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Winch Buckino brick's order Show caus CP 17 Chambərlaine (S G Ashwin) v T W Wallington (Whittaker The Queen (ex parte Penfold) v The Queen (ex parte McVay and

and W) postoned SJ Pagham Harbour Reclamation sor v Rev J Errington & LO CP 18 Same (Same) v J Wallington (Same) postponed SJ Co

Bidder Shakespear Smith-Potherbam The Queen (ex parte Grainger) v In the matter of an Arbitration

Ex 19 Cheesewright (R P Upton) v Wells (Cunliffe, B and D) com

SJ J Bather & ore, Jj

between F Priday & ors and in Archibald-Bosanquet an Action between O Harrison &

Ex 20 Marshall (G M Cooke) v Lindley and anr (Davies) post In the matter of the Rotherham, Sons v F Priday & anr Anstie's

poned SJ Masbro & Holmes Coal Co Phile order

Show cause

CP 21 Chalmers (J Whitehouse) v Chalmers (Nelson, Son, and H) RULES STANDING POR JUDGMENT.

CP 22 Bannatyne (Wilson, B and C) v The Western Brazilian Tele. The Queen v The Recorder of Bir- The Queen v Gibbon & anr, JJ

graph Co, limd (Bischoff, B and B) SJ mingham

QB 23 Bennett (W E Baxter) v England and ors (In Person; WF

Stokes), stayed

CP 24 Caudle (ÉT Newbould) v Austin (Morgan and Gilka), stayed The Queen Mayor, &c, of Fal. The Queen v Hutchins

Q B 25 Procter (J Neal) v Dunham (Pitman and L), stayed 87 mouth

CP 26 Fajkmajer (Norton, RN and B) v Fothergill and anr

(Hollams, son and C; Field, Roscoe and Co), stayed SJ APPEALS FROM INFERIOR COURTS.

Ex 27 Page (Hacon and T) v Kerridge (Bridges, S and Co), stayed Blamire r Ambidge Spear v Bodmin Union

Q B 28 Markwick (G Thompson) v Cortis (A S Edmunds), postponed Boon v Bridport Highway Bd Horder » Scott

Q B 29 Moody and anr (Lewis and Lewis) v Fisher (I Donague) Vestry of Paddington v Bram well Tombs v Magrath

stayed Stone v Paine

Turner v Cie des Messageries Ex 30 King and Co (Rollitt and Sons) v Mayor, &c, of Leaming Whitty v Lunt Maritimes

ton (H Tyrrell), stayed Wadsworth v Pickles Taylor v Bencion

Ex 31 Champion (Duignan and S) v Walter (Purkis and P), com

Q B 32 McDougall (Snell and G) v Copestake (Mercer and M), COMMON PLEAS DIVISION.


CP 33 Treadwin (W R Philp) v Nunn (J D Blake), postponed Compton & anr v Harrison & anr Carr (Bender & Co 3rd parties)

CP 34 Funge and anr (J H Child) v Same (Same), postponed and the West London Extension Stones v Salmon & ors

CP 35 Cuyas y Sampere (Tilleard, G and H) v MacAndrew and Co Ry Co Baron v Keeling

(Kearsey, Son and H), com SJ Pidsley v Wilson Robson v Amer

Ex 36 Pannell (j Goren) v Nunn (J D Blake), postponed (Motion for jadgment.) Stevens & anr v Lopes, Bart

CP 37 MacFarland (Ashurst, M, C and Co) v Muter (Keen and B)

Beldam & Wife v Great Eastern Williams v Monico & apr
Ry Co
Russell v McGowan & Co

Q B 38 Taylor (Hurford and T) v Batten (Waltons, B and W), com
Earle v Farjean
Galston v Boyd & apr

SJ (Motion for judgment.)

(Motion for jadgment.)

CP 39 Davies and anr (Nickinson, P and N) v Nunn (Blake and W) Nowell v Williams Dircham » Worrati

postponed Hall » Jupe

(Motion for judgment.)

Ex 40 McGregor (W. Eley) v Tinker and anr (Rollitt and Son) Taylor v McKeand & Millivain Lewis v Ward & aur

stayed Manchester Bonding Co, limd, v

Ex 41 Taylor and ors (R S Taylor and Sons) v Smith and an

(Brandons) postponed PEREMPTORY PAPER.

Q B 42 The Commissioners of the Admiralty (Hare and F) v Union In the matter of a Solicitor In the matter of a solicitor

Steamship Co (Hollams, Son, and c) com SJ

CP 43 Coleman (Campbell, R and co) v Guigues (E D Lewis) CUR. ADV. VULT.

stayed Chapman v Knight Burgess y Northwich Local Board Ex 44 Tattersall (Singleton and T) Bedford (Bellamy and S)


CP 45 Fowler and ors (Wilson, B and C) v Alison (Thompson and Gilmore ~ The Burial Board of Churchwardens of St John's Hamp

D) without jury Lambeth

stead, v London & N Western Ex 46 Stubbs (Yeo and Warner) v Ashton (Bennett, D and B) Mayor, &o, of Brighton v The Ry Co

stayed, SJ Guardians, &c, of Brighton Gothard & ore, petnrs, v Clarke & Ex 47 Pearson (C Mossop) Gardner (Field, R and Co) stayed, Sbippey & anr v Grey

ors, resps

Ex 48 Russell and anr (Taylor, I and T) v Nunn (Blake and W) Chesworth Hunt (Harrison Howell v Anthony & ors SC

postponed claimant)

Everitt CP 49 Dorking Grey Stone Lime Co, limd (J Edell) » Hackand ors DEMURRERS.

(Saffery and Co) stayed

CP 50 Cowley (F Scott) v Booth (Rye and C) stayed SJ Chamberlaine v Barnwell (stand Turner v IG! PE 'ern Railway Co Q B 51 Villa (i Abrahams and R) v Sant Antoine (King and PJ over)

Clarke 31 i Irty (stand over) Same v Wallington (stand over) Marshall v 7.son

Q B 52 Henning and anr (Thompson and D) Mills (Simpson and APPEALS FROM INFERIOR COURTS.

C) stayed

Q B 53 Same (Same) v Smerdon (J H Lamb)
Rogers v Blandford
Bromley v Tams

QB 54 Same (Same) v Dimmock (Same)
G+ Eastern Ry Co v Nock
Philipson y Hayle

CP 55 Gask (J B May) v Nunn (Blake and W) stayed
Hill v London & NW Ry Co Rossoni, approver Sutcliffe, plain.Q B 56 Watson (Lewis & L) v Tennant (Ellis M & Co), SJ
Williams & anr v Wynn

tiff Peal, garnishee Fairman, Ex 57 Taylor and ors (Paterson, S and B) v Blowes (Beaumontand Local Bd of Shanklin v Miller defendant

B), stayed Watson v Carter, Paterson, & Co Hooper v London & NW Ry Co Ex 58 Heap (c Mossop) v Hesketh (Lewis and L), postponed SJ Stapleton v Jutsin

Andrew v Swansea Cambrian Be Q B 59 Brice (Harrison, B and H) v Hecla Fire Insurance CorporaWestaway v Fladgate & anr, nefit Building Soc

tion, Fry garnishee (Chester and Co) exors, &e Simpson Morewood & Co

CP 60 Jacobs (L Davis) v C Reynolds (C Sawbridge), com 8J Grainger v Aynsley & Co

Blackley, &c, Building Soc, limd, Ex 61 Isaacson (Dod and L) v Čurrie (Lucas and son), stayed 8J
v Kirkpatrick

Q B 62 Nowell (A G Ditton) v Stocker and ors (W Justice) SJ
0 B 63 Same (Same) v Bucknill and anr (Mead and D FHill), stayed

MIDDLESEX.-EASTER SITTINGS, 1880. Ex 64 Wallis (In Person) v Quick (Asten, De Gex and H)
This list contains all actions entered in Queen's Bench, Common CP 65 Sadler and ors (Chappell, Son and G) v Nangle' (Vallance
Pleas, and Exchequer Divisions, in which notice of trial has been

and V), stayed given, and also all actions in the Chancery Division, in which notice Q B 66 Voss (J W Few) v Thomas (Hemsley and H), stayed has been given of trial before a judge and jury; up to and including CP 67 Hooper and anr (Tilleard, G and H) v Mors le Blanche and the 7th of April, 1880.

Co and ors (L J B Rawlins), Com. without jury,

Ex 68 Stace and ors (T White and Sons) v Walking and ors (Sale, Ex 1 Hickey (Belfrage and M) v Montefiore (Lewis and Lewis),

T and K) com SJ

C P 69 Tasmanian Main Line Ry. Co. (Wilson, B and C) v Clotk, QB 2 Creed (A J Murray) v Millett (Roscoe, H and S), com

and ors (Blunt, T and Co, Burchells ; Hargrove and Co) 8 QB 3 Brown (Merriman, M and Co) v Elkington and ors (Lumley Q B 70 Metropolitan Ry. Co. (Burchells) v Schleman (Harper, Band and L), com

B), without jury, pt. hd. CP 4 Wilbraham (Chapman, T and B) v The Maritime Passengers Ex 71 Scovell (H G Barker) v London & County Advance &c, Co, and Mariners Insurance Co limd (Harrisons and Son),

limd (W H Podmore) stayed

Ex 72 Ibbotson (Bordman) v Backley and ors (Jukes and Co) B 6 Benjamin (J Frost) v Litten (F A Lewty), com

CP 73 Cooper (Hicks and Arnold) v Cooper (Pawle, F and Co) QB 6 Benjaicin (M Abrahams and R) v Higginbottom (F. T. Du. CP 74 Williams (G E Carpenter) v Nowell (À G Ditton), stayed SJ bois) com SJ

Chy 75 Sovereign Life Assurance Co (Campbell, R and H) Demet QB 7 Hallward (C B Hallward) v Blandford and ors (GJ Curtis;

(Crook and S), postponed SJ GH K Fisher) postponed

C P 76 Grigg (G L P Eyre and Co) y Pearce (J Godwin) ne QB 8 Joshua (A E Webh) v Green (Hare and F) com

Chy 77 Hewes (Field, R and Co)

v Cole and ors (Cole and J) SJ x 9 Palmes (Lake, Band Co) v Hope and anr (Shoubridge and M) Ex® 78 Scalia (J Knight) v Dalgairns (E Tillyard) without jury, postponed

Ex 79 Goldring and anr (E Jukes) v Headley and ors (Mercer and Ex 10 Same (Same) v Beavan (Same) without jury, postponed

M) Ex 11 Llwydarth Iron, &c, Co (Houghton and B) v Fearn (A SH

CP 80 Brooker and anr (G Palmer) v Beckmann (W Webb), SJ Jones) com

Q B 81 Hemsley and ors (J R Tindale) v All Souls College, 'Oxford Ex 12 Gonzalez, Byass and Co (Tamplin, T and I) v Mackenzie

(Hayes, T and Co), SJ (8 Toppin) com

CP 82 Sheather (B May) Midland Ry Co (Beale, M B and G) S 9 B 13 Mayer (A G Ditton) v Robinson (P W Nazor) com

QB 83 Griffin (JC'T Weigall) v Kentes and ors (Hillcarys and T) Ex 14 Spiller (C E Goldring) v Baum (Evans and E) postponed

SJ Q B 15 General Share Trust Co, limd (J Š Coleman) v Baum and anr OP 84 Crook (F C James) y Clark and Son (GS Warmington)

(Same) stayed Es 16 Enthoven (Collete and C) v Jacobson (GM Cookej postponed


(To be continued.)



P. 4.)

Green, James, and Henry King, New Bond sł, Builders. Apr 21 at 2 at SALES OF ENSUING WEER.

145, Cheapside. Haigh and Agap, Gresham st

Harrison, Henry, Long Batton, Lincoln, Farmor. Apr 14 at 11.30 at April 15.-Messrs. GLASIER & Sons, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., offices of Moskop and Mossop, Loog Sotton Freehold and Leasehold Properties (see advertisement April 3, Hatton, James, East Dean, Gloucester, Woodman. Apr 12 at 4 at ofices

of Smith and Son, Newnban

Hayman, Samuel John, Bristol, Tailor. Apr 19 at 2 at offices, of April 16.-Messrs. FRANK LEWIS &Co., at the Mart, at 2 p. m., Beckingham, Albion chambers, Broad st, Bristol Freehold and Leasehold Properties, Sharon, &c. (see advertise Hicks, Henry Herbert, Southwark st, Coffin Furniture Manufacturer.

Apr 10 at it at offices of Fraser, Billiter House, Billitor st. Webb, pent this week p. 3.)

Euston rd
Horgill, William, ren, and William Horgill, jan, Kirby Moorside, York,

Farmers. Apr 16 at 10.30 at offices of Harrison, Kirby Moorside
Hough, Thomas, Southport. Lancasters, Butcher. Apr 16 at 2.3040

the Scarisbrick Hotel, Lord st, Southport, Jackson, Liverpool LONDON GAZETTES.

Hussey, Thomas Gideon, Bow rd, China Dealer. Apr 28 at 3 at offices

of Green, Verulam bldge, Gray's inn

Jennings, George, Hockley, Surrey, Corn Dealer. Apr 12 at 11 at Bankrupt..

offices of Sadler, High si, Dorking FRIDAY, April 2, 1880.

Jordan, Obarles, Blaenavon, Monmouth, Cordwainer, Apr 15 at 12.30

at offices of Dauncey, Albion chambers, Newport Under the Bankruptcy Aot, 1869.

Kirkby, William, Eastwick, Hertford, Farmer. 'Apr 16 at 11 at offices Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

of Armstrong, Fore st, Hertford

Knaus, Theodor, Mincing lane, Commission A gent. Apr 22 at 2 at the To Surrender in London,

Cannon st Hotel, Cannon st. Elmslie and Co, Leadenhall st Crate, George, Beaufort terrace, Walham Grean, Provision Dealer. Langham, John, Old Basford, Nottingham, Grocer. Apr 15. at 19 at Pet Mar 31. Broagham. Apr 16 at 12

offices of Brittle. St Peter's chambers, St Peter's gate, Nottingham Merralls, Alfred, Fionis st, Bathnal Green, Cheesemonger. Pet Mar Lawrence, Henry George, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, out of business. 25. Murray, Apr 14 at 11

Apr 16 at 12 at the Camden Hotel, Tunbridge Wells. Andrew and

Cheale. Tunbridge Wells
To Surrender in the Country.

Leigh, Thomas, Old Ford rd, Licensed Victualler. Apr 15 at 3 at the Boyle, William, York, Builder. PetfMar 31. Perkins. York, Apr 20 Lockitt, William, Cheadle, Hulme, Chester, Plumber. Apr 15 at 3 at

Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st atli

offices of Brown and Ainsworth, St Peter's gate, Stockport Bryant, Jonathan, Redland, Bristol, General Merchant Pet Mar 31. Harley. Bristol, Apr 16 at 2

Le Maout, Auguste, Wardour st, Leicester sq, Chemist. Apr 19 at 3

At offices of Vallance and Vallance, Essex st Fairclough, Robert Pemberon, Southport. Lancaster, out of business.

Mead, Henry, Torriano avenue, Kentish Town, Cheesemonger. Apr Pet Mar 31. Bellringer. Liverpool, Apr 14 at 12

13 at 3 at offices of Hareourt, Moorgate st Smith, Samuel, Wisbech, Cambridge, Auctioneer. Pet Mar 31. Part

Norman, William, Dorchester, Architect. Apr 15 at 3.30 at the Juncridge. King's Lynn, Apr 14 at 11

tion Hotel, Dorchester, Hanne, Melcombe Regis TUESDAY, Apr 6, 1880.

Pearson, Edmund Grepp, Inverness ter, Bayswater, Clerk. Apr 14 at

3 at offices of Hanbury and Co, New Bond et Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Reiph, James, Manchester, Costume Manufacturer. Apr 17 at 10.30 at Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. offices of Boardman, Pall Mall, Manchester. Wigglesworth and To Surrender in London,

Rngerson. Manchester

Roberts, William, Mold, Flint, Plumbar. Apr 15 at 2 at the Albion Sheridan, George Martin, Archer st, Kensington, Tea Dealer. Pet Hotel, near the Railway Station, Chester. Roper, Molt Mar 31. Brougham. Apr 21 at 11

Robinson, John, Kingston-upon-Hull, Butcher. Apr 14 at 3 at offices Warner, Alfred, Mark lane, Manure Manufacturer. Pot Apr 2. of Singleton, Cogan's chambers, Bowlalley lane, Kingston-u pon-Hull Murray. Apr 28 at 11

Salaman, Adolph, Cireus pl, Finsbury, Timber Merchant. Apr 12 at 3

at offices of Lee, Greshen bldgs, Basinghall st To Surrender in the Country.

Sandland, William, Wayland avenus, Dalston, Painter. Apr 12 at 2 at Blanc, Nums, Scarborough, York, Photographer. Pet Mar 31.

ofices of Terry, King st, Obe pside Woodall, Scarborough, Apr 20 at 3

Saunders, John, Roman rd, Barnsbury, Wholesale Pastrycook. Apr Campbell, John, Olddam, Cabinet Maker. Pet Mar 25. Tweedale.

14 a: 3 at offices of Hope and Co, Chancery lane Oldham. Apr 21 at 11

Savidge, Thomas, Hightown, Manchester, Provision Dealer. Apr 16 Grant, Edward, Exeter, Retired Chemist. Pet Apr 2. Daw. Exeter,

at 3 at offices of Woodall and Marriott, Norfolk st, Manchester. Apr 23 at 11

Schofield, George, and Henry Schofield, Westmoreland bldg, Aldersgate Lerch, Frederick, and Andrew Mann, Wolverhampton, Hardware

st, Printers. Apr 10 at 2 at offices of Bilton, Rentrew rd, Lower Merchants. Pet Apr 2. Sanders. Wolverhampton, Apr 19 at 12

Kennington lane Philpott, Newnbam George, Thwaite All Saints, Norfork, Clerk in

Short, James Henry, Halifax, Solicitor's Clerk. Apr 16 at 11 at offices Holy Orders. Pet Mar 31. Cooke. Norwich, Apr 19 at 12

of Leoming, Westgate, Halifax Thompson, John, Sbefield, File Maoufacturer. Pet Apr 1. Rodgers.

Slim, James, Birmingham, Spring and Axle Manufa cturor. Apr 15‘at Sheffield, Apr 1 at 1.30

11' at the Queen's Hotel, Stephenson pl, Birmingham. Shakespeare, Oldbury

Stubbs, James Wade, Liverpool. Licensed Victoaller. Apr 16 at 2.30 BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED.

at offices of Lumb, Moorfields, Liverpool TUESDAY, Apr. 6, 1880.

Sutherland, Kenneth Thomas, and Ernest Richmond, Manchester,

Chemical Manufacturers. Apr 17 at 11 at the Waggon and Horses Dove, Cuthbert Johnston, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Solicitor. Apr 1 Hotel, Southgate, Manchester. Beatliff, Manchester

Tucker, James, Droitwieb, Worcester, Licensed Victualler. Apr 16 at Liquidations by Arrangement.

12 at offces of Corbett, Avenue House, the Cross, Worcester

Tyer, Alfred, Dartford, Kent, Grocer. Apr 22 at 3 at offices of Stopher FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS.

and Rundle, Coleman st FRIDAY, April 2, 1880.

Watkins, Alfred Henry, Jardin st, Camberwell, Dealer in Hardware,

Apr 16 at 11 at offices of Howard and Co, New bridge so Appleton, Robert, Middlesborough, Cab Proprietor. Apr 15 at 11 at Welch, William Henry, Manchester, Bookseller, Ape 19 at 3 at offices stices of Robson, Linthrrpe rd, Middlesborough

Leigh, Brown st. Manchester Atkins, Thomas, Stafford, Confectioner. Apr;16 at 3 at the Swan Hotel, Whiteley, Henry, Kingston-upon-Hull, Commission Agent Apr 14 at Stafford. Morgan, Stafford

3 at offices of Martinson, Exchange buildings, Bowlalley lano, King. Barley, Joseph Ogden, Liverpool, Batcher. Apr 15 at 2 at offices of ston-upon-Hall Paynter, South Castle st, Liverpool

Wilkinson, George Goodley, Great Dover st, Borough, Manufacturer Bateman, Edward, Oxford, Builder's Foreman. Apr 20 at 11 at offices of Sheep Dipping Composition. Apr 29 at 3 at offices of Lawrence of Mallam, High st, Oxford

and Co, Old Jewry Chambers Barten, Edmund, Brompton rd, Tobacconist. Apr 15 at 2 at offices of Williams, Elias, Heolycus, Glamorgan, Beerbou se Keeper. Apr 19 at Chapman and Co, St Swithin's lane

12 at offices of Stockwood, Townhall chambers, Bridgend Catcheside, Frederick Lindaman, Parson's Foe, Aylesbury, School. Wyatt, Sarah Anne, Hastings, Widow. Apr 16 at 12 at offices of

master. - Apr 22 at 12 at ofices of Fell, Ric kford's hill, Ayles Phillips, Cambridge rd, Hastings
Davis, George, Bullingham, Hereford, Innkeeper. Apr 19 at 12 atomices

TUESDAY, Apr. 6, 1880. of Wallis, St Owen st, Hereford

Anderson, Elizabeth Jane, Brixton rd, China Dealer. Apr 13 at 3 at Davis. Joel, Carnaby st, Golden sq, Batcher. Apr 12 at 11 at offices of offices of Greening, Budge row, Cannon so Lenton, Bishopsgate st. Cattlin, Wormwood st

Baldry, Harry Windermere, Finsbury park Station, Auctioneer.. Apr Drury, Samuel, High st, Acton, out of business. Apr 12 at 4 at offices

19 at 2 at Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st, Neave, Cheapside of Marshall, Chancery lane

Barnes, John, Birkenhead, Bootmaker, Ape 19' at 3 at offices of Dryer, Henry, Fratton, Hants, Baker. Apr 16 at 4 at offices of King Bennett, Thomas, jun, Brighton, Grocer. Apr: 19 at 3. at ofiless of

Thompson, Hamilton st, Birkenhead
North It, Portsea
Eatock, Thomas, Bolton, Lancaster, Sate Maker. Apr 15 at 3 at offices

Mills, New rd, Brightoo of Robinroa, Townhall sq, Bolton

Beverley, George Alan, Silver st, Nottinghill gate, Fishmanger. Apr Edwin, Walter, Bilson, Stafford, Proprietor of the Theatre Royal,

19 at a at vflices of Beard and sons, Basinghail st Apr 16 at 3 at offees of Hall and Son, Lichfield st, Bilston

Bidlake, William, Hackney rd, Oil and Colourman. Apr 18 x 4 at Emery, Noah, and Robert Gibson Stitt, Alsager, Chester, Tailors. Apr White Swan, Coleman st. Slanilan d, Hare pl, Fleet st 14 at 2 at the Wellington Hotel, Highé st, Manchester, Lawrence

Birkbeck, Henry, Cockermouth, Cumberland, Ýiller. Apr 21 at 11 at Hanley

offices of Paisley, Bridge et, Workington Forsyth, Rice, North Shields, Potato Merchant. Apr 20 at 3 at offices Bletsoe, John, Orion Longueville, Huntingdon, Innkeeper. Ape 15 at of Delchon and Oo, Saville sty North Shfelds.Atkinson, North

12 at offices ot Gaches, Cathedral Gateway, Peterborough Shields

Boyd, Robert John, Accrington, Lancaster, Pawnbroker. Apr 20 at 3 Fotheringham, Reuben, Knafth, Lincoln, Innkeeper. Apr 9 at 12 at at offices of Heap, Saint James st, Accrington. Haworth and ofices of Williams, Silver st, Lincola

Broughton, Accrington

Brierley, Joseph, Hopwood, Lancaster, Beer Seller. Apr 19 at 3 at

ofices of Haslam, Market st, Bury Bristow. William James, Offenham, Worcester, Clerk in Holy Orders.

Apr 21 at 12 at offices of New and Co, Bridge st, Evesham Brown, John, Derby, Miner. Apr 22 at 12 at the Crown Ion,

Heanor Brown, William Braithwaite, Preston, Lancaster, Chemist. Apr 19 at

11 at the Shelley Arms, Fishergate, Preston. Fryer, Preston Brurton, Elizabeth, Darlington, Dorham, Hosier. Apr 16 at 2 at the

Palatine Hotel, Manchester. Barron, Darlington Buttery, Henry, Morley, York, Grocer. Apr 20 at 10.30 at offices of

Ridgway and Ridgway, Wellington st, Batley Chilcott, George King, Bristol, Wollen Warehorseman. Apr 20 at 3.30 at offices of Armitage and Co, John William st, Huddersfield.

Richardson Charch, William, jun, Northampton, Engineer. Apr 19 at 3 at offices

of Walker, Market sq, Northampton Clayton, Martin, Adwick-upon-Dearne, York. Farmar. Apr 15 at 3 at offices of Nicholson and Co, East parade, Sheffield. Bardekin and

Oo Coombe, Thomas, Plymouth, Confectioner. Apr 17 at 12 at offices of

Shelley, Princess sq, Plymouth Cordon, Charles, Nottingham, Brick Manufactnrer. Apr 21 at 12 at

the Assembly Rooms, Low pavement, Nottingham. Watson and

Wadeworth, Nottingham Crawley, Young, Tenter st, Goodman's fields. Carriage Builder. Apr

21 at 3 at offices of Robinson and Leslie, Coleman st. Andrews, Fen.

church st Oceighton, Henry, Darfield, York, Batcher. Apr 21 at 4 at offices of

Rideal, Chronicle chambers, Barnsley Davies, Thomas, Swansea, Licensed Victualler. Apr 19 at 11 at offices

of Thomas, York pl, Swansea Dent, Clara Carolino, New North rd Islington, Greengrocer. Apr 12 at

2 at offices of Whitwell, King st, Cheapside Dickson, William, Steir's ter, Walham green, Baker, Apr 14 at 3 at

offices of Pamphilon, John st. adelphi Eickhoff, William, Hassard st, Bethnal green, Cahinet Maker. Apr 14

at 11 at the Vuion Tavern, Vivian rd, Old For.1. Hicks, Grove rd,

Victoria pk Ellis, Ellis. Pall Mall, Auctioneer. Apr 21 at 3 &t nillces of Rubenstein,

Regent st, Waterloo pl Feasey, Tbomas, West Wrcombe, Buckingham, Farmer. Apr 21 at 3 at

officer of Reynolds, High st, High Wycombe Fidkin, Joseph, Aston New Town, near Birmingha 1, Builder. Apr 22

at 11 at offices of Powell and Browett, Ann *t, Birmingham Prancis, Jobn James Augustus, Fulham rd, Veterinary Sorgeon. Apr16

at 2 at offices of Astley, Clifford's inn Gibbings, Richard. Greepham, Berks, Tanner. Apr 17 at 11 at the

Wheatsheaf Hotel, Friar st, Reading. Belcher, Newbury Gibbon, John, Bridgend, Glamorean, Grocer. Apr 21 at 12 at the Mer

chants Association, Broad st, Bristol. Randall, Bridgend Glbbons, Samuel Edmund, Manchester, Insurance Agent. Apr 16 at

3 at offices of Boardman, Pall Mall, Manchester. Stevenson, Man

chester Gregory, William, Cheddar, Somerset, out of business. Apr 19 at 3 at

the Railway Hotel, Weston-super-Mare. Woollaston, Wells Griffith, Mones, Llanfibangelescifiog, Anglesey, In keeper. Apr 29 at

11 at the Bull Hotel, Llangefni. Dew, Llangefni Gurrin, James Patrick, Chearside, Woollen Warehouseman. Apr 23 at

2 at offices of Reed and Lovell, Ġuildhall cham' ars, Basinghall st Hall, James, Reigate, Surrey, Carpenter. Apr 2, at 2.30 at offices of

Head, Bell st, Reigate Hamilton, James, Liverpool, Licensed Vict'aller Apr 30 at 3 at

offices of Rogerson and co, Cook st, Liverpool. Codd, Liverpool Hellewell, George, Low Valley, nr Barnsley, Butcher. April 19 at 11

at offices of Marshall and Ownsworth, Church st, Barnsley Hambling, Stepben, Reading, Berks, Fancy Goods Dealer. Apr 15 at

12 at offices or Andrews and Mason, Ironmonger lane. Dodd, Read

ing Hedale, William Sinclair, South Shields, Beerhouse keeper. Apr 17

at 11 at offices of Wawn, Barrington st, South Shields Hewett, James Howlett, Gorleston, Suffolk, Carpenter. Apr 19 at 12

at offices of Dowsett, Hall Quay chambers, Great Yarmouth Hibbett, William, Clay Cross, Derby, Tailor. Apr 16 at 3 at offices of

Cuits, Market Hall chambers, Chesterfield Hill, Dan, Gloucester, Ironmonger. Apr 19 at 3 at offices of Haines,

Westgate chambers, Berkel y st, Gloucester Hill, George, Manchester, out of business. Apr 16 at 3 at offices of

Fox, Princess st, Manchester Holmes, John Frederick, Bradford, York, Stuff Merchant. Apr 19 at

11 at offices of Hutchinson, Piccadilly chambers, Bradford Horn, James, Mile End rd, Cheesemonger. Apr 21 at 2 at the Credi.

tors' Association, Arthur Nt. East. Carter and Bell, Eastcheap Houson, Thomas, Derby, Grocer. Apr 20 at 3 at offices of Flint, Full

st, Derby Ince, Joseph, Liverpool, Boot Dealer. Apr 19 at 2 at offices of Ivey,

Church st, Liverpool. Lupton, Liverpool Jannings, Edmund, Wimbledon, Surrey, Grocer. Apr 21 at 2 at the

Auction Mart, Tokenhouse yard. Duffied and Broty, Tokenhouse

yard Jenkins, William Henry, Bristol, out of business. Apr 16 at 2 at offices

of Pitt, St John st Jones, Ellis Hoghes, Abergynolwyn, Merioneth, Draper. Apr 13 at 11

at ofices of Hughes and Sons, Pier st, Aberystwyth Keppel, Henry, Deptford, Kent, Manufacturing Fancy Stationer. Apr

22 at 3 at offices of Ley and Mould, Carey st, Lincoln's inn Lazell, James, Billericay, Essex, Licensed Viciualler. Apr 21 at 4 at

the White Hart Hotel, Brentwood. Brown, Basinghell st Lewis, James, Bedminster, Somerset, Baker. 'Apr 14 at 3 at offices of

Cumberland, Clare st, Bristol Lloyd, William, Birmingham, Provision Merchant. Apr 16 at 12 at

offices of Beale and Co, Waterloo st, Birmingham Lyons Samuel, Addison ter, Notting Hill, Cowkeeper. Apr 19 at 3 at

offices of Philip, Walbrook Manley, Mich-el Joseph, Nottingham, Auctioneer, Apr 19 at 3 at

ofices of Clifton, St Peter's chambers, Nottingham Maon, Peter, Plymouth, Oonfectioner. Apr 17 at 12 at offices of

Square, George st, Plymouth,

Marfleet, Benjamin, Carshalton. Surrey, Grocer. Apr 16 at 3 at the

Green Dragon Hotel, High st. Croydon. Dennis, Croydon McEwen, Robert, Manchester, Stock Broker. Apr 26 at 3 at offices of

Sale and/Co, Booth st, Manchester Mead, James, Compton Dyadon, Somerset, Farmer. Apr 17 at 12 at

the Red Lion Inn, Yeovil. Watts, Yeovil Mortimer, Henry, Hartshead, Oleckheaton, York, Builder. Apr 16 at

3 at offices of Clough, Railway st, Cleck heaton Musgrave, Samuel, Newark, Nottingham, Former. Apr 19 at 11 at

ofices of Marshall, Chapel gate, East Retford Nailard, Thomas, West Grinstead, Sussex, Farmer. _Apr 16 at 3 at

the King's Head Hotel, Horsham. Bostock and Rawlinson, Hors

ham Needham, Edwin, Manton, Ratland, Farmer. Apr 19 at 11 at offices of

Law, 8: Mary's pl, Stamford Norton, Thomas, Porchester rd, Bayswater, Builder. Apr 19 at 4 at

offices of Stileman and Neate, Southampton st, Bloomsbury Oldfield, Joseph, Hoston Norris, Lancaster, Joiner, Apr 19 at 3 at

offices of Brown and Ainsworth, St Peter's gate, Stockport Ongley, Walter, North Dulwich, Surrey, Manager to a Warehousemrn.

Apr 16 at 3 at offices of Hibberd and Co, Leadenhall st. Culpepper,

Brabant ct, Philpot lane Page, Henry, Mansfield, Nottingham, Umbrella Dealer. Apr 19 at 13

at offices of Hibbert, Clerkson st, Mansfield Page, Thomas, Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucester, Butcher. Apr 16 at 2

at offices of Kendall, Boorton-on-the-Water Parker, John Blake, Upper st, Islington, Tobacconist. Apr 19 st 3 at

offices of Abrahams, Great Marlborough st Parker, Simeon, Barnsley, York, Greengrocer. Apr 21 at 3 at offices of

Rideal, Chronicle chambers, Barnsley Parry, Daniel, Leicester, Rope and Twine Manufacturer. April 16 at

2 at offices of McEwen, Lloyd st, Manchester. Shires, Leicester Player, Sohn, Reading, Watch Maker. Apr 16 at 3 at offices of Dodd,

Friar st, Reading Quihell, John, Newport, Salop, Mercer. Apr 17 at 11 at otices of

Heane, Newport Read,

John, Nottingham, Commercial Traveller. Apr 23 af 3 at offices of Wright and Hincks, Belvoir st, Leicester Reading, John William, Kingsbury rd, Islington, Builder. Apr 22 st

3 at offices of Cooper, Chancery lang Rogers, Isaac Knibb, bradford, Wiltı, Watch Maker. Apr 16 at Il s

oti ces of Bartrum and Bartlett, Northumberland blags, Bath Savage, Saul Powell, jan, Broadstone, Gloucester, Farmer. Apr 14 at

2 at the Prince of Wales Hotel, Berheley rd, Gloueester. Cook,

Gloucester Sherman, Jeremiah, Northchurch, Hertford, Farmer. Apr 21 at 11.30 st

otti ces of Bullock and Penny, Great Berkhampsted Short, Thomas, Whepstead, Suffolk, Farmer. Apr 27 at 19 at the

Guildhall, Bury St Edmunds. Salmon and Son, Bury St Edmunds Smart, Frederick, Cambridge, Hosier. Apr 19 at 12.30 st offices

of Carter and Clay, Queen st, Cheapside. Ellison and Co., Petty

Cury Smith, Gilbert, Ripley, Derby, Boot Dealer. Apr 19 at 3 at offices of

Flint, Pull st, Derby Smith, Richard, Stepney green, Baker. Apr 20 at 3 at offices of Slater,

Moorgate st. Bell, Bishopsgate st Within Spark, James, Heavitree, Devon, Brewer. Apr 17 at 11 at the New

London Hotel, Exeter, Fryer Staley, Nathaniel, Swadlincote, Boot and Shos Maker. Apr 19

at 11 at the Bear Inn, Burton-on-Trent. Smith, Swadlingote Stammers, Robert, Swilland, Suffolk, Grocer. Apr 19 at 3 at ofices of

Mills, Elm st, Ipswich Stockton, Joseph, Bucknall, Stafford, Auctioneer. Apr 15 at 10 st office

of Ashmal, Albion st, Hanley Stratton, Samuel Edward, Walmer rd, Batcher. Apr 21 at at offices

of Hall, Warwick ct, Grays inn Taylor, Thomas, Rochdale,

Lancaster, China Dealer. Apr 19 at S at the Wbite Swan Hotel, Yorkshire st, Rochdale. Worth, Rochdale Taylor, William Joseph, Kingsland rd, Upholsterer. Apr 19 at 3 st

ofices of Podmore and Harte, Moorgate st Thomas, Elias, Trealaw, Glamorgan, Licensed Victaaller. Apr 20 at 10

at offices of Rasser, High st, Pontypridd Thomar, Thomas, Carmarthen, Cabinet Maker. Apr 17 at 10.15 at

offices of White, King st, Carmarth ea Thompson, Holland, Market Rasen, Lincolo, Ironmonger. Apr 19 st

12 at offices of Durance, Mint lane, Lincoln Tink, James Henry, Monkton-up-Wimborno, Doraet, Farmer. Apr 26. at 3 at King's Head Htel, Wimborne. Lee and Co, Salisbury Townsend, Joseph, Preston, Lancaster, Livery Stable Keepér. Apr 23

at 3 at offices of Edelston, Winckley st, Preston Underhill, John Edward, Gloucester st, Pimlico, Commission Agent.

Apr 26 a: 10 at offices of Cooke, Gray's inn sq. Wade, James John, Lower Themes st, Fish Salesman. April 16 at 6

at Mason's Hall Tavern, Mason's Avenue, Basinghall st. Kilvington,

Walbrook Wall, Lot, Axbridge, Somerset, Coal Merchant. Apr 17 at 13.30 at

Grind Hotel, Broad st, Bristol, Wade, Axbridge Walsh, Charles Smith, and Thomas Wain Walsh, Rochdale, Cotton

Spinners. Apr 21 at 3 at officəs of Standring and Taylor, King th,

Rochdale Ward, Joseph Brown, Swansea, out of businese. Apr 14 at 11 at offices

of Hartland and Co, Rutland st, Swansea Welham, Abraham Syer, and John Newman Sparrow, Kingsland Fly

Drapers. Apr 22 at 12 at offices of Elwes and Sharpe, Farnival's inn, Holborn Wells

, William, Leeds, Solicitor. Apr 16 at 3 at offices of Billinton, Bond place, Iofirmary st, Leeds Wilkinson, Alfred, Sa ford, Lancashire, Salesman. Apr 17 at 10 af

offices of Parker, Norfolk st, Manchester Wilks, Matthew, Blackpool, Cotton Spinner. Apr 21 st 3 st offices of

Chorlton, Brazenovse st, Manchester Woollerton, Joseph, and George Thomas Woollerton, Berror-upos:

Soar, Leices:er, farmers. Apr 15 at 12 at offices of Goode and

Clifford, Baxter gate, Loughborough
Woolner, Thomas Broom, Ipswich, Coach Broker. Apr 17 at 12

Pearce's Rooms, Princes st, Ipswich. Hi, Ipswich
Wyles, Lawrence, St Ives, Huntingdon, Ironmonger. Apr 16 at 8. *

the Unicorn Hotel, St Ives. Watts, St Ives

[blocks in formation]

GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY OF CANADA. Those who have been the most sceptical as to the future of this Railway are nov among the strongest believers in it. There is ample foundation for their con Adence. The traffic receipts are beginning to derive some benefit from the opening of the line to Chicago, and there is no doubt that each week will show larger and still larger increases than those to which we have recently become accustomed. As compared with the previous year, the receipts for the last two weeks show increases of £10,870 and £12,923, or 34 per cent. and 421 per cent. rapeetively. No Railway in Europe can show such progress. It is almost certain that this year the First and Second Preferences will receive their 5 per cent. interest in full, and it is therefore surprising that with the dearth of good investments the First Preferences can be bought to yield £6 8s. 4d. per cent. There is the prospect not only of income, but also of considerable improvement in Capital value.

Totally apart from the intrinsic merits of the Railway, there is a contingency which should be steadily kept in view, viz. : the probability that the Dominion Government may desire to become possessed of this Railway, which is now really, what its name implies, the Grand Trunk of Canada.

The Government of Canada have £3,111,500 already invested in this Railway, which does not rank for dividend until the Ordinary Stock has received SIX per cent, and added to this their possession of the Intercolonial Railway, their purchase of the Riviere du Loup line from the Grand Trunk, and their construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway for opening up the western districts of Canada, all tend to show their desire to acquire the Railways. India has made a beginning by the purchase of the East Indian Railway, and in the cases of our other colonies, Australia, New Zealand, and the Cape, the railways are the absolute property of the Government.

The present moment would be a favourable one for the Government. but hardly so for the shareholders, as the prospects of the Grand Trunk itself were never brighter. Delay is all in favour of the latter, as experience has shown in the aequisition of the Telegraphs and the proposed acquisition of the Water Companies by the English Government, in both of which instances not only present but prospective values have been demanded. The Dominion Government would have no difficulty in raising a loan at 4 per cent. for purchasing the Railways. Presuming that the 5 per cent. Debenture Stock would remain a first charge upon the property, the Government would only have to deal with the Preference and Ordinary Shareholders. No doubt if an arrangement could be arrived at before the close of this year, the 1st Preferences might be obtained at 100, the 2nd Preference at 90, the 3rd Preference at 70, and the Ordinary Stock at 50. These prices are by no means extravagant, seeing that not many years ago such quotations were current, when the position and prospects of the Railway were nothing like so brilliant as they are to-day.

LONDON, CHATHAM, AND DOVER RAILWAY. Shareholders are to be congratulated on the fact that at last the strong position which is occupied by this Company is attracting the attention of a nev class of investors. Those who have held on in faith for so many years are not likely to sell now, when such bright prospects are opening out. It will be remembered that when, by the aid of the proprietors, I upset the Fusion scheme with the South Eastern, it was estimated that the progress of the Chatham would have been in the proportion of 31 per cent. as compared with 69 per cent. of the South Eastern. The growth of the Chatham, however, has been largely in excess of these estimates, and I think Shareholders may fairly review their position today with strengthened hopes.

Apart from the steady development which is going on all over the system, I have persistently laid the greatest stress upon the importance of the connection which this Company enjoys with the Metropolitan and Northern lines, by its extension across the Thames from Blackfriars, via Ludgate to King's Cross. This section of the line runs through the very centre of the new Fruit and Vegetable Market, the foundation-stone of which was laid last month. It is almost impossible to over-estimate the benefits which this market will bring to the Chatham Company, as it will practically enjoy the command of the traffic in fruits and vegetables with Kent," the garden of England," and the Continent.

In order to demonstrate to Shareholders at a distance the value of these connections to which I have so frequently referred, I issue with this circular a Map showing the lines within the City of London, and the position of the new City markets which they intersect.

The Preference Stock yielding 4 per cent to a present investor, with a prospect of 4 per cent at an early date, is one of the cheapest dividend-paying English Railway Securities to be found. The Ordinary Stock must, of course, be regarded as a speculative investment to lock up for the future.

IETROPOLITAN DISTRICT RAILWAY. It is not many years since I recommended the purchase of this stock at 22. The price now is 82, and to those who can afford to invest regardless of immediate dividend the quotation is by no means extravagant considering the prospects of the line. The Metropolitan lost a great chance when they refused to amalgamate with the District upon the terms proposed of giving £50 of Metropolitan for £100 of District Stock. The day may not be far distant when they will be glad to amalgamate upon equal terms. Such an opinion may now appear to some to be quite as wild as many regarded the recommendation to buy District Stock at 22.

ATLANTIC, MISSISSIPPI, AND OHIO RAILWAY. The improvement in this Railway is very remarkable. The official report of he working for the month of January, shows that the net receipts amounted to 4,295 dols. against 28,705 dolg, in January, 1879, the increase being 55,590 dols., or no less than 193 per cent. Negotiations are now taking place between the English and Dutch Committees, with a view to their deciding upon an united course of action in the interests of the Bondholders.

MEXICAN RAILWAY. The steady growth of the traffics on this Railway continues, and varioug securities from the 6 per cent. Debentures to the Ordinary Shares are decidedly attractive investments. The buying of the Debenture Bonds in the market by the Company out of the subvention money received from the Mexican Government will no doubt commence immediately, and these continuous purchases must have the efect of improving the value of the Stock

SOUTH INDIAN GOLD MINES, The almost unparalleled success which attended the introduction of the South Indian and Indian Glenrock Gold Companies has naturally brought to the surface a multitude of Gold Mining projects from all quarters of the Globe but the bulk of them, if not all, appeared to have received very little support from the public, as those who have hitherto been in the habit of investing in Mines have learnt by bitter experience to become discriminating, and the pro. perties which have been offered for subscription lack one very important feature which distinguished both the South Indian and Indian Glenrock Companies, viz: the Government brand as to their merits.

The Report of the Indian Government upon the Gold Mines of Souther India, just issued, is of deep interest to all present holders or intending in vestors in the shares of these two Companies, and I should advise each one to obtain for himself a copy of the Parliamentary Blue Book, as the perusal of this official document must be convincing as to the intrinsic merits of both undertakings.

The mere butterfly speculators who applied for shares simply to sell at • premium have evidently been entirely cleared off the market, which is conse quently in a much more healthy condition. The fully paid shares of the South Indian and Glenrock Companies can now be bought at £2 respectively, and upon guch a Report from Government they must advance considerably.

CANADIAN COPPER AND SULPHUR COMPANY. A meeting has been called for the 15th instant, for the purpose of raising a small amount of Debenture Stock to enable the Directors to develope and work more vigorously the various valuable properties for the benefit of the Share holders, or to grant leases of a portion thereof to responsible persons on very favourable terms. I am assured upon good authority that this Company can produce refined copper of the best quality at £50 per ton net. The lowest prices touched for this class of copper during the recent depression was £65 per ton its present value here is £75 per ton, while owing to the protective duties in Canada the last sales there realized £86 per ton net.

In view of the important discovery upon the Acton Estate and the circum gtances narrated above, the forthcoming Meeting will be one of special interest to the Proprietors, and I have very little doubt that when the position and prospects of the Company are made known the £4 fully paid shares will advanoo in value. They are now quoted at £2 15s. to £2 178. 6d.

TRAMWAYS. The traffic returns are improving, and as the summer advances even better results may be expected. The popularity with which Tramway securities were at one time regarded will slowly but surely return to them, as they are a class of investment which everyone can understand. Balance-sheets are issued regularly every half-year showing the exact position of the undertakings, and Shareholders can themselves personally inspect their properties. It is sur prising that there should exist a class of small investors, who, having once made the mistake of entrusting their savings to such impecunious Governments as Turkey, Peru, Honduras, San Domingo, Paraguay, &c., &c., should still cling to these Bonds, in the hope of "something turning up” to benefit them, while they could employ their dormant money in such home securities as Tramwaya, which, even in bad times like those through which we have recently passed, have paid a fair rate of interest. Dividends will, no doubt, increase this half-year, thus tending to the improvement in Capital values.

DUBLIN TRAMWAYS. At last the Directors of the various Companies in this city, which is so admirably adapted for Tramways, have, in the interests of their Proprietors, entered into a preliminary agreement which will, no doubt, culminate in amalgamation. The Shareholders of all the Companies will, as a matter of course, agree to the proposal to exchange their shares for those in the Dublin United Tramways Company. All who, like myself, are well acquainted with the Tramways in Dublin, must have been impressed with the fact that in work. ing four distinct Companies like the Dublin, Dublin Central, North Dublin, and Dublin Southern District (the latter owned by the Imperial Compaay), there must have been an amount of waste in administration, servants, horses, and vehicles which would, of itself, have been sufficient to pay a dividend on the total capital. Happily for the Shareholders, and equally fortunate for the inhabitants of Dublin, who are nearly all Tramway travellers, there is not the slightest fear as to the success of the scheme. The recent advance in the prices of the various shares is in anticipation of it, and any opposition to the carrying of a measure which is so manifestly to the interest of all concerned will be ertain of complete annihilation.

I feel sure that the shares of the new Company, when launched, will command a good premium.

IMPERIAL TRAMWAYS. I am pleased to be able to state that the prospects of this Company are decidedly brightening. The Dublin Southern line will, under the new Tramway combination in that City, now have a chance of development which has hitherto been denied to it. Another favourable feature is the permission granted by Parliament for the conveyance of passengers on the Corris line where stean power is used.

BORDEAUX TRAMWAYS AND OMNIBUS COMPANY. It was fully expected that the first six miles of this Tramway system would have been opened in time for the Easter traffic, but it was found impossible to accomplish this. Nevertheless the returns from the Omnibus service alone for the four weeks ending 26th March, amounted to no less than £4,697, or an average of £1,174 per week. This Company has already in hand the revenue from 1st November last, so that when the Accounts are made up to 30th Juno there will be eight months' profits to distribute derived from eight months of Omnibus traffic and three months of partial Tramway traffic. In the course of the next few months there is every probability of these shares being quoted at a considerable premium. Tramways Union £5 shares, for instance, are at £7 (and they are well worth it), equal to £14 for a £10 share. There is every reason why the Bordeaux shares should be equally valuable.

I am so confident that when the Tramway lines are opened the Bordeaux Company will be one of the best paying systems on the Continent that I have secured the balance of unallotted shares in the hands of the Tramways and General Works Company, except those reservec for issue in Bordeaux, and I am now prepared to receive applications for the same at the price of £10 109. per share, to be placed in the buyer's name, free of all expenses, and with this Circular I enclose a Form of Apr ion which, if signed returned to me, shall be considered in the order of receipt.

From Mr. WILLIAN ABBOTT'S CIRCULAR for April, 10, Tokenhouse Yard, London, E.C.

, teaspoonful to a free

Vanilo ATINA A LA VANN, halfpenny.

SCHWEITZER'S COCOATINA, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that Schedules of Anti-Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder.

IN Estates, under the charge of the Administrators-General of Ben.

gal, Madras, and Bombay, respectively, for the half year ending Guaranteed Pure Soluble Cocok of the Finest Quality, with the

Both June, 1879, have been received, and are open to the inspection of excess of fat extracted.

the public in my Dapartment of this office. The Pacalty pronounce it “the most nutritious, perfectly digestible

Alist of sums remitted by the several Administrators-General and beverage for Breakfast, Luncheon, or Supper, and invaluable for

omcial Trustees in India, previously to 1st January, 1879, for payInvalids and Children."

ment in this country, which remain unclaimed is also open for inspec. Higbly commended by the entire Medical Press.

tion in my Department. Being without sugar, spice, or other admixture, it suits all palates,

J. S. OLIPHANT, keeps better in all climates, and is four times the strength of cocoas

Official Agent to Administrators-General of Isdia. THICKENED yet WBAKENED with starch, &c., and IN REALITY CHEAPER

India Office, 5th April, 1880. than such Mixtures.

Made instantaneously with boiling water, a teaspoonful to a Break CLERICAL, MEDICAL, and GENERAL LIFE fast Cup, costing less than a halfpenny.

COCOATINA A LA VANILLE is the most delicate, digestible, cheapest
Vanilla Chocolate, and may be taken when richer chocolate is pro-

13, ST. JAMES'S SQUARE, LONDON, S.W. hibited.

City Branch: Mansion House Buildings, E.C.
In tin packets at 1s. 68., 35., 55. 6d., &c., by Chemists and Grocery.
Charities on Special Terms by the Sole Proprietors,

H. SCHWEITZER & CO., 10, Adam-street, London, W.C.

CREDIT of half the first five Annual Premiums allowed on wholeterm policies on healthy Lives not over 60 years of age.

ENDOWMENT ASSURANCES granted, without Profits, payable at death

or on attaining a specified age. PAINLESS DENTISTRY.

INVALID LIVES assured at rates proportioned to the risk.
CLAIMS paid thirty days after proof of death.


The Reversionary Bonus at the Quinquennial Division in January,

1877 (amounting to £357,014), averaged 50 per cent., and the CASI SURGEON DENTIST,

BONÙS 30 per Oent., on the Premiams paid in the 5 years



THE END OF JONE NEXT WILL BE ENTITLED AT THAT DIVISION (Immediately opposite the British Museum),

TO ONE YEAR'S ADDITIONAL SHARE OF PROFITS OVER LATER ENTRANTS Will be glad to forward his new Pamphlet gratis and post-free, which

REPORT, 1879. explains the only perfectly painless system of adapting ARTIFICIAL TEETH (protected by Her Majesty's Royal Letters Patent), which

The 55th Annual Report and the latest Balance Sheets rendered to

the Board of Trade. can be obtained at either of the Sc have obtained five Prize Medals, London 1862, Paris 1867, Philadelphia 1876, Vienna 1873, and New York

GEORGE CUTCLIFFE, Actuary and Secretary, 1853.-Consultation daily free.


I Landed or Funded Property or other Securities and ANNUITIES purchased, or Loans thereon granted, by the




Established 1835. Paid-up Capital, £180,000.

If required, Interest on Loans may be capitalized.
To Her Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the Whole of the Judicial Bench

F. S. CLAYTON, 1 Joint Corporation of London, &c.






First-class Luncheon Bar for gentlemen in the neighbourhood. Public 94. CHANCERY LANE, LONDON.

and Private Dining Rooms. Dinners for 38. 60., 48. 6d., 5s, 6d., 78. 60.

and 108. 60. Will be served in the Private Dining Rooms; no extra ESTABLISHED 1851.

charge for room or pianoforte. Choicest Wines, Beer, and Spirits. Proprietors, DOBER BROTHERS.

or of any of its Apentsu Do obtained at either of the Societuse

Society's Offices,



Current Accounts opened according to the usual practice ot other Bankers, and Interest allowed on the minimum monthly balances. No commission charged for keeping Accounts. The Bank also receives money on Deposit at Three and a half per cent. Interest, repayable on demand. The Bank undertakes for its Oustomers, free of charge, the custody of Deeds, Writings, and other Securities and Valuables; the collection of Bills of Exchange, Dividends, and Coupons; and the purchase and sale of Stocks and Shares. Letters of Credit and Circular Notes issued for all parts of Europe and elsewhere. A Pamphlet, with full particulars, on application.

FRANCIS RAVENSOROFT, Manager. Southampton-buildings, Chancery-lane.


V. are instructed by Executors to SELL, by PRIVATE CONTRACT, a NET RENTAL of £1,250 per donum, arising from extensive freebold premises in a neighbourhood increasing in value, and adjacent to the railway depots, the Docks, and the River Thames. Let on lease to a most responsible firm for an unexpired term of 18 years, at the expiration of which time & considerable augmentation may be expected. Will be sold to pay 4 per cent. per annum.

For further particulars apply to Messrs. FULLER, HORSBY. SONS, & Co., 11, Billiter-square, London, E.C.





T acres, intersected and surrounded by good roads, to be sold in one or several Lots by Private Treaty. The Estate is pleasantly situa te, a short distance from the Railway Station of one of the most charming suburbs in the South of London, and is well adapted for the creation of Ground Rents on houses letting at £50 per annum and upwards. The land is quite ripe for building purposes, the first portion having been disposed of and covered with buildings.-Address, Q.Q., May's Advertising Offices, 159, Piccadilly, w.

This new Ink supplies the demand continually made but never before met, for a Red Ink which is uninjured by Steel or other Metallic Pens. Steel Pens lett in this ink for months do not impair the beauty of its colour, nor are the Pens in the least corroded by it. The existing Red Inks rapidly destroy Steel Pene, and lose their red colour it used with other than Gold or Quill Pene. This new colour is a very rich scarlet red of great beauty. The colour of this ink is not affected by use upon parchment, and is consequently of great value to Solicitors and Draughtsmen,

Sold in stone bottles, retail at ., 28., 38; and Imperial Quarts of 40 ounces at 68. each. Also in glass bottles at 6d. and le, each

THURGOOD & 00., Estate and Land Agents,

1 Surveyors and Auctioneers, Lonsdale Chambers, 37, Chancery. lane, W.O., hold PERIODICAL SALES of Property, at the MART, the Second Tuesday in each month. Railway, School Board, Corporation, Board of Works, and other Compensations conducted. Valuations for Probate, Mortgages, &c. Estates managed.

A scale of charges upon application.

LONDON GAZETTE (published by authority) and LONDON and


No. 117, CHANCERY LANE, FLEET STREET. VIENRY GREEN, Advertisement Agent, begs to

I direct the attention of the Legal Profession to the advantages of his long experience of upwards of thirty years, in the special in. sertion of all pro forma notices, &c., and hereby solicits their continued sapport.-N.B.One copy of advertisementonly required, and the strictest care and promptitude assured. Omcially stamped forms for adverstise ment and Ale of “ London Gazette "kopt. By appointment.


M LIST of ESTATES and HOUSES to be SOLD or LET, including Landed Estates, Town and Country Residences, Hunting and Shooting Landed Estates, Town and wants Rent Charges House Property and Investments generally, is publinhad on the first day of each month, and may be obtained, free ofcharge, at their omoes, 80, Cheapeide, . or will be sent by post in return for two stamps.- Particulars for ineer tion should be received not later they four days provlone to the sod or the preceding month.

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