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quantity of land was discovered after the execution of the

HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE. conveyance to the purchaser. Is he entitled to compensation ?" Messrs. Elcum and Biddle, of Gray's-inn, sup

MIDDLESEX.-EASTER SITTINGS, 1880. ported the affirmative, and Messrs. Robinson and Alcazar,

LIST OF ACTIONS FOR TRIAL. of Gray's-inn, the negative. The learned president,

(Continued from p. 496.) J. A. Russell, Esq., Q.C., after summing up gave judgment

Q B 442 L and S-Western Bank limd (Vallance and V) Coshall

(Poole) for the plaintiff. The next moot will be held on Thursday 0 B 413 Bessemer (Hopgood, F and D) v Astley (JS Ward) SJ evening, the 29th inst., when Mr. Alfred Wills, Q.O., will Ö P 444 Horner (s Betteley and Co) v Oyler and anr (Turner and

Son) preside.

Ex 445 Abbott and Co (L Barnett) v Ross (JC Scard) 8J
Q B 446 President, &c, of Corpus Christi College, Oxford (Williams,

J and W) v Attfield (Baker, F and W), without ju
New Orders, Etc.
Ex 417 Jarvis (Chappell and Ġ) Y N Metropolitan Tram Co (

Godfray) SJ

Q B 448 Knight (R Chapman) v Morgan (GM Wetherfield)

Ex 419 Willatts (Hine, Haycock and B) v Southgate and ors (Allen


Q B 450 Browning and ors (Layton, Son and L) v Norman (J H

Waring) It is ordered by the judge that all parties atten ding QB 451 Wyburn and Co (Cookson, W and Co) v Chichester (WVH summonses at judges' or masters' chambers shall meet in

Cobbett) room No. 81, on the ground floor, to ascertain their oppon

Ex 452 Cook (A'J Murray) v Hudson (W H Hudson)

Ex 453 Evens (E B Tattershall) v Boyce and Co (Emanuel and Co) ents, and then proceed to the judges' hall, on the court floor, CP 454 Thompson and Son (Wild B and W) v Leutner (D E to wait until their cases are called on. No calling out of

Chandler) A names of cases or of opponents' names will be permitted in

Ex 455 Bubb and anr (Fallows and B) v Tredwell (Longcroft and

CP 456 Steel and anr (Prior, BC and A) y Sinclair (W R Philp) the judges' ball.

Ex 457 Hicks the younger (WJ Child and Son) y Faulkner (



QB 458 Crosier (R Chapman) v Bray (G Blagden)
Until further order, all summonses to be heard by counsel Ex 459 Todd (Thompson and w) v Browne (T W Buckler)
before the judge shall be returnable every day at two o'clock,

Q B 460 Sbearburn (Rooks and Co) v Stevens and anr (Beaumont

and W; Watson, Sons and R) SJ . except on Saturdays, on which days they shall be returnable

B 461 Grove (J H Lamb) y Whiffen (

HJ and T Child at) half-past twelve; and all summonses to be heard by B 462 Watson and ors (R J Patten) v Wray (RA Kelley)

B 463 Gigney (Slee 0 and B) v Elliott (J Kempster) counsel before the master shall be returnable every day at

OP 464 Collier (É Sweeting) v Braid and anr (J Nicholls) one o'clock, except on Saturdays, on which days they shall be

OP 465 Waddup (
GW Lay) v Wright (

WJ Hobbes) returuable at half-past twelve. --April 22.

QB 466 Allford (

GW Marsden and Son) v London and St Katharine

Docks Co (WM Hacon) SJ
Ex 467 Kino (Terrell and H) v Pilbrow (Woodfin and W)
Ex 468 Allpress (A West) v Hills (W Shearman)

Ex 469 Hunt (R L Ratcliff) v Hanson (Vallance and V)
Creditors' Claims.

Q B 470 Cohen (Belfrage and Co) v Veitch and ors (J D Botterell ;

Wright and P)

CP 471 Flower and ors (L T Whitbourne) Hutton (Lewis and L) CREDITORS UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY.

Ex 472 Dodd (Hanbury H and W) v Knight (J T Moss)

Ex 473 Seal (Blake and s) v Boyton (Wynne and Co)

Ex 474 Lacey (M Hawkins) v Knox (TW Goldring)
HALE, HARRIETT HENRIETTA GEORGINA, Wilton cres, Belgrave sq. Ex 475 Stephens and ors (Langdale and T) v Baker and anr (J D
Apr 30. V.O. Bacon. Wainwright. Staple inn

Goren) KNIGHT, LAWRENCE, Crammack, York, Farmer. May 14. Moorhouse CP 476 Styles (H A Edgar) v Cockburn (Faithful and O) v Knight, V.0. Hall. Wilkinson, Blackburn

B 477 Higgs (W W Gabriel) v Blake (Lewis and L) REEKS, HENRY CHARLES BISHOP, East Preston, Sussex, Gent. May 11. QB 478 Stidder (G Cordwell) v Merritt and anr (Munns and L) Reeks v Pacy, M.R. Titchener, Chichester

P 479 Clarke (W Hicks) v Mumford and anr (Burton, Y and H) SHEARD, WILLIAM, Dark Lane Head, Halifax, Gent. May 13. Sheard B 480 Hopcraft (J Andrews) v Atkinson (JOE Weigall) v Barber, M.R. Storey, Halifax

CP 481 Purser and Wife (H D Ilderton) v N Metropolitan Tram Co SOLOMON. LEWIS, Henrietta st. Covent Garden

(HC Godfray) SJ 15. Solomon v Jacobs, V.C. Hall. Lewis and Lawis, Ely pl, Hoi Q B 482 Jack (Clear and R) v The Agra Bank and anr (Ashurst, M born

and Co) SJ WEATHERLEY, FREDERICK AUGUSTUs, Brighton, Army Captain, July CP 483 Thornton and Co (Wilson B and C) v Berry and Co limd (G 23. De la Rue v Iliffs and Cardale, M.R. Cardale, Bedford row

Lucas) SJ Comn
YATES, JAMES, Inverness terr, Kensington, Esq. May 13. Morris v CP 484 Lord Beaumont (Campbell, R and H) Barber (D Chand-
Yates, M.R. Harrison, jun, Bedford row

[Gazette, April 9.] QB 485 Myers (G S and H Brandon) v Hall (H Fox)

QB 486 Marsh (Lewis and L) v Blakemore and Co (H Tyrell) - BEER, JULIUS, Portland pl, Esq. May 11. Beer v Dicey, M.R. Lake,

OB 487 Schweizer (Same) v Levinstein and Sons (O Turner) New sq, Lincoln's inn

Ex 488 Collins (R V Chilcott) v Warmisham (In Person) GODLEY, ELIZABETH, Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand, Nov 1. Head

Ex 489 Johnstone (Paterson, S and B) v Southee (Prior, BCand A) v Newcombe, V.0. Hall. Longcroft, Havant

SJ MELLERS, NATHAN, Newtown, Derby, Farmer. May 26. Holmes v

Ex 490 Johnson and anr (B Davis) v Ashby and Co (S D Ashby) Mellers, V.0. Hall. Harris, Orich

QB 491 Ellam (Hopgood, F and D) v Stratford (J M Maddox) SJ RIDDLE, GEORGB, South Shields, Gent. May 10. Wearing v Crisp

CP 492 Ruell (HW Cattlin) v Tatnell (Button and Co)
V.C. Mulins. Kirkley, South Shields
BHITHWILLIAM, Sydenham, Esq. May 14. Smith v New, M.R.

OP 493 Lloyd (G Blagden) v Vorley (Young and Sons)

CP 494 (Curtiss, P and N) v lsaacson (Dod and L) Harting, Lincoln's inn fields

Ex 495 Sowerbutts (Chappell and G) v Gillard (W G Whitmarsh) (Gaze!te, April 13.)

Ex 496 Evans (G H Holden) v Ancketill (JR Chidley) without jury
QB 497 Jacob and anr (H H Myer) y Day (N White)
DP 498 Griffin (JCE Weigall) v Úall (Lyne and H) SJ
QB 499 Commrs of Admiralty (Hare and Fell) v Temperley and ors

(Hollams, Sons and c) SJ
Ex 500 Heath (Truefitt and G) v Lloyd (T Johnson)
OP 501 Johnson and ors (W Hicks) v Gas Light and Coke Co (Bed-


Q B 502 Eason (D Wade) v Roberts and anr (F C Greenfield) SJ Rota OF REGISTRARS IN ATTENDANCE ON

Ex 503 Langridge (Heathfield and Son) v Spencer and ors (Smith,

Sand C)

CP 504 Wilshin (W Medcalf) y Todd (G Badham)

OP 505 Mein (W Shearman) v Weigel (W Beck)
Monday, May 3Mr. Leach Mr. Merivale Mr. Clowes

Q B 506 O'Sullivan (E A Swan) v Sheldon (AT Burr)

Ex 507 Moore (Truefitt and G) v Buckler (Lawrence, P and B) Tuesday ...... 4 Latham



OB 508 Horne (SS Seal) v Angerstein and anr (Tidy and T) Wednesday.... 5 Leach


Clowes Èx 509 Lord Fitzhardinge (Horn and M) v Fish (Stileman and N) Thursday .... 6 Latham.


Merivale Clowes

Q B 510 Whitehead (F Heritage and Co) v Hudson (Tilley and S) Saturday...... 8 Latham


QB 511 Ash (E A Swan) v Baily (Birch I and H)

Ex 512 Knight (V Southee) v Terry (JF Terry) vo Ricoy vo

Mr. Justice

QB 513 Waller and ors (Hopgooà, F and D) v Kelk, Bart (FladFRY.

gate, S and F) Monday, May 3Mr. Teesdale Mr. Jackson Mr. Ward Ex 614 Cooper (C Fitch) v Berry (Shum and Co) Tuesday ...... 4 Farrer


Pemberton CP 515 McAllister (Hewitt and A) v Bishop of Rochester and ors Wednesday.... 5 Teesdale Jackson Ward

(Sandilands, Hand Co) without jury Thursday .... 6 Farrer

OB 516 Williams (Cookson, W and P) v Good (Tucker B and Co) Cobby

Pemberton Friday........

CP 517 Harper (

WHB Pain) v James (Cooke, S and C)

Ex 518 Clark (SS Seal) v Hughes (Bower and C) SJ
Saturday...... 8 Farrer Cobby Pemberton 1 Q B 519 A psey (D Wade) v Bowchier (Wright and Law)

Court Papers.





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p. 6.)

Q B 520 Garner (Prockter and A( v Williams and ors (Layton, Son

SALES OF ENSUING WEEK, and L) OP 521 Bodeker (H W Mackreth) v The Cotton Powder Co (Tilleard, May 3.- Mr. John D. Wood, at the Mart, at 1 p.m., Leasehold G and Co)

Property (see advertisement this week p. 3.) Es 522 Bone (CO Nowman) v Walker (CE Goldring)

May 6.-Messrs. Glasier & Sons, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., FreeCP 523 Johnson, Hannah and ors (W Hicks) v The Gas Light and

bold and Leasehold Properties (see advertisement April 24, Coke Co) Bedford and W) SJ Ex 524 Lucena (H H Banyard) v Fennings (Freshfields and W) Q B 525 Pratt (Clarkson, Son and G) v Sylvester (J W Hicklin)

May 6.-Messrs. Geo. Gouldsmith, Son, & Co., at the Mart, at (To be continued.)

2 p.m., Leasehold Properties (see advertisement April 17, p.


April 29, 1880.

3 per Cont, Consols, 99
Annuitias, April, '85, A;

Mytton.-April 24, at 7, Ladbroke-square, the wife of Robert Ditto for Account, 99 Do. (Red Sea T.) Aug. 1908

P. Mytton, barrister-at-law, prematurely, of a daughter, who LO. 3 per cent. Rednced, 97 Ex Bills, £1000, 2) per Ct.2 dis survived her birth only a few hours. New 3 per CoDb., 97

Ditto, £500, Do, 2 dis
Do. 34 percent., Jan.'94 Ditto, &ino & £200, 2 dis

D3.24 por Cant., Jan. '94 Bank of England Stock, 272
Annnitics Jan, '80
Ditte for Account.

ACKROYD-LUCAS.- March 11, at Port Louis, Edward James

Ackroyd, of the Middle Temple, barrister-at-law, to Mary,

daughter of the late Henry William Lucas, of Adelaide INDIAN GOVERNMENT SECURITIES.

square, Bedford. Ind. Stk., 5 per C., July,'80, 104 Enf.Pr.5h per Cent., May, 81

DEATAS. Ditto for Account

Ditto Debentures, 4 per cent Frv.-April 23, at 24, Bedford-row, W.C., Samuel Fry, jun., Ditto 4 per cent., Oct. '88, 1024 April, '64

solicitor, aged 41. Ditto, ditto, Certidcates - Do.Do, 5 per cent., Aug. '73 MILLs. April 21, at the Moat, Eltham, Kent, Richard Millo, Ditto Enfaced Ppr., per Cent. Do, Bonds, 4 per Cent. £100A 2nd Inf.Pr., 5 per C., Jan."72 Ditto, ditto, under £1000

formerly one of tbe Taxing Master in the Court of Chancery,

in his 95th year.

OTTAWAY. -Ăpril 24, at Haringey-park, Crouch-end, Hornsey, RAILWAY STOCK.

Middlesex, Gillett J. Ottaway, solicitor, aged 71.

SHIPTON.- April 26, at Thornfield, Chesterfield, Joseph Ship
Paid. Closing Price

ton, solicitor. Stock Caledonian

100 110 Stock Glasgow and South-Western


106 Stock Great Eastern Ordinary Stock

100 64% Stock Great Northern .....................................

100 127 Stock Do., A Stock*


Stock Great Southern and Western of Ireland 100
Stock Great Western-Original


1214 Stock Lancashire and Yorkshire 100 133)

Bankrupts. Stock London, Brighton, and South Coast ............ 100 145

FRIDAY, April 23, 1880. Stock London, Chatham, and Dover

100 333 Stock London and North-Western

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

100 1610 Stock London and South Western


Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. Stock Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincola


To Surrender in London.
Stock Metropolitan


Young. William Arthur, Central Meat Market, Smithfield. Meat Stock Do., Distriet


Salesman. Pet Apr 21. Brougbam. May 5 at 12.30 Stock Midland..................................................

100 Stock North British


To Surrender in the Country. Stoek North Eastern......................................


Durbin, John, Englishcombe, Somerset, Florist. Pet Apr 20. Wilton. Stock North London .........................................

100 180

Bath, May 4 at 11
Stock North Staffordshiro


Gillett, Charles, Bristol, Boat Builder. Pet Apr 21.. Harley, Bristol, Stock South Devon


May 5 at 2 Stock south-Eastern ......................................

lavy requires that one clear day sball intervene between the known at one o'clock on Saturday (this day).

100 135

Greaves, Benjamin Hebblewbite, Kingston-upon-Hull, Tallow Mer.

chant. Pet Apr 21. Rollit. Kingston-upon-Hull, May 7 at 3 Holland, Rebecca Mary, Chandos yd, Buckingham, Bucks. Pet Apr

21. Fortescue. Banbury, May 10 at 12.30 A receives no dividend vratil 6 per cent. has been paid to B.

Manning, William Dunkley, stoke Bruerne, Northampton, Farmer.

Pet Mar 10. Dennis. Northampton, May 10 at 12
McGlone, John, Barrow-in-Furness, Coal Dealer. Pet Apr 16.
Postlethwaite. Barrow-in-Furness, May 3 at 3

TUESDAY, Apr. 27, 1880.
The nomination for a coroner for the Greenwich or West

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. Kent Division took place on Tuesday morning at the Lecture Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. hall , Royal-hill, Greenwich, in the presence of a large body

To Surrender in London. of freebold electors. Mr. Frederick Scudamore, Under Clinch, John Edward, Alfred Maurice Clinch, and John George TuiSheriff of Kent, presided. The domination of Mr. Edward

ney, Austin Friars, Merchants. Mot Apr 19. Murray. May 14 at

11 Arundel Carttar (son of the late coroner), of Catherine-house, Jackson, John Julian, Cornwall rd, Bayswater. Pet Apr 21. Broug.Black heath-road,

was proposed by Mr. W. J. Evelyn (of ham. May 11 at 12 Wootton, Surrey), and seconded by Mr. Thomas Norfolk, Lindheimer, Charles Louis, Berkeley rd, Regent's pk. Pet Apr 22, chairman of the Greenwich District Board of Works. Mr.

Hazlitt. May 12 at 12
Lurcher, F

Mark lane, Warehouseman. Pet Apr 22. Collier, the late deputy coroner to Mr. Carttar, and deputy Hazlitt. May 12 at 11 coroner for East Middlesex, was nominated by Admiral

To Surrender in the Country. Robertson (of Woolwicb), seconded by Mr. Henry Shersby Allen, William, Leicester, Engineer. Pet Apr 22, Iogram. Leicester, (of Wool wich); Dr. Maxwell, of Woolwich, by Mr. Edwin May 10 at 11 Hugbes, solicitor (of Woolwich), seconded by the Rev.

Ebarne, William Edwarde, Coventry, Auctioneer. Pet Apr 22, Kirby.

Coventry, May 11 at 2 Storer Clark (vicar of St. Peter's, Greenwich) ; and Mr. H. Gilbert, Thomas, Bloxwich, Stafford, Ironmonger. Pet Apr 23. W. J. Pook, solicitor, of Tudor-house, Greenwich-road, by Clarke. Walsall, May 13 at 11 Mr. T. Harrison (of Deptford), seconded by Mr. Benjamin (of

Green, Robert, Sutton, York, Manufacturer. Pet Apr 23. Robinson,

Bradford, May 14 at 12 Lewisham.) The various candidates having addressed the Hough, Heory George, Brockley, Kent, Auctioneer. Pet Apr 23, electors in support of their claims to the office, the under Pitt-Taylor. Greenwich, May 2i at I sheriff put the names to the meeting, when there was an

Mitchell, Alfred, Skircoat, Halifax, Licensed Victualler. Pet Apr 24.

Rankin. Halifax, May 10 at 11 overwhelming shower of bands in favour of Mr. Carttar. Mitchell, Charles William, Huddersfield, Oil Merchant, Pet Apr 22. The result was received with loud applause. Mr. Shersby Jones. Huddersfield, May 13 at 10.30 de maandeu a poll on behalf of Dr. Maxwell, which was fixed Provis, Charles, Christian Mulford, Wilts, Pig Dealer. Pet Apr 23, to take place on Thursday from eight a.m. to fonr p.m. in the

Wilton. Bath, May 8 at 11

Roberts, Hugh, Llechwenfarwydd, Anglesey, Farm Bailiff. Pet Apr 23. COD cert-room of the Lecture-ball, Greenwich, and as the Jones, Bangor. Mar 10 at 2.30

Sc Edwin, Newcastle-upor-Tyne, Boot Manufacturer. Pet Apr polling and declaration of the poll, the result will be made

23. Daggett. Newcastle, May 5 at 11 Yates, James Vint, and Thomas Pullan, Kirkgate, York, Grccer.

Pet Apr 22. Robinson, Bradford, May 7 at 12



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t ll at offices


offices of Add ohn, Hulme. yon


| Hotchkiss, John, Eaton, Salop, Farmer. M1 10 at 11.30 at the Buok's FRIDAY, Apr 23, 1880.

I Head Hotel, Church Stretton, Clarke and Sons, Shrewsbury Wilks, Abraham, Solomon, Queen's rd, Dalston, Commercial Traveller. | Hubenthal Karl, George at, Gower st, out of business. May 11 at 2 at Apr 21

offices of Brown, Basinghall st TUESDAY, Apr. 27, 1880.

| Hydel Jumes, Harwell, Berks, Baker. May 6 at 1 at the Great Western Brayshaw, Benjamin Bray, Stratford, Essex, Pawnbroker. Apr 23

Junction Hotel, Didcot Duncan, Robert, Bishopwearmonin, Darham, Innkeeper. Feb 23

Ingrey, Louisa Edwards, Lewisham, Kent, Schoolmistress. Xay 5 at 3 Foad, Andrew Baker, Norwich, Watchmaker. Apr 13

at officer of Finch, Borongh Higla st, Southwark Lister, Johu George, Milf rd Haven, Pembroke, Ship Builder. Remington, Fanny Maria, Marine terrace, Dover. Apr 24

James, Edwin Henry, Norton-in-the-Moors, Stafford, Butcher. May Watt, Jobp, Newark-upon-Trent, Nottingham, Boot Manu facturer. 4 at Il at offices of Alcock, Market pl, Tunstall Apr 22

Jessop, Thomas, Leeds. Woollen Clath Merchant. May ? &til at

offices of Ramsden and Co, John William st, Huddersfield Liquidations by Arrangemont. :

Jewkes, Edward, Wednesbury, Stafford, out of business, May 4 at il • FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS.

at offices of Jackson and Sharp, High st, West Bromwich

John on, George, Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester, Umbrella MantFRIDAY, April 23, 1880.

facturer. May 5 at 3 at the Star Hotel, Deansgate, Manchester. Adams, James, Clarendon rd, Noting hill, Boot and Shoe Maker. May

Vaughan-Jones, Manchester 7 at 12 at offices of Hopkins, Gt Marylebone st. Liggia, Budge row,

Jones Jacob, Nichols sq. Hackney rd, Boot Dealer. May 6 at 2 st Cannon et

offices of Sydaey, Leadenhall st Atkinson, Henry, Huddersfield, Manura Dealer. May 7 at 3 at offices

Jones, Whnwell, Wakefield, York, Plumber. May 6 at 3 at offices of of Ainley and Hall, New st, Hudder field Austin, Thomas, Hanley, Stafford, Blacksmith. May 3 at 11 at offices

Marks, King st, Wakefield of Ashmall, Albion t. Hanley

Ker ffe, James, Hoxton st. Shoreditch, Oil and Colour Man. May 4 at Ball, Hugh, Hanley, Stafford, Potter. May 4 at 11 at the Royal Hotel, 3 at 111, Chearside Parke, Warwick ct. Gray's inn Crew. Ahmall Hanly

Kilbourn, Samuel, Walsall, Stafford, Harness Manufacturer. May 4 Begg, John. Ipswich, Suffolk, Travelling Draper. May 10 at 2 at at ll at the George Hotel, Walsall. Bill, Walsall

offices of Morley and Shirreff, Palmerston bldge, Old Broad st. Pol. Kimmins William, Frindsbury, Rochester, Kent, May 20 at 3 at offloes lard, Ipswick

of Monns and Longden, Old Jewry Bogie, Mary Ann, Carl sle, Tobacconist. May 4 at 3 at offices of K night, Frederick Charles, and Walter Edward Knight, Baker st, PortThornburu, bank st. Carlisle

man 89. Jeweller. May 6 at 12 at offices of Plunkett and Leader, St Brasier, Alfred, Lordship lane, East Dulwich, Oil and Color Mar. Paul's churchyard May 7 at 3 at offices of Whitmarsh, High Holborn

Law, Edward Samuel, Fonthill rd, Finsbury purk, Groser, May 7 at Brown, Tbemus, Chevington, Suffo k Blacksmith. May 5 at 12 at the

3 at offioog ot Vernede, New Broad st Guildh»]], Bury St Edmonds, Cross, Bury St Edmunds

Lawson, Septimus, Hartlepool, Durham, Teucher of Music, May 11 at Byrom, Thomas Young, Wigan, Lunc ister, Grocer. May 6 at 11 at 12 at offices of Edgar, Town wall, Hartlepool offices of Byrom and Bell, King st, Wigan

Leech, William, Sunderland, Durbum. Fruiterer. May 5 at 3 at offices Cannon, William, Hopa, Flin', Farmer, May 5 at 11 at offices of of G:abam, John st, Sunderland. Shepherd, Sunderland Poyser, Temple row, Wrexham

Lewis, Edward, Munslow, Salop, Farmer. May 5 at 12 at the Craven Cartwright, William John, Halme, Manchester, Tobacconist. May 4 Arms Hotel, Oraven Arms. Bowles, Ludlow

at 3 at offices of Add oshaw und Warburton, Nortolk st, Manchester Litt. Thomas, and Charles Litt, Egremont, Cumberland, Tanners. Clark, Na , Yeadon, York, Clerk in Holy Orders. My 4 at 2 at 1. May 7 at 2.30 at offices of Paitson, Irish st, Whiteh Aven

offices o! Robbins and Busk, New sg, Lincoln's inn. Morgan and Longbi, Elisee, Oxford Market, Baker. May 15 at 11 at offices of Morgan, Shipley

Abrahams, Great Marlborough st Clark, Thomas Powell, Erith, Kect, Builder. May 10 at 12 at 111 More, William, Nortingham, Clerk. May 7 at 11 at offices of StevenCheapside. Peake, Woolwich

son, Week day cross, Nottingham Constable, John Maurice, Little Bromley, Essex, Farmer. May 12 at Morley, Thomas, Cheadle Eaves, Stafford, out of business. May 5 at 3 12 at Packettlin, High st, Manningtree. Smith, Colchester

offices of Welch, Longton Cox, Tom, smerton, Somerset, Boot and Shoe Maker, May 10 at 12 Newcorbe, John, Priors Hardwick, Warwick, Shoemaker. May 5 at 3 at offices of Reed and Cok, Bridg-water

at ottices of Wood, Soatham Coxhead Charles, Reading, Fruiterer. May 4 at 11 at offices of Dodd, New on, William Mears, Hanover sq, Tailor. May 10 at 12 at offices of Friar st, Reading

Richards, Warwick st, Regent st Crossley, Sarah, Kochdale, Lancaster, Grocer. May 7 at 3.30 at offices Norris, John, Everton, Liverpool, Car Proprietor. May 7 at 2.30 at of Molesworth, Cntral Chambers, the Walk, R chdale

offices of Lumb, Moorfields, Liverpool Docker, Ludf rd, and Ludo d Joseph Dacker, Bir ningham, Paint Ongler, William, 'Wateringbary, Kent, Farmer. May 6 st 12 at otices

Manufacturer. May 4 at 11 at offices of Ansell, Waterloo st, Bir of Menck on and Oo, King st, Maidstone mingham

Oven den, Edwin, Speldhurst, Kent, Licensed Vietu aller, May 5 at 4 Dos le, Daniel, Liverpool, Boot and Shoe Denler. May 6 at 2 at ofices

at office of Store and Simpson 23, Church rd, Tunbridge Wells of I ey, Chureh st, Liverpool. Lupton, Liverpool

Osborne, James, Woodstock, Oxford, Draper. May 10 a' ll at the Fox Drayc ti, George, Seagrave, near Loughborou zn, Leicester, Farmer. Hotel,' Chipping Norton. Kilby and Mace, Chip,ing Norton May 7 at 12 at «fficts of Shires, Market st, Leicester

Parker, Joseph, Ket ering, Northampton, Shoe Manufacturer. May 5 Duck, William, She borne, st John, Hants, Grocer. May 10 at 2 at at 2 at offices of Toller, 56, Montague st, Kettering • offices of Webb, Cross st, Basingstoke

Perkine. W lam, Preston Court, Kent, Farmer. May 8 at 12 at the Dunt, Josesph, Peter st, Southwark bridge rd, Greengrocer. May 6 Fleur-de-Lis Hotel. Hallett, Oreery, aud Furley, Ashford at 3 al 40, Southampton bldgs. Cooper, Chancery lane

Price, Jabez, Holywell, Flint, Butcher. May 6 at 2 at offices of Cope, Endacoti, Louisa Mary, Manchester, Miner. May 1 at 3 at offices Holywell .. of Pri'chard and Co, Painter's Ball, Little Trinity lane

Prior, John Frederick, William Hartland and Thomas Cram. Bristol. Evans, Jobn, Blaenuvon, Monmouth, Grocer. May 10 at 12 at offices Cud Board Box Manufacturers. May 5 at il at offices of Nicholas, 13, of Gibbs and Llewellyn, Tredegar pl, Newport

Corn st, B istol Fend, George Manville, Tavistock st, Covent Garden. Proprietor of 8 Richardson, Henry Frederick, and Charles Alfred Richardson, BiDings.

Journal called Once a week. May 5 at 2 at the Guildhall Tavern, gale Fish Salesmen. May 7 at 3 at offices of Ley and Brucklesby, Gresham st. James, London Wall

Water lane, Great Towser st Ford, George. Well st, Snirt Mennfacturer. May 6 at 2 at the Guild. | Roberts, Brasydog Robert, Penclawdd, Glamorgan, Grocer. May

Guílohall Coffee House, Gresham st. Reed and Lovell, Basinghall l at offices of Jellicoe, 14, Fisher st, Swansea st

Rowley, Thomas, Manchester, Indiarubber Manufacturers. May 13 Ford, Thomas Bailey, Collingbourre, Wilts, Farmer, May 11 at 3 at 1 at 3 at offices ofs'orer, Fountain st, Manchoster

the White Hart Hotel, Bridge st, Andover. Footner and Son, An Silcock, Fred. Liversedge, York, Fishmonger. May 3 at 3 at Scardover

borough Hotel, Dewsbury Gallop, Frank, Brighton, Florist. May 10 at 3 at the Guildhall Tavern, Simmons, Edward, St Leonard st, Bromley-by-Bow. May 10 at 3 at Basinghall st. Onckbarn, Br ghion

offices of Wright and Law, High Hlborn Gates, John, Pressland terrace. Upper Westbourne pk, Leather Cutter. Simpson, John Thomas, Kingston-upon-Hull, Plumber. May 3 at 3 at • Apr 30 at 3 at offices of Fox, St M ry's sq, Paddington

othiees of Woodhouse, Parliament st, Kingston-upon-Hal Gellatly, John, F. l.shill, Warwick, Chemical Mannfacturer. May 6 at Sly, James, Swindon, Wilts, Baker. May 3 at 2 at 6, Albion bldgs, • 12 at offices of Dewes and Co. Har lane, Coventry

New Swindon, Jackson Giles, Alfred Collier, Reading, Watchmaker. May 4 at ll at the Broad Smitd, William, Skipton, York, Painter. May 5 at 3 at Midand Face Hotel, Reading. (read, Reading

Hotel. Skipon. Kilick and Co Gordon, George Du-tan, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Cabinet Maker. May 3 Smyth, Joseph Plumer, Bungay, Suffolk, Farmer. May 7 at 2 at offices At 12 at offices of Moody, Clayton et Wet, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

ef Diver. King st, Gt Yarmouth Grainge, Henry, New Den ham, Buckingham, General Me al Detler. Snowdon, George, Jarrow-upor.-Tyne, Durham, Beerhouse keeper.

May 3 at 10 at the Eagle Hotel, Ladbroke grove rd, North Kensington May 4 at 3 at offices of Newlands, King st, Sonth Shields
Harrison, Richmond gar, Shepheri's Bush

Softly William, and Thomas Softley, South Shields, Iron Ship Green, Henry, Burford, Oxford, Mercer. May 7 at 2 at offices of Ken: ! Builders. May 14 at 2 at Incorporaled Law Societies' Roones, Royal and Kent, (heapride'

arcade. Lietch and Co, North Shields Gregory, Thomas, Alfreton, I erby, Joiner. May 10 at 11 at tho May. Spencer, Frederick, Abergavenny, Monmouth, Tailor. May 8 at 11 at Pole Ho el, Nottingham, Wilson and Bone, Alfreton

offices of Browne, Lion st, Abergavenny Harding, Alfred, Gloucester, out of business. May 6 at 11 at offices of Stephens, Charles Williams, Birmingham, Baker. May 6 at 12 st York, Berkeley si, Gloucester

offices of Beaton and Robinson, Church st, Birmingham Hatfield, William, S'oke Pogis, Buckingham. Grocer. May 7 at 3 at Scott, Charles, Rochdale, Lancaster, Provision Dealer. May 7 at Il at cffices of Durant, Guildhall chambers, Basinghal! st

offic s of Srandring and Taylor, King st, Rochdale Higgins, Hirim, Judd st, Eston rd, Hat Manufacturer. May 19 at 2 Streatfield, Cassebelinous, Hever, Kent, Farmer. May II at 3.30 at at offices of Gull, Lodzale hili

Albion Hotel, Edenbridge. Cooper, Chancery lane Hill, Henry, Great Grimsby, Lincoln, Farmer, May 5 at 11 at offices Stockey, Edward Griffin, Bristol, Ol Dealer. May 4 st 12 at offices of

of Grange and Wintringham, St Mary's chambers, West St Mary's Benson and Carpenter, Bunk ebambers, Corn st, Bristol gate, Great Grimsby

Thomson, David, Liverpool, Draper. May 7 at 2 at cffices of Lowe, Hinder, George, and Alfred Hirder, Cave st, Portland sq, Boot Manu Mount pleasant, Liverpool

facturers. May 4 at 11 at offices of Phillips, Smali st, Bristol. Sal Thurgood, James, Goudhurst, Kent, Licensed Victualler, May 7 at mon, Brist1

3.30 at offices of Stone and Simpson, Church rd, Tunbridge Wells Homes, Edward, Blackmoor et, Drury lane, Boot Manufacturer. Apr Tomson, Samuel. A hro Hayes, Oneshire, Innkeeper. Apr 30 al 12 at

20 at 3 at the Guildhall Tavern; Gresham st. Sydney, Coleman st offices of Nicholson, Grosvenor chambers, Newgate st, Chester


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Trott, Thomas James, Patchwav, Gloucester, out of business. May 4

at Il at thces of Nicholas, Onon st. Bristol Vickerton, lanc, Keyin ham, York, Shoemaker. Mav 4 st 3 at offices

of Jackson, Imperial chrmbers, Bowlalley lane, Ki goton-upon-Huil Waldron, William, Rork, Worcester, Karmer. Muy 1 ar 11 at offices of

Corbet and Co, Church st. Kidderminster Weaver, Henry, Middlesbrough, Reerhouse keeper. My 8 at 2 at

offices of Dobson, Gosford st Middlesborough Wells, Georg, Leeds, Agricultural Contractor. May 4 at 3 at offices

of Simpson and Borrell, Albion st, Leeds West, James, Gluscote, Warwick, ont of business. May 4 at 8 at offices

of Nesill and Atkins, Colhill, Tamworth Weston, John Henry, Brentwond, Builder. May 5 at 3 at offices of

Walls and C, Queen Victoria *t Whittaker, James Saville, Manchester,"Boot Manulasturer. May 6 at

8 at offices of Nntall and son, John Dalton st, Manchester Wilkins, Albert Henry, sali-bury, Cider Merchant. May 5, at 1.30 at

offices of Hodden, Market House chambers, Salisbury Wilkins, Joseph, Liverp ol, Furniture D'aler. May 7 at 2,30 at offices

of Brabner and Court, Cook st, Liverpool Wilkinson, Alfred. Nottingham, Wheelwright. May 6 at 12 at offices

of Brittle, St Peter's chambers, St Peter's gate, Nottinghim Wills, Joseph, Bridford, Devon, Millwright. May 10 at 12.30 at Half

Morn Hotel, Fxeter.' Mackenzie and Hext, Torquay Worral, William, jan, L Verocol Druper. My 5 at 2.30 at offices of Gibson and Co, South John st, Liverpool. Moore, Liverpool

TUESDAY, Apr 27. 1880. Andrews, George, Oxford s', Mangle M ker. May 8 at 11 at Inns of

Conit Hotel, Holborn. Ruddle and Brown, High Holborn Bailey, John, Nottingham, Auctioneer. May 8 at 12 at offices of Lees,

Severn chambers, Middle pavement, Nottingham Barker, John Wi son, Moss Side nr Manchester, out of business. May

14 at 3 at offices of Boite and Edgar, Booth st, Manchester Batter by, Richard, Tyld-sley, Lancashire, Cloggar. My 11 at 11 at

ofhces (f Preston and Young, Norfolk st, Manchester Bauer, Gilbert Lewis, Tottenham st, Tottenham ct rd, Harmonium

Manufieturer. May 14 at 3 at offices of Lumley and Lumley, Con

duit st. 3 nd st Beer, James Edward, Liverpool, Clothier. Vay 14 at 2 at offices of

Davie, Temple, Dale s., Liverpool Betteridge, Jame, Malvern Wells, Worcester, Butcher. May 7 at 11 at

cices of tree and Son, High st, Worcester Blackie, Geo ge, Jx' row-in-lyne, Darham, Hatter, May 12 at 11.30

at offices of Wown, Barrington st Sonth Shields Block, Carl Friedrich, Birmingham, Merchant, May 7 at 3 At Queen's

Hotel, Stiphenson pl, Birinin ham. Barlow and Co, Birmingham Booh, Isaac, Gorn, Lanrashire, Stationer. May 8 at 12 at offices of

Francis and Collins, Harrington s. Liverpool Breatner, George, Wadsworth rd, Clapham, Pork Butcher. May 1

at 3 at offic-9 of Marebant and Co, George yd, Lombard st Brown, George Wiliam, Andiser, Southampton, Builter. May 14 at 3

at the Star and Gartr Hotel, An lover. Lee and Co, Salisbury Buck rall, Rob-rt, Vanxhl, Timbar Merchant. Day 10 at 3 at files

of Barnard, Westminster Bridge rd Button, Williim Frederick, Holt, Norfolk, Innkeeper. May 15 at 11 at

offices of Winter »nd Francis, St Giles st, Nrwich Campbell, Jo' n, Crisp st, Poplar, May 10 at 2 at offices of Shaen and

Co, Bedford row, H orn Clarke, Peter, East End rd, Gloncester, Builder. May 5 at 11 at offices

of Herderson, Berkeley st, Glou estor Clay, Alfred, Sernhorne, Linenla, Clock Maker. May 12 at 11 at

offices, Sister, Wrawby st, Brigg Coulter. Robert, Coorl on-upon-Medlock, Manchester, India Rubber

Mannfactorer. May 7 at 11, at offices of Simpson and Ackın, Mount

st, Albert sg. Mane ester Cross, William Mi 14, Upper et, Islington, Draper. May 12 at 12 at

office of Puokett and Leader, St Paul's churchyard Cumming, Will' m, Alnwick, Northumberland, Veterin ry Surgeon.

Mas 6 at ll at offices of Forster and Paynter, Fenkle st, Alnwick Davies, David, Aberavon, Glymorgan, Boot Maker. May 10 at 12.30 at

ofices of Merchants' Aseociation, Broad st, Bristol. Tennant and Jones, Aberavin Davies, John, A ber&willy, Carmarthen, Boot Maker. May 12 at 10.15

at offices of Morris, Quay st, Carmarthen Doddrell, Jane, Roads terrace, Hornsey rd, Boot Dealer. May 7 at 2

at office. of Foster, Gr-cechu ch st Eglington, James, Kin's Lynn, Shre Warehouseman, May 13 at 12

at offices of ilkin, Athenæuo chambers, King'. Lynn Feldwiek, Jonathan, Relhiil, Surrey, Builder. May 19 at 3 at offices of

Stopher and Rard, Coleman st Penton, David Henry, Kendal, Westmoreland, out of businesss May

10 at ll at the Board Room, Market place, Kendal. Dobson, Kendal Foulds, John, Queen Victoria st, Merchant. May 19 at 2 at offices of

Brett, Mincing line Gibbons, William, Oxford, Shopkeeper. May 10 at 12 at offces of

Bickerton, St Michael's chambers, Ship st, Oxford Greaves, Atkins, Frisby-on-the-wreake, Leicester, Miller. May 10 at

3 at offices of Freer and Co, New st, L#icester Hargreaves, J-mes Henry, Heaton, Lancaster, Contractor. May 10 at

3 at offices of Mau dsley, Wood st, Bolton Harrison, John Williams, S.afford, Shoe Mvnufacturer. May 11 at 11

at offices of Twynum, Crabbery st, Stafford Heisch, Philip Lowdeli, Minto villas, Staines, Mariner, May 7 a

offices of Lewis, Chancery lane. Abbot, Blackfriars rd Hesketh, William, Barnsley, York, Blacksmith, May 12 at 2 at offices

of Rideal, Chron cle chambers, Barnsley' Hinchliffe, Charles Wi liam, Sulford, Lancaster, Proyision Dealer.

May 14 ar 3 at offices of Bradbury, Stamford chambers, Stamford st,

Ashton-nnder-Lyne Hipsley, John, Carlton, York, Joiner. May 14 at 3 aš the George Inn,

Selby. Clark, Snaith Hlodge, William Huot01, Birkdale, Lancaster, Bnilder. May 10 at 3 30

at offices of Parr und Sadler, Lord st, Southport Hodgkinson, Edward Hicks, Borough High st, Hosier. May 5 at 3 at

145, Cheapside. Ma on, Gresham st Hopwood, Edwin, Eparkhill, Worcester, Newsvendor, May 10 at 3 at

offices ot Wright and Marshall, New st, Birmingham

Hont, Alfred Leigh, Norwich, Commission Agent. Muy 1! At 12 st

offices of Sadd and Linay, Theatre st, Vorsich Hutchinson, Joseph, an. Thomas Morris, Manchester, Bakers. May

13 al 12 at offices of Blakeway, Deansgat, M10C 1er Ingrim, Williarr., Coventry, Baker. May 10 at 2 41 01c 8 of Miaster, | Trinity chuýchyard, Coventry Jobnson, Joseph Mel, Worksop, Nottingham, Plumber. May 7 at 4 at

ofices of Binns, Eig Tree line, Sheffield Jones. Hugh, Great Barrow, Chaster, Purmer. May 11 at 10.30 at offices

of Boydell and Oo, Pepper st, Chester Jones, Robert, Henllan, Denbigh, Joiner. May Il at 2.30 at the Ball

Horel. Denbigh. Louis and Edwards, Raihin Joy, Henry Griffiths, Westbourne villas, tartow rd, Box Book-keeper.

May 10 at 12 at otices of Langdale and Co, Bedford row Kershaw, John, Bo ton, Lancaster, Contectune May 7 4 3 aoMces

of Robinson, Towaball q, Bolton Leese, William Smith, Ash borne, Derby, Provision Dealer. May 6 at 2

at Wheatsheat Hotel, Ashborne. Bririlebunk. A horie Lowe, John, Oodnor, Derby, Farmer. My il at 3 at Bell Hotel,

Sadler gate, Derby. Hextall, Derby Lunn, William, jon, Salford, Lancaster, out of bu 1984, May 18 at

11 at offices of Hargreaves, Dickenson st, Munc Manley, Edward, Wigan, Egg Merchant. May 8 at 10.30 at offices of

Wilson, King et, Wigan. Marsh, John, Little Yeldham, E-sex. Farmer. May 11 Il at Roge

and Crown Hotel, Sudbury. Andres ant Co, Sudbar Maw, John William, Leeds, Pickle Manu'acturer. May 10 at ll at

offices of Brooke, Bond st, Leeds Middleton, Edwin Ciof, River Court st, Himmer mith, Oil Merchant.

May 8 at 12 at offices of Barker, Union ct Millward, Daniel Bowen, Ohew Magn, Soners, Milor. Vay 10 at I

at offices of Milier, Whi:son chambers, Nicholas st, Bris'ot M ffoot. Matthew Richard-on, North Shields. Bot an 8101 D aler.

May il at 2.30 at offices of Adamson, Hward s, No ih Shield: Murgatroyd, Thomas, Grimsby Do ks, Great Grin by, Grcer. May

8 at 11 at George Hoiel, Whitef iar-gate, Kingston-upon-Hull. Simmins and Brown, Great Grimsby Nichols, William, Brackley, Nerihamplon, Farmır. My 18 at 3 at

offices of Weston and Birnes, Brackley Openshaw, William Arthur Horatio, Salford, Lanciger, T bacc iniat.

May 12 at 3 at offices of Wood all and Marri tt, Norfolk s, Manchester Paget, Alfred. Leicester, Boot Factor, May 10 at 3 at otte of Rberts

and Baker, Selborne bldgs, Mills one le, Liestr Palmer, Henry, Stoke-upon-Trent, Stoff d. Publican. [ Ay 8 at 10 at

the Copelaud Arms Hotel, Stoke-upon-T ent. Bignall, Stoke-upon

Trent Patchett, Benjamin, Thornbury, York, Builder. May 5 a: Il at offices

of Beverley, Hustlergate, Bradfor 1 Pattison, George Fetcher, Tynemouth, Nor hun berland. May 5 at 11

at offices of the Law Society, Royal arcade, Nevcastle-ipon-l'yne.

Arnott and Swann, Newcastle upon Tyne Payoe, Lind, Kingston upon Hull. Draper. May 7 a 3 a' offices of

Jackson, Inperial chwmbers, Bowlalley lane, Kinem-u 0.-Hall Perkins. Richard, Bentlaaut, Sulep, Provision tealer, May 0 at 12

at the Miuers' Arms Hotei, Minst rley. N-wmill, Bi hop's Cas le Perry, William Thomas, Weston-sup-r-Mar-, Sinne, Plumber.

May 10 at 12 at the Grand Hote, Broud st, Bristol. Davies, Weston

super-Mare Reynolds. Peter, Manchester, Egg and Batter Merchant. May 12 at 2

at offices of bett and Co, Brown st, Munch-scr Risworth, James, Snerburn, York, Farmer. May 5 Rt 3 at offices of

Crumbie, Stonegate, York Rogers, George Wiliam, Orowe, Chester, Fancy Goods Dz.ler. May

13 at 1l at offices of Hill, Market st, Crewe Royse, John Gibson, Manchester, Buot D aler. May 7 at 3 at offices

of Vaughan and Co, Princess st, Manchester. Farring son, M inches

ter Salkind, Solomon, Norwich, Watch Maker. May 14 at 12 at offices of

Sadd and Linay, Theatre st, Norwich Savory, Robert Dogget', Hunstanton, St Edmund, Nrfolk, Corn

Merchant. May 7 at I at offices of G asier, King st, King's Lynn Scott, Morris, Birmingham, Factor. May 12 at 3 &: ottico, o Davies,

Bernett's hill, Birmingham Sbeppard, George, Portsmouth, Bootmaker. May 13 at 12 at offices of

Edmond a.d Clark, neapside. Addion Shiers, Cornelius, Manchester, Upholsterer's Materials Merchant. May

14 at 3 at offices of Tuck-r, Pall Mall, anchester Sla'ter, Frederic, Wigginton, Oxford, Far ner, May 12 at 3 at White

Lion Hotel, High st, Banbury. Hawtin, Ban vury Smith, Henry, Ardwick, out of business. May 10 at 11 at New Boar's

Head Hotel. Withy grove, Mnche ter. Bothroyd, Stockport Snowdon, will am, Etsingwold, York, el Keeser. May 12 ar 12 at

offices of Mann and Son, New st, York Southern, George, Altrincham, Chester, Tronmonger. My 12 at 3 at

offices of Hinde and Co, Mount st, A birt sq, N cholls and Co, Altrincham Storer, Henry, Birmingham, Draper. May 10 at 3 at offices of East,

Temple st, Birmingham Straughin, John, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Licensed Victu HerMay 6 at

2 at offices of Hoyle and Co, Collingwood st, Newcastle-un-Tyns Sutcliffe, Joseph Thomas, Shettield, Wato maker. May 10 ai 13 at

offices of Allen, Fig Tree lane, She Dield Sykes, Joseph, William Henry Sykes, and Wright Sykes, Marsderi,

near Huddersfield, Waste D al-rs, May 10 at 3 at ottic's of Learoyd

and Co, Buxton rd, Huddersfield Tattereall, Joseph, Manchester, Butcher. Mar 6 at 11 at the Waggon

and Horses, Southga e, Vancbester. Hintlift, Manchester Taylor, John, Kendal, Westmoreland, Builder. May 12 at il at offices

of Dobson, Finkle et, Kendal Th mson, Francis Christie, Sure find, Manches' er, Draper. May 13 at

3 at offices of Nuttall and Son, John Dalt n si, Manchester Thornton, Thomas, Salisbury, Wirts, Carpenter. May 12 at 11 at ofliess

of Lee and Co, Chipper lane, Salisbury Walpole, Thomas, Sudbury, Soffolk, Bot Maker. May 11 at 3 at

offices of Apdrewes and Co, Friars st, Sudbury Waits, Joseph Kig. Oxiord, Raker. May 11 at 12 at offices of Bicker

ton, St Michae's chambers, Ship st. Oxford

Vayat 10 at

D for MAY contains 1,000 investments, and can be had free. Particulars inserted without charge. It is the recognized medium for selling or purchasing property by private contract. -Mr. STINSOX, Ane. tioneer, Surveyor, and Valuer, %, New Kent-road, S.E.

Wild, James, and Emma Wild, Accrington, May 13 at 3 at the Com

mercial Inn, Blackburn rd, Ar crington. Whalley, Accrington Wili ams, Edward, Widemarsh, Hereford, Market Gardener. May 10

at 10.30 at offices of James and Bodenham, St Peter st, Hereford Williams, Joseph, Smethwick, Stafford, out of business.' May 14 at 11

at offices of Shakespeare, Church st, Oldbury Willis, Robert Frederick, Birmingham, Fruiterer. May 12 at 2 at

offices of Burton, Union passage, Birmingham Windsor, North Curry, Somerset, Corn Factor. May in at ll at offices

of Trenchard and Co, Hammet st, Taunton Winter, Alfred, Palace rd, Upper Norwood, Builder. May 5 at 11.30

at (filces of Barnard and Co, Lincoln's inn fields Withers, Caroline, Romsey, Southampton, Miller. May 10 at 3 at

offices of Bell, Portland st, Southampton Wright, George Samuel, Great Ellingham, Norfolk, Farmer. May

at 3 at the Royal Hotel, Attleborough. Cooper ind Norgate, East

Dereham Yardley, Thomas William, Swadlincote, Stafford, Builder. May 5 at

12 at offices of East, Temple st, Birmingham Young, Joseph, Lynton rd, Horosey, Coach Builder.

at 3 at the Mitre Tavern, Mitre court, Fleet st. Staniland, Hare pl, Fleet



Anti-Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder. Guaranteed Pure Soluble Cocoa of the Finest Quality, with the excess of fat extracted.

The Facnlty pronounce it" the most nutritious, perfectly digestible beverage for Breakfast, Luncheon, or Supper, and invaluable for Invalids and Children."

Highly commended by the entire Medical Press. Being without sugar, spice, or other admixture, it suits all palates, keeps better in all climates, and is four times to strength of cocoas TEICKENED yet WEAKENED with starch, &c., and N REALITY CHEAPER tban such Mixtures.

Made instantaneously with boiling water, a teaspoonful to a Break. fast Cup, costing less than a halfpenny.

CCCOATINA A LA VANILLE is the most delicate, rigestible, cheapest
Vanilla Chocolate, and may be taken when richir chocolate is pro-
In tin packets at lg, 6d., 38., 5s, 6d., &c., by Chists and Groccre

Charities on Special Terms by the Sole Proprietors,
H. SCHWEITZER & CO., 10, Adam-street, ondon, W.C.

TREEHOLD for SALE, near Old Kent-road

Railway Station.- Thirteen Private Dwelling Houses, with long gardens in front and rear, substantially built, and well let to old. standing tenants, producing a n et rental of £343 per annum. Price £5,500,-- Apply to Mr. J. UNDERWOOD, 128, Westminster Bridge-road. Noagents. NO. 13, SERJEANTS' INN, FLEET STREET.

-To be LET on LEASE, or SOLD, the Freehold, handsome, stone-fronted Building formerly the Office for the Registration of Joint Stock Companies. It is substantially built, and well-arranged for offices, chambers, or a poblic institution. The principal entrance is in Serjeants'-inn, which is immediately accessible from Fleet-street and the Temple, and there is also an entrance from a street in the rear. If desired a large portion of the purchase money may remain on mortgage upon advantageous terms.-For further particulars apply to Messrs. HOWELL & BROOKS, 8, Joho-street, Adelphi, w.C. GREEHOLD GROUND-RENTS.-City of London.

-The Commissioners of Sewers of the City of London will meet in the Guildhall of the said City on Tuesday, the 25th of May, 1880, at half-past 12 o'clock precisely, to receive TENDERS for the PURCHASE of valuable FREEHOLD GROUND-RENTS and REVERSIOX3 of PREMISES in the Poultry, let on building leases having absat 80 years unexpired, viz :-No. 33, at & ground-rent of £675 per annum ; Nos. 34, 35, at a ground-rent of £1,350 per annum; Nos. 36, 37, at a ground-rent of $1,165 per annum.

Particulars and plans of the premises may be had at this office, together with the conditions of sale.

Tenders must be sealed, endorsed outside “Tender for Freehold Ground-rent, No, 33, Poultry," &c. (stating the premises as the case may be), and be addressed to the undersigned, at this oifice, and must be delivered before 12 o'clock on the said day of treaty.

The Commissioners do not bind themselves to accept the highest or any tender.

Parties sending in proposals must attend, personally or by e daly authorized agent, at half-past 12 o'clock on the said day, and be then prepared (if their tender be accepted) to pay the required deposit of 10 per cent. on the purchase money and to execute an agreement for the completion of the purchase agreeably to the conditions of sale.

HENRY BLAKE, Principal Clerk. Sewers Office, Guildhall, April, 1880.



(Immediately opposite the British Museum), Will be glad to forward his new Pamphlet gratis apd post-free, which explains the only perfectly painless systein of nampting ARTIFICIAL TEETH (protected by Her Majesty's Royal Letters Patent), which have obtained five Prize Medals, London 1862, Paris 1867, Philadelphia 1876, Vienna 1873, and New York 1853.-Consultation daily free.



ST. GEORGE'S-IN-THE-EAST, near Wellelose-square, Valuable Leasehold Premises, being Nos. 18, 20, 22, and 24, Pell-street,

and Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, Thomas-place, the whole forming S compact estate, let to weekly tenants, and producing a rental of about

£218 per annum. M R . WALTER KNIGHT will sell the above

V VALUABLE PROPERTY by AUCTION, at the MARI, Tokenhouse-yard, on WEDNESDAY, MAY 19, at TWO p.m. Particulars and conditions of sale of

Messrs. ALLEN & SON, 17, Carlisle-street, Soho-square, and at the Auction Officer, 104, Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury, W.

To Her Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the Whole of the Judicial Bench

Corporation of London, &c.



FREEHOLD cr LEASEHOLD. Interest 5 per cent. No commission required.-Send fall particulars to Messrs. HUMBERT & SONE, 88, St. James's-street, S.W.

To Capitalists, Speculators, Builders, and others.-A choice

Building Estate of about two acres, situate in the parish of Kensington, at the corner of Blyth-lane and the high road to Ham. mersmith-broadway, within a short distance of the West Kensington Junction, together with the spacious residence known as Den. ham-lodge; also a cottage, with stabling, garden, &c., the whole forming a fine re idential estate, or for building purposes, out of which can be created large ground-rents. MR. WALTER KNIGHT is instructed to SELL

W by AUCTION, at the MART, ON WEDNESDAY, the 19th of MAY, at TWO p.m., the above valuable COPYHOLD ESTATE, equal to Freehold,

Particulars, with plan, can be obtained at the Auction and Estate Offices, 104, Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury-square, W.C.

M R. ROBINS (of 5, Waterloo-place, Pall-ma II)

W will SELL by AUCTION, at the MART, Tokenhouse-yard,
E.C., on FRIDAY, MAY 21, at ONE for TIVO o'clock precisely, in
Two Lots, by order of Trustees, the ABSOLUTE REVERSIONs to
TWO SCMS of £1,573 6s. Consols, each standing in the names of
Trustees, expectant on the death of a lady in her 70th year.
Particulars of
Messrs. BOOTY & BAYLIFFE, Solicitors, 1, Raymond-baildings,

Gray's-inn, W.c.; of

4, Bedford-row, W.C.;
at the Mart; and of Mr. ROBINS.

NHAMBERS to LET.-Second Floor, 3, Lancaster

U place, Strand. Bed, sitting, and dressing rooms, with w.c, en suite. Several excellent fittings if required by tenant, -Apply to Mr. THURGOOD, Lonsdale Chambers, Chanc.ery-lane.

HURGOOD & CO., Estate and Land Agents

Surveyors and Auctioneers, Lonsdale Chamberg, 27, Chancery. la ne, W.O., hold PERIODICAL SALES of Property, at the MART, the Second Tuesday in each month. Railway, School Bcard, Corporation, Board of Werks, and other Compensations conducted. Valuaticns for Probate, Mortgages, &c. Estates managed, A scale of charges upon application.


LIST of ESTATES and HOUSES to be SOLD or LET, including Landed Estates, Town and Country Residences, Hunting and Shooting Quarters, Farms, Ground Rents, Rent Charges, House Property ana Iavestments generally, is published on the first day of each month, and may be obtained, free of charge, at their offices, 80, Cheapside, EC, or will be sent by post in return for two stamps -Particulars for inser ion should be received not later thau four days previous to the end

the preceding mouth.

The valuable Advowson and next and perpetual right of presentation

to the Rectory of Rattlesden, West Suffolk, five miles from Stowmarket, and nine miles from Bury St. Edinand's, subjeet to the life of the incumbent, the Rev. J. Barney, who is now in his 69th year. The rectory is close to the church, and bas stabling, ou buildings, gardens, grounds, and 41 acres of glebe land attached to it. Tee church is a handsome structure, and has a peal of five bells. The population is under 1,200. Total yearly income from great and

small tithes, extending over upwards of 3,200 acres, about $900. MESSRS. DEBENHAM, TEWSON, FARMER,

I & BRIDGEWATER will SELL the above, at the MART, on TUESDAY, JUNE 1, at TWO. Particulars of

Messrs. POLLOCK & CO., Solicitors, 63, Lincoln'; end of the Auctioneers, 80, Cheapside,

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