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intments, etc. S

in Trinity Term, 1867, and practises at the Chancery bar, Appointments, Etc. being also a member of the Northern Circuit. He was

appointed Regius Professor of Civil Law in the University Mr. PHILIP BERNEY BROWN, solicitor (of the firm of

of Oxford in 1873, and Professor of Roman Law at the Brown, Donaldson, & Woolnough), of 70, Lincoln's-inn

Inns of Court in 1877. fields, has been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for Mr. JOSEPH WILLIAM CHITTY, Q.C., who bas been elected taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women M.P. for the City of Oxford in the Liberal interest, is the for the County of Middlesex and the Cities of London and second son of the late Mr. Thomas Chitty, special pleader, Westminster.

and was born in 1828. He was educated at Eton and at Mr. ALFRED WHALLEY COLE, barrister, bas been appointed

Balliol College, Oxford, where he graduated first class in one of her Majesty's Counsel for the Colony of the Cape of

classics in 1851. He obtained the Vinerian Law Scholarship Good Hope. Mr. Cole was called to the bar at the Inner

in 1852, and was elected a fellow of Exeter College. He was Temple in Hilary Term, 1850, and is parliamentary drafts

called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in Easter Term, 1856, and man for the colony.

became a Queen's Counsel in 1874. Mr. Chitty practises in

the Rolls Court. He is a bencher of Lincoln's-inn, and was Mr. ALFRED JOHN DAVIES, solicitor (of the firm of Gresham for several years major in the Inns of Court Rifle Volunteers & Davies), of 24, Basinghall-street, has been appointed He is married to a daughter of the late Lord Chief Baron Deputy High Bailiff of Southwark. Mr. Davies was

Sir Frederick Pollock. admitted a solicitor in 1875, and is in partnership with Mr. William Gresham, the High Bailiff of Southwark.

Mr. FRANCIS Compton, barrister, who bas been elected Mr. WILLIAM BENNETT BARTON FREELAND, solicitor, of

| M.P. for the Southera Division of Hampshire in the Con

servative interest, is the youngest son of the late Mr. Henry Chichester, has been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for Combe Compton, of Minestead Manor, Hampshire, and taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women for

was born in 1824. He was educated at Merton College, the County of Sussex. Mr. Freeland has also been appointed

Oxford, where he graduated third class in classics and a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of

second class in mathematics in 1846. He obtained the Judicature.

Viperian Law Fellowship and a fellowship at All Sonls? Mr. WILFRID GIBSON, solicitor, of Hexbam, has been College, and he subsequently proceeded to the degree of appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for Northumberland, D.C.L. Mr. Compton was called to the bar at Lincoln's. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and Berwick-on-Tweed, for taking ipn in Michaelmas Term, 1850, and is a member of the the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women. Mr. Western Circuit. Gibson was admitted a solicitor in 1871, and is in partner. Mr. William FOWLER, barrister, who has been elected ship with Mr. Richard Gibson, the clerk to the county M.P. for the borough of Cambridge in the Liberal interest, magistrates.

is the fourth son of Mr. John Fowler, of Chapel Nap, WiltMr. GEORGE FREDERICK Hill, solicitor, of Cardiff, has shire. He was born in 1828, and was educated been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner to take the Acknow. University College, London, and graduated at the ledgments of Married Women for the County of Glamorgan, University of London B.A. in 1848. He was called to Mr. John HUGHES, of Liverpool, has been appointed a

the bar at the Inner Temple in Hilary Term, Perpetual Commissioner to take the Acknowledgments of

1852, and formerly practised at an equity draftsman and Married Women for the County of Lancaster.

conveyancer. Mr. Fowler is a magistrate for Esses, and

represented Cambridge from 1868 till 1874. Mr. ARTHUR HENRY LOCK, solicitor, of Dorchester, has been elected Clerk to the Dorchester Board of Guardians,

Mr. HENRY HARTLEY FOWLER, solicitor (of the firm of Assessment Committee, and Rural Sanitary Authority, and

Corser, Fowler, & Langley), of '146, Leadenball-street su perintendent registrar for the district, in succession to his

and Wolverbampton, who has been elected M.P. for the father, the late Mr. Henry Lock. Mr. A. H. Lock was ad

Borough of Wolverbampton in the Liberal interest, is the mitted a solicitor in 1867.

son of the Rov. Joseph Fowler, and was born in 1830. He

was educated at St. Saviour's Grammar Sohool, Southwark, Mr. FRANCIS ROBERTSON MOORE, of Warwick, has been and was admitted a solicitor in 1852. Mr. Fowler is clerk appointed a Perpetual Commissioner to take the Acknowledg.

to the South Staffordshire Drainage Commissioners. He ments of Married Women for the County of Warwick.

was mayor of Wolverbampton in 1862, and is an aldermab Mr. THURSTON COLLIER PETER, solicitor, of Redruth, has and magistrate for the borough. been appointed Clerk to the Redruth Board of Guardians, Assessment Committee, and Rural Sanitary Authority, on

Mr. JOSEPI ALFRED HARDCASTLE, barrister, who has

been elected M.P. for the boroogh of Bury St. Edmunds the resignation of Mr. John Luke Peter, who is registrar of

in the Liberal interest, is the eldest son of Mr. Alfred the Redruth County Court. Mr. T. C. Peter was admitted a

Hardoastle, of Hatcbam Lodge, Surrey, and was born in olicitor in 1878.

1815. He was formerly scholar of Trinity College, Cam. Mr. John SINGLETON, solicitor (of the firm of Singleton bridge, where he graduated in the first class of the & Tattershall), of 9, Great James-street, has been appointed classical tripog in 1838. He was oalled to the bar at the a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court Inner Temple in Hilary Term, 1841, and he is a magistrate f Judicature.

for Essex and a deputy-Dieutenant for Sarrey. Mr. HardMr. SAMUEL FRANCIS STONE, of Leicester, has been ap

castle was M.P. for Colobester from 1847 till 1852, and for pointed a Perpetual Commissioner to take the Acknowledge

| Bury St. Edmunds from 1857 till 1874. ments of Married Women for the County of Leicester.

Mr. JOSEPH JOHNSON LEEMAN, solicitor (of the fira Mr. THOMAS UPINGTON, Attorney-General for the colony of Leeman, Wilkinson, & Leeman), of York, who has of the Cape of Good Hope, bas been appointed one of her been

been elected M.P. for that city in the Liberal iaterest,

elected M.P. for that city in the Majesty's Counsel for that colony.

is the only son of Mr. George Leeman, clerk of the peace for the East Riding, and late M.P. for York, and was

born in 1842. He was admitted a solicitor in 1865, and is NEW LEGAL M.P.:S.

clerk to the lieutenancy for the East Riding. He is ir partMr. JAMES BRYCE, D.C.L., who has been elected M.P.

pership with his father, and with Mr. Joseph Wilkioson, for the Tower Hamlets in the Liberal interest, is the son of

town clerk of York. Dr. James Bryce, and was born in 1838. He was educated Mr. JOHN WILLIAM MELLOR, Q.C., who has been elected at the University of Glasgow, and at Trinity College, M.P. for the Borough of Grantbam in the Liberal interest, Oxford, where he graduated as a double firet (classics and is the eldest son of the Right Hon. Sir John Mellor, late & law and modern history) in 1861. He obtained the Gaisford judge of the Queen's Bench Division, and was born in 1835. Prize for Greek prose in 1860, the Gaisford Prize for Greek He wag educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he verse in 1861, the Craven Scholarship, and the Latin Essay graduated as a senior optime in 1857. He was called, Prize in 1862, and the Arnold Prize in 1863. He also I the bar at the Inner Temple in Easter Term, 1860, and 18 pbtained the Vinerian Law Scholarship and a fellowship at a member of the Midland Circuit. He was formerly a ro. Oriel College, and afterwards proceeded to the degree of vising barrister, and was for several years recorder D.C.L. Mr. Bryce was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn Grantham. Mr. Mellor was appointed a Queen's Coun


in 1875, and he is a bencher of the Inner Temple, and a carried on by the said Ambrose Haynes alone.) April 3, magistrate for Somersetshire,

1880. (Gazette, April 6, 1880.) Mr. JOHN HINDE PALMER, Q.C., who has been elected M.P

ISAAC SHEFFIELD, THOMAS NEEDHAM SAEFFIELD, and for the City of Lincolo in the Liberal interest, is the only son

FREDERICK SHEFFIELD, solicitors, 20, Cullum-street, London of Mr. Samuel Palmer, of Dulwiob, and was born in 1808.

(Sheffield & Sons), so far as regards the said Isaac Sheffield. He was called to the bar at Lincoln's-ion in Hilary Term,

(Thomas Needham Sheffield and Frederick Sheffield will 1832, and has practised for many years in the Court of

continue to carry on the said business under the style or firm Chancery. He became a Queen's Counsel in 1859, and he

of Sheffield & Sons). Dec. 31, 1879. (Gazette, April 6,

1880.) is a magistrate for the county of Sarrey, a bencher of Lincoln'a-inn, and treasarer of that society for the current year. Mr. Palmer represented Lincoln from 1868 till 1874. Mr. CHARLES SAVILLE ROUNDELL, barrister, who has

Societies. been elected M.P. for the borough of Grantham in the Liberal interest, is the son of Mr. Danson Ricbardeon TAE LAW UNION INSURANCE COMPANY. Roundell, of Gledstone, Yorkshire, and was born in 1828.

The annval general meeting of this company was held on He was educated at Harrow and at Balliol College, Oxford,

the 31st ult., James Cuddon, Esq., chairman of the board, where he graduated first class in classics and second class

presiding. in mathematics in 1850. He obtained the Chancellor's Mr. F. McGedy (the actuary and secretary) read the Prize for an English essay in 1851, and was elected Fellow notice convening the meeting and the minutes of the previous of Merton College. He was called to the bar at Lincoln's- meeting. The report and accounts were taken as read. ind in Trinity Term, 1857. He was private secretary to The CHAIRMAN said- Gentlemen, the report before you is Earl Spencer wben Lord-Lieatenant of Ireland, and in 80 explicit that no remarks of mine are really needed, but I 1866 he acted as secretary to the Jamaica Commission of will nevertheless review the main facts in as few words as Enquiry

possible. First, as to the business of the past year. In the Mr. EDWARD WAUGH, solicitor, of Cockermouth, who fire department the new premiums have been a little less than has been elected M.P. for tbat borough in the Liberal

in the preceding year, but the results have been exceptionally interest, is the son of Mr. John Lamb Waugh, of Irthing

favourable ; there is a surplus of £18,000, being a far ton, Cumberland, and was born in 1816. He was admitted

larger surplus than has been realized in any year. "I need & solicitor in 184C, and is in partnership with his son,

hardly say that a continuance of such extraordinary good Mr. Edward Lamb Waugh. He is registrar of the

fortune can scarcely be expected, the average percentage of Cockermouth County Court, and clerk to the magistrates and

loss being only 19 per cent. Then, as to the life business, Commissioners of Taxes.

the new premiums in the year notwithstanding the general Mr. EDMUND ROBERT WODEHOUSE, barrister, who has

depression have exceeded £8,000, being about £560 in

excess of those in the preceding year. The claims have been elected M.P. for the City of Bath in the Liberal been rather heavy in the year, but it must be borne in interest, is the only son of Sir Pbilip Edmund Wodehouse, mind that all those claims have been fully taken into K.C.B., G.C.S.I. He was born in 1835, and was educated account in the valuation which is placed before you. at Balliol College, Oxford, where he graduated first class in

Now as to the past quioquennium. You will see that classics in 1858. He was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn during that period the fire premiums have been increased in Hilary. Term, 1861, and he was a member of the old by opwards of £10,000 a year; the life premiums have Norfolk Circuit. He was private secretary to the Earl of been increased by more than £15,000 a-year, of course after Kimberley wben at the Colonial Office, and to his father deducting all lapses, surrenders, &c., and there has been when governor of Bombay. Mr. Wodehouse was also

an augmentation of the accumulated fund amounting to secretary to the Royal Commission on the Penal Servitude

£217,856. That, I think, is very satisfactory. On the Acts.

valuation which has been made there is a considerably Mr. CHARLES BeilBY STUART WORTLEY, barrister, who larger surplus than there was on the former occasion, and that has been elected M.P. for the borough of Sheffield in the notwithstanding that the actuary has adopted the striotest Conservative interest, is the second son of the Right Hon. known table of mortality as the basis of bis valuationJames Archibald Stuart Wortley, Q.C., and was born in namely, the Hu Table—the table of the Institute of Actu1851. He was educated at Balliol College, Oxford, where aries, as mentioned in the report, reckoning only 3 per he graduated second class in jurisprudence in 1874, and he cent interest, and including the whole of the loading, was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in January, 1876. which amounts to about one-fifth of the premiums. The He is a member of the North-Eastern Circuit, and he acted bonus to the life policyholders is, I think, very good, as secretary to the Royal Commission on the Sale and amounting on policies upon young lives to a reversionary Transfer of Ecclesiastical Benefices.

bonus of more than 50 per cent. of the premium paid BARON HENRY DE WORMS, barrister, F.S.A., who has

during the quinquennium, and averaging all round, I should been elected M.P. for the Borough of Greenwich in the

say, more than 30 per cent. on each premium. The pros

pective further bonus of 1 per cent. per annum upon policies Conservative interest, is the son of the late Baron Solomon de Worms, and was born in 1840. He was educated at

falling in during the current quinquennium is an import

ant feature in favour of the assured. With regard to the King's College, London, and was called to the bar at the reversions, a re-valuation has becare necessary, first of all, Inner Temple in Trinity Term, 1867. He is a member of because of the tenants for life being older, and secondly, on the South-Eastern Circuit, a magistrate and deputy-lien- account of some reversions having been increased in value tebant for the county of Middlesex, and a baron of the by the dropping of one of two lives; in some instances the Austrian Empire.

reversions were upon two lives. It is our practice to debit

the reversion account with 5 per cent. interest, but at the DISSOLUTIONS OF PARTNERSHIPS.

same time to credit towards that 5 per cent., or as part of it,

all the profit we may make in one year by the falling in THOMAS CHORLTON and EDWARD CHORLTON, solicitors,

of reversions. Before estimating the profit of any reversion, 32, Brazepnose-street, Manchester (Thomas and Edward we always deduct 5 per cent. interest, so that when we Chorlton). Thomas Chorlton will continne to practise at speak of profit we mean the profit over and above the 5 per the offices of the late firm. March 25. (Gazette, April 2,

cent. interest, and of course over and above all the costs and 1880.)

expenses. I need hardly say that our actuary in FRANCIS WILLIAM ARKCOLL, RICHARD GARDINER MINS

every part of his valuation has exercised great

caution and every possible care ; it is impossible HULL Jones, and EDWARD MEYRICK COCKELL, solicitors

to bave a valuation made with greater exactness or and parliamentary agents, 190, Tooley-street, Southwark

with greater regard to security. Safety and security are, of (Arkcoll, Jones, & Cockell). March 23, 1880. (Gazette, April 6, 1880.)

course, the very first things, whether the bonus be a little

more or less. It is very pleasant indeed to have a large AMBROSE HAYNES, GEORGE ALEXANDER HAYNES, and bonus, but it is a matter of the most essential importance Jour Haynes, Grecian-chambers, Devereux-court, Temple, that, at all events, we shoold have the most perfect safety, solicitors (Ambrose, Haynes & Sons). (Business will be and that we should also have a large reserve for future

per cent.


liabilities. I need hardly say that when you take into con that motion. I can vouch for the zeal and assiduity of Mr. sideration the large sum of £7,000 or £8,000 & gear, McGedy, and I think a great deal of the success of the office which is the difference between 3 per cent. and the interest depends apon him. which you really make, that is 44 per cent., and also the The resolution was carried unanimously. amount of the loading, which is about £13,000 a year, you Mr. McGedy-Mr. Chairman and gentlemen, I beg to bave a very large and wide margin by way of security for future return you my sincere thanks for the very great honour you profits and future expenses. Now as to the shareholders. have done me. As the chairman has told you, I do feel the We began the past quinquennium with a dividend of 15 per deepest interest in the welfare of the company. It is certainly cent., and we had in hand on the profit and loss account a source of great gratification to me to find that it has met towards the then future dividend £10,000. The dividend, I with so much success. When we consider that when the Law tshould say, of 15 per cent. has been gradually increased up Union was established there were no fewer than four law to 20 per cent. during the past quinquennium. If you adopt life assurance offices, and one law fire assurance office his report we shall commence the quinquennium with a in existence to compete with, and that those offices had really dividend of 20 per cent., the same as has been paid before, i got most of the leading members of the profession to support and also a special bonus for this year, but for this year them, I think we may fairly congratulate ourselves on only, of 20 per cent. also, making, in point of fact, 40 having, in the face of so much competition, arrived at such

for the

We shall also

a prosperous state. Of course, the company is not so large on the profit and loss account £21,000, being double the as some ; many have very much larger revenues; bat, to use sum whioh we reserved, and which we found amply soffi a homely adage, “ The proof of the pudding is in the cient on the former occasion. Then, again, with regard to eating; it is not always the offices which have the largest the fire insurance reserve fund which is made up of an revenues that make the largest profits. I thank you, gentledivided profits, that has also been doubled during the men, for your kind vote of thanks. past quinquennium, now standing as it does at £30,000, After other votes of thanks the meeting terminated. being originally £15,000; and considering the nature of onr risks, and the very great safety of our business, I think there are very few companies indeed who have relatively so large a reserve. The business, as you are aware, Law Students' Journal. has been very largely increased during the past several years; and it will be the duty of the directors to consider

LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING SOCIETY. tbe expenses of management. We have always ourtailed those expenses within the smallest possible reasonable limits,

The weekly meeting of this society was held at the Law bat we bave felt it our duty lately to revise the different Institution, Chancery-lane, on Tuesday evening last, Mr. salaries in the office, and to make some addition to the

W. R. Lloyd Jones in the chair. The society discassed the aappal expenditure. If no one wishes to ask any questions, adjourned debate on the general ele:tion—" Is it desirable I will at once move the report before you be adopted.

that Lord Beaconsfield's Government should be supported

The question Mr. CHARLES PEMBERTON, the deputy-chairman, seconded by a majority, at the general election ? the motion, wbich was carried unanimously.

was opened in the negative by Mr. W. A. Bilney. Messrs. Mr. R. W. ROBERTS moved the payment of the dividend

J. A. Neale, A. M. Ellis, C.' E. Barry, J. A. Chater, and and bonas, as recommended in the report of the directors ;

J. H. Hunter supported the negative; and Messrs. Sydney the motion was seconded by Mr. T. G. MILLS and carried Montagu and Edward Bedford upheld the negative. The unanimopsly.

question on being put to the meeting was decided in the On the motion of Mr. EDMUND JAMES, seconded by Mr.

affirmative. A. R. OLDMAN, the retiring directors were severally and separately re-elected. The auditors, Mesgrg. Darley and MANCHESTER LAW STUDENTS SOCIETY. Waterhouse, were also re-elected. Mr. H. Roscoe moved “That £2,500 per annum be paid held on the 30th ult. at the Law Library, Cross-street

The eleventh meeting of the session of this society was to directors for their valuable services, to commence from the Chambers, Manchester, when the chair was taken by Mr. 30th of November last."

Thomas Nash, barrister-at-law. The minutes of the last Mr. RICHARD MILLS seconded the motion, which was carried unanimously.

meetings having been read by the hon. secretary (Mr. T. W, The CHAIRMAN-I beg to thank you, gentlemen, for the

Millar) and passed, and other fcrmal business transacted,

the chairman called upon Mr. Rayner to open the debate in yote you bave just passed. We all of us wish to give the best possible attention to the business of the company, and we

favour of the affirmative. The subject for discussion was so

follows:-—"The assignee of a lease becomes bankrupt and bave always done so. Nevertheless we certainly view with satisfaction the appreciation of our services which you show by action from the original lessee, rent which has accrued

his trustee in bankruptcy disclaims. Can the lessor recover, us by this vote of increased remuneration. Mr. N. E. STEINBERG rose to move a resolution to the effect

due since the disclaimer?” Mr. Rayner was followed by Messrs. Law, Rycroft, Hislop, Hodgkinson, and Innes

. that the salaries of the secretary and staff should be taken into consideration by the directors, with the view of making followed by Messrs. Marshall, Birch, and Price. Mr. Rayner

Mr. J. C. Wilson argued on behalf of the negative, and was some substantial addition thereto, but the chairman stated having replied, the chairman summed up, and the question that this subject had already been taken into consideration by the board, and the salaries of the whole staff had been increased

was decided in favour of the affirmative by a large inajority

. to the entire satisfaction of every one in the office.

A vote of thanks to the chairman, proposed by Mr. Millar,

Mr. Steinberg withdrew his motion, and concluded by proposing close.

and seconded by Mr. Innes, brought the meeting to a the payment of fifty guineas per annuni to each of the auditors, Mr. Darley and Mr. Waterhouse, which was duly seconded. The CHAIRMAN, in putting the resolution to the meeting,

THE NEW PROBATE AND ADMINISTRAsaid. I think we are greatly indebted to the auditors for the

TION DUTIES. pains and the trouble which they take; and the time which The following are the provisions of the Customs and they expend is very great indeed. We have a large Inland Revenue Act, 1880 (43 Vict. c. 14), as to stamps :pumber of securities, but everything is strictly examined 9. Grant of duties on probates and letters of administration.] into. There is nothing slurred over of any kind. They do on and after the first day of April, one thousani eight not grudge the time which is necessary; and they are hundred and eighty, in lieu of the stamp duties now payable certainly by no means over-paid.

upon probates of wills and letters of administration in The motion, which was carried unanimously, concluded the England and Ireland, and upon inventories to be exhibited ormal business of the meeting. The Chairman said--Gentlemen, we all fully appreciate shall be charged and paid the duties specified in the schedule

and recorded in any commissary court in Scotland, there the great zeal and ability of our actuary and secretary, Mr. to this Act: Provided, that an additional inventory to be so McGedy: It is impossible that any body can take a deeper exhibited or recorded of any effects of a deceased person, interest in the business than he does. We are all indebted to where a former duly stamped inventory of the estate and him very much, and I beg to move a vo'e of thanks to him. effects of the

same person has been exhibited and recorded Mr. PEMBERTON (the deputy-chairman)—I beg to second prior to the first day of April, one thousand eight

hundred and


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eighty, shall be chargeable with the amount of stamp duty

SCAEDULE with which it would have been chargeable if this Act had not been passed.


TRATION IN ENGLAND OR IRELAND AND ON INVENTORIES 10. Account to accompany affidavit ou application for probate IN SOOTLAND. or letters of administration.] (1.) Together with the affidavit Where the estate and effects for or in respect of which & to be required and received from the person applying for a probate or letters of administration shall be granted, or probate or letters of administration in England, in comformity whereof an inventory shall be exhibited and recorded, with section thirty-eight of the Act passed in the fifty-fifth exclusive of what the deceased shall have been possessed of year of the reiga of King George the Third, chapter one or entitled to as a trustee for any other person and not benehundred and eighty-four, there shall be delivered an account ficially, shall be :of the particulars of the personal estate for or in respect of

Duty. which the probate or letters of administration is or are to be



$ granted, and of the estimated value of such particulars. Above the value of 100 and under 200

2 (2.) The account so delivered shall be transmitted to the Of the value of


300 Commissioners of Inland Revenue, together with the docu


400 ments mentioned in section ninety-three of the Act passed in


500 the twentieth and tweaty-first years of her Majesty's reign,



11 600


15 chapter seventy seven.


22 (3.) A like account shall be annexed to the


30 affidavit to be required and received from the person


40 applying for a probate or letters of administration in



62 Ireland, in conformity with section one hundred and


88 seventeen of the Act passed in the fifty-sixth year of the



113 reign of King George the Third, chapter fifty-six, and



140 such account shall be in lieu of, and in sabstitution for,




7,000 the account annexed to the form of affidavit set forth in


190 8,000


215 part III. of the schedule to the said Act.


240 (4.) Bvery account to be delivered in pursuance of this


275 section shall be in aocordance with such form av may


326 be prescribed by the commissioners of her Majesty's


375 Treasury.



475 11. Power to commute legacy duty or succession duty pre


565 sumptively payable in certain cases—16 & 17 Vict. c. 51.]


690 Where any legacy daty or succession duty shall be pre



35,000 sumptively payable in respect of any interest in expeetanoy


940 40,000


1,065 upon the determination of a life or other temporary in



1,190 terest in possession in a legacy, or residue, or in personal



1,375 property comprised in a snocession, and the daty (if any)


70,000 payablo apon the life or other temporary interest sball



1,875 have been fully paid and satisfied, it shall be lawful for



2,125 the Commissioners of Ioland Revenue, in their discretion,


2,375 opon the application of the exeontor or trustee or other



2,760 person who would be accountable for the duty in respect



3,250 of such interest in expectancy, if it were tben in posses



3,750 160,000


4,250 sion, to commute the duty presumptively payable for a

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4,750 certain sum to be presently paid.



5,625 For assessing the amount which shall be so payable the



6,875 commissioners shall cause a present value to be set upon


350,000 the presumptive duty, regard being had to any contingen



9,375 cies affecting the liability to such daty, and the interest


500,000 11,250 of money involved in the calculation being reckoned at the

500,000 and upwards.

then in addition to the said duty of £11,250, for every rate for the time being allowed by the commissioners in

full sum of $100,000 in excess of £500,000, and also respect of dutieg paid in advance under the Succession Duty

for any fractional part of $100,000, so in excess 2,500 Act, 1853.

Upon the receipt of the certain som the commissioners sball give a discharge for the duty accordingly.

12. Discharge of executor, do., from claim to duty on dis. tribution of fund.] When an execator, administrator, or trustee shall bave given notice in writing to the Commissioners of Inland Revenue for any claim to legacy duty or CREDITORS UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY. stocession duty in respect of any fund in his hands which

LAST DAY OF PROOF. he intends to distribute, and shall have delivered to the LODGE-ELLERTON, ADAM, Gilston rd, West Brompton. May 5. Mancommissioners all particnlars which they may require in

ners-Sutton v Manners-Sutton, V.C. Hall. Finch and Co, Gray's order to ascertain the existence and extent of any such claim,

RUBBINS, EDWARD, Boston, Lincoln, Farmer. Apr 15.

Bothamley v he shall be at liberty to distribute the fund amongst the Seaton, V.C. Malins. Thompson, Sram ford parties entitled thereto, after satisfaction of any claims to TOMSON, HARRIETT, Ramsgate.

Apr 20.

Tomson v Tomson, M.R. duty made by the commissioners, and shall be entitled to

Daniel, Ramsgate

WILKINS, Rev THOMAS HODSELL, Marldon, Devon. May 10. Wilkins receive from them a certificate discharging him from his v Rotherham, V.C. Malins. Kirby, Coventry liability to any duty in respect of the fund.

[Gazette, Mar. 23.) Soch certificate shall not in any way affect the liability AxTEN, JEREMIAH JOHN, Bashey, Herts, Carpenter. May 1. Gibbs v of any person other than the person in whose favour it is Rodwell, V.C. Hall. Preston, King Edward st expressed to be given.

FISHER, THOMAS, Weston, Lineoln, Farn er. Apr 26.

Harrison V Downing, V.O. Malins. Maples, Spalding

FOLEY, JOSEPA, Rowley Regis, Stafford, Innkeeper. May l. Mayhew 13. Relief from legacy duty when whole personal estate is

v Foley, V.0. Hall.

Robinson and Watts, Dudley less than £100.] Where it appears upon an examination of GRIFFIN, MICHAEL, Pentonville rd, Lodging House Keeper. Apr 30. the account rendered to the Commissioners of Inland

Galagber v Toomey, V.C. Bacon. Murr, Chncery lane Revenue that the value of the whole of the personal estate

HARRI88, WILLIAM GEORGE, Camberwell green, Furniture Removal

Contractor. Apr 24. Conder v Harriss, M.R, Armstrong, Chancery of any person dying after the passing of this Act does lane not amount to the sum of ope bandred pounds, no legacy MCCLELLAND, JAMBS, Pembridge sq, Accountant. Apr 30. Adams v daty shall be charged in respect thereof or of any portion

McClelland, v.o. Malins. Murray, Birchin lane

PAYOR, THOMAS JAMES, Didcot, Berks, Draper. Apr 26. Miers thereof.

Pryor, Y.C, Bacon. Obild, Old Jewry chmbrs




Creditors' Claims.

inn sq

Billiter sq

STROUD, JAMES, Boulogne-sur-Mer. Apr 30. Stroud v Price, V.C. Chichele Professor of International Law and Diplomacy ;

Hall. Stokes, Chancery lane
TaveHAN, Thomas GWINNE GWYNNE, Cynghordy, Carmarthen, Esq.

the Corpos Professor of Jurisprudence; the chairman Apr 15. Jones v Williams, V.C. Malins. Robinson, Lincoln's ina

for the time being of the Coonoil of Legal Edgoation fiolds

appointed by the Inns of Court in London; a person to WILLEY, JOHN, Helmsley, York, Farmer. Apr 26. Willey v Simpson be nominated by the Warden and Fellows of All Souls' V.C. Malins. Pearson, New Mallon

[Gazette, Mar. 26.]

College, with a view to each eleotion; and the reader shall receive annually the sum of four hundred pounds, to

be paid to him by the Warden and Fellows of All Souls' CREDITORS UNDER 22 d 23 VICT. CAP. 25. College.

LAST DAY OF CLAIM. ATKINSON, PHILIP PLACE, Blackheath, Kent, Esq. April 28. Crowder and Co, Lincoln's-inn-fields


1880. April 20. Hopgood and Co, Whitehall pl BOYD, JEANE MACLEAN, Westbourne-terrace. April 18. Campbell and The commissions for holding these assizes will be Co, Warwick st, Regent st

opened at Carlisle on Thursday, the 8th ; at Manchester, on BUXTON, GEORGE, Sheffield, Gert. April 13. Auty and Sons, Sheffield

Saturday, the 10th ; and at Liverpool on Saturday, the CALDWELL, CHARLOTTE ELIZA, Chandos st, Cavendish sq. April 20.

17th of April respectively. Baker and Co, Lincoln's-inn-fields

There will be no civil business at Carlisle. The court CLINLARD, ALBERT HUCKVALB, West Side, Fortis Green, Tea Broker. April 30. Andrews, Fenchurch et

will sit on Friday, the 9th of April, at eleven o'olook. At CARSLEY, THOMAS, Hutton Cranswick, York, Gent. May 15. Jackson, Manchester and Liverpool there will be both civil and Kingston-upon-Hull

criminal business. CROUCHBB, ELIZABETH, Four Posts, Southampton. May 17. Hickman and Son, Southampton

In pursuance of “The Rules of the Sapreme Coart, DERRY, DAVID, Plymouth, Banker. April 30. Derry, Plymouth December, 1879,” causes may, at any time after notice of DERRY, SUSAN MOYER, Plymouth. April 30. Derry, Plymouth trial has been given, be entered for trial in the district GEESON, GEORGE COOPER, Southweủ, Nottingham, Gent. May 1. Kirklard, Southwell

registry of the city or town where the trial is to be had, GRIFFIN, ELIZABETH, Coleshill, Amersham, Buckingham. April 30.

or with the associate at the assize town as heretofore. Charsley, Beaconsfield

The general entry of causes at Manchester and Liverpool HOLT, JOSEPH, Whitegate, Halifax, Gent. May 1. Foster and Co, will commence immediately after the opening of the respective

HUGHES, MATILDA, Gullford pl, Brunswick sq. May 1, Warry and Co,

commissions, and will close at nine o'clock the same evening. Lincoln's-inn fields

On entering a cause, two copies of the pleadings must be JENNINGS, WILLIAM, Harstan, Cambridge, Farmer. April 17. Way- lodged, one for the use of the judge and the other for the

man, Cambridge
JONES, MARY, Toxieth Park, Liverpool. April 30. Peacock and Co,

associate. Liverpool

The court will sit at Manchester and Liverpool respectively KNIGHT, ELIZABETA, Farnham, Surrey. May 1. Druce and Co, on Monday, the 12th, and on Monday, the 19th of April, at

eleven o'clock. KNOWLES, John, Manchester, Architect. May 10. Cooper, Manches

Special jury causes will be taken at Manchester on Wed. Law, Mantea, Eaton, Socon, Bedford. May 22. Fowler, Hunting- nesday, the 14th, and at Liverpool on Wednesday, the 21st don

of April, at the sitting of the court, unless it shall otherwise LAWSON, WILLAM HENBY, Portland st, Soho. Licensed Victualler. order.

May 1. Cronin and Rivolta, Southampton st, Bloomsbury
MANSEL, Rev. JAMES TEMPLE, Clifton, Bristol. April 8. Salmon

A list of causes for trial each day (except the first) at Bristol

Manchester and Liverpool, will be exhibited in the corridor RICHARDSON, ABRAHAM, Brookbottom, Derby, Shoemaker, June 1, of the court and in the library.

Hibbert, Hyde
RUMBLE, REBECCA, Rochester, Kent. April 19. Bassett, Eastgate,

By order of the judges,

T. M. SHUTTLEWORTH, SCRIVEN, JOSEPH, Aberford, York, Butcher. May 1. Foster and

Clerk of Assize and Associate. Raper, kopergate

Office of Clerk of Assize, Preston.
SLAMAKER, JANE, Sydney st, Brompton. May 24. Slack, Guilford st

March 25, 1880.
SMITH, THOMAS, Manchester, Grocer, May l. Rylance, Man-

The associate's fees must be paid in judicature stamps. chester

To avoid correspondence and delay solicitors are requested STANHOPE, PHILIP SPENCER, Harley st. April 30. Valpy and Co, Lincoln's-ina-fields

to apply to Mr. Joseph Bradley, the deputy associate, for STEVENS, WILLIAM, Brighton, Esq. May 10. Harding, Harewood sq,

their certificates, during the assizes, and afterwards to bim Marylebone

at his office in Ormskirk. STRONG, ELEANOR, Beaumont rd, Hornsey Rise. May 1. Keen and

Regers, Knightrider et, Doctors'-commons
WARD, EDWARD, Old Corn Exchange, Mark lane, Esq. April 20.

Hunters and Co, New sq, Lincoln's-inn
WAUGHMAN, CHARLOTTE, Lincoln st, Mile End rd. May 20. Pendergast

Commercial rd
WAITHAM, JOHN, Ashborne, Derby, Gent. May 1. Holland and Rigby,

WILLIAMS, EVAN PIERCE, Denbigh, Gent. April 20. Lloyd and Roberts


ROTA OF REGISTRARS IN ATTENDANCE ON WOOD, ELLEN, Bath st, City rd. May 10. Davis and Co, Coleman st

WOLLAETON, JOHN, Gent, Penge, Surrey. May 7. Lindsay and Co,


Basinghall st

(Gazette, Mar. 23. Monday, April 12Mr. Pemberton Mr. Koe
Tuesday 13 Ward


Wednesday.... 14 Pemberton Koe
15 Ward

New Orders, Etc.


16 Pemberton Koe Saturday...... 17 Ward


Y.C. Bacon. V. C. HALL

Fer. The Gazette of March 26 contains & statato made on

Monday, April 12Mr. Cobby Mr. Teesdale Mr. Leach

Tuesday, 13 Jackson Farrer Marob 20 by the University of Oxford Commissioners,

Wednesday. 14 Cobby Teesdale appointed under the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge Thursday 15 Jackson Farrer Aot, 1877, concerning a readership in Roman law, Friday..

16 Cobby Teesdale founded and endowed by All Souls' College.

Saturday. 17 Jackson Farrer The statute provides that until the Regius Professorship of Civil Law shall fall vacant, or ontil the existing Regins

COURT OF APPEAL. Professor sball, by his own consent, become subject to LIST OF APPEALS FOR EASTER SITTINGS, 1880. any statates for the future regulation of that professor.

APPEALS FROM THE CHANCERY DIVISION. ship and the duties of the professor, which may be made

1879. by the University of Oxford Commissioners, a reader in

For Hearing. Roman law shall be appointed from time to time for Ashworth v Mann app of Missionary Society & ors suocessive periods of three years ; that the reader shall Oct 31 (part heard March 23 by Lords Justices James, Brett, be eleoted by the Regiós Professor of Civil Law; t and Cotton)

Court Papers.

Mr. Merivale

Merivale King Merivale

Mr. Justice

Latham Leach Latham Leach Latham


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