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innumerable ramifications, we have all from time to time to but also for your professional usefaloess, that you confess our ignorance. The oldest and ablest practitioner should continue your general education. It is impossible amongst us will not hesitate to confirm me when I say that a for me, in the brief space at my disposal, to go adequately week seldom passes in which be has not occasion to refer to into this subjeot of general education, but I may just allade that which is outside of his own knowledge. Besides, in dealing to the acquisition of forei la uages. From any bigh with the law, we have at times to deal with an uncertain, at educational standpoint they ocoapy a very low position. times with an unknown quantity. Complications arise which they are not properly education, in any advanced sense, have never before presented themselves ; questions are asked any more than reading, writing, and ciphering are educa. opon special or out-of-the-way subjects, and authorities tion. They are simply the tools by the age of which you have to be consulted; inferences have to be drawn; may become educated. Bat, from a professional point of you have to argue from the known to the unknown; or you view, they are very valuable. Now-a-days there is no branch have to acquire knowledge which you did not previously of knowledge which will come amiss to a solicitor. It possess. If you do not anderstand a thing, say so, and ask is quite impossible to lay your finger upon any subject about it. This is one of the great advantages of intelligent with which, sooner or later, some member of our profession instruction. The teacher ie, as I have said, a living book. will not have to deal. And with the immense extension of You can explain the difficulties you have met with in your commerce, and the vast increase in the means of locoreading to him ; can tell him the points wbich he has not motion, every day new fields of practice are opened out. made clear to you; and oan have your difficulties and your Mines in Spain ; villas in Switzerland ; railways in Sicily; ignorance removed.

estates in America; islands in the Southern Pacific ; mineral I bave dwelt rather fully apon this, for it is a point of concessions in France ; forests in Sweden ; orchards in the great importance. I have seen a number of students sit Lebanon ; vineyards in Hungary ; fisheries in Norway; through a lecture as though all that was said was plain to all of these bave actually been dealt with by firms of solici. them, until some one ventared to put a question and so tors in Newcastle within the past ten years. You will find elicit explanations for which all were thankfal.

the time and labour spent in the acquisition of foreign lanAgain, let me strongly advise you to be most anxious in guages a profitable investment. And far beyond any your study of the law, to become acquainted with the great pecuniary benefit is the power you thus acquire of entering principles upon which all law is founded. Mere practice into sympathy with people other than your own-of conmust, of course, be learned, but it is best learned in the prac. versing with the great minds of many lands. “So many lan. tical work of the office. The details of the law must also be guages as a man knows, so often is he a man." learned, but they should always be learned in immediate

I need not enlarge upon the relaxation which is afforded connection with the principles from which they spring. It

to men, whose employment is an intellectual and a harassis not the point itself ; it is its why and wherefore which is ing one, by pursuits which are outside the scope of their daily of the most importance to you ; for all true law must be occupations. It is of the greatest value to us all to have some founded upon abiding principles. The true method of hobby in which we can profitably occupy that leisure time, applying those principles may not always be understood in the which becomes increasingly small as the years roll on. And in same way; mistakes in their application may be and are

such pursuits there is great reward, as well as the truest remade, but the principles are fixed and immutable. Practice, laxation. There is no branch of human learoing in which the as I have already pointed out, is constantly changing ; change patient humble worker cannot be of actual use to his fellow. is one of its natural incidents; but a principle once thoroughly men. In all alike there will ever be good honest work to be mastered is your servant for life.

done by those who are ready aod willing to undertake it. When Lonis Napoleon was Emperor of the French he sent

There is no need to have all work and no play. Most of us over commissioners to examine into the state of our public do not play nearly enough, but still more of us neglect the schools. They reported, amongst other things, that in the great opportunities which present themselves for useful highest form at Eton, all the youths were able to repeat work outside our professional labours—work in which whole books of Euclid by heart, but that they found scarcely minds trained and disciplined as those of lawyers should one who could work the simplest exercise upon the earliest be—may be of peouliar value. problems. The man who reads cases, and learns points, For, gentlemen, you are not merely to be lawyers, you without acquainting himself with the principles from which

are to be members of that mighty organization, the State, they spring and upon wbich they depend, is in the position and to the State, from which he receives everything, each of the youths who were the admiration of the French Com man owes the best which he can give. missioners.

One word more and I have done. You are learning If I were to combine the two points I have mentioned, now in order that you may become members of & the thoroughness and the grasp of priociples, and to educe great and important profession. You are to be the repositwo other practical pieces of advice from them, I should say tories of secrets, the healers or makers of feads, the ad

come to your conclusions slowly,” and “aim at taking visers of your fellow-men for good or for evil. Look apon broad and comprebepsive views.”

your profession as a sacred trust, not simply as a money. Come to your conclusions slowly." Have all the facts making machine ; upon your professional brathren as your before you first. Look all round the matters you have to friends, not as your rivals. Do not for a moment imagine advise upon before you speak. Do not jamp to con that the best lawyer is he who can practise the most dodges, clusions. Take nothing for granted. Think before you and can most skilfully over-reach his fellow-practitioners. speak, and the more you think and the less you speak the Ours ought to be, must be, is, a truly honourable profession. better.

It will be yours in time to come to uphold its honour. I “Aim at taking broad and comprehensive views." This will be yours to preserve that high standard which has here, is a life-long straggle with most solicitors who attend to it in my humble opinion, been so long maintained. It will at all. Our practice, our professional success, are opposed be yours in loyalty to this society, which is doing what is to it. We have to learn intense concentration of mind, but can to help you, to support it and to extend its usefulness. we have also to learn how to concentrate the mind upon one It will be yours to keep up that warm, friendly, honourable thing after another with the greatest rapidity. After a busy feeling which has ever existed amongst the practitioners day, a solicitor's mind is not unlike å kaleidoscope. He here, and which has so greatly contributed to the welfare, not 'has taken one thing after another into it all day long, only of the members of our profession, but also of those casting each away when done with ; and at the end it is filled who place their confidence in us, and intrust their dearest with a mass of dimly-remembered subjects which cannot interests to our keeping. I can imagine no calling more be quite cleared away, but which unfit it for everything truly honourable than that of a solicitor rightly fulfilled. else. But the most important matters he is consulted upon | We hear from time to time much talk about the status of require broader treatment, and he flies to counsel for that our profession. That status must and ought to depend upon which Nature gave him also, but art has destroyed. Happy the true, honest, upright conduct of its members. the man who can retain this invaluable faculty of breadth of solicitor must believe in duty ; he must understand selfview whilst he also obtains the power of the rapid and fre- sacrifice; he must be one who sweareth to his own hart, quent change of mental objects.

when occasion requires it, and altereth not. In this moreBut you must not imagine that, when you have passed ment to give you better opportunities than we ourselves the preliminary examination, your general education is enjoyed to become fitted for the proper exercise of the high complete and your technical education alone remains. It and important functions to which, in due time, you will be 8 of mach importance, not only for your own happiness, called, you have the warmest and truest sympathy of us all.

Young men, the honour and welfare of our profession will | SYKES, EDWARD SWIFT, Llandudno, Carnarvon, Grocer. May 15

Minshalls and Co, Llandudno be committed, in a manner, to your charge. See to it, that

TEASDALE, COTABERT, Prince of Wales rd, Kentish Town, Gent.. you prove yourselves worthy of your vocation.

April 30. Flux and Leadbitter, Leadenhall st
UNWIN, SARAH, Nelson sq, Blackfriars rd. May 3. Cramp and Song

WARD, Lewis, Liverpool, Esq. May 15. Young and Co, St Mildred's

crt, Pouliry
Creditors' Claims.

WILD, JAMES, Pond st, Hampstead, Builder. May 12. Meynell,
Castle-street, Holborn


Oliver and Sons, Lincolp's-inn COPLAND, MAXWELL, Liverpool, Draper. Apr 27. Copland v Copland,

BULL, HENRIETTA, Larkhall, Bath. May 5. Stone and Co, Bath M.R. France, Wigan

COOKE, MARGA BET, Wood Ditton, Cambridge. May I. Fenn, New

Innkeeper. LLEWELLIN, John, Saundersfoot, Pembroke.

market May 1

DUNGEB, HENRY, Colney Hatch, Gent. July 1. Carew, Southampton Llewellin Colling, M.R. Lock, Tenby MACHO, JOHN HENRY, Tulse Hill, Esq. Apr 30. Florence v Florence,

st, Bloomsbury

GARTON, MARY, Hornsea, York. May 1. Eldridge and Stephenson, V.O. Hall. Turner and Low, King st, Cheapside

ROBERTS, GEORGE, Oxford st, Ladies' Outfitter. May 1. Roberts v
Roberts, V.C. Malins. Morgan, Somerset st, Portman sq

GILLETT, WILLIAM, Bishopsworth, Somerset, Farmer. May 3. Tucker,

Yatton [Gasette, Mar. 30.)

GODFREY, JOHN, Assington, Suffolk, Farmer. April 28. Andrewes LAKER, MARY ANN, Billinghurst, Innkeeper. Apr 30. Laker v Laker' and Co, Sudbury V.C. Hall. Child and Son, South sg, Gray'g inn

HANMAN, ELIZABETH, Gloucester. April 14. Haines, Gloucester MINTER, DAVID, Forest Gate, Grocer. Apr 30. Batten v Minter, V.C. HIGHAM, GBORGE, Kingston-upon-Höll, Builder. May 1, Rollit and Melins. Steele, College hill

Sons, Kingston-upon-Hull STONE, JULIA MATILDA, Radipole, Weymouth. Apr 24. Stone v Stone, MABLAND, ELIZABETH, Cheetham, Manchester. May 15. Marlow, V.O. Malins. Walters, New sq, Lincoln's inn


[Gasette, Apr. 2.] ROBERTSON, Robert, Bishop's rd, Paddington, Cheesemonger. LEACROFT, EDWARD, Southwell, Notts, Esq. Apr 30. Leacroft v

May 5. Carter and Bell, Eastcheap Harward, V.C. Hall. Leech and Co, Derby

SAVILL, SAMUEL WEBB, Boleyns, Essex, Esq. May 12. Holmes,, [Gazette, Apr. 6.]

SHELLY, EDWARD HENRY, Leamington, Warwick, Gent. May 15..

Bland, Nuneaton
CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25. SHELLY, ELIZA ANN, Leamington, Warwick. May 15. Bland, Nun-


SPENCER, Thomas, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicester, Butcher. May l. BENNETT, ABSALOM, Penzance, Gent. May 1. Trythall, Penzance

Fisher and Co, Ashoy-de-la-Zouch BOND, ROBERT, Thornton-io-Craven, York, Farmer. May 1. Bantot

STERICKER, FREDERICK, Fenchurch-st, Tea Dealer. May I. Van. and Son, Selby

Sandau and Cumming, King st, Cheapside CARTER, GEORGE JAMES, Vanston pl, Walbam Groon, Gent. May 1. STUBBS, JAMEB, Aldershot, Southampton, Coach Builder. April 20. Arnold and Co, Carey st, Lincoln's-ion

Price, Walbrook COATES, CHARLES HENRY, Manchester, Stock and Share Broker. TEASDALE, CUTABERT, Prince of Wales' rd, Kentish Town, Gent April 30. Heywood and Son, Manchester

April 30. Flux and Lead bitter, Leadenhall 8! DALTON, JAMES, Great Grimsby, Publican. April 20. Haddelsey and THWAITE, JOHN, Thoralby, York, Farmer. April 30. Hammond, Haddelsey, Great Grimsby

West Burton FRANCE, GEORGE JOHNSON, Duke st, Manchester sq, Picture Dealer.

[Gazette, April 2.) May 4. Burgoyne and Oo, Oxford st GOUDER, MARY, Rabbato della Citta Notabile, Malta. April 22. Simp | CHATBURN, MABY CLARISSA, West Halton, Lincoln. June 24. Alderson. son and North, Liverpool

and Co, Eckington, GRIERSON, Sir ALEXANDER WILLIAM, Southses, Hants, Bart. Jane 1. DAVIES, Mary, Kearsley st, Stoke Newington. May 15. Gowing and Hellard and Son, Portsmouth

Co, Moorgate Station bldgs, Finsbury-pavement HALLIDAY, ABRAHAM SMITHSON, Halifax, Brewer. June 1, Emmet DREW, Rev. GEORGE Smith, Trinity Church, Lambeth. May 15. Pyke and Walker, Halifax

and Parrott, Lincoln's-inn-fields HIGGS, JOAN, Chipping Sodbury, Gloucester, Yeoman. May 8. Trenbeld, Chipping Sodbary

, JOHN, Dinsdale, Durham, Gent. May 13. Kidson and Co,

Sunderland JOHNSON, WILLIAM, Cawthorne, York, Farmer. Jane 1. Marshal' GBESWC LDE-WILLIAMS, LOUISA, Rock Ferry, Chester. May 1. Simpo spd Ownsworth, Barnsley

son and North, Liverpool JONES, SLANEY, Sarbiton, Surrey, Grocer. April 30. Bell, Kingston. HAMILTON, AUGUSTUS TERRICK, Belgrave-mansions, Pimlico, a Capa. on-Thames

tain in Her Majesty's 71st Light Infantry. April 30. Williams and LONGMAN, HENRY, Boston st, Dorset sq, Corn Merchrnt. May 23. Co, Lincoln's-inn-fields Campbell and Co, Warwick st, Regent st

HASLER, JONATBAN, Deptford, Kent, Cowkeeper. May 17. Marchant MEYER, METEB, Linden gardens, Kensington, Esq. May 31. Phelps and Purvis, George-yard, Lombard st and Co, Gresham st

HAYTON, GEORGE, Natebs, Westmoreland. Mag 3. Preston, Kirkby MILLS, RICHARD, St Paul's rd, Camden sq, Shipwright. May 15. Carr, Stephen and Oo, Rood lane

Hunr, ORLANDO Vann, Leicester, Gent. June 1. Harris, LeicesPARLETT, JOHN, Petere field, Southampton, Manager of the London and ter County Bank. May 15. Parlett, Chancery lane

MOORUOUSE, JAMES, Forest of Rogsendale, Lancaster, Cotton ManuPARRY, ROBERT, Liverpool, Colliery Proprietor. April 28. Wright facturer. May 6. Parker, Manchester and Co, Liverpool

O'BRIEN, HANORAH, Wiesbaden, Germany. May 9. Kenny, POOL, FANNY MARIA, Harlow, Essex. May 1. Alfred Pool, Staly Limerick bridge

PARKER, DAVID, Wanstead, Essex, Gent. May 1, Van Sandau and SCOTT, The Most Noble WILLIAM JOAN CAVEND18H BENTINCK, Cumming, King st, Cheapside

Duke of Portland, Cavendish-square. May 20. Baileys and Co Parson, Rev. Richard, Hasle mere, Sarrey, Clerk in Holy Orders.. Berners-st

May 6. Hellard and Son, Portsmouth POTTS, JOHN, Loughborough, Leicester, Labourer. May 7. Deane PHEAR, HENRY CARLYOX, New eq, Lincoln's-ion, Barrister-at-Law.. god Hands, Loughborough

June 1. Johnson and Co, Austin Friars RAIMES, ROBERT, Seaton st, Chelsea, Bailder. May 4. Emmott, PULLEN, HENRY, Horley, Surrey Farmer. May 18. Merrick Head, Budge row, Canpon st

Reigate RIMMER, NICHOLAS, Southport, Lancaster, Cab Proprietor. May 1. RICE, FRANCIS, Shirley, Southampton. May 15. Newman, SouthThrelfall, Southport

ampton SOPWITH, HENRY LINDAELL, Tunbridge Wells, Surgeon. May 26. SEAGER, HENRY, Gracechurch st, Timber Merchant. Jane 1. ParsonsBurton, Tunbridge Wells

and Lee, Abchurch House, Sherborne-lane SPOOR, JAMES, Northampton, Tailor. May 1. Middleton, Dun TURNER, SAYERS, Colchester, Essex, Gent. May 19. Turner and Co, stable

Oolchester WILKINSON, JOSEPH, Queensbury, Halifax, Yeoman. Juce 1. Emmet TYNDALL, WILLIAM, Liverpool, Gent. May 15. Tyndall and Paxton,and Walker, Halifax

North John st

[Gasette, Mar. 26.) VIQNE, EMMA, Waterloo-crescent, Dover. June 1. Johnson and Co, Browx, DAVID, Chesterfield, Derby, Draper. May 29. Bunting, Ches. Austin Friars terfield

[Gazette, April 6.) CORNISH, SIMEON, Waterloo rd, Licensed Victualler. May 10, Stileman and Neate, Southampton st, Bloomsbury og

Aston, Ann, Drayton terrace, Brompton. May 12. Rye and Eyre, CRAUFORD, ROBERT, GE Malvern, Worcester, Esq.

Withall Golden sg and Compton, Gt George st, Westminster

BAILEY, WILLIAM, Kirk Langley, Derby, Gent. June 24. Hextall, DALE, JOSEPH LANGHAM, Furnival's-ion, Holborn, Solicitor. May 1, Derby Hales, Chancery-lano

BANKABAD, WILLIAM JOHN COLDBAM, Maldon, Essex, Gent. Jude 3. DAL I, JANE, Erskine-street, Liverpool. April 20. Lynch and Teebay Digby and Evans, Maldon Liverpool

BARTON, THOMAS, Chorley, Lancaster, Cotton Spinner. June 24. ECCLESTON, Joan, Birmingham, Fishmonger. July 1. Cottrell and Weston and Co, Manchester Son, Birmingham

BATES, JOSIAH, Throgmorton st, Stock and Share Broker, June l.. FRESHWATER, RICHARD BLOFIELD, Kingsgate-street, High Holborn, Radcliffe and Co, Craven st, Charing Cross Dairyman, May 6. Easton, Clifford's-ion

BRACE, JOHN, Lighfield, Solicitor. May 31. Birch, Lichfield PEARYAN, JAMES, Reading. April 20. Buckland, Kingston-on. BROOKE, SAMUEL, Northgate, Cleckheaton, York, Mechanic. May 19. Thames

Clough, Oleckheaton SMITH, John HOOPER, Lindfield, Sussex, Gent. May 10. Nye, Brigh- BURNABY Rev. FREDERIC GEORGE, Nursling, Southampton, Clerk ic ton

Holy Orders. Jono 1. Mee and Co, East Retford

CARTWRIGHT, RICHARD, Hampton Wick. June 1. Shorrard, Lincoln's CP 92 Steward (Allen and Son) v Earl Lonsdale (Ellis and Ellis) inn-fields

postponed, SJ CAUGHT, GILBERT, Ramsgate, Kent, Esq. July 6. Daniel, Rams. Ex 93 Crowe (Hardwick and J) v Thornton and ors (Mullens and gate

B), SJ CORRIE, JAMES JOHNSTONE, Leeds, Surgeon. June 15. Rider, Leeds Ex 94 Milsom (T Bordman) v L. and N. Westem Ry. Co. (RF COUSENS, ELI, Witley, Surrey, Gent. June 1. Mellersh, Godal

Roberts), SJ ming

Ex 95 Llewellyn ( White and Sons) v Strangward (Sanders, H DAVIS, SAMUEL, Yardley, Worcester, Farmer. May 5. Simcox, Bir

and B), SJ mingham

Ex 96 Pearson (W Eley) v Vincent (JV Musgrave), postponed SJ DIVES, Thomas, Lavender Sweep, Battersea, Esq. May 20. Ford OP 97 Milner (E S Cavell) v Labouchere (Lewis and Lewis) SJ ard Co, Bloomsbury sq

Q B 98 Capitals and Counties Bank (Nash and F) v Henty and Sons EDWARDS, JANE, Newquay, Cornwall. May 29. Smith and Paul,

(Robinson, Preston and S), SJ Truro

Q B 99 Schofield (F Fearon) v Giles (A H Miller)
ELLIOTT, THOMAS FREDERICK, Onslow sq, Brompton. May 15. Ranken
Ford, South sq, Gray's-inn

CP 100 Finlay (F L Soames) v Williams and Hagen (Wontner and GELDARD, MARIA, Élm-cottage, Teddington. May 6. „Kages and

Sons) SJ

OP 101 English, trustee, &c. (R Davies) v Allen (G and W Webb), Jones, New-ind, Strand

com, SJ GREGSON, JOHN, Tadcaster, York, Esq. May 15. Lake and Co, New

QB 102 Cullwick (N Gedge) v Palmer and anr (FW Denny) sq, Lincoln's-inn HIGGING, GEORGE HENRY, Windsor-place, Okty rd, Mould Maker. Ex 103 Bass and Co (R H Wilkin) v Horne (Hurford and T) May 24. Mills and Oo, Brunswick pl

Q B 104 Rice (Lewis and L) v East and West India Dock Co. (Fresh HOFPAY, ERNEST AFFRED, Blackheath Park, Kent, Esq. May 10.

fields and W), stayed SJ Gcare and Sons, Lincoln's-inn-fields

Q B 105 Field, John (Ú J Jennings) v Great Western Ry Co (RB HUNT, EDWIN, Colville rd, Bayswater, Artist. May l. Hunt and Co,

Nelson) Pembridge villas, Bayswater

Q B 106 Field, Honry (Same) v Same (Same) HUGGON, WILLIAM, Leeds, Analytical Chemist. June 15. Rider, OB 107 Field. senr and Wife (Same) Samé (game) Leeds

Q B 108 Field, junr and Wife (Same) v Same (Same) HUXLEY, JOHN EARLE, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Esq. May 6. Kays QB 109 Field, by next Friend and T Field (Same) v Same (Same)

and Jones, New inn, Strand JAMES, HENRY CHARLES, Austin Friars, Brck Jane 1. Johnson

QB 110 The Nitro-Phosphate and Odams Chemical Manure Co !"

(Kingsford and Co) v Roberts (Williamson, H and Co) and Co, Austin Friars KINGSTON, SARAH, Bath. June 1. Finch


stayed SJ

QB 111 Richardson (Bird, M and R) v Oldham and Caming (Matsquare

thews and S), SJ LAW, HENRY SHEPHERD, Champion Park, Camberweli, nt. June 12.

Ex 112 Parris (J M Mason) v Blowes (Beaumont and w) stayed Vandercom and Co, Bu h lane

CP 113 Charles (Trinder and Curtis Hayward) v Bischofisheim LUCK, JOHN ALLEN, Halsey st, Gent. May 8. B iton and Co.

and anr (Freshfields and W, Elmslie and Co), Com Northampton sa

CP 114 Barrett (RM Cooper) v Hutton (Pritchard, E and Co). MAYHEW, SYDNEY, Walbrook, Solicitor. May 15. Blachford and Co,

OB 115 Redmond (Wontner and Sons) v Gamble (Lewis and L) College-hill, Cannon st

Ex 116 J and A Blyth limd (Lyne and H) v Brown (Ashurst, I MONTGOMERY, Cecilia, Salisbury, Wilts. May 9. Nicholl and Co,

and Co), SJ Howard st, Strand

CP 117 Gagel (H Montagu) v Rothenheim (Lumley and L) Com MOULSON, HIRAM, Little Horton, Cork, Builder. June 1. Terry and

Q B 118 Lutten (H H Banyard) v Craig and Harrison (G H Finch), Robinso n Bradford

stayed NICHOLSON, HENRY, Wandsworth, Surrey, Wine Merchant. May 15.

Ex 119 Belli (P A Hanrott) v Lane (Foss and Legg) SJ
Nicholson n d Co, Wath-a pon-Dearne
REED, MARIA, Silver st, Golden sq. May 15. Belfrage and Co, Bed-

Ex 120 Crawcour (Dixon, Ward and Co) v Rydon (W I Bennett),

SJ ford row

QB 121 Wadsworth (TD Dutton) v Bonham and Wife (Clutton and SHARP, WILLIAM, Sawbrigeworth, Hereford, Gent. May 1. Tyson,

H) Ulverston

OP 122 Colcomb, 'Admix (WW Young)] v London, Chatham, and SMITH, JOHN BUTLIN, Wilton, Northampton, Shoemaker. May 1.

Dover Ry (J White) Cresswell, Daventry

Ex 123 Iles (Taylor and Hales) v Brook and Co (J B LAY) STEWARD, WILLIAM, Southend. Essex, Butcher. June 9. Wood and

Q B 124 Eydmann (F Heritage and Co) v Bassano (Shaen, R und Son, Rochford

Co) SJ. TURNER, ANNA, Tufnell Park terrace, Upper Holloway, June 9.

CP 125 Simmons (Martineau and R) v Rhodes (G H Cartbew) Johnson and Co, Austin Friars

Ex 126 Rhodes (G H Carthew) v Simmons (Martineau and R) WEBBER, Rev. FEBDERICK, Penk well Rectory, Cornwall, Clerk.

CP 127 British Mutual Investment Co limd (Barnard and 00) May 29. Smith and Paul, Truro

Williams (Stephens and s), postponed WILLIS, FREDERICK, King 'st, James sq, Wine Merchant. May 25.

Ex 128 Skinner and ors (TAG Powell) y Williams (Pawle and 10) Rogers, Leadenhall st

SJ WRAGG, RUEBEN, Chesterfield, Derby, Gent. Juns 10. Bunting, Ches

Ex 129 Hazeldine (Duignan and S) v Dickenson (Chapplo andu) terfield WRIGHT, Henry, Chichester, Upholsterer. May 13. Raper and Free

Ex 130 Darcey (TC Matthews) v Johnson (T Johnson).

Ex 131 Clarke (Taylor, Hand T) v Smith (Brandon and Co), pues land, Cbichester

poned [Gazette, Apr. 10.)

QB 132 The Cowes and Newport Ry Co (Lambert, P and S) v sew

and ors (Stocken and J) ŠJ
Ex 133 Holmes and anr (Norris, A and C) y Bousfield (J Rae) S.
QB 134 Leschallas (Merriman, P and M) y Shreeve and ors (A

Tower ; W P Moore), postponed, SJ .
QB 135 Mesher (G Thompson) v Cohen (Swann and Co)
Ex 136 Balderson (Dod and L) v Ridley (Marriott and J) SJ

QB 137 Mason (W H Hughes) v Aird (In Person), SJ SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE. QB 138 Steer (F Morris) v The London School Board (Gear

K and M)

Q B 139 Mortimer (Nash and F) v Rose (J A Rose), SJ

QB 140 Howell (Lucas and Son) y West and aur (Saifery and a;

Hudson and Co), SJ

Ex 141 Kemp (G H Carthew) v Sewell (Monckton, L and Co), Monday, April 19Mr. Koe Mr. Jackson Mr. Farrer OP 142 Goody and anr (A W May) v Kennedy (Boxall and B) Tuesday ...... 20 Clowes


Teesdale QB 143 Winn (A G Ditton) v Holloway (Barnard and Co), Wednesday.... 21 Koe



Ex 144 Bridgman (Chappell and G) v London Steam Boat Thur


(Newman, S and H), SJ

CP 145 Paulin (T Paulin) v Moore and anr (JC Selby)
Jackson Farrer

Ex 146 Anderson (A Price) y Nicholay (F T Rushton), Sd
Clowes Cobby


OP 147 Stonhill (Wild, B and W) v Trounce (S Price), SJ

QB 148 Gilbert (Best, Webb and Co) y Fielding (G Castle)

Mr. Justice

FRY. QB 149 Dobrowolski' (Lewis and Lewis) v Foloy (Chappella Monday, April 19Mr. Latham Mr. Pemberton Mr. Merivale

and Co) Tuesday ...... 20

CP 150 Cannon (TJ Pullen) v Johnson (Chorley, O and ). Ward


Ex 151 Foxwell (A Haynes and Son) v The London General
Pemberton Merivalo

bus Co, limd (Harris, W and R), SJ Thursday .... 22


Ex 152 Ortelli (Miller and M) v Ward (Curtis and B), stayed Friday..... 23 Latham

Pemberton Merivale Ex 153 Nicholls (Bolton and M) v Cox (Harris and P), SJ Saturday...... Leach



Ex 154 Nicholls (Bolton and M) v The Fanciers' Chrom

lishing Co (Rogerson and F) SJ MIDDLESEX.-EASTER SITTINGS, 1880.

Ex 155 Ward (I Mason) v Sinfield (W Wood)

Ex 156 Webb (Same) v Soldi (Longcroft and M)

Ex !57 Thomas (Same) v. Same (Same)
(Continued from p. 452.)

Q B 158 Edmonds (Hudson and Co) v Harker (W Arnold) QB 85 King and Co (Eardley, H and R) v Langton (In Person) SJ OP 159 Farley (TC Russel) v Edwards (Speechley and 00) 50 OP 86 Finlay (F L Soames) v Rogers (J Rae) SJ

QB 160 Hirschfield (J Neal) v Bent (Geare and Son) SJ. CP 87 Walton (Leathes and M) v Harrison (W Rawlin

OP 161 Farmiloe (E Draper) v Birch (HC Draper), withoas jury B 88 Tippins (G Crafter) v Budden (Stollard and W)

QB 162 Scott (

HT Tiddeman) v Scott (G H Finch), stayed EX 89 Parkes (T W Goldring) v London and St Katherine Docks 1 OP 163 Anderson (Surr. G and B) v Hayes (AS I Jones! Co (W M Hacon)

1 QB 164 Gibbs (Milne, R and M) v Clayton (Farrer and F) SJ Ex 90 Slade (Ingle, C and H) v The Great Eastern Ry. Co. (CA Ex 165 Maude (Rickards, Mand M) v Goodspeed (Robinsol, Curwood), postponed SJ

and E) Ex 91 Yates (Hilleary and T) v N. Metropolitan Tram. Co. (HC B 166 Nicholson's Discount Co limd (Linklater and on Godfray) SŠ

and anr (In Person)

Court Papers.


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Canciers' Chronicle Pub


(Hobinson, Soa,


nd (Linklater and Co)

Ex 167 Leckwood (M Pope) v Gonconformists' Co-operative Asso

A correspondent of the Times calls attention to the system ciation limd (Watson, Sons and R) SJ CP 168 Stanbury (J S Carter) v Mathews (Éyre andCo)

of counting votes which was successfully followed at Green. OP 169 Lamacraft (T C Russel v The North Metropolitan Tramways

wich and the county of Middlesex. It was devised, he Co limd (HC Godfray)

says, by Messrs. Shaw & Sons, of Fetter-lane, “ who printed CP 170 French (J Robinson) v Freeman (L Barnett)

the counting-sheets I am about to refer to. The system was CP 171 Morgan (HWM Wetherfield) v Hopcraft and Co (J Hill; S Andrews)

briefly as follows:-As soon as two presiding officers arrived CP 172 Duke (Lucas and Coe) v Neave and Son (Peacock and G) with their ballot boxes, each was set to verify the other's CP 173 Weedon (M J Letcher) v Oughton and anr (West, K, A and ballot-paper account. This having been done, the clerks who

Co), SJ
Q B 174 Lowe (Hicklin and w) v Levinstein (H Turner)

were to be engaged in the counting were placed at tables in the 75 Gamon (Lowless and Co) v Evans (Evans and E). SI

view of the returning officer and the agents of the candidates. Es 176 Ellis (Clarkson, Son and G) v Maritime Insurance Co The contents of the boxes were then tbrown down in one heap (Norris, Allen and Co), SJ

on the floor. A few hands were enough to feed the tables, where QB 177 Faulkner (G Presswell) v Voight (JO Meadows), SJ OP 178 Cummings (Noon and C) v The Great Northern Ry Co

the clerks opened the papers and sorted them into bundles (Nelson, Band Co) SJ

according to the candidates voted for, throwing out tbe P 179 Allen (MS Rubinstein) v Huntley (F Heritage)

doubtful votes, to be afterwards adjudicated upon by the reB 180 Dodson (J E Coxwell) v King (Blake and s)

turning officer. These bundles were made op in parcels of B 181 Shepheard and Wife (Same) v Parker (Hicklin and W) CP 182 Evans (Carter and B) v N Metropolitan Tramway Co

ten papers, each ten being laid across the one below, so that HC Godfray), SJ

it could be lifted by itself. The bundles of tens were then Ex 183 Moseley (Laundy and Son) v Murchison (A Kerly)

taken to the counting table; indeed, this was being done all OB 184 Sabine (Longcroft and M) v Craven (Rollit and Sons) B 185 Humber (Sladen and M) v Topsham, Woodbury and Lymp.

through, the counting going on simultaneously with the stone Waterworks Co (R Ballard). SJ

sorting. At the counting table one clerk called over the tens CP 186 Colliver (N Bennett) v Elkington (J Green)

and two others noted them on the counting-sheets, of which Ex 187 Martin (W B Brook) v Dunn (A T Hewitt) without jury QB 188 Burr (H. Levy) v London Steamboat Co limd (Newman and

there was a separate one for each candidate. These sheets Co)

were ingeniously ruled in the following manner. Esch line OB 189 Wheeler (A G Ditton) v National Insurance Corptn limd. was divided into twenty spaces. A mark was placed in each

(Jenkinson and O) SJ QB 189 Same (Same) v Royal Insurance Co (Same), to be tried as

space for each ten called over, so that each complete line one cause SJI

denoted 200 votes. A double line was drawn under each QB 190 Webb (M Webb and Son) v Carew (Beyfus and B) SJ five lines so that the marks between two double lines repre. P 191 Raffety (N Bennett) v Hobson (J Nicholls)

sented 1,000 votes. As each line was completed the bundle OB 192 Burchell (M Webb and Son) v Hiokisson (Wills and W)

of 200 votes was tied up separately, and in this way the numCP 193 French Fruit, &c., Co limd (J Curtis) y Price (J Davis) QB 194 James and anr (J Raven and Co) v Kirkwood and ors

ber of bundles checked the correctness of the lines. After (Batty and W; Church, Son and C; Tilleard, G and H), the tans were disposed of, there were only to add the few SJ

split votes and such of the doubtful papers as were allowed by CP 195 Cheese and ors (Meredith and Co) v The Kempton Park Race Course Colimd (Ford, L and B) SJ

the returning officer. In this way 20,000 votes znay easily CP 196 Davenport (Campbell, R and H) v Gréen (W W Wynne) be counted in two hours.CP 197 Beer (GH Finch) v Duvall (Sandom, K and K) Ex 198 Cocking (M Hawkins) v Curteis and anr (A Rhodes;

On Monday last Mr. A. J. Stonor, judge of the SouthCrowder, A. and V), SJ

wark County Court, said that in consequence of what had QB 199 Flintham (Dalton and J) v King and anr (T Durant) occurred last week in the Queen's Bench Division, he desired QB 200 Hime (R A Henderson) v Adams (Layton, Son and L)

to make some observations, for the guidance of counsel and QB 201 Berridge (J W Few) v Cruden (Bolton and Co) Ex 202 Beale (G H Carthew) v Sewell (Monckton, L and Co) SJ solicitors, as to his taking notes of evidence in important CP 203 Denbigh (J Holder) y Combe (T Durant)

cases which came before the court. His practice had been to QB 201 Chapman (R Chapman) v Rendle (H T Dubois)

take notes in all jury cases where there was a right-of appeal CP 205 Whitaker and anr (Radcliffe, C and M) v The Floating Swimming Baths Co, limd (Combe and W) SJ

when requested to do so by either party, and in all cases in CP 206 Webling (Wilkinson and Son) v Tennant and anr (Lewis which he had reason to think it desirable. On the trial and Lewis) SJ

some weeks since of an issue in an action of Harding v. Luck, Ex 207 Bell (H H Mason and Son) v Campbell (Rob inson, Son

sent here by the Queen's Bench Division, he was informed and E) CP 208 Harrap (Noon and C) v The North Metropolitan Tram Co | by the bar before the trial commenced that it was a very (HO Godfray) SJ

simple one, namely, whether goods were supplied on three Ex 209 Humby (Clarke, w and Co) v Price and anr (E Peacopp) CP 210 Boisset and anr (Campbell, R and H) v Isaacson (Dod

months' credit or not, and that it would depend principally and L)

on the course of dealing between the parties, which appeared Ex 211 Bett (T'R Apps) v Maas and ors (W T Ricketts)

by the books and accounts subsequently put in evidence. QB 212 Bernstein (M Webb and Son) v Law (Shaw and T

That did not seem to him to be a case in which it would be Ex 213 Toll (E Andrew) v Whitehead (Saxton and Son) Ex 214 Rees (Remnant and P) v Kent (F Jones) SJ

right to spend the time of the court in taking notes, and the Ex 215 Rees (Same) v Stephens (Stephens and Co) SJ

parties were aware that he was not doing so. On a motion Ex 216 Baker (W Brewer) v Carr and anr (C Bryant) SJ

for a new trial, which was heard last Thursday in the Court CP 217 Doolan and anr (E Farman) v Austin (ED Lewis) CP 218 Harrison (J 8 Wills) v Bingley and ors (S Toppin ; Harper

of Queen's Bench, the Lord Chief Justice is reported to Band B)

have said :-"In undisputed cases in county courts it would QB 219 Wingfield (W H Hughes) v Scrimgeour (Miller and M) not be necessary for the judge to take a note, but in other 220 Mugliston and ors (E Bastard) v Kirby and ors (Hilleary cases, and especially in cases like the present, which had been

and T, HC Godfray) SJ CP 221 Merritt (Surr, G and B) v Easter (Champion, R&P)

sent down to the county court for trial, it was the duty and CP 222 Tidy, the younger (Elborough and D) v Lillywhite (Hicklin the business of the judge to take a sufficient note, and it was and w)

not necessary to show that he had been asked by either party (To be continued.)

to take it." He could hardly think that the report was correct; but if so, with very great respect to the Lord Chief Justice, he must venture to make some observations on the subject. In Best's" Treatise on Evidence," a work of the greatest authority, it was clearly laid down that “a judge

only takes notes for his own private convenience. There is no At the county quarter sessions held last week at law requiring him to do so.” The case of Leach v. Simpson Worcester complaints were made by the justices that their (5 M. & W. 309) was referred to, which fully supported proceedings should have been interrupted by the fixture of the proposition in the text, and if that were true of the judges tbe assizes for the same week, so that the magistrates bad of the superior courts, it was true à fortiori as to the county to give up one of the courts for the trial of prisoners in order court judges, who were created by statutes wbich imposed no that the judge of asgize might be accommodated, and Sir such duty on them except in a special case. It had been over R. Harington moved a resolution, “That, in answering the and over again decided that a suitor was not entitled to a communication of the Home Secretary as to the committal copy of the county court judge's notes for preparing a case of prisoners, the clerk of the peace be directed to call for appeal on points of law and evidence under the County attention to the inconvenience occasioned by the fixing of Court Act, 1850, s. 14, and that the suitors were bound the spring assizes so as to clash with the qparter sessions; to prepare their cases from their notes taken by themselves, and to urge that the influence of the Home Office be used their legal advisers, or others, without the assistance of the in order to prevent a similar inconvenience in the fatore ; judges, although, of course, if the parties differed, the judg · and that a similar communication be presented to the Lord would refer to his notes in the settlement of the case. In Chancellor."

the County Courts Act, 1875, s. 6, a limited obligation was

Legal News.

laid on the judges to take notes if requested of evidence Day, Stephen, Isle of Ely, Cambridge, Grocer. Pet Apr 5. Eaden. relating to points of law specially raised at the trial, clearly

Cambridge, Apr 20 at I

Gardner, Thomas William, Deddington, Oxford, Farmer. Pet Apr showing that the judge was not under any general obligation Bishop. Oxford, Apr 24 at 12.30 to take such notes. He concluded by referring to the great Green, George William, Devonport, Lodging house keeper. Pet Apr

6. Edmonds, work done by county court judges, and said that if notes

East Stonehouse, Apr 23 at 12 were taken in all cases disputed, in all the larger county

Hunt, Philip, Bradford, York, Toy and Fancy Dealer. Pet Apr 3,

Robinson. Bradford, Apr 23 at 12 courts a failure of justice would follow through arrears of Parnaby, John, Suoniogton, York, Corn Miller. Pet Apr 3. Woodall. work from which they had happily hitherto been free.

Scarborough, Apr 21 at 3
Sanders, Heory, Shanklin, Isle of Wight, Builder. Pet Apr 3. Blake.

Newport, Apr 21 at 11

Thompson, John, Sheffield, Steel Manufacturer. Pet Apr 1. Rodgers. SALES OF ENSUING WEER.

Sheffield, Apr 21 at 1.30

Thompson, Joseph,'Redfield, Gloucester, Builder. Pet Apr 7, Harley. April 20.--Mr. EDWIN HULL, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Free

Bristol, Apr 28 at 2 hold Building Estate (see advertis ement, April 3, p. 4.)

Woodburn, Edward, Ba rrow-in-Farness, Auctioneer. Pet Apr 7, April 21.-Mr. ARTHUR JACKSON, at the George Inn, En

Postlethwaite. Ulverston, Apr 23 at 12 field, at 6 for 7 p.m., Freehold Building Land (see advertise

TUESDAY, Apr. 13, 1880. ment, April 10, p. 3.)

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. April 21. – Messrs. VENTOM, BULL, & COOPER, at Ryde, at Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. for 3 p.m., Freehold Ground-rents (800 advertisement, April

To Surrender in London, 10, p. 3.)

Atkins, John, Brunswiok pl, City rd, Tobacco Merchant. Pet Mar 16.

Murray, Apr 20 at 11.30

Sedger, Horace, Moorgate, Auctioneer. Pet Apr 9. Brougham. Apr PUBLIC COMPANIES.

28 at 11.30

To Surrender in the Country.
April 15, 1880.

Davies, William, Pwll Wain, nr Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Colliers

Proprietor. Pet Apr 9. Spickett. Pontypridd, Apr 26 at is 3 por. Coni, Consols, 981 Annuitias, April, '88, 9;

Gibbons, James, Stockton-on-Tees, Builder. Pet Apr 1. Crosby. Ditto for Aocount, 99 Do. (Red Sea T.) Aug. 1908

Stockton-on-Tees, Apr 26 at 2.30 Do. 3 por Cont. Reduced, 97 Ex Bills, £1000, 2) por Ct.2 dis

Heapy, Frederick Edmuod, Salford, Lancaster, Baker. Pet Apr 8. New % por Copt., 96} Ditto, £500, Do, 2 dis

Hulton. Salford, Apr 28 at 11 Do. 8) per Cont., Jan.'94 Ditto, 8100 & €260, 2 dis

Mason, Henry, Bristol, Grocer. Pet Apr 8. Harley. Bristol, Apr

at 2
Do. 21 per Cant., Jan. '94 Bank of England Stook, Shut
Aonditir Jan, '80
Ditto for Account.

Morris, Henry, Bradford, York, Eating house keeper. Pet Apr %.

Robinson. Bradford, Apr 27 at 12

Stoker, Matthew, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tea Dealer. Pet Apr 10. INDIAN GOVERNMENT SECURITIES.

Daggett. Newcastle, Apr 26 at il Tad. Stk., 5 per C., July,'80, 104 Enf.Pr. 6) per Cont., May, 81


Ditto Deberin res, 4 per cent Ditto 4 per cent., Oct. '88, 1054 April, '64

FRIDAY, Apr 9, 1880. Ditto, ditto, Certificatos - Do.Do, 5 per Cont., Aug. '73

Hoare, Wilson Noble, Braishfield, Southampton, Farmer. Apr 7 Ditto Enfaced Ppr., per Cont.

TUESDAY, Apr. 13, 1880.
Do. Bonds, 4 fir Cent. £1000
2nd Enf.Pr., 5 per C., Jan.'78 Ditto, ditto, uider £1000

Aldons, John Thomas, Lee, Kent, Ironmonger. Apr 10
Bland, David, Blackheeth, Kent, Builder. Apr 9

Liquidations by Arrangement.


FRIDAY, April 9, 1880.

Addison, Herbert Fisher, Hastings, Grocer. Apr 21 at 12 at offices of BIRTHS.

Savery and Chambers, Trinity st, Hastings PIGEON.- April 3, the wife of Henry Pigeon, of No. 4,

Albery, Frank, Forest Gate, Essex, Commercial Traveller. Apr 24 at

4 at the Belladonna villa, Barhill rd, Sutton Harcourt-buildings, Temple, barrister-at-law, of a daughter. Alderson, George, Heigham, NorwicbBricklayer. Apr 19 at 10.30 at R OSTRON.—April 6, at Beddington, Surrey, the wife of Simp offices of Stanley, Bank plain, Norwich son Rostron, of the Middle Temple, barı ister-at-law, of a

Allen, Thomas, Duxford, Cambridge, Grocer. Apr 22 at 12 at ofices daughter.

of Ellison and Co, Alexandra st, Petty Cury, Cembridge STEELE.-April 13, at Northbrooks, near Harlow, Essex, the

Attrill, George Frederick, Southsea, Hants, Grocer. Apr 26 at 3 at

offices of Edmonds and Co, St James'st, Portsea wife of Adams Rivers Steele, of a daughter.

Barker, Charles Henry, Pontefract, York, Whitesmith. Apr 22 at 12 WILKES.- April 3, at Wenden House, Sutton, the wife of at ofices of Richards, Market place, Pontefract John Wilkes, barrister-at-law, of a daugbter.

Barratt, Samuel, Manchestər, Contractor. Apr 22 at 3 at offices of MARRIAGES.

Heath and Sons, Swan st, Manobester FARLOW-BUBB-April 5, at St. George's, Hanover-square,

Barratt, Thomas, Moseley, near Birmingham, out of business. Apr Charles Paas Farlow, of Fitzroy-road, Regent's-park, and St.

20 at 3 at offices of Parry, Bennett's hill, Birmingham Benet's-place, Gracechurch-street, solicitor, to Mary Anne

Basford, James, Nantwich, Cheshire, Provision Dealer. Apr 16 at 11 at Isabel, daughter of the late George Bubb, of Bood-street.

at the Albert chambers,

Church side, Crewe. Pointon, Crewe Beard, George, Hadfield, Derby, Slater.

Apr 21 at s'at offices of SPARLING-FLETCHER.April 8, at St. George's Church, Johnston, Veraon s', Stockport

Campden-hill, William Sparling, M.A., of Stone-buildings, Beasley, Henry, Reading, Berks, Wholesale Confectioner. Apr 22 at Lincoln's-inn, barrister-at-law, to Marian, daughter of the

3 at the Queen's Hotel, Friar st, Readine.

Beale and Martin, Resd. late Charles William Fletcher, of Notting-hill square.


Bellamy, Emanuel, Bulwell, Nottingham, Grocer, Apr 20 at 3 at BUCKLE.- April 2, at Monkgate, York, Joseph Backle, Dis

offices of Bright, Town Club

chambers, Wheeler gate, Nottingham trict Registrar of the York Registry of the Probate Division

Boudher, John Clent, Birmingham, Tailor. Apr 21 at 3 at offices of

Wright and Marshall, Townhall chambes, New st, Birmingham of the High Court of Justice, aged 59.

Brown, William Lax Cave, Manchester, India Kubber Manufacturer. HODGE. - April 11, at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Geo. Wm. Hodge, Bodden, Frederick Alston, Bridport, Dorset, Grocér. Apr 22 at 3 af

aged 63.
NORRI8.- April 4, Robert Norris, solicitor, Liverpool, in his

offices of Lock, High West 81, Dorchester
Bull, George, Dowell mews, Crown rd, Farrier. Apr 28 at 3 at odiess

of Fowler, Borough High st, Soulhwark PowNall.–April 8, at No. 63, Russell-square, J. G. Henry Batler, Thomas Fisher, Widnes, Laccastor, Joiner. Apr 27 at

Pownall, Esq., J.P. and D.L., formerly Chairman of the the Grapes Hotel, Lime st, Liverpool. Davies and Co, Warriage Middlesex Quarter Sessions, aged 87.

ton TAILOR.–April 6, at Windbill, Bishop's Stortford, John

Buxton, Charles, Liverpool, Builder. Apr 19 at 12 at offices of Benson Dobede Taylor, solicitor, in his 68th year.

and Carpenter, Bank chambers, Corn st, Bristol Candy, Abraham, Guildford st, Russell sq, out of business. Apr 24 aš

12 at offices of Ruddle and Brown, High Holborn

Challis, Arthur William, and Arthur Thomas Tebbatt, Pockham, LONDON GAZETTES.

Builders. Apr 28 at 2 at offices of Moss, Gracechurch st Chapman, Robert, Wila's rents, Bermondsey, Beer Retailer. Apr 21 4 at off ces of Morphett and Hanson,

King 'st, Cheapside. Terry, King Bankrupto.

st, Cbeapside

Chapple, Alfred Henry, Sheffield, Grocer. Apr 21 at 2 at offices of
FRIDAY, April 9, 1880.

Taylor, Norfolk row, Shefield
Under the Bankruptoy Act, 1869.

Clark, Robert, Walworth rd, Lambath, Fishmonger. Ape 29 at 3 at
Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. offices of Widdecombe, Metrlpolitan chambers, Broad st
To Surrender in London,

Clarke, Edward, Old Ford rd, India Rubber

Worker. Apr 29 at 3 st Bass, James, Brecknock crescent, Camden Town, Hotel Proprietor. offices of Briant. Winchester house, Old Broad st Pet Apr 6. Murray. Apr 23 at 11

Olarke, James William, Mitcham, Surrey, Corn Merchant. Apr 21 at To Surrender in the Country.

3 at offices og Harcourt, Moorgate st Alston, Stephen John Henry, Faversham, Kent, Outfitter. Pet Apr Cripps, William, Eynsham, Oxford, Saddler. Apr 29 at 12 at offices 6. Furley. Canterbury, Apr 80 at 2

Bickerton, St Michael's chambers, Ship st Cook, Felix, Leeds, Fruit and Sugar Merchant. Pet Apr 6. Marshall. Davis, Charles, Twynrodsn, Glamorgan, Rail sospector. Apr 19 at I Leeds, Apr 28 at 11

at onces of Simons and Plews, Church St, Merthyr Tydal

50th year.

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