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Egertop Granville Bagot Phillimore, A. Downing Sceales, there cited); Article No. IV. in Law Magazine and Review,
and Edmund Selous, of the Middle Temple; Joseph Coats. May, 1879; Article in SOLICITORS' JOURNAL, June 28, 1879,
worth, Charles Lewis Coote, Ralph Hawtrey Deane, Charles p. 676. The speakers in the affirmative were Messrs Bayley,
Alexander Harris, George Frederiok Hart, Henry Charlton Phillips, and Hayes, and in the negative Messrs. Edwards,
Hawkins, Harry Johnson, Edward William Jones, Paul Barrows, Crockford, and Samuel. After a summing up by
Ogden Lawrence, George Thomas John Millar, John Baron the chairman, the question was put to the vote and carried
Moyle, Lorence Ralph Ryland, Arthur Sharood, and Alfred in the affirmative. A vote of thanks to the chairman con-
John Simpson, of Lincoln's.inn; and Henry Albert Aleazar,

cluded the meeting.
Hugh William Elour, Godfrey Werge Fardell, William
Elliott Lewis, and Henry Charles Richards, of Gray's-inn,
By Order of the Council,

VICE-CHANCELLOR MALINS. (Signed) S. H. WALPOLE, Chairman. On Tuesday Vice-Chancellor Malins took his seat for the Council Chamber, Lincoln's-inn, Nov. 1.

first time since his recent accident. His lordship was able, with the assistance of a rail which has been temporarily

erected, to make his way to the judge's chair. The court UNITED LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY. was crowded in all parts by members of both branches of the

profession, and the applause raised throughout the court, At a meeting of the above society at Clement's-inn Hall

which was of the most enthusiastic description, testified to on Wednesday last the following formed the sabject for

the general esteem in which his lordship is held. Upon discussion :-" That Afghanistan should be annexed.” Mr.

silence being restored, Abdal Rahman opened in the negative, and was followed

Mr. GLASSE, Q.C., addressed his lordship in these terms: in the same line by Messrs. A. D. Maclaren, R. T. D. My lord, before the commencement of business I propose, Acland, P. S. Blackwell, and R. G. Templer. Messrs. C. on behalf of the bar and legal profession generally, to say a Kains-Jackson and A. Derry supported the motion. Mr. few words to you. They will be simple words of congratulaA. Rahman baving replied, and the chairman (Mr. W. tion, because words of praise, my lord, would be wrong when Dowson) baving summed up, the motion was put to the addressed to a judge who we hope will long continue among vote, and lost by a majority of four. On Wednesday next I wish to say, on behalf of the bar, with the utmost the subject for debate is : “That in all schools supported regard and affection for your lordship, that we sincerely hope by the State the education should be of a parely secular you will be able to continue your valuable services to the character.” Mr. Shirley Shirley will open, and N. F. country for many years to come. Synot and E. F. Spence will also speak on the motion. On The VICE-CHANCELLOR, who spokeunder deep emotion, said: Monday, the 10th inst., a moot will be discussed at the -Mr. Glasse, I cannot but feel highly gratified at the few Law Institution, Chancery.lane, at half-past seven p.m., words which have fallen from you on behalf of the bar and viz., “Is a sale in a shop in the city of London to the shop- of the profession generally. I have had great anxiety during keeper entitled to the privileges of market overt, the goods my illness from the doubt which existed whether I should sold being those in which the shopkeeper ordinarily deals ? ” remain crippled for life, or whether I should ever be well enough

to fulfil again my duties in this court. I am happy to say

now that I am so far restored in my health that I anticipate, MANCHESTER LAW STUDENTS DEBATING if not in a few weeks, at all events in a few months, that SOCIETY.

my movements will be as free as those of other men, though,

perbaps, I may not be quite so vigorous as I formerly was, A special and general meeting of this society was held on With regard to the profession, I have received from the bar, Tuesday, the 28th of October, 1879, at the Law Library, Cross from solicitors, and, indeed, from every branch of street, Manchester. At the special meeting the chair was the profession the utmost kindness, and expressions taken by Mr. Atkins, solicitor, Manchester. Mr. Walter

of affection to extent which, knowing as I do, Slater, the retiring secretary, read the report of the committee


the imperfect manner in which my duties have been for the preceding year, which was duly approved. The

performed, I had no notion existed towards me. My illness, treasurer's report was also duly passed. Mr. T. W. Millar,

at all events, has brought with it the advantage of proving to serving articles with the firm of Messrs. W. C. Chew & what extent I have won the esteem of the profession. That I Sons, proposed by Mr. Walter Slater, seconded by Mr. may retain my health and be enabled to fulfil my present Norton, was unanimously elected to the office of hon. sec duties is my most anxious desire ; and it is a matter of retary for the ensuing year, and Mr. C. Marsball, serving the most perfect gratification that, after all the anxieties I articles with the firm of Messrs. Rowley, Page, & have bad during the period of my illness, I find myself here Rowley, proposed by Mr. Millar, seconded by Mr. Innes,

once again. I have always received from the bar the most to the office of hon. treasurer. Messrs. Hardman, Hayle, kind support and assistance, without which it would have Hodgkinson, Norton, and Sykes were, after a contest, elected been impossible for me to get through the mass of business members of the committee. J. W. Addleshaw, Esq., solici which there has always been in this court, I may say from tor, Manchester, then took the chair, and eight new mem the first day that I took my seat as a judge. I hope that bers, namely, Messrs. Welsh, Wilson, Hawkins, Rayner, the same kind sympathy which Mr. Glasse has been the McQuade, Butcher, Winson, and Price, having been pro medium of expressing to-day will be continued to me for posed and seconded, were added to the society. Afterwards the few years longer during which I shall be called upon to an address was delivered to the members of the society and discharge these duties. His lordship then stated that he many friends by R. M. Pankhurst, Esq., LL.D., upon the should adopt for the future the old rule of the court, which “Study and Practice of the Profession,” in the course of kad been always pursued by his predecessor the Vice-Chanwhich the lecturer was frequently applauded. A hearty cellor of England, of holding the sittings of the court vote of thanks to the lecturer and chairman brought the durivg fire hours daily, and up to Christmas next he should meeting to a close. A donation of five guineas per annum commence the sittings at half-past ten and rise at half-past was kindly presented to the society by Mr. Addleshaw, and three. duly acknowledged by the secretary.

The London Gazette of Taesday contains a declaration BIRMINGHAM LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY. between the British and French Governments prolonging A meeting of this society was held in the Law Library,

for a period of six months the duration of the existing treaties Bennett's-hill, on Thursday evening, November 4, W. E.

of commerce and navigation between Great Britain and Ball, Esq., barrister-at-law, in the chair. After the disposal France, which would otherwise have expired on December

31. of special business, a debate took place upon the following moot point :-“Can an English court exercise jurisdiction in The Virginia Law Journal states that at one of the matters matrimonial when the parties reside, but are not examinations for admission to the bar, the question, "What domiciled, in this country?"-20 & 21 Vict. c. 85, ss. 27, 31; | is the role in Shelley's cuse ? " was asked. One of the Niboyet v. Niboyet (26 W. R. 683, 27 W. R. 203, L. R. 3 class apswered, “The role in Shelley's case is the same P. D. 52, L. R. 4 P. D. 1, and cases there cited); Firebrace as in any other man's case. The law is no respecter of v. Fircbrace (26 W. R. 617, L. R. 4 P. D. 63, and cases persons.


Appointments, Etc.

Companies. Mr. NICHOLAS GUSTAVE BESTEL, Jate a Paisne Judge of the

WINDING-UP NOTICES. Supreme Court of the colony of Mauritius, has received the honour of Knighthood. Sir N. Bestel was called to the bar

JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. at the Middle Temple in Easter Term, 1851. He was

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. appointed senior district magistrate of Port Louis, Mau ANGLO-VIRGINIAN FREEHOLD LAND COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for ritius, in 1854, and a Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court in

winding up presented Sept 19, directed to be heard before Y.C. Bacon

on Nov 8. Philpott, Guildhall chambers, solicitor for the petitioners 1855.

BILLINGSLEY COLLIERY COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up Mr. JOHN BURTON, solicitor, of 16, Serjeants'-inn, Fleet

prerented Oct 6, directed to be heard before V.0. Bacon on Nov 8.

Godden, Lime st, agent for Murly and Sons, Bristol, solicitors for the street, and of Tunbridge Welle, has been appointed Deputy petitioner Coroner for the Tunbridge Division of the county of Kent. LONDON AND PALATINE FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an Mr. Barton was admitted a solicitor in 1863.

order made by Bowen, J., dated Oct 22, it was ordered that the com

pany be wound up. Elborough and Dean, Queen Victoria st, soliMR. Huga COWIĘ, barrister, who has been appointed citors for the petitioning creditor Prosecuting Counsel to the Post Office at the Central Criminal MIDLAND HOTEL, BIRMINGHAM, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up pre

sented Oct 2, directed to be beard before the M.R. on Nov 8. Pearce Court, in succession to Mr. William James Metcalfe, Q.C.,

and Sons, Giltspur st, agents für Wilkinson and Gillespie, solicitors was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he for the petitioners graduated as a wrangler in 1851. He was called to the bar WATERSIDE FIRE CLAY COMPANY, LIMITED -Petition for winding up at Gray's-inn in Hilary Tern, 1862, and he practises on the

presented Oct 29, directed to be heard before the M.R. on Nov 8.

Tilleard and Co, solicitors for the petitioner. South-Eastern Circuit. He was appointed recorder of the

Gazette, Oct. 31.) boroughs of Malden and Saffron Walden in 1873, and cban ANGLO-VIRGINIAN FREEHOLD LAND COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for cellor of the diocese of Durham in 1874, and he recently

winding up, presented Oct 30, directed to be heard before V.0. Maling

on Nov 14. Beal, Queen Victoria street, solicitor for the petitioners acted as secretary to the Royal Commission on the Criminal

BRYNKMALT COLLIERIES, LIMITED.-The M.R. has, by an order dated Code Bill.

May 26, appointed Charles Fitch Kemp, 8, Walbrook, to be official Mr. WILLIAM MARTIN FLEGG, solicitor, of 11, Hill's-place,


CHATTEALEY IRON COMPANY, LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or Oxford-street, has been appointed & Commissioner for before Jan 5, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars taking Affidavits in the Sapreme Court of the Colony of

of their debts and claims, to Henry Julius Leppoe, John Hopkinson, South Australia.

and Joseph Ren-haw Wain, Pinnox Offices, Tanstall, Staffordshire.

Jan 19 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and Mr. JOHN COMPTON LAWRANCE, Q.C., has been elected a claims

NATIONAL COFFEE PALACE COMPANY, LIMITED.-Credit rs are required, Bencher of Lincoln's-inn.

on or before Dec 1, to send their names and addresses, and the para Mr. Louis LORANGER, Q.C., has been appointed Attorney ticulars of their debts and claims, to James Waddell, 1l, Queen

Victoria street. Dec 20, at 12, is appcinted for hearing and adjudiGeneral of the Province of Quebec in the new Administra

cating upon the debts and claims tion. Mr. Loranger is a member of the Legislative

TYNEMOUTH AQUARIUM AND WINTER GARDEN COMPANY, LIMITED. Assembly, and a Queen's Counsel for the province.

Petition for winding up presented Oct 29, directed to be heard before

V.C. Hall on Nov 14. Hemsley and Hemsley, Albany, Piccadilly, Mr. CHARLES PACKER, Chief Justice of Barbados, has

solicitors for the petitioners received the honour of Knighthood. Sir C. Packer was born WESTERN DISTRICT BANK, LIMITED.-The M.R has fixe! Nov 13, at in 1808. He is a graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge,

12, for the appointment of an official liquidator

[Gazette, Nov. 4.) and was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Hilary Tero, 1841. He is appointed Solicitor-General of Bar


LIMITED IN CHANCERY. bados in 1847, Escheator-General for the colony in 1859,

WHOLESALE STORES, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up presented Speaker of the House of Assembly in 1868, and Chief Oct 18, directed to be hard before the V.C. of the Duchy on Nov 10 Justice in 1874.

at 6. Stone buildings, at 10.30. Hulme and Co, Manchester, soli

citors for th: petitioner Mr. JAMES SHIEL, barrister, has been appointed a Police

[Gazette, Oct. 31.) Magistrate for the Metropolis, in succession to Mr. Edmund Humpbrey Woolrych, resigned. Mr. Shiel was called to the bar at Gray's-ion in Trinity Term, 1852, and is a member of the Northern Circuit, having practised also at

Obituary. the Preston Sessions, and the Liverpool Court of Passage. Mr. A DOLPHUS FREDERICK WILLIAM STEPHENS, solicitor

MR. EDWIN FORCE. (of the firm of Stephens & Son), of Chatham, Rochester, and Strood, has been elected High Constable for the Manor of

Mr. Edwin Force, solicitor, notary, and prostor, of Chatham for the epsding year. Mr. Stephens was admitted

Exeter, died at his residence, Southlands, Heavitree, on the

27th ult., after a somewhat long illness. Mr. Force was a'solicitor in 1870, and is in partnership with his father,

admitted a solicitor in 1836, and had ever since practised at Mr. Matthew Spray Stephens.

Exeter. He was a notary public, a perpetual commissioner

for Devonshire and Cornwall, a commissioner to administer DISSOLUTIONS OF PARTNERSHIP. oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature, and also a com

missioner for affidavits in the Irish courts. In 1844 he was Johx SAMUEL BRADSTOCK and EDWARD GOLDRING,

elected clerk to the commissioners of property and income. solicitors, Cinderford and Coleford (Bradstock & Goldring).

tax for the city of Exeter, and in 1870 he was appointed by June 1, 1879. (Gazette, October 31.)

Bishop Philpotts registrar of the diocesan and consistorial LIONEL BARNED MOZLEY and ERNEST CARTWRIGHT

court, and he beld both those othices until his death. Since STEAVEXSON, solicitors, 72 and 73, Gracechurch-street,

1869 he had also been chapter-clerk of Exeter Cathedral London (Lionel Barned Mozley will carry on business in

jointly with Mr. William John Battishill, with whom he was his own name at 26, Philpot-lane; Ernest Cartwright

at that time in partnership. Mr. Force was a town councillor Steavenson will carry on business at 72 and 73, Grace

for St. Mary Major Ward from 1847 till 1862. He was church-street). September 5, 1879. (Gazette, October 31.)

several times under-sheriff for the city, and was elected an alderman in 1863 and sheriff in 1866. He was a liberal

supporter of all charitable and educational institutions in the At the recent municipal election at Maidstone, the

city and diocese. He was for over forty years secretary to Liberal nominations in two of the wards were handed in at i the Exeter and Cornwall Hospital and Be

the Exeter and Cornwall Hospital, and he was treasurer of the town clerk's office by the Liberal agent instead of the the Exeter Central Schools and honorary secretary to the candidates themselves or their dominators or secondere, Exeter Training College. He was also one of the founders of as required by the 3rd clanse of the 1st section of the the Exeter Soup-Kitchen Society and of the Diocesan Board Municipal Elections Act. The Conservative candidates of Education, Mr. Force had suffered for three years from appealed on Friday week to the mayor, who referred asthma and heart disease, and his strength had for a long the point to the recorder of the borough, Mr. S. Prentice, time beeu failing. Q.C. That gentleman has decided that the Liberal nomidation papers were invalid, and two Conservatives consequently enter the council unopposed.

the arduous occupations which had engaged his relative's SIR EVELYN WOOD.

attention in South Africa, he had never forgotten the claim On Saturday Sir Evelyn Wood, V.C., K.C.B., barrister-at- on bis affection and interest of his home, for during his law. was entertained at dinner by members of the bar in the year and a hall's absence he had found time to write 450 hall of the Middle Temple. Sir Evelyn was called to the

| letters, which lie (Lord Hatherley) had had the satisfaction bar in Easter Term, 1874, shortly after his return from the of perusing. Ashantee war. The chair was filled by tbe Attorney-General,

Mr. SKINNER, Q.C., proposed " The House of Commons," who was supported by the Lord Chancellor, Lord Hatherley,

which was briefly acknowledged by the Solicitor-General the Hon. Sir H. Keppel, G.C.B., Admiral of the Fleet, Lord

Mr. FORSYTH, Q.C., proposed“ The Irish Bench and Chief Baron Kelly, Lord Justice James, Lord Justice Thesiger' Bar.” Vice-Chancellor Bacon, Mr. Justice Manisty, Mr. Justice

Mr. Justice FITZGERALD responded. Lindley, Mr. Justice Denman, Mr. Justice Fitzgerald, and

Mr. CHITTY, Q.C., proposed “ The Benchers of the Middle the Solicitor-General. Nine other members of the bench who

Temple," who had unanimously voted the use of their were engaged elsewhere on public business sent letters

noblo ball for the purpose of the entertainment. expressing their regret at being unable to attend.

Mr. JOSEPH BROWN, treasurer of the Middle Temple, reAfter the usual toasts, the Attorney-General proposed the

sponded, expressing the great pleasure which the benchers health of the guest of the evening.

had felt in turning the hall to such good account, and re

minding the company that 300 years since, in the reign of Sir EVELYN Wood, in the course of the reply, said:—There

Queen Elizabeth, a similar complimentary banquet bad have been many instances where our professionsbave been com

been celebrated within its walls to do honour to Drake on bined. If we exclude Odo-and it is difficult to say whether

returning from his famous voyage of circumnavigation. he rose to the Chief Justiceship from his piety as a priest or efficiency as a soldier, or from his Royal hirth-the most remote case is that of Lord Chief Justice Despencer, who fell at the Battle of Lewes. Lord Cbancellor Cowper raised dragoons for William III., and Lord E, skine, who

Solicitors' Cages. began life as a midshipman, later entered the army. Thus far I have been his humble imitator, but here, I fear, the parallel will end, though the coincidence remains that he first

HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE. studied law under Wood and Buller, both afterwards judges.

COMMON PLEAS DIVISION. Even lately the ranks of the chancellors have been reinforced from those of fighting men. To this assembly I need scarcely

(Before Lord COLERIDGE, C.J., and GROVE and LOPES, JJ.) recall how one of the victors at Copenhagen rose to the wool

Nov. 3.- In the Matter of a Solicitor. sack and left sons distinguished in each profession. The | M Leod moped for a rule calling on a solicitor to show lawyer-soldiers have nearly always been on the side of liberty, cause why he should not be struck off the roll. He was but Liberty herself has since become identified with England,

instructed that the liquidator of a company bad handed to and the wearer of the crown bas so happily blended her the solicitor £900 and £1,349, which sums were to be paid majesty with that of the law, and her heart with those of the

by him to the creditors of the companies. The solicitor people, that all three powers are likely to remain in irresistible paid £250, but as far as was known this was the only sum unity. When England, threatened with invasion, called for which he had paid. volunteers, the "Inps of Court," with Erskine as their

The Court granted a rule nisi. colonel, were the first to respond to the call. It is pleasant to reflect that the spirit which animated our forefathers is not extinct, and that in the “Devil's Own" we have a corps

(Before GROVE and LOPES, JJ.) as ready as it is able to contest all debateable fields ; and that

Nov.5.- In the Matter of a Solicitor. its smartness and efficiency, which were remarkable when I first saw the battalion, under Major Chitty, at Aldershot

Murray, on behalf of the Incorporated Law Society,

moved for a rule calling upon a solicitor to show cause why many years ago, are never likely to decline while it is directed by tbe genius and spirit of that ornament to both

he should not be struck off the roll. The ground was that his professions, Colonel Bulwer, Q.C., M.P.

on the 9th of October last the solicitor was tried and con

victed at the quarter sessions at Birmingham for obtaining In reply to the toast of “The Judges," the LORD CHAN- | money by false pretences, and sentenced to three months' CELLOR said, -Idesire on behalf of the judical bench to express imprisonment with bard labour. the pleasure which we who have grown old in the law Rule nisi granted. experience in witnessiog the career of one who, in the time of peace, has shown bis appreciation of our profession by becoming a member of it, and who in time of war has, by his daring, by his energy, by his wisdom in dealing with men and with circumstances, and, above all, by his frank, bis

County Courts. generous, and I will add humane spirit, added another name to the catalogue of England's beroes, and who has to-night sbown that, although, according to the old legal maxim,

ASHFORD. “ the law is silent in the midst of arms,” yet the lawyer and

(Before G. RUSSELL, Esq., Judge.) the soldier combined can, after arms have been laid aside,

Oct. 25.-- Ashford Fire Engine Association v. Richardson. speak with the eloquence which befits the one and the vigour which characterizes the other. Speaking on behalf of the

Charges for services of volunteer fire brigade. bench. I desire to record also their satisfaction that all this This was an action brought by the Ashford Fire Engine can be said, and said with perfect truth, of one who is Association nominally against a farmer named Richardson, related so closely to him whom I see sitting near me, my but really against the Kent Fire Ipsurance Company. noble and learned friend, himself so long and so conspicuous The case was tried on August 16, and the learned judge an ornament to the English Bench, and who wbile an oc reserved bis decision. cupant of that bench was respected and beloved by his col D. Kingsford appeared for the association. leagues and by every member of the bar, who like myself, Winch, for the Kent Insurance Company. has had the pleasure of practising before bim.

The facts were as follows:-On August 23, 1878, a Mr. Kay, Q.C., proposed "The House of Lords,"

telegram was sent to the manager of the fire brigade by

Richardson, who lives at a place called Sellindge, distant coupled with the name of Lord Hatherley.

about eight miles from Ashford, to the effect that a stack Lord HATHERLEY, who on rising to respond was much was on fire in his rick-yard, and requesting the brigade to affected by the warmth of the reception which greeted bim, come at once. The brigade proceeded to the place with said that he felt quite unable to respond, for his feelings their steam fire engine, and were at work there nine hours, had been stirred to their deepest source by what had taken when the fire being supposed to be extinguished they re. place with regard to his beloved nephew. It would be un turned. On August 27 the brigade was again summoned by becoming in him to add anything to the eulogiums which | a telegram from Richardson, telling them that a stack had been so freely bestowed; but it might be useful to which they had turned on the 23rd was now on fire, and re. some of the young men present to state that in the midst of questing the brigade to come. The steam fire engine was


ton lane

again taken over, and was at work seven hours. On August 29 there was a summoos once more from Richardson, another

Creditors' Claims. stack being on fire. On this third occasion the steam engine was actually at work fourteen hours. It was proved that if the brigade had taken their manual engine to the CREDITORS UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY. tire about thirty men would have been required to pump,

LAST DAY OF PROOF. and the cost for pumping at the three fires would have been about £33, exclusive of refreshments, and use of manual

HETHERINGTON, MART, Barrow-in-Farnes. Dec 5, Glaisser v. Lawson,

V.C. Bacon. Taylor, Barrow_in-Furness engine. A bill of £41 159. 60. was sent in to Richardson for the

[Gazette, Oct. 31.] expenses of attending the three fires, and be, being ingured ADAMA, CHARLES Joux, Stockton, Architect. Jan 1. Graham vi in the Kent Fire Office, referred the bill to them. The Settle, V.C. Hall. Dodds, Stockton-on-Tees fire office declined to pay anything for the use of the

BURRELL, ADOLPHUS CHARLES, Piccadilly, Tailor. Dec 1. Stevenson

1. Burrell, M.R. Rogers, Leadenhall st engine, although they were willing to pay the cost of trans FRODSHAM, WILLIAM CALVERT, Liverpool, Gent. Dec 4. Frodsham v. porting it to and from the fire. Accordingly the action Frodaham, M.R. Johnson, Liverpool

LEDICOTT, JANET Mary Colvin SMITH, Warsill st, Battersea Park.. was brought to recover the sum of £41 159. 60. The de

Nov 29. Vibert v. Burroughs, Fry, J. Emmott, Budge row, Cannon fendant paid £26 03, 6d, into court.

The insurance office, it appeared, subscribed £5 a-year to LOVIBOND, BENJAMIN, Bridgewater, Esq. Nov 29. Upham v. Sully, the brigade, altboogh Richardson was not a subscriber.

Fry, J. Barham, Bridgewater

RUTTLEDGE, THOMAS EDWARD, Finsbury sq, Esq. Jan 1. Graham V.. The secretary stated that the subscriptions were not ade Ruttledge, V.C. Hall. Wocdard, Ingrami ct, Fenchurch st quate to keep up the brigade, and consequently a charge

[Guzette, Nov. 4.] bad to be made for the pse of the engine, although the members were volunteers, and gave their services for CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25. notbiog. There was a debt of £300 on the steam fire

LAST DAY OF CLAIM. engine, for which the members were responsible. His Honour said, in delivering judgment, the defendant

ADAMS, CHARLES, Barrowfield lane, Lower Edmonton, Nurseryman:

Dec I. Perry, Guildhall-chambers has paid into court £26 Os. 6d. to meet the personal costs

ASHWORTH, MARTHA, Stacksteads, Lancaster. Dec 1. Roberts, Rochout of pocket of the plaintiffs in respect of the services

dale rendered. The plaintiffs style themselves “The Asbford BUNKER, MARY, Lewisham, Kent. Dec 1. Hoghes, Lewisham

DE CETTO, Baron A UGUATE, Fire Engine Association," but they admit themselves to be,

Hill st, Berkeley sq. Nov 29. Walker

and Co, Theobald's rd, Gray's-inn and are well known to be, a volunteer fire brigade. It is CLEMENCE, JOHN Deptford, Kent, Gent. Dec 9. Arthy, Rochford contended on the part of the defendant that the telegrams DUFFELL, THOMAS, Buckiand, Surrey, Labourer. April 30. Head,

Reigate were a notice merely to the plaintiffs of the fire, and a re

Froud, Mary, Norwood, Surrey. Dec 1. Kempster, Lower Kenningquest of their attendance on the terms on which they held themselves out to the public as a volunteer fire brigade. HIGHAM, PETER, Pendlebury, Lancaster, Underlooker at a Colliery.

Dec 1. Richardson and Marshall, Bolton It is contended, on the other hand, for the plaintiffs that

LAGUNA, Don RAFAEL MARIA BASCONES Y, Seville, Spain, Merchant they never held themselves out as volunteers to the public, Dec 5. Montagu, Bucklersbury and were only volunteers inasmuch as they gave their own LANE, JANE ELIZABETH, Totoes, Devon. Lane, Camden Park-rd personal services for nothing, and that their services having

LENNARD, CLARA, Nottingham. Dec 31. Shaw, Derby

LENNABD, JOHN, Nottingham, Gent. Dec 31. Shaw, Derby been sought by the defendant, they are entitled to make

LEWIS, Thomas JOHN, Crawford st, Marylebone. Licensed Victraller, & reasonable charge for those services. It appears that Dec 1 Child, Paul's Bakehouse-ct, Doctors'-cominons the association held themselves out as a volonteer fire

LIGHTFOOT, WILLIAM, Montford pl, Lambeth, Gent. Nov 17. Hud

son, Furnival's-inn brigade, and as such solicited and received subscriptions LONG, EMMA TYLNEY, Madehurst Lodge, Sussex. Dec 4. Davidson from the public. I am at a loss to appreciate the distinction and Co, Spring-gardens which the association seek to establish between their Pitts, Tomas, Hazelrigg rd, Clapham, Gent. Dec 1. Todd and

Dennis, Chancery lane personal services and those of their engine, unless they had

SIDEBOTH AM, EDMUND CLEGG, Old Trafford, nr Manchester. Dec 2. taken steps to make that distinction koown to the public, Stevenson and C., Manchester which does not appear to be the case. It is as though a

SIMPSON, ALEXANDER, New Cross, Kent, Esq. Dec 21. Masterman

and Co, New Broad st surgeon were to hold himself ont as performing operations TOMLINSON, Richard, Worcester, Plumber. Dec 1. Knott, Worcesgratis, and then, having amputated a limb, to send in a ter charge for wear and tear and cost of instruments. I am VALLANCE, AGNES ANN, High st, Kingsland. Dec 15. Bell, Powers.

croft rd, Clapton of opinion tbat the defendant invited the assistance of the

WATERHOUSE, CHARLOTTE, Keighley, York. Dec 3. Paget, Skipton geociation in that capacity in which they held themselves WELLS, ELIZABETH, Mitcham, Surrey. Dec I. Kempster, Lower out to tbe public, namely, as a volunteer fire brigade, Kennington lane, Lambeth soliciting and receiving subscriptions from the public to

WHIELDON, CHARLOTTE, Versailles, France. Nov 11. Arnold and Co,

Carey si, Lincoln's-inn-fields enable them to volunteer their services, and that as such WOODALL, JOHN, Scarlorougb, Gent. Dec 31. Hill and Des Forges, they are not entitled to recover. It is argued on the part of

Hull the plaintiffs that the defendant, having paid into court

(Gazette, Oct. 24.] the amount of the personal expenses of the plaintiffs ont

Barr, WILLIAM HENRY, West Drayton, Gent. Dec 31, Mercer, Uxe. of pocket, they are at least entitled to recover for the wear

bridge and tear of the engine and appliances. But it is not shown BIGG, HENRY, Barnes, Surrey, Esq. Dec 31. Gush and Phillips, Finsthat any expenge was incurred in respect of such wear and bury circus

BOURNE, HENRY, Birmingham, Wholesale Grocer. Dec 1. Matthews tear, por is it necessary tbat I should hold that there was

and Smith, Birmingham any liability on the defendant to pay the amount which he COLLINS. Rev. CALEB, Stedham, Sussex, Clerk. Nur 30. Albert and has paid into court. Consideriog the whole ciroumstances Lucas, Midhurst

COOPER, DANeil, The Boltons, South Kensirg'on, Esq. Dec 1. Swin. of the case, whilst my jodgment must be a judgment for

burne an. Parker, Bedford-row the defendant, I will make no order as to costs.

DARFY, MARY, Grand-parade, Brighton. Nov 24. Freeman and FreeSolicitor for the plaintiff, J. D. Norwood, Ashford.

man Gell, Brighton Solicitor for the defendant, F. Scudo more, Maidstone.

DEWHURST, JAMES, Clifton, Lancaster, Beerse ler. Dec 4. Rutter and

Finney, Bolton
Dufek, MARGARET, Bolton, Lancaster, Boot and Shoe Dealer. Novil.

Brown and Hionel, Bolton
EDE, CALEB. Buckland, Surrey, Gent. Dec 1. Morrison, Reigate

GRAY, WILLIAM, Cambridge, Baker. Dec 1. Wayman, Cambridge A dioner was given last month at Perth to Sheriff Barclay GRIFFITHS, EUSTIUS WHITNEY, Alfred pl, South Kensington, Architect. on the occasion of his completing his fiftieth year of service

Dec 31. Bulley, Cbeapside as a Sheriff-Substitute.

Hatch, MARTU A, Westgate-on-Sea, Kent. Nov 30. March, Lombard PERTEST DAYLIGHT.-CHAPPUIS' REFLECTORS supersede gas in duz Higgs, William, Belgrave, Gent. Dec 1. Watts, Leicester time, and improve nataral daylight. They can be adapted to any Hultox, WILLIAM FORD, Hulton Park, Lancaster, Esq. Dec 31. Window, tanlight, skylight, arsalight, &c., wherever natural light is im Hulion and Lister, Manchester peded owing to the bad construction of premises, or the proximity of LEES, JAMES, Manchester, Gent. Dec 1. Weston and Co, Made. valls or buildings. They will be found to promote health, comfort, and chester economy. They can also be used as screens or blinds, and at the same MAPLETON, HENRY, Philip rd, Peckham Rye, Staff Commander, R.N time they act as daylight diff

users. More than 30,000 are in vse in Nov 23. Hullett and Co., St. Martin's pl, Trafalgar sq London alose. For prospectuses, address two stamps to S. J. CHAPPUIS, MATTHEW, Ilexny John, Cambridge, Grocer. Dec 1. Matthew, Cam patentee and magufacturer, 69, Fleet-street, Londoc. (Advertist murit.] bridge

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Court Papers.

.... 13

MAILE, JOHN, Els, Cambridge, Farmer. Nov 29. Archer and Son,

MEYERHEIM, MO UITX, Manchester, Merchant. Dec 1. Wesion and Co,

Moovy, GEORGE, Whittington, nr Lichfield, Builder. Dec 1, Barnes
and Russell, Lichfield

SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE. MORSE, WILLIAM, Burnham, Somerset, Gent. Nov 17. Board, Burn

ROTA OF REGISTRARS IN ATTENDANCE ON ham Dec 15. Batler and Middlebrook,

PEEL, Watson, Leeds, Gent.


V.C. MALINS. Leeds


ROLLS. PIM, GEORGE BEDFORD, Arlington sq, Islington, Gent. Dec 24. Crick

Monday, Nov. 10Mr. Leach Mr. Merivale Mr. Clowes and Freeman, Maldon

Tuesday 11 Latham King Posno, MACRICS JO:EPH, Portland p!, Merchant. Dec 1. Sydney,


Wednesday.... 12 Finsbury-circus

Leach Merivale Clowes Thursday

Latham REEVES, WILLIAM, Lower Sydenham, Kent, Licensed Victualler,


Koe Nov 22. Cronin and Rivoita, Southampton st, Bloomsbury



Merivale Clowes RIPPON, JOHN JAMES, Altbam, Lancaster, Gent, Dec 20. Hall and Saturday 15 Latham King

Koe Son, Accrington SALT, MARGABET, Longton, Stafford. Nov 30. Robinson, Longton

Y. C. Bacox.

Mr. Justice V. C. HALL.

FRY. SANITER, ALFRED, Foxton, Cambridge, Farmer. Dec 1. Wayman, | Monday, Nov. 10Mr. Teesdale Mr. Jackson Mr. Ward Cambridge

11 Farrer Tuesday

Cobby Shaw, ALEXANDER, Knutsford, Chester, Esq.

Pemberton Dec 24. Vaudrey, Manchester

Wednesday.... 12 Teesdale Jackson Ward

13 Farrer THOMAS, ROBERT, Smethwick, Stafford, Gent. Dec 1. Southall and Co, Thursday

Cobby Pemberton Birmingham


14 Teesdale Jackson Ward THORNELOW, THOMAS, Lichfield, Gent. Dec 1. Barnes and Russell, Saturday. 15 Farrer Cobby Pemberton

WALKER. Taomas, Dalston lane, Gent. Nov 24. Stoneham and
Legge, Philpot Jane

WARD, RICHARD, Manchester, Tin Plate Worker. Dec 1. Weston and
Co, Manchester

WATSON, Txomas, Highbury crescent, Highbury, Gen'. Nov 30.
Duncan and Co, Bloomsbury sq

Thursday, the 30th day of October, 1879. {Gazette, Oct. 28.

Whereas, by the orders dated the 24th day of February,

1879, and the 29th day of May, 1879, I, the Right ADKINS, FRANCIS, Brighton, Esq. Dec 18. Tarleton and Butlin, Bir Honourable Hugh MacCalmont Earl Cairns, Lord High mir gham

Chancellor of Great Britain, did, in consequence of the BOGGETT, RICHARD, Kippax, York, Gent. Dec 31.

Simpson and

state of health of the Honourable the Vice-Chancellor Burrell, Leeds BBOOKE, ELIZABETH, Brookhill Park, Plumstead. Dec 31. Hine. Sir Richard Malins being such as temporarily to prevent Haycock and Bridgman, College-hill, London

his sitting in court, or in chambers, order and direct CHAVASSE, PYE HENRY, Edgbaston, Warwick, Surgeon. Dec 31.

that all causes and matters, which at the respective dates of Delves-Broughton, Birmingham COLLINS, JOHN, Greenbeys, Manchester, Cashier and Book-keeper.

the said orders had been assigned to and were then pending Dec 1. Lambert, Cross st, Manchester

before the said Vice-Chancellor, should for all purposes be COOPER, SAMUEL, Kulland Ward, Derby, Butcher. Dec 24. Holland transferred until further order to the Honourable Sir

and Rigby, Ashborne DAVEBAN. MICHAEL, North Camp, Farnborough, Gent. Dec 22.

Edward Fry, one of the judges of the Supreme Court Eve, Aldershot

attached to the Chancery Division of the High DAVIES, RICHARD, Llangollen, Denbigh, Innkeeper. Jan 1. Richards Court of Justice, to be heard and disposed of

and Son, Llangollen EDWARDS, ARABELLA, Hough Green, Chester. Dec 6. Ashurst and

by him, so far and to such extent as he should consider Co, Old Jewry

necessary or expedient. And whereas the said Vice-ChanELSBY, JAMES WILLIAM, Copland rd, Peckbam Rye, Manservant. cellor is now restored to health, and it is bis intention to

Nov 15. Webb, Rye-lane, Peckbam
FROUDE, WILLIAM, Chelston Cross, Torquay, Esq. Dec 27. Karslake,

resume his sittings in conrt and in chambers, I do therefore Regent st

order that from and after the 1st day of November, 1879, GIBBS, Susan, Dover. Dec 1. Fielding, Dover

the causes and matters which were so transferred to Mr. GILL, WILLIAM JAMES, York. Dec 8. Howard and Co. Colchester

Justice Fry by the said orders respectively, so far as any of GORRINGE, MARY ANN, Eastbourne, Sussex. Nov 21. Hillman, Cl ffe

them are pot finally disposed of (except the causes menGRANT, WILLIAM PETER, Penzance, Cornwall. Dec 1. Mason, tioned in the schedule to this order), be re-transferred to Gresham st

the said Vice-Cbancellor Sir Richard Malins: And I do GRAYDON, MARTIN WANLESS, Sunderland, Shipywner. Dec 10. Simey, Sunderland

farther order that the causes mentioned in the said schedGREEN, THOMAS, Silsoe Villa, Ealing, Esq. Nov 15. Bartley and ule remain transferred to Mr. Justice Fry, but from henceJames, Somerset st. Portman eq

forth be deemed to have been and be treated as having HADFIELD, SAMUEL, Tiptwistle, Chester, Farmer. Dec 31, Dransfield and Sors, Penistone, nr Sheffield

been so transferred for the purpose of trial or hearing Haines, HENRY, Nutbourne, nr Pulborough, Esq. Dec 3. Martineau only. And this order is to be drawn up by the registrar ar d Reed, Raymond's bldge, Gray's inn

and set up in the several offices of the Chancery Division HABGREAVES, JAMES, Newchurch, Lancaster, Gent. Nov 22. Grundy and Co, Manchester

of the High Coart of Justice.
Hill, Joun, Hibaldstone, Lincoln, Farmer. Dec 1. Howlett, Kirton-

HULL, JOSEPH, Sutton Benger, Wilts, Wine and Spirit Merchant. Wainwright v Oddy act 1878 W. 249

Dec 1. Piopiger and Co, Chippenham
BUMPHREYS, John, Glandwr, Denbigh, Manager. Jan 1. Richards

Von Heyden v Johnson & Sons act 1878 V. 35 and Son, Llangollen

In re Stott Mawson v Stott act (short) 1876 S. 315 INGILBY, Sir WILLIAM BATES, Roland's-gardens, South Kensingtori, Powell v Williams act 1878 P. 147

K.O.B. Dec 14. Young and Co, Essex st, Strand
LUTWYCHE, EMILY HARRIETT, Tulse Hill, Surrey. Dec 29. Collis

Mather v Mather act 1875 M. 86 and Mallam, Lincoln's inn fields

Mills v Corfe act 1878 M. 297
MCBEAN, LACHLAN, Cicely rd, Pekham. Dec 1. Macon, Gresham st Johnson v Dinn act 1878 J. 56
MUFRAY, ELIZABETH, Inverness gardens, Kensington. Dec 15. Sice
and Co, Potters-fields

Frost v Mickleburgh act 1875 F. 105
PARRISH, SAMUEL, Coalbournbrook, Stafford, Cut Glass Manufacturer.

Dino v Robey act 1878 D. 146
Dec 24. Gould and Elcock, Stourbridge

Maxwell v Watkins act 1879 M. 17
PONTIFEX, SOPHIA, Brigh:on. Dec 1. Powpall and Co, Staple-inn Bolton v Greene act 1878 B. 365
RICHARDS, WILLIAM HAGGETT, Stapleton, Somerset, Esq. Dec 1.
Leach. Martock

Lewes v Lewes motn for judgt 1878 L. 218
ROBINSON, SARAH, Leeds. Jan 1. Arundel, Leeds

Worms y De Valden act 1873 W. 46
SANDERS, GEORGE, St. Albans, Corn Merchant. Feb 1. Annesley, St. Streeter v Morris act 1878 S. 408

SHARP, JAMES CARTER, Chester terrace, Gent.

1878 W. 453
Woodgate v Watson act

Dec 1. Mason, Gresham st

Dallinger v St Albyn act 1877 D. 14
SOUTHEY, THomas. Balmore, or Reading, Esq. Dec 20. Winter and In re Silbering, deceased Birchell v Brown act 1879
Co, Bedford-row

S. 111
SWINDELL, ELEANOR, Southport. Jan 21. Ramwell and Co, Bolton
TUCKER. JONX, Talmcuil, Cornwall, Captain, R.N. Dec 1. Jenkias,

Cordeaux v Fullerton motn for judgt 1877 C. 10 Falmouth

la re Leckie, deceased Allen v Leckie act 1879 L. 76 VANE, EDWARD, Ashford, Kent, Linen Manufacturer. Dec7. Hallett and Co, Ashford

In re Oldham, deceased Oldham v wlay act 1878 O. 65 WALLIS, JOAX, Newington, York, Retired Grocer. Nov 28. Walker

Mason v Brentini act 1878 M. 319 and Spink, Hall

Smith v Robinson act 1877 S. 402
[Gazette, Oct 31.) Johnson v Cambrian Rys Co act 1878 J. 186

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