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judge or other person having charge thereof, ou payment 2. These rules shall come into operation on the 21st day of the usual charge for copying. of April, 1880.

(h) The Court of Appeal shall have fall power to receive Interpretation.

further evidence on questions of fact, such evidence to

be either by oral examination in court, by affidavit, or by 3. In the construction of these rules the word "judge"

deposition taken before an examiner or oommissioner. shall mean the wreck commissioner, stipendiary magis

Evidence may also be given with special leave of the Coart trate, jastices, or other authority empowered to hold an

of Appeal as to matters which have occurred since the investigation into the conduot of a master, mate, or en

date of the decision from which the appeal is brought. gineer, or into a shipping casualty.

(0) The Court of Appeal shall have power to make such Publication of Rules.

order as to the whole or any part of the costs of and occa

sioned by the appeal as may seem just. 4. These rules shall be published by her Majesty's

1 (j) Subject to the foregoing provisions of this rule, every Stationery Office through its agents, and a copy shall be

appeal shall be conducted under and in accordance with the kept at every Custom Office and Mercantile Marine Office

general rules and regulations applicable to ordioary proin the United Kingdom, and any person desiring to peruse

ceedings before the Court of Appeal to which it is brought; them there shall be entitled to do so.

but there shall not be anything in the nature of pleadings,

other than the notice of the general grounds of the appeal, Copy of Report whers Certificate affected.

except by special permission of the Court of Appeal. 5. Where the certificate of master, mate, or engineer has (k) On the conclusion of an appeal, the Court of Appeal been cancelled or suspended, the Board of Trade shall, on shall send to the Board of Trade a report of the case, application by any party to the proceedings, give him a copy similar to that required to be sent by the judge from whose of the report made to the board.

decision the appeal is brought. Appeals.

Rehearings by Order of Board of Trade. 6. Every appeal under section 2 of “ The Shipping 7. (a) Where the Board of Trade direct a rehearing under Casualties Investigations Act, 1879, shall be subject to the section 2 of the “Shipping Casualties Investigations Act, conditions and regulations following, namely :

1879,” they shall cause such reasonable notice to be given to (a) The appellant shall, within seven days after the day on the parties whom they consider to be affected by the reheariog which the decision appealed against is pronounced, serve on as the circumstances of the case may, in the opinion of the such of the other parties to the proceedings as he may con Board of Trade, permit. sider to be directly affected by the appeal, notice of his in (6) The provisions distinguished as (d), (e), (6), (), (k), tention to appeal, and shall also, within two days after the (i), (j), and (k) of the last foregoing rule shall apply to a -appeal is set down, serve on the said parties notice of the rehearing as if it were an appeal, and as if the court or general grounds of the appeal.

autbority before whom the rehearing takes place were the (6) If the appeal is brought by any party other than the Court of Appea).

CAIRNS, C. Board of Trade, the appellant shall give such security, if Dated this 17th day of April, 1880. any, by deposit of money or otherwise, for the costs to be

ADDITIONAL RULES as to Investigations into Shipping occasioned by the appeal, as the judge from whose decision

Casualties, 1880 :-The Merchant Shipping Act, 1876, 59 & the appeal is brought, on application made to him for that

40 Vict. c. 80. The Shipping Casualties Investigations Act, purpose, may direct.

1879, 42 & 43 Vict. c. 72, 39 & 40 Vict. c. 80, s. 30. () The appellant shall, before the expiration of the

Whereas by section 30 of “The Merchant Shipping Act, time within which notice of appeal may be given, leave with

1876," it was provided as follows :-the officer for the time being appointed for that purpose by

“The Wreck Commissioner, justices, or other authority the court to which the appeal is brought in these rules

holding a formal investigation into a shipping casualty shall referred to as the Court of Appeal), a copy of the notice of hold the game with the assistance of an asgessor or assessors appeal, and the officer shall thereupon set down the appeal of nautical engineering or other special skill or knowledge, to by entering it in the proper list.

be appointed by the commissioner, justices, or authority ou* (d) The Court of Appeal shall be assisted by not less than of a list of persons for the time being approved for the two assessors, to be seleoted, in the discretion of the court,

purpose by a Secretary of State." having regard to the nature of each case, from either or «The commissioner, justices, or authority, wben of opinion both of the following olasses :

that the investigation is likely to involve the cancellation or 1. Elder Brethren of the Trinity House.

suspension of the certificate of a master or mate, sball, wbero 2. Persons approved from time to time by the Secretary practicable, appoint a person having experience in the

of State as assessors for the purpose of formal in merchant service to be one of the assessors.
vestigations into shipping casualties, ander section 30
of the “Merchant Shipping Act, 1876," and sub-

42 & 43 Vict. c. 72, s. 3 (1).
section 1 of section 3 of the “Shipping Casual.

And whereas by section 3, sub-section I, of “ The Sbin. ties Investigations Act, 1879.”

ping Casualties Investigations Act, 1879," it was tbus (@) The Court of Appeal may, if it thinks fit, order any

enacted :other person or persons, body or bodies, other than the

3, (1) The list of persons approved as assessors for the parties served with the notice of appeal, to be added as a

purpose of formal investigations into shipping Casual »$ party or parties to the proceedings for the purposes of the shall be in force for three years only, but persons entered in - appeal, on such terms with respect to costs and otherwise as any such list may be approved for any subsequent list. The to the Court of Appeal seems meet.

list of those persons in force at the passing of this Ac: (J) Any party to the proceedings may object to the shall continue in force until the end of the year 09 appearance on the appeal of any other party to the pro thousand eight hundred and eighty, but nothing in this ceedings as unnecessary.

section shall affect the power of the Secretary of State to (9) The evidence taken before the judge from wbose withdraw his approval of any name on any such list or ) decision the appeal is brought shall be proved before the approve of any additional name. Court of Appeal by a copy of the notes of the judge, or And whereas the Secretary of State has directed tha* of the shorthand writer, clerk, secretary, or otber person the assessors sball, so far as in his opinion circumstaneres • authorized by him to take down the evidence, or by such permit, be taken in order of rotation within each class er other materials as the Court of Appeal thinks expedient; sub-class, and bas further directed that the assessors and a copy of the evidence, and of the roport to the Board placed by him on the list of assessors shall be olassifiet of Trade containing the decision from which the appeal according to the qualifications set forth in the additio al is brought, and of the notice of the general grounds of the Rules as to Investigations into Shipping Casualties, dated appeal, shall be left with the officer for the time being ap- the 20th day of December, 1879. pointed for that purpose by the Court of Appeal before the And whereas the Secretary of State has further directed appeal comes on for hearing. For the purpose of this that the following qualifications with respect to Class II. cule, copies of the notes of the evidence, and of the report, Mercantile Marine Engineers, shall be substituted for the shall be supplied to the appellant, on request, by the l qualifications set forth in the said rules, viz. :

Creditors' Claims.


Classes. Class II.--Mercantile Marine Engineers. Five years' service as an engineer in the merchant CREDITORS UNDER 22 d 23 VICT. CAP. 25. service, and at the time of appointment holding a first

LAST DAY OF CLAIM. class certificate of competenoy as an engineer.

ALLEN, MATT EW, Bethune rd, Stoke Newington, Builder. May 14, Now under the authority of the above-mentioned Aots,

Pettiver, College st, College hill

BAIRD. DOROTHEA, Queen's-gate, South Kensington. May 12. Nicholl I, the Right Honourable Hugh MacCalmont, Earl Cairns, and Co, Howard st, Strand Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, hereby make the CARNE, JOHN HENRY, Ramsgate, Kent, Gent. May 31. Greenfield and

Abbott, Queen Victoria st following general rules :

CLEGG, JONATAAN, Morley, York, Grocer. June 30. Eddison and Commencement.

Eddison, Leeds

DANES, SARAH, Kentish Town rd. May 18. Elliott, Verulam bldgs 1. These rules shall come into operation on the 19th day Gray's-inn of April, 1800.

Fines, WILLIAM MITCOELL, Southwell, Nottingham, Wheelwright.

May 21. Barber, Nottingham
Publication of Rules.

Flint, ELIZABETH, Brompton-on-Swale, York. April 30. Tomlin, 2. These rules shall be published by her Majesty's Richmond Stationery Office through its agents, and a copy shall be

FLINT, James, Brompton-on-Swale, York, Ironfounder. April 30.

Tomlin, Richmond kept at every Custom House and Mercantile Marine Office HALL, RICHARD, Gt George st, Westminster, Surveyor. June 1. Nickin the United Kingdom, and any person desiring to peruse inson and Co, Chancery lane them there shall be entitled to do so.

HOPE, CHARLES WEBLET, Devonport, Rear Admiral, R.N. May 9.

Hallett and Co, St Martin's-pl 3. “The Shipping Casualties Rules, 1879,” shall be read

JAMES, Ralph, Ripon, York, Ironmonger. June 1, Coppin and Witham, and construed, and shall take effect, as if the qualifications 1 Ripon above set forth with respect to Class II. Mercantile Marine LAMBERT, Major MONTAGUE, Army and Navy Club, Pall Mall. May 12. Engineers had been inserted in the said rules in lieu of the

Tucker and Lake, Serle st, Lincoln's-inn

LEG ARD, FRANCES, Scarborough, York. May 17. Woodall and Woodall, qualifications therein specified.

Scarborough Dated this 19th day of April, 1880. CAIRNS, C.

PHILLIPS, ABRAHAM, Bath st, City rd. June 1. Solomon, King st,

RULE, DAVID PHILLIPS, Liverpool, Joiner. June 1. Smith and Son,

Newington, Liveryool
St. LAWRANCE, HARBIET, Clifton, Gloucester. May 31, Palmer and

Co, Trafalgar 99

SANKEY, Thomas, Burntwood, Stafford, Farmer. June 1. Hinckley At the sitting of the Bristol County Court, last week,

and Co, Lichfield before Mr. W. J. Metcalfe, Q.C., judge, Mr. F. W. Tonkin,

SCROGIE, JOHN WOODFORD, Kingston-upon-Hull, Gent. June 1.

Tenues and Dawber, Hull solicitor, addressing his Honour, said that, at the request of SCRANE, FRANCIS, Ditchling, Sussex, Farmer. May 10. Senior and several professional brethren, he desired to bring before the Co, New-in notice of the court a circuler form of application for debt

SYMUNS, AMELIA DUNSQERVILLE, Plymouth. June 6. Wilson, Ply- .

mouth which was being used by a so-called firm of Johnson & Co., TURNER, JONAS, King's rd, Fulham, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer. in this city. After commenting upon the way in which cer. May 22. Caldicott and Co, Dudley tain classes of accountants attempted to terrorise debtors

WAINWRIGHT, THOMAS, Worlingham, Suffolk. May 1. Preston,

Bournemouth into payment of amounts by threatening proceedings which I WORRIN, WILLIAM, Brentwood, Essex, Chemist. May 17. Postans and they (the accountants) well knew they had no power to take, Landon, New Broad st Mr. Tookin read from the document in question. The ap.

(Gazette, April. 13.) plication ran as follows :-“ Debt Department. Western ALDER, JAMES, Welbeck st, Cavendish sq, Gent. May 31. Taylor,

Old Burlington st
Coonties Trade Protection Offices, Arch House Chambers,
John-street, Bristol. Office hours : ten to four o'clock.

BABTA, GEORGE, Woolwich, Butcher. May 21. Sampson, King st,

Cheaps de Saturdays, ten to one o'clock. Bristol office, 17th April, BIRCH, HENRY Williau, Lincoln's-inn-fields, Esq. May 19. Ingram 1880. Sir,- We are instructed by Messrs. G. Dixon & and Co, Lincoln's-inn-fields Sons, of this city, to apply to you for payment of £9 14s. 2d., | Bone, GEORGE PETERS, Brighton, Gent. May 31. Upperton and

Bacon, Brighton owing by you to them, and have to inform you that unless CARTER, HENRY, Scarsdale-terrace, Kensington, Commander in the the amount be paid at our offices at once, we shall take legal Merchant Service. May 14. Argles and Co, Gracechurch st proceedings for its recovery without further notice. Yours

CLAVEY, ANN, Stoke Saint Micbael, Somerset. July 1. Mackay, .

Shepton Mallett respectfully, JOHNSON & Co., Managers.-Debt, £9 148. 2d.; CRE:SWELL, WILLIAM HENRY, Pinkney Park, Wilts, Esq. June 21, expenses, 5s. ; £9 19s. 2d.” Mr. Tonkin called attention to Bloxams and Ellison, Lincoln's-inn-fields the wording of the phrase “ we shall take legal proceedings," COTHBERT, CHARLOTTE, Kingston-upon-Uull, Publican. June 12.

Barker, Hull and also to the fact that the so-called firm made a claim for

DAGO, THOMAS HENRY LENNOX, Burton-on-Trent, Brewer. May 15. 5s, expenses.

Taylor. Burton-on-Trent His Honour : Is this the same Johnson & Co. who were EAMES, MARY, Tything of Street, Southampton. June 1. Nickolds,

Petersfield recently brought under my notice in a case where they were

GARNER, MARY, Handsworth, Stafford. May 31. Glaisyer, Birmingalleged to have received money from a debtor as for a creditor

ham who it was denied had instructed them ?

GLOVER, THOMAS, Solihull, Warwick, Farmer. May 10. Kaye, Biro. One of the officials of the court intimated that this was the mingbam same fir).

GORHAM, SAMUEL, Westminster Bridge-rd, Bootmaker. June 1.

Chamberlain, Basinghall-st His Honour: I recollect the case well. I intimated at the GRANT, JAMEM, Leicester, Leather Merchant. May 26. Wright and time that I thought the police should be communicated with Hincks, Leicester and directed to ascertain of whom this firm of Jobcson &

HOLMEN, HENRY WILLIAM, Rockleaze, Stoke Bishop, Gloucester,

May 10. Wansey, Bristol Co. really consisted. In this present case I do not see that I HUTCHINSON, HANNAH, High Catton, or Stamford Bridge, York. have sufficient evidence upon which I could take steps under June 1, Walker, York the Solicitors act.

JOICEB, EDWARD, Gateshead, Durham, Esq. May 13. Dodd s and Co,

Stockton-on-Tees Mr. Tonkin: No, your Honour. I apprehended from the

JONES, ANN, Portmadoc, Carnarvon. May 31. Jones and Jones, first that there was not sufficient evidence here to sustain a Portpadoc conviction under the Solicitors Act. The object of my ap KELSEY, HENRY, Barstow, Surrey, Esq. May 24. Merrick Head,

Reigate plication is that your Honour will make some observations

KING, HARAY, Slangham, Sussex, Ironmonger. Jane 1. Waugh, ar:ent the impropriety of accountants thus wording their cir Cockfield culars, in order that, your Honour's observations being com KNIGHT, HENRY ROBSON, Greenwich, Gent. May 15. Tyles and Co. municated to the so-called Messrs. Johnson & Co., a check

Essex st, Strand may be put upon the informal, if not illegal, practices of a

LOVE, WILLIAM, the Park, Higbgate, Gent. May 31, Janson and Co,

Finsbury-circus certain class of so-called accountants in this city.

MOCASKILL, ELIZA, Funchal, Madeira. May 15. Farrer and Co, LinHis Honour: I certainly highly disapprove of the way in coln's-inn-fields which this application is worded, and I repeat I am of opinion

MCCLELLAN, ANN, Quality Corner, Dear Whitebaven. May 6. Brock

bank and Co, Wniteliaven that the recent case to wbich I have referred is one that MEARS, WILLIAN, Holborn-hill, Brush Manufacturer. May 24. Letts, sbonld be put for investigation into the bands of the police. Brothers, Bartlett's bldgs, Holboro-circus Mr. Tonkin: I am obliged to your Honour, and I will see

MO PRATT, MARY, Abbey View Terrace, Bath. May 26. Simmons

and Co, Bath that the expression of your Honour's disapproval is com. NORTON, ROBERT, Holderness terrace, York, Innkeeper. May 3 municated to the parties.

Laverack, Kingston-upon-Hu'l

Court Papers.





Monday, April 26Mr. Jackson Mr. Leach Mr. Ward
Tuesday ...... 26


Pemberton Wednesday.... Jackson Leach

Ward Thursday .... 29


Latham Pemberton

Ward Saturday, May 1 Cobby Latham Pemberton y. C. BACON. V.O. HALL.

Mr. Justice

FRY. Monday, April 26Mr. King Mr. Koe Mr. Farrer Tuesday ...... Merivale


Teesdale Wednesday.... 28


Farrer Thursday 29 Merivale Clowes

Teesdale 30 King Koe

Farrer Saturday, May 1 Merivale






PICKERIL, BASIL MONTAGUE, Piccadilly, Bookseller. May 31. Toovey.

New Bond st
RENNIE, JOHN, Norfolk st, Park lane. Juno 1. Gordon, New

Broad st
REYNOLDS, JOHN, Bournemouth, Southampton, Gent. Jane 1. Jelf,

RUDD, THOMAS. Caddington, Hertford, Farmer. May 28. Bending and

Son, Dunstable DE SALIS, RUDOLPH, Ashley place, Westminster, a Colonel in tbe 8th

Hosears. June 16. Lane and Andrews, Essex sl, Strand SANKEY, THOMAP, Burntwood, Stafford, Farmer. June 1. Hinckley

and Co, Lichfield SEARLE, HENRY, Bishopsgate st Without, Upholsterer. May 29. Harris

Bishopsgate Churchyard SHAFTOE, HENRY, York, Gent. May 24. Sbaftoe, York STIRTON, FANNY, Brighton. May 31. Fraser, Furnival's-inn SAAW, JOHN, Kirkby Stephen, Westmoreland, Yeoman. June 1.

Preston, Kirkby Stephen SHEPPARD, Matilda, Newport, Monmouth, June 1. Lloyd, New

port SMITH, HENRY PORTER, East Sheen, Surrey, Esq. June 10. Bennett

And Co, New sg, Lincoln's-inn SMITH, JOHN, Broadwas, Worcester, Gent. June 14. Jelf, Birming

bam SOUTHEY, WILLIAM, Waterdell, nr Rickmansworth, Hereford, Leather

Merchant. June 1. Harrison, Folkestone
STREEK, THOMAS JAMES, West pl, Brixton. Ale House Keeper

Preston and Co, Southampton bldgs, Chancery lane
TENDALL, JAMES FREDERICE, Clarendon rd, Noiting Hill, Exq. June 1.

May, Russel sq UNTHANK, MARGARET, b'aydon, Durham, July 1. Dees and Thomp.

son, Newcastle-upon-Type WARBURTON, RICHARD ALSOP, Belmont Bowden, Chester, Gent.

May 22. Addleshaw and Warburton, Manchester WARD, RICHARD. Leominster, Hereford, Solicitor. June 1. Wood

house, Leominster Wase, 'JOSEPH HENRY HIGINBOTHAM, Burto n-on-Trent, Carrier.

May 15, Taylor, Burton-on-Trent WIGNALL, ALICE, East Cowes, Isle of Wight, June 1. Artindale and

Artindale, Burnley WILLIAMB. MARY ANN, Falmouth, Cornwall. May 14. Coode and Co, St Austell

(Gazette, Apr. 16.] BOLEnAW, HENRY, Tarporley, Chester, Gent. June 24. Cooke, Wins.

ford CHEW, RICHARD, Skipton, York, Oəntraetor. May 9. Robinson, Skip

ton CROUCH, Rev. WILLIAM, Frome, Somerset, Clerk. May 31. Bennett

Bruton CROZIER, Admiral RICHABD, Freshwater, Isle of Wight. June 24.

Stevens, Queen Victoria st Dixon, JOHN, Wantage Berks, Yeoman, June 1. Jotcham, Wan

tage DRISCOLL, CHARLÉS, Plymouth, Druggist. June 5. Edmonds and

Son, Plymouth FALCONER, SARAD, Colchester, Essex. May 31. Miller and Son, Saville

row, Burlington-gardens GRKEN, WALTER, Torquay, Devon, Esq. June 1. Hollingsworth

and Co, East India Avenne HARLOW, Ann, Sheffield. June 1. Rodgers and Co HARRIS, Henr, St. Albans, Hertford, Bank Manager. July 1, Annesley

St Albans HARRISON, JOSEPH, Galligreaves Hall, Lancaster, Esq. June 18.

Catterall, Preston HEAD, ALFRED, Mile End, Stepney, Brewer. June 5. Cooper and Son

Henley-on-Thames JOWERS, FRANCIS WILLJAM EDMUND, Cookbam, Berks, Esq. May 17.

Walters and Co, New sq, Lincoln's-inn KENT, GEORGE, Fordingbridge, Southampton, Gent. May 31. Davy,

Fordin ghridge KEPPEL, MAREANN, Snettisham Hall, Norfolk. May 16. Hewitt and

Alexander, Ely pl LIWRANCE, EDWAR, Tomlins-grovo, Bromley, Veterinary Surgeon

May 22, Cree and Son, Gray's-ior e LEWELLEN, JAFPER, Bexley Heath, Kent, Merchant Tailor Jude 10.

Pitt and Smith, Eastcheap LFFETT, JACQUES ADOLPBE, Duke et, Grosvenor sq, Wine Merchant.

May 31. Ewitt and Alexander, Ely pl MARTIN, John, Ledbury, Bereford, Esq. June 24. Stevens, Queen

Victoria st MAY, ALFRED, Chelmsford, Essex, Merchant. June 1. Duffield and

Brury, Chelmsford MEAUEN, JANE, Waddon, New rd, Croydon. May 15. Rowland, Croy

dn PRITCHARD, Rev. DAVID, Cumberland, Cierk. June 1. Johnson and Roberts, RICHARD, St. Albans, Hertford, July 1. Annesley, št.

Altans ROBERTSON, SAUAN EDWARDS, Betheaston, Somerset, Esq. June 15.

Wing and Du Cane, Gray's-inn-sq RUSB, MARY, Yateley, Southampton. Mar 31. Raper and Freeland,

Chiches:er SANKEY, THOMAS, Woodhouse, Stafford, Farmer. Jane 1. Hinkley and

Co, Lichfield SAVNDERS, Joun, Bedford, Dorset, Farmer. May 14. Beskett and

Son RIDENY, SUSANNAR TOGHILL, Bath. May 31. Benett, Bruton VARLEY, JAMES THOMAS, Selby, York, Farmer, May 1. Weddahl and

Parker, Selbg WEAVER, BENJAMIN ALLEN, Dursley, Gloucester, Brewer. May 31.

Francillon, Dursley WEBB, DAVID, Kingswinford, Stafford, Nail Master. June 24. Gould

and Elcock, Stourbridge WEBB, GEORGE, Kingswinford, Stafford, Nail Maker. Jane 24. Gould and Eloock, Stourbridge

[Gazette, Apr. 22.)



Thursday, the 15th day of April, 1880. Whereas from the present state of the business before the Master of the Rolls, the Vice-Chancellors Sir Richard Malins, Sir James Bacon, and Sir Charles Hall, and Mr Justice Fry, respectively, it is expedient that a portion of the causes assigned to the Master of the Rolls, the Vice-Chancellors Sir Richard Malins and Sir Charles Hall, and now standing for trial or hearing before their lordships, should be transferred to the Vice-Chancellor Sir James Bacon ; and that the causes 80 to be transferred should, for the purpose only of trial or hearing, be transferred from the Vice-Chancellor Sir James Bacon to Mr. Justice Fry; Now I, the Right Hop. Hugh MacCalmont Earl Cairns, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, do hereby order that the several causes set orth in the schedule hereto be accordingly transferred from the Master of the Rolls, and the Vice-Chancellors Sir Richard Malins and Sir Charles Hall, to the Vice-Chancellor Sir James Bacon, and taken as causes assigned to the Vice-Chancellor Sir James Bacon, and be marked in the cause books accordingly. And I do further order that the same causes, when so transferred, be for the purpose only of trial or of hearing transferred from the Vice-Chancellor Sir James Bacon to Mr. Justice Fry. And this order is to be drawn up by the registrar and set up in the several offices of the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice.

Schedule. FROM THE MASTER OF THE ROLLS' CAUSE BOOK. Oakley v Hoar act, wits 1879 0. 57 Dawson v Cleaver act, wits 1873 D. 146 Gilbert v Comedy Opera Co act, wits 1879 G. 220 Woodcock v Parker act, wits 1879 W. 218 Wallis v Smith acts, wits 1879 W. 457 Hall v Williams act, wits 1879 H. 546 Mascall Thompson act, wits 1879 M, 100 Hall v Cook act, wits 1876 H. 474 Mayor, &c,, of London v Riggs act, wits 1879 L. 285 Windle v Stephens act, wits 1879 W. 465 FROM THE VICE-CHANCELLOR Sir Richard Malixs'

CAUSE Book. Jolley v Simmons act, wits 1879 J. 35 In ro Tibbitts, decd Hewitt v Hewitt act, wits 1879 T.

Hall - Lichfield Brewery Co, liind act, wits 1879 H. 45
Whitmore » Farley act, wits 1879 W. 424
Clarkson v Harrison act, wits 1879 C. 369
Turner v Hill act, wits 1879 T. 218
Groves v Brown act & motn for jadgt, wits 1879 G. 231
Thompson v Martin act & motn for judgt, wits 1861 T.

Landowners, &e, Cor Ashford act, wits 1878 L. 253
Wren v Wren act, wits 1878 W. 396

Cause BOOK.
Lovesy v Smith act 1879 L 160
Mighell v Bennington àct 1879 M. 279
Webster » Whewall act 1879 W. 358


Tann v Heale act 1879 T. 188
Peters v East Grinsted Ry Co act 1879 P. 240
Balliard Shutt act 1878 R. 904
Glover v Billups act & motn for judgt 1879 G. 136
Newill v Snelling act 1879 N. 100
In re Bliss, decd" Whitney v Bliss act 1879 B. 507
Duke y Littleboy act 1879 D. 255
Wells v Tennant act 1879 W. 185
Halliday v Roberts act 1879 H. 259
In re Bardo, decd Bardo v Bardo act 1879 B. 377
Flower v Buller act & mota for judgt 1879 F. 189
Addenbrooke v Tossell act 1879 A, 182
Packer v Packer act 1879 P. 308.
Franklin v Cole act 1879 F. 18
Anker v Franklin act 1879 A, 191
Backhouse v The Queen Permanent Benefit Building Society

aet 1879 B. 662
In re Brook, decd Sykes v Brook act 1880 B. 2




(Continued from p. 475.) QB 923 Maple and Co (Lumley and L) v Mapleson (J and R Gole) OB 224 Fisher (B H Van Tromp) v Preston (W R Preston) OB 225 Hirschfield (J Neal) v Jubber (J W Jubber) CP226 Woolhead (Lewis and W) v Hill (Taylor and T) Ex 227 Wright (Colqyer-Bristow, W and R) v Atherden (Hayes, T

Pand Co) without jury CP 228 Butt (Elborough and D) v Mitchinson (F W Denny) CP 229 Beale and anr (Beale and De S) v Vispe (Allen and son) Ex 230 Petts (TR Apps) v Hirschfield (F Bradley) QB 231 Humber (R Ballard) v Bridport Water Works Co (Miller,

Smith and B) SJ CP 232 Peacock (Woodbridge and Sons) v The Ealing Local Board

(S Pilley, jun), SJ CP 233 Thornicroft (Lewis and Sons), v Bowser (H S Winnett) Bx 234 Newbery (Same) v Simmons (L Barnett) CP 235 Marshall (Robinson and H) v Price (Hicklin and W) Ex 236 Whatley (Vanderpump and Co) y Street and ors (Rogers

and C) QB 237 Brewis (CO Humphreys and Son) v Stacpoole (S Scott) SJ Ex 238 Stromberg (JF Raw) v Veall and anr (J W Hickin) Ex 239 Clayton (

WH Poole) v Thomas (R Astley) QB 240 Hoare (Langbourn, L and s) v Ford and anr (Bolton, R

and B) without jury QB 241 Barnett (G Badham) v Williamson (Vallance and V) OB 242 Same (Same) v Hodges (G Blagden) CP 243 Ellis (W Maynard) v L and S-Western Rail Co (M H Hall)

CP 244 Watts (Speechley, M and Co) Thatcher (Prior, B and Co)
CP 245 Whyley (Same) v Bodger and ors (Myers and L)
Ex 246 Worrall and anr (Argles and Co) v Day (W H Christmas)
OB 247 Ladd (Munton and M) v Proctor (W Butcher)
Es 249 Morton (WC Smith) v Pratt (AW Proudfoot) SJ
Ex 249 Parker (Eardley, H and R) v Hudson (EW Reeves)
Ex 250 Sievers (W G Whitmarsh) v Davidson (T W Nelson)
c P 251 Crazier (P A Crozier) ở London Gen Omnibus Co, limd

(Harries, W and R) SJ
Ex 252 Curnick (Yeo and W) v Hendriks (In Person)
QB 253 Price (Monckton, L and Co) v Perry (F H Rushton)
B 254 Sewell (Same) v Kemp (

GH Carthew) SJ
CP 255 Paine ( J Merriman) v Harston (In Person) SJ
CP 256 Barnard (E Newman) v Nelson (JR Chidley)
Ex 257 Beale (Mos Rubenstein) v London, Brighton, and South

Coast Rail Co (Norton, R and Co) CP 258 Frend (Lucas and Coe) v Prier (Digby and L) Q B 259 Russell (C Etherington) v De Jaffa (W T Ricketts) Èx 260 Huband (E D Lewis) v Flight (Lewis and Sons) CP 261 Sawyer (Baxter and Co) v The Crystal Palace Co (H Kim.

ber and Co) SJ QB 262 White and ors (Woollacott and L) v Henshaw (J H Shakes

pear) CP 263 Brewster (Wright, B and W) v French (W H Hughes) CP 264 Young and ors (A Young) v Child and ors (JH Waring) Ex 205 Hailey (W H Hudson) v Terry (J T Moss) Q B 266 Griffiths and anr (Chorley, C and C) v Park (S H Candler) QB 267 Spencer (Same) v Champness (W J Foster) Ex 268 Pratley (Hamlin and G) v Aldred and Wife (T W Payne) Ex 209 Beauchanp (Doyle and Sons) v Stephens (Walker and Co), Ex 270 Roper (Ingle, Carid H) v South-Eastern Ry Co (W R Ste

vens), SJ CP 271 Dudley (Hicks and A) v Galt (W H Hudson) QB 272 Williams (V H Labrow) v Buckley (Bell, B and G) SJ OB 273 Stone (Harrison, Band' H) v Webb Mackeson, T and A) CP 274 Bamberger (Noon and C) v Court (Rumney) Ex 275 Scard (

HW Christmas) y Benjamin (J Geaussent) CP 276 Webb (Cobbold and W) v Lindsey (West, KA and Co CP 277 Heath (Paterson, Sons and G) v Weiss (WG Morris) Ex 278 Thompson and anr (Hilleary and T) v Burrows (

GB Parker Ex 279 Newton and Son (J M Chamberlain) v Borkwood and anr

(J Scaife) CP 280 Acome (H W Cattlin) v The Great Eastern Ry Co (CA

Curwood), SJ CP 281 Turner (F A Lewty) v Same and anr (Taylor and w) CP 282 Donovan and anr (É H Greenhill) v The South-Eastern Ry

Co (W R Stevens), SJ

OB 283 Gale (Hudson, Mand Co) v Lipscombe (E Andrew)
& B 284 Davies (Gellatly, S and W) v Bennett (Baker and N)

B 285 Memory (Munton and M) v Myers (In Person)
OP 286 Barwick (J D Bottrill)' v Pirie and Co (Parker and Co)

Ex 287 Guelton (F G Gorton) v Harrison (W Rawlins)
QB 288 Dipple (J W Marsh) v Downton and anr (R R Ratcliff)
Ex 289 Bingham (OF Yorke) v Bickley (Miller, S and B)
Ex 290 Bell and Co (RH Wilkin) v Cole (Duncan and Co)
Ex 291 Robinson (J Rexworthy) v Rickard (

WT Boyde
QB 292 Carter (A E Copp) v Hurst (J H Shakespear)
QB 293 Herrett (Knight and W) v Macdonald (Swan an
OP 294 Creagh (NH Benjamin) v Russell (AJ Murray)
Ex 295 Kent (Blake and Snow) v Beuzon (A W Hurrell)
CP 296 Roberts (Lewis and Son) v Howell and Wife (Hicks and A)
Ex 297 Guiness and org (E Andrew) v Henderson (In Person)
Q B 298 Thornton and anr (W B Palmer) v Garrod (E M Kershaw)
Ex 299 Hine-Haycock and anr (H Haycock and B) v Hoare and

Wife (T W Buckler), SJ Ex 300 Ough and anr (GF Parker and Co) v Deakin (In Person) CP 301 Chittenden (J Harrison) y Gillett (Kingsford, D and K) Ex 302 Leutner (D É Chandler) v Henwood (In Person) Ex 303 Leutner (Same) v Merfield (W H Lane), Com SJ Ex. 304 Holloway (W T Boydell) v Snelling (Baylis and P) Ex 305 Kersey (Sandom, K and K) v King (Brook and c) Ex 306 Rhodes (Paterson, Son and B) v London and County Bnkg

Co, limd (Harris, Wand R), SJ
Q B 307 Davies (A Rutter) v Hoare (Tidy and T)
EX 308 Pinninger (FR Kilvington) v Whitehead (C A Jenkins)
OB 309 Barton (F O Matthews) v Hankey (Abbott J and Oo)
Ex 310 Cowland Bros (Roy and C) v Part and ors (Darley and C)
OP 311 Bavin (A E Briant) v London Tramways co, limd (HÓ

Godfray), SJ
QB 312 Hodgson (Brook and C) v Sweet (J Terry)
QB 313 Ewin (Fitch and F) v Adams (In Person)
CP 314 Shirtliff (

GC Sherrard) v Head (HB Dunn)
Ex 315 Bullock (T White and Sons) v Monsell (H O Godfray)
CP 316 Pilbrow (Woodfin and Wray) v Vance (© Harcourt)
CP 317 Thompson (F O'Brien) v London Tramways Co (H C God-

fray) SJ OP 318 Edwards (

WF Morris) v Shearman (Keene and M), SJ
CP 319 Sherwin (B May) v Martin (T R Apps), (without jury)
Ex 320 Ballard (W R Preston) v Fortescue (G and W Webb)
CP 321 Cook (H Oxley) v Tucker ICA Swaine)

Q B 322 Burbidge (Bellamy, S and Coj v Beall (In Person)
CP 323 Giles (A Wood) v Lynch (IT Sidney)
Ex 324 Knight (Austen, De Gex and Co) v Barnes (Mackrell

and Co) Ex 325 Davis (Dod and L) v Berrill (Robinson, H and C) CP 326 Hartshorne and anr (Prior, B, C, and A) v Sibley (H Tyr

rell) CP 327 Sheffield and anr (F Sheffield) v Pearce and ors (GS

Warmington) Q B 328 Beale (A G Ditton) v Craddock (Crosse, Sons and R) SJ Ex 329 Waterman (RR Wicken) v Oliver (Walker and Co Ex 330 Lewis ( Plunkett and L)' N Metropolitan Tram Co (HC

Godfray), SJ QB 331 Whiteley (CM Roche) v Sharpe (J W Talbert) QB 332 Same (Same) v Hart (E Farman) 0 P 333 Porter (Pawle, F and C) v Dodd (Deane, Chubb ar Ex 334 Wilks (J J Rae) v Walker (Lovell, Son and P) CP 335 Kinnaird and ors (Burrows and B) v Pulbroke and ors (H

Wickens) QB 336 Munro (Faithful and O) v Hall (J E Hetley) És 337 Glenn (G B Wheeler) ý The South-Eastern Ry Co (W R

Stevens), SJ Ex 338 Mackenzie (Cunliffe, B and D) v Smith and ors (Bell, B

and G) QB 339 Hosford (S M and T B Benson) v Labouchere (Lewis and L) Èx 340 Griggs (# Rümney) v Nicholson, chairman, &c (Palmer

and Co) Q B 341 Neep (C'E Abbott) v Mannall (J Holder) OB 342 Angus (B H Van Tromp) v Roddan (J Marsh) 0 B 343 Sans (Same) v Whalley (H B Forbes) Ex 344 Love and anr (RL Ratcliffe) v Etherington and Co (E H

CP 345 Archer (Wright B and W) v Hopkins (Gold and Son)

P 346 Jerrom (W HP Pain) v Hitchcock (Sampson)

B 317 Charters (FT Dubois) v Slim (WH Hextall)
CP 348 Martin (HB Rowsall) v Powis (J Fraser)
CP 349 Sidey (J Geaussant) v Leggett and anr (Lucas and Co)
Q B 350 Howe (J Shiers) v The South Eastern Ry Co (W R Stevens)

CP 351 Woodbridge (Barton B and Co) v Parks (Wyatt and B)

P 352 Tucker (J Mote) v South Eastern Ry Co (W R Stevens)
Q B 353 Farrance (Hicklin and W) v The North Metropolitan Tram

Co (HC Godfray) SJ Ex 354 Masters (Austen and Co) v Weaver (A R Steele) Q B 355 Pullen (T J Pullen) v Chatterley Iron Co limd. (Rodgers

and Co) QB 356 Dorington Trading &c (Courtenay and C) v The Comedy

Opera Co. limd. (Kimber and Co) CP 357 The Sun Permanent Benefit Building

L) v Sanders (Digby and T) CP 358 Ames and Wife (Noon and C) v The Great Eastern Ry Co.

(CA Curwood) SJ Ex 359 Moore Bros (J M Green) v Lezard (A Leslie) CP 360 Herock (Wright, B and w) v Haigh and anr (Learoyd, L

and P) QB 361 Jacobs' (A Harrison) v Wolfe (Emmet and Son). Èx 362 Loibl (TAG Powell) v Mapleson (J and R Gole) QB 363 Madocks (T D Dutton) v Smyth (Venn and Co) Ex 364 Bailey (Lee and Pemberton) y Lewis (Paterson, Sons

and G) CP 365 Benyon (JL Tomlin) v Sheridan and ors (Harrisons; AP

Merriman; Tillyard and G) CP 366 Stanhope Collieries Co, limd' (Poole and H) v Yeaden (Doyle

and Sons)




Ex 367 Jarvis (Saxelby and F) v Mansel (Nelson. Son and H), SJ
CP 368 Woodhouse (Wild, B and W) v Colwell (Wright and L)

CP 369 Thompson and Wife (Linklater and Co) v N Metropolitan

April 22, 1880.
Tram Co (H C Godfray), SJ

Ex 370 Nugent (Routh, S and Co) v Henshaw (Nash and F)
Q B 371 Barrow and anr (S M and J B Benson) v Reay (Pritchard,

3 por cont. Consols, 981 Anouitias, April, '85, 8; E and Co)

Ditto for Account, 984

Do. (Red Sea T.) Ang. 1908 C P 372 Bishop (Mills, L and M) v Tapper and anr (G L Norman)

Lo. 3 per Cont. Reduced, 97 Ex Bills, £1000, 21, per Ct.2 dis Q B 373 Callan (G F Bell) v Luschlag (JR Macarthur)

Now 3 per Copb., 97

Ditto, £500, Do, 2 dis O B 374 Fitch and anr (Fitch and F) v Bishop (H v Ody)

Do. 36 per Cont., Jan. '94 Ditto, £100 & £200, 2 dis CP 375 Pickford and Co (T Beard and Sons) v London Street Train

Do. 24 per Cant., Jan. '94 Bank of England Stock, 273 Co (Ashurst and Co), SJ

Annuitics Jan.'80

Ditte for Account
Ex 376 Mac Culloch and anr" (Hogan and H) v Poole and Co (W H

Ex 377 Hagger and ors (J Mc Millen) v Batch (West K A and Co)

Ex 378 Ottley (W Eley) v Robins (Sandon, K and K)
CP 379 Harnett (Digby and T) v Vise and Wife (T S George)

Q B 380 Hanson (Vallance and V) v The Ecclesiastical Commrs. for

Pald. Closing Price England (White, B and Co)

Stock Caledonian

100 1124 Q B 3S1 Nanson (Same) v Hill (Chappell and G)

Stock Glasgow and South-Western

100 Q B 382 Same (Same) v Staplay (Same)


Stock Great Eastern Ordinary Stock Ex 383 Denny (8 J Debenham) v Prentice and anr (Bullen and Co;

*.*.*..**....... 100 63) Stock Great Northern .......................................

100 128 M Bradford) Q B 384 Craik and Co (Kynaston and G) v Mellor (Emmett and Son

Stock Do., A Stock


.................... 100 Stock Great Southern and Western of Ireland

100 CP 395 Goody and anr (W May) v Baynes (Curtis and B)

Stock Great Western-Original ......................

100 123 Ex 386 Saunders (F Venn and son) v Beaumont (Freshfields and

Stock Lancashire and Yorkshire .......................

100 135 W) com, without jury

Stock London, Brighton, and South Coast ............ 100 QB 387 Wilson (Š S Seal) v Kilby (G Reader)

141 Stock London, Chatham, and Dover

100 Box 388 Riviere (Dod and L) v Cooper (W Elgood) SJ

34 Stock London and North-Western

100 163 CP 389 Jones and ors (Andrew and w) v Howse (Taylor, I and T)

Stock London and South Western

100 140 CP 390 Smith (Nye and G) v Harper (Watson, Son and R) Ex 391 Jenkins (Remnant, P and G) v De la Pryme (W R Dent) SJ

Stock Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolo


Stock Metropolitan ......................................... 100 Ex 392 Goodliff Same) v Taylor (Pattison, W and Co)


Stock CP 393 Taylor (Trollope and w) v Barnes and arr (Paul and Co)

Do., District ......................................***

100 834 Stock Midland.................................................. 100

140 CP 394 May (B May) v Pocock (J W Buckler) Ex 395 Kino (Terrell and H) v Crowther (Layton and J)

Stock North British

100 777 Ex 396 Lush (TR Apps) v Smith (J Andrews)

Stock North Eastern....................................******


1611 Stock North London ...........................................***

100 CP 397 Brown (W Maynard) v Key (S Mayhew)

180 CP 399 Marshall (W Horsley) v Mortlock (W Sherman)

Stock North Staffordshire

100 89

Stock South Devon Ex 399 Alcock (G H Hall) v Uwins (Stacpoole an I Sons)

100 Ex 400 Sheldrick (Same) v Taylor (W Evans)

Stock South-Eastern ........................................ 100

135 CP401 Purcell and anr (W T Elliott) v Norman Digby and L) Ex 402 Bruff (CW Dodd) v Williamson (Clowes, H and S) Ex 403 Marley (C Fitch) v Palmer (G E Smith) Q B 101 Hoch (J Neal) v Boor (Tilson and B JOIS) SJ

• A receives no dividend uatil 6 per cent. has been paid to B. Q B 205 Balgooley Distillery Co limd (F Heritage and Co) v Wallace

(F M Harvey) SÍ CP 406 Jordan (H H Ede) v Kelsey (Gush and I Ex 407 Webling (WJ Foster) v Brown (Hicklin rnd ) CP408 Jordan (H H Ede) v Governor and Co of the New River BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS.

(Thompson and D), Ex 409 Stoer and anr (E Pope) v Burnup (G and W Webb) Chy 410 Jones (Crook and S) v Baxter and ors (Bell B, and G)

BIRTHS. CP 411 De Angioli (Turner and Son) v Bowman and anr (Prior, B

HEATHFIELD.--April 19, at the Poplar, St. George's-square, C and A)

Regent’s-park, the wife of W. H. Heathfield, solicitor, of a CP 412 Bolitho and Sons (R W Childs and B) v Grepe and anr SOD.

(Park, Nelson and Co; Crowder, Vizaril and Co) CP 413 Weiner (H W Mackreth) v Walter (HH Wells)

LATHAM.–March 20, at St. Vincents, Bombay, the wife of Ex 414 Maude (White, B and W) v Cave and anr (Field, R and Co)

F. L. Latham, barris'er-at-law, of a daughter.

CP 415 Kelson (Cronin and R) v Queensberry / "ing and M) SJ

FERNELL-PORTER.—April 13, at Sheffield, Henry George CP 416 Guildhall Permanent Building Society ( ye and G) v Letts Tudor Fernell, M.A., solicitor, Sheffield, to Edith, daughter of (F A Foster)

the late John Taylor Porter, F.R.C.S. Q B 417 Locker (CF Émmott) v L and S-Western Railway Co (M

H Hall)

KENYON.—April 17, at Pradoe, West Felton, Shropshire, John Ex 418 Holland (F R Coote) v Lewis and Co (GJ and P Vander

Robert Kenyon, Q.C., aged 73. pump) Q B 419 Callow (J R Macarthur) v Oetzman and ors (Dod and L)

WIGG. - April 21, at No. 32, Westgate-street, South Q B 420 Wooton (Monckton, L and Co) v Wood (F. T. Rushton)

Kensington, Smith Spencer Wigg, barrister-at-law. Ex 421 Walton (ìngle, C and H) v Tucker, Jury and Co (Lumley

and L)
CP 422 Watson (T R Watson) v Phillips, exts and ors (J C Cox;

Wontner and Sons)
CP 423 Heath (Ingoldby and B) v Willing and anr (Lewis and L)

CP424 Coles, trustee, &c (Rodgers and c) v Norman (Street, Son

and P) CP 125 Benjamin (MS Rubenstein) v Brittlebank (Satchell and C)

CP 426 Levy (J Hills) v Civil Service and General Bread &c, Supply

FRIDAY, April 16, 1880.
Association, limd (Chinnery and Co)

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.
CP 427 Retch and or's (Same) v Same (Same)

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. Ex 428 Killingsworth (Plunkett) v Brooks, junr, and anr (Miller

To Surrender in London. and W) SJ

Boot, Alfred, Old Bailey, Printer. Pet Apr 13. Murray. Apr 30 at Ex 429 Swabe (J M Maddox) v Butler (Crowder and Co)

11 CP 430 Edwards ( Smith, D and Co) v Morris (C E Abbott) Harry, William, Barretta st, Manchester-sq, Dairyman, Pet Apr 14. Ex 431 Bell, extrix (E Kennedy) v Luff (H Smith)

Brougham. May 4 at 11 Ex 432 Merricks (Kennedy H and K) v Nash (R K Bartlett) Harvey, Isaac, Wornington gdns, North Kensington, ont o: business. OP 433 Muller (TC Russel) v Huskisson (Young and Son)

Pet Apr 14. Brougham. Apr 27 at 11 CP 434 Forder (F C James) v Aldous (H A Lovett and Co)

Tanner, Jonathan, Hatcham pk rd, New Cross, out of basiness. Pet Ex 435 Buttress and Wife (W Brewer) v Taylor (J Croft)

Apr 14. Brougbam. May 5 at 12 Q B 436 Morrell (J and M Pontifex) v Oldershaw and Son (In Per

To Surrender in the Country. son) Q B 437 Nanson (Vallance and V) v H E Hill (Chappell and G)

Banner, Edward R , Liverpool, Chemist. Pet Apr 12. Bellringer. ČP 438 Graham (L A Wenn) v Helmore (A Derry)

Liverpool, Apr 28 at 12 Ex 439 Van Tenac (Sandom, K and K) v Sheppard (Podmore

Brooks, Richard, Andover, Southampton, Farmer. Pet Apr 13. Wil.

son. Salisbury, Apr 29 at 11.30 and H)

Evans, William Richard, Mostyo, Flintshire, Corn Miller. Pet Apr 13. CP 440 Kaye (JC Stogdon) v London and Westminster Bank Fletcher. Chester, May 3 ai » (Traves, S and Co)

Holtrooke, Georgina, Llandudno, Carnarvon. Pet Apr 14, Jones, Q B 441 Kellond (Ravenscroft, H and W) v Biggs (G Godfrey)

Bangor, Apr 30 at 2 (To be continued.)

TUESDAY, Apr. 20, 1880.

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.
Oreditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

To Surrender in the Country. At the opening of the courts in Dublin on the 15th inst. Bothamley, Clemeot, Edenbridge, Kenc, Farmer. Pet Apr 17. Cripps. & marble statue of the late Lord Chief Justice Whiteside, Tunbridge Wells, May 3 at 3 by Woolner, was unveiled. The Chief Justice is represented Capstick, Anthony, Chorlton-apon-Medlock, Manchester, Butcher. not in his judicial robes but in plain morning dress, and chagouri, Joseph

Pet Apr 15. Lister. Manchester, May 3 at 12

Manchester, Mercbant. Pet Apr 15. Lister. stands as if addressing the House of Commons.

Manchester, May 7 at 13

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