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him on account of the Attorney-General, such case will be | HERBERT, CA Arles. Thames Ditton, Surrey, Lieutenant-General in prosecuted, under bis direction, by the Treasury Solicitor or

H.M.'s Army. C.B. Jan 25. Fladgate and Co, Strand

HOLDSWORTH, MARY SEYMOUR, Cornwall rd, Bayswater. Feb 14 his local agent, or by some other person duly appointed by Nisbet and Co, Lincoln's-inn-fields the director. The Director of Public Prosecutions will KAY, SAMUEL, Spot land, Lancaster, Farmer. Feb 9. Ramwell and Co, also entertain applications, in prosecutions of importance


MCKENZIE, PHÆBE ELIZABETA, Pembury rd, Lower Clapton, Jan 31. or difficulty, for authority to incur special costs for the

Nelson, Lawrence Pauntney lane purposes of the preparation of scientific evidence, the MITTELL, ELIZABETH, New Romney, Kent, Bookseller. March 1. remuneration of scientific witnesses, the payment of extra

Bannon, New Romney

NORMAN, TAOMA, Essex rd, Islington, Pork Pie Manufacturer. Feb 10. fees to counsel, the preparation of plans or models, and

Saxton and Son, Queen Victoria st in respect of any special matters in such cases PARES, Edward, Charlotte st, Blackfriars rd, Licensed Victaaller. as the Attorney - General may sanction. And so Feb 3. Mandale, Mitre-ct, Fleet t much of such special costs authorized by the director as

SAMPSON, GEORGE, Torquay, Devon, Esq. Jan 31. Nelson, Lawrence

Pountney lane shall not be allowed on taxation in court, and paid by the SOLLOWAY, CHARLES, Churcham, Gloucester, Gent. Jan 16. Smith, authority that defrays the ordinary costs of prosecutions, Cheltenham will be paid by the Solicitor of Her Majesty's Treasury after

SOLOMON, LEON, Hogarth rd, South Kensington, Gent. Feb 14. Spyer

and Son, Old Broad st they have been subjected to examination by bim and found

STUTTER, DORCAS, Hadleigh, Suffolk. March 1. Grim wade, Hadto be reasonable and proper. As one great object of the Act leigh is to prevent tbe possibility of a prosecution being com

THISLETON, HUGH, Preston, Lancaster, Innkeeper. Jan 31. Thompson

and Craren, Preston pounded by means of improper collusion or otherwise, when

THOMPSON, Joux, Audley, Lancashire, Retired Innkeeper. Jan 3L. ever such possibility appears to the magistrate or to the Clegg, Oldham police to be the case, they are requested at once to com THORNTON, WILLIAM, Baildon, York, Stonem uson. Jan 13. Morgan municate with the Director of Publio Prosecutions." It is

and Morgan, Shipley

USHERWOOD, Thomas, Ramsgate, Kent, out of business. March 1. Cownotified that until an office is provided for the use of the

dell and Co, Budge row, Cinnon st Director of Public Prosecutions letters addressed to him at VAVABOUR, Rev. MARMADUKE, Clifton, Gloucester, Clerk, March L. the Home Office, Whitehall, will be forwarded to him.

Smith and Mammatt, Ashby-de-la-Zouch
WALTER, GEORGE WHITAKER, Holland rd, Kensington, Surgeon
Major in V.M.'s Madras Army. March 1. Nicholson, E'gware rd

| Gazette, Jan. 2.]

BATTY, THOMAS James, Sedbergh, York, Esq. Feb 1. Pearson and
Creditors' Claims.

Pearson, Kirkby Lonsdale
CLARIDGE, GEORGE, Harp lane, Wine Merchant. March 1. Canliffe

and C, Chancery lane

CLARKE, 'Henry, Great Yarmouth, Gent. Feb 14. Cluwes and Son, CREDITORS UNDER 22 d 23 VICT. CAP. 25. Great Yarm onth

Evans, John, Norbriggs, Derby, Engine Ten:er. Feb 1. Black LAST DAY OF CLAIM.

Chesterfield ADAMS, GEORGIANA CATHERINE, Cheltenham. Jan 31. Baker and Co, FLETCHER, WILLIAM, Colchester, Innkeeper. Feb 16. Turner and ca, Lincoln's-inn-fields

Colcbester BATEMAN, WILLIAM, Bromley, Kent, Plumber. Jan 31. Stocken and GRAHAM, Thomas, Bladen Lodge, Old Brompto, Solicitor. March 1. Japp. Lime et sa

Graham and Sons, Abingdon BURNETT, Richard, West Hartlepool, Durham, Town Surveyor. Feb 14. GRIFFITH, WINIFRED, Bangor, Carnarvon. Feb 1. Hughes, Bangor Brunton, West Hartlepool

Griggs, WILLIAM, Faringdon, Berks, Schoolmaster, Feb 29. Lea, CBoss, Thomas, Ruddington Hall, Nottingham, Esq. March 1.

Furnival's-inn, Holborn Broadbent and Co, Bilion-le-Moors

HAWTHORN, WILLIAM, Newcastle upon Tyne, Civil Engineer. March 31, Couci, Eliza, Shirey, nr Birmingham. Feb 24. Burton and Ingled-w and Daggett, Newcastle upon Tyne Willoughby, Daventry

HOWARD, HARRIETT, Mare si, Hackney. March 1. Gardner, LeadenCrouch, HENRY, strand, Outfitter. Feb 28. Freeman, Gutter lane,

hall st Cheapside

Irwin, MARY ANN JANE, Baih. March 1. Valpy and Co, Lincoln'sHIDE, Tuonas SANSUM, St. Leonards-on-Sea, Clerk to the Commis

inn-fields sioners of Taxes. Jan 20. N-ve, St. Leonards-on-Sea

JONES, STEPBEN, Wrexham, Brewer, Jan 31. James, Wrexham HUDDLESTON, THOMAS, Etton, York, Yeoman. Feb 1. Shepherd and

MACKRETN, WILLIAM MILLER, Clifton, Bristol, Accountant. Jan 31. Co, Beverley

Perbam, Bristol JAMES, JOHN, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Draper. Jan 24. Lewis

MILS, AMELIA, Toxteth Park, Liverpooi. Feb 22. Mullings and Co, and Jones, Merthyr Tydfil

Cirenc-ster LAYTON, JAMES, Mumps, Lancaster, Cotton Dealer. Feb 25. Redfern Livark, HNRY FRANCIS, Plymouth, Retired Commander. Feb 28. and Son, Oldham

Pearse, Plymonih Matrox, CHARLES, Mountnessing, Essex, Commission Agent. Feb 20, PARKER, ROBERT TOWNLEY, Cuerden Hall, Lancaster, Esq. Jan 31. Gepp and Sons, Chelin ford

Walk or and Ladyman, Preston Parris, MARE, Liverpool. Feb 2. Whitley and Maddock, Liver PATTERSON, JOHN, Great Bolton, Lancaster, Gent. feb 5. Woodcock pool

and Son, Haslingden PATXOBE, JAMES, Bishop's Stortford, out of business. Jan 31. Taylor,

POTTER, ARCHIBALD GILCHRIST, Lavender hill, Surrey, Esq. Feb 1. Bishop's Stortford

Simpson and Palmer, Three Crown sq, Southwark Rawson, HENBY, Prestwich, Lancaster, Sharebroker. March 1, Sale

PRIDEAUX, HENRY, Pymouth, Solicitor. March 6, Wilson, Plymouth and Co, Manchester

SPENCER, THOMAN, Wrotham, Kent, Farmer. March 25, Holcroft and ROACH, SARAH Daiver, Kingston-upon-Hull. April 1. Middlemiss

Macbell, Sevenoaks and Pearce, Hull

TOLSON, THOMAS, Leeds, Oil Miller. Feb 20. Horsfall and Latimer, SHARROW, RICHARD, Upper Dorset st, Bryanston 89, Harness Maker.

Leeds March 25. Comins, Gt Portland st, St. Marylebone

Watson, Rev. John, Nottingham, Wesieyan Minister. Feb 14. WHIFFEN, Tuomas, Addiscombe, Surrey, Esq. Feb 13. Philbrick,

Everall and Turner, Nottingham Girdler'a Hall, Basinghall st

WRIGHT, MARY, Plasissa, Denbigh. March 3. Richards and Sons, WINTHROP, WILLIAM, Gt Western Hotel, Paddington, Esq. Jan 31.

Llangollen Freeman and Winthrop, Bedford row

[Gazette, Jan. 6.] (Gazette, Dec 30.] BAKER, GEORGE, Stamford, Lincoln, Gent. March 1. Atter, StamBIAKETT, William, Hewrigg, Cumberland, Gent. March 8. Booth,

In the course of a discussion at the Birmingham County Manchester

Court on the 8th inst., says the Birmingham Daily Gazette, BUDD, BENJAMIN JOnn, Fordingbridge, Hants, Gent. Feb 2. Wilson and some strong strictures were passed by his Honour on the con

Co, Salisbury
CANDY. WILLIAM GILBERT, cen., Butcher, Wantage. Feb 9. Stone

duct of solicitors towards their clients. He hoped it would and Co, Bath

not be long before an action would be brought against some CLARK, JOHN COLLINS, Great Marlow, Buckingham, Tailor. Jan 31. | solicitor for not attending to his duties. What was the Cordwell, Moorgate st

negligence? They had had an example of it that day. COLEMAN, LAVINIA LOUISA LATRA, Portland terrace, Upper Clapton. Jan 31. Johnsons and Co, Austin Friars

Solicitors took cases, and not being able to be present in COOLSTUN, MARY, Higuer Walton, Lancaster. Jan 31. Houghton and court to attend to those cases they sent a clerk, who could Myres, Preston

not make any statement, and who accordingly instructed DEAKIN, JOHN BICKERTON, Tettenhall Word, Stafford, Esq. Feb 1.

counsel, who knew nothing about the proceedings, to make Deakin, Monmouth Drog.x, 'Rev. MAURICE, Liverpool, Clerk. Feb 20. Hore and Co, this statement. Having undertaken certain work solicitors Liverpool

expected to get paid for it, and should attend to it. He saw FISHER, Joux, Knottingley, York, Butcher. Feb 2. Foster and Raper,

constantly in the court papers being handed to solicitors by Pontefract GARSTIN, NORMAN, St. George's-villas, Compton rd, Esq. Jan 31.

clerks, and they were asked to speak on matters of wbich Anning, Cheapside

they had had no previous knowledge. The solicitors of GRASE, JOHN WYNDHAM, Shanklin, Isle of Wight, Gent. Feb 14. course made the best they could of the cases, but this was

Nisbet and Co, Liocoln's.inn-fieids
HEADINGTON, EDWARD, Bray, Berks. Feb 14. Ward, Maiden-

not the way in which clients' business ought to be performed. head

-The maiter then dropped.

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In re William Wyatt's Trusts app of J.P Wyatt & anr MR
Court Papers.

-Aug 1
Lawrie V Lees app of deft V CH-Aug 2

Jewitt v McHenry app of deft MR-Aug 4 SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE. In re Jennings, decd, Gordon v Jennings app of plt MRROTA OF REGISTRARS IN ATTENDANCE ON

Aug 6

In re Middlesborough Assembly Rooms Co, limd app of the Co

VCB-Aug 7

Dollman v Jones app of plts Fry, J-Aug 14 : . Monday ..Jan. 19Mr. Pemberton Mr. Koe Mr. Merivale

Dicks v Brooks app of plts VCB-Aug 19 Tuesday ...... 20 Ward


In re H

C Green, decd, Green v Green app of deft Ellen


Simpson VCM-Aug 19
Thursday .... 22 Ward


In re Èmily Agnes Miller & ore, infants, by Lady Miller, their Friday........ 23 Penuberton

next friend app of Lady Miller Fry, J-Aug 19 Merivale

Koe Saturday...... 24 Ward


Fellows y Hanbury Hanbury v Fellows app of deft Hanburg

VC B-Aug 20°

Mr. Justice 7. C. Bacon. V.C. HALL.

In re Wheal Unity Wood Mining Co, Imd, & Co's Acts app of Fry.

Chynoweth from Vice-Warden of the Stannaries-Sept 2 Monday ..Jan. 19Mr. Cobby Mr. Teesdale Mr. Leach In re Wm Fletcher, decd, Simpson v Fletcher app of defts Tuesday ...... 20 Jackson Farrer


from y C of County Palatine of Lancaster Oct 16 Wednesday....


Teesdale Leach
Thursday .... 22 Jackson Farrer


New Appeals. 23 Cobby

Teesdale Leach Ashworth v Muon app of Missionary Society &ors VCMSaturday...... Jackson


Oct 31
Pugh v Golden Valley Ry Co app of defts Fry, J-Nav1

In re Riddell, decd, Leigh v Patten app of 'j Shaw & ors


In re Young, decd, Yonng v Dollman app of deft A W Doll


In re Tootal's Estate, Hankin v Kilburn app of MC Kilburn 1878.

V CB-Nov 21
For Judgment.

Kinloch v Secretary of State for India app of deft V CHIn re Hallett, decd, Knatchbull v Hallett, Cotterell v Hallett

Nov 21 app of plt in 1st actn from Fry, J (ca v Dec 17-by MR

Barrett v Beal app of C H Collette VCH-Nov 24 & Baggallay & Thesiser, LJJ)

Tolson v The No 4 Railway Hotel Benefit Building Society

app of plt V CB-Nov 29 For Hearing

In re Thompson, decd, Herring v Barrow app of plts VCH Samuel v Samuel app of plt MR—June 7

- Dec 6 Robbios v Vestry of St Marylebone app of plt V CH-June Massam v JW Thorley's Cattle Food Co app of plts VCM 20-(S O for security)

-Dec 9 JW Thorley & Co v Mascam app of defts VCM Brown v Henty App of defts VCH-Aug 3

- Dec 10 In re Parkinson, deceased Parkinson v Parkinson app of plts

In re Stephens, decd, Harris v Dalton app of defts VC B

In re Stephens, deca, Harris v Dalt MR-Feb 20 (S O for security)

Dec 13 Orr Ewing & Co y Johnston & Co app of defts Fry J- Swansea Improvements and Tramway Co v The County Roads April 24

Board for Glamorganshire app of plte Fry, J-Dec 13 Jordan v Young app of deft R Hone VC B-April 29 (s | Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company v Huth app of defts (Es O for security)

parte Ivaneich and anr) MR-Dec 16 Whiteley v Pearce app of deft VCB-May 1

In re The Wigan Rolling Mills Co, limd and Co's Acts app of Mills v Jeppings app of plts VCB-May 1

Smethurst's executors from VC of County Palatine of LanTamplin v James app of deft from L J Baggallay for VCM caster-Dec 29 -May 1

Nicholson v Vestry of Mile End Old Town app ot defts Evans y Ball app of deft VCB-May 3

VCM-Dec 31 In re The Trade Marks Act--Ex parte Rotherham app of Re

1880. gistrar of Trade Marks VCB-May 3

Harris v Morris app of plt from y C of County Palatine of Clarke v London and South-Western Bank, limd app of defts Lancaster-Jan 2

In re Cooper, decd, Forster v Forster app of deft VCH-

From Orders made on Interlocutory Motions in the May 10

Chancery Division. Von Heyden y Neustadt app of defts VCB-May 12

1879. In re Metropolitan District Ry Co (V & P Act, 1874) app of | In re The North Yorkshire Iron Co app of liquidator VCH Metropolitan Railway Co Fry, J-May 12

--Aug 8 (part heard Dec 10 by Master of Rolls and Lords Brown v Sewell app of deits VĆ B-May 21

Justices James and Brett) Kelly v Byles app of plt V C BẠMay 22

Wake v Henley app of deft MR-May 16 Wake v Henley Symonds y Jinks app of plt MR-May 23

app of plt MR-May 20 (order to be produced) In re Campbell, decd. Tagore v Greaves app of Strettal from In re Bright's Trusts app of W J Peirce V CH-Aug 6 order on fur con VCH-May 24

In re Tbe Esparto Trading Co, ld App of Arthur Finch and Levy v Lovell app of Lord VCB-May 29

apr VC -Aug 8 (not before Jan 20 In re Worthington & Co, Ex parte Bass (Trade Marks Act) In re The Regent United Service Stores app of liquidator app of Worthington MR-May 30

Fry, J-Aug 13 (not before Jan 17) In re Alved, decd Burrowes v Loveband app of Richards and Wilson v De Coulon app of plt Fry, J-Aug 13 (order to be Wife V CH-June 2

produced) Jones v Clifford app of deft VCH-June 13

In re J D Lloyd, decd, Dewdney v Massy app of plt from reGriffiths v Parry app of plt MR-June 17

fusal of Stephen, J, for V°C M--Sept 8 ordered to be In re Royal Baking Powder Co app of the Co VCB-June 22 | produced) London & County Banking Co v Ratcliffe app of deft VCB In re Wm Jackson, decd, Isherwood v Jackson app of plt from June 23

V C of County Palatine of Lancaster-Oct 23 Hartridge v Hartridge app of plt VCB-June 27

Anderson v Pickmere app of plt from Bowen, J, for VCABoyes v Cook appl of deft v‘CM-July 2

Oct 27 Aliorney-Gen v Tomline app of deft Fry, J- July 11

Esdaile v Kisser app of deft Ilderton VCH-Oct 28 In re Ambrose Lake Tin & Copper Mining Co, limd, and Co's In re The St. Just Amalgamated Mining Co, limd app of

Acts app of Joshua Moss from Vice-Warden of Stan liquidator from Vice-Warden of the Stannaries— Oct 28 Daries—July 17

In re Steel, decd, Green v King app of deft King VCBSchroder v Robson app of deft V C B-July 22

Oct 29
In re The Ambrose Lake Tin & Copper Mining Co, limd, and Ip re Association of Land Financiers, limd app of liquidator

Co's Acts app of Joseph Taylor from Vice-Warden of from Fry, J, for VCM-Nov 15
Stannaries--July 24

In re Blyth app of Mary K Blyth VCA-Nov 19
Sykes v Howarth" app of deft Fry, J-July 25

Dicks v Brooks app of plt VCB-Dec 3 The Singer Manufacturing Co v Loog app of deft V CB Pearce v Brooks app of deft MR-Dec 6 --July 26

Australian Mortgage Land and Finance Co v Australian, New The Saffron Walden Second Benefit Building Society v Rayner Zealaod Mortgage Co, limd app of plts VCM-Dec 8 . upp of defts Hardy and apr VCB-July 30

In re Williams, deod, Williams v Lloyd' app of plt MRWalters y Smith app of plt MR-Aug 1

Dec 8

Knight v Purssell app of plt V C B-Dec 10

Proprietors of the Regent's Canal v Archer, Clerk (Q B) app Smith v Day app of deft VCH-Dec 12

of deft in person from judgt of L CJ of England & Mr Girvin v Grepe app of deft Grepe MR-Dec 16

Justice Lopes on special case-June 5 Tozer v Britton app of E C Britton VCB-Dec 17

J W Yeweos, Surveyor of Taxes, Applt o C Noakes, Respt Nutball v Viping app of plt VCB-Dec 17

(Exch Revenue Side) app of J W Yewens from judgt of In re Emmet, decd, Emmet v Emmet app of deft Charles


C Baron & Baron Pollock on case stated under 37 & 38 Emmet VCH-Dec 18

Vict, c. 16-June 6 Attorney-General v Tomline app of deft Fry, J-Dec 23 Chamberlaine v Barnwell (

CP) app of plt from order of Butler v Cubitt Lawson v Butler app of H J Fraser VCH | Lord Coleridge and Denman and Lindley, JJ, for new trial -Dec 23

June 7 (set down in general list by order) In re Hawkias, decd, Hawkins v Hawkins app of deft V CM Prison Commissiqoers v The Mayor, &c, of Borough of Liver-Dec 23

pool (Q B) app of plts from judgt of LC J of England and In re Smith, decd, Atkinson v Les app of deft V C B --Dec 23 Mr Justice Mellor on special case-June 9 Copybeare v Lewis app of plt V CM-Dec 24

Henry v The Queen (QB) app of Suppliant from judgt of In re Alexandra Palace Co, limd, and Co's Acts app of J R LCJ of England and Mr. Justice Lopes on demr to peln of Corbett V CM-Dec 29

right—June 9 In re Sir John Moore Gold Mining Co, limd, and Co's Acts app Goodwin v Hall (Exch) app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice of Thos Dicker VCB-Dec 30

Stepben at trial-June 16 1880.

In re The Birmingham Corporation Gas Act, 1875, and The

West Bromwich Improvement Gas Act, 1876 (Q B) app of In re The Railway and General Light Improvement Co, limd Mayor, &c of Birmingham from order of LCJ of England (ex parte Marzetti) app of C T Marzetti MR-Jan 1

and Mr. Justice Mellor discharging rule nisi- June 17 Sheffield Banking Có v Č Black Sheffield Banking Co v W S Dixon v The Sea Insurance Co, olimd (

CP) app of plt from Black app of defts V CH-Jan 3

judgt of Mr Justice Lindley after trial-June 18 FROM THE QUEEN'S BENCH, COMMON PLEAS, AND

Burns v Nowell (Q B) app of plt from new trial rule disEXCHEQUER DIVISIONS.

charged by LCJ of England and Mr Justice Lush-June 23

Leycester & Price v Grazebrook Leycester & Mills v GrazeFor Judgment.

brook (Q B) app of deft from LCJ of England and Justices Lowrey, Trustees, &c v Barker (Exch) app of defts from | Lush and Manisty discharging rule to send back to arbitrator judgt of L J Brett at trial (ca v Dec 8-present L CJ of

Den 8-present


June 28 England and Lords Justices Branwell, Cotton and Thesiger) | Mills & Gardner v Grazebrook (Q B) app of deft from order of Lewis v Leonard & Son (Exch) app of plt from Mr Justice LCJ of England and Justices Lush and Manisty discharging Grove at trial (ca v Nov 17-present 'Lord Coleridge and rule to send back to arbitrator-June 28 Lords Justices Bramwell and Brett)

Self v London, Brighton, & South Coast Ry Co (Exch) app of The Queen v The Swindon New Town Local Board (QB, Crown plt from judgt of LC Baron at trial--June 30

Side) appl of defts from order of LCJ of England and Mr JF Seymour VOD Coulson & John Prior-john Wharton, Justice Mellor, affirming order of sessions (c a v Dec 6-pre Felix Prior, & James Prior, Claimants-(Q B Crown Side) sent Lord Coleridge and Lords Justices Brett and Cotton)

app of claimants from LCJ of England and Mr Justice Scaramanga & Co v Stamp & anr (CP) app of defts from judgt Mellor on app from County Court-July 1

of Mr Justice Lindley after trial (ca'v Dec 16-present Lcs | Hahn v Smart (Q B) app of plt from LCJ of England & Mr

of England and Lords Justices Bramwell, Brett and Cotton Justice Field dischg o trial rule-July 1 The Tunbridge Wells Local Board v Ackroyd (Exch) app of Heindrich v Behrens (CP) app of deft from new trial rule

deft from judgt of Lord Chief Baron and Baron Huddleston on I discharged by Lord Coleridge and Justices Grove and Lopes
app from county court (ca v Dec 20--present Lords Justices —July 2 (S O till March 27)
Bramwell, Cotton and Thesiger)

Regulation of Railways Act, 1873.
For Hearing.

In the Matter of an application of the Proprietors of the

Warwick & Birmingham Canal Navigation v The Proprietors Mayor, &c, of London v London Joint Stock Dank (CP) app

of the Birmingham Canal Navigation & or3 (Exch) app of of deft from Lord Coleridge Grant & anr v The Banque applicants from the judgt of LCJ of England, Baron Pollock Franco Egyptienne & anr (CP) app of the Banque from and Sir Henry Hawkins reversing judgt of Railway Comjudgt on demars

missioners-July 2 In the Matter of the same Application y 1879.

The same Respondents (Excb) app of the Railway CommisMoscrop v Newbold & ors (Exch) app of defts Grime & anr from

sioners from the same judgt-July 2 judgt of L J Thesiger at trial-Feb 25 Moscrop v Newbold

In the Matter of an Application of the Proprietors of the War. & ors (Exch) app of deft Newbold from judgt of LJ Thesiger wick & Birmingham Canal Navigation & Warwick & at trial-Feb 25 (S O till after decision in Exch)

Napton Canal Navigation v The Proprietors of the Foalkes ~ The Metropolitan District Ry Co (CP) appl of defts

Birmingham Canal Navigation and Stourbridge Canal Navifrom new trial rule discharged by Justices Grove and Lopes gation & ors (Exch) app of Applicants from the judgt April 16

of L CJ of England, Baron Pollock and Sir Henry Hawkins The Queen v Rev A Wilson and ors (Q B, Crown Side) app of

reversing judgt of Railway Commissioners-July 2 In the prosecutor from order of LCJ of England and Mr Justice

Matter of the game Application v The same Respondents Mellor discharging rule for mandamus-April 17 (pt hd Dec (Exch) app of the Railway Commissioners from the same 6-present Lord Coleridge and Lords Justices Brett and

judgt-July 2 Cotton) Rushtoo v Smith Rushton v Snith (consolidated) (Q B) app of deft-from judgt of L J Thesiger after jury trial-- April 21 The Great Western Iron Co limd v Constance (Q B) app. of (S O will after decision in Q B Division upon rule for new plt from LC J of England and Mr Justice Lush discharging

order to set aside award-July 3 . Tinsley The Star Life Assurance Society (Q B) app of deft Goodwin v Parton & Page (B) app of deft Parton from from judgt of LJ Cotton after common jury trial in Suffolk judgt of Mr Justice Lush after trial—July 4 - April 22

Southwell & anr v Sootter (Exch) app of 'deft from judgt of Yorkshire Banking Company v Beatson & anr (CP) app of

Mr Justice Stephen at trial-July 5 plts from Justices Denman and Lopes directing verdict for Cook v Manly–Vernon, Claimant-(

CP) app of Claimant plts to be set aside-May 5

from judgt of Lord Coleridge after trial without a jury--July 8 The Leeds and County Bank, limd v Beatson & anr (

CP) app Percival Smith & Co v Lares Chemical Manure Co, Imd (Exch) of plts from Justices Denman and Lopes directing verdict app of plt from judgt of LC Baron and Sir H Hawking on for plt to be set aside-May 5

special case-July 10 The Pharmaceutical Society v The London & Provincial Supply Smith v White (CP) app of plt from judgt of Mr. Justice Association, limd (Q B, Crown Side) app of defts from LCS Lopes after trial without a jury-July 11 of Eogland and Mr Justice Lopes on app from inferior court Walker v Maskell (Q B) app of plt from judgt of Mr. Justice -May 8

Denman at trial, without a jury-July 12 Collins The Vestry of Paddington (Q B) app of plt from Thomas & anr v The Proprietors of the Birmiogham Canal order of LCJ of England and Mr Justice Mellor on special

Navigation (Q B) app of plt from LCJ of England and case-May 12

Justices Lush and Manisty-July 12 Attwood & ors v Sellar & Co (Q B) app of defts from order of

The Queen v Sir Charles Reed (Q B Crown Side) app of HL LCJ of England and Mr Justice Manisty on special case-- Roberts from order of LC J of England & Justices Lush and May 30

Manisty, quashing auditors' disallowance-July 15 Wagstaff and ors v Anderson and ors (CP) app of plts from

Wiggin & Co v Duncan (Exch) app of plts from judgment of jadgt of Mr Justice Denman after trial-June 3

Baron Pollock on special case-July 15 Flockhart v Clarkson (Exch) app of deft from judgt of Lord Rowlands v Jones (Exch) app of plt from judgment of Baron Chief Baron at trial - June 3

Pollock at trial - July 15


Law 1579.

-Aug 28

Steggall v Bennett (CP) app of plt from judgt of Mr. Justice | Mitchell v Homfray (Exch) app of plts from rule nisi disLindley after trial (jury discharged) - July 16

charged by LC Baron and Mr Justice Stephen-Dec 16 Lond & Hanseatic Bk, limd v Banque Franco-Egyptienne (CP) | Debenham & apr v Mellor (Q B) app of plaintiffs from judgt

app of defis from judgt of Justices Grove and Lopes, on special of Mr Justice Bowen at trial-Dec 19 case-July 23

The West India and Panama Telegraph Co, limd v The Home Fox v Pretty first action Fox v Pretty second action (CP) and Colonial Marine Insurance Co, Iumd (CP) app of defts app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Lopes, after trial without from judgt of L J Baggallay after trial-Dec 29 a jury-July 23

Young v Smith (Q B) app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Hoare v Lewis (Exch) app of plt from judgt of Baron Hud Field at trial-Deo 31 dleston at trial--July 28

Parsons v Evans (Exch) app of plt from Baron Pollock at Powell & anr v Fall (Q B) app of deft from judgt of Mr trial-Dec 31 Justice Mellor at trial-July 30

1880. James Mellor, applt v Thomas Denbam, respt (Q B Crown Ashdown, Trustee, &c v Inga mells (Excb) app of plaintiff

side) app of James Mellor from order of Mellor and Lush from judgt of Baron Huddleston at trial - Jan 6

JJ on appl from magistrate-July 30
Wills v Harris (CP) app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice From Orders made on Interlocutory Motions in the Common
Denman after trial without a jury-July 31

Law Divisions.
Litchford v Oldham (Q B) app of deft from judgt of Mr
Justice Field after special jury trial--Aug 1

De Oleaga & Co v West Camberland Iron & Steel Co, limd Anderson and anr v Oppenheimer (Q B) app of plts from (Q B) app of plts from LCJ of England and Justices Lush judgt of Mr. Justice Field after special jury trial--Aug 2

and Manisty-July 12 (S O for security) Petition of right-Manchester South Junction & Altrincham Bouffler v Levy (Excb) argument of rule nisi for new trial

Ry Co v The Queen (Q B) app of Sappliants from judgt -Nov 10 (S'o till rule in divisional court disposed of) of LCJ of England and Lush and Magisty, JJ, on special Edenborough v Adam (Q B) app of deft from L C J of Engcase-Aug 4

land and Mr Justice Manisty-Dec 6 (S O till February by Mayor, &c, of Carlisle v London and North-Western Ry Co

order) (Ex) app of plt from judgt of Baron Pollock at trial-Aug Webb v East, Bart (Excb) app of deft from order of LC

Baron and Nr Justice Stephen for production-Dec 15 In re CJ Cooke, Gent, one, &c (CP) app of Mr Cooke from H M Attorney-Gen v The Metropolitan District Ry Co & anr judgment of Groves and Lopes, JJ--Aug 9

(Exch, Revenue side) app of defts—Dec 20 The Queen v John Mews and Josiah Oastler, Esqrs, Justices for McCulloch v Paleston (

CP) app of deft from refusal of County of Surrey (Q B Crown Side) app of deft from Mr Justices Groves and Lopes to transfer to Chancery DivisionJustic- Denman and Baron Pollock-Aug 12

Deo 23 West v Cheque Bank (CP) app of plt from judgt of Lord

Young, Ehlers, & Co v Oats (CP) app of deft from order Coleridge at trial-Aug 12

of Justices Grove and Lopes allowing demr to statement of deTreharne v Traherne (ČP) app of plt from judgt of Lord fence-Dec 24 Coleridge after trial--Aug 21

In the Norfolk County Court-Brown & Son v The Russian Cheshire Lines Committee v Lewis and Co (Q B) app of defts ship “ Alina" & anr (Excb) app of plts from LC Baron from judgt of Mr Justice Lush at trial-Aug 22

and Mr Justice Stephen dismissing app from order of Stephen, Barber v Gregson (Excb) app of defts from judgt of Mr J, granting prohibition-Dec 24 Justice Stephen at trial-- Aug 25

Berdan v Greenwood (Exch) app of defts from L C Baron Babcock & Co v Lawson & anr (Q B) app of plts from judgt and Baron Pollock dismissiog app from Stephen, J., granting of LCJ of England and Mr. Justice Mellor on special case

commission-Dec 29

Sullivan v Mitcalfe & ors (CP) app or deft Peele from order Duke of Norfolk v Arbuthnot (CP) app of deft from judgt of of Mr Justice Grove overruling demr Sullivan v Mitcalfe & Lord Coleridge after trial-Aug 28

org (CP) app of deft J N Brown from order of Mr. Jus.

tice Grove overruling demr-Dec 31 New Appeals.

1880. Searle v Oliver (Exch) app of plt from judgment of Baron May v Head & ors (CP) app of plt from refusal of Justices Pollock at trial-Oct 25*

Grove and Lopes to enlarge time for setting aside judgtHarris v Petherick-H G Harris claimant-Q B app of claim

Jan 1 ant from Mr Justice Field and Baron Pollock-Nov 3

Brewster v Durrand (Exch) app of deft from order of LC Dixon v Hope CP app of plaintiff from judgt of Mr. Justice

Baron and Mr Justice Stephen for new trial-Jan 1 Lindley after trial-Nov 6 Dixon v Hope CP app of deft Myers y Defries & ors (Exch) app of plt from order of Barons from judgt of Mr Justice Lindley after trial- Nov 6

Pollock and Huddleston dismissing application to review Wade v Robinson & ors (CP) app of defts from judgt of taxation-Jan 1 Lord Justice Bramwell at trial-Nov 6

Palmer v Fitzwygram, Bart (Exch) app of deft from arguBruton v The London Steam Boat Company (CP) app of ment before L C Baron and Mr Justice Stephen for new trial plt from judgt of Lord Coleridge after trial-Nov 6

--court divided---Jan 2 Ashby & Co v Godbold & ors (Exch) app of defts Webster

Saxby and anr v Gloucester Wagon Co, limd (Exch) app of and Graham from rule nisi discharged by LC Baron and Sir plts from order of Sir H Hawkins made at trial to refer action H Hawkins-Deo 3

Jan 3
Brain & anr v Thomas & ors (Exch) app of deft from judgt of Hinchcliffe v Barwick (Exch) app of plt from order of Baron
LC Baron and baron Pollock on special case-Dec 3

Pollock allowing demr-Jan 3
Potter v Cotton & ors (Exch) app of plt from judgt of Baron
Huddleston at trial-Dec 3 -

FROM THE PROBATE, DIVORCE, AND ADMIRALTY Tulloh v Bowerman (CP) app of deft from new trial rule

DIVISION. discharged by Justices Grove and Lindley-Dac 5

For Judgment. Davies v Goodman (CP) app of deft from Lord Coleridge

Admiralty. and Mr Justice Lindley on app from county court-Dec 8 Ship Parlement Belge-Owners of the Daring v Owners of Henning & anr v Becker (CP) app of plts from judgt of Mr the Parlement Belge appl of HM Attorney-Gen on behalf Justice Lindley after trial-Dec 9

of Her Majesty from Sir R J Phillimore (o a v Dec 20--preLong v Millar (Exch) app of plt from judgt of Sir H flaw sent Lords Justices James, Baggallay and Brett) king at trial-Dec 9'

For Hearing. Hawkesley v Bradsbaw & anr (Q B) app of defts from LCJ of England and Mr Justice Manisty-Deo 10

1879. Bailey & anr v Ford & ore, tradivg, &c (CP) app of Mid Ship Helvetia-The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty."

land Ry Co from judgt of LJ Thesiger after trial-Dec 11 Owners of the Helvetia and Freight app of defts from Sir Bailey and apr v Ford & ors, trading, &c (

CP) app of RJ Phillimore (with Nautical Assessors) --May 2 defts Ford & Co from judgt of LJ Thesiger after trial-Dec Ship Ganges-Hagerty and ors v Owners of the Steam Ship 11

Ganges app of plts from Sir R J Phillimore-May 17 Bailey & ors v Midland Ry Co_(CP) app of defts from judgt Ship Constantine-Owners of the Alice v Owners of the Con. of L J Thesiger after trial-Dec 11"

stantine app of J W Wallace, intervener, from Sir RJ Lord Aveland v Lucas (CP) app of Lord Aveland from Phillimore-June 16 judgt of Justices Grove and Lopes on app from county court

Probate. Dec 11

In re the Goods of Henry Taylor, deca. Taylor

deed Taylor & Hodgson V Darrell v Tibbitts (Q B) app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice

Taylor app of plts from order of Sir R'I Phillimore dis

disLush at trial-Dec 12

charging rule nisi for new trial —July 7 Bowen y Cory & Son (Exch) app of plt from rule nisi discharged by Barons Pollock and Huddleston-Dec 13

Admiralty. Radermacher v Little (Exch) app of defts from judgt of Ship Ben Ledi-Owners of the Leader & ors > Owners of the Baron Pollock after trial-Dec 13

Ben Ledi app of defts from Sir R J Phillimore-July 25

Ship Somorrostro-Laing v Wilson & Co app of defts from Bentley v Atkinson act Fritz v Hobson act
Sir R J Phillimore (with nautical assessors)-Aug 8

Hanson v Jones act

Lloyd v The Anglo-German Ship Cotopaxi–Richardson & Co and ors' v Owners of the Braine v Bigg act

Tunnelling Co, liad issue Cotopaxi app of defts from Sir R J Phillimore (with nautical Baker v Lamb aet

Milner Parnell assessors)-Aug 11

Robinson v Edwards act Tucker v Liager motn, with Ship Somorrostro— Laing v Wilson & Co app of plt from Sir Peterson v Young act

wits (to be in paper first day RJ Phillimore (with nautical assessors) -Aug 22

Bradford v Hinge act

wits cases are taken) Ship Erasmus Wilson-Staines v Owners of the Erasmus Wilson

Further Considerations. app of defts from Sir R J Phillimore (with nautical assessors) -Sept 19

In re T C Adams, decd Adams Peter-Hoblyn v Radcliffe fc Ship City of Manchester-The_Cargo ex Moselle v Owners of v Adams fo

In re Gant, decd Gant v Gant the City of Manchester and Freight app of defts from judgt Rogers v Cowham fo (Jan fc (short) of Sir R J Phillimore and application of plts to vary same 20)

Elwin v Horan fo (with nautical assessors)-Nov 8

Sparks v Evans fc (SO) Union Bank of London y SteShip Hewett-Simmons & ors v The Owners of the Hewett In re Porter, decd Porter v phens fc (short) app of defts from judgt of Sir R J Phillimore (with nautical Porter fc

In re Henry Rutter, decd assessors)—Nov 25

In re Parbam, decd Hutchi Rutter v Rutter fc Ship Consett-Rome & ors v The Owners of the Consett and son v Parham fo

In re Staniforth, deod Stani. Freight app of defts from judgt of Sir R J Phillimore-- Hodgson v Porrester fc forth v Tyrer fc Dec 6

In re Steggles, decd Steggles Ship City of Mecca-Cotesworth & ors v The Owners of the City v Haslem fc of Mecca and Freight app of defts from judgt of Sir RJ

Domurrers. Pbillimore- Dec 10

Taylor v Hoare demr of CN Rintoul Taylor v Hoare FROM ORDERS MADE ON INTERLOCUTORY Hoare Taylor Hoare demr of Co-operative Pure MOTIONS

demr of W Bacon Taylor Family Beer Association Probate.

v Hoare demr of FW Allen v Massey & anr (H L Davies & ors, ioterveners and

Causes for trial (without witnesses). parties cited) app of Marianne Dewdney (intervener) from

Smith v Anderson act, pt hd Jacobson v Vestry of St. Panrefusal of President to delay probate-Nov 20

Lee y Herbert act

cras mfj Admiralty.

Budd v Bankart act

In re Lee, decd Hibbert v Ship Cartsburn-Kamenarovic v The Owners of the Cartsburn Jones v Wilkinson act

Hibbert spc and Andrew Bain app. of Owners of the Cartsburn from

Longbourne v Vickerman act Barwick A Harrison m fj interlocutory order of Sir R J Phillimore-Dec 3

(Mar 1)

(Leeds D R) Jones v Whiting act

Walker v Deardon act 1880.

Vavasseur v Krupp mj In re Rob, decd Braithwaite French v Howard app of plts from interlocutory o rder of Sir

Barnes v Vernon act

v Ball act RJ Phillimore allowing demr-Jan 1

Rolls v Vestry of St George In re Biggs, decd Piggs v FROM THE LONDON BANKRUPTCY COURT.

the Martyr, Southwark sp c Green act West v West act

Feildus v Smith act (BrighIn re Holdsworth

Ex parte The Guarantee In re W G Yeend, decd Cooke ton D R)

v Prosser spc

Wood v Meredith mfj
In re Mellor
Ex parte Butcher
Reynolds v Rowe act

Barker v Hosford act
In re Woods
Ex parte A. G. Ditton
Jones v Davies spcf

In re Ford, decd Bennett v
In re Whitehouse
Ex parte Dace
Golding v Tayler mj

Leslie mfj
In re Baum
Ex parte Evans
Farrer v Ingleby act

Brown v Jobnson act
In re Knight
Ex parte Davis & Co, limd.

Freeland v Met District Ry In re Auster, deed Collins v
In re Augerstein
Ex parte Clark

Co act (Feb 16)

In re Plumbly
Ex parte Grant

In re Blandford, decd Bland. Morris v Roberts act
In re Jones
Ex parte Lewis

ford v Blandford spc Thompson v Cheshira Lines
In re Townsend
Ex parte Hall
Floyd v Floyd mij

Committee act
In re Tacker
Ex parte Gibbett

Lord Penrhyn v Tod mfj Insole v Price mfj
In re Adams
Ex parte Griffin

Reynardson v Wade act & m 'Bradley v Beardmore mfj
In re Valentine
Ex parte English

Rimington v Rimington

spc In re Shand Ex parte Corbett

Webster v British Empire, &o Beauchant v Usticke sp c In re Luttman Ex parte Learoyd

Assurance Co act

Stafford v Robinson

m fj In re Barrett Ex parte Probyn

In re Christy, decd Harvey v (short)
In re Garcia
Ex parte White

Christy Christy v Harvey Blake v Parsons act & mfj
In re Harrison
Ex parte Jay


De Winton v Davies mjf In re Sidebotham Ex parte Sidebotham

In re Morgan, decd Lewin v Wren v Forby act
In re Garrud
Ex parte Harvey

Morgan mij

Smiles v Skelton act
In re Hoare
Ex parte Nelson
Megson v Hindle act

Davies v Williams spc
In re Puckett
Ex parte Keddle

In re Bone, decd Bone v El. Attorney-Gen v Scarborough N.B.-The above list contains Appeals set down to Wednesday, ford question of law (Man and Whitby Ry Co

act January 7, inclusive.

chester D R)


In re Bosenden, decd Clarke Monk v Puller act (LiverHIGH COURT OF JUSTICE-CHANCERY DIVISION. v Hook act


In re Yates, decd Morris v

Yates act
Causes for Trial (with Witnesses).

Adjourned Summonses. HM Attorney-Gen v Mayor, Emming v Bradford Johnson In re Bigg's Contract & V & Brothers & Co (Trade Marks &c, of Gravesend act, pt hd v Emmins question of law P Act

Registration Acts)
Finnis v Holden act, pt hd
Wooltorton v Ellis Ellis v In re Arnold's Estate

In re Application of Burys & Appleton v The Mayor, &c, of Wooltorton act

la re Chapman & Barrett's Co (Trade Marks RegistraBolton act Buckingham v Jones act (Jan Contract (V & P Act)

tion kcts) In re Bailye, decd Bailye v 14)

In re Wormsley, decd Baines Sheffield, &c, Building Society Bailye act

Rigby v Connol act (Man v Wormsley further hear v Kidner In re Madigan, deed Oakley chester D R)

ing after review of taxatn In re Weston Iron Works v Madigan act Hey v Parker act

Foster v Foster (adjd by Vaca- Simmons v Storer Picasso v National Bank of Stelfox v Peterson act

tion Judge)

Banks v Banks
Liverpool act
Burrard v Calisher act
Roe v Walter

Leaver v Le Gros Le Gros y
Darbam, &c Co v Traub act, Haslehurst v Jewell act In re Wiveliscombe Slate Co Leaver In re Le Gros
In re The A-hwood Dale Lime In re Richard Jones

In re The Indemnity Fire Marriott v Marriott act and Stone Co Buxton, limd In re Head

Office, limd (Jan 24) Jarvis » Diss act & Co's Acts (Ex parte Lacey v Hill (2)

Leveux v Argles Inte Hampton, decd Edwards Sykes) adjd sums set down In re Argles & Rawlins In re Brick and Stone Co v Hampton act with wits acts by order Fray - Drew

In re Canadian Land ReclaimYates y Mitchell act Frost v Ward adjá sums set Martell v Groome

ing, &c, Co Reid v Church act (Jan 15) down with wits acts by order In re Hadsworth Skating Rink In re British Empire Horse Force v Rhodes act Haigh v Mc Adam act


Supply Association
Walker Walker act
Henry v Bernales act

In re Application of Rabone, Rice v Westlake


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