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Solicitors' Cases.

He was appointed a paisne judge of the Supreme Court of the Colony of Natal in 1858, and was created a companion of the Order of St. Michael and St. George in 1877. In the same year he acted as Chief Justice of Barbadoes, and he was appointed judicial commissioner of the High Court of

QUEEN'S BENCH DIVISION. Justice in Cyprus about a year ago.

(Before COCKBURN, C.J., and LUSH and BOWEN, JJ.) The Hon. DayID ROBERT PLUNKET, LL.D., Q.C., M.P.,

March 22.-Reg. v. Collette. succeeds Sir Stephen Cave as Paymaster-General. Mr. Plunkett is the third son of the tbird Lord Plunket, and

This was an application to remove into this court, for was born in 1838. He was educated at Trinity College, | trial, the indiotment against Mr. Collette, the solicitor, Dublin, where he graduated B.A. in 1859, and LL.D. in for misappropriating two sums of £1,100 and $1,200 1872. He was called to the bar in Ireland in 1862, and received by him as trustee. It was stated that he was one formerly practised on the Munster Circuit. He became a of several trustees under a marriage settlement, and bis Queen's Counsel in 1868, in which year he was for a few weeks | firm-his son being his partner-managed the affairs of Law Adviser to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland. He was the trust. Io December, 1877, & mortgage, part of the elected a bencher of the King's-inn, Dublin, in 1875, and he | fond of the trust, was paid off, and £1,100 was paid by was Solicitor-General for Ireland from December, 1874, till cheque to the firm, and was received by the son and paid Marob, 1875. Mr. Plunket has been M.P. for the into the account of the firm at their bankers; and in May, University of Dublin in the Conservative interest since | 1878, a further sum of £1,200 was paid and received in the 1870.

same way. It was not disputed that both these sums Mr. HENRY WILLIAM HENTIKER RANCE (of the 'firm of

ought to have been re-invested, bat they remained in the Wynne, Baxter, & Rance), of 9, Lawrence Pountney-hill

bank with the moneys of the firm, and were from time to and Cambridge, has reeeived the degree of LL.D. from the

time drawn out by the son, who, as partner, had power of University of Cambridge.

drawing, and who, it was stated, had overdrawn to the

amount of £3,000 without his father's knowledge. In Mr. HENRY WOODCOCK RYLAND, solicitor, of 14, Lincoln's.

Maroh last year another of the trustees discovered that inn-fields and Penge, bas been appointed Solicitor to the

these soms had not been re-invested, and communications Perseverance Building Society. Mr. Ryland was admitted

took place between him and Mr. Collette, who alleged that in 1874.

his son bad overdrawn the account and asked for time to Mr. FREDERICK THOMAS TANQUERAY, solicitor, of replace the money. Ultimately, the co-trustee consulted Woburn, has been appointed by Major John Hatfield his solicitor, and, the money not having been repaid in Brooks, High Sheriff of Bedfordshire, to be Under-Sheriff of November, the facts were laid before the Attorney-General, that county for the ensuing year. Mr. Tanqueray was whose fiat is required by the Frauduleut Trustees Act admitted a solicitor in 1873.

in order to commence any criminal proceedings, and, Mr. GEORGE BRASH WHEELER, of 21, Queen Victoria

he having granted his fiat, on the 27th of November Mr. street, E.C., has been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner

Collette was charged with the offence at Bow-street, and for taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women

was remanded. Before the next hearing his solicitors paid in and for the cities of London and Westminster, and county

the £2,300 to the trustees' solicitors, who, as acting for a of Middlesex.

trustee, felt themselves bound to receive the money, but, on

the other hand, as prosecutors, did not feel themselves at Mr. Thomas BURNETT WOODHAM, solicitor, of Winchester,

liberty to drop the proceedings. At the subsequent hearing has been appointed by Mr. Henry Woods, High Sheriff of the magistrate committed the defendant for trial, and the Hampshire, to be Under-Sheriff of that county for the

grand jury had found a bill of indictment agaiost him. This ensuing year. Mr. Woodham was admitted a solicitor in

was an application on the part of Mr. Collette, the defendant, 1856, and is clerk to the county magistrates at Winchester. to remove the case for trial into this court, and he made an

affidavit in order to show that it was a case fit for trial in this court, in which he set forth the circumstances and also

stated that his son bad without his knowledge overdrawn the Companies.

account and drawn out the money.

Tickell (Besley with him) appeared for the defendant in WINDING-UP NOTICES.

support of the application. JOINT STOCK COMPANIES.

Poland, on the part of the trustee who had felt it his duty

to prosecute, said he had done so with reluctance, and LIMITED IN CHANCERY.

should be very glad if he could be relieved from so unpleasant XOBYANTON IROX AND STEEL COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding | a duty. He stated the facts as above set forth, and subaitted 29. presented March 17, directed to be heard before the M.R. on April

| himself entirely to the court. 10. Nelson and Co, Leeds, solicitors for the petitioners

[Gazette, Mar. 19.) Lush, J.--Does he say that it was without his knowHALIFAX NEWEPAPER COMPANY, LIMITED.--V.C. Maling has, by an | ledge ?

crder dated Feb 12, appointed Christopher Tate Rhodes, Halifax, to be official liquidator. Oreditors are required, on or before Apr 20, to

Poland. He does. send their names and addresses and the particulars of their debts or claims to the above, Friday, Apr 30 at 12, is appointed for hearing

COCKBURN, C.J.-Had his son power to draw ? and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

Poland.—Yes, as a partner in the firm. ROBERT Cook AND COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made by V.O.

Bacon, dated Mar 13, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up Lush, J.-Does he say he knew nothing of it? of the above company be continued. Marsland, St Swithin's lane, agent for Adaleshaw and Warburton, Manchester, solicitors for the Poland.—Yes. He says his son attended exclusively to petitioner

the affairs of the trust. WINE AND SPIRIT TRADE COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding

up, presented Mar 18, directed to be heard before V.C. Malins, on COCKBURN, C.J.--Does he say the money was paid in with. Apr 9. Maynard, Clifford's inn, solicitor for the patit ioner

out his knowledge ? (Gazette, Mar. 23.)

Poland.-No; and it was his duty, nu doubt, to see that UNLIMITED IN CHANCERY.

the money was re-invested as solicitor to the trust, but he SPURN VIEW BUILDING SOCIETY. By an order made by V.C. Bacon, dated Mar 13, it was ordered that the society be wound up. Hicks

says his son managed the matter and drew out the money. and son, agents for Daubney and Bates, solicitors for the petitioner. The sums of money were paid into the general account and

[Guzette, Mar 23.]


COCKBURN, C.J.-Without expressing any opinion on MANCHESTER AND SALFORD LOAN, DISCOUNT, AND DEPOSIT COMPANY, I the case, we think it is one which from its nature-as it

LIMITED.-By an order made by V.O. Little, dated Mar 13, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the company by continued.

may raise a question requiring some discriinination whether Clarke, Preston, solicitor for the petitioner.

under the circumstances, and considering the conduct of the [Gazette, Mar. 23.] son, the defendant is criminally liable-it is better it should

be tried in this court.

Consequently the order was made to remove the case into | this court for trial.-Times.


(passed through Committee).
(Before Grove and LINDLEY, JJ.)

March 23.-Re William Day, a Solicitor.


MARCH 19.--BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. This was a motion calling opon Mr. William Day, of i

CONSOLIDATED FUND (APPROPRIATION). CUSTOMS AND Queen-street, Mayfair, to answer a certain affidavit, or, in

INLAND REVENUE. PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS AND the alternative, to show cause why he should not be struck

CORRUPT PRACTICES (No. 2). PEGWELL BAY REoff the rolls. It appeared from the affidavit of Miss Lock that in

CLAMATION AND SANDWICH HAVEN IMPROVEMENT. Jave, 1870, Miss Lock gave the defendant £400 to invest


SETTLED LAND. CONVEYANCING AND LAW OF PROPERTY for her, and received the following letter in return :" Dear Miss Lock,-I acknowledge that you have this day

(passed through Committee on recommitment.)

BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. given me £400 to be invested on mortgage of leasebold premises, at five per cent. interest ; and I undertake, until I

MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS (PROPERTY QUALIFICATION meet with a security, to pay you five per cent. from the date

ABOLITION). COMMON LAW PROCEDURE AND JUDICAhereof on the said sam.” Miss Lock received no interest

TURE ACTS · AMENDMENT. BLIND AND DEAF MUTE from the defendant since about December, 1878, although

CHILDREN. she applied for it botb personally and through her

ROYAL COMMISSION. solicitor; and she was told several times by the defendant

The Royal Assent was given by Commission to the followthat he had been unable to find a desirable security for so

ing Bills : - Beer Dealers' Retail Liconces, Road Debts on small a som as £400.

Entailed Estates (Scotland), Artisans' and Labourers' Dwell. The defendant's answer to the above affidavit set forth

| ings Act (1868) Amendment Act (1879) Amendment, East that he had regularly paid the interest op to the 25th of

India Loan, East Indian Railway Debentures and India Stock October, 1872, and that he had, up to that time, been

| (Powers of Attorney), Army Discipline and Regulation upable to meet with a suitable investment, but that he had !!

Annual), and Rammingen's Naturalization.

MARCH 22.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. theo ample fands at his disposal to enable him to repay NATIONAL DEBT. ExchEQUER BILLS AND BONDS (also the £400. That in October, 1872, he was seized with par

read a third time and passed). alysis, and was in consequence unable to attend to his busi

BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. ness until the 29th of September, 1876, when he partially

CONSOLIDATED FUND APPROPRIATION. CUSTOMS AND recovered. That during this time his business was carried

INLAND REVENUE. PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS AND on by bis managing clerk, from whom he had received abont £40 per month, but that be believed the profits of

CORRUPT PRACTICES (No. 2). his business to have been more. The defendant also stated that his managing clerk had rendered no account. The role in this case was obtained in June, 1879, and

HOUSE OF COMMONS. had since been enlarged from time to time. On one occasion

MARCH 18.-BILLS IN COMMITTEE. when the matter was before the court, it was stated that,

NATIONAL DEBT. EXCHEQUER BILLS AND BONDS. if tbe matter stood over, a considerable sum would be

BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. paid to Mies Lock.

The matter stood over accordingly,

CUSTOMS AND INLAND but only £50 was paid to Miss Lock's solicitor.

REVENUE. Pitt Lewis appeared for Miss Lock,

John Rose showed cause. The arrangement made on the last occasion has been carried out so far as circumstances have allowed. £50 has been paid, and that shows

Creditors' Claims. that the defendant intended to repay tbe money as best he could. The defendant's default in this case arose entirely from bis being attacked with paralysis, which, besides

CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25. preventing him from attending to business, affected his

LAST DAY OF CLAIM. brain, and incapacitated him from giving proper instruc

ADAMS, ROBERT, Selby, York, Merchant. May 1, Weddall and Parker, tions to others. If the court will extend their meroy to


AKROYD, Thomas, Ludden len, Halit-x, Innkeeper. March 31. Holthe defendant, he will undertake to pay £100 to Miss royde and Smith, Halifax Lock in six weeks. If no arrangement can be come to, Asuworto, JOHN WILDING, Ibbotsholme, Westmoreland, Gent. March formal cause must be shown against the role, in which

25. Hankinson, Manchester case I shall contend that, by the terms of the defendant's

BARNES, ROBERT, Accringto", Lancaster, Gent. Apr 1. Hall, Accring.

ton letter of acknowledgment to Miss Lock, the money was

BARTROP, GEORGE, Worksop, Nottingham, Maltster. Apr 30, Hodding given to the defendant by way of loan.

and Beevor, Worksop

BOND. FRANCES, Penalty, Pembroke. Aprl. Brown and Co. Swansea GROVE, J.--This case is, in some particulars, a peculiar CARDEN, MARY ANN, Oakfield, Worcester, May 15. Pidcock and Sons, one. As a rule, this court is never inclined to allow per Worcester sons who come here and complain of a solicitor's conduct | CRAWFORD, JAMES, Longsight, nr Manchester, M.D. Apr 15. Han. to withdraw after having extracted from

kinson, Manchester the solicitor an

DAY, WILLIAM John, New Hampton, Printer. Apr 17. Patey and undertaking to pay the money or some part of it in a Warren, London wall certain time; an undertaking which would probably never

Dixon, WILLIAM, Storiths, York, Gent. March 15. Robinson, Skipton have been given but for the application to this court, and

DODSON, WILLIAM, Plumbley, Chester, Farmer. Apr 12. Chesuire and

Son, Northwich the desire on the part of the solicitor of avoiding the FLEET. JCHN, Chester, Corn Merchant. Apr 10. Magon, Chester almost inevitable consequences. If, however, we strike this FULTON, JAMES, Shardlow, Derby, Miller. Apr 30. Gane and Jackson, defendant off the rolls, we shall deprive Miss Lock of her

Coleman st money, and it appears that this £400 is all that she has.

| Glover, JAMES THOMAS, Castle Hill, Warwick, Coach Builder. Apr 30.

Heath and Blenkins p, Warwick Looking at all the circumstances of the case, we have decided | HARDY, BENJAMIN MILLSHEN, Butt: bury, Essex, Farmer. " to adjourn the case for one month, the defendant undertaking

Woodard, Ingram ct to pay £100 into court within that time and paying all

HAYES, ELIZABETH, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. May 12. Burton, Tua

bridge Wells costs.

HIWBERD, WILLIAM, Landport, Hants, Licensed Virtualler. Apr 24. LINDLEY, J., concurred.

Besant and Co, Portsea
HOBSON, WILLIAM, Hill Topp, Sheffield, Gent. Apr 30. Alderson and

Co, Eckington
Horsley, CHARLES, Staple inn, Solicitor. Apr 15. Hargreaves, Staple

HORTON, JOHN, Hornsey lane, Esq. Apr 23. Lambert and Co, JOOD

et, Bedford row
KYNASTON, Louisa, Penally, Pembroke. Apr 1. Brown and by


LINSDELL, MABY, Barking, Essex, Apr 21. Sheffield and Sons, cum


LYNCH, MART, Manchester. Apr 19. Evang, Manchester

Legislation of the week.

nt. June 12. Parkia and Co, MAYNARD, JAMES, Woodley, Sonning, Berks, Gent. Apr 17. Joyce, UNETT, EMMA, Wes: Drayton. Apr 15. Hudson, Furnival's inn Devereux chambers, Temple

WALKBR, kev SAMUEL ABRAHAM, Clifton, Bristol, Clerk. May 15. MELLISH, CATHERINE MARTHA, Gt Stanhope st, Park lane. Apr 10. Brittan and Oo, Bristol Williams and Co, Lincoln's inn fields

Williame, Lewis, Vronwnion, Merioneth, Esq. Apr 12. Jones and MOWBRAY,JOHN, Bartlepool, Durham, Farmer. Apr 17. Todd, Hartle- | Hughes, Dolgelley pool

WILLIAMS, WILLIAM THOMAS, St Matthias rd, South Hornsey, Oil and MOWBRAY, WILLIAM, Hartlepool, Durham, Farmer. Apr 17. Todd, Colourman. Apr 28. Watson, Southampton buildings, Chancery lane Hartlepool

Wood, MARGARET MARIA, Alexander sq, Kensington. May 5. Simpson NICHOLLS, MARIA, Worthing, Sussex. Apr 26. Doyle and Sons, Carey and Cullingford, Gracechurch st st, Lincoln's inn

[Gazette, Mar. 16.) PILCHER, JAMES, St Margaret's Cliff, Kent, Farmer. Apr 20. Copland, Sheerness

Ashby, RICHARD. Pembury, Kent, Farmer. May 15. Cripps and Sons, PODNORE, JAMES JACOB, Mincing lane, Tea Broker. Apr 15. Hyde and Tunbridge Wells Co, Ely pl, Holborn

Banks, Joun, Howden Hall, York, Gent. Apr 16. Weddall and PRENDIVILLE, EDWARD, Booth, nr Liverpool, Gent. Apr 2. Lynch and Parker, Selby Teebay, Liverpool

Booth, LUCY MARY, Wolverhampton, Stafford, Confectioner. May 1. RADLEY, JARVIS, Morcambe, Lancaster, Gent. Apr 30. Alderson and Flewker and Page, Wolverhampton Co, Eckington

CARTER, THonas, Bean, Kent, Yeoman. Apr 13. Cheegeman and Lake, RUSSELL, JAMES, Charton, Kent, Gent. Apr 24. Gibson, Dartford

Gravesend RYDER, Hon GRANVILLE DUDLEY, Westbrook Hay, Hemel Hempstead, CAVE, GEORGE, Harrogate rd, South Hackney, no occupation. May 1. Hertford. Apr 15. Farrer and Co, Lincoln's lon fields

Stephens, Essex st, Strand SHAW, WILLIAM, Stafford, Major in 2od King's Own Staffordshire Mili CHAPMAN, EDWARD, Hitch in, Herts, Retired Publisher. Apr 30. Chaptia. Apr 30. Hand and Co, Stafford

man, Fenchurch so SMITI, BRYAN SYDNEY, Liverpool, Esq. Apr 15. Higson and Son, CLARK, ELIZABETH, Chiselhurst, Kent. Apr 30. Charsley, Beaconsfield Manchester

CLARY, JOnx, Bow rd, Gent. Apr 23. Neal, Pipner's hall, Old Broad st SUTTERBY, Witron, Terrington, Norfolk, Farmer. May 1. Partridge CODE, WILLIAM AUSTIN, Liverpool, Bookkeeper. Apr 7. Lynch and and Co, Lynn

Teebay, Liverpool TAYLOR, ROBERT, Calne, Wilts, Retired Cheese Factor, March 31. CORNWALL, Rev WILLIAM AUGUSTUS, Bath. Apr 26, Payne and Fuller, Henly, Calne

Bath THOMPSON, JOHN, Bairnsdale, Gipps Land, colony of Victoria, Engi DILICAR, RICHARD, Lockton, York, Yeoman. Apr 22. Whitehead, neer. May 8. Cosedge, Clifford's inn

Pickering THOMPSON, KITTY, Ollerton, Nottingham. Apr 23. Marshall, Retford DODSWORTH, George, York, Esq. May 20. Munby and Scott, York TYRRELL, RENRY ROBERTS, Thetford, Noriolk, Merchant. Apr 30. HAWKINS, JOHN TANNER, Wilkinson st, Clapham rd, Agent. Apr 20. Houchen, Thetford

Tapper, Abcharch lane WALTERS, MARY, Tusford, Nottingham. May 1. Marshall, East Ret HERMES, GEORGE TILOMAs, Durham, Inspector of Brickworks, May 18. ford

Rhodes, Church ct, Clement's lane WARD, JOSEPH, Dewsbury, York, Printer. June 1. Chadwick and Sons, HOLLAND, HENRY, Albion rd, Stoke Newington, Manufacturing SilDewsbory

versmith. May I. Van Sandau and Cumming, King st, Cheapside WHITE JAMES Gt Portland st. Licensed Victmaller. Apr 17. Fitch. HOPPE, MARTHA, Church st, Stoke Newington. Apr 20. Watson, FinsBedford row

bury pl South WHITE, JOHN JAMES, Exeter, Builder. Apr 27. Truscott, Exeter

INGLIS, John, Kendal, Westmoreland, Minister of the United PresbyWINGFIELD, ELIZABETH, Gt Cumberland pl. Apr 17. Bennett and Co,

terian Church. Apr 30. Bolton, Kendal New sg, Lincoln's inn

JENNER, GEORGE, Grange rd, Bermondsey, Assistant to a Dealer in [Gazette, Mar. 12.] Colonial Produce. Apr 20. Watson, Finsbury pl South

JONES, ANNE, Victoria rd, Sorbiton, Grocer. Apr 30. Bell, KingstonALDOUS, ALEXANDER JAMES, Southsea, Southampton, Esq. Apr 15.

on Thames Pearce and Son, Portsea

JONES, GEORGE JAMES, Rectory grove, Surrey, Licensed Victaaller. ANNESLEY, ELIZABETH, Ryde, Isle of Wight. Apr 24. IIeltard and Son,

Apr 14, Layton and Co, Budge row, Canncn st Portsmouth

LEARMONT, CATHERINE, Ventnor, Isle of Wight. May 17. Proudfoot, ARNOLD, FRANCES, Melcombe Regis. Apr 27. Steggall and Hooper, John st, Bedford row Melcombe Regis

LEWIS, HENRY JAMES, Tottenham ct rd, Cheesemonger. May 1. FarnBLIZARD, RICHARD, Mansfield pl, Richmond, Gent, May 1. Thompson

field, Lower Thames st and Groom, Raymond buildings, Gray's inn

Lowe, THOMAZINE, Newport-by-Launceston, Cornwall, Apr 3. Rowe, BOWDEN, WILLIAM, Holbeton, Devon, Farmer. Apr 10. Andrews,

Stratton Modbury

McEwEN, CICELEY ABIGAIL, East Cowes, Southampton, June 24. DomBROADBENT, BARBARA ANNE, Ryton, Salop. Apr 15. Winter and Co,

ville and Co, New sq, Lincoln's inn Bedlord row

MILLETT, Susannah, Clifton, Bristol. Apr 28. Wood and Co, RayCHESRIBE, SAXUEL, Newbold, Astbury, Chester, Farmer. Apr 13.

mond buildings, Gray's inn Latham, Congleton

POLL, ROBERT, Earlham, Norwich, Lime Burner. Apr 30. Winter and CLARKE, WILLIAM, Nottingham, Lace Manufacturer. May 15. Speed,

Francis, Norwich Nottingham

REARDON, MARGARET, New ter, Islington. Apr 30. Cookson and Co, COLES, JANE, Weston-super-Mare, Game Dealer. June 24. Bakers and

New sq, Lincoln's inn Co, Weston-super-Mare

REBECK, HARRIETT, New Town, Rustall, Kent. May 15. Cripps and COLLEY, BENJAMIN, Liverpool, Bookkeeper. March 31. Roger son and

Son, Tunbridge Wells Co, Liverpool

ROBERTS, HENRY, Clewer, Berks, Grocer. May 15. Smith, Windsor COLLEY, BENJAMIN ROWLEY, Liverpool, Geut. March 31, · Rogerson

Rose, JOSEPA MICHAEL, Oxford st, Grocer. June 1. Comins, Gt Portand Co, Liverpool

land st COLLEY, ELIZABETH, Liverpool. March 31. Rogerson and Co, Liver

SHAVE, JOHN, Brewer st, Golden sq. May I. Hatton and Westcott, pool

Strand DANIEL, JOSEPH, Bath, Gent. March 25. Ipman, Bath

SMITH, ELIZABETH, Waterloo, Lancaster. Apr 7. Lynch and Teebay, DODD, EDWARD, Leamington, Esq. May 31, Sanders, Bromsgrove

Liverpool DORINGTON, JAMES THOMAS, Hanover sq, Esq. May l. Radcliffes and

TAPSCOTT, JOHN, Wellington, Somerset. Apr 15. Baker and Co, Co, Craven st, Charing cross

Cloak lane DONCOMBE, The Hon and Very Rev AUGUSTUS, D.D., Dean of York,

THOMPSON, TEOMAS, Cotin, Market Bosworsh, Leicestershire, Farmer. May 15. Gray, York

Apr 15. Power and Armishaw, Athers! le FORDE, MATTHEW BLIGH, New Bond si, Major-General in H..'s

TOWNE, SARAH, King Henry's rd, South Hampstead. Apr 12. Bridger Army. Apr 12. Day and Cather, New Bridge st

Botolph lane, Eastcheap Harr, John, West Hooe, Plymstock, Devon, Geat. Apr 30. Savery,

TRAVERS, RICHARD HENRY, Hythe, Kent, Colonel in the Army. May 1 Modbury

Harrison, Folkestone HODGES, WILLIAM HENRY, New Windsor, Berks, Gent. Apr 10. Peane

WATSON, FANNY, Kendal, Westinoreland. Apr 30. Bolton, Kendal and Co, South eg, Gray's inn

WEBBER, JAMES, Mannamead, nr Plymouth, Gent. June 1. Andrews, JOHNEON, RICHARD John, London wall, Carman. Apr 30. Soames,

Modbury Lincoln's inn fields

WILLAN, REGINALD Moore, Worcester, Surgeon. Apr 13. Knott, JOSES, SPENCER, Northampton, Gent, Apr 8. Andrew, Northampt in

Worcester MayoU, JOSEPI, Hatton, Warwick, May 1. Beale and Co, Birming

ZACHARY, HENRY, Kingston-upon-Hull, Gent, May 1. Priestman, Hulk bam

(Gazeite, Mar, 19.] MOORE, Rev EDWARD, Whitchurch, Oxford, Clerk. Apr 30. Bracken

ridge, Bartlett's buildings, Holborn
OUCHTERLONY, GORDON ALEXANDER, Ootacamund, Madras, East Indies.

Apr 30. Wordsworth and Co
PaTox, ALEXANDER, Arondale, Palmer's green, Gent. May 15. Taylor

and Jaquet, South st, Finsbury
PICKERING, ANNE JANE, Cheltenham. May 10. Whitley and Maddock,

PHILLIPS, EDWARD, Caerphilly, Glamorgan, Draper. Apr 21. Evans,

PLOMLEY, JOAN CRott, Maidstone, Kent, Veterinary Surgeon. May 1.

The following are the days fixed for holding the Spring Stenning, Maidstone

Assizes on the undermentioned circuits:--North and South ROBINSON, SALAN WILSON, Park villas, Hornsey rise. Apr 26. Mote, Wales Circuits, Lush, J.-Ruthin, Wednesday, April 7; South sg, Gray's ion

Chester, Saturday, April 10 ; Stafford, Thursday, April 15; ROGERS, ELEANOR, Bocking, Essex. Apr 10. Rooks and Co, King st,

Swansea, Friday, April 23. Northern Cheapside

Circuit, DenSAUNDERS, HENRY GEORGE, Landport, Southampton, Fruit Merchant.

man and Bowen, JJ.-Carlisle, Thursday, April 8; Apr 30. Edgoombe and Co, Portsea

Manchester, Saturday, April 10; Liverpool, SaturSHEPPARD, SAXUEL, Newcastle under-Lyme, Tailor. Apr 19. Astley, der Anpil 1 Civil caneed will be taken at Manchester

SMITHER, Jonn, Dorking. Surrer. Esa. Apr 3. Hine-Haycock and and Liverpool, but at all the other assize towns
Bridgman, College hill

| prisoners only will be tried. Lindley, J., has fixed

Court Papers.

the following days for holding the Spring Assizes on the Midland Circuit :-Lincoln, Thursday, April 8; Derby, Tuesday, April 13; Northampton, Saturday, April 17; Warwick, Friday, April 23. Prisoners only will be tried at these assizes.



(Continued from p. 392.) CP 120 Steel Bros and Co (Waltons, B and W) v Briggs and ors

(Pritchard and Son), com SJ QB 121 Mapleson (J and R Gole) v Austin (W F Stokes), com Q B 122 Kearsey, exor &c (Kearsey, Son and H) v Roche and Gover

(In person) Q B 123 Pilley (G and W Webb) v Watts, Milburn and Co (Ingle

dew and I), com SJ Ex 124 Porter and Co (Champion, R and P) v Duncanson (Walton

B and w), com CP 125 Belmonte and ors (Ashurst, M and Co) v Gutschow and

Ford, Trustees &c (W A Crump and Son; Saunders, H

and Co), com without jury QB 126 Carver (Fry and H) v Grieves (Mozley and S), com O P 127 Learoyd (Lowless and Co) v Parker and Co (Field, R and

Co), com SJ CP 28 Hockley. Hall and Whately Collrs and Brickworks limd.

(Wright, B and W) v Barton (Satchell and C), stayed CP 129 Saire (Same) v Same (Same), stayed CP 130 Purssell (F W Mount) v Tadman (Tadman and B) Ex 131 Beeson (Whites, R and Co) v Jacobs and anr (EJ Sydney

and Son), com Q B 132 Cazal (M Abrahams and R) v Beck and anr (E Lee), Q B 133 Cornell and ors (Chorley, Crawford and C) v London Tram

Co and Clark (H C Godfray; FW and H Hilbery), SJ Q B 134 Armistead an1 Co (Hollams, Son and C) v Pinkney (Stocken

and J) CP 135 Norwood and ors (Parker and Co) v Commercial Union

Assce Co (Hollams, Son and C) SJ CP 136 Harvey (Bristow and s) v Wilcox (CF B Birchall),

com Q B 137 Foyle (W J Myatt) v Wynsburghe (JH Jones), stayed CP 138 Sir John Pirie and Co (Parker and Co) v The Middle

Dock Co (W A Crump and Son), without jury, com Ex 139 Keeble (WF Morris) v Whitworth and ors (Ashurst, M

and Co), com C P 140 Ocean Marine Insurance Co (Waltons, B and W) v Curwin

(Field, R and Co), SJ QB 141 Mc Alister and ors (Hollams, Son and C) v Fenning (Fresh

fields and W), com SJ CP 142 Spicer and anr (Lowless and Co) v Oates (J T Moss) Ex 143 Sparrow (J R Chidley) v Hatch (Robinson and H) CP 144 Bolckow, Vaughan and Co (Waltons, B and w) v Fisher

(Chester and Co), SJ CP 145 Anglo Foreign Banking Co limd (Arkcoll, Jones and C) v

The Globe Steam Ship Co limd (Waltons, B and W),

SJ Q B 146 Witty (M Abrahams and R) v Lecaan (Truefitt and G) Op 147 Thomas (Lowless and Co) v Larnder (Farnfields) Q B 148 Schrier (Fry and H) v Goldsworthy (Turner and son) CP 149 Ruch Bros (J E Turner) v Henderson Bros (Plews, I

and Co) Ex 150 Howell (J W Talbot) v London, Brighton and South

Coast Ry (Norton, R and Co), SJ CP 151 Watson (Argles and A) v Eley and Cobb and Thorley's

Cattle Food Co (W Eley) CP 152 Vallance (Same) v Peto (Cope and Co), SJ CP 153 Watson (Same) v Eley and Cobb (W Eley) Ex 154 Lovering, trustee, &c (Rooks and Co) v Salter and anr

(JC Button and Co), postponed SJ QB 155 Bedford Pits Colliery limd (Simpson, H and Co) v Roberts

(JH Lydall), SJ Q B 156 Same (Same) v Dixon (Same) SJ Ex 157 Barrett (Jackson and P) v Billinghurst (Wilkins, B and F),

SJ CP 158 Suffleld (Bridger and C) v Wieland, sued, &c (CM El

borough) Q B 159 Raschen and Co (Stibbard, G and Co) v Niesigh and anr

(R Helsham), SJ Q B 160 Greene (Elmslie, F and S) v Vardon (Janson, C and P),

postponed, SJ CP 161 Holmes (Pyke and M) v Inglis and Wife (Oehme and s) Q B 162 Brandt and ors (Goldberg and L) v Craig and anr (Roberts

and B), com CP 163 Orange and anr (Pitman and S) v White (G L P Eyre and

Co) Q B 164 Pewtress (J Rae) v Yeo (Lowless and Co) Ex 165 Comptoir d'Escompte de Paris (Lyne and H) v Bosdet,

Forman and Co (Baker and N), com SJ Ex 166 Farmiloe and ors (Stopher and R) v Jarvis and anr (Bell,

B and G) Q B 167 Signal Engineering Co (Bircham and Co) v Werderman

and ors (Ellis, M and Co) O P 168 Evans (Stocken and J) 'v Pothonier (Ingledew and Co), Q B 169 Danelsburg and ors (O Bryant) V Adamson and anr

(Hollams, Son and C), SJ CP 170 Sheward (Allen and Son) v Metropolitan and St John's

Wood Ry Co (Burchells) CP 171 Skoines (J E Botts) v Sleaford Gas Co limd (Taylor, R and


Ex 172 Baker (R B Johnson) v London Brighton &c Ry Co (Norton

R and Co), SJ Ex 173 Stephens (Hughes, H B and T) v Mc Isaac (Vallance and

V), stayed CP 174 Lady Llanover (Freshfields and W) v The Ebbw Vale

Steel &c Co limd (Robinson P and S), SJ CP 175 Donnithorne (Wild, B and W) v Bolton (Gadsden and T) Ex 176 Preston (S H Webb) v Walter, sued &c (J Geaussent) Ex 177 Dudgeon and Co limd (Flux S and Cc) v Casey and Nixon

Howard and Co (J Neal ; Parker and Co) stayed Ex 178 Scard (H W Christmas) v Cowley (GS Hare) Q B 179 Wilson (Morley and Shirreff v Luxton (H Luxton), without

jury, com CP 180 Pink (Miller, Smith and B) v Lawes and ors (WH

Start) Ex 181 Ray (A Leslie) v Barker (TC Russel) Ex 182 Searle (G E Kaye) v Knollys (JC Stogden) CP 183 Warehousemen &c Building Society (C Sawbridge) v Glover

and Mesnard (Lindsay, M and G) Q B 184 Linton (Chester, M Hand B) v Rogers (J Ra e), SJ Q B 185 Bullivant (Newman, S and H) v Warrington Iron Works

limd (Walker, Son and F), SJ CP 186 Barnes (GM Wetherfield) v Harris and ors (G Brown and

Sons), SJ CP 187 Sweeney (F W and H Hilbery) v Hooper's Telegraph

Works (Tilleard, G and H) CP 188 Pielsticker (W H Roberts) v Barangah Oil Refining Co

(Rooks and Co) CP 189 Davies and anr (Smith, D and Co) v Brigg and Co (Shum,

C and Co) CP 190 McCulloch and ors (Tilleard, G and H) v Puleston (FL

Soames), SJ CP 191 Lewis (Pyke and M) v Ward and Tomkins (H W Christ

mas) Q B 192 Berliner (Goldberg and L) v Royle and anr (G S Hare) Ex 193 Bedford Terrell and H) v Bosanquet (s Mullens) Ex 194 Wilkins (Same) v Osborne (T L Hague) QB 195 Little (F Carter) v Hall (Miller and M) CP 196 Tayloe (J W Few) v Butcher (Storey and C) SJ Ex 197 Beverley (Roscoe, H and S) v Graddon (W H Lydall) CP 198 Porcas (Farnfields) v Roy Bros (Keene and M) Q B 199 Morgan (Inglefield and I) v Campbell Heatley and Co

(Parker and Co) CP 200 Bernand (Waltons, B and W) v Rodocanachi (Markby and

Co), without jury pt hd CP 201 Harding and anr (Harries, W and R) v Willans and ors

(Phelps, S and Co), SJ CP 202 Same (Same) v Bank of Scotland (Ashurst, M and Co,)

SJ Q B 203 Baynes (Blachford, R K and W) v Smyth (Learoyd, L and

P), SJ Ex 204 Prewett (Champion, R and P) v Simmons (Pittnan

and S) Q B 205 Brown (W Beck) v Taylor (J C Selby) O B 206 Wenham and anr (E Flux and L) v Eddie (Hewitt and A),

SJ CP 207 Bank of New South Wales (Waltons, B and W) v Merry

(Freeman and Co), SJ, com Q B 208 Gillog (Foss and Legg) v Stoflel (Crook and S), com O B 209 Tufts (J McDiarmid) v Stumore and Co (Field, R and Co), CP 210 Smith (Jenkinson and O) v Binko (CJ Davis) CP 211 Fisher (Fras Scott) v Batch (West, K A and Co) QB 212 Alliance Bank of' Simla limd and the United Bank of

India limd (Lattey and H) v Carey (Mead and Son) Q B 213 Same (Same) v Brine (Tucker, B and Co) ČP 214 Blackwell (G Lockyer) v Pitt (Sandom K and K) CP 215 Penny (Harries, W and R) v Handley and anr (Farn.

fields) Q B 216 Mason and Son (Simpson and C) v Lindsay (À W

Hurrell) Ex 217 Oates (J'S Lickorish) v Squire Dale and Co (J Shiers) Ex 218 Cuddeford and anr (W Gresham and D) v Hart (G and W

Webb) Ex 219 Leaver (H W Christmas) y Baker and Sons (Lewis and

Lewis) Ex 220 Silberberg (In person) v Mapleson (J and R Gole) CP 221 Calnan and anr (T Baddeley and Son) v Green (E Woodarl) Ex 222 Harvey and Co (Berry and B) v Íripp and ors (In per

son) Q B 223 Davis (Johnson, U B and A) v Newman and ors (New

man and Co), SJ Q B 224 Jones (T H'Devonshire) v Monte Video Gas Co (GN

Clements), com Ex 225 Ellins (H W Christmas) v Harrison (W T Boydell) Q B 226 Lester and anr (F Bradley) v The Wreck Recovery and

Salvage Co limd (H C Godfray). Ex 227 Cranfield and Wife (F Parker and Co) v Lon Brighton and

South Coast Railway Company (Norton, R and Co) Q B 228 Lambie (Hollams, Sen and C) V Union 'Marine Inscr Co

(imd (Fielr, R and Co) CP 229 Roebuck (Argles, B and A) v Peto (Cope and Co), SJ Q B 230 White Philbrick and C) v Hudson and ors (Renshaw and

Co), SJ Ex 231 Dadson (F Cliff) v Wisdom and anr (TF Allingham) Ex 232 Henry and anr (T 1 Bartlett) v Jordan (J Hayward)

withou( jury Q B 233 Admiralty and Secretary of State for India (Hare and

Felll y Hunn and ors (Maiiland and Co ; WW Wynne CP 234 Fenner (Farnfields) Luck (Lowless and Co) CP 235 Same (Same) v Davis (Same) Q B 236 Sheffield Wagon Co limd (Bell, B and G) v Cannock and

Wimblebury Colliehy Co limd (Duigban and S) CP 237 Cole (G Lrckyer) v Davis (N H Benjamin), SJ CP 238 Benton (Drake, 'Son

and P) v Barrow (T White and Son), SJ CP 239 Lazarus (Noon and G) v Andrade (Stallard and W)




QB 240 Lawson (Billinghurst and W) v Harris (J Croft)

the old practice by requiring the county court jadge to QB 241 Kichards (West, K H and Cr) y Baker (W I Her. bert)

stato a special case. The relief thus granted to county CP 242 Hester (Noon and C) v Macartney and Watson (W Brad court judges was qualified by making it incumbent upon. ford)

them, at the request of either party during the trial, to Ex 243 Lehmkuhl (R Greening) v Blyth and Co (Houghton and B)

make a note of any question of law and "of the facts in stayed Es 244 Barton (Harper, B and B) v Ommaney (Sutton and O)

relation thereto," and of the decision, and to furnish a copy Ex 245 Abrahams (TD Pettiver) v Freeborne (G Lockyer) of such note to be used at the hearing of the appeal. The CP 247 London Wood Paving Co lcmd (E F B Harston) v Millward obligation thus imposed opon the county court jadges has, (Scott and Co)

perbaps, been more bonoured in the breach than in the CP 248 Homan (G Lockyer) v Newstead (FT Dubois), com observance, and cases which have been set down in the

mission OP 249 Gething (In person) v Royle and anr (GS Hare), without

list frequently collapse from the absence of those materials jury

which alone could guide the bench to a decision. Two of CP 250 Pavy and Co (Venning, R and V) v Barber and Co (Doyle such cases were in the list, the first being one in which the and Sons), SJ

potes were described by the benob as being the merest CP 251 Calnan (T Baddeley and Sons) v N Metropolitan Tram Co (HC Godfray) SJ

“patchwork," and in the second there being no potes of Ex 252 Mason (C Gregory) v Plummer (Tidy and T)

the facts in relation to the question of law which was Es 253 Lindsdell and Giffard (Munns and L) v Wells (G F Hudson, raised. Mr. Justice Grove, in ordering the second case to and Co)

be struck out, said some endeavour should be made to put Q B 254 Wood (Bolton and Co) v Earl of Faversham (Parkin P and W)

an end to a state of things which led to repeated failures Ex 255 De Bergue and Co limd (Wilkins, B and F) v Ward and of justice. The provision in the Act was simple and org Peacock and G; J M Chamberlain; Pritchard and

capable of easy observance, and get the judges were Sons), SJ Q B 256 Bond (J W Marsh) v Sweet (F W and H Hilbery)

frequently occupied for hours in the attempt to understand Ex 257 Sparke (M Bradford) y Robson and Yates (Lewis and notes which might be intelligible to the county court judge

Lewis) CP 258 Irving and anr (T Baddeley and Sons) v Gt Northern Ry and could not be considered as in conformity with the

who made them, but which were not so to anybody else, Co (Nelson, B and N) Q B 259 Wilson (Morley and S) v Junor (Nash and F)

requirements of the statate. Ex 260 Storer and Sons (Phelps, S and B) v Colonial Bk of New

Zealand (Massrman and Co), SJ
Ex 261 Cracknell (T J Ängell) v Parry (Wilson, B and C)
Ex 262 Young (Wilkins, B and F) v The Sonora Co and ors

(Elmslie and Co; Mozley and S) SJ
Ex 263 Brown (H Wickens) v N Metpltn Tram Co (HC Godfray),

SALES OF ENSUING WEEK. SJ Ex 261 Austin (H W Christmas) v Lon Brighton &c Ry Co (Norton April 1..Mr. ALFRED SMITH, at the Mart, at one p.m., Rand Co). SJ

Freehold Property (see advertisment, March 20, page 4). Ex 265 Guest (Foord and E) v Clark (H Wetherfield and W)

April 2.-Messrs. NORTON, TRIST, WATNEY, & Co., at the CP 266 Midhurst (H Airp) v Dean (Hollams, Son and C)

Mart, at two p.m., Freehold Properties (see advertisement, Ex 267 Miller (Winter and Co) v Pilling (Combe and W) SJ

March 20, page 4). Ex 268 Learoyd (Learoyd, Land P) V Emmens (J Raven

and Co)
CP 269 Thomas (Ley and B) v Thomas (Rixons), SJ
QB 270 Watson and anr (T Cooper and Co) y Gt Western Ry Co
(R R Nelson), SJ

Ex 271 Yates, M (Champion, R and P) v Nurse (S T Cooper)
Ex 272 Yates, E (Same) v Same (Same) com

March 24, 1880.
CP 273 Perry (TW Palmer) v South Eastern Railway Co (WR

Q B 274 Barker (F Heritage and Co) v Banbury and Cheltenham
Direct Ry Co (Hargrove and Co), SJ

3 por cont. Consols, 98

Annuitias, April, '85, 97 CP 275 Hatch (Potter and S) v Blackwood (Shoubridge and M)

Ditto for Aodcunt, 981

Do. (Red Sea T.)

Aug. 1908 (To be continued.)

Do. 3 por Cont. Reduced, 96 Ex Bills, £1000, 24 per Ct. 7 pm.
Now 3 per Copb., 96)

Ditto, £500, Do, 10 pm.
Do. 34 per cent., Jan.'94 Ditto, £100 & £200, 10 pm.
Do. 21 por Cant., Jan. '94 Bank of England Stook, Shut
Annuitics Jan, '80

Ditte for Account.
Legal News.

[blocks in formation]

A Georgia paper, according to the Albany Law Journal gives the following account of the affecting retirement of Judge Logan E. Bleckley :-"His farewell was in a manner at once unique and beautiful. It was so much like the man, 80 expressive of his gentle nature, that it naturally affected his associates and all who heard him. After he had delivered several opinions on cases which the court had decided, he took up a sheet of paper and read therefrom the following beautiful lines, which were drawn up in the form of a regular judicial opinion:

In the Matter of Rest. Per BLECKLEY, J.

1. Rest for the hand and brow and breast,

For fingers, heart and brain !
Rest and peace! a long release
From labour and from pain;
Pain of doubt, fatigue, despair-
Pain of darkness everywhere,

And seeking light in vain !
We omit the rest of the judge's opinion.]
udge Bleckley read the lines slowly and with an empha sis
Thich added to their inherent worth. By order of the court
bey were spread on the minutes in honour of their author."

In the course of the day on the 19th inst. (says the Times), Mr. Justice Grove took occasion to make some emphatio Lemarks npon a subject which has frequently called for Temonstrance from the bench upon the hearing of appeals from inferior courts. The County Courts Amendment Act (38 & 39 Vict. c. 50), provides that any aggrieved

a county court may appeal, by observing certain conditions, to the High Court, by motion, instead of ander

1132 103

59 1264 127

Stock Bristol and Exeter ................................
Stock Caledonian .......................
Stock Glasgow and South-Western
Stock Great Eastern Ordinary Stock
Stock Great Northern ........................................
Stock Do., A Stock*
Stock Great Southern and Western of Ireland
Stock Great Western-Original
Stock Lancashire and Yorkshire
Stock London, Brighton, and South Coast .............
Stock London, Chatham, and Dover ..................
Stock London and North-Western
Stock London and South Western
Stock Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincoln
Stock Metropolitan

Do., District
Stock Midland.....
Stock North British ..........................................
Stock North Eastern.........................................
Stock North London ..............................................
Stock North Staffordshire
Stock South Devon
Stock South-Eastern ............................................

100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100

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* A receives no dividend patil 6 per cent. bas been paid to B.

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