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Dickinson, Robert, Leeds, Provision Merchant. Apr 22 at 3.30 a t Steventon, Richard, Over, Chester, Bout Manufacturer. Apr 21 at 11

offices of Roose and Price, North John st. Liverpool. Addleshaw at the Royal Hotel, Crewe. Cooke, Middlewich and Warburton

Stoneman, James, Russell pl, Bermondsey, Leather Merchant. Apr Dorrell, Thomas, Bishampton, Worcester, Farmer. Apr 19 at ll at 19 at 11 at the Bridge House Hotel, Southwark. Biggenden, Well sty offices of Hill, Pierpoint st, Worcester

Hackney Drew, Joseph, Ross, Here!ord, Innkeeper. Apr 21 at 3 at the Green Turner, Stephen, Campbell buildings, Peckham, Draper. Apr 27 at 2 Dragon Hotel, Hereford. Gibbs and Llewellyn, Newport

at the Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Prichard, Bedford row Duckett, James, Lincoln, Licensed Victüaller. Apr 26 at 12 at offices | Upton, John Coleman, Tamworth, Warwick, Draper. Apr 23 at 3 at. of Ward, Silver st, Lincoln

offices of Nevill and Atkins, Colebill, Tamworth Dannett, Frederick Henry, Bury St Edmunds, Bookseller. Apr 29 at Vinson, Charles, Aldershot, Hants, Corn Merchant. Apr 27 at 3 at

12 at offices of Partridge and Greene, Crowa st, Bury St Edmunds the Bosh Hotel, Farnham. Knight and Ward, Farnham Emery, Edwin, Ditchling, Suss?I, Grocer. Apr 22 at 3 at offices of Wade, Thomas, Wrenbury, Chester, Farmer. Apr 21 at 2.30 at the Nye, North st, Brighton

Royal Hotel, Crewe. Bridgman and Co, Chester Eyre, Samael, Keighley, York, Coal Merchant. Apr 23 at 3 at offices Waters, Charles, Eastbourne, Farmer. Apr 21 at 2 at the Sussex Hotel, of Neill, Kirkgale, Bradford

Eastbourne. Langham, Uckfield Fitch, Frederick, Deal, Kent, Grocer. Apr 22 at 12 at the Creditors' Wheeldon, William George, Ilkeston, Derby, Lace Maker. Apr 21 at 11 Atsociation, Arthur st East. Mercer and Co

at offices of tevenson, Weekday cross, Nottingham Garth, Benjamin, Batley, York, Tailor. Apr 23 at 10.30 at offices of Woolley, William Brandreth, Falkingham, Lincoln, Butcher. Apr 19. Ridgway and Ridgway, Wellington st, Batley

at 12 at offices of Law, St Mary's pl, Stamford Geary, Edwin, Belgrare, Leicester, out of business. Apr 22 at 3 offices Wyles, Lawrence, St Ives, Huntingdon, Ironmonger. Apr 16 at the

of the Trade Protection Society. New st, Leicester. Miles and Co Angel Hotel, Peterborough, in lieu of the place originally named Golding, Alfred, Lye, Worcester, Bucket Maker. Apr 21 at 11 at offices of Wall, High st, Stourbridge

TUESDAY, Apr 13, 1880. Gwillam, Edin, Barrow-in. Furness, Seedman. Apr 21 at 11 at the Atkinson, Alexander, Nottingham, Dealer in Boots. Apr 27 at 3 at Trevelpan Temperance Hotel, Barrow-in-Forness. Sims, Barrow-in offices of Lees, Severn chambers, Middle pavement, Nottiogham Furness

Barry, George, Shepłon Mallet, Somerset, Blacksmith. Apr 23 at 2 Halkett, Froderick John Colin, West Brighton, Sussex, Lieutenant at Hare and Hounds Hotel, Shepton Mallet, Hobbs, Juo, Wells

Colonel of Militia. May 5 at 3 at offices ot Childley, Old Jury Bird, F.dwin, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicester, Newsagent. Apr 26 at 12 Hardwick, Edmund Faunce, Littlehampton, Sussex, Solicitor. Apr 17 at i ffices of Dewes and Musson, Market st, Ashby-de-la-Zouch at 11 at ihe Chamber of Commerce, Cheapeide. Goodman, Brighton Bishop, John, Ganpow Green, near Halesowen, Worcester, Farmer. Harris, Joseph, Wigton, Camberland, Giocer. Apr 23 at 11, a: offices Apr 29 at 1l at offices of Bower, Price and son, Paradise st, Birof Lawson, King's Arms-lane, Wigton

mingham Higson, Jumes, Blackbarn, Lancaster, Builder. Apr 22 at 3 at offices Bradley, Thomas William, Knight Rider st, Doctors Commons, of Scott, Victoria st, Blackburn

Restaurant Proprietor. Apr 22 at 2 at Mason's Hall Tavern, Mason's Langton, Thomas, Clement's lane, Timber Agent. Apr 20 at 3 at Avenue, Basinghall st. Gregory, Cannon st offices of Rae, Mincing lane

Brazier, William, Latimer rd, Noiting hill, Joiner. Apr 30 at 3 at offices Lanyon, Charles, Kenwyn, Cornwade, Batcher. Apr 21 at 3 at offices of Fowler, Borough High st of Paul, Quay st, Truro

Brown, Edwin Henry, Collingwood terrace, Battersea, Draper. Apr Lewis, Daniel, South Marston, Wilts, Baker. Apr 21 at 2 at the 26 at 11 at offices of Rexworthy, Cheapside Queen's Arms Hotel, New Swindon. Foremao, Swindon

Brown, Francie Charles, Wellington, Somerset, Boot Dealer. Apr 26 Lewis, Jobn, jun, Norton, Worcester, out of business. Apr 27 at 12 at at 11 at offices of Reed and Cook, Paul st, Taunton offices Corbett, Avenue House, the Cross, Worcester

Brownson, Joho, Hollyhurst, Derby, Farmer. Apr 29 at 12.30'at offices Libbetter, William Henry, Alderman st, Somer's Town, Tobacconist. of Cooper and Chawper, Uitoxeter Apr 22 at 3 at 133, Holborn

Burgess, John James, Suffolk pl, Wandsworth, Greengrocer's Manager, Llloyd, James, Bils:on, Stafford, General Merchant. Apr 24 at 11 at tbe Boll's Head Inn, High st, Bilston. Fellows, Bilston

Apr 27 at 3 at offices of Grout, st Swithin's lane

Clapp, Benjamin Thomas, Morice Town, Stoke Damerel, Devon, Lonsdale, William, Bishop Auckland, Durham, Grocer. Apr 23 at Licensed Victualler. Apr 26 at 12 at offices of Hartnoll, Charlotte 11.30 at offices of Proud, Market pl, Bichop Auckland

st, Morice Town Lovell, Samuel, Taunton, Somerset, Boot Dealer. Apr 23 at 12 at Clark, Leonard, Long Preston, York, Grocer. Apr 27 at 3 at the Ship offices of Reeves, Mary st, Taonton

Hotel, Skip ton. Paget, Skipton Laddicke, Hermann. Gerrard st, Soho, Hotel Keeper. Apr 22 at 3 at Clarke, Joseph, Whittington, Derby, Collier. Apr 23 at 3 at offices of ofhces of Parkes, Queen Victoria st

Cutis, Market Hall chambers, Chesterfield Manning, William Lockwood, Depden, Suffolk, Blackemith. Apr 21 Cockburn, Harvey Charles, Wilton rd, Pimlico, Jeweller. Apr 26 at 3

at 12 at the Gaildhall, Bury St Edmunds. Gross, Bary St Edmunds at 25, Wilton rd. Inderwick, Bedford row
Marshall, George, Mexborough, York, Boot Dealer. Apr 22 at 3 at Coop, Robert Henry, Oldham, Lancashire, Undertaker. Apr 27 at 3 at

Offices of Nicholson and Co, East parade, Sheffield. Busdekin and the Mitre Hote, Manchester. Clegg, Oldham

Coward, Rowland, Sheffield, Joiner. Apr 24 at 10.30 at oices of Web-
Middlewood, Thomas, Cottingham, York, Builder. Apr 19 at 3 at ster and Styring, Hartshead, Sheffield
No. 9, Ecale lane, Kingston-upon-Hull. Salmon

Cuddeford, Edward, Plymouth, out of business. Apr 22 at 12 at offices Mills, Richard, Tipton, Stafford, Pablican. Apr 20 at 3 at offices of of Pearse, Princess sq, Plymouth Sbeldon, High :t, Wednesbury

Culverhouse, William, Lincola, Grocer. Apr 26 at 3 at ofices of WilS'itchell, Charles William, Huddersfield, Merchant. Apr 21 at 11 at liams, Silver st, Lincoln offices of Whitley, New st, Huddersfield

Davies, Emma, Ferryside, Carmarthen, Publican. Apr 22 at 11 at Moore, E:ward, Freeman's ct, Chepside, Licensed Victuallor. Apr 27 oflices of Morris, Qnay st, Carmarthen at 12 at offices of Swaine, King st, Cheapside

Davies, John, Upper st, Islington, Milliner. Apr 26 at 3 at ofices of Morre, John James, Wolverhampton, Carpenter. Apr 30 at 3 at offices Cooper and Co, King's Arms yard of Rhodes, Queen st, Wolverhampton

Deitz, George, Bradford, York, Pork Batcher. Apr 26 at 3 at offices of Moss, Samuel Elias, Forest, Earthenware Agent. May 3 at 2 at offices Crowther, Kensington st, Bradford of Blachford and Co, College hill

Dodsworth, Thomas, Rufforth, York, Farmer. Apr 23 at 3 at offices of Mountain, Charles George, Birmingham, Engineer. Apr 23 at 12 at Crumbie, Stonegate

Grand Hotel, Colmore row, Birmingham. Sanders and Co, Bir Durrans, Richard, Doncaster, York, Licensed Victuailer. Apr 26 at 2 mis gham

the Róindeer Hotel, Doncaster. Learoyd and Co Nutman, George Robert, Leicester, Wholesale Druggist. Apr 23 at 3 Edwardes, John Brittle, Huddersfield, Commission Agent. Apr 26 at at offices of Owston and Dickinson, Friar lane, Leicester

11 at offices of Ramsden and Co, John William st, Huddersfield Oliver, Charles, Dorchester, Boot and Shoe Vaker. April 22 at 3 at Evans, Frederick William, Barking, Essex, Baker. Apr 23 at 11 at Junction Rotel, Dorchester. Burnett, Dorch ester

offices of Mackreth, New Broad st Park, Robert, Swansea, Livery Stable Keeper. Apr 17 at 3 at offices Farrin, Johnson, High Cro, Tottenham, Butcher. Apr 28 at 3 at of Jellicoe, Prospect pí, Swansea

offices of Cooper, Chancery lane Parsonage, John, Boughton, Chester, Provision Dealer. Apr 23 at 3 Faulkner, William, Abbots Bromley, Stafford, Farmer. Apr 26 at 12.30 at offices of Mason, Bridge st row East, Caester

at offices of Comper and Chawner, Uttoxeter Philip", Henry John, Kingsbury Episcopi, Somerset, Clerk in Holy Field, William, Preston, Hertford, Farmer April 21 at 3 at omicos of

Orders. Apr 22 at 1 at Grand Hotel, Broad st, Bristol. Davies, Times, Portmill lane, Hitchin

Fowler, William, Oldhain, Lancaster, Butcher. Apr 27 at 2 at Mitre Pickering, Richard, Kingston-upon-Hu'l, Cooper. Apr 16 at 3 at offices Hotel, Cathedral gates, Manchester. Clegg, Oldham of Chain bers, Scale lane, Kingston-upon-Hull

Gayford, Frederick, Rickmangworth, Herts, Farmer. Apr 22 at 2 at Pickford, James John Ferguson, Penarth, Glamorgan, Boot and Shoe 1, Gresham bldgs, Basinghall st. Chapman and Bendle

Makar. Apr 29 at 11 at offices of Morgan and Scott, High st, Car Gelder, Job, and Richard Iredale, Halifax, Bakers. Apr 26 at 11 at dit

offices of Rhodes, Horton st, Halifax Ramshaw, Joseph, Newcastle-upon-Tyge, Licensed Victualler. Apr 23 Gent, James, Tonbridge, Kent, Tailor. Apr 14 at 10.30 at onces of

at 11 at offices of Montgomery, Blackett st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Briggs, Great James st, Bedford row Roberts, James, Tipton, Stafford, Boot Manufacturer. Apr 21 at li at Gibson, John, Chapeltown, near Sheffield, Druggist. Apr 27 at 12 at. offices of Travis, Church lane, Tipton

Cutlers' Hall, Church st, Sheffield, Rodgers and Co, Sheffield Pooth, Joseph William, Chesterfield, Derby, Butcher. Apr 21 at 11 at Gilder, William, Biggleswade, Bedford, Baker. Apr 27 at 3 at Swan offices of Jones and Middleton, Gluman gate, Chesterfield

Hotel, Biggleswade. Conquest and Clarke, Bedford Sanders, Thomas, Wolverhampton, Grocer. Apr 22 at 3 at offices of Gillman, Charles. Park rd, Clapham, Ironmonger. May 5 at 11 at the Rhodes, Queen'st, Wolverhampton

Spread Eagle Hotel, High st, Wandsworth. Jones, High st, Wand s. Short, Tbomas, Altern rd, Peckham, Grocer. Apr 26 at 3 at offices of worth Pass, Queen st, Cheapside

Gittos, Edward, Hasland, Derby, Grocer. Apr 26 at 3 at offices of Jones Sils, Jobo Charles, Middlesborough, York, Tailor. Apr 22 at 3 at and Middleton, Gluman gate, Chesterfield offices of Learoyd and Co, Buxton rd, Huddersfield

Goodwin, William, Percy circus, King's Cross rd, out of business. Smith, William, Coleshill, Warwick, Grocer. Apr 22 at 11 at offices of Apr 22 at 2 at the Midland Ho:el, Derby. Harris, Finsbury Blewitt, Waterloo st, Birmingham

circus Smith, William Miller, Middleton rd, Kingsland rd, Dealer in Tobacco. Gough, Thomas, East Knoyle, Wilts, of no business, Apr 26 at 1 at

nists' Fancy Goods. Apr 20 at 3 at offices of Cooper, Chancery lane the Bath Arms Hotel, Warminster. Robins, Shaftesbury, Smouth, John, Westbury, Salop, Butcher. Apr 21 at il at offices of Greenwood, John, Church Fenton, York, Farmer. Apr 27 at 1 at offees Morris and Sons, Swan hill, Shrewsbury

of Russell, Lendal, York Stanton, William, Ipswich, Nut and Rivet Manufacturer. Apr 24 at 11 Griffiths, Joseph, Wrexham, Denbigh, Chemist, Apr 29 at 2jat the at offices of Vulliamy, Tower st, Ipswich

Feathers Hotel, Clayton sq, Liverpool. Jones, Wrexham

al officeAndrew Nicholast, Manchester: Tobacconist


Garman, Charles William, Southampton, Confectioner. Apr 22 at 3 at 1 White, Robert Gunn, Stockport, Chester, Tobacconist. Apr 26 at 3 at offices of Watts, High st, Southampton

offices of Leigh, Brown st, Manchester Halhday, James, Sedburgh, York, Tailor, Apr 27 at 11 at the Com Williams, Andrew Nicholas, North Shields, Glass Dealer. Apr 26 at 3 mercial Inn, Kendal. Cragg, Sedburgh

al offices of Smith, Camden st, North Shields Harris, Charles Batler, Streatley, Bedford, Clerk in Holy Orders. Williams, George, Southampton, Baker. Apr 22 at 2 at oti ces of

Apr 30 at 3 at the George Hotel, Luton. Benning and Sons, Dun. Watts, High et, Southampton stable

Woolston, Richard, Leicester, Shoe Manufacturer. Apr 28 at 3 st Harrison, Peter, Hen-du-Jlangoed, Beaumaris, Anglesey, Coal Mer offices of Shires, Market st, Leicester

chant. Apr 22 at 3 at offices of Ashton and Woods, Horsemarket st,

Hartley, William Stopford, Birmingham, Picture Dealer. Apr 23 at

10.30 at offices of East, Temple at, Birmingham
Hawley, Thomas, Ryther, York, Blacksmith. Apr 24 at 1 at the

Anti-Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder. Woodman Ion, Ryther, nr Tadcaster. Billing, Leeds Heath, James, Somercotes, Derby, Grocer. Apr 29 at 3 at the Bell Guaranteed Pure Soluble Cocoa of the Finest Quality, with the Hotel, Sadler gate, Derby. Hextall, Derby

excess of fat extracted. Hesketh, John, Blackley, nr Manchester, Farmer. Apr 30 at 4 at The Faculty pronounce it "the most nutritious, perfectly digestible offices of Rowley, Brown st, Manchester

beverage for Breakfast, Luncheon, or Supper, and invaluable for Hindson, Jobn, Liverpool, Licensed Victualler. Apr 26 at 12 Invalids and Children." at offlces of Francis and Collins, Harrington st, Liverpool

Highly commended by the entire Medical Press. Holder, Thomas, Hansworth, Stafford, Builder. Apr 29 at 3 at offices Being without sugar, spice, or other admixture, it suits all palates. o! Saunders and Bradbury, Temple row, Birmingham

keeps better in all climates, and is four times the strength of cocoas Horsman, Henry, Plymouth, Painter. Apr 23 at li at offices of Square, THICKENED yet WEAKENED with starch, &c., and IN REALITY CHRAPER George st, Plymouth

than such Mixtures. Hughes, Jane, Birmingham, School Proprietress Apr 29 at 3 at offices Made instantaneously with boiling water, a teaspoonful to a Break. of Dale and Vachell, Bennett's hill, Biriningham

fast Cup, costing less than a halfpenny. Hugill, William, sen, and William Hugill, jun, Kirkby Moocside, York, COCOATINA A LA VANILLE is the most delicate, digestible, cheapest

Farmers. Apr 27 at 10.30 at offices of Harrison, Kirkby Moorside. Vanilla Chocolate, and may be taken when richer chocolate is proHuntley, Robert, Felling Shore, Durham, Beerhouse Keeper. Apr 29 hibited.

at 11 at offices of Keenlyside and Co, Grainger st West, Newcastle In tin packets at 18, 63., 38., 5s. 6d., &c., by Chemists and Grocers. upon Tyne

Charities on Special Terms by the Sole Proprietors, Jacques, James William, Westhorpe, Leicester, Licensed Victualler.

H. SCHWEITZER & CO., 10, Adam-street, London, W.c. Apr 26 at 12 at offices of Fowler and Co, Grey Friars chambers, Friar

lane, Leicester Jeffries, Henry, Bridgwater, Somerset, Farmer. Apr 29 at 12 at offices

PAINLESS DENTISTRY. of Reed and Cook, King 89, Bridgwater Jenkins, William, Barbourne, Worcester, Builder. Apr 26 at 11 at

offices of Thompson and Taylor, Pierpoint st, Worcester Johnson, Daniel, Kidderminster, Worcester, Baker. Apr 26 at 3 at

MR. G. H. JONES, offices of Thursfield, Swap st, Kidderminster Joynar, George William, Birmingham, out of business. Apr 26 at 2 at

ACRGEOX DENTIST, offices of Burton, Union passage, Birmingham Large, James Francis, Portishead, Somerset, Batcher. Apr 29 at 2 at

57, GREAT RUSSELL-STREET, BLOUMSBURY offices of Clifton and Carter, Broad st, Bristol Leak, Lewis Gower, Hanley, Stafford, ont of business. Apr 22 at 11 at

(Immediately opposite the British Museum), Vine Inn, Stafford. Ashmall, Hanley Lindfeld, John, Slaugham, Sussex, Blacksmith. Apr 29 at 4 at Crown Will be glad to forward his new Pamphlet gratis and post-free, which Hotel, Horebam. Cotching, Horsham

explains the only perfectly painless system of adapting ARTIFICIAL McCarthy, Walter Emilius, Cockspur st, Charing cross, Architect. | TEETH (protected by Her Majesty's Royal Letters Patent), which

May 5 at 2 at King's Arms Hotel, Folkstone. Ashley and Son, I have obtained five Prize Medals, London 1862, Paris

Frederick's pl, Old Jewry
Martin, Charles, Westbury-on-Severn, Gloucester, Miller. Apr 20 at

1867, Philadelphia 1876, Vienna 1873, and New York 12 at offices of Parker, Newnham

1853.-Consultation daily free. Martin, George, St John at rd, Clerkenwell, Fruiterer. Apr 28 at 11 at

offices of Wright and Law, High Holborn McCall, James, Leicester, Draper. Apr 26 at 3 at offices of Wright and

Hincks, Belvoir st, Leicester McQuie, James, Stotiesdon, Salop, Forester. Apr 22 at 2.30 at offices of Miller and Co, Church st, Kidderm inter


MAKERS Midghall, Richard, Preston, Lancaster, Builder. May 5 at 11 at offices

of Thompson and Craven, Lune st, Preston Oates, Robert John, Oriental st, East India rd, Trinity House Pilot.

BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT, Apr 29 at 2 at ofilces of Moss, Gracechurch st

To Her Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the Whole of the Judicial Bench Odam, Henry, Brixham, Devon, Cabinet Maker. Apr 23 at 1 at

Corporation of London, &c.
Rougemont Hotel, Exeter. Curteis, East Stonehouse
Pearman, James. Birmingham, Corn Merchant. Apr 26 at 3 at offices

SOLICITORS' AND REGISTRARS' GOWNS, of Fallows, Cherry st, Birmingham

BARRISTERS' AND QUBEN'S COUNSEL'S DITTO, Purchas, Charles Sompton, Wakefield, Tobacconist. Apr 26 at 3 at offices of Lodge, Park row, Leeds

CORPORATION ROBES UNIVERSITY & CLERGY GOWNS, &C Rayley, George, Pulborough, Sussex, Grocer. Apr 30 at 1 at Swan Hotel, Pulborough. Downer, Petworth

ESTABLISHED 1689, Reddish, Edward, Stowmarket, Suffolk, Bootmaker. May 3 at 12 at offices of Fox, Ipswicht, Stowmarket. Gudgeon

94. CHANCERY LANE, LONDON. Reed, James, Carlisle, Milliper. Apr 24 at 4 at offices of Johnson, Scotch st, Carlisle

To SOLICITORS and OTHERS.-WANTED, Reid, John, Oraven rd, Bayswater, Baker. May 5 at 12 at offices of 1 £6,000 on Mortgage at 5 per cent. on small weekly properties, in

Cbabaler and Co, Coleman st. Scott, Gresham buildings, Basing sums of about £1,000 each. No fees will be paid unlegs the money is hall st Rimmer, Robert, Chesterfield, Derby, Hotel keeper. Apr 26 at 12 at

advanced. --Address, B. 13, at O. H. May & Co.'s General Adfertising oftices of Gration and Marsden, Knifesmith gate, Chesterfield

Offices, 78, Gracechurch-street. Roberts, Edwin, St James rd, Islington, Pawnbroker. Apr 28 at 3 at offices of Nevett, Warwick ct, Gray's inn

TO TRUSTEES.-A Safe Investment for £3,600. Rogers, Robert, Bristol, out of business. Apr 27 at 3 at offices

1 A very snog little farm of 42 acres with good homestead, buildTricks and Co, Nicholas st, Bristol. Jacques, Bristol

ings, &c.- Situate about 7 miles from Exeter and let to a very respectRookes, Henry, Pumpsaint, Llandilo, Carmarthen, Schoolmaster. A

able tenant at a clear annual rent of £130,-Apply, Mr. S. R. BUNI, 24 at 11 at offices of Ratcliff, Bennetts hill, Birmingham

Estate Agent, 78, Cheapside, E.C.
Sbapley, Frederick John, Exeter, Confectioner. Apr 28 at 3.30 at the
Oraven Hotel, Craven st, Strand. Friend, Exeter

M ORTGAGE Investments Required for $20,000;
Silverstone, Michael, Grey Eagle st, Spitalfields, Hat Manufacturer.
Apr 29 at 3 at offices of Podmore and Harte. Moorgate st

1 two sums of £10,000 ; a sum of £3,000 non-invested but which Smitb, Ellen, Birmingham, Undertakea. Apr 22 at 10.30 at offices of

will be released in a few months, and varions smaller amounts Send East, Temple st, Birmingham

particulars to Mr. 8. R. BUNT, Investment Ofice, 78, Cheapside, E.C. • Smith, James, Sedgley, Stafford, Grocer. Apr 27 at 11 at the Saracens Head Hotel, Stone et, Dudley. Tinsley, Dudley

DEVERSIONS and LIFE POLICIES.--The Sale Smith, John Édwin, Bradford, Whitesmith. Apr 23 at 4 at offices of I or Mortgage of these Securities quickly negotiated by Mr. S. R. Baker, Commercial Bank buildings, Bradford

BUNT, 78, Cheapside, E.C. Strachan, James, Llanvetherine, Monmouth, Farmer. Apr 23 at 3 at

offices of Browne, Lion st, Abergavenny Tallady, George, Bury St Edmunds, Boot and Shoe Maker. Apr 29 at

I IFE INTERESTS, ANNUITIES, and REVER. 12 at the Guildhall, Bury St Edmunds. Salmon and Son, Bury St

U SION8, for Sale or Mortgage. -Send particulars to HAZELL & Edmunds

GOLDRING, 32, Theobald’a-road, W.C. Ward, George, Dulwich, Surrey, Builder. Apr 29 at 2 at the Cannon at Hotel, Cannon st. Elmsjie and Co, Leadenhall st

TAW. - PARTNERSHIP, or SUCCESSION, Warner, Thomas Woodcock, Great Dunmow, Essex, Ironmonger. Apr U 29 at 1 at the Auction Mart, Tokenhouse yard.

WANTED, by a Solicitor (age 28), of good social position, who

Blyth, Chelmsford

is a good Conveyancer, thoroughly conversant with general business, in

cluding the working of public appointments, and accustomed to advise Wells, John, St Stephen's rd, Bow, General Dealer. Apr 28 at 12 at offices of Moss, Gracechurch st

a bench of magistrates.-Address, G. R., care of Mr. Walter, Advertising Agent, 4, Bell-yard, Templé Bar,


Solicitors' Journal.




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the fact that the Legal Department Commission, in their report in 1874, recommended that the office of Registrar in Lunacy ought not to be continued on its

present footing. Mr. W. M'Neil Cairns has been LONDON, APRIL 24, 1880. .. appointed to succeed Mr. Whittle as Assistant Regis.

trar of Trade-marks and Assistant Registrar of Designs. CONTENTS. CURRENT Topics:Judges' Chambers .....

.............. ....................... 479 THE MATTER, to which we have before referred, of the The New Registrar in Lunacy .....

.................. 479 The New Rule as 10 Searches in the Bills of Sale Registry ......

provision in the new rules intended to put an end to the Attornment Cluses in Mortgages......

issue of private lists of persons granting bills of sale, Liability of Landlords under Covenants for Quiet Enjoyment....

has this week been the subject of considerable discusThe New Queen's Counsel ........................... ..... LEADER :

sion, and some rather excited and hasty letters on the Some Desiderata in Connection with the New Law Courts ...... 480

subject have appeared in the Times, one correspondent Can the Railway Commissioners order Companies to erect Structural Works? ......

...... 48

(who apparently thought that the Bills of Sale Act, REVIEWS .... ...... .

482 1854, was still in force) describing the effect of the new GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE...


rule as being “ to take from the public the protection of CASES OF THE WEEK :Butters, Ex parte .......

483 registration.” The effect of the new rule is, of course, Saffron Walden Boiiding Society, The, v. Rayner ......... 48+ to give protection to the persons requiring it. Anyone Arnold v. Arnold

484 Rawline, In re.....


about to deal with John Jones will be entitled to ascerMarch v. Martini...

tain whether John Jones has granted any bill of sale. Thompson r. Wilding


This appears to be all that can in reason be required if Hewett v. Man el

485 Automatic Botton Company, In re .......


easy means of search are provided, but the mercantile Christie v. Noble


community will doubtless raise a clamour at being deRayner v. Preston ..........

485 London and Subarban Land and Building Company (Limited),

prived of their Stubbs' or Perry's list. It may be worth The, V. Field .................................."

485 while to consider whether the new system of certificates SOCIETIES..........


of search could not be amended and extended so as to LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL .........

486 OBITUARY........

enable anyone to write to the Bills of Sale Office requestAPPOINTMENTE, ETC......

ing a search in specified name or names and enclosCOMPANIES ....



ing a small fee, and to receive by return of post a NEW ORDERS, &c...


statement of the result of the search. CEEDITORS' CLAIMS ....................................

493 COURT PAPERS ................................................ 494 LONDON GAZ&TTRS, &c., &c. .................................. 496 CASES REPORTED IN TAE WEEKLY REPORTER.

AN INGENIOUS ATTEMPT by tenants to visit the iniquities

of plumbers on the landlord-an attempt which, if sucAllen, In re. Hincks v. Allen (Ch.Div. V.C.M.

............. 583 Corbishley's Trusts, In re (Oh.Div. V.C.H.)........

cessful, would have opened up a vast vista of litigation

................. 536 Dicks y. Brooks (App.) .......


was defeated last week in the Court of Appeal. In a case Eceleshill Local Board, In re (CI

536 Emmins v. Bradford, Johnson v. Emmins (ch.Div.M.R.) .....

of Anderson v. Oppenheimer the plaintiffs sued for breach

... 531 Evelyn v. Evrlyn (Ch.Div. V.C.M) .....

of a covenant for quiet enjoyment contained in the Foulkes v. The Metropolitan District Railway Company | App.) .. 526 Gledhill v. Hunter (Ch.Div, M.R)

lease of their house, the interruption of quiet enjoy

530 Hawkins (deceased), In re. Hau kins v. Hawkins (App.) ........ 526

ment alleged being the bursting of water-pipes which Lucas v. Dicker (C.P.Div.) ..........


| had been fixed in the house before the commencement Platt v, Platt (Ch.D.v. V.O.M.)......


of the lease. The plaintiffs' contention, in effect, came to Queen, The, v. Cumpton (C.O.R.) ...

539 Ryan, In re (Ch.Div. M.R.)


this, that whenever the water-pipes in a house burst, the landlord was liable under the covenant for quiet enjoy

ment-a result which would render the domestic calami. CURRENT TOPICS.

ties attendant on a season of frost more supportable

tban they are at present. The weak point in the conTHE REMOVAL of judges chambers was effected on tention was, of course, that, although there had been an Monday last, and the advantages of the increased ac interruption of quiet enjoyment, it had not been commodation afforded, and the improved arrangements occasioned by any act or omission of the lessor since for keeping order, have been generally appreciated.

the commencement of the lease ; and the court bad not The two halls set apart on the ground and first floors of much difficulty in coming to a decision against the the new building for the meeting of solicitors are spacious tenants. and airy, and afford a pleasant contrast to the "bear gardens” at Serjeant's-inn, The decorations of the

THE VIEW we have always taken of the perplexing debar-room are now complete, and the learned judge at

cision of the Court of Appeal in In re Williams (26

rision chambers is provided with accommodation suited to his

W. R. 274) as to the circumstances under which an dignity.

attornment clause in a mortgage would be held to be a

| fraud on the bankruptcy law, and, therefore, invalid, was THE REGISTRAR IN LUNACY has to fulfil, with regard to confirmed by the subsequent decision of the court in In lunacy matters, similar functions to those performed by re Stockton Iron Furnace Company (27 W. R. 433), the Chancery Registrars with regard to chancery business, where Lord Justice Bramwell said that the intention and and, in addition, acts as secretary to the Lord Chancellor object of the arrangement in In re Williams was to in matters connected with the jurisdiction in lunacy. His commit a fraud on the bankruptcy law, since, practically, salary is £1,000 a year, and he has hitherto been allowed the effect of the provisions of the mortgage in that case to engage in private practice. For the post of Chancery was that the attornment clause should come into opera. Registrar a preliminary training in the office, frequently |tion only in the event of bankruptcy. But it will be extending over twenty years, is considered requisite; to remembered that Lord Justice James and the Master of the post of Lunacy Registrar the Lord Chancellor has just the Rolls, in the Stockton case, stated or implied that appointed & gentleman who has hitherto been Assistant the reservation of a rent very much above the value of Registrar of Trade-marks and Assistant Registrar of the property might show that the attornment clause Designs, and who was cailed to the bar on January 26, / was, as Lord Justice James put it, “only part of a 1878. Mr. Lowry Whittle is, we believe, a gentleman device which would enable the mortgagee to obtain, in of great ability, but we can hardly congratulate the the event of the mortgagor's bankruptcy, something profession upon the appointment, having regard to which he would not otherwise obtain," and that in such


a case the principle of In re Williams would apply. We of absorbed interest when something is going on pointed out at the time that this could hardly be sup which they cannot, by any possibility, understand, ported, for as A matter of fact the attornment clause such as an argument about the true construction of a was in all cases such à device, since no actual charter-party. One theory which may account for this is tenancy was ever intended to be eated. We observe that this apparent interest is the sult of a half-latent that the Chief Judge has, in the recent case of Ex consciousness that they have no business to be there at parte the Bank of Whitehaven, In re Bowes (28 W. R. all, and an attempt to assume au appearance which may 523), distinctly discarded the excessive amount of rent belie that consciousness. It is not within our sphere to reserved as a test of whether an attornment clause is a portray the absurd or semi-pathetic characteristics of fraud on the bankruptcy law. He says that in In re the frequenters of courts of justice, but we should wish, Stockton Iron Furnace Company “ the amount of rent as far as possible, to raise our testimony (though not with is passed over cursorily. No stress whatever was laid on very sanguine hopes) in favour of some attempt, if it. No such proposition as is now contended for could possible, to remedy existing evils. The class of people be drawn from that case-namely, that the test is who, under the present system, have the free run of the whether the rent reserved is a fair rent or not. I do not courts can afford no safeguard against a corrupt or think that any such thing is decided in either of the partial administration of justice, and they do seriously cases. The monstrous amount in Williams' case struck interfere with the convenience, and increase the danger the Lords Justices very forcibly, and was one of the to the health, of those who are obliged, on matters of elements from which they drew their conclusion. In business, to frequent courts of justice. the other case no stress seems to have been laid upon the We believe it was proposed, when the plans of the New amount, nor is there any case that I know of where it Law Courts were before the public, that their construchas been held that the question whether the rent is a tion should be such as to discourage the mere idler who fair rent or not affects the validity of the deed.” And frequented courts of justice from such motives as those the learned judge adds that no disapprobation is ex we have alluded to. Of course, his position might easily pressed by the Lords Justices in either of the cases before be rendered as uncomfortable as possible. He might be them "against the extensive use of the attornment only allowed admission to distant galleries, from which clause, unless you can find, looking at the whole trans little could be heard, and which should be swept by fierce action, that it is a fraud on the bankruptcy law." draughts. It might be so arranged that there should be

as much going up and down stairs of a steep and

tortuous character as possible before he could arrive at YET ONE MORE LEARNED GENTLEMAN has received the

the place allotted to him. How far such excessive honour of silk-Mr. Edward Macnaghten, M.P., of the

stringency towards him might be thought practicable or equity bar, who was called to the bar in Hilary Term,

consistent with the British Constitution may perhaps be 1857.

doubtful, but at any rate the arrangements should not give undue facility for his gadding about from court to

court, like a bee seeking honey, or, to use a simile which SOME DESIDERATA IN CONNECTION WITH Ay seeking carrion ; and certainly he should have a place

we are afraid would be often more appropriate, like a THE NEW LAW COURTS.

quite apart from that allotted to those who really have THERE are certain unpleasant peculiarities generally con business to do. The number of these latter is really nected with courts of justice. The connection does not quite sufficient to ensure the due and necessary publicity however, in all cases, seem absolutely necessary in the to the administration of justice so

as to prevent nature of things, and the approach of the period at which corruption or partiality. the New Law Courts will be ready for use naturally We are disposed to think, however - we must suggests to the mind a faint hope that, a new point of de- confess reluctantly, having regard to the sort of parture being thus taken, some slighteffort may be made to people who most frequent courts of justice as modify these unpleasant features for the future. The spectators, the idleness of their motives, and the present courts at Westminster, and in fact one may annoyances they cause that, in a free country, 20 safely say most of the buildings at present used for the opportunity ought to be given to persons who wish to see administration of justice, are scandalously ill contrived the administration of justice to be able to do so, and and insufficient for the purposes for which they are re there is great difficulty in separating the class of persons quired. The accommodation for the various classes of who wish to do so from respectable motives from the persons whose duty calls upon them to attend courts of mere idlers and those who use courts of justice merely as justice is miserable. Jurymen in waiting, witnesses, bar. shelters. One may often see respectable country people risters' clerks and solicitors' clerks have none of them any who come obviously from a desire to see, with their special accommodation provided for them. They all have bodily eyes, one of the institutions of the land, and who to hang about the passages or in the court itself, over- inquire of junior counsel of accessible demeanour, in an crowding the place, and vitiating the atmosphere. awe-stricken whisper, the names of the judges. Such a

Again, it is a necessary feature of the administration desire is legitimate, though troublesome, and we think of justice in this country that courts of justice should there is a certain amount of political good worked by its be open to the public. Practically, of course, the gratification. These are not the class of persons who persons who go to courts of justice are chiefly either como and sit in a torpid state for hours, creating effluvia, idlers who go there to kill time in the hope of some or who flock with open mouths and staring eyes to amusement, or who are attracted by some unusually hear some case of a prurient character. interesting trial; or too often they are merely a wretched most earnestly there were some means of separating out-at-elbows kind of persons, who make the court s these classes from one another. sitting-room in wet or cold weather, having no other discretion of the ordinary policeman is hardly equal place of resort. This last class, whose garments are to the task of discriminating between them, and in the generally frowsy, especially when their frowsiness is nature of things there will be persons on the borderaggravated in wet weather by the

warmth of the court land between the two classes. At any rate, in the new acting upon them in a moist state, tend largely to in- courts it is to be expected that proper waiting-rooms will crease the disagreeable odour which is produced to some extent in all over-crowded places. The ways and attendance. It should likewise be the duty of policemen

be provided for witnesses, jurymen, and others in manners of these unfortunate but undesirable waifs and strays have been frequently commented on by humor them about as they are wanted. It adds to the bustle

or other persons in attendance to summon and marshal ous writers in descriptions of courts of justice. One and confusion greatly to have jurymen and witnesses peculiarity exhibited by some of them is an appearance unfamiliar with the place hanging about unable to find.

We wish

But we fear the

out when and where they are wanted. The advantages commissioners was ultrà vires. Lush, J., dissented from of providing special places for these different classes of the judgment of the majority. persons where they may be found, and whence they may Two sorts of considerations arise as grounds for & be summoned when required, would then become obvious. conclusion in this case. One, the sort of considerations

While we are upon these topics there are certain arising from the convenience of the thing and the con. mysteries connected with the courts at Westminster we sequences of a decision either way; the other sort arising should like to see solved. There are certain dark and from analysis of the words used by the statute in the mysterious dens in which consultations take place, for enactment itself and the context. The judgments of all the use of which pecuniary considerations are paid by the the judges deal very minutely with the expressions of parties. Whether these fees are perquisites of some the statute as bearing upon the question whether the under-official, or whether they are accounted for to the wider or narrower construction should be given to the State, the system seems to us objectionable. If they go word facilities,” but your space will not allow me to some official, it seems to us an abuse; if they go to the to do justice by way of summary to these conState it seems to us that such charges ought to be in siderations, and I must confess that the argument included in the court fees. Rooms are provided in con either way, so far as it is based upon them, seems to me nection with the assize courts in places like Leeds and to be rather fine, and not very satisfactory considerManchester for consultations for which we believe no { ing the largeness of the interests at stake. I do not special charge is made. We do hope that this kind of hole- see my way very clearly to any very strong opinion arising and-corner abuse will not be perpetuated in the New from the context of the statute, a fact which seems to Law Courts. Again, some system should be established | me of itself to tell rather in favour of the company. by which cheap and good refreshments should be pro. Of course, if from any other provision of the statute vided within the building. It ought not to be made it appeared by necessary inference that “facilities” in the perquisite of some under-official's relations to supply section 2 must include structural works, the question them. A monopoly-which is a perquisite of that sort would be easily soluble, but that it does not so appear gives rise to obvious mischief. A good firm ought to is pretty well shown by the difference of opinion in the receive a concession dependent upon their givivg satis court. I am rather disposed to think, notwithstandfaction.

ing the fact that very long arguments may be spun We have pointed out a few matters which seem to | out of the other provisions of the statute, that the us to call for alteration. The only mode of getting question comes back to this, What is the reasonable these things altered is by agitating on the subject. construction of the word “ facilities,'' having regard to Unless a new system is enforced when the New Law Courts the subject-matter and the previous history of legisopen, the old traditions will establish themselves, petty lation thereon ? vested interests will soon spring up, and all hope of any I entertain a very strong opinion that the conclualteration will be lost.

sion of the majority of the court is the sounder conclusion, though I am very far from denying that the other is a very possible conclusion. The word “ facilities" is

unquestionably ambiguous. Etymologically it would CAN THE RAILWAY COMMISSIONERS ORDER certainly include structural works. A structural work

COMPANIES TO ERECT STRUCTURAL which is useful for the traffic is a facility for the traffic. IVORKS?

But it is a matter of every-day expression that in con. [COMMUNICATED.]

struing language you must limit the generality of words

employed by reference to the subject-matter. It should The recently-decided case of the South-Eastern Rail be remembered that the question is not exactly what way Company v. The Railway Commissioners (L. R. / powers there ought to be of interfering with railway 5 Q. B. D. 217) is one of really transcendent / management in the interests of the public, but what importance to railway companies. The question was | powers there are. If it can be shown that the balance whether the Railway Commissioners have power to order

of tbe considerations derived from convenience and a railway company to erect structural works such as justice is not in favour of giving the Railway Commisnew stations, or enlargements of existing stations, for the sioners these sweeping powers, then there is a strong purpose of affording additional conveniences to the

argument against construing the words of the statute public when the traffic may require it. The section in their favour ; but the converse does not hold good. upon which this question turns is the 2nd section of the

It may be that the commissioners ought to have these Railway and Canal Traffic Act (17 & 18 Vict. c. 31), powers; and yet, giving the sounder legal construction which enacts as follows :-"Every railway company, to the words of the statute, they may not have them. canal company, and railway and canal company, shall, Another very important point to remember is that the according to their respective powers, afford all reasonable powers were not given to the Railway Commissioners in the facilities for the receiving or forwarding and delivering first instance. They were given to one of the common of traffic upon and from the several railways and law courts, and subsequently transferred to the Railway canals belonging to or worked by such companies Commissioners. It may well be that if the provisions respectively, and for the return of carriages, trucks, had been contained in an Act whereby the Legislature boats, and other vehicles.” The section then pro were creating & body containing other than legal ceeds to enact certain provisions directed against membe s to act as a sort of tribunal of arbitration to undue preference to particular persons or descrip. say what, as between the public and the Railway Com. tions of traffic, and with regard to giving facili. missioners, ought to be done, these provisions would ties for through traffic. The question is really bear a somewhat different complexion. But could it be a very short one, though the considerations involved intended to give to an ordinary court of law such a function are of such moment. It is simply whether “ facilities" as the power to interfere with the management of includes structural works, 80 that it is made a duty all railways in the kingdom so far as their structural enforcible by the public as against the railway company works were concerned ? I must confess that this to provide such works. The Railway Commissioners had argument seems to me of almost overwhelming force in advised the company to enlarge their station at the town favour of the conclusion at which the majority of the of Hastings, and to provide a better booking-office, court arrived. waiting-room, refreshment-room, and general accom. | I am disposed to think that if the history of modation therein; to lengthen and deepen the existing | this legislation were looked at it would be found platforms, and to provide additional platforms, and to that the mischief intended to be corrected was do a variety of other things of a similar nature. Cock- the working of the existing works of railways so burn, C.J., and Manisty, J., held that the order of the l as to unduly prefer certain persons or classes

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