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Legislation of the Week.

STONES, ALFRED, Barlbrough, Derby, Beerhouse Keeper. Sept 29. | RIPPINGALL, William, Langham, Norfolk, Esq. Oct 1. Partridge Alderson and Co, Eckington

and Co, King's Lynn THATCHER, WILLIAM, Redhill, Somerset, Yeoman. Oct. 31. Perham, RITSCHER, CARL JOHANNIS Philipp, Leadenhall st, Merchant. Bristol

Septie. Argles and Co, Gracechurch st TURNER, ANN, Aston Netherthorpe, York. Sept 29. Alderson and ScoTFORD, WILLIAM, Worle, Somerset, Gent. Oct 1. Bakers and Co, Eckington

Co, Weston super Mare VERITY, JOHN, Heathfield, York, Carpenter, Sept 11.", Bateson and WILSON, ANN, Folkstone, Kent. Sept 27. Harrison, Folkstone. Hutchinson, Harrogate

[Gazetle, August 10.] WAKEFORD, ELIZA, Rosenau rd, Battersea. Sept 14. Smith, Fur

nival's inn WILKINSON, JOIN, Tottenham Court rd, Gent. Sept 10. Hunters

and Haynes, New sq, Lincoln's inn Wood, JOHN, Hoyland Nether, York, Farmer. Sopt 28. Newman and Sons, Barnsley

[Gazette, Aug. 3.] Bexson, GEORGE, Highfield, nr Lancaster, Gent. Sept 29. Wood and Co, Manchester,


Oct 1. Dodds and Co, Stockton on Tees
BOWDON, ELEANOI, Hackney rd. Sept 20. Tilling, Bishopsgate st

The Royal assent was given by Commission to the following Within

Bills:-Inland Revenue, Exchequer Bonds and Bills, MerCOBB, THOMAS WILLIAM, Folkstone, Kent, Lodging house Keeper. Sept 20. Harrison, Folkestoue

chant Shipping (Fees and Expenses), Elementary Education CORNISH, EMILY, Bedford gardens, Kensington. Sept 20. Hunters

Provisional Orders Confirmation (Cardiff, &o.), London and Co, New sq, Lincoln's inn

Tramways, Stathendrick and Aberfoyle Railway, 'Hinckley CRAWLEY, THOMAS ROBERT, York terrace, Regent's park, Major Local Board Gas, Killorglin Railway, Maidstone and AshGeneral in H.M.'s Army, Sept 5. Newbon and Co, Wardrobe pl,

ford Railway, Pontypridd, Caerphilly, and Newport Railway, Doctors' Commons DE HART, JAQUES, Newcastle upon Tyne, Merchant. Nov 1. Joel, Totnes, Paignton, and Torquay Direct Railway, Preston Newcastle upon Tyne

Tramways, Scarborough and Whitby Railway, Gateshead Dickinson, John, Manchester, Colt Breaker. Sept 11. Mann,

and District Tramways, Lynn and Fakenbam Railway, MetManchester Evan, Evans, Brynllofawr, Farmer. Sept 16. Lloyd, Lampeter

ropolitan Railway, North British Railway, Alford and Sutton FAIRCLOUGH, WILLIAM, Preesall, Lancaster, Retired Husbandman.

Tramways, Norih Dublin Street Tramwaye, Greenock Sept 1. Sharp and Son, Lancaster

Harbour, Marquis of Abergavenny's Estate.
FRANKLIN, GEORGE, Leighton Buzzard, Bedford, Maltster, Sept 18.
Newton, Leighton Buzzard

Gray, JOHN, Birmingham, Licensed Victualler. Sept 14. Blewitt, Bastardy Orders, Drainage and Improvement of Lands

HULL, WILLIAM HENRY, Loughborough, Leicester, Stonemason.

(Ireland) Provisional Orders (No. 3).
Oct 1. Dean and Hands, Loughborough
KIRKUP, Anx, St. German's terrace, Blackheath. Sept 29. Mar-

BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. chant and Co, George yd, Lombard st

PRIVATE BILL.-Haverfordwest and St. David's Railway. LODGE, JOSEPII, Southport, Lancaster, Gent. Sept 18. Farrar and Metiopolitan Board of Works (Money).

Hall, Manchester LOWE, JOHN TIOMAS, Civita Vecchia, Italy, Merchant. Oct 1. nshaw. Suffolk lane, Cannon s

BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. PACK, GEORGE, Tudely, Kent, Farmer. Sept 30. Rogers, Ton

PRIVATE BILLS.-Caledonian Railway (Additional Powers), bridge

Ramsgate and Margate Tramways, Hounslow and MetroPAUL, THOMAS, Upton villas, Kilburn, Gent. Sept 1. Bretherton, politan Railway, Southsea Railway, North Staffordshire

Queen st, Cannon st
PROCTOR, ROBERT SALTARELLI, Newcastle upon Tyne, Broker.

Railway, Kinsale Harbour.
Sept 17. Chartres and Co, Newcastle upon Tyne
PULSFORD, HENRY, Camberwell green, China Dealer. Sept 20.


Fraudulent Debtors (Scotland).
SANDERSON, SUSAN ISABELLA, Bentley rd, Doncaster. Sept 29.

SEBAB, HENRY, Kingsland rd, Grocer, Sept 14. Barnard, King's Railways Construction Facilities Act, 1864, Amendment,

arms yd, Coleman st WUEWELL, GEORGE, Radcliffe, Lancaster, Drysalter. Sept 1. Grundy

Married Women's Policies of Assurance (Scotland), Drainage and Co, Bury

Boards (Ireland) Additional Powers.

[Gazette, August 6.] AMHERST, JEFFERY REID, Pershore, Worcester, Esq. Sept 20, Mar

BILL IN COMMITTEE. tin, Pershore

Metropolitan Board of Works (Money).
BAILEY, MARY ANN, Cheltenham. Sept 20. Martin, Pershore
BARNETT, EDWARD, Woburn sq, Admiral. Sept 9. Hore, Lincoln's

inn fields
BILNEY, ABRAHAM, Black Notley, Essex, Gent. Oct. 1. Veley and

PRIVATE Bills.-Edinburgh Suburban and Southside Cunnington, Braintree

Junction Railway, Filey Harbour.
M.P. Oct 1. Dodds and Co, Stockton on Tees

BROMILOW, Ann, Southport, Lancaster. Sept 1. Darlington and Consolidated Fund (No. 2).

Sons, Wigan
COTTER, WILLIAM, Dalston lane, Warehouseman. Sept 29. Whites

BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. and Co, Budge row, Cannon st

Drainage and Improvement of Land (Ireland) Provisional CRAWLEY, THOMAS ROBERT, York terrace, Regent's Park, Major General in H.M.'s Army. Sept 5. Newbon and Co, Wardrobe pl,

Orders (No. 3), Fraudulent Debtors (Scotland), General Doctor's Commons

Police and Improvement (Scotland) Provisional Order DUMPER, ESTHER, Holdenhurst rd, Bournemouth. Sept 6. Lacey (Forfar Gas). and Son, Bournemouth.

BILLS IN COMMITTEE. DUNNING, HENRY, Rochester, Kent, Pawnbroker. Sept 29. Hayward and Smith, Rochester

Married Women's Policies of Assurance (Scotland) (passed EAST, WILLIAM, Charlton, Dover, Gent. Aug 31. Mowll, Dover

through Committee), Drainage Powers (Ireland), Additional FAWCETT, THOMAS, York, Gent. Oct 31. Thompson, York

Powers (passed through Committee), Spirits (passed through GEORGE, JOIN, John st, Whitechapel, Carman, Sept 19. Voss, Committee), Railways Construction Facilities Act, 1864,

Vestry Hall, Bethnal Green
GRUZELIER, BENJAMIN, Plymouth, Retired Chemist. Sept 30. Shelley, |

Amendment, Local Government Provisional Orders Plymoutn

(Bethesda, &c.). JOSEPI, ELLIS MONTEFIORE, Liverpool, Cotton Broker. Oct 6. Hill and Dickinson, Liverpool

BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. JOY, WILLIAM, Northwold, Norfolk, Surgeon. Oct 1. Partridge

| PRIVATE BILLS.-Giants Causeway, Portrush and Bush and Co, King's Lynn

Valley Railways and Tramways. KINNEIR, MARGARET, Bournemouth, Southampton, Sept 29. Kinneir and Tombs, Swindon

Metropolitan Board of Works (Money). LAW, MARKHAM, Inner Temple, Barrister at law. Oct 1. Davidson and Co, Spring gardens

LLOYD, ELEANOR, Rectory Gretford, nr Stamford, Lincoln, Oct 7.

Post Office Money Orders.
Norris and Co, Bedford row
NICKLESS, WILLIAM, Oldbury, Worcester, Miner. Sept 20. Wright


Consolidated Fund (No. 2), Bastardy Orders.
PARKER, MARY ELIZADETII, Edgmoor villa, Bournemouth. Sept 4.
Lethbridge and Son, Abingdon st

REES, MARY, Fishguard, Pembroke. Aug 31. Davies and Co,

General Police and Improvement (Scotland) Provisional RIDGWAY, THOMAS ATKINSON, Manchester, Agent. Oct 1. Taylor

Order (Forfar Gas), Railways Construction Facilities Act, and Co, Manchester

| 1864, Amendment.


express an opinion upon a purely legal question of that kind PRIVATE Bills.—Hull, Barnsley, and West Riding Junc he should be exercising a jurisdiction that did not belong to tion Railway and Dock, Glenariff Railway and Pier, Muir him. If the magistrates had done wrong in admitting head's Patent.

evidence which they ought not to have admitted, that could Drainage Boards (Ireland) Additional Powers, Spirits, be cured by an appeal to a court of law. If they had Married Women's Policies of Assurance (Scotland).

refused evidence which they should have received, that could

be met by an application for a mandamus ordering them to HOUSE OF COMMONS.

receive the evidence. Questions of this kind ought to be AUG. 12.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME.

decided by a court of law, and if he took it upon him to Burials, County Courts Jurisdiction in Lunacy (Ireland), decide the question, he would assume an authority which Courts of Justice Building Act, 1865, Amendment.

did not belong to bim. BILLS IN COMMITTEE.

Lord Justice Bramwell has addressed the following letter Consolidated Fund (No. 2) (passed through Committee),

to the editor of the Times :—Sir,-On Wednesday last a Post Office Money Orders, Assaults on Youny Persons.

letter written by me appeared in the Times. It was not

written for publication, to wbiob, however, I do not object, BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. PRIVATE BILLS.-Anstruther and St. Andrew's Railway,

save that is not quite clear without the letter to which it Tralee and Fenit Railway.

is an answer. Favour me by letting me say that I never Fraudulent Debtors (Scotland).

suggested that railways should be relieved from their

obligation to carry safely and securely. That is an obliAUG. 13.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. gation which has nothing to do with the questions non Merchant Shipping (Carriage of Grain), Married Women debating about master and servant. Grant me a fartber (Maintenance, &c., of Children).

favour. You say in a leading article that my prediction BILLS IN COMMITTEE,

in the letter that the proposed Employers' Liability Bill Employers Liability (passed through Committee), Post

"will produce litigation, quarrels, ill-will, fraad, and other Office Money Orders.

mischiefs ” is scarcely a calm, jadicial view of the pro

babilities of the case, Permit me to withdraw that preAUG. 16.-BILL READ A FIRST TIME.

diction and substitute for it yours in the leading article in Ground Game.

question. Yet another boon. It is wonderful to hear BILLS IN COMMITTEE.

repeated the phrase, “doctrine of common employment," County Courts Jurisdiction in Lunacy (Ireland) (passed and find Sir H. Giffard talking of doing away with soch through Committee), Merchant Shipping (Carriage of "dootrine.” The expression is un meaning. There is no sach Grain).

“doctrine.” At present a master is not liable to a servant for BILLS READ A THIRD TIME.

injury from a fellow-servant's negligence, because he, the PRIVATE BILL.-Neath Harbour Commissioners.

master, has not agreed to be so. Ho might so agree now. Post Office Money Orders, Courts of Justice Building Act, When the Bill passes he will be liable unless he and the 1865, Amendment.

servant agree to the contrary. He may so agree then.AUG. 17.-BILL READ A FIRST TIME.

Your obedient servant, G. BRAMWELL.-August 16. Summary Jurisdiction (Ireland).

BILL READ A SECOND TIME. Law of Ejectment (Ireland).


BIRTHS. Yarmouth, and Newport Railway.

BANK8.-On August 16, at Woodsley Lodge, Clarendon-road, Drainage and Improvement of Land (Ireland) Provisional

Leeds, the wife of George Banks, barrister-at-law, of Order (No. 4), County Courts Jurisdiction in Lunacy (Ire


Daniel.-On August 14, at Putney, Surrey, the wife of W. A. land). AUG. 18.-BILLS IN COMMITTEE.

Daniel, barrister-at-law, of a sod. Elementary Education Provisional Order Confirmation

SYDNEY.-On August 13, at 16, Randolph-crescent, Vaida

vale, the wife of Algernon E. Sydney, of a son.
(London) (passed through Committee), Savings Banks (No,


BROWNE-STATTER.-On August 11, at St. John's, Stand-lane, Employers Liability.

Manchester, Horace James Browne, of Lincoln's-inn, barrister-at-law, to Georgiana Mary, daughter of Thomas Statter,

of Stand Hall, Lancashire. KIRBY- FLEMING. At St. Stephen's, South Kensington,

Arthur Raymond Kirby, barrister-at-law, Lincoln's-inn, Legal News.

to Gertrude, daughter of the late William Fleming, of 31,

Queen's-gate, South Kensington. At the Bradford County Court recently, the judge (Mr.

Wood-WORSLEY.-On August 14, at St. Paul's, Knights

bridge, John Siddall Wood, M.a., Sedgley Hall, Prestwich, W. T. S. Daniel, Q.C.), remarked that a case had been and Inner Temple, London, to Harriet Maria, daughter of privately mentioned to him in which the registrar of the the late Rev. Charles Pennyman Worsley, Vicar of Tbarlbs, court bad refused to register certain resolutions which were Lincolnshire. passed by a statutory majority of creditors at a second meet

DEATHS. ing in which an alteration was made in the resolution

BIRD.-On August 11, at 8, Brunswick-square, W.C., Andrew passed at the first meeting. In reference to this he would

Davies Bird, solicitor, aged 58.

ChurchiLL.-On August 12, at Wieland House, Reigate, lay down a rule that, if a majority at the second meeting of creditors amended the terms of a resolution passed at the

Henry Blencowe Churchill, of the Inner Temple, barrister-st

law. first meeting, the alteration must be confirmed by a special FORD.-On August 14, at Hampshire-terrace, Southsea, Henry resolution passed at a special meeting called for the pur Ford, solicitor, and clerk of the peace for Portsmouth, aged pose.

61. In the House of Commons, last Tuesday, Mr. Bradlaugh

Shaw.-On August 16, at Bexhill, Sussex, John Begg Shaw, asked whether the magistrates at West Hartlepool had not

M.A., of the Inger Temple, barrister-at-law, aged 51. rejected the evidence of one Jobn W. Wilkins on the ground that he was a freethinker. Sir W. Harcourt wished to point out that this was not a question which ought to be

LONDON GAZETTES. put to the Secretary of State. It was founded on a misapprehension of his functions with reference to the action of

Bankrupts. magistrates. The Secretary of State by advising the exer

FRIDAY, Aug. 13, 1890. cise of the prerogative of mercy had a certain control over

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. sentences, but he had no control over the administration of Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. the law; that was a thing that was governed by law, and

To Surrender in London, by those who were authorized to declare the law. If he should

Chambers, Christopher, Southgate rd, Dealer in Watches. Pot Auge

9. Murray, Aug 24 at 1

Davis, John, Broad st buildings, Solicitor. Pet Aug 9. Murray Carr, Thomas Francis, Scarborough, York, Fancy Dealer, Aug 23 Aug 31 at 11.30

at 3 at offices of Watts, Queen st, Scarborough Douglas, Hon James, Albemarle st, Piccadilly. Pet Aug 10. Hazlitt. Clatworthy, Joseph, Liverpool, Cabinet Maker. Sep 1 at 2 at offices Aug 25 at 11.30

of Davies, The Temple, Dale st, Liverpool Gwyer, Samuel Keate, Westbourne pk rd, Bayswater. Pet Aug 7. Clay, Richard, Haddenham, Cambridge, Farmer. Aug 27 at 11 at Hazlitt. Aug 25 at 1

offices of Fosters and Lawrence, Trinity st, Cambridge Mein, Andrew, Stratford, Essex, Smith. Pet Aug 9. Hazlitt. Aug Comfort, John Robert, Upper st, Islington, Upholsterer. Sep 7 at 3 25 at 1

at the Law Institution, Chancery lane. Hadden and Co, Chancery Wolton, Samuel John, High st, Camden town, Tobacconist. Pet lane Aug 6. Murray, Aug 24 at 11

Crocker, Frederick Albert Edward, Harrington rd, South Kensing. To Surrender in the Country.

ton. Aug 24 at 2 at 1, Harrington rd, South Kensington, Herbert

and Kent, Gracechurch st Dee, William, Hidcote Boyce, Gloucester, Cattle Dealer. Pet Aug Davis, Mary Elizabeth, and Henry John Davis, Newbury, Berks, 10. Fortescue. Banbury, Aug 26 at 10

Chemists. Aug 24 at 1 at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, Reading. Lucas, Hymers, Thomas, Haltwhistle, Northumberland, Joiner. Pet Aug Newbury 10. Halton. Carlisle, Ang 24 at 11

Dignum, Thomas Deakin, Over, Winsford, Chester, Auctioneer. Robinson, Abraham, and Thomas Robinson, Bankfoot, Heptonstall, Aug 28 at 10.30 at offices of Cooke, Over, nr Winsford

Halifax, Cotton Manufacturers. Pet Aug 10. Hartley. Burnley, Edwards, Joseph Henry, Burslem, Stafford, Earthenware ManufacAug 24 at 3

turer. Aug 26 at 10.30 at the North Stafford Hotel, Stoke-uponSands, William Steele, Seaton, Cumberland, Market Gardener. Pet Trent. Dutton, Newcastle Aug 9. Waugh, Cockermouth, Aug 30 at 4

Everly, Thomas, Corton, Wilts, Baker. Aug 27 at 12 at the King's Weir, John, Rotherham, York, Share Broker, Pet Aug 11. Rodgers, Arms Inn, Warminster. Grey, Bradford-on-Avon Sheffield, Aug 25 at 1

Ewell, Henry, Ramsgate, Kent, Butcher. Aug 28 at 10 at the Pan. Winstone, Eliza Jane, Tongwynlais, Glamorgan, Pet Aug 9. Lang

technicon Offices, Camden rd, Ramsgate ley. Cardiff, Aug 24 at 12

Farmer, George, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Fruiterer. Aug 24 at 3 at

offices of James, Nelson pl, Newcastle-under-Lyme TUESDAY, Aug. 17, 1880.

Fletcher, Henry, Birmingham, Wine Dealer. Aug 25 at 3 at offices Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

of Buller and Bickley, Bennett's hill, Birmingham Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

Forster, George Henry, Leeds, Tailor. Aug 26 at 3 at offices of Har.

land, South parade, Leeds To Surrender in London.

Frogley, Richard John, St Leonard's st, Bromley-by-Bow, Licensed Murcutt, Thomas G Grafton rd, Kentish town, Licensed Vic

Victualler. Aug 26 at 2 at offices of Andrews and Mason, Irontualler. Pet Aug 12. Hazlitt. Sept 2 at 11.30

monger lane, Cheapside. Angell and Co, Gresham st Wakefield, Frederick, Keen's yd, St Paul's rd, Canonbury, Cab

Gainford, George, Egremont, Cumberland, Ironmonger. Sep 2 at 3 Proprietor. Pet Aug 13. Hazlitt. Sept 3 at 12

at offices of McKelvie, Sandhills, Whitehaven

Gibso William Henry, Leipsic rd, Camberwell. Coal Merchant. To Surrender in the Country.

Aug 21 at 11 at Ridler's Hotel, Holborn. Hope, Bell yard, Royal Beaven, Edward, Birkenhead, Chester, Jeweller. Pet Aug 14. Wil. Courts liams. Birkenhead, Aug 30 at 10

Glenister, Joseph George, Portobello rd, Notting Hill, Coach Builder. Hardy, Samuel, Parwick, Derby, Farmer. Pet Aug 4. Hubbersty. Sep 3 at 4 at offices of Yorke, Conduit st, Bond st Burton-on-Trent, Sept 16 at 1

Glenney, Thomas Henry, Manchester, Manager. Sep 1 at 12 at Hole, Henry, Barnstaple, Devon,

Wood Turner, Pet Aug 10. Ben offices of Preston and Young, Norfolk st, Manchester craft. Barnstaple, Aug 30 at 12

Goodwin, John, jun, Upper James st, Camden Town, Coffee house Lyon, James, Croydon, Cambridge, Grocer. Pet Aug 12. Eaden. Keeper. Aug 31 at 3 at offices of Lumley and Lumley, Conduit st, Cambridge, Sept 2 at 11

Bond st Platfoot, James Michael, Norwich, Estate Agent. Pet Aug 12.

Graham, James, Chesterton, Stafford, Tailor. Aug 26 at 12 at offices Cooke. Norwich, Aug 30 at 12

of Cooper, John st, Tunstall Robinson, William John, Guildford, Surrey, Butcher. Pet July 13.

Griffith, John, Llangefni, Anglesey, Coal Dealer. Aug 27 at 12.15 at White. Guildford, Aug 28 at 11

the Queen Hotel, Chester. Dew, Llangefni Salisbury, William Bartholomew, Rugeley, Stafford, Gent. Pet Aug Hart, Frank Williams, Balls Pond-road, Grocer. Aug 25 at 3 at 12. Spilsbury. Stafford, Aug 28 at 1

offices of Tippetts and Co, Great St Thomas Apostle, Cheapside Taylor, William White,

South Shields, Durham, Wine Merchant. Pet Haworth, John, Southport, Loncashire, Hay Dealer, Sep 4 at 11 at Aug 12. Daggett. Newcastle, Sept 2 at 11.30

offices of Best, Wright st, Southport BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED.

Hebditch, Thomas Hooker, Western rd, Wood Green, Jeweller, Aug

26 at 2 at offices of Shaw and Isaacson, New inn, Strand FRIDAY, Aug. 13, 1880.

Hawkins, John Hendley, and Loxdale Corfield Brittain Massey, Constable, John Maurice, Little Bromley, Essex, Farmer. Aug 7 West Bromwich, Brassfounders. Aug 26 at 12 at offices of Cad. Dickinson, George Francis, Gracechurch st, Merchant. Aug 11 dick, New st, West Bromwich Willis, Robert, Gt Cumberland pl, Hyde pk, Gent. Aug 12

Hewitt, Charles Thomas, Kingsbridge, Devon, Baker. Aug 31 at 3

at offices of Dawe, Union terrace, Union st, Plymouth. Davies, TUESDAY, Aug. 17, 1880.

Kingsbridge Frodsham, A E , Liverpool. Aug 13

Hodgetts, Alfred, Birmingham, Tobacconist. Aug 27 at 3 at offices Moat, Elijah, Southport, Lancaster, Ironmonger, Aug 13

of Fallows, Cherry st, Birmingham Witchell, George, Bristol, Draper. Aug 14

Hudgell, Thomas William, Margate, Licensed Victualler. Sept 9 at

2 at offices of Holmes, Finsbury pavement. Gray, Finsbury Liquidations by Arrangement.


Hulks, Ebenezer, St Albans, Hertford, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer,

Aug 26 at 3 at Masons' tavern, Masons' avenue, Basinghall st. FRIDAY, Aug. 13, 1880).

Wells, St Albans Adamson, Joseph, Ecclesfield, near Sheffield, Corn Miller. Aug 26

Ingram, John, Bridlington Quay, York, Insurance Agent. Aug 30 at 11 at the Bull Hotel, Wakefield. Rhodes, Halifax

at 3 at Cross Keys Hotel, Market pl, Hull. Ledger, Bridlington Alexander, George John, Cardiff, Accountant. Aug 25 at 12 at James, Alfred John, Burslem, Stafford, Clerk, Aug 24 at 4 at office

offices of South Wales Merchants' Association, Duke st, Cardiff. of Sutton, Waterloo rd, Burslem Cousins, Cardiff

Jeacock, Thomas, and Harvey Jeacock, Warwick, Carpenters. Aug Applin, George Henry, Nottingham, Book-keeper. Aug 27 at 3 at 27 at 11 at Bowling Green Hotel, Warwick. Boddington, Warwick offices of Belk, Middle pavement, Nottingham

Jeffries, Walter Thorn, New Bond st, Restaurant Keeper. Sep 9 at Ashworth, John, Manchester, Wholesale Jeweller, Aug 23 at 3 at 2 at offices of Nash and Field, Queen et the Queen's Hotel, Birmingham, in lieu of the place originally John, Lewis, Blaenmarlais, Pembroke, Farmer. Aug 26 at 2 at named

Rutzen Arms Hotel, Narberth. Griffiths, Carmarthen Bartholomew, John, Strood, Kent, Plumber. Aug 30 at 11 at offices Jones, Alfred, Birmingham, Baker. Aug 26 at 3 at offices of Jacques

of Lindo and Co, King's Arms yard, Moorgate st. Mitchell, Temple row, Birmingham

Beavis, Edwin, Church st, Rotherhithe, Cheesemonger, Aug 26 at

Jones, John, Brierley hill, Stafford, out of business. Aug 24 at 3 at

offices of Homfray and Holberton, High st, Brierley hill 11 at offices of Young and Sons, Mark lane Berrill, Robert Andrew, ncaster, Soda Water Manufacturer. Aug Jones, John,

Cardiff, Ship ứhandler. Ang 26 at 3 at offices of Tribe 24 at 12 at offices of Mellor, Queen st, Sheffield

and Co, Crockherbtown, Cardiff. Ingledew and Co, Cardiff Betser, Charles, Washington, Sussex, Farmer. Aug 30 at 1 at offices

Jones, Richard, Kidderminster, Worcester, out of business. Aug 26 of Flowers, Stevning

at 3.30 at offices of Miller and Co, Church st, Kidderminster Binning, George, Mark, Somerset, Farmer. Aug 24 at 12 at offices

Kendall, Edward, Stonegate, York, Joiner, Aug 24 at 11 at offices of Clifton and Carter, Broad st, Bristol

of Anderson, Stonegate, York Brigstock, Richard, Boundary st, Shoreditch, Corn Dealer. Aug

Keys, Richard, High st, Marylebone, of no occupation. Sep 6 at 11

at offices of Deane and Co, South sq, Gray's-inn 23 at 11 at the Unicorn Tavern, Vivian road, Roman road. Hicks, Grove road, Victoria Park

King, Josiah, Birmingham, Coal Merchant. Aug 27 at 3 at offices Brimley, Joseph, Willington, Bedford, Farmer. Aug 31 at 12 at

of Jacques, Temple row, Birmingham the George Hotel, Bedford. Conquest and Clare, Bedford

King, Thomas Samuel, Nottingham, Lace Manufacturer. Aug 27 Brown, Charles, Railway buildings, Highbury corner, Baker. Aug

at 11 at offices of Burton and Co, Long row, Nottingham 25 at 3 at offices of Smith, Lincoln's inn fields

Kirwan, John, Garway rd, Bayswater, Cabinet Manufacturer, Bruton, Thomas, Nailsworth, Gloucester, Grocer's Assistant. Aug Leigh, William George, and John Leigh, Middleton, Lancaster,

Sep 1 at 2 at offices of Coborn and Young, Leadenhall st 23 at 4 at offices of Jackson, Gcorge st, Gloucester

Brewers. Budd, Daniel Henry, Gorleston, Suffolk, Smack Owner, Aug 27 at

Aug 27 at 3.30 at offices of Leigh, Brown st, Man.

chester 12 at offices of Clarke, Regent st, Great Yarmouth Burrows, William, Channing's buildings, Clerkenwell Green, Lamp Lewis, Robert George, Great Grimshy, Builder. Aug 24 at

Maker. Aug 23 at 10 at offices of Grayston, Bow st, Covent 11 at offices of Stephenson and Mountain, Bethlehem st, Great Garden

Grimsby Bussell, Joseph, Colyton, Devon, Farmer. Aug 27 at 4 at the Col. Lilley, William Edward, Rumsey rd, Stockwell, Government Clerk. combe Castle Hotel, Colyton. Forward, Axminster

Aug 18 at 3 at offices of Rumney, Walbrook Calder, Frederick William, Derby, Solicitor. Aug 26 at 11 at offices Lupton, William Blake, Harrogate, York, Plumber, Aug 26 at 10 at of Potter, All Saints chambers, Irongate, Derby

offices of Crumbie, Stonegate

Sep 3

McColla, John George Henry, King st, Cheapside, Contractor to the

Building Trades. Sep 2 at 2 at offices of Foster, Brunswick sq,

Malings, Joseph Edward, Deddington, Oxford, Chemist.

at 3 at the Red Lion Hotel, Banbury. Kinch, Deddington Matthews, Louis, Peterborough, Northampton, Cattle Dealer. Ag 26

at 11 at offices of Wyman, Priestgate, Peterborough Millward, Edwin, Nottingham, Paper Hanger. Aug 23 at 12 at

offices of Rudd, Insurance chambers, Wheelergate. Parsons and

Bird, Nottingham
Moore, Robert, Birkenhead, Chester, Baker. Sep 1 at 3 at offices of

Leeming, Duncan st, Birkenhead
Morris, Thomas, Hanley, Stafford, Journeyman Baker. Aug 23 at 3

at offices of Hollinshead, Tunstall Nash, James, Birmingham, Builder. Aug 21 at 3 at offices of Parry,

Colmore row, Birmingham Nixon, Edward, and Samuel Whitlow, Wakefield, York, Drapers.

Aug 24 at 1 at offices of Harrison and Beaumont, Chancery lane,

Wakefield Norris, Samuel, Felstead, Essex, Wheelwright. Aug 25 at 3 at the

White Hart Hotel, Bocking Norton, James, Whitchurch, Salop, General Dealer Aug 24 at 11 at

offices of Stevenson, Cheapside, Hanley Pargeter, Joseph, Kingswinford, Stafford, Grocer. Aug 28 at 11 at

offices of Homer, High st, Brierley hill Parratt, Thomas, Milkwood rd, Brixton, Hot Water Engineer, Aug

23 at 3 at offices of Barfield, Finsbury pavement Paston, Joshua, Norwich, Plumber. Aug 25 at 12 at offices of

Grimmer, Castle chbrs, Opie st, Norwich Pickering, Joseph, Batley, York, Innkeeper, Aug 25 at 3 at offices

of Wooler, Exchange bldgs, Batley Pinder, Thomas, Bolton, Lanoashire, Bobbin Maker. Aug 26 at 3

at the Swan Hotel, Bradshaw gate, Bolton. Balshaw, Bolton Platts, Joseph, Kirkdale, nr Liverpool, Baker. Aug 25 at 11 at offices

of Etty, Lord st, Liverpool Powell, John, Golborne rd, Notting Hill, Builder. Aug 23 at 11 at

offices of Green, Verulam buildings, Gray's inn Prior, John, jun, Bridgwater, Somerset, Draper. Aug 24 at 11 at

offices of Chapman, High st, Bridgwater Raddings, Thomas, New Clee, Lincoln, Smackowner. Aug 21 at 11 at offices of Grange and Wintringham, St Mary's chambers, West

St Mary's gate, Great Grimsby. Reeve, William, Thorpe-next-Norwich, Norfolk, Merchant. Aug 27

at 11 at offices of Winter and Francis, St Giles st, Norwich Rhead, William, Crewe, Chester, Publican, Aug 26 at 11 at offices

of Hill, Market st, Crewe Roberts, Benjamin, Chester, Wholesale Stationer. Aug 30 at 2 at

offices of Cartwright, Pepper st, Chester Robinson, Robert, Langholme, Lincoln, Farmer. Aug 26 at 3 at the

Red Lion Hotel, Epworth. Parkin and Co, Epworth Rowlands, Robert, Kidderminster, Worcester, Licensed Victualler.

Aug 25 at 11 at the Committee Room, Municipal buildings, Vicar st, Kidderminster. Graham, Kidderminster St George, James Cuffe, Southsea, Hants, Gentleman. Aug 27 at 1

offices of King, North st, Portsea Smith, Anthony, Coalville, Leicester, Builder. Sept 1 at 3 at offices

of Wright, Gallowtree gate, Leicester Smith, Charles Henry, Dudley, Worcester, Carpenter. Aug 25 at 3

at offices of Stokes and Harper, Priory st, Dudley Spittle, Benjamin Swain, Birmingham, Electro Plate Manufacturer. Aug 27 at 12 at offices of Bealo, Marigold, and Co, Waterloo st,

Birmingham Squire, Silas, Esau, Short Heath, near Wolverhampton, Labourer.

Aug 27 at 11 at 49, Qucen st, Wolverhampton Stanley, John, Crewe, Chester, Builder. Sept 1 at 11 at the Temple

chambers, Oak st, Crewe Town. Cook, Crewe Taylor, William Henry, jun, Birmingham, Manufacturing Jeweller.

Aug 26 at 2 at the Queen's Hotel, Stephenson pl, Birmingham.

Reece and Co, Birmingham Thompson, John, Blackamore, Astley, near Manchester Joiner.

Aug 26 at 3 at offlces of Ramwell, and Co, Mawdsley st, Bolton Thompson, Tom, and Abraham Wilson, Leeds, Engineers. Aug 26 at 11 at offices of Gray, Albion st, Leeds Thorley, Edwin Thomas, Dresden, Stafford, Potter's Thrower. Aug

25 at 11 at offices of Kent, Chancery lane, Longton Tinley, Joseph, Bottesford, Leicester, Coal Merchant. Sept 1 at 12

at offices of Thompson and Sons, Grantham Walkling, Thomas George, Freemantle, Southampton, Mercantile

Clerk. Aug 20 at 3 at offices of Shutte, Portland st, Southampton Walter, James Sharp, Old Ford rd, Grocer. Aug 26 at 3 at 10,

Southampton buildings, Holborn. Cooper, Chancery lane Ward, Henry Seekampf, Horncastle, Lincoln, Surgeon, Aug 25 at

11 at Bull Hotel, Horncastle. Williams, Lincoln Webster, Joseph, Leeds, Cloth Finisher.' Aug 26 at 11 at offices of

Maud, Albion st, Leeds Wilkes, Joseph, Birmingham, out of business. Aug 25 at 3 at White

Horse Inn, Congreve st, Birmingham. Gough, Birmingham Wilkinson, Benjamin, Bilston, Stafford, Furnace Manager. Aug 25

at 3 at offices of Rhodes, Queen st, Wolverhampton Wilson, Jabez Stead, Balsall Heath, near Birmingham, Printer.

Aug 21 at 12 at offices of Parry, Colmore row, Birmingham Winter, Noel Norcott, Aldershot, Captain in her Majesty's 96th

Regiment of Foot. Aug 30 at 3 at offices of Christmas, Walbrook Wood, Joseph, Brampton st, Chelsea, out of business. Aug 23 at 12 at offices of Raw, Furnival's inn

TUESDAY, Aug. 17, 1880. Appleton, John, Manchester, Drysalter. Sept 1 at 12.30 at offices of

Hall and Son, Fountain st, Manchester Applin, Thomas Alfred, Bristol, out of business. Aug 26 at 12 at

otlices of Meeres, Nicholas st, Bristol Beaumont, George, Leeds, Salesman, Sept 1 at 3 at offices of Maud,

Albion st, Leeds Bennett, Nicholas, Solicitor, Furnival's inn, Holborn. August 31 at 11

at Inns of Court Hotel, Holborn. Lynch, Gray's inn pl Bentham, Henry, Ormskirk, Lancaster, Basket Maker. Aug 30 at

11 at offices of Brighouse and Brighouse, Ormskirk Blick, Sarah Jane, Worcester, Canopy Manufacturer. Sep 1 at 11

at offices of Hill, Foregate st, Worcester

Bradwell, Henry, Leek, Stafford, Silk Manufacturer. Aug 21 at:

at offices of Hacker and Allen, St. Edward st, Leek Braithwaite, John Henry, Malton, York, Boot and Shoe Dealer.

Sept 1 at 11 at offices of Tennant and Barret, Albion st, Leeds Breward, Richard, Melton Mowbray, Leicester, Coal Merchant

Sep 1 at 1 at Maypole Hotel, Market pl, Nottingham. Barker, jun, Melton Mowbray Brown, Andrew, Earlestown, Lancaster, Joiner. Aug 30 at 11 at

offices of Davies and Co, Market pl, Warrington Brown, Elijah, Three Crown sq, Southwark. Contractor. Ang at

2 at Legal and Merchantile Association, Borough High st,

Southwark Browne- John, Croydon, Deputy Commissary. Sep 2 at 2 at Grey.

hound Hotel, High st, Croydon, Tower Bowater, William,

Birmingham, Cab and Car Proprietor. Ang 30 at 3 at Fallows, Cherry st, Birmingham Bowden, James Churly, Neath, Glamorgan, Tea Dealer. Aug 30 st

11 offices of Davies, Alma pl, Neath Bush, Edward Hesketh, Southport, Lancaster, Salesman. Ang 35 at

11 at oflices Norris and Sons, Union ct, Castle st, Liverpool Clarke, George, Cradley Hcath, Stafford, Crier and Bill Poster. Ang

27 at 11 at offices of Addison, High st, Brierley hill Clayton, Mary, Liverpool, Pawnbroker. Aug 31 at 2 at offices of

Harris and Gorst, Union ct, Castle st, Liverpool Coe, Frederick Augustus, Cardiff, Glamorgan, Commission Agent.

Aug 28 at 1 at offices of Downing, Vienna chambers, Bute Docks,

Cardiff Coker, Frederick Smith, Newport, Isle of Wight, Farmer. Aug !

at 3 at offices of Mow and Hooper, Castlehold, Newport Cole, William, Freemantle, Southampton, Builder. Aug 27 at 3.3)

at offices of Bell, Portland st, Southampton Colvin, Bazett David, Dorset sq, Gentleman. Oct 25 at 2 at offi:es

of Lattey and Hart, Devonshire sq, Bishopsgate st. Freshfields and

Williams Crook, William, Birmingham, Cutler. Aug 28 at 10.30 at ofices of

Jaques, Temple row, Birmingham Crosbie, Joseph, Birmingham, Journeyman Brass Caster. Ang 27

at 11 at offices of Bradley, Ann st, Birmingham Cutler, Henry, Northampton, Beerseller. Aug 24 at 12 at offices of

Ashdownc, Market sq, Northampton Hutchings, James Duncan, and Christopher Wilson, Houndsditch,

Cutlers. Sep 3 at 3 at the Guildhall Coffee house, Gresham sta

Gush and Phillips, Finsbury circus Edwards, Frederick, Manchester, Clothier. Sep 6 at 2 at ofices of

Cobbett and Co, Brown st, Manchester Edwards, Robert Rigden, Birminghom, Public Accountant. Aug 27

at 3 at offices of Southall and Co, Waterloo st, Birmingham Elliott, Herbert, Longton, Stafford, Joiner. Aug 27 at 10.30 at offices

of Adderley and Marfleet, Normacott rd. Longton Flawn, William, Rushden, Northampton, Farmer. Aug 31 at 1 a

the Townhall, Higham Ferrers. Simpson, Higham Ferrers Forsyth, James, Northampton, Draper." Aug 30 at 19 at ofices «

Ashdowne, Market pl, Northampton Foss, Samuel, Wanborough, Wilts, Dairyman. Aug 30 at 10 s

offices of Boodle, Albion buildings, New Swindon Gilbert, Birmingham, Butcher. Aug 30 at at offices of Fallons,

Cherry st, Birmingham Gillett, Charles, Halliwell, nr Bolton, Lancaster, Bricklayer. Sep 6

at 3 at offices of Briscoe, Chancery lane, Bolton. Fox, Manchester Good, Frederic William, Nottingham, Lace Manufacturer. Sep 7 a 3 at the Assembly Rooms, Low pavement,

Nottingham. Cranch and Stroud, Nottingham Grattidge, Charles Henry, Nantwich, out of business. Aug 27 ai ?

at oflices of Warburton, Crewe Greenhough, John, Chorlton.upon-Medlock, nr Manchester, out of

business. Aug 30 at 3 at offices of Tremewen, Wards buildings, Deansgate, Manchester Hall, Thomas, Leicester, Tobacconist. Aug 31 at 3 at offices c

Wright, Gallowtree gate, Leicester Hall, William, Halo, Cheshire, Coal Dealer. Sep 2 at 3 at offices of Atkinson, Haworth's buildings, Cross st, Manchestor. Cave, Al

trincham Hancock, Thomas, Great Sutton, Chester, Farmer. Aug 28 at 11 a

offices of Francis, Hamilton sq, Birkenhead Harris, Alfred Horace, Sutton, Surrey, Carpenter. Sep 1 at 3 st

offices of Young, North End, Croydon Harris, Edwin, Wilton rd, Pimlico, Job Master. Aug 28 at 2 at offices

of Emmott, Budge row, Cannon st Harrison, John, Woodhall, Lincoln, Farmer. Aug 28 at 12.30 st

oflices of Roberts, Corn Exchange, Horncastle. Page, jan., Flaxengate, Lincoln Hart, Charles Faulkner, Greenwich road, Coach Builder. Aug ?

at 11 at offices of Hughes, High st, Lewisham Hayward, Walter, Little Thurlow, suffolk,

Carpenter. Sep 9 at 13 at the Rose and Crown Inn, 'Haverhill, Sutiolk. Jackson and Vincent, Haverhill Helliwell, George, Stannington, York, Farmer. Aug 31 at 3 a3

offices of Webster and Styring, Hartshead, Sheffield Holder, George Thomas, Liverpool, Butcher. Aug 30 at 10 at offices

of Quilliam, Old Post Office place Holmes, George Joseph Holmes, Pakenham st, Gray's-inn-ruad,

Clerk. Sep 2 at 3 at offices of Foreman and Co, Gresham st.

Peddell, Guildhall chambers Hughes, Lewis, Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Fruiterer. Aug 31 a: 12 At

offices of Morgan, Pontypridd Huxham, Henry, Goodrington Farm, Devon, Farmer. Ang 28 at 12

at offices of Rodda, Courtenay st, Plymouth Jackson, Christopher, South Shields, Durham. Grocer. Ang $0 a. 12 at offices of the County Court, Westgnte road, Newcastle-00.

Tyne, Wawn and Smith, South Shields Jarvis, James William, Covent Garden Market, Fruit Salesman.

Aug 31 at 2 at offices of Pearce and Sons, Giltspiir st Joy, Silas George, Deal, Kent, Mason. "Aug 28 at 12 at offices of

Hall, Park st, Deal Kenyon, Thomas, Rochdale, Lancaster, Licensed Victualler. Seps Kerns, Michael, Wigan, Lancaster,

Draper. Aug 30 at 3 at offices of Wood, King st, Wigan


Layzell, James, New st, Lambeth, Cah Proprietor. Aug 19 at 3 at Vowler, John Henry Walcot, Graccchurch st, Iron Manufacturer.

offices of Charlton and Co, Queen Victoria st. Monday, Queen Sep at 2 at 81, Bishopsgate st Within. Truefitt and Gano Victoria st

Watterson, Joseph, Liverpool, Coach Builder. Aug 28 at 10 at Leigh, William George, and John Leigh, Lancaster, Brewers. Aug offices of Horner, Stafford st, Liverpool 27. at 4.30 at offices of Leigb, Brown st, Manchester

Whitehead, Walter Edward, Richmond road, South Kensington, Littleproud, Frederick, Norwich, Innkeeper. Sopt 6 at 12 at offices Stationer. Aug 26 at 3 at offices of Jenkinson and Co, Regent st of Blyth, Castle chambers, Norwich

Whiteway, John Harris, Newton Abbot, Devon, Solicitor. Aug 29 Love, William, and John Henry Love, Birmingham, Grocers. Aug at 11 at the Magor's Commercial Hotel, Newton Abbot. Crecd,

27 at 12 at offices of Hawkes and Weekes, Temple st, Birmingham Newton Abbot Lake, Alexander Raglan, Fenchurch st, General Broker. Sept 2 at Whittingham, James, Kingswinford, Stafford, Builder. Aug 30 at 12 at offices of Kynaston and Gasquet, Queen st, Cheapsido

3 at ottices of Harwards and Co, High st, Stourbridge Land, Thomas, Liverpool, out of business. Sept 8 at 11 at offices of Wigglesworth, William John, Ratby, Leicester, Builder. Aug 27 at Duckworth, Marsden st, Manchester

3 at offices of Buckby, Millstone lane, Leicester, Mahar, William, Barnsley, York, Licensed Victualler. Sept 1 at Winkett, George, Wolverhampton, Stafford, Fruit and Potato Mer. 12.30 at Royal Hotel, Barnsley. Beverley, Bradford

chant. Aug 28 at 11 at offices of Peot, Colmore row, Birming, Martin, Henry Charles, Bournemouth, Hants, Grocer. Sept 6 at 1 ham

at Dolphin Hotel, High st, Southampton. Sharp, Christchurch Wood, William, Hartford, Chester, Joiners' Foreman. Sop 3 at 11 at Meden, Carl August von der, Jeffery's sq, St Mary Axe, Japan Mer. offices of Fletcher, Northwich

chant. Sept 13 at 2 at offices of Lawrance and Co, Old Jewry Woodward, George Charles, Wolverhampton, Stafford, Market chambers

Gardener. Aug 31 at 3 at the Greyhound Inn, Berry st, WolverMidgley, Thomas Rownsley, and Robert Campbell, Halifax, York, hampton, Cresswell, Willenhal

Stone Merchants. Sept 3 at 3 at offices of Longbottom, Carlton
st, Halifax
Mills, Robert, Manchester, Warehousoman. Sep 2 at 3 at offices of
Worth, Rochdale, Lancaster

Mills, Samuel, Ripon, York, Confectioner. Aug 30 at 2 at ofices of
Coppin and Whitham, Market pl, Ripon

Anti-Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder. Morgan, David Lloyd, out of business. Aug 25 at 3 at offices of Guaranteed Pure Soluble Cocoa of the Finest Quality, with the Gregory, Cannon st

excess of fat extracted. Morris, Joseph, Lea, Hereford, Corn Dealer. Ang 30 at 11 at offices The Faculty pronounce it “the most nutritious, perfectly digestible of Hebb, Church st, Ross

beverage for Breakfast, Luncheon, or Supper, and invaluable for Mosley, Thomas, Halifax, York, Fish, Game, and Poultry Merchant. Invalids and Children. Aug 30 at 10 at offices of Rhodes, Horton st, Halifax

Highly commended by the entire Medical Press. Murphy, James, Manchester, General Carrier. Aug 28 at 10 at the Bring without sugar, spice, or other admixture, it suits all palatos, Falstaff Hotel, Market pl, Manchester. Sims, Manchester

keeps better in all climates, and is four times the strength of cocoas Nichols, William, Salford, Lancaster, Draper. Aug 30 at 3 at offices THICKENED yet WEAKENED with starch, &c., and IN REALITY CHEAPER of Lawson, Peter st, Manchester

than such Mixtures. Noble, Margaret, Liverpool, Furniture Dealer. Aug 31 at 2 at offices Made instantaneously with boiling water, a teaspoonful to a Breakof Masters and Fletcher, North John st, Liverpool

fast Cup, coating less than a halfpenny. Parker, James, Southport, Lancaster, Messenger. Aug 31 at 3 at COCOATINA A LA VANILLE is the most delicate, digestible, cheapest offices of Buck and Dickinsons, Tulketh st, Southport

Vanilla Chocolate, and may be taken when richer chocolate is proPayne, James Edwin, Birkenhead, Chester, Greengrocer. Aug 26 hibited.

at 2 at offices of Thompson, Hamilton st, Birkenhead. Paynter, In tin packets at 18, 6d., 3., 58. 61., &c., by Chemists and Grocors, Liverpool

Oharities on Special Terms by the sole Proprietors, Pickering, Samuel Rigby, and John Woodfin, Chester, Auctioneer. H. SCHWEITZER & CO., 10, Adam-street, London, W.C.

Aug 31 at 11 at the Grosvenor Hotel, Eastgate st, Chester, Mason,

Pilgrim, George, Holloway rd, Draper. Aug 25 at 3 at offices of Ogle,

King's Cross rd
Pilling, John, Bacup, Lancaster, Reed and Heald Manufacturer.

Aug 31 at 3 at the Dog and Partridge Hotel, Fennel st, Manchester
Sykes, Bacup

57, GREAT RUSSELL-STREET, LONDON Botter, William, High st, Whitechapel, Licensed Victualler. Sep 6

(Opposite the British Museum), at 3 at the Guildhall Coffeehouse, Gresham st. Wild and Co., Iron. monger-lane, Cheapside

Will be glad to orward his Pamphlet on Painless Dentistry, freo Price, Joseph, Leeds, Hosier. Aug 28 at 11 at 145, Cheapside. Ford enclosed by post, which explains the most unique systeja of the adjust. and Warren, Leeds

ment of ARTIFICIAL TEETH without pain.
Pym, Frederick George, C.B., Adam st, Adelphi, Major-Goneral.
Aug 31 at 3 at Anderton's Hotel, Fleet st. Shakespear, Union ct,

Old Broad st
Rawding, George, Manchester, Provision Merchant. Sep 3 at 3 at
offices of Woodall and Marriott, Norfolk st, Manchester

Redfern, James, and Fanny Redfern, Kingston-on-Thames,

Surrey, Clothiers. Sep 10 at 12 at offices of Best, New
Bridge st


MAKERS Reek, Sarah, Portsmouth,

Hants, General Dealer. Sep 2 at 3 at office of Bramsden, Union st, Portsea

BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT, Rogers, John, Fazakerley, Lancaster, Farmer. Aug 31 at 3 at To H Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the Whole of the Judicial Bench offices of Stephens and Danger, Orange court, Castle st, Liver

Corporation of London, &c. pool

SOLICITORS' AND REGISTRARS' GOWNS. Roper, Arthur Wynand Chambers, Southport, Lancaster, Brewer. Sep 7 at 12 at offices of Carruthers, Lord st, Liverpool

BARRISTERS' AND QUEEN'S COUNBEL'S DITTO, Scott, Henry James, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Dealer in Safes. Aug 30 at 11 at offices of Blacklock and White, Grey st, Newcastle


ESTABLISHED 1689. Searle, John, Epsom, Surrey, Horse Trainer. Aug 31 at 10.30 at offices of Bell, High st, Epsom

94. CHANCERY LANE. LONDON. Sharp, Joseph, Bradford, York, Quarry Owner. Aug 30 at 11 at offices of Watson and Dickons, Cheapside, Bradford Kent, Potato Salesmen. Aug 26 at 2 at 40, Southampton bldgs,

Wanted in about 2 months. Admitted. Seaport preferred. Holborn, Cooper, Chancery lano

Salary £100-£150.--Address D. P. 944, Deacon's General Advertising Shepherd, Thomas, Cotleigh, Devon, Builder. Aug 30 at 12 at Star

Offices, 154, Leadenhall-street, E.C. Inn, Honiton. Tweed, Honiton Shore, Alfred Thomas, Liverpool, Yeast Importer. Aug 30 at 3 at FFICES.-A Ground Floor in Bedford-row-To offices of Foster and Son, North John st, Liverpool

be LET on Lease, with or without an excellent dry basement, Simons, Charles, Ledbury, Hereford, Licensed Victualler. Aug 27 all in perfect and substantial repair. Also two large Fireproof at 11 at offices of Piper, Ledbury

Rooms attached.-Apply, Mr. C. HENDERSON, 49, Moorgate Station. Smith, Jacob, Bath, out of business. Aug 30 at 11 at offices of Eve, buildings, Finsbury-pavement, E.C.

Monmouth pl, Bath. Cowdry, Bath Smith, Thomas William, Nottingham, Auctioneer. Aug 26 at 10 at HURGOOD & CO., Estate and Land Agents offices of Truman, Poultry arcade, Nottingham



Surveyors and Auctioneers, Lonsdale Chambers, 27, Chancery. Spears, John, and Thomas Appleyard, Castleford, York, Joiners. Aug 30 at 2 at Commercial Hotel, Albion st, Leeds. Phillips,

lane, W.O., hold PERIODICAL SALES of Property, at the MART, the

Second Tuesday in each month. Railway, School Board, Corporation, Castleford Standen, Charles, Halton, Sussex, Fruiterer. Aug 30 at 12 at offices

Board of Works, and other Compensations conducted. Valuations for of Savery and Cbambers, Trinity st, Hastings

Probate, Mortgages, &c. Estates managed.
Strange, James Walter, Upper Tulse hill, out of business. Aug 27

A scale of charges upon application.
at 2 at offices of Layton and Co, Budge row
Taylor, Daniel, and Edward Daniel Taylor, Bristol, Ironmongers,
Sep 10 at 3 at offices of Andrews and Mason, Ironmonger lane,

LIST of ESTATES and HOUSES to be SOLD or LET, including Cheapside. Bartrum, Old Jewry chambers

Landed Estates, Town and Country Residences, Hunting and shooting Taylor, Peter, Heywood, Lancaster, Clogger. Aug 31 at 10 at offices Quarters, Farms, Ground Rents, Rent Charges, House Property and of Banks, Market pl, Heywood

Investments generally, is published on the first day of each month, Thomas, Abraham, Liverpool, Carrier. Aug 31 at 2 at offices of and may be obtained free of charge, at their offices, 80, Cheapside, E.C., Brabner and Court, Cook st, Liverpool

or will be sent by post in return for two stamps.- Particulars for inser Turner, Sarah, Leigh, Lancaster, Builder. Aug 30 at 3 at offices of tion shoulde be received not later they four days previous to the end Ashton and Woods, Horsemarket st, Warrington

at the precding mouth.


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