCE, barrister, who has been appointed a Commissioner to inquire into the existence

Expiring Laws Cootinuance. of corrupt practices in the City of Chester, was called to the

SEPT. 3.-BILL READ A SECOND TIME. bar at the Middle Temple in Hilary Term, 1869, and

Expiring Laws Continuance. practises on the Oxford Circuit.

BILL READ A THIRD TIME. Mr. WILLIAM ROBERT MCCONNELL, barrister, who has Assaults on Young Persons. been appointed a Commissioner to inquire into the existence

SEPT. 4.-BILL READ A THIRD TIME. of corrupt practices in the City of Gloucester, was called to

Expiring Laws Continuanoe. the bar at the Inner Temple in Easter Term, 1862, and is a member of the Northern Circuit.


Consolidated Fund (Appropriation). has been elected (without opposition) to be Coroner for

SEPT 6.-BILL READ A SECOND TIME. Cambridgeshire, in succession to his partner, the late Mr. Consolidated Fand (Appropriation) (also passed tbrougu Frederick Barlow. Mr. Palmer is also clerk to the Cam- other stages). bridge Improvement Commissioners and to the county

SEPT. 7.-ROYAL ASSENT. magistrates. He was admitted a solicitor in 1869, and is in The Royal partnership with Mr. John Bonnett, the clerk to the Harston

The Royal assent was given by Commission to the fol:

Jowing Bills :--Consolidated Fand (Åppropriation), PostSchool Board.

Office Money Orders, Debtors (Scotland), Wild Birds ProMr. WILLIAM ALVES RAIKES, barrister, who has been tection, County Court Jurisdiction in Lunacy (Ireland), appointed a Commissioner to inquire into the existence of Savings Banks, Merchant Shipping (Carriage of Grain),

Ground Game, Criminal Law Amendment, Irish Loan, JOHNSON, Thomas, Gray's inn road, Tailor. Sept 20. Flux and

Leadbitter, Leadenhall st Expiring Laws Continuance, Employers' Liability, Univer

JONES, GBACE, Pendlebury, nr Manchester. Oct 1. Slater and sities and College Estates Amendment, Census, Cen808 Co, Manchester

KELL, WILLIAM GRIMES, Brighton, Esq. Oct 2. (Scotland), Burial Laws Amendment, Drairage and Im.

Bedford and

Monier-Williams, Bucklersbury provement of Lands (Supplemental) (Ireland), Education

KENISTON, SAMUEL HALLET, Goswell rd, Islington, Draper, Nov 2. Department Provisional Order Confirmation (London), Cattell, Great James st, Bedford row Malkear Drainage District, Liverpool Corporation, Not- Lawrence, Robert, Waltham St. Lawrence, Berks, Builder. Sept tingham Corporation Loans, Cathoart District Railway, Lewis, Thomas Hodge, Carmarthen, Wine and Spirit Merchant. Clara and Banagher Railway, Ennis and West Clare Rail

Sept 29. George, Newcastle Emlyn way, and Lord Plunket's Indemnity.

MORGAN, WILLIAM, Ystalyfera, Glamorgan, Saddler. Oct.l. Jelli.

coe, Swansea.

PARKER, JOHN, Giggleswick, Morecambe, Lancaster, Gent, Oct 25. HOUSE OF COMMONS.

Hartley, Settle

STURGEON, WILLIAM, Galway st, City rd, Gent. Sept 22. Mills and SEPT. 2.-BILL READ A SECOND TIME.

Co, Brunswick pl, City rd Appropriation.

Son, Isaac, Manselí st, Whitechapel, Gent. Sept 25. Harris and

Godwin, Moorgate st

SPRIGG, ELLEN, Aylestone, Leicester. Oct 18. Haxby, Leicester. Census (also read a third time).

THOMAS, JOHN Leominster, Gent. Sept 30. Burrup and Coren,


WARDELL, WILLIAM, Birmingham, Tallow Chandler. Aug 31.

Sargent and Son, Birmingham Expiring Laws Continuance, Universities and College WORTLEY, JOHN, Durham, Chemist. Sept 26. Wortley, FramwellEstates Act Amendment.

gate, Durham

Young, Jane, Markham st, Chelsea. Sept 27. Flux and Leal. SEPT. 3.-BILL IN COMMITTEE.

bitter, Leadenhall st Consolidated Fand (Appropriation).

[Gazette, August 20.]

BEADON, Sir CECIL, K.C.S.I., Clement's lane. Oct 4. Bockett BILL WITHDRAWN.

and Son, Lincoln's inn fields Leases.

BEAKBANE, ELIZABETI, The Retreat, York. Sept 27. Foster and Son,

BENNETT, JOIN, Exeter, Esq. Nov 30. Roberts, Exeter
Bett, WILLIAM, Benniworth, Lincoln, Farmer. Oct 19. Bell,

New Orders, Etc.

BRADLEY, FRANCIS, Upper st, Islington, Builder. Sept 17. Parkers,

Bedford row

DAUBER, Joun, Warwby, Lincoln, Gent. Nov 6, Freer and Co, TRADE-MARKS (SWITZERLAND).


Dawson, ELIZABETI, Hornsea, York. Sept 21. Eldridge and A dispatch has been received through the Foreiga Office

Stevenson, Hull from her Majesty's Minister at Berne, containing copies of Duncan, ROBERT, Liverpool, Merchant. Oct 10. Duncan, Liver.

pool the trade-marks deposited at the Federal Bureau between

ELLIS, JOIN, Harper's Hall, Pembroke, Gent. Oct 2. Lock, Tenby the 1st of May and the 31st of July last for subseqment Ellwood, William, Thorpe, Westmoreland, Yeoman. Oct 16. registration in Switzerland. It is very important that Arnison, Penrith persons using trade-marks in Switzerland should inspect GUEST, JOHN, Rotherham, York, Gent. Sept 20. Oxley and Coward,

Rotherham the official publication containing a transcript of the trade HAWKES, WILLIAM, Charlton Kings, Gloucester, Gent. Oct 1. Gabb, marks applied for, as the period for lodging objections Cheltenham to the registration of these marks terminates on the 30th

LEVER, HANNAK, Bury, Lancaster. Oct 1. Grundy and Co, Bury of the present month. Tbe publication can be seen at

MAJER, FRANCIS, Kingston upon Hull, Tailor. Sept 30. England

and Co, Hull the Trade-Marks Registry Office, 25, Southempton-build- MILLAGE, Joun, Russell court, Strand, Carpenter. Oct l, Nicholls, ings, Chancery-lane, between the boars of tan and four. Lincoln's inn fields

MOSKLEY, William, Cumberland terrace, Regent's Park, Architect.

Oct 1. Wodehouse, Gray's inn sq
NAGLE, JAMES Gwyx, Sydney, New South Wales, Purser. Mar i.

Hillearys and Taylor, Fenchurch bldgs
Creditors' Claims.

Nalson, Josepu, Ossulton st, St Pancras, Gent. Oct 1. Hill and

Dickinson, Liverpool
PAGE, ROBERT HYDE, Brighton, Gent. Sept 30. Page, Underwood,

CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25 PHIBBS, JAMES KINGston, Margate, Kent, Gent. Oct 30. Cuff, St

Martin's lane

Piper, ELIZABETH, Cambridge. Oct 1. Fenn, Newmarket
ARKLE, WILLIAM, Stocksfield on Tyne, Northumberland, Joiner. Porser, Tuomas, Mugginton, Derby Farmer.' Sept 17. Fisher and
Nov 1. Mather and Co, Newcastle upon Tyne

Co, ASPINALL, SARAH, Rock Ferry, Chester. Sept 15. Burton and RAYNER, KATHERINE, Bury, Lancaster, Oct 1. Grundy and Co, Coleman, Liverpool

Bury ATKINSON, SAMUEL, Heckmondwike, York, Chemist. Sept 20. Sykes, SHEPHERD, JOHN, Rochdale, Lancaster, Gent, Oct 1, Grtindy and Heckmondwike

Co, Bury BAKER, SUSANNAH, Dorchester. Sept 29. Aldridge and Aldridge, STAMP, ALICE BRADLEY, Nottingham. Sept 20. Acton, Nottingham Poole

TAYLOR, ALFRED WILLIAM, Stoke Newington rd, Grocer. Sept 23. BAXTER, RICHARD, Leinster gardens. Sept 20. Carlyon and Son, Parkes, Queen Victoria st Truro

TAYLOR, RICHARD, Newark upon Trent, Butcher. Oct 11. Pratt and BERRYMAN, JOHN PENBERTHY, Saint Austell, Cornwall, Surgeon. Hodgkinsons, Newark upon Trent Sept 29. Coode and Co, St Austell

TEMPERLY, THOMAS Cram, Gateshead, Durham, Commission Agent. Bull, FREDERICK AUGUSTUS HUMPHREY, Dinton, Buckingham, Nov 1. Temperly, Gladstone terrace, Gateshead. Land Agent. Oct 30. Fell, Aylesbury

TRENNERT, Edwin, Sydenham, Kent, Esq. Oct 1, Stevens and Co, BURDETT, Sir ROBERT, Foremark, Derby, a Retired Colonel in H.M.'s Old Jewry Army, Sept 30. Farrer and Co, Lincoln's inn fields

WHEELER, MARIA, Malvern Link, Worcester. Oct 1, Stroud, Chel. CARLISLE, BENJAMIN, Hartlepool, Greengrocer. Sept 20. Todd, tenham Hartlepool

WALLER, MARY, Southsea. Sept 29. Reed, Pcrtada CHADWELL, Thomas, Peterborough, Printer. Sept 18. Percival Woods, JOSEPH, Preston, Lancaster, Cotton Manufacturer. Sept and Son, Peterborough

21. Houghton and Myres, Preston CLARK, WILLIAM, Leeds, Coachmaker. Oct 10. Simpson and Bur

Gazette. Aug, 24.] rell, Leeds

ATKINSON, GEORGE, Surgeon Major in the Army Medical DepartEdis, Robert, Upper Norwood, Esq. Sept 25. May, Russell sq ment, in H.M.'s Service. Sept 20. Hardman and Sons, Dublin CRITCHELL, ANN, Dowry parade, Bristol. Sept 30 Jacques, Bristol ATTHEY, THOMAS, Gosforth, Northumberland, Grocer. Nov l. ClayFITZGERALD, CIARLES ROBERT, York st, Portman sq, Esq. Oct 0. ton and Gibson, Newcastle upon Tyne Barnes and Bernerd, Finsbury circus

BENDY, RICHARD, jun, Seymour st, Euston sq, Oilman. Oet 30. FISHE, MARGARET CALLVIELD, Ventnor, Isle of Wight. Sept 29. Munns and Longden, Old Jewry Elliott, Veralum bldgs

BRAITHWAITE, Joskru, Nottingham, Esq. Oct 30. Watson and GABBALAS, JOAN, Blashford, Southampton, Gent. Sept 1. Sharp, Wadsworth, Nottingham Christchurch

Briant, JAMES, Kennington Park rd, Auctioneer. Oct 1. Briani, Gilson, WILLIAM HALL, Ryde, Isle of Wight, Esq. Sept 1. Rat. Kennington Park rd cliffe, Ryde

CLARKE, WILLIAM ROBERT, Wymondham, Norfolk, Esq. Oct 19. HARGREAVES, THOMAS, St. Annes on the Sea, Lancaster, Gent. Whites and Co, Wymondham Sept 20. Ascroft, Preston

CLAVEKING, Joun, Durham, Esq. Nov 1. Waistell, Northallerton HARVEY, AFFRA, Walsall, Stafford. Dec 1. Wilkinson and Gillespie, CROCKER, JAMES, Ivybridge, Devon, Haulier. Sept 30. Pearse, Walsall

Plymouth HASTIE, HENRY, Pimlico rd, Pimlico, Journeyman Baker. Sept 22. Currie, CATHERINE LOUISA, Bryanston st. Sept 25. Abbott, New Mills and Co, Brunswick pl, City rd

inn, Strand. HAYDEN, JOSIAI, Birmingham, Jeweller. Sept 20. Pointon, Bir. DARNELL WILLIAM, Grange rd, Bermondsey, Granary Keepor. Oct mingham

29. Arckoll and Cockell, Tooley st, Southwark

Dashwood, HENEY, Chipping Norton, Oxford, Ironmonger. Oct question of criminal law codification will be fully recognized.

30. Kilby and Mace, Chipping Norton HARRISON, HENRY, Edingale villas, Champion Hill, Lieutenant in

- Believe me, yours faithfully, HENRY JAMES." H.M.'s 8th Regiment of Hussars. Oct 20. Carter, Austin Friars

The Scotsman announces the death of Mr. J. Cockburn HILL, CATHERINE, Stockport, Chester, Sept 20. Newton, Stockport

Cbristie, W.S., Deputy-Keeper of the Records in tbe HUNT, WILLIAM SUTTON, Fawler, Oxford, Farmer, Sept 29. Wilkins,

Register Hooge, Edinburgh. After becoming, in 1838, A Chipping Norton

member of the Society of Writers to the Sigoet, Mr. Jouxsox, Ralph, Tunstall, Stafford, Common Brewer. Sept 13.

Christie acted for a number of years as clerk to Lord Hollingsheaul, Tunstall MCALLUM, GEORGE DONALD, Claverton st, Pimlico, Esq. Oct 14.

Ivory, in which post he remained so long as his lordship Murray, Whitehall place

contioned on the bench. When his services were no longer NEWTON, WILLIAM, Alnwick, Northumberland, Gardener. Oct 16. required in this capacity, he was offered an appointment

Hindmarsh, Bondgate Without, Alnwick

on the searching staff in the Register House, which he ac. Gent. Oct 24. Parker and Stocks, Manchester

cepted, thus entering on a conneotion with this publio PAGET, Right Hon, LORD GEORGE AUGUSTUS FREDERICK, K.C.B. establishment which lasted till his death. A few years

Farm st, Mayfair.' Oct 4. Lowe, Temple gardens, Temple
PARRY, ELIZABETH SARAT, Bryngola, Holyhead, Anglesey. Oct 15.

after tbus obtaining a footing in the office, he was, on the Barber, Bangor

resignation of the late Mr. G. R. Kinloch, in the year 1868 PEARCE, PARMENAS, Plymouth, Esq. Oct 4. Francis and Co, New. promoted to the keepership of the Register of Deedg. Five ton Abbott

years later, when the post of Deputy-keeper of Records SCUDAMORE, CATHERINE JANE, South Devon place, Plymouth. Oct became vacant, he received that appointment, and this

6. Bulteel and Rowe, Plymouth SCUDAMORE, WILLIAM JAMES, Plymouth, Captain in the Royal

office he held down to the time of his death, Navy. Oct 6. Bulteel and Rowe, Plymouth

A correspondent of the Times writes to say " that, entering SMITH, Ann, Hopwood, Lancaster. Oct 1. Grundy and Co, Bury TIMMIS, JAMES, Haslington, Chester. Yeoman, Sept 15. Cooke, a literary work of any sort at Stationers'-hail is a complete Crewe

farce, and confers no rights that the proprietor does not WHIPPLE, EDWIN BASTARD, Plymouth, Tronmonger, Sept 30. possess from the simple fact of publication; but in case a

Pearse, Plymouth
WILKINSON, HENRY, Hanwell Lunatic Asylum, Gent. Sept 23.

copyright is infringed the form of entering the book at the Cooper and Walker, Billiter st

hall has to be gone through before an injunction can be WEIGHT, JOHN Grant, Southampton, Presbyterian Minister. Aug granted against the infringer. As an illustration of the 31. Wright, Forrestfield, Kelso

practical inutility of the Stationers'-hall Registry I may

[Gazette, August 27.] refer to the evidence of Mr. William Longman before the BORBOW, HENRY, Truro, Gent, Sept 30. Smith and Paul

Commission on Copyright which sat a few years back, COULDREY, WILLIAM LOVELACE, Bromley, Kent, Gent. Sept 29.

Gent. Sept 29. | when he stated that of so little practical importance was Bristow and Shepherd, Cannon st

Stationers'-hall to the trade that pot two per cent. of the Dalrox, ELIZABETH HAYWOOD, Dempsey st, Mile end. Sept 29. books that were published by bis firm were ever entered

Pearce and Sons, Giltspur st
DEASON, AMBROSE BERRY, Ilford, Stratford, Timber Merchant. '

there. It may be gathered from this of what little importOct 19. Hillearys and Taylor, Fenchurch bldgs.

ance the registers at Stationers’-ball are to those who consult Dix, JOIN, Stoke-upon-Trent, Marble Merchant, Sept 29, Slaney them for purposes such as your correspondent mentions. I

and Son, Newcastle-under-Lyme FURTADO, SARAH REBEIRO, Avenue de la Grande Armee, Paris. Sept

have acted as an agent for many years in entering at Sta31. Emanuel and Simmons, Finsbury circus

tioners’-hall, and have paid at least £1,000 in fees, nearly HITCHCOCK, WILLIAM, Arlington rd, Surbiton, Sept 29. Potter, every penny of which has been utterly wasted, so far as any Farnham

practical end bas been served." HORSFORD, Dame ELIZABETH MARIA, Delamere terrace, Paddington. Sept 30. Poole, South Petherton

Mr. F. T. Hall, writing to the Times on the cost of liti. HUMPHREY, GEORGE FRANCIS, Tooley ut, Southwark, Esq. Oct 15. gation, says the root of the evil “which is so exuberant in its

Druce and Co, Billiter sq
LOWE, Dennis, Elton, Overlooker in a Paper Mill. Oct 1. Grundy

growth, and which underlies the whole difficulty, is the law and Co, Bury

of evidence as it now exists. It is well known in our branch Masox, RICHARD, Hereford, Farmer. Sept 18. Masefield and Sons, of the profession that the expense which weighs heaviest on Ledbury.

the litigant is that of the attendance of witnesses. Persons PIDGEOX, HENRY CỦARK, Fitzroy rd, Regent's park, Artist. Sept of all classes and occupations, and from all parts of the

21. Francis and Johnson, Austin Friars PRICE, SAMUEL, Sheffield, Corn Miller. Oct 16. Vickers and Son

country, have to be collected in readiness for the trial. The Sheffield

trial itself may last only an hour, but the witnesses must be RUTLEY, GEORGE, Queen st, Soho, Printer. Oct 14. Sheirs, Bur. ready often many days together in waiting. Counsel and leigh st, Strand

solicitors are averse from running any risks, and often advise STEVENS, HONORIA, Buckland, Dover. Sept 29. Mowl, Dover.

the attendance of many witnesses who turu out to be un. WHITEHORN, Joun, Featherstone bldge, High Holborn, Jeweller. Oct 30. Attenborough, St. Paul's Churchyard

necessary, for, as a rule, if everything be not ready at the WILLIAMS, CHARLES, sen, Cranbrook, Kent, Carrier. Sept 29. moment the cause is called on there is no postponement. In Philpott and Wood, Cranbrook

foriner days causes were tried and witnesses examined on [Gazetto, Aug 31. ] much stricter lines than they are now. Of late years cross

examination “to the credit of a witness” has become an insidious cause of the protraction of trials. It has always been a rule in England not to admit secondary evi. dence of any fact if primary evidence can be obtained. The attendance of witnesses and the preparation of briefs

for counsel and the fees of the latter are all regulated On Wednesday the Corporation of Canterbury held a by these exigencies of the law of evidence. There appear special meeting for the purpose of appointing a coroner for to be two remedies for this eyil :-(1) A return to the old that city in the room of Mr. Thomas Thorpe de Lasaux,

system of winnowing out each case by a process of pleading solicitor, wbo recently resigned the office, after having held and extracting out one or two precise questions of fact it for half a century. The choice of the corporation fell which will constitute the issues to be tried, and to confine upon Mr. Johnson. Mr. de Lasaux, although he has given the evidence strictly to those questions ; or (2) to relax the up his appointment ia connection with Canterbury, still

law of evidence and to permit the judges and juries retains the office in respect of the county, which position he to consider documents and other matters of evidence, bas occupied for about sixty years.

although not constituting primary evidence; and to On the last day of Parliament notice was given of a ques. modify the practice of the courts so as to allow of trials tion to the Attorney-General as to the intentions of the being postponed for such further evidence on controverted Government with respect to the introduction next session points as the judge may think necessary. The first alternaof the Criminal Code Bill. The following letter has been tive remedy would no doubt be a retrograde movement, received from the Attorney-General: “ Dear Sir,- I observed although probably an improvement on the present state of ou Saturday that you gave me notice of a question in relation things. I believe that the second remedy is the only one to the brioging forward of the Criminal Code. As I believe that could be successfully applied. I have had much expeyou will have no opportunity of putting the question, I beg to rience in French litigation, where this system is adopted, inform you that I am not aware that the Government have and, on the whole, I think justice is thereby administered as yet determined upon the legal measures to be introduced as completely as by our much more elaborate and expensive during the coming session of Parliament. But you may be i procedure. In the vast majority of cases the questions at assured that the importance of dealing, if possible, with the issue upon which there is any substantial conflict of evidence

Legal News.


ara very few.

It is with us a prevailing practice for a litigant to deny all the facts alleged by his opponent, and to put him to proof of them. Such a denial, tending as it does to maintain the volume of a caso, ought to be punished by deprivation or infliction of costs. Litigants would then soon learn only to carry into co art the real question at issue, and not a mass of irrelevant matter; but as long as the fundamental principle of the law of evidence remains as it is, I convinced there can be no relief to the suitor on the score of the cost of litigation.”



September 9, 1880.

3 por Cent, Consols, 9?} xd Annuitias, April, '85, 88
Ditto for Account, 97, xd Do. (Red Sea T.) Aug. 1908
Do. 3 per cent. Rednced, 953 Ex Bills, £1000, 2. per Ct, 2 pm
Now 3 per Copb., 96

Ditto, £500, Do, 2 pm
Do. 8 por Ceat., Jan.'94 Ditto, £100 & €200, 2 pm
Do. 24 per Cant., Jan.'94 Bank of England Stock, 277}
Apunitirs Jan. '80

Ditto for Acoount.

FRIDAY, Sept. 3, 1880.

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.
Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

To Surrender in London.
Baveas, Paul Caralamfos, Wilton rd, Westminster, Hotel Keeper.

Pet Aug 31. Murray. Sept 14 at 12
Buckle, Richard, Walworth rd. Pet Sept 1. Murray. Sept 14 at

Dixon, James William, Hanover st, Hanover sq, Patent Medicine
Vendor. Pet Sept 1. Murray. Sept 16 at 11

To Surrender in the Country.
Carter, William Robert, Brettenham villas, Edmonton. Pet Ang 30.

Gough. Edmonton, Sept 16 at 12
Craven, Franklin Howard, Pudsey, York, Stuff Manufacturer, Pet

Aug 30. Lee. Bradford, Sept 14 at 12.30
Craven, Phinchas, Pudsey, York, Stuff Manufacturer. Pet Aug 2

Lee. Bradford, Sept 14 at 12
Cubitt, Robert John, Heigham, Norwich, of no occupation. Pet

Aug 28. Cooke. Norwich, Sept 24 at 12
Esher, William, Attercliffe. nr Sheffield, Pork Butcher. Pet Aug

31. Rodgers. Sheffield, Sept 14 at 11
Lambart, Hon. Oliver George, Southend, Essex. Pet Aug 21.

Gepp. Chelmsford, Sept 10 at 11
Marsden, William John, Sheffield, Architect. Pet Sept 1. Rodgers.

Sheffield, Sept 14 at 11.30
Richards, James, Briton Ferry, Glamorgan, Grocer. Pet Aug 31.

Jones. Neath, Sept 15 at 12
Seldon, John, Barnstaple, Devon, Dairyman. Pet Aug . Ben.

craft. Barnstaple, Sept 14 at 2
Thompson, George, Salisbury, Wilts, Innkeeper. Pet Aug %. Wi.

son. Salisbury, Sept 16 at 11 Winslow, o

Silverstone, Devon, Gent. Pet Aug 13. Daw. Exeter, Sept 16 at 11

Ind, stk., 5 per C., July,'80, 104 Enf.Pr. 54 per cent., May, 81
Ditto for Account -

Ditto Dobentures, 4 per Cent
Ditto 4 per cent., Oct. '88, 102} April, '64
Ditto, ditto, Certificates

Do.Do, 5 per cent., Aug. '73 Ditto Enfacod Ppr., per Cont. Do. Bonds, 4 per cent. £1004 2nd Enf.Pr., 5 per C., Jan.'78 Ditto, ditto, under £1000



63 1203

TUESDAY, Sept. 7, 1880.

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Croditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.
Pald. Closing Price !

To Surrender in London,
Stock Caledonian

100 112 Bird. Alfred, Hornsey rd, Grocer. Pet Sept 3. Murray, Sept 21 af Stock Glasgow and South-Western

100 106 Stock Great Eastern Ordinary Stock

100 642 Prebble, William, Rifle st, Poplar, Builder. Pot Sept 2. Murray. Stock Great Northern ............................................


Sept 17 at 11
Stock Do., A Stock*

100 1294

To Surrender in the Country. Stock Great Southern and Western of Ireland

100 Stock Great Western-Original


Brooko, John Clapham, Hook, Southampton, Bank Clerk. Pet Ang Stock Lancashire and Yorkshire ................


30. Godwin. Winchester, Sept 27 at 3 Stock London, Brighton, and South Coast ............ 100


Davies, Thomas, Hanley, Beerseller. Pet Sept 2. Jackson. Han. Stock London, Chatham, and Dover


ley, Sept 20 at 11 Stock London and North-Western ......................


Greggery, Robert, Braunton, Dovon, Wine Merchant. Pet Sept 3. Stock London and South Western

100 1381

Bencraft. Barnstaple, Sept 20 at 12 Stock Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincoln

Hall, Clement, West Knoylo, Farmer. Pet Sept 3. Wilson. Salis.

100 Stock Metropolitan ..........................................


bury, Sept 20 at 2 Stock

100 Do., District


Robinson, John, Macclesfield, Silk Manufacturer. Pet Sept 1. Stock Midland.....................................................



Mair. Macclesfield, Sept 22 at 3.30
Stock North British ..............................................


Robinson, Ralph, Macclesfield, Silk Manufacturer. Pet Sept 1. Stock North Eastern ............................................**

Mair. Macclesfield, Sept 22 at 4

100 Stock North London ...........................................""


Smethurst, John, Glodwick, Oldham, Planer. Pet Sept 1. Twee Stock North Staffordshire


dale. Oldham, Sept 20 at 11 Stock South Devon

100 Stock South-Eastern .............................................


Liquidations by Arrangement.

FRIDAY, Sept. 3, 1890. • A receives no dividend uatil 6 per cont. has been paid to B.

Agelasto, John Michael, Demetrius Augustus Galatti, Lucy Sistrati Frangopulo, Nicholas Stamati Frangopulo, James Stamati Fran. gopulo, and George Stamati Frangopulo, Great Winchester st buildings, Merchants. Sept 30 at 2at offices of Cooper and Co.,

George st, Mansion House. Hollams and Co, Mincing lane BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS.

Allen, Stephen, Bristol, Beerhouse Keeper. Sept 21 at 1l at othces

of Ward, Albion chambers, Bristol MARRIAGES.

Appleby, Enoch, Willenhall, Stafford, Lock Maker. Sept 17 i 11 BRIDAMAN-Davies-On September 2, at St. George's, Han at offices of Vaughan, Walsall st, Willenhall over-square, Joseph Bridgman, solicitor, Chester, to Jane,

Ashworth, Peter, Hollinwood, Lancaster, Plumber, Sept 22 at 3 widow of the late J. D. Weaver, surgeon, Chester.

at offices of Whitaker, St Peter st, Oldham DEAS-CHRISTIE-THOMSON.-On September 6, at Edinburgh,

Badcock, Peter Harry, Derby, Tailor. Sept 21 at 3 at offices of

Flint, Full st, Derby Adam Deas, of Dunse, N.B., solicitor, to Janet, daughter of

Bailey, Francis, Leicester, Commission Agent, Sept 14 at 3 at office the late Alexander Christie-Thomson, of Grueldykes, Ber of Šmart, Silver st, Leicester wickabire.

Baker, Arthur, Horsham, Sussex, Builder. Sept 17 at 1 at Crowd GOLFIERI-MARTIN.-On August 26, at the church of Sta. Hotel, Horsham. Cotching, Horsham

Maria del Popolo, and at the Civil Office, Campidoglio, Roma, Berkshire, George Nathaniel, High st, Stratford, Firework MantFrancesco Golfieri, barrister-at-law, to Adelina, daughter of

facturer. Sept 13 at 11 at Unicorn Tavern, Vivian road, Romaa

road. Hicks, Victoria Park rd C. Martin, of London. PAGE

Bradshaw, David, Caddington, Bedford, Farmer, Sept 13 at 10.30 GRANTHAM.-On Sept. 2, at Hythe, Kent, Ernest

at Red Lion Inn, Luton, Neve, Luton Page, of the Inner Temple, barrister-at-law, to Ethel Grace, Brewer, William, Heavitree, Devon, Farmer. Sept 16 at 3 at Castle daughter of Colonel Grantham, late 89th Regiment.

Hotel, Castle street, Exeter. Flould, Exeter TEMPANY-PALMER.-On Sept. 2, at Prookfield, Thomas Wil Broughton, Henry, Grange rd, Bermondsey, Grocer. Sept 13 at 38

liam Tempany, solicitor, of Bedford-row, to Ánne, daughter offices of Butcher, Bouverie st, Fleet st of J. R. Palmer, of Grove-road, Highgate.

Brown, Lawrence, Milton st, Dorset

sq, Timber Merchant. Sept 18

at 3 at offices of Wright and Law, High Holborn DEATH.

Brown, Samuel Henry, Market pl, Shepherd's Bush, Stationer. CARR.-On Sept. 2, at Bedford House, New Barnet, John

Sept'17 at 2 at offices of Morris, Paternoster row Carr, LL.B., 'Late Chief Justice of Sierra Leone, and Bencher

Buckle, John Charles, Queen Anne's ter, North Kensington, Builder.

Sept 20 at 11 at the Guildhall Tavern, King st, Tilsley, Abchurch of Gray's-irn, aged 70.


Butcher, Everard John, Souldern, Oxford, Farmer. Sept 10 at 2 at

offices of Munton and Stockton, High st, Banbury Carthew, Caroline Elizabeth Nosworthy, Exeter, Licensed Victualler.

Sept 16 at 11 at offices of Hooper, Bamfylde st, Exeter Chapman, George Tassel, Tranmere, Chester, Grocer. Sept 15 at 3

at offices of Bleakley and Downham, Hamilton sq, Birkenhead Cheetham, Jonathan, Marsden, nr Huddersfield, Mungo Manu.

facturor. Sept 13 at 3 at offices of Ainley and Hall, New st,

Huddersfield Cohen, Isaac, Bilston, Stafford, General Dealer, Sept 22 at 11 at

offices of Stratton, Queen st, Wolverhampton Colmer, Cornelius Agrippa, Melcombe Regis, Dorset, Surgeon. Sept

20 at 11 at offices of Howard, East st, Melcombe Regis Coulson, Robert, Kingston-upon-Hull, General Draper. Sept 15 at

11 at the Home Trade Association Rooms, York*st, Manchester.

Laverack, Hull Cathbertson, John Cook, North Shields, out of business. Sept 10

at 3 at offices of Sewell, Gray st, Newcastle on-Tyne Drury, Charles, Eaglo, Lincoln, Farmer. Sept 3 at 10.30 at offices of

Page, Flaxengate, Lincoln Elphick, Cornelius, Westbourne terraco, Hammersmith, Butcher.

Sept 13 at 3 at the Creditors' Association, Arthur stroot East.

Reynolds Everingham, Samuel, Brough, York, Farmer. Sept 13 at 11

at the Imperial Hotel, Paragon st, Hull. Hind and Evoratt,

Goole Farmer, Edward, Swinton, York, Grocor, Sept 18 at 11 at offices of

Willis, Bank chmbrs, Wellgate, Rotherham Faull, Joseph, Morriston, Glamorgan, Ironmonger. Sept 15 at 11

at offices of Hartland and Co., Rutland st, Swansea Firling, John William, Dorchester, Coal Merchant. Sept 20 at 3 at

offices of Burnett, South st, Dorchester Flower, Henry Cooper, Codford Saint Peter, Wilts. Brewer.

Sept 17 at 11.30 at: oflices of Wakeman and Bloeck, Warminster, Fuller, Frederick, Brockenhurst, Southampeon, Butcher. Sept 11 at

12 at officos of Guy, Albion ter, Southampton Gannicott, Robert, Taunton, Boot Maker. Sept 17 at 3 at offices of

Pinchard and Son, Paul st, Taunton Gibson, William Lupton. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Wine Merchant.

Sept 17 at 11 at offices of Cooper and Co, Cheapside. Stanford, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Gilbert, James, Leicester, Elastic Web Manufacturer. Sept 15 at 3

at offices of Haxby, Belvoir st, Leicester Gravener, William Twiss, Vernour rd, Burdett rd, Schoolmaster.

Sept 18 at 12 at the Masons' Hall Tavern, Masons'avenue, Basing.

hall st. Fulcher, Horton rd, Hackney Griffiths, David, Glynneath, Glamorgan, Grocer. Sept 15 at 12 at 27,

Queen st, Neath. Curtis, Neath
Hannay, David, and William Dickson, Gorton,

Lancaster, Brewers. Sept 16 at 12 at offices of Browne and Co, Queen st, Cheapside.

Heywood and Son, Manchester Hargreaves John, Pendleton, near Manchester, Draper. Sept 21 at

11 at the Trevelyan Hotel, Corporation st, Manchestor. Eastham,

Clitheroe Harris, Henry George, Upper George st, Baker, Sept 14 at 11 at

offices of Jenkins, Tavistock st, Covent Garden Hawkins, John, Wrexall, Somerset, Licensed Victualler. Sept 15

at 2 at offices of Benson and Carpenter, Bank ohambers, Corn st,

Bristol Heath, Albert, Wolverhampton, Brass Founder. Sept 16 at 3 at

offices of Dallow, Queen st, Wolverhampton Highfield, William, Sheffield, Joiner, Sept 17 at 12 at offices of

Rogers and Co, Bank st, Sheffield Hildred. Thomas Benjamin, Boston, Lincoln, Hosier. Sept 23 at 1

at offices of Dyer, Church lane, Boston Hobbs, George Wilson, Market Harborough, Leicester, Painter,

Sept 22 at 11 at the Swans Hotel, Market Harborough. Cave,

Market Harborough Jenkins, George, Newport, Monmouth, Grocer. Sept 16 at 12 at

offices of Collins, Broad st, Bristol. Vaughan, Newport Jessop, William, Knowl-in-Mirfield, York, Grocer. Sept 22 at 3 at

Black Bull Hotel, Mirfield. Wilson, Mirfield Jones, John William, Glanygors, Anglesey, Coal Merchant. Sept 22

at 2 at British Hotel, Bangor. Fanning, Amlwch Jousiffe, George Richard, and Sydney Laurence Jousiffe, Old

Change, Wine Merchants. Sept 24 at 2 at offices of Layton and Co, Budge row, Cannon st Kenyon, Harriett, Thomas Prescott Kenyon, Henry Konyon, and

William Davy Kenyon, Westleigh, Lancashire, Bone Manure Manufacturers. Sept 20 at 3 at Dog and Partridge Hotel, Fennell

st, Manchester. Brett and Craven, Manchester Lynas, William, South Stockton, York, Builder. Sept 17 at 11 at

offices of Dodd and Co, Finkle st, Stockton-on-Tees Makin, Edwin John, Sheffield, Slate Merchant. Sept 13 at 3 at

Law Society's Rooms, Aldine ct, High st, Sheffield. Bromhead and Co, Sheffield Marriott, John, and Frederick William Rhodes, Leeds, Venetian

Blind Manufacturers. Sept 15 at 11 at offices of Tennant and Barret, Albion st, Leeds Martin, Samuel, Tedburn St Mary, Devon, Farmer, Sept 16 at 12 at

Castle Hotel, Castle st, Exeter. Floud, Exeter Masterman, Henry Samuel, Dorset st, Commercial rd. Sept 10 at 3

at offices of Prockter and Andrews, Princes st, Spitalfields McDougall, John, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Furniture Dealer. Sept

10 at 12 at offices of Moody, Clayton st, West, Newcastle-uponTyne Miskelly, John, Liverpool, Provision Dealer. Sept 16 at 12 at offices

of Cowl, South John st, Liverpool Moger, George Robert, Laverton, Somerset, Maltster. Sept 15 at 3

at offices of Hornsey and Oakley, Market place. Ames, Frome Mudd, Simon, Darlington, Durham, Grocer. Sept 18 at 1 at Station

Hotel, York. Barron, Darlington Noble, Arthur, Manchester, Ironmonger. Sept 23 at 3 at offices of

Entwistle and Cole, Princes st, Manchester Nock, Walter Joseph, Birmingham, Wine, Ale,and Porter Merchant.

Sept 16 at 12 at Western Hotel, Monmouth st, Birmingham, Poin. ton, Birmingham

Noise, Thomas, Newport, Isle of Wight, Grocer. Sept 13 at 11 at

offices of Joyce, Sea st, Newport Norman, William, Richmond rd, Brompton, Boot and Shoe Dealer.

Sept 15 at 3 at 40, Southampton buildings, Holborn. Cooper,

Chancery lane Painter, George Edward, Sunderland, out of business. Sept 15 at

11 at offices of Alcock and Routledge, Frederick lodge, St Thomas

st, Sunderland Pemberton, William, Horton, Salop, Farm Labourer. Sept 16 at 19

at offices of Edwards, Pride Hill, Shrewsbury Perl, Michael, Houndsditch, Dealer in Tobacconists' Fancy Goods

Sept 16 at 3 at Metropolitan Hotel, South pl, Finsbury. Podmoro

and Harte, Moorgate et Phillips, Joseph, Bristol, Licensed Victraller. Sept 10 at 12 at offices

of Clifton and Carter, Broad st, Bristol Pounder, George, Kirbymoorside, York, Churn Manufacturer.

Sept 16 at 12 at the Black Swan Hotel, Kirbymoorisde. Jefferson,

Northallerton Powell, James, Cambridge rd, Kilburn, Greengrocer, Sept 17 at 4 at

offices of York, Conduit st, Broa 1 st Price, John Llewellyn, Bucknall, Salop, Shoemaker. Sept 18 at 12 at

offices of Weyman, Mill st. llow Riddiford, Edmund, Ponty pool, Monmouth, Grocer. Sept 15 at 10.30

at offices of Morgan, Pontypool Ridley, John David, Banham, Norfolk, Farmor. Sept 11 at 10.30 at

offices of Stanley, Bank plain, Norwich Smith, John Sam, Flimby, Shipowner. Sept 16 at 4 at the

Green Dragon Hotel, Workington, Tyson and Hobson, Mary

port Snook, James, Sylvan cottage, Hornsey rise, Builder. Sept 20 at 3

at offices of Noon and Clarke, Blomfield st Spanton, John, Kingston-upon-Hull, Grocer. Sopt 16 at 11 at officos

of Stead and Sibree, Bishop lanc, Kingston-upon-Hull Stevenson, John, Cardiff, Baker. Sept 21 at 12' at offices of Jenkins

and ('o., Philharmonic chmbrs, Cardiff Stucke. Emma, Cheltenham, Tallor. Sept 15 at 11 at offices of Winter

botham and Co., Essex pl, Cheltenham Tapp. William, Aston, nr Birmingham, Tailor. Sept 15 at 11 at offices

of Eaden, Bennett's hill, Birmingham Taylor, William, Great Driffield, York, Mechanical Engineer. Sept

11 at 11 at Keys Hotel, Great Driffield. Stead and Sibree, Hull Thackray, William Cole, Sheffield, Electro Plater. Sept 16 at 2 at

offices of Taylor, Norfolk row, Sheffield Wakefield, Thomas, Hanley, Stafford, Beerseller. Sept 17 at 12 at

oflices of Sword, Cheapside, Hanley Ward, Henry Charles, Birmingham, Wine Merchant. Sept 17 at 2

at the Inns of Court Hotel, High Holborn, Glaisyer, Birming

ham Whitby, James, Sutton, Surrey, Surveyor. Sept 20 at 12 at offices

of Jackson and Prince, Cannon st Whitehead, Henry, Dewsbury, York, Grocer. Sept 16 at 10.30 at

offices of Ridgway and Ridgway, Union st, Dewsbury Wilson, Robert, Norwich, Picture Frame Maker. Sept 15 at 11 at 5,

West End st, Old Palace rd
Wright, David, Birmingham. Sept 17 at 3 at offices of Arnold and

Son, Temple row, Birmingham
Wright, Joseph Robert, jun, Sheffield, Steel and Wire Manufacturer.

Sept 22 at 2 at offices of Broomhead and Co, Bank chambers,
George st, Sheffield
Young, Richard Wake, and Robert James Cornett, Engineers, Tyne
Dock, Durham. Sept 13 at 12 at offices of Alcock and Routledge,
Frederick Lodge, St Thomas st, Sunderland

TUESDAY, Sept. 7, 1880. Allcock, Edward, Hale, Chester, Beerhouse Keoper. Sept 24 at 3 at offices of Hinde and Co, Mount st, Manchester, Nicolls and Co,

Altrincham Allen, Thomas, Tamworth, Warwick, Greengrocer.' Sept 22 at 11 at

offices of Beaton and Adcock, Birmingham Amer, Stephen, Birkenhead, Butcher. Sept 27 at 3 at offices of

Thompson, Hamilton st, Birkenhead Austin, Arthur Fenner, Fenchurch st, Hatter. Sept 23 at 2 at the

Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Lane, Gresham st Barber, Robert, Colchester, Essex, Schoolmaster, Sept 18 at 11 at

offices of Prior, Head st, Colchester Bargen, Gustav, Cullum st, Restaurant Proprietor. Sept 21 at 2 at

oflices of Kennedy, Warwick ct, Gray's inn Baskeyfield, William, Chesterton, Stafford, Farmer. Sept 23 at 4 at

offices of James, Nelson sq, Newcastle-under-Lyme Baxter, Edward, Birmingham, Woollen Merchant. Sept 13 at 3 at

the George Hotel, Huddersfield, in lieu of the place originally

named Bishop, James, Hurlingham lane, Fulham, Builder. Sept 27 at 3 at

offices of Fitch, Bedford row Booth, Egbert Henry, Wolverhampton, Draper. Sept 23 at 11 at

offices of Flewker and Page, Darlington st, Wolverhampton Boothroyd, Edwin, Halifax, Grocer. Sept 24 at 11 at the Creditors'

Association, Crown st, Halifax Bowen, Thomas Protheroe, Nantyglo, Monmouth, out of business

Sept 29 at 3 at offices of Browne, Lion st, Abergavenny Brookes, Thomas Smart. Churcham, Gloucester, Carpenter Oct 2 at

3 at offices of York, Berkeley st Bull, John Romnald, Sheffield, Fruiterer. Sept 29 at 12 at offices of

Alderson, Bank st, Sheffield Bullworthy, Thomas, and Henry Bacon, Junction pl, Hackney, Pro.

vision Dealers. Sept 21 at 4 at offices of Hanson, King st, Cheap

side. Dear, Gresham st Corbishley, John Crofts, Bradford, York, Draper. Sept 20 at 11 at

offices of Berry and Robinson, Charles st, Bradford Davies, Charles, Liverpool, Hairdresser. Sept 22 at 2 at offices of

Fowler, Cable st. Liverpool Davies, Thomas, Bronllys, Brecon, Tailor, Sept 23 at 12 at offices of

Page, Chancery lane, Hay Dewhurst, Isaac, Manchester, Beerseller. Sept 21 at 3 at offices of

Gardner, Cooper st, Manchester Ditcham, George Thomas Pearce, Jewin st, Fancy Goods Merchant.

Sept 21 at ll at the Guildhall Tavern, King st, Cheapside. Radford and Frankland, Chancery lane

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