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At the examination of applicants seeking admission as

solicitors, held on Monday the 27th, and Tuesday, the The undermentioned gentlemen were on Monday called 28th of October, 1879, the Court of Examiners decided to the bar :

that the undernamed candidates should be allowed the INNER TEMPLE.—John Yeates ; William John Martin,

examination, and their names were arranged in the follow. B.A., Camb.; Walter Ross Phillips, LL.B., Camb.,

ing order, viz.-No. 1, George L. Moore ; 2, Arnold J. Whewell Scholar, 1878, and holder of a studentship

Power; 3, Wm. H. Corker; 4, Arthur J. Blake; 5, Robert awarded Hilary Term, 1875; Henry Sheehy Keating, B.A.,

Dickie; 6, Alexander Ambrose ; 7, Phillip J. Downing; LL.B., Camb.; Robert Jardine Browning, B.A., Oxford ;

8, John P. Harris ; 9, Dennis J. Colgen; 10, Wm. P. John Fielden Cobbett; Thomas Mansfield Forbes Parkyns,

Creagh ; 11, Randall A. Howe; 12, Frederick Clifford ; 13, Oxford ; Austin Percy Lousada, B.A., Oxford ; William

Oniackc Mackay ; 14, James E. L. Stein; 15, Wm. Ward, Thornton Sharp, B.A., Oxford ; Barada dás Bose ; Edward

jun. Lovett Henn, M.A., Camb.; Henry Thomas Kemp, LL.B.,

The Court of Examiners have awarded a silver medal to B.A., Camb.; Evelyn Leighton Fanghawe, B.A., Oxford ;

Mr. George L. Moore, and special certificates to Messrs. John Lowis, B.A., Camb. ; Harold Edward Trower, B.A.,

Arnold J. Power, Wm. H. Corker, and Arthur J. Blake. Oxford; Fitzpatrick William Bulkley Praed, B.A., Camb.;

The Court of Examiners have resolved to recommend the George Cope Cope, B.A., Camb.; Walter Morgan de Saram,

council to award the Findlater Scholarship to Mr. Francis Oxford ; Arnold George Rogers, B.A., Camb. ; Henry Wace,

MacCarthy Conner.
M.A., Camb.; Frederick Lancelot Hamilton Morrice,
LL.B., Camb. ; Richard Foulkes Griffiths ; Christopher

Wm. Read, Esq. (president), then distributed the followAlexander Williams; Herbert Marlow Shelverton, London ;

ing prizes awarded to candidates at last Trinity Sittings, Johu Thomas Meeson, B.A., Melbourne ; Edward Ponsonby;

final examination, viz.--silver medals to Messrs. Michael J.

ward Ponsonby; | Farrelly and John D. Coates.-Irish Times.
Frederick Sims Williams, LL.B., Camb. ; William Chance,
B.A., Camb.; the Hon Lucius Murrough O'Brien, B.A.,
Camb.; Eldred John Brook-Smith, B.A., Camb. ; Ernest
Alma Sayers, B.A., Oxford ; Michael Cababé, Oxford ;
Nelson Moore Richardson, B.A., Camb.; and Frederick

Appointments, Etc.
William Head, Esqs.

MIDDLE TEMPLE.-Samuel Robert Groom; Cathbert Bainbridge Luke Tyerman, B.A., Cambridge; William

Mr. GEORGE CLEMENT BERTRAM, barrister, has been Knapman Willcocks, M.A., Oxford ; Mark

| appointed Advocate-General of the Island of Jersey, in

Knowles ; Frank Foster, B.A., Cambridge; William Atkinson

succession to Mr. John Nathaniel Westaway, deceased. Mr. Daniel, B.A., Cambridge; Reginald Cunningham Glen,

Bertram was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Trinity B.A., LL.B., Cambridge; Edgar Clement Dumbleton,

Term, 1865. B.A., Oxford; Frederick Taylor, LL.M., Cambridge ; Mr. THOMAS BURY, solicitor (of the firm of Acton & Arthur Robert Ingpen, University of London, holder Bary), of Wrexham, has been elected Town Clerk of that of a Middle Temple Sobolarship of one hundred guineas borough, in succession to Mr. John James, resigned. Mr. in equity, and of a scholarship of thirty guineas in Bury, obtained a certificate of merit at his examination, international and constitational law; Frederick George and was admitted in 1865. He is solicitor to the Wrexham Rucker, B.A., Oxford; Charles Lacey Smith, M.A., Gas Company, and to the Wrexham Market Hall Company, Cambridge (Classical Tripon, 1875) ; Robert Goddard ; | and clerk to the Bersham District School Board. Joseph Turner Hutchinson, M.A., Cambridge ; Edward Mr. HENRY CORBETT, solicitor, of Worcester and BromsWilliam Fithian ; Chester Jones, B.A., Cambridge ; Ed grove, has been appointed Under-Sheriff of the City and mund Robert Bartley Denniss, Oxford; Sidney Jerrold; County of the City of Worcester for the ensuing year. and Thomas Barrett Lennard, J.P., Esqs.

Mr. WILLIAM AMBROSE CLARKE, solicitor, of Chippenham, LINCOLN'S-INN.-Henry Shera, University of London ; William Henley Obater, M.A., Oxford ; Richard Burdon

Wilts, bas been elected Mayor of that borough for the ensu

ing year. Mr. Clarke was admitted a solicitor in 1865, and Haldane, University of London and M.A., Edinborgh ; Walter Sydney Sichel, B.A., Oxford ; Charles Frost

is in partnership with Messrs. West Awdry, & Frederick.

Awdry. Foster, M.A., Cambridge ; Algernon Barlow, B.A., Cam. bridge; Niobolas Algernon Mercer, B.A., Oxford; Robert

Mr. RICHARD FREDERICK DEMPSTER, solicitor (of the firm Cooper Seaton, M.A., Cambridge ; Robert M'Killiam

of Robinson & Dempster), of Eccleshall, has been appointed Routledge, University of Aberdeen ; Henry Towry Law,

| a Perpetual Commissioner for Staffordshire for taking the LL.B., Cambridge; Walter Charles Dare, B.A., Oxford;

Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women. Amyand John Hall, B.A., Oxford ; Arthur George Walker,

Mr. JACOBUS PETRUS DE WET, barrister, recorder of the and Arthur Clevedon Willis, Esqs.

High Court of Griqualand West, has been appointed to act GRAY'S-INN.-Alfred Dunham, Esq.

as Administrator of that colony. Mr. de Wet was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Trinity Term, 1863. He

was for some time Solicitor-General for the Cape Colony, and IRISH EXAMINATIONS.

he was appointed recorder of the High Court of Griqualand At the examination of applicants seeking to become ap.

West in 1878. prentices to solicitors, held on Thursday and Friday, the

Mr. WILLIAM Dunn, solicitor (of the firm of Dunn & 23rd and 24th of October last, the following were adjudged

Payne), of Frome and Wells, has been appointed by the by the Court of Examiners to have passed said examination,

Earl of Cork, Lord Lieutenant of Somersetshire, to the and their names were arranged in the order of merit, viz. :

office of Clerk to the Lieutenancy for that county, in sucoes-No. 1, Patrick Boyle ; 2, Marcus Parcell ; 3, John F.

sion to the late Mr. Henry Messiter, of Frome. Mr. Dunn Barry ; 4, Thomas Flynn ; 5, John P. Murphy; 6, Michael

was admitted a solicitor in 1854, and is clerk of the peace J. Newport ; 7, John F. Williams; 8, Daniel Murray; 9,

for Somersetshire, and clerk to the Commissioners of ProAlbert E. Sixsmith ; 10, George J. Hoey ; 11, Ernest J.

perty Tax for the Frome Division of the county. Thornton ; 12, Thomas J. Flynn; 13, Alexander W. Mr. Joan EUSTACE GRUBBE, barrister, has been elected Dudgeon ; 14, Wm. Wrafter; 15, Arthur E. Vicars ; 16, Mayor of the Borough of Southwold for the ensuing year. William Murphy ; 17, Edward P. Doran ; 18, Frederick J. Mr. Grubbe is an M.A. of Pembroke College, Oxford, and Hall; 19, John H. Menton ; 20, James L. Sullivan.

was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Trinity Term, The first foar candidates on the "admitted "list, namely, 1 1841. He is a magistrate for Southwold and for the county Patrick Boyle, Marcus Parcell, John F. Barry, and Thomas Flynn, are to be permitted to compete for the society's Mr. JAMES SHEWARD GWILLIM, solicitor (of the firm o prize at next Michaelmas Sittings (1880) prize examination. Merrimans & Gwillim), of Marlborough, has been elected The other candidates on the list have been postpone d. Mayor of that borough for the ensuing year. Mr. Gwillim

With respect to the examination for the society's prize, was admitted a solicitor in 1840, and is in partnership with neither of the candidates answered sufficiently well to en- Mr. Robert William Merriman, town clerk of Marlborough title him to either prize, but the Court of Examiners will and clerk of the peace for Wiltshire, and Mr. Edward Baverrecommend the council to grant to Mr. Wm. M. Crowe a stock Merriman, clerk to the Marlborough Board of sum of £5.


of Suffolk.

Mr. CLAXTON WILLIAM HARLE, solicitor, of Newcastle W. AND J. GARFORTH, LIMITED.-By an order of Hall, V.C., dated Nor upon-Tyne, has been for the sixth time appointed Under

8, it was ordered that the above company be wound up. Rooke and

Son, Gt James st, Bedford rox, agents for Earle Sons, and Co, Man. Sheriff of the Town and County of the Town of Newcastle for chester, solicitors for the petitioner the ensuing year. Mr. Harle is the son of the late Mr.

[Gazette, Nov. 18.] William Lockey Harle, solicitor, and he was admitted a

UNLIMITED IN CHANCERY. solicitor in 1874.

MUTUAL SOCIETY.-By an order made by the M.R., dated Nov 8, it was

ordered that the above society be wound up. Linklater and 00, Mr. GEORGE HIRTZEL, solicitor and prootor, of Exeter

Walbrook, solicitors for the society and Okehampton, has been re-appointed Under-Sheriff of the

[Gazette, Nov. 18.]

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. City and County of the City of Exeter for the ensuing year. PRIORA HARDWICK FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Butchers' Arms, Priors Hard Mr. Hirtzel was admitted a solicitor in 1854.

wick, Warwick. Nov 12 Mr. R. J. PEAD, of No. 29, Parliament-street, has been

[Gazette, Nov. 18.] appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for taking the Acknowledgments of Married Women for the County of Middlesex and the Cities of London and Westminster.

Mr. Tom WALTER PEAKE, solicitor, of Woolwich, has Solicitors' Cases.
been elected Vestry Clerk of the Town and Parish of
Woolwich, in succession to Mr. William Farnfield, deceased.
Mr. Peake was admitted a solicitor in 1873.

HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE, Mr. RICHARD EDWARD TURNER, barrister, has been COMMON PLEAS DIVISION. elected a Bencher of the Inner Temple.


Nov. 15.-In the Mat'er of a Solicitor. has been appointed Attorney-General of the Bahamas. Mr. A rule nisi had been obtained by Mr. L. calling upon a Sheriff was called to the bar at the Middle Temple in

solicitor in London to answer the matters of an affidavit. Trinity Term, 1867, and has been Attorney-General of the Island of Grenada since 1872.

It appeared that Mr. L. had been placed on the list of con

tributories of a company which was being wound up. BeMr. ROBERT LOWE GRANT VASSALL, solicitor and notary lieving that he had been wrongly placed on the list, he put (of the firm of Vassall, Parr & Osborne), of Bristol, has been himself into communication with the solicitor in question. elected Sheriff of the City and County of the City of Bristol After an interval the solicitor informed him that he had for the ensuing year. Mr. Vassall was admitted a solicitor succeeded in effecting a compromise by which, if Mr. L. in 1852.

paid the official liquidator a sum of £50 and costs within a

week, he would be removed from the list of contributories. DISSOLUTIONS OF PARTNERSHIP.

Some discussion took place as to what the costs would ROBERT GEORGE SMITH and RICHARD WALL WALL,

amount to; bat finally Mr. L. forwarded the solicitor a solicitors, 5, New-ion, Strand (Smith & Wall.) November

bank note for the sum required. The money was not paid 8. (Gazette, November 14.)

to the official liquidator, however, and in the result calls WALTER MAYHEW and FRANK ADCOCK, solicitors, Wigan lodged his present complaint with the coort. The explana

amounting to £150 were made upon Mr. L., who at once (Mayhew & Adcock). October 31. (Business will be carried on by Walter Mayhew.) (Gazette, November 18.)

tion of the solicitor was that, in consequence of illness and the death of his wife, he was away from his office for several months, and unable therefore to personally attend to the matter which Mr. L. had placed in his hands. His manag

ing clerk dealt with it, and received the bank note without Companies.

apprising him of the fact and without applying it to the purpose for which it was intended. The managing clerk left

his service shortly afterwards, but he subsequently returned WINDING-UP NOTICES.

to the employment, and still continued there,

Massey supported the rule, and

Lush opposed it.
CYX CLOCE SLATE QUARRIES COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for wind After some discussion,
ing up, presented Nov 10, directed to be heard before the M.R. on

The Court said they were unable from the materials before Nov 29. Brooke, Lincoln's inn fields, agent for Turner and Allanson, Carnarvon, solicitors for the petitioners

them to discover whether the solicitor was cognizant at the LONDON MEAT IMPORTATION AND STORAGE COMPANY, LIMITED.-Peti time of what this managing clerk did. The matter had tion for winding up, presented Nov 12, directed to be heard before

assumed a grave aspect, and they felt bound to refer it to the V.C. Hall on Nov 28. Carr and Co, Rood lane, solicitors for the petitioner

master to inquire into and report upon to the court, the RADNDS IRON AND LIMESTONE QUARRIES, LIMITED.-Petition for wind master to ave the power of examining the solicitor, and ing up, presented Nov 13, directed to be heard before the M.R. on directing him to produce the managing clerk in order that he Nov 22. Van Sanday and Cumming, King st, Cheapside, solicitors for the petitioner

might undergo the same ordeal.

[Gazetle, Nov. 14.) ANGLO-Fawxca CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY, LIMITED.-By an order made

by Bowen, J, dated Oct 15, it was ordered that the society be wound

up. Rawlins, Poultry chambers, solicitor for the petitioner. INDESTEY COTTON SPINNING COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made by

Creditors' Claims. V.C. Malins, dated Nos 7, it was ordered that the company be wonnd

up. Clarke and Co, Lincoln's inn fields, solicitors for the petitioner LAND MORTGAGE OF ENGLAND ASSOCIATION, LIMITED.-V.C. Malins hay, by an order dated March 22, appointed George Sims, Aldersgate

CREDITORS UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY st, and William Standing, Queen Victoria st, to be official liquidators.

LAST DAY OF PROOF. Creditors are required, on or before Dec 17, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts and claims, to the above. ANDERSON, WILLIAM, Canonbury pk sq, Gent. Dec 6. Fowler v. Sat. Jan 10, at 12, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts chell, M.R. Chapple. Queen st and claims

BALEY, JOIN, Loddon, Norfolk, Gent. Dec 4. Barley v. Lamb, M.R. LONDON AND SUBURBAN CO-OPERATIVE MEAT SUPPLY ASSOCIATION, Copeman, Loddon LIMITED.-By an order made by the M.R., dated Nov 8, it was BENTLEY, THOMAS, Cleckheaton, York, Drysalter. Dec 4.' Bentley v. ordered that the association be wound up. Munns and Longden, Bentley, M.R. Sykes, Huddersfield Old Jewry, solicitors for the petitioner

BRIGHAM, JOHN, Shipton, York, Farmer. Dec 6. Brigham v. Brigham, MORA PLANTATION COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made by V.C. M.R. Sargent. Pocklington Hall, dated Nov 7, it was ordered that the company be wound up. BULL, CHARLES, Little Duomow, Essex, Farmer. Dec 11.

Bull v. Maples, Teesdale, and Co., Frederick’s-place, solicitors for the Buli, V.C. Malins. Knocker, Great Dunmo v

Jan 1. petitioners.

BURBIDGE, THOMAS, Barton-in-the-Clay, Beds, Farmer. NEW CITY CLUB COMPANY LIMITED.--By an order made by the M.R., Valentine v. Burbidge, V.C. Hall. Bailey, Luton

dated Nov 8, it was ordered that the voquetary winding up of the BURNYEAT, JOHN, Whitehaven, Butcher. Jan 1. Burnyeat v. Troabove company be continued. Glynes, Son, and Church, Mark lane, hear, V.C. Hall, Roberts, Verulam buildings, Gray's inn solicitors for the petitioners

CARTER, THOMAS MARK, Harrogate, Colliery Proprietor.

Jan 14. STANEFIELD PRINTING COMPANY LIMITED.-By a order made by - Carter v. Carter, V.C. Hall. Carter, Pontefract

V.C. Bacon, dated Nov 8, it was ordered that the voluntary winding DUXBERRY, ELIZABETH, Baildon Mooreide, York. Dec 4. Rennard v.. op of the above company be continued. Milne, Riddle, and Mellor, Duxberry, M.R. Sbarman, Wellingborough Harcourt buildings, Temple, agents for Slater, Heelis, and Co, Man. GRAYBURN, RICHARD JAMES, Holderness, York, Farmer. Dec ll. chester, solicitors for the petitioner

Connell v. Grayburn, M.R.' Rollit, Kingston-upon-Hull

HOLT, Amos, East Ardsley, nr Wakefild, Manufacturer. Dec 5: BAKER, FRANKLIN, Bolton-le-Moors, M.A. Dec 6. Baker, Birming. Ambler v. Holt, V.C. Hall. Spencer, Bradford

ham JONES, EDWARD, Flint, Yeoman. Dec 1. Matthews V. Jones, V.C. BARLOW, EDMUND, Essex st, Strand, Esq. Dec 13. Bowlings and Co, Hall. Haycock and Bridgman, College bill

Essex st, Strand LANOLEY, JOHN, Oaken, Stafford, Hardware Merchant. Jan 28. BARNETT, MARY, Marylebone rd. Dec 15. Western and Sons, Essex Stevens v. Morson, V.C. Hall. Dent, Wolverhampton

8t, Strand MOORE, GEORGE, Bishop Accklund, Wine 'Merchant. Dec 5. Watson BUCHBY, ELIZA SARAI, South Eaton pl. Dec 15. Western and Sons, v. Thompson, V.C. Baeon. Proud, Bishop Auckland

Essex st, Strand OSBORNE, JAMES MARTYN, Padstow, Cornwall, Master Mariner. Dec CAWKWELL, WILLIAM OXENFORTH, Devonshire pl, Kennington Oval, 1. Osborne v. Osborne, Fry, J. Collins, St. Colamb

Gent. Dec 8. Cook, Mark lane
OVERTON, BENJAMIN, Great Swan alley, Moorgate st, Licensed DAVIDSON, Mary, North Shields, Licensed Victualler. Dec 20. Dale,

Victualler. Dec I. Overton v. Stoltenhoir, v.o. Malins. Heale, St North Shields
Mildred's ct, Poultry

DALTON, CHARLES, Lowestoft, Esq. Jan 1. Reeve, Lowestoft POWELL, JOHN EDWARD, South Bersted, Essex, Gent. Dec 10. Holmes DAY, WALLACE "TARVER, Wigmore st, Portman sq, Saddler. Dec 3. v. Powell, V.C. Hall. Gill, Ludgate hill

Cordwell, Moorgate st PYBUS, ANNE, Middleton Tyas, York. Dec 1. Davison v. Horne, | Drury, JOAN, Dawley, Salop, of no occupation. Dec 25. Harries, V.C. Hall. Terrell, Lombard st

Dawley WAITTY, Thomas, Aberdare, Agent. Dec 10. Evans y. Evans, V.C. EDWARDS, ROBERT, Blenheim rd, Upper Holloway, Builder. Dec 10. Hall, Linton and Kenshole, Aberdare

Tompkins, York pl, Portman sq WITHECOMB, THOMAS, Lee Green, Kent, Gent. Dec 10. Williams v.

FELLOWS, JAMES, Old Quebec st, Hyde Park, E:q. Dec 31. Sedgwick Withecomb, V.C. Hall. Clabon, Great George st, Westminster

and Turner, Watford WOOD, Joan, Ankerton, Stafford, Farmer. Dec 6. Wood v. Wood, FLETCHER, HENRY CHARLES, Kenward Yalding, Kent, Colonel in HM's Fry, J. Blakiston, Stafford

Army. Dec 4. Parkin and Co, New sq, Lincoln's-inn [Gazette, Nov. 11.) FLOOD, SARAH, Davidstow, Cornwall. Dec 31, Bray and Peter, Hols

worthy CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25. FOWLER, JOIN, Willenhall, Stafford, Farmer. Dec 15. Hawksford

and Owen, Wolverhampton LAST DAY OF CLAIM.

FOWLER, WILLIAM, Castleford, York, Oil Miller. Dec 27. Phillips, ASHMORE, JANE, Walston, Warwick. Dec 1. Browatt, Coventry

Castleford BOOTY, EDWARD, Brighton, Professor of Drawing. Dec 3. Nye, Brigh GBAHAM, ROBERT FOLLER, Newbury, Berks, Solicitor. Jan 20. Robinton

son, Mitre et chambers, Temple BROWN, DANIEL, Hindley, Lancaster, Provision Dealer. Dec 31. GWYNNE, EDWARD, Hastings. Dec 17. Aitkens and Hewitt, Rowbottom, Wigan

Hastings BROWN, JOHN, Norwich, Carpenter. Dec 1. Miller and Co, Nor HALDER, ANN, Cloughton, York. Dec 17. Moody and Co, Scarwich

borough BUTLER, ELIZABETH, Rectory p!, Woolwich, Dec 31. Fielder and HABRIES, THOMAS, Cruckton Hall, Salop, Licut-Colonel. Dec 31. Sumner, Godliman st, Doctors' commons

Brooks and Co, Godliman st. Doctors'-commons QARINGTON, Right Hon. Baroness Dowager CHARLOTTE AUGUSTA HARRISON, JOHN, Castleford, York, Retired Mariner. Dec 27. Phillips.

ANNABELLA, Berkeley sq. Dec 1. Freshfields and Williams, Bank Castleford bidge

HATCAER, WILLIAM HENRY, York rd, Battersea, Gent. Dec I. Withall, COOPER, JOSEPH, Lewes, Sussex, Ironmonger. Dec 30. Hillman, Threadneedle st Lowes

HERVEY, WILLIAM LAMPLUGH, Cockermouth, Cumberland, Esq. Dec 15. Dox, Rev FREDERICK, Alexandra-rd, Kilburn Park, Clerk. Dec 10. Parkers, Bedford-row Tindal and Baynes, Aylesbury

HOUGHT, LEONARD, Moor Town, York, Gent. Dec 6. Bainton, BeverDAVIES, FRANCIS KNOWLES, Brompton sq. Dec 8. Harrisons, Fowkes ley bldges, Gt Tower st

MINGAYB, Rev. GEORGE, Bury St Edmunds, Clerk in Holy Orders. DICKEN, R9v. ALLDERSEY, Bournemouth. Dec 15. Merediths and Co Dec 20. Wodehouse, Bury St Edmunds New sq, Lineoln's-inn

PARKINSON, GEORGE, Doncaster, Corn and Flour Miller. Dec 19. ParELNOR, RICHARD, Alfreton, Derby, Gent. Dec 16. Burton and Co, kin and Oo, Doncaster Nottingham

PARSON, JAMES, Castleford, York, Glass Founder. Dec 27. Phillips, FARNFIELD, WILLIAM, Old Charlton, Kent, Solicitor. Dec 20. Farn Castleford feld, Lower Thames st

Perry, WILLIAM, Harley st, Bow. Dec 19. Munng and Loogden, TOWELL, RICHARD, Gnrsall Heath, Stafford, Brickmaker. Dec 4. Old Jewry Fisher and Hodges, Newport

PURNBLL, WILLIAM, Bath, Gent. Jan 3. Gwynn and Co, Bristol GREENSMITH, HENRY, Nottingham, Victoaller. Dec 16. Burton and RADCLIFFE, CAROLINE FRANCES, Haverstock-hill. Jan 1. Smith, Co, Nottingham

Staple-ion HAWORTH, EDMUND, Churchdale, Derby, Esq. Dec 16. Earle and Co, SAGE, LUCEY, Blue Anchor-lane, Bermondsey. Nov 30. Chapman, Manchester

London wall HAWORTH, WILLIAM, Walmersley-cum-Shuttleworth, Lancaster, | TAYLOR, ALFRED, Oldbury, Worcester, Farmer. Dec 26. Wood and Farmer. Dec 1. Grondy and Co, Bury

Son, Birmingham HOARE, GERTRUDE, Cheltenham. Dec 31. Wheeler, Cheltenham WADDELOW, MARIANNE, White Hayes, Chilcompton, Somerset. Nov 29. HOLMES, JASPER: CLEMENT, St. Paul's rd, Camden Town, Esq. Doc Read, Mildenball 1. Lydall, Southampton bldgs, Chancery lane

WALKER, SARAH, Liverpool, White Cooper. Dec 31. Field and HOUGHTON, ANNE, Lyon, Chester, Dec 1. Ridgway and Worsley, Weightman, Liverpool Warrington

WISE, Joan, Melbourne, Victoria, Esq. Dec 1. Preston, Lincoln'sHOUGHTON, JOHN, Lymm, Chester, Provision Dealer. Dec 1. Ridge ian-fields way and Worsley, Warrington

(Gazette, Nov. 7.] JONES, RICHARD, Arbford, of no occupation. Dec 15. Stileman and

Neate, Southampton st, Bloomsbury sq

Emanuel and Simmonds, Finsbury-circus
MacCarthy, TIMOTHY, Russell et, Bermondsey. Nov 30. Chapman,

Mason, ELIZABETH, Abergavenry. Nov 29. Gabb and Walford
Abergav nny

SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE. Mayson, WILLIAM, Blackburn, Innkeeper. Nov 30. Polding, Black

Rota of REGISTRARS IN ATTENDANCE ON burn MIDGLEY, James, King st, Camden Town, Licensed Victualler. Dec 1.



V.C. MALIXS. Lovett and Co, King Wiliam st


Rolls. PACKER, WILLIAM, Saint Lawrence, Kent, Carrier. Dec 24. Daniel,

Monday, Nov. 24Mr. Farrer Mr. Ward Ramsgate

Mr. Latham PICKERING, WILLIAM, Patricroft, Lancaster, Gent. Dec 5. Gaunt Tuesday 25 Teesdale Pemberton Leach and Grainger, Manchester

Wednesday... 26 Farrer


Latham POPPLETON, RICHARD, Almondbury, nr Huddersfield, Butcher. Dec 12.

Thursday 27 Teesdale Pemberton Leach Dransfield, Huddersfi -ld



Latham RICHARDS, THOMAS, Maindee, Monmouth, Builder. Dec 15. Gibbs

Saturday. 29 Teesdale Pemberton and Llewellyn, Newport

Leach RIDGWAY, JAMES, Weaste, Lancaster, Gent. Dec 31. Heywood and

Mr. Justice Sop, Manchester

V. C. Bacon. V. C. HALL.

FRY. ROWAN, Sir WILLIAM, Bath, a Field-Marshal in H.M.'s Army. Dec 23. Monday, Nov. 24Mr. Koe Mr. Merivale Mr. Cobby Gill and Bush, Bath

Tuesday 25 Clowes King

Jackson SHAPLAND, MARY, Worcester. Dec 31. Guscotte and Co, Essex st,

Wednesday.... 26

Koe Strand

Merivale Cobby Shaw, JOSEPH, Kimberley, Nottingham, Farmer. Dec 16. Burton and Thursday 27 Clowes King Jackson Co, Nottingbam


Merivalo Cobby TAYLOR, WILLIAM BAXTER, South Auston, York, Veterinary Surgeon. Saturday.....

29 Clowes King

Dec 1. Binney and C.), Sheffield
Vivian, The Hon. JOHN (RANCU WALKER, Richmond, Captain in

HM's 11th Hussars. Dec 20. Stibbard and Co, Leadenhall st
WEST, LOUISA, Worthing, Sussex. Jan 1. Chamberlain, Basing-


MIDDLESEX.-MICHAELMAS SITTING, 1879. WHITE, GEORGE, Brighton, Coachbuilder. Nov 13. Dempster, Brigh. ton

LIST OF ACTIONS FOR TRIAL. WOOLDRIDGE, EDWARD, Patcham, Sussex, M.D. Dec 13. Woods and

(Continued from page 55.) Dempster, Brighton

[Gazette, Nov 4.)

C P 290 Gunter (JL Tomlin) v White (Truefitt and G)

QB 291 Godbold (Willonghby and W) v Sellar (J Barrett) ANGLE, Thomas Rouse, Fulham, Gent. Feb 1. Allen and Son, Car. à B 292 Herberte, by next Friend (JR Macarthur) v Mosen tha isle st, Sohv eg

(Hollams, Son and C)

Court Papers.

....... 28


Ex 233 Arnold (B Hallett) v Randolph and anr (s Spofforth ; L A

Wenn) Ex 294 Kimber (In Person) v Hinds (G J Jennings) QB 295 Binko (CJ Davis) v Crane and Co (H H Wells) Èx 296 Parker (York and B) v Broughton (Nutt and Co) Ex 297 Wright (C Butcher) v Cotton and anr (Dodd and L) Ex 298 Cleveland Slag Working Co (Randall and A) v Young (T

Blair) CP 299 Ashdown, Trustee (GH Finch) v Ingamells (W Justice) Ex 300 Clark (Deane, C and Co) v Royal Aquarium Society

(Richardson and S) CP 301 Lett (L GW Godden) v Hambidge and ors (Thompson and

D) Ex 302 Hedges (Stones, M and S) v The Improved Industrial

Dwellings Co (Merriman, P and M) SJ QB 303 Carroll and anr (W H Hughes) Whetham and ors (Carr, B,

D and M) CP 304 Brett and anr (W H Nicholls) v Clowser (Berkeley and C)

SJ Q B 305 Schumacher and ors (Druce, Sons and J) Martin (Hollams,

Sons and C) QB 306 Climpson (T H Steward) v Attenborough (GH K and G H

Fisher) QB 307 Roche (Armstrong and L) v Collingridge (T Micklem) SJ QB 308 Wells (Lurnley and L) v Samuel (G Clarke) QB 309 Cox (Combe and W) v London and South-Western Ry Co

(VH Hall) SJ Q B 310 Green (Willoughby and W) v Beck (

CA Wright) SJ O B 311 Bernstein (M Webb and Son) v Copeland (Clarkson and

Co) QB 312 Symondson (Courtenay and Co) v Ferguson (Miller and

Son) Es 313 Jarvis and anr (F G Gorton) v Fernybrough (Robinson

and R) OP 314 Patterson (Howard and Co) v Ridley (Marriott and J) CP 315 Williams (Farnfields) v General Steam Navigation Co (W

Batham) SJ CP 316 Ellis and anr (F W and H Hilbery) v Same (Same) SJ Chy 317 Allan (A F and R W Tweedie) v Leckie and ors (Duncan,

W and G) CP 318 Lindsay (G H Finch) v Pope (W Stollard) CP 319 Potter (Speechley, Mand (o) v Neil (Greenhill and B) CP 320 Young (Paterson, Sons and G) v Smith (Ingle, C and H) QB 321 Hall (Johnson, U, B and A) v Kelly (B J Abbott) Ex 322 Barber (A Haynes and Sons) v Hampton (Dixon, W and L) QB 323 Bradshaw (Longcroft and M) v Wright and Co (W

Fraser) Ex 334 McMullen (Whateley, M and W) v London, Chatham, and

Dover Ry Co (J White) SJ Ex 325 Dickinson and ors (Foss and Legg) v Brown (W Beck) Ex 326 Runtz (J S Rubenstein) v Reeve (In Person) without jury Ex 327 Harris (L Barnett) v Doherty and anr (J Davis) Q B 329 Knife and anr (F T Dubois) v Cooper (Aldridge and Co) Q B 329 Hemsley and ors (TR Tindale) v All Souls' College, Oxford

(Hayes, T & Co) SJ Q B 330 Chaplin (Greenhill and B) v Oliver (Rose, Innes and Sons) CP 331 Gould (Hadden, W and Co) v Rickards (W T Boydell) CP 332 Vosper (A Vosper) v Rees (Venn and W) Ex 333 Hopkins (Palmer, B and F) v Wilson (J Richardson) QB 331 Phillips (Ġ Palmer) v Carpenter (J M Green) QB 335 Mackenzie (Palmer, E and N) v Bird (Church, Sons and C) QB 336 Chipp (B H Van Tromp) v Boyce (Cheston and Sons) Ex 337 Lantieri (Taylor and J) v Ducci (Micklethwaite and Co) QB 338 Dupuy and anr (H Bentwich) v Brall and ors (B May) SJ O B 339 Humber (R Ballard) v North Staffordshire Ry Co (Bur.

chells) SJ
CP 340 Evans (Hughes and B) v James (Lewis and Son)
Ex 341 Dalton (Wright and P) v Foan (Arkcoll and Co)
QB 342 Townsend (À Haynes and sons) v Bickel (J D Gover)
Ex 343 Lawrence (C Horsley) v Pickett (W Reeve)
Ex 344 Pilditch (Helder, R and G) v Elliott (Brown and B)
CP 345 Johnston (Miller, S and B) v Thornton (Ingle, C and H)
CP 346 Sheather (B May) v Midland Ry Co (Beale, M, B and G)

CP 347 Taylor (O V Lewis) v Crawley and

anr (In Person) CP 318 Imperial Disct Co, lind (Same) v Reed (A J Miles) Ex 349 Powell and anr (Denton, H and F) v Ell and ors (G Walker;

Wheatly and Son) CP 350 Worssam (J Hayward) v Hollingworth and ors (W H Pod.

W B Harte) Q B 351 Clifton (Nash and F) v Macdonald and anr (R and E Bas

tard) Ex 352 Baughan (G M Cooke) v Dicker (H Smith) CP 553 Edlin (W Philp) v Great Western Ry Co (R R Nelson) Ex 354 Evans (Gregory and Co) v Jones (Clark, W, R and CO) SJ C P 355 Cain (Howard and Co) v Pullinger and ors (Morton and Co) CP 358 Reeve (CJ Mander) v Dunbar (Law, H and H) CP 357 Wentworth (Sare) v Same (Same) Ex 358 Reynolds (T Bordman) v N Metropolitan Co, limd (HO

Godfray) SJ CP 359 Taylor (M J Geoghegan) v Maunsell and anr (Baker, F

and W) QB 360 Edgson (J Webb) v London Tramways Co, Ilmd (HC

Godfray) SJ CP 361 Graves (Gash and Phillips) v Jordan (J Hayward) SJ Ex 362 Collins (Gregory, R and Co) v Old (Rhodes and Son) CP 363 Stavley (Wilkinson and Son) v Cockerham (Sharpe, Parker

and Co) QB 364 Reeve (Kingsford, D and K) v Vidler and ors (Lovell, Son

and P) Q B 365 Pepperell (J R Tindale) v Marquis of Townshend (WA

Day) SJ
Q B 366 Binney (Kay and Jones) v Barnes and ors (Trollope and

W; À Scaife)
QB 367 Same (Same) v Box and ors (Trollope and W)
CP 368 Pogson (H A Lovett) y Hurst (J Hicks)
CP 369 Langridge and Sons (S Price) v Edwards (J Welman)
OP 370 Catling (Howard and Co) v Ball (T J Pullen)

CP 371 Same (Same) v Bridge and anr (Same)
Ex 372 Frost (Routh, S and C) v Rutter (Berkeley and C) SJ
Ex 373 Bryant (R Hewlett) v Wilson (Maples, T and Co)
Q B 374 Griffin (JO E Weigell) v Keates and ors (Hillearys and T)
Q B 375 Mellin (8 8 Seal) v Pedley (J Pedley)
Ex 376 Baynes (Clarke, W and R) v Russell (C A Swaine):
Ex 377 Luker (J A Redhead) v Hilder and anr (Bolton, R and B)

CP 378 Crook (F O James) v Clark and Son (GS Warmington)
Ex 379 Steed (T Bordman) v Cooper (E W Parkes)
Q B 380 King and Co (Eardley, H and R) v Langton (In Person)

CP 381 Finlay (F L Soames) v Rogers (J Rae) SJ
Chy382 Sharp and anr (Pittman and S) v Tattam (Barnes and B)
Ex 383 Page (T R Apps) v Brewis Bros (F Brooke)
Ex 384 Aldridge (

GM Cooke) v Great Northern Ry Co (Nelson, B
and N) SJ
Ex 385 Burridge (Sandom, K and K) v Rymill (Keene and M)
Ex 386 Capital and Counties Bank (Rooks and Co) v Jenkins (CM

Stretton) CP 387 Algate and Wife (J Hayward) v London Gen Omnibus Co

(Stevens and H) Ex 388 Farnan (Hillearys and T) v Farnan and Sons (Hoppe and

B) Q B 389 Bunting and anr (Kingsford and Co) v Pye (Goody and S) OP 390 Hancock and Co (W Pilcher) v Fitzgerald (Tidy and T) Ex 391 Robinson (R Davies) v Tillbrook (Lumley and L) Ex 392 Davis (In Person) v Jacobs (J N Keighley) SJ Q B 393 Filmer, Bart, and ors (Simpson, H and Co) v Williams

(Chester and Co) SJ Ex 394 Cochrane (JI Irving) v Rnntz (S J Debenham) Ex 395 Hall (J W Proudfoot) v Cole (Dixon, Ward and Co) CP 396 Foster and anr (J C Button and Co) v Gowlland Bros (May,

S and Co) Ex 397 Powsland (J W Proudfoot) v Irons and anr (J B Fenton ;

HH Wells): Ex 398 Philpot (Deane, C and Co) v Woodhams and anr (P Wilk,

inson; WA Haward) OP 399 Birkett (C Harris) v Magniac and ors (T W Nelson) CP400 Bachelor (N White) v Agate (Carritt and Sons), Q B 401 Bowler and ors (Kingsford and Co) v Radcliff and anr

(Church, Son and Co) Q B 402 Pearse (Boxall and B) v Syer (TC Russell) CP 403 Parsons (Meredith & Co.) v Evans (Glare and Son) CP 104 smith (GE Carpenter) v East and anr (GC Sherrard) CP 405 English, trustee, &c (R Davies) v Westby (8 Mayhew) Ex 406 Wilson (J Proffit) v Rust (E Woodward) Ex 407 Barras (A W Surtees) v Chandler (Wood, L and B) OP 408 Fox (G Blagden) v Willison (W Tanner) C P 409 Walton (Leathes and M) v Harrison (W Rawlins) SJ Ex 410 Sutton (Armstrong and L) v Great Northern Ry Co (Nel

son, B and Co) SJ CP 411 Reynolds and Wife (Wild, B and W) v London and North

Western Ry Co (R È Roberts) SJ CP 412 Guidi and Co (Purkis and P) v Corazza (Fladgate, S and E) CP 413 Gill (T Sampson) v Scholey (CJ Holmes) Q B 414 Edgington and ors (Grieg and M) v Miller and anr (Carey,

Wand De P) Ex 415 Davies (W T Child) v The Midland Ry Co (Beale, M, B and

G) SJ QB 416 Wadsworth (T D Dutton) v Lawrence (Micklethwait and

Co) Q B 417 The Capital and Counties Bank (Bradby) v Beal (Beale

and De Soyres) Q B 418 Larden (G T Powell) v Donnithorne (Wild and N) Èx 419 Teevan (Shaen, Roscoe and Co) v Hutton (Pritchard, E

and Co) Ex 420 Burton (Chester ,M, H and B) v Cartwright (CH Sadler) Q B 421 Retzke (Fielder and S) v Veit (T C Rupel). Q B 422 Gordon (Elmslie, F and S) v Tempest (Cole and T). 0 B 423 Powell (G Brown and Sons) v Edwards (R H Harris) with.

out jury Q B 424 Wilson (H Sydney) v Blundell

(T Beard and Sons) Ex 425 Claremont (Perkins and W) v Welch (S Price) Q B 426 Meadows (W J Fraser) v Houghton (Gregory and Co) EX 427 London and Westminster Loan and Discount Co, limd (GJ

and P Vanderpump) v Wackett (In Person) Ex 428 Inkpen (Same) v Deason and Sons (Hilleary and T) Q B 429 Francis (J Crowdy and Son) v Hamsher (Poole and H) SJ CP 430 Gray (R Helsham) v Le Marchant (Bolton, R and B) CP 431 Friend and anr.(Lucas and Coe) v Courtoys (Walter, Jarvis

and T) Ex 432 Harlow (W Hicks) v Beeson and anr (W Royle) Q B 433 Toope (H M Pike) v Oswald (Layton and T) SJ ČP 434 Cribb (J L G Powell) v Gibbs and Flew (Jennings and B) Q B 435 Boundy (Philbrick'and C) v Barton (Harper, B and B) Ex 436 Smith (GBB Norman) v Coleman (O M Roche) QB 437 Tippins (G Crafter) v Budden (Stollard and W) Ex 438 Lumb (Bower and C) v Hirst (Torr and Co) Q B 439 Horry and anr (G Thompson) v Harris (Crowther and Co) Ex 440 Bowden (TW Payne) v National Mercantile Bank, limd,

and ors (J I Irving) Q B 441 Hill (F G Gorton) v Lebean (J J Merriman) OP 442 Goode and anr (Á W May) v Lumley (Markby, W and B) Ex 443 Philps (Randall and A) v Whyte (Kingsford, D and Co) Ex 444 Garner (C Thorpe) v Purcell and Wife (J Goren; wa

Person) Q B 445 Whiteley (C M Roche) v Howitt and ors (Micklethwait and

Co) CP 446 Taylor (Crook and S) v North Metropolitan Tramway Co

(H C Godfray) Ex 447 Parkes (T W Goldring) v London and St Katherine Docks

Co (W M Lacon)
Ex 448 Russell (CJ Scott) v Gurrin (W A Downing)
CP 449 British Mutual Investment Co, limd (Barnard and Co) v

Wallancke (Paterson, Sons and G)
Ex 450 Morgan (E W Owles) v Dean (Benham and T) SJ
Q B 451 Winny (G Brown and Sons) v Boyd (E H Parnell)



CP 452 Gwyn, trading, &c (Bell, Greenfield and A) v McKelvey

Baitrupu. (Mitklethwait and Co)

FRIDAY, Nov. 14, 1879.
CP 453 Fletcher and anr (H R Silvestor and Co) v Oakes (Chap-

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.
T and P)

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. Ex 454 Raw and anr (Ć W Doda) v Crutchlow and ors (FR Smith)

To Surrender in London. Chy 455 Sheffield (W Eley) v Carter (Saunders, H and Co)

Chamberlain, W New rd, Whitechapel, Bootmaker. Pet Nov 10. QB 456 Sparke (Lewis and Lewis) v Peacock and anr (H P Cobb)

Murray. Nov 28 at 12

Channing, Thomas Edward Irish, Asbbarton Grove, Hornsey road, Q B 457 Cooper and anr (W H Hughes) v King (Marchant and P)

Pet Nov 11. Murray. Dec 5 at 12 O P 458 Gardiner (Tilley and s) v London, Brighton and South

Connor, James, Page st, Westminster, Umbrella Manufacturer. Pet Coast Ry Co (Norton and Co)

Nov 11. Murray. Dec 5 at 11 (To be continued.)

Dickson, Jobn Augustus, Carter lane, Commission Agent. Pet Nov

12. Brougham. Nov 25 at 11.30
Lewinski, Newman Henry, South st, Finsbury, Merchant. Pet Nov

Il, Murray. Nov 26 at i

To Surrender in the Country.

Cooper, Isaac Denison, Scarborough, Woollen Merchant. Pet Nov 12. Nov. 20, 1879.

Woodall. Scarborough. Nov 26 at 10

Damant, Francis William Sancroft, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, Solicitor, GOVERNMENT FUNDS.

Pet Oct 27. Blake. Newport, Dec 1 at 2.30 3 per cent. Consols, 981 Annuitias, April, '85, 97

Lock, Frederick, William, Barton hill, Bristol, Builder. Pot Nov 10. Ditto for Aoccunt, 98% Do. (Red Sea T.) Aug. 1908

Harley. Bristol, Nov 27 at 2 Lo. 3 per Cont. Reduced, 961 Ex Bille, £1000, 2) per Ct. 7 pm. Ticehurst, Samuel, Brighton, Gent. Pet Nov 12. Jones. Brighton, Now 3 per Copt., 96) Ditto, £500, Do, 7 pm.

Nov 26 at 11 Do. ) por Cont., Jan.'94 Ditto, £100 & £200, 7 pm.

Truman, Charles, Birmingham, Tea Merchant. Pet Nov 10. Cole. Do. 2} per Cant., Jan. '94 Bank of England Stock, 269

Birmingham, Nov 28 at 3
Annuities, Jan, '80
Ditte for Acoount.

Walsh, John, Shipley, York, Plasterer. Pet Nov 10. Robinson.

Bradford, Nov 28 at 9
Wells, Alfred, Dorking, Miller. Pet Nov 11. Rowland. Croydon,

Nov 28 at 3

Wheelwright, Frederick, Aston-juxta-Birmingham, Photographer. Ind. Stk., 5 per C., July, '80, 103) Enf.Pr.51 per Cont., May, 81

Pet Nov 12. Parry. Birmingham, Dec 2 at 2
Ditto for Account,-
Ditto Debentures, 4 per cent

TUESDAY, Nov. 18, 1879.
Ditto 4 por Cent., Oct. '88, 103 A pril, '64

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.
Ditto, ditto, Certificates
Do.Do,5 per Cont., Aug. '73

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. Ditto Enfaced Ppr., per Cent. Do. Bonds, 4 per Cent. £1000

To Surrender in London. 2nd Enf.Pr., 5 per C., Jan.'72 Ditto, ditto, under £1000

Luxmoore, William John, South Tawton, Devon, late Captain in Her

Majesty's 7th Dragoon Guards. Pet July 9. Hazlitt. Dec 3 at


Stephens, J W and Beaufoy Lane, Devonshire sq. BishopsRAILWAY STOOK.

gate, Wine Merchants. Pet Nov 1l. Hazlitt. Dec 3 at 12

To Surrender in the Country.

Paid. Closing Price

Bntcher, Samuel, Southampton, Farmer. Pet Nov 14. Godwin.

Winchester, Dec 5 at 2.30 Stock Bristol and Exeter ....................................


Canliffe, George, Ashton, Lancaster, Blacksmith, Pet Nov 14. Stock Caledonian

100 107

Woodcock, Wigan, Dec 2 at 10 30
Stock Glasgow and South-Western


Francis, Hugh William. Tynewydd, Gyffylliog, Denbigh, Farmer. Pet Stook Great Eastern Ordinary Stock

100 604

Nov 14. Vaughan-Williams. Wrexham, Dec 2 at 12
Stock Great Northern .............................................


Harrison, Wordsworth, Ulverston, Esq. Pet Nov 13. Postlethwaite. Stock Do., A Stock


Ulverston, Dec 3 at 12 Stock Great Southern and Western of Ireland 100 115

Hawke, Philip, Bristol, Butcher. Pet Nov 14. Harley, Bristol, Dec Stock Great Western-Original


2 at 2

112 Stock Lancashire and Yorkshire .......................

100 131

Hughes, John, Bristol, Licensed Victoaller. Pet Nov 14, Harley. Stock London, Brighton, and South Coast ..........

100 136

Bristol, Dec 1 at ?
Stock London, Chatham, and Dover


Richards, William, Llandilo Abercrown, Carmarthen, Miller. Pet Nov Stock London and North-Western ......................

100 147

15. Lloyd Carmarthen, Nov 29 at 12 Stock London and South Western

100 135

Wocdhall, Martha Maria, Birmingham, Axle tree Manufacturer. Pet Stock Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincoln

100 824

Nov 13. Parry. December, Dec 3at 2
Stock Metropolitan

Do., District
100 83A

FRIDAY, Nov, 14. 1879.
Stock Midland..


Foss, William Beart, Eaton, Hastings, Farmer. Nov 1
Stock North British


Simon, Henrietta Margaret, Kent gardens, Ealing. Sop 30
Stock North Eastern..........................................


TUESDAY, Nov. 18, 1879. Stock North London ..........................................."

100 162

Day, c

Marshall, Green st, Grosvenor sq. Nor 6 Stock North Staffordshire ....................................


Frith, Jane Matilda, Southampton, out of business. Nov 14 100





Green, William, Hendon, Fishmonger. Oct 22 Stock South-Eastern ..................

100 129

Liquidations by Arrangement.

FRIDAY, Nov. 14, 1879, * A receives no dividend uatil 6 per cent. has been paid to B.

Abbott, Horace Wood, Calne, Wilts, Timber Dealer. Nov 25 at 11 at

the Townhall, Melksham. Smith, Melksham Allen, Charles, Ossett, Pork, out of business. Nov 27 at 3 at the Royal

Hotel, Wakefield. Lodge, Wakefield

Andrews, George, Sheffield, Tailor. Nov 28 at 11 at offices of Binney BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS.

and Co, Queen st chambers, Sheffield.

Askham, John, Cawood, York, lankeeper. Nov 29 at 11 at offices of BIRTHS.

James, Lendal, York Cooke-Nov. 13, at Dove House, Ashbourne, the wife of Joseph Baker, Frederick Perkins, Appleshaw, nr Andover, Innkeeper. Nop Henry Cooke, solicitor, of a son.

27 at 12 at the White Hart Hotel, Andover. Footner and Son, An

dover MORRIS—Nov. 18, at 4, St. Michael's-gardens, North Kensing Barker, Henry Mouncy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Forniture Dealer. Dec

ton, W., the wife of Francis Wyld Morris, solicitor, of a 8 at il at offices of Ingledew and Diggett, Dean s*, Newcastle daughter.

Baker, John, Cutcombe, Somerset, General Shop Keeper. Nov 28 at 1 SNAGGE-Nov. 16, at 14, Courtfield-gardens, South Kensing

at offices of Reed and Cook, Panl st, Taunton ton, the wife of Thomas William Snagge, of the Middle

Ballinghall, James, Wilden, Bedford, Farmer. Dec 10 at 11 at offices

of Mitchell and Webb, St Paul's sq, Bedford Temple, barrister-at-law, of a daughter.

Bamford, Richard, Huddersfield, Stone Merchant. Nov 27 at 3 at MARRIAGE.

offices of Ainley and Hall, New st, Huddersfield McLENNAN-SPICER-Nov. 12, Donald McLennan, of the

Barker, Charles, Dewsbury, York, Grocer. Nov 29 at ll at offices of Inner Temple, barrister-at-law, to Julia, daughter of the late

Creditors' Association, Parkinson's chambers, Market st, Bradford Henry Spicer, of The Highlands, Putney-heath.

Barrowclough, Samuel Dyson, Gawber, York, Beerhouse Keeper. Nov

26 at 3 at offices of Rideal, Chronicle chambers, Barnsley DEATHS.

Beaumont, Charles, Aspley, Huddersfield, Coal Merchant. Nov 26 at DOWNES-Nov. 13, at Bank-side, Leigham Court-road, Streat

3 at offices of Welsh, Queen st, Huddersfield ham, Henry August Downes, of 44, Coleman-street, City,

Beeby, John, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Printer. Nov 26 at 2 at offices of solicitor, aged 32.

Clark, Grainger st, West, Newcastle-upon-Tyne HEALE-Nov. 16, at 5, South-square, Gray's-inn, Josiah Heale,

Beer, Emanuel, Cardiff, Licensed Victualler. Nov 27 at 12 at offices

of Miller, St Mary st, Cardiff barrister-at-law, aged 67.

Bellamy, William, Clee, Lincoln, Grocer. Nov 21 at 12 at offices of METCALPE-Nov. 16, at Avon Royd, Leamington, Joshua

Grange and Wintringham, St Mary's chambers, West St Mary's gate, Metcalfe, of the Middle Temple, barrister-at-law, aged 64.

Great Grimsby
Bird, James, Kingswinford, Stafford, Grocer. Nov 25 at 3 at omces of

Waldron, High st, Brierley hill

Bishop, John Carver, Leicester, Hay and Cora Dealer. Dec 2 at Health, Comfort, and Economy promoted by CHAPPUIS' REFLECTORS.

offices of Wright and Hinck, Belvoir st, Leicester

Bond, John, Stoke-upon-Trent, Signal Fitcer. Nov 22 at 3 at the Swan 89, Fleet-street.—ADVT.

Hotel, Longton

Stock South Devon

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