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indorsements as to interest. It was not necessary to decide ...Cases of the Tweek. that point, but it must not be supposed that the mere

production of a promissory note, payable on demand, wenty APPEAL SECURITY Pok CoordSEPARATE APPEALS

years old, would entitle, the bolder to payment of the

amount. His lordship thought that the doctrine as to stale FROM DIFFERENT ORDERBIN SAME ACTION.In a case of

demands would apply. JAMES, L.J., expressed his conYeatman v. Snow, before the Court of Appeal on the 25th

currence, and said that be thought the case could not be inst., the defendants applied for an order that the plaintiff

distinguished from Bamfeld v. Tupper' (7 Ex. 27).-SOLICITORS, should give security for the costs of two appoals wbich he had presented from two orders in the action. The

| Shum, Crossinan, g Co.; Henderson & Buckle.' plaintiff had already been ordered by the court to deposit £15 al security for the costs of abother appeal which he IMMORAL BOOK-INJUNCTION TO RESTRAIN INTRINGEhad presented from another order in the aotion. The MENT OF COPYRIGHT-RIGHT, TO PROTECTLON OZ Court,plaintiff appeared in person and urged that the three | In a case of Dodson v. Martin, before the Master of the appeals ought to be heard together, and that tho security Rolls on the 27th inst., a motion was made for an injancwhich he had been ordered to give, and which he had sincetion to restrain the publication of a book, a copy of a book given, was safficient for the costs of all the three appeals. published by the plaintiff. The plaintiff's book was stated And be stated that he had given three distinot potices of to be published with the object of exposing certain alleged appeal because he had been told by the officer of the court improper directions in relation to confession in the Church

cessary to give a separate notice with respect of England, and contained numerous extracts from a book to each order appealed from Upon inquiry, it appeared called, “A Guide to the Priesthood," published for that this advice bad been given by one of the japior clerks private circulation amongst priests. JESSEL, M.R., perased of the registrar. JESSEL, M. R., said that this was an entire some of the extracts, and came to the conclusion that they mistake. Under the old practice, one petition of appeal were of an indecent or immoral character, if sold to be read might be presented from any number of orders in the same by the public. The objection was not taken by the deaction, provided that the appeal was in time. And now, fendant that the book on that ground was not entitled any number of orders between the same parties could be to protection. JESSEL, M.R., overrgled certain other obappealed from by one notion of appeal. And the court | jections to the plaintiff's right to the injunction, and in (JESSEL, M.R., and JAMES and COTTON, L.JJ.) ordered that granting the same, said that there were certainly many the three appeals should be consolidated and heard to extracts in the book which were decidedly of an immoral gether, and that the £15. already deposited should be | character, and, although the book was published avowedly security for the costs of all three appeals. The costs of | with the object of checking certain alleged tendencies to the motion for security were to be coats of the appeals. immorality, he was by no means sure they would effect that SOLICITORS, Bolton, Robbins, & Busk ; Shakespear.

object. He felt by no means clear that he ought to extend 1.'. , D EWI

the protection of the court to such a book as the plaintiff's;

but, as the point was not taken on the other side, be STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS-PROMISSORY NOTE PAYABLE did not think a judge ought, mero motu, to refuse to THREE MONTHS AFTER DEMAND-PROOF OF DEMAND_PAY. | grant the injunction. He therefore made the order MENT OF INTEREST.-In & Case of Brown v. Rutherford, asked for.-SOLICITORS, Macarthur d Son; N. Jourdain. before the Conrt of Appeal on the 25th inst., the question arose wbether à debt claimed in an administration action was barred by the Statute of Limitations. The claim was COPYRIGHT-RESERVATION OF RIGHT OF REPRODUCTION made in respect of a promissory note which had been given IN VOLUME FORM-PRODUCTION OF SERIAL-CONFLICT OF by the testator. The note bore date the 20th of May, EVIDENCE--INJUNCTION-BALANCE OF CONVENIENCE. -In 1857, and was in these terms: "Three months after | a case of Johnson v. Egan, before the Master of the Rolle demand I promise to pay Mr. R. Ratberford the sum of on the 26th inst., a question arose whether an infringement £150 for value received." The testator died in 1869. The l of copyright had been caused by the defenda

of copyright had been caused by the defendant under the payee of the note died in 1878, and the claim to prove was

following circumstances. It appeared that the defendant made by his executor, Tho noto had been found after the

had sold the plaintiff the copyright in a novel, reserving to death of the payee among his papers by his executor. On

himself a liberty to reproduce the novel in " volume form." it was the following indorsement:

The novel had been published some years ago by the plain. "Interest, 12th November, 1857, £3 158.

tiff in a weekly publication, and was now being republished Do., 12th May, 1858, £3 158."

by the defendant in a weekly form, the intention being that There was no evidence whether the noto bad been paid or

the novel when completed could be bound in a volume. The not, but the testator's exoontor deposed that no demand for

plaintiff moved for an injunction to restrain tbe defendant from payment bad been made opon him after the testator's

publishing the book, and there was a conflict of evidence in death until, after the death of the payee, the

the affidavits as to the meaning of the term " volume form." claim was made in the action by his executor. The Statute

in the trade. JESSEL, M.R., said that, having regard to of Limitations was relied upon as a defence to the olaim.

the conflict of evidence, he did not consider the plaintiff's In answer to this, it was urged that the statate did not

title was made out sufficiently satisfactorily to enable bim begin to run until a demand for payment was made, and

to grant an interlocutory application. His impression, how. that there was no evidence of any demand having been

over certainly, on the affidavits, was that the defendant was

right, on the ground, to a great extent, that his witnesses made before the action. The reply to this was that the distinguished the two terms, publication in a “volume payment of interest, 88 proved by the indorsements, was evidence that a demand for payment of the principal must

and in a "volume form." He, moreover, did not see how the

plaintiff would really be injured by allowing the publication have been made. Hall, V.C., beld that the payment of

until the trial the defendant could keep an account, and interest was not evidence of a demand, and that the lapse of time afforded no evidence of satisfaction of the note

the plaintiff did not state in his affidavit that he had sold when it was found in the possession of the payee. And his

many of the back numbers containing the novel,

| no doubt said that certain back numbers had been sold. lordship admitted the claim for $150, with interest for To his mind affidavits to be worth anything must be twenty years. The Court of Appeal (JESSEL, M.R., and

precise and not couobed in general terms, and therefore he James, and COTTON, LJJ.) reversed this decision, Jessel, I

D. JESSEL, could not place much reliance on the alleged injury that M.R., said that the indorsements of payment of interest were would be done to the plaintiff. On the other hand, evidence of a demand for payment of the principal having been made. The natural inference from

great injury might be done to the defendant. He also

the payment of thooght there had been some sort of acquiescienco in interest was tbat it was paid for forbearance in demanding a publication sufficient at all events to disentitle the plaind debt which was due. His lordship thought that the indorse. to an interlocutory injunction. He therefore refused, ments were evidence against both the parties to the note, though, I iniunction and reserved the question of costs until the triale no doubt, there had been a mistake in making the interest SOLICITORS, Benham & Tindell; Allen & Son. run from the date of the note, instead of from the date of the demand. On this ground, therefore, the statute applied. But his lordsbip also thought that, considering the circumstances, and especially the lapse of time, it ought to be presumed that the note bad been paid, independently of the

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Law Students' Journal.


INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY, At the apoual general court held at the hall of the In.

HONOURS EXAMINATION. --April, 1880. corporated Law Soriety, Chancery- lane, on Thursday, the At the examination for honours of candidates for L. Desborough (chairman), and Messrs. Boodle, Burgess, the examination committeo recommended the following Parkin, Styan, Collison, Smith, Steward, Giraud, Drew, gentlemen as being entitled to honorary distinction :Doyle, and or hers, and A. B. Carpenter (secretary), the directors' report and statement of accounts for the past year

FIRST CLASS. (In order of merit.) were read, and officers for the ensuing year were elected, and

1. George Francis Hoggins, who served his clerkship to tbe ordinary general business was transacted.

Messrs. Rowlands, Bagnalí, & Co., of Birmingham. The following is a copy of tbe report :

2. John Vakden Swifi, who served his clerkship to Mr. The sixty-third report of the board of directors to the T. Swift, of St. Helen's, Lancashire. annual generul board, Thursday, 27th of May, 1880, Laurence

SECOND CLAss. (In alphabetical order.), Desborough, Esq., in the chair :

Arthur Belfield, who served his clerksbip with Messrs. 1. Your directors have the pleasure of submitting to the Tozer & Geare, of Exeter; and Messrs. Geare & Son, of members of the association a report of their proceedings and Lincoln's.ion-fields. the accounts for the last twelve months.

Ernest Bevir, who served bis clerkship to Mr. R. Ellett, 2. Your directors have considered thirty cases of the pri- of Cirencester Mr. H. Bevir, of Wootton Bassett ; and mary class, and have distributed amongst them the aggregate Messrs. Peacock & Goddard, of London. sum of £1,362 10s.

John Burgess, wbo served his clerkship to Mr. W. Dam3. They bave also considered numerous applications of the pier Jeans, of Warrington ; and Messrs. Field, Roscoe, & secondary or non-members' class, wbich have come before Co., of London. them, and they have distributed the sum of £150 placed at Alfred C. Champney, who served his clerkship to Messrs. their disposal amongst nineteen cases.

D. & A. H. Russell, of York; and Mr. G. W. Haines, of 4. Your directors recommend to the general court that a Gloucester. sum of £200 be placed at their disposal for the cases of non William Postlethwaite, B.A., who served his clerkship to members for the ensuing year.

Messrs. Miller, Son, & Stevens, of Norwich. 5. Your directors bave the pleasure to report that they Edwin Welsh, who served his clerkship to Mr. J. Welsh, bave received towards the funds of the association two dona of Wells, Sonierset; and Messrs. Prior, Bigg, Church, & tions, one of £5 58. from the principal and ancients of Staple- Adams, of Loudon. inn. and one of £3 39. from the late treasurer of the Middle

Sydney White, B.A., who served his clerkship to Messrs. Temple. They have also much pleasure io acknowledging Duncan, Warren, & Gardner, of London. the receipt of £484 78. 68., being the net proceeds of £500 consols wbich the executors of the late Miss Harriett

THIRD CLABS. (In Alphabetical Order.) Hurst bad (under the advice of their solicitors, Messrs.

Henry Edward Donner, who served his clerkship to Cresse, Sons, & Riley) granted to the association. This

Messrs. Shirley, Atkinson, & Shirley, of Doncasier; and amount, with a small addition from their general balance, has

Messrs. A. F. & R. W. Tweedie, of London. enabled your directors to increase the holdingin £3 per Cent.

Ephraim Ellidge, who served his clerkship to Mr. J. MolesReduced from £1,380 78. 4d. to £2,000.

worth, of Rochdale. 6. The several investments now belonging to the associa

Henry George Underwood Elliott, who served his clerksbip tion are as follows, viz:

to Messrs. Oldman & Iveson, of Gainsborough, and Mr. New 3 per Cente.

£22,480 11 9

A. R. Oldman, of London, 3 per cent. Consols

£1.600 0 0

William Henry Guter, 'B.A., who served his clerkship to 3 per Cent. Reduced

£2,000 0 0

Messrs. Wilson, Thring, & Wilson, of Salisbury; and India 4 per Cepts.

£465 13

Messrs. Taylor, Hoare, & Taylor, of London. Great Indian Peninsular Railway

Raymond Gay Paze, who served his clerkship to Mr. J. Stock

£2,500 00

Edell, of London. East Indian Railway Company :

William Gathrie Tally, who served bis clerkship to Mr. (Aoduity Class B)

£6,837 10 0

S. Kewney, of North Shields. The dividends received last year amounted to £1,353 James Grundy, of Bolton.

Joseph James Whowell, who served his clerkskip to Mr. 11.. 1d.

The council of the Incorporated Law Society have accord7. There are now 251 annual subscribers, the amount received from whom for tbe past year has been £514 108.,

ingly given class certificates, and awarded the following which som, added to the dividends received from the above

prizes of books:investments, makes the income for the year £1,868 18. 1d.

To Mr. Huggins, the prize of the Hononrable Society of

Clement's-inn, valde 10 guineas.' 8. Your direotors report with regret the deaths of six members during the past year, viz:-Mr. E. F. Barton, Clifford's-inn, value 5 guineas.“

To Mr. Swift, the prize of the Honourable Society of Mr. Thomas Bargoyne, Mr. c. U. Price, Mr. R. B. Follett,

The council have given class certificates to the candidates Mr. H. S. Law, and Mr. George Carlisle. Daring the same in the second aod third classes. period thirteen new members have joined the association,

The number of candidates examined was forty. of whom two are life members, and eleven are annual gab.

(By order of the council) Ecribers.

E. W. WILLIAMSON, Secretary. 9. The names of above 4,000 solicitors appear in the Law Law Society's Hall, Obancery-lane, London. List for 1880, as practising within the metropolitan district (wbere the operations of the society are carried on), but there are only 400 members of the association. Your

COUNCIL OF LEGAL EDUCATION. directors feel that it only needs a little personal effort on

TRINITY EXAMINATION, 1880. the part of individual members in explaining the objects | GENERAL EXAMINATION OF STUDENTS of the Inns of Court, of the association, and in inviting professional friends and neighbours to become subscribers, to obtain a large addition

held at Lincoln's inn Hall, on the 7th, 8th, 10th, 11tb, to the list of members, and thus enable the directors to

12th, and 13th of May, 1880. comply with more of the numerous applications made to

The Council of Legal Education have awarded to George tbem for assistance.

Baird Burnham, of the Middle Temple, a studentship in 10. By the regulations of the association, the president, jurisprudence and Roman law, of one hundred

guineas, to vice-president, treasurers, directors, and auditors for the

continue for a period of two years ; and to Alfred Crooke, of ensuing year are to be elected at the present meeting.

the Middle Temple, and Robert Furse McMillan, of the (By order of the board) A. B. CARPENTER, Sec.

Inder Temple, studentships in jurisprudence and Roman law, of one hundred guineas, for one year.

The council' bave also awarded to William Ebenezer Grigsby, of the loner Temple, the Barstow Law Scholarship,


and to Joseph Gatey, of the Middle Temple, and William Ebenezer Grigsby, of the Inner Temple, certificatos of

Obituary. honour of the second class. The council have also awarded to the following stodents

MR. WILLIAM SPOONER. certificates that they have satisfactorily passed a public examination : Hepry Arden Adderley, Henry Milly Beevor,

Mr. William Spooner, judge of county courts, died at William Robert Bousfield, Wilfred Brintou, Edward Bal his residence, Waiton Lodge, Staffordshire, on ibe 19th combe Brown, George Cave, Alfred Clayton Cole, Thomas inst. Mr. Spronor was the eldest son of the Rev. William Woodrock Denman, Arthur Havelock East, Charles Hard Spooner, archdeacon of Coventry, and was born in 1811. man Grafton, Hon. Hobert George Henry Hanbury. He was educated at Oriel College, Oxford, where he gradu

Tracey, Richard Willianison Harper, James Hay, William ated second class in classics in 1832. He was called to the bar
Honigsun Horsfall, Colin Jamieson, Francis Amboor Keating, at Lincoln's-ipn in Michaelmas Term, 1837, and formerly
Francis Palmer Kemp, Arthur McArthur Kingsmill, Jam 8 pracciged on the Oxford Circuit, and at the Staffordshire and
Arthur Lees, Alfred Milner, Edward Fanecourt Mitebell, Worcestershire Sessions. He had a fair share of business st
Nicholis Lower Puliologas, John Henry Peartree, Mervyn the assizes and sessions, and was for some time a revisiog
Lloyd Peel, Thomas Robert Redfern, Latham Gallup Reed, barrister. In 1863, he was appointed by Lord Westbury to
William Snowdon Robson, Charles Harington Scafe, Harry be judge of county courts for Circuit No. 26, comprising
Scarlett, Charles Read Seymour, William Edward Thompson Stafford, Lichfield, and most of the towns in the Potteries
Sharpe, Charlés Ooombe Tennant, and Charles Oakley district. Mr. Spooner was a magistrate for Stafford-
Walker, of the Inner Temple; William Redhead Edmund shire. He was married to the youngest daughter of Mr.
Barker, Jobn Tbomag Blaze, George Paris Bradshawe, John Wilson, of Seacroft Hall, Yorkshire, and leaves two
Dolatray Surbhai Desai, Francis Cuthbert Fishbourne, sons and three daughters. One of bis sisters was the
Thomas Dale Hart, Henry William Forsyth Harwood-Har- late Mrs. Tait, wife of the Archbishop of Canterbury.
wood, William Augustus Hobson, John Watson Loxdale,
Simon John Fraser Macleod, Alexander McMicking, Henry
Charles Hannam Man, Michael John Michael, Frederick
Hardyman Parker, Alfred Vanwaterg-Choodt Lucie Smith,

Appointments, Etc.
George Herbert Statfield, Herbert William Trencbard,
Harold Wright, and Samuel Wilberforce Hartley Wyke, of
the Middle Temple; Henry Leopold Ashton, Edwin Flou/kes

Mr. HORATIO ALFRED ADAMSON, solicitor, of North Shields, Bail, John Frederick Bean, Richard Rideout Beard, Amaury

has been app ioted R-gistrar of the North Shields County Robert Macnamara Bouchier, J. bn Henry Chapman, Frank

Coart (Circuit No. 1), in the place of Mr. James Henry Chessluire, Charles, Arthur Close, Percy Dawson, Maurice

Ingledew. Mr. Adamson was admitted a solicitor in 1863, Des Graz, Regicald Fairbairn, Joshua Leslie Field, Thomas

and has been for several years town clerk of Tynemouth and Olver Harding, Cliarles Alexander Harris, John Duffus Harris,

clerk to the Urban Sanitary Authority. Henry Mather Jackson, Barry Johnson, Joseph John Talbot Mr. RICHARD BROUGHTON, solicitor (of the firm of Lamb, Samuel Henry Leopard, Joseph Runner Maxwell, Haworth & Broughton), of Accrington, has been appointed Francis Hamilton Mellor, William Ingham Shaw, Samuel Clerk to the Magistrates for that borough. Mr. Broughton Woodall Smith, William Pulteney Smith, George Abbott was admitted a solicitor in 1878. Streeten, Gerge James Suckling, Henry Spenser Wilkinson, Mr. THOMAS CUTHBERT BURN, solicitor, of Cockermouth, Thomas Wood, and George Burgess Lancaster Woodbourne,

has been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in of Lincoln':-ind; and Frederick Williain Batchelor, Frank Dodd, and Cbarles Paget Moore, of Gray's-inn, E-q8.

the Supreme Court of Judicature. The following students passed a satisfactory examination

Mr. HARRY FINDEN DAVIES, solicitor, of Weston-superin Roman law:- Ernest Henry Ainslie, James Henry T. Mure, has been appointed Registrar of the Weston-superBroadwood, William Martin Barn, George Anson Byron, Mare County Court (Circuit No. 54), in succession to Mr. George Herbert Capron, George Cawston, Fredtrick Francis William Henry Davies, deceased. Mr. H. F. Daries was adDaldy, Frederic John Dryhurst, Frederick Brandstrom mitted a solicitor in 1870. Fletcher, Arthur Addlesbaw Hartley, Abraham Hebron, Mr. ALGERNON FLETCHER, solicitor, of Northwich, has been Charles Pelbam Huggins, Frederick John Francis Wootton elected Clerk to the Northwich Board of Guardians, AssesgIsaacson, Edulgee Jamstijee Khory, William Edward Law. ment Commitree, and Rural Sanitary Authority, and son, Gilbert Metcalle, James Dennistoun Mitchell, William Sup-rintendent Registrar for the district, in succession to Anibony Byam Musgrave, Jobn Luinson Nash, Cyril Francis | Mr. Christopher Cheshire, deceased. Mr. Fletcher was ad. Oliphant, Carl Pearson, Dudley David Pontifex, John Daven mitiéd a solicitor in 1867. port Rogers, Martin Jobo Sarkies, Henry John Stanyon,

Mr. WILLIAM MACKINTOSH, advocate, has been appointed William Arnold Statham Arthur Horace Todd, and William Toynbee, of the Inner Temple ; Charles Halman Beard,

Procurator to the Church of Scotland. Mr. Mackiatosh Richard Robert Cherry, Jonn Lambert C. Gooden, Jobo

was admitted a member of the Faculty of Advocates in Carey Ffall, William Bold Hurry, Robert Donald Douglas .

Scotland in 1865. McLean, Edward George Macleod, Joseph Sidney Merton, Sir Francis SMITH, knight, has been appointed to adWilliam Thomas Raymond, Thomas Crossley Rayner, minister the Government of Tasmania during the absence of Ernest Sutton Suurin, John Howard Thomas, and John the Governor, Mr. Weld. Sir F. Smith is the eldest son of Wertheimer, of the Middle Temple ; Edward William Bather, Mr. Francis Smith, of Lindfield, Sussex, and was born in Charles Fortescue Brickdale, James William Greig, Howard 1819. He was educated at University College, London, and Hodgkin, Kai Ho, George Peterson Francis Keogh, Robert graduate B.A. of the University of London in 1840. Stewart Menzies, Walier John Napier, Charles Persons, and He was called to the bar at the Middle Temple in Easter Gorden Smith, of Lincolo's-inn; and Henry Loader Beddy, Term, 1842, and was appointed Solicitor-General of and John Lenton Pulling, of Gray's-inn, Esqs.

Taemania in 1849, and Attorney-General in 1854. He was By order of the council,

appointed a puispe judge of the Supreme Court of the (Signed) Jas. ANDERSON, Chairman, pro tem. Colony in 1860, and received the honour of knighthood Council Chamber, Lincoln's-inn, May 24.

in 1867. Sir F. Smith became Chief Justice of Tasmania in 1870.

In answer to Mr. Norwood, on the 24th inst., the Attor. ney-General said that the Government were and are most anxious to facilitate measures to improve the law of bankruptcy ; but that they had not bad sufficient time to bring in a Bill for that purpose to the satisfaction of the House. But he understood that his hon. friend the member for Kendal intended to introduce a Bill, and if a committee should be appointed on that Bill the Goveroment would be anxious to facilitate the labours of that committee; but what the result of those labours would be must depend on the time available for its sittings.

and GEORGE JOHN COLDHAM, solicitors, No. 11. New-inn,
Strand (Pawle, Fearon, & Coldham). May 8, 1880.

(Gazette, May 25, 1880.)

The Hereford election petition is to be heard on the 14th of Jane before Mr. Baron Pollock and Mr. Jostis Hawking.


Loficial liquidato; at 11, at his channeLIMITED.

Legislation of the Week.

Creditors' Claims.

FISCHER, HENRY, Huddersfield, Merchant, July 17. Sykes and Son,

GILLOTT, ROBERT, Western rd, Brixton, Gent. June 25. Hoyland,


HRRLAN, Sopara MART, Mostyn-terrac 3 Camberwell New rd. July 1.

Moson, Maddox st, kegant st
Joint Stock COMPANIES.

HITCHINGS, HARIBIT, Wargrave, Berks. Jane 8. Phelps and Wood

forde, ked Lion so LIMITED IN CHANCERY.

KNAPP Rev. HENRY, Canon of Lincolo. July 1. Faizfoot and Webb, CHRISTIAN SIGNAL PUBLISHING COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for

Clement's-jan winding up, presented May 11, directed to be heard before the M.R. on May 29. Hewitt & Alexander, Ely pl, solicitors for the

LUMBERT, ELIZABETH, Barghfield, Berks.. Jude 24. Prior and co

Li' cola's-ipp-fields petitioners

NEWMAN, EDWARD, Barnsley, York, Esq. July 1. Newman and Sons, ESTON ODD FBLLOWS' BUILDING COMPANY, LIMITED. --The M.R. hag

Barnsley fixed Monday, May 31, at 11, at his chambers, for the appointment of an official liquidator

HIKE, JAMES, Old Charlton, Kent, Hop Merchant. June 30. Hanks

and Co, Borough High st JOHN MARLAND DAVIES & COMPANY, LIMITED.-The M.R. has fixed

POLLARD, WILLIAM, Whitkirk; York, Farmer, July 1. Spirett, Monday, May 31, at 11, at his chambers, for the appointment of an


RIDE, JOSEPR, Knighton, Leicester, Gent. June 24. Owston and LONDON COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented

Dickinson, Lricester May 18, directed to be heard before the M.R. on May 29. Linklater

RODRN, Rt Hon ROBERT, Fourth Earl of, Hertfordst, Mayfair. & Co, Walbrook, solicitors for the petitioner

June 30. Kearsley and Co, Old Jewry TUNISIAN RAILWAYS COMPANY, LIxired.-Petition for winding up,

SPINCER, JOIN ROBERTS, Sheffield, File , and Steel Manufacturer. presented May 18, directed to be heard before V.O. Malins on May

June 22. Bordekin and Co, Shefiled 28. Heritage & Co, Clement's lane, solicitors for the petitioner

( Gazetiê May 21.]

VOLCKMAN, CHABLES, Stratford, Essex, Gent. July 14. Swepston,

Litue st INTERNASIONAL TRADING COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made WOODEED, GODFRIT, Manchester, Grocer. July 12. Diggles, and

by V.C. Bacon, dated Apr 24, it was ordered that the above com. L. Ogden, Manchester pany be wound up. Blunt and Co, Gresham st, solicitors for the

[Gazette, May 18.] petitioners NEW ZEALAND MANGANESE MINES, LIMITED.-By an order made by

V.C. Malins, dated May 14, it was ordered that the voluntary wind.
ing up of the above company be continued. Mercer and Mercer,

Mark lane, solicitors for the petitioner
SILVERING COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up pre-

sented, May 21, directed to be heard before V.C. Malins on June 4.
Beall, Queen Victoria st, solicitor for the petitioner

MAY: 20.-BILLS. READ A FIRST TIME. TRAXERE FERRY COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, pre Conveyadoing and Low of Property (Earl Cairns). Lini. sented May 24, directed to be heard before V.C. Hall, on June A.

il tation of Actions (Earl Cairne). Solicitors' Remuneration Robinson and Cameron, Gracechurch st, agents for Gill and Archer, Liverpool, solicitors for the petitioner

(Earl Cairns). Settled Laudo (Eurl Cairo). [Gazette, May 25.]

Bill relative to the Liability of Enployers for Compen.
sation for Injuries to tbeir Servants (Earl De la Warr).

Private Bill.-Blenbeim Settled Estatus.


PRIVATE Bills.-Bristol Port and Channel Dock, Mersey LAST DAY OF PROOF.

Docks and Harbour Board, Dearne Valley Water, Don. HODGBON, JAMBS, Rotherham, York, Corn Miller. June 12. Hodg:

caster Corporation Water, Milford Docks. Hendon Local son y Hodgson, V.C. Hall. Potter and Brown, Rotherham

Board, Clacton-on-Sea Special Drainage District, West LONG, George Thomas, Regency st, Westminster. June 1. Long Wickbam and Hayes Railway, Freshwater, Yarmouth, v Long, V.C. Bacon: Draper, Vincent sg

and Newport Railway, Trinity Hospital, Greenwich. MAKEPEACE, JOIN, Bracknell, Berks, Esq. June 15. Makepeace v

Marsh, M.R. Sargeant, Bracknell
MOORB. Joux IBESOX. Gledhow terrace. Kensington Bootmakeri
June 15. Moore v Moore, V.C. Bacon, Lickorish, Walbrook

MOBLEY, CHARLOTTE, Brighton. June 20. Morley'v Morley, M.R.

MAY 21.-BILLS READ A FIRST TIME. Dumster, Henrietta st, Cavendish sq ROBERTSON, JAMES, Bankend, Southwark, Iron Merchant. June Bill to Extend and Regulate the Liability of Employers to 15. Macgillivray v Whyte, V.O. Malins. Harris, Moorgate st:

make Compensation for Personal Injaries suffered by Persons TAYLBUR, WILLIAM HOULBROOKE, Torquay, Esq. June 15. Tayleur y Tayleur, M.R. Richardson, Liverpool

in their Service (Mr. Dolson).

[Gazette, May 18.] Bill to Amend the Law Relating to the Payment of Wages HALL, WILLIAM, Queen's rd, Peckham, Commercial Traveller. and the Rating of Merchant Seanien (Mr. Ashley).

May 25. Mattress v Hall, V.C. Malins. Rutter, King's Bench Bill to Amend the Law respecting Employers' Liability

walk, Temple RICHARDSON, JOHN MONTE, Putney. June 15. Pyke v Coulson,

for jojuries to their Workmen (Mr, Macdonald). V.C. Hall. Brown, Carlisle

Bill to Probibit the Sale of lotoxicating Liquors on Sunday THOMAS, WILLIAM, Gloucester June 26. Thomas v Thomas, in Wales (Mr. Roberts). District Registrar, Gloucester. Haines, Gloucester

Bill to Amend the Law Relating to the Election of AlderWEIGHT, JOxx, Mincing lane, Tea Dealer. Juno 21. Newton v Newton V.C. Hall. Watkins and Co, Sackville st, Piccadilly

men in Municipal Boroughs (Mr. Jam-s). [Gazette, May 11.] Bill to Consolidate and Amend the Salmon and Fresh

water Fishery Laws of England and Wales (Sir J. Bailey). CREDITORS UNDER 22 23 VICT. CAP. 25.

Bill for Amending the Agricultural Holdings Act, 1875, LAST DAY OF CLAIM.

and Soeuring Compensation for Tenants' Improvements in all ALLEN, CHRISTOPHER, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Butchon Aug 2. Keenly.

cases (Mr. Chaplin). side and Co, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Bill to Consolidate and Amend the Married Women's ANDERSON, JANE, Prestbury, Gloucester. Ang 12. Babb eod Co, | Property Acts. 1870 and 1874 (Mr. Hinde Palmer).

BAKER, WILLIAM, Shalfeet, Isle of Wight, Yeoman. Aug 10. Böcking:

Bill to Alter and Amend the Law with Regard to the sale, Newport

Registration of Marriages of Persons, not Members of the BODEN, GEORGE, Inner Temple, Q.C. July 1. Grane and Son, Bed | Established Church (Mr. Blennerba-sett).

ford row BONNET, John, Kennington rd. Lambeth,

Bill to Improve the Constitution and Extend the District

Chief Engineer, R.N. June 12. Hallet! and Co, St Martin's-pl

of the Middlesex Land Registry, and to Amend the Law Re. BOOTH, ALBERT, Preesil-cum-Hackensall, Lancaster, Gent. June 16: | lating to the Registration and Transfer of Land in Middlesex Grundy and Co, Bary

and the Metropolis (Mr. Hopwood). BOWLER, JOSIAH, Edgeley, nr Stockport, Gent. June 30. Doyle, Manchester

Bill to Provide for the Valuation of Lands and HereditaORIDLEY, John, Devonshire st, Portland pl, Licensed - Victballeri | ments in England (Mr. Ramsay). June 13. Layton and Co, Badge-row

| Bill to Prohibit the Sale of Intoxicating Liquors on Sun. OLIEKE. WILLIAM JAMES, Sawbridgeworth, Hertford, Farmer. Idar Mr. Stevenson). July 1 Armstrong, Hertford Waterbeach, Cambridge, Farmer. June 1. Wayman;

Bill to Amend the Laws relating to Logatics (Mr. Dill. Cambridge

wyp). COLE, EMILY JANE, Upper Halli st, Peckham. Jano 1 4. Pettiver

Bill to Amend the La vprrelating to the Conditions of College st, College-bil DODDS, SARAD Mars, Brighton, July 15, Pedloy and Bartlett, Bush Service of Merchant Seaned; and for other parposes relate lave

g thereto (Viscount Sandon).

Bill to Amond the Agricaltaral Holdings (Eogland) Aot, The Singer Mapulaotariog Co v Loog app of deft V B 1075 (Mr. Samuelson) ;

-July 26 (Order to be produced) Bili to Legalize Marriage with a Deceased Wire's Siater Jewitt v McHenry, app of deft MR-Aug 4 ($ 0 11 June (Sir Thomas Obambers)..


Fellows v Hanbury Hanbury v Fellows app of deft Hanbury Bill to Appoint a Commission for the Alteration of

VCB-Aug 20° (pt bd May 14 by Lords Justices James, and Areas of Local Government in Certain Cases, and for Ro Bramwell) (so generally, by order) _' arrangement of the Boundaries thereof (Mr. Pell), .. In re Wm Fletcher, deod, Simpson v Fletcher app of defta

Bill to Abolish the Congé d'Elire, and to make provision from V C of County Palatine of Lancaster Oct 16 for tbe Appojotment of Archbishope and Bishops by her Pugb v Golden Valley Ry Co app of defts Fry, J-Novi Ko jesty by Letters Patedt under the Great Seal (Mr. In re Youog, necd, Young' v Dollman app of deft A W Doll

man VCH-Nov 8 Hopk).

Bol -

, Bill to Amend the Administration of the Inbabited

Tolson v The No 4 Railway Hotel Benefit Building Society Losse Daty and Income-tax (Mr. Hubbard). **

app of plt. VCB-Nov 29 abated

Swansea Improvements and Tramway Co v The County Roads Bill to Extend the Hours in wbioh Marriages may Lap.

arg for Glamorganshire app of plte Frv. J Den 13 Ally be Sulemnised (Mr. Blenderhasrett).

Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company » Huth app of defts (Ex. Bill to Alter and Amend the Law with regard to the cept Ivaneich and agr) MR-Drc 16 Marriage of Divorced Persons (Mr. Blenderbaggett). Attorney-Gen v Tomline app of deft Fry, J-Deo 23

BiH to Apend the Bankroplry Act, 1869 (Mr. White In re The Wigan Rolling Mills Co, lind, and Co's Acts app of wall).

Smethursi'e executors from VC of County Palatine of LanBíll for Consolidating the Law of Partnership (Mr.

Caster-Dec 29

Nicholson v Vestry of Mile End Old Town app of defts Whitwell).

VCM-Dec 31'. Bill for Amending the Bills of Sale Aot (1878) Amend.

1880. sont Aot (Mr. Whitwell).

Harris v Morris app of plt from v C of Conaty Palatine of Bill to Regulate the Stowing of Grain Cargoes in Mer Lancaster-Jan 2 abant Ships (Mr. Anderson).

Kaight v Pursell app of plt Fry, J-Jan 12 ; ..MAY 24.-BILLS READ A FIRST TIME.

Smith v Anderson app of deft MR-Jan 14 : Bill relating to Postal Money Orders (Mr. Fawcett).

In re Clark, deod Maddick, Marks app of deft V CB

Jan 16 Bill to Amend the Law relating to Leases (Mr. Warton).

Matthews v Antrobus app of plt VOH-Jan 19 Bill to Amend the Law relating to the Expenses of Re.

Cummins v Fletcher app of National Provincial Bank VCH toyning Officers at Parliamentary Elections (Mr. Serjeant -Jan 28 non).

In re Hartry, decd Hilson • Hartry app of dafts Y CBBill to Amend the Law relating to Barials in England Jan 28 and Wales (Mr. Grantham).

Williams v Meekin app of plts Y CM-Feb 2 Bill to Amend the Law relating to Patents for Inven.

Rolls v Vostro of St. George the Martyr, Southwark app of tions (Mr. Anderson).

plt MR-Feb 6 Bill to Repeal tbe Contagious Diseases Aots. Bill to

Webster v Briti-h Empire Mutaal Life Assurance Co app of

dette MR-Feb 19 Amend the Licensing Laws (Sir H. Johnstone). . . Tottenham Local Board of Health v Rowell app of plt VCM MAY 25.-BILLS READ A THIRD TIME.

- Feb 19 PRIVATE BILLS.-Bristol Corporation, Burton-upon-Trent | Taylor v Grange app of plts Fry, J-Feb 21 Corporation, Cbester Gas, Eastbourne Gas, Ely and Bary

Ponsonby v Loogbourne app of defte Longbourne & aar

C B-Feb 23 St. Edmunds (Light) Railway.

In re Hindle, deod Megson v Hindle app of plt MR-Feb BILL READ A SECOND TIME.

26 Pablio Works Loans.

Markwick v Hardiogbem app of defte V CH-Feb 28
In re Wildbore, Expte Met Bd of Works app of Bruce &

Clark VCK-Mar 5
Union of French Wine Growers, limd v Brown app of deft

Fry J-M-r 6 .
Court Papers.

Laughton v Rylands app of defts v B-Mar 10
In re Bullivant, dood, Woolrych v Williams app of deft

VCH-Mar 10

Woodgate v Watson app of deft Fry, J-Mar 16

Elliott v Dearsley app of deft C F Webb, from p art of order

on fo Fry, J-Mar 16 Date.

COURT OF MASTBB OF THB V.O. MALINS. Verdon v Vestry of St. James, Westminster app of deft V CM

-Mar 19 Monday, May.. 31Mr. Clowes Mr. Cobby Mr. Teesdale

Lloyds v Harper app of defts' Fry, J-Mer 24 Tuesday, June 1 Koe

Jackson Farrer

Wynne v Bulmer app of plt Fry, J-Mar 25
Wednesday.... 2 Clowes Cobby Teesdale
Thursday .... 3 Koe
Jackson Farrer

New Appeals.
Iriday........ 4 Clowes


Saturday .... 5

Oceanic Steam Nava Co, limd v Suther bury app of plts from
Jackson Farrer

V C of County Palatine of Lancaster-Apr 4"
7. C. Badox. V.C. HALL.

Mr. Justice

Gardner v Archer app of plts from order on fur conson VCM

FBY. Monday, May.. 31 Mr. Leach Mr. Ward · Mr. King

-Apr 6 Trosday, June 1

In re Williams, deod, Williams v Lloyd app of pltff in person Latham Pemberton Merivale Wednesday.... 2 Leach

from order No. 1, dated Mar 17 MR-April 6 In re Williams, Ward

King Thursday .... 3 Lalham


deod, Williams y Lloyd app of pluff in person from order No Pemberton

2, dated Mar 17 MR-Apr 6 Friday........ 4 Leach

Saturday .... 5 Latham Pemberton Merivale

Goodey v Everett app of plt Fry, J-Apr 8
Hamilton y Saowden app of deft: VCM-Apr 14

In re Timbrell, deod, Duignan v Croome app of deft Croome

from ord on further conson VCB-Apr 19 LIST OF APPEALS FOR TRINITY SITTINGS, 1880.

In re Looming, docd Saffenrenter v Loomiag app of Chas.

Leeming and anr from V C of County of Palatine of LancasAPPEALS FROM THE CHANCERY DIVISION. ter-Apr 23

Naylor v Farrer app of deft V CB-Apr 23
• 1879.

Ruston y Tobin app of plts VCM-Apr 27
For Hearing.

Robinson y Greaves app of plt MR-May 5
Ashworth v Mann app of Missionary Society & ora VCM In re Dronfield Silkstone Coal Co, limd app of Frederick Ward

Oct 31 (part heard March 23 by Lords Justices James, Brett, MR-May 8 and Cotton)

The Chesterfield and Boythorpe Colliery Co Black app of Tamplia v James app of deft from L J Baggallay for VCM defts Fry, J—May 11 (s O for security) - May 1 (8 O by order)

Weidig v Isaacs app of doft Fry, J-May 11 ha re Alven, deed Burrowes v Loveband app of Richards and | Mackie v The Cottun Powder Co The Cotton Powder Cor

Wife M' R-June 2 (pt hd March 9 by Lorde Justices Mackie app of plt MR-May 12 James, Brett, and Cotton to come into paper in its turn, by Jowett v Foster app of plt MR-May 19 order)

| Rayner v Preston app of plt MR-May 20

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