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Harris, Mary, Pembroke place, Isleworth, Builder. Aug 9 at 12 at Sanze, Frederick, Oxford st, Wire Worker. Aug 7 at 1 at offices of

the Star and Garter Hotel, Kew Bridge. Barnes, Finsbury pave Francis, Chancery lane ment

Sharpe, Robert, Chester, Joiner. Aug 6 at 11 at offices of Mason, Hill, Abraham, Girlington, York, Slater. Aug 2 at 11 at offices of Bridge st row East, Chester Peel and Gaunt, Chapel lane, Bradford

Shaw, George, Sheffleld, Boot Dealer. Aug 5 at 11 at offices of Hillyer, Frederick George, Leamington Priors, Warwick, Licensed Shires, Market st, Leicester

Victualler. Aug 3 at 12 at offices of Sanderson, Church st, War Shaw, Thomas Harry, Brownlow st, Holborn, Tailor. Aug 5 at 3 & wick

offices of Graham, Ely place, Holborn Hudson, Thomas Henry, Ball's Pond rd, Islington, Carpenter, Aug Shelley, Rowland, Birmingham, Draper. Aug 4 at 3 at offices of 13 at 3 at offices of Dixon and Co, Bedford row, Holborn

Jaques, Temple row, Birmingham Huins, George, Redditch, Warwick, Carpenter. Aug 7 at 10 at Shillito, Francis, and George Livermore Shorland, Halme, Ian. offices of Williams, Prospect Hill, Redditch

caster, Ironmongers. Aug 10 at 3 at the Clarence Hotel, PicaHull, Edward, Chorlton-upon-Medlock, Manchester, Cabinet Maker. dilly, Manchester. Farrington and Crofton, Manchester

Aug 11 at 3 at offices of Allen and Co, Princess st, Manchester Shimmell, William James, Burton-on-Trent, out of business. Aan Jacob, Richard Davis, Church ct, Clement's lane, Financial Agent.

10 at 2 at the Midland Hotel, Station st, Burton-on-Trent. Hental, Aug 5 at 1 at offices of Sully, Queen Victoria st. Scott, King

Derby William st

Simpkins, Henry, Lyneham, Wilts, Farmer. Aug 12 at 10 at offres Jacombs, William, Walsall, Stafford, Publican. Aug 4 at 12 at offices

of Boodle, Albion buildings, New Swindon of Cook, Bridge st, Walsall. Bill, Walsall

Simpson, George, Sowerby Bridge, York, Mason. Aug 4 at 3 a Jeacock, Samuel William, Birmingham, Builder. Aug 5 at 11.30 at

offices of Storey, King Crogs st, Halifax offices of Morgan, Waterloo st, Birmingham

Spehaf, Adam, Brook st, Ratcliff, Baker, Aug 10 at 2 at offices of Jeffcoatt, Samuel, Nuneaton, Warwick, Greengrocer. Aug 3 at 3 at

Brown, Basinghall st the Bull Hotel, Nuneaton. Jaques, Birmingham

Starkey, Frederick, Widnes, Lancaster, Carpenter. Aug 6 at ? * Jenkins, John, Pentre, Swansea, Draper. Aug 10 at 11 at offices of

offices of Beasley, Victoria rd, Widnes Thomas, York pl, Swansea

Storr, Harriett, Swinethorpe, Lincoln. Aug 5 at 11 at the Midland Johnson, Robert, Middlesborough, out of business. Aug 9 at 11 at

Bank cbambers, Lincoln offices of Wilkes, Zetland rd, Middlesborough

Stringer, Frank Buckley, Moss Side, Manchester, Grocer. Ang 1? Jones. Joseph, Sheffield, Glass Dealer, Aug 5 at 3 at offices of at 3 at Nowall's Hotel, Cannon st, Manchester. Clement, jcing Greaves, Norfolk row, Sheffield

Manchester Jones, Thomas, Buttington, Montgomery, Farmer. Aug 18 at 12 at

Sugden, ('harles, Gloucester rd, Kensington, Comedian. Aug 16 a offices of Jones, Severn st. Welshpool

3 at offices of Lewis and Lewis, Ely pl, Holborn

Theakston, George Samuel George, Long lane, Bermondsey, Groot, Kendall, Edward, York, Joiner. Aug 4 at 11 at offices of Anderson,

Aug 4 at 3 at offices of Bastard, Brabant ct, Philpot lane Stonegate, York Kirkwood, Richard, Manchester, Tea and Coffee Merchant. Aug 6

Townsend, Henry, Walsall, Stafford, Grocer. Aug 5 at 3 at the

Stork Hotel, Walsall. East, Birmingham at 3 at the Royal Hotel, Moseley st, Manchester. Atkinson and

Vidler, William, Hastings, Painter. Aug 6 at 4.30 at Provincial Co Manchester

Hotel, Hastings. Hare, Old Broad st Knight, Mary, Wolvey, Warwick, Innkeeper. Aug 4 at 1 at offices of Preston, Church st, Hinckley

Waldron, William, Rock, Worcester, Farmer. Aug 5 at 2.3) a

offices of Miller Corbet and Co, Church st, Kidderminster Langlois, Peter, Swansea, Ship Chandler. July 27 at Albion Walker, John, Barsby, Leicester, Innkeeper. Aug 10 at 12 at offices chambers, Bristol, in lieu of the place originally named

of Shires, Market st. Leicester Loadbitter, Joseph, Tynemouth, Northumberland, Tobacconist. Warn, Charles, North hill, nr Launceston, Tailor. Aug 3 a: 2 st

Aug 4 at 11 at offices of Keoplyside and Co, St John's chambers, offices of Brian, Frankfort st, Plymouth, Peter and Son, Launeus Granger st West, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

ton Loveday, William, Boad Hinton, Wilis, Publican. Aug 12 at 3 at Watts, William, jun, Harbury, Warwick, Farmer. Ang 4 at 198 offices of Boodle, Albion buildings, New Swindon

offices of Davies, Southam Mann, James, Dovercourt, Essex, Commission Agent. Aug 10 at 12 Webster, Charles, Sewardstone rd, Victoria pk, Looking glass at the Station Hotel, Hull. Cobbold and Co, Harwich

Frame Manufacturer. Aug 4 at 3 'at offices of Hulbert, Colema? Martin, Henry Charles, Clerkenwell-green, Provision Dealer. Aug 10 at 2 at offices of Chapman and Co, Lincoln's inn fields


Cross, James, Ely, Cambridge, Farmer. Aug 9 at 2 at Bell Hotel,

Willis, George, Kidsgrove, Stafford, Grocer. Aug 9 at 11.30 as Mayhew, James, Ipswich, Carriage Builder. Aug 3 at 2 at offices of offices of Sherratt, Market st, Kidsgrove Clift, Cheapside

Winterton, John, Birmingham, Plane Maker. Aug 1 at 3 at offices McInnes, Donald, Birmingham, Licensed Victualler. Aug 6 at 11 of Fallows, Cherry st, Birmingham

at the Royal Hotel, Temple row, Birmingham. Blewitt, Birming. Wynn, Robert, Sunderland, Joiner. Aug 4 at 2 at offices of Huntly, ham

Fawcett st, Sunderland Meaby, Thomas, Carlton st, Kentish Town, Butcher. Aug 5 at 2.30 at 53a, Old Broad st, Bradford

TUESDAY, July 27, 1880. Morris, James, Kidderminster, Grocer. July 30 at 3 at the Com. Allen, Thomas James, Millwall, Poplar, Potter. Aug 9 at 3 ai tie

mittee Room, Municipal buildings, Vicar st, Kidderminster. Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Bristow and Shepherd, Cannun, Ivens and Norton, Kidderminster Morris, John Hurst, St Albans, Hertford, Hat Manufacturer. July Andrews, John, Birmingham, Grocer. Aug 9 at 12 at offices of

30 at 1 at the Baths, Victoria st, St Albans. Wells, Market pl, St Hawkes and Weekes, Temple st, Birminghamn Albans

Armett, William, Leek, Stafford, Silk Manager. Aug 7 at 11 at the Musgrave, Robert Gapper, Swansea, Basket Maker. July 28 at 3 Swan Hotel, St Edward st, Leek at offices of Jəllicoe, Prospect pl, Swansea

Arnold, James Alberti, Woburn buildings, Euston rd, Comažian. Newell. Alfred William Christopher, Cambria terrace, Accountant's Aug at 11 at the Mitre Tavern, Mitre court, Temple. Johnsen

Clerk. Aug 18 at 2 at the Guildhall Tavern, Gresham street. King William st

Barnes, Roland Isaac, Birmingham, Lamp Manufacturer. Aug i sa Newell, George, Cambridge rd, Mile Eod, Provision Dealer. Aug 5 11 at offices of Parr, Colmore row, Birmingham

at 3 at 10, Southampton buildings, Holborn. Cooper, Chancery Barton, Charles, Goulceby, Lincoln, Grocer. Aug 10 at 11 at the lane

Albion Rooms,

Corn Market, Louth. Hyde and Brown, Louth Nixon, Daniel, Bradford, York, Wood Turner. July 31 at 10 at Odd Barton, Joseph, Legbourne, Lincoln, Farmer. Aug 10 at 3 at the Fellows Hall, Thornton rd, Bradford

Albion Rooms, Corn Market, Lonth. Hyde and Brown, Lonth Norman, William Henry, Eastbourne, Sussex, Draper. Aug 6 at 2 at Beck, James, Barrow-in-Furness, Builder. Aug 10 at 11 at 17, Strand, offices of Angell and Co, Gresham st

Barrow-in-Furness. Taylor Oakes, James, Cleater, Cumberland, Miner. Aug 6 at 11 at offices of Bedford, John, Beeston, Nottingham, out of business. Aug 14 at 3 Mason, Duke st, Whitehaven

at offices of Stevenson, Weekday cross, Nottingham O'Brien, John, North Shields, out of business. Aug 3 at 3 at offices of Bellhouse, Edward, and' William Bellhouse, Beeston, near Leeds

, Stanford, Collingwood st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Tallow Chandlers. Aug 9 at 1 at the Law'Institution, Albion by Owthwaite, Augustus, Leeds, Tobacconist's Assistant. Aug 4 at 3 at Leeds. Malcolm, Leeds the Law Institution, Albion pl, Leeds

Biggs, John, Little Cheverell, Wilts, Beerhouse Keeper. Aug 10 a4 Parkes, John, West Felton, Salop, Butcher. Aug 11 at 11 at offices of 11 at offices of Butcher, St John st, Devizes Morris and Sons, Swan Hill, Shrewsbury

Bond, Robert, Wisbech, Cambridge, 'Boot and Shoe Maker. Ang 10 Pollard, Stephen, Plymouth, Bootmaker. Aug 4 at 1 at the Grand at 3 at the Rose

and Crown Hotel, Wisbech. Tiddeman, Finsturs Hotel, Bristol. Brian, Plymouth

sa Pollock, John, Penrith, Cumberland, Joiner.'Aug 11 at 3 at offices of Boy's, Abraham, Fox st, Canning Town, Bricklayer. Ang 6 at ? Cant, South End rd, Penrith

offices of Bryce and l'o, Guildhall chinbrs. Heppell, Frederick's Poulson, John, Leytonstone, Essex, Builder. Aug 4 at 2 at offices of Stanley, Austin Friars

Bradwell, Henry, Leek, Stafford, Silk Manufacturer. Aug 12 at ? Prescott. James, Southport, Lancaster, Provision Dealer. Aug 6 at at offices of Hacker and Allen, St Edward st, Leek 3 at offices of Barker and Clarke, London st, Southport

Bruyn, Charles

de, Bishopsgate st, Merchant. · Aug 12 at 2 at offices Read, George, Southampton, Licensed Victualler. Aug 5 at 12 at offices of Davis, Cheapside

of Watney and Ćo, Clement's lane, Lombard st

Bull, Albert Edward, Kelham, Nottingham, Innkeeper. Aug 18 && Richardson, Ebenezer Whitman, Manchester, Music Seller. Aug 5

3 at offices of Foottit, Market pl, Newark at 3 at the Falstaff Hotel, Market place, Manchester

Capes, Charles, East Harling, Norfolk, Draper. Aug 9 at 12 at offices Ridler, Richard Henry, Holme Lacy, Hereford, Farmer. Aug 4 at 10.15 at offices of Corner, High st, Hereford

Carter, William RobertBrettenham villas,

Edmonton, Horse Deals Rivers, Josiah Buddry, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Bookseller. Aug 9 Aug 4 at 4 at offices of Hanson, King st, Cheapside. Terry, Kiss

at 2 at offices of Scott, White House buildings, Pilgrim st, New. st, Cheapside

castle-upon-Tyne Roberts, Thomas, Kidderminster, Farmer.

Cliff, William, and Thomas Pilling, Manchester, Merchants. Amp Aug 5 at 11 at offices of 12'at 11 at the

Mitre Hotel, Cathedral yd, Manchester. Sale and Ivens and Morton, Bank buildings, Kidderminster

Co, Manchester Sandall, Tom, Belgrave, Leicester, Potato Merchant. Aug 11 at 3 Clift, John, and Samuel Clift, Rowley Regis, Stafford, Carl Dealers

at offices of Buckby, Millstone lane, Leicester Sandwell, Mary, Huddersfield, Grocer. Aug 6 at 11 at offices of

Aug 11 at 3 at offices of Shakespeare, Church st, Oldbury Bottomley, New st, Huddersfield

onway, William, Congleton, Chester, Coal Dealer. Aug 10 at 11 8$ Sandys, Stephen, Croscombe, Somerset, Schoolmaster. Aug 7 at 12

offices of Tennant and Co, Cheapside, Hanley at offices of Hobbs, Chamberlain st, Wells

Ely. Addison, Ely


Cross, John, Bilston, Stafford, Butcher. Aug 7 at 12 at ofllces of Renshaw, Elizabeth Ann, Hulme, Manchester, Common Brewer. Rudland, Queen st, Wolverhampton

Aug 12 at 3 at offices of Nuttall and Son, John Dalton st, ManDakin, David, Stourbridge, Worcester, Innkeeper. Aug 4 at 11 at

chester offices of Wall, High st, Stourbridge

Reynolds, Eliza, Greenwood rd, Dalston, Lodging-house Keeper. Dolman, Frederick William, Rugby, Warwick, Carver. Aug 11 at 3

Aug 10 at 3 at offices of Aird, Eastcheap at offices of Harris, Market pl, Rugby

Rhodes, Thomas Dawson, Rothwell, York, out of business. Aug 11

at 11 at offices of Tennant and Barret, Albion st, Leeds Egg, James, and George Hobbs, Lymington, Southampton, Builders

Richardson, Thomas, Windsor ter, Peckham, Grocer. Aug 3 at 2 at Aug 12 at 12 at offices of Coxwell, High st, Lymington

the Mitre Tavern, Mitre ct, Fleet st. Mandale, Mitre ct Else, George, Middleton-by-Youlgrave, Derby, Corn Miller. Aug 11

Robb, Benjamin, Birmingham, Beer Retailer. Aug 6 at 12 at offices at 3 at Bell Hotel, Sadler gate, Derby. Stone, Wirksworth

of Cottrell and Son, Temple row, Birmingham Emms, Frederick Bailey, Bristol, Grocer. Aug 9 at 2 at offices of

Robinson, Joseph George, Luton, Bedford, Carter. Aug 3 at 11 at Sibly, Exchange West, Bristol

Midland Hotel, Bedford. Ewen and Roberts, West Luton Erson, Edward George, Huddersfield, Physician Aug 11 at 3 at

Sandberg, Samuel. Langcliffe, York, Clerk in Holy Orders. Aug 9 offices of Learoyd and Co, Buxton rd, Huddersfield

at ll at offices of Harris and Hailstone, Market st chmbrs, Market Fielder, Edward, Milk st, East Indian Merchant. Aug 16 at 3 at st, Bradford offices of Crump, Budge row, Cannon st

Saunders, Josiah, Salisbury, Wilts, Painter. Aug 9 at 12 at offices Freme, James Herbert, South Audley st, Lieutenant-Colonel in Her of Nodder, City chmbrs, Salisbury

Majesty's Army. Aug 11 at 2 at offices of Saffrey and Co, Old Shaw, Sampson, jun, Stone, Stafford, Grocer. Aug 6 at 11 at Crown Jewry chambers. Robinson and Co, Lincoln's inn fields

Hotel, High st, Stone. Welch, Longton Gartside, Mary Ann, Blackpool, Lancaster, Hotel Keeper. Au Shillito, Francis, and George Livermore Shorland, Hulme, Lanat 12 at offices of Charnley and Fitch, Fox st, Preston

caster, Ironmongers. Aug 10 at 5 at Clarence Hotel, Piccadilly, German, Thomas, Bowness, Westmorland, Boot and Shoe Maker. Manchester. Farrington and Crofton, Manchester Aug 10 at 11 at offices of Dobson, Finkle st, Kendal

Shinkfield, William James, Willington Quay, Northumberland, of Gibney, Patrick, Wolverhampton, Carver. Aug 9 at 10.30 at offices no occupation, Aug 6 at 3 at offices of Newlands, King st, South of Rudland, Queen st, Wolverhampton

Shields Goodeve, Arthur, London st, Bootmaker. Aug 4 at 2 at offices of Shortland, John Ladbrook, Warrington, Lancaster, Builders. Aug Kirk, Mark-lane. Illerton, Jewry st

10 at 3 at offices of Davies and Co, Bewsey st, Warrington. Brook Gobby, Charles Edward, Leather lane, Holborn, Undertaker. Aug and Davies, Warrington 14 at 3 at offices of Angove, Serjeant's inn, Fleet st

Simmons, John Frederick, Salmons lane, Limehouse, Grocer. Aug Goodyear, William Henry, Camp Hill, near Birmingham, Boat 18 at 3 at offices of Waring, Borough High st, Southwark

Builder. Aug 9 at 3 at offices of Jaques, Temple row, Birming Simpson, Albert, Maidstone, Kent, Furniture Dealer. Aug 9 at 12 at ham

offices of Monckton and Co, Lincoln's inn fields Gould, Heber Day, Weston-super-Mare, Pork Butcher. Aug 12 at Simpson, William Henry, Rhos Llanerchrugog, Denbigh, Boot and 12 at offices of Chapman, Grove road, Weston-super-Mare

Shoe Maker. Aug 13 at 12 at offices of Sherratt, Regent st, WrexGray, William, Oldbury, Worcester, Coach Painter. Aug 10 at 11 at ham offices of Shakespeare, Church st, Oldbury

Smart, Henry, Amwell st, Pentonville, Grocer, Aug 16 at 3 at Greenwood, Thomas, Heywood, Lancaster, Bobbin Turner, Aug 11 offices of Walls and Co, Queen st at 3 at the Queen's Hotel, Market st, Bury. Watson, Bury

Speh, Adam, Brook st, Ratcliff, Baker. Aug 10 at 2 at offices of Groves, Richard, Worcester, Butcher. Aug 16 at 12 at offices of Brown, Basinghall st Corbett, Avenue House, the Cross, Worcester

Stanton, Henry Samuel, Rock Ferry, Chester, Chemist. Aug 9 at Hadley Shadrach, Rowlúy Regis, Stafford, Grocer. Aug 9 at 3 at 11 at offices of Francis, Hamilton sg, Birkenhead offices of Stokes and Harper, Priory st, Dudley

Srichia, Ignatius, Bristol, Licensed Victualler. Aug 4 at 12 at offices Hall, Clement, West Knoyle, Wilts, Farmer. Aug 5 at 2 at offices of of Essery, Guildhall, Broad st, Bristol Bell and Freame, Gillingham

Sweeting, William, North Cave, York, Innkeeper. Aug 6 at 11 at Hargreaves, John, Bingley, York, Mill Furnisher. Aug 9 at 2 at the offices of Sorby, Church hill, Selby Thorn Hotel, Burnley. Robinson and Robinson, Skipton

Swingler, John Thomas, Saddington, Leicester, Baker. Aug 11 at Harris, Edwin, Wilton rd, Pimlico, Job Master. Aug 5 at 2 at offices 12 at offices of Toller, Hotel st, Leicester. Buckby, Leicester of Emmott, Budge row, Cannon st

Taylor, Richard, Kirkby Stephen, Westmoreland, Cabinet Maker. Hasselman, Augustus, Wallace rd, Victoria park, out of business. Aug 12 at 1 at the Fountain Inn, Main st, Kirkby Stephen. Dob

Aug 11 at 3 at the Guildhall Coffee house, Gresham st. Wild and son, Kendal
Co, Ironmonger lane

Thomas, John, and John Nicholls, Ilfracombe, Devon, Carriage Haynes, Charles Edward, Lee, Kent, China Dealer. Aug 3 at 2 at Builders. Aug 13 at 12 at offices of Thorne, Castle st, Barnstaple offices of Radford and Frankland, Chancery lane

Usher, George, Bath, Boot Maker. Aug 6 at 3 at offices of Titley, Hurd, Thomas Oliver, Winchester, Baker. Aug 12 at 2 at offices of Orange grove, Bath Adams and Co, Jewry st, Winchester

Valentine, James, Stretford, Lancaster, Market Gardener. Aug 16 Jacobs, Augusta, Bristol, out of business. Aug 5 at 3 at offices of at 3 at offices of Farrar and Hall, Fountain st, Manchester Johnson and Co, Archhouse chmbrs, John st, Bristol

Waddington, William Walter, Stockton-on-Tees, Coal Agent. Aug James, William, Oldbury, Worcester, Painter. Aug 11 at 11 at offices

9 at 11 at offices of Thomas, Market Cross chambers, Stockton-onof Shakespeare, Church st, Oldbury

Tees Jones, William, Hackney rd, Brass Founder. Aug 10 at 3 at offices Wakeman, Benjamin, and Jonas Turner, Lower Easton, Gloucester, of Biggenden, Well st, Hackney

Brick Manufacturers. Aug 6 at 12 at offices of Murly and Co, old Julott, Emily, Stretford, nr Manchester, Householder. Aug 11 at 3 | Post Offlce chambers, Corn st, Bristol at offices of Simpson, Princess st, Manchester

Wallace, Andrew Mearns, Addison rd, Kensington, Broker, Aug 6 Keen, William, Norwood Junction, Surrey, Bicycle Manufacturer. at 3 at offices of Durant, Gnildhall chambers Aug 12 at 3 at the Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Tilling

| Wallwork, Roger, and James Alfred Dawson, Wigan Clothing Com. Lawson, William, Walton, nr Liverpool, out of business. Aug 11 at pany, Wigan, Aug 9 at 2.30 at the Trevelyan Hotel, Corporation 2 at offices of Davies, the Temple, Dale st, Liverpool

st, Manchester, Wood, Wigan Leak, Robert, Leeds, Grocer. Aug 11 at 3 at the Golden Lion Hotel, Williams, Gomer, Treorky, Glamorgan, Saddler. Aug 12 at 10 at Briggate, Leeds. Marsden and Co, Wakefield

offices of Morgan, Pontypridd Locking, Edward, Altrincham, Chester, Grocer. Aug 18 at 3 at Wilson, Arthur, Leeds, Clerk. Aug 9 at 3 at offices of Brooke, Bond offices of Diggles and Ogden, Booth st, Manchester

st, Leeds Mayhew, Edward Field, Nottingham, Clerk. Aug 10 at 12 at offices

of Webster, Brougham chambers, Wheeler gate, Nottingham Lucas, George, Werneth, Lancaster, Joiner. Aug 9 at 3 at offices of

Watson, Church lane, Oldham
Malvern, Charles, Birmingham, Grocer. Aug 6 at 10.30 at offices of

Anti-Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder.
Peet, Colmore row, Birmingham
Marriott, David, Oxford st, Dealer in Clocks. Aug 12 at 2 at offices

Guaranteed Pure Soluble Cocoa of the Finest Quality, with the of Orchard, John st, Bedford row

excess of fat extracted.

The Faculty pronounce it "the most nutritious, perfectly digestible Meyer, Albert John Henry, North Shields, Fish Salesman. Aus at 12 at offlces of Whitehorn, Camden st, North Shields

beverage fcr Breakfast, Luncheon, or Supper, and invaluable for Moloney, Jeremiah Daniel, Portsea, Army Contractor. Aug 6 at

Invalids and Children."

Highly commended by the entire Medical Press. 2.30 at offices of Edmonds and Co, Cheapside. King, Portsea

cing without sugar, spice, or other ad mixture, it suits all palates, Moorey, Henry, Isle of Wight, Surveyor. Aug 7 at 11 at offices of Beckingsale, Lugley st, Newport

keeps better in all climates, and is four times the strength of cocoas Morgan, John, Penarth, Glamorgan, Grocer. Aug 10 at 11 at offices


than such Mixtures. of Morgan and Scott, High st, Cardiff Murray, Edward, Sutton Cheney, Leicester, Travelling Draper.

Made instantaneously with boiling water, a teaspoonful to a Break

fast Cup, coating less than a halfpenny. Aug 10 at 11 at offices of Wright, Gallowtree gate

COCOATINA A LA VANILLE is the most delicate, digestible, cheapest Neal, George, Stockton-on-Tees, Innkeeper.Aug 10 at 11 at oflices of Thomas, Market cross chambers, Stockton

Vanilla Chocolate, and may be taken when richer chocolate is pro

h hited. Neal, Arthur Robert Augustus, Bishop Auckland, Durham, Grocer.

In tin packets at ls. 60., 38., 58. 6d., &c., by Chemists and Grocers, Aug 10 at 11 at offices of Proud, Market pl, Bishop Auckland Neale, George, Leconfield rd, Highbury New Park, Builder. Aug 9

Charities on Special Terms by the Sole Proprietors, at 3 at offices of Parkes, Queen Victoria st

H. SCHWEITZER & CO., 10, Adam-street, London, W.C. Nelson, Benjamin, High Wincobank, York, Builder. Aug 7 at 10.30

at offices of Webster and Styring, Hartshead, Sheffield Newman, Richard, St Mary's, Cornwall, retired Master Mariner. Aug 14 at 11 at offices of Trythall, Clarence st, Penzance

SURGEON DENTIST, Pennington, Joseph, Stockport, Chester, Earthenware Dealer. Aug 10 at 11 at offices of Brown and Ainsworth, St Peters Gate, Stock


(Opposite the British Museum), Pickering, Richard, Over Darwen, Lancaster, Contractor. Aug 9 at 2 at offices of Ainsworth and Co, Exchange st, Blackburn

Will be glad to orward his Pampblet on Painless Dentistry, free Pitchers, Henry, Totterdown, Bristol, Cattle Drover. Aug 5 at 12 at enclosed by post, which explains the most unique systeja of the adjustthe Terminus Auction Mart, near Bath Bridge, Bristol

ment of ARTIFICIAL TEETH without pain. Pool, Joseph, Billesdon, Leicester, Baker. Aug 9 at 12 at offices of Fowler and Co, Grey Friar chambers, Friar lane, Leicester,










The Town Council of the Borough of Birkenhead are prepared to BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT,

receive applications for the appointment to the office of Town Clerk, To His Wajesty, the Lord Chancellor, the Whole of the Judicial Bench and Clerk to the Urban Sanitary Authority. Corporation of London, &c.

Candidates for the appointment must be Solicitors of the Supreme

of Judicature ; and the gentleman appointed will be required SOLICITORS' AND REGISTRARS' GOWNS,

to devote the whole of his time to the duties of the office. BARRISTERS' AND QUEEN'S COUNSEL'S DITTO,

Salary £600 per annum.

Applications, stating age, date of admission, and previous er. CORPORATION ROBES UNIVERSITY & CLERGY GOWNS, &C perience, together with copies of testimonials, addressed to the Chair. ESTABLISHED 1689.

man of the Finance Committee, Municipal Offices, Birkenhead, to he

sent in indorsed “APPLICATION FOR Town CLERKSHIP," on or before 94. CHANCERY LANE, LONDON.

the 17th August next.

Municipal Offices, Birkenhead, 22nd July, 1880.

DARTNER WANTED -An Established Auctioneer

T in the City is desirous of obtaining & Partner with about £1,000 capital. One who has a good legal connection preferred.

Apply to A. B., care of Mr. Spencer, Post Office, New Wimbledon, This new Ink supplies the demand continually made but never before met, for a Red Ink which is uninjured by Steel or other

LAW.-WANTED, Situation by Advertiser, comMetallic Pens. Steel Pens left in this ink for months do not impair the beauty of its colour, ror are the Pens in the least corroded by it.

U petent to manage Bankruptcy and Common Law without The existing Red Inks rapidly destroy Steel Peps, and lose their red supervision, or entire practice with slight supervision. An Advocacy colour it used with other than Gold or Quill Peng. This new colour office preferred. Good references.-Address, W. B., 3, Granvik. is a very rich scarlet red of great beauty. The colour of this ink is terrace, Bean-street, Hull, not affected by use upon parchnient, and is consequently of great value to Solicitors and Draughtsmen.

TO SOLICITORS and BARRISTERS.-Messrs. Sold in stone bottles, retail at lg., 2s., 39: and Imperial Quarts of

1 WATERLOW BROS. & LAYTON will feel obliged for C 40 ounces at 6s. each. Also in glass bottles &t 6d. and 1s. each.

RECTIONS in Names, Addresses, or Appointments, in the Lists of SOLD BY ALL STATIONERS,

Barristers and London and Country Solicitors in their Legal Diarz.24, Birchin-lane, London, E.C.


one Guineas per annum for two or more brothers, in a High

class School, to fill vacancies.--Address Rev. HEADMASTER, care of 1 & 2, CHANCERY LANE, LONDON, E.C. Messrs. Smyth & Yerworth, 147, Holborn.

Law Copping and Engrossing. M R. T. BATEMAN NAPIER, Clifford's-inn Deeds and Writings engrossed and copied on the Premises, with

Prizeman, Winner of the Incorporated Law Society's only punctuality and dispatch, at the lowest scale of charges.

(the Scott) Scholarship for the year 1876, and Conveyancing Gol A good Discount allowed on agreed accounts.

Medallist, prepares Students, both privately and in class, for the

Preliminary, Intermediate, and Final. Students are also carefully LAW PRINTING.

prepared through the post. Forty-three pupils out of the last 13 STATEMENTS OF CLAIM AND DEFENCE, AFFIDAVITS, and sent up have been successful. Several gentlemen are now reading, other PLEADING, Printed at ls. per folio.

and the regular classes for November commence on Tuesday, the DEEDS, CONVEYANCES, MORTGAGES, &C., Printed in form 10th of August.--For terms, &c., apply, No. 1, Mitre-court-buildings, for Registration.

King's Bench-walk, Temple, E.C.
Discount allowed for cash on agreed accounts.

Just published, Fourth Edition, 880 pp., crown 8vo, price 10s.

PAXTER'S JUDICATURE ACTS and RULES, EVIDENCE, Lithographed at reduced prices.

1873 to 1880, containing all the Statutes, Rules (including those PLANS OF ESTATES, SPECIFICATIONS, BUILDING

of April and May, 1880), Forms, and Decisions to the present time. By SOCIETIES' DEEDS, LEASES, &c., Lithographed with accuracy

WYNNE E. BAXTER, Solicitor, Coroner for Sussex, and lace Caderand dispatch.

Sheriff of London and Middlesex. PARCHMENT AND LEGAL PAPERS.

London: BUTTERWORTHS, 7, Fleet-street, Her Majesty's Las Pablishers. Samples and Catalogues sent post-free.

DAVIS ON REGISTRATION-Second Edition with Supplement.

Just published, in 1 vol., post Svo., 15s., cloth.

A PARLIAMENTARY and MUNICIPAL: with a Supplenent Every requisite onder the above Acts supplied on tho shortest notice

comprising the Cases decided on Appeal on the Parliamentary and

Municipal Registration Act, 1878. Second Edition. By JAMES
The BOOKS ana FORMS kept in stock for immediate use EDWARD DAVIS, Esq., Barrister-at-Law.
MEMORANDA and ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION speedily printed *** The Supplement may be had separately, 2s. 64. sewed.
in the proper form for registration and distribution. SHARE CER London: BUTTERWORTHS, 7, Fleet-st., Her Majesty's law Publishers.
TIFICATES, DEBENTURES, &c., engraved and printed. OFFICIAL
SEALS designed and executed.

Just published, demy 8vo, price 28s.
Solicitors' Account Books.


and Inland. By H. J. W. COULSON, B.A., of the Inner

Temple, and URQUHART A. FORBES, of Lincoln's-inn (author of RICHARD FLINT & CO. | Temple, and IRRUHARTA FORBES; Of Lincoln's-inn (aathme up

London: H. SWEET, 3, Chancery-lane, Law Publisher. Stationers, Printers, Engravers, Registration Agents, &c., 49, FLEET-STREET, LONDON, E.C. (corner of Serjeants'

Just published, demy 8vo, price 31s., cloth. inn).

DOLLOCK'S PRACTICE of the COUNTY Annualand nther Returns Stamped and Filed.

COURTS, with the Decisions of the Superior Courts, ! VATES & ALEXANDER, General Printers, Lons

Tables of Fees and Costs; also an Appendix containing all the

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The Companies Acts, 1862 to 1879.

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Solicitors' Journal.



week from the 24th of May till the 25th of July, during which time their lordships decided twenty-two appeals, including five from Scotland and one from Ireland. It is noticeable that in only three cases has the decision of the court of first instance been restored. In South. Eastern Railway Company v. Smitherman the House reversed the decision of the Court of Appeal and held that the Queen's Bench Division had rightly directed a

new trial, on the ground that the question of contributory CONTENTS.

negligence had not been sufficiently left to the jury. In

the case of The Khedive the law lords concurred with CURRENT TOPICS:

Sir Robert Phillimore in holding that both ships were Certificates of Sale and Transfer

........ 755 The House of Lords......

...... 755

to blame for the collision, and in Ecclesiastical Commis. Dr. Tanner ..............

...... 755 sioners v. Rowe the judgment of Mr. Justice Mellor, Delay in Printing Acts of Parliament..

...... 755 Evidence of Judges.....

who had tried the case without a jury, was also restored

...... 756 Acknowledgments Given to Bankrupt Mortgagor ............ by the House, “Embracery”

..... 756 LEADERS: Admission of Assets by Executor ....

...... 757 The Report of the Comptroller in Bankruptcy....

757 AN AMERICAN CONTEMPORARY has been sorely exercised RECEXT DECISIONS .........

............ 758 with the question whether nothing can be done to put a REVIEWS .....


stop to Dr. Tanner's exhibition; and, after consideraNEW ORDERS, &c. ......

tion, has arrived at the conclusion that "there seems to CASES OF THE WEEK :

be no law against a man's making an ass of himself.” Leggott v. Barrett .. Queen, The, v. Sir Charles Reed ...

There is no doubt an insuperable obstacle to proceedings Republic of Costa Rica, The, v. Strousberg ... ......... 761 against the doctor on the ground of attempted suicide. Sundale Banking Company, Ex parte The.....

He does not want or intend to die, but to live, Harnett v. Vise ..., Frodsham v. Frodsham.......


and, as Wightman, J., told the jury in R. v. Doody (6 Bozward v. Stallard ......

762 Cox, 463), the question to be considered in such cases is Abbott, Ex parte .......

762 Greener, Ex parte...


whether the prisoner did in fact intend to take away his Emma Silver Mining Company v. Grant...

763 life. But we may suggest one way in which Dr. Tanner Christie v. Sanaberg

might possibly be visited for his iniquities. The life and Savage, Re .....

......................... ........ 761 Griffiths, In re, Tate v. Rolls ......................


limbs of every citizen are under the safeguard and proDawson v. Clever .......

761 tection of the State, because they may be called on for Report of the Comptroller in Bankruptcy

765 the service of the State (see Co. Litt. 127b). “Hence," SOCIETIES .......


says Coke, “in my circuit, in anno 1 Jac. regis, COMPANIES.....

768 in the county of Leicester, one Wright, a young, strong, OBITUARY ....


and lustie rogue, to make himselfe impotent, thereby to


.......... 769 have the more colour to begge or be relieved without LEGISLATION OF THE WEEK ....

769 putting himself to any labour, caused his companion to LEGAL NEWS ...

770 LONDON GAZETTES, &c., &c. .........


strike off his left hand; and both were indicted, fined, and ransomed therefor, and that by the opinion

of the rest of the justices, for the cause aforesaid.” CASES REPORTED IN TAE WEEKLY REPORTER. Dr. Tanner has imperilled the life which belongs Capital and Counties Bank, The, v. Henty & Son (App.)........ 851

to the State ; could not both he and his abettors be inGreaves v. Tofield (App.)...

.. 810 dicted for that offence ? Lambkin v. The South-Eastern Railway Company (P. C.)...... 837 National Mercantile Bank, Ex parte (App.) ....

818 Piercy v. Young (App.) .....

815 Postlethwaite v. Freeland and another (H. L.)......

833 Turner v. Turner. Hall v. Turner (Ch. Div. V.

VERY SERIOUS COMPLAINTS have for many years been

859 Wagstaff v, Anderson (App.)

.. 856

made of the delay in printing Acts of Parliament. To take three instances of recent date, we may mention

that the Customs and Inland Revenre Act of last CURRENT TOPICS.

session, which materially altered the probate duties, was not obtainable until a considerable time had elapsed after the Royal assent, and that the County Bridges

Loans Extension Act, and the Union Assessment ComIT WILL BE OBSERVED that in the vacation notice which we print elsewhere it is provided that in the

mittee (Single Parishes) Act, which are stated in the case of certificates of sale and transfer brought in during

Parliamentary Record to have “received the Royal the Long Vacation, the certificates shall be left for ex

assent on the 19th of July last,” are not yet (August 3rd)

obtainable. We have no hesitation in saying that any amination at least one clear day previously. This

printer could turn out the work with equal accuracy appears, we believe, for the first time in the vacation

and within one-fifth part of the time at present notice, and it states the conditions on which such certificates will be signed. It will be remembered that

occupied, and we think that the profession and

the public are entitled to a full explanation of the under the Chancery Funds Amended Orders, 1874, rule

reasons for the delays complained of. An Act of 12, the registrars are not, without the special direction of

Parliament, it must be remembered, commences from a judge, to be required to issue certificates of sale and

the date of the Royal assent," where no other comtransfer during any vacation in their office. As, there. fore, the signing of these certificates is a matter of grace,

mencement shall be therein provided ” (see 33 Geo. 3, it will be necessary for practitioners to comply with the

c. 13, before the passing of which Acts of Parliament

commenced from the first day of the session in which requirements of the notice.

they were passed), and becomes law as soon as the day cummences (Tomlinson, Appellant, Bullock, Respondent,

L. R. 4 Q. B. D. 230). It is a truism to say that IT IS SATISFACTORY to find that the business of one modern statutes frequently bristle with penalties; and in tribunal, at least, has not been retarded by assizes or order to avoid some “great and manifest injustice” election petitions. The early date at which Whitsuntide similar to that (see Latless v. Holmes, 4 T. R. 660), to occurred this year enabled the House of Lords to sit remedy which the Act 33 Geo. 3, c. 13, was passed, it continuously for the hearing of appeals on four days a would seem desirable that a statute should be passed

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declaring that future statutes should not commence by a mortgagee to a mortgagor, who was, when the until a certain date after their passing. Or we might acknowledgment was given, å bankrupt, but whose perhaps fall back upon the humane precedent set (inter bankruptcy was afterwards annulled, sufficient to prealios) by the Act 33 Hen. 8, c. 9 (not yet repealed), “ for vent the operation of the Statutes of Limitation in maintaining of artillery and the debarring of unlawful barring the mortgagor's right to redeem? In Mark. games.” The 19th section of that statute, “to the wick v. Hardingham the facts were these :—The action intent that every person may have knowledge of this was commenced in 1877. The mortgagee had been in Act, and avoid the danger and penalties of the same,” possession of the property since 1845. The mortgagor enacts that “all mayors, sheriffs, &c., shall make open had been adjudicated a bankrupt in that year. The proclamation of this present Act in every market to be assignee in the bankruptcy treated the equity of holden within their several jurisdictions," and the 20th redemption of the mortgaged property as worthless, section provides that “the justices of gaol delivery, and took no steps to redeem. In 1865 some correassizes, and justices of the peace do cause the same to be spondence took place between the mortgagee and the proclaimed in their several circuits and sessious before bankrupt, which was relied on as an acknowledgment them holden, and that this statute shall begin to of the bankrupt's right to redeem. In 1877 the banktake effect concerning the penalties of the rupt obtained an order annulling his bankruptcy, and from the feast of St. John Baptist now next coming." then commenced the action. The court held that there had

been no sufficient acknowledgement, and dealt with the

matter in this way: When the letter was written, the IN THE COURSE of a trial for perjury at the Norwich plaintiff was, in point of law, a stranger to the Assises, a question was raised as to the admissibility of property: He had been mortgagor ; but if the the evidence of a judge. The counsel for the Crown called

estate of a mortgagor had become, by his own act, as a witness the chairman of the Court of Quarter Ses

or by the operation of law, vested in some one sions in which the alleged false evidence had been given, else, it would be an absurd and inadmissible conin order to prove, by his notes of the evidence, the exact

struction of the Statute of Limitations, to consider him words in which the prisoner's evidence had been given.

a mortgagor capable of receiving an acknowledgment of The witness objected to give evidence, and Mr. Baron

a title to redeem. A statement to A., or a communicaPollock said he thought the objection should be main

tion with A., from which it was to be inferred that B. tained on the ground of public policy, and suggested had a right to redeem was not an acknowledgment to that the perjury should be proved by some other witness,

B. Nor was it the more so because A. had, many a course which was followed by the prosecuting counsel. years previously, been the original mortgagor. Could it The learned Baron added that he had once himself been

then be considered as an acknowledgment made to the subpænaed under similar circumstances as a witness at bankrupt as agent of his assignee or of his estate? It the Central Criminal Court, when Mr. Russell Gurney,

was quite clear that the plaintiff did not correspond with the late Recorder of London, sanctioned his objec- the mortgagee in any such character or with any such tion to give evidence. The authorities upon this intention, or with any authority express or implied from question do not seem to be entirely consistent. `In Reg. his assignee. Was it possible to connect the correspond. v. Gazard (8 C. & P. 595) which was a case like that

ence between the plaintiff and the mortgagee with the recently tried at Norwich, Patteson, J., advised the former's subsequent acquisition by reverter of his estate grand jury not to examine the chairman of quarter through the annulling of the bankruptcy? Their lord. sessions before whom the alleged perjury had been ships were unable to find any legal principle on which committed, saying, “he is the president of a court

such a connection could be made. If the bankruptcy of record, and it would be dangerous to allow such

had not been annulled, could the assignee have used the an examination, as the judges of England might be correspondence to maintain, or could he otherwise hare called upon to state what occurred before them in court.” | maintained, a suit for redemption at the time when the On the other hand, in R. v. Harvey (8 Cox 99), | plaintiff commenced his action? Their lordships thought Byles, J., held, on a trial for perjury committed in a

that he clearly could not, and nothing would revert to county court, that the county court judge ought to bave

the plaintiff but what was in the assignee, and, therefore, been called to prove the perjury from his notes; and he

no right to redeem reverted. We do not venture to say held that tbe rule of exclusion did not extend to all

that the decision is wrong, but we ahould have thought that, judges of courts of record, but only to the judges of the

since it has been said that in order to make a person an superior courts, and he said that if he himself were to be agent to receive an acknowledgment it is not necessary subpænaed he should refuse to produce his notes. The

that he should have an actual authority to act (Trulock real criterion however appears to be this : that a judge is v. Roby, 12 Sim. 402), the ex-mortgagor might have been a competent witness as to collateral matters occurring in held to be agent for the person in whom his estate was, his presence, though not as to anything done by him in for the time being, vested. his judicial capacity. Thus, in R. v. Earl of Thanet (27 How. St. Tr. 845), Heath, J., was admitted to depose as to a riot in court during a trial before him at THE VERY UNUSUAL Event of proceedings for “emthe Maidstone Assizes. Early in the present year one of bracery seems likely to occur in respect of the strange the Masters of the Supreme Court, when summoned course taken by one of the grand jurors at the before a magistrate to give evidence in support of a last Rutland Assizes, who, it is alleged, obtained : charge of perjury, alleged to have been committed before panel of the petty jurors to be summoned, and called on him during a reference, objected to do so on the ground or wrote to them, warning them to take refreshments in of privilege, but he afterwards waived his objection, and their pockets, and telling them that he knew that a person Mr. Montagu Williams then stated that he had once who was to be prosecuted at the assizes was innocent. examined Mr. Justice Fry as a witness under exactly the He admitted that he had given the jurors the advice same circumstances. Mr. Justice Stephen in his “ Digest that they should "go straight and stick tight.” It is also of Evidence," seems to treat the whole question as un stated that he brought the witnesses to his house, where settled, for he observes (art. 111) that "it is doubtful he locked them up, refusing to let them go on until they whether a judge is compellable to testify as to any had promised, as he alleged, “ to tell the whole truth." thing which came to his knowledge in court as such The offence of embracery consists in “ judge.”

whatsoever to compel or influence, or instruct a jury, or any way to incline them to be more favourable to the

one side than the other, by money, promises, letters, AN ODD LITTLE POINT was settled by the Court of threats or persuasions, except only by the strength of Appeal on Tuesday last. Is an acknowledgment given the evidence and the arguments of the counsel in open

any attempt

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