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Appointments, Etc.

Stansfeld, in which an order had been made on November the ground of his adultery. The respondent afterwards. 28, 1879, for a stay of proceedings and payment of their left Scotland, and had ever since resided in England, except costs to the defendants by A., as the plaintiff's solicitor, on during an absence of two years in America. In 1863 he was the ground that the action was frivolous and an abuse of the married to the petitioner in London, describing himself in process of the court. The defendants' costs were taxed at the marriage-register as a widower. A few months ago the $52 14s. A subpæna was duly issued, and an order obtained petitioner commenced a suit for divorce on the ground of for substituted service of the order of November 28, and of adultery, cruelty, and desertion, but she afterwards abanthe subpæna and for payment of £3 12s., the costs of the doned it, and elected to sue for a declaration of nullity of application. Substituted service was effected by leaving marriage. The first wife was still living, but it was shown: copies of the order and the subpæna at the office of the by the evidence of a member of the Scotch bar that the desolicitor with one of his clerks, it having been found im. cree whiclı she had obtained in Scotland left both parties possible to ascertain his private residence. No payment had free to marry again. The counsel for the petitioner conbeen made. It was now asked that this service should be tended that the decree of the Scotch court was not binding, considered to be sufficient, and that the order now asked since the marriage had been solemnized in England, and the should provide for the costs of the attachment as between divorce had been granted on the ground of the busband's solicitor and client. The respondent had been served with adultery, which would not alone be a ground for a divoroe notice of this application by the same substituted service in the English court. In support of this contention, Lolley's a8 before, but did not appear. Hall, V.C., doubted case (R. & M. 237) was relied upon. HANNEN, P., diswhether the order should in form direct that the missed the petition on the ground that he was bound by the respondent be committed until the payment of the costs Scotch decree which had dissolved the marriage. The fact of the motion and the attachment, as being within the that the first wife was an English woman was immaterial, Debtors Act, 1869, s. 4, exception 4, but made an order for since the husband was a domiciled Scotchman, and the the attachment to issue for non-payment of the sums of cohabitation had taken place in the country of bis domicil. £52 14s. and £3 12s., and a further order for payment of the The Scotch court bad, therefore, full power over the parties. costs of the application and the attachment, as between and Warrender v. Warrender (2 C. & F. 488) showed that solicitor and client. His lordship further directed that the it had jurisdiction to dissolve a marriage which had order should not be drawn up for a week, notice of it being been solemnized in England. Lolley's case was distinguishgiven to the respondent, and of the intention to draw up able, because there the parties had an English domicil, but and act upon the order at the end of that period.-SOLICITOR the judgment of the Irish Court of Chancery in Maghee v. FOR APPLICANT, W. J. Milton.

McAllister (2 Ir. Ch. R. 604) was directly in point. It was, therefore, clear that the marriage with the petitionet

was not a bigamous one.-SOLICITORS, Tucker; Ward. MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS Act, 1875 (38 & 39 VICT. C. 40), s. 1, SUB-SECTION 2–Form No. 2 IN SCHEDULE THERETO NUMBER ON THE BURGESS ROLL OF SECONDER WRONGLY GIVEN IN NOMINATION PAPER of CANDIDATE.—The case of Gothard and others v. Clark and others, before the Common Pleas Division on the 23rd olt., was a special case stated by order of Stephen, J. The petitioners and three of the

Mr. Robert Huxley ALDHAM, solicitor and notary, of respondents were candidates for the office of town coun

Lynn, has been elected an Alderman for that borough cillor for the Heaton Norris Ward of the borough of

Mr. Aldham was admitted a solicitor in 1854, and is clerk. Stockport. The petitioners were seconded by one George to the county magistrates, to the Commissioners of Taxes, Chapman, a well-known in babitant, whose number on the

and to the Lynn Board of Guardians, Superintendentburgess roll was 704 ; bat, in compiling the burgess roll, registrar and vestry clerk of the parish of South Lynn. some of the nombers were, by an error, inserted twice, and

Mr. EDWARD D'OYLEY BAYLEY, solicitor, of Stockton, in a proof of the roll, from which the petitioners filled in has been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for taking the nomination paper, Chapman's number was given as

the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women for the 695.

This mistake was discovered and corrected by the County and City of Durham. town olerk in finally settling the bargesg roll, by pasting The Hon. ROBERT BOURKE, barrister, M.P., has been in the proper numbers over those which had been wrongly sworn in as a Member of the Privy Council. Mr. Bourke inserted. On October 22 the respondents obtained a is the third son of the fifth Earl of Mayo, and was born in copy of the correct burgess roll, and thereupon filled in 1827. He is a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, and the registration pombers in the respondents' nomination he was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Michaelmas papers ; bat the petitioners did not have the correct roll. Term, 1852. He practised for several years on the South An objection to the petitioners' nomination papers was

Wales and Chester Circuit, and he is the author of a work made by the respondents' agent, on the grounds that the

“ Parliamentary Precedents.” Mr. Bourke has been bargess number of George was wrongly given,

M.P. for Lynn in the Conservative interest since 1868, and that the domination was insufficient, and the description

he was appointed Under-Secretary of State for Foreign misleading. The mayor allowed the

objection, and declared Affairs in February, 1874. the respondents duly elected. The case found that George Mr. EBENEZER JOHN BUCHANAN, barrister, has been Chapmao was well known, that no person was misled by appointed Recorder of the Supreme Court of the Colony of the wrong namber, and that there was no doubt as to the Griqualand West, in succession to Mr. Jacobus Petrus De identity of George Chapman. The question for the court Wet, who has been appointed Chief Justice of the Transvaal was whether the decision of the mayor was right. The Colony. Mr. Buchanan was called to the bar at the Inner court (GROVE and LOPES, JJ.), in giving judgment for the Temple in Michaelmas Term, 1873, and he has acted for respondente, decided tbat it was. They held that the several months as Attorney-General of Griqualand West. schedule to the Act required the correct namber to be The Right Hon. RICHARD ASSHETON Cross, barrister, given, and that as this had not been done, the nomination M.P., has been appointed a Civil Knight Grand Cross of was bad.-SOLICITORS, Hopwood & Sons, for Newton, the Order of the Bath. Sir R. Cross is the son of Mr. Stockport; Beal f De Soyres, for Lake, Stockport.

William Cross, of Red Scar, near Preston, and was born in 1823. He was educated at Rugby, and at Trinity College,

Cambridge, where he graduated as a senior optime in 1846. NULLITY OF MARRIAGE-BIGAMY_DIVORCE IN Scot. He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Trinity LAND.—la the Probate, Divorce, and Admiralty Division, on Term, 1849, and he practised for several years on the the 22nd ult., the cine of Harvey (otherwise Farnie) v.

Northern Circuit. He is the author (jointly with Mr. Farnie was tried be'ore the President of the division Henry Leeming) of a work on "Quarter Sessions Practice." without a jury. The petitioner sued for a declaration From 1857 till 1862 he was M.P. for Preston in the Conof nullity of marriage on the ground that her husband had a servative interest, and since 1868 he has represented Southwife living when he was married to her. The respondent

West Lancashire. In February, 1874, he was appointed was married in Wales in 1861. He was at that time a Secretary of State for the Home Department, and was sworn domiciled Scotchman, though his wife was an English

a member of the Privy Council. woman, and he cobavited with her in Scotland. In 1863 Mr. MONTAGU WILLIAM LOWRY CORRY, barrister, C.B., she obtained in the Scotch courts a decree for a divorce on has been raised to the peerage with the title of Barosu


Rowton. The new peer is the second son of the Right | Mr. GEORGE HENRY LONG, solicitor (of the firm of Long Hon. Henry Thomas Lowry Corry, M.P., formerly First | Durnford, & Lovegrove), of Windsor, has been appointed Lord of the Admiralty, and was born in 1838. He was a Magistrate for that borough. Mr. Long was admitted a educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, and he was called solicitor in 1846, and is clerk to the county magistrates and to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in Trinity Term, 1863. He was to the Commissioners of Taxes for the Hundred of Stoke. formerly a member of the Oxford Circuit, and he has been Mr. JOHN HAY ATHOLL MACDONALD, advocate, has been for many years private secretary to the Earl of Beacons- appointed Sheriff of Perthshire, in succession to Mr. Robert field. He acted as one of the secretaries to the special Lee, who has been appointed a Judge of the Court of embassy to Berlin in 1878, and he was shortly afterwards Sessions in Scotland." Mr. Macdonald was called to the created a Civil Companion of the Order of the Bath.

Scotch bar in 1859, and he has been Solicitor-General for Mr. CHARLES MATTHEW CLODE, barrister, has been | Scotland since 1876. created a Civil Companion of the Order of the Bath. Mr. | Mr. EDWARD DANI EL MELLOR, solicitor (of the firm of Clode was educated at Merchant Taylor's School, and he Milne, Riddle, & Mellor), of 2, Harcourt-buildings, Temple,

veral years as a eolicitor, being a member of has been appointed a Chief Clerk in the chambers of the firm of Evans & Clode, 2, Gray's-inn-square. He was Vice-Chancellor Bacon in succession to Mr. Joshua Bird, Solicitor to the War Office from 1858 till 1876, when he was

deceased. Mr. Mellor was admitted a solicitor in 1869. appointed Legal Secretary to the same department. Mr. Clode was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Hilary

Mr. JAMES MUIRHEAD, advocate, has been appointed Term, 1862.

Sheriff of Chancery in Scotland, on the resignation of Mr.

John McLaren, M.P. Mr. Muirhead was called to the bar Mr. WILLIAM STEPHEN DAGLISH, solicitor, of Newcastle

in Scotland in 1857. He has been for the last six years an upon Tyne, Jarrow, Tynemouth, and Belford, has been

advocate-depute, and he is Professor of Civil Law in the appointed Deputy-Recorder of the Borough of Newcastle

University of Edinburgh. upon-Tyne, in succession to Mr. George William Hodge, deceased. Mr. Daglish was admitted a solicitor in 1853,

Sir JULIAN PAUNCEFOTE, Legal Under-Secretary of State

for Foreign Affairs, has been created a Civil Companion of and is town clerk and clerk to the magistrates of the Borough of Jarrow, registrar of the Belford County Court,

the Order of the Bath. Sir J. Pauncefote is the third son

of Mr. Robert Pauncefote, of Preston Court, Gloucestershire, and clerk to the Wallsend Local Board.

and was born in 1828. He was called to the bar at the Mr. JACOBUS PETRUS DE WET, Recorder of the Supreme | Inner Temple in Easter Term 1852. and he was formerly a Court of the Colony of Griqualand West, has been appointed member of the Oxford Circuit. He was Attorney-General Chief Justice of the Transvaal Colony. Mr. De Wet was of Hong Kong from 1865 till 1873. when he was appointed called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Trinity Term, 1863. Chief Justice of the Leeward Islands. He received the

Mr. GABRIEL GOLDNEY, M.P., has been created a Baronet. honour of knighthood in 1874, and was shortly afterwards Sir G. Goldney is the eldest son of Mr. Harry Goldney, of appointed an Assistant Under-Secretary of State for the Chippenham, and was born in 1813. He was admitted a Colonies, and in 1876 he was appointed Legal Under-Secresolicitor in 1836, and practised for about thirty years at | tary of State for Foreign Affairs. Chippenham. He has been M.P. for that borough in the Mr. WILLIAM RADCLIFFE, solicitor, of Liverpool, has Conservative interest since 1865, and he is a magistrate and been appointed a Magistrate for that borough. Mr. Raddeputy-lieutenant for Wiltshire.

cliffe was admitted a solicitor in 1847, and is a member of Sir WILLIAM GEORGE GRANVILLE VERNON HARCOURT, | the Liverpool Town Council. Q.C., M.P., who has been appointed Secretary of State for Mr: THEODORE RYLAND, barrister, has been appointed the Home Department is the second son of the Rev. William Counsel to the General Post Office in Ireland. Mr. Vernon Harcourt, of Nuneham Park, Oxfordshire, and was Ryland was called to the bar in Ireland in 1853, and pracborn in 1827. He was educated at Trinity College, Cam- | tises on the Leinster Circuit. bridge, where he graduated in the first class of the classical

Mr. William SHERRATT, solicitor and not ary, of Wrextripos in 1851, and he was called to the bar at the Inner

| ham and Birkenhead, has been appointed a Borough MagicTemple in Easter Term, 1854. He formerly practised on

trate for Wrexham. the Home Circuit and at the Parliamentary bar, and he became a Queen's Counsel in 1866. Sir W. Harcourt has re

Mr. HERBERT BROOK TAYLOR, solicitor, of Bakewell, presented the city of Oxford in the Liberal interest since

has been appointed Clerk to the county magistrates at that 1868, He was Solicitor-General from November, 1873, till

| place, on the resignation of his father, Mr. John Taylor, February, 1874, having received the honour of knighthood

who is clerk to the Bakewell Local Board and Burial Board. on bis appointment, and he is professor of international

Mr. H. B. Taylor was admitted a solicitor in 1878. law in the University of Cambridge.

Mr. WILLIAM THOMAS WALLER, solicitor (of Waller Mr. JOHN POPE HENNESSY, barrister, C.M.G., has been

Son), of 2, Duke-street, Adelphi, has been appointed ? created a Knight Companion of the Order of St. Michael and

Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of St. George. Sir J. Hennessy is the son of Mr. John

Judicature. Hennessy, of Ballyhennessy, Kerry. He was born in 1834, and The Right Hon. WILLIAM Watson, LL.D., & Lord of was educated at Queen's College, Cork. He was called to Appeal in Ordinary, has been created a Peer for life, with the the bar at the Inner Temple in Michaelmas Term, 1861, and title of Baron Watson, of Thankerton. he was formerly a member of the Home Circuit. He was Mr. JAMES LOWRY WUTTLE. barrister. has been apM.P. for King's County from 1859 till 1865. He was

pointed by the Lord Chancellor to the office of Registrar in appointed Governor of Labuan in 1867, Governor of the Lunacy, on the resignation of Mr. Charles Norris Wilde. Bahamas in 1871, and Administrator-General of the West

Mr. Whittle is an M.A. of Trinity College, Dublin, and he African Settlements in 1872. He was Governor of the

was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Hilary Term, Bahamas (for the second time) from 1873 till 1875, when

1878, having been called to the bar in Ireland in 1862. he was appointed Governor of the Windward Islands, and

He has been for several years Assistant Registrar of he has been Governor of Hong Kong since 1877. He was

Designs and Assistant Registrar of Trade-marks. created a C.M.G. in 1872.

Mr. CHARLES WATKIN WILLIAMS WYNN, barrister, has Mr. ROBERT TOWNSEND HIPPISLEY, solicitor, of Bristol,

been appointed Recorder of the Borough of Oswestry, in Clifton, and Redland, has been appointed a Perpetual succession to the late Mr. John Robert Kenyon, Q.C. Mr. Commissioner for taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by | Wynn is the eldest son of the Right Hon. Charles Watkin Married Women for Gloucestershire and Somersetshire, and Williams Wynn, M.P., formerly president of the board of for the City of Bristol.

control, and was born in 1822. He was educated at Christ Mr. EDWARD EBENEZER KAY, Q.C., has been elected an Church, Oxford, and was called to the bar at Lincoln's-ina additional Chairman of Quarter Sessions for the County of in Easter Term, 1846. He is a magistrate and deputy. Norfolk. Mr. Kay is the second son of Mr. Robert Kay of lieutenant for Montgomeryshire, and was M.P. for that Brookshaw, Lancashire, and was born in 1822. He was county in the Conservative interest from 1862 till the educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, and he was called | recent election, when he was unsuccessful. to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in Trinity Term, 1847. He has practised for many years in the Court of Chancery, and he became a Queen's Counsel in 1866. Mr. Kay is a magis. trate for Norfolk, and a bencher of Lincoln's-inn.


NEW LEGAL M.P.'S. Mr. ANDREW COMMINS, LL.D., who has been elected M.P. for the County of Roscommon in the Home Rule interest, is the second son of Mr. John Commins, of Ballybeg, Carlow, and was born in 1835. He was educated at Queen's College, Cork, and is an M.A. of the Queen's University, and an LL.D. of the University of London. He was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in Hilary Term, -1860, and he practises on the Northern Circuit.

Mr. WILLIAM FINDLATER, solicitor, of Dublin, who has been elected M.P. for the County of Monaghan in the Liberal interest, is the son of Mr. William Findlater, of Londonderry, and was born in 1824. He was admitted a solicitor in Ireland in 1846, and was President of the Irish Incorporated Law Society in 1878.

Mr. JOHN WILLIAM FOLEY, solicitor, who has been elected M.P. for the Borough of New Ross in the Home Rule interest, is the son of Mr. William Foley, of New Ross. He was born in 1821, and was admitted a solicitor in 1847.

Mr. John Givan, solicitor, of Dublin and Auquacloy, who has been elected M.P. for the County of Monaghan in the Liberal interest, is the eldest son of Mr. John Givan, of Castlecaulfield, Tyrone. He was born in 1847, and was admitted a solicitor at Dublin in 1870.

Mr. CHARLES HERBERT JAMES, solicitor, of Merthyr Tydril and Aberdare, who has been elected M.P. for the Borough of Merthyr Tydvil in the Liberal interest, was born in 1815, and was admitted a solicitor in 1838.

Mr. JOHN COMPTON LAWRANCE, Q.C., who has been elected M.P. for the Southern Division of Lincolnshire in the Conservative interest, is the son of the late Mr. Thomas Lawrance, of Dunsby Hall, Lincolnshire. He was born in 1832, and he was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in Trinity Term, 1859. He became a Queen's Counsel in 1877, and he practises on the Midland Circuit. Mr. Law. rance is a magistrate for Lincolnshire, a bencher of Lincoln'sinn, and Recorder of the Borough of Derby.

Mr. ROBERT LAYCOCK, barrister, who has been elected M.P. for the Northern Division of Lincolnshire, in the Liberal interest, is the son of Mr. Joseph Laycock, of Low Gosforth Hall, Northumberland, and was born in 1833. He is an M.A. of Trinity College, Cambridge, and he was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Michaelmas Term, 1857. He was formerly a member of the Northern Circuit.

Mr. EDWARD FALCONER LITTON, Q.C., who has been elscted M.P. for the County of Tyrone in the Liberal interest, is the son of Mr. Daniel Litton, and was born in 1827. He was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, and he was called to the bar in Ireland in 1849. He became a Queen's Counsel in 1874, and practises on the Munster Circuit. He is a prosecuting Crown counsel for the Counties of Cork and Clare.

Mr. JAMES CARLILE McCOAN, who has been elected M.P. for the County of Wicklow in the Home Rule interest, is the son of Mr. Clement McCoan, of Dunlow, Tyrone, and was born in 1829. He was called to the bar at the Middle Temple in Michaelmas Term, 1856, and is a member of the South-Eastern Circuit, having practised for several years in the Supreme Consular Court at Constantinople. Br. McCoan is the author of “Egypt as it is,” and “Our New Protectorate."

Mr. BERNARD CHARLES MOLLOY, barrister, who has been elected M.P. for King's County in the Home Rule interest, is a son of the late Mr. Molloy, Q.C., of the Irish bar. He was educated at the University of Bonn, and was called to the bar at the Middle Temple in Hilary Term, 1872. He is a member of the South-Eastern Circuit.

Mr. EDWARD PURCELL MULHALLEN MARUM, barrister, who has been elected M.P. for the County of Kilkenny in the Home Rule interest, is the son of Mr. Richard Marum, and was born in 1827. He is an LL.B. of the University of London. He was called to the bar at Dublin in 1846, and is a member of the Munster Circuit.


LIMITED IN CHANCERY. ESTON ODD FELLOWS' BUILDING COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for i winding up presented April 19, directed to be h ard bofore the M.R.

May I. Belfrage and Co, John st, Bedford row, agents for Baig

bridge and Barnley, Middlesborough, solicitors for the petition:rs EQUITABLE MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED.-The creditors

are required on or before May 21 to send their nenes and addresses and particulars of their debts or claims to Charles Fitch Kemp, Walbrook. Friday, June 4, at 11, is appointed for hearing and adjudicat

ing upon the debts and claims LLANDRINDOD ESTATE AND BUILDING COMPANY, LIMITED.-V.O. Bacon has by an order dated April 8, appointed Joseph Francis Swann, 35, Chancery lane, to be Official Liquidator. Creditors are required on or before May 24, to send their names and addresses and the particuiars of their dabts or claims to the above Monday, May 31, at 12, is appointed for bearing and adjudicating upon the debts and

claims TRADERS' BANKING AND SUPPLY COMPANY, LIMITED.-1.0. Hall has fixed Saturday, May 8, at 12, at his chambers, for the appointment


Creditors are required on or before May 21, to sead their names and addresses and the particulars of their debts or claims to Thom 18 Young Strachan, Grainger st West, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Monday, May 31, at 12, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

[Gazette, Apr. 23.) ARTISTIC COLOUR PRINTING COMPANY, LIMITZD.-By an order made

by the M.R. dated April 17, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the company be continued. Wilkinson and Howlett, Bedford 8t, Covent Garden, solicitors for the petitioner JOHN WEBSTER AND COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made by V.. Malins dated April 16, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Austen, Da Gex, Harding, and Candler, Raymond bldge, Gray'sinn, agents for Sadler and Eddowes, Sutton Coldield, solicitors for


order made by the M.R. dated April 17, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Pettiver, College st, College Hill, solicitor for


made by V.0. Hall April 16, it was ordered that the company bo wound up. Robinson, Hodding, and Cameron, Gracechurch st,

solicitors for the petitioner VICTORIA MANSIONS, LIMITED.-By an order made by V.O. Malins dated

Mar 12, it was ordered that the Victoria Mansions, limd, be wound up. Bolton and Co, Temple gardens, solicitors for the petitioners


or before June 1, to send to Robert Arthur Read, 9, V ctoria chambers, Westminster, the Receiver of the company, their names and addresses, the full particulars of their claims, and produce the same before V.C. Hall, at his chambers, on Wednesday, June 16. at 1


Petition for winding up presented April 23, diracted to be heard before V.C. Malins, May 7. Philbrick, Basinghall st, agent for Wallis, Bodmin, solicitor for the petitioners

[Gazette, Apr. 27.!



The 44th half-yearly general meeting of this association was held on Wednesday, the 28th ult., at the Incorporated Law Society's Hall, Chancery-lane, Mr. Sidney Smith occupying the chair.

The following members, among others, were present :-Messrs. John Lewis (Wrexham), deputy-chairman of the board; E. Banner (Liverpool), A. P. Bower, W. B. Brook, W. Chubb, R. Dawbarn (March), F. R. Franklyn, W. Greaves, E. Hedger, J. Hunter, G. Keen, J. Mackrell, T. F. Peacock, R. Pennington, R. Pidcock (Woolwicb), H. S. Redpath, H. S. Scyan, R. W. Wall, W. M. Walters, F. T. Woolbert.

The Secretary read the notice of meeting, and the minutes of the previous general meeting.

The report of the directors, which follows, and of which a printed copy was in the hands of each member present, was agreed to be taken as read :

The board of directors have the pleasure of presenting, in obedience to the rules of the association, this their fortyfourth balf-yearly report of the progress and operations of the association during the past six months.

Since their last report 44 new members have been admitted to the association, and the aggregate number is now 2,542

DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. . GEORGE FAIRFAX MORESBY-WHITE and WILLIAM How. CAND JACKSOX, solicitors, 24, Chancery-lane (MoresbyWhite & Jackson). George Fairfax Moresby-White will continue the business on his separate account.

(Gazette, April 27, 1880.)

of whom 656 are life, and 1,586 annual members. Forty The board have the pleasure to announce that the Right two of the life members are also annual contributors of from Hon. Sir James Hannen has kindly consented to preside at one to five guineas each.

the ensuing anniversary festival of this association, which The usual audited abstract of the accounts is appended, will take place at the “ Ship" Hotel, Greenwich, on Wednes-froin which it will be seen that the receipts during the half day, the 30th of June next, and they earnestly hope they may year which terminated on February 28 last, amounted to have the kind co-operation of their brother members in their £2,137 Is. Id.

efforts to render the festival beneficial to the association and In that amount are included the value, at the market prices gratifying to the president. of the day, of two sums respectively of £12 8s. 6d. Consols, The secretary will be glad to receive the names of gentleand £20 163. 8d. Reduced Three per Cent. Annuities, further men who may be willing to attend the dinner as stewards or donations from the executors of the late Mr. John Saunders, otherwise. of Burnham, Somersetsbire, under deed of appointment

(Signed on behalf of the board), executed by them on the 25th of August, 1870; and of

SIDNEY SMITH, Chairman. a sum of £500 consols, a donation from the executors of 14th of April, 1880. the late Miss Harriet Harst, of Loadon, under deed of The CHAIRMAN, in moving the adoption of the report, held appointment executed by them on the 1st of July 1879. that the fact that the association had nearly 2,550 members

The board have further to add, and they do so with great was satisfactory so far as it went ; but he thought tbat all pleasure, that, by her will, the late Miss Ellen Reardon, | practising members of the profession should become memdaughter of a deceased Loodon solicitor, has bequeathed a bers of the association. There could be no objection on the share (one-tenth) of her residuary estate to the associa- score of cost, for the sum of 5d. a week, which was about tion; and, in accordance with the expressed wish of the equal to the subscription to the society, was far less than the testatrix to that effect, the board will have to consider to sums which artisans subscribed to their trade societies, and what special purpose (with which the names of certain those members of the profession who did not need to make members of her family can be permanently connected), the provision could subscribe as a matter of benevolence. With bequest shall be applied, in fartherance of the benevolent respect to Miss Reardon's bequest he had been given to underobjects of this association. To mark their sense of the stand that it would amount to nearer $5,000 than £3,000, obligation which the association owes, in respect of this and the board were considering some scheme of giving gift, to the valuable kindness of one of their colleagues, annuitics with this bequest, the board, by a majority, having the board have, in virtue of the 4th rule, conferred the voted that the scheme should not include educational privilege of honorary life membership on Mr. Richard Pen purposes. He thought that the association should give innington, of New-square, Lincolu's-ind, one of the late Miss | creased sums to members, the applications from whom were Reardon's executors.

few, and decrease the amounts to non-members, the applica-The board have distributed during the half-year a sam tions from whom were numeroas. of £885 in grants of relief, £500 of it to a necessitous Mr. Jony LEWIS (deputy-chairman) seconded the adopmember and the families of eleven deceased members of tion of the report. the association, and £385 to six necessitous non-members

Mr. J. MACKRELL considered that the subject of dealing and the families of twenty-eight deceased non-members.

with the education of the children of necessitous members of Besides the additions to the capital Fund of the associa

the profession should be further considered, and he stated tion from the gift of oopsols and reduced annuities before

that a special fund could be raised for this good purpose mentioned, the board bave furtber increased it during the

not, he said, that he desired to educate the children for the half-year by the porcbage of £187 118. 6d. consols, and

law; but in such a manner that they would be able to earn £442 23. 10d, reduced three per cent annuities.

their own living. Pablio notice baving been issued by the Secretary of

Mr. HEDGER and Mr. John HUNTER supported the view State for India in Council to holders of India five per cent.

of Mr. Mackrell, and a discussion arose upon the subject. stock, giving them the option of receiving in lieu of same

Ultimately, the report was adopted, and the directors were from the 1st of March, 1880, a like amount of India fonr

requested to consider whether any scheme for raising and per cent. stock, or of being paid off at par on the 5th of

applying money for the education of the children of necesit

ous solicitors could be adopted ; but a strong feeling was July, 1880, the board consider it to be for the advantage of ihe association, as India four per cent, stock was over

expressed by members that for the children of persons in par, to accept the four percent. stock, and the trastees,

necessitous circumstances the London School Board schools

offered a means of good education at a rate within the cirtherefore, have signed their assent in the manner required,

cumstances of such necessitous persons, who could themselves to the conversion of the India five per cent. stock held by

educate their children on the grants made. this association.

The usual votes of thanks to the directors and auditors, The entire funded capital of the association is now

and to the chairman for presiding, brought tbe meeting to a £37,157, and consists of £8,700 console, £5,000 reduced three per cent. annuities, £19,000 India foor per cents.,

conclusion. £4,207 London and North-Western Railway four per cent. perpetual debenture stock, and £250 London and St.

LONDON AND PROVINCIAL LAI ASSURKatharine Docks four per cent. debenture stock, prodaoing

ANCE SOCIETY. together annual dividends amounting to £1,321.

The annual general meeting was held at the society's A balance of £353 0s. 8d. remained to the credit of office, 21, Fleet-street, on Wednesday week, George Lake, the association with the Union Bank of London, on the Esq., in the chair. 28th of February last, and a sum of £15 was in the secre- Mr. R. P. HARDY (the actuary and secretary) read the tary's bands.

advertisement conveniog the meeting and the report of The directors deeply regret having to record the decease of the directors. five of their colleagues during the past half-year, namely : The CHAIRMAN said-When we met here last, I took Mr. John Sharp, of Manchester ; Mr. Clement Uvedale occasion to observe on the effect which the then commercial Price, of London; Mr. John Case, of Maidstone ; Mr. Thomas depression had not only upon life assurance societies, but on Avison, of Liverpool ; and Mr. Richard Algernon Payne, of

trade generally. Our accounts are made up to the 31st of Liverpool ; in whose places, as direetors, they have elected December last, and I think we shall all agree that up to the following gentlemen :-Mr. Frederick Deacon, of Pres. | that period at all events there had been but little, if any, ton ; Mr. William Melmoth Walters, of New-square, Lin improvement in the commercial prosperity of the country. coln's-ind, London ; Mr. Richard Pidcock, of Woolwich ; | In this view I think our friends will have reason to be Mr. Edward Whitley, M.P., of Liverpool; and Mr. James satisfied with the results of the years proceedings, for not Banner Newton, of Liverpool.

only is the number of policies greater than it was in 1878, A project submitted to the board by Mr. John Mackrell, and the sum assured larger than it was in that year, but of London, a member of the association, in which the board taking that class of business in respect of which periodical were invited to undertake the management of a “ Scheme payments of premiums are due, the annual amount of new for gifts for education," having for its object the edu- premiums for the year is in excess of that of the year 1878.. cation of the children of solicitors, was fully considered by the And, moreover, I should draw your attention to this, that directors, who felt themselves compelled with regret to the class of business which we bave done this year has been decline in present circamstances to undertake a trust of the of a more remunerative character, inasmuch as the total character suggested.

I som retained by the office is considerably in excess of that

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which was retained last year, and that by reason of Rowland J. Ticehurst, solicitor, of Cheltenham, as an auditor, a greater number of risks having been brought be in the place of Mr. Philip Roberts, who, having resigned, had fore us for acceptance, and not because the directors been elected a director. have thought it right to increase the limit which they have Mr. C. J. BUnyon seconded the motion, which was carried hitherto conceived it proper to place on each individual risk. unanimously. The number of policies this year was 123 as against 107 Mr. G. L. P. Eyre said he had had a resolation placed in last year. The sum assured is in excess by about £3,600, his hand to which he did not feel able to do adequate while the annual premiams are as £4,570 to £3,370, or an justice, but fortunately the report of the directors and the increase of something like £1,200, and, assuming tbat speech of the chairman on the results of the last year's work. the single premiums are, as of course they must be, for the ing spoke for themselves, and, therefore, his duty was a light purpose of account, thrown over a number of years in respect at it was a pleasant one. He was sure the directors must to the risks to which these premiums attach, we sbould have worked very diligently and carefully to have brought still have an excess of annual premiums over the premiums the society into its present position. He then moved : of 1 878. The difference in the premiom revenue is more " That the best thanks of the meeting be tendered to tban accounted for by the exceptional largeness of the the directors for their conduct of the society's affairs single premiams in 1878, but if that large amount of single during the past year, and to the chairman for his service in premium be averaged, never mind for how sbort a time or the chair." how long, you will see that our premium revenue is Mr. FORSTER seconded the motion, which was cordially bigger than it was in 1878, and the same observation of assented to. course applies in precisely the same way as regards the The CHAIRMAN said that on behalf of his colleagues and total revenue, which is about the same as it was last himself be hardly knew how to convey their thanks for and year. And now we come to another point, which is that of appreciation of the kindaess shown towards them on all the claims. As regards the claims there can be at any occasions. He conld conscientiously say that there was not rate no mistake. They are not only largely under the a director who attempted to shirk his duties or to get away average of former years, but they are considerably under before the business of the board was at an end. They each the average which we have a rigbt to expect. They are endeavoured to bring as much business to the office as $17,728 less than in 1878; they are £16,615 less than the possible, and to insure the welfare of the society in every yearly average of the quinquendiam ending in 1875, and possible way. The system of audit was most perfect, and there is a margin of about £120,000 worth of Olaims to be occupied eight members of the board twice a month, if not incurred this year before we equal the amount of change dur- oftener; so that there could not be more thorough supervision ing the preceding quinquennium. Bat, gentlemen-and I of the accounts. speak tbis with great diffidence, because I see here some gen. The meeting then separated. tlemen before whom I fear bardly to open my mouth-you must not, if you please, consider that this dimination in the average is entirely profit. Of course the only profit one can look to is the increase in the number of premiums which may be paid by reason of the lives going on longer Law Students' Bournal. than the average estimate, and future interest which may be made apon the sum wbich we should otherwise bave had to pay if the lives bad dropped. The addition

LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING SOCIETY. to the funds, it will be noticed, was £14,750 dar The weekly meeting of this society was held at the Law ing the year, making a gross total of £908,502 16s. 5d., Institution, Chancery-lane, on Tuesday evening last, Mr. and I wish it to be understood that this gross total is C. E. Baring occupying the chair. The question appointed entirely irrespective of any addition to the value of the for the evening's discussion was the following: -"Dagbt society's reversions, and that it includes only the actual the rule in Clayton's case (1 Mer. 572, 603) to be extended to cost price of such investments as have been made since the case of a trustee who has mixed his own money with that the quinquennium of 1875, and I do not think I am wrong of his cestuis que trusts ?'' The following gentlemen addressed in saying that on taking those investments together there the society :-Messrs. Streeton, Kirk, Evans, and Lewis is a very considerable margin of profit, which we hope to Rendell in the affirmative, and Messrs. Ellis and Heppell in be able to show you when the proper time for a re-valna the negative. The following cases amongst others were tion arises in 1880. The interest payable on the society's cited :-Pennell v. Deffell (22 L. T. Rep. 0. S. 126, 6 De investments is the same as it was last year. This, doabt G. M. & G. 372); Re Hullett, (28 W. R. .) The less, may appear somewhat strange, and, therefore, I must opener having replied, and the question being put to the ask you to consider that this amount is approximate only, meeting was decided in the affirmative. no donbt almost accurate, bat it is based on the supposition that the reversions will pay five per cent. If they do

UNITED LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY. not pay that amount, then our calculation must be modi. fied ; if they do, then, I believe, I am correct in saying that A meeting of the above society was held at Clement's£4 7s. 60. may be taken as the average of the interest inn Hall on the evening of Wednesday last, when Mr. T. receivable on the investments. After some farther remarks, Clarkson opened in the negative the sabject for debatethe chairman concladed by proposing “ That the report which viv., " That the true interests of this country are best has been read, together with the revenue accounts and balance. promoted by a policy of non-intervention in foreign sheet iherein referred to, be received and adopted.”

affairs," and was sopported by Messrs. A. H. Spokes, Mr. G. T. WOODROOFFE seconded the motion, which was W. H. Hazard, T. Mott Wbitehonse, D'A. B. Collyer, unanimously agreed to.

W. H. H. Kelke, Phillimore, and Bamford; whilst Messrs. On the motion of the CHAIRMAN, seconded by Mr. J. T.

| A. D. Maclaren and W. P. Pain opposed. The opener WHITE, the directors retiring by rotation were, with the

having replied, and the chairman (Mr. R. Gwynne exception of Mr. Serjeant Gaselee, who retired, re-elected.

Templer) baving summed up, the motion was put to tho Mr. Philip Roberts was elected a director in the room of

meeting and carried in the negative by a majority of Mr. John Locke, deceased.

seven votes. At the first meeting in May there are The CHAIRMAN next proposed the election of Frederick several important business motions io be discussed, and it William Steward, of Lincoln's-ian-fields, as a director in

is hoped that members will largely attend. the place of Mr. H. S. Law, deceased. Mr. WOODROOFFE seconded the motion, which was at once

GRAY'S INN MOOT SOCIETY. . adopted. The CHAIRMAN suggested that for the present the third

This society held their first meeting for this term on vacancy on the board should remain open, and there being no

Thursday evening, the 22nd inst., when the following opposition this course was agreed to.

question was argued :-"Land sold under an agreement Mr. P. ROBERTS briefly thanked the meeting for his elec

was described in a schedule thereto as containing 6a. 2r. 10p., tion to the board.

or thereabouts; and one of the conditions of the agreement On the motion of the CHAIRMAN, Mr. Archibald Day, one

was, “That if any error or mis-statement should be found in of the retiriog auditors, was unanimously re-elected.

the schedule it should not annul the sale, but compensation Mr. SPENCER WHITEN BAD proposed the election of Mr.

should be made in respect thereof.' An error in the

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