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to do what they please with the property of debtors, a giving greater power the creditors; the fact that, if in-. strong aversion to “officialism” and “official interfer- troduced into England, it would throw the enormous funds ence, and therefore have consistently avoided bank- annually realized in insolvency into the hands of thousands ruptcy proper, limiting their operations exclusively to cases of professional agents all over England and Wales, seems in liquidation, so that on first hearing of them, nearly a to suggest the possible origin of its recommendation, and year ago, I could only mention (non-officially) what I had that neither economy nor expedition would be likely to heard to the registrars of the several county courts. In result from its adoption. the same letter I asked of the learned registrars their In the present English Bankruptcy Act and Rules, we general experience of the working of the proxy system; have that method with some amendment, and with some several, in reply, only mentioned their careful precautions alterations apparently intended to give the creditors, or to prevent improper persons obtaining the names and their nominees, even more liberty than in Scotland ; for addresses of the creditors from the lists filed by the debtors, example, by section 159 of the Scotch Bankruptcy Act and I need not point out the sufficiency of that reply as the " commissioners” are under the same control, and may indicating their apprehension of the mischief likely to arise be called to account for not faithfully performing the from such persons obtaining proxies by means of that in duties required of them by statute rule or otherwise, in formation : but the great majority from all parts of Eng. same manner as the trustee. land and Wales expressed their opinions in very practical That section is reproduced almost verbatim in the and sometimes in very forcible terms, such as “a source of English General Rule 251, but omitting the “commisscandal and abuse; a hotbed of mischief and extrava sioners," or committee of inspection, who thereby and by gance;" "an organised system of plunder;" "a scandal to other provisions of the English Act and Rules are made law and commerce,” &c.

wholly irresponsible; they may be either creditors, or The first object of canvassing is to obtain enough proxies persons holding proxies of creditors, and being selected by to carry liquidation by arrangement and secure the trustee the same proxies as the trustee, held commonly by the ship, with the common result that the creditors receive trustee himself, they more frequently include the partner very much less as dividend from the trustee than they might or clerks of the trustee or of his solicitor, or some other have had as composition from the debtor; but every proxy professional agent, than creditors who are likely to be very has its money value, and a single proxy will sell for a con strict in their supervision; in a majority of cases the comsiderable sum when needed to carry or to prevent a resolu mittee of inspection, far from being of any use as a check tion.

on the trustee's conduct or charges, serves chiefly to preIt appears to be the regular practice in some parts of vent official interference with them by sanctioning conduct England to hold what are called “Knockouts,” or private and charges which would not otherwise be allowed. meetings of touting agents, for the purpose of arranging I have in former reports called attention to the large that the proxies they have collected among them shall be balance remaining in the control of trustees in bankruptcy used in the interest of one of their number, but such and liquidation ; the balance in respect of the comparaarrangements are more commonly made at the first meeting tively few bankruptcies amounted on 31st December, 1879, of creditors in a liquidation, or before the registration of the to over £500,000, representing probably not much more resolutions. Stray proxies are bought from the holders, than one-tenth of the whole balance. but where two or more agents hold each a sufficient number to prevent the other carrying the resolutions, a joint trusteeship may be agreed upon, though more often one becomes trustee “on the usual terms,” an expression which evidently indicates a very usual transaction, and

societies. means, I am informed, that the trustee shall pay the other one-third of whatever he can make out of the trusteeship. Beginning with the sale and barter of proxies, a system

LAIV ASSOCIATION. of commissions and corruption prevails through every step At the usual monthly meeting of the directors, held at the of proceedings under the Bankruptcy Act; solicitors are hall of the Incorporated Law Society, Chancery-lane, on paid by the trustees they are able to appoint, either Thursday, August 5, the following being present, viz., Mr. directly or (in liquidation) by the trustee improperly paying Tylee, chairman, and Messrs. Boodle, Burges, Desborough, their costs without taxation, trustees being in turn paid by Lucas, Sidney Smith, and A. B. Carpenter, secretary, a the auctioneers they employ, and so on; the whole amount grant of £50 was made to a member, the thanks of the of these commissions necessarily coming in the end out of directors were voted to the late Legal Practitioners' Society the pockets of the creditors.

for a donation of £18 183. 101., and the ordinary general I need not explain that these remarks apply chiefly to business was transacted. the smaller class of insolvencies, and to a class, but unfortunately a very numerous class, of professional agents; the larger insolvencies are generally placed in the hands of respectable solicitors and accountants, but the present system leaves the thousands of smaller cases to be, so to speak, scrambled for, and in such a scramble the most un

Appointments, Etc. scrupulous are generally the most successful. If any evidence were needed of the prevalence of such

Mr. WILLIAM HENRY LIONEL Cox, barrister, his been abuses, or of the strong feeling against them entertained appointed a Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court of the by respectable accountants, it may be found in the funda- Mauritius, in succession to Mr. Henry Thomas Wrendlords. mental rules of the charter recently obtained by the Institute ley, who has been appointed Chief Justice of Western of Accountants in England and Wales, which at least offers Australia, Mr. Cox was called to the bar at the Malle to creditors an opportunity of selecting their trustees, if Temple in Hilary Term, 1866, and has been for some time they will, from persons qualified by experience or education, substitute procureur for the Mauritius. and amenable to rules of conduct.

Mr. Nicholas HANHART, solicitor (of the firm of HanThe returns of bankruptcy proper during the year 1879 bart & Gillman), of 20, Southampton-street, Bloomsbury. contain nothing that appears to require especial remark, square, has been appointed a Commissioner to alminister except, perhaps, that the costs in estates closed during that Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature. year were much greater, averaging nearly 38 per cent. of

Mr. A. ALEXANDER THOMAS MACLEAN, of the Bengal Civil assets, than in former years, not so much from the occurrence of a less number of large estates, as from a general Court of Judicature at Calcutta, in the place of Mr.

Service, has been appointed a Puisne Judge of the High increase in the rate of expenses in almost all classes of

William Aioslie, resigned. estates (ride Table 8, Appendix).

While fully admitting the merits of the Scotch bank Mr. WILLIAM WOODFINE MARKS, solicitor, of Wakefield, ruptcy system in its bearing on the relations of debtor and has been elected Clerk of Prosecutions to the Liverpool creditor, as evidenced by the annual number of insolvencies, Town Council. Mr. Marks is the son of Mr. John Capuer I have endeavoured to show in former reports that the Marks, of Wakefield, and he was admitted a solicitor in Scotch method of administering the property of insolvents 1878. was altogether erroneously recommended to the English commercial classes as economical and expeditious, and as


and he became well known as a contributor to the Monitor, where he was involved in an active written controversy with Daniel O'Connell. Mr. Coffey was for many years county

court judge and chairman of quarter sessions for the county WINDING-UP NOTICES.

of Londonderry. He was also a magistrate for the county Joint STOCK COMPANIES.

of Leitrim and city of Dublin. LIMITED IN CHANCERY. Loxgton HALL HOTEL COMPANY, LIMITED.-The M.R. has, by an order dated Mar 20, appointed Henry Kendrick, Tokenhouse yd, to be official liquidator. Creditors are required, on or before Sept

Solicitors' Cases. 1, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims to the above. Oct 26 at 12 is appointed for

hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims WIVELISCOMBE SLATE COMPANY, LIMITED,--Petition for winding

HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE. up presented July 27, directed to be heard before V.C. Hall on Nov 5. Newman and Co, Cornhill, solicitors for the petitioners

Queen's BENCH Division. [Gazette, July 30.

(Before COCKBURN, L.C.J., and HAWKINS, J.) CRAIK'S WAGON WORKS, LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or before Sept 30, to send their names and addresses and the particu

July 29.- In the matter of a Solicitor. lars of their debts and claims, to John Unwin Wing, Prideaux Murray said in this case the rule had been obtained chambers, Sheffield. Oct 27 at 12 is appointed for hearing and

on behalf of the Incorporated Law Society calling apan adjudicating upon the said debts and claims IMPERIAL HYDROPATHIC INSTITUTION, LIMITED.-By an order made

the solicitor in question to answer the matters of sa by the M.R., dated July 21, it was ordered that the institution be affidavit. A sum of £40 had been given to him by a clien: wound up. Sykes, St Swithin's lane, for Watson and Dickons, for the express purpose of settling ar action on certain

Bradford, solicitors for the petitioner
OAKHAM COLLIERIES COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made terms. In the result the plaintiff in that action bad refused

by the M.R., dated July 21, it was ordered that the company be to agree to the terms proposed by the defendant, the client wound up. Denton and Co, Gray's inn sq, solicitors for the peti

of the solicitor in question. Or this the client had not been tioners Londox WOOD PAVEMENT COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made

advised, and he had indeed first become aware of it when by Bacon, V.C., dated July 21, it was ordered that the company Lindgment had been obtained against him by default and be wound up. Beal and De Soyres, Regent st, solicitors for the

the sheriff's officer had come to his house to levy for the petitioner

[Gazette, Aug 3.]

amount of the debt and costs. When the case came before COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER.

the court a week ago all attempt to rely upon a lien, which DONALD MACKINTOSH AND COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made

the solicitor alleged he had on the £40 for his costs, was by the V.C. dated July 26. it was ordered that the above company abandoned, and he was ordered to pay the £40 to the be wound up. Mather, Liverpool, solicitor for the petitioners

client at once. This he had failed to do. [Gazette, July 30.]

The solicitor, who appeared in person, said he had been FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. ETTON FEMALE FRIENDLY SOCIETY, National Schoolroom, Etton,

unable to pay the money ; but assured the court that he York, July 28

would do so if time were given him. FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Blue Bell Inn, Easton-Stamford, Northampton. The Court made an order for its payment within three July 28

| weeks.-Times. [Gazette, July 30.1


CHANÇERY Division.

(Before the Lord CHANCELLOR of Ireland.) MR. JUSTICE LUTWYCHE.

In re Hoey. Mr. Alfred John Peter Lutwyche, senior puisne judge of l Robertson applied that Mr. Charles Hoey might be s the Supreme Court of the colony of Queensland, died recently liberty to present himself for final examination on the 1st * at Brisbane at the age of seventy. Mr. Justice Lutwyche was next October, preliminary to his admission on the rain born in 1810, and was educated at Queen's College, Oxford. | notwi:hstanding that he bad only served one out of Life where he graduated second class in Litera Humaniores in years' apprenticeship under his indentures, dated the 10th of 1832. He was called to the bar at the Middle Temple in July, 1879. It appeared that in 1867 Mr. Hoey was bald Easter Term, 1840, and formerly practised on the Oxford | by indenture for the usual term of five years to Messrs. Circuit, and at the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Sessions. | David Fitzgerald (now deceased) and Thomas Fitzgerald, *2 After several years' practice in England he emigrated to St. Andrew-street, solicitors. After serving four years under the Australia, and was called to the bar at Sydney. In 1860, indentures, he, in 1871, left the office of the Messrs. Fi zgerald, shortly after the formation of the colony of Queensland, he | and devoted himself entirely to assisting his father in the allwas appointod puisne judge of the Supreme Court of that

duct of his business, whcih was also that of a solicitor. On the colony, and he was also judge in bankruptcy.

death of his father in 1879, desiring to resume and comp'exe his apprenticeship under the original indentures of 1867, 27

application was made on his behalf to Lord Chancellur Bull HON. GREVILLE THEOPHILUS HOWARD. for liberty to transfer these indentures from David and The Hon. Greville Theophilus Howard, barrister, died at

Thomas Fitzgerald (the former having died in 1876 ! Castle Rising, Norfolk, on the 28th ult. Mr. Howard was

Thomas Fitzgerald, who, after the death of his brother Davis, the second son of the seventeenth Earl of Suffolk, and was continued the business in his sole name. On the occasida born in 1836. He was educated at Christ Church. Oxford. that application, the Law Society objected that such irsts. where he graduated third class in law and modern history in

could not be made, as the term of service under the inde. 1859, and he was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in | tures had expired in 1872. Lord Chancellor Ball years Michaelmas Term, 1863. Mr. Howard was formerly a

to the objection, but suggested that the proper course!! member of the Western Circuit, and was for a short time a | Mr. Hoey to pursue was to enter into new indentus revising barrister. He was for several years one of the Com

five years' apprenticeship to Mr. Thomas Fitzgerald, an...: inissioners of Lunacy, but resigned the post about two years | the end of one years' service to apply to the court to Tel : ago. He was married to Lady Audrey Townshend, davghter

the remaining four years, in consideration of his bar of the fourth Marquis Townshend, and he leaves three chil.

served from 1867 to 1871 under the original indertama dren.

This suggestion was acted on, and the one year having plan

pired on the 10th of the preseut month, the present and * MR. JAMES CHARLES COFFEY, Q.C.

was made.

There being no opposition to the motion, Mr. James Charles Coffey, Q.C., died at Dublin a few! The LORD CHANCELLOR, after reading the 40th sectica days ago. Mr. Coffey was born in 1816, and was called to the Solicitors Act, made the order sought, observing - the bar in Ireland in 1843. He practised for several years the clause in question reserved all existing powers with me

on the Murster Circuit, and became a Queen's Counsel in spect to dispensing with any part of the time of service, 1864. In the early part of his career he was extensively I that he was acting in the spirit of his predecessor s sus engaged in journalism as an adherent of the Whig party, tion.

again came before Parliament, as it soon must, some stringent Election Petitions.

law would be passed to prohibit candidates from canvassing or conducting an election by paid agents, unless it was by a

limited number, according to the extent of every constitu. OXFORD.

enoy, whose names should be sent in to the returning officer

before the election, and who should not be permitted to vote, August 4.-LUSH, J., in delivering judgment, declaring and for probibiting the employment by candidates and their that the respondent, Mr. Hall, was not duly elected, said

agents of any paid voters for any purpose whatever in every that the election accounts on both sides, and the evidence of

election except the agents to whom he had alluded. the witnesses who had been examined, led them to the con. clusion that the practices which they had had to observe upon at Boston of employing at elections a number of voters under the names of clerks and messengers were largely re. Legislation of the Week. sorted to, and the same question arose in that case which they had to decide now-namely, in the first place, what object had the respondent's agents in view


in employing this large number of persons-was their porpose innocent

JULY 29.-BILLS IN COMMITTEE. or corrupt ? And, secondly, if it was a corrupt one within Industrial Schools Acts Amendment, Merchant Seamen the meaning of the statute, then they had to consider (Payment of Wages), Wild Birds Protection, Mercbant whether it was carried on on so large a scale as to justify Shipping Act (1854) Amendment (passed through Comethem in reporting that corrupt practices did extensively | mittee). prevail, or that they had reason to believe that they did, at

BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. the election. The aggregate of persons employed by the PRIVATE BILLS.-Rochester Corporation, Banbury and respondent, as shown by the returns, was 355; and those Cheltenham Direct Railway, Dagenham and District employed by the Liberal candidate, 389. How many of Farmers (Optional) Sewage Utilization. these 744 persons who were employed on both sides were | South-Western District of London Post-office Taropike voters? Mr. Day asserted in his opening speech that five- | Acts Continuance. sixths of the whole number employed by the respondent were voters. Mr. Matthews did not attempt to

JULY 30.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. deny this statement, but justified it on the

PRIVATE BILLS.-Glenariff Railway and Pier, Southground that out of 30,000 inhabitants, of whom

Eastern Railway, Cathcart District Railway. 6,166 were on the register, it was difficult to find an

BILJ, IN COMMITTEE. adult fit to be employed who was a non-poter, and he stated Metropolis Improvement Sohemes Modification Prothat both parties did the same, and were for the same reason visional Order. compelled to do so, and this again passed without contradiction on the other side. They felt, therefore, they were jasti

BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. fied in assuming that a number not far short of 600 voters

PRIVATE Bills.-Dartford Gas, Industrial Schools Acts were paid for services, real or fictitious, on the day of the

Amendment, Mercbant Seamen (Payment of Wages, &c.), . polling, and perhaps many of them for some days previously.

Merchant Shipping Act (1854) Amendment. The object in employing these men must have been to

AUG. 2.-ROYAL COMMISSION. violate the law in one particular at least, for a paid voter was

The Royal assent was given by commission to the following prohibited from voting : and if these men had been taken | Bills:--Statutes (Definition of Time), Great Seal, Universibond fide their votes would have been all lost to the party ties of Oxford and Cambridge (Limited Tenures), Annual in whose behalf they were employed. They were by no Turnpikes Acts Continuance, Births and Deaths Registrameans satisfied that there was not much more corruption |tion (Ireland), Relief of Distress (Ireland), Industrial than was disclosed by the evidence and the documents, and

Schools Acts Amendment, Merchant Seamen (Payment of they felt bound to report that corrupt practices, they had

Wages and Rating), Revenue Offices (Scotland) Holidays, reason to believe, did extensively prevail. The employment

Merchant Shipping det (1854) Amendment, Regulation of so large a number of voters was, at all events, as to

(Clent) Provisional Order Confirmation, Land Drainage many of them in their opinion colourable employment. | Supplemental, Local Government Boards Provisional and a mere pretext for paying them for their votes. They

Orders Confirmation (Alnwick Union, &c.), Local Governhad now to declare and report to the Speaker that the re. ment Boards Provisional Orders Confirmation (Kingstonspondent was not duly elected on account of bribery by bis upon-Hull, &c.), Pier and Harbour Orders Confirmation, agents. They must also report that they had reason to Local Government Boards Provisional Orders Conbelieve that corrupt practices had extensively prevailed at

firmation (Aberavon, &c.), Enclosure (Henley Bank) tbe election to which the petition related, and they must | Provisional Order Confirmation, Enclosure (Steventon) report the names of the persons who had been proved

| Provisional Order Confirmation, Enclosure (Llanbefore them to have been guilty of these practices. The cost

degley Rhos) Provisional O.der Confirmation, Enclosure of the petition would follow the result.

and Regulation (Lazard-common) Provisional Orders MANISTY, J., in concurring, said this case afforded Confirmation, Lapark Water Supply Confirmation, another of the many instances which had of late come before | Blantyre Water Supply Confirmation, Local Government election judges of the consequences wbich resulted from the Boards Provisional Order Confirmation (Poor-Law No. 2), picious system now in common use of conducting elections South-Western (of London) District Post-office, Cork Imby means of a large staff of paid messengers, clerks, canvas- provement, London Gas-Light, North Metropolitan Tram. sers, and such like, composed chiefly of voters. It was not ways, Kent and Sussex Rother Levels, Huddersfield Im. only a system fraught with danger to the candidates, but it provement, Portmadoc Water, Northampton Street Tramwas one, as had been proved over and over again, by which ways, Yeadon and Guiseley Gas, Great Yarmouth Waterneedy and illiterate voters were demoralized, and elections works, Devon and Cornwall Railway, Ballymena, Cusben. gained by small majorities. It was in vain for candidates dall, and Redbury Railway, Metropolitan District Railway, personally to use their best endeavours to gain their election

| Romford Canal, Rathmines and Rathgar (Milltown Extec. by pure and lawful means so long as this system wassion), Sligo Boroughs Improvement (Revival of Powers), allowed to be resorted to. The careful consideration of Great Western and Monmouthshire Railway Companies' the evidence which had been laid before them during their Amalgamation, Hunt's Patent, Manchester Carriage and present long circuit kad led him to the conclusion that Tramways Company, Ackworth, Featherstone, Paleston, while the Ballot Act bad to a great extent done away with and Sharlston Gas, Maidstone Gas, Reading Gas, Dearne what might be called the simple evil of undue influence, it Valley Waterworks, Hundred of Hoo Railway (Extension), had created a compound evil of a worse kind. Under the Preston Improvement, Rochester City Improvement old system of open voting a man who took a bribe could British Gas Light Company (Linited), Staffordshire (Potscarcely avoid voting according to his promise. Now, teries), Williamson's Patent, Dartford Gas, Caledonian speaking from what had come out in evidence before them. | Railway (Guaranteed Annuities Stock), Bristol Channel many a man who had been bribed, and expressly or impliedly | Pilotage (Cardiff), Hull (Corporation) Electric Lighting, promised a vote for a particular candidate, had in the end | Liverpool Tramways, Wigan Improvement, Beverley, and broken his promise. He made these observations in the Burnston Drainage, and Highland, Ding wall, and Skye. hope that when the subject of corrupt practices at elections | Railway Companies Amalgamation.

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the builder wants his money, but we are told that the order

cannot be given out before November, though probably it JULY 29.-BILL READ A SECOND TIME.

would take but a couple of hours to draw up. We do not PRIVATE BILL.-Muirhead's Patent.

cast the least reflec:ion upon the officials, who are most BILL READ A THIRD TIME.

courteous, and who work early and late in the hope of PRIVATE BILL.-Beverley and Barmston Drainage. keeping down increasing arrears, but what we do say is that

inasmuch as within the last twenty-five or thirty years the JULY 30.-BILL READ A SECOND TIME.

business of the Lunacy Office has unbappily increased threeHares and Rabbits.

fold, it is absurd to suppose that the existing staff, which is AUGUST 2.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. about the same now as it was tbeo, can be expected to get Elementary Education, Metropolitan Board of Works through the work. Representations made to the Lord (Money), Exchequer Bonds and Bills, Railway Construc Chancellor on the subject seem to have no effect, and tion Facilities Act Amendment.

solicitors are blamed for delays over which they have no BILL IN COMMITTEE,

sort of control. The remedy is a simple one. Let the Spirits (passed through Committee).

practice of the Lunacy Office be assimilated to that of the

Chancery Chambers, with an efficient staff, and the present AUG. 3.-BILLS IN COMMITTEE.

arrears, which are in some instances really operating as a Employers' Liability (Clause 1), Epping Forest. denial of jastice, will speedily disappear. BILL READ A THIRD TIME.

The Postmaster-General, on the 29th ult., received a PRIVATE BILL.--Woodside and South Croy dop Railway. deputation composed of members of Parliament, and many BILLS READ A FIRST TIME.

representatives of banks, mercantile houses, the Stock Bill to provide for the Registration and Organization of

Exchange, and of the legal and other professions, who Teachers (Sir J. Lubbock).

waited upon the right hon. gentleman in order to arge the Bill to Continue various Expiring Laws (Mr. John

adoption of a system by which receipts would, for a small Holms).

charge, be given at post-offices as proof that letters, AUG. 4.-BILLS IN COMMITTEE.

telegrams, or pattern parcels, &c., had been duly posted. Employers' Liability (clauses 1—?), Exchequer Bonds

Dr. Cameron, M.P., after introdacing the deputation, and Bills, Metropolitan Board of Works (Money) (passed

explained the system by which Mr. A. Clifford-Eskell prothrough Committee).

posed that proof of posting should be obtainable, and samples

of the receipt forms it was suggested that the Post Office BILLS READ A THIRD TIME.

should sell were exhibited. These were in small books which PRIVATE BILLS. -Liverpool and Birkenbead Subway, might be sold at the rate of 31d. for a book containing one Posen's Naturalization, Wytham River Outfall Improvement. dozen receipt forms, or “posting proofs.” A person wishing BILLS READ A FIRST TIME.

to obtain proof that a letter, for instance, had been posted, Bill to provide a Remedy by Law for Married Women

would fill up one of the receipt forms with an exact copy of against their Husbando neglecting or refusing to maintain

| the address on the letter. The messenger introsted with and educate their Children (Mr. Hopwood).

the posting of the letter would merely present this receipt form with the letter to the clerk at the post-office counter, who, after comparing the two in order to see that the address was correctly copied, would with a blow of a stamper pus a

mark on the receipt which would show at what offire and on Legal Cews.

what day the letter was posted. Mr. Clifford-Eskell contended that the experiment which had been tried at Liver

pool, Bath, and Birmingham with “ certificates of posting of At Lichfield, on Friday, the hearing of the case against

unregistered letters" had failed mainly because in Mr. Arthur Barnes, solicitor, Lichfield, for having acted as

the first place the charge for each receipt-, agent to Sir John Swinburne in the election, he being under

half-penny-was too high, and, secondly, sufficient sheriff, and acting as returning officer, was concluded. The

notice and explanation had not been given of the ad. magistrates did not think agency sufficiently proved, aná the

vantages the system offered to the public. Mr. summons was dismissed. It was stated by the prosecution

Fawcett said from the consideration of carefully that a bill of indictment would be preferred against the

prepared estimates he had formed an opinion that this defendant at quarter sessions.

scheme would not be remunerativə if only a farthing were In State v. Smith (Iowa Supreme Court, Northw. Rep.

charged for each receipt. The adoption of the scheme at a 153), it was held, says the Albany Law Journal, in a prosecu farthing rate would, be believed, be tantamount to asking tion for bastardy, not to be error to allow the alleged

for a grant of money from the public funds for the benefit bastard child, two years old or more, to be exhibited to the

of those persons who wanted to obtain receipts for their jury, and permit them to determine as to the family resem

letters, and, as he had told a deputation of gentlemen who blance between such child and the alleged putative father.

had called upon bim with reference to telegrams the other Statements of counsel calling attention to certain alleged

day, he would never be a party to any section of the public points of resemblance beld, if erroneous, to be without pre

receiving a benefit at less than the cost of production at judice. The statement of counsel was as follows: “I only wish to call the attention of the jury to what anyone can see

| the charge of the general community. He could not, there

fore, give bis consent to an attempt to carry out this scheme plainly, with half an eye, that the eyes of this exhibit (the

at the farthing rate. He was, however, willing to give the child) are hooked, and that also the eyes of the defendant

scheme another trial, on the conditions he would pave. are hooked, and that the eyes of Reka Helm are not." The court said: “The defendant claims that any resemblance, if

Those were that the scheme should come into operation at it should be thought to exist between such a cliild and a

the halfpenny rate on the 1st of January next in Glasgor.

If it failed, it could not, of course, be extended, but if it man alleged to be its father, is too unreliable to constitute legal eviderce of the alleged paternity. It is a well-koown

met with only a portion of the success anticipated by the fact that resemblances often exist between persons who are

promoters he should be very glad to have been in any way not related, and are wanting between persons who are. Still,

the meads of bringing withio reach of the pablic any what is called family resemblance is sometimes so marked as

advantages they desired that department to sapply. scarcely to admit of a mistake. We are of the opinion, therefore, that a child of the proper age may be exhibited to a jory as evidence of alleged paternity.' Messrs. Peacock & Goddard write to the Times on the

SALES OF ENSUING TEEK. present block of business in the Lunacy Office. They say :A simple order that in the Chancery Division can be

| August 11.-Mr. VIRGOE BUCKLAND, at the Mart, at 1 for? drawn up and acted upon, and money taken out of court in

p.m., Freehold Property (see advertisement, this week p. 1), a fortnight, takes many months to get through in the Lunacy

August 11.-Messrs. HARVEY & Davide, at the Mart, at 2 p.D., Office. It is now over three months since we obtained the

Freehold Property (see advertisement, July 24, p. 6). master's order to rais: a small sum for repairs to buildings

August 11.-Mr. E. JACKSON, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Leasehold out of a fund in court. The buildings have been begun and!

Estates (eee advertisement, July 24, p. 6).


1333 1583

100 100 100






August 11.-Messrs. NORTON, TRIST, WATNEY & Co., at the Preece, Richard, Birkenhead, Chemist. Pet July 30. Williams.

Birkenhead, Aug 14 at 10.30 Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Properties (see advertisement, this week p. 4).

Richardson, James, Elland, York, Surgeon. Pet July 29. Rankin.

Halifax, Aug 16 at 11 August 11.-Mes srg. Edwin Fox & BOUSFIELD, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold and Leasehold Tropez ties and Shares (see

BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED. advertisement, this week, p. 4).

Friday, July 30, 1880.

Austin, James, Shavington-cum-Gresty, Chester, Grocer. July 21

TUESDAY, Aug. 3, 1880.
August 5, 1880.

Beinal, Joseph, Essex rd, Inlington. July 29

Detmold, Edward, Dogmersfield, Hants, Farmer, July 21

Murphy, George Wyndham, Dunstable, Bedford, Batchelor of Medi. Railways.

Paid. Closing Price cine. July 20
Stoek Caledonian .............


Liquidations by Arrangement.
Stock Glasgow and South-Western .....


Stock Great Eastern Ordinary Stock


611 Stock Great Northern ............


Friday, July 30, 1880). Stock Do., A Stock* ...............

100 1221 Adams, Joseph, Openshaw, Lancaster, Coal Merchant. Aug 11 at 3 Stock Great Southern and Western of Ireland


at the Mitre Hotel, Cathedral yard, Manchester, Hampson, Stock Great Western-Original ......


Stock Lancashire and Yorkshire


Amer, Richard Suitt, Doynton, Gloucester, out of business. Aug 11 Stock London, Brighton, and South Coast...


at 12 at offices of Triggs, Broad st, Bristol. Meade and Co, BrisStock London, Chatham, and Dover ...............


tol Stock London and North-Western ......


1581 Aston, William, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Beer Retailer. Aug 10 at Stock London and South Western ....


10 at offices of Smith, Corn Exchange, Cheltenham Stock Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolo

934 Atherton, Richard, Wigan, Lancaster, Shopkeeper. Aug 17 at 11 at Sock Metropolitan ........


offices of Stuart, King st, Wigan Stock Do., District

Austin, Albert, Leeds, Hay Dealer. Aug 12 at 3 at offices of Tempest Stock Midland........

100 1378

and Hewson, Albion st, Leeds. Turner and Hewson, Leeds stoek North British .......

Barr, James, Market ter, Clapton pk, Provision Dealer.Aug 11 at 3 Stock North Eastern..

100 1553

at 40, Southampton bldgs, Holborn. Cooper, Chancery lane Stock North London .......

100 185

Barrett, Thomas Jones, Manchester, Leather Merchant. Aug 16 at Stock North Staffordshire ......


2 at the City Hotel, Long Millgate, Manchester...Walley, ManStock South Devon


chester .......... Stock South-Eastern ......

100 132

Beddard, Joshua John, Kingswinford, Stafford, Beerhouse Keeper.

Aug 11 at 3 at offices of Waldron, High st, Brierley hill
Bligh, Joseph, Northampton, Currier, Aug 13 at 3 at offices of Shoc-

smith, Newland • A receives no dividend u.1 til 6 per cent, has been paid tɔ B.

Bourne. Arthur, Wellingborough, Northampton, Grindery Dealer.

Aug 13 at 11 at offices of Sharman and Jackson, Oxford st,
Bowen, Charles, Pontypool, Contractor. Aug 16 at 2 at offices of

Evans, Club chambers, Pontypool. Williams and Co, Newport
Brock, John, Totterdown, Somerset, Carpenter. Aug 13 at 11 at

offices of Nicholas, Corn st, Bristol MARRIAGES.

Burnill, John, Wakefield. York. Fishmonger. Aug 11 at 3 at offices DALE-TREVELYAN.-On July 31, at St. Mary's, Hamilton- ! of Lodge, Wood st, Wakefield

terrace, N.W., Wellington Dale, solicitor, of Helston and Burrows, Alfred, Stradbroke, Salop, Watchmaker. Aug 25 at Penzance, to Louisa Harrison, daughter of Colonel Harrington 2 at the Three Horse Shoes Inn, Castle st, Eye. Pollard, Ips Astley Trevelyan, late 7th Hussars.

wich DE RICCI-MONTEFIORE.-On August 3, at the British Em

Camden, Alfred, Long lane, Bermondsey, Undertaker. Aug 6

at 2 at offices of Lewis, Chancery lane. Abbot, Black. bassy, Paris, James Hermann de Ricci, Chancellor, Chief

friars road Justice, and President of the Legislative Council of the Charles, Clement, Bulwell, Nottingham, Hatter. Aug 16 at 12 Bahamas, to Helène, daughter of Mons. E. L. Montefiore. at offices of Brittle, St Peter's chambers, St. Peter's gate, NotDEATHS.

tingham BURY.-On July 31, at 26, Westbourne-square, Edward Bury, Clarke, Edward Arthur William, Wrentham, Suffolk, Grocerof the Middle Temple, and of Lincoln's-iun, barrister-at-law,

! Aug 12 at 12 at offices of Dowsett, Hall Quay chmbrs, Great Yar

mouth aged 59.

Cooper, Thomas, Winslow, Bnckingham, out of business. Aug 14 at COFFEY.-On July 31, at Sea Point, near Dublin, James

11 at the White Hart Hotel, Buckingham, Kilby and Mace, Ban. Charles Coff-y, Q.C., late county court judge for the county bury of Londonderry.

Cotton, George Henry, Slaithwaite, York, Joiner. Aug 11 at 11

at offices of Sykes and Son, Market st, Huddersfield Coulson, Thomas , and Robert Marshall, Leeds, Builders. Aug 10 at

3 at offices of Brooke, Bond st, Leeds LONDON GAZETTES.

Davies, George, Clifton, Manchester, Greengrocer. Aug 12 at 3 at

offices of Riley and Cook, Hardshaw st, St Helens

Davis, Charles, Hinton Charterhouse, Somerset, Baker. Aug 14 BankrODTA.

at 12.30 at the Angel Hotel, Westgate st, Bath Sparkes FRIDAY, July 30, 1880.

Dermer, Thomas, Wood st, Warehouseman, Aug 19 at 2 at the Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Saxelby and Faulkner, Iron Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. monger lane To Surrender in London.

Derrick, James, Moreton-street, Pimlico, Provision Merchant. Aug Dicker, John W , Throgmorton st, Advertising Agent. Pet July

11 at 2 at offices of Harcourt, Moorgate st 26. Pepy's. Aug 11 at 12

Dowden, Charles Baker, Cullum st, East India Merchant. Aug 13 Valhermy, Charles de, Queen Victoria st, Agent. Pet July 26.

at 2 at the Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Michael, Great Win. Pepys. Aug 10 at 11

chester st To Surrender in the Country.

Duncan, David Grant, Jarrow, Durham, Grocer. Aug 11 at 3 at Bower, Samuel, Derby, Pawnbroker. Pet July 26. Weller. Derby,

the Traders' Association, Grainger st West, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Aug 12 at 12

Richardson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Graddon, James, Forest Hill, Kent, Engineer, Pet July 20. Pitt

Edmonds, William, Chipping Wycombe, Bucks, Farmer. Aug 12 Taylor. Greenwich, Aug 13 at 1

at 3 at the Great Western Hotel, Paddington. Rawson, Great Millington, Thomas, Ashton-in-Mackerfield, Lancaster, Grocer.

Marlow Pet July 26. Hope. Wigan, Aug 17 at 11

Emmott, John, William Nunweek, William Smith, and Noah Moore,

Keighley, York, Machine Makers. Aug 11 at 2.30 at offices of
TUESDAY, Aug. 3, 1880.

Weatherhead and Co, Devonshire st, Keighley
Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Estill, George, Middlesborough, Builder. Aug 10 at 11 at offices of
Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. Jackson and Jackson, Albert rd, Middlesborough
To Surrender in the Country

Evans, Mary, Llanyhyther, Carmarthen, Farmer. Aug 16 at 2 at Davies, John, Sutton, Lancaster, Builder. Pet July 31. Bellringer.

offices of Lloyd, High st, Lampeter Liverpool, Aug 16 at 12

Fiedler, Edward, Milk st, East Indian Merchant. Aug 9 at 3 at Gledhill, William Henry, Elland, York, Woollen Manufacturer,

offices of Crump, Budge row, Cannon st Pet July 31. Rankin. Halifax, Aug 19 at 11

Fleetwood, William Swayne, Seaton, Devon, out of business. Aug Jones, John, Dowlais, Glamorgan, Innkeeper. Pet July 29. Scale. 13 at 3 at the Pole Arms Hotel, Seaton. Wilton, Colyton Merthyr Tydfil, Aug 18 at 3

Fletcher, Robert, Rowley Regis, Stafford, Druggist. Aug 11 at 12 Lewis, Elizabeth, Llandewyfach, Radnor, Farmer. Pet July 29.

at offices of Shakespeare, Church st, Oldbury Carless, jun. Hereford, Aug 25 at 1

Flockton, George, Leeds, Picture Frame Manufacturer. Aug 11 at Lewis, Thomas, Llandewyfach, Radnor, Farmer. Pet July 29.

11 at offices of Jenkinson, Albion st, Leeds Carless, jun. Hereford, Aug 25 at 1

Forster, Alfred, Old Buckenham, Norfolk, Builder. Aug 11 at 3 at Morgan, Mary, Cleveland house, Hillingdon. Pet July 31. Darvill.

offices of Sadd and Linay, Theatre st, Norwich Windsor, Sept 4 at 11

Foster, Thomas, Rock Ferry, Cheshire, Coal Dealer. Aug 17 at 3 at Phillips, Francis, Cwmbach, Glamorgan, Colliery Proprietor. Pet oflices of Leeming, Duncan st, Birkenhead. Hannan and Pugh, July 31. Howell. Aberdare, Aug 17 at 11

Birkenhead well, Joseph Daniel, Fisherton, nr Salisbury, Licensed Victualler. Francis, David, Cadoxton, Glamorgan, Grocer, Aug 12 at 12 at Pet July 31. Wiison. Salisbury, Aug 18 at 12

offices of Leyson and Jones, Fisher st, Swansea

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