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Tamplin v James app of deft from L J Baggallay for VCMLloyds v Harper app of defts Fry, J–Mar 24
-May 1 (8 O by order)

Wynne v Bulmer app of plt fry, J-Mar 25
In re The Trade Marks Act-Ex parta Rotherham app of Re-
gistrar of Trade Marks VCB-May 3 (S O by order)

From Orders made on Interlocutory Motions in the In re Alven, decd Burrowes v Loveband app of Richards and

Chancery Division. Wife VCH-June 2 (8 O by order)

1879. The Singer Manufacturing Co v Loog app of deft V C B In re The North Yorkshire Iron Co app of liquidator VCH -July 26 (Order to be produced)

-Aug 8 (part heard Dec 10 by Master of Rolls and Lords The Saffron Walden Second Benefit Building Society v Rayner

Justices James and Brett) (under compromise) app of defts Hardy and anr_V C B-July 30

In re Wolsingham Park, &ć co app of John Burrell VCB Lawrie v Lees app of deft VCH-Aug 2

- Mar 7 (part heard Mar 17-80 with liberty to apply to Jewitt y McHenry app of deft MR-Aug 4 (S O till April restore) 20)

Dicks v Brooks app of plt VC B—Dec 3 (S O till app for In re Jennings, decd, Gordon v Jennings app of plt MR

judgt comes on) Aug 6 (Order to be produced)

1880. Dicks v Brooks app of plts Ý C B-Aug 19

In re Stapleford Collieries Co limd app of B L Barrow VCB In re HC Green, deod, Green v Green app of deft Ellen -Feb 3 (S O till Apr 28) Simpson_VCM-Aug 19 (S O till April 30)

In re Arnold, decd, Arnold v Arnold app or purchaser of lot Fellows v Hanbury Hanbury v Fellows app of deft Hanbury 18 MR-Feb 17 VCB-Aug 20 (8 O till April 13)

Kinsman v Jackson app of plt MR-Feb 21 In re Wheal Unity Wood Mining Co, Imd, & Co's Acts app of

In re The Canadian Land Reclaiming and Colonizing Co app Chynoweth from Vice-Warden of the Stannarios–Sept 2 of Coventry & anr MR-Feb 23 In re Wm Fletcher, deod, Simpson v Fletcher app of defts Greaves v Tofield app of plts MR-Feb 24 from V C of County Palatine of Lancaster Oct 16

In re Manchester & Milford Ry Co app of Cambrian Ry Co Pugb v Golden Valley Ry Co app of defts Fry, J-Nov 1 VCH-Mar 5 (8 O till April 12)

Ward v Eyre app of deft Eyre MR—Mar 6 In re Riddell, decd, Leigh v Patten app of J Shawcross In re Bullivant, decd, Woolrych v Williams app of deft VCH-Nov 7

VCH-Mar 10 In re Young, decd, Young v Dollman app of deft A W Doll In re Arbitration of Davey v Ry Pas Asence Co app of Messrs man VCH-Nov 8

Davey & Kemp VCÉ-Mar 11 In re Tootal's Estate, Hankin v Kilburn app of M C Kilburn

In re Morton & Hallett, V & P Act, 1874 app of purchaser VCB-Nov 21

MR-Mar 15
Rinloch v Secretary of State for India app of deft VCH Nives v Nives app of plt V CB-Mar 15
Nov 21

Pryor v Pryor app of plt V CB-Mar 19
Barrett v Beal app of C H Collette & anr V CH-Nov 24 In re Morgans & Lloyd app of Morgans MR-Mar 25
Tolson v The No 4 Railway Hotel Benefit Building Society In re Great Australian Gold Mining Co app of C Appleyard
app of plt VCB-Nov 29

VCH-Mar 25 In re Thompson, decd, Herring v Barrow app of plts VCH March v Martin app of CAS Conybeare VCM-Mar 25 -Dec 6

Thompson v Wilding app of plts VCM-Mar 25 Massam v JW Thorley's Cattle Food Co app of plts VCM Republic of Costa Rica v Strousberg app of deft VCM

- Dec 9 J W Thorley & Co v Massam app of defts VCM Mar 25 (ixed for April 7, by order)

- Dec 10 In re Stephens, deod, 'Harris v Dalton app of defts VC B


Swansea Improvements and Tramway Co v The County Roads

For Judgment.
Board for Glamorganshire app of plts Fry, J-Dec 13
Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company v Huth app of defts (Ex-

The Queen v The Swindon New Town Local Board (QB, Crown

Side) appl of defts from order of LCJ of England and Mr cept Ivaneich and anr) MR-Dec 16 Attorney-Gen v Tomline app of deft Fry, J—Dec 23

Justice Mellor, affirming order of sessions (o a v Dec 6-pre

eent Lord Coleridge and Lords Justices Brett and Cotton) In re The Wigan Rolling Mills Co, limd and Co's Acts app of Scaramanga & Co v Stamp & anr (CP) app of defts from judgt

Smethurst's executors from V C of County Palatine of Lan of Mr Justice Lindley after trial (c a v Deo 16–present LOJ caster-Dec 29

of England and Lords Justices Bramwell, Brett and Cotton) Nicholson v Vestry of Mile End Old Town app of defts Sullivan v Mitcalfe (CP) app of deft Peele & Brown from VCM-Dec 31

Mr Justice Grove heard Feb 19 by Lords Justices Bramwell, 1880.

Baggallay and Thesiger stand over to amend costs of
Harris v Morris app of plt from V C of County Palatine of amendt to be disposed of the Court of Appeal
Lancaster-Jan 2

For Hearing.
New Appeals.

1876. Knight v Parsell app of plt Fry, J-Jan 12

Mayor, &c, of London v London Joint Stock Dank (CP) app Smith v Anderson app of deft MR-Jan 14

of deft from Lord Coleridge Grant & anr v_The Banque In re Clark, deod Maddick r Marks app of deft V CB Franco Egyptienne & anr (CP) app of the Banque from Jan 16

judgt on demrs (April 6 at Lincoln's Inn, by order) Maxwell v Watkins app of deft Fry, J—Jan 17

Moscrop v Newbold &ors (Exch) app of defts Grime &anr from Matthews v Antrobus app of plt V CH–Jan 19

judgt of L J Thesiger at trial-Feb 25 Moscrop v Newbold Cummins v Fletcher app of National Provincial Bank VCH & ors (Exch) app of deft Newbold from judgt of LJ. Thosiger -Jan 28

at trial-Feb 25 (S O till after decision in Exch) In re Hartry, deod Halson v Hartry app of defts VCB The Queen v Rev À Wilson and ors (Q B, Crown Side) app of Jan 28

prosecutor from order of LCJ of England and Mr Justice Williams y Meekin app of plts VCM-Feb 2

Mellor discharging rule for mandamus-April 17 (pt hd Dec Rolls v Vestry of St. George the Martyr, Southwark app of 6-present Lord Coleridge and Lords Justices Brett and plt MR-Feb 6

Cotton) Webster v British Empire Mutual Life Assurance Co app of Rushton v Smith Rushton v Smith (consolidated), (Q B) app desta MR-Feb 19

of deft from judgt of L J Thesiger after jury trial-April 21 Tottenham Local Board of Health v Rowell app of plt V CM (S O vill after decision in Q B Division upon rule for new -Feb 19

trial) Taylor v Grange app of plts Fry, J-Feb 21

Chamberlaine v Barnwell (CP) app of plt from order of Ponsonby » Longbourne app of defts Longbourne & anr Lord Coleridge and Denman and Lindley, JJ, for new trialV CB-Feb 23

June 7 (fixed for_April 8 by order) In re Hindle, decd Megson v Hindle app of plt MR-Feb J F Seymour VOD Coulson & John Prior-Jobr. Wharton, 26

Felix Prior, & James Prior, Claimants—(Q B Crown Side) Markwick v Hardingham app of defts V CH-Feb 28

app of claimants from L CJ of England and Mr Justice In re Wildbore v Expte Met Bd of Works app of Brace & Mellor on app from County Court-July 1 Clark VCH-Mar 5

Smith v White (CP) app of plt from judgt of Mr. Justice Union of French Wine Growers, limd v Brown app of deft Lopes after trial without a jury-July 11 (S O for security) Fry J-Mar 6

The Queen v Sir Charles Reed (Q B Crown Side) app of HL Laughton v Rylands app of defts V C B-Mar 10

Roberts from order of LCJ of England & Justices Lush and Woodgate v Watson app of deft Fry, J—Mar 16

Manisty, quasbing auditors' disallowance-July 15 Elliott v Dearsley app of deft C F 'Webb, from part of order , Rowlands v Jones (Excb) app of plt from judgment of Baron on fc Fry, J-Mar 16

Pollock at trial-July 15 Vernon v Vestry of St. James, Westminster app of deft V CM Steggall v Bennett (CD) app of plt from judgt of Mr. Justice - Mar 19

Lindley after trial (jury discharged)-July 16

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Letchford v Oldham (Q B) app of deft from judgt of Mr Hastings (Q B) app of Ry Commars from judgt of L CJ of Justice Field after special jury trial- Aug 1

England & Justices Lush & Manisty on demr Feb 11 Anderson and anr v Oppenheimer (Q B) app of plts from Nicholson & anr trading, &c v Renwick, Son, & Co (CP) app

judgt of Mr. Justice Field after special jury trial-Aug 2 of defts from judgt of Mr Justice Lindley at trial without a Petition of right-Manchester South Junction & Altrincham jury-Feb 20 Ry Co v The Queen (Q B) app of Sappliants from judgt Rivaz, on behalf, &c v Gerassi, Bros & Co & anr, trading, &c of LCJ of England and Lush and Manisty, JJ, on special (Q B) app of defts from judgtof Mr Justice Field after trialCase - Aug 4

Feb 21 Mayor, &o, of Carlisle v London and North-Western Ry Co The Protector Endowment Loan & Annuity Co y Grice (Q B) (Ex) app of plt from judgt of Baron Pollock at trial-Aug App of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Bowen at trial-Feb 28

Dixon v Whitworth & Bros (

CP) app of defts from judgt of The Queen v John Mevas and Josiah Oastler, Esgra, Justices for Mr Justice Lindley at trial without a jury-Feb 24

County of Surrey (Q B Crown Side) app of deft from Mr Mersey Dooks & Harbour Board v Martin & Co (Q B) app of Justice Denman and Baron Pollock-Aug 12

defts from judgt of L J Brett at trial - Mar 1 Trebarne v Traberne (CP) app of plt from judgt of Lord Wright v Marwood (Q B) argument of rule nisi for new trial Coloridge after trial-Aug 21

granted by Lord Coleridge and Lords Justices Bramwell & Cheshire Lines Committee v Lewis and Co (Q B) app of defts Baggallay Gordon v Marwood (Q B) argument of rule nisi from judgt of Mr Justice Lush at trial-Aug 22

for new trial granted by Lard Coleridge and Lords Justices Barber v Gregson (Exch) app of detts from judgt of Mr Bramwell & Baggallay-Mar 3 Justice Stephen at trial-Aug 25

Drury, Trustee, &c v The Staffordshire Fire Insurance Oo Duke of Norfolk v Arbuthnot (CP) app of deft from judgt of (Excb) app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Stephen at trial – Lord Coleridge after trial-Aug 28

Nar 6 (S O for security). Searle v Oliver (Excb) app of plt from judgment of Baron Thomas Castro, otherwise Arthur Orton, otherwise Sir Charles Pollock at trial - Oct 25 ***

Doughty Tickborne, Bart v The Queen (Q B Crown side) Wade v Robinson & ors (CP) app of defts from judgt of writ of error upon an indictment for misdemeanour-app of Lord Justice Bramwell at trial-Nov 6

plt in error from sentence dated Feb 28, 1874, by LCT of Ashby & Co v Godbold & ors (Exch) app of defts Webster England and Justices Mellor & Lush-Mar 9 and Graham from rule nisi discharged by LC Baron and Sir In re An Application by the Swansea Improvement and TramH Hawking-Dec 3

ways Co against The Swansea and Mumbles Ry Co before Brain & anr v Thomas & ors (Exch) app of deft from judgt of the Ry Commissioners (Q B) app of The Swansea and LC Baron and baron Pollock on special case-Dec 3

Mumbles Ry Co from order of Justices Lush & Manisty disTulloh v Bowerman (CP) app of deft from new trial rule charging rule nisi for probibition-Mar 10 discharged by Justices Grove and Lindley-Dec 5

Henty & Sons v Westwood (Q B) app of deft from judgt of Nr Henning & anr v Becker (CP) app of plts from judgt of Mr Justice Field at trial-Mar 17 Justice Lindley after trial-Dec 9

The Queen S B Sherwood (Q B Crown side) app of prosecuLong v Millar (Exch) app of plt from judgt of Sir H flaw tors from rule nisi for certiorari discharged by Justices Lush, king at trial-Dec 9

Manisty, & Bowen-Mar 17 Bailey & anr v Ford & ors, tradiog, &c (CP) app of Mid McDonald v Chesney (CP) app of plt from judgt of Justices land Ry Co from judgt of LJ I'besiger after trial - Dec 11 | Grove & Lindley on official referee's report-Mar 20 Bailey and anr v Ford & ors, trading, &c (CP) app of Dixon v The Northfleet Chalk Quarriesco, limd (Exch.) app defts Ford & Co from judgt of LJ Thesiger after trial-Dec of plt from judgt of Baron Pollock at trial - Mar 20

Holland (by next friend) v Mead & apr (Q B) app of plt from Bailey & ors v Midland Ry Co (CP) app of defts from judgt judgt of Mr Justice Bowen at trial-Mar 22 of L J Thesiger after trial-Dec 11°

Grainger v The Mayor, &c, of Dudley (Q B) app of plt from Darrell v Tibbitts (Q B) app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice judgt of Mr Justice Manisty after trial- Mar 22 Lush at trial-Dec 12

Cawcutt v The Great Eastern Ry Co (

CP) app of defts from Mitchell Homfray (Exch) app of plts from rule pisi dis

new trial rule discharged by Justices Grove & Denmancharged by L C Baron and Mr Justice Stephen-Dec 16

Mar 22 The West India and Panama Telegraph Co, limd v The Home Mason, executrix v Nicholson, Bart (Exch) app of plt from new

and Colonial Marine Insurance Co, lund (CP) app of defts trial rule discharged by L C Baron & Sir Henry Hawkins, from judgt of L J Baggallay after trial-Dec 29

Mar 24 Young v Smith (Q B) app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Alice A. Warburton, applt v Eli Heyworth, respt (Q B Crown Field at trial-Dec 31

side) app of Alice A. Warburton from judgt of LCJ of EogParsons v Evans (Exch) app of plt from judgt of Baron land and Justices Lush and Manisty on app from magistrate Pollock at trial-Dec 31

- Mar 15 1880.

Sadler v Kimpton (CP) app of plt from judgt of Justices Ashdown, Trustee, &c v Ingamells (Exch) app of plaintiff

Grove and Denman on special case-Mar 25 from judgt of Baron Huddleston at trial-Jan 5

Lucas, Trustees, &c v Dicker (CP) app of deft from judgt of

Justices Lindley & Lopes on special case-Mar 25
New Appeals.

Ortelli v Ward (Exch) app of deft from order of LC Baron overGooch and Wife v The Lambeth Waterworks Co (The Vestry

|. ruling demurrer-Mar 31 of St. Mary's, Lambeth, 3rd partier) (Exch) app of plt from

| Bauner v Culshaw & anr (Exch) arp of defendant Morrison judgt of Baron Huddleston at trial - Jan 10

from judgment of Lord Justice Brett at trial-Mar 31 Ludford y Johnson (Q B) app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice

Dominy v Altson (Exch) app of deft from judgt of Mr Justica Manisty at trial-Jan 10"

Stephen at trial--Mar 31 Forwood v The North Wales Mutual Insurance Co limd (Q B)

Goddard v Robson (Exch) app of plt from new trial rule disapp of deft from judgt of Mr Justice Lush at trial without

charged by L C Baron & Mr Justice Stephen-Apr 1 a jury-Jan 20 Forwood v The Provincial A 1 Mutual Marine Insurance Co

From Orders made on Interlocutory Motions in the Common limd (C P) app of defts from judgt of Lord Coleridge after

Law Divieions. trial-Jan 20 Budd & apr v Marshall (C P) app of deft from judgt of Mr De Oleaga & Co v West Camberland Iron & Steel Co, lind Justice Grove after trial-Jan 20

(Q B) app of plts from LCJ of England and Justices Luch Leader v Knight (CP) app of defts from judgt of Mr Justice and Manisty-July 12 (S O for security) Denman after trial - Jan 22

Peeters v The Metropolitan Ry Co (CP) app of deft from order Rainbow & Wife v Juggins (Q B) app of dest from judgt of Mr of Justices Lindley and Lopes for new trial-Mar 8 Justice Nanjsty at trial without a jury--Jan 30

In the Matter of an Arbiration between the Brazilian SubMarkwick v Wickham (Q B) app of plt from judgt of L CJ marine Telegraph Co, limd and the Western and Brazilian of England and Mr Justice Madisty on special case-Jan 31 Telegraph Co,limd' (

Q B) app of Brazilian Submarine Irvine & Co v Watson & Sons (Q B) app of defts from judgt of Telegraph Co from order of Justices Lush, Manisty and Mr Justice Bowen, after trial-Feb 2

Bowen appointing arbitrator-Mar 11 Barnes v Loacb, since deed (Q B) app of deft from judgt of Chapman & ors v Midland Ry Co (Q B) app of plts from order LCJ of England and Mr Justice Lopes on special case - Feb of Justices Lush and Manisty as to scale of costs-Mar 13

Ward v Hall (Exch) app of deft from L C Bacon and Sir IL Glyn, Mills, & Co v The East & West India Dock Co (Q B)

Hawkins upholding order to refer-Mar 15 app of defts from indgt of Mr Justice Field after trial withont I Salter & Sons v Merritt & anr (CP) app of defts from order a jury-Feb 3

Mr Justice Lindley overruling demurrer to first five paragrapas Price, Hickman & Co v Hartman (CP) app of deft from judgtl of Statement of Claim-Apr 1 of Mr Justice Lindley after trial-Feb 9

In re An Arbitration between Henry Clarke and Charles Henry Thornton, trustee, &c v Hyman & anr, trading, &c (Q B) app Green (Exch) app of CH Green from L CB and Baron from judgt of Mr Justice Bowen at trial-Feb 9

Pollock discharging rule nisi to set aside a ward South-Eastern Ry Co v Railway Commars & the Mayor of Barker & Co v Hemming & apr, Hemming, Claimant (Baca


app of Claimant from Justices Lush and Manisty refusing In re Taylor

Ex parte Brooks claim to goods seized by Sheriff-Mar 25

In re Crick

Ex parte Rawlings Heaton v Wilkinson & ors (Q B) app of plt from order of LCJ N.B.—The above list contains Appeals set down to Thursday, of England and Justices Lash & Manisty for new trial --Mar

April 1, inclusive. 27 Shoetensack v Price & Co (Excb) app of plt from order of Sir HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE-CHANCERY DIVISION. Henry Hawkins referring case back to Ocial Referee-Mar

LIST OF CAUSES FOR EASTER SITTINGS, 1880. 31 Jones y The Monte Video Gas Co, limd (Q B) app of defts from

Before the MASTER OF THE ROLLS. refusal to rescind Master's order for further discovery- Mar

Causes for Trial (with Witnesses). 31

Slater v Drew act. pt hd Union Bank act & mj FROM THE PROBATE, DIVORCE, AND ADMIRALTY London & County Banking Co (April 13) DIVISION.

v Pyle act, pt hd (2nd wits Hudson y Yorkshire Banking For Hearing.


Co act & mfj (April 14)

Boddington Hamilton act Chubb v Kingswood & Park1879.

(Apr 12)

field Collieries Co, limd act Admiralty.

Appleton v Mayor, &c of Bolton (April 13) Ship Ganges-Hagerty and ors v Owners of the Steam Ship act

Stoddart v Warwick & WarGanges app of plts from Sir R J Phillimore-May 17 Douglas v Hogg act (May 4) wickshire Benefit Building Ship Constantine-Owners of the Alice v Owners of the Con Yates v Mitchell act

Society act & m fj stantine app of J W Wallace, intervener, from Sir RJ Smith v Frodsham act (SO) Dew v Flemiog act Phillimore-June 16

Butler v Frodsham act (Apr Woodin v Evans aet


Yorkshire Banking Co In re The Goods of Henry Taylor, deod Taylor & Hodgson Reid v Church act (Apr 20) Hudson act (April 14) Taylor app of plts from order of Sir R J Phillimore dis

Wooltorton v Ellis Ellis v Barnard v Barnard act charging rule nisi for new trial—July 7

Wooltorton act

Barker v Puddiphatt act

Burrard, Bart v Calisher act (April 19)

Frost v Ward Ex parte Sykes Southard v Pope act
Ship Somorrostro-Laing v Wilson & Co app of defts from

& anr, adjd sums set down Coppin v Dermer act Sir R J Phillimore (with nautical assessors) – Aug 8

with wits acts by order Skipton v Rowley act Ship Somorrostro-Laing v Wilson & Co app of plt from Sir Bentley » Atkinson act (Apr Goldberg v Rosenthall Ros

Blades v Halls act

Henry v Bernales act RJ Phillimore (with nautical assessors) -Aug 22


enthall v Kensit act & m Ship Cotopaxi-Richardson & Co and ors v Owners of the

Bennett y Needham act Cotopaxi app of defts from Sir R J Phillimore (with nautical

Blake v Blake act & mij assessors)—Aug 11

In re Eyles, deed Boarder v

Caton v Davison Davisov Eyles act Ship Erasmus Wilson-Staines v Owners of the Erasmus Wilson

Caton act

Nicholls v Mathias act app of defts from Sir R J Phillimore (with nautical assessors)

Gibson v Key act (Apr 13) Miller v Solomon act -Sept 19

Bevan v Scott act

Marshall v Ballard act Ship City of Manchester-The_Cargo ex Moselle v Owners of the City of Manchester and Freight app of defts from judgt

Edleston v Lloyd Lloyd v Jackson & Co v Wood Brosof Sir Ř J Phillimore and application of plts to vary same

Edleston act

act Day v Coward act

Official Liquidator of Econ(with nautical assessors)—Nov 8 Ship Hewett-Simmons & ors v The Owners of the Hewett

Hartley v Frampton act (Apr omic Building Society v 27)

Swift act app of defts from judgt of Sir R J Phillimore (with nautical assessors)-Nov 25

In re Crawshaw, deed Coates Oakey v Hoar act

v Wakefield and Barnsley Ship City of Mecca-Cotesworth &ors v The Owners of the City of Mecca and Freight app of defts from judgt of Sir R Í

Further Considerations.
Phillimore-Dec 10

Gray v H M Attorney-Gen Oats v Vivian fo
New Appeals.

2nd fc

In re Stephens, decd DownShip Milanese-Owners of the Bokhara and ors v Owners of Johnson v John Hall & Co ing v Bennett

2nd fc the Milanese and freight app of defts from judgt of Sir R J

(April 12) Phillimore (with nautical assessors)-Jan 26

Moody v Martin fe

Williams v How fo

In re Porter, deed Porter v In re Rawlins, decd Rawlins

Noakes fó (April 15) v Rawiins fc In re Jane Stratton Boyse, deca Crofton v Gautier (J S. Kirwan Musgrave v Wilson fo Attorney-Gen v Bovington intervening) app of deft Gautier from judgt of Sir James Brake Barber fo

fo Hannen (s o for security)-Feb 6

In re Carrington, decd Car. In re Simpson, decd WilAdmiralty.

rington v Carrington fo liamson v Simpson fo Ship Sir Robert Peel - National Steam Ship Co v Owners of the In re Wilson, decd Wilson v Sir Robert Peel app of defts from judgt of Sir R J Philli

Russell fo more (with nautical assessors)-March 23


Alford Gas Co v Holmes demr of deft W C Holmes
In re Holdsworth
Ex parte The Guarantee

Causes for trial without witnesses).
Jones v Wilkinson act In re Filber, deed

Filber v
In re Sidebotham
Ex parte Sidebotham

Longbourne v Vickerman act Filberact (short)
In re Harri:on
Ex parte Butler

(May 1)

Jones v Lowe mfj' (Man-
In re Henley
Ex parte Henley

West v West act (SO), chester) short
In re Tallerman
Ex parte Broad

Freeland v Met District Ry In re Chaplin, decd Dormer
In re Haynes
Ex parte National Mercantile Co act

v Chaplin mfj (LeicesBank

In re Fleming, decd Fleming ter) short
In re Cole and anr
Ex parte Snell and ors

v Fleming act

In re Ede, decd Ede v Wells In re Henley Ex parte Henley

Isle of Thanet Gas Light Co mfj (short) In re Jones

Ex parte Fardon's Vinegar Co v Davis act (SO) Bowen v Summers mij In re Batey Ex parte Neal and apr

In re Stevens, decd Patching Bailey v Reed act lo re Swano & Co Ex parte Sir F Johnstone and v Stevens mj

Sheffield y McLaren m fj

In re Carter, decd Carter v (short)
In re Keill
Ex parte Falk

Carter aot (May 1) School Board for London V
In re Mason
Ex parte Escritt

Rooke v Pym act & mj Jones mfi (short).
In re Phillipin & Co
Ex parte De Chatonville and Emma Silver Mining Co v Ru vell v Eades m f'j

Grant mj (April 19) Ia re Allum, decd Allum v
In re Bunyard
Ex parte Newton

Davis v Isle of Thanet Gas Allum act
In re Bunyard
Ex parte Griffin

Light Co act

Bailey v Edmunds mij In re Fox & Co Ex parte Bishop Booth v Booth act

In re Ranby
Ex parte Ranby

In re Sargant, decd Higgs v Rayner v Preston act
In re Jordan
Ex parte Symmons and anr

Limbrick act

In re Makepeace deod MakeIn re Westray Ex parte Thompson

Eastwood v Beckett & Co act peace v Marsh m fj (short) In re Bowes Ex parte Jackson and ors


Jameson v Maskell act
In re Dickinson
Ex parte Corker

Birmingham Estates Co, limd Turnbull v London Seed Co,
In re Thomson
Ex parte McGeorge

v Smith act

limd act In ra Tebbatt Ex parte Binstead

Dodge v Brown act

Browolow v Hunt act
In re Clarke
Ex parte Izard and anr

McLain v Barrett mij



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pt hd

Adjourned Summonses.

Before the Vice-Chancellor Sir JAMES Bacon. Hammerton v Smith (S O to Herring v Tbe Erie Railway

Causes for trial. come on with In re Dainty) Co

Bagot v Easton Easton v Johns v James act In re Hull & County Bank Crown v Ladd

Bagot C F A H Bagot Fellows v Turner act wits, pt limd (Burgess's case) Palmer v Locke

v Easton act

hd In re Dronfield Coal, & Co (to Westinghouse v Sanders

Stone v Spartali act

Riley v Western District Bank cancel mortgage) Powell v Kindon

Stone v Slipless Roadway, &c, act wits In re Dronfield Coal, & Co Drewe v Drewe (Tanner's

Co act

Vinoy v Henwood act wits (Ward's case) claim)

Chadwick v Chadwick act Groen v White act, wits wits

Harrison v Steel, Tozer & Co Before the Vice-Chancellor MALINS.

Brown v Jackson act wits act and sums, wits pt hd Causes for trial.

(not before Apr 12)

(Apr 13)

Duke of Roxburgh act restored Redfearn v Israel act, wits Cooper v The Queen demr Life Association, Scotland v In re Evered, deod Snelling v Bolton v Ferro act Barnes v Barnes demr pHoare act witns

Evered act wits

Walker v Grime act Bewioke v Burdon (demr of In re Hodgkinson Hodgkin

defts Burdon and Blackett) son v Badder fo (short) Transferred from Vice-Chancellor HALL by Order of 10th Bewicke v Burdon (demr of In re Funnall Funnell 'v

November, 1879. Hutton, Wilbraham, &c) Ashurst mij

Hodgson v Williamson a, wits Keen v Lawes act, wits Wilson ý De Coulon act In re Gosman 'fo of petition Brown y Walker act, wits Basham v Hutchinson Hutch(not before May 8) of right

In re Chadwick, decd' Taylor inson v Basham cause Downs v Pursell act pt hd In re Williams Williams v

v Emmet H

Basbam v Hutchinson act Lisbon Steam Tramway Co, ld Morton act

Owens Co v Klinwort a, wits restored v Grant m judgt Winton v Davies D

Bentley v Pelican Life Insur- Waddell v Brown act witns Webb v Hodgetts act, wits Harpham v Shacklock act & ance Co act

Ward v Barnes mj Driver v Howell act, wits m fj

In re Conolly Conolly v Bence v Bence act Kent v Stuckey's Banking Co In re Charman Charman v Conolly act

Colegrave v Hales act witns act & mjudgt, wits Charman act

In re Matthews Matthews v Tebb v Prince act witns Minshall v Cooper act & m In re Robinson Robinson v Matthews act, wits Fothergill v Farley act witns forj, wits Robinson mj

Hammereley v Staffordshire Hester v Hester m j witns Walters v Lyon act, wits In re Farnham Fowke v

Potteries Waterworks Co Lyon v Tweddell act witos Wilson v Hodgson f o (re Farnham act

act, wits

Griffiths y Richards act witns stored)

Gasquet v Ambrose mj Holmes v Selby act, wits Robson v Robson act witas Wakefield v Truman, Hanbury In re Raines Raines v Řaines

In re Petn of Right of J Smee v Holyland act witns & Co act, wits (Apr 20) fc & sumns to vary

Young and J Grindrell wits In re Barker, deod Barker Bagenal v Theobald act In re Markham Markham v

In re Loukhart, decd Jones Robson act & mj Crawcour v Salter act, wits Markham fo

v Lookbart act

Gordon v Orchard act Donnison v People's Cafe Co Williams v Hughes fc and Ormathwaite v Kington, &c., Warner v Mosses act act, wits sumns to vary

Ry Co act

In re Robson Emley v DavidTurner v Turner act, wits In re Morgan Griffiths v

French v Mugleston act, wits son fc & sumns to vary Wolferstan v Oram aet, wits Morgan act & mj

Ramsay v Rice act, wits Stogdon v Ernest act, wits Watson v Bentley act & mj

In re Roe Morgan v Roe act, In re Tutin Tutin v Tatin Davies v Jones act, wits In re Thorley Thorley v wits

act Greenwood v Lord f cand Thorley act & mj

Nobels, &c, Co v Jones, Scott, In re Palin Palin v Brookes sums to vary pt hd (Apr 19) In re Toulon Teulon v Da & Có act, wits

act witns De Bergue v De Bergue act, vies fc

Hudson v Crowther act & Serff v Luff act witrs wits · Swithinbank v Hughes act mfj

Smith v Smith act witns Coney v Tepnant fc Patching v Barnett fo Casper v Green act

Barnett v Clark mj Wilcox v Edwards act and m In re Rash Rash v Rash

Brown v Critchfield issue for Sidwell v Klenck act witns for j, wits act & mj


Williams v Groom mj. Mason v Harris act, wits Williams v Jones fo

Ranson v Patton act & mfj In re Lister Smith v Lister In re Hoskins Britton y Richardson v Fox act, pt hd Bradford District Bank, limd mj Britton Act, wits Frye v Frye act

v Smith act & mfj Gladstone v Crofts mi Lowe v Somers act, wits Dorin v Dorin fo

In re Stansfield Stansfield v (short) Elliott v Wale act, wits Child & Co v Thorley act Stansfield spc

In re Ladley Huss v CrawIn re Turner Hall'v Turner witas

Sedgwick v Speller act, wits ford act witns
Thomson v Rogers fc

Wood v Kay act, wits' Liddell v McDougall act Pike v Fitzgibbon act, wits Allen v Davies mi

Butler v Johnson act, wits witns Wright v De Rhodes act, wits Gibbon v Croxfordm j | Hathaway v Hathaway a, wits Hughes v Wilson my Farmer v Laurance act Lisbon Steam Tramways Co y Hall v Lichfield, &c, Brewery

Before the Vice-Chancellor Sir CHARLES HALL. Grant act and mfj, wits Co act witng

Causes for trial (with witnesses).
Beckett v Attwood act, wits Whitmore v Farley act
In re Mortimer Grey v Bird witns

Gordon v Bernales act Hawkes v Sayer act
act, wits
Pugh v Jones mi (short)
Kelly v Scotto act

White v Mitchell act
Hicking v Hicking act, wits Clarkson v Harrison act

Allen v Wade act

Lovesey y Smith act Rogers v Manley act, wits witns

Pickworth v Wade act Mighell v Bennington act London &

Wilcox v Roadhead act
N-W Rý Co v Mosley v Kay special case

Webster v Whewell act Fleetwood Local Board act Osborn v Osborn Ozborn v

Parry y Parry act

Tann v Heale act Durrans v Natl Mercantile Osborn fc (short)

Beecroft v Henry act

Peters v East Grigsted Ry Bank, limd act, wits In re Nowell Nowell' v Now

Henry y Beecroft act

Coast In re Bone Adams v Bone f ell mj (short)

Mardon v Antrobus act Baliard v Shutt act c & soms to vary In re Russell Russell v Smith

Reus v Lever act

Glover v Billups act &mfj Legg v Smith act & mfj, fo

lo re Rhodes Rhodes y Nevill v Saelling act wits Ritson v Elliott fo

Rhodos act

In re Bliss Whitney » Bliss Governors of Alleyns' College, In re Wheeler Rocke v

In re Smith Loughnan V act Dulwich v London B & Ś Wheeler fc

Wordan act

Duke v Littleboy act
Coast Ry act, wits
In re Schnell Schnell v Ross

Cavaliero v Cavaliero act Wells v Tenaant act
Eves v Sherley to

mi (short)
| Mathews v Mathews act

In re Bardo Bardo v Bardo Sheehan v Great Eastern Ry Turner v Hill act witns

Hills v Hall act
Co act, wits
Welman v Welman act

Llanover v Homfrey act Addenbrook v Tossell act In re Dennis Harding v Den Groves y Brown

ì Phillips v Llanover act

Packer » Packer act a &mfj

Franklin v Cole act nis fo & sumps to vary

Rowlands v Williams act

witos la re Green Jowitt y Green In re Golding Golding v

Edwards v Lovering Loveriog Anker v Franklin act fo Golding mj

v Edwards act Astley v Micklethwait fc Metcalfe ✓ Webster fo

Further Considerations.
Jolley v Simmons act witns Windt v Coventry mj In re White, Palmer v Davis to vary
In re Wallis Boncey v Wal In re Redhead andrews v fc

James v Green fo
lis act
Andrew's act

In re Parry, Parry v Parry In re Boxer, Moore v Boxer In re Tibbits Hewitt v Tib Pead v De Meschin act fc

fo bits act witos Thompson v Martin act & Builer v Cubitt fc

Doering v Doering fc mj witns

Roach v Haynes fc & sums Couk v Whish to

act, wits



Carpenter v Loram fo In ro Hobson, Forster v Hob-
In re Crawehay, Crawshay v son fo
Stratford fo

In re Duck, Duck v Duck fo Robinson v Robinson fc Leggott v Rutherford fc Gurney v Walters fo In re Barnard, Barnard v Jackson v Jackson fo

Barnard fo In ra Bolton, Davidson v Mat- Parry v Shute fc thewson fo

Howland v Medwin fc Cook v Lound fo

Demurrers. Cooper v Stevens demr In re Bull, Woolley v Hull In re Bull, Woolley v Hull demr of defts Woolley demr of G. Hull

Searle v Jones demr Causes for Trial (without witnesses). Republic of Peru v Ruzom Brogden v Brogden

for d (not before Apr 23) Roberts v Jones act Bedford v Isaacs act

Merkwick v Denpott act Dowdeswell v Dowdeswell Claridge v Arnold mj cause

In re Wilman Albeston V Batchelor v Batchelor act & Hurnton mj motn for judgt

Patey v Spencer act &mj Huggons v Tweed act In re Pashley Pashley v SaxPrice v Hyde mfj pt hd

act (S O till spoken to)

Inglefield v Hughes act Robins v McLean act & mj witns

witno Milward v Stanley, act witas Horn v Haywood a witns (not Milward V Williams act

before May 1). witns

In re Dixon Maskell v PonThomas v Williams act witng cione act witns Anderson v Bardford a witns Rees v Metropolitan Board of (not before April 26)

Works act &mj witos In re Bewicke Baker v Bell. In re Marshall Daykio v man act witng

Woodward act witns Newton v Nock a witns (not Patton v Pollard act witns before April 30).

Davis v Artingshall act
Harding v Williams act witns

Gorbam v Mitchell act witns
Stogdon v Ingpen act witns (not before April 17)
Leaven v Le Gros act witns Gloucestershire, &c, Bap king

Co v Morse act witng
Causes transferred from Vice-Chancellor Bacon for trial or

hearing only, pursuant to order dated February 24, 1880. Kimber v Loe act & mfj, Mitchell v Hebblethwaite aot wits

In re Twemlow Huber V Lodge v Austin act wits

Twemlow act, wits (not be- Scott v Lopgrigg Longrigg
fore May 7

v Scott act wits D'Arcy v Willis act wits Hubback v Frinneby act wito Waller v Tanqueray act wits Krebl v Burrell act wits Holloway v Heath act wits Hicks v Bradley act wits Arkwright v Newbold act Deere v Gardiner act wits wits

In re Mead Harris v Mead Attorney. Gen v Humpbrey act wits

act wit (not before April 13) Leschallas v Tottenham Local Ballard v Marsden act &mfj Board of Health act wits wits

Gibbs v Taubman act wits Werdig v Isaacs act wits Addy v Beckett & Co act & In re Brooke Bulmer v mfj, wits

Brooke act &mfj, wits Thorpe v Cardy act wits Balding v Scottish &c Institu- Andrew v Walker act wins tion act wits

(oot before May 8)
Jefferys v Esson act wits Solly v Sanderson act wits
Maredon v Sambell act mfj Attorney-Gen v Leschallas act
j, wits

Dallas v Baghott act wit Tildeeley v Harper act restd.
Ranis v Buxton act wit Le Gros y Leaver act wits
N.B.—The above list contains causes set down to April 1


In re Teesdale Teesdale v
Kynaston v Bodman act Benner act
Saunders v Johnson act Compton v Compton m fj

In re Fleetwood Sidegraves v In re Morgan Morgan v
Brewer act

Morgan special case Cowan v Redman act

Herbert v Webster special In re Garrett Prance

case Garrett act

Cornellan v Bradley act
Davies v Hughes mfi Gibbs v Hassell mj
In re Taylor Taylor v 'Taylor White v South Staffordshire,

&c, Co act
In re Howland Reynolds v In re Youle Roberts v Youle
Howland spo

special case James v Capital & Counties Halliday & Co, limd v Roberts Bank issue for trial

act Cooper v Stevens act

Golden v Shaw act
In re Anderson Dewey v Flower v Butler act &mj
Anderson mij

In re Wall, the younger
James Gills act

Barneby v Wall

In re Pemberton v Dillwyn act Wall Barneby v Wall Adams v Adams act

mj., (short)
Cross v The Credit Co mj Russell v East India Ry Co
In re Welch Welch v Welch mj

Pickering & Sons v Day mi
Edwards v Holcombe mj (short)
Sully v Hendrey mj

In re Stubbs, decd Stubbs v
Warburton y Warburton act Burton special case
Manchester, &c, Banking Co
Wrigley act

Before Mr. Justice FRY,

Causes for Trial. Mather v Mather act

Heyl v Roes act, wits Johnson v Cambrian Rys Co Smith v Pawsey act, wits

act wits (not before May) Wayte v Whish act, writs In_re Alldin, decd Alldin v Wilmot v Barber (not before Price acts, wits

In re Higginbottom, decd Phillips v Ellis act, wits
Higginbottom v Platt act & Banque Franco-Egyptienne &
mfj wits

ors v Lutscher act, wits (not
Cutler v Cornish act, wits before May)
Owen v Cook act, wits
Causes transferred from Vice-Chancellor Bacon, for trial or

hearing only, pursuant to order dated 26th December, 1879. Strelly v Pearson act, wits Cave v Cave act, wits

(not before April 16) Blair v Feek act, wits Willats v Met Board of Works Nives v Nives act, wits

act, wits (not before May Chesterfield, &c, Colliery Co v

Black aot, wits pt hd
Chaplin v Cave act, wits
Causes transferred from Vice-Chancellor Bacon, for trial or

hearing only, pursuant to order dated 31st January, 1880. Thomas » Prosser act, wits and Co acts, wits Nobels Studholm vBrown act, wits Explosives Co v Whittle

Jones y Williams act, wits act wits (not before April 13)
Robinson v Edwards act, Heathcote v Stainer act witna

wits (not before April 13) Connery v Sawyer act witos Lutton v Alt act, wits (not Wilson v Withworth act before May 31)

witas Lloyd v Anglo-German, &c, Smith v Meux act witns

Co issue for trial, wits Alwen v Beloe 8, witns (not Bird v Ecclesiastical Commis before April 23)

sioners for England act, Wakefield, &c Bank v Rhodes wits

act wits

(not before
Hogg v Muter act wits April 13)
Nobels Explosive Co v Vivian



Ry Co
Rushton y Smith

Holroyd v Greaves & anr
Chapman v Gt Western Ry Co Bowen y Hall
Same v London and N Western


Michaelmas Sittings, 1879.
Manchester, Tajner v Galloway

Lush, J

Hilary Sittings, 1880.
London, Roberts v Breffit, sued, Derby, Wake v Redfearn & ors
Field, J

L C Justice Middlesex, Keith National India- Lincoln, The National Provincial rubbor Co

Field, J Bank of England v Glover Newcastle, Richardson V Arm

LC Justice strong, pt hd

Lush, J Lincoln, Glover v Spratling
Leeds, Eagle v Tilley Lush, J

LC Justice Stafford, Dunn v Norwich & Lon- Warwick, Houghton v Williamson don Accident Insurance Co

LC Justica Manisty, J (Motion for judgment.) London, Protector Endowment Middlesex, Francis v Hamsher Loan & Annuity Co v De Beau.

LC Justice chesne

Bowen, J London, Mason & Son v Lindsey Stands over.

Manisty, J (Motion for judgment.) To be argued with Defendant's Warwick, Houghton v Williamson Motion for Judgment.

LO Justice
(Motion for judgment.)


Co Special case to be argued
Easton & anr v Blythe and Tyne before two judges
and North-Eastern Ry Co Horoby v Cardwell (Hanbury 3rd


Den Gt Western Ry Co v Sirbowy Ry

Middlesex, The Queen v Webber & Falmouth
ors, Aldermen of the Town of Lancashire, The Queen v Hutchins


First Day.
In the matter of an arbitration Licensing Justices of the Lathe

between Thomas Clayton and of Sutton and Hono
Edward Evans Green's order

Show cause The Queen (ex parte Prati) v The
The Queen (ex parte Wyait) v The Skeppey Gas Co

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