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to vary

Roach v Martyn act, wits In re Botterrill, Botterillv Mayor, &c, of Portsmouth v In re Ashwell, Gibson v Drage
Davies v Jones act

Smith fc
Foster act restored

sp с Mawly v Osler fc

In re Ireland, Ireland v Ire Erskine v Masson motn for Hammersley v Staffordshire Ostler v Ostler fc & sums to land fo


Potteries Waterworks Co vary

In re Hawkins, Hawkins v In re Francis Francis v act wits
Long v Emmerson spo
Hawkins fo & sumps to Francis mij

Holmes v Selby act wits Saxton y Saxton


Metropolitan Board of Works In re J Young and; J Grindrell Coney v Tennant to Reeve v Loyanté io

v London & North Western pet of right Boultbeev Boultbee to Guest v Guest fo

Ry Co actn (July 2) In re Gould Roupe v Gould
Lambert v Spark fc
Thomason v Leech fc

Brewster v Chadwick act wits mfj
Gardner y Archer fc
Lees v Patterson fc

In re Dearle Dearle v Rath. In re Lockhart Jones y LockIn re Barns, Archer v Gardner In re Kitto Kitto v Luke fc bone act, wits

bart act fur con

Lovelock v Lovelock fo Strudwick v Clark motn for Ormathwaite v Kington, tc.,
Surmaz v Lucena fo
judgt, wits

Ry act

Walrond v Burrow act, wits Jenkins v Morris act
Before the Vice-Chancellor Sir JAMES Bacon.

Blizard v Phill ps act, wits Hastings v Thomson act
Causes for trial.

Andrews v Taylor English v In re Harwood, Harwood v Rolls v Isaacs act (not before In re Filcock, decd, Bradwell

Taylor_act, wits

Watson fc

Bower v Bower act Nov 9) v Filcock act, wits

In re Thomas, Herring v Bar

Blood v Tugwell act, wits row mfj
Bagot v Easton Easton v In re Robeon, decd, Jenkins v
Bagot C F A H Bagot Robson mfj

Draper v Draper

act motn for Young v Gill and ors judgt

In re Goodier, Goodier v Johnv Easton act (not before In re Davey Davey y Shore

son Nov 10) act wits (not before Nov 17) Phillips v Teague act


Hibberdine v Maitland motn Gilbert v Price fo Fox v Hawks act, wits Franklyn v Toms act wits

for judgt & adjd sumns Workman v Alder act wits In re Laurence, decd, Bertram Great Eastern Ry v Cobbold v Wayth act & mfj act restored

Spicer v Jackson act & motn Saunders v Johnson act for judgt

Gordon v Bernales act In re Turner, decd Maberly v Branson v Stammers act wits

Graves v Graves act

Frost v Frost fc (not before Blaydes act

Hering v Smith special case

Nov 30) Transferred from the MASTER OF THE ROLLS by Order of 1st Batchelor v Batchelor act & Burnell v Russell act wits May, 1879.

motn for judgt

Russell v Burnell act wits

Giles v Bruickman act, wits Gristwood v London & County Chadwick v Chadwick act Martin v Howard cause wits

Warrilow v Keates act, wits Banking Co act wits wits (oot before Nov 17) Ponsonby v Longbourne act,

Clarke v Bardett act wits Parry v Parry act Brown v Jackson act wits wits, pt hd

Avery v Hobden act wits Price v Hyde mfj De Salomos v Shattock act In re Bridges, decd Udall v

Cummins v Fletcher spc Cbard v Dunstall Hall Park wits Bridges act & dmr, wits

Pern v Vignoles act, wits (not Co mfj In re Evered, decd Snelling v

before Hilary Sitting) Kynaston v Bodman act Evered act wits

Spalding v Rumberdt & Sons In re Harris Milward v Ross Set down since Transfer.

act wits

fo In re Stephens Harris v Dal- James v Huckley motn for In re Buckland, Lovegrove v Sampson v Davies fc & sums

Buckland act wits ton act, wits

judgt Hunt v Hunt act Johns v James act

In re Parker, Martin v Parker Kelly v Scotts act wits act

French v Mugleston act wits Batchelor v Skinner act, wits Smith v Counsell act, wits Dent y Learoyd Learoyd v White v Wagner act, wits

Haigh v Hopkinson act wits Welmersbausen v WolmerDent act & counter claim, Dupuy v Welsford act

In re Hodgkinson, Aldred v shausen mf j (short) Neame v Barling fo& petn

Gray m wits

Ramsay v Rice act wits

Fletcher v Huggings act wits In re Roe Morgan v Roo act Transferred from the MASTER OF THE ROLLS, by Order of

Huggons v Tweed act

24th June, 1879.

Hansford V Hansford aot Dale v Dale fo

In re Church ward ChurchWyatt v Forster act wits Butler v Butler act wito

Reinhardt v Spalding

act ward v Barnes act Lovering v Hoare act wits In re Scragg, decd Booth v


Sheppard v Paske act wits Naylor v Farrer act wits Thompson, act wits

Dent v Ord act wits

In re Turner Partridge Farrer v Naylor act wits Keleon y Hales act wits

Brown v Howman act wits Guillemard fc Laughton v Rylands & Sons Harland v Garbutt act wits

Hodson v The Tea Co act In re Ford Chapman v act wits Etherington v Philpot act & Knowles v Freeman act

Ruinart fc Alcock v Robertson act wits m j wits

Woolrych v Williams Fp C In re Wm Sandys Sandys v Leigh v Alden act wits In re Robertson, decd Robert

Price v Minsball act

Caper fc Arkcoll v Jones act wits son v Robertson act wits

Redgate v Potts act wits In re Bardeley Hall v BardsChapman v Leyton Local Board Price v Price act wits

Middlebrook v Rockett Rockett ley act act wits Earl de la Warr v Miles act

v Middlebrook act wita Read v Sara mfj (short) Andrews v Leyton Local Board wits act wits Leach v Leach act wits

In re King, Sewell v King Milne v Mycock act &mfj вр с

Henderson v Plane mfj Fowlers v Walker act wits Viney v Henwood act wits Fellows v Turner act wits

Burn v Guthrie act wits In re Vines Me Lean v Vines
Fox v Price act wits
Riley v Western District Bank

Hodgson v Williamson act mfj (short)
Hall v Lee fo

In re Fleetwood Sidegraves v act wits

Holl v Hall fo

Brewer act
Set down since Transfer.

Battensby v Dance act In re Glencross Glencross V Emmerson v Bullock act wits Harrison v Steel, Tozer & Co

Brown v Walker act wits Westmfj (short) In re Clark, decd Maddick v

In re White, Palmer v Davis, Allan v Wade act Marks act


Pickworth v Wade act
Rippington v Rippington fc
Kino v Chenhall m for j

Potter v Jackson
Harvey Parker v

fc& motn Morgan v Bristow fo Eykyn v Piperm for j

Harvey m forj (short)

In re Chadwick, decd, Taylor Nobels, &c. Co v Jones, Scott Green y White acte, wits Brandon y Waddell' m for j

v Emmet mfj.

& Co act, wits

Owens Co v Kleinwort act In re Morris Wilkinson v In re Hartrey, decd' Halson v Clay v Patent Cocoa Fibre Co, limd act

wits Hartrey act

Morris mfj (short) Toms v Toms 2nd fc & pet Redfearn v Israel act, wits

Ede v Coleman act wits In re Murray Gathercole v Gatti v Webster fo Gatti v Bolton v Ferro act

Beniley v Pelican Life Insce Murray_mf (short) Webster act (Nov 5)

Co act
Von Reichman Bealey fo

Whitla v Law f o (short) In re Hamond Hamond v Bettinson v Nelson fo Beal v Real Property Trust Id Cowan v Redman act Hamond fc


Reeves v
act wits

In re

Garett Prance Griffith v Milward act, wits Frogley fc

Conolly v Conolly act

Garett act

Matbewe v Mathews act wits Morris v Brain Redgate v Before the Vice-Chancellor Sir CHARLES HALL.

Harding v Smith act wits Morris act, wits
Causes for trial.

Marshall v Crabb act wits
In re Fisher Lyons v Robin- In re Armstrong. Mareseaux
son de or
v Armstrong demr

Before Mr. Justice FRY, Kinloch v Scty of State for Republic of Peru v Ruzom

Causes for Trial, India in Council demr

for a In re Thomson Herring v Dowdeswell v Dowdeswell Nicholas v Nicholas act (1876 v Nicholas act (1876–NBarrow demr cause

-N-48-V CM) Nicholas 56–V CM) pt hd

act, wits




Re-transferred from Vice-Chancellor Bacon, by order of 14th

February, 1879. In re Raynolds deod Baker v Tramways Co v The County Raynolds act wits

Roads Board for GlamorganFane v Fane act wits (oot shire act wits Nov 17)

Jackson v Jackson act wits Hyatı y Terry act wits Birley v Sesson mj Real & Personal Advance Co, Smedley v Ashe act

limd v McCarthy act wits Kingsford • Williamson Campbell v Schultz act wits wits (aot before Jan 15) Worcester City & Co Bank v Long v Crossley act Randal aci &mfj

In re Fairhall, decd, Godden v Taylor Grange act wits Godden act & mj wits Whitehill v Tanner act McCarthy v Buckley act, wits Swansea Improvement & Hallett v Hallettmfj Remaining Causes transferred from Vice-Chancellor MALINS,

by Orders dated 24th February, and 29th May, 1879. Wainwright v Oddy act In re Pardy, deod Pearson v Von Heyden v Johnson & Sons Pardy act act

Woodruff v Brecon & Merthyr, In re Stott Mawson v Stott &c, Ry act wits act (short)

Wells Ý Chelmsford Local Powell Williams act

Board act Mather + Mather act

In re Reichenback, decd Mills v Corfe act

Hedger v Briggs act Johnson v Ding act

In re Smedley, decd Knight Frost v Mickleburgh act v Wilcox mfj Dinn v Robey act

Woodruff v Brecon Ry Co act Maxwell y Watkins act Birkbeck v Harker act wits Bolton v Greene act wits In re Lister, Lister v Lister Lewes v Le reg mij

act (short) Worms v Da Valden act wits Reid v Sampson act (short) Streeter v Morris act wits Webster v Chatterton act Woodgate v Watson act wits wits Dallinger v St Albyn act wits Birtwhistle v Moorhouse In re Silbering, deed Birchall wits (Bradford D R) v Brown act wits

In re McKenzie Walker
Cordeaux v Fullerton mfj McKenzie mij
In re Leckie Allen v Leckie Loseby v Sarson act

Bell y Booth act In re Oldham, decd Oldham Von Heyden v P Harris & Co v Bewlay act wits

act wits Mason v Breutini act wits In re Davis, Davis v Davis act Smith y Robinson act wits wits Johnson v Cambrian Rys Co Noyes v Noyes act act wits

Spreight v Spreight mfj Mackie v Cotton Powder Co In re Johnson, Hand v Johnson act wits

act Davy v Godwin act wits Mash v Eades act wits Crawford v Toogood act Burton v Dean act wits Moody v Sykes act wits Holdsworth v Holdsworth act Hurst v Wheatcroft mfj N.B.-The above list contains causes set down to Wednesday,

October 29, inclusive.



Ry Co

HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE. BANCO LISTS FOR MICHAELMAS SITTINGS, 1879. These sittings commence on Monday, November 3rd, and terminate on Saturday, December 20th.


Andersoa v Oppenheim ER Grove, J


(Moved Trinity Sittings, 1879.) Moved flilary Sittings, 1879. London, McLean Bros v The ProLondon, Piland & anr v Vogan prietors of Hay's Wharf Haddleston, B Crump Field, J

Cohen (Part heard.)

(Motion for judgment.) Middlesex Provand Langton Sparrow v Hill & anr Exor LC Baron

Herschell Special Referee, R E Turner, Esq London, Horobuckle y Noble Middlesex, Bales v Morne nent Manisty, J Matthews Bowen, J

Burnard (Tried Easter Siting, 1879.) Carmarthen, Jenkins y Jenkins & London, Rivas Geruso Bros & Co ors Field, J

Sir H. James Manisty, J
(A day to be fixed for this cause.) Manchester, Johnson v Percival
Moddlesz, Grifin , Tomking Lush, J
L CJustice

McIntyre Bristol, Nees v Neale
Manchester, Rushton Smith LC Justice
LJ Thesiger

Ambrose Devon, Hoskin & ors v Littleton Middlesez, Sterne North London


Jones v The Law Life Assurance Green v Poole

Co, Lind


Tyrrell v Her Majesty the Queen Coneily v Steer Dam

Dem Horst Pugron


(Petition of Right.) Westwick y The Pro dent Clerks Phillipps, Bart, v Phillipps Dem and General Assurance Co The Receiver for Metropn Police v

Dem The Committee of Hanwell Lunatic Asylum


Templeman v Petrie & anr SC The Mayor of the City of London (Two Judges)

D'Lowe & J Lowe, jun 8

(Two Judges) CROWN PAPER.

FOR ARGUMENT, The British Wagon Co & ors y Lea Middlesex, The Queen v The In. & Co

SC stitution of Civil Engineers Beaumaris, The Queen v Stanley Central Criminal Court, MiddleWeymouth, The Queen v Betts & sex, The Queen v Labouchere Co

Wiltshire, The Queen y Finch Kent, The Queen v Jarvis



Berkshire, Liddiard v Reece Middlesex, National Penny Bank Somersetsbire, Harris v Smith v Sarjeant

Northumberland, Northumberland London, Leeuw v Gt Eastern Ry Whinstone Co v Alnwick HighCo

way Board Salford, Yates v Hughes

Flintshire, Hall v Hopwond Middlesex, May v Oates

Halifax, Barraclough v Bairstow Met Pol Dis, Parsons v Timewell Southampton, Billam Wiltshire Southampton, Gosport Gas & Coke Met Pol Dis, Harper v Michell

Co v Local Board District of Staffordshire, Horder v Meddings Ulverstoke

Liverpool, Dawson v Peake & anr
Middlesex, Gilbert v Godfrey Warwick, Lee v Gold
Parts of Lindsey, Lincolnshire, Gloucester, Williams &ors y Ellis
Danby v Hunter


Smith Yorkshire, The Queen J G Swan Dorsetshire, The Queen v The McClymunt

Euge Sherborue Local Bd of Health Middlesex, The Queen v The s Charles

Smith Eastern Ry Co

Dorsetshire, The Queen v E BantPhilbrick

Littler hall, Esq, & or3 Kent, The Queen y The Enclosure Charles

Smith Commissioners

Clark e



Middlesex, Russell v The London Harries Navigation Co Limited, v & South Western Ry Co Churchwardens of MerthyrTydfil Lindley, J

Ballantine FOR ARGUMENT.

Middlesex, Tulloh v Bowerman Middlesex, Corfe v Grosvenor Coleridge, Lord

Willis (Motion for judgment.) Middlesex, Dickson & ors v The

Nathan Swansea Investment Tram Oo London, Berringer v Leah

(Motion for judgment.) Denman, J

Reed Middlesex, Bainbridge v The Gt Middlesex,_Burke v The Great Eastern Ry Co Eastern Ry Co

(Motion for judgment.)
(Motion for judgment.)
Cockburn, LCJ


In the Matter of a Solicitor

Barns v Bowron

Lees v Malins

Dem Gilmore The Burial Board for

Waddy Lambeth

SO Sullivan v Metcalfe & ors Dem Sir H. James

Brice Chamberlain (Clerk) v Barnwell Samo v Same

Dem (Clork) Dem

Brice Clarke Sidebotham v Hampson

Dem (To stand over.)

Crompton Hayton v Irwin Dem Morgan v Leeder

Dem French

McLeod McAllister v The Bishop of Ro- Young & Co v Oates

Dem chester and others Dem

Bruce Cowie White v Burton

Dem Turner v The Great Eastern Ry

Bennett Co




Montgomeryshire, Ke Rick Shropshire, Haynes v Gt Western Chans, &c, Guilofield Llanfyllin Ry Co

Union, & ors Sussex, Wilberforce v Lowton

Kidderminster, Corbet v Haigh Durham, Settle and ors, Exors v Staffordshire, Gt Eastern Ry Cov Robinson, Knights, & Co

Nock Yorkshire, Bowes v Watson Gloucestershire, Merchant & Wife Rutland, Baron Averland v Lucas, v Burnett & ors Surveyor, &c

London, Torr v Ladbury & anr Hastings, Smith Hickman Cbeshire. S etfield, &c, Company's Cardift, Hall v Cardiff Pilotage Bd Commit: ev Oldham Middlesex, Castle Bradley v Down. Staffordulire, Baddely & Wife v ton, Claimant

Cruickshank & anr P

Watkins y Gentel Worcestershire, Davies v GoodCambridgeshire, Barter v New man & aor

marset Rural Sanitary Authy Gloucester, Love v Roberts Middlesex, Holland, Cole & ors v Claimants, Humphreys



Huddleston, B

Sermour Moved Trinity Sittings, 1878. Gloucester, Knight « The Globe Middlesex, Foxwell v The London Marine Insurance Co General Omnibus Co, limd Huddleston, B


& apr

& ors

London, Wymer v Sheather Pollock, B

Cole Pollock, B

Seymour Moved Trinity Sitting, 1879. London, Bannetty Deards

Middlesex, Burrows Y N London Pollock, B


Ry Co Lvrpool, Moscrop v Nowbold & ors Pollock, B

Sims LJ Thesiger

Ambrose Middlesex, Mason v Nicholson
(Part beard.)
Hawkins, Sir H

Middlesex, London and S-Western Lewes, Smyth v Mills
Bank, limd y Wentworth


Crispe Pollock, B

Gaskell London, Bouffler v Levy & anr Middlesex, Ashby and ors v God- Pollock, B Solicitor-General bold and ors

Middlesex, Clunie v Denny Hawkins, J

Willis Huddleston, B

Plaintiff in person London, Craven v Day


Lincoln Wagon and Engine Co v Everton v The Droitwicb Salt Co Mamford

SC Dem Hinchcliffe v Barwick

Dem (To stand over.)

The Vestry of Paddington v Cock Cooke & Ors v Sheard SO

SO (Part heard.) Nazer v Bell & ors

Dem Newman v Fuller Dem Tomkins v Hoare

Dem Brain v Thomas

8C The South Staffordshire Mines Finch & ors v Gt Western Ry SO Drainage Co v The Sandwell Boldero & anr V The London and Park Colliery Co

Dem Westminster Loan & Discount Sumner v Schofield




Kent, Hartridge Evenden, Exor Lancashire, Overseers, Parish of Essex, Law v Unwin

Liverpool - Visitors, County Lu- Cornwall, Western Counties Sack na ic Asylum of Lancaster

Lending Co v James (Part heard.)

Cumberland, Lowibian y Francis Sussex, Ashenden v London B & SC Ry

Middlesex, Nicbolson & ors V (Part heard.)

Nicholson Middlesex, Gt Western Ry Co v London, Bilot & anr v Powis & Co Pocock

Lancashire, Burnley Loan & DisGloucestershire, Salvesen & Co v count Co v Hargreaves Fox & Co

Berkshire, Whatmora v Blaiberg Durham, Boyer v Lawes

Yorkshire, Stephenson Kelsey Surrey, Singer Manufacturing Co Carmarthenshire, Morgan v Wilv Clark

liams & anr London, Foster's Parcel Express

Co v Gt Eastern Ry Co

& anr





V.C. MALINS. Monday, Nov. 3Mr. Jackson Mr. Leach Mr. Ward Tuesday

4 Cobby Larham Pemberton Wednesday 5 Jackson Leach

Ward Thursday 6 Cobby

Latham Pemberton Friday..... 7 Jackson Leach

Ward Saturday, 8 Cobby Latbam Pemberton

Mr. Justice Y.C. Bacon. V. C. HALL.

FRY. Monday, Nov. 3Mr. King Mr. Koe Mr. Farrer Tuesday


Merivale Clowes Teesdale Wednesday. 5 King


Farrer Thursday

6 Merivale Clowes Teesdale Friday 7 King


Farrer Saturday. 8 Merivale Clowes Teesdale

LIST OF ACTIONS FOR TRIAL. QB 1 Nowell (A G Ditton) v Williams (G E Carpenter), 2nd action

pt hd SJ Qв 2 Woolf (R and E Bastard) v Harris and Co (A Pulbrook) Ex 3 Hickey (Belfrage and M) v Montefiore (Lewis and Co) com


4 Creed (A J Murray) v Millett (Roscoe, H and S) com QB 5 Brown (Merriman, M and Co) v Elkington and ors (Lumley

and L) com CP 6 Wilbraham (Chapman, T and B) The Maritime Passengers

and Mariners Insurance Co, limd (Harrisons & Son) stayed

7 Benjamin (J Frost) v Litten (F A Lewty) com QB 8 Benjamin M Abrahams & R) v Higginbottom (F T Dubois)

com SJ Qв 9 Hallward (C B Hallward) v Blanford and ors (OJ Curtis;

GH K Fisher) postponed QB 10 Joshua (A E Webb) v Green (Hare & F) com Ex 11 Palmes (Lake, B & Co) v Hope & anr (Shoubridge & M)

without jury, postponed Ex 12 Same (Same) v Beavan (Same) without jury, postponed Ex 13 Llwydarth Iron, &c, Co (Houghton and B) v Fearn (ASH

Jones) com Ex 14 Gonzalez, Byass & Co (Tamplin, T & J) v Mac nzie (s

Toppin) com QB 15 Mayer (A G Ditton) v Robinson (P W Nazer) com Ex 16 Spiller (C E Goldring) v Baum (Evans & E) postponed QB 17 General Share Trust Co limd (J S Colman) v Baum & anr

(Same) stayed Ex 18 Enthoven (Collett & C) v Jacobson (G M Cooke) postponed CP 19 Chamberlaine (S G Ashwin) v T W Wallington (Whitaker

& W) postponed SJ CP 20 Same (Same) v J Wallington (Same) postponed SJ Ex 21 Cheesewright (R P Upton) v Wells (Cunliffe, B & D) com

SJ Ex 22 Marshall (GM Cooke) v Lindley & anr (J Davies) postponed

SJ CP 23 Chalmers (J Whitehouse) v Chalmers (Nelson, Son & H) СР 24 Bannatyne (Wilson, B & C) v The Western Brazilian Tele

graph Co, limd (Bischoff, B & B) SJ QB 25 Hewetson (Kynaston & G) v Whittington Life Assurance Co

(Taylor, H & T) com QB 26 Bennett (

WE Baxter) v England and ors (In Person; WF Stokes) stayed CP 27 Caudle (F Newbould) v Austin (Morgan and Gilks)

stayed QB 28 Leader (J Aldridge) v Knight and anr (W Maynard) SJ QB 29 Procter (J Neal) v Dunham (Pitman and L) stayed J CP 30 Fajkmajer (Norton, R, N and B) v Fothergill and anr

(Hollams, Son and Co; Field, Roscoe, and Co) stayed SJ Ex 31 Page (Hacon and T) v Kerridge (Bridges, and Co) stayed QB 32 Markwick (G Thompson) v Cortis (A S Edmunds) postponel QB 33 Moody and anr (Lewis and Lewis) v Fisher (J Donague)

stayed Ex 34 King and Co (Rollitt and Sons) v Mayor, &c, of Learnington

(H Tyrrell) stayed Ex 35 Champion (Duignan and S) v Walter (Purkis and P) com Q B 36 McDougall (Snell and G) v SJ Copestake (Mercer and M)

stayed SJ CP 37 Willdridge (Dillon, Webb, K and Co) v Hester (Beaumont

and W) SJ CP 38 Treadwin (W R Philp) v Nunn (J D Blake) postponed OP 39 Funge and anr (J H Child) v Same (Same) postponed CP 40 Cuyas y Sampere (Tilleard, G and H) v MacAndrew and Co

(Kearsey, sin and H) com SJ Ex 41 Pannell (J Goren) v Nunn (J D Blake) postponed CP 42 MacFarland (Ashurst M, Cand Co) v Muter Keen and R) SJ QB 43 Taylor (Hurford and T) v Batten (Waltons, Band W)com SJ CP 44 Davies & anr (Nickinson, P and N) v Nunn (Blake and W)

postponed QB 45 St James's Bank, limd (Vallance and V) v Crowe (W R Philp)

stayed Ex 46 McGregor (W Eley) v Tinker and anr (Rollit and Son) stayel QB 47 Henty and Sons (Ravenscroft, H and W) v Westwood (1

Rawlins) postponed Ex 48 Taylor and ors (R S Taylor and Sons) v Smith and anr

(Brandons) postponed QB 49 The Commissioners of the Admiralty (Hare and F) v Union

Steam Ship Co (Hollams, Son and Co) com SJ CP 50 Coleman (Campbell R, and Co) v Guigues (E D Lewis) stayed Ex 51 Tattershall (Singleton and T) v Bedford (Bellamy and S)

stayed CP 52 Fowler and ors (Wilson B and C) v Alison (Thompson and

D) without jury Ex 53 Farley (W A Greatorex) v Saunders (Chapple and Co) Ex 54 Stubbs (Yeo and Warner) v Ashton (Bennett D and B)

stayed SJ Ex 55 Pearson (r Mossop) v Gardner (Field, R and Co) stayed Ex 56 Russell and anr (Taylor H and T) v Nunn (Blake and W)

postponed OP 17 Dorking Grey Stone Lime Co, limd (J. Edell) v Hack and

ors (Saffery a.a Co) stayed OP 58 Cowley (F Scott) v Booth (Rye and

stayed SJ СР 59 Sheffield & anr (Boxall & B) v Black (M Abrahams & R) Ex 60 Vincent (W Bohm) v Hornby (W T Ricketts) QB 61 Villa (M Abrahams & R) v Sant Antoine (King & P) com O B 62 Henning & anr (Thompson & D) v Mills (Simpson & Co)

stayed QB 63 Same (Same) v Smerden (J H Lamb) QB 64 Same Same) v Dimmock (Same) CP65 Gask (J B May) v Nunn (Blake & W) stayed Qв 66 Watson (Lewis & L) v Tennent (Ellis, M & Co) SJ Ex 67 Taylor & ors (Paterson, S & B) v Blowes (Beaumont & B)

stayed Ex 68 Heap (C Mossop) v Hesketh (Lewis & L) postponed SJ QB 69 Brice (Harrison, B & H) v Hecla Fire Insurance Corporation,

Fry, garnishee (Chester & Co)


The Vice-Chancellor Sir Richard Malins intends to sit in his court at Lincoln's-inn on and after Tuesday, the 4th of November, 1879, on which day he will take the motions and general paper, commencing with those at the head of the list. An order for the general re-transfer of the Vice-Chancellor's business from Mr. Justice Fry is in preparation, but the causes mentioned in the schedule hereto will remain transferred to Mr. Justice Fry for the purpose of trial or hearing only. The causes transferred to Lord Justice Bag. gallay will probably also be re-transferred in a few days.

SCHEDULE. Actions left for trial before Mr. Justice Fry. [The actions named are those numbered from 20 to 69 inclusive in Mr. Justice Fry's list in the Chancery Cause List.]

R. H. LEACH, Registrar. Chancery Registrars' Office, Oct. 29.

HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE. MIDDLESEX.-MICHAELMAS SITTING, 1879. This list contains all actions entered in Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer Divisions, in which notice of trial has been given, and also all actions in the Chancery Division, in which notice has been given of trial before a judge and jury; up to and including 4th November, 1879.


70 Topping (Duffield & B) v Irlam & Co (Pritchard, E & Co)

stayed CP 71 Jacobs (L Davis) v Charles Reynolds & Co (C Sawbridge)

QB 72 Sissons (R Smith & W) v Jepson & anr (W H Tattam)
Ex 73 Isaacson (Dod & L) v Currie (Lucas & Son) stayed SJ

74 High (C Gregory) v Law (Marsden & Son) QB 75 Thorpe (Abrahams & Ř) v Nettleship (Prior, B & Co)

SJ 76 Paul (Bradford & H) v Meynell & anr (G A Crawley & A)

Ex 77 Harrison (Sole, T & Co) v Mullens & anr (J. Raven & Co)

QB 78 Nowell (A G Ditton) v Stocker & ors (W. Justice)
OB 79 Same (Same) v Bucknill & anr (Mead & D; F Hill)
QB 80 Same (Same) v Tuke (G H K & G A Fisher)

SI Pearson (W Eley) v Snell (W M Greenip) com SJ
QB 82 Kent (J Fraser) v Dairy Reform Co, limd (Lane & M)

83 Green (R Voss) v Stewart (Rose-Innes & Son) stayed Ex 84 The Planet Building Society (Ingle, C & H) v Holloway

(Hillearys & T)
QB 85 Dicker (Tidy & T) v Arundell (Horn & M) SJ
Ex 86 Wallis (In Person) Quick (Austen, De Gex & H)
Ex 87 Winkworth & Wife (

WJ Hobbs) v Grieve (Cobb & Co). SJ CP 88 Sadler & ors (Chappell, Son &G) v Nangle (Vallance & V)

stayed Chy 89 Eyre (W & A R Ford) v Longbourne (Smith, D & Co) SJ OP 90 Yarrow (Grueber & J) v Duffy (F Bradley) QB 91 Voss (J W Few) v Thomas (Helmsley & H) stayed

92 Stevenson (R Furber) v Davies (Hunter & Co) CP Thompson (Chapman and B) v Chapman (In Person) CP 94 Hooper and anr (Tilleard G and H) v Mors le Blanche and

Co and ors (LJ B Rawlins) com without jury EX 95 Tertue (Sandom. K and K) v London, Brighton and South

Coast Ry Co (Norton, R and Co) SJ Es 96 Bolden (R K Bartlett) v Clay, 'Sons and Taylor (Munton

and MSJ QB 97 Jones (R B Jones) v Hope and ors (Miller and Miller; J W

Sykes) SJ 98 Joseph (

GC Winkworth) v The East London Waterworks Co (Wragg and E) SJ Ex 90 Winkworth (W J Hobbs) v Sheffield and ors (C A Powell)

SJ Q B 100 Nowell (A G Ditton) y Williams (G E Carpenter) CP 101 Gibbons (R Thomas) v The London Financial Association

limd and ors (Markby, s and Co; Elmslie, F and S;

Dawes and Sons) SJ Ex 102 Jones (Ley and M) v Edmonds (Doyle and Sons) Q B 103 Cahill (FW Snell and Greenip) y Hammond (Layton, Son

and L) SJ CP 104 Triebner (T J Pullen) - Kindell (Hilleary and T) CP 105 Chase (CJ Cole)

v Everett (W R Philp) CP 106 Hall (stoneham and L) v Curtice and Co, (Hensman and N)

SJ Q B 107 Dimmock (W F Tilsley) v Burrows (C Butcher) SJ OP 109 Loveless (York and B) v Watson (R H Harris) SJ Ex 109 Watkins (Clarke, w and R) v Snell and ors (F W Snell

and G) SJ Ex 110 Same (Same) v Same and anr (Same) 3rd action, SJ QB 111 Pepperell (J R Tindale) v Hall and órs (W A Day; Morley

and s) SJ Ex 112 Davis (J Davis) v Jacobs (J N Keighly) SJ Ex 113 Lawson and anr (Burton Y and H) v Calisher (M S Rubin

stein) SJ QB 114 Simon and Wife (in person) v Jones (J M Clabon) SJ Èx 115 Stace and ors (T White and Sons) v Walkling and ors (Sole,

T and K) CP 116 Beale and anr (Beale and De Soyres) v Kino (C Smith) CP 117 Morgan (H Aird) v The London Tramway Co limd (HC

Godfray) SJ CP 118 Tasmanian Main Line Ry Co (Wilson B and C) v Clark and ors (Blunt, T and Co;

Burchells, Hargrove and Co) SJ Q B 119 Izzard (Reed and L) v The Colonial Assurance Corporation,

limd (Wynne, B and R) Ex 120 Wilson (G D Freeman) v Leapman (L Barnett) Q B 121 Lipman (Robinson, Son and E) v Wilks (Lewis and L) Ex 122 O'Beirne (H C Barker) v Fleming (Saunders, H and B) SJ CP 193 Parish (Pawle, F and C) v Johnson (Wilkins, B and F) SJ Ex 124 Woodhouse (A S de Fivas) v Whitehouse (Woodbridge &

Sons) Q B 125 Hayward (Wilson, B & C) v Hamilton & anr (Ashurst, M &

Co) SJ Q B 126 Potter (Sympson, W & T) y Cotton & ors (A F & RW

Tweedie; R G Marsden) CP 127 Lamare (Linklater & Co) v London & St Katharine Docks

Co (Hacon & T) SJ Q B 128 Hnlett & Co (F Clift) v Gardiner & Co (Tamplin, T&J) SJ QB 129 Metropolitan Railway Co (Burchells) v Schleman (Harper,

B & B), without jury Ex 130 Bryant (W G Morris) v Rix (T Sismey) Ex 131 Hegarty (H Pook & Son) v Dawes (Same) CP 132 Usill (Carr, F & C) v Barry (Baxter & Co) Ex 133 Farrar & anr (Bower & Co) v Hargreaves (Milne & Co) Ex 134 Kimber (E Kimber) v Hester (J J James) QB 135 Ford (Layton, Son & L) v Brown & anr (Ellis & C) Ls 136 Way (W Royle) v Boothby (G E Philbrick) 9 B 137 Turner (Walker, B & W) y Williams & anr (Took & H) Ex 138 Firth (Flower & N) v London, Chatham & Dover Railway Co

(J White) QB 159 Humann (GJ Vyner) v Jackson & Co (Emmet & Son) SJ

B 140 Lamprey (Hurford & T) v Easton (Boxall & B) stayed SJ Ex 141 Scovel (H G Barker) v London and County Advance, &c,

Co, limd (W H Podmore) CP 142 Freeman (Lefroy and S) v Barclay (Abbott and Co) CP 143 Oram (HJ Jennings) v General Credit and Discount Co,

limnd (Norton, R, N and B) Ex 144 Kingwell (W Micklethwait and Co) v Batt (G Badham) CP 145 Wiffen (H A Lovett) v Harris (W R Milner)

Ex 146 Boyce and anr (Taylor and Ward) v Lockwoods, Garth and

Co (E Moss) Q B 147 Hammond and ors (J E Mason) v Edwards (W Maynard) Ex 148 Morgan and Co (T R Apps) v Suffield (Carr and Co) SJ Ex 149 Peters (Wyatt and B) v Austin (H W Mackreth) Q B 150 Pilner (Rose, Innes and Sons) v Harvey and anr (Walker,

Mand w) Ex 151 Carington (Chester and Co) v Reynolds and anr (Surr, G

and B) Q B 152 Wallis (W F Morris) v Tilling (Hicklin and W) Ex 153 Grant (Hardwick and Jones) v Hale and ors (C Mossop;

Robinson and Co; Hare and Fell) CP 154 Dixon (N White) v Lightfoot and Co (Lovell, Son and P) CP 155 Senior and anr (Phelps, S and B) v Hudson and Co (Ren

shaw and R) SJ Q B 156 Anderson and anr (H Kimber and Co) v Jenkins (Walker,

Son and F) C P 157 Burton (C Bassett) v De Castro (G H K Fisher) Ex 158 Geddes (G J and Vanderpump) v Austin (J N Fulton) Q B 159 New Quay Mutual Ship Insurance Company (Paterson, S

and B) v Jones (Williamson, H and Co) CP 160 Cleaver (Nutt and s) v Mowat (J Croft) CP 161 Bell (Miller, S and B) v Maberly (Podmore and H) CP 162 Scard (Same) v Cooke (F H Bartlett) Q B 163 Ludford. (Hicklin and W) v Johnson (H T Tiddeman) Ex 164 Marshall (Thompson P and Co) v Meagher (T J Angell) CP 165 Young (King and Wood) v Shaw (Blake and W) Sj Ex 166 Reid (E S and Gibney) v Sandford (Robinson and H) Ex 167 Dyer (Lumley and L) v Arnold (Valpy and Co) Q B 168 Tier, by next friend (S Tripp) v Hyam and Co (L S Hyam)

SJ Q B 169 Winn (A G Ditton) v Holloway (Barnard and Co). B 170 Shaw and Co (West, K, A and Co) v Macey and Sons (Ben

ham and T) SJ CP 171 Tisdale (King and Wood) v Bayley (Hicklin and W) CP 172 Webber (Watson, Sons and R) v Harker (J_Curtis) CP 173 Macky (8 J Wright) v Walker (Lewis and Lewis) SJ Ex 174 Vine, Morrison and Co (Plunkett and L) v Martin (Poole

and H) CP 175 Pullen (T J Holmes) v Snelus (C Parke) Ex 176 Howell (Plunkett and L) v Mullens and anr (Raven and Co) Ex 177 Saxby and anr (Faithfull and O) v Gloucester Wagon Co

limd (J H Johnson) SJ CP 178 Gulston (Leathes and M) v Boyd and anr (R Oldershaw and

Son) Q B 179 Doggett (Fitch and F) v The Midland Ry Co (Beale, M

and Co) CP 180 King (E N Wood) v Barclay (Abbott and Co) SJ Q B 181 Garner (Procter and A) v Buckley (Noon)

B 182 The Queen (Solicitor for Treasury) v F Moojen (FC Moojen) CP 183 Cockerell (W E Goatly) v Cornish (T Beard and Sons) Ex 184 Tilson and ors (A West) v Edwards (Darley and C) Ex 185 The Monarch Investment Building Society (Learoyd L and

P) v Barsby (Jones and G) CP 186 Stonhill (Wild B and W) v Trounce (S Price). QB 187 Ferreira (J R MacArthur) v Eady (G J Eady) Ex 188 Ramsay Tatham and Sons) v Spence (w Rawlins) Ex 189 Smith (W T Manning) v Wright (G W Barnard) CP 190 Valentine and anr (Woodbridge and Sons) v English (R

Davies) Q B 191 Schnieders (W Morley) v Dillon (Pattison W and Co) Ex 192 Holroyd (G B B Norman) v Greaves and anr (Dalton and J) Ex 193 Hartmann (C A Swaine) v Vogel, Hagedorn and Co (Hol

lams, Sons and Co) CP 194 Long (Paterson, Sons and G) v Millar (Dod and L) CP 195 Alford and anr (Snell and G) v Guardians of St Saviour's

Union, Surrey (H C Jones) Q B 196 Wood (Hazeldine and Co) v Homer (H J and T Child) CP 197 Dorset Benefit Building Society and anr (Field, R and Co) v Bayley (Peacock and G)

(To be continued.)


BIRTHS. CHARLTON-Oct. 27, at 24, Gateley-road, Brixton, S.W., the

wife of J. C. Charlton, solicitor, of a daughter. FINNIS-Oct. 23, at Prospect House, Turnham-green, the wife

of Robert Fitz Finnis, solicitor, of a son. GOODB-Oct. 26, at Hillside, The Park, Higbgate, the wife of

John Goode, of Lincoln's-ind, barrister-at-law, of a son. MEAD-Oct. 24, at 100, Underhill-road, Lordship-lane, S.E.,

the wife of Frederick Mead, barrister-at-law, of a son, stillborn.



FRIDAY, Oct. 24, 1879.

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.
Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

To Surrender in London,
Shearer, James, Gutter lane, Warehouse man. Pet Oct 21. Hazlitt.

Nov 5 at 1 Trotman, Alfred, Pratt st, Camden town, Licensed Victualler, Pet

Oct 21. Hazlitt. Nov 5 at 12.30 Wentworth, William Digby, Charles st, Grosvenor sq. Pet Oc! 10. Hazlitt. Nov 5 at 12

To Surrender in the Country. Amery, William, jun, Newton Abbot, Draper. Pet Oct 22. Law.

Exeler, Nor 6 at 11

Barter, Elizabeth, Axbridge, Somerset. Pet Oet 21. Foster. Wells,

Nov 6 at 12 Edmonds, Caleb, Blaenavon, Monmouth, Brewer. Pet Oct 20. Shepard.

Tredegar, Nov 6 at 11. Garnett, John Parvin, Bradford, York, Commission Agent, Pet Oct 20.

Ribinson. Bradford, Nov 7 at 12 Gongh, Edward William, Walsall, Sadler. Pet Oct 22. Clarke. Wal

sall, Nov 5 at 13 Hutchison, William, Huddersfield, Manufacturing Chemist. Pet Oct

20. Jones. Huddersfield, Nov 10 at 11 Thomas, William, Liverpool, Joiner. Pet Oct 20. Bellringer. Liverpool, Nov 5 at 12

TUESDAY, Oct. 28, 1879.

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.
Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

To Surrender in London.
Morris, Charles, and Henry Morris, Gt Tower st, Tea Dealers. Pet

Oct 25. Hazlitt. Nov 12 at 12 Nokes, Richard O Walbrook, Mortgage Broker. Pet Oct 23. Hazlitt. Nov 12 at il

To Surrender in the Country. Anslow, William, Eyton, Salop, Farmer. Pet Oct 23. Potts. Made

ley. Nor 3 at 11.30 Blanchford, Henry, Teignmouth, Devon, Share Broker. Oct 25. Daw.

Exeter, Nov 8 at 11 Forley, John, Barrsw-in-Furness, Provision Dealer. Pet Oct 27.

Postlethwaite. Barrow-in-Furness, Nov 10 at 12 Foad, Andrew Baker, Norwich, Watchmaker. Pet Oct 25. Cooke.

Norwick, Nov 10 at 12 *Franklin, Phillip, Liverpool, General Dealer. Pet Oct 24. Bellringer.

Liverpool, Nov 10 at 12
Griffiths, David, Cardiff, Grocer. Pet Oct 24. Langley. Cardiff, Nov

11 at 11 Jackson, Thomas, Middleton, Lancaster, Builder. Pet Oct 24. Twee

dale. Oldham, Nov 10 at 11 Murray, Andrew John, Macauley rd, Clapham, Gent. Pet Oct 24.

Willoughby. Wandsworth, Nov 14 at 11
Parry, Lewis, Llwynpia, Glamorgan, Builder. Pet Oct 24. Spiokett.

Pontypridd, Nov 8 at 11
Webb, James, Wootton, Surrey, Farmer. Pet Oct 24. Rowland.
Croydon, Nov 14 at 12


FRIDAY, Oct. 24, 1879.
Roberts, William, Middle Lee, Molland, Devon, Labourer. Sept 6

Liquidations by Arrangement.

FRIDAY, Oct. 24, 1879.
Aldersley, Nathan Atkinson, Keighley, York, China and Earthenware

Dealer. Oct 31 at Queen's Hotel, Hanley, in lieu of the place originally named Andrew, John, Sutton St Edmonds, Lincoln, Farmer. Nov 5 at 11.30

at offices of Mossop, Long Sutron Arkell, Alexander, Oxford st, Paddington, Ironmonger. Nov 4 at 3 at

offices of Andrews and Mason, Ironmonger lane. Webb, Euston rd Baintridge, William, Leeds, Grocer. Nov 6 at 3 at offices of Harland,

South parade, Leeds Bandey, George Henry, Rushden, Northampton. Tailor. Nov 11 at 12

at offices of Cork and Parker, Church st, Wellingborough Barnes, Henry, Cheshunt, Hertford, Draper. Nov 3 at 3 at offices of

Ladbury and Co, Cheapside. Phelps and Co, Gresham st Bastable, Adolphus Joseph, Grenville rd, Hornsey rd, Drysalter. Nov

6 at 3 at oflicts of Walker, King's Arms yard, Moorgate st Benson, Arthur, sen, Thirsk, York, Grocer. Nov 5 at 11 at offices of

West, Thirsk Birkbeck, Daniel, Thames pl, Poplar, Licensed Victualler. Oot 31 at

11 at offices of Anning, Cheapside Bishop, Thomas, Long Buckby, Northampton, Bootmaker. Nov 5 at

12 at offices of Hoses and Percival, Abingdon st, Northampton Blackmore, William, Dawlish, Devon, Cowkeeper. Nov 5 at 10 at

offices of Southcott, Post office st, Bedford circus, Exeter Hartnell Blakeman, John Ryland, Audlem, Chester, Postmaster. Nov 13 at 12

at Lamb Hotel, Nantwich. Brooke, Nantwich Bligh, Joseph Robert, Eastchurch, Kent, Builder, Nov 10 at 1 at

Fountain Hotel, Sheerness. Copland, Sheerness Bond, John, Stoke-upon-Trent, Signal Fitter. Oct 30 at 11 at Swan

Hotel, Longton Bowen, Rers, Treorky, Glamorgan, Grocer. Nov 4 at 12 at offices of

Morgan, Mill s', Pantypridd Bradwell, John, Congleton, Chester, Iron founder, Nov 7 at 11 at offices

of Cooper, Townhall chambers, Congleton Brazell, John. Longwick, Bucking bam, Farmer. Nov 10 at 3 at offices

of Clarke, E.ston st, High Wycombe Brooks, Thomas, Blennerhasset, Cumberland, Grocer. Nov 6 at 3 at

offices of Benson, West si, Wigton Carden, Thomas, Leicester, Wholesale Fruit Salesman. Nov 7 at 3 at

off ces of Loseby and Co, Market pl, Leicester Chaplin, David, Victoria rd, Kentish town, Builder. Nov 6 at 2 at 11

Ironmonger lane. Pullen, Basinghall st Cock, Robert, Barnstaple, Builder. Nov 3 at 12 at offices of Bencraft

and Son, Bridge chambers, Barnstaple Cohne, Sigismund, Gracechurch st, Engineer. Nov 8 at 12 at offices of ! Banyard, St Andrew's hill, Doctors' commons Cooper, Montague Feilden, Blackburn, Licensed Victualler. Nov 10 at

11- at offices of Marriott, Union st, Blackburn Copeman, Charles Iye, Bredgar terrace, Upper Holloway, Warehouse

man's Manager. Nov 10 at 11 at offices of Rossel, Colman st Cotton, James, Blackburn, Licensed Victvaller. Nov 13 at 3 at offices

of Bow den and Sparrow, Clayton st, Blackburn Cuiting, William Henry, West Thurrock, Essex, Builder. Nov 11 at 3

&tiffices of Widee or mbe, Metropolitan chambers, Broad st Dewhurtt, Edward, Nelson, Lancaster, Mil Owner. Nov 11 at 3 at

the Thorn Hotel, Burnley. Carr. Colne Dickinson, Charles, Morley Carr, York, Greengrocer. Nov at 11 at

cfice of Terry and Robinson, Market st, Bradford

Dickinson, George, Great Driffield, York, Innkeeper. Nov 10 at 2 at

offices of White, Exchange st, Great Driffield Dobbs, John, Castleford, York, Grocer. Nov 4 at 2 at the Nor

Eastern Hotel, Castletord. Richards, Pontefract Dodd, Robert, Greenfield, Flint, Brewery Agent. Nov 6 at 3 at ofice

of Bridgman and Co, Westminster buildings, Newgate st, Chester Dowler, Frederick, South Norwood, Surrey, Manager, Nov 4 at 1

the Green Dragon Hotel, High at Croydon. Dennis, Croydon Edmonds, Edward, Birmingham. Pocket Book Manufacturer. Nov 7

at 12 at Offices of Hawkes and Weeks, Temple st Birmingham Evans, Daniel, Lllantrissant, Glamorganshire, Farmer. Nov 10 at 3

at offices of Griffith and Corbett, Quay st, Cardiff Evans, Henry, Walsall, Leather Case Manufacturer. Nov 7 at 12 at

offices of Cotterell, Bridge st, Walsall Evans, James Bowen, Flint, Draper. Nov 6 at 11 at the Royal Hotel,

Crewe. Davies, Holywell Evett, Eli, Bedminster, Bristol, out of business. Nov 1 at 12 at offices

of Ersery, the Guildhall, Broad st, Bristol Fazakerley, James, Rhyl, Flint, Master Painter, Nov 7 at 3 at the

Crew Arms Hotel, Crewe. Williams, Rhyl Fear, Daniel, Bristol, Jeweller. Nov 3 at 2.30 at the Queen's Hotel,

Birmingham. Stanley and Co, Bristol Fetch, James Field, Cambridge, Auctioneer. Nov 13 at 11 at offices of

Adcock, Regent st, Cambridge Florence, Henry Edmund, Coventry, Hotel Proprietor. Nor 10 at 2 at

the Castle Hotel, Broad gate, Coventry. Minster Foster, Joseph, Worcester, out of business. Nov 5 at 11 at offices of

Tree and Son High st, Worcester Foster, John, Stone, Stafford, out of business. Nov 4 at 11 at offices

of Welch, Caroline st, Longton Foxon, Thomas, Hipkey, Leicester, Bath Proprietor. Nov 12 at 12

at offices of Cow dell, Borough, Hinckley Francis, Eli, Bath, Grocer. Nov 3 at 2.30 at offices of Titley, Orange

grove, Bath Furguson, Matthew, Crewe, Chester, Grocer. Nov 13 at 11 at the

Adelphi Hotel, Earl st, Crewe. Hill, Crete Furlong, George. Maltby 'st, Bermondsey, out of business. Nov 3 at

3 at offices of Hicklin and Washington. Trinity sq, Southwark Gibbs, William, Songar Grange, Warwick, Farmer. Nov 6 at 11.30 at

the Warwick Arms Hotel, Warwick. Slatter and Co, Stratford-on

Avon Giblin, Thomas, Southport, Lancaster, Milliner. Oct 30 at 3 at offices

of Threlfall, London st, Southport Gilding, Thomas Abel, Ely, Farmer. Nov 10 at 3 at the Bell Hotel,

Ely, Hall, Ely Giles, George, Tetbury, Gloucester, Farmer. Nov 4 at 2 at Ormonds

Head Inn, Tetbury. Jackson, Gloucester Glover, Reuben Theodore Bird, and Samuel Kent, Fleet st,

Restaurateurs. Nov 13 at 3 at offices of Wheatley and Petter,

Martin's lane, Cannon st. Bartlett, King William st Godwin, Robert, City rd, Italian Warehouseman. Oct 30 at 3 at offices

of Goatly, Westminster Bridge rd Greaves, Jane, Clotherholme, York, Farmer. Nov 6 at 4 at offices of

Bateson and Hutchinson, Ripon Green, Alfred, Old Kent rd, Plumber. Nor 6 at 3 at offices of Reader,

Holborn viaduct Greenhill, Matthew Cranswick, Bolton, Fire Engine Maker. Nor 12

at 11 at offices of Dowling and Urry, Word st, Bolton Griffin, Henry. George Griffin, Ann Gr flin, Elizabeth Griffin, and

Mary Ann Griffin, Queen Camel, Somerset. Farmers. Nov 8 at 11

at the Sparkford Inn, Sparkford. Bennett, Bruton Griftlihs, Lewis Roberts,

and David Griffiths, Liverpoo!, Ironmongers. Nov 6 at 3 at offices of Stephers and Danger, Orange court, Castle st, Liverpool Griss, Harry, Lavenham, Suffolk, Boot Maker. Nov 6 at 11.30 at the

Fox Hotel, Stowmarket. Hill, Ipswich Grocott, John, Dalehall, Stafford, Furniture Dealer. Nov 3 at 3 at

oftices of Mayer, Waterloo rd, Burslem Habberfield, Ruscombe, Newport, Mon, Farmer. Nov 6 at 12 at offices

of Oliver, Albion chambers, Newport Haird, Jonathan, Landbeach, Cambridge, Builder. Nov 6 at 2

offices of Fosters and Lawrence, Trinity st, Cambridge Hall, Jobn, Firsby, Lincoln, Stone Masen. Oct 30 at 2 at Wileman

Auction Office, Skegness. Brogden, Lincoln Hall, Joseph, Oxford, Builder. Nov 7 at 12 at offices of Bickerton, St

Michael's chambers, Ship st, Oxford Hall, Robert Wyatt, Brotle, nr_Liverpool, Coal Merchant. Nov 6 a

ll at offices of Etiy, Lord et, Liverpool Hall, Wiliam, Earsdon, Northumberland, Boot Dealer. Nov 3 at 3 at

oftices ot Stanford, Collingwood st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hamilton, John Michael, Sunderland, Hcuse Builder. Nov 4 at 3 at

offices of Storey, Fawcett st, Sunderland Harding, Charles, Rawnsley, Stafford, Butcher. Nov 10 at 11 at offices

of Cotterell, Bridge st, Walsall Harding, James, Me lor, Derby, Licen sed Victualler. Oct 31 at 3 at

offices of Farrington, Princess st, Manchester Hardman, Robert, Oldham, Builder. Nov 7 at 12 at offices of Fripp,

Clegg st, Oldham
Heawood, William, Braunstone, Leicester, Wheelwright. Nov 7 at 11

at offices of Wright and Hincks, Belvoir st, Leicester Henderson, William, Churchway, North Shields. Nov 1 at 3 at offices

of Hibberd, Bedford st, North Shields. Reed and Jolliffe, Newcastleon-Tyne Henry, Thomas, Leeds, Yeast Merchant. Nov 4 at 3 at offices of

Billinton, Bond pl, Leeds
Herbert, Ellen, Blockley, Worcester, Innkeeper. Nov 7 at 11 at White

Hart Hotel, Moreton-in-Marsh. Francis, Stow.on-the-Wold Higginboticm, George Josiah, Liverpool, Restaurant Proprietor. Nov

6 at 3 at offices of Barrell and Co, Lord st, Liverpool Hill, Henry Goodwin, High st, Whitechapel, Licensed Victualler. Nov

3 at 3 at offices of Barnett, Palmerston bldgs, Old Broad st Honour, John, Marston, Oxford, Builder. Nov 5 at 12 at offices of

Bickertra, St Michael's chambers, Ship st, Oxford Hopkins, Henry, Bower Hinton, Somerset, Dairyman. Nov 6 at 12 at

off ces of Watts, Yeovil Howe, Joseph, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Undertaker. Nov 3 at 2 at offices of Hoyle and Co, Collingwood st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

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