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once by order of attachment, and that there was no need either for an aotion or bankraptoy proceedings (In re

Creditors' Claims. Whitehouse, 2 C. B. 292.) It was also contended that the action was absolutely suspended, and that this being so, it could not be said that another prooeeding-virtually

CREDITORS UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY. another action-could, notwithstanding this, be brought.

LAST DAY OF PROOF. In support of the contention that a debt ander a bill was HANCOCK, EDWARD, Bristol. Mar 20. Austin v. Hancock, District transferred to a debt under an order now pending, the case

Registrar. Bongon and Carpenter, Bristol

(Gazette, Jan. 2.] of'In re Astrup (27 W. R. 518, L. R. 11 Ch. D. 303), was referred to. It was also contended that it was impossible

GIBSON, MARY, Leamington. Eeb 16. Cripps v. Cripps, V.C. Malins.

Buittan, Bristol for the summons to be sustained, because if the court

MAUGHAN, NICHOLAS, New brough Lodge, Northumberland, Esq. Feb stayed the summons it could only be stayed in order to 12. Maugban v. Richardson, M.R. Gibson, Hexham allow ad action to be tried ; that role 25 requires the action

SIBBERIND, ELIZABETH, Swansea. Feb 9. Birchall v. Brown, V.O.

Malins. Brown, Swansea to be proceeded with within twenty-one days, but in this

[Gazette, Jan, 13.] case it was impossible, as the action was restrained. It was also alleged that a solicitor has no power to commence an action under an order, and it was contended that this

CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25. equally applied to a debtor's summops. (Sheriff v. Gresley,

LAST DAY OF CLAIM. 5 N. &. M. 491; Hewitt v. Bellott, 2 B. & Ald. 745.)

Avison, Thomas, Aigburth, Lancaster, Esq. Feb 10. Goffe and North, Shaw, for the creditor, admitted that no other action

Liverpool could be brought, but contended that this did not disentitle

BROWN, SAMUEL, Handsworth, Stafford, Gent. March 6. Jelf, Bir

mingham the plaintiff to commence any other proceedings; and that BRUMBY, JOSEPH, Gainsborough, Lincoln, Hairdresser. Feb 28. Hayes the plaintiff was entitled to go to the Bankruptcy Court for and Son, Gainsborough the purpose of obtaining security for payment of his claim; | CHARLESWORTH, ELIZABETH, Leicester. March 1. Steventon and Son,

Leicester that the order for taxation would simply ascertain the CHURCHMAN, JOAN CRISP, Walton, Sufflk, Tailor. Birkett and Bantof, amount of the bill, but that it did not secure it, and the very Ipswich purpose of proceedings under debtor's summons was to compel

CLARK, WILLIAM, Malmesbury, Wilis, Surveyor. March 1. Ciark and

Smith, Malmesbury security to be given pending an investigation of an apparently

EMMET, JOSEPH ALFRED, Halifax, Esq. March 1. Emmet and Walker, genuine claim. He contended that the fact of the defendant Halifax being alleged to be a wealthy man could not at all affect the Fancy, AUGUSTUS THOMAS, Brimpton, Berks, Miller. Jan 20. Lacas,

Newbury case, and all the less entitle Mr. Holmes to complain, because

Fry, NATHANIEL Power, Corston, Malmesbury, Wilts, Yeoman. if he were a man of wealth, be could all the more easily give March 1. Clark and Smith, Malmesbury security, and he argued that the court should adjourn the HAVERS, WILLIAM, JOSEPH, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Gent. May 31. case in order to allow the amount of the debt to be ascer

Locker, Drapers'-gardens, Throgmorton st

HEYES, GILBERT, Liverpool, Veterinay Surgeon. Jan 27, Lynch and tained ; and that in the meantime Mr. Holmes should be

Teebay, Liverpool directed to give security. He contended that a claim by a JONES, JOAN INGLIS, Derry Ormond, Cardigan, Esq. Feb 16. Davis, solicitor, even upon a taxation, would form a perfectly good

Cork st, Burlington gardens petitioning creditor's debt, and that being so, it might equally

KNIGHT, ÉDWARD, Alton, Southampton, Esq. Feb 21, Evans and Co,

Gray's-inn-sq form the subject of a debtor's summons, and in support of NEWBOULD, EMMA, Sheffield. Feb 14. Wilson and Clayton, Shef. his contention he referred to the cases of Nicholl v. Robin field son (5 Weekly Notes, 19), Ex parte Sutton, and Ex parte Peel,

PARKER, ROBERT TOWNLEY, Cuerden Hall, Lancaster, Esq. Jan 31.

Walker and Ladyman, Preston referred to in Robson's Rankruptcy, p. 161, and the cases in

PERRY, JAMKS, St. John's-gardens, Haverstock-bill, Gent. Feb 20. Rocbe and Hazlitt's Bankruptcy, p. 462. He argued that Mills and Co, Brunswick pl, City rd security ought to be ordered to be given, but that, at any Poe, ALFRED, Birkenhead, Merchant. Feb 7. Bendle Moore, Birken

head rate, the summons ought to be adjourned until after the RATCLIFFE, Hugh GODDARD, Mellor, Darby, Cotton Manufacturer. taxation of the bill.

Feb 14. Smith, Stockport His Honour asked to be referred to any evidence showing RICHARDS, GEORGE, Scotterthorpe, Lincoln, Farmer. Feb 12. Pooley,

Sloane st, Knightsbridge that the defendant was not in a position to pay.

ROBERTS, JANE, Bangor, Carnarvon. Feb 21. Jones and Co, Market Shaw said that he had no such evidence.

st, Carnarvon His HONOUR.-I think this summons must be dismissed, Shaw, ELIZABETH, Clevedon, Somerset, Grooer. Jan 20. Luc18,

Newbury with costs. Mr. Drake's action was brought, and that action was restrained by an order which directed that his

STEGGALL, FREDERICK CHARLES, Wyke Regis, Dorset, Gent, March 1.

Steggall and Hooper, Melcombo Regis bill should form the subject of a reference, and be dealt STEWARD, ALEXANDER, Birkenhead, Iron Merchant. Feb 7. Bendle with by the master. It now only remains to settle the Moore, Birkenhead amount of that bill. I am asked really to do the work


Wordsworth aud Oo, Threadneedle st of the master, and, in addition, to do that which the judge TWIGO, JOHN HENRY, Salford, Brewer. Feb 14, Sutton and Elliott, might have done who made the order for taxation Manchester Damely, order security to be given for costs. I do not VEYSEY, Joun, Crediton, Devon, Carpenter. Jan 30. Smith and Co

Crediton at all see why I should order it if he did not. If he was

WATSON, HENRY, Edinburgh, Gent. Feb 15. Dees and Thompson, asked to order it and refused, then I should be virtually Newcastle-upon Tyne sitting on appeal from his order. If he was not asked to WAITLEY, DANIEL, Speke, Lancaster, Gent. March 1. Rowe and Oo,

Liverpool order it, then the plaintiff, not having then asked for

WHITLEY, GEORGE, Speke, Lancaster, Solicitor. March 1. Rowe and Co, security, is not entitled to come and ask for it here. Liverpool I regard this as a most objectionable proceeding. It WHITLOCK, ROBERT, New Cut, Lambeth, Cheesemonger. March 1, is put forward as a case of pressure brought to bear upon a Reynolds, Furnival's-inn

[Gazette, Jan. 9.] debtor to dissuade him from taxing the solicitors' bill. I think the process by debtor's summons ought never to be AITCHISON, ROBERT, Weston-super-Mare, Minister of the Gospel. Feb 7. resorted to except to obtain payment of a debt of an

Smith, Weston-super-Mare There is no evidence whatever evidently insolvent debtor.

BENNET, LOUISA, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. Jan 31. Smith,

Weston-super-Maro of this gentleman's inability to pay, and am I to expose him BENNETT, WILLIAM GARNETT, Manchester, Glass Bottle Manufacturer. to the annoyance and the vexation of an order to give secu. March 18. Boote and Edgar, Manchester rity for costs in a case like this? It is really an application

BIRD, SAMUEL, Bishopsgate st, Cabinet Maker, March 1. Thatcher,

Bennett's-hill, Doctors'-commons for security for costs for a bill which has already been ad

BUNNELL, PETER, Penge, Surrey, Gent. March 25. Whittington and Son, judicated upon, and an inquiry under which is now pending. Bishopsgate st, Without I am further of opinion that I ought not to be required to COLQUITT, GEORGIANA MARY, Cheltenham. Feb 7. Ainslow Sole,

Cheltenham order security in a cage either where the judge has not been

COWLING, RICHARD, Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, Gent. Feb 10. Hodge asked to give it, or where he has refused to do so, and the and Co, Truro summons must be dismissed with costs.

CROOKE, GEORGIANA Emilia, Cheltenham. Feb 14. Ticehurst and

sons, Cheltenham
DAVIES, ANN, Kington Langley, Wilts. March 25. Keary and Co,

DAVIES, JOHN, Kington Langiey, Wilts, Yeyman. March 25. Keary

and Co. Chippenham
FARRER, JAMES, Ingleborough, York, Esq. March 9. Farrer and Co,




FLEMING, QUINTIN, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Timber Merchant.

Feb 20. Bateson and Co, Liverpool
GANDER, CHABLES, Amersham Vale, New Cros!, Licensed Victualler.

Feb 16. Poole, Bartholomew Close
GUEST, GEORGE, Hulme, Manchester, Beerhou se Keeper. Fcb 15. Chew SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE.
aud Sons, Manchester

ROTA OF REGISTRARS IN ATTENDANCE ON HAW TISORN, ANNE, Benwell, Northumberland, March 31. Ingledew and Daggett, Newcastle-upon-Tyne




V.O. Maliss. Hincks, HENRIETTA, Cowling Hai, York. March 1. West, Thirsk MACKNESS, JESSE, Northampton, Carpenter. Marca 1. Dennis and l'aulkner, Northampton

Monday ..Jan, 26 Mr. Koe Mr. Jackson Mr. Farrer

Tuesday 27 Clowes POOLE, SARAX, Cheltenham. Feb 7. Aiaslow Sole, Cheltenham

Cobby Teesdale Wednesday.... 28


Jackson Farrer PYKE, FRANCES SOPhia, Broad Somerford, Wilts. March 1. Pinniger Thursday 29

Clowes Cobby Teesdale and co, Cbippenham

Friday..... 30


Jackson Farrer RAODES, Matilda JULIANA, Waverhill, Stafford. March 25. Delves Saturday...... 31 Clowes Cobby Teesdale

Broughton, Birmingham
SPEAK, SARAH, Milnrow, Lancaster, Butcher. Feb 1. Orton, Hey-

Mr. Justice

y. C. BACON, V. C. HALL. wood

Fer. SPEAK, WILLIAM, Milnrow, Lancaster, Butcher. Feb 1. Orton, Hey, Monday ..Jan. 26Mr. Latham Mr. Pemberton Mr. Merivale wood

Tuesday ... 27 Leach

Ward King STROUTS, THOMAS, Rosier-villas, Hammersmith, Gent. Feb 3. WightWednesday. 28 Latham Pemberton Merivalo wick and Co, Canterbury

Thursday 29 Leach

Ward King TREGLOWN, GEORGE, Pool, Cornwall, Grocer. Feb 21. Treglown, St. Friday.. 30 Lalham Penuberton Merivale John's pl, Handsworth, Birmingham

Saturday. 31 Leach

Ward King WILDBORE, FREDERIC, Hackney rd, Sargeon. March 25. Wilde and Co, College hill

(Gazette, Jan. 13.]

HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE. BIDDLE, DEBORAH, Milnerton, Warwick. March 1. Wagstaff, Pershore.


March 1. Budd, Son, and Brcdie, Bedford row.
BUCK, ANNE, Bideford, Deren. February 21. Turner, Bideford,

(Continued from page 224.) CASSON, REBECCA, fyke house, Broughton-in-Furneess. February 14.

Q B 66 Nowell (A G Ditton) v Bucknill and anr (Mead and D; F Butler, Bronghion-in-Furress.

Hill), SJ CHAPLIN, EusTACHE DE ET. PIERRE, Motcomb street, Belgrave square,

Q B 67 Same (Same) v Tnke (

GH K and G A Fisher) Esq. May l. B rcbam and Co., Parliament street, West pinster.

Ex 69 Pearson (W Eley) v Snell (W M Greenip), com SJ CHENNELLS, GFORGE, Hertford, Farmer. February 14. King and Peto,

Ex 69 Wallis (In Person) v Quick (Austen, De Gex and I) Abchurch lane.

CP 70 Sadler and ors (Chappell, Son and G) v Nangle (Vallance COL.EE, H»NRY, Thornton rrad, Clapham park, E«q. February 29.

and V), stayed Baileys, Sbaw, and Gillett, Berners street.

Q B 71 Voss (JW Few) v Thomas (Hemsley and H), stayed COMPER, HENRY, North Mundham, Sussex, E:q. March 1. Sowton,

CP 72 Hooper and anr (Tilleard, G and H) v Mors le Blanche and Chichester.

Co and ors (L J B Rawlins), com, without jury CBAMP, ANX, Corentry, Watch Manufacturer. March 1. Daris

CP 73 Gibbons (R Thomas) v The London Financial Association, Coventry.

limd and ors (Markby, s and Co ; Elmslie, F and S; CRAWEHAW, HENRY, Sheffield, Chemist. March 31. Branson, Sor!,'

Dawes and Sons), SJ and Coombe, Sheffield.

Ex 74 Jones (Ley and M) Edmonds (Doyle and Sons), postponed DAWSON, JOUN, Kingston-upin-Hull, Hornsea, York, Tanner, March 1.

CP 75 Triebner (T J Pullen) v Kindell (Hilleary and


Ex 76 Watkins (Clarke, W and R) v Snell and ors (FW Śnell and G) Eldridge and S:ephenson, Hull.

DOWNING, JO ES WEAVER, Small Heath, Birmingham, Metal Worker.
February 14. Car ning and Canning, Birmingham.

Ex 77 Same (Same) v Same and anr (Same), 3rd action SJ

Ex 78 Stace and ors (T White and Sons) v Walkling and ors (Sole, FEATHERS TONHAUGH, EMMA, Warwick : quare, St. George's. February

T and K) 15. Jcbneon and Weatherhall, King's Bench walk, Temple.

CP 79 Tasmanian Main Line Ry Co (Wilson, B and C) v Clark and FIRTH, THOMAS, Trebovir road, Ear's Court road. April 20. Broom

ors (Blunt, T and Co; Burchells, Hargrove and Co), SJ head, Wightman, and Moore, Sheffield,

Q B 79a Metropolitan Ry Co (Burchells) v Schleman (Harper, B and GEORGE Bright Footner, Romsey, Soulbamplon, Solicitor, March 15.

B) without jury, part heard Footner and Son, Romsey.

CP 80 Usill (Carr, F and G) v Barry (Baxter and Co) JAMES GEORGE GARDINER, Falkland road, Kentish Town, Gentleman.

Ex 81 Scovell (H G Barker) v London and County Advance, &c. February 29, Croke, Ashchurch Park villas, Shepherd's bush.

Co, limd (W H Podmore) GIRDLER, THOMAS SAMUEL, Lansdowne road. Croydon, Gentleman.

Ex 82 Peters (Wyatt and B) v Austin (H W Mackreth) February 28. Drummonds, Robinson, and Ti'l, Criyíton.

Q B 83 Ferreira (J R MacArthur) v Eady (G J Eady) HOLLAND, WILLIAM, Harley street, Cavendish square, Esq. February

Ex 84 Smith (W T Manning) v Wright (G W Barnard) 13. Joknston and Harrison, Raymond buildings, Gray's inn. Ex 85 Holroyd (G B B Norman) v Greaves (Dalton and J), SJ HOLB YD, JANE, Ashion-under-Lyne. February 12. Darnton and

CP 86 Holroyd (Andrew and B) v Beall (In Person), SJ Bottom ley, Arhton-urder-Lyne.

Ex 87 Ibbotson Bordman) v Buckley and ors (Jukes and Co) HUGH*E, WILLIAM BAKER, Chelmsford, Gentleman. Febrvary I. Onffield Q B 88 Snell (W M Greenip) v Watkins (Clarke, w and R), SJ and Bruty, Chelmsford

CP 89 Taylor (C V Lewis) v McKeand and anr (Hicklin and W) MARI TON, WILLIAM, Clapham road. March 1. Crouch and Spencer,

CP 90 Cooper (Hicks and Arnold) v Cooper (Pawle, F and Co) Qucea Victoria street.

Chy 91 Lewis (Smith, Davies aná Co) v Harris (W A Downing), MESSITER, HENBY, Wincanton, Somerset, Gentleman. Feb 20. Mes.

postponed SJ riters and Bennett, Wincanton.

CP 92 Williams (G E Carpenter) v Nowell (A G Ditton), stayed SJ MILLER, SAMUEL, Moss side, War.chester. February 24. Whitworth, Chy 93 Sovereign Life Assurance Co (Campbell, R and F) v Den Manchester.

(Crook and S), SJ MOTT, WILLIAM, Stock, Essex, Gent, March 1. Duffield and Bruty CP 94 Grigg (GLP Eyre and Co) v Pearce (J Godwin) Chelmsford.

Ex 95 Jacques (A H Miller) v London Tram Co, limd (Harrison, B PARTRIDGE, ROSETTA, Albion road, Stoke Newington. February 14.

and H), SJ Harcourt, Moorgate st

CP 96 Hyam and Wife (JC Button and Co) y London Gen Omnibus TOOLE, MARY ANN, Roland houses, South Kensington. March 1. Yal

Co (Stevens and H), SJ lance, Essex siet, étrand.

Chy 97 Hewes (Field, R and Co) v Cole and ors (Cole and J), SJ PORTER, REBERT TINDAL. Cheltenham, Esq. February 28. Janson,

CP 98 Hayward Bros. (Ashurst, M Cand Co) v Heritage (E Heritage Cobb, and Pearson, Finsbury ci cus

and Co) PURBER, GEORGE, Brampton, Huntingdin, Retired Licensed Victualler. Ex 99 Norman (Elwes and S) v Robinson and ors (Last and Son; March 1. Jacobs and Vincent, Budge row, Cannon at

Aldridge, T and M), SJ SMITH, WILLIAM, Great Bridge, Stafford, Butcher. February 28.

CP 100 Parks (Chapman and B) v The London Tramways Co Blewitt, Birmingham

(H C Godfray), SJ SOLLY, RICHARD, Tolles bary, Essex, Farmer. March 1, Duffield and Ex 101 Warner (CA Swaine) v Edgington and Co (W Evans), SJ Bruiy, Chelmsford

Q B 102 Clark and Wife (J P Biggenden) v The North Met Trim Co SORRELL, ROBERT, Chelmsford, Builder. March 1. Duffield and

(H C Godfray), SJ Bruty, Chelmsford

Q B 103 Achard, Extrix (F Bradley) v The Midland Ry Co (Beale, COUTBEE, SARAH, Guildford st, Russell sq, February 12. Sorthee, Ely

M, B and G), SJ place, Holborn

Q B 104 Bayley, trading, &c. (Milne, Rand M) v Harrison and Son TAYLOR, REV. WILLIAM, Little Bolton, Larcaster, Clerk. March 12.

(W Rawlins) Farrington and Pratt, Manchester

Ex 105 Carpenter (Le Riche and Son) v Lane (Wade and L), SJ WELL9, Jonn, Colesbill heath, Warwick, Gent. February 28. Blewitt, Chy 106 Lovering (Rooks and Co) v Kennen (F Norton), SJ Birmingbam

QB 107 Hubback (Eardley, H and R) v Everett (W R Philp), SJ WITCOMBE, JORN, Albion grove. Stoke Newington, Builder. March 1. Ex 108 Scalia (J Knight) v Dalgairns (E Tillyard) Hubbard, Son, and Evo, Bucklersbury

Ex 109 Goldring and anr (E Jukes) v Headley and ors (Mercer (Gazette, Jan. 16.]

and M)
Ex 110 Prudential Assce Co, limd (A H Wellman) v Cain (J T

Hazeldine), SJ
Ex 111 Butler (Saffery and H) v Harvey and anr (Terrell and H),

CP 112 Brooker and anr (G Palmer) v Beckmann (W Webb), SJ
Q B 113 Binko (CJ Davis) v Crane and Co (H H Wells), postponed

U), SJ

Ex 114 Wright (C Butcher) v Cotton and anr (Dod and L), without Q B 180 Huni Bros. (F Clift) v Brandt (D Aston), Same (Same jury, part heard

v Same (Same), consolidated Ex 115 Clark (Deane, C and Co) v Royal Aquarium Society CP 181 Bull and anr (Tyrrell, L and Co) v Perry and Co and anr (Richardson and S), SJ

(Munns and L; R Mote), SJ Ex 116 Hedges (Stones, M and S) v The Improved Industrial Ex 182 Holland, by next friend (F R Coote) v Mead and anr (BickDwellings Co (Merriman, P and M), SJ

nell and É ; Tilley and S) CP 117 Brett and anr (W H Nicholls) v Clowser (Berkeley and C), CP 183 Sargeant (speechley, M and Co) v Winney and anr SJ

(G Brown and Sons) Q B 118 Roche (Armstrong and L) y Collingridge (T Micklem), 8J Ex 184 Milsom (T Bordman) y L. and N.-Western Ry. Co (R F QB 119 Cox (Combe and W) v London and South Western Ry Co

Roberts), SJ (MH Hall), SJ

Ex 185 Llewellyn (T White and Sons) v Strangward (Saunders, II QB 120 Green (Willoughby and W) v Beck (C A Wright), SJ

and B), SJ CP 121 Ellis and anr (FW and H Hilbery) v Gen Steam Navn Co Ex 186 Newman, trading, &c. (W H Hudson) v Harris and Co. (W Batham), SJ

(Joel Emanuel and Co.) Chy 122 Allan (A F and R W Tweedie) v Leckie and ors (Dun can, Ex 187 Lumley (Same) v Bukhsh and anr (Lewis and Lewis W and G), SJ

Q B 188 D'Alberte (J H Waring) v Myer (Webster and G) Es 123 McMullen (Whateley, M and W) v London, Chatham, and Èx 189 Pearson (W Eley) v Vincent (JV Musgrave) Dover Ry Co. (J White), SJ

CP 190 Griffin (J S Kisch) v Robinson (Gregory, R and 8) QB 124 Hemsley and ors (J R Tindale) v All Souls' College, Oxford CP 191 Milner (Es Cavell) y Labouchere (Lewis and Lewis), SJ (Hayes, T and 00), SJ

Ex 192 Pontifex (Plunkett and L) v Knott (T Durrant, junr.) Q B 125 Mackenzie (Palmer, E and N) v Bird (Church, Sons and C), Ex 193 Smith (Hughes, H and Co) y O Kelly and Wife and ors SJ

(W R Philp) Q B 126 Humber (R Ballard) v North Staffordshire Ry. Co. (Bur Ex 194 Beane and anr (G Castle) v Mitchener and anr (Stocken and chells), SJ

J), SJ Ex 127 Dalton (Wright and P) v Foan (Arkell and Co)

Q B 195 Wilson (Hewitt and A) y Visct Bury, and ors (White, B and CP 128 Sheather (B May) v Midland Ry Co (Beale, M'B and G), SJ

Co; Linklater and Co), SJ Es 129 Powell and anr (Denton, H and ) v Ell and ors (G Q B 196 Capital and Counties Bk. (Nash and F) v Henty and Sons Walker ; Wheatly and Son), SJ

(Robinson, P and S), SJ CP 130 Reeve (C J Mander) v Dunbar (Law, H and H)

OP 197 The London Necropolis and National Mausoleum Co. CP 131 Wentworth (Same) v Same (Same)

(Harrisons) v Ewing (Johnson, U B and A), SJ Ex 132 Reynolds (T Bordman) v Metropolitan Tram Co, limd Q B 198 Spagnoletti (Van Sandau) y Aldin and anr (Bolton and Co), (HC Godfray), SJ

SJ CP 133 Taylor (M J Geoghegan) v Maunsell and anr (Baker, F Q B 199 Schofield (F Fearon) v Giles (A H Miller) and W).

Ex 200 Blackett (JT Lnscombe) v Field (C V Field) QB 134 Edgson (J Webb) v London Tram Co limd (HC God QB 201 Stevens (Benham and 'T') y Bradbury, Agnew, and Co. fray), SJ

(Chester and Co.), SJ CP 135 Graves (Gush and Phillips) v Jordan (J Hayward), SJ CP 202 Finlay (F L Soames) v Williamson and Hagen (Wontner Q B 136 Reeve (Kingsford, D and K) v Vidler and ors (Lovell, Son

and Sons), SJ and P), SJ

Ex 203 Bayley (Gamlen and Son) v Kelday (E Moss) Ex 137 Frost (Routh, S and C) v Rutter (Berkeley and C), SJ OP 204 Wright and Wife (TC Russel) v Truman, Hanbury and Co. QB 138 Griffin (JCE Weigall) v Keates and ors (Hillearys and T),

(T Beard and Sons) SJ

QB 205 Flensburgher Dampfschiff fabrt Geselschaft von 1869 and CP 139 Crook (FC James) v Clark and Son (GS Warmington),

anr (1 Crowdy and Son) v Dodds, trading, &c. (Sharp and stayed QB 140 King and Co (Eardley, H aud B) v Langton (in person), Q B 206 Beale (A G Ditton) v Clarke (H W M Wetherfield) SJ

Ex 207 Vandy (HS Harris and G) Y N Metropolitan Tram Co. CP 141 Finlay (F L Soames) v Rogers (J Rae), SJ

(H ( Godfray), SJ C P 142 Algate and Wife (J Hayward) v London Gen. Omnibus Co. Q B 208 Harcourt (w † Manning) v Clark (C Thorp), SJ (Stevens and H), SJ

CP 209 Wildash, by next friend and anr (Same) v South-Eastern CP 143 Hancock and Co (W Pilcher) v Fitzgerald (Tidy and T),

Ry. Co. (W R Stevens), SJ

Q B 210 Monkhouse (Van Sandau and C) v Laing (Jackson and J) Ex 144 Davis (In Person) v Jacobs (JN Keighley), SJ

Ex 211 Hunting and anr (Sbaen, R M and S) v Owen (Micklethwait Q B 165 Filmer, Bart, and ors (limpson, H and Co) v Williams

and Co) (Chester and Co), SJ

CP 212 English, trustee, &c. (R Davies) v Allen (G and W Webb), Ex 146 Hall (JW Proudfoot) v Cole (Dixon, W and Co) Ex 147 Philpott (Deane, C and Co) v Woodhams and anr (

PO B 213 Cullwick (N Gedye) v Palmer and anr (FW Denny) Wilkinson ; WA Hayward), SJ

Ex 214 Wright (Norris, A and C) v Bingham (Yorke and B) Q B 118 Pearse (Boxall and B) v Syer (TC Russel), SJ

QB 216 Pontifex (J and M Pontifex) v Greenfield (E W and RC 149 Barras (A W Surtees) v Chandler (Wood, L and B)

Mote) CP 150 Walton (Leathes and M) v Harrison (W Rawlins), SJ Ex 216 Bass and Co (R H Wilkin) v Horne (Hurford and T) Ex 151 Sutton (Armstrong and L) v Gt. Northern Ry. Co. (Nelson, CP 217 Nunn (Wild, B and W) v Sage (Paterson, S and B), SJ B and Co), SJ

0 1 218 Mackay, Liquidator, &c, (Munns and L) v Walter and Co. C P 152 Reynolds and Wife (Wild, B and W) v Lon. and North

limd. (Woodbridge and son) Western Ry. Co. (R F Roberts), SJ

Ex 219 Goodfellow (A G Litton) v Durant (T Durant) CP 153 Guidi and Co (Purkis and B) v Corazza (Fladgate, s Q B 220 Rice (Lewis and L) v East and West India Dock Co. and F)

(Freshfields and w), stayed. SJ Es 154 Davies (W J Child) v The Midland Ry. Co (Beale, MB Q B 221 ield" John, (H J Jennings) v Great Western Ry. Co (R R and G), SJ

Nelson) QB 155 Capital and Counties Bank (Bradby, R and Son) v Beal Q B 222 Field Henry, (Same) v Same (Same) (Beal and De Soyres), SJ

Q B 223 Field, senr, and Wife (Same) v Same (Same) QB 156 Larden (G T Powell) v Donnithorne (Wild and N)

QB 224 Field, junr, and Wife (Same) v Same (Same) Ex 157 Teevan (Bhaen, R and Co) v Hutton (Pritchard, 'E and Co) OB 225 Field, by next Friend and T Field (Same) y Same (Same) SJ

QB 226 Smythe (F O Mathews) v Walker (Duffield and B), SJ Q B 158 Gordon (Elmslie, F and S) v Tempest (Cole and J), QB 227 Press and Wife (J T Hazledine) v N Metropolitan Tram Co stayed SJ

(HC Godfray), SJ Es 159 Inkpen (G J and p Vanderpump) y Deason and Sons Ex 228 Spaul (W H Sturt) v Phipp and ors (Elwes and S) (Hilleary and T). SJ

Q B 229 Strutt (Hazledine and Co) y London Tram Co limd. (HC Q B 160 Francis (J Crowdy and Son) v Hamsher (Poole and H), SJ

Godfray), 8J QB 161 Tippins (G Crafter) y Budden (Stollard and W)

C P 230 James (J Evans) v James (Lewis and Sons) CP 16! Goody and anr (A W May) y Lumley (Markby, w and B) Ex 231 Scrine (G R Harrison) v McKay (J Cotton) CP 163 Taylor, J (Crook and 8) v N. Metropolitan Tram Co (H O QB 232 The Nitro-Phosphate and Odams Chemical Manure Co limd Godfray), SJ

(Kingsford and Co) v Roberts (Williamson H and Co), SJ Ex 164 Parkes (T W Goldring) v London and St. Katherine Docks Q B 233 Brown (G Whale) v West (E Hughes) Co (W.M Hacon)

ČP 234 Ganz (Chappell, Son, and G) v Evans (Lewis and L), SJ Ex 165 Morgan (E W Owles) v Dean (Benbam and T), SJ

CP 235 Ball (J R Tindale) v Cowles (Woodbridge and Sons) Chy 166 Sheffield (W Eley) v Carter (Saunders, H and Co), SJ CP 236 Besant (Philbrick and C) v Bevan, trading, &c (Farn. QB 167 Sparke (Lewis and Lewis) v Peacock and anr (HP Cobb),

fields) SJ

CP 237 Thorley Cattle Food Co. limd. (W Eley) v Watson (Argles Q B 168 Jenner and anr (T M Attwell) y Puxley and Wife (G F and

and A), SJ M Rooper), SJ

Ex 238 Davis (Walter, J and T) v Nottage and anr (T Micklem) Ex 160 Slade (Inglo, C and H) v The Great Eastern Railway Co

SJ (C A Curwood), SJ

Q B 239 Richardson (Bird. M and. R) v Oldham and Canning, QB 170 Blizard (Palmer, E and N) v Poynter and ors (Brandons)

(Matthews and S), SJ Ex 171 Wingrove (Hilleary and T) v Tubbs and anr (Chappell, w CP 210 Chambers Norton) v Gaches and anr (Pitman and s) and C), SJ

without jury Q B 172 Andrews (F Cotton) v Vicar and Churchwardens of West Ex 241 Smith (T W Goldring) v Clark (G Reader) Teignmouth (GE Philbrick)

Ex 242 Parris (J N Mason) v Blowes (Beaumont and W), stayed Es 173 Taylor, WE (G J Jennings) v N. Metropolitan Tram. Co Q B 243 Wise (CE R Preston) v Martin and anr (F Carter) (il Godfray), SJ

OB 241 Sinfield and anr (W Rogers) v Frost (Parkers) Ex 174 Yates (Hilleary and T) v Same (Same), 8J

CP 245 Halahan (In Person) v Bretherton (Bennett and B) CP 176 Sheward (Allen and Son) y Earl Lonsdale (Ellis and Ellis), CP 246 Read and ors (A S Lawson) v Ely and Bury St. Edmunds SJ

(Light) Ry. Co. (Fowler and B). Ex 176 Crowe (Hardwick and L) v Thornton and ors (Mullens Ex 247 Hilleary and ors (C R Taylor) v White (A T Hewitt), SJ and B), SJ

CP 218 les (Trinder and Curtis Hayward) v Bischoffsheim ar Q B 177 Williams (T D Dutton) v Monico and anr (G F and M

anr (Freshfields; Elmslie and Co), com SJ Rooper)

Ex 249 Kingsman (G M Cooke) v Kingsman (Chester and Co) Ex 178 Putt (W Vant) y Lees (J P Poncione)

CP 250 Green (

GF M White) v Duke (J Edell) Ex 179 Eyre (Tadman and B) v Norris and Norris (J J Winser), Ex 251 Anthony (Hunt and Son) v National Coffee Palace Co,limd

(E Tillyard)

Ex 252 Millar (Dod and L) v Strahan (Torr and Co)

unanimously adopted, and the committee reappointed, Ex 253 Pearse and ors (Dod and L) v Lombard Building Society with power to watch over any legislative measure that

(E Lee) Ex 254 Bell and anr (W A Storey) v Neck (E Lewis)

might be introduced. Mr. R. T. Middleton mentioned CP 255 Harris, Bulteel and Co (Surr, Gribble and B) v Grepe

that the committee had discovered that some butchers in (Park, Nelson and Co), SJ

Glasgow were in the habit of allowing individuals to ran Q B 256 Ray (T D Dutton) v Legh (C A Jenkins) Q B 257 Model (Young and Sons) v Barber (R Voss)

ap accounts to the amount of £50, and bootmakers as Ex 258 Spink (Stones, Morris and S) v Midland Ry and anr (Beale, bigh as £80 and £90. The committee considered that it M and Co; Wontner and Sons), SJ

would be well to make such arrangements as would preQB 259 Brockman (Webster and G) v Jackson (Gregory R and Co) Ex 280 Gentel (Crowther and Walker) v Gayford (A R Oldman),

vent these tradesmen ranking as private creditors on bankSJ

rapt estates, and thus discourage all possible extension of Ex 201 Nattonal Mercantile Bank, limd (J I Irving) v Collins (FC that evil.

CP 262 Wray (R A Kelly) v Gibson (W R Preston)
QB 263 Ellis (Vallance and V) v Lewis (S Betteley)
Èx 264 Brown and wife (J Neal) v Heritage (Field, R and Co), SJ

Ex 265 Kino (Terrell and H) v Pilbrow (Woodfin and W)
Q B 266 Cambensy (M Webb and Son) v Sharp (Pritchard, E and

Jan. 22, 1880.
Co), SJ
QB 267 Fitch and anr (In Person) v Hayley (W H Hudson)

CP 268 Sibley (HC Ladbury) v Balfour and Wife (Norton, Rose

3 por Cont. Consols, 983 Annuitias, April,'85, Of and Co), SJ

Ditto for Aoccant, 981

Do. (Red Sea T.) Aug. 1908 Ex 269 The Credit Co limd (E Andrew) v Freme (Robinson, P and

Do. 3 per Cont. Reduced, 982 Ex Bills, £1000, 2, per Ct. 10 pm. S)

New 3 per Copb., 98%

Ditto, £500, Do, 10 pm. OP 270 Barrett (R M. Cooper) v Hutton (Prichard, E and Co) Do. 3. per Cont., Jan.'94 Ditto, £100 & £900, 10 pm. Ex 271 B Verity and Sons (Lewin and Co) v Michell (Button and

Do. 24 per Cant., Jan, '94 Bank of England Stock , 272 Co)

Annuities, Jan, '80

Ditto for Account.
Ex 272 McCulloch (Pattison, W and Co) v Sheriff (H Tattam)
CP 273 Browne (Carter and Bell) v Hozier (Lewis and Lewis)
Ex 274 Stinchcombe (F J Day) v Dacre (G S and H Brandon),
CP 275 Adams and ors (J Watson) v Gowar (Armstrong and L)

Ex 276 Wilson (E T Tadman) v Woodrow (Pyke, I and P)
QB 277 Redmond (Wontner and Sons) v Gamble (Lewis and L)

Ind. Stk., 5 per C., July, '80, 104 Enf.Pr.5 per cent., May, 81 CP 278 Parr (Baker, B and H) v Conolly and Co (Layton, Son

Ditto for Account,

Ditto Debentures, 4 per Cent and L)

Ditto 4 per cent., Oct. '88, 1051 April, '64 Ex 279 J and A Blyth limd (Lyne and H) v Brown (Ashurst, M

Ditto, ditco, Certificates - Do.Do, 5 per cent., Aug. '73 and Co), SJ

Ditto Enfaced Ppr., per Cont. Do. Bonds, 4 per cent. £1000 QB 280 Mapleson (J and R Gole) v Masini (F and E Goodhart)

2nd Enf.Pr., 5 per C., Jan,'73 Ditto, ditto, under £1000 Com CP 281 Thomson (J. Barrett) v Thomas (R Windbybank) CP 282 Turner (T Sampson) v Ashton (Bennett and Co)

RAILWAY STOCK. Q B 283 McLeod (JP W Cann) v Rees (R Martin) (To be continued.)


Pald. Closing Price Stock Bristol and Exeter ....................................

100 Stock Caledonian ................................................

100 107) Stock Glasgow and South-Western

100 103 Legal News.

Stock Great Eastern Ordinary Stock .................

100 591 Stock Great Northern ..........................................


1249 Stock Do., A Stock

100 118 The High Sheriff of Sussex has received the Lord Chan Stock Great Southern and Western of Ireland



Stock Great Western-Original ..................... cellor's writ for the election of a coroner for the county of

1184 Stock Lancashire and Yorkshire

130 Sussex, and has fixed the 29th inst. for the election. Should Stock London, Brighton, and South Coast.

100 140 a poll be demanded, it will take place on February 2 at Stock London, Chatham, and Dover

100 291 Stock London and North-Western .......................

100 1534 Lewes. Mr. L. G. Fallagar, one of the two coroners for

Stock London and South Western


1345 the county, was recently convicted of fraud, receiving Stock Manchester, Shefield, and Lincoln

854 sentence of five years' penal servitude ; and Mr. Grantham, Stock Metropolitan ..........................160................

120 Stock

100 Do., District

814 Q.C., M.P., on behalf of the East Sussex magistrates, last

100 Stock Midland......................................................

1383 week forwarded a memorial to the Lord Chancellor praying Stock North British ........................................

100 72 that the office might be declared vacant. The candidates Stock North Eastern............................................

100 154

Stock North London .........................................." at present before the freeholders are Mr. Wynne E. Baxter,

100 180

Stock North Staffordshire one of the under-sheriffs of the City of London, and Mr.

Stock South Devon

100 J. E. Fallagar, brother and deputy of the late coroner. Stock South-Eastern

100 129 A general meeting of the members of the Glasgow Association for the amendment of the Scotoh Bankruptcy • A receives no dividend uatil 6 per cent. has been paid to B. Laws was held last week, Mr. James Campbell, of Tillieobewan, in the chair. The report of the directors

The Tramways and General Works Company (Limited) recommended that all traders should keep books showing their business transactions, that traders should be held

have offered for sale at par 21,000 of the fally paid-up culpable if they did not call a meeting of their creditors

ordinary shares of £10 each, in the Bordeaux Tramways before their establishment was reduced to less than 159.

and Omnibus Company (Limited), the capital of which conper pound, that no bankrupt should be discharged unless

sists of £350,000, divided into 10,000 shares of £10 each, the estate yielded a dividend of 78. per pound or without and 25,000 ordinary shares of £10 each. The concession

bearing a preferential dividend of 5 per cent. per annum, the consent of the creditors who held three-fourths of the estate, and that the creditors alone should bave the power for the city of Bordeaux having been offered for public

for a comprehensive system of tramways and omnibuses of appointing the trustee and the law agent. It was also soggested that provision ought to be made for carrying Company were adjudged the successful competitors for this

tender in April last, the Tramways and General Works through arrangements with creditors by trust deede, as being more expeditious and less expensive than the ordinary concession for a term of thirty-one years and three months

important undertaking. The company have obtained the form, and that facilities should be given for what were called private arrangements.

from the 1st of January, 1880, entitling them to parchase

It was also suggested that debtors should be severely punished if they did not adhere Company of Bordeaux.

the working stook and plant of the General Omnibus to the terms of the bankruptoy statutes, and that the bank.

The tramways will comprise a ropt should be punished criminally for obtaining property out to accommodate the large existing traffic of the town,

total length of about thirty-eight miles, and are to be laid or goods on credit by false representations or by fraud, or for borrowing, pledging, or disposing of any of his prop receipts of the omnibuses for the three years eading

and to provide for its future development. The average erty otherwise than in the ordinary way of trade. The October 31, 1879, were about £53,000 sterling a year gross, directors had had a meeting with the Lord Advocate of Scotland in reference to the recommendations contained

and the omribus company, in addition to making large in the report. He expressed his concurrence with the reserves, divided amongst its shareholders during that principal points alluded to, and intimated that it was

period £22,900. likely that the Government would introduce a Bill on the

[ELECTRIC LIGHT REFLECTORS,- Chappuis, Factory 69, Fleet-street subject in the next session of Parliament. The report was ADVT.)


100 100


SALES OF ENSUING WEEK. January 28.-Messrs. EDWIN Fox & BOUSPIELD, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Estates (see advertisement, Jan. 17, page 3.) January 29.-Messrs. FULLER & FULLER, at the Mart, at 1. for 2 p.m., Reversions (see advertisement this wee k page 4.);


BIRTOS. LICKFOLD.—Jan. 19, at Blenheim-villa, Uxbridge-road, Shep

herd's-bush, W., the wife of James E. Lickfold, solicitor, of

& SON. ORMSBY.-Jan. 15, at Greystones, county Wicklow, Ireland,

the wife of W. E. Ormsby, barrister-at-law, of a daughter. RIBTON.-Jan. 13, at 35, Elgin-road, Kensington-park, the

wife of Theodore Ribton, barrister-at-law, of a daughter. SADLER.–Jan. 17, at Dudley-house, Lime-grove, Shepherd's

bush, W., the wife of Campbell H. Sadler, solicitor, of a daughter. SMITH.-Jan. 17, at Henley-on-Thames, the wife of F. Smith, jao., solicitor, of a daughter.

MARRIAGE. PHILPOT-LANDON.—Jan. 14, at Lyme Regis, John Gold

Philpot, of the Middle Temple, barrister-at law, to Winifred, daughter of the late Charles Ginkell Landon, Captain Bengal Army.

DEATHS. EDWARDS.-Jan. 17, at Riverdale, Putney, Thomas Kersey

Edwards, of 51, Cloak-lane, London, solicitor, aged 50. MORGAN.-Dec. 28, 1879, Thomas Morgan, of Cardigan, South

Wales, solicitcr, aged 69.



FRIDAY, Jan. 16, 1880.

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.
Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

To Surrender in London,
Devenish, Samuel George, Regent st, Manager to a Wine Merchant.

Pet Jan 13. Murray. Jan 30 at 11 Webster, Berjamin, Kennington rd, Theatrical Proprietor. Pet Jan 12. Pepys. Feb 4 at 11

To Surrender in the Country. Booth, Mary Ann, Middleton, Lancaster, Chemist. Pet Jan 12.

Tweedale. Oidham, Feb 4 at 11
Dudley. John, Coleshill, Bucks, Farmer. Pet Jan 13. Watson,

Aylesbury, Feb 3 at 11
Hopkin, Thomas, Cornelly, Glamorgan, Draper. Pet Jao 13. Langley.

Cardiff. Jan 29 at 1
McRae, Edward, High st, Wandsworth, Builder. Pet Jan 13. Wil-

loughby. Wandsworth, Jan 30 at 11 Moffat, Thomas, Darlington, Durham, Builders Merchant. Pet Jan 13.

Crosby, Stockton-on Tees, Jan 28 at 3 Rollinson, John, and Edward Patterson, Barnsley, Clothiers, Pet

Jan 14. Bury. Barnsley, Jan 30 at 2.30 Rosell, George, St Albans, Herts, Straw Hat Manufacturer, Pet Jan

13. Edwards. St Albans, Jan 28 a: 2.30 Emith, John Stanley, Middlesborough, Gent. Pet Jan 14. Crosby.

Stockton-on-Tees, Jan 27 at 2.30 Stokes, Henry, Tipton, Stafford, Grocer. Pet Jan 13. Walker. Dudley, Jan 30 a: 12

TUESDAY, Jan. 20, 1880.

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.
Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

To Surrender in London.
Stephenson, Benjamin Charles, Austin Friars, Stockbroker. Pet Jan

16. Pepys. Feb 4 at 11 Strck, Henry, Davisville rd, Hammersmith, Builder. Pet Jan 16. Pepye. 4 at 12.30

To Surrender in the Country. Brook, William, Leeds, Mercer. Pet Jan 17. Marshall. Leeds, Feb

11 as 11 Croft, Ralph, and John Dale, Cardiff, Shipwrights. Pet Jan 16.

Langley. Cardiff, Feb 3 at 11 Forster, Mary Ann, Haltwhistle, Northumberland, Seed Morchant.

Pet Jan 17.' Halton. Carlisle, Feb 2 at 3 Humphreys, Wiliam, Plas Llewelyn Llanehair, Denbigli, Farmer. -Pei Jan 14. Jones. Bangor, Jan 29 at 12.30 Hamphris, w, and Alfred Humphris, Walton-on-Thames, Grocers.

Pet Jan 16. Bell, Kingston, Feb 3 at 3
Saunders, Michael, Somerford Keynes, Wilts, Farmer. Pet Jan 14,

Townsend. Swindon, Feb 2 at 3
Shepherd, Henry, Hulme, Manchester, Beer Retailer. Pet Jan 16.
Hulton. Salford, Feb 11 at 11


FRIDAY, Jan. 16, 1880. Chamen, Richard Tewkesbury, Charminster, Dorset, Yeoman, Jan 13

TURDAY, Jan. 20, 1880,

David, Hermarn, and Leon David, Ely place, Diamond Merchants.

Jan 16
Hunt, Thomas, Turville, Backs, Innkeeper. Jan 14

Liquidations by Arrangement.

FRIDAY, Jan. 16, 1880.
Abel, Charles, Manchester, Picture Frame Maker. Jan 28 at 3 at

offices of Bimpson and Hockin, Mount st, Albert sq, Manchester Anderson, John Brown, Edward Anderson, and James Alexander

Anderson, Waleall, Merchants. Jan 29 at 11.30 at the Queen's

Hotel, Stephenson st, Birmingham. Crump Armitage, James William, Leeds, Plascerer. Jan 29 at 3 at ofices of

Brooke. Bond st, Leeds Archer, Frank, Hoyland, York, Grocer. Jan 26 at 12 at onces of

Gray, Eastgate, Barnsley Astill, Edwin, Thurcaston, Leicester, Farmer. Jan 29 at 3 at offices of

Freer and Co, New st, Leicester Atkin,

James, Ulleshelf, York, Agricultural Implement Manufacturer. Jan 28 at 12 at offices of Calvert, Lendal, York Bailey, William, Southport, Lancaster, of no business. Jan 30 at 3 at

offices of Best, London st, Southport Baldwin, Henry, Brighton, Clothier. Jan 31 at 12 at offices of Nye

and Greenwood, Serjeant's ion, Fleet st. Nye, Brighton Banniog, Jos'ah, Manchester, Cabinet Maker. Feb 4 at 3 at the

Thatched House Hotel, Newcarket place, Newmarket st, Man

chester Bassett, William, Aston-juxta-Birmingham, Builder. Jan 29 at 3 at

offices of Dale and Vachel, Bennett's hill, Birmingham Bater, Charles, Stoke-upon-Trent, Carter. Jan 28 at 11 at offices of

Griffith, Lad lane, Newcastle-under-Lyme Bentall, Charles, Arthur, Little Maplestead, Essex, Farner. Jan 27 at

4 at the George Hotel, Halstead. Ellison and Co, Suffolk Bibbington, John, Audlem, Cheshira, Farmer. Jan 31 at 11 at Crewo

Arms Hotel, Crewe. Ritson and Grundy, Manchester Bird, Alfred Charles George, Birmingham, Boot Manufacturer. Jan

30 at 12 at offices of Hawkes and Weekes, Temple st, Birmingham Boden, Johr., Waterloo rd, Ironmonger. Jan 31 at 1 at offices of Jones

and Co, Lancaster pl, Strand Boston, Thomas Charles, Bangor, Carnarvon, Licensed Victualler. Feb

2 at 2 at Albion Hotel, Chester. Jones, Liverpool Britten, Charles, Heytesbury, Wilts, Farmer. Jan 30 at 1 at Bath Arms

Hotel, Warminster. Cruttwell and Co, Frome Brookes, William, Hariwicke, Gloucester, Farm Steward. Jan 31 at 3

at offices of Long, Westgate chambers, Berkeley st, Gloucester Brown, George John, Trevor, Dengigh, Timber Merchant. Jan 29 at

2.30 at Public Halí, Oswestry. Minshalls and Jones, Oswestry Brown, Robert, Shirehampton, Gloucester, Potato Dealer. Jan 30 at 12

at offices of Mosely, Clare st, Bristol Buckley, Joseph, Rochdale, Yarn Agent. Feb 2 at 3 at offices of Heap,

Lord st, Rochdale Burden, Thomas Warren, Birkenhead, Auctioneer. Jan 29 at 3 at omice

of Moore, Duncan st, Birkenhead Butler, Ferdinand Dick, Gt Portland st, Publisher. Feb 2 at 2 at Inns

of Court Hotel, High' Holborn. Peacock and Godılard, South sq,

Gray's inn Butler, William, Nottingham, Smallware Dealer. Feb 3 at 3 at offices

of Elboroe, Brougham chambers, Wheeler gate, Nottingham Calliss, William Dennington. Drury lane, Ironmonger. Feb 4 at 1 at

offices of Willoughby and Winch, Lancaster pl, Strand Carr, Thomas, Hadley, out of business. Jan 26 at 2.30 at offices of

Wilson, Cheapside, Hanley Catlin, Samuel, jun, Southport, Lancashire, Grocer. Jan 28 at 3 at

Albert Hotel, London st, Southport. Sephton, Liverpool Cattle, Henry Steed, Retford, Notts, oat of business. Jan 30 at 12 at

offices of Bescoby, Grove st, Retford Checkley, William Stanley, Birmingham, Fish Merchant. Jan 29 at 3

at offi:es of Bailer and Bickley, Benneit's hill, Birmingham Chitty, Frederick Ause, Hambledon, Surrey, retired Lieut. East India

Company. Jan 26 at 2.30 at Angel Hotel, Godalming. Darbidge,

Guildford Clark, Alexander, 8:ourbridge, Hatter. Jan 28 at 3 at Mitre Hotel,

High st, Stourbridge. Shakespeare, Oldbury Clay, Josiah, Portsea, Brush Manufacturer. Jan 30 at 12 at offices of

Edmonds and Clark, Cheapside. King, Portsea Colclough, John, Hanley, Wholesale Grocer. Jan 26 at ll at Royal

Hotel, Crewe. Ashmall, Hanley Cooper, Thomas, and Thomas Moretoa, Shelton, Hanley, Earthenware

Manufacturers. Jan 27 at 3 at offices of Ayre, Cheapside, Hanley Copeland, William Wells, Great Grimsby, Publican. Jan 29 at 3 at

St. Mary's Chambers, Wost St. Mary's gate, Great Grimsby Cornell, George, Isleham, Cambridge, Farmer. Jan 27 at 13 at the

White Hart Hotel, Newmarket. York, Newmarket Cox, Benjamin, Culworth st, Regent's Park, out of business. Feb 2

at 3 at offices of Yorke, Conduit st, Bond st Cox, George Walter, Liverpool, Commission Agent. Jan 30 at 2 at

offices of Francis and Co, Cook st, Liverpool Crocker, John, Swansea, Accountant. Jan 28 at 10,30 at Castle

Buildings, Wind st, Swansea. Stevens Crowther, John William, Ossett, York, Rag Merchant. Jan 30 at 3 at

the Scarborough Hotel, Dewsbury. Stringer Davey, John, Scotter, Lincoln, Grocer. Jan 30 at 3 at the White Hart

Hotel, Gainsborcugh. Credland, Gainsborough Davis, Daniel Thomas, Fenchurch st, Wine and Spirit Merchant. Feb

9 ac 3 at ofces of Lawrence and Co, Old Jewry chambers Emerson, Charles Henry, Great Grimsby, Builder. Jan 28 at 11 at

offices of Grange and Wintringham, St. Mary's chambers, West St. Mary's gate, Great Grimsby Evans, David, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Auctioneer. Jan 31 at 12

at offices of Beddoe, Victoria st, Merthyr Tydfil Fisher, Richard, Liverpool, Licensed Victualler. Jan 29 at 3 at offices

of Snowball and Co, Dale st, Liverpool Fonte, Thomas, Eas! st, Manchester 9, Baker. Feb 3 at 1 at offices of

Hardcastle, Queen st Garvice, Charles, Lime st, Cigar Importer, Feb 5 at 1 at offices of Tat.

ham and Co, Queen Victoris st Geater, Charles, jun, Ipswicb, Tailor, Jan 31 at 12 at offices of Bennett

Museum st, Ipswich

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