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Bisbop v Harden app of pits VCB-May 21-** . Bailey and mor y Ford & ors, trading,' &o (C P) i app of Dawkino v Antrobus app of plt. MR-May 21

defts Ford & Co from judgt of LJ Thosiger'atter trialDec From Orders made on Interlocutory Motions in the . I 11.bp.

1 weed, py

Bailey & ors v Midland Ry Co (CP), app of dette from judgt die Chancery Division.

of LJ Thesiger after trialDeo il. 1880.

Mitcheli v Homfray (Excb) app of plts from rule nisi disIn ro Gothenberg Commercial Co, limd" app of liquidator charged by L C Baron and Mr Justice Stephen-Dec 16 (part VOM-Apr 7 (aot before June 9)

herrd May 11-preseat Lords Justices Brett, Cotton, and Martin , Tollemache app of dofte 'VCH-Apr 9

Thesiger-on application of counsel stood over by order) lo re Roed, decd Fenwick v Ratcliffo app of Joha Prosser The West Iadia and Pandma Telegraph Co, lind v The Home V CHApr 10

aod Colonial Muride losgrance Co, limd. (CP) app of defts In re Manchester & Milford Ry Co app of L P Pugha VCH from judgt of L J Baggallay after trial-Dec 29 (part heard Apr 12—(8 O by order)

May 14-present Lorde Justions Brett, Cotton, and Theaiger) Io re Rutherford, decd 'Brown v Rutherford app of deft Youog v Smith (Q B) app of plt from jadgt of Mr Justice V CH-Apr 13

Field at trial-Dec 31 Wiodham Guibile app of deft Agnes A Walker from order Parsono v Evads (Excb) App of plt from judgt of Baron dated March 23 VO B-Apr 2

Pollock at trial-Dec 31 Windbam v Gaibilei app of de ft Agnes A Walker from order dated April 10 VCB-April 14

Ashdowo, Trustee, &c y Ingamells Tattersall v Ryder app of detto VCB-Apr 16

(Exch) app of plt Herring v The Erie Ry Co' app of plt MR-Apr 20

from judgt of Baron Huddleston at trial-Jan 5 IB re The Beverley Iron and Wagon Co app of liquidators

| Goooh and Wife v The Lambeth Waterworks Co (The Vestry

of St. Mary's, Lambeth, 3rd partien) (Exch) app of plt from VCH-Apr 26 .Jones v Rimmer app of plts from V C of County Palating of

judgt of Baron Hoddleston at trial-Jan 10 (s'Ò for security)

Ludford v Jobdison (Q B) app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Lancaster Cotton Swaino app of delt MR-May 1 " ;

Manisty at trial-Jan 10"

Forwood The North Wales Mutual Insurance Co limd (Q. B) Mitcbell v Henry app of plts MR-Mar 1: Yeatman v Soow app of plts VCM-May 1 (8 O for

app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice Lush at trial without security)

a jury- Jan 20 Molloy v 'Kilby app of defts E Izard and wife V CH

Forwood v The Provincial A 1 Mutual Marine Insurance Co May 5

limd (CP) app of defts from judgt of Lord Coleridge after

trial Jan 20 In re The Anglo-American Leather Cloth Co, limd' app of official liquidator VCH- May 10

Budd & adr v Marshall (C P) app of deft from judgt of Mr In ro Soutbgate, decd Birdsey v Fells app of deft Andrews

Justice Grove after trial-Jan 20 . VCM-May 12

Leader v Roight (CP) app of defts from judgt of Mr 'Justice Kempe Tłe Anglesea (Piomore) Marble Quarries Co, limd

Dedman after trial-Jan 22

Rainbow & Wife v Juggias (Q B) app of deft from judgt of Mr app of defts R H Jones and another VCH-May 13 Day v Good app of defts VCM-May 13 (to be in paper on

Justice Napisty ac trial without a jury--Jan 30

Markwick v Wickbam (Q B) app of pli from jadgt of L'C J May 25 by order)

of England and Mr Juntice Madisty on special case-Jaa 31 Yeata ao v Snow app of plt from order (No. 1) dated April 10 VCM-May 18

Irvine & Co v Watson & Sons (Q B) app of defts from judgt of Yeatman v Snow app of plt from order (No 2) dated April 10

Mr Justice Bowen, after trial-Feb 2 VCM-May 18

Baroes v Luacb, since dord (Q B) app of deft from judgt of

LCJ of England and Mr Justice Lopes on special case-Feb FROM THE QUEEN'S BENCH, COMMON PLEAS, AND EXCHEQUER DÍVISIONS.

Glyn, Mills, & Co v The East & West India Dook Co (Q B)

app of deíts from judgt of Mr Justice Field after trial without For Judgment.

a jury-Feb 3 (Heard in Hilary Sittings, 1880.)

Price, Hickman & Co Hartman (C P) app of deft from judgt Sullivan v Mitcalfe (CP) app of deft Peele & Brown from

of Mr Justice Lindley after trial - Feb ġa Mr Justice Grove heard Feb 19 by Lords Justices Bramwell,

Thornton, trustee, &c v Hyman & anr, trading, &c (Q B) app Baggallay and Thesiger stood over to amend costs of

from judgt of Mr Justice Bowen at trial--Feb 9 amendt to be disposed of by Cout of Appeal

Suu h-Eastero Ry Co v Railway Comanr: & the Mayor of (Heard in Easter Sittings.)

Hastings (Q B) app of Rg Commors from jadgt of L CJ of Mayor, &o of Carlisle v London & North-Western Ry Co

England & Justices Lush & Manisty on demrFeb 11 (Exch) app of plts from judgt of Baron Pollockat trial

Nicholson & aar trading, &c v Renw ck, Son, & Co (

CP) app (ca v April 24) present Lords Justicos Brett, Cotton, and

of defta frum judgt of Mr Justice Lindley at trial without a Theriger

jury-Feb 20

Rivaz, on behalf, &c v Geruesi, Bros & Co & anr, trading, &c For Hearing.

(Q B) app of defts from judgt of Mr Justice Field after trial1879.

Feb 21" Moscrop v Newbold & ors (Exch) app of defts Grime & anr from The Protector Endowment Loan & Annuity Co v Grice (Q B)

judgt of L J Thesiger et trial-Feb 25 Moscrop v Newbold app of plts from judgt of Mr Justice Bowen at trial-Feb 23 & ors (Exch) app of deft Newbold from judgt of LJ Toesiger Meray Docks & Harbour Board v Martin & Co (Q B) app of at trial-Feb 25 (S O till after decision in Exch)

defte from judgt of L J Brett at trial - Mar 1 Rushton v Smith Rushton v Smith (consolidated) (Q B) app Wright » Marwood (Q B) argument of rule nisi for new trial

of deft from judgt of L J Tbesigor after jury trial-April 21 granted by Lord Coleridge and Lords Justices Bramwell & (S O vill after decision in Q B Division upon rule 'for new Baggallay Gordon v Marwood (Q B) argument of rale nisi trial)

for now trial granted by Lord Coleridge and Lords Justices Smith v White (CP) app of plt from judgt of Mr. Justice Bramwell & Baggallay-Mar 3

Lopes after trial without a jury-July 11 (8 O for security) Drury, Trustee, &c y The Scaffordshire Fire Insurance Co Thomas & anr v Proprietors of the Birmingham Canal Naviga (Excb) app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Stephen at trial

tion (Q B) app of plt from LC J of England and Justices Mar 6'(s'o for security) Lush and Madisty-July 12 (part heard March 16, referred Thomas Castro, otherwise Arthur Orton, otherwise Sir Charles back to official referee).

Doughty Tickeborne, Bart v The Queda (Q B Crown side) Rowlands v Jones (Exch) app of plt from judgment of Baron writ of error upon an indictment for misdemeanour-app of

Pollock at trial—July 15 (part heard April 24-present Lords plt in error from sentence dated Feb 28, 1874, by L c'j of Justices Brett, Cotton, and Thosiger) ,

England and Justices Mellor & Lush-Mar 9 The Que

Lews and Josiah Oasıler, Esqrs, Justices for Henty & ors v Westwood (Q B) app of deft from judgt of Nr County of Surrey (Q B Crown Side) app of defts from Mr Justice Field at trial-Mar 17 Justico Denman and Baron Pollock- Aug 12 (part heard | The Queen v S B Sheward (Q B Crown side) app of prosecuApril 24–present Lords Justices Brett, Cotton, and Thesiger tors Metropolitan and St John's Wood Ry Co from rule nisi -on application of counsel stood over by order)

for certicrari discharged by Justices Lusb, Manisty, & Bowen Cheshire Lines Committee v Lewis and Co (Q B) app of defts -Mar 20 from judgt of Mr Justice Lush at trial-Aug 22

McDonald v Chesney (C P) app of plt from judgt of Justices Duke of Norfolk v Arbuthnot (CP) app of deft from judgt of Grove & Lindley on official referee's report-Mar 20

Lord Coleridge after trial-Aug 28 (fixed for May 27, by Dixon v The Nortbfleet Chalk Quarries Co, limd (Exch.) app order)

of plt from judgt of Baron Pollock at trial-Mar 20 (so for Brain & anr v Thomas & apr (Exch) app of defts Thomas security)

and Lysaght from jodgt of L C Baron Add baron Holland (by next friend) v Mead & apr (Q B) app of plt from

Pollock on special case-Dec 3 (not before June 30, by order) judgt of Mr Justice Bowen at trial-Mar 22
Bailey & anr v Ford & ors, trading, &c (CP) app of Mid Grainger v The Mayor, &c, of Dudley (Q B) app of plt from

land Ry Co from judgt of LJ Thesiger after trial-Dec 11 I judgt of Mr Justice Manisty after trial - Mar 22

Cawcatt v The Great Eastern Ry Co (

C P) app of defts from tor from Justices Lush and Field quashing order of Sessions new trial rule discharged by Justices Grove & Denman -May 20 Mar 22

Mayor, &c, of Wisbech v Commr of Sewers, of Wisbech (Q B) Mason, executrix y Nicholson, Bart (Exch) app of plt from new app of defts from judgt of Justices Lush and Field on special

trial rule discharged by L C Baron & Sir Henry Hawking case-May 20 Mar 24

From Orders made on Interlocutory Motions in the Common Alice A. Warburton, applt v Eli Heyworth, respt (Q B Crown

. Law Divisions. side) app of Alice A Warburton from judgt of L CJ of Evg.

. 1879. land and Justices Lush and Manisty on app from magistrate

De Oleaga & Co v West Cutuberl and Iron & Steel Co, limd -Mar 25 Sadler v Kimpton (CP) app of plt from judgt of Justioes

(Q B) app of plts from LCJ of England and Justices Lush

and Manisty-July 12 (8 O for security). ve and Deninan on special case-Mar 25 Lucas, Tinster, &c v Dicker (CP) app of deft from judgt of

1880. Justices Lindley & Lopes on special case-Mar 25

Tattersfield y Finlay (Exch) apo of plt from LC Baron and Banner v Culshaw & anr (Exh) arp of deft Morrison Baron Huddleston resciuding order of district registrar for from judgment of Lord Justice Brett at trial-Mar 31

oral examination and discovery Mul(S O till June 2) Dominy v Alteod (Excb) app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice Caslon & Co v Gray & Co (Prorber Clt-Excb) app of plt from Stephen at trial-Mar 31

LC Baron and Baron Huddleston, dismissing app from order Goddard v Rnbson (Exch) app of plt from new trial rnle dis

of Mr Justice Field-May 8 charged by L C Baron & Mr Justice Stephen-Apr 1

Barton v Titmargb (Exch) app of Edmond Beales, Esq, from New Appeale.

LC Baron and Baron" Huduleston making rale absolute for

prohibition-May 18 The Mayor, &c, of Saltash y Goodman &anr (CP) app of deft Wilks, Trustere, &o v Judge (Exch) app of plt from new trial from jaogt of Justices Grove and Denman on special case rule' discharged by L C Baron and Mr Justice StephenApril 6

May 18 Ellwood v Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly Society (Exch) The Patent Safety Gan Cotton Co, limd o Wilson (CP) app app of plt from jadgt of LC Baron and Mr. Justice Stephen of plts from order of Mr. Justicó Grove overraling demurrer - Apr 6

to defence-May 19 Akerblom v Price (Exch) apt of plt from jadgt of L C Baron Barton v Titmarsá (Exch) app of plt from L. Baron and

and Mr Justice Stephen-Apr 6 (S O until rule argued in Baron Huddleston, making rule absolute for probibitionDivi-j. Dal Cour)

May 20 The Nærsness Block Ice Shipping v The Royal Mail Steam

Shippey v Grey (CP) app of deft from order of Justices Grove Packet Co (CP), app of plt from new trial rule diecharged

aud Lopes on special case-May 21 by Justices Grove and Lindley- Apr 9 Herbert & Co v Jouninga (czeb) 'app of plts from judgt of FROM THE PROBATE, DIVORCE, AND ADMIRALTY Mr Justice Stepbeo at trial-Apr 9

DIVISION. Ludgater v Love (CP) app of defts from rule nisi discharged

For Hearing. by Justices Grove and Lindley-April 12

Admiralty. By Information and Adewer parsvaat to Crown Suits Act, 1865

1879. Attorney General v London & NW Ry Co (Exch revende

Ship City of Mecca-Cotesworca & oro y The Owaers of the City side) app of defts from decree of LC Baron and Sir H

of Mecca and Freight app of defts from ja igt of Sir RJ Hawking-Apr 14

Phillimore-Duc 10 (s o by order with liberty to restore by Gathercole v Smith app of plt from judgt of Lord Coleridge at consent of both parties) trial- Apr 23

1880. Wbaley Bridge Printing Co v Green and apr Green and apr v Ship Milanese-Owners of the Bokhara and ors Owners of

Whaley B Printing Co (Q B) by original and counter-claim the Milanese and freight app of defrs from jadgt of Sir RJ app of deft Green from judgt of Mr Justice Bowen at trial Phillimore (with nautical assessors)-Jan 26

Apr 24
Potter & ors, trading, &o v Leopard & anr (Exch) app of

Probate. plts from LC Burod and Mr Justice Stephen setting aside Inre Jane Stratford Boyse, decd Crofton v Gautier (J S Kirwan judgt of county court judge at Sheffield-Apr 24

intervening)app of defo G-utier from jadgt of Sir James Jones v The Colonial Assurance Corporation, limd (Exch) app

Hannen (8 o for security)-Feb 6 of deft from rule nisi discharged by L C Baron and Baron Huddleston-Apr 24

Ship Sir Robert Peel-National Steam Ship Co v Owners of the In re Charles M Roche, gentn. one &c (CP) app of Mr Roche Sir Robert Peel app of defts from judgt of Sic R J Phillifrom Lord Coleridge and Mr. Justice Grove-Apr 27

more (with nautical assessors)—March 23 Wake and apr v Hall and ors (CP) app of plts from judgt of Lord Coleridge at trial-Apr 28

New Appeals. Wilson v Lord Bury and ore verdict, for defts at trial before the

Admiralty. Lord Obief Justice rule nisi for new trial granted by Court Ship Vortigern Selby and ors v Dixon and org app from judgt of Appeal-Apr 28

of Sir J Phillimore (with Dautical asse-dor)-Apr 17 Winspear v The Accident Insurance Co, limd (Exch) app of Ship Maude Paterson v Owners of Spip Mande app from

defis from judgt of L. baron and Baron Huddleston on interlocutory order of Sir R J Phillimore-May 6 special case-Apr 29

Ship Norseman Owners of sbip Quintero and ora v Owners of Jardine v Scarf (CP) app of plt from judgt of Mr. Justice Ship Norreman app from judgt of Sir RJ Phillimore (with Denman at trial - May 1

nautical assessors)-May 7 Heath and anr v Pugh and anr (CP) app of plts from Lord Coleridge and Mr Justice Lindley, setting aside verdict-May Harvey (otherwise Farnie) • Farnie app of plt from dismissa)

of petition by Sir James Hannen-May 13 In re Walter William Brown, Gent, one, &c Hall v Painter (Exch) app of plt from order of L C Baron directing pay

FROM THE LONDON BANKRUPTCY COURT. ment of tax-d costs to defts solicitor-May 5

In re Henley

Ex parte Henley Bambridge v The Great Eastern Ry Co (Exch) app of deft Co In re Henley

Ex parte Henl-y from judgt of Lord Justice Bramwell atter trial-May 8

In re Mason

Ex parte Escritt Lewis v Rees (Exch) app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice In re Mason

Ex parte Isaacs Lindley at trial - Máy 8°

In re Phillipin & Co

Ex parte Do Chatonville and The Met Ry Co v Sobleman (Q B) app of deft from judgt of

ors Mr Justico Manisty at trial of counter-claim, without a jury In re Bunyard

Ex parte Newton May 12

In re Banyard

Ex parte Griffia Roberts, tdg, &c v Edgar, Brffett & Co (Q B) app of deft In re Fox & Co

Ex parte Bishop from rule pisi, discharged by Justices Lu-h & Field-May 14 In re Ranby

Ex parte Raaby Mande v Goodspeed (CP) app of pit from judgt of Mr Jaslice In re Jordan

Ex parte Symmons and anr Lopes after trial- May 14

In re Westray

Ex parte Thompson Kingsmen v Kingsman (CP) app of plt from judgt of Mr In re Bowes

Ex parte Jackson and ors Justice Lopes at trial-May 14

In re Diokinson

Ex parte Corker Ricanrds v Baker (Q B) app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice In re Thomson

Ex parte McGeorge Manisty at trial - May 19

In ra Tebbutt

Ex parte Bupstead Mollins v The Treasurer of the County of Sarrey (Q B) app In re Clarke

Ex parte Izard and anr of deft from judgt of Justiors Lush and Manisty on special In re Taylor

Ex parte Brooks care-May 19

In re Crick

Ex parte Rawlings The Queen v PH Hutchins (QB Crown aide) app of prosecu- In re Gourlay

Ex parte Abbott





In re Pooley
Ex parte Sheard

In re Parker

Ex parte Charing Cross Ad. Mulholland v The Peninsular Co, limd special case
vance and Dope sit Bank

In re Kitchin
Ex parte Pannett

Westaway v Fladgate & anr Andrew v Swansea Cambrian
In re Phillips
Ex purte National Mercantile Grainger v Aynsley & Co

Benefit Building Soo
Bromley v Tams

Simpson v Morewood & Co
In re Watson
Ex parto Raphael
Philipson v Hale

Blackley &c, Building Soo, limd, In re Pooley Ex parte Sheard

Rossoni, approver; Sutcliffe, v Kirkpatrick In re Swaite, Coates & Co Ex parte Swadale, Banking Co

plaintiff, Peal & Figgis, gar- Garrad v Firminger

nishees; Fairman, defendant Bowler v Annoot (Annoot & ors, N.B.-The above list contains Final and Interlocutory Appeals,

Hooper v London & N w Ry Co claimants set down to May 21, inclusivé.



Liverpool, Moscrop v Newbold & ors

Thesiger, LJ

To be heard before three judges.
London, Bouffler v Levy & anr

Pollock, B.

15th November, 1879, part heard before Baron Pollock and Sir H For Jädgment.

Rashton Stith
Bowen v Hall

London, Gleiper v Great Eastern Durham, Groen v Mayor, &o, of
Holroyd v Greaves & anr
Wake v Rodfearn & ors

Ry Co

Pollock, B Sunderland Sir H Hawkins For Argument.

Middlesex, Green Stewart & London, Armitstead v Pinkney Michaelmas Sittings, 1879.

Huddleston, B

Pollock, B Manchester, Turner v Galloway

Lush, J York, McDonough v N Eastern London, Akerblom v Price & Co
Hilary Sittings, 1880.
Ry Co Sir H Hawkins

Pollock, B Middlesex, Keith v Natni India. Lincoln, Glover v Spraching

To be heard before three judges. rubber Co Field, J

Lo Justice Nottingham, Mason v Payne Middlesex, Jaques v London Newcastle, Richardson v Arm Middlesex, Sutton v Gt Northern

Stephen, J Tram Co

L O Baron strong, pt hd Lush, J Ry Co

Field, J Middlesex, Cummings v Gt N Ry Middlesex, Jones v Baxter
Motion for Judgment,

Huddleston, B

Sir H Hawkins
Easter Sittings, 1880.
London, The Commissioners for Middlesex, Mason v Aird

DEMURRERS. executing the office of La High

LC Justice

Groom & anr v Rathbone demr National Prov Bank of England v Admiral, &c, v Dunn & ors Middleser, Same v Same

to defence

Harle & Ors demr to deft
Field, J

demr to
LC Justice
Triggs v McNamara

Harris' defence
Motion for Judgment.

defence Liverpool, Evans & Wife v Liver. Middleses, Cook v Tucker

SPECIAL CASES. pool United Tramways & Om.

Manisty, J
Cook & ors v Sheard

Guardians of St Olave's, Southnibus Co Bowen, J Leeds, The Queen v Platts

wark v Huntley & ors Lush, J

Part heard 3rd May, 1880, before Baron Pollock and Justice Stephen.

Secretary of State for War v Horsman
For Argument.

Gt Western Ry Cov Sirhowy Ry Same v Dewhurst

dem Noble v Edmonds

Summer v Schofield Co

Williams & anr v Cambrian Rys | Marsden v Lanc & York Ry Co special case before two judges


dem Heywood Local Bdv Chadwick & Hornby v Cardwell (Hanbury




Middlesex, Bow, William John Metrop Police District, Francis

Nicholson, Thomas Needham Murray y John Davies

Sheffield, & Frederick Sheffield
County Court of Brentford.

v William Nicholson
Brill v Hogg & anr
Morrall v Morrall

To be heard before threo judges.' Stook v Taylor

Monmouthshire, Abergavenny, William Parry v George Jones
Crown Side.

Stand over for settlement.

Westmoreland, Appleby, John Buck v Midland Ry Co
The Queen v The Recorder of The Queen V E Gibbon, Esq, &

anr, Justices of Lancashire

MIDDLESEX.-TRINITY SITTING, 1880. The Queen v Mayor & Alderner The Queen v Savin of Falmouth

This list contains all actions entered in Queen's Bench, Common APPEALS FROM INFERIOR COURTS.

Pleas, and Exchequer Divisions, in which notice of trial has been

given, and also all actions in the Chancery Division, in which notice For Judgment. Woodhouse v Walker

has been given of trial before a judge and jury, up to and including

26th May, 1880.
For Argtiment.

Saunders v South-Eastern Ry Co Mogg v Churchwardens, &c, of
Chadwick v Proudlove

Ex 1 Hickey (Belfrage and M) v Montefiore (Lewis and Lewis)

com SJ Northumberland Whinstone Co v Torquay Market Co v Small

QB 2 Creed (A J Murray) v Millett (Roscoe, H and s) com Alnwick Highway Board

Q. B 3 Brown (Merriman, M and Co) v Elkington and ors (Lumley COMMON PLEAS DIVISION.


CP 4 Wilbraham (Chapman, T and B) v The Maritime Passengers

and Mariners Insurance Co, limd (Harrisons and Sons) New Trials.

stayed Michaelmas Sittings, 1879.

QB 5 Benjamin (J Frost) v Litten (F A Lewty) com Middlesex, Nowell v Williams

QB 6 Benjamin M Abrahams and R) v Higginbottom (F T Dubois) Hilary Sittings, 1880.

com SJ London, Hall v Jupe

Bristol, Stevens & anr v Lopes, QB 7 Hallward (C B Hallward) v Blanford and ors (C J Curtis ; Manchester, Stones v Salmon & Bart

GHK Fisher) postponed
Liverpool, Russell v McGowan & QB 8 Joshua (A E Webb) v Green (Hare and F) com
Liverpool, Rohson v Amer

Ex 9 Palmes (Lake, B and Co) v Hope and anr (Shoubridge and
London, Lewis v Ward & anr

M) without jury, postponed
New Trials and Motions for Judgment.

Ex 10 Same (Same) v Beavan (Same) without jury, postponed

Easter Sittings, 1990.

11 Ilwydarth Iron, &c, Co, (Houghton and B) V Fearn (A SH

Jones) com
Middlesex, Webb v Soldi

Middlesex, Lewis v North Met QB 12 Mayer (A G Ditton) v Robinson (P W Nazer) com
Middlesex, Thomas v Soldi
Tram Co

Ex 13 Spiller (C E Goldring) v Baum (Evans and E) postponed Middlesex, Burchell v Hickison Middlesex, Milsom v London & Q B 14 General Share Trust Co, limd (j S Co[oman) v Baum and London, Watson v The Great North-Western Ry Co

anr (Same) stayed Western Ry Co Middlesex, Webb v Carew

Ex 15 Enthoven (Collette and C) v Jacobson (GM Cooke) postponed French Freeman motn for Manchester, Chaples & Wife v CP 16 Chamberlaine (S G Ashwin) v T W Wallington (Whitaker judgt on behalf of pltff The Brunswick Permnt Bldg

and W) postponed SJ Middlesex, Tidy v Lillywhite

Soc & Smith & ors

CP 17 Same (Same) v J Wallington (Same) postponed SJ French v Freeman motn for

Ex 18 Marshall (G M Cooke) v Lindley and anr (J Davies) postjudgt on behalf of deft

poned SJ To stand over until appeal disposed of.

CP 19 Chalmers (J Whitehouse) v Chalmers (Nelson, Son and H) CUR. ADV. VULT.

Q B'20 Bennett (W E Baxter) v England and ors (In person; WF Burgess v Northwich Local Bd The Manchester Bonding Ware.

Stokes) stayed Ditcham v Worrall motn for house Co, limd, v Carr

CP 21 Caudle (É T Newbold) v Austin (Morga'i and Gilkes) stayed judgt

Q B 22 Proctor (J Neal) v Dunham (Pitman and L) stayed SJ PEREMPTORY PAPER.

CP 23 Fajkmajer (Norton, R N and B) v Fothergill and anr (Hol. In the matter of Charles James Cooke, a solicitor

lams, Son and C; Field, Roscoe and Co) stayed SJ Enlarged to 25th May.

Ex 24 Page (Hacon and T) v Kerridge (Bridges, S and Co), stayed In the matter of Joel Seymour Kisch, a solioitor

Q B 25 Markwick (G Thompson) v Cortis (A S Edmunds) postponed Enlarged to 25th May.

SJ In the matter of William Robert Philp, a solicitor.

QB 26 Moody and anr (Lewis and Lewis) v Fisher (J Donague) Enlarged generally and master to report.






Ex 27 King and Co (Rollitt and Sons) v Mayor, &c of Leamington

(H Tyrrell) stayed Ex 28 Champion (Duignan and 8) v Walter (Purkis and P) com

Legal News. Q B 29 Mc Dougall (Snell and G) v Copestake (Mercer and M)

stayed SJ CP 30 Treadwin (W R Philp) v Nunn (J D Blake) postponed

On Tuesday week, says the City Press, in a case which came CP 31 Funge and anr (J HChild) v Same (Same) postponed

before the CP 32 Cuyas y Sampere (Tilleard, G and H) v HacAndrew and

udge of the City of London Court, it was stated Co (Kearsey, Son and H) com SJ

that the plaintiff had not paid the hearing fees, and the Ex 33 Pannell (J Goren) v Nunn (J D Blake) postponed

case was adjourned for a short time that he might do CP 34 MacFarland (Ashurst, M, C and Co) v Muter (Keen and R) After a brief absence the suitor returned, and in

Q B 35 Taylor (Hurford and T) v Batten (Waltons, B and' W) com

formed his Honour that the clerk told him he was too SJ

basy to attend to him for the next hour or 80 ; wbereupon CP 36 Davies and anr (Nickinson, P and N) v Nunn (Blake and W) the learned Commissioner remarked that frequent complaints

postponed Ex 37 Mc Gregor (W Eley) v Tinker and anr (Rollitt and Son)

were made of the block of business in that court, in conse stayed

quence of the staff of clerks not being sufficient. He was Ex 38 Taylor and ors (R S Taylor and Sons) v Smith and anr told that it was a matter of regular occurrence for a suitor

(Brandons) postponed Q B 39 The Commisioners of the Admiralty (Hare and F) v Union

to have to wait half an hour, aod sometimes even longer, Steam Ship Co (Hollams, Son and C) SJ

before he could be attended to. Mr. Wetherfield corroboCP 40 Coleman (Campbell, R and Co) v Guigues (E D Lewis) rated what was said by his Honour; his own clerks had very stayed

often to wait half an hour. This was by no means creditable Ex 41 Tattershall (Singleton and T) v Bedford (Bellamy and S) CP 42 Fowler and ors (Wilson, B and C) v Alison (Thompson and

to the authorities of the City. There was no blame what. D) without jury

ever to be attached to the gentlemen connected with the Ex 43 Stubbs (Yeo and Warner) v Ashton (Bennett, D and B) court itself. The learoed Registrar (Mr. Speechly), in reply

stayed SJ Ex 41 Pearson (C Mossop) v Gardner (Field, R and Co) stayed

to his Honour, said that a memorial drawing attention to Ex 45 Russell and anr (Taylor, H and T) v Nunn (Blake and W)

this and other matters had been sent to the corporation, but postponed

be had not heard that any action had been taken in the CP 46 Dorking Grey Stone Co, limd (J Edell) v Hack and ors (Saffery and Co) stayed

affair. His Honour: Well, I cannot help it. I have CP 47 Cowley (F Scott) v Booth (Rye and C) stayed, SJ

drawn attention to the subject in the interests of the Q B 48 Henning and anr (Thompson and D) v Mills (Simpson and public, who alone are the sufferers by such neglect and

C) stayed
Q B 49 Same (Same) v Smerden (J H Lamb)

delay in the expeditious discharge of the basiness of the QB 50 Same (Same) v Dimmock (Same)

court. CP 51 Gask (J B May) v Nunn (Blake and W) stayed

J. F. H." writes to the Times to cantion the publio Ex 52 Taylor and ors (Paterson, S and B) v Blowes (Beaumont and B) stayed

against the following fraud :-"A house is taken on leasa Ex 53 Heap (C Mossop) y Hesketh (Lewis

and L) postponed SJ at, say £80 per apdom, and immediately occupied. On Q B 54 Brice (Harrison, B and H) v Hecla Fire Insurance Corporation, Fry Garnishee (Chester and Co)

the strength of a respectable residence the topants get into CP 55 Jacobs (L Davis) v Charles Reynolds and Co (C Sawbridge)

debt with tradesmen as far as they will let bim (which is com SJ

apfortunately, perbaps, not an uncommon thing). Bat the Ex 56 Isaacson (Dod and L) v Currie (Lucas and Son) stayed BJ Q B 57 Nowell (A G Ditton) v Stocker and ors (W Justice) part

novelty of the fraud, and the matter to which I would parheard SJ

ticularly call attention, is the following, which has actually Q B 58 Same (Same) v Bucknill and anr (Mead and D; J Hill) happened in a case just recently with which I have bad to stayed SJ

do. Advertisements are inserted that the house is to be Ex 59 Wallis (In person) v Quick (Austen, De Gex and H) OP 60 Sadler and ors (Chappell, Son and G) v Nangle (Vallance

let on lease at a rept less than ball tbat at wbich the preand V) stayed

mises have been taken, in consideration of a preniam of Q B 61 Voss (J W Few) v Thomas (Hemsley and H) stayed CP 62 Hooper and anr (Tilleard, G and H) v Mors Le Blanche and

(in the case referred to) £200, op which a deposit of the Co and ors (L J B Rawlins) com without jury

ognal amount-£10 per cent. —is required to be paid on & Ex 63 Stace and ors (T White and Sons) v Walkling and ors (Sole, contract being signed. An anderlease is then prepared,

T and K)
CP 64 Tasmanian Main Line Ry Co (Wilson, B and C) v Clark and

wbich the tenant is expected to take witboat idquiring ors (Blunt, T and Co ; Burchell; Hargrove and Co) SJ

into the lessor's right to grant it, and the fact of his being Ex 65 Ibbotson (Bordman) v Buckley and ors (Jukes and Co) in possession of the premises gives some coloar to the proCP 66 Williams IG E Carpenter) v Nowell (A G Ditton) stayed SJ Chy 67 Sovereign Life Assurance Co (Campbell, R and 'H) v Dent

ceeding. In the case above mentioned, after the contract (Crook and 8) SJ postponed

was signed and a deposit of £20 paid, the proposed lessor CP 68 Grigg (GLP Eyre and Co) v Pearce (J Godwin)

pressed for the matter to be completed with great speed, Ex 69 Goldring and anr (E Jukes) v Headley and ors (Mercer and M)

as time was important. Being then iostracted as solicitor CP 70 Crook (FC James) y Clark and Son (GS Warmington)

for the proposed lessee, I requested the intended lessor to stayed

produce the leage under wbich he held the premises, to Q B 71 King and Co (Eardley,

H and R) v Langton (In person) SJ show his right to grant the lease be was about to do, Q B 72 Tippins (G Crafter) v Budden (Stollard and W) Ex 73 Parkes (1 w Goldring) v London and St Katherine Docks

wbicb, however, he strongly objected to, and a firm of Co (W M Hacon)

solicitors, whom he at last employed, asserted that they Ex 74 Lleweyellyn (T White and Sons) v Strangward (Saunders, had seen his lease, but did not produce it or disclose

H and B) SJ
CP 75 Milner (E S Cavell) v Labonchere (Lewis and Lewis) SJ

the fact that it was held at a ront of more than double Q B 76 Capital and Counties Bank (Nash and F) y Henty and

that at which it was proposed to let the premises. When Sons (Robinson, Preston and 8) SJ

the lessor found that he could not get the matter completed (To be continued.)

without showing his title, be, by his solicitors, gave notice of his intention to cancel the contract, and then dieap

pearod from the premises, leaving my client minus bis PROBATE AND DIVORCE DIVISION. £20 paid as deposit ; and his own solicitors now do not During the Trinity Sittings the causes set down for trial

know where he bas gone to." will be taken in the following order :-Common jary GQB08 Mr. J. Perry Godfrey, in an interesting pamphlet on Wedne ay, 26th, and following days - first, probata “The Bar, Solicitors, and the Pablic," says that "the causes ; secondly, matrimonial canses. Special jury causes present Master of the Rolls, in answer to a letter from will be heard on Wednesday, June 2, and following days, myself asking his lordship’s opinion apon the subject, has first, probate ca nges ; secondly, matrimonial causes. Pro been good enough to reply that he considers some alterabate and matrimonial causes before the court itself will tion desirable as regards the rules of admitting solicitors be taken after the special jury causes in the following to the bar;'” and Mr. Godfrey gives the following hindi order :--Probate canses, defended matrimonial causes, an Bill on the subject :-"A Bill to Amend the Law relating defended matrimonial causes. The full court will sit on to Legal Practitioners.-1. This Aot may be cited as the Toesday, June 1, after motions. Sommonses will be beard •Legal Practitioners Act.' in obambers at 10.30, and motions in court at 12, every bave been a certificated solicitor for a period of not less Tuesday during the sittings. All papers for motions on than ten years, but who shall not bave been admitted Probate Registry at Somerset House, or with the Aot, 1860, or who shall not have been exempted under

solicitor under the provisions of section 4 of the Solicitors chancery clerk of the Divorce Registry at the same place, section 11 of the Solicitors Act, 1877, from passing the before 2 o'olock on the preceding Thursday.

preliminary examination ; and who shall have procared

2. Every person who shall

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bimself to be strook off the roll of solicitors of the Sapremo Court, and sball obtain a certificate, signed by the presi

LONDON GAZETTES. dopt or other the obief officer for the time being of the locorporated Law Society of the United Kingdom, on be

Bankrap U. ball of the council of tho said society (being the society

FRIDAY, May 21, 1880. mentioned in the Solicitors Act, 1877) of his being a fit

Under the Bankruptoy Act, 1869. and proper person to practise as a barrister, shall be Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. entitled to be admitted a member of any of the Ions of

To Surrender in London. Court upon payment of the aboal fees (other tban deposit Topham, James, Leytonstone, Essex. Pet May 19. Pepys. June 2

at 1 or caution money) payable on such admission, and after Turner, Philip, oia Kent rd, Butcher. Pet May 20. Pepys. June having been so admitted he shall be entitled to be ex 9 at 11 amined by the Council of Legal Education, or other the Williamson,

John Austin, High st, Borough, Corn Merchant. Pet duly authorized examining power at the next final or

May 15. Pepya. June 2 at 1

To Surrender in the Country. any subsequent final examination of members of the inn to

Coupees, Margaret, Altrincham, Chester, of no oocupation. Pet to which he has been so admitted, and on passing such May 13. Lister. Manchester, June 4 at 12 examination to receive a certificate that be has so pagded,

Cumpstone, William, Worthen, Salop, Farmer. Pet May 19.- Tal.

bot. Newtown, June 2 at 12.30 as if he had kept all his terms and had otherwise qualified

England, Alfred İves, Salisbury, Wilts, Draper. Pet May 18. Wilhimself for such examination, and opon obtaining auch son. Salisbury, June 3 at 12

Pet certificate be shall, as regards his being oalled to the bar,

Manners, Alfred, Shaftesbury, Dorset, Grocer's Salesman.

May 18. Wilson, Salisbury, June 3 at 11 be in the same position in all respects as if he had been a student of such ind, and bad conformed to all the regula-,

TUESDAY, May 25, 1880.

Under the bankruptcy Act, 1869. tions, and complied with all the formalities required by the inn to be observed or complied with respectively as a pre

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

To Surrender in the Country. liminary to his being called to the bar, and be entitled to Clark, Thomas Powell, Erith, Kent, Builder. Pet May 18. Hay. be called accordingly. 3. This Act shall not extend to ward. Rochester, June 3 at 2 Scotland or Ireland.''

Curwen, Alfred Francis, Harrington, Cumberland, Clerk in Holy
Orders. Pet May 27. Were. Whitehaven, June 11 at 21 cm


FRIDAY, May 21, 1880,

Hardy, Jeffery, Plymouth, Wine Merchant, May 12

TUESDAY, May 25, 1880.
Green, Daniel, Gillingham, Kent, Brick Agent. May 10

Skipper, Frederick, Duke st, St James'. May 21
May 31. SEDGWICK, Son, & WEALL, at the Mart, at 2 p.m.,
Freehold Properties (see advertisement, May 22, p. 6.)

Liquidations by Arrangement,
Jade 1.-Messrs. DEBENHAM, Tewson, FARMER, & Bridge.

FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS. WATER, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Advowson (see advertisement,

FRIDAY, May 21, 1880.

Aimes, John Tooth, jun, Loose, Kent, Cattle Salesman, Jime 3 at May 1, p. 516).

12 at offices of Goodwin, Mill st, Maidstone June 1.-Mr. WALTER KNIGHT, at Masons' Hall Tavern, Andrew, Edward Lawrence, Peckham Park rd, Provision Dealer. Basinghall-street, at 1 p.m., Leasehold Properties (800 ad June 2 at 2 at the Creditor's Association, Arthur st. Carter and vertisement, this week, p. 3).

Bell, Eastcheap June 2.-Mesore. FAREBROTHER, ELLIS, CLARK, & Co., at

Austin, Benjamin George, Wool Exchange, Accountant. May 31 at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freebold and Leasehold Properties (see Barlow, Peter William, Broadstairs, Kent, Gentleman. June 5 at 2

11 at offices of Philpott, Guildhall chambers, Basinghall st advertisements, May 8, p. 8, and May 22, p. 6).

at the Guildhall Coffee house, Guildhall. Sparkes, Ramsgate June 2.-Messrs. EDWIN Fox & BOUBFIELD, at the Mart, at Barnshaw, Thomas, Hebburn New Town, Durham, Grocer. June 2 p.m., Freehold Property (see advertisement, May 8, p. 7,

8 at 11 at offices of Keenlyside and Co, Grainger st West, New. and this week, p. 584).

castle-upon-Tyne June 2.-Messrs. HARVEY & Davids, at the Mart, at 2 p.m.,

Braine, Edwin Joseph, Birmingham, Cork Manufacturer. June 4

at 11 at offices of Fowke, Ann st, Birmingham Freehold Property (see advertisement, this week, p. 3). Bridger, Edward, Bishopsgate st Within, Grocer, June 10 at 2 at Jude 3.- Mr. MILLAR, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold the Creditors' Association, Arthur st East. May and Co, Adelaide Property (see advertisement, this week, p. 3).

pl, London Bridge Jude 3.-Messrs. NORTON, TRIST, WATNEY, & Co., at South Brooks, Thomas, Whitwick, Leicester, House Furnisher. June 4 at end, Leasebold Properties (see advertisement, May 15, p. 8,

1 at the Queen's Head Hotel, Market st, Ashby-de-la-Zouch. and May 22, p. 5).

Dewes and Musson, Ashby-de-la-Zouch

Burgess, William, Luton, Bedford, Straw Hat Manufacturer. June June 4.- Messrs. NORTON, TRIST, Warney, & Co., at the 1 at ll at offices of Ewen and Roberts, Park st West, Luton

Mart, Freehold and Leasehold Properties (see advertisement, Cashmore, Eli, Oakthorpe, Derby, Grocer. June 8 at 12 at offices of
May 15, p. 8).

Fisher and Co, Ashby-de-la-Zouch
Cooper, John, Wednesbury, Stafford, Auctioneer. June 2 at 4 at

offices of Brooks, Oriel chambers, Bridge st, Walsall

Corbett, Joseph, Amble, Northumberland, Grocer. Jane 4 at 11 at BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS.

offices of Tate, Michael's lane, Alnwick
Cox, Cecil, Dorchester, Butcher: June 8 at 2 at the Royal Oak Inn,

Dorchester. Weston, Dorchester

Davies, Thomas, Liverpool, Chemist. June 2 at 3 at offices of OWLES.-May 24, at Sunnyside, Beckenbam, the wife of Eus. Quilliam, Old Post Office place, Liverpool tace William Owles, solicitor, of a daughter.

Dommett, Richard, Bedminster, Bristol, General Dealer, May 29 at

11 at offices of Andrews, Nicholas st DEATH,

Drewett, George, New Maldon, Surrey, Builder. June 3 at 11 at FIELD.-May 24, at Southsea, Louisa, wife of the Hon. Mr. offices of Kempster, Lower Kennington lane, Lambeth Justice Field.

Evans, Charles, Frome, Somerset, Picture Frame Maker, June 5 at

11 at offices McCarthy, Frome Evans, Edward, Newport, Monmouth, Innkeeper. June 2 at 2 at

offices of David, Cambric chambers, Tredegar place, Newport PUBLIC COMPANIES.

Evans, Evan, Clynnog, Carnarvon, Licensed Victualler. June 4 at 3 at offices of Jones and Roberts, Church

st, Carnarvon May 27, 1880.

Figg, James, Aylesbury, Buckingham, Baker. June 1 at 11 at GOVERNMENT FUNDS.

the Prince of Wales Hotel, Aylesbury. Biggenden, Finsbury sq

Fitton, Maria, Heywood, Lancashire, Eating house keeper. June 4 3 por.copt, Consols, 99% Annuitias, April, 's5, 9;

at 10 at offices of Banks, Market place, Heywood Ditto for Account, 99%

Do. (Red Sea T.)

ang. 1908 Fowler, William, Oldham, Lancashire, Butcher. June 8 at 3 at Lo. 3 per cent. Rednood, 971 Ex Bills, £1000, 2. per Ct. 2 pm the Dog and Partridge Hotel, Fennel st, Manchester. Clegg, Old. Now 3 per C9pb., 971 Ditto, £500, Do, 2 pm

ham Do. 3, per Coat., Jan.'94 Ditto, £100 & £900, 2 pm

Gameson, Henry, Birmingham, Licensed Victualler. June 4 at 3 at Do. 24 per Cant., Jan. '94 Bank of England stook , 272, offices of Buller and Bickley, Bennett's hill, Birmingham Aonditiro Jan,'80 Ditto for Acoount.

Gaskin, Charles, East Dereham, Nurseryman. June 10 at 11 at

offices of Wright and Co, East Dereham Gilks, Charles Henry, and Chilton Mewburn, Union row, Little

Tower Hill, Gun Makers. June 1 at 3 at offices of Birchall, Mark INDIAN GOVERNMENT SECURITIES.


Gold, Levy, Middlesex st, Aldgate, Clothier. May 31 at 3 at offices Ind. Stk., 5 per C., July,'80, 104 Enf.Pr. 5) per Cont., May, 81 of Cattlin, Wormwood st, Old Broad st Ditto for Account

Ditto Debentures, 4 per cent Goodchap, William Edward, Handsworth, Stafford, out of business. Ditto 4 por Ceat., Oct. '88, 103) Ар "64

June 2 at 11.30 at offices of Powell and Browett, Ann st, Birming. Ditto, disco, Certificates - Do.Do, 5 per cent., Aug. '73

ham Ditto Enfaced Ppr., 4 per Cont. Do, Bonds, 4 per cent. £1000 Harper, Richard Thompson, Darlaston, Stafford, Butcher. June 2nd Kaf.Pr., s per C., Jan, '72 Ditto, ditto, under £1000

at 3 at offices of Rhodes, Queen st, Wolverhampton

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