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as may be, by the court and judge in the case of election

HOUSE OF COMMONS. petitions under this Act ;” and by section 29, on the trial JUNE 3.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. of an election petition the judge is to have the same power Employers' Liability, Salmon Fishery Laws Amendment, as a judge of assize and nisi prius; and without drawing up Bankraptoy Act Amendment. an exhaustive catalogue that simply means that he

BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. may order evidence to be taken on commission,

PRIVATE BILLS.-South London Tramways (Extensions), insist on the laws of evidence being carried out, and matters

Worcester and Aberystwith Junction Railway. of that kind. It is said that, under section 2, a judge who,

JUNE 4.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. so far as I can see in this Act, is not given all the powers that are given to the court, can have the same powers,

Leases, Partnerships (No. 2). jurisdiction, &c.-one of the powers contended for being the

BILL IN COMMITTEE. administering of interrogatories. There is no section

Employers' Liability (passed through Committee pro giving a judge full power to do all that the 2nd section allows Jorma). the Common Pleas Division to do. Then the 26th sec


Bill to Consolidate the Law relating to the Manufacture tion goes on to enact as I have stated above. Administer. ing interrogatories to a member of Parliament is a practice

and Sale of Spirits (Lord F. Cavendish). unknown in times of election committees and was never con

JUNE 7.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. templated by the framers of this section, and I for one must

PRIVATE BILLS.-Banbary and Cbeltenham Distriot Raildecline to clothe a judge with power which does not

| way, Bristol Port and Channel Dock, Mersey Docks and belong to him. As regards myself I would go further-for,

Harbour Board, Metropolitan Railway, Trinity Hospital, remembering, as I do, how committees were conducted, I

Greenwiob. would say that it would be inconsistent to administer inter

BILL READ A THIRD TIME. rogatories to a sitting member. If the information sought

PRIVATE BILL.-Liverpool Corporation (New Title). be really important, the facts can be got at in another way.

BILL READ A FIRST TIME. The member may be put into the witness-box and asked

Bill to Amend the Laws relating to the Protection of questions, and if he declined to answer them the court could

Wild Birds (Mr. Dillwyn). draw their own conclusion. I am certainly of opinion that

JUNE 8.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. tbe interrogatories must not be administered in this court. PRIVATE BILLS —Doncaster Corporation Water, Millord The appeal must be dismissed with costs.

Docks, Drainage and Improvement of Lands (No. 2), Local GROVE, J., concurred.

Government (Fleetwood, &c.), Local Government (Poor Appeal dismissed with costs.

Solicitors for petitioners, Ellis, Munday, & Co.

Solicitors for the respondent, Wyatt, Hoskyns, & Hooker. JUNE 9.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME.

PRIVATE BILL.-- Metropolitan District Railway.

Bills of Sale Act (1878) Amendment, Married Women's The Tewkesbury Election Petition.

Property Acts Consolidation. In this case, both parties having consented,

BILL READ A FIRST TIME. 4. L. Smith applied that the petition might be tried at

Bill to Extend the Union Assessment Committee Acts to Gloucester instead of Tewkesbury. The applicarian was

single Parishes under separate Boards of Guardians (Mr. sed upon an affidavit by the Mayor of Tewk-sbury, settiog Hibbert). out (inter alia) that there is insufficient accommodation at Tewkesbury. Lush, J., had granted the application as prayed for at

Creditors' Claims. cbambers, but following an intimation recently made in this court, that the jurisdiction to make such an order Vested in the Court of Common Pleas, and not in an

CREDITORS UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY. election judge, be now asked the court to affirm the order.

LAST DAY OF PROOF. Lord COLERIDGE, C.J.-I am unwilling to differ from what

BOWRA, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Hazelhurst, East Moulsey, Surrey, was doubtless the exercise of a sound discretion by Lush, J.,

Esq. July 5. Bowra'y Kent, V.O. Malins. Stenning, Walbrook

DAVIES, JANET, St Helen's rd, Swansea. June 11. Roberts v. but I wish it to be understood that, so long as I am a Prust, M.R. Collins, Swansea member of this court, I shall require something stronger under Davis, WILLIAM WENTWORTH, Wanstead, Essex, Floorcloth special circumstances than merely bearable inconvenience

Manufacturer June 28. Davis v Davis, V.C. Malins. Turner.

Leadenhall st before I would sanction a departure from the clear object of

[Gazette, May 24.] the Act that these petitions should be tried in the place it.

GARRATT, JOHN WATKINS, Sutton-under-Brailes, Warwick. June self.

11. Prance y Garrett, V.C. Hall. Aplin, Banbury Grove, J., concurred.

IRELAND, RICHARD, Wem, Salop, Wine Merchant. June 30, V.C.

Malins. Lucas, Wem PERKINS, GEORGE, Park st, Southwark, Brewer. June 25. Perkins v Perkins, M.R. Marson, Southwark Bridge rd

[Gazette, May 28.] Legislation of the Week.

Cooke, HENRIETTA FRANCES BRUNSDON, Putney, July 5. Flack

v Page, V.C. Hall. Day, Godalming
GREEN, BENJAMIN, Beeston, York, Grocer, June 30. Green

Green, M.R. Dunn, Leeds

JOXES, RICHARD, Gloucester Villas, Ashford, Gent. June 30. Jones

y Jones, V.C. Hall. Stileman and Neate, Southampton st, Blooms. JUNE 3-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME.

bury sq Barials, Pablic Works Loans.

Moss, Sarah, York. June 30. Morritt v Cowling, V.C. Malins.


PHILPOTTS, JOHN, Skenfrith, Monmouth, Miller. July 1. Stokes.

y Philpotts, V.C. Bacon. Williams, Monmouth Private Bills.-London Tramways Company (Limited),

(Gazette, June 1.] Bristol Corporation, Burton-upon-Trent Corporation, Ely and Bory St. Edmunds (Light) Railway.


LAST DAY OF CLAIM. Shrewsbury (Kingsland) Bridge.

BEARE, GEORGE, Richmond, Surrey. June 24. Nickinson and Co,

Chancery lane

BLACKBURN, John, Brampton, Cumberland, Carter. June 26 JUNE 8.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME.

Errington, Carlisle PRIVATE Bills.-Eastbourne Gas, Bury and Tottington Bolton, JOHN, Gateshead, Durham, Shoemaker. July 1. Brewis. Distriot Railway, Swindon, Marlborough, and Andover

Elsdon, Newcastle on Tyne

BUNN, HENRY, Sydenham, Kent, Gent. July 6. Westhorp, Ipswich Railway.

DOBBS, SARAH, Louth, Lincoln. June 22. Allinsons and Allinson, BILL IN COMMITTEE.

Louth Publio Works Loans (passed tbrough Committee).

ELYIN, JAMES, East Dereham, Norfolk, Gent. August 10. Cooper

wud Norgate, East Derebam BILLS READ A THIRD TIME.

ELWES ROBEXT, Congham, Norfolk, Esq. July 3. Archer and/

Archer, King's Lynn PRIVATE BILLS.-Bristol Cemetery, Kensiogton Improve- FINCH, John, Ilfracombe, Devon, Miller. June 21. Chanter and 2018, Chortor Gus.

Co, Barnstaple

Court Papers.


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GOODE, JOIN BURBURY, Leamington, Hastings, Warwick, Farmer.

June 30. Welchman, Southam, Warwickshir
HAYES, Rev. CHARLES, Torquay, Devon. July 20. Beal, Sessions

House, Clerkenwell
HEWES, MARY Anx, Seven Sisters' rd. July 1. Hanbury and Co,
New Broad st

SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE. . Walmersley cum Shuttleworth, Lancaster, Innkeeper,

June 23. Grundy and Co, Bury
Holt, WILLIAM, Wakefield, York, Gent. June 25. Barratt and


Date. Senior, Wakefield


ROLLS. Hudson, JAMES, Great Parndon, Essex, Gent. June 30. Rumney,

Monday, June 14Mr. Latham Mr. King Me, Koe Walbrook JENKINS, MARGARET, Glyncorrwg, Glamorgan. July 1. Lewis, Tuesday,......

15 Leach

Merivale Clowes Bridgend


Koe JENKINS, WILLIAM, Cranley pl, South Kensington, Barrister at Law. Thursday .... 17 Leach

Merivale Clowes June 1. Beachcroft and Thompson, Theobald's rd, Bedford row

| Friday........ 18 Lalham King

Koe .Johnson, WILBERT GEORGE, Bootham, York, Gent. June 30. Saturday .... 19 Leach

Merivale Clowes White, Great Driffield KING, JOHN, Bancroft rd, Mile End Old Town. July 1. King and

Mr. Justica

V. C. Bacon. V. C. HALL. Peto, Abchurch lane

Fer. LEADBEATER, JAMES, Cheshunt terrace, Tottenham, Gent. June 30. Monday, June 14 Mr. Farrer Mr. Cobby Mr. Pemberton Rumney, Walbrook

Tuesday ...... 15 Teesdale Jackson Ward LOWSLEY, HARRIOTT, East Holme, Weston super Mare. July 1. Wednesday.... 16 Farrer

Cobby Pemberton Kearsey and Parsons, Stroud

Thursday .... 17 Teesdale Jackson Ward MEACHEN, WILLIAM, East Bradenham, Norfolk, Farmer. Aug. 10.


18 Cooper and Norgate, East Dereham


Pemberton MURRAY, WILLIAM, Wavertree, Lancaster, Gent. July 1. Goffey Saturday .... 19 Teesdale


and North, Liverpool
POWELL, ALVARA, Leeds, Gent. Aug. 1. Emsley, Leeds
RowE, JANE, Pomphlett, nr Plymouth. June 12. Bulteel and

Rowe, Plymouth
Rowe, Robert, Pomphlett, nr Plymouth. June 12. Bulteel and The following commission days have been fixed :-

Rowe, Plymouth
STEPHENS, Anx, Burghfield, Berks. June 24. Dryland, Reading

MIDLAND CIRCUIT. - Pollock, B., and Huddleston, B.) STOPFORD, LAURA, Portman sq. June 24. Hunters and Co, New

Aylesbury, Tuesday, July 6; Bedford, Thursday, July 8; sq, Lincoln's inn

Northampton, Mondiy, July 12 ; Leicester, Thursday, July TAYLOR, WILLIAM, New Bond st, Esq. July 1. Pyke and Minchin, 15 ; Oakham, Monday, July 19; Lingolo, Tuesday, July 20:

Newgate st
VOLCKMAN, CHARLES, Stratford, Essex, Gent. July 14, Swepstone,

Nottingham, Saturday, July 24 ; Derby, Thursday, July 29; Lime st

Warwick, Monday, August 2. WARD, WILLIAM, York, Boot Manufacturer. June 1. Dyson, York North EASTERN CIRCUIT.-(Stephen, J., and Bowen, J.) WARING. EDMUND, Rochdale, Lancaster Wool Dealer. July 1.

-Newcastle, Tuesday, July 6; Durham, Tuesday, July 13 ; Roberts, Rochdale Wedgwood, CHARLES JABEZ, Flint Grinder, Burslem. June 17.

York, Tuesday, July 20 ; Leeds, Monday, July 26. Hollinshead, Tunstall

WESTERN CIRCUưr.-(Lord Coleridge, C.J., and Grove, J.) WISE, FREDERICK, Basingstoke, Southampton, Captain R.N. June 15. Bulteel and Rowe, Plymouth

- Winchester, Wednesday, June 30 ; Salisbury, Thursday, [Gazette, May 25.]

July 8 ; Dorchester, Monday, July 12; Exeter, Thursday, AITKINS, Thomas, Longton, Stafford, Grocer. July 1. Morgan, July 15; Bodmin, Wednesday, July 21 ; Wells, Saturday,

AVENT, WALTER JAMES Gest, Modbury, Devon, Gent. July 30

July 24 ; Bristol, Friday, July 30.
Savery, Modbury
BODLE, EDWARD, Whitechapel High-street, Provision Merchant.
July 31. Mee, Great Winchester st

BOWER, WILLIAM, Whatton-in-the-Vale, Nottingham, Farmer.
July 24. Thorpe and Thorpe, Nottingham

MIDDLESEX.-TRINITY SITTING, 1880. Bowes, John, Carlisle, Joiner. July 16. Errington, Carlisle

LIST OF ACTIONS FOR TRIAL. BRADLEY, THOMAS, Moray-road, Tollington-park, Gent. July 12.

(Continuad from pige 580.) Wheatley and Son, New inn, Strand

CP 77 English trustee &c (R Davies) v Allen (G and W Webb) com BROWN, JONATHAN, Sotram, Cambridge, Farmer. July 31. Eadens

SJ and Knowles, Cambridge

QB 78 Cullwick (N Gedye) v Palmer and anr (FW Denny) stayed BUCKLEY, ABEL, Northenden, Chester, Gent. July 1. Wood and Ex 79 Bass and Co (RH Wilkin) v Horne (Hurford and T) Co, Manchester

QB SO Rice Lewis and L) v East and West India Dock Co (FreshBURGOYNE, MARIA, St Mary sq, Paddington Green. July 1. Thom.

fields and w) stayed SJ son and Ward, Bedford-row

Q B 81 The Nitro-Phosphate and Odams Chemical Manure Co, lind CLIFTON, Rev. GEORGE HILL, Ripple Rectory, Worcester, Clerk.

(Kingsford and Co) v Roberts (Williamson, H and Co) June 24. Hooper and Hooper, Worcester

stayed SJ DAVIES, DAVID, Kerry, Montgomery, Gent. July 1. Howell and | QB 82 Richardson (Bird, M and R) v Oldham and Canning Co, Welshpool

(Mathews and s) postponed SJ HALES, MARGARET, Shrewsbury. July 19. Bradley, Birmingham Ex 83 Parris (J N Mason) v Blowes (Beaumont and w) stayed HAN BURY, Louisa, Hunstanton, St Edmunds, Norfolk. June 22. CP 84 Charles (Trinder and Curtis Hayward) v Bischoffsheim and Deacon and Wilkins, Peterborough

anr (Freshfields and W: Elmslie and Co) com SJ HARRISON, GEORGE Dáy, Wimbledon, Surrey, Esq. July 31. Swin. QB 85 Redmond (Wontner and Sons) v Gamble (Lewis and L) burne and Mills, Bedford-row

Ex 86 J and A Blyth, limd (Lyne and H) v Brown (Ashurst, M and HART, JOHN, Penge, Surrey, Esq. June 15. Hardisty and Rhodes,

Co) SJ Gt Marlborough st

CP 87 Gagel (H Montagu) v Rothenheim (Lumley and L) com HAWORTH, THERESA, Rowlston Hall, York. July 1. Frankish and Ex 88 Belli (P A Hanrott) v Lane (Foss and Legg) SJ Co, Hull

Ex 89 Josolyne, trustee of Crawcour (Dixon, Ward and Co) v Ry. Hirsch, Mary Anx, Edgware rd. June 24. Hicks, Grove road,

don (WH Bennett) SJ Victoria-park

Q B 90 Wadsworth (T D Dutton) v Bonham and Wife (Clutton and LEDGER, RICHARD, Ashford-in-the-Water, Derby, Brewery Agent.

H) July 31. Coulson, Worksop

Ex 91 Iles (Taylor and Hales) v Brook and Co (J B Lay) MARSH, FREDERICK, sen, Faversham, Kent, Gent. July 12. Wheatly CP 92 British Mutual Investment Co, limd (Barnard and Co) v and Son, New-inn, Strand

Williams (Stephens and S) postponed MATTHEWS, JAMES, Malpas rd, Deptford, Surveyor, June 24. Ex 93 Clarke (Taylor, H and T) v Smith (Brandon and Co) postPritchard and Sons, Gracechurch st

poned •MoCATTA, ABRAHAM, Gloucester pl, Portman sq, Esq. July 1. QB 94 The Cowes and Newport Ry Co (Lambert, P and S) v Mew Lousada and Emanuel, Austin Friars

and ors (Stocken and J) without jury Morgan, FREDERICK, Henfield, Sussex, Gent. June 21. Flowers, Ex 95 Holmes and anr (Norris, A and Co) v Bousfield (J Rae) SJ Stevning

QB 96 Leschallas (Merriman, P and M) v Shreeve and ors (AB NEW, DAVID Joux, Cotham, Bristol, Ship and General Smith.

Tower: WP Moore) postponed SJ June 30. Fussell and Co, Bristol

QB 97 Mesher (G Thompson) y Cohen (Swann and Co) OFFORD, Joun, Canewdon, Essex, Farmer. July 9. Arthy, Roch. Ex 98 Kemp (G H Carthew) v Sewell (Monckton, L and Co) postford

poned SJ RIDDLE, ISAAC, Bristol, Esq. July 31. Harwood, Bristol

Ex 99 Ortelli (Miller and M) v Ward (Curtis and B) stayed RIDER, JOHN, Plymouth, Gent. Aug 3. Elworthy and Co, Ply. Ex 100 Nicholls (Bolton and M) y Cox (Harris and P) SJ mouth

Ex 101 Same (Same) v The Fanciers Chronicle Publishing Co SAWYER, HENRY, Bootle, Lancaster, Licensed Victualler. July 1.

(Rogerson and F) SJ Bremner and Co, Liverpool

QB 102 Scott (H T Tiddeman) v Scott (

GH Finch) stayed
SHAW, THOMAS GEORGE, East Dulwich, Surrey, Wine Merchan CP 103 Colliver (N Bennett) v Elkington (J Green)
July 10. Minet and Co, New Broad st

Ex 101 Martin (W B Brook) v Duun (AT Hewitt) without jury STRELLRY, THOMAS, Chesterfield st, King's Cross, Gent. June 30 CP 105 Davenport (Campbell, R and H) v Green (WW Wynne) Child and Co, Paul's Bakehouse-ct, Doctor's-commons

Ex 106 Beale (G H Carthow) v Sewell (Monckton, L and Co) postYOUNG, JAMES, Hurworth-upon-Tees, Durham, Painter. Aug 9.

poned SJ Wooler, Darlington,

Ex 107 Humby (Clarke, W and Co) v Price aud anr (E Peacopp) [Gazette, May 28.] CP 108 Boisset and anr (Campbell, R and H) v Isaacson (Dod and

Q B 109 Wingfield (W H Hughes) v Scrimgrour (Mller and M)

Q B 110 Maple and Co (Lumley and L ) v Mapleson (J and R Gole) Q B 190 Jack (Clear and R) v The Agra Bank and anr (Ashurst, M CP 111 Peacock (Woodbridge and Sons) v The Ealing Local Board

and C) SJ (S Pilley, junr) pt hd without jury

CP 191 Thornton and Co (Wlison, B and C) v Berry and Co, limd

(G Lucas) comm SJ QB 112 Brewis (C O Humphreys and Son) v Stacpoole (8 Scott) SJ

CP 192 Lord Beaumont (Campbell, R and H) v Barber (D E QB 113 Barnett (G Badham) v Hodges (G Blagden) postponed

CP 114 Ellis (W Maynard)v L and S. Western Ry Co (M II Hall) SJ Q B 193 Myers (Gś and I Brandon) v Hall (H Fox)
QB 115 Ladd (Munton and M) v Proctor (w Butcher)

Q B 194 Marsh (Lewis and L) v Blakemore and Co (H Tyrell) Ex 116 Sievers (W G Whitmarsh) v Davidson (T W Nelson)

( B 195 Schweizer (Same) v Levinstein and Sons (C Turner) QB 117 Sewell (Monckton, L and Co) v Kemp (G H Carthew) SJ Ex 196 Collins (R V Chilcott) v Warmisham (In Person) CP 118 Paine (J J Merriman) v Harston (In person) SJ

Ex 197 Johnstone (Paterson, 8 and B) v Southee (Prior, C B and Ex 119 Huband (E D Lewis) v Flight (Lewis and Sons) postponed

A) SJ Ex 120 Beauchamp (Doyle and Sons) v Stephens (Walker and Co)

Ex 198 Johnson and anr (B Davis) v Ashby and Co (S D Ashby). SJ

Q B 199 Ellam (Hopgood, F and D) v Stratford (J M Maddox) SJ Es 121 Roper (Ingle, C and H) v South-Eastern Ry Co (W R

OP 200 Ruel (H W Cattlin) v Tatnell (Button and Co)
Stevens) SJ

CP 201 Lloyd (G Blagden) v Vorley (Young and Sons)
CP 122 Dudley (Hicks and A) v Galt (W H Hudson)

CP 202 Curtiss (Nickinson, P and N) v Isaacson (Dod and L) Ex 123 Newton and Son (J M Chamberlain) v Borkwood and anr Ex 203 Sowerbutts (Chappell and G) v Gillard (W G Whitmarsh)

(J Scaife) postponed CP 124 Barwick (J D Botterell) v Pirie and Co (Parker and Co) com

Ex 204 Evans (G H Holden) v Ancketill (J R Chidley) without

jury Es 125 Guelton (F G Gorton) v Harrison (W Rawlins)

Q B 205 Jacob and anr (H H Myer) v Day (N White) Q B 126 Carter (A E Copp) v Hurst (J H Shakespear)

CP 206 Griffin (J CE Weigall) v Hall (Lyne and H) SJ Es 127 Hine-Haycock and anr (H Haycock and B) v Hoare and

Q B 207 Commissioners of Admiralty (Hare and Fell) v Temperley Wife (T W Buckler) SJ

and ors (Hollams, Son and C) Ex 128 Kersey (Sandom, K and C) v King (Brook and C)

Ex 209 Heath (Truefitt and G) v Lloyd (T Johnson) Q B 129 Whiteley (C M Roche) v Sharpe (J W Talbot).

CP 200 Johnson and ors (W Kicks) v Gas Light and Coke Co (BedCP 130 Kinnaird and ors (Burrows and B) v Pulbrook and ors (H

ford and W) SJ Wickens)

Q B 210 Eason (D Wade) v Roberts and anr (F C Greenfield) SJ CP 131 Sidey (J Geanssent) v Leggett and anr (Lucas and Coe)

Ex 211 Langridge (Heathfield and Son) v Spencer and ors (Smith, CP 132 Woodbridge Barton Brown and Co) v Parks (Wyatt and B)

S and C)
CP 133 Tucker (J Mote) v South Eastern Rý Co (W R Stevens) SJ CP 212 Wilshin (W Medcalf) v Todd (G Badham)
CP 134 Ames and Wife (Noon and C) v The Great Eastern Ry Co CP 213 Mein (W Shearman) v Weigel (W Beck)
(O A Curwood) SJ

Q B 214 O'Sullivan (E A Swan) v Sheldon (A T Burr)
Ex 135 Moore Bros (JÚ Green) v Lezard (A Leslie)

Ex 215 Moore (Truefitt and G) v Buckler (Lawrence, P and B) Ex 136 Loibl (TAG Powell) v Mapleson J and R Gole)

Q B 216 Horne S S Seal) v Angerstein and anr (Tidy and T) Q B 137 Madocks (T D Dutton) v Smyth (Venn and Co)

Ex 217 Lord Fitzhardinge (Horn and M) v Fish (Stileman and N) Es 138 Nugent (Routh, S and Co) v Henshaw (Nash and F)

SJ CP 139 Harnett (Digby and T) v Vise and Wife (T S George) SJ Q B 218 Whitehead (Heritage and Co) v Hudson (Tilley and S) Q B 140 Hanson (Vallance and V) v The Ecclesiastical Commrs for Q B 219 Ash (E A Swan) v Baily (Birch, I and H) England (White, B and Co) SJ

Ex 220 Knight (Y Southee) v Terry (J E Terry) Es 141 Denny (S J Debenham) v Prentice and anr (Bullen and Co; Q B 221 Waller and ors (Hopgood, and D) v Kelk, Bart (FladM Bradford) com

gate, S and F) Ex 142 Jenkins (Remnant, P and G) v De la Pryme (W R Dent) SJ

CP 222 McAllister (Hewitt and A) v Bishop of Rochester and ors. Q B 143 Balgooley Distillery Co, limd (F Heritage and Co) v Wal.

(Bandilands, H and Co) without jury lace (F M Harvey) SJ

Q B 223 Williams (Cookson, W and P) v Good (Tucker, B and Co) Ex 144 Jordan (H H Ede) v Kelsey (Gush and P)

CP 224 Harper (W H B Pain) v James (Cooke, C and S) CP 145 Jordan (Same) v Governor and Co of the New River Ex 225 Clark (S S Seal) v Hughes (Bower and C) SJ (Thompson and D)

Q B 226 Apsoy (D Wade) v Bowchier (Wright and Law) CP 146 De Angioli (Turner and Son) v Bowman and anr (Prior, B QB 227 Garner (Prockter and A) v Williams and ors (Layton, Son Cand A)

and L) CP 147 Bolitho and Sons (R W Childs and B) v Grepe, Dawe CP 229 Bodeker (H W Mackreth) v The Cotton Powder Co (Til. trustee of (Surr, G and B)

leard, G and Co)
Q B 148 Callow (J A Macarthur) v Oetzman and ors (Dod and L) Ex 229 Bono (CO Newman) v Walker (C E Goldring)
CP 149 Watson (T R Watson) v Phillips, executrix, and ors (JC CP 230 Johnson, Hannah and ors (W Hicks) v The Gas Light and
Cox; Wontner and Sons)

Coke Co (Bedford and W) SJ
CP 150 Benjamin M S Rubenstein) v Brittlebank (Satchell and C) CP 231 Walker (Field, R and Co) v Palmer (H B Dunn)
Ex 151 Killingsworth (Plunkett and L) v Brooks, junr, and anr CP 232 Kew (Lovett and Co) v Barrow (Lumley and L)
(Miller and W) SJ

Q B 233 Chiffereil and anr (C Foster) v Oliver and ors (Wright CP 152 Edwards (Smith, D and Co) v Morris (C E Abbott)

and P) Ex 163 Bell, extrix (E Kennedy) v Luff (H Smith)

CP 234 Davis and Co (R Davies) v Blackburn (T W Baldwin) Ex 154 Merricks (Kennedy, H and K) v Nash (R K Bartlett) Q B 235 The City of London Discount Corporation, limd (WP CP 155 Muller (TC Russel) v Huskisson (Young and Son)

Slater) v Lacey (J Evans) Ex 156 Buttress and Wife (W Brewer) v Taylor (J Croft) SJ Ex 236 Rice (W Brewer) v Calver and anr (Stones and Co; Robin. Q B 157 Nanson (Vallance and V) v HE Hill (Chappell and G)

son and Co) CP 158 Graham (L A Wenn) v Helmore (A Derry)

Ex 237 Seal (Blake and Snow) v Wenham (H W Christmas) Ex 159 Van Tenac (Sandom, K and K) v Sheppard (Podmore and Ex 239 Webb (JH Lee) v Kitsell (Hollingsworth, T and A) H)

Ex 239 Dillon (T E Watkin) v Plues (Peacock and G) CP 160 Kaye (J C Stogdon) v London and Westminster Bank Ex 210 Lange and Son (E Á Biggin) v Luscher ($ Roberts) (Travers, S and (0)

Q B 241 Ward (Boxall and B) v Pilley (H Morris) Q B 161 Land S-Western Bank, limd (Vallance and V) v Coshall

CP 212 Flower and ors (flower and N) v Palmar and anr (Hub. (Poole)

bard, Son and R) CP 162 Horner (s Betteley and Co) v Oyler and anr (Turner and QB 243 Thomson (Brighten, P and N) v Heathcote (Talbot and T) Son)

SJ Ex 163 Abbott and Co (L Barnett) v Ross (J C Scard) SJ

Q B 244 Metropolitan Railway Co (Burchells) v Coulson (G H Hall) Q B 164 Knight (R Chapman) v Morgan (GM Wetherfield)

without jury. Èx 165 Willatts (Hine, Haycock and B) v South gate and ors (Allen Q B 215 Hill (J M'Weightman) v Beyfus and ors (Beyfns and B) and G; T Bowker) SJ

QB 246 Corcoran, Witt and Co (Cattarns, J and H) v Phippen and Q B 166 Browning and ors (Layton, Son and L) v Norman (J H

anr (Simpson and C) by judge and assessor Waring)

Q B 217 Gt Britain Mutnal Life Assurance Society (Prideaux and Ex 167 Cook (A J Murray) v Hudson (W H Hudson)

Son) v Lamb (Peacock and G) SJ
Ex 168 Evens (E B Tattershall) v Boyce and Co (Emanuel and Co) Ex 218 Bird and anr (Hine- Haycock and B) v Hemery (W F
CP 169 Thompson and Son (Wild, B and W) v Leutner (D E

Stokes) SJ
Chandler) stayed

QB 219 Catford (Carr, B D and M) v The London Street Tramways. CP 170 Steel and anr (Prior, B C and A) Sinclair (W R Philp)

Co (Ashurst, M and Co) SJ Ex 171 Hicks the younger (W J Child and Son) v Faulkner (G T CP 250 The London and South-Western Rail Co (M H Hall) v Robinson)

Watts (J Emanuel and Co) Q B 172 Crozier (R Chapman) v Bray (G Blagden)

Ex 251 Allen (G Reader) v Sheather (Dod and L) Ex 173 Todd (Thomson and W) v Browne (T W Buckler)

Ex 252 Brook (Berry and B) v London Tramway Co (HC God. Q B 174 Shearburn (Rooks and Co) v Stevens and anr (Beaumont

fray) SJ and W; Watson, Sons and R) SJ

Chy 253 Ormond (R Wood) v Tuckey (J Terry) SJ OB 175 Grove (J H Lamb) v Whiffen (H J and T Child)

Ex 25+ Webb (Miller and W) v Salisbury (C W Taylor) 9 B 176 Gigney (Slee, O and B) y Elliott (J Kempster)

Q B 255 Turquand and ors (H Kimber and Co) v Fearon (Herbert CP 177 Collier (È Sweeting) v Braid and anr (J Nicholls)

and K) CP 178 Waddup (G W Lay) v Wright (W J Hobbes)

Ex 256 White (G Reader) v Larkin (Cattarns, J and H) Ex 179 Kino (Terrell and ) v Pilbrow (Woodfin and W)

Q B 257 Kempton Park Racecourse Čo (Ford, 'L and B) v Browning Ex 180 Allpress (A West) v Hills (W Shearman)

and anr (S Price) Ex 181 Hunt (R L Ratcliff) v Hanson (Vallance and V) SJ

Q B 258 Goldschmidt and anr (J R Macarthur) v Scheurer (J B Q B 182 Cohen (Belfrage and Co) v Veitch and ors (J D Botterell;

Wright and P)

Q B 259 Llewellyn (Nash and F) v Lewis (Micklethwaite and Co) CP 183 Flower and ors' (L T Whitbourne) v Hutton (Lewis and L) Q B 260 Bellingham (T I Mortimer) v Warwick (Miller, S and b) Ex 184 Dodd (Hanbury, H and W) v Knight (J T Moss)

Q B 261 Jones (S Chapman) v Meyer (Nash and F) SJ Ex 185 Lacey (M Hawkins) v Knox (T W Goldring)

Q B 262 Mavis (Keane and S) v Thorniley (J T Hazeldine) Ex 186 Stephens and ors (Langdale and T) v Baker and anr (J D O B 263 Blackman (Morris and N) v Trimmer (Johnson and W) Goren)

CP204 Phillips (Moresby-White and J) v Clarke (Field, R and Co) CP 187 Styles (H A Edgar) v Cockburn (Faithful and O) SJ

(withoat jury) QB 188 Hopcraft (J Andrews) v Atkinson (J CE Weigall)

CP 265 Taylor (Patey and W) v Cookson and anr (Allen and G) CP 189 Purser and Wife (H D Ilderton) v À Metropolitan Tram Co Q B 266 Brett, trustee, &c (M Abrahams and Co) v Adams and sons (HC Godfray) SJ

(Milne and Co)

and H)


CP 267 Acres and Co (W Crook) v Davison (Hollams, Son and C). similar sentence of eight months' imprisonment without CP 268 Vestry of St Luke, Middlesex (W W Hayne) v Simmons (L

hard labour. Barnett) CP 269 Digby and anr (Digby and J) v Welply (JE S King)

At the Mansion House Police-court on Monday, Henry Ex 270 Brass (Duignan and 8) v Kinnear (J Hill) Ex 271 Brinjes and anr (EB Tattershall) v Sholl (J Murray)

Arthur Watts, clerk, was charged with stealing during the Q B 272 Letts (JP Biggenden) v Onion and anr (Angell and 'Co) mooth of May, 1880, a letter containing two bills of ex. Ex 273 Revell (J Goren) v Cowell and anr (C Mossop) SJ

change for £103 6s, a letter containing a post-office order, CP 274 Fox and anr (J Rae) v Kipling (W À Downing)

valne 10s. 6d., and between 78. and 85. worth of postage CP 275 Cole (J J Watts) v Burns (Nash and F) CP 276 Barter and Co Roberts and B) v Ferguson (T H Horwood) stamps, the property of Mr. James Smith Hepburn, solicitor, CP 277 Riebold (J J Watts) v Gurrin (W A Downing)

of Bird-in-Hand-court, Cheapside. In May last, the prisoner Ex 278 Bidder (Wyatt and B) v Merritt and anr (Munns and L) entered the service of the prosecutor as a clerk, his daty Ex 279 Winstanley (Plunkett and L) v Pollen (Peacock and G) Q B 280 Macers (GoT Robinson) v Davis and Son (Ovans, B and A)

being to stamp and post letters and keep the letter-book. Q B 281 Esson (Nash and F) v Gooch (Nye and G)

Recently letters bad been received complaining of the non. CP 282 Rogers (J Rae) v Brown (J T Davis) SJ

delivery of letters, and it was also discovered that there was Q B 283 Courage and anr (Ovans, B and Co) v Hose (H M Ody). CP 284 Caslake (E T Hewitt) v Bywaters and anr (Campbell, R

a deficiency of between 78. and 8s. in stamps. On the 28th

of May a letter containing two bills of exchange, valne CP 285 Beere and Wife (Pawle, F and C) v Neville (Horn and M) £103 6s, was given to the prisoner to deliver ; sabsequently, CP 286 Brooks (W A Downing) v Williams (H Tyrrell), Q B 287 Ross (H Levy) v Seaward and anr (lowless and Co)

on June 4, a letter was received stating that the bills had not ČP 288 Ford, trustee, &c (G L P Eyre and Co) v Hastings (S S

been received, and in consequence the police were communi. Seal)

cated with. On Saturday the prisoner was arrested by CP 289 Windover (J N Fulton) v Jones (W Heggerty) SJ

Detective-serjeant Child, of the City Police, in Romney. Ex 290 Fox and anr (Lewin and Co) v Morris (E G Lawrence) CP 291 Reynolds (J T Davis) v Green and anr (Bartley and J)

street, Westminster, when he admitted bis guilt. On his CP 292 Dingley (W Maynard) v Wilson (Tucker and Co)

lodgings being searched the bills in question were found in CP 293 Pyke (MS Rubenstein) v Taylor (J Burn)

bis box, a letter containing a post-office order for 10s. 6d., Ex 294 Cruwys (G B Howard) v Gadsby (Lewis and Lewis) (To be continued.)

and also twenty-eight other letters which he should have posted, fourteen letters belonging to a firm of solicitors in whose employment the prisoner bad been. Mr. Hepburn, the prosecutor, said the letters found at the lodgings of the

prisoner, though not containing many valuables, were of the Zegal News.

utmost importance. He thought the prisoner had embezzled

the stamps and suppressed the letters. The prisoner, who On the 31st alt., in the House of Commons, Mr. Gorst

said he had been in difficulties, was sentenced to two months' asked whether it was intended to continue the present

imprisonment. system of holding four assizes annually. The Attorney In the Probate and Divorce Division on Taesday last, in General replied that for the present the Government had case of Wickham v. Wickham, it appeared that, on the no intention of altering the existing arrangement.

petition of the wife, a decree nisi was made on the 17th of Two cases, says the Scottish Journal of Jurisprudence, in June, 1868, for a dissolution of her marriage with the rewbich the offence charged was personation at a parliamen

spondent. Her solicitor, since deceased, assured her that tary election, tried in the end of April last-one in the

the making the decree absolute was a matter of form to Sheriff Court of Glasgow, the other in the Central Criminal

which he would attend, and relying on his assurance, and in Court of London—illustrate the unequal incidence of justico

the belief that all things proper had been done in the matter, more potably than any cases we have geen for a consider.

the petitioner went through a ceremony of marriage in able time. In the Sheriff Court of Glasgow on the 30th

Lancashire, in September, 1871, with one Daniel Smyles, of April a man who pleaded guilty to personation was

with whom she has since lived, and by whom she bas had a

family. The decre nisi was never made absolute, owing to sentenced to eight months' imprisonment with hard labour. On the previous day two men were sentenced in the Central

unaccountable neglect on the part of the solicitor, but the Criminal Court for the game offence of personation at a Parlia

fact did not come to the knowledye of the petitioner until

the 8th of May last. mentary election. The first was sentenced to three days' valid, having been entered into b-fore her marriage with

Her marriage with Smyley was is. imprisonment with hard labour, the rosult of wbiob, says the Times report, was that he was immediately discharged. being made absolute.-Searle, for the petitioner, moved the

Wickham had been actually dissolved by the decree nisi The other was ordered to give two sareties of £25 and to

court on Tuesday last to make the decree absolute. Tbe enter into his own recogoizancos of £50 to come up for

petitioner was an innocent party in the matter, and there sentence whenever he was called upon so to do ; that is to

was no opposition to the decree. — The President intimated say, be was let off without any punishment at all except the fright. Perhaps Mr. Baron Pollock, the judge who thought that before doing so, notice of the application

that he was prepared to make the decree absolate, but he gave these lepient sentences, had some compunction in should be given to the Queen's Proctor.-Gorst, QC, now awarding the only punishment he could legally inflict appeared on behalf of the Queen's Proctor, acting by diander the statute in that case provided, viz., imprison rection of the Attorney-Geaeral. It was not desired, he ment together with hard labour. If he had given impri. said, in the circumstances of the case to offer any opposition sonment without hard labour, the sentence would have been to the decree being made absolate, but the Attorney-General illegal (Ferguson v. Thow, June 30, 1862, 4 Irv. 196). We thonght it right that some one shonld appear on his beball think this is a mistake in the Act, and that the judge sboald to direct public attention to the great danger saitors in this have it in his option to award or with bold the aggravated court incurred in neglecting to have the decrees obtained by punishment of hard labour according to the circumstances them made absolute. It was well that that fact should be of the case. If the sentences in the Central Criminal generally kaown, and that parties should not rely solely on Court seem to err on the side of leniency, certainly the assurances of their solicitors in the matter. The Prest: this defect has been amply made

up for by dent said he quite agreed in the force of the learned counsel's the sentence in the Glasgow Sheriff Court. Eight observations. When the matter came first before him, he months' imprisonment with hard laboar for felt that it was a serious questiou, and that it was right offence which has not yet become so common that stern tha: the Queen's Proctor should have notice of the applica


are required for its repression, and which tion. He trusted that persons interested in such matters entailed no great damage to society (for what is the loss of would take warning by the case.

He was, however, happy ope vote when thirty or forty thousand pecple are to be able to act upon his first impression in regard to it, voting?), is surely a more than adequate punishment. and he should therefore make the decree absolute. Some time ago a man was tried before Lord Youog in the High Court of Justiciary for stabbing another man in the throat so severely that he bled to death in a minute or

SALES OF ENSUING IEEK. two. He pleaded guilty to culpable homicide, and he was kontenced to eight months' imprisonment without hard labonr. Have we got to be such a political people that it

June 14.—Mr. JOHN DAVIES, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold is worse to take away a man's vote than to take away his

and Leasehold Properties (see advertisement, this week, p. 16); life? It will be remembered also that in the beginniog

June 14.–Messrs. HARRY Foster & Co.,'at the Mart, at ! of last year the City of Glasgow Bank directors received a


Freehold and Leasehold Properties (see advertisement ibis week, p. 8).


Jane 15.- Messrs. CHINNOCK, GALSWORTHY, & CHINNOCK, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Ground Kents and Houses

(see advertisement this week, p. 7). June 15.-Messrs. DEBENHAM, Tewson, FARMER, & BRIDGE:

WATER, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold and Leasehold

Estates (seo advertisern'nts this week, p. 11). June 15.- Mr. WALTER KNIGHT, at the Masons' Hall Tavern,

at I p.m., 2 Proparties (see advertisement this week, p. 16). June 15.-Mr. Robins, at the Mart, at 12 for 1 p.m., Freehold

Ground Rents (see advertisement this week, p. 16). Jude 18.-Messra. Norton, Trist, WATNEY, & Co., at the

Mart, Freebold Properties, Ground Rents, &c. (see advertise

ments May 15, p. 8, and this week, p. 7). June 18.-Messrs. THURGOOD & Co., at the Mart, at 2 p.m.,

Freehold Property (see advertisement May 22, p. 4).

To Surrender in the Country. Cox, George, Liskeard, Cornwall, Tanner, Pet June 4. Gidley.

East Stonehouse, June 25 at 12 Godber, Samuel, Balderton, Nottingham, Farmer. Pet June 3.

Speed. Nottingham, June 22 at 12 Jelitr, George, Aldenham, Hertford, Baker. Pet June 1. Edwards.

St Albans, June 23 at 3 Malpas, Michael, Salford, Lancaster, Grocer. Pet June 4. Hulton.

Salford, June 23 at 11 Massey, Samuel, Warrington, Wheelwright. App June 3. Nicole

son. Warrington, June 22 at 3 Stevenson, Robert Albert William, Liverpool, Veterinary Surgeon.

Pet June 4. Bellringer. Liverpool, June 21 at 11 Sweet, Henry Sanders, Exeter, Dairyman. Pet June 5. Daw.

Exeter, June 22 at 1 Wills, Naomi, and Charles Travell, Sandiacre, Derby, Lace Manu. facturers. Pet June 4. Speed. Nottingham, June 22 at 3


FRIDAY, June 4, 1880.
Scotter, Edwin, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer.

June 1
Stuart, Sir Simeon, Bath, Bart. May 20

TUESDAY, June 8, 1880.
Blakey, Luke, Burnley, Lancaster, Grocer. June 3
Bone, William, Craven st, Strand, out of business. June 1
Quin, Windham Henry Wyndham, Brighton, a Lieutenant in her

Majesty's 16th Regiment of Lancers. May 28


BIRTHS. BENETT.—June 6, at 12, Morice-square, Devonport, the wife

of Charles H. Benett, solicitor, ot a son. COLLEY.-May 25, at Thoby Priory, Brentwood, the wife of

Philip Colley, barrister-at-law, of a daughter. FIELDING.-Muy 22, at St. Dunstan's, Canterbury, the wife of

Allen Fielding, solicitor, of a daughter. Mowatt.—May 24, at 5, Notting-hill-square, W., the wife of

James Mowait, M.A., of the Inner Temple, barrister-at-law,

F.R.G.S, of a son. MABERLY. - June 3, at Green Bank, Eccler, Manchester, the

wife of Alex. C. Maberly, barrister-at-law, of a daughter,

who survived her birth only an hour. PRANCE.-June 4, at 39, Westbourne-park, the wife of Miles

H. Prance, barrister-at-law, of a daughter. ROBERTS.- June 4, at Higher-terrace, St. Leonard, Exeter, the

wife of Mr. Charles T. K. Roberts, solicitor, of a daughter. SEBASTIAN.-June 6, at Meratham, Surrey, the wife of Lewis

Boyd Sebastian, barrister-at-law, prematurely, of a son, who survived his birth less than two hours.

MARRIAGE. BAKER-BARROW.-May 29, at the parish church, St. John's,

Holloway, Charles Baker, barrister-at-law, of 21, Ladbrokeroad, Notting-hill, to Alice, daughter of the late John G.

Barrow, M.R.C.S.. of Davies-street, Berkeley-square. POWELL-JONES.- June 3, at Newtown, Montgomeryshire,

Edward Powell, of Newton, solicitor, to Mary Eleanor Paghe, daughter of Pryce Jones, of Dolérw, Newtown.

DEATHS. BUXTON.—June 6, at 2, Sidney-street, South Kensington,

Harry Wilmot Buxton, barrister-at-law, F.R.A.S., of Ashbourne, Derbyshire. MESSITER. - May 30, at Frome, Malim Messiter, solicitor, aged

61. Peachey.-May 31, at St. Leonards, James Pearse Peachey,

of the Inner Temple, barrister-at-law, aged 55.


Liquidations by Arrangement.

Friday, June 4, 1880.
Armistead, Joseph John, and Arthur Wilson Armistead, Leeds,

Drysalters. June 21 at 3 at offices of North and Sons, East parade

Leeds Askwith, Edward, Liverpool, Baker. June 22 at 3 at offices of Jones

and Pride, North John st, Liverpool Averre, William, Poplar High st, Grocer, June 16 at offices of Crew.

ther, Abchurch lane Barber, Elizabeth, Birmingham, Hosier. June 21 at 3 at offices of

Wills and Newer, Ann st, Birmingham Beck, Thomas, Gainsford, Durham, Innkeeper. June 17 at 11 at office

of Clayhills, Conisclitfe rd, Darlington Bee, Matthew Stephenson, Great Grimsby, Lincoln, Tailor. June 14

at 11 at offices of Grange and Wintringham, St Mary's chambers, West St Mary's gate, Great Grimsby Bird, Charles, Leicester, Framework Knitter. June 18 at 11 at offices

of Wright and Hincks, Belvoir st, Leicester Bonehill, Theophilus, Birmingham, Grocer. June 16 at 3 at offices of

Buller and Bickley, Bennet's hill, Birmingham Boston, Thomas, Renhold, Bedford, Farmer. Jun 15 at 11.30 at the

Swan Hotel, Bedford. Day and Wade-Gery, St Neots Brooke, Robert George, Lupus st, Pimlico, Auctioneer, June 23 at 1

at offices of Dubois, Serjeant's inn, Chancery lane. Maynard,

Clifford's inn Brooks, James. Hindsford, Lancaster, Collier. June 16 at 3 at offices

of Ramwell and Co, Mawdsley st, Bolton Brown, Charles Thompson, Walker, Northumberland, Auctioneer. June 16 at 3 at offices of Warlow, Collingwood st, Newcastle-upon

Tyne Brown, Samuel, Warwick, Italian Warehouseman. June 24 at 2.30

at the Acorn Hotel, Temple st, Birmingham. Brown, Lichfield Burton, John, Bolton, Lancaster, Plasterer. June 18 at 3 at offices

of Grundy, Mawdsley st, Bolton Bush, Robert John, Charing Cross, Bookseller. June 15 at 2 at

offices of Laundy and Co, King st, Cheapside. Marshall, Gres.

ham buildings, Basinghall st Bushnell, Joseph. Maidstone, Kent, Ironmonger. June 22 at 12 at

the Terminus Hotel, London Bridge. Stenning, Maidstone Cable, Charles, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Butcher. June 16 at 3.30 at

offices of Stone and Simpson, Church rd, Tunbridge Wells Cheney, Joseph Thomas Antoine, Brighton, Dealer in China. June

17 at 2 at offices of Buckwell, Ship st, Brighton Clements, Hammond John, St Martin's court, Leicester sq, Boot.

maker. June 12 at 11 at offices of Willis, St Martin's court, Lei.

cester sq Corbett, Charles William, Birmingham, Timber Merchant. June 14

at 11 at offices of Smith, Temple st, Birmingham Costar, Henry Thomas, Leeds, Grocer. June 17 at 11 at offices of

Dale, Albion st, Leeds Coward, William Henry, Southstoke, Somerset, Engineer. June 16

11 at offices of Clark, Union st, Bath Cowl, George Edward, Derby, Surgeon Dentist. June 16 at 12 at

the Midland Hotel, Derby. Gee, Chesterfield Crott, John Henry, Bicester, Oxford, Surgeon. June 22 at 12 at

offices of Mallam, High st, Oxford Crossman, Frederick Hughes, Newton Abbot, Devon, Silversmith.

June 17 at 11.30 at offices of Andrews, Bedford circus, Exeter.

Beachey, Newton Abbot Cumming, Robert, Harrington, Cumberland, Shopkeeper. June 17

at 12 at offices of Milburn, Nook st, Workington Davies, Joseph, Tipton, Stafford, Grocer, June 16 at 2 at offices of

Edwards, Waterloo st, Birmingham Dean, George Frederick, Tranmere, Chester, Clerk in Holy Orders.

June 14 at 11 at offices of Francis, Hamilton sq, Birkenhead Dixon, George, and James Thomas Dixon, Dewsbury, York,

Carriers. June 16 at 2 at offices of Scholes and Son, Leeds rd,

Dewsbury Donkersley, Joseph Bedford, and Fenton Donkersley, Huddersfield,

Woollen Merchants. June 15 at 4 at offices of Learoyd and Co,

Buxton rd, Huddersfield Draycott, John Arthur, Sutton Coldfield, Warwick, Photographer,

June 21 at 3 at offices of Saddler and Eddowes, Great Western arcade, Birmingham


FRIDAY, June 4, 1880.

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

To Surrender in London,
Buchanan, A Y , Wimpole-street, Coffee Planter in Ceylon. Pet

June 1. Murray. June 18 at 11
Capel, Thomas John, Wright's lane, Kensington, Clerk in Orders.

Pet June 1. Murray. June 18 at 11
Grant, Richard, Crawford st, Portman sq, House Decorator. Pet

June 2. Brougham. June 15 at 1 Jefferis, Lewis, Cork st, Hotel Proprietor. Pet June 2. Brougham. June 15 at 12

To Surrender in the Country. Ball, Nicholas, Dawlish, Devon. Pet June 1. Daw. Exeter, June

15 at 11 Binns, Uriah, Sowerby Bridge, York, Machine Maker. Pet May 20.

Rankin. Halifax, June 17 at 11 Boyall, Richard John, Grantham, Lincoln, Carriage Manufacturer.

Pet June 1. Speed. Nottingham, June 22 at 11 Harrison, Dewhurst Bilsby, Southsea, Hants, Travelling Auctioneer.

App May 13. Renny. Portsmouth, June 21 at 12
Wallace, Archibald, Liverpool, Commission Merchant. Pet June 2.

Bellringer. Liverpool, Apr 16 at 12
Westman, Hugo, Birmingham, Joinery Manufacturer. Pet June 1.

Parry. Birmingham, June 15 at 2.30
Winson, John, Cosby, Leicester, Cattle Dealer. Pet May 31. Moore.
Leicester, June 15 at 11

TUESDAY, June 8, 1880.

Under the bankruptcy Act, 1869. Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

To Surrender in London. Large, William Henry, Romilly rd, Finsbury pk, Builder. Pet June

4. Pepys. June 23 at 11 May, William, Stockwell, Surrey, Grocer. Pet June 3. Hazlitt.

June 23 at 11

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