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AXSINCK, WILLIAM, Richmond, Major 27th Foot. May 24. Heath

field v Amstick, V.C. Hall. Finch, Grav's ioo sq BURFORD, ANN, Brighton. May 18. Medhurst Crowhurst, M.R.

Mant, Storrington Cross, Ernest, Pickering, York, Wine Merebant. June 1. Murch v

Cross, V.C. Hall. Smith, Staple inn Fox, CHARLES BUBTON, Newport, Mon, Solicitor. May 18. Hunt v

Fox, M.R. Hore, Lincoln's inn fields GARDNER, WILLIAM DUNN, Fordham Abbey, Cambridge. May 25.

Gardner v Gardner, V.0. Hall. Francis, Cambridge METCALFE, JAMES Simu, Richmond, York, Gent. May 20. Roper v

Metcalfe, M.R. Tumlin, Richmond OKE, Rev. WILLIAM SAMWAYS, Wolverton, Somerset. May 14.

Hetherington v Oke, M.R. Keary, Chippen ham TURNER, FREDERIC, Aldermanbury, Gent. May 20. Turner v Turner,

M.B. Rawle, Bedford row WILLIAM3, Evan, Cwm, Denbigh. May 19. Morris v Williams, V.C. Bacon. Gold and Co, Denbigh

[Gazette, Apr. 20.) BENNETT, GEORGE, Caythorpe, Lincolo, Baker.

May 21.

Beonett v Bennett, M.R. Thompson, Gran ham BIDDLE, JOHN, Glascote, Warwick, Yeoman. June 1. Biddle v Biddle,

V.C. Hall, Braikenridge, Bartlett's bldgs BLANDI, CHARLES RIDPATH, Great Western Hotel, Paddingtoa, Gent.

July 1. Sendall v. Blandy, V.C. Hall, Rawle, Bedford row ELLIS, THOMAS, Sheffield. June 1. Ellis y Ellis, V.C. Hall. Binney

and Co, Sheffield GUEST, JAMES, Upper Gornal, Stafford, Brewer. May 14. Stafford

shire Joint Stock Bank, Limited v Guest, V.C. Bacon. Willcock,

HAWGOOD, JOHN, Litchurch, Derby, Merchant. May 22. V.C. Bacon,

Sale, Corn Market, Derby
K18SICH, ALICE BENTON, Kissick villas, Finchley. May 20. Brice v
Lettice, Malsch v Lattice, M.R. Seadding, Gordon at
WELLSPRING, Joux, Chandos st, West Strand, Chemist. May 20.

Sadler v Moseley, M.R. Bartlett, Bedford st. Covent Garden
WOOD, JOAN, Beeston Royds, York, Innkeeper, May 21. Lister V
Wood, M.R. Malcolm, Leeds

(Gazette, Apr. 23.]

COUPER, LADY ELIZABETH, Lowndes sq. May 31. Soames, Lincoln's

inn-fields COUZENS, THOMAS, Highst, Poplar, Licensed Victualler. June 1.

Child, William st, Albert gate CRITCHER, SARAH, New Windsor, Berks. June 1. Darvill and Co,

New Windsor Davis, SAMUEL, Yardley, Worcester, Farmer. May 5. Simcox,

Biriningham GOTT, WILLIAM EWART, Armley, Leeds, Esq. June 30. North and

Sons, Leeds GREAVES, MARY LOUISA, Birmingham. May 31. Canning and Canning,

Birmingham GREEN, JOHN, Edgbaston, nr Birmingham, Coal Merchant. June 1.

Ryland and Co, Birmingham GREGSON, Amos, Southport, Draper. May 31. Welsby and Co, South

port HOWARD, HENRY, Huntingdon st, Kingsland rd, Gent, June 4..

Cronin and Rivolta, Southampton st, Bloomsbury ILLINGWORTH, Isaac, Throston, nr Hartlepool, Durham, Builder.

Joly 1. Young, West Hartlepool KEATES, John DUCKER, Burton-on-Trent. May 29. Taylor, Burton

on-Trent KITCHING, MARY Ann, Abbes-gardens, St John's Wood, June 2.

Jackson, Lincoln's -ion-fields LBCIEUX, MARY ELIZABETH, Hastings. June 7. Mann, Hastings MACKRELL, WILLIAM, Spetisbury, Dorset, Farmer. June 9. Marshield

and Hutchings, Wareham MILES, ELIZABETH, Dawlish, Devon. June 1. Halse and Co, Old Bur

lington st, Bond st MILLER, JANET ELIZABETI, Greenwich, Kent. June 10. Pedley and

Bartlett, Bush lane
PENRY, Thomas, Gilfachywern, Carmarthen, Farmer. May 5. Bishop,

Rich, RICHARD PINNIGER, Chippenham, Wilts, Farmer.

May 15.
Awdry and Clarke, Chippenhamn
Roe, Peter MITCHELL, Malta, Fleet Surgeon, R.N. May 21. Hallett

and Co, St Martin's pl SCUDAMORE, CAPEL, Bull and Mouth st, Undertaker. May 19. Tatham

and Co, Queen Victoria st SMITH, MAGNUB, Treetown, in the colony of Sierra Leone, solicitor.

Jung I. Beck, East India Avenue STEINWEUR, SIGMUND Aarox, Lagos, West Coast of Africa, Merchant.

June 30. Hilbery, Biiliter st WATTS, WILLIAM, Kennington Park rd, Gent. May 31. Chamberlain,

Finsbury sq WILLIAMSON, Joux, Manchester, Gent. Vay 28. Makinson and Fuller,

Manchester WOODWARD, MARY, Sproughton, Suffolk. May 24. Josselyn and Sons,

Ipswich WORRALL, CHABLES, Beeley, Derby, Yeoman. July 1. Taylor, Bake

weli WARRALL, GEORGINA, Knotty Asb, nr Liverpool. May 21, Bateson and Co, Liverpool

[Gazette, April 23.}

Solicitors' Cases.


LAST DAY OF CLAIM. ALCOCE, THOMAS, Leek, Stafford, Silk Manufacturer. June 22. Chal

linor and Co, Leek ASBURY, EDWARD JACOMB, East Retford, Nottingham, M.D. May 31.

Braikenridge, Bartlett's-bldgs, Holborn ATERS, WINCKLES, Westcombe, Northampton, Farmer. May 24.

Whitton, Towcester BRANWHITE, CHARLES, Redland, Bristol, Gent. April 29. Salmon,

Bristol CADBURY, BENJAMIN HEAD, Edgbaston, Warwick. May 31. Glaisyer,

Birmingham CALVERT, Rev. WILLIAM, Burghley rd, Highgate rd, Clerk. June 7.

Calvert, Crown Office town, Temple CASTLEY, PETEB, St. Neot's, Huntingdon, Millwright. May 24.

Wilkinson and Co, St. Neots EDE, CATHERINE, Bitterne, Southampton. June 5. Farrer and Co,

Lincoln's-inn-fields EDWARDS, SABINA, Wells. May 31. Batten, Yeovil HARPER, GEORGE, Melbourne, Derby, Mill Manager. June 22. Simp

son, Manchester HOSBAND, GEORGE, Gloucester-terrace, South Norwood. June 30.

Cannon, Sardinia st KILNER, EDWARD, Flockton, York,, Butcher. May 24. Ainley and

Hall, Huddersfield MARRIOTT, JANE, Manchester. June 7. Whitworth, Manch est er MINTON, RICHARD ROWLANDS, Higher Bebington, Chester, Paint and

Oil Manufacturer. May 28. Harris and Gorst, Liverpool MORT, ELIZABETH, Lawton, Lancaster. May 31. Ashcroft, Preston NEEDIAM, JEREMIAH, Manchester, butcher. June 22. Simpson,

Manchester NORMAN, JOHN, Colchester, Essex, Surgeon. May 31. Salmon, Dios PRINGLE, ROBERT, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tailor. June 30. Legge and

Denison, Newcastle-upon-Tyne EMITE, WILLIAM, Atherstone, Warwick, Gardener. May 10. Sale,

Atherstone STEPHENS, SARAH JAMES, Redland, Bristol. June 30. Cooke and Sons

Bristol TRUEMAN, FRANCES MELLOR, Ashton-under-Lyne. June 22. Brooks

and Co, Ashton-under-Lyne TURNER, FREDERICK EVANS, Holywell, Flint, Chemist. May 20.

Cope, Holywell
TyBox, Anna, Beulah Hills, Upper Norwood. May 31. Tucker,

Chancery lane
WARD, ABRAHAM, Dewsbury, York, Woolstapler. July 1. Scholefield

and Sons, Dewsbors WELLINGTON, THOMAS, Adelaide rd, South Hampstead, Wine and Spirit Merchant. Muy 31. Clarke and Co, Lincoln's-inn-fields

[Gazette, April 20.] AMER, William, Lincoln's-inn, Law Bookseller, June 24. Purkis

ard Perry, Lincoln's-inn-fields AUERBACH, ALBERT, Basinghall st, Merchant. Sune 7. Harris, Moor

gate st BABRICK, SARAH, Eynesbury, Huntingdon. May 20. Wilkinson and

Co, St Neots BROWNE, EDWARD, Coombe Warren, Kingston-upon-Thames, Esq.

June 1, Tyerman, Fepchnrch st BORXARD, GEORGE, Hoxton st, Shoreditch, Churn Maker. Jane 2.

Singleton and Tattershall, Gt James st, Beiford row CANNING, THOMAS, Peoryn, Cornwall, Army Pensioner. July 20.

Heathcote, Duehy of Cornwall Ofice, Buckingham gate COLEMAN, SOPHIA, Ditchling, Sussex. June 24. Freeman and Freeman, Gell, Brighton


(Before DENMAN and LOPES, JJ.)

April 4.-Re William Day, a Solicitor. In this case a role was obtained, as long ago as July, 1879, calling upon Mr. Day to answer a certain affidavit, or, in the alternative, to show cause why he should not be struck off the rolle.

It appeared that in Jane, 1870, a Miss Lock had given Mr. Day £400 to invest for her; that he had paid the interest on this sum up to December, 1878, when the payments ceased; but that he had several times told Miss Lock that he was npable to meet with a suitable investment for so small a sum as £400.

The matter has been before the court on several previous occasions, the last one being the 23rd of March last (reported ante, p. 408), when the case was adjourned for one month, on the understanding that Mr. Day would pay $100 to Miss Lock's solicitor within that time.

Boddam showed cause.—The defendant paid the £100 he undertook to pay on the last occasion, not indeed within one month, but during the week in which the month ex. pired. Mr. Day is now seventy-five years old, he has practised for forty-seven years, and his default arose solely from his being struck down with paralysis in 1872, since which date he was compelled to leave his business to other people; he has done his best and throws himself on the mercy of the court.

Pitt-Lewis, for Miss Lock.–I do not press for any severe punishment, but I must remind the court that this £400 is all Miss Lock has, and also that the defendant has not taxed the bill of the solicitor who has lately acted for him.

Boddam.-It has not been rendered, and we have not been. able to get it.

DENMAN, J.--The matter stands thus : in 1870 Miss Look gave Day £400 to invest, he was seized with paralysis in

1872, and it is put forward in his behalf that he never CP 562 Phillips (Moresby, White and J) v Clarke (Field, R and

Co), without jury pretended that he had found an investment for the money,

CP 563 Taylor (Patey and w) v Cookson and anr (Allen and G) but that the money was left in his hands, and that he paid Q B 564 Brett, trustee, &c (M Abrahams and Co) v Adams and son s interest upon it up to 1878. When the matter was befora

(Milnes and Co) Mr. Baron Pollock and myself, we did not assume that the

CP 565 Labenburg (F A Brabant) v Pennefather (W H Roberts)

P 566 Acres and Co (W Crook) y Davison (Hollams, Son and C) defendant had been guilty of any misconduct. A voluntary CP 567 Vestry of St Luke, Middlesex (W W Hayne) v Simmons (L offer was then made, and we allowed the case to stand over,

Barnett in order that the offer might be carried out.

CP 568 Lacey and anr (Todd and D) v Marsden (Flux and Co),

SJ LOPES, J.-The facts being as stated by Mr. Justice

CP 569 Digby and anr (Digby and J) v Welply (JES King) Denman, where is the misconduct ? Where wrong doing is | Ex 570 Brass (Duignan and s) v Kinnear ( Hill) proved, I have over and over again expressed my dissent from

Ex 671 Brinjes and anr (EB Tattershall) v Sholl (J Murray)

OP 572 Ppeiffer (B Davis) v Lefevre (W and AR Ford), SJ making these applications the medium of compelling the

OB 573 Letts (JP Biggenden) v Onion and anr (Angell and Co) repayment of money, and then when that has been ac- Ex 574 Revell (J Goren) v Cowell and anr (C Mossop) complished, of allowing the matter to drop. That, however,

OP 575 Fox and anr (J Rae) v Kipling (W A Downing)

OP 576 Cole (JJ Watts) v Burns (Nash and F) is not quite this case.

CP 577 Barter and Co (Roberts and B) v. Ferguson (T H Horwood) DENMAN, J.--I think that the best course is to discharge P 578 Gillingham (Purkis and P) v Nunn (JL Morris) this rule without costs.

CP 579 Riebold (J J Watts) v Gurrin (WA Downing) LOPES, J., concurred.

Q B 580 The Queen on the prosecution of Lambri (Lewis and Lew

v Labouchere (Batten and Co) SJ Ex 581 Bidder (Wyatt and B) v Merritt and anr (Munns and L) Ex 582 Winstanley (Plunket and L) v Pollen (Peacock and G)

O B 583 Maeers (G T Robinson) v Davis and Son (Ovans, B and A) Court Papers.

QB 584 Esson (N sh and F) v Gooch (Nye and G)

P 585 Rogers (J Rae) v Brown (JT Davis), SJ
QB 536 Courage and anr (Ovans B and Co) y Hose (

HM Ody) SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE. OP 587 Caslake (A T Hewitt) v Bywaters and anr (Campbell R


CP 588 Beere and Wife (Pawle, F and C) v Neville (Horn and M)

CP 589 Brooks (WA Downning) v Williams (H Tyrrell)

MASTER OF TIX V.C. MALINS. QB 590 Ross (H Levy) v Seaward and anr (Lowless and Co)

QB 591 Salisbury and anr (Same) v Squire and anr (J Shiers) Monday, May 10Mr. Merivale Mr. Farrer Mr. Cobby OP 592 Ford, trustee, &c (

GLP Eyre and Co) v Hastings (

SS Tuesday ...... 11 King



OP 593 Windover (JN Fulton) v Jones (W Heggerty) Wednesday.... 12 Merivale Farrer


Ex 594 Fox and anr (Lewin and Co) v Morris (Ë G Lawrence) Thursday .... 13 King

Teesdale Jackson O P 595 Roynolds (J T Davis) v Green and anr (Bartley and J) Friday.. ...... 14 Merivale Farrer Cobby CP 596 Dingley (W Maynard) v Wilson (Tucker and Co)

Mr. Justice

CP 597 Pike (MS Rubenstein) v Taylor (J Burn)
7. C. Bacon. V.O. HALL.

Ex 598 Cruwys (

GB Howard) v Gadsby (Lewis and Lewis)

QB 599 Bennett (W B Palmer) v Large (H W Mackreth)
Monday, May 10Mr. PembertonMr. Leach Mr. Clowes
Tuesday ...... 11 Ward

Latham Koe

Ex 600 Lofthouse and anr (Collyer-Bristow, W and R) v Barnard

(Routh, S and C) Wednesday.... 12 Pemberton Leach

Clowes Q B 601 The Ilkeston Colliery Co, limd (F Needham) v Harrison Thursday .... 13 Ward


(Cunliffe, B and D)
Friday........ 14 Pemberton Leach Clowes Ex 602 Hope (R Furber) v Hawes and Son (C Thorp) SJ
The Whitsun Vacation will commence on Saturday, May 15,

CP 603 Kirkpatrick (J Curtis) v Pallister (Clarke, R and Co) and terminate on Tuesday, May 18, both days inclusive.

Q B 604 Kyle and Co (Williamson, H and Co) v Muller (Van San

dau and C)

CP 605 Bevan (Nelson, Son and H) v Smith and ors (Bell, B and G) HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE.

without jury MIDDLESEX.-EASTER SITTINGS, 1880.

Chy 606 Stenning (Smith, S and C) v Crowhurst (Monckton, Long


Ex 607 Browett, by next friend (Robinson, P and S) v General (Continued from p. 513.)

Steam Navigation Co (W Batham) O P 526 Walker (Field, R and Co) v Palmer (H B Dunn)

Ex 608 Grant (E B Tattershall) y Thompson (A M Bradley) OP 527 Kew (Lovett and Co) v Barrow (Lumley and L)

QB 609 Mill (F Heritage and Co) y Whitlock (Foss and L) OB 528 Chefferiel and anr (C Foster) v Oliver and ors (Wright and OB 610 Fox (Same) v Same (Same) op 529 Davis and Co (R Davies) v Blackburn (TW Baldwin)

QB 611 Helmore and Wife (R C and A Derry)y Jones (R B Jones) CP 530 Ives (Elborough and D) v Arnati and anr (W Batham) Ex 612 Stanger (CA Swaine) v Lee (G Cordwell) QB 531 The City of London Discount Corporation, limd (W P QB 613 Marsden (G Badham) Tennant (Darley and C) Slater) v Lacey (J Evans), SJ

CP 614 Garrin (W A Downing) v Boardman (Field, R and Co) Ex 532 Rice (W Brewer) v Calver and anr (Stones and Co; Robin. OB 615 Smyth (J DH Smyth) v Bell (G H Hall) son and Co)

CP 616 Barnum (J P Biggenden) • Williams (Taylor, H and T) Tlx 633 Seal (Blake and Snow) y Wenham (HW Christmas)

Ex 617 Mably (Coode, K and C) v The Archangel Mar Ex 531 Webb (J H Lee) v Kitsell (Hollingsworth, T and A)

ance Co limd (Freshfields and W) SJ OP 535 Wiffen (H A Lovett and Co) y Harris (W Milner)

Ex 618 Brace (H Tyrrell) v Chisholm (Anderson and Sons) Ex 536 Dillon (T E Watkin) v Plues (Peacock and G)

Ex 619 Davis and anr (Miller and M) v Fieldus (Tilleard and Co)SJ Ex 637 Lange and Son (E H Biggen) v Luscher (S Roberts)

C P 620 Simmonds and anr (Stocken and Jupp) v Clark (Hill and O B 539 Ward (Boxall and B) y Pilley (H Morris)

Son) OP 539 Flower and ors (Flower and N) v Palmer and anr (Hub. O P 621 Gibson (Surr, Gribble and B) v Best, Marshall and Co (F bard, Son and R)

Bradley) QB 540 Thomson (Brighten, P and N) v Heathcote (Talbot and T) OP 622 Rutherford (H S Hubbard) v Myer (W S Webster) 0 B 541 Metropolitan Ry Co (Burchells) v Coulson (G H Hall) CP 623 Kaleski (Lewis and Son) v Gun and Shot, &c, Wharves Co, without jury

limd (Janson, C and P) OB 512 Hill (JM Weightman) v Beyfus and ors (Beyfus and B) QB 624 Boot (š Chapman) v The City and (Home Counties PerB 513 Corcoran, Witt and Có (Cattarns, J and H) v Phippen and

manent Building Society (Boxall and B) anr (Simpson and C), by Judge and Assessor

B 625 Nutsford (Nash and F) v Dimmock (Tort and Q B 514 Great Britain Mutual Life Assurance Society (Prideaux O B 626 Pennell, Smith and Có (M Abrahams and Co) v Day (R H and Son) v Lamb (Peacock and G)

Ward) Ex 545 Bird and anr (Hine-Haycock and B) v Hemery (WF QB 627 Baster and anr (F F Bonney) v Wright and Co (W J Fraser) Stokes)

Ex 628 Rawlings (Parker, L and Co) v Muggeridge Clowes, H and QB 546 Catford (Carr, B D and M) v The London Street Tramways

Co) SJ
Co (Ashurst, M and Co), SJ

Ex 629 Edmondson (Futvoye, F and B) v Aldous (W T Foster) OP 547 The London and South-Western Ry Co (M H Hall) v Watts

Same (Same) v Same (Same) Consolidated SJ (J Emanuel and Co)

Ex 630 Dawson (

GC Scott v Shepherd (Bowers and C) Ex 548 Allen (G Reader) v Sheather (Dod and L)

Q B 631 Mayhew and ors (F Broome) y Hazeldine (Hazeldine and Q B 549 Stevens (B H Van Tromp) v Lord Bateman (Norton and

Co), SJ

Q B 632 Matthews (F W Snell and G) v Ridgway and anr (Layton Ex 550 Brook (Berry and B) v London Tramway Co (

HC God.

Son and L) fray), SJ

Ex 633 Lacey (M Hawkins) v Knox (TW Goldrinz) Chy 551 Ormond (R Wood) v Tuckey (J Terry), SJ

CP 634 Robshaw and anr (W A Downing) v Hudson (Renshaw, Ex 552 Webb (Miller and w) v Salisbury (CW Taylor)

and R) Q B 563 Turquand and ors (H Kimber and Co) v Fearón (Herbert CP 635 Mead (TC Wills) v Kemp (H Ilderton) and K)

CP 636 Brett (Ashley, Tee and son) v Curtice and Co (Hensman Ex 554 White (G Reader) v Larkin (Cattarns, J and H).

and N) Q B 555 Kempton Park Race Course Co (B H Van Tromp) v Brown Ex 637 Reiners (C A Swaine) v Cowan and anr (W W Wynne) ing and anr (8 Price)

CP 638 Geoghegan (M J Geoghegan) v Bosco (Stacpoole and Son) Q B 556 Goldschmidt and anr (J R Macarthur) v Scheurer (B J O P/ 639 Phillips (Wood, L and B) v Lane (Keene, M and B) Abbott)

QB 610 Angel (

GL Norman) v Glover (A Crossfield) Q B 557 Llewellyn (Nash and F) v Lewis (Micklethwait and Co) CP 641 Woodbridge (Barton and Co) v Smith and anr (Wyatt and B) QB 553 Bellingham (T H Mortimer) v Warwick (Miller, S and B) QB 612 Jones (R B Jones) v Hope and ors (Miller and Miller; J W B 559 Jones (S Chapman) v Meyer (Nash and F), SJ

Sykes) B 560 Mavis (Keane and $) v Thorniley (J T Hazeldine)

QB 613 Clayton (Wolferstan, А and J) v Henderson (W S Gardner) B 561 Blackman (Norris and N) v Trimmer ( Johnson and w) TOP 614 Hazell (Woodbridge and Sons) v Allen (Talbot and T)

C P 645 Rugo (A H Brown) v North London Ry Co (Paine, Land C)

CP 646 Pottrell (Cooke and J) v Parker and anr (Paterson, Sand B)
Q B 647 Pledge, trustee, &c (AR Steele) v Denbigh Water Works
Co (W H Holland)

May 12–Messrs. FAREBROTHER, ELLIS, CLARK, & Co., at CP 648 Hannam (C A Cosedge) v N Metropolitan Tram Ce (HO the Mart, at 2 p.m., Ground-Rents, Freehold Property, and Godfray)

Policies (see advertisement this week, p. 8.)
Ex 619 Blake and ors (Lee and Pemberton) v Dear (R S Fraser)
QB 650 Guyer (A G Ditton) v Emmott (In Person)
Chy 651 The Board of Works for the Poplar District (H W Farnfield)

v The Limmer Asphalte Paving Co, limd (GR Innes and

Messrg. Matheson & Co. are authorized to receive Ex 652 Rowe (H H Wells) v Everitt (W R Philp)

subscriptions for £2,500,000 mortgage bonds of the Rio Q B 653 Foster (J I Waring) v Martin (J Curtis)

Tinto Company (Limited). Interest five per cent., payable Ex 654 Godfrey and Co (Robinson, P and S) v Gardner (Randall and A)

quarterly in London or Paris. The issue price is 89, Ex 655 Stogdon (W D Dowding) v Hopcraft (E D Lewis)

payable by instalments extending to August 14. The Ex 656 Evans and Wife (Evans and J) v Jonas (E Crammand)

bonds are redeemable at par by half-yearly drawings 657 Sharman and Wife (W O Reader) v Great Northern Ry Co (Nelson, B and N)

extending over thirty-three years. The payment of the QB 658 The Queen on the prosecution of Humann (Humphreys and principal and interest of the bonds is specially secured by Son) y Wythes (Johnson, U and Co)

a general mortgage over the whole of the existing QB 659 Same (Same) v Same (Same) QB 660 Hutchinson (B Hutchinson) v Glover (H Radcliffe) without property of the company, both real and personal, inolud jury

ing the Rio Tinto Mines, the railway therefrom to Huelva, Chy 661 Porter (W H Tatham) v West and ors (FC Tudor)

and the pier at that port; subject, only as respects the CP 662 Seear (Wontner and Sons) v Levy (Harper and Co) Q B 663 Pinder (Clapham and F) v Patrick and Son (GW Barnard)

mipeg, to the Spanish Coupon Five per Cent. Bonds, CP 664 Gardiner (H Aird) v Gill (Singleton and T)

the whole of which will be extinguished in July, CP 665 Rothwell (Same) v Craske (May, S and B)

1895. The object of the present issue is the repayQ B 606 Minter (A R Steele) v Bath and anr (S T Cooper) Q B 667 Suttie (Same) v Longley (Duncan and Co).

ment of the existing seven per cent. bonds, and the consoliEx 668 Corkhill (J H Lydall) v Lambert and ors (Morten and C) dation of the floating debt. The company's net revenue for Ex 669 Johnson (D E Chandler) v White (Rooks and Co)

1879 amounted to £459,000, of which the service of the CP 670 King and anr (Noon and C) v Child (Gush and P)

coupon bonds absorbed £174,000. The seven per cent. Ex 671 Westbrook (RC Hanrott) v Howell (T Allingham) Q B 672 Porter (A B Spaull) v Bushby, Harrison and Co (G B How bonds issued in 1875 will be paid off on the 1st of June ard)

next, or will be taken in payment for subscription to the Ex 673 First National Bank of Chicago (Ingle, C and H) v McCul.

present issue. The company reserve to themselves the lock (J Hands) SJ Ex 674 Ruxton (Peacock and G) v South-Eastern Railway Co (w right, at any time after the expiration of ten years, to pay R Stevens)

off at par the whole of the bonds tben outstanding. Tho Ex 675 Seear (Morten and C) v Smith (E Jukes)

subscription list will be opened on Monday, the 10th inst., Ex 676 Duck (H N Capel) v Ellis (W J Foster)

and be closed on Tuesday, the 11th. Q B 677 Clapham (F G Fitch) v Cornish the younger and Giles (J

Q B 678 Ellis and Sons (Druce, Sons and J) v B Jacobs and Sons

CP 679 Gilbert (Stollard and W) v Tippins (G Crafter)
CP 680 Stollard (E M Whiting) v Same (Same)

BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS. Q B 681 Andre (E I Smith) v Spon (Stocken and J) Ex 682 Holmes (Peacock and G) v Walker (Wontner and Sons) SJ

BIRTHS. Q B 683 Upton (W R Preston) v Sprange (J W Heritage) SJ CASSERLEY.-May 1, at 42, Tollington-park, N., the wife CP 681 Gauntlett (F W Mount) v Polhman (Williamson, H and Co)

of S. W. Casserley, barrister-at-law, of a daughter. CP 685 Ellis and Co (Wild, B and W) v Maughan and Co (Heath and P)

PATTON.-May , at 21, West Cromwell-road, South Kensinge Q B 696 Goldschmidt and anr (J R Macarthur) v Ecclesiastical Com

ton, the wife of F. J. Patton, ba rister-at-law, of a daughter. missioners and ors (White, B and Co; Few and Co; Wil.

MARRIAGE. loughby and W)

BARDWELL Ex 687 Turner (Walter Jarvis and T) Currie (H H Hughes)

GARNETT-BOTFIELD. — April 29, at Shifoal, Q B 688 Thompson and Wright (Bellamy, s and Co) v Henley

T. N. F. Bardwell, M.A., barrister-at-law, of the Inner (Gedge and Co) SJ

Temple, to Lucy Sophia Garnett-Botfield, daughter of the Ex 689 Hawkins (Bordman and Co) v N Metropolitan Tram Co

Rev. W. B. Garnett-Botfield, of Decker-hill, in the county of (HC Godfray)

Es 690 Holland and anr (Thomson, S and B) v Robinson (W Moon)
Q B 691 Minich (H Henderson) v Goodlake (F L Soames)

Q B 692 Same (Same) v Spottiswoode and Co (Freshfields and W) ANDREWS.-April 28, at Heavitree House, near Exeter. Biggs
Es 693 Day (Bordman and Co) v Gordon and Co (Lucas and Son) Andrews, Q.C., one of the masters of the bench of the Hon.
Ex 694 Elliot (Same) v O'Sullivan (Brooks and Son)

Society of the Middle Temple and the last commiesioner of Ex 695 Nightingale (G F Parker and Co) v Lewisham Dist Bd of Wks (Š Edwards)

bankrupts for the Exeter District, aged 85. Ex 696 Lathbury (Hunters, G and H) v Balding (Chapman and B)

CROMBIE.—April 29, at 23, Girdler's-road, Brook Green, W., CP 697 Basham (Moresby-White and J) v Sanders (Noon and C)

Lewis Crombie, solicitor. CP 698 Kirby (F Norton) v Oliver (Walker and W)

Hobbes.—April 30, at Stratford-upon-Avon, Robert Hiorne CP 699 Conrad (A P Oldershaw) v Mumford (Young and Sons) Hobbes, solicitor, aged 79. Q B 700 Miller (W Morley) v Cousins (Micklethwait and Co)

HUNTER.-April 29, at Maderia, William Frederick Hunter, os Ex 701 Nesham (R Furber) v Gyll and ors (C J Davis) CP 702 Barrow (J Harrison) v Pike (J P Biggenden)

Hafton, advocate and barrister-at-law, aged 38. CP 703 Rickett (Lovell, Son and P) v Holdam (G Reader)

WALKER.—May 3, at Norton-juxta-Kempsey, Worcestershire, Ex 704 Dawson (Ingle, C and H) v Toy (Moresby-White and J)

George James Alexander Walker, a magistrate and deputyEx 705 Knoeferl (Crowther and W) v Muller (A S Godfrey)

lieutenant of the county, aged 90.
QB 706 Bouverie-Campbell (G E Philbrick) v Smyth In Person)
QB 707 Maple (Lumley and L) v Hutchinson (Morten and C)
CP 703 Lessey (Field, R and Co) v Bockett (Hepburn, Son and C)
Ex 709 Haynes (H H'Wells) v Raffety (Kingsford and Co)
Ex 710 S Anderton and Sons (W and J Flowers and N) v Hutchin.

son and Co (J H Lee)
QB 711 Sandeman (Harrison, B and H) v Harrison and ors (W

Ex 712 Tompkins (Digby and L) v Wheeler (Haynes and Sons)

FRIDAY, April 30, 1880.
CP 713 Treeby and anr (Whitakers and W) Jeffery (Sharpe, Ó, P

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. and S) Ex 714 Bonnie (Bordman and Co) v London, Tilbury and Southend

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.
Ry Co (Hollingsworth and Co)

To Surrender in London,
Ex 715 Marks (Remnant, Penley and G) v Rigg (J H Russell) SJ
OP 716 Balls (# Aird) v Gilbey (W R Preston)

Ashby, Charles Aaron, Wilton ter, Shepherd's Bush, Clerk. Pet Apr Q B 717 Hughes and ors (R Lowe) v Hooman and Co (Kisch, Son

26. Murray. May 14 at 11 and H)

Carrell, Thomas, Queen st, Paper Dealer. Pet Apr 27. Murray. May

14 at 12 B 718 Spurin (Proston and Co) v Fisher and anr (Gregory R and Co)

Stoker, Matthew, South Shields, Tea Dealer. Pet Apr 29. Hazlitt.

May 12 at 12.30
Underhill, John Edward, Gloucester st, Pimlico, Commission Agent.

Pet Apr 28. Brougbam. May 12 at 11.30
Mr. M. C. Buszard, Q.C., M.P., and Mr. W. Grantham,

To Surrender in the Country. Q.C., M.P., have been elected enchers the Hon. Society

Hawkins, Southtown, Suffolk, Tramway Manager, Pet Apr 27.

Wor)ledge. Gt Yarmouth, May 12 at 11 of the Inner Temple, in the places of the late Mr. John

Lumley, Henry, Flaxton, York, Farmer. Pet Apr 27. Perkins. . York, Locke, Q.C., and the late Mr. G. Boden, Q.C.

May 11 at 10

McMillan, Robert, Darlington, Durham, Draper. Pet Apr 28. Crosby. Halestrap. Edgar Sam, Newbury, Berka, Licensed Vlctualler. May Stockton-on-Tees, May 14 at 11

20 at 1 at Wheatsheaf Hotel, Reading. Biggenden Moore, Samuel, Little Milton, Oxford, Physician. Pet Apr 26. Wat Hart, Robert Patrick. Tavistock st, Covent Garden, Money Linder. son. Aylesbury, May 19 at 11

May 13 at 2 at offices of Dubois, Serjeant's inn, Chancery lane.

Maynard, Clifford's inn
TUESDAY, May 4, 1880.

Hawkins, Ernest, Hungerford, Berks, Grocer. May 13 at 12 at
Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Gt Western Hotel, Reading. Parker and wilking, High Wycombe

Hearn, William, High Wycombe, Buckingham, Boot Maker. May 13 Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

at I at 13, New Bridge st. Clarke, High Wycombe To Surrender in London.

Hewitt, John, Dewsbury, York, Carrier, May 12 at 2 at ofices of Reya, Charles, Little Britain, Skin Merchant. Pet Apr 26. Hazlitt.

Scholes and Son, Leeds rd, Dewsbury May 26 at 12

Hoar, John, Watlington, Oxford. out of business. May 21 at 3 at 25, To Surrender in the Country.

High st, High Wycombe. Rawson, Gt Marlow Myall, James, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Innkceper. Pet Apr 26. Ten.

Hodsman, Joseph, Deansgate, Manchester, Leather Dealer. May 12 at nant. Hanley, May 15 at 11

4 at Mitre Hotel, Cathedral gates, Manchester. Ponsonby and

Carlile, Oldham Miller, Henry, Sheffield, Gent. Pet Apr 29. Wake. Sheffield, May 19 at 1

Howells, Samuel, Llanfihangel, Cardigan, Innkeeper. May 10 at 2 at BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED.

offices of Lloyd, High st, Lampeter

Howroyd, Bethia, Osset-cum-Gawthorpe, York, Grocer. May 17 at 3 FRIDAY, Apr 30, 1880.

at offices of Haigh and C., Bond st, Dewsbury Hall, Herbert Byng, Petersham, Queen's Messenger. Apr 13

Hughes, Henry Casswell, Bicker, Lineoln, out of business. May 15 at Preedy, George, Mayfield rd, Dalston, Carpenter. Apr 26

11 at offices of Peake and Co, Sleaford Preedy, George, and Herry Preedy, York pl, Kingsland, Builders. Apr 26

Illingworth, Abraham, Pudsey, York, Grocor. May 10 at 11 at offices TUESDAY, May 4, 1880.

of Wright, Darley st, Bradford Stone, Mary Langdon, Devizes, Wilts. Apr 29

Jackson, Robert Butterworth, and Theophilus Jackson, Manchester,

Manufacturers. May 14 at 3 at offices of Hankinson, Qneen's chamLiquidations by Arrangement.

bere, John Dalton st, Manchester

James, William Henry, Bristol, Wine and Spirit Merchant, May 12 FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS.

at 2 at offices Williams and Co, the Exchange, Bristol. Brittan and FRIDAY, April 30, 1880.

Co, Bristol Alderson, George, West Hartlepool, Darham Stone Mason. May 19 at Jefferies, Augustus William, Minchinhampton, Gloucester, Cabinet 3 at offices of Simpson, Ohurah st, West Hartlepool

Maker. May 12 at 2 at offises of Kearsey and Parsons, Russell st, Allen. William, Goldhawk rd, Shepberd's Bush, Butcher. May 10 at Stroud

2 at offices of Robinson and Leslie, Coleman st. Harrison, Pancras Keddle, Eodell, Llanyapley, Monmouth, Farmer. May 13 at 3 at ofices lane

of Browne, Licn st, Abergavenny Armstrong, John, Southport, Lancaster, Boot Maker. May 15 at 11 at Keenan, James, Cardiff, Glamorgan, Publican. May 13 at 3 at offices offices of Best, London st, Southport

of Tribe and Co, Crockherbtown, Card ff. Stephens, Cardiff Barnes, Thomas, Hulme, Lancaster, Greengrocer. May 13 at 3 at Kempsell, John, Winkfield, Berke, Builder. May 21 at l at the Guildthe Mitre Hotel, Cathedral yard, Manchester. Sims, Manchester

hall Coffee house, Gresham st Batty, Arthur William, Sussex pl, Onslow sq, Stationer. May 13 at Kendall, George, Exeter, Dairyman. Myy 11 at 3 at the Castle Hote,

12 at Ashley's Covent Garden Hotel, Henrietta st. Button and Co, Castle st, Exeter. Floud, Exeter Henrietta st

Kenworthy, Richard, Rastrick, York, Cab Proprietor. May 14 at 3 at Beeston, Richard, Birmingham, Corn Dealer. May Il at 11 at offices

the offices of Bales, BraGford rd, Brighouse of Parr, Colmere row, Birmingham

King, Charles Dawson, Northampton, Accountant. May 13 at il at Bell, William, West Hartlepool, Durham, Joiner, May 12 at 3 at offices offices of Howes and Percival, Abington st, Northampton of Beil and Son, Church st, West Hartlepool

King, Samuel, Ross, Hereford, Pianoforte Seller. May 14 at 12 st Bewley, William, Penrith, Cumberland, Root Maher. May 14 at 3 at the Rummums Hotel, Piazzas, Covent Garden, Williams, Ross the George Hotel, Penrith. Wannop, Carlisle

Lecomber, Robert, Wood st, Bethnal Green rd, Cabinet Maker. May Binney, William, Fossgate, York, Fish Dealer, May 12 at 3 at offices 14 at 2 at offices of Lockyer, Gresham buldines, Basinghall st of Crumbie, Stonegate, York

Ling, Alice Hase, Lowestoft, Suffolk, Boot: Maker. May 20 at 3 at Boardman, Grace, Machynlleth, Montgomery, Innkeeper. May 12 at 2 offices of Chater, London rd, Lowestoft at the Glymdwr Hotel, Machynlleth. Rowlands, Machynlleth

Loeher, John James, East rd. Hoxton, Baker. May 7 at 10.30 at the Bowra, Arthur Frank, Sevenoakes, Kent, Upholsterer. May 21 at 2 at Mitre Tavern, Mitre ct, Temple. Staniland, North rd, Highgate offices of Holcroit and Machell, Sevenoakes

Lord, William, James Lord, and Simeon Lord, Bolton, Lancaster, CotBradfield, Daniel, Calne, Wilts, Coa! Dealer. May 13 at 2 at the Great ton Spinners. May 15 at il at offices of Dowling and Urry, Wood st, Western Hotel, Chippenham. Henly, Calne

Bolton Briancourt, George Arthur, Rochester row, Westminster, Baker. May Lowe, Walter, Birmingham, Jeweller. May 12 at 3 at offices of Jaques, 10 at 1 at offices of Doveton and Co, Rochester row, Westminster

Temple row, Birmingham Brassey. Jnbn, Birkenhead, Chester, Grocer. May 13 at 3 at offices of Marsden, Luke, Hunslet, Leeds, out of business, May 12 at S at offices Green way, Dale st, Liverpool

of Lodge, Park row, Leeds Brcaks, Henry, Low Moor, near Bradford, York, Traveller. May 10 at McCarrel, Samuel, West Derby, Lancaster, Provision Dealer. May 14 3 at the Commercial Hotel, Tyrrel st, Bradford

at 12.30 at offices of Brenner and Co, Dale st, Liverpool Brooks, Silas, Derby, Provision Dealer. May 13 &t 3 at offices of Hex Meller, George, Doncaster, York, Brush Manufacturer. May 26 at 11 tall, Full st, Derby

at offices of Ashwell, Baxtergate, Doncaster Burkinshaw, George, Barnsles, York, Whitesmith, May 12 at 12 at Moore, John George, Leamington, Estate Agent. May 13 at 12 at the offices of Gray, Eastgate, Barnsley

Manor House Hotel, Leamington, Davies, Birmingham Chappell, Frederic, Bishops Stortford, Hertford, Grocer. May 12 at 12 Morgan, David, Cardiff, Grocer. May 15 at 11 at offices of Hern, St

at the George Hotel, Bishops Storiford, Baker and Thorneycroft, Mary st, Card ff Bishops Stortford

Morgan, Frank Montague, Cardiff, Merchant. May 17 at 2 at offices of Clarke, Alfred Henry, Bristol, Decorator: May 7 at 3 at offices of Ingledew and Ince, Fenchurch st Brown, Corn st, Bristol

Moss, David, New Bethnal Green rd, Picture Frame Maker. May 20 Corringham, Richard, Stroud, Kent, Watchmaker. May 19 at 3 at the at 2 at offices of Pannell and Co, Basinghall st. Brown, Basing

King's Head Hotel, High st, Rochester. Shakespear, Budge row, hall st
Cannon st

Muller, John, Regent circus, Oxford st, Watch Maker. May 14 at 12
Cowell, Henry, Higham, Kent, Barge Owner. May 18 at 3 at offices of at offices of Sampson, Marylebone rd
Basset, Eastgate, Rochester

Nicholl, William, Halifax, Woolleu Draper, May 12 at 11 at offices of Cox, Henry, Leicester, Builder. May 12 at 3 as offices of Loseby and | Leeming, Westgate, Halifax Co, Market pl, Leicester

Nixon, Thomas, Stageyford, Northumberland, Cartwright. May 13 at Craig, Andrew, North Shields, Covoa Room Proprietor. May 13 at 2 11.30 at the Manor House Inn, Halt whistle. Wannop, Carlisle at offices of Kidd, Norfolk st, North Shields

Notcutt, William Ebenezer, Ryde, Isle of Wight, Earthenware Dealer. Crowther, Charles Thompson, Great Grimsby, Ship Chandler. May 11 May 12 at 1 at offices of Poole, Bartholomew close, Joyce

at ll at offices of Grange and Wintringham, St Mary's chambers, O renden, Edwin, Liverpool, Bookseller. May 19 at 3 at offices of West St Mary's gate, Great Grimsby

Taylor and Co, Vietoria st, Liverpool. Nordon, Liverpool Davies, Emma, Frryside, Carmarther, Publican, May 23 at 12 at Pattison, Thomas, Joseph Waugh, and Johh Wilson, Cardiff, Ouliers offices of Morris, Quay st, Carmarthen

Store Merchants. May 13 at 12 at the Queen's Hotel, Newport. Gibbs Dunne, George, Doncaster villas, Teddington, Clerk. May 8 at 2 at and Llewellyn, Newport offices of Micklethwaite and On, Long acre

Peddow, Frederick Charles, Rattlesden, Suffolk, Farmer. Hay 20 at 11 Edmonds, Henry, Hungerford, Berks, Farmer. May 14 at 2.30 at the at offices of Gudgeon, Bury st, Stowmarket Three Swans Hotel, Hungerford. Dixon

Peek, Thomas William, St Ives, Huntingdon, Plumber. 1 Firman, Arthur, Bury St Edmunds. Carpenter. May 13 at 2 at offices at the Inps of Court Hotel, Holborn. Day, St Ives of Partridge and Greene, Crown st, Bury st Edmunds

Plagne, Edwin, King's Norton, Worcester, Wine Merchans. May 12 Foster. Thomas. Milwich, Stafford, Butcher. May 11 at 11 at offices of at 3 at offices of Fallows, Cberry st, Birmingham Bowen, Martin st, Stafford

Rath, Adolph Isidor, Blackburn, Lancaster, Manufacrurer of WaterFoster, William, Brown st, Bryanston sq, Fishmonger. May 12 at 12 proof Goods. May 12 at 3 at offices of Reedham, Exchange st, Blackat offices of Sampson, Marlebone rd

burn Giles, Henry, Birmingham, Painter. May 13 at 11 at offices of Ryder,

Reece, William Martin, Whitoombe st, Leicester 80, Batinghouse New st, Birmingham

Keeper. May 10 at 11 at the Star of the West Restaurant, St Martin's Giles, Robert, King William st, Auctioneer, May 20 at 12 at the Inns st, Leicester eg

of Court Hotel, Holborn. Taylor and Co, Great James st, Bedford Rigby, Joseph, Manchester, Plumber., May 25 at 3 at offices of Diggles row

and Ogden, Booth st, Manchester Glover, John, jon, Sevenoaks, Kent, Plumber. May 13 at 2 at offices

Roberts, Charles Alfred, Falmouth, Cornwall, Brick Merchant. May of Pitmam and Smart, Guildhall chambers, Basinghall st

12 at 3 at oflices of Jenkins, Post Office buildings, Falmozta Goodingham, Henry Brimble, Swansea, Painter. May 13 at 3 at 17. Robson, John Theakston, Middlesborough, Iron Merchant. May 20 at York pl, Swansea, Beor, jun

11 at offices of Ward, Albert rd, Middlesborongh Grindle, William, Dock ham, Gloucester, Collier. May 10 at 3 at the Rogers, John, Thrapstone, Northampton, Grocer. May II at 12 at the Lion Hotel, High st, Cinderford

Peacock Hotel, Market sq, Northampton, Andraw, Northampton Guest, Ebenezer, Kidderminser, Worcester, Rate Collector. A

Rogers, William John, Bethnal green rd, Lath Render. Mxy 8 at 3 at 3 at offices of Corbet and Co, Church st, Kidderminster

at 10, Bish psgate st without

Rowland, Thomas, Loftus-in-Cleveland, York, Grocer. May 12 at 11 Cope, William Nathan Sykes, jan, Liverpool, Coach Builder. May 19 at offices of Sill, Albert rd, Middlesborough

at 3 at offices of Bartlett, Dale st, Liverpool Salmon, Leopold Arthur, Peterborough, Northampton, Stationer's Cripps, James, Castle st, Finsbury, Upholsterer. May 13 at 2 at offices

Sundryman. May 12 at 11 at offices of Hart, Priestgate, Peter of Parke, Warwick ct, Gray's inn boro ugh

Davies, Margaretta, Bath, Confectioner. May 18 at 2 at ofices o Salter, William, Compton Bassett, Wilts, Farmer. May 15 at 11 at

Collins and Son, Abbey churchyard, Bath the Angel Hotel, Chippenham. Keary and Co, Chippenham

Davis, Tom. Pokesdown, Southampton, Coal Merchant. May 14 at 3 at Sandiford, Sandford, Radcliffe Bridge, Lancashire. Hosier. May 13 at

offices of Davis, Adelaide chambers, Adelaide ter, Bournemouth 3 at offices of Marlow, Oross st, Manchester

Dean, Alfred Amos, Melton Mowbray, Leicester, Hairdresser. May 15 Skelton, William John, Bishop Stortford, Hertford, Bed Manafacturer.

at ll at offices of Wright, Gallow tree gate, Bristol May 10 a: 3 at 145, Cheapside. Ashurst and Co, Old Jewry

Dixon, William, Durham, Grocer. May 14 at 11.30 at the Half Moon Skyrme, Llangan, Carmarthen, Farmer. May 15 at 11 at offices of

Hotel, New Elvet, Durham. Brignal, Durham Lascelles, Narberth

Dunn, John, Bradford, York, Grocer. May II at 10 at offices of Peel Spanton, William, East Dereham, Norfolk, Plumber. May 13 at 2.30

and Gannt, Chapel st, Bradford at the King's Head Hotel, Norwich st, East Dereham. Kent, Nor

Dunstan, John Jamos, Torre, Torquay, of no occupation. May 15 at 11 wich

at offices of Floud, Castle'st, Ereter Stainsby, William, Hartlepool, Durham, Post Master. May 11 at 11 at offices of Todd, Surtees st, West Hartlepool

Edwards, Joseph, Crane grove, Holloway rd, Wheelwright. May 13 at Stock, Frederick, Soundweli, Gloucestershire, Builder. May 12 at 12 at

4 at 62, Chancery lane. Marshall offlces of Meeres, Nicholas st, Bristol

Eeles, John, Charlbury, Oxford, Grocer. May 19 at 11 at the Fox Summers, Edward, Harworth, Durliam, Farmer, May 5 at 12 at the

Hotel, Chipping Norton. Kilby and Mice, Chipping Norton North Eastern Hotel, York. Robinson

Fallowfield, Robert, Martindale, Westmoreland, Farmer. May 17 at 3 Satcliffe, Samuel, Leeds, Joiner. May 14 st i at offices of Rooke and at 28, Southend st, Penrith. Cant Midgley, White Horse st, Boar lane, Leeds.

Fawcett, William, Nortggate, Wakefield,

Innkeeper. May 20 at 3 at Sutherland, Kenneth Thomas, and Ernest Richmond, Manchester, the Royal Hotel, Wood st, Wakefield. Lodge, Wakefield

Chemical Manufacturers. May 10 at 11 at offices of Sutcliffs Fielding, Jonas, Bradford, York, Cott in Warp Dyer, May 19 at 11 at and Ireland, Booth st, Manchester. Bintiff, Manchester

the Alexander Hotel, Horton rd, Bradford. Berry and Robinson, Tattersall, Robert, Lozells, Birmingham, Assurance Agent, May 13 at Bradford 11 at offices of Morris, Kidderminster st, Stourbridge

Fors, George Thomas, Old Kent rd, Cheesemonger. May 27 at 2 at Tiften, Charles Hart, Hove, Sarsex, Wine Merchant. May 15 at 11 at offices of Nash and Field, Queen st, Queen Victoria st 145, Cheapside. Goodman, Brighton

Fox, Heury. Nottingham, Licensed Victualler. May 20 at 18 at offices Townshend, Benjamin, and Thomas Cropton, High Holborn, Grocers, of Brittle, St Peter's chambers, St Peter's gate. Nottingham May 14 at 2 at the Cannon st Hotel, Cannon st. Linklater and Co, Friendship, William James,

Markham pl, Tottenham.

Draper. May Walbrook

20 at 3 at offices of Lovering and Co, Gresham st. Rumney, WalTyler, John, Wood st, Westminster, Builder. May 19 at 2 at the brook Masons' Hall Tavern, Masons' avenue, Basinghall st. Gregory, Can Frost, Charle, Hornchurch, Essex, Wheelwright. May 18 at 12 at non st

offices of Preston, Mark lane Tytherleigh. William James, Kempsford, Gloucester, Grocer. May 14 Gaimes, Eleanor Mary, Long Ditton Hill, Hat Manufacturer. May 17

at 12 at offices of Kinneir' and Tombs, Corn Exchange, High st, at 2 at offices of Foord and Edwards, Pinner's Hall, Ola Broad st Swindon

Galloway, Joseph, Bradford, York, Draper. May 14 at 3 at offices of Wait, Walter, Watfor), Northampton, Farmer. May 15 at 3 at offices Peel and Gannt, Chapel lane, Bradford of Roche, St Giles st, Northampton

Garike, Edward William Bennett, Cheshunt, fertford, Doctor of Wall, Edward Richard, Lye Waste, Worcester, Miner. May 12 at 3 at Medicine. May 21 at 2 at offices of Harper and Co, Rood lane oftices of Morris, Kidderminster st, Stourbridge

Gemmell, John, Walpole st, Sloane sq, out of business. May 19 at 12 Ward, John Cliff, Hanley rd, Hornsey Rise, Boot and Shoe Dealer. at the Royal Hotel, Plymouth. Neave, Cheapside

May 19 at 3 at the Mason's Hall Tavern, jfason's avenue, Basinghall Goodall, william, Lincoln, Stonemason. May 21 at 1 at offices of st. Kiivington, Walbrook

Dale, Benedict's sq, Liucoln Whitehorst, Wiliam, Heywood, Lancaster, Clogger. May 18 at 3 at Haigh, George, Girlington, York, Beerseller. May 14 at 11 at offices

the Queen Anne Hotel, Market place, Heywood. Worth, Roch of Peel and Gaunt, Chapel lane, Bradford dale

Hammond, William, Shepherdswell, Kent, Farmer. May 15 at 1 at Whitworth. Thomas, Osrett, York, Commission Agent. May 14 at 10 at the Fleur-de-Lis Hotel, Canterbury. Nowll, Dover offices of Ridgway and Ridgway, Union si, Dewsbury

Hamon, Samuel Francois, Peckham park rd, Peckham, Oilman. May Williams, Roger, Cheltenbam, Tailor. May 14 at3 at offices of Winter 13 at 3 at 40, Southampton buildings, Holborn. Cooper, Chancery botham and Co, Essex pl, Cheltenham

lane Williams, William, Abersychan, Monmouth, General Ironmonger. Harrison, Thomas Buttery, Coatham, York, out of business. May 25

May 12 at 12.30 at offices of Dauncey, Albion chambers, Newport at 3 at offices of Wilkes, Northgate, Darlington
Williamson, John, Kirby st, Hatton Garden, Gas Stove Manufacturer. Head, Walter, Eastbourne, Grocer. May 19 at 12 at the Gaildhall
May 12 at 3 at offices of Graham, Ely pl, Holborn

Tavern, Gresham st. Dearle and Edgeworth, Eastbourne
Willott, John Rose, and Dan Ffrench Davis, Liverpool, General Mer Higgins, Benjamin Wood, Oulton, near Leads, Quarry Owner. May 19

chants. May 13 at 3 at offices of Fildes, North Jolin st, Liver at 3 at the Commercial Hotel, Albion st, Leeds. Lister, Wakepool

field Wilson, James, Coventry, Bricklayer. May 13 at 11 at offices of Goate, Holmans, William Kerby, Ramsgate. Kent, Licensed Victualler. May 19 Priory row, Coventry

at 4 at Davis.s Auction Mari, Margate. Sparkes, Ramsgate Winckworth, Henry Richmond, Millbrook, Southampton, Auctioneer. Hyde, Charles, Aigel rd, Peckham Rve, Assistant to & Chemist. May 13 at 2 at offices of Davis, Portland st, Southampton, Guy,

Mar 18 at 3 at 40, Southampton buildings, Holborn. Cooper, Chan . Southampton Wyatt, Edward, Bristol, Corset Manufacturer. May 24 at 2.30 at Jackson, James, Ashton-in-Mackerfield, Lancaster, Builder. May 22 at offices of Collins, Broad st, Bristol. Salmon, Bristol

11 at offices of Lees, King st, Wigan

Jones, Franc s, Cradley, Worcester, M-rchant's Clerk. May 15 at 11 at TUESDAY, May 4, 1880.

offices of Homer, High st, Brierly Hill Adelson, Rueber, Bell lane, Spitalfields, Grocer. May 18 at 4 atomices

Jones, George, Witnoy, Oxford, Leather Seller. May 18 at 11.30 at of Cattlin, Wormwood st, oid Broad st

offices of Malam, High st, Oxford Auie, Jobo, Longton, Stafford, Tailor. May 13 atill at offices of Young, Jones, John Thomas, Brixggte, Halifax, Innkeeper. May 19 at 3 High st, Longton

at the Black Swan Inn, Briggate, Brighouse. Oraven and Sunder. Askew, John, Liscard, Chester, Saddler. May 17 at 3 at offices of

land, Brighouse Williams, James st, Liverpool

Kellet, John, Penrith, Camberland, Hosier. May 14 at 2.30 at offices of Baxter, Samuel, Goole, Fruit Merchant. May 17 at 3 at offices of Pease,

Arnison, St Andrew's pl, Penrith Goole. Hind and Everett, Goole

Lewis, Margaret Ellinor, Carmarthen, Milliner. May 18 at 11 at offices Bean, John Stuart, Kingston-upon-Hull, Malster. May 13 at 12 at of Morr, s, Quay st, Carmarthen offices of Walker and Spink, Parliament st, Kingston-upon-Hull

Lewis, William Osborn, Birmingham, Manufacturing Jeweller. May 15 Bentley, John, Cleckheaton, York, Flannel Manufacturer. May 14 at

at 11 at offices of Plant, Cannon st, Birmingham 3 at offices of Clough, Railway st, Oleckheaton

Lord, William, James Lord, and Simeon Lord, Lancaster, Bolton, Braga, Jose Fernandes Marques, Liverpool, Merchant. May 19 at 2 at

Cotton Spinners. May 17 at 12 at offices of Dowling and Urry, Wood offices of Harmood and Co, North John st, Liverpool. Simp

st, Bolton son and North, Liverpool

Lucas, John, and Samuel Penkethman, Openshaw, Lancaster, Joiners . Bragg, Isaac, Hoy lake, Chester, out of business. May 24 at 3 at offices

May 13 at 10.30 at offices of Boardman and Co, Pall Mall, Manchester. of Thompson, Hamilton st, Birkenhead

Ramwell and Co Bray, Mary Hannah, Salford, Provision Dealer. May 27 at 3 at offices

Mellor, William, Penistone, York, Builder. May 19 at 2.30 at the of Diggles and Ogden, Booth st, Manchester

Wentworth Hotel, Penistone. Smith aud Co, Shofield Brown, Joh", Newcastle-under-Lyme, Boot Dealer. May 15 at li at

Middleton, Percy, Leeds, Barrister-at-Law. May 15 at 11 at offices of offices of Griffith, Lad-lane, Newcastle-under-Lyrr.e

Watson, Gt George st, Leeds Borgess, Thomas, Crewe, Chester, Grocer. May Is at 11 at Dairy Neave, Alfred, Kingston-upon-Hull, Provision Dealer. May 14 at 3 at House Farm, Gorsty hill, near Crewe. Pointon, Crewe

offices of Singleton, Cogan's chambers, Bowlalley lane, Hull Carter, Simen, Darlaston, Stafford, Iron Bridge Manufacturer. Muy

Over, Frederick, Nuneaton, Warwick, Tailor. May 19 at 12 at offices 19 a11 at offices of Slater and Marshall, Butcrofr, Darlaston

of Bland, Bridge st, Nuneaton Caughey, Alexander Sloane, Pontefract, York, Architect, May 20 at 12

Pain, John, Bishopsgate st Without, Grocer. May 11 at 3 at offices of at offices of Richards, Market pl, Pontefract

Smith, Cornhill Clarke, Samuel, Nechells, Birmirgham, out of business. May 14 at 3

Pike, Samuel Witherell, Ramsgate, Accountant. May 15 at 10 at the at offices of Buller and Bickley, Bennett's hill, Birmingham

Pantechnicon Offices, Camden rd, Ramsgate Clarke, Willam, Effra parade, Brixton, Oil and colour Man. May 19

Pinna, George Isaac de, Grosvenor rd, Highbury New pk, out of busiat 2.30 at the New Market Hotel, King st, Snow hill

ness. May 20 at 3 at the Guildhall Tavern, Gresham si. Chorley Collins, Charlotte, Enstone, Oxford, Grocer. May 18 at 11 at the Fox

and Co, Moorgate st Hotel, Chipping Norton. Kilby and Mace, Chipping Norton

Porter, Henry Charles, Median rd, Lower Clapton, Ale and Spirit Coun, William, Cardiff, Draper. May 19 at 11 at offices of Morgan and

Dealer. May 26 at 2 at offices of Nash and Field, Queen st, Queen Scott, High st. Cardiff

Victoria st Cooke, George, Southam, Warwick, Innkeeper. May 15 at 2.30 at the

Pyne, Alfred, Newpori, Monmouth, Grocer. May 15 at 10 at offices of Bath Hotel, Leamington Priors. Davies

David, Cambria chambers, Tredegar pl, Newport Cookson, Joha, Stretford, Lancaster, Farmer. May 25 at 3 at No. 40, Rampton, Thomas, Bath, Butcher, May 14 at 11 at offices of Bartruun Kennedy st, Manchester. Fox, Manchester

and Bartlett, Northumberland bldgs, Bath

cery lane

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