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June 3 ata.

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Christi Tess, Friarles, Grant Veddail armer.

Chorlton-cum. Hugh. Titley, Bati per. June 5 at 2

Hassells, Thomas, Macclesfield, General Draper. June 4 at 11 at Bristol, Joseph, Paulton, Warwick, Miller. June 7 at 11 at offices of offices of Groggatt, Chestergate, Macclesfield

Wright and Gledhill, North st, Rugby Hodgson, James, Chippenham, Wilts, Coach Builder. June 2 at 11 | Brummitt, Edward, Spalding, Lincoln, Blacksmith. June 17 at 12 at offices of Phillips, Market pl, Chippenham

at the White Hart Hotel, Spalding. Maples and Son, Spalding Howell, Martha, Victoria ter, Chiswick. June 11 at 2 at offices of Butler, Joseph Benjamin, Leeds, Shoe Manufacturer. Jane 4 at 3 West, Queen Victoria st

at offices of Simpson and Burrell, Albion st, Leeds Hughes, Evans, Talsarman, Merioneth, Coal Dealer, June 4 at 1 at Calvert, Charles Henry, Southampton, Publisher. June 3 at 3 at ottices of Jones and Jones, Brecon pl, Portmadoc

Guildhall Coffeehouse. Bell, Southampton Hunter, William, Manchester, Commission Agent. June 3 at 3 at Castle, Robert, Howden, York, Farmer. Altered from May 24 to offices of Payne and Galloway, Brazennose st, Manchester

June 7 at 3 at offices of Weddall and Parker, Selby Johnston, John Bryce, Sale, Chester, Nurseryman. June 12 at 3 at Chambers, Charles, Grantham, Haberdasher. June 1 at 11 at offices the York Hotel, York st, Manchester

of Press, Friar lane, Nottingham Jones, Abraham, New Swindon, Wilts, Groeer. May 31 at 11 at Christian, Thomas Murray, and James Henry Christian, Chester. offices of Boodle, Albion bldgs, New Swindon

Joiners. June 17 at 2 at offices of Ivey, Church st, Liverpool. Lansbary, Thomas, King's rd, Chelsea, Draper. May 27 at 3 at

Lupton, Liverpool offices of Charlton and Co, Queen Victoria st. Hearn, Queen Vic. Clifford, Alexander, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Printer, June 10 at 1! toria st

at offices of Keenlyside and Co, St John's chambers Grainger si Leighton, William, Carlisle, Cumbərland, Builder. June 11 at 3 at West, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Bush Hotel, Carlisle. Farish, jun, Brampton

Cochrane, Hugh, Barrow-in-Furness, Carpenter. June 8 at 11 a: Mace, John, Lupus st, Pimlico, Boot Maker, May 25 at 4 at Mitre Trevelyan Temperance Hotel, Church St. Barrow-in-Furness. Tavern, Mitre ct, Temple, Staniland, North rd, Highgate

Sims, Barrow-in-Furness Mason, William, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Architect, June 4 at 11 at Colthup, Alfred, Chantry lane, Canterbury, Builder. June 9 at 11 offices of Burton, Dyott terrace, Tunbridge Wells

at oftices of Collard, Castle st, Canterbury Matthews, Colin Paget, St. Leonard's-on-Sea, out of business. June Combe, David, Cheapside, Dentist. June 4 at 3 at offices of Durant, 9 at 2 at offices of Greenfield, Queen Victoria st

Guildhall chambers, Basinghall st Milward, George, Llowes, Radnor, Farmer. June 8 at 10.15 at Crown Coulson, Squire, Pudsey, nr Leeds, Woollen Cloth Manufacturer. Hotel, Hay. Corner, Hereford

June 8 at 3 at offices of Carr, Albion st, Leeds Montgomerie, Robert Hunter, Waltham Cross, Hertford, Dra per Cox, William, Torquay, Devon, Auctioneer. June 5 at 11 at offices June 9 at 3 at 111, Cheapside. Haigh and Agar, Gresham st

of Campion, Bedford circus, Exeter Morris, William, and Thomas Morris, Aston-juxta-Birmingham, Dungey, I'homas Edwin, Rattray rd, Brixton, Grocer, June 2 at 4

Stone Masons. June 3 at 2 at offioes of Burton, Union passage, at offices of Hanson, King st, Cheapside. Terry, King st

Dunman, John Sampson, Woodborough, Wilts, Draper. June 5 at ? Parsons, Frederick, Meadow st, Stoke Newington, Cowkeeper. June at offices of Marshall, Marlborough. Titley, Bath 1 at 3 at offices of Parkes, Queen Victoria st

Draper, James, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, near Manchester, Joiner. Phillips, John, White Hart st, Kennington park rd, Engineer. May June 7 at 3 at offices of Rains, Princess st, Manchester

31 at 2 at Bridge House Hotel, Borough High st. Arnold, Town. Errington, Francis, William Errington, and John Errington, Farhall chambers

mers, Northumberland. June 10 at 2 at offices of Gibson, the Price, Thomas, Crewe, Chester, Grocer. June 9 at 11 at Bank Room Guildhall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Mechanics' Institution, Crewe. Hill, Crewe

Fairbairns, Ephraim, Knottingley, York. Builder. June 4 at 11 Roe, Edward, Swansea, Saddler. May 28 at 11 at offices of Thomas, at Brunswick Hotel, Borough Market pl, Wakefield York pl, Swansea

Fennell, George, Edgware rd, Toy and Fancy Goods Dealer. June Salter, John, Chippenham, Wilts, out of business. June 2 at 1 at 7 at 3 at offices of Scott and Barham, King st, Cheapside Temperance Hotel, Chippenham. Smith, Melksham

Flockton, Charles Poston, Tottenham st, Tottenham ct rd, Comedian. Shelley, George, Walsall, Stafford, Boot Dealer. June 3 at 11 at the June 9 at 12 at offlces of Moss, Gracechurch st George Hotel, Walsall. Bill, Walsall

Francis, Eli, Westbury, Wilts, Market Gardener. June ? at & Sinclair, John, New Clee, Lincoln, Fish Merchant. June 5 at oflices of McCarthy, Frome

11 at offices of Stephenson and Mountain, Bethlehem st, Great Freeman, John, Birmingham, out of business. June 7 at ll at oflices Grimsby

of Blewett, Waterloo St, Birmingham Starr, Frederick (and not Frank, as erroneously printed in last Godbold, Henry James, St. Leonard's-on-Sea, Photographer. June Gazette), Cornhill, Dressing Case Manufacturer. May 26 at 2 at 7 at 2 at offices of Norris and Carless, Gensing Station rd, SL. offices of Grueber, Railway approach, London bridge

Leonard's-on-Sea Stephenson, Alfred, Bolton, Lancaster, Tobacconist. June 8 at 2 at Goodrich, Joseph Alfred, Leicester, Carpenter, June 7 at 3 at offices the Dog and Partridge Inn, Fennel st, Manchester. Anderton and of Wright and Hincks, Belvoir st, Leicester Donnelly, Bury

Green, Thomas, Earley, Berks, Farmer. June 11 at 12 at offices of Stones, James William, Manchester, Paper Merchant. June 8 at 3 at Field, Forbury, Reading offices of Chorlton, Cross St, Manchester

Greenland, Henry, Bedminster, Bristol, Tailor. May 26 at 12a. Sutton, John, Middlesbrough, out of business. June 4 at 11 at offices offices of Meeres, Nicholas st, Bristol of Garbutt and Fawcett, Finkle st, Stockton-on-Tees

Grundon, William, Horbury, York, Woollen Merchant. June 7 at 3 Thomas, Edwin John, Lowestoft, Suffolk, Wine Merchant. Junc 10 at offices of Haigh and Co, Bond st, Dewsbury at 12 at the Castle and Falcon Hotel, Aldersgate st. Digby and Haberfield, William, Shirenewton, nr Chepstow, Monmouth, Shop. Evans, Maldon

keeper. June 8 at 3 at offices of Griffiths and Son, Beaufort 84, Thomas, John, Usk, Monmouth, Innkeeper. June 3 at 12 at offices of Chepstow. Tomlinson, Newport Gibbs and Llewellyn, Bridge st, Newport

Hague, Sam, Liverpool, Music Hall Proprietor. June 7 at 3 a. Thompson, Peter, Lowton, Lancaster, Hay Dealer, June 5 at 11 at 1 offices of Gibson and Co, South John st, Liverpool. Frodsham offices of Stuart, King st, Wigan

and Nicholson, Liverpool Topping. Harry, Beacondale rd, Upper Norwood, Traveller, Head, John Edward, St George's, Gloucester,

an, June 2 at June 7 at 3 at offices of Tarrant and Mackrell, Bond ct, Wal 12 at offices of Meeres, Nicholas st, Bristol brook

Heah, John William, Gratton, Stafford. Builder Juno 3 at 11 at Vorley, Henry, Sheffield, Oil Merchant. June 3 at 2 at the Cutler's Harecastle Hotel, Kidsgrove. Stevenson, Hanley Hall, Church st, Sheffield. Rodgers and Co, Sheffield

Henderson, James, Houghton-le-Spring, Durham, Boot Maker. Wallis, Francis Bceby, Kettering, Northampton, Engineer. June 3 June 9 at 11 at offices of Chambers, Sadler st, Durham at 2 at Royal Hotel, Kettering. Lamb, Kettering

Herbert, George Oliver Edwin, Oxford, out of business. June 7 at Welbore, John, Spring Bank, Kingston-upon-Hull. M: ay 3 1 at 3 at 2 at Unicorn Hotel, Moreton-in-Marsh, Barkes, Moreton-inoffices of Chambers, Scale lane, Kingston-upon-Hull

Marsh Whittaker, William, Bristol, Mill Stone Manufacturer. M y 29 at 11 | Holmes, George Joseph, Pakenham st. Gray's inn rd, Clerk in the at offices of Thorne, Guildhall, Broad st

General Post Office. Junc 8 at 3 at offices of Peddell, Guildhall Williams, John, Chepstow, Monmouth, Licensed Victraller. June 3 chmbrs, Basinghall st at 12 at offices of Parsons, High st, Bristol

Irons, Elijah, Northampton, Boot Manufacturer. June 17 a: 3 a Willsmer, George, Leyton, Essex, Builder. June 4 at 3 at Guildhall offices of Becke, Derngate, Northampton Tavern, Gresham st. Vernede, New Broad st

Jacobs, Alfred, Essex st, Kingsland rd, Ostrich Feather Manu. Wilson, John, Newlyn rd, Tottenhain, Builder, June 7 at 3 at facturer. June 7 at 2 at offices of Collings, Buckingham st,

Mason's Hall Tavern, Mason's avenue, Businghall st. Rumney, Strand

James, John Burrough, Ludgate-hill, Public Accountant. June 1 Wilson, Thomas, Fredworth, Gloucester, Butcher. May 31 at 11 at at 3 at offices of Morris, Paternoster row offices of Franklin, Berkeley st, Gloucester

Janes, Amos, Luton, Bedford, Blocker. June 5 at 11 at offices of Woodford, William, New Swindon, Vilts, Grocer. May 20 at 2 at Ewen and Roberts, Park st, West Luton offices of Jackson, Albion bldgs, New Swindon

Joy, Robert, Wharfs, Paddington, Cab Proprietor. June 3 at 3 at Wright John, Crescen, Stafford, Butcher. June 1 at 10.3) at offices oflices of Andrews and Mason, Ironnion ger lane. Castle, Poultry of Cope, Waterloo rd, Burslem

Keeping, James William, Winkton, Hants. June 7 at 12 at the TUESDAY, May 23, 6880.

Pembroke Hotel, Bournemouth. Howard, Melcombe Regis Alsop, George, Northampton, Plumber. June 10 at 2 at offices of Kenward, George, Wartling, Sussex. Miller. June 8 at 3 at the George and Rands, Newland, Northampton

Star Hotel, Lewes. Sinnock, Hailshan Appleby, Walter, Canrobert st, Bethnal Green, Trimming Manufac- Knight, George, Flaxley, Westbury-on-Severn, Gloncester, Farmer.

turer. June 5 at 1 at offices of Mortinore. Coleman st Asimore, John, Harstall, Ridware, Stafford, Butcher. June 8 at Lamb, George Philip, Clarendon sg, St Pancras, Dealer in Wearing at the Shrewsbury Arms Hotel, Rugeley. Morgan, Staliord

Apparel. June 17 at 3 at offices of Clark, Polygon, Clarendon ® itbury, Henry, Wombridge, Salon, Licensed Victualler. June 7 St Pancras ut 10 at offices of Ashmall, Albion st, Hanley

Lancey, John, Neath, Glamorgan, Builder. Junc 7 at 3 at the Casi: Barker, John, Stockton-on-Tees, Innkeeper. June 11 at 3 at offices Hotel, Neath. Donague, Swansen of Bell and Son, Church st, West Hartlepool

Lee, Thomas Hutchings, 'Low Walker, Northumberland, Grocer. Bartindale, Charles, Northallerton, York, Saddler, June 4 at 3 at June 7 at 2 at offices of Elsdon, Royal arcade, Newcastle-uponoflices of Waistell, Northallerton

Tyne Bennett, Thomas, Battersea Park rd, Lath Render. June 2 at 3 at Leighton, George, Lancaster, Tailor. June 8 at 11 at offices of Clark offices of Gray, Finsbury pl

and Co, Sun st, Lancaster Bradbury, John, Ashton, near Birmingham, late Captain in her Lester, Edward, Carmarthen, Jeweller. June 5 at 11 at offices of

Majesty's Forces. June 5 at 12 at offices of Joynt, New st, Bir 1 Morris, Quay st, Carmarthen mingham

Lloyd, Charles John, Larkhall lane, Clapham, Broker. June 11 st Bradley, Thomas Baker, Sheffield, Estate Agent. June 10 at 3 at i at the Spread Eagle Hotel, Wandsworth. Ody, Camberwell offices of Burdekin and Co, Norfolk st, Sheffield

New rd

- Severn, Gloucester, Farmer.

amne 14 at 12 at offices of Parker

atcher. June 8 at 1


Mason, Frederick John, Birmingham, Grocer. June 7 at Ilat offices Styder, Frederick, Lower Tooting, Surroy, Butcher. Juno 4 t of Rowlands, Corporation chambers, Ann st, Birmingham

11 at the Mitre Hotel, Lower Tooting.. Chappell and Co, Golden Meinerzhagen, Edward John Henry, and Henry Turner, Mincing 189 lane, Colonial Merchants. June 8 at 2 at Guildhall Tavern, Ba. Symes, William Henry, Boston, Lincoln, Brower. June 4 at 12 at singhall st. Mercer, Markulane

offices of Thomas, Emery lane, Boston Mines, George, Lower Eaton, Bristol, out of business. June 7 at 12 Taylor, Robert Arthur, Birmingham, Machinist. June 4 at 12 at

at offices of Beckingham, Albion chambers, Broad st, Bristol offices of Hawkes and Weekes, Temple st, Birmingham Morley, William, Seven Sisters. Td, Holloway, Oilman. June 10 at 2 Thorpe, Henry, Keyham, Leicester, Builder. June 7 at 11 at oifices at Law Institution, Chancery lane. Thomson and Ward, Bedford of Wright, Gallowtree gate, Leicester

Underhill, Francis, Birmingham, Fruit Salesman. June 1 at 10.30 Neeld, William, Rugeley, Stafford, Boot and Shoe Maker. June 7 at offices of Smith, Temple st, Birmingham at 2 at offices of Glover, Brook 84, Rugeley


Villiers, John, Birmingham, Builder. June 2 at 3 at offices of Parry Olver, William George, St Denis, Cornwall, Quarryman. June 9 at Commore row, Birmingham

1 at King's Arms Inn, St Stephens, Branwell. Coode and Co, St Wait, Robert, Watford, Northampton, Innkeeper. June 5 at 3 at Austell

offices of Roche, St Giles st, Northampton Parmiter, Stanislaus George, Wareham, Dorset, Watchmaker. Jun Walker, Henry Alfred, Lodging House Keeper, Hastings. June 8 9 at 11.30 at Red Lion Hotel, Wareham, Howard, Weymouth

at la offices of Chalinder, Trinity st, Hastings Partridge, John, Birmingham, Ale and Porter Dealer. June 2 at 11 Wheway, George, Birmingham, Manufacturing Confectioner. Juno at offices of Parry, Colmore row, Birmingham

7 at 12 at offices of Hawkes and Weekes, Temple st, Birmingham Pearce, Charles Gilbert Pleydell, Oxhill, Warwick, Maltster, June Williams, Egbert, Llandovery, Carmarthen, Surgeon. May 31 at 11 14 at 1 at offices of Hancock and Hiron, Shipston-on-Stour

at offices of Howell, Stepney st, Llanelly Pennington, Walter, Longridge rd, Kensington, Clerk in Holy Wilson, William, Littletown, York, Plumber. June 5 at 11 at offices

Orders. June 7 at 2 at offices of Tilley and Soames, Finsbury of Sykes, Heckmondwike pavement

Zolki, Abraham, Sheffield, Jeweller. June 2 at 3 at offices of Pier. Poole, Henry, Cockshot, Salop, Farrier. June 4 at 11 at offices of son, Queen st, Sheilield

Morris and Son, Swan hill, Shrewsbury
Powell, James, and John Baker, Tranmere, Chester, Hay and
Straw Dealer. June 9 at 11 at offices of Francis, Hamilton sq, SCHWEITZER'S COCOATINA,

Price, Watkin, end William Lewis, Govilon, Monmouth, Iron Vanu.

Anti-Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder. facturers. June 7 at 12.30 at offices of Daniel and Jones, Newport. Guaranteed Pure Soluble Cocoa of the Finest Quality, with the

Lewis, Merthyr Tydfil
Price, William, jun, Stockton-on-Tees, Grocer. June 1 at 2 at

excess of fat extracted,

The Faculty pronounce it "the most nutritious, perfectly digestible Gregory's Corporation Hotel, Church row, Stockton-on-Tees.

beverage for Breakfast, Luncheon, or Supper, and invaluable for Teale, Middlesborongh

Invalids and Children." Reeve, John, Birmingham, Saude Manufacturer. June 4 at 10.30 at

llighly commended by the entire Medical Press. offices of East, Temple st, Birmingham

Being without sugar, spice, or other admixture, it suits all palates, Richardson, Joseph, Denmark hill, Camberwell, Bedstead, Manu

keeps better in all climates, and is four times the strength of cocoa facturer. June 9 at 3 at the Station Hotel, Camberwell New rd.

TUICKENED yet WEAKENED with starch, &c., and IN REALITY CHEAPER Ody, Camberwell New rd

than such Mixtures. Riches, Frederick Adolphus, Montpelier ril, Peckham, Carman.

Made instantaneously with boiling water, a teaspoonful to a BreakJune 3 at 3 at offices of Chipperfield. Trinity st, Southwark

fast Cup, coating less than a halfpenny. Rogers, Daniel, Willenhall, Stafford, of no occupation. June 5 at

COCOATINA A LA VANILLE is the most delicate, digestible, cheape s 11 at the Bull's Head Inn, High st, Bilston. Follows, Bilston

Vanilla Chocolate, and may be taken when richer chocolate is pro Rowley, Edgar John, Salisbury, Wilts, Publican. June 3 at 3 at

h nited, the Bull Hotel, Fishertonst, Salisbury. Hill and Sluder, Salisbury

In tiu packets at 1s. 60., 38., 58. 60 , &c., by Chemists and Grocer, Senior, Edward Corbett, Tettenhall Wood, near Wolverhampton'

Charities on Special Terms by the Sole Proprietors, Milkman. June 5 at 11 at oftices of Rudland, Queen st, Wolver

H. SCHWEITZER & CO., 10, Adam-street, London, w.C. hampton Shuker, William, Bunbury, Chester, Machinist. June 1 at 2 at offices of Warburt on, Nantwich rd, Crewe

MR. G. H. JONES, Smith, Charles Henry, Birmingham, Grocer. June 7 at 10.15 at offices of East, Temple'st, Birmingham

SURGEON DENTIST, Smith, Josiah, Great Marlow, Bncks, Butcher. June 12 at 11 at

57, GREAT RUSSELL-STREET, LONDON offices of Rawson, High st Great, Marlow Smith. William, Keighley, York, Auctioneer. June 9 at 11 at offices

(Opposite the British Museum), of Gamble and Harvey, Gresham buildings. Robinson and Robin. son, Keighley

Will be glad to orward his Pampblet on Painless Dentistry, free Stargott, Abraham, Cinderford, Gloucester, Tailor. June 14 at 4 at enclosed by post, which explains the most unique system of the adjus offices of Parker, Newnham

ment of ARTIFICIAL TEETH without pain. Stenning, George, Haslemere, Surrey, Carpenter.

June 8 at 2 at offices of Craig, High st, Guiloford


T H E G R A N D H O T E L,



Apartments may be secured from the 1st of June by letter or personal applioation to the Secretary's Office. The Hotel is situated in the very centre of London, close to the Houses of Parliament, and near the principal Public Buildings, Opera House, Theatres, Fine Art Galleries, and Places of Amusement, amidst conveyances to all parts of the Metropolis and the suburbs.

I AW.-WANTED, by a SOLICITOR, admitted W EDNESDAY, JUNE 2, at the MART, Token

U two years, a re-engagement as Conveyancing or General V house-yard, at TWO, Messrs. EDWIN FOX & BOUS-
Managing Clerk, country preferred, experienced in the routine of a FIELD will sell the following PROPERTIES :-
London and a country office. Good references. Salary £150.--Ad.
dress N. L., “Solicitors' Journal" Office.

NEW BOND STREET.-The spacious and commanding Freehold

Business Premises, 179, New Bond-street, with conspicuous shop LAW.-WANTED, by a SOLICITOR (articled in

and show rooms and private residence over, occupying a pre-emi.

nently attractive and prominent advertising position, being nearly the country and lately admitted), a Conveyancing or General

opposite Burlington-gardens; the ground floor is now occupied by & Clerkship in an office where experience may be gained. ---Apply,

well-known picture dealer, and the upper part by an eminent Court C.J. F., 129, Gower-street, w.c.

milliner ; the premises are let under an old lease (at a purely nominal

rent), which shortly expires, and the annual value may be moder. I AW.-WANTED, by a SOLICITOR (recently ately estimated at £650 per annum.-Solicitors, Messrs. Murray, U admitted), thoronghly acquainted with Magisterial Practice Hutchins, & Stirling, No. 11, Birchin-lane, E.C. and the general routine of a country office, an Engagemex veyancing Clerk under slight supervision. Salary moderate. -Ad.

HANOVER SQUARE.At the Corner of George-street, a valuable dress ALPHA, care of Mr. Gotelee, Odiham, Hants.

Freehold Professional Residence or Town House, No. 25, Hanover

square, admirably adapted for a club, bank, or public office, family T AW.-WANTED, Managing Clerkship in a Pro

occupation, professional purposes, or for division into suites of

chambers; the premises are six storeys in height, and possess the L. vincial Office where there would be a prospect of future Part

commanding double frontage of about 40ft. to Hanover-square, and nership. Advertiser could act without supervision, if desired, and

35ft. to George-street; at present let on a lease, expiring 1885, at the is prepared to be generally useful. Capital.- Address EQUITY,

low rent of £350 per annum, but moderately estimated to be worth “ Solicitors' Journal Office, 52, Carey-street.

£500 per annum.-Solicitors as above. A YOUNG IRISH SOLICITOR, who has LINCOLN'S INN FIELDS and GREAT QUEEN STREET.-In n practised in Ireland for four years, would be glad 10 re-serve Three Lots, by order of the Committee, exceedingly valuable Freehold his articles with a good London firm. No premium to be asked for.

Estates, comprising the grand block of freehold property lately He would be williog to devote his whole time to the service of the

vacated by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, well business.-For particulars as to salary, &e., please apply to X. X., 41,

known as occupying one of the finest sites in this important and im. Waterloo-street, Birmingham.

proving position, consisting of No. 67, Lincoln's-inn-fields, and Nos.

76, 77, 72, and 73, Great Queen-street, covering the important superC 750 will be paid to apy SOLICITOR or other ficial area of 8,300ft. ; all the buildings are most substantial, and in 2 Gentleman, as a Bonus, for financing a Building Estate near

their present form, with but a moderate ontlay, are available for

professional and commercial purposes, their proximity to the Law London, the advances bearing interest at £5 per cent. per annum,

Courts points to their profitable utilization for suites of chambers, and being not more than £6,000 at any time, and not exceeding two

while their position equally adapts them for the printing and other thirds of the cost price of the houses, the builders making a large

kindred trades, as also for carriage builders and furniture wareimproved rental. Only principals need apply.-Address FREE

house.--Solicitors, Messrs. Bridges, Sawtell, Heywood, & Co., HOLDER, care of Mr. Drysdale, No. 31, John-street, Bedford-row,

23, Red Lion-square. W.C.

No. 99, Gresham-street, Bank, E.C. mio CAPITALISTS and SOLICITORS. WANTED, the Advance of £200, £500, or more or lese Spare

W EDNESDAY, JUNE 23, at the MART, TokenCapital on good Reversionary Securities. Good Interest and other advantages.-diress B., care of Smith, Stationer, 14, Cursitor-street,

house-yard, at Two, Messrs. EDWIN FOX & BOUS

FIELD will SELL, as above, the following properties :-
Chancery-lane, E.C.
MOSTS Drawn and Settled on Fair Terms by a

OLD WINDSOR.--A delightful Freehold Residence, known as

The Lodge, well placed in the centre of a first-class sporting and Solicitor who has had 20 years' experience in settling costs and residential district, containing ample accommodation for a large legal accounts in offices with large practices.-Address Costs, 117, establishment, and surrounded by 17 acres of shrubberies, ornamental Chancery-lane, W.C.

pleasure grounds, kitchen gardens, greenhouse, orchard-house, W ANTED to PURCHASE, to Complete a Set,

vinery, &c., and park-like meadow land; there are complete out

buildings, including entrance lodge, first-class stabling and coachVols. 15 to 20 of the WEEKLY REPORTER.-State lowes: 1

house, men's rooms, three cottages, laundry, dairy, &c.-Solicitors, price for the whole or any single vol. to ALPHA, care of E. W. Owles, Messrs. Brooks, Jenkins, & Co., 7, Godliman-street, Doctors'. Esq., 22, Chancery-lane, w.c.

commons, E.C. W ANTED, by a Highly-Respectable Married OLD WINDSOR.-A pretty little Freehold Residence known 88

V Person, CARE of OFFICES or CHAMBERS. Thorough good Birch-cottage, occupying a very pleasant position, near the Datchet Cook and Hou ekeeper. Could cater for two or three Gentlemen. and Windsor Stations, and a short distance from the Thames and Husband employed during the day. Would sleep on the premises, Great Park. The house is well secluded in its own grounds, and Seven years' gond reference. No family. Can furnish owo rooms, if contains six bed rooms, dressing and work rooms, three reception requred.-B. W., 170, Upper Kensington-lane.

rooms, offices, and capital stabling, conservatory, &c. The grounds

comprise about 4. acres, and include lawn and pleasure garden, OFFICE or OHAMBERS. - Third Floor, 30.

capital kitchen garden, orchard, and meadow land, Theobald's-road (late 10, King's-road), Gray's-inn, overlook. HERTFORDSHIRE.-A beautiful Freehold Residential Estate, ing Gray's-inn-gardens. Two rooms and ante-room with sink, w.c., abutting on the Great North-road by the 16th mile stone from &c. Rent £30.-Apply to HOTSEKEEPER.

London, 21 miles from Potter's-bar Station, surrounded by the

estates of the Marquis of Salisbury, Lord Sackville, and other large VINAHAN'S LL WHISKY.

landed proprietors, known as Mimwood, comprising a noble mansion, with complete appurtenances, and surrounded by finely-tim

bered, park-like land of over 300 acres, with extensive and complete TZ INAHAN'S LL WHISKY. Pure, Mild and stabling, bailiff's house, several cottages, extensive farm building, Mellow, Delicious and most Wholesome. Universally recom.

&c.-Solicitors, Messrs. Campbell, Reeves, & Hooper, 17, Warwickmended by the Profession. The Cream of Old Irish Whiskies.

street, Regent-street. HINAHAN'S LL WHISKY. Dr. Hassall says CANTERBURY.-The Stone-house Estate, & unique Freehold I “Soft and Mellow, Pure, well Matured, and of very excellent

Residential Property, for occupation, comprising a substantial quality."

modern mansion, containing ample accommodation for a large

establishment, beautifully placed within terraced and slopias VINAHAN'S LL WHISKY. Gold Medal, Paris gardens, intersected by a sheet of water of 700 feet in length, and Exhibition, 1878; Dublin Exhibition, 1865, the Gold Medal.

surrounded by its own miniature domain of about 52 acres of 20, Great Titchfield Street, London, W.

undulating park-like land, commanding grand views of the

Cathedral and the interesting country around. The appurtenances RRAND AND CO.'S OWN SAUCE. are very complete, including bailiff's house, superior stabling, dairy,

laundry, cottages, forcing houses and pits, vinery, &c. -Solicitors, Messrs. Plummer & Fielding, Canterbury.

STAINES, about half-a-mile from the station, on the river. -A Freehold, modern, and handsome Residence, complete in its arrangements, unusually well designed and built. containing 12 bed and dress.

ing rooms, bath-room, &c., three reception rooms, billiard room, and alsn

complete offices. It is approached by a carriage drive, with handsome entrance lodge, and has complete stabling. cowhouse, green house, coachman's house, &c. The grounds, about half an acre in extent, include lawn and pleasure gardens. walled-in kitchen garden, and fertile inclosures of meadow land. - Solicitors, Messrs. Lambert, Petch, & Shakespeare, 8 John-street, Bedford-row, W.C.

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TURTLE SOUP, and JELLY, and other


Sole Address, 11, LITTLE STANHOPE STREET, MAYFAIR, W ! No. 99, Gresham-street, Bank, E.C.

FINCHLEY. A capital, detachedi Villa Residence, at Church-end, near the station, known as Greta-house, containing ample accommo. dation, with a good garden, half an acre in extent, in the rear; held for 90 years unexpired, at a low ground-rent, and for sale with possession. --Solicitors, Messrs. Gush & Phillips, 3, Finsbury-cirous, E.C.

Solicitors' Journal.


635 ....... 638


Constitution;" and the further resolution of the House in 1858, " That it is contrary to the usage and derogatory to the dignity of this House that any of its mem

bers should bring forward, promote, or advocate in this LONDON, JUNE 5, 1880.

House any proceeding or measure in which he may have acted or been concerned, for or in consideration of any

pecuniary fee or reward." It may be, as the late Lord CONTENTS.

Campbell always maintained, that there is no reason, in CURRENT TOPICS:

point of law, why any member of Parliament should not The Court of Appeal

........................ 585 at the present day insist on the revival of the old pracThe New County Court Judge... ......................... 585

tice of payment of wages. But these wages would, of Payment of Members of Parliament......................... 585 * Freedom of Contract” ..................................... 585

course, be payable by the constituents generally; and a Particulars of Sale .. ........................... 585

proposal by a section of a member's constituents to pay Queen's Counsel at the Scottish Bar.............................

586 The Courts and the Queen's Birthday


a yearly sum to him for advocating their special interests The Royal Courts of Justice

586 rests on a totally different footing. LEADERS: Tinkering the Bills of Sale Act

... 586 Contracts in Restraint of Trade .............................. 587 RECENT DECISIONS

......... 588 CASES OF THE WEEK :

BUT FOR THE FALLACIES contained in a letter on the Metropolitan Asylums District Board v. Hill ............... 589 Hares and Rabbits Bill in the Times of Thursday, signed De Chatonville, Ex parte .................................... 589

“B.," the terseness and vigour of the style might have Jones v. Rimmer

589 Beaney v. Elliott ............................................ 590

induced us to attribute it to a learned Lord Justice, but Fritz v. Hobson......................................... 590

the legal and economic unsoundness of the reasoning OBITUARY .................................................... 590 APPOINTMENTS ................................................ 591

makes hesitate to ascribe it to so high an New ORDERS, &c. ............................................

591 authority. The term “freedom of contract,” which COMPANIES... .............................................. 591

the writer uses, has been called by some a fetish, SOCIETIES

................... 591 SOLICITORS' CASES ............................................ 594 and without adopting that description to its full extent, ELECTION PETITIONS ........................................ 595

the phrase certainly sometimes stands for sound without LEGISLATION OF THE WEEK



sufficient meaning. Strictly stated, what is meant COURT PAPERS

596 by freedom of contract ? Does it mean liberty to mako LONDON GAZETTES, &c., &C.....


any promise ? If so the liberty exists. Does it mean

liberty to bind yourself by any obligation? If so no CASES REPORTED IN THE WEEKLY REPORTKR. one contends it ought to exist. Ought there to be Arnold, In re. Arnold v. Arnold (App.)

liberty to enter into a binding obligation to be slave to Bewley v. Atkinson (App.) Blake v. Blake (Ch.Div. M.R.)

another, or to do an immoral act? If not, why not? Clifford and wife v. Koe (H.L)

... 633

660 656

Only because the State judges such relations and acts to Foster and others, Appellants, v. Medwin and another, Respon. be mischievous, and refuses to lend its sanction to pro

dents (C.P.Div.) Fox v. Hawks (Ch.Div. V.C.B.)

visions for their creation and performance. If then the Nobel's Explosive Company (Limited) v. Jones, Scott, & Co. State is of opinion that in any other branch of contract

(Ch.Div. V.C.B) Pawson v. Brown (Ch.Div. V.C.M.)........

particular obligations are mischievous, why should it not "Parlement Belge, The (App.)

interfere to except them from the general sanction Rigby v. Connol (Ch.Div. M.R.)

which it attaches to innocuous contracts ? It is here, then, that what may be called a legal fallacy exists,

because the fallacy consists in leaving out of account the CURRENT TOPICS.

fact that contracts, so far as known to the law, need to be

rendered effective by the law, and are not things which IN VIew of the necessity for the absence during the stand and effectuate themselves of their own force. But coming circuits of an unusually large number of the Lords it is quite a differert question what contracts ought to Justices of Appeal, the Lord Chancellor has intimated be brought under the class of exceptions, and in this his readiness to sit with the Court of Appeal, so as to respect economic considerations have an important, prevent delay in the disposal of the cases awaiting often a determining, influence. Now, one consideration hearing.

of this nature lies upon the surface, and is illustrated by

numerous instances. Where a monopoly exists, whether IT MAY BE Hoped that the first judicial appointment created by the Legislature or the effect of natural of the Government marks the introduction of a new

causes, the Legislature has frequently interposed to principle of selection of county court judges-we mean

protect the interests of the State, which mean the the principle of selection by merit. Mr. Holroyd, the new

interests of its citizens. Whether in a particular incounty court judge, is, in the opinion of all who know

stance the monopoly is of such a nature as to justify him, eminently qualified, both by his legal attainments

the limitation of the so-called freedom of contract must and his candid and upright mind, to fill a post in

be decided npon particular circumstances, but the filling which the first of these qualities have been some

matter must not be decided by vague appeals to sound. times wholly disregarded, and the second has been

ing phrases and mere abstract reasoning. supposed to accompany most certainly fiery and pug. nacious partisanship:

THE CASE of Jones v. Rimmer, which will be found

noted elsewhere, deserves attention, although the omisIT HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED in the daily papers that the sion against which it warns practitioners is not very "Farmers' Candidate Committee” of Herefordshire have likely to be made. Upon a sale by the court of leasehold resolved to allow their member, Mr. Duckham, M.P., property one of the lots was described as “all those £500 per annum for watching their interests in Parlia- four leasehold houses situated, &c., and now let at the ment.

If this statement is correct, the committee respective rents of,” &c., but the ground rent subject may be advised to consider the resolution passed to which the houses were held was not stated. The purby the House of Commons on the 2nd of May, chaser applied to be discharged from his contract on the 1695, "That the offer of any money,

or other ground that the particulars of sale were misleading in not advantage, to any member of Parliament, for the stating that the property comprised in the lot was held promoting of any matter whatsoever, depending or subject to a ground-rent of £43 a year. The Court of to be transacted in Parliament, is a high crime and mis- Appeal decided in favour of the purchaser, and the demeanour, and tends to the subversion of the English Master of the Rolls said that he was justified in conclud

.......... 652


ing from the particulars that the property he was buying was not subject to any substantial ground-rent. There TINKERING THE BILLS OF SALE ACT. were special circumstances in favour of this conclusion in

The representatives of the commercial classes having the particular case; and it is unquestionably right that

succeeded in passing, in the Bills of Sale Act, 1878, the onus should be thrown on the vendor of stating dis

one of the most ill-considered pieces of legislation in tinctly and fully what it is that is going to be sold, but

the Statute-book, are now busily engaged in trying to one cannot help suggesting that the tendency of the

“ amend” it. A little Bill, covering only two sides of a decision in the recent case is somewhat dangerous, and

sheet of paper, to which we drew attention last session, that a purchaser who chooses to bid for a property des

has been again introduced by Mr. Whitwell and other cribed as leasehold, without taking the trouble to enquire

gentlemen. It is entitled a “ Bill to amend the Bills of Sale whether it is or is not held at a substantial ground-rent,

Act, 1878, Amendment Act." We are tolerably fam iliar does not deserve much sympathy.

with the Act of 1878, but where is this “Amendment Act" which is now to be amended to be found ? Not in

the Statute-book at all events. And as the Bill provides THERE HAVE BEEN NO SILK GOWNS at the Scottish bar (clause 3) that it is to be cited as “The Bills of Sale except those of the Lord Advocate and the Solicitor

| Act (1878) Amendment Act, 1880," We conclude that the General; hence the arrival in the Court of Session on

title of the Bill is merely a little device to bewilder the Saturday week of a bevy of four silk-clad gentlemen

profession, like the celebrated proviso at the end of secwho announced that they were the bearers of patents

tion 6 of the Act of 1878. appointing them Queen's Counsel appears to have occa

Passing from this matter we come to the contents sioned considerable embarrassment. The Lord Advocate

of the Bill, which consists, first, of an attempt to make after informing the court that he and his companions

into law the doctrine of the Common Pleas Division in had been appointed Queen's Counsel at the English

Davies v. Goodman (28 W. R. 150). It is proposed to bar. asked that the patents might be recorded in repeal section 8 of the Act of 1878, which, as our readers order to give them due precedence at the bar.” But will remember, avoids an unattested and unregistered the Lord President said that as there was no inner and

bill of sale in certain cases only; and to provide that outer bar, he did not see any reason for the court

“every bill of sale to which the principal Act applies taking special cognizance of their appointment. This

shall be duly attested, and shall be registered in accordwas somewhat depressing, but the judicial congratula ance with the provisions of that Act within seven days tions appear to have been hearty, and possibly the

after the execution thereof, and shall set forth the conScottish courts and bar may hereafter awake to the ad. sideration for which it was given, and such bill of sale vantages of an inner bar.

shall not be valid as a security or have any force or effect either at law or in equity until it has been so attested and registered as aforesaid."

First of all, let us look at the language of this curious ON SATURDAY LAST, the day appointed for keeping the clause. As the Bill is to be read with the principal Queen's Birthday, the judges in the courts of the Act (clause 2), the definition of " bill of sale" in that Act Chancery and Common Law Divisions, in honour of the will be applicable; hence the words "to which the day, appeared in full costume, as did also all the Queen's principal Act applies" are surplusage. The words "shall Counsel. Thus has been at length established a happy be " before “registered" are also surplusag d moreuniformity of practice, which also extends to the over raise a doubt whether “duly attested ” means sittings of the courts. In recent times, before the attested as prescribed in the principal Act. The Judicature Acts came into operation, it was the custom words “ within seven days after the execution thereof" in the Chancery Division for the Lord Chancellor, by are inaccurate as a statement of the provisions of the general order, to make the Queen's Birthday a holiday, Act of 1878. What that Act provides is that the bill of and since that time several of the chancery judges have sale, &c., shall be presented to, and the copy and affidavit kept up the custom, and last year not one of them sat on filed with, the registrar“ within seven clear days after that day, except the Master of the Rolls. The latter | the making or giving of such bill of sale." The new learned judge, however, this year expressed his intention clause attaches no penalty to not setting forth the to act as his brethren should decide to act, but so consideration, and apparently a bill of sale not benficial was the influence of his example last year that setting it forth is to be valid as & security, and to everyone of the chancery courts was this year open on have force and effect both “at law and in equity." the Queen's Birthday.

The question whether this is so or not will, however, certainly be the subject of litigation. “Such bill of sale"—that is, a bill of sale duly attested, registered, and

setting forth the consideration—"shall not be valid, IT IS UNDERSTOOD that before the Chancery Paymaster &c., until it has been so attested and registered as aforeremoved to the Royal Courts of Justice the number of said”!! And can the draftsman who has framed the persons daily entering that building was counted and was

provision that “such bill of sale” shall not “have any found to be about 5,000; but since the Chancery Pay force or effect at law or in cquityhave heard of the master has had his offices in the building, the number of

Judicature Act ? persons daily entering has been officially estimated at So much for the language of this clause; now let us 10,000 at least.

turn to its substance. Ought the bill of sale to be made. void as against the grantor if the conditions as to attestation and registration are not complied with? It does

not seem unreasonable that the bill of sale should be The annual dinner of the Pitt Club was held on June

made void as against the grantor if the provisions 2 in the large dining-room attached to the Grosvenor

intended for his protection are not observed, alGallery Library, when the chair was occupied by Dr.

though it may be suggested that the risk that the Spinks, Q.C.

grantee will lose his security in case of bankruptcy

or execution furnishes already a very substantial The members of the Northern and North-Eastern guarantee against the omission of the conditions Circuits have invited Sir Farrer Herschell, Q.C., M.P., necessary to due attestation. But the Bill proposes to to a dinner to take place at Willis's Rooms, King, go further, and to provide that “if the grantor of a bili street, St. James's, on Saturday next, the 12th inst., in of sale shall, within four months after the registration order to celebrate his recent appointment as Her thereof, commit or suffer any of the acts or defaults Majesty's Solicitor-General.

deemed to be and included under the expression 'acts or.

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